Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Game Changers week 3

The only thing that got more fucked than Malcolm this week? Your fantasy Survivor team, probably.


Everyone had Malcolm. Half the league just went down in flames.

Individual scoring table

Since only one tribe got immunity, this gets scored as a 2-tribe challenge, with 2 points for the winning tribe (Tavua).

1 point to each member of the two tribes that won reward.

Brad, Tai, Sierra, Debbie, and Hali get 1 point for destroying half of our league.

Tai gets 3 points for finding an idol, then an additional 4 points for correctly playing that idol.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Congrats, torchoflaw. You’ve got the lead and you don’t have Malcolm.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1torchoflawBrad- 7Cirie- 8Tai- 14Zeke- 837
2BananaGrubMalcolm- 6Sierra- 7Tai- 14Troy- 936
2dig dougMalcolm- 6Sarah- 8Tai- 14Zeke- 836
2jersey_luckBrad- 7Sarah- 8Sierra- 7Tai- 1436
5BrandyMalcolm- 6Michaela- 6Tai- 14Troy- 935
6HectorTheWellEndowedMalcolm- 6Michaela- 6Tai- 14Zeke- 834
6Joseph FinnAubry- 6Malcolm- 6Tai- 14Zeke- 834
8tocantinsAndrea- 8JT- 8Ozzy- 8Troy- 933
8MY WIFEHali- 5Malcolm- 6Tai- 14Zeke- 833
8Random LuckCirie- 8Hali- 5Michaela- 6Tai- 1433
8Loki LunaHali- 5Michaela- 6Ozzy- 8Tai- 1433
12Diego's ArmanbroAndrea- 8JT- 8Sarah- 8Zeke- 832
12PurpleTallyBrad- 7Cirie- 8Sarah- 8Troy- 932
12AubrysWinnersEditAubry- 6Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Tai- 1432
15steve2013Cirie- 8Malcolm- 6Sarah- 8Troy- 931
15Derek YoungAndrea- 8Malcolm- 6Sarah- 8Troy- 931
15Barbara AndersonAndrea- 8Brad- 7Sierra- 7Troy- 931
15DrVanNostrandBrad- 7Ozzy- 8Sierra- 7Troy- 931
15corndogshuffleBrad- 7Sarah- 8Sierra- 7Troy- 931
20Audrey RatajackCirie- 8JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sarah- 830
20TorcoLuCirie- 8JT- 8Ozzy- 8Varner- 630
20KateAubry- 6Cirie- 8JT- 8Sarah- 830
20Blake BallAndrea- 8JT- 8Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 830
20Conor PatrickAndrea- 8JT- 8Malcolm- 6Zeke- 830
20sabina1509Andrea- 8Aubry- 6Cirie- 8Sarah- 830
20SuhaibAndrea- 8Michaela- 6Sarah- 8Zeke- 830
20Ryan DeschampMalcolm- 6Sarah- 8Sierra- 7Troy- 930
20jaredholland32Aubry- 6Brad- 7Sarah- 8Troy- 930
20Paul CarbyAubry- 6Sarah- 8Sierra- 7Troy- 930
20Joshua ChangAndrea- 8Cirie- 8Michaela- 6Zeke- 830
20Diego's ArmandadDebbie- 7JT- 8Ozzy- 8Sierra- 730
20CasualFanCirie- 8Michaela- 6Ozzy- 8Zeke- 830
20Friend ChooserAubry- 6Ozzy- 8Sarah- 8Zeke- 830
20AmyinSoCalDebbie- 7JT- 8Sierra- 7Zeke- 830
20EmAndScoutInBKAndrea- 8Brad- 7Sarah- 8Sierra- 730
20bassmanxviCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Tai- 14Zeke- 830
20SirLiveAlotCaleb- 2Sandra- 6Tai- 14Zeke- 830
20this bear is tops bloobyCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 8Tai- 1430
39Purple Rock MattAndrea- 8Brad- 7JT- 8Malcolm- 629
39gouisCirie- 8JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sierra- 729
39Nick BommaritoAndrea- 8JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sierra- 729
39Other ScottJT- 8Malcolm- 6Sarah- 8Sierra- 729
39indescribable hatBrad- 7Cirie- 8JT- 8Malcolm- 629
39Mike SweeneyAubry- 6Debbie- 7JT- 8Sarah- 829
