Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- HHH week 4

Not gonna lie, folks, I’m mailing this one in. Enjoy my even-less-than-half-assed effort.


It’s been a busy day, and I’ve got other shit to do. So let’s fly through this.

Alan was on about 15% of teams- just like Patrick last week! You can see the full player popularity rankings here: Purple Rock Pick-4 Fantasy Teams

Individual scoring

Reward challenge: 1 point for Nu-Hustlers- Ben, Cole, Jessica, Lauren, Mike

Immunity challenge: 3 points for the Nu-Hustlers (Ben, Cole, Jessica, Lauren, Mike), 2 points for the nu-Healers (Ali, Chrissy, JP, Roark, Ryan)

4 points to Joe for that successful idol play

1 point each to Joe and Desi for voting out Alan

Pick-4 League

The sky’s the limit for The Sky is Falling, because that guy’s in a tie for first right now. And jumping up into a tie for 7th place this week is Rippert’s Brazilian Butt Cheeks. And yes, I’m absolutely just shouting that team out because I liked having an excuse to type that team name.

Team name
(sorted by rank)
Total points
Team Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
2Icy Truth180Ben-64Chrissy-51Devon-30Joe-35
2Survivor Central180Ben-64Chrissy-51Joe-35Ryan-30
6Team at benjaminshever on twitter dot com168Ben-64Chrissy-51Desi-23Devon-30
7I played Survivor once162Ben-64Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11
9Diego Armando160Ben-64Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
10Hogan's Heroes and also Healers and Hustlers (TheForRealDeal)159Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Mike-36
11Luckylucky 158Ben-64Chrissy-51Cole-32Roark-11
12Alan Ball's Six Feet Over and True Blonde (indescribable hat)156Ben-64Chrissy-51Devon-30Roark-11
16King of the Jungle153Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Ryan-30
18Purple Rock John152Ben-64Desi-23Devon-30Joe-35
20Commissioner Gordon150Ben-64Cole-32JP-24Ryan-30
20Padme's Body Double150Ben-64Cole-32Devon-30JP-24
24Dezbot's Dumbasses149Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
24Have You Guys Seen My Bag? (@TrueAlainer)149Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30
24Team Jeff is really really really really hot (Star Z)149Chrissy-51Cole-32Mike-36Ryan-30
29The Sky is Falling146Chrissy-51Jessica-24Joe-35Mike-36
31I love Avra143Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Jessica-24
31Rippert's Brazilian Butt Cheeks143Ali-8Ben-64Joe-35Mike-36
31Saturday Night and the Palsys (SNP)143Chrissy-51Cole-32Devon-30Ryan-30
31The AVClub Disqus Memorial Team (Kingoftonga)143Ali-8Ashley-35Ben-64Mike-36
35Ryan's team142Ashley-35Chrissy-51Cole-32JP-24
37coconuts 141Chrissy-51Jessica-24Mike-36Ryan-30
37That Kevin Martin (Super duper fan)141Ben-64Chrissy-51Jessica-24Simone-2
39Camp Grandma 140Ben-64Chrissy-51Desi-23Simone-2
42BananaGrub (contact via email)137Alan-7Ben-64Mike-36Ryan-30
42Jeff Probst's Hairpiece137Ben-64Cole-32Ryan-30Roark-11
42Kelley Wentworth is Bae137Ben-64Cole-32Devon-30Roark-11
46Black Sheep136Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30
46Something Clever (Emma)136Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
48Ad Astra (torchoflaw)135Ben-64Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
48What up with that! (@Adam__Hebert)135Chrissy-51Devon-30Jessica-24Ryan-30
