Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Game Changers week 9

Only a few weeks remain, but the leaderboard is swinging as wildly as Troy when he loses his shorts.


Zeke was on roughly a quarter of all teams. But those who had him should feel pretty good about the points he generated before he left.

Individual scoring table

One point to Andrea, Aubry, Brad, Sarah, Zeke for the reward win.

Andrea gets four points for individual immunity.

Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Michaela, and Sarah get two points each for voting out Zeke.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Jersey_luck and torchoflaw remain separated by just one point, but torchoflaw losing Zeke this week should open up some breathing room. It also opens up an opportunity for Known Witch Barbara Anderson. Joining them all in the top four is sabina1509, who vaulted up the rankings this week.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1jersey_luckBrad- 23Sarah- 26Sierra- 22Tai- 38109
2torchoflawBrad- 23Cirie- 24Tai- 38Zeke- 23108
3Barbara AndersonAndrea- 34Brad- 23Sierra- 22Troy- 28107
4sabina1509Andrea- 34Aubry- 22Cirie- 24Sarah- 26106
5EmAndScoutInBKAndrea- 34Brad- 23Sarah- 26Sierra- 22105
6SuhaibAndrea- 34Michaela- 19Sarah- 26Zeke- 23102
7PurpleTallyBrad- 23Cirie- 24Sarah- 26Troy- 28101
7Mike HirschAndrea- 34Michaela- 19Sarah- 26Sierra- 22101
9Joshua ChangAndrea- 34Cirie- 24Michaela- 19Zeke- 23100
10corndogshuffleBrad- 23Sarah- 26Sierra- 22Troy- 2899
10jaredholland32Aubry- 22Brad- 23Sarah- 26Troy- 2899
10True AlainerAndrea- 34Cirie- 24Hali- 15Sarah- 2699
10TonelokeAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Cirie- 24Michaela- 1999
14Paul CarbyAubry- 22Sarah- 26Sierra- 22Troy- 2898
14How's Grandma?Andrea- 34Brad- 23Michaela- 19Sierra- 2298
14TheForRealDealAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Brad- 23Michaela- 1998
17Random LuckCirie- 24Hali- 15Michaela- 19Tai- 3896
18Diego's ArmanbroAndrea- 34JT- 12Sarah- 26Zeke- 2395
18Super duper fanAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Cirie- 24Hali- 1595
18ryell-00Andrea- 34Aubry- 22Michaela- 19Ozzy- 2095
21BananaGrubMalcolm- 6Sierra- 22Tai- 38Troy- 2894
21tocantinsAndrea- 34JT- 12Ozzy- 20Troy- 2894
21rygelAndrea- 34Brad- 23Hali- 15Sierra- 2294
21Derek YoungAndrea- 34Malcolm- 6Sarah- 26Troy- 2894
25DrVanNostrandBrad- 23Ozzy- 20Sierra- 22Troy- 2893
25dig dougMalcolm- 6Sarah- 26Tai- 38Zeke- 2393
27Loki LunaHali- 15Michaela- 19Ozzy- 20Tai- 3892
27nipi ipinBrad- 23Michaela- 19Sierra- 22Troy- 2892
27cazkayeBrad- 23Hali- 15Sarah- 26Troy- 2892
27Crom DeluiseAubry- 22Brad- 23Michaela- 19Troy- 2892
27MoloAndrea- 34Cirie- 24Hali- 15Michaela- 1992
32BrandyMalcolm- 6Michaela- 19Tai- 38Troy- 2891
32Survivor CentralHali- 15Sarah- 26Sierra- 22Troy- 2891
32Friend ChooserAubry- 22Ozzy- 20Sarah- 26Zeke- 2391
32John KenneyAubry- 22Cirie- 24Michaela- 19Sarah- 2691
36Matt WAubry- 22Brad- 23Michaela- 19Sarah- 2690
37Joseph FinnAubry- 22Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2389
38No Eyes in BlindfoldBrad- 23Hali- 15Sierra- 22Troy- 2888
38MsFjordstoneAubry- 22Cirie- 24Michaela- 19Zeke- 2388
38Dubious RobAndrea- 34Malcolm- 6Sarah- 26Sierra- 2288
41Head Architect SylviaBrad- 23Debbie- 23Michaela- 19Sierra- 2287
41Kent McKBrad- 23Debbie- 23Hali- 15Sarah- 2687
41CrappyAubry- 22Cirie- 24Michaela- 19Sierra- 2287
44Los UndesirablesBrad- 23Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Troy- 2886
44HectorTheWellEndowedMalcolm- 6Michaela- 19Tai- 38Zeke- 2386
