Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- HHH week 1

Hi! You can draft a whole new team now if you want. Read on to find out how.


For those of you that are new to this, you have until the second episode airs to update your teams. The teams have to be unique, so if someone already beat you to that particular group of four people you’re going to have to pick again.

Here’s the process:

  1. Go here to select your new team, using the exact same team name you used before (you can ignore this if you didn’t previously pick a team): Pick-4 Fantasy League Team Picker
  2. Check the spreadsheet to make sure your team is listed (this same link is on the screen after you submit your team): Purple Rock Pick-4 Fantasy Teams
  3. If you’ve got the same four players as someone else, your players will be highlighted in a pinkish-purple color.  Choose a new team by clicking “edit your response” on the team picker form.
  4. Don’t worry if your team name gets highlighted in red. I’ll fix that later.

Individual scoring table

Reward challenge: 1 point for the Healers, 1 point for the Hustlers

Immunity challenge: 3 points for the Healers, 2 points for the Hustlers

Ryan gets 3 points for the immunity idol.

Every non-Katrina on the Heroes tribe gets 1 VTEP point.

Pick-4 League

A whole lot of you are going to change your teams, so it makes no sense for me to discuss the standings here.

Team name
(sorted by rank)
Total points
Team Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
2Icy Truth180Ben-64Chrissy-51Devon-30Joe-35
2Survivor Central180Ben-64Chrissy-51Joe-35Ryan-30
6Team at benjaminshever on twitter dot com168Ben-64Chrissy-51Desi-23Devon-30
7I played Survivor once162Ben-64Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11
9Diego Armando160Ben-64Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
10Hogan's Heroes and also Healers and Hustlers (TheForRealDeal)159Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Mike-36
11Luckylucky 158Ben-64Chrissy-51Cole-32Roark-11
12Alan Ball's Six Feet Over and True Blonde (indescribable hat)156Ben-64Chrissy-51Devon-30Roark-11
16King of the Jungle153Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Ryan-30
18Purple Rock John152Ben-64Desi-23Devon-30Joe-35
20Commissioner Gordon150Ben-64Cole-32JP-24Ryan-30
20Padme's Body Double150Ben-64Cole-32Devon-30JP-24
24Dezbot's Dumbasses149Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
24Have You Guys Seen My Bag? (@TrueAlainer)149Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30
24Team Jeff is really really really really hot (Star Z)149Chrissy-51Cole-32Mike-36Ryan-30
29The Sky is Falling146Chrissy-51Jessica-24Joe-35Mike-36
31I love Avra143Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Jessica-24
31Rippert's Brazilian Butt Cheeks143Ali-8Ben-64Joe-35Mike-36
31Saturday Night and the Palsys (SNP)143Chrissy-51Cole-32Devon-30Ryan-30
31The AVClub Disqus Memorial Team (Kingoftonga)143Ali-8Ashley-35Ben-64Mike-36
35Ryan's team142Ashley-35Chrissy-51Cole-32JP-24
37coconuts 141Chrissy-51Jessica-24Mike-36Ryan-30
37That Kevin Martin (Super duper fan)141Ben-64Chrissy-51Jessica-24Simone-2
39Camp Grandma 140Ben-64Chrissy-51Desi-23Simone-2
42BananaGrub (contact via email)137Alan-7Ben-64Mike-36Ryan-30
42Jeff Probst's Hairpiece137Ben-64Cole-32Ryan-30Roark-11
42Kelley Wentworth is Bae137Ben-64Cole-32Devon-30Roark-11
46Black Sheep136Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30
