Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Game Changers week 8

By Executive Order of President Sarah, I hereby release this week’s fantasy scores.


Debbie was about as popular as a free punch in the face. This boot won’t hurt many teams.

Individual scoring table

One point to Andrea, Aubry, Brad, Debbie, Sierra for the reward win.

Nothing to Sarah for finding the advantage. But if she plays it correctly, she’ll get additional VTEP points.

Troy gets four points for individual immunity. He gets zero additional points for making the blur guy work overtime to obscure his massive hog.

Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Michaela, Sarah, and Zeke get two points each for voting out Debbie.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Jersey_luck retains the lead by one point. Corndogshuffle and Purple Tally vault into a tie for 4th place, and a few people moved ahead of the Skynet team.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1jersey_luckBrad- 22Sarah- 23Sierra- 22Tai- 38105
2torchoflawBrad- 22Cirie- 22Tai- 38Zeke- 22104
3Barbara AndersonAndrea- 27Brad- 22Sierra- 22Troy- 2899
4corndogshuffleBrad- 22Sarah- 23Sierra- 22Troy- 2895
4PurpleTallyBrad- 22Cirie- 22Sarah- 23Troy- 2895
6BananaGrubMalcolm- 6Sierra- 22Tai- 38Troy- 2894
6EmAndScoutInBKAndrea- 27Brad- 22Sarah- 23Sierra- 2294
8Random LuckCirie- 22Hali- 15Michaela- 17Tai- 3892
8DrVanNostrandBrad- 22Ozzy- 20Sierra- 22Troy- 2892
8jaredholland32Aubry- 19Brad- 22Sarah- 23Troy- 2892
8Paul CarbyAubry- 19Sarah- 23Sierra- 22Troy- 2892
12sabina1509Andrea- 27Aubry- 19Cirie- 22Sarah- 2391
13Loki LunaHali- 15Michaela- 17Ozzy- 20Tai- 3890
14dig dougMalcolm- 6Sarah- 23Tai- 38Zeke- 2289
14BrandyMalcolm- 6Michaela- 17Tai- 38Troy- 2889
14nipi ipinBrad- 22Michaela- 17Sierra- 22Troy- 2889
14Mike HirschAndrea- 27Michaela- 17Sarah- 23Sierra- 2289
14SuhaibAndrea- 27Michaela- 17Sarah- 23Zeke- 2289
19Survivor CentralHali- 15Sarah- 23Sierra- 22Troy- 2888
19cazkayeBrad- 22Hali- 15Sarah- 23Troy- 2888
19How's Grandma?Andrea- 27Brad- 22Michaela- 17Sierra- 2288
19Joshua ChangAndrea- 27Cirie- 22Michaela- 17Zeke- 2288
23No Eyes in BlindfoldBrad- 22Hali- 15Sierra- 22Troy- 2887
23tocantinsAndrea- 27JT- 12Ozzy- 20Troy- 2887
23True AlainerAndrea- 27Cirie- 22Hali- 15Sarah- 2387
26rygelAndrea- 27Brad- 22Hali- 15Sierra- 2286
26Crom DeluiseAubry- 19Brad- 22Michaela- 17Troy- 2886
28Joseph FinnAubry- 19Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2285
28Los UndesirablesBrad- 22Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Troy- 2885
28TheForRealDealAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Brad- 22Michaela- 1785
28TonelokeAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Cirie- 22Michaela- 1785
32Head Architect SylviaBrad- 22Debbie- 23Michaela- 17Sierra- 2284
32Diego's ArmanbroAndrea- 27JT- 12Sarah- 23Zeke- 2284
32Friend ChooserAubry- 19Ozzy- 20Sarah- 23Zeke- 2284
32Derek YoungAndrea- 27Malcolm- 6Sarah- 23Troy- 2884
36HectorTheWellEndowedMalcolm- 6Michaela- 17Tai- 38Zeke- 2283
36Kent McKBrad- 22Debbie- 23Hali- 15Sarah- 2383
36Super duper fanAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Cirie- 22Hali- 1583
36ryell-00Andrea- 27Aubry- 19Michaela- 17Ozzy- 2083
40Brian GoldBrad- 22Hali- 15Sarah- 23Sierra- 2282
40Tai-chi in PrivateBrad- 22Hali- 15Michaela- 17Troy- 2882
42MY WIFEHali- 15Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2281
42CasualFanCirie- 22Michaela- 17Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2281
42MoloAndrea- 27Cirie- 22Hali- 15Michaela- 1781