44Brian GoldBrad- 23Hali- 15Sarah- 26Sierra- 2286
44CasualFanCirie- 24Michaela- 19Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2386
48Tai-chi in PrivateBrad- 23Hali- 15Michaela- 19Troy- 2885
48AubrysWinnersEditAubry- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Tai- 3885
48KGAndrea- 34Brad- 23Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2285
48itsafuckingSTICKAndrea- 34Michaela- 19Varner- 9Zeke- 2385
48Side CharacterAndrea- 34Cirie- 24Michaela- 19Sandra- 885
48Black DynamiteAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2385
48Purple Rock MarkAndrea- 34Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sarah- 2685
55steve2013Cirie- 24Malcolm- 6Sarah- 26Troy- 2884
55KateAubry- 22Cirie- 24JT- 12Sarah- 2684
55george luminarioAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2284
58Mike SweeneyAubry- 22Debbie- 23JT- 12Sarah- 2683
58Purple Rock JohnAndrea- 34Brad- 23Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2083
58IneAndrea- 34Cirie- 24Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1983
61MY WIFEHali- 15Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2382
61Ryan DeschampMalcolm- 6Sarah- 26Sierra- 22Troy- 2882
61kristanmarieHali- 15Michaela- 19Sarah- 26Sierra- 2282
61Ms. SweaterfanAndrea- 34Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2282
61Jeff Probst's HairpieceAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2082
66Sad LilCirie- 24Debbie- 23Sandra- 8Sarah- 2681
66fransesquaAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Caleb- 2Debbie- 2381
66Survivor ClubbAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1981
69AmyinSoCalDebbie- 23JT- 12Sierra- 22Zeke- 2380
69HornacekCirie- 24Hali- 15Michaela- 19Sierra- 2280
69Kemper BoydCirie- 24Sandra- 8Sarah- 26Sierra- 2280
72orangealfyHali- 15Michaela- 19Sierra- 22Zeke- 2379
72kirbstompAubry- 22JT- 12Sierra- 22Zeke- 2379
72TiagoAndrea- 34Cirie- 24Hali- 15Malcolm- 679
72aj hillerAndrea- 34Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Ozzy- 2079
76Andrea MarinAubry- 22Cirie- 24Varner- 9Zeke- 2378
76HankScorpioAndrea- 34Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2378
78Diego's ArmandadDebbie- 23JT- 12Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2277
78TJ SassAubry- 22Cirie- 24JT- 12Michaela- 1977
80Max_JetsAubry- 22Hali- 15Michaela- 19Ozzy- 2076
81Prom KingAubry- 22JT- 12Michaela- 19Sierra- 2275
81JimAubry- 22Hali- 15JT- 12Sarah- 2675
81Sago PalmAubry- 22Cirie- 24Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2375
81Violina23Andrea- 34Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2075
81pufflehuffCirie- 24Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sarah- 2675
81Purple Rock MattAndrea- 34Brad- 23JT- 12Malcolm- 675
81Conor PatrickAndrea- 34JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2375
88MainstoneMoneyHali- 15Ozzy- 20Tai- 38Tony- 174
88David CorbettBrad- 23Ozzy- 20Sierra- 22Varner- 974
88HurleytennisCaleb- 2Hali- 15Michaela- 19Tai- 3874
88Casey CraftonMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sarah- 26Sierra- 2274
88Zachary ChongDebbie- 23Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sarah- 2674
88WampusCirie- 24Michaela- 19Sandra- 8Zeke- 2374
88Zach AttackBrad- 23Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sarah- 2674
88Nick BommaritoAndrea- 34JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2274
88PeachykeeneAndrea- 34Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1974
88NearlyNinaAndrea- 34Aubry- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 674