46Something Clever (Emma)136Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
48Ad Astra (torchoflaw)135Ben-64Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
48What up with that! (@Adam__Hebert)135Chrissy-51Devon-30Jessica-24Ryan-30
50Hungry vs. Hungry vs. Hippos (ASD)134Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Roark-11
50John's a Chump (purplerockmatt)134Cole-32Lauren-36Mike-36Ryan-30
50Random Luck134Ben-64Cole-32Lauren-36Simone-2
54The Flying Turtles (VaderDawsn)132Ashley-35Cole-32Joe-35Ryan-30
55aj hiller131Ashley-35Ben-64Ryan-30Simone-2
57Sanger's Song130Ali-8Ashley-35Chrissy-51Mike-36
57Team Winners130Chrissy-51Cole-32Lauren-36Roark-11
62Kristan Marie129Ben-64Devon-30JP-24Roark-11
65Kent McK128Cole-32Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
65No Hustle, All Luck (prettyboyprobst)128Chrissy-51Devon-30Mike-36Roark-11
68GeorgeCarlo's Team127Ali-8Chrissy-51Cole-32Mike-36
69Something Quirky (HectorTheWellEndowed)126Ali-8Ben-64JP-24Ryan-30
69Survivor? I barely even know her126Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Jessica-24
69Team zsetton126Ali-8Ashley-35Chrissy-51Cole-32
73BatLeon's Bad Picks Inc.124Chrissy-51Cole-32Ryan-30Roark-11
73F***ing Stick124Chrissy-51Cole-32Devon-30Roark-11
73Rambo Culpepper124Ashley-35Desi-23Devon-30Mike-36
78Alycia Swift123Alan-7Chrissy-51Joe-35Ryan-30
81Bobfromthebayou (@bobfromthebayou)121Cole-32Devon-30Jessica-24Joe-35
81Doomed (bassmanxvi)121Ali-8Chrissy-51Cole-32Ryan-30
81Fire GOOD! No Fire BAD! (@CheekzKER)121Chrissy-51Cole-32Joe-35Patrick-3
86Floats & Goats (@SquamLaker)120Ben-64Desi-23Patrick-3Ryan-30
86P Onocrotalus120Devon-30JP-24Lauren-36Ryan-30
89Boonk Gang Whole Lot Of Gang Ish119Desi-23Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
89Purple Rock Mark119Ali-8Ben-64Mike-36Roark-11
91Charlie Groton118Chrissy-51Cole-32Jessica-24Roark-11
91Ms. Sweaterfan118Ali-8Chrissy-51Jessica-24Joe-35
93Diego's Armanbro117Alan-7Chrissy-51Desi-23Mike-36
93House Slytheryan117Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Roark-11
97A Team Has No Name115Cole-32Jessica-24Joe-35JP-24
97Bring back The Mole!115Alan-7Ali-8Ben-64Mike-36
99Team Not Gonna Win So I'm Picking Favorites114Ashley-35Cole-32Lauren-36Roark-11
102Crom's League of Losers113Ben-64Joe-35Patrick-3Roark-11
102Ethan "I fucking swear if I get the first goddamn 4 boots again" Kyle113Chrissy-51Devon-30Ryan-30Simone-2
102I don't need to be carried, bro!113Alan-7Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23
102Rygel's Raiders113Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Roark-11
107Jersey Luck112Alan-7Chrissy-51Jessica-24Ryan-30
107My Grandpa Knew Papa Smurf (Launchpad McQuack)112Joe-35Lauren-36Ryan-30Roark-11
107Sad Lil112Chrissy-51Jessica-24Katrina-1Lauren-36
111Ali and the seafarers (SirLiveAlot)111Ali-8Ben-64Lauren-36Patrick-3
112Ms Woozah Knows Nothing110Ali-8Ashley-35Ben-64Patrick-3
112Team Gonna Do It110Cole-32Devon-30Jessica-24JP-24
114Ethan "If I get the first 4 goddamn boots again" Kyle109Ali-8Joe-35Lauren-36Ryan-30
119Dig Doug107Chrissy-51JP-24Ryan-30Simone-2
119Dubious Rob107Ali-8Ben-64JP-24Roark-11
119Wubba Lubba Dub Dub (jniedj)107Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
124Green Monkeys106Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23Jessica-24
124So Casual (danomite10)106Ali-8Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11
124Taako From Teevhii106Ali-8Ben-64Desi-23Roark-11
124Tiago Team106Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23JP-24
