Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Game Changers week 1

Go big or go home. It’s time to change your teams *and* your games!


For those of you that are new to this, you have until the second episode airs (March 15) to find me in the comments section below and give me the four names you want on your team. The teams have to be unique, so if someone already beat you to that particular group of four people you’re going to have to pick again. I’ll reply to you and let you know if you got your team. Good luck everyone!

Individual scoring table

First episodes are always so easy to score.

Nuku tribe: 4 points for two challenge wins (as our scoring rules state: “In a combined reward/immunity challenge with only two tribes, only immunity points will be awarded.”)

Mana tribe for vote #1- everyone that isn’t Ciera: 1 point

Mana tribe for vote #1- everyone that isn’t Tony: 1 point (it’s pretty clear Sandra was splitting the vote)

No points are awarded for the Legacy Advantage. (If it’s used as a successful idol play later, that will get points.)

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

A whole lot of you are going to change your teams, so it makes no sense for me to post your team scores here. I’ll do that next week, once teams are locked. For now, here’s a list of the current* teams.

*”Current” meaning as up to date as possible. The changes and new teams come in so quickly that I can’t update the table after every team change/addition.

NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
Survivor StickAndreaAubryCalebMalcolm
Super duper fanAndreaAubryCirieHali
Survivor ClubbAndreaAubryMalcolmMichaela
Jeff Probst's HairpieceAndreaAubryMalcolmOzzy
george luminarioAndreaAubryMalcolmSierra
Black DynamiteAndreaAubryMalcolmZeke
Purple Rock MattAndreaBradJTMalcolm
Purple Rock JohnAndreaBradMalcolmOzzy
How's Grandma?AndreaBradMichaelaSierra
Barbara AndersonAndreaBradSierraTroy
Life Of TaiAndreaCalebHaliMalcolm
Adli HanifAndreaCalebMalcolmSierra
Janice TengAndreaCieraCirieMalcolm
True AlainerAndreaCirieHaliSarah
Side CharacterAndreaCirieMichaelaSandra
Joshua ChangAndreaCirieMichaelaZeke
Blake BallAndreaJTMalcolmOzzy
Nick BommaritoAndreaJTMalcolmSierra
Conor PatrickAndreaJTMalcolmZeke
Diego's ArmanbroAndreaJTSarahZeke
aj hillerAndreaMalcolmMichaelaOzzy
Purple Rock MarkAndreaMalcolmMichaelaSarah
Haley HannAndreaMalcolmMichaelaTony
Ms. SweaterfanAndreaMalcolmOzzySierra
Dubious RobAndreaMalcolmSarahSierra
Derek YoungAndreaMalcolmSarahTroy
Mike HirschAndreaMichaelaSarahSierra
Matt WAubryBradMichaelaSarah
Crom DeluiseAubryBradMichaelaTroy
Something QuirkyAubryCalebCirieJT
Michael BachnerAubryCalebHaliVarner
Drums XAubryCalebMalcolmMichaela
doctor wuAubryCalebMichaelaVarner
the sky is fallingAubryCirieHaliMalcolm
indescribable hatAubryCirieJTMalcolm
TJ SassAubryCirieJTMichaela
Sago PalmAubryCirieMalcolmZeke
John KenneyAubryCirieMichaelaSarah
Ara Morin AcevedoAubryCirieTonyVarner
Andrea MarinAubryCirieVarnerZeke
Mike SweeneyAubryDebbieJTSarah
Alycia SwiftAubryHaliMalcolmSandra
Andrei ConstantinAubryHaliMalcolmZeke
Assistant Dragon SlayerAubryJTMalcolmMichaela
Adam BAubryJTMalcolmOzzy
Soccer ChampAubryJTMalcolmSandra
Kyle KramerAubryJTMalcolmSierra
Kate WeaverAubryJTMalcolmZeke
Prom KingAubryJTMichaelaSierra
Jenifer PullmanAubryJTMichaelaTony
Kevin NAubryJTSarahVarner
Chris DiorioAubryJTTonyVarner
Anthony DePaulAubryMalcolmMichaelaOzzy
Joseph FinnAubryMalcolmTaiZeke
Yoshi Kirby and ToadAubryMalcolmVarnerZeke
Friend ChooserAubryOzzySarahZeke
K.P. WatershedAubrySandraVarnerZeke
Paul CarbyAubrySarahSierraTroy
Lo BevBradCalebMichaelaOzzy
Kent McKBradDebbieHaliSarah
Head Architect SylviaBradDebbieMichaelaSierra
Tai-chi in PrivateBradHaliMichaelaTroy
Los UndesirablesBradHaliOzzyTroy
Brian GoldBradHaliSarahSierra
No Eyes in BlindfoldBradHaliSierraTroy
Zach AttackBradMalcolmMichaelaSarah
Kevin RogersBradMalcolmOzzyZeke
nipi ipinBradMichaelaSierraTroy
David CorbettBradOzzySierraVarner
Ethan KyleBradSandraSierraVarner
Saturday Night PalsyCalebDebbieMalcolmTroy
Jacob SWCalebHaliJTSierra
MY WIFECalebHaliMalcolmTai
Diego ArmandoCalebHaliMalcolmZeke
JoJo BevilacquaCalebHaliOzzySarah
Irish LuckCalebHaliSarahZeke
Brendan GuyCalebJTMalcolmSierra
this bear is tops bloobyCalebMalcolmOzzyTai
Flat FifthCalebMichaelaOzzySandra
Something Bout FootballCalebMichaelaOzzyZeke
Maulik ShahCieraJTMalcolmSarah
Sad LilCirieDebbieSandraSarah
Random LuckCirieHaliMichaelaTai
Audrey RatajackCirieJTMalcolmSarah
Kemper BoydCirieSandraSarahSierra
Diego's ArmandadDebbieJTOzzySierra
Diego's ArmomdoDebbieJTSarahVarner
Purple Rock EmmaHaliJTOzzySierra
Crystal LynneHaliMalcolmSierraZeke
Loki LunaHaliMichaelaOzzyTai
Survivor CentralHaliSarahSierraTroy
HBO CEO of TitsJTMalcolmMichaelaSierra
Other ScottJTMalcolmSarahSierra
Christina BommaritoJTSierraTonyZeke
Zachary ChongMalcolmMichaelaSarahTai
Come On In HereMalcolmOzzySandraSierra
Casey CraftonMalcolmOzzySarahSierra
do tell it's micheleMalcolmSandraSierraTony
Ryan DeschampMalcolmSarahSierraTroy
dig dougMalcolmSarahTaiZeke
Sarah DavisMalcolmSierraVarnerZeke