42Matt WAubry- 19Brad- 22Michaela- 17Sarah- 2381
42John KenneyAubry- 19Cirie- 22Michaela- 17Sarah- 2381
47AubrysWinnersEditAubry- 19Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Tai- 3880
47CrappyAubry- 19Cirie- 22Michaela- 17Sierra- 2280
47MsFjordstoneAubry- 19Cirie- 22Michaela- 17Zeke- 2280
50AmyinSoCalDebbie- 23JT- 12Sierra- 22Zeke- 2279
50Ryan DeschampMalcolm- 6Sarah- 23Sierra- 22Troy- 2879
50steve2013Cirie- 22Malcolm- 6Sarah- 23Troy- 2879
53Dubious RobAndrea- 27Malcolm- 6Sarah- 23Sierra- 2278
54Diego's ArmandadDebbie- 23JT- 12Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2277
54kristanmarieHali- 15Michaela- 17Sarah- 23Sierra- 2277
54KGAndrea- 27Brad- 22Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2277
54Mike SweeneyAubry- 19Debbie- 23JT- 12Sarah- 2377
58HornacekCirie- 22Hali- 15Michaela- 17Sierra- 2276
58orangealfyHali- 15Michaela- 17Sierra- 22Zeke- 2276
58Sad LilCirie- 22Debbie- 23Sandra- 8Sarah- 2376
58KateAubry- 19Cirie- 22JT- 12Sarah- 2376
62Ms. SweaterfanAndrea- 27Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2275
62Purple Rock JohnAndrea- 27Brad- 22Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2075
62Kemper BoydCirie- 22Sandra- 8Sarah- 23Sierra- 2275
62kirbstompAubry- 19JT- 12Sierra- 22Zeke- 2275
62itsafuckingSTICKAndrea- 27Michaela- 17Varner- 9Zeke- 2275
67MainstoneMoneyHali- 15Ozzy- 20Tai- 38Tony- 174
67Side CharacterAndrea- 27Cirie- 22Michaela- 17Sandra- 874
67george luminarioAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2274
67Black DynamiteAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2274
71David CorbettBrad- 22Ozzy- 20Sierra- 22Varner- 973
71Purple Rock MarkAndrea- 27Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sarah- 2373
73HurleytennisCaleb- 2Hali- 15Michaela- 17Tai- 3872
73Jeff Probst's HairpieceAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2072
73Andrea MarinAubry- 19Cirie- 22Varner- 9Zeke- 2272
73IneAndrea- 27Cirie- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1772
77Casey CraftonMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sarah- 23Sierra- 2271
77Max_JetsAubry- 19Hali- 15Michaela- 17Ozzy- 2071
77fransesquaAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Caleb- 2Debbie- 2371
80SirLiveAlotCaleb- 2Sandra- 8Tai- 38Zeke- 2270
80Kevin RogersBrad- 22Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2270
80slothlordeDebbie- 23Michaela- 17Sandra- 8Sierra- 2270
80TiagoAndrea- 27Cirie- 22Hali- 15Malcolm- 670
80Parvatis2IdolsDebbie- 23Michaela- 17Sandra- 8Zeke- 2270
80aj hillerAndrea- 27Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Ozzy- 2070
80HankScorpioAndrea- 27Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2270
80Prom KingAubry- 19JT- 12Michaela- 17Sierra- 2270
80TJ SassAubry- 19Cirie- 22JT- 12Michaela- 1770
89Purple Rock EmmaHali- 15JT- 12Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2269
89FranHali- 15Sarah- 23Sierra- 22Varner- 969
89JimAubry- 19Hali- 15JT- 12Sarah- 2369
89Zachary ChongDebbie- 23Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sarah- 2369
89WampusCirie- 22Michaela- 17Sandra- 8Zeke- 2269
89PuddinSnack1Aubry- 19Malcolm- 6Sierra- 22Zeke- 2269
89Sago PalmAubry- 19Cirie- 22Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2269
89ExtraLargePelicanCaleb- 2Michaela- 17Sierra- 22Troy- 2869
89Survivor ClubbAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1769
98bassmanxviCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2268
98Violina23Andrea- 27Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2068
