Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- HHH week 11

Stupid is as stupid does. Let’s check the scoreboard.


Almost no one drafted Lauren this season. She was on only 14 teams out of 216. But hey, she did manage to score 36 points before setting her own game on fire and throwing it into a dumpster filled with gasoline.

As always, you can see the full player popularity rankings here: Purple Rock Pick-4 Fantasy Teams

Individual scoring

Chrissy gets 2 points for one of the dumbest individual rewards ever. I’m tempted to not give any points for that reward win, because it didn’t require any skill or even effort.

Lauren gets 3 points for finding an idol. I’m tempted to not give her any points because she turned it back into a leather string and a shell.

Ashley gets 4 points for the immunity win. I’m tempted to not give her any points because the bright and beautiful light that is Devon decided to call it quits.

Ben gets 4 points for the correct idol play and 2 VTEP points for casting the only vote that counted. I’m actually fine with this.

Pick-4 League

Rogers Communist Manifesto still holds the lead, but we have a new #2: Twitter’s own Survivor Central. In a tie for 6th place are two participants from our very first fantasy league (so very long ago): doctor_wu33 and Matt, the first person to I contacted when pitching the original fantasy league. They’re tied with Vaderdawsn, who continues to do an amazing job of resisting the Curse of Violina. Diego Armando, yet another participant in our first fantasy league, currently sits in 9th place with a completely intact team. He is tied with my real life human friend Friend Chooser, who is mathematically eliminated from Champions League contention despite her strong performance.

Rippert’s Brazilian Buttcheeks just barely cracks (Yes, I know what I did there. I regret nothing.) into the top 25 this week, tied with former AV Clubber KingofTonga. The aptly named Team Not Gonna Win So I’m Picking Favorites is tied for 35th place, just a few spots ahead of Saturday Night Palsy. Palsy, as is his brand, managed to pick the three lowest-scoring players still in the game- the Rodneys, if you will.