39kirbstompAubry- 6JT- 8Sierra- 7Zeke- 829
39Diego's ArmomdoDebbie- 7JT- 8Sarah- 8Varner- 629
39Kemper BoydCirie- 8Sandra- 6Sarah- 8Sierra- 729
39Sad LilCirie- 8Debbie- 7Sandra- 6Sarah- 829
39Mike HirschAndrea- 8Michaela- 6Sarah- 8Sierra- 729
39Ms. SweaterfanAndrea- 8Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 8Sierra- 729
39Kevin RogersBrad- 7Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 8Zeke- 829
39Dubious RobAndrea- 8Malcolm- 6Sarah- 8Sierra- 729
39Purple Rock JohnAndrea- 8Brad- 7Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 829
39nipi ipinBrad- 7Michaela- 6Sierra- 7Troy- 929
39Casey CraftonMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 8Sarah- 8Sierra- 729
39Survivor CentralHali- 5Sarah- 8Sierra- 7Troy- 929
39True AlainerAndrea- 8Cirie- 8Hali- 5Sarah- 829
39Los UndesirablesBrad- 7Hali- 5Ozzy- 8Troy- 929
39cazkayeBrad- 7Hali- 5Sarah- 8Troy- 929
39vaderdawsnCaleb- 2Hali- 5JT- 8Tai- 1429
61MaritimerAndrea- 8JT- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 628
61Kevin NAubry- 6JT- 8Sarah- 8Varner- 628
61NearlyNinaAndrea- 8Aubry- 6JT- 8Malcolm- 628
61Adam BAubry- 6JT- 8Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 828
61Kate WeaverAubry- 6JT- 8Malcolm- 6Zeke- 828
61TJ SassAubry- 6Cirie- 8JT- 8Michaela- 628
61Black DynamiteAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Malcolm- 6Zeke- 828
61Purple Rock MarkAndrea- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sarah- 828
61John KenneyAubry- 6Cirie- 8Michaela- 6Sarah- 828
61WampusCirie- 8Michaela- 6Sandra- 6Zeke- 828
61Andrea MarinAubry- 6Cirie- 8Varner- 6Zeke- 828
61IneAndrea- 8Cirie- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 628
61Crom DeluiseAubry- 6Brad- 7Michaela- 6Troy- 928
61Side CharacterAndrea- 8Cirie- 8Michaela- 6Sandra- 628
61JJBrad- 7Debbie- 7JT- 8Sandra- 628
61MsFjordstoneAubry- 6Cirie- 8Michaela- 6Zeke- 828
61Scarlett3639Andrea- 8Cirie- 8Malcolm- 6Sandra- 628
61aj hillerAndrea- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Ozzy- 828
61ryell-00Andrea- 8Aubry- 6Michaela- 6Ozzy- 828
61pufflehuffCirie- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sarah- 828
61itsafuckingSTICKAndrea- 8Michaela- 6Varner- 6Zeke- 828
61TonelokeAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Cirie- 8Michaela- 628
61Sago PalmAubry- 6Cirie- 8Malcolm- 6Zeke- 828
61Jeff Probst's HairpieceAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 828
61AlishaShortyMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 8Sandra- 6Zeke- 828
61CarrotsCirie- 8Malcolm- 6Sandra- 6Zeke- 828
61Purple Rock EmmaHali- 5JT- 8Ozzy- 8Sierra- 728
61KGAndrea- 8Brad- 7Malcolm- 6Sierra- 728
61How's Grandma?Andrea- 8Brad- 7Michaela- 6Sierra- 728
61David CorbettBrad- 7Ozzy- 8Sierra- 7Varner- 628
61No Eyes in BlindfoldBrad- 7Hali- 5Sierra- 7Troy- 928
61MainstoneMoneyHali- 5Ozzy- 8Tai- 14Tony- 128
93Kyle KramerAubry- 6JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sierra- 727
93HBO CEO of TitsJT- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sierra- 727
93Prom KingAubry- 6JT- 8Michaela- 6Sierra- 727
93TheForRealDealAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Brad- 7Michaela- 627