98macontosh2000Debbie- 23Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sierra- 2268
98Zach AttackBrad- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sarah- 2368
98pufflehuffCirie- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sarah- 2368
103vaderdawsnCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Tai- 3867
103Diego's ArmomdoDebbie- 23JT- 12Sarah- 23Varner- 967
103Purple Rock MattAndrea- 27Brad- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 667
103Nick BommaritoAndrea- 27JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2267
103prettyboyprobstBrad- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sierra- 2267
103Conor PatrickAndrea- 27JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2267
109this bear is tops bloobyCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Tai- 3866
109BadPlayer91Aubry- 19Cirie- 22Michaela- 17Sandra- 866
111JJBrad- 22Debbie- 23JT- 12Sandra- 865
111Blake BallAndrea- 27JT- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2065
111Crystal LynneHali- 15Malcolm- 6Sierra- 22Zeke- 2265
111PeachykeeneAndrea- 27Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1765
111PineappleDreamsAubry- 19Caleb- 2Sierra- 22Zeke- 2265
116NearlyNinaAndrea- 27Aubry- 19JT- 12Malcolm- 664
116BundiCaleb- 2Michaela- 17Sarah- 23Zeke- 2264
116Lira2012Aubry- 19Cirie- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1764
116danomite10Aubry- 19Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Zeke- 2264
120TorcoLuCirie- 22JT- 12Ozzy- 20Varner- 963
120Other ScottJT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 23Sierra- 2263
120Audrey RatajackCirie- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2363
120Kevin NAubry- 19JT- 12Sarah- 23Varner- 963
120Scarlett3639Andrea- 27Cirie- 22Malcolm- 6Sandra- 863
125MrBurkesButtonsCiera- 0Hali- 15Tai- 38Varner- 962
125gouisCirie- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2262
125indescribable hatBrad- 22Cirie- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 662
125Irish LuckCaleb- 2Hali- 15Sarah- 23Zeke- 2262
125MaritimerAndrea- 27JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1762
125the sky is fallingAubry- 19Cirie- 22Hali- 15Malcolm- 662
125Anthony DePaulAubry- 19Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Ozzy- 2062
125Andrei ConstantinAubry- 19Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2262
133Ethan KyleBrad- 22Sandra- 8Sierra- 22Varner- 961
133Lo BevBrad- 22Caleb- 2Michaela- 17Ozzy- 2061
133Something Bout FootballCaleb- 2Michaela- 17Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2261
133Jacob.CunninghamAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Malcolm- 6Varner- 961
137JoJo BevilacquaCaleb- 2Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Sarah- 2360
137ShitShowAndrea- 27Hali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 660
139Sarah DavisMalcolm- 6Sierra- 22Varner- 9Zeke- 2259
139Kyle KramerAubry- 19JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2259
139Kate WeaverAubry- 19JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2259
139Saturday Night PalsyCaleb- 2Debbie- 23Malcolm- 6Troy- 2859
143CarrotsCirie- 22Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Zeke- 2258
143K.P. WatershedAubry- 19Sandra- 8Varner- 9Zeke- 2258
145HBO CEO of TitsJT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sierra- 2257
145Adam BAubry- 19JT- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2057
145Christina BommaritoJT- 12Sierra- 22Tony- 1Zeke- 2257
