Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- HHH week 5

Come, let us rejoice in the pain of those that lost the most popular player in our Survivor fantasy league!


You can make jokes about how Roark was invisible all you want, but you all clearly dug her in the preseason. She was the most popular selection in this draft, and over 40% of you had her on your team. Luckily for those of you that picked her, she scored about as well as a 5th boot could. This continues streak of PRP leagues going all in on someone that goes home very early. If nothing else, it’s reassuring that you all aren’t spoiled.

As always, you can see the full player popularity rankings here: Purple Rock Pick-4 Fantasy Teams

Individual scoring

Reward challenge: 2 points for Ashley, Desi, Devon, Joe. 1 point for Ben, Cole, Jessica, Lauren, Mike.

Immunity challenge: 3 points for Ben, Cole, Jessica, Lauren, Mike. 2 points for Ashley, Desi, Devon, Joe.

3 points to Mike for the idol find.

1 point each to Chrissy, JP, and Ryan for making Roark a robbed goddess.

Pick-4 League

The Sky is Falling opens up a 3-point lead on the field this week. YoshiKirbyAndToad is in second place, but loses Roark and will likely fall in a hurry. And jumping up into a tie for 10th place this week is the very offensively-named John’s a Chump, the team belonging to our favorite live-blogger Mark. Also tied for 10th is Vaderdawsn, who is deftly avoiding the Curse of Violina thus far. And real-life friend of mine FriendChooser is in 25th place!