Champions League

In case you’re unfamiliar, the best of the best fantasy players get to take place in our Champions League each season. And for the second season in a row, the first Champions League team to lose a player is m0nit0rman. But unlike last time, he also lost his second player in the premiere. However, since Tony managed to score one point, the infamous Champions League record of zero points scored remains intact (congrats on keeping that crown, bassmanxvi- you’re a legend).

So far, DrVanNostrand’s Costanza strategy has him sitting comfortably in the middle of the pack.

Outcasts League

Tough start for SNP and Em, who both lost a player. Alycia Swift and Black Dynamite share the early lead here.

Other leagues

This season, for the first time, I tried to make draft-based leagues available to everyone. You can see the leagues (and check how your teams are doing) here: PRP fantasy leagues.

Selecting/Changing your teams

I’ll be checking the comments below to find changes to your teams, but if you want to guarantee that I see your changes, the easiest thing to do is to reply to my comment. (It’s the featured comment.)

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Favorite seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, Cagayan, Pearl Islands, Tocantins, Cambodia
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  • Mike Hirsch

    I would like to trade Varner for Sarah.

    • Mike Hirsch- Andrea, Michaela, Sarah, Sierra

  • gouis

    I would like to trade Tony for JT

    • gouis- Cirie, JT, Malcolm, Sierra

  • Mike Sweeney

    I would like to trade Tony for Sarah

  • the sky is falling

    Wow, lost half my team in one night.

    Lets try: Aubry/Cirie/Hali/Malcom

  • Guys, if you’re asking to change out someone from your team, please give me the names of the 4 people you want, not just “Please swap X for Y”.

    • Mike Sweeney

      Aubry, Debbie, J.T., Sarah

      • Thanks!

        Mike Sweeney- Aubry, Debbie, JT, Sarah

    • Rippert

      Hali, JT, Malcolm, Zeke

      • Rippert- Hali, JT, Malcolm, Zeke

    • jersey_luck

      Brad, Circe, sierra, Sarah
      (If Sierra is already taken give me Tai)

      • jersey_luck- Brad, Cirie, Sarah, Sierra

        • jersey_luck

          Thinking about it for a while I would like to swap Cirie for Tai. It a power move to select one of least popular players who realistically win an individual immunity.