98Parvatis2IdolsDebbie- 23Michaela- 19Sandra- 8Zeke- 2373
98PuddinSnack1Aubry- 22Malcolm- 6Sierra- 22Zeke- 2373
98BadPlayer91Aubry- 22Cirie- 24Michaela- 19Sandra- 873
101Kevin RogersBrad- 23Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2372
101slothlordeDebbie- 23Michaela- 19Sandra- 8Sierra- 2272
101FranHali- 15Sarah- 26Sierra- 22Varner- 972
101Blake BallAndrea- 34JT- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2072
101Scarlett3639Andrea- 34Cirie- 24Malcolm- 6Sandra- 872
106SirLiveAlotCaleb- 2Sandra- 8Tai- 38Zeke- 2371
106ExtraLargePelicanCaleb- 2Michaela- 19Sierra- 22Troy- 2871
106Lira2012Aubry- 22Cirie- 24Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1971
106MaritimerAndrea- 34JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1971
106Jacob.CunninghamAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Malcolm- 6Varner- 971
111macontosh2000Debbie- 23Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sierra- 2270
111Diego's ArmomdoDebbie- 23JT- 12Sarah- 26Varner- 970
111prettyboyprobstBrad- 23Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sierra- 2270
111BundiCaleb- 2Michaela- 19Sarah- 26Zeke- 2370
111danomite10Aubry- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Zeke- 2370
116Purple Rock EmmaHali- 15JT- 12Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2269
116bassmanxviCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2369
116PineappleDreamsAubry- 22Caleb- 2Sierra- 22Zeke- 2369
116Kevin NAubry- 22JT- 12Sarah- 26Varner- 969
120Audrey RatajackCirie- 24JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2668
121vaderdawsnCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Tai- 3867
121the sky is fallingAubry- 22Cirie- 24Hali- 15Malcolm- 667
121Anthony DePaulAubry- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Ozzy- 2067
121ShitShowAndrea- 34Hali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 667
125this bear is tops bloobyCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Tai- 3866
125JJBrad- 23Debbie- 23JT- 12Sandra- 866
125Crystal LynneHali- 15Malcolm- 6Sierra- 22Zeke- 2366
125Other ScottJT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 26Sierra- 2266
125Irish LuckCaleb- 2Hali- 15Sarah- 26Zeke- 2366
125Andrei ConstantinAubry- 22Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2366
131TorcoLuCirie- 24JT- 12Ozzy- 20Varner- 965
131indescribable hatBrad- 23Cirie- 24JT- 12Malcolm- 665
133gouisCirie- 24JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2264
133Lo BevBrad- 23Caleb- 2Michaela- 19Ozzy- 2064
133Something Bout FootballCaleb- 2Michaela- 19Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2364
133MattAndrea- 34Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Varner- 964
133Adli HanifAndrea- 34Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2264
133Janice TengAndrea- 34Ciera- 0Cirie- 24Malcolm- 664
133Survivor StickAndrea- 34Aubry- 22Caleb- 2Malcolm- 664
140JoJo BevilacquaCaleb- 2Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Sarah- 2663
140Kate WeaverAubry- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2363
140TheClutchCityAubry- 22Malcolm- 6Sarah- 26Varner- 963
140AlkanarraAndrea- 34Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 863
144MrBurkesButtonsCiera- 0Hali- 15Tai- 38Varner- 962
144Ethan KyleBrad- 23Sandra- 8Sierra- 22Varner- 962
144Kyle KramerAubry- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2262
144K.P. WatershedAubry- 22Sandra- 8Varner- 9Zeke- 2362
148CarrotsCirie- 24Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Zeke- 2361