50Hungry vs. Hungry vs. Hippos (ASD)134Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Roark-11
50John's a Chump (purplerockmatt)134Cole-32Lauren-36Mike-36Ryan-30
50Random Luck134Ben-64Cole-32Lauren-36Simone-2
54The Flying Turtles (VaderDawsn)132Ashley-35Cole-32Joe-35Ryan-30
55aj hiller131Ashley-35Ben-64Ryan-30Simone-2
57Sanger's Song130Ali-8Ashley-35Chrissy-51Mike-36
57Team Winners130Chrissy-51Cole-32Lauren-36Roark-11
62Kristan Marie129Ben-64Devon-30JP-24Roark-11
65Kent McK128Cole-32Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
65No Hustle, All Luck (prettyboyprobst)128Chrissy-51Devon-30Mike-36Roark-11
68GeorgeCarlo's Team127Ali-8Chrissy-51Cole-32Mike-36
69Something Quirky (HectorTheWellEndowed)126Ali-8Ben-64JP-24Ryan-30
69Survivor? I barely even know her126Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Jessica-24
69Team zsetton126Ali-8Ashley-35Chrissy-51Cole-32
73BatLeon's Bad Picks Inc.124Chrissy-51Cole-32Ryan-30Roark-11
73F***ing Stick124Chrissy-51Cole-32Devon-30Roark-11
73Rambo Culpepper124Ashley-35Desi-23Devon-30Mike-36
78Alycia Swift123Alan-7Chrissy-51Joe-35Ryan-30
81Bobfromthebayou (@bobfromthebayou)121Cole-32Devon-30Jessica-24Joe-35
81Doomed (bassmanxvi)121Ali-8Chrissy-51Cole-32Ryan-30
81Fire GOOD! No Fire BAD! (@CheekzKER)121Chrissy-51Cole-32Joe-35Patrick-3
86Floats & Goats (@SquamLaker)120Ben-64Desi-23Patrick-3Ryan-30
86P Onocrotalus120Devon-30JP-24Lauren-36Ryan-30
89Boonk Gang Whole Lot Of Gang Ish119Desi-23Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
89Purple Rock Mark119Ali-8Ben-64Mike-36Roark-11
91Charlie Groton118Chrissy-51Cole-32Jessica-24Roark-11
91Ms. Sweaterfan118Ali-8Chrissy-51Jessica-24Joe-35
93Diego's Armanbro117Alan-7Chrissy-51Desi-23Mike-36
93House Slytheryan117Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Roark-11
97A Team Has No Name115Cole-32Jessica-24Joe-35JP-24
97Bring back The Mole!115Alan-7Ali-8Ben-64Mike-36
99Team Not Gonna Win So I'm Picking Favorites114Ashley-35Cole-32Lauren-36Roark-11
102Crom's League of Losers113Ben-64Joe-35Patrick-3Roark-11
102Ethan "I fucking swear if I get the first goddamn 4 boots again" Kyle113Chrissy-51Devon-30Ryan-30Simone-2
102I don't need to be carried, bro!113Alan-7Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23
102Rygel's Raiders113Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Roark-11
107Jersey Luck112Alan-7Chrissy-51Jessica-24Ryan-30
107My Grandpa Knew Papa Smurf (Launchpad McQuack)112Joe-35Lauren-36Ryan-30Roark-11
107Sad Lil112Chrissy-51Jessica-24Katrina-1Lauren-36
111Ali and the seafarers (SirLiveAlot)111Ali-8Ben-64Lauren-36Patrick-3
112Ms Woozah Knows Nothing110Ali-8Ashley-35Ben-64Patrick-3
112Team Gonna Do It110Cole-32Devon-30Jessica-24JP-24
114Ethan "If I get the first 4 goddamn boots again" Kyle109Ali-8Joe-35Lauren-36Ryan-30
119Dig Doug107Chrissy-51JP-24Ryan-30Simone-2
119Dubious Rob107Ali-8Ben-64JP-24Roark-11
119Wubba Lubba Dub Dub (jniedj)107Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
124Green Monkeys106Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23Jessica-24
124So Casual (danomite10)106Ali-8Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11
124Taako From Teevhii106Ali-8Ben-64Desi-23Roark-11
124Tiago Team106Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23JP-24
130Diego's Armandad105Alan-7Chrissy-51Desi-23JP-24
130The Schlong105Ali-8Cole-32Joe-35Ryan-30