145MattAndrea- 27Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Varner- 957
145Adli HanifAndrea- 27Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2257
145TheClutchCityAubry- 19Malcolm- 6Sarah- 23Varner- 957
151Come On In HereMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sandra- 8Sierra- 2256
151ReyaHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2356
151AlishaShortyMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sandra- 8Zeke- 2256
151AlkanarraAndrea- 27Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 856
151Yoshi Kirby and ToadAubry- 19Malcolm- 6Varner- 9Zeke- 2256
156RippertHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2255
156forever1267Brad- 22Caleb- 2Varner- 9Zeke- 2255
156Something QuirkyAubry- 19Caleb- 2Cirie- 22JT- 1255
156Janice TengAndrea- 27Ciera- 0Cirie- 22Malcolm- 655
160Assistant Dragon SlayerAubry- 19JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1754
160Survivor StickAndrea- 27Aubry- 19Caleb- 2Malcolm- 654
162DezbotCirie- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sandra- 853
163MarleneHali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Sierra- 2251
163free7694Brad- 22Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 851
163Jacob SWCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Sierra- 2251
163CrashCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Zeke- 2251
163AlexCiera- 0Ozzy- 20Varner- 9Zeke- 2251
163m0nit0rmanAubry- 19Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Varner- 951
163StormofCutenessAubry- 19Caleb- 2Cirie- 22Sandra- 851
163Ara Morin AcevedoAubry- 19Cirie- 22Tony- 1Varner- 951
163Haley HannAndrea- 27Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Tony- 151
172KingoftongaHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1750
172Life Of TaiAndrea- 27Caleb- 2Hali- 15Malcolm- 650
174WellDressedEvilCaleb- 2Cirie- 22Michaela- 17Sandra- 849
174Jenifer PullmanAubry- 19JT- 12Michaela- 17Tony- 149
174hopefuls016Aubry- 19Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2249
177Alycia SwiftAubry- 19Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 848
177ThisstickhasnonameAubry- 19Malcolm- 6Sierra- 22Tony- 148
179Flat FifthCaleb- 2Michaela- 17Ozzy- 20Sandra- 847
179doctor wuAubry- 19Caleb- 2Michaela- 17Varner- 947
181TiminSoCalCaleb- 2Debbie- 23Hali- 15Malcolm- 646
181RoswulfHali- 15Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Sandra- 846
183MaloryCaleb- 2Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Sandra- 845
183DutchCirie- 22Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Varner- 945
183Diego ArmandoCaleb- 2Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2245
183Soccer ChampAubry- 19JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sandra- 845
183Michael BachnerAubry- 19Caleb- 2Hali- 15Varner- 945
188Drums XAubry- 19Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1744
189giorgosCirie- 22JT- 12Sandra- 8Tony- 143
189Taako From TeevhiiCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2343
189MalloryAubry- 19Malcolm- 6Michaela- 17Tony- 143
192Brendan GuyCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2242
193Maulik ShahCiera- 0JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2341
193Chris DiorioAubry- 19JT- 12Tony- 1Varner- 941
195do tell it's micheleMalcolm- 6Sandra- 8Sierra- 22Tony- 137
195BananaHannahCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1737
197phileAndrea- 27Caleb- 2Ciera- 0Malcolm- 635
198Chivafan30Ciera- 0Hali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 633