Team name
(sorted by rank)
Total points
Team Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
2Survivor Central133Ben-42Chrissy-30Joe-35Ryan-26
3Icy Truth132Ben-42Chrissy-30Devon-25Joe-35
6John's a Chump (purplerockmatt)128Cole-32Lauren-36Mike-34Ryan-26
6The Flying Turtles (VaderDawsn)128Ashley-35Cole-32Joe-35Ryan-26
9Diego Armando127Ben-42Devon-25Mike-34Ryan-26
12Purple Rock John125Ben-42Desi-23Devon-25Joe-35
14Commissioner Gordon124Ben-42Cole-32JP-24Ryan-26
16Have You Guys Seen My Bag? (@TrueAlainer)123Ben-42Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-26
16Padme's Body Double123Ben-42Cole-32Devon-25JP-24
16The Sky is Falling123Chrissy-30Jessica-24Joe-35Mike-34
20Dezbot's Dumbasses122Ben-42Cole-32Desi-23Devon-25
20Team Jeff is really really really really hot (Star Z)122Chrissy-30Cole-32Mike-34Ryan-26
22I love Avra121Ben-42Cole-32Desi-23Jessica-24
22Ryan's team121Ashley-35Chrissy-30Cole-32JP-24
24Team at benjaminshever on twitter dot com120Ben-42Chrissy-30Desi-23Devon-25
25Rippert's Brazilian Butt Cheeks119Ali-8Ben-42Joe-35Mike-34
25The AVClub Disqus Memorial Team (Kingoftonga)119Ali-8Ashley-35Ben-42Mike-34
27I played Survivor once117Ben-42Chrissy-30Mike-34Roark-11
27Kent McK117Cole-32Devon-25Mike-34Ryan-26
27Rambo Culpepper117Ashley-35Desi-23Devon-25Mike-34
31Bobfromthebayou (@bobfromthebayou)116Cole-32Devon-25Jessica-24Joe-35
33A Team Has No Name115Cole-32Jessica-24Joe-35JP-24
33Luckylucky 115Ben-42Chrissy-30Cole-32Roark-11
35coconuts 114Chrissy-30Jessica-24Mike-34Ryan-26
35Hogan's Heroes and also Healers and Hustlers (TheForRealDeal)114Ali-8Ben-42Chrissy-30Mike-34
35Team Not Gonna Win So I'm Picking Favorites114Ashley-35Cole-32Lauren-36Roark-11
39Saturday Night and the Palsys (SNP)113Chrissy-30Cole-32Devon-25Ryan-26
41Random Luck112Ben-42Cole-32Lauren-36Simone-2
43Black Sheep111Chrissy-30Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-26
43Jeff Probst's Hairpiece111Ben-42Cole-32Ryan-26Roark-11
43P Onocrotalus111Devon-25JP-24Lauren-36Ryan-26
47Kelley Wentworth is Bae110Ben-42Cole-32Devon-25Roark-11
47Something Clever (Emma)110Chrissy-30Cole-32Desi-23Devon-25
49BananaGrub (contact via email)109Alan-7Ben-42Mike-34Ryan-26
49Team Winners109Chrissy-30Cole-32Lauren-36Roark-11
54Alan Ball's Six Feet Over and True Blonde (indescribable hat)108Ben-42Chrissy-30Devon-25Roark-11
54Boonk Gang Whole Lot Of Gang Ish108Desi-23Devon-25Mike-34Ryan-26
54My Grandpa Knew Papa Smurf (Launchpad McQuack)108Joe-35Lauren-36Ryan-26Roark-11
60Sanger's Song107Ali-8Ashley-35Chrissy-30Mike-34
65King of the Jungle106Ali-8Ben-42Chrissy-30Ryan-26
69aj hiller105Ashley-35Ben-42Ryan-26Simone-2
69Ethan "If I get the first 4 goddamn boots again" Kyle105Ali-8Joe-35Lauren-36Ryan-26
69Team Gonna Do It105Cole-32Devon-25Jessica-24JP-24
69Team zsetton105Ali-8Ashley-35Chrissy-30Cole-32
69What up with that! (@Adam__Hebert)105Chrissy-30Devon-25Jessica-24Ryan-26
75Ad Astra (torchoflaw)104Ben-42Devon-25Ryan-26Roark-11
75GeorgeCarlo's Team104Ali-8Chrissy-30Cole-32Mike-34
82Kristan Marie102Ben-42Devon-25JP-24Roark-11
84The Schlong101Ali-8Cole-32Joe-35Ryan-26
87DIE@@!@##$%^&*&^%$#@#$% (Judson Helland)100Alan-7Ashley-35Cole-32Ryan-26
87Fire GOOD! No Fire BAD! (@CheekzKER)100Chrissy-30Cole-32Joe-35Patrick-3
87No Hustle, All Luck (prettyboyprobst)100Chrissy-30Devon-25Mike-34Roark-11
87Something Quirky (HectorTheWellEndowed)100Ali-8Ben-42JP-24Ryan-26
92BatLeon's Bad Picks Inc.99Chrissy-30Cole-32Ryan-26Roark-11
92Survivor? I barely even know her99Ali-8Ben-42Devon-25Jessica-24
94Alycia Swift98Alan-7Chrissy-30Joe-35Ryan-26
94F***ing Stick98Chrissy-30Cole-32Devon-25Roark-11
94That Kevin Martin (Super duper fan)98Ben-42Chrissy-30Jessica-24Simone-2
98Camp Grandma 97Ben-42Chrissy-30Desi-23Simone-2
98Charlie Groton97Chrissy-30Cole-32Jessica-24Roark-11
98Ms. Sweaterfan97Ali-8Chrissy-30Jessica-24Joe-35
103Doomed (bassmanxvi)96Ali-8Chrissy-30Cole-32Ryan-26
103House Slytheryan96Chrissy-30Cole-32Desi-23Roark-11
103I am 150 to 200% percent happy with my picks right now (Judson Helland)96Jessica-24Joe-35Ryan-26Roark-11