133DIE@@!@##$%^&*&^%$#@#$% (Judson Helland)104Alan-7Ashley-35Cole-32Ryan-30
133Head Architect Sylvia104Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Simone-2
133Twigs and Sticks104Ali-8Ben-64Ryan-30Simone-2
137The Four Witches (Barbara Anderson)103Cole-32Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
141There's Something Wrong With That Team (Something Quirky)101Ben-64Desi-23Patrick-3Roark-11
1424 8 15 16 23 42 (@FayeBlueArt)100Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11Simone-2
142I am 150 to 200% percent happy with my picks right now (Judson Helland)100Jessica-24Joe-35Ryan-30Roark-11
142Kate's Four (Kate Weaver/@kateeppweaver)100Ashley-35JP-24Ryan-30Roark-11
146Adli Hanif97Cole-32Jessica-24Ryan-30Roark-11
148Come On In Here96Alan-7Desi-23Mike-36Ryan-30
149Team Foshizzle95Chrissy-51Patrick-3Ryan-30Roark-11
151By Hustlers you Meant Hookers, Right? (NearlyNina)94Desi-23Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
153Good lookings 93Ali-8Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
153Nates Greats93Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23Roark-11
155Fran Team92Desi-23Mike-36Patrick-3Ryan-30
160Swiss quality picks89Alan-7Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23
162Hotties vs. bodies vs. naughties (Judson Helland)88Cole-32Desi-23Patrick-3Ryan-30
164 The Guilty Remnant (macontosh2000)87Ali-8Cole-32Mike-36Roark-11
164Crystal Lynne87Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30Simone-2
164Team Pretty People (John C)87Ali-8Cole-32Desi-23JP-24
167JoJo Bevi86Ali-8Jessica-24JP-24Ryan-30
167Prom King86Ali-8Ben-64Patrick-3Roark-11
169Poles vs. Balls vs. Probst (Judson Helland)85Ali-8Desi-23Jessica-24Ryan-30
169Sneaky Sneaky85Ali-8Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
169SuckitupButterCup (TiminSoCal)85Ali-8Devon-30Mike-36Roark-11
172Nipi Ipin84Alan-7Chrissy-51Jessica-24Simone-2
172Team Corndog84Alan-7Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
172The Jolly Olly Man84Ali-8Ashley-35Ryan-30Roark-11
175HBO CEO of Tits82Cole-32Desi-23Jessica-24Patrick-3
175I've Been Bamboozled! (Drums X)82Cole-32Mike-36Patrick-3Roark-11
177Mike Hirsch81Alan-7Ali-8Mike-36Ryan-30
179Cucharal (@Gaceru)80Alan-7Ali-8Joe-35Ryan-30
181Culpepper was robbed.78Alan-7Jessica-24Mike-36Roark-11
182BadPlayer91's Black Widows Brigade Redux77Ali-8Ashley-35Desi-23Roark-11
182pisau cukur77Ali-8Ben-64Patrick-3Simone-2
184Purple Rocks Keep Falling On My Head (Joseph Finn)76Alan-7Desi-23Joe-35Roark-11
189Black Dynamite (Blurry Denzel)73Alan-7Cole-32Desi-23Roark-11
189Team Pooks73Ali-8Devon-30JP-24Roark-11
194Diego's Armomdo72Alan-7Devon-30Jessica-24Roark-11
194Zach Attack72Alan-7Jessica-24Ryan-30Roark-11
196Roy and Pris Batty 71Ali-8Devon-30Patrick-3Ryan-30
197Threes (@gescovar)70Ali-8Devon-30Ryan-30Simone-2
198Prediction: 34th (i and 1)69Ali-8Desi-23Joe-35Patrick-3
198The Ginja Ninja Crew (Dutch)69Cole-32Desi-23Patrick-3Roark-11
202Have You Guys Seen My Bag? @TrueAlainer64Alan-7Cole-32Desi-23Simone-2
204Hot Stuff52Ali-8Patrick-3Ryan-30Roark-11
204Legendary Locks 252Mike-36Patrick-3Roark-11Simone-2
207Carrots' Garden49Ali-8Mike-36Patrick-3Simone-2
209Side Character44Ali-8Desi-23Roark-11Simone-2
211POC for Me40Alan-7Ali-8Desi-23Simone-2
212WelldressedEvil's Folly36Ali-8Desi-23Patrick-3Simone-2
215Zuvivor's 429Alan-7Ali-8Patrick-3Roark-11