93Zach AttackBrad- 7Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sarah- 827
93Come On In HereMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 8Sandra- 6Sierra- 727
93Zachary ChongDebbie- 7Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sarah- 827
93PuddinSnack1Aubry- 6Malcolm- 6Sierra- 7Zeke- 827
93george luminarioAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Malcolm- 6Sierra- 727
93JimAubry- 6Hali- 5JT- 8Sarah- 827
93RippertHali- 5JT- 8Malcolm- 6Zeke- 827
93Matt WAubry- 6Brad- 7Michaela- 6Sarah- 827
93ShitShowAndrea- 8Hali- 5JT- 8Malcolm- 627
93CrappyAubry- 6Cirie- 8Michaela- 6Sierra- 727
93Sarah DavisMalcolm- 6Sierra- 7Varner- 6Zeke- 827
93Parvatis2IdolsDebbie- 7Michaela- 6Sandra- 6Zeke- 827
93ReyaHali- 5JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sarah- 827
93Violina23Andrea- 8Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 827
93HankScorpioAndrea- 8Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Zeke- 827
93Tai-chi in PrivateBrad- 7Hali- 5Michaela- 6Troy- 927
93Head Architect SylviaBrad- 7Debbie- 7Michaela- 6Sierra- 727
93Super duper fanAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Cirie- 8Hali- 527
93MoloAndrea- 8Cirie- 8Hali- 5Michaela- 627
93TiagoAndrea- 8Cirie- 8Hali- 5Malcolm- 627
93Kent McKBrad- 7Debbie- 7Hali- 5Sarah- 827
93Brian GoldBrad- 7Hali- 5Sarah- 8Sierra- 727
93rygelAndrea- 8Brad- 7Hali- 5Sierra- 727
93HurleytennisCaleb- 2Hali- 5Michaela- 6Tai- 1427
121Assistant Dragon SlayerAubry- 6JT- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 626
121Soccer ChampAubry- 6JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sandra- 626
121danomite10Aubry- 6Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Zeke- 826
121BadPlayer91Aubry- 6Cirie- 8Michaela- 6Sandra- 626
121Yoshi Kirby and ToadAubry- 6Malcolm- 6Varner- 6Zeke- 826
121Anthony DePaulAubry- 6Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Ozzy- 826
121Jacob.CunninghamAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Malcolm- 6Varner- 626
121DutchCirie- 8Malcolm- 6Sandra- 6Varner- 626
121TheClutchCityAubry- 6Malcolm- 6Sarah- 8Varner- 626
121Lira2012Aubry- 6Cirie- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 626
121Survivor ClubbAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Malcolm- 6Michaela- 626
121K.P. WatershedAubry- 6Sandra- 6Varner- 6Zeke- 826
121DezbotCirie- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sandra- 626
121Ethan KyleBrad- 7Sandra- 6Sierra- 7Varner- 626
121prettyboyprobstBrad- 7Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sierra- 726
121macontosh2000Debbie- 7Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sierra- 726
121slothlordeDebbie- 7Michaela- 6Sandra- 6Sierra- 726
121HornacekCirie- 8Hali- 5Michaela- 6Sierra- 726
121kristanmarieHali- 5Michaela- 6Sarah- 8Sierra- 726
121Crystal LynneHali- 5Malcolm- 6Sierra- 7Zeke- 826
121FranHali- 5Sarah- 8Sierra- 7Varner- 626
121orangealfyHali- 5Michaela- 6Sierra- 7Zeke- 826
143KingoftongaHali- 5JT- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 625
143AlkanarraAndrea- 8Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Sandra- 625
143PeachykeeneAndrea- 8Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Michaela- 625