103Kate's Four (Kate Weaver/@kateeppweaver)96Ashley-35JP-24Ryan-26Roark-11
103Wubba Lubba Dub Dub (jniedj)96Devon-25Mike-34Ryan-26Roark-11
108Purple Rock Mark95Ali-8Ben-42Mike-34Roark-11
109Diego's Armanbro94Alan-7Chrissy-30Desi-23Mike-34
109Floats & Goats (@SquamLaker)94Ben-42Desi-23Patrick-3Ryan-26
109The Four Witches (Barbara Anderson)94Cole-32Devon-25Ryan-26Roark-11
116Adli Hanif93Cole-32Jessica-24Ryan-26Roark-11
119I don't need to be carried, bro!92Alan-7Chrissy-30Cole-32Desi-23
121Bring back The Mole!91Alan-7Ali-8Ben-42Mike-34
121Crom's League of Losers91Ben-42Joe-35Patrick-3Roark-11
121Hungry vs. Hungry vs. Hippos (ASD)91Ali-8Ben-42Chrissy-30Roark-11
121Sad Lil91Chrissy-30Jessica-24Katrina-1Lauren-36
128Come On In Here90Alan-7Desi-23Mike-34Ryan-26
130Ali and the seafarers (SirLiveAlot)89Ali-8Ben-42Lauren-36Patrick-3
131Good lookings 88Ali-8Cole-32Desi-23Devon-25
131Ms Woozah Knows Nothing88Ali-8Ashley-35Ben-42Patrick-3
135Jersey Luck87Alan-7Chrissy-30Jessica-24Ryan-26
135Team Pretty People (John C)87Ali-8Cole-32Desi-23JP-24
138Fran Team86Desi-23Mike-34Patrick-3Ryan-26
138Rygel's Raiders86Ali-8Ben-42Devon-25Roark-11
140 The Guilty Remnant (macontosh2000)85Ali-8Cole-32Mike-34Roark-11
140By Hustlers you Meant Hookers, Right? (NearlyNina)85Desi-23Devon-25Ryan-26Roark-11
140Dubious Rob85Ali-8Ben-42JP-24Roark-11
140Green Monkeys85Ali-8Chrissy-30Desi-23Jessica-24
140Tiago Team85Ali-8Chrissy-30Desi-23JP-24
146Diego's Armandad84Alan-7Chrissy-30Desi-23JP-24
146Hotties vs. bodies vs. naughties (Judson Helland)84Cole-32Desi-23Patrick-3Ryan-26
146Taako From Teevhii84Ali-8Ben-42Desi-23Roark-11
149Crystal Lynne83Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-26Simone-2
149Ethan "I fucking swear if I get the first goddamn 4 boots again" Kyle83Chrissy-30Devon-25Ryan-26Simone-2
149So Casual (danomite10)83Ali-8Chrissy-30Mike-34Roark-11
153Dig Doug82Chrissy-30JP-24Ryan-26Simone-2
153HBO CEO of Tits82Cole-32Desi-23Jessica-24Patrick-3
153JoJo Bevi82Ali-8Jessica-24JP-24Ryan-26
158Poles vs. Balls vs. Probst (Judson Helland)81Ali-8Desi-23Jessica-24Ryan-26
161I've Been Bamboozled! (Drums X)80Cole-32Mike-34Patrick-3Roark-11
161The Jolly Olly Man80Ali-8Ashley-35Ryan-26Roark-11
164Sneaky Sneaky79Ali-8Mike-34Ryan-26Roark-11
164There's Something Wrong With That Team (Something Quirky)79Ben-42Desi-23Patrick-3Roark-11
166SuckitupButterCup (TiminSoCal)78Ali-8Devon-25Mike-34Roark-11
166Team Corndog78Alan-7Mike-34Ryan-26Roark-11
166Twigs and Sticks78Ali-8Ben-42Ryan-26Simone-2
1694 8 15 16 23 42 (@FayeBlueArt)77Chrissy-30Mike-34Roark-11Simone-2
169BadPlayer91's Black Widows Brigade Redux77Ali-8Ashley-35Desi-23Roark-11
169Head Architect Sylvia77Ali-8Ben-42Devon-25Simone-2
172Cucharal (@Gaceru)76Alan-7Ali-8Joe-35Ryan-26
172Culpepper was robbed.76Alan-7Jessica-24Mike-34Roark-11
172Purple Rocks Keep Falling On My Head (Joseph Finn)76Alan-7Desi-23Joe-35Roark-11
177Mike Hirsch75Alan-7Ali-8Mike-34Ryan-26
180Black Dynamite (Blurry Denzel)73Alan-7Cole-32Desi-23Roark-11
181Nates Greats72Ali-8Chrissy-30Desi-23Roark-11
182Team Foshizzle70Chrissy-30Patrick-3Ryan-26Roark-11
183Prediction: 34th (i and 1)69Ali-8Desi-23Joe-35Patrick-3
183The Ginja Ninja Crew (Dutch)69Cole-32Desi-23Patrick-3Roark-11
190Swiss quality picks68Alan-7Ali-8Chrissy-30Desi-23
190Team Pooks68Ali-8Devon-25JP-24Roark-11
190Zach Attack68Alan-7Jessica-24Ryan-26Roark-11
193Diego's Armomdo67Alan-7Devon-25Jessica-24Roark-11
196Have You Guys Seen My Bag? @TrueAlainer64Alan-7Cole-32Desi-23Simone-2
196Prom King64Ali-8Ben-42Patrick-3Roark-11
198Nipi Ipin63Alan-7Chrissy-30Jessica-24Simone-2
199Roy and Pris Batty 62Ali-8Devon-25Patrick-3Ryan-26
200Threes (@gescovar)61Ali-8Devon-25Ryan-26Simone-2
202pisau cukur55Ali-8Ben-42Patrick-3Simone-2
204Legendary Locks 250Mike-34Patrick-3Roark-11Simone-2
205Hot Stuff48Ali-8Patrick-3Ryan-26Roark-11
206Carrots' Garden47Ali-8Mike-34Patrick-3Simone-2
209Side Character44Ali-8Desi-23Roark-11Simone-2
211POC for Me40Alan-7Ali-8Desi-23Simone-2
212WelldressedEvil's Folly36Ali-8Desi-23Patrick-3Simone-2
215Zuvivor's 429Alan-7Ali-8Patrick-3Roark-11