Champions and Outcasts Leagues

Rough birthday for our guy Mark this week, who is in third place in Champions League after losing Alan. XL Pelican is dominating Champions League, and I realize it’s early, but I’m calling it now: He can’t possibly lose. I’m going to go ahead and send the trophy off for engraving now. Purple Tally jumped into second place, but that’s as high as she’s going to get, because XL Pelican is unstoppable.

Pity poor canonically-spelled Taako, who lost Alan and has a massive uphill climb to get anywhere near first place. As you probably know, first place in Outcasts gets an invite to next season’s Champions League. And who has two thumbs and is in pole position for that Champions League spot? This guy. Blurry Denzel is in fourth place, and I only mention that so he feels important.

Champions League Rank
Total points
Player points Pick 1
Pick 2
1XL Pelican99Ben64Joe35
4Purple Tally60Jessica24Lauren36
5Purple Rock Mark43Alan7Mike36
7Barbara Anderson33Cole32Katrina1
9Mike Hirsch13Simone2Roark11

Other leagues

We allowed people to do their own draft-based leagues again this season, because drafts are fun. You can find the results of those leagues here (click the tabs at the bottom to switch to see the other leagues): PRP fantasy leagues.

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150 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- HHH week 4

  1. Draft Time Bitches League Update

    No change in the order this week.

    @Assistant Dragon Slayer remains in the lead with 35 thanks to challenge-beast Dr. Mike.

    @Kemper Boyd stays in second, even with Devon having his vote taken away from him.

    Hornacek (that’s me!) and @Alycia Swift are still tied for 3rd place with 27 – Alycia has all of their players and I only have 2, but thankfully I choose idol-master Joe who has almost twice as much points as my other two players combined

    @EmAndScoutInBK is still in 5th with 19

    @Ms Woozah is in last place with 15 – after losing Alan this week and Simone two weeks ago, all of her hopes are on Ali to go on an reward/immunity/idol/advantage/10-0 win run.

    Once again, when I look at the fantasy league standings sheet for this league, the font for my name is smaller than the font for the other players. Is this because I’m looking at it on my phone? But the rest of the names in all the leagues use normal sized font.

          1. I wonder if your history teacher had to put on glasses when they got to your name on the roll call sheet.

  2. So I’m in the middle of watching the episode, but I had to stop and come here to say COLE YOU FUCKING IDIOT YOURE SUCH A DUMBASS though you’re still hot I guess

      1. Spooking Dr. Mike. I’m not sure her intention was to get the effect she got, but it was for her and Ben nonetheless.

        1. I said this in the liveblog thread, but I think it was a good move in the right idea sense, but won’t pay off because Jessica told Mike about the advantage. He’s standing right there when she tells Cole, part of the conversation

          1. It was definitely a good idea. I think it will pay off though because it makes a crack somehow in the three healers. Yes, Mike knew about the advantage already, but Lauren and Ben weren’t supposed to know that. So Lauren talking to Mike shows that one of the Healers is working with the other two (or is at least a liability moving forward). Which is why none of the Healer leave the raft all that happy.

          2. On the same note, I thought it was interesting that the Ryan-Chrissy meet up was much more focused on Chrissy’s perspective than on Ryan’s. I am curious if that means anything long term.

          3. I came here to say something along these lines as well. It occurred to me this morning that even with all the debate online about whether that scene was supposed to make Chrissy look dumb for thinking Ryan was sincere in giving her the advantage, we never actually saw anything from Ryan to suggest that it wasn’t sincere. So, unless we get a surprise confessional down the line where Ryan says he chose her because she seemed weak (which seems unlikely) the narrative the show is going with is that Ryan chose her because he wanted to work with her, and Chrissy is happy about it. I think the odds are they’re going to team up and make it pretty far together. Even better if they pull in Devon and Ben. That’s a foursome I can get behind.

          4. We did get a Mike confessional. He was the one who spelled out that one of the Healers must have talked to Ben and Lauren, and that it was probably Cole.

          5. But then Mike finds out that Ben and Lauren also know about the advantage and he was not informed that the information would be shared.