143Max_JetsAubry- 6Hali- 5Michaela- 6Ozzy- 825
143the sky is fallingAubry- 6Cirie- 8Hali- 5Malcolm- 625
143Andrei ConstantinAubry- 6Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Zeke- 825
143MattAndrea- 8Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Varner- 625
143MrBurkesButtonsCiera- 0Hali- 5Tai- 14Varner- 625
151SpicyMayoJaySimpsonCaleb- 2JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sarah- 824
151Something QuirkyAubry- 6Caleb- 2Cirie- 8JT- 824
151m0nit0rmanAubry- 6Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Varner- 624
151Saturday Night PalsyCaleb- 2Debbie- 7Malcolm- 6Troy- 924
151ExtraLargePelicanCaleb- 2Michaela- 6Sierra- 7Troy- 924
151Something Bout FootballCaleb- 2Michaela- 6Ozzy- 8Zeke- 824
151BundiCaleb- 2Michaela- 6Sarah- 8Zeke- 824
151Christina BommaritoJT- 8Sierra- 7Tony- 1Zeke- 824
151MarleneHali- 5Malcolm- 6Sandra- 6Sierra- 724
151free7694Brad- 7Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Sandra- 624
161giorgosCirie- 8JT- 8Sandra- 6Tony- 123
161Brendan GuyCaleb- 2JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sierra- 723
161fransesquaAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Caleb- 2Debbie- 723
161RoswulfHali- 5Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Sandra- 623
161forever1267Brad- 7Caleb- 2Varner- 6Zeke- 823
161Adli HanifAndrea- 8Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Sierra- 723
161Alycia SwiftAubry- 6Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Sandra- 623
161CrashCaleb- 2Hali- 5JT- 8Zeke- 823
161Lo BevBrad- 7Caleb- 2Michaela- 6Ozzy- 823
161PineappleDreamsAubry- 6Caleb- 2Sierra- 7Zeke- 823
161JoJo BevilacquaCaleb- 2Hali- 5Ozzy- 8Sarah- 823
161Irish LuckCaleb- 2Hali- 5Sarah- 8Zeke- 823
173BananaHannahCaleb- 2JT- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 622
173Maulik ShahCiera- 0JT- 8Malcolm- 6Sarah- 822
173WellDressedEvilCaleb- 2Cirie- 8Michaela- 6Sandra- 622
173hopefuls016Aubry- 6Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Zeke- 822
173Survivor StickAndrea- 8Aubry- 6Caleb- 2Malcolm- 622
173Flat FifthCaleb- 2Michaela- 6Ozzy- 8Sandra- 622
173StormofCutenessAubry- 6Caleb- 2Cirie- 8Sandra- 622
173AlexCiera- 0Ozzy- 8Varner- 6Zeke- 822
173Janice TengAndrea- 8Ciera- 0Cirie- 8Malcolm- 622
173Jacob SWCaleb- 2Hali- 5JT- 8Sierra- 722
183Chris DiorioAubry- 6JT- 8Tony- 1Varner- 621
183Jenifer PullmanAubry- 6JT- 8Michaela- 6Tony- 121
183Ara Morin AcevedoAubry- 6Cirie- 8Tony- 1Varner- 621
183Haley HannAndrea- 8Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Tony- 121
183Diego ArmandoCaleb- 2Hali- 5Malcolm- 6Zeke- 821
183Life Of TaiAndrea- 8Caleb- 2Hali- 5Malcolm- 621
183MaloryCaleb- 2Hali- 5Ozzy- 8Sandra- 621
190Drums XAubry- 6Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Michaela- 620
190doctor wuAubry- 6Caleb- 2Michaela- 6Varner- 620
190do tell it's micheleMalcolm- 6Sandra- 6Sierra- 7Tony- 120
190ThisstickhasnonameAubry- 6Malcolm- 6Sierra- 7Tony- 120
190TiminSoCalCaleb- 2Debbie- 7Hali- 5Malcolm- 620
195MalloryAubry- 6Malcolm- 6Michaela- 6Tony- 119
195Chivafan30Ciera- 0Hali- 5JT- 8Malcolm- 619
195Michael BachnerAubry- 6Caleb- 2Hali- 5Varner- 619
198phileAndrea- 8Caleb- 2Ciera- 0Malcolm- 616