          Brad, Sarah, Sierra, Tai

          Hopefully this is for last time.

          • jersey_luck- Brad, Sarah, Sierra, Tai

    • Other Scott


      I would like my new team to be JT, Malcolm, Sarah and Sierra

      • Other Scott- JT, Malcolm, Sarah, Sierra

  • The table above showing the current teams will generally only get updated about once per day. Please don’t panic if your new team does not immediately show up. If I’ve responded to your comment, I’ve logged your new team. You can check back the next day to confirm that your team is updated.

    • HankScorpio

      I’ll swap Tony for Ozzy and go Andrea-Hali-Malcom-Ozzy if that’s available

      • Sorry, already taken by Violina. Try again.

        • HankScorpio

          Damn sorry. How about Andrea-Hali-Malcolm-Zeke?
          If that’s no good I’ll do Andrea-Hali-Malcolm-Troy because I’m sure that has to be available.

          • HankScorpio- Andrea, Hali, Malcolm, Zeke

    • TheForRealDeal

      Reposting as a reply.

      Jet is out. Give me oh, let’s say, Brad.

      Andrea, Aubry, Brad, Michaela

      • TheForRealDeal- Andrea, Aubry, Brad, Michaela

  • Ethan Kyle

    For the first time i’m actually quite happy with my team after the first episode, Sandra’s had a strong first two episodes, Varner and Brad seemed to have learned from their mistakes and SDT found the advantage

    • Ethan Kyle

      though didn’t Jessica get points for finding the legacy advantage last season?

      • She did not.

        • Ethan Kyle

          oh ok

  • Mike Hirsch

    On the topic of Tony, it was really “go big AND go home.”

    • the sky is falling

      Tony will be back for the Tony/Ken/Joe Anglim/David Wright alliance and we will all die from an overdose of manic energy, paranoia and beauty

  • Ethan Kyle

    Also Troyzan was surprisingly …. not horrible? Like bemused Sandra minion Troyzan is actually tolerable

    • Maritimer

      I think its mostly because he didn’t really talk

      • Roswulf

        He spouted one line of utter nonsense, and crushed the dream of the bestest alliance ever.

    • Mike Hirsch

      I can’t even bring myself to express my fears over what that means regarding this season.

    • Ms. Sweaterfan

      He wants to be the Philip to her RI Boston Rob. I’m…………………….okay with it.

      • the sky is falling

        How dare you compare Phillip to Troyzan. Wait, I’m the only guy here who likes Phillip, oops

        • I didn’t hate him in RI. But, like Coach, once he saw himself on TV, he got insufferable.

  • Well, my team is clearly going nowhere, but they’ve all survived E1, so I’m gonna roll with it. Last place here I come!

    • Roswulf

      I don’t know, I think Caleb had a really good night. He seems to be someone lots of people want to work with, and to get all Edgic-y got the most attention of all the people with minimal screen presence and an unimpressive Survivor resume.

      If the season has a Michel(l)e…

      • So what you’re saying is my libido continues to steer me in the right direction!

        (NARRATOR: “This has never happened.”)

        But, yes, you’re absolutely right. I got to gaze at him a lot even though he was doing almost nothing. And he got a lot of confessionals for someone who generally has nothing interesting to say. I guess we’ll see, but this still could be CBS trying to court the trashy gay ratings. I am ready to be advertised to!

        • indescribable hat

          In Koah Rong I was all, “Why is he even on Beauty?” so I was surprised how much his partly-unbuttoned shirt was working for me this time around. Yeah, CBS, bring on the beefcake!

  • m0nit0rman

    Can I get Aubry Malcolm Michaela and Varner, please?

    • Yeah, you’re gonna need this team to do well given how your Champions League team fared.

      m0nit0rman- Aubry, Malcolm, Michaela, Varner

  • Roswulf

    Damn it, swimming to the bag of tools and untieing stuff was a reward challenge! AN INDIVIDUAL REWARD CHALLENGE WON BY OZZIE BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE REALLY BOTHERED!

    The advantage of having far too many Fantasy Teams with virtually no overlap is that I can become indignant over literally any piece of random nonsense.

    • the sky is falling

      *extremely actually voice*
      It was a tribal reward challenge

      • Roswulf

        Are you telling me Ozzy isn’t sitting on a throne of tools insisting that these are HIS, for HE IS THE INDIVIDUAL SUPERIOR MAN who did the impossible and untied a bunch of knots while lesser men (Ozzy recognizes only men)…did other things?