Champions League


DrVanNostrand’s Costanza strategy carried him all the way to second place, but now he’ll have to hold out hope that Troy is able to thrust him into a very tight top four. XL Pelican is just barely on the outside of that all-important group of four.

Outcasts League

Alycia Swift finally claims the lead! And some guy named Black Dynamite lost both of his players last week, which was so devastating to him that he completely stopped commenting here.

Other leagues

This season, for the first time, I tried to make draft-based leagues available to everyone. You can see the leagues (and check how your teams are doing) here: PRP fantasy leagues

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  • jersey_luck

    Now we got a game, Bring it on torchoflaw and Barbara Anderson. See if you can take my crown away or lose in moment.

  • Hornacek

    In this week’s entry of the HornPuffCorn ViolinJets update, I continue to languish in a distant last place, 10 points behind 4th place @Violina23. Even if I doubled my score I would only be 3 ahead of @pufflehuff, the current leader, who is more than 20 points ahead of 2nd place’s @corndogshuffle (and @Max_Jets is in 3rd).

    My only hope is that Troy(zan), my only remaining league member player, continues to win every immunity and finds a gazillion more idols. Also, no points for blurs? Boo!!!

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      Remember, if Troyzan wins you get 100 points!

      • Hornacek

        Is that if he just wins or does he need to get every vote?

        • Saturday Night Palsy

          John’s the big Troy fan, ask him.

    • Violina23

      Andrea and Zeke are…. still there? That’s about all I’ve got…

  • Saturday Night Palsy

    What bothers me the most is not that I’ve guaranteed myself last place in Outcasts, it’s that John was out last week in Champions and he still has more points than me.

  • Mike Hirsch

    Tai getting completely blanked this week certainly helped those of us who don’t have Tai. More of that, Tai!

  • Saturday Night Palsy

    The Palsy League Situation

    Cirie-ous Bizness (AKA BadPlayer91) has truly gotten serious about this fantasy league business. They have extended their lead to fifteen points over HBO CEO of tits’ 73 point total. Considering the fact that BP91 still hasn’t lost a player, this does not bode well for the rest of us. Our Beloved High Commissioner has caught up to Something Bout Football, who both have 62 points. Pretty Bold Picks (AKA the Assistant to the League Commissioner) has one thing in common with Sierra Dawn Thomas: They are the only two people in the world that are hoping for a SDT victory right now. At 51 points and an 11 point gap between last and fourth, yesterday must have been a sad administrative assistants day.

    • prettyboyprobst

      “(…) has one thing in common with Sierra Dawn Thomas: They are the only two people in the world that are hoping for a SDT victory right now.”

      Now you went too far and I cannot believe there hasn’t been a broad outcry over this totally undeserved, evil, nasty slandering that you did to your most loyal Vice Commissioner, Beloved Highness!
      This one would happily lead the sad remnants of his sorry team over the cliff – for the good of our league, for the love of the game and for the fans all around the globe. Valar Dohaeris!

  • Roswulf

    With Andrea’s 3 points, phile has zoomed past the already eliminated ChivaFan30 at the bottom of the pick 4.

    As someone currently in 181st, I’m terribly jealous of ChivaFan30 for clinching last place. That’s failing with style, rather than just extreme mediocrity!

    • StormofCuteness

      I’m at 163, but atleast 3 of my picks were favorites of mine so I still have Cirie and Aubry…but there are people with more points with just one player left!

  • PurpleTally

    I was not very hopeful this week, as most of my team didn’t win reward or vote off Debbie, but I’m not mad. 4th place! Thanks, Troy!

    • I forgot that Troy won immunity.

      • PurpleTally

        I’d mostly blocked it out, but it’s good for both of my teams.

  • I was actually hoping that DVN’s strategy would actually work.

    • No! That’s like rooting for an awful season!

      • Didn’t we all expect that this was going to be an awful season as soon as we saw the tribes?

        • I think I talked myself into optimism despite long odds before the season. I was fairly convinced Malcolm had a shot at winning, for instance. Having seen how this game is playing out, that idea seems quaint and naive.

    • DrVanNostrand

      It IS working. I’m on the first page in Pick 4 and there’s a good chance I’ll keep a spot in Champion’s League. Considering how bad I was before, I consider this an unambiguous success.