130Diego's Armandad105Alan-7Chrissy-51Desi-23JP-24
130The Schlong105Ali-8Cole-32Joe-35Ryan-30
133DIE@@!@##$%^&*&^%$#@#$% (Judson Helland)104Alan-7Ashley-35Cole-32Ryan-30
133Head Architect Sylvia104Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Simone-2
133Twigs and Sticks104Ali-8Ben-64Ryan-30Simone-2
137The Four Witches (Barbara Anderson)103Cole-32Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
141There's Something Wrong With That Team (Something Quirky)101Ben-64Desi-23Patrick-3Roark-11
1424 8 15 16 23 42 (@FayeBlueArt)100Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11Simone-2
142I am 150 to 200% percent happy with my picks right now (Judson Helland)100Jessica-24Joe-35Ryan-30Roark-11
142Kate's Four (Kate Weaver/@kateeppweaver)100Ashley-35JP-24Ryan-30Roark-11
146Adli Hanif97Cole-32Jessica-24Ryan-30Roark-11
148Come On In Here96Alan-7Desi-23Mike-36Ryan-30
149Team Foshizzle95Chrissy-51Patrick-3Ryan-30Roark-11
151By Hustlers you Meant Hookers, Right? (NearlyNina)94Desi-23Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
153Good lookings 93Ali-8Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
153Nates Greats93Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23Roark-11
155Fran Team92Desi-23Mike-36Patrick-3Ryan-30
160Swiss quality picks89Alan-7Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23
162Hotties vs. bodies vs. naughties (Judson Helland)88Cole-32Desi-23Patrick-3Ryan-30
164 The Guilty Remnant (macontosh2000)87Ali-8Cole-32Mike-36Roark-11
164Crystal Lynne87Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30Simone-2
164Team Pretty People (John C)87Ali-8Cole-32Desi-23JP-24
167JoJo Bevi86Ali-8Jessica-24JP-24Ryan-30
167Prom King86Ali-8Ben-64Patrick-3Roark-11
169Poles vs. Balls vs. Probst (Judson Helland)85Ali-8Desi-23Jessica-24Ryan-30
169Sneaky Sneaky85Ali-8Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
169SuckitupButterCup (TiminSoCal)85Ali-8Devon-30Mike-36Roark-11
172Nipi Ipin84Alan-7Chrissy-51Jessica-24Simone-2
172Team Corndog84Alan-7Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
172The Jolly Olly Man84Ali-8Ashley-35Ryan-30Roark-11
175HBO CEO of Tits82Cole-32Desi-23Jessica-24Patrick-3
175I've Been Bamboozled! (Drums X)82Cole-32Mike-36Patrick-3Roark-11
177Mike Hirsch81Alan-7Ali-8Mike-36Ryan-30
179Cucharal (@Gaceru)80Alan-7Ali-8Joe-35Ryan-30
181Culpepper was robbed.78Alan-7Jessica-24Mike-36Roark-11
182BadPlayer91's Black Widows Brigade Redux77Ali-8Ashley-35Desi-23Roark-11
182pisau cukur77Ali-8Ben-64Patrick-3Simone-2
184Purple Rocks Keep Falling On My Head (Joseph Finn)76Alan-7Desi-23Joe-35Roark-11
189Black Dynamite (Blurry Denzel)73Alan-7Cole-32Desi-23Roark-11
189Team Pooks73Ali-8Devon-30JP-24Roark-11
194Diego's Armomdo72Alan-7Devon-30Jessica-24Roark-11
194Zach Attack72Alan-7Jessica-24Ryan-30Roark-11
196Roy and Pris Batty 71Ali-8Devon-30Patrick-3Ryan-30
197Threes (@gescovar)70Ali-8Devon-30Ryan-30Simone-2
198Prediction: 34th (i and 1)69Ali-8Desi-23Joe-35Patrick-3
198The Ginja Ninja Crew (Dutch)69Cole-32Desi-23Patrick-3Roark-11
202Have You Guys Seen My Bag? @TrueAlainer64Alan-7Cole-32Desi-23Simone-2
204Hot Stuff52Ali-8Patrick-3Ryan-30Roark-11
204Legendary Locks 252Mike-36Patrick-3Roark-11Simone-2
207Carrots' Garden49Ali-8Mike-36Patrick-3Simone-2
209Side Character44Ali-8Desi-23Roark-11Simone-2
211POC for Me40Alan-7Ali-8Desi-23Simone-2
212WelldressedEvil's Folly36Ali-8Desi-23Patrick-3Simone-2
215Zuvivor's 429Alan-7Ali-8Patrick-3Roark-11