  • Anthony DePaul

    Aubry, Malcom, Michaela and Ozzy if that’s available please, Ciera boot forcing my hand

    • Anthony DePaul- Aubry, Malcolm, Michaela, Ozzy

  • TheClutchCity

    I had high hopes for tony, but the queen takes no victims
    New team- Aubry, Malcolm, Sarah, and Varner

    • TheClutchCity- Aubry, Malcolm, Sarah, Varner

  • PurpleTally

    I have thought a lot about dropping Cirie since it seems like everyone is against her, but I’m going to hold steady and ride it out. The rest of my team is Troy, Brad, and Sarah, so I need someone to root for.

    • pufflehuff

      Don’t drop Cirie! I think you’re solid with Brad + Sarah (looks like they both had long-ish term stories set up, ugh) and we can have a support group next week for people who stuck with Cirie in pick 4 despite the writing on the wall only to see her immediately voted out.

      • StormofCuteness

        I’m sure to be joining you. It’s comforting to know we have each other. *grin*

      • indescribable hat

        I just feel like she’s getting the Fishbach edit. I stuck with him and look how that turned out! Uh…

        • pufflehuff

          At least Cirie hasn’t failed to break a twig. Only because she’s scared of the leaves, but still…

          Stick with the Cirie fan club/support group!

          • indescribable hat

            Always. I can’t help myself.

    • StormofCuteness

      I stuck with her and Sandra! I may be foolish, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

      • prettyboyprobst

        At least they both have an established storyline after two episodes. There are not too many players you can say that about.

        • StormofCuteness

          True, and these days, we can’t know for sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Sneaky edits. *shifty eyes*

          • prettyboyprobst

            YES. WE. CAN.
            Sandra & Cirie shared winner-edit and first ever tie at final tribal council IS confirmed. Learn to read the edit, people!
            #HOPE #GameCHANGE

          • StormofCuteness

            Hahaha! Thanks for keeping hope alive!

          • prettyboyprobst

            Oh, I see that’s how Russel crept into my brain. I should have known he couldn’t have done it on his own.

          • prettyboyprobst

            To be honest, though, I actually feel a little better about Cirie than about Sandra when it comes to the edit of the first two episodes.

            While Sandra was an integral part of the first two votes, they deliberately chose to show us Cirie hustling and struggling to make amends and fit in.
            With the tribe expansion coming up, her bad position and Sandra’s relatively secure spot in her current tribe don’t mean all that much. But we know what Cirie had to (or depending on the new tribes still needs to) overcome to get however far she goes.

            That, or she’ll land in a bad spot next episode, is unceremoniously voted off and they just wanted to give a fan favorite some airtime early, to lessen the disappointment.

          • StormofCuteness

            I share all your feelings about this but truly fear your last paragraph is where we’re headed.

          • prettyboyprobst

            Keep hope alive…

    • Ms. Sweaterfan

      Drop Cirie and pick up fan favorite/Survivor legend Sherea. Debbie’s the only one who even knows she’s out there, so she’s basically a lock to go all the way!

      • indescribable hat

        Plus she was pretty good in challenges, right?

  • Carrots

    I’d like the team of Cirie, Malcolm, Sandra, and Zeke, please and thank you.

    Also: Hello, all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I’m “Carrots” because I’m a redhead who wasn’t feeling very creative today. I’ve been watching Survivor since the very first episode, when I was 10, and I’ve seen every episode just once (with the exception of the March 2003 episode I’ve never seen that was preempted by breaking news coverage of Baghdad). So, I’m not really up to snuff when it comes to specific historical info, which is one of the reasons I’ve been reading here. : D

    I don’t expect I’ll be a very active poster other than *maybe* on these fantasy league posts. But, who knows. I just thought I’d introduce myself anyway.

    • the sky is falling

      Hello, I just became active last season, you’re gonna love it here. unless you are a big Troyzan fan.

      • There’s no such thing.

    • Carrots- Cirie, Malcolm, Sandra, Zeke

      And welcome! Feel free to post more; don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of comments.

    • Other Scott

      Welcome. This is a great community! And not just because I’m here!

    • indescribable hat

      Hello! Welcome!

  • Crystal Lynne

    Can I change Varner for Zeke? Making my team Hali, Malcolm, Sierra, and Zeke? 🙂

    • Crystal Lynne- Hali, Malcolm, Sierra, Zeke

  • Hornacek

    Somehow, all the members of my Pick-4 team and PRP Fantasy League (go, fighting HornPuffCorn ViolinJets!) are still in the game.