Champions League

Barbara Anderson is a fantasy league witch.

Outcasts League

Poor Matt. His reign at the top will be short like leprechauns.

 Other leagues

This season, for the first time, I tried to make draft-based leagues available to everyone. You can see the leagues (and check how your teams are doing) here: PRP fantasy leagues

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188 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Game Changers week 3

  1. So, let me see if I am understanding this correctly: We are giving Tai points for playing the idol even though he handed it off to Sierra before he went to give it to Probst?

    1. Either way works for me in 5-team, but *looks both ways and leans in* fewer people have Tai on their teams, so this way keeps everyone in the race longer.

      1. That is fair enough…I am just honestly curious, because *looks both ways and leans in*I think this is a first time in a long that someone has given someone else an idol at tribal council instead of just blatantly playing it.

        1. Only other times I can think of are Nat A, Tony, and LJ. Checks out. I think the fact that Tai had agency in choosing Sierra, who wasn’t going to hand it off to someone else after all that, kinda points to Tai as the primary actor in the idol play. If he gives it to Sierra before tribal, she still has time to read the group at tribal and make a different decision.

          1. Actually, Hold Up Bro is a good thought experiment – if Malcolm had actually been right, would Reynold get the points, since it was his, even though it was Malc’s call and he handed it to Malcolm?

            Reynold probably still should though, since it’s ultimately his call once they’re at Tribal Council. Even though FFGCSDT getting the points is way better for my pick 4.

          2. I know! That’s the whole thing – the idol play was entirely Malcolm’s, really… but still…

          3. Although Malcolm gave Eddie the idol prior to voting, so in that case I would have given Eddie the points.

    2. I have Sierra on my Pick 4 and I think Tai should get the points. I would assume we’d all think Parvati should get the points for giving Jerri an idol, and same for Russell giving Parvati an idol.

  2. Tied for 38th! Same as last week, I think? Anyway, 38th is the sweetest place to be at.

    Also, feeling very good about my Outcasts team now.

  3. John, I know I’m always making you update your spreadsheets, but could I get my name in the Pick 4 and the Google 5-Team updated?

    Also, how long should I keep my avatar like this? I didn’t want to make it seem like I ghosted this entire site.

    One more thing for John; can I swap out Malcolm for SDT in Pick 4? Thanks.

    1. Can I add my suggestion for a discussion on what to do when a player on your Pick-4 gets totally screwed by production? (Clearly, still bitter this morning)

    2. We can, but I can spoil you on the result:
      Lots of debate resulting in no changes to scoring. Particularly if there’s a discussion toward ADDING points for anyone.

      Y’all really hate the idea of giving more points to people.

        1. My theory is that this is a site who loves to cheer for UTR players who don’t do the things that typically result in points. Thus, when an idea is floated to add points, the reaction is “but that means someone else will get points!”

    3. If we start dissembling the point system for hero challenges, then do we not give points to players who sit out at normal challenges?

  4. So my quest to go after Barbara Anderson’s crown has gone up in flames with the possible exception of the Free on Tuesday Morning league. Let this be a lesson to all, the queen stays queen.

    1. Yeah, the Free on Tuesday Morning League is basically the only league where I went for people that I actively liked because it is fairly low stakes compared to Pick 4 and Champions.

      1. I suspect you will win the our one on one league also. You know it’s bad when my hopes of victory are focused on Ozzy and Cirie.

          1. I’m pretty sure you have the winner though. Cirie, Ozzy and mayyyyybe Tai are the only people on my tribe that I think have a slight shot at victory.

    2. Free on Tuesday Morning League was the only place I ever had a shot. My Pick 4 teams are cursed.

  5. Just so you know, in the five person leagues the totals don’t have the fifth players score. If you could fix that that would be great!

  6. Ahhh yeah I’m still in the 120’s now but with Malcomb gone I fully expect a quick rise to a better position. *evil laughing*

    1. I feel the same. My girls didn’t get many votes, but with Malcolm out, surely that improve their chances?

      *he says, officially cursing his team forever*

      1. Right now it looks like you have our five-team league in the bag, though.
        I could even see your team contending for the overall 5-man-draft league crown (or maybe that’s just me looking at your players and thinking: there’s an alternate path for the season, to the one we’re all afraid of, in there.)

  7. Also, I’m done picking the most popular player in this and if I’m ever on Survivor (never will be) no one besides Barbara should pick me. The curse is real.

    1. If we all stop picking the most popular player, maybe they will actually stick around for a while and the most popular player will be someone we dislike who will go home early. Win-win.
      In hindsight, we should have all picked Troy or Debbie

  8. Woohoo I lost Malc but only went down one spot in the ranking (from 38 to 39). Could have been a lot worse for me!
    I’m not thrilled with Andrea’s odds at longevity, but right now I’m feeling pretty good about Ozzy and Sierra so I think my team will be okay for a while. I hope that I didn’t just jinx myself :/

  9. Based on this season and last, next season if I wind up with the most-picked person on my team (for agrument’s sake, let’s call him Brian, or the Bri-man), I should abandon ship on that player immediately.

    1. Okay what happened to me is I added Malcolm after the first episode. I remember in Cambodia that I was like “Wow, what a great episode for Jeremy” and didn’t add him and got burned and I was determined not to let that happen again.

      And I got burned.

  10. Hmm… 151th not great. I guess I still have three players left but very concerned about lack of screen time for Michaela, Zeke and Sarah…

    yep my team sucks

    1. I like your team. I think you’ll do far better than those of us with “big players”. I have Aubry, Sandra, and Cirie left…all of whom I love, but that’s what worries me.