Champions and Outcasts Leagues

In case you’re unfamiliar, the best of the best fantasy players get to take place in our draft-based Champions League each season. And we utilize an arcane, convoluted, secretive process to determine players eligible to participate in the Outcasts League- it’s probably a total coincidence that three Purple Rock staffers are in that league.

Your current leaders in those leagues: corndogshuffle and known bellhop Saturday Night Palsy. Known witch Barbara Anderson tried to throw us all off the scent by losing Katrina from her team. Storm of Cuteness also lost Katrina from her team, but presumably that was unrelated to hiding her witchcraft.

And because everyone scored at least one point, it’s important to note that the infamous Champions League record of zero points scored remains intact (congrats on keeping that crown, bassmanxvi- you remain a legend).

Champions League Rank
Total points
Player points Pick 1
Pick 2
1XL Pelican99Ben64Joe35
4Purple Tally60Jessica24Lauren36
5Purple Rock Mark43Alan7Mike36
7Barbara Anderson33Cole32Katrina1
9Mike Hirsch13Simone2Roark11

Other leagues

We allowed people to do their own draft-based leagues again this season, because drafts are fun. You can find the results of those leagues here: PRP fantasy leagues.


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143 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- HHH week 1

  1. At the top of Outcasts! I’m back where I belong! As for the rest of you in this league, as we like to say in the industry, “enjoy your stay!”

      1. Sorry to disappoint you, but 8 is still a fine place to be! Because your stay will be brief (Chrissy and Patrick? Ouch! I wonder who made you think that Chrissy was a good choice?) I recommend that you check out the fan friction article on Rodney Lavoie. It’s a must see at the PRP site. Also, don’t forget to mock John’s picks. No trip here is complete without it!

      2. Don’t worry Ms. S. It’s only a matter of time before Palsy’s beloved Boy Bellhop Wonder has to be med-evaced due to heat exhaustion because he brought a damn turtleneck to Fiji.

  2. Off topic but almost on topic: which enterprising PRPer wants to set up a fantasy NBA league that I can join without having to do any work?

    1. If there are enough people interested, I will also join this league that I do not want to setup. I changed my mind on setting up mid typing.

    2. Fantasy Leagues are where I always drew the line with my weird and time-consuming NBA obsession, but I DEMAND a spot if this PRP league ever comes to fruition!

  3. Maybe it’s just my work computer, but in the Pick-4 list, it doesn’t show the point column for the 4th player.

      1. I was busier earlier washing my shoes at the water cooler, and going through my briefcase full of crackers, but there’s a lull in the workday right now.

  4. Similarly off topic but fantasy-related: The first season of the PRP fantasy baseball league concluded this past Sunday. It was super fun, and I want to once again whoever it was that dropped Aaron Judge in April because that pickup is probably the reason I claimed the championship.

    1. Congrats. My team fell out of first almost to the second Carlos Correa went on the DL, then losing Bryce Harper buried me.

      1. That’s definitely rough. I was lucky to really only have Kluber and Scherzer hit the DL this season, and both came back to form for the playoffs.

  5. I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter

    Dancing through the fire

    Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me ROAR(k)!

          1. See, I actually do understand that Fantasy Island reference from watching I Love the 70s. I know nothing else.

          2. Did you know that in the last season of FI, they replaced the guy that played Tattoo with the guy that played Mr. Belvedere? The more you know …

  6. I’m seriously debating dumping Joe off my pick 4 team :/ On the one hand you just know he has that Tony potential to find all the idols and advantages, but on the other hand he has a serious case of over-playing and I could see him getting voted out super early. I just don’t know who I’d pick as a replacement since no one particularly stood out in the premiere. Also I can disguise laziness as “trusting my gut” so…probably won’t bother 🙂

    1. I take pride in the fact that I was the first to change one’s team after the episode aired, even though doing so goes directly against my team name and envisaged motto for this season.
      I hustled my ass off, because I couldn’t get Joe off my team quick enough.
      The problem is, I still have him in the Palsy League.

  7. I am so concerned about my team. I am seriously debating dropping two of them and should probably consider dropping a third but I’m stubborn. One of the two, I really only know who she is because she was in the preview for next week. The other is Chrissy. I have little faith in either. But if I drop them, they’re making FTC so I don’t know what to do

    1. The preview shows Cole and Jessica getting flirty, so I don’t know if you’d want to hold onto both.

      1. I know I don’t and Cole is the one I’m too stubborn to drop so… decision time! (if they turn into a second Romber I will not be happy)

  8. The Palsy League Situation

    Off to a good start! Wait.. what’s this? Last year’s Charlie Brown is leading the league? That’s right, prettyboyprobst is sitting pretty with 11 points! I have trained him well! I may even have to start paying my assistant! (I won’t) BadPlayer91 and HBO CEO of tits are tied with 10 points, followed by the Commissioner himself with 8. Somethin Bout Football is doing poorly (as expected) with a mere 6 points. Our newest member DrVanNostrum is sadly in last with 5 and the first boot of the season. Can he come from behind with Ali and Devon? Time will tell.