    This can only mean that they will all be the next 8 people voted out.

    • pufflehuff

      I think your bro team is in it for the long haul: Malcolm is looking good especially. But don’t discount my band of Hogwarts misfits – Hali is a COBRA waiting to strike. And nobody’s going to target Debbie if she;s going after imaginary players – Sheree can’t have any beef with her, right?

      • Hornacek

        Crouching Hali, Delusional Debbie

        • pufflehuff

          if delusions were points, I’d have this thing in the bag.

    • corndogshuffle

      I’m feeling good about half of my team and terrified for the other half. Sarah/Sierra did exactly what Sarah/Sierra needed to do to live for a long time. But Aubry seems to have put herself in a bad spot and Sandra went and made her target even bigger than it already was. I wouldn’t be shocked if I have the next two boots on my team.

      • Hornacek

        In theory, for most people these first two episodes don’t matter very much since we have a swap into 3 tribes next week.

        However, based on the previews, it seems like JT is all alone on a tribe with 5 people from the other original tribe. But are all those other 5 people on the same side? Next week has almost as much unknown about who will work with whom as the premiere.

  • Saturday Night Palsy

    I wouldn’t change perfection, John. I’ll stay with the winning combo of Caleb, Debbie, Malcolm, and Troy. Some folks are already calling them the final four, I call them the gateway back to Champs.

    • StormofCuteness

      I laughed mightily and then I had the scary thought…what if you’re right?!

      • Saturday Night Palsy

        When have I ever been wrong?

        …Other than specific incidents?

  • Ms. Sweaterfan

    Incredibly (for me) my team made it through the first two boots intact! I think that I will let it ride, even though I’m a little worried about Andrea’s long term chances :/

  • Super duper fan

    Unfortunately for me, Ciera got voted out, and I have to swap her for someone else. I’m not sure for now but the people I’m considering are: Sierra, Sarah, Varner, Brad or Michaela. And I feel pretty good about the other picks that I have.

    • So who are you choosing? (Not that there’s a rush, because you have until Tuesday.)

      • Super duper fan

        I’ve decided. In honor of my fallen girl Ciera, I’m gonna make a BIG MOVE. I’ll pick someone with a name who isn’t that far away from her name. We call her a lot of things: Fan Favourite, Game Changer, America’s Sweetheart and many, many more. Even though it feels like she played just yesterday, she played since the old days of Survivor, which was reminded by someone who wrote her analysis on this websites. And like Ciera she made a lot of BIG and GAME CHANGING moves. And when we saw her on this cast, we all said “Yes, I get why she’s here”. We were all sad that she couldn’t JUST make the end, and was screwed by unsuspected immunity streak and an idol. Please welcome, with a giant applause, the one, the only, the Fan Favourite….


        CIRIE FIELDS!!!

        This write-up could ONLY be directed towards Cirie, and as you probably all expected I’m picking her. So my new team is:Andrea, Aubry, Cirie and Hali.

        • Super duper fan- Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Hali

  • Diego Armando

    I think I am going to swap out Andrea. I think I will trade her for Zeke.

    New team: Caleb, JT, Malcom, Zeke

    • Diego Armando- Caleb, Hali, JT, Malcolm

      • Diego Armando

        Sorry one more swap. I would like to swap Hali for Zeke.

        Caleb, JT, Malcolm, Zeke

        • Diego Armando- Caleb, JT, Malcolm, Zeke

          • Diego Armando

            Goddamn indecision

            I’ll swap JT for Hali

            Caleb, Hali, Malcolm, Zeke

          • Good lord.

            Diego Armando- Caleb, Hali, Malcolm, Zeke

  • Assistant Dragon Slayer

    Sigh… I burned myself last season by panicking after the first episode and dropping David, but I didn’t expect Michaela to become even more of a hothead.

    Andrea, JT, Malcolm, Sierra

    • That group is already taken.

      • Assistant Dragon Slayer

        Well, OK then. Michaela’s my ride or die.

        • Maybe it works out for you this time; you’re being prevented from making a huge mistake.

  • Side Character

    Hey, this is a way better start than last season! Since I didn’t lose two of my original picks in the first two tribal councils this time, I think I’m sticking with the team that I’ve got. Don’t let me down, ladies! Make it to the merge, team up, and slay everyone else!