          6. Yeah, that part I can see sowing a bit of distrust. Though I’m not sure Mike is important to anything at all at this point

        2. I think Lauren knew exactly what she was doing when she told Dr. Mike that Cole had told her and Ben about the advantage.

          1. I should clarify to say that I think Lauren wanted to turn Dr. Mike on Cole and Jessica bc they didn’t include him on the advantage. In reality, Dr. Mike became suspicious of Cole and Jessica because someone was obviously leaking to the other side. They’re similar but not the same.

          2. I’m not sure if Lauren thought that (a) Dr. Mike didn’t know about the advantage, or (b) Dr. Mike did know about the advantage but he didn’t know that Cole was telling everyone. Either way, she knew that telling Dr. Mike would cause some chaos for Cole and Jessica, so win/win for her and Ben.

  3. Feeling good in Outcasts. Idol-free Joe is soon to go and Purple Rock Matt has lost in this league time after time (has he ever won?) so things are looking good for Palsy!

    Nice that nobody has lost their whole team yet, though.

          1. I keep files on each and every one of you! Staff and commentors alike! Birthdays, addresses, social security numbers, you name it. Shoot, that t-shirt thing you guys did even got me access to credit card numbers! I know everything about everybody here! Did you know that @hornacek:disqus is Canadian? Everything!

            Lucky guess is all.

          2. Amazing! You’re like the world’s greatest detective … who also carries people’s bag to their room.

  4. I’ve rocketed up to 22nd place in Pick 4, and I’m in an even more impressive 8th place in the Outcast League!!!1!

    1. And you have Chrissy who is looking very good right now. The only person in Outcasts that’s in bad shape right now is John. Why? Because he gloats and nobody likes a gloater. That’s why I never stoop to that level.

    2. You’re my Outcast 8th place twin! But like you, I’m doing way better in Pick-4 (at 28th). If I make it to the merge with my entire team, I will be thrilled.

      1. I look at it this way:

        Either the Heroes and the Healers are two blocks of two and Devon is the swing vote or the Heroes and the Healers are ganging up on Devon.

        In the first case, if Devon goes with the Heroes, blocking one Heroes from voting gets you to a tie or to Devon flipping to avoid rocks and the other Hero going home. If Devon goes with the Healers, then blocking a Hero only helps them.

        In the second, making a 4-1 vote a 3-1 vote has a negligible impact on the outcome.

        But blocking Devon makes everything a guessing game, one in which Desi might go home this tribal or next. Even if Jessica wants Joe gone, I assume she still wants Desi around as an ally. Blocking a Hero gave her allies the best expected outcome, and even without the math, that seems apparent.

        1. In Jessica’s defense, there is only 1 outcome to this tribal that guarantees both Desi and Joe are safe, and that is Joe playing his idol in a 2-2 split. So, if Jessica chose Devon, based on the belief that Joe would play the idol and that would ensure himself and Desi were safe, all while flushing his idol, then bravo. That would easily make Jessica the best player on this season thus far, and paint her as a very smart strategist.

          But, without some hint that she hoped for or anticipated this happening, i’m inclined to believe this wasn’t her goal. My boyfriend pointed out that maybe she worked with Cole and Mike to come up with this plan, in which case bravo Mike and Jessica. But i’m more inclined to believe that Jessica assumed Devon would be the target, and thus used her advantage against him to protect Healers. Which would show a poor understanding of tribe dynamics and general voting strategy.

          1. But as I talked about in the liveblog thread, Jessica doesn’t need Devon to be the target in the initial vote. Taking away Devon’s swing vote creates a 2-2 deadlock, and wouldn’t the revoting Healer and Hero punt and agree to vote out Devon rather than go to rocks?

          2. Fair logic, and feasible. So, to my (feigned?) defense of Jessica, this would still keep Desi and Joe safe. If Joe plays the idol, they are both golden, and if not then they hopefully boot Devon on the revote, or one Healer has a 1 in 3 chance of boot by rock draw. I’m not convinced these players would have chosen to boot Devon rather than rocks, but it helps that it would have been Desi and Ashley, who probably have the best chance of getting along of those 4.