Champions and Outcasts Leagues

PurpleTally has now lost her entire team, but she is almost guaranteed a spot in next season’s Champions League; as a reminder, the top four finishers get an invite back to the league. It’s unlikely that there will be enough points left in the game to knock her down into fifth place. DrVanNostrand’s Costanza strategy has been so successful that I can only assume next season everyone will try to replicate it, resulting in some kind of weird anti-draft where everyone attempts to fail their way to success. Mark has to overcome Jersey Luck’s 13-point lead over him in order to return to next season’s league, but at least he’s got an easier path than corndogshuffle, who would have to outscore Jersey Luck by 21 in order to return.

Champions League Rank
Total points
Player points Pick 1
Pick 2
1XL Pelican77Ben42Joe35
2Purple Tally60Jessica24Lauren36
5Purple Rock Mark41Alan7Mike34
7Barbara Anderson33Cole32Katrina1
9Mike Hirsch13Simone2Roark11

If the Outcasts League hadn’t been cancelled, I would pour one out for Blurry Denzel, who put up a strong fight before his team met its demise this week. I would have also mentioned that Emma is tied for third place but has both of her players left, and one of them is King of Strategy Devon. I’d even have pointed out that Matt is in second place after two immunity wins in recent weeks from Ashley. But that’s all I would’ve talked about. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the Outcasts League is cancelled. So I won’t be mentioning any of those things.

Outcasts League Rank
Total points
Player points Pick 1
Pick 2
1Saturday Night Palsy68Ryan26Ben42
2Purple Rock Matt67Cole32Ashley35
3Purple Rock John59Joe35JP24
3Purple Rock Emma59Devon25Mike34
3Blurry Denzel59Desi23Lauren36
6Ms. Sweaterfan33Chrissy30Patrick3
8Taako from Teevhi15Alan7Ali8
9Storm of Cuteness12Roark11Katrina1

Other leagues

We allowed people to do their own draft-based leagues again this season, because drafts are fun. You can find the results of those leagues here (click the tabs at the bottom to switch to see the other leagues): PRP fantasy leagues.