  • Dutch

    Just finished watching the premier – work & life just got in the way. This season had a great premier, but I’m worried it may flame big and fizzle out at the merge. I’m hoping my suspicions are wrong.

    My team has me worried long-term (with the exception of Malcolm), but I’m sticking to my guns. Sandra & Cirie are my ride or dies, and I’m riding with them until the bitter end – even if they have pre-game beef with each other.

    Let’s just hope I fare better than last season where I lost all 4 of my team in 4 consecutive tribal councils.

    I’ll keep my team of Cirie, Malcolm, Sandra, & Varner.

    • Ms. Sweaterfan

      “lost all 4 of my team in 4 consecutive tribal councils”
      There should be some kind of bonus for shooting the moon like that! 😉

      • It’s even more impressive if it’s the first four (or four of the first five) boots.

    • corndogshuffle

      Not even I lost four players in a row. But I did manage to pick something like 6 of the first 7 boots in Kaoh Rong.

  • Fran

    Hali, Sarah, Sierra, Varner

    • Fran- Hali, Sarah, Sierra, Varner

  • Jim

    I think Sandra’s becoming too big a target. could I switch her out for Sarah?

    New team: Aubry, Hali, JT, Sarah

    • Jim- Aubry, Hali, JT, Sarah

  • Toneloke

    Toneloke team update: Andrea, Aubrey, Cirie, Michaela

    • Toneloke- Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Michaela

  • Kent McK

    I feel like we can’t have nice things this season.

    Brad, Debbie, Hali, Sarah

    • Kent McK- Brad, Debbie, Hali, Sarah

  • Kyle Kramer

    Can i switch Sarah for Aubry. Making my new team…

    Malcolm, Sarah, FFSDT and JT

    • Sorry, that team is already taken (by Other Scott). Please select again- and make sure you do so before episode 2 starts tomorrow evening.

  • Survivor Stick

    Can I get Aubry, Andrea, Malcolm and Caleb. Thanks.

    • Survivor Stick- Andrea, Aubry, Caleb, Malcolm

  • TheForRealDeal

    Jet is out. Give me oh, let’s say, Brad.

    Andrea, Aubry, Brad, Michaela

  • orangealfy

    Hali, Sierra, Zeke, Michaela.

    • orangealfy- Hali, Michaela, Sierra, Zeke

  • Matt W

    Gonna drop Malcolm and add Brad making my team:

    Aubry, Brad, Michaela, Sarah

    • Matt W- Aubry, Brad, Michaela, Sarah

  • TiminSoCal

    Hi John, my wife wants to play – call her AmyinSoCal. Can I do that?
    Her picks are Debbie JT Sierra Zeke.

    • Absolutely. Good luck to her!

      AmyinSoCal- Debbie, JT, Sierra, Zeke

  • Kate Weaver

    So even though I did not lose any players during the premiere, I am having second thoughts about my team. Therefore, I think I am going to make some changes.
    Can I swap J.T. for Sierra Dawn Thomas? So my new team would be Malcolm, Aubry, Zeke, and Sierra?
    If that combination is taken, then I want Malcolm, Aubry, Zeke, and Hali.
    And if both of those combos are taken, then I guess I’ll just take my chances with my original four! Thanks!

    • D’oh! Both of those combos were already taken. Sorry!

      • Kate Weaver

        Alright then, I guess I should just stick with my gut and keep my original four! I hope J.T. does not let me down!

      • prettyboyprobst

        Ok, let’s do this. For v4 of my team, I also want to sub in Sierra for JT:

        Brad, Malcolm, Michaela, Sierra

        If that team is gone, give me Hali or Ozzy instead of Sierra.

        • prettyboyprobst- Brad, Malcolm, Michaela, Sierra

  • indescribable hat

    OK @purplerockjohn:disqus, I need to ditch Aubry for edit reasons, but I took too long figuring this out and the people I want to replace her with are taken, so I’d like Brad, Cirie, JT, Malcolm. I’m not enthusiastic about this but we saw an inexplicable amount of Brad last week. I’ll be very happy if it turns out to be just because of football.

    • indescribable hat- Brad, Cirie, JT, Malcolm

  • bassmanxvi

    John, I’d like to switch out Aubry for Malcolm

    Latest oddball team:

    Caleb Malcom Tai Zeke

    • In true Bassmanxvi form, you kept Caleb on the night he went home. You’re a legend.

      bassmanxvi- Caleb, Malcolm, Tai, Zeke

      • bassmanxvi

        Time to get a lottery ticket…