            But, choosing a Hero gets her to the same place. The preferred result would be a 3-1 boot of a Hero, and if not, it’s still a 2-2 with Devon + a Healer for the revote. It seems just as likely to me that a Hero would cut Devon as Devon would cut a Hero. And at worst, you still have a 1 in 3 chance a healer with get the rock boot. The only major difference is that, in this case, Joe is less likely to play his idol, and thus it is more likely a Healer will be vulnerable in the revote or rock draw.

            Given all that, i’m just not convinced that this level of deep thought was what guided her choice. I really want to believe it, because it means we have found our first amazing strategist of the season, but i’m not confident.

          3. Another small defense of Jessica: At first I thought it was weird that she told Cole about the advantage in front of Mike rather that in private. But keeping Mike in the loop puts the kibosh on any thoughts he might have about flipping if they lose the immunity challenge.

          4. Definitely. If she decides to cut Cole and align with Mike, i’m on board. That sounds goofy and beautiful.

          5. Surprisingly, I thought Mike actually did a great job handling the whole situation. He pulled off a pretty convincing lie when Lauren told him about the advantage (for a moment I actually second guessed my memory that Mike had been there when Jessica initially revealed it) and he went straight back to Jessica and let her know the situation, then left her to deal with Cole. For as awkward as he is, I think he did everything exactly right there. Still not sure how much it will help him, but it was at least nice to see he had some low key good game play in him.

          6. Overall, I thought he took the right steps in handling the situation, and it made sense to go back to Jessica at that point, because should they lose immunity, he wants to be on the side with an advantage.

            But, some of his social awkwardness worried me. Just little moments where i felt, were he with players that are less chill, he might talk himself into some trouble. For example, upon walking (or swimming) up to Jessica on the boat, his first sentence was “Jess, if you guys are playing me, i’m gonna fucking kill you” Like, wow, that’s pretty intense, and I’m surprised Jessica just shrugs off such extreme language. I think showing her vulnerability is the right move, it demonstrates that Mike trusted her, and helps convince her that it was Cole, not Mike, who told Ben and Lauren. But knowing how to phrase something can be essential in Survivor, and with the wrong people, you never know…

          7. Yeah, they bleep and remove it from the caption, so it was easy to miss. But the phrase “I’ll fucking kill you” is intense, and the fact it almost slipped by was interesting. Like, Jessica barely acted insulted, instead was just ready to be like “What’s wrong?” and get to the root. Which, maybe, is another plus on Jessica.

          8. You can’t vote for Devon on the revote. You only vote for the people who originally drew votes, and Devon wouldn’t get any in this scenario.

          9. You can’t vote for Devon on the revote, but I don’t see why Devon would be immune to a consensus vote, unless production made up a new rule on the spot because they really want a rock draw.

          10. I believe she did this on purpose because Ben had told her that Ashley and Alan had issues on Heroes. I think her reasoning was sound, and it worked out exactly as she wished it to. We shall see.

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  5. I wonder if Alan, Ashley, and Devon ever talked about Devon humoring the Healers to keep Joe from playing for idol. Would it have changed anything if they had?

    1. I think that when the “advantage” was played on Devon, Joe would have gotten spoiked and played it. But what if Devon said that the heroes were gunning for Desi?

      1. That’s true, Devon getting blocked would force Joe to play his idol. I think Devon giving any information at all would make them second guess everything he told them, which makes the decision re: who to play the idol for that much harder.

        Now that Joe copied Tony (again) by holding onto the idol before deciding who to play it for, I wonder how players in upcoming seasons will react (or not) when people announce they have an idol at tribal.

      2. He plays it on Desi. Desi is immune the vote is 2-2 it stays deadlocked and Joe is immune on a fire challenge of Devon v Ashley.

        1. Would Joe play it on Desi? I think that the idol was never gonna be played for anyone but Joe. Also, they went back to the old rules for ties.

          1. it doesn’t matter that they went to the old rule. It’d be 2-2, if the idol is played on Desi it’s 2-2 and then the revote is still deadlocked (maybe Desi will flip but this scenario she feels she can’t) then Joe and Alan are immune. So is Desi leaving only Ashley and Devin available. Thus a fire making challenge. Doesn’t matter who Joe plays the idol on he and Desi are safe.