149Sarah DavisMalcolm- 6Sierra- 22Varner- 9Zeke- 2360
149Adam BAubry- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2060
149Yoshi Kirby and ToadAubry- 22Malcolm- 6Varner- 9Zeke- 2360
149Something QuirkyAubry- 22Caleb- 2Cirie- 24JT- 1260
149Haley HannAndrea- 34Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Tony- 160
154Saturday Night PalsyCaleb- 2Debbie- 23Malcolm- 6Troy- 2859
154HBO CEO of TitsJT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sierra- 2259
154ReyaHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2659
154Assistant Dragon SlayerAubry- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1959
158Christina BommaritoJT- 12Sierra- 22Tony- 1Zeke- 2358
159AlishaShortyMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sandra- 8Zeke- 2357
159forever1267Brad- 23Caleb- 2Varner- 9Zeke- 2357
159DezbotCirie- 24Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sandra- 857
159Life Of TaiAndrea- 34Caleb- 2Hali- 15Malcolm- 657
163Come On In HereMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sandra- 8Sierra- 2256
163RippertHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2356
163m0nit0rmanAubry- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Varner- 956
163StormofCutenessAubry- 22Caleb- 2Cirie- 24Sandra- 856
163Ara Morin AcevedoAubry- 22Cirie- 24Tony- 1Varner- 956
168Jenifer PullmanAubry- 22JT- 12Michaela- 19Tony- 154
169WellDressedEvilCaleb- 2Cirie- 24Michaela- 19Sandra- 853
169hopefuls016Aubry- 22Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2353
171free7694Brad- 23Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 852
171CrashCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Zeke- 2352
171AlexCiera- 0Ozzy- 20Varner- 9Zeke- 2352
171KingoftongaHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1952
171doctor wuAubry- 22Caleb- 2Michaela- 19Varner- 952
176MarleneHali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Sierra- 2251
176Jacob SWCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Sierra- 2251
176Alycia SwiftAubry- 22Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 851
176ThisstickhasnonameAubry- 22Malcolm- 6Sierra- 22Tony- 151
180Flat FifthCaleb- 2Michaela- 19Ozzy- 20Sandra- 849
180Drums XAubry- 22Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1949
182RoswulfHali- 15Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Sandra- 848
182Soccer ChampAubry- 22JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sandra- 848
182Michael BachnerAubry- 22Caleb- 2Hali- 15Varner- 948
182MalloryAubry- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 19Tony- 148
186DutchCirie- 24Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Varner- 947
187TiminSoCalCaleb- 2Debbie- 23Hali- 15Malcolm- 646
187Diego ArmandoCaleb- 2Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2346
187Taako From TeevhiiCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2646
190MaloryCaleb- 2Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Sandra- 845
190giorgosCirie- 24JT- 12Sandra- 8Tony- 145
192Maulik ShahCiera- 0JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2644
192Chris DiorioAubry- 22JT- 12Tony- 1Varner- 944
194Brendan GuyCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2242
194phileAndrea- 34Caleb- 2Ciera- 0Malcolm- 642
196BananaHannahCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1939
197do tell it's micheleMalcolm- 6Sandra- 8Sierra- 22Tony- 137
198Chivafan30Ciera- 0Hali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 633