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  • 35 points behind the leader, biggest gap of the season. Ryan is a giant albatross on my team despite still being in the game. For God’s sake do something man! If this season is going to suck at least find a way to get me on the first page…

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      That’s odd. I have him in Outcasts and I’m sitting pretty in first place!

      • Sure, just casually forget to mention that you also have Ben who has won a ton of team challenges, found and successfully played an idol, and been on the right side of the vote at every TC he’s been to this season.

        Wow I guess Ben has been playing a better game than I thought when I write it out that way…

        • Saturday Night Palsy

          Do I have… Oh. There he is! Yeah. Chose him second.

        • forever1267

          I have Ryan, too, and it is Ben who is helping me stay on Page 2, too… too.

    • Diego Armando

      I have him 2 and I’m in 9th.

      • Spare me your logic and leave me with my excuses. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I wasted a pick on Roark.

        • orangealfy

          Bruh only two people above me also have Ben, Ryan, and Chrissy. I’m in #49 and they are in #2 and #3, respectively. DAMNNNN YOOUUUUU ROOOOOAAAARKE. Mantra till finale.

  • Hornacek

    Draft Time Bitches League Update

    The top three is as much of a roller coaster as picking the front runner in this season. @Assistant Dragon Slayer climbs from 2nd to 1st with 87 points.

    @Alycia Swift falls from 1st to 2nd place, but with 85 points is only 2 points out of 1st place.
    But after losing Lauren this week, all her hope lies with Ryan (#BellhopStrong).

    @Kemper Boyd falls from 2nd to 3rd place with 81 points.

    If it’s Thursday, then that means I’m in 4th place, with 66 points.

    @EmAndScoutInBK is in 5th place with 62 points, gaining on me again.

    @Ms Woozah, whose entire team has been eliminated, remains in last place with 17 points.

    • Alycia Swift

      Me dropping to second exemplifies how my day is going today.

      • Hornacek

        But 1-3 place have really been switching back and forth. I would be surprised if you or @Kemper Boyd was in 1st place next week.

      • Side Character

        If it’s any consolation, just remember that you’re still destroying me and Diego in the 3-team league.

      • Diego Armando

        I am getting creamed in your league.

    • Kemper Boyd

      I got Devon right? well I’m winning then…

  • Purple Rock Emma

    It is so frustrating how few points Devon has earned. You can stop throwing the challenges now!

    • Diego Armando

      I need you!

    • Maritimer

      All I was thinking as he was offering to throw that challenge to Ashley was that I needed those fantasy points

      • Hornacek

        If any of us every gets on the show and are in an individual immunity challenge, I want them to say “No Jeff, I’m not dropping out for food, or making a deal with whoever else is in the challenge. I’m thinking of my fans watching this and how they need the fantasy points.”

        • indescribable hat

          I’m here to make friends…on the internet and help them win their fantasy leagues.

        • Alycia Swift

          And you must specify PRP – all my fans from PRP.

          • Hornacek

            I would manage to fit the word “purple” into every third sentence I said.

      • Purple Rock Emma


    • Alycia Swift

      I actually think he might be throwing. He did well in the team challenges.

  • Saturday Night Palsy

    I know there is no physical prize awarded here, but I’m thinking about having a little trophy made for my eventual Outcasts League victory. It would be fun to put it on my mantle with my three Bellhop of the Year trophies, my Ted Serios lifetime achievement award, and my plaque from the Hopper’s Rodeo for Excellence in Luggage Wrangling.

    • forever1267

      You have my two guys left, so we’re in this to the bitter, bitter end! #TeamRodeoBellhop

      • StormofCuteness

        I also only have Ben and Ryan left, and I would, at this point, be happy with a top 50 finish.

  • jniedj

    I mean… If you give points to people who don’t vote out the right person, but are in on the plan to split the vote, shouldn’t you technically give Devon points for being in on the plan for Ashley to win immunity?