          2. Why would it be a fire challenge and not a two person rock draw? I mean, besides the fact a two person rock draw would be stupid. Wouldn’t rules say rock draw?

          3. I thought that it’s always a fire challenge if only two people are available to be illiminated, no matter how many players are in the game.

          4. I don’t actually know. I always assumed that fire was only the F4 tiebreaker, so any other situation, no matter how many people can pull rocks, that’s what happens. Even if its 2 (or just 1, like in Cambodia)

  6. Guys, this is the furthest I’ve ever gotten with an intact team (*knocks on wood repeatedly*). Its the small victories

  7. Sorry Roark, I’m cutting bait on you. I still have a semi-plausible shot at last if you crash and burn, and you have yet to prove you are actually on the island.

    1. Lol, gotta love JP’s half-assed, non-committal attempt to make an alliance with Ben. You know the best way to build alliances is with no eye contact and a nonchalant candor…

    2. “We could start some bullshit and stuff like that. And if it doesn’t work, it is what it is. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, and stuff like that.”

      God it’s painful listening to that dude talk.

  8. Here is a different, far out there idea regarding Jessica’s choice: Maybe Jessica’s logic all came down to which original tribe she was or wasn’t attacking. She wanted to protect Healers, so she wasn’t going to use it against them. Maybe she decided, because everyone on her team knew about the advantage, it would get out pretty quick that she was the one who used it. Thus, she chose a Hustler, because they have fewer numbers and, if Devon went home, would have even less. This means that once everyone finds out she used it to target a Hustler, there will be less people with less options to try and target her as revenge, and the Heroes wouldn’t be likely to come after her.

    I mean, that logic isn’t great. Because it kinda ignores some of the key elements of how Survivor works and is played, particularly with regards to alliances and majorities. But it could explain, perhaps just a bit, why she might have chosen as she did. And given that her tribe was in the middle of “Cole-tells-everyone-everything” she might have been way more focused on protecting herself from a counter-attack then actually targeting anyone.

    But, it still lacks any understanding of how the advantage would affect the actual tribal, so again, i’m inclined to believe she just didn’t really know what she was doing…

    1. If there’s one thing I know, it’s math. And the math says XL Pelican is unbeatable at this point. His team is a juggernaut. Or, since it features Joe, maybe it’s a Joe-gernaut?

      No, it’s not. But it is impossible to beat.

    1. If you got points for half-assing then John would be… a points millionaire? I dunno, this joke got away from me. The point is, John is lazy.

  9. I think I have a much better chance of putting both of my players in the merge than XL Pelican does. As for my Pick 4 team… lol.

  10. DAS Bus update

    No change in the standings this week (Alycia Swift in 1st, myself in 2nd, Diego Armando in 3rd), but Alycia loses her first player in Alan. Joe correctly playing the idol closes the gap between 1st and 2nd (7 points). Diego has a harder shot to get to 1st, but 2nd isn’t that far (14 points between 1st and 3rd, 7 between 2nd and 3rd). With everyone still having players on each tribe, though, it’s anyone’s game.

        1. I mean all she did was open up her chip bag, not exactly point worthy. I would award her points for calling out Cole on his stupidity though (and I have Cole on my team)

          1. Haven’t had Sun Chips recently but for a little while at least they had this bag (that I guess was supposed to be more biodegradable or something?) that was REALLY hard to open.

          2. Why don’t they just make the bag out of the same material as the chips?

            (as I typed this I was saying it in my head in Jerry Seinfeld’s voice)

  11. LOL! Thank you for the shout out, John!! Hope these butt cheeks make me prouder this season than they did in Game Changers!

    1. Thanks for starting all this, btw. I walked around the neighborhood for 50 minutes tonight listening to ep. 6. I need to exercise and lose some pounds and this is such a fun way to do it. Thank you, Taco.

      1. You’re absolutely welcome, Plays.

        Also, @sharculese:disqus deserves more credit than I do bc he’s the one who originally wanted to do this. I’m just the guy writing up the long rambly posts.

        Also also, you’re done on episodes for the week! Don’t get ahead of us again!

      2. If you can’t wait for more TAZ you can always join me and Taako listening to the new episodes in the Commitment arc, which requires no knowledge of the Balance arc and almost certainly won’t have spoilers.