      1. Fair – but I think Aubry and Cirie are going to go deep. Cirie is getting a nice edit and does not seem to be on people’s radar (Troyzan and Andrea seem to be in more danger than her; she is distrustful of Ozzy), and while Aubry was on the chopping block pretty early, people seem to have forgotten about her.

        As for Sandra, I have no idea – I don’t like her game this time around, but some people in the live thread convinced me that she is playing a better game than I am giving her credit for. We’ll see.

        1. I worry because there is far too little Aubry and far too much Sandra, but a gal can dream…of making it to at least 70th. *grin*

          1. Aubry’s lack of edit makes me feel pretty calm about her. Not calm like “she’s gonna win,” but calm like “she will make it far but probably not win.” Sandra’s edit makes me confused though. Like, the huge-ness of her edit makes it seem she could go at any moment, but if not, it seems to suggest this is certainly crown 3. Or this could just be the show doubling-down on one of the best narrators they’ve ever had. I really got no idea….

          2. I’m also a little confused about Changa’s edit (although that could just me having a hard time accepting that your former guess for her is far more likely than the latter, especially at the rate old Mana is currently losing players), but mostly happy that they are putting her front and center every episode.

          3. Bravo! Setting realistic goals is the secret to happiness in life.

            Me otoh, I’m going to look at this season and the time spent on it as a colossal failure, if Sandra doesn’t bring home the third crown!!!1!

    1. What, are you fishing for sympathy?

      How am I still in last place, when the football guy had Ciera and Caleb and I have still three people left??

      And btw… I knew it! That is the name you wanted all along, and now you’re trying to back channel it into existence! But I’m on to you, commish! I see you. And the VP of FSL-operations will not stand for this!

        1. But do you approve of the question?

          Because as someone who’s feeling the pain created by Tony’s and Malcolm’s early demise, too, I have plenty of sympathy for you. Let’s stay strong, together!

          1. Yassss! Is it too late to make the “Palsy League” [*gnashes teeth] into A 1-on-1-League of Its Own? We kick everyone off and divvy the freed up players up in some sort of contraction draft…we have that power, amirite?

            [Piano tunes]
            Let’s bro down, together! We’ll make this important decision to favor prettyboyProooobst. We’ll make this decision as ONE SuperBROOOO!!!

  11. Hey, we can say ‘fucked’ on here!

    I didn’t have Malcolm, and am still doing the worst I’ve ever done. I never thought I’d be nostalgic for … holy shit I’ve forgotten his name … no, I haven’t, Tyson.

          1. Speaking of that, my niece Only Here for the Animals (who did not get her Pick in on time) lost her first member of her unofficial Pick 4 last night. Her other three are Sarah, Michaela, and Debbie.

          2. Last season, she had Rachel in her pick 4, so she naturally dropped her. After that, she had all four women who made the merge, so she’s not bad at picking people.

          3. My mom has Sarah and Debbie due to her pick people with common names strategy, along with Varner and JT (who I listed as Jeff and James).

    1. Its a good thing we can say fucked on here. We all would have been banned last night otherwise

    1. You may be in last place in the totally awesome HornPuffCorn ViolinJets fantasy league, but in 2 episodes I lost half of my team (Caleb and Malcolm). All of my hopes lie upon JT (who appears to be a dead man walking) and Troy(zan). I foresee us switching places in this league very soon.

      1. I did not anticipate both Malcom going out so soon, and Tai being such a point magnet.

        The World Turned Up-side dowwwwnnnnn….

      2. oh hi fellow HornPuffCorn ViolinJets people, looks like having lots of Team Dud is working well for *some* of us. At least I can console myself with losing Malcolm in Pick 4 and from this season with the dominance of this league – let’s hope Tai, Debbie and Hali form an inseparable trio deep into the game….oh wait…

        1. I foresee that in a few weeks I’ll be shaking my fist at you other 4 and hissing “From hell’s heart, I spit at thee!”

  12. While my pick-4 league (all women) hasn’t lost any players, and is only 11 points off 1st place, my fantasy league team (all men) is decimated, now down to just 2 people.

    The lesson for next season: don’t pick any men.