    No? Didn’t think so.

    • Purple Rock Emma

      Personally, I think it’s a great point.

      • Diego Armando

        I concur. Give me some Devon points.

  • Diego Armando

    I had 4 of the 7 players going into this episode. I have 4 of the 6 players at the end of this episode. Only Ben actually scored points for me. This encapsulates this season.

    • Maritimer

      My only points this episode came because Chrissy is better at drawing rocks than the other contestants

      • Correction: Chrissy’s husband is better at drawing rocks than the family members of the other players.

      • Hornacek


  • Come on Chrissy I faith that you can get me more points then Purpletally this season.

    • jniedj


      …Based on my intelligence level, I’d probably fit right in with the cast of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

      • purplerockandy

        Just wait until you see the question marks.

      • Alycia Swift

        I did not notice the search feature either so you fit right in with some PRPers like me.

        • StormofCuteness

          And me. 😳

      • DrVanNostrand

        The search feature is why I named myself 00-Koko Costanza.

        That’s not true. Actually, it was because I was hoping there would be an alphabetical sorting option. But now I just search for the 00 and it works pretty well.

  • Mike Hirsch

    Not even a “fuck that guy” for SNP? This place has gone to hell.

  • Blurry Denzel

    With the Lauren rebellion fading out, I was thinking about why I’ve never succeeded in any of the various leagues over the past four seasons. I came to a conclusion that I wasn’t picking enough white men and that was super depressing. Instead I’ll think of things this way. Fantasy Survivor has been a great experience for me, I even brought it to my real life. I greatly appreciate PRP for doing it and for inviting me to Outcast, even if it’s just to beat my weak team soundly every season. This has enhanced my Survivor fandom and I look forward to continuing my path to Champions league next season.

    Also, I’m rooting for Final Boss Emma to take the Outcast title. She may not be the protagonist in the narrative I crafted last week but seeing a badass woman slay the competition will be a happy ending to this season we can all get behind.

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      I respect your decision but I cannot support it.

      • Blurry Denzel

        That is fair. It’s funny how I’m so much less interested the PRP machine bring defeated when it’s not me doing it. One silver lining of your victory is John giving you keys to a Champions league that his not in. Those tears are delicious.

    • Purplerockmatt

      baddass woman slaying? why not root for Ashley then! yes let’s all root for Ashley

      • Blurry Denzel

        It feels like my version where Final Boss Emma conquers is the better story. I do see your point though. The ONLY other outcome I’ll accept if Emma doesn’t win is if Ashley becomes the hero we need and storms her way to victory

        • Purple Rock Emma

          Oh, it’s definitely the better story.

    • Purple Rock Emma

      I’ve always said you have great taste.

    • gouis

      I have a picks league where you decide who goes home with some family members, and I always do really well. The reason? I almost always just pick women and minorities, especially early on.

    • sharculese

      I made a point of only picking white men in Outcasts last season (partly because Em stole Andrea before I could get her). I had Troyzan and Caleb. If I had gone with my other option for my second pick and snagged Brad, I would have easily been top 4.

  • forever1267

    I’m just going to sit there at the top of page 2. Saturday Night Palsy and I NEED Ben and Ryan to “come together, right now, over this”.

    Make it work!

  • PurpleTally

    I don’t want to talk about it.

  • DrVanNostrand

    The key to the Costanza strategy is that it only works if you are incredibly inept and incompetent. Just like the real Costanza strategy, a reasonably successful person should never use it. It just happens to be the case that the people I personally find least interesting and/or most obnoxious in the pre-game bios tend to make it far. When I do it, I think, “This can’t possibly work!”, but then it does.



  • Yea….It doesn’t matter if three of your picks are still in WHEN THEY GET NO POINTS AND DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  • the sky is falling

    so close, yet so far. Well it was a good run. looks like survivor central is a
    In a good spot to win it all.

  • Kemper Boyd

    Gouis is beating me by 90 odd points in our treats draft. We each have 3 players left and I’m sure there is no way for me the catch up 90 points.