        They’re trying to figure out what they want to do next, so the short-term project is smaller campaigns where they take turns DMing and experiment with systems other than D&D. Commitment, the first one, has Clint (the dad) running a game in the Fates system where they play as bio-enhanced superheroes.

    2. I did.

      I loved how they had start with Griffin sorry/not-sorrying his backseat DMing, although he did mostly behave himself during the episode.

      It seems like a fun world, although of course lol Clint built a puzzle around being a DJ. After the at time sickeningly sweet camaraderie of THB, I kind of like the idea of playing a team that doesn’t want to be together or even like each other that much, but literally has to stay near each other. Oh and I love that they’re still dunking on their dad every chance they get.(Did you look at his map?)

      My one maaaaaajor disappointment was that, when Clint said “West Palm, FL” sounded like a generic song that Coldplay might write, I have expected one of them to go “wait, I solved this one,” the get up and yell “Hey, is anyone here a big fan of Snow Patrol?”

      1. I did see the map. He’s trying.

        The two things that jumped it at me were Griffin’s apology and Justin’s role playing. The Irene voice is pitch perfect, and I can’t wait to hear it contrasted with Kardala’s. Although I agree that the other two need to work on their character voices. Rent being a bouncy boy makes me kinda ok Griffin just using his golden retriever voice, but Trav really needs to just do *something.*

        1. I’m giving Griffin a pass because he gave us 30 different voices in Balance, so it’s okay if it takes him a second to find something, but Travis is a different story. Not bothering to do a voice worked for Magnus because Magnus was basically Travis. He needs something for Nadiya.

          1. I mean, I’m positive he can do a passable brit with a stiff upper lip. And for Nadiya, that works perfectly.

          2. I think for as long as the season is going we should keep piggybacking off the predictions post. It’s a new thread that everyone can see that doesn’t get too clogged up. When we get closer to the end we can figure out how to do things next.

          3. Full disclosure, video posts are going to be back come Monday, and I know that those draw fewer comments than the prediction posts. So we’d actually be getting out of the way and moving to an even less cluttered forum.

    3. I pictured you leaning out of a locker, yelling for @sharculese:disqus , You Can’t Do That On Television-like.

  12. I just came here to say that I hate Joe and everyone who has Joe on their team.

    (But seriously props to Joe, I didn’t think he had it in him I was sure he was going to botch that play. Good episode.)

    1. That was a smart play, but I feel like if he is screwed if he goes to Tribal again with that group. He is barely holding on with Desi. The remaining 3 could easily target him.

      1. I agree, long term I still think Joe’s prospects are dim, especially now that he’s used the idol. He better start digging for another one. I can totally see Desi flipping and I don’t think the other Healers would hold it against her.

  13. Nice! Beginners luck, my third time playing and running the show by sheer force of luck….. for now.

    Not feeling great about Joe lasting much longer.

  14. Still hanging in there. I only have one thumb though. Not sure how that affects my fantasy scores, tho

  15. This was a good episode but tough for me to watch from a Fantasy League perspective. Cole was my only person on the new Red/Hustler/(Yawa?) tribe so I knew anybody with multiple people on the tribe was passing me for points and then JOE FREAKING PLAYED THE IDOL ENOUGH POINTS FOR JOE ALREADY

    I dropped from 28 to 44 and half my team is in trouble. Things look dim for Cole and Roark, at least I have Ryan and Chrissy still a lot of potential there…

    1. I’m hoping Chrissy is a sleeper – she hasn’t earned many points yet, but it seems like she’ll be around for the long run and hopefully she’ll actually do some stuff during that time 😀

      1. Yeah the edit is telling me Chrissy is in this for the long haul. Edit alone is making me think either she or Ben wins this season so I’m hoping it’s her. Ryan may be going deep as well. At this point I don’t think Cole is even going to make the merge and Roark is a huge unknown.

          1. Yeah I don’t know if they just gave them nothing to work with early on or if not enough was happening because their tribe kept winning or if more interesting stuff was happening early or some combination of the above.

            Or maybe they just don’t matter 🙁

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