  • Assistant Dragon Slayer

    I’m 51 points out of first with 10 players still in the game. If I’m doing the math right, I can take over first place if Brad, Sarah, FFSDT, Tai, Troyzan, Zeke, Cirie, and Andrea all leave the game without accruing anything other than VTEP points; nobody currently holding an advantage or idol plays it correctly; Aubry and Michaela will all the remaining challenges; and it’s a final two.

    So I’m telling me there’s a chance. YEEAHHH!!

    • Roswulf

      Nope, Crom Deluise wins in that case 🙂

  • Taako From Teevhii

    Barbara and Tally are 3 and 4 in the Pick 4 League. Do I just need to buy a spell book or something, or is there more to it?

    • Side Character

      Some are born witches, some achieve witchiness, and some have witchiness thrust upon them.

    • PurpleTally

      Really just luck and a lot of practice reading the edit.

      • Taako From Teevhii

        *Puts down vole blood and pentagram*
        Oh, that’s it?

        • PurpleTally

          I mean, I watched just about everything episode of Survivor (except Thailand, because f*ck Thailand) in a year, so I had a lot of practice. But Barbara might have some voodoo things going on. I still can’t be entirely sure.

    • Hornacek

      Who is the third in @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus and @purpletally:disqus ‘s Charmed triad?

  • Blurry Denzel

    RIP Black Dynamite. After two straight mediocre showings in the Outcast League, along with his inability to compete with Queen Barbara in fantasy, could no longer go on. He will be fondly remembered. I will win Outcast next year (if invited) to honor the Black Dynamite name.

    • Kemper Boyd

      Bro. I’ve got another player and I won’t overtake you.

  • DrVanNostrand

    As sad as I am for my fantasy team, I’m just happy Debbie’s not on my TV any more.

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      *commercial starts*

      “Who’s ready for Red Lobsters all you can eat popcorn centipede! This month only, we’re flying in fresh centipedes from Fiji, coating them in our signature Lob beer batter, and frying them to golden brown perfection! *cut to Debbie* “Who wants a leg!” *Winks at camera*

      Every. Commercial. Break. Ever.

      …At least for this season of The Amazing Race.

  • Violina23

    My husband and I are tied in Pick 4… for 98th place. I guess sucking at Fantasy Survivor is a family affair.

    He will likely pull ahead of me as my only remaining player is Andrea, and he still has both Tai and Zeke.

  • TheForRealDeal

    I love that a top 6 team contains Malcolm in it.

    Did I say love? I meant seething.

  • cazkaye

    God damn it Hali! Bring down my whole team here. Knew I should have gone for sierra, I liked her less.

  • forever1267

    So, Brad’s going to start his Alpha Male run here, and finally get me some points… please…? /waves from 155th Place.

  • Kemper Boyd

    I am bad at fantasy Survivor but I don’t care.

    • Alkanarra

      We can’t all be Random Luck.

      • Kemper Boyd


  • Alycia Swift

    Hey I’m first in both my draft leagues (So Mean to Christina Cha which I never bothered to change) and the Outcast league. I am doing much better in my draft than I am in the pick 4 where I am doing terribly as Aubry is the only one I have left there.

    • Roswulf

      Our draft league is notable for being shockingly close- four out of five players within four points of the lead. And even poor, now eliminated Kemper has the highest score of any last place team.

      • Assistant Dragon Slayer

        Wait, what? I didn’t even check. I just assumed every team with Tai was cruising to victory. FWIW, after three weeks Kemper is leading the fantasy baseball league.

        • Taako From Teevhii

          You’re leaving out the part where you’re trailing her in second by only half a game

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            Not gonna lie, it’s nice having the Nationals’ 3-4-5 hitters.

  • Diego Armando

    Black Dynamite is one of my Amazon selections.

  • corndogshuffle

    Looking forward to Sarah correctly playing that advantage later in the season!