    1. I’d like to lodge a complaint. My name does not have a space between Bad and Player. It’s all one word. DERP

      1. I got a little spacebar-happy typing in the team names, but I only did so intentionally for DrVanNostrand and my own name. Yours I tried to type correctly, but I must have gotten distracted by SNP’s gross misspelling of a different member of our league, when I checked for details.
        At least I didn’t enter made-up team names this time, right?

  9. I jumped the gun a little and picked a new team last night, with a name that wasn’t exactly the same (“Carrot’s Garden (v2.0)” vs “Carrots’ Garden”*). Is this okay?

    *I also just realized I put the apostrophe in the wrong place on the second one. Embarrassing.

  10. All right, Fan Favourite League, we’re off to a smashing start.

    Team NamePlayer 1Pts 1Player 2Pts 2Player 3Pts 3TotalSuper duper fanJessica4Katrina1Lauren27Diego ArmandoRyan5Ben2Joe411indescribable hatChrissy2JP2Devon26Purple TallyAli2Roark4Simone28MaritimerCole4Desi4Patrick210corndogshuffleAlan2Mike4Ashley28

    Diego Armando is in the lead thanks to Ryan and his idol, one point ahead of @disqus_sjBnbSyo83:disqus’s two Healers team. Purple Tally and new Fan Favourite corndogshuffle are tied in the middle, so it looks like lying low is the witch strategy this season. Super duper fan lost Katrina and is down to Jessica and Lauren, neither of whom got much air time, but it’s early yet. Right? I’m losing.

  11. Don’t want to be a jerk, but I always kinda am. The table for Champions and Outcast league are smooshed. Looks like it’s missing a header row between end of Champions and top of Outcast.

    1. It is. I’m using a plug-in to bring the tables over, and something is fucking up. I’ve attempted various fixes, and nothing quite works. Then laziness kicked in, and… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      1. I’d ridicule you or something, but then you used THAT FUCKING SHRUG EMOJI, gawd I love that thing. I get irrationally happy when I see it. It’s just TOO MUCH. Now I’m almost happy the table fucked up, just to lead us here.

        I mean, i’d try to help with it but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯


        1. Also, I learned you can change his face for fun times!


      2. Not to be the worst, but I found another thing and it very much confused me for a min so I thought i’d mention it.

        Under Individual scoring table, you say that Hustlers and Healers each got a point for winning reward. That should be Heroes and Healers right? Cause the reward is the race to the beach, and it was Hustler’s who lost that. The math is right in the excell sheet, but with all these H’s mucking about…

          1. Yeah. Scores are all correct, just Hustlers and Heroes were switched in the stating of the score, not the score itself.

        1. This is one of those things where preseason research would’ve helped me remember tribes better. I’ll fix when I’m feeling less lazy.

  12. I’m feelng relatively good about my team for now. If I decide to change it, I would keep keep Ben and Chrissy, and possibly swith either one of Jessica or Ali. While Ali got great content for now, I could see her getting a Mari edit, and if her tribe loses, it will be probably either her or Patrick. If she wants to get voted out, she should do it at the merge. Plan “That Kevin Martin” is not ready to see the light of day, yet. And Jessica could get Figgy’d, but I don’t think her tribe will lose for now, and I think they would target Cole if they did lose. For now I’m sticking to my guns, and we’ll see.

    Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.

    1. Wait, so you have Ben/Chrissy/Ali/Jessica? That’s funny, because I was considering dumping Joe and picking up Ben, but that would make our teams identical *sad trombone*
      Guess I’ll stick with Joe…

  13. How did I get in the ITMFA league? I signed up for the Draft Time Bitches league!

    I lost a player, but at least I’m not last.

    1. Basically ASD put it in because I forgot then got Norovirus. @purplerockjohn:disqus can you change that name to Draft Time Bitches for me please?