        1. Balls I wrote “all-team name” when I should have written “all-name team”. My Pick 4 is Sandra, Sarah, Sierra, Cirie… I had Ciera in but swapped her out after her boot.

    1. I know it’s not going to last, but this is my finest moment in Survivor Fantasy League history to date.

      1. I have never been anywhere near the top 50 so I think you should enjoy this as much as possible!

      2. PS I just looked at your team, and the way things are going, I’d say, you may be there for the long haul.

        1. Potentially. It’s hard to see a way that this cast lets Cirie get very far, assuming she even makes the merge. But the rest don’t seem like super-obvious targets in the near term.

      1. Gloating for being first place in the Pick-4 league? Oh you better believe that’s a paddlin’.

      2. I’m sure my karma will circle back around any day now. For context, my first time playing was selecting both Shirin and Peih-Gee in Cambodia, so the fact that I’m not doing terribly is itself exciting.

    1. We all named ourselves on a chat thread (possibly the draft one?)
      Also, I am so screwed in our league

          1. Kay’. In honor of the game from which my avatar comes from, and all the bloody tears in this league, I’m calling myself Ultimate Despair. @purplerockjohn:disqus

          1. It surprisingly explains a lot about him. But he shouldn’t be depressed- who can help that he wasn’t born as awesome as the rest.

          2. I have limited experience here but always happy to sort people based on my expert knowledge/a few random comments, so I would also say that ‘disdain for the opinion of the masses’ + ‘love for Boston Rob’ might make Andy a Slytherdor.

  13. I hope most of the people with Malcomb this season were people who didn’t have Mari last season so now you can suffer our fates

    1. Going back through the seasons, I’ve picked Caleb AND Malcolm, Mari, Jen Lanzetti, Cambodia Woo, and Max Dawson. To be fair, Woo was just one day away from the merge, but I’d like a season where all four of my picks break 10 points at least.

        1. I think I just can’t trust the first episode edit. Unless it’s edited to show one of my players being voted out, then ya gotta act, ya know. But outside of that, it’s impossible to tell if it’s a winning edit or a GC Malcolm edit, and that’s if a person gets more than three minutes of screen time at all.

          1. Then again last season I put in Adam not just as my replacement for Mari. I made 2 changes and put him in. I can’t remember why though, maybe just a lot of emotional storyline.

          2. I remember I added him because he was the only one that seemed like he had a head on his shoulders when they were evacuated. Everyone else was thrilled to be the first Survivors ever be evacuated, and Adam was asking, “You all know what that means, right?”

  14. Was really pleased I dropped Malcolm for Brad after week one, until I then immediately realized I should have dropped him for TAI SOMEHOW because this is the Upside-Down now apparently.

    (True story though as I teared up watching Malcolm tear up I comforted myself with the the thought “thank god I dropped him from my fantasy team” because yeah I guess that’s the person I am now)

    1. The (very thin) silver lining here is that our audience is clearly not spoiled. Malcolm was the clear favorite both in terms of winner picks and fantasy league popularity.

      1. Yeah, it is very clear. As (I assume you) tweeted, two fan favorites and entertaining players have been knocked out (Tony & Malcolm) while the edit is giving us beautiful highlights of Tai, Sierra, Brad, and Debbie.

  15. Brad can and will win this season. I was wrong to 0% him. Now stop removing my favorite players.

    1. *Especially* if he’s sitting next to Tai and Sierra. I personally think he lucked into that one.

    2. I like this approach. Let’s also not forget, that:
      – Debbie is severely underrated and will go all the way, if she can keep her threat level down.
      – FFSDT will continue to be this season’s driving force.
      – Tai is a lock to go deep again.
      – Ozzy is unbeatable in challenges.
      – Troy has the most potential out of anyone. He’s a Heisenberg waiting to happen.

  16. So, Tai is going to win people this season. Tai…. Tai……. I can’t believe I picked the wrong Gay Guy (says the Gay Guy).

    1. Tai was a real stat stuffer in his first season, too, iirc. Yet he was consistently at the bottom of the list of people picked this go around.
      I observed that with some level of surprise, but at the same time, despite knowing all of that, I didn’t want him anywhere near my team. Now I can’t really complain. Burned by Tai again… He’s making it to another finale, isn’t he?

      1. I thought he would be a target due to the fact that there are 4 KR people on this season. But he was still there second round of Champions, so I had to pick him to honor the important role he had in getting me to Champions League in the first place.

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