Champions League

Welcome back to next season’s Champions League, Barbara Anderson. Barbara and Mark are virtual locks to return at this point. Lira2012 is going to have to hope Cirie delivers in a big way to fend off XL Pelican for that all-important fourth place spot.

Outcasts League

Alycia Swift opens up a 5 point lead over Mike Hirsch, and they sport the only two completely intact teams. It’s looking like a two-person race for the crown.

Other leagues

This season, for the first time, I tried to make draft-based leagues available to everyone. You can see the leagues (and check how your teams are doing) here: PRP fantasy leagues

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57 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Game Changers week 9

    1. Fingers crossed that Sierra is voted out next week without winning a reward challenge first.

  1. In this week’s entry of The HornPuffCorn ViolinJets Update, I am still in last place with only Troy(zan) left, 18 points behind @Violina23 who lost Zeke but still has challenge-beast Andrea, who is their only chance to overcome third place @Max_Jets, who is only 2 points ahead. @corndogshuffle still has the most players left (3) but is 17 points behind the leader @pufflehuff.

    The lesson for next year – in returning player seasons, pick the players you think will do the worst. My first and third picks didn’t even get into double-digits with their points.

  2. Wait, I’m actually in top 20? It’s the best day of my life!! I’m doing good for a first time (I most likely won’t be in it in the finale, but I’m hoping for at least a top 50).

  3. I feel like the wheels will soon come off both my pick-4 and Outcasts teams. That said, I’m quite happy to have 6 of the 9 people remaining.

  4. Remember what I said about choosing Zeke for Championship League? Of course, you don’t. I said that I was hoping that he learned from his last time out and would *not* overplay so much this time? Is it possible to be more wrong?

          1. I think you’re calling me an idiot, and for some bizarre reason, I feel slightly flattered.

          2. Just looked up the post, Barbara Anderson. It’s one thing to call me an idiot–which, it turns out, you didn’t–but to call yourself an idiot is entirely unacceptable.

  5. And wow, Andrea is a point machine. She’s only 4 points away from Tai who found three idols.

  6. … well i’ll see yall next season, i’m pretty sure even if Brad or Sierra get to the end and get all the votes I can’t break 100

  7. The Palsy League Situation

    Wow, talk about stiff competition! Cirie-ous Bizness (BadPlayer91) is leading by a Troyzan! That is a long, solid lead that’s gonna be hard to beat. HBO CEO of tits has a 28 point deficit to overcome, so if he wants to pull out a win he’ll have to grab hold with both hands and ride this thing to the finish! Like an explosion in the night Beloved High Commisioner Palsy has burst into third place leaving Something Bout Football in a sticky spot with 63 points. A fairly limp performance by Pretty Bold Picks (the Assistant to the League Commissioner) leaves him hanging in last with a tiny 51 point total. Will he be able to rise to the occassion and show some serious growth as a member in this league? Or is he just dicking around? Only time will penis joke.

    1. Bravo! That’s how you commit to a penis joke! Now I’m sad that I didn’t look earlier, I feel like I should have read this once a day for the whole week. That’s why you’re in charge of all things creative and otherwise, and I’m merely the Vice Commissioner. More of a nuts and bolts guy, and also notably absent recently, exploring new and exciting opportunities for our league abroad.
      I’m afraid FFSDT won’t do much more for me, so I’ll have to keep looking for other ways to get that boner going.

  8. Wow…fourth place..that’s a first. I was so sure my team would be gone by now after this heartbreak of a season.

    1. Wow, I am so impressed. I love this place, but my god, I suck at this. I do have Cirie and Aubry so I do enjoy every last bit of everything they do.

  9. I think my score is going to remain pretty stagnant until Andrea is voted out, at which point it will drop precipitously. Then I will have to strap all of my hopes and dreams in a saddle on Sierra’s back like some sort of…pack mule, I guess?

  10. Okay, so, uh, Brad’s the only one left? I’m in 159th place, and off by a mere 58 points. That is going to be one impressive Immunity Run Brad’s about to pull off. /flop sweat

          1. You haven’t seen the original NotLD?

            First we find out you don’t like Cambodia, and now this???

          2. First of all: I don’t like Cambodia as much as everyone else does. Maybe one day my rant about Cambodia will see the light of day.
            Secondly: I keep meaning to see NotLD, but the chance always slip away. It goes off Netlfix Streaming. I DVRed, but then the DVR ran out of space and deleted it.

  11. Just two seasons ago I had already clinched last place in the pick four league at this point in the season. Now I’m top ten baby!

      1. The sad thing is for the most part I picked this team assuming that this season would be overrun by crappy players and the stars would get cut early. There was too much fluff for me to have faith that cream would rise to the top.

        The only exception is Sarah. I’ve always thought she was a good player who got stuck in a bad situation with a volatile Kass and was more a victim of circumstance than truly bad gameplay. I think if Kass hadn’t been crazy Sarah was in great position to win Cagayan.

    1. I’ll blame you when that dynamic 4 makes the final episode. Also, you’re not snatching the most important title around here: winner of the HornPuffCorn ViolinJets League!

      1. I have a bad feeling about my team (which was picked under the assumption that the bad players would run this season). Except I actually am a Sarah fan. Not like I’d prefer her over Tony or JT or Cirie or Malcolm, but I do think she is a player who is better than she gets credit for.

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