        1. ASD is a running joke thing. I’ll stop is the Assistant Slayer of Dragons so asks. And yes. Im on day 5 in a row off work.

          1. In my defense, you did tell me this in the Philip Fan Friction comments:

            “Sidebar: Not sure how to feel about ‘ASD’ becoming a thing.”

        1. You’re starting to get the whole “Except for Saturday Night Palsy, f— that guy” thing now, right?

  14. @purplerockjohn:disqus
    Should I be concerned that I have two teams, and it didn’t turn red? FWIW, the new team is Ben, Jessica, Roark, Ryan. Old team had Jessica, Patrick, Roark, Ryan

    1. It’s only looking for exact duplicates, so if anything changes- spacing, capitalization, etc.- it doesn’t call that a duplicate. I’ll go through and clean it up periodically.

      1. I don’t know if I remembered my name correctly, but I think I was Survive This! and if I wasn’t, you can delete the one I just did called “Survive This! (Dezbot)”. I’m going to do another team right now with a name I’ll remember just in case, too. Thanks and sorry. Been a very stressful time in chez dez 🙁

  15. Fan Favourite League

    Diego Armando is out to an early lead thanks to Ryan’s stupid idol, with me hot on his heels. The witch’s apprentice Purple Tally and rookie corndogshuffle are tied in third place. Super duper fan is in fifth, suffering the first loss of the season in silence. In last place for now is indescribable hat but she has 3 of my Pick 4 players so I’m hoping for some improvement there.

    1. Man, I’m not feeling good at all about my chances. Lauren may actually stick around for a while so that’s good, but if I want to have a shot at winning, Jessica has to really pull through for me.

        1. Jessica is the one who’s really excited about religion, I think. That usually doesn’t work out well, so hopefully she and Cole will not work out well.

    2. I’m feeling shockingly good about my team. Joe could burn out early but I think Ben and Ryan are in it for the long haul.

        1. Or it could go the way of Savage-Stephen or Ozzy-Cirie and both last until merge and one gets taken out with no participation from the other.

          1. I hope not, I don’t like it when they have wasted story lines, but its possible they just needed some kind of story line for the Healers

  16. DAS Bus

    Alycia Swift is in first with Ryan and the idol, Diego Armando is not far behind in 2nd, and I’m in last (which is 3rd, but still) because I had barely-there-til-she-was-gone Katrina. 1st and last are separated by 4 points, and given that we all have players from each tribe, it’s still very much up in the air.

  17. I just had a chance to check the results. What happened to the 3-person league that I’m in?

    I’ve done better in the 4 person pick than I’ve done before but I still think I’m changing my team.

    Yay I’m barely first in the Draft time bitches league. It would be weird if I stayed there.

  18. Anybody want to predict which player (other than Katrina) is going to disappear from the most teams this week? I’m guessing Alan. He so sensible and charming in the pre-season interviews…

  19. In a true That Kevin Martin fashion, I’m working every angle to come out on top. And because of that I’m using the Anti-Power of Veto on Ali, and I’m nominating in her place Simone to be put on my team. I’m coming for that win, baby. *

    *well, unless this move backfires as bad as for That Kevin Martin. But I’m determined to right the wrogs of the past!

  20. I’m pleasantly surprised at how Week 1 turned out for my group. I am going to stick with my original 4 of Cole, Ryan, Roark, and Chrissy.

    As I noted to @stormofcuteness:disqus last week my picks were only one person off of reigning witch @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus and where we diverged was on Chrissy and Katrina. Considering my pick booted hers I am feeling pretty good at the moment. More likely though this is going to be the high point for me and her new team will obliterate mine. Good times.

      1. Your team looks pretty damn good too. I am fairly high on Ben after that first episode. Almost considered swapping Cole for Ben if I could but I am going to stick with my guns.

        1. Ha, I rushed to swap Patrick for Ben the second the episode was over! I think keeping Cole makes sense because their tribe doesn’t seem likely to lose soon.

          1. Oh… yeah that sounds like the right swap to make. I am nervous for Cole due to the hints of a budding showmance with Jessica that could make them targets… but yeah, I could totally see their tribe avoiding TC until the swap.

  21. I would like to create a team. Let me know if the spots are filled!
    Toneloke: Ali, Ben, Chrissy, Roark

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