Team name
(sorted by rank)
Total points
Team Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
2Icy Truth180Ben-64Chrissy-51Devon-30Joe-35
2Survivor Central180Ben-64Chrissy-51Joe-35Ryan-30
6Team at benjaminshever on twitter dot com168Ben-64Chrissy-51Desi-23Devon-30
7I played Survivor once162Ben-64Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11
9Diego Armando160Ben-64Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
10Hogan's Heroes and also Healers and Hustlers (TheForRealDeal)159Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Mike-36
11Luckylucky 158Ben-64Chrissy-51Cole-32Roark-11
12Alan Ball's Six Feet Over and True Blonde (indescribable hat)156Ben-64Chrissy-51Devon-30Roark-11
16King of the Jungle153Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Ryan-30
18Purple Rock John152Ben-64Desi-23Devon-30Joe-35
20Commissioner Gordon150Ben-64Cole-32JP-24Ryan-30
20Padme's Body Double150Ben-64Cole-32Devon-30JP-24
24Dezbot's Dumbasses149Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
24Have You Guys Seen My Bag? (@TrueAlainer)149Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30
24Team Jeff is really really really really hot (Star Z)149Chrissy-51Cole-32Mike-36Ryan-30
29The Sky is Falling146Chrissy-51Jessica-24Joe-35Mike-36
31I love Avra143Ben-64Cole-32Desi-23Jessica-24
31Rippert's Brazilian Butt Cheeks143Ali-8Ben-64Joe-35Mike-36
31Saturday Night and the Palsys (SNP)143Chrissy-51Cole-32Devon-30Ryan-30
31The AVClub Disqus Memorial Team (Kingoftonga)143Ali-8Ashley-35Ben-64Mike-36
35Ryan's team142Ashley-35Chrissy-51Cole-32JP-24
37coconuts 141Chrissy-51Jessica-24Mike-36Ryan-30
37That Kevin Martin (Super duper fan)141Ben-64Chrissy-51Jessica-24Simone-2
39Camp Grandma 140Ben-64Chrissy-51Desi-23Simone-2
42BananaGrub (contact via email)137Alan-7Ben-64Mike-36Ryan-30
42Jeff Probst's Hairpiece137Ben-64Cole-32Ryan-30Roark-11
42Kelley Wentworth is Bae137Ben-64Cole-32Devon-30Roark-11
46Black Sheep136Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30
46Something Clever (Emma)136Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
48Ad Astra (torchoflaw)135Ben-64Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
48What up with that! (@Adam__Hebert)135Chrissy-51Devon-30Jessica-24Ryan-30
50Hungry vs. Hungry vs. Hippos (ASD)134Ali-8Ben-64Chrissy-51Roark-11
50John's a Chump (purplerockmatt)134Cole-32Lauren-36Mike-36Ryan-30
50Random Luck134Ben-64Cole-32Lauren-36Simone-2
54The Flying Turtles (VaderDawsn)132Ashley-35Cole-32Joe-35Ryan-30
55aj hiller131Ashley-35Ben-64Ryan-30Simone-2
57Sanger's Song130Ali-8Ashley-35Chrissy-51Mike-36
57Team Winners130Chrissy-51Cole-32Lauren-36Roark-11
62Kristan Marie129Ben-64Devon-30JP-24Roark-11
65Kent McK128Cole-32Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
65No Hustle, All Luck (prettyboyprobst)128Chrissy-51Devon-30Mike-36Roark-11
68GeorgeCarlo's Team127Ali-8Chrissy-51Cole-32Mike-36
69Something Quirky (HectorTheWellEndowed)126Ali-8Ben-64JP-24Ryan-30
69Survivor? I barely even know her126Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Jessica-24
69Team zsetton126Ali-8Ashley-35Chrissy-51Cole-32
73BatLeon's Bad Picks Inc.124Chrissy-51Cole-32Ryan-30Roark-11
73F***ing Stick124Chrissy-51Cole-32Devon-30Roark-11
73Rambo Culpepper124Ashley-35Desi-23Devon-30Mike-36
78Alycia Swift123Alan-7Chrissy-51Joe-35Ryan-30
81Bobfromthebayou (@bobfromthebayou)121Cole-32Devon-30Jessica-24Joe-35
81Doomed (bassmanxvi)121Ali-8Chrissy-51Cole-32Ryan-30
81Fire GOOD! No Fire BAD! (@CheekzKER)121Chrissy-51Cole-32Joe-35Patrick-3
86Floats & Goats (@SquamLaker)120Ben-64Desi-23Patrick-3Ryan-30
86P Onocrotalus120Devon-30JP-24Lauren-36Ryan-30
89Boonk Gang Whole Lot Of Gang Ish119Desi-23Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30
89Purple Rock Mark119Ali-8Ben-64Mike-36Roark-11
91Charlie Groton118Chrissy-51Cole-32Jessica-24Roark-11
91Ms. Sweaterfan118Ali-8Chrissy-51Jessica-24Joe-35
93Diego's Armanbro117Alan-7Chrissy-51Desi-23Mike-36
93House Slytheryan117Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23Roark-11
97A Team Has No Name115Cole-32Jessica-24Joe-35JP-24
97Bring back The Mole!115Alan-7Ali-8Ben-64Mike-36
99Team Not Gonna Win So I'm Picking Favorites114Ashley-35Cole-32Lauren-36Roark-11
102Crom's League of Losers113Ben-64Joe-35Patrick-3Roark-11
102Ethan "I fucking swear if I get the first goddamn 4 boots again" Kyle113Chrissy-51Devon-30Ryan-30Simone-2
102I don't need to be carried, bro!113Alan-7Chrissy-51Cole-32Desi-23
102Rygel's Raiders113Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Roark-11
107Jersey Luck112Alan-7Chrissy-51Jessica-24Ryan-30
107My Grandpa Knew Papa Smurf (Launchpad McQuack)112Joe-35Lauren-36Ryan-30Roark-11
107Sad Lil112Chrissy-51Jessica-24Katrina-1Lauren-36
111Ali and the seafarers (SirLiveAlot)111Ali-8Ben-64Lauren-36Patrick-3
112Ms Woozah Knows Nothing110Ali-8Ashley-35Ben-64Patrick-3
112Team Gonna Do It110Cole-32Devon-30Jessica-24JP-24
114Ethan "If I get the first 4 goddamn boots again" Kyle109Ali-8Joe-35Lauren-36Ryan-30
119Dig Doug107Chrissy-51JP-24Ryan-30Simone-2
119Dubious Rob107Ali-8Ben-64JP-24Roark-11
119Wubba Lubba Dub Dub (jniedj)107Devon-30Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
124Green Monkeys106Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23Jessica-24
124So Casual (danomite10)106Ali-8Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11
124Taako From Teevhii106Ali-8Ben-64Desi-23Roark-11
124Tiago Team106Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23JP-24
130Diego's Armandad105Alan-7Chrissy-51Desi-23JP-24
130The Schlong105Ali-8Cole-32Joe-35Ryan-30
133DIE@@!@##$%^&*&^%$#@#$% (Judson Helland)104Alan-7Ashley-35Cole-32Ryan-30
133Head Architect Sylvia104Ali-8Ben-64Devon-30Simone-2
133Twigs and Sticks104Ali-8Ben-64Ryan-30Simone-2
137The Four Witches (Barbara Anderson)103Cole-32Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
141There's Something Wrong With That Team (Something Quirky)101Ben-64Desi-23Patrick-3Roark-11
1424 8 15 16 23 42 (@FayeBlueArt)100Chrissy-51Mike-36Roark-11Simone-2
142I am 150 to 200% percent happy with my picks right now (Judson Helland)100Jessica-24Joe-35Ryan-30Roark-11
142Kate's Four (Kate Weaver/@kateeppweaver)100Ashley-35JP-24Ryan-30Roark-11
146Adli Hanif97Cole-32Jessica-24Ryan-30Roark-11
148Come On In Here96Alan-7Desi-23Mike-36Ryan-30
149Team Foshizzle95Chrissy-51Patrick-3Ryan-30Roark-11
151By Hustlers you Meant Hookers, Right? (NearlyNina)94Desi-23Devon-30Ryan-30Roark-11
153Good lookings 93Ali-8Cole-32Desi-23Devon-30
153Nates Greats93Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23Roark-11
155Fran Team92Desi-23Mike-36Patrick-3Ryan-30
160Swiss quality picks89Alan-7Ali-8Chrissy-51Desi-23
162Hotties vs. bodies vs. naughties (Judson Helland)88Cole-32Desi-23Patrick-3Ryan-30
164 The Guilty Remnant (macontosh2000)87Ali-8Cole-32Mike-36Roark-11
164Crystal Lynne87Cole-32Desi-23Ryan-30Simone-2
164Team Pretty People (John C)87Ali-8Cole-32Desi-23JP-24
167JoJo Bevi86Ali-8Jessica-24JP-24Ryan-30
167Prom King86Ali-8Ben-64Patrick-3Roark-11
169Poles vs. Balls vs. Probst (Judson Helland)85Ali-8Desi-23Jessica-24Ryan-30
169Sneaky Sneaky85Ali-8Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
169SuckitupButterCup (TiminSoCal)85Ali-8Devon-30Mike-36Roark-11
172Nipi Ipin84Alan-7Chrissy-51Jessica-24Simone-2
172Team Corndog84Alan-7Mike-36Ryan-30Roark-11
172The Jolly Olly Man84Ali-8Ashley-35Ryan-30Roark-11
175HBO CEO of Tits82Cole-32Desi-23Jessica-24Patrick-3
175I've Been Bamboozled! (Drums X)82Cole-32Mike-36Patrick-3Roark-11
177Mike Hirsch81Alan-7Ali-8Mike-36Ryan-30
179Cucharal (@Gaceru)80Alan-7Ali-8Joe-35Ryan-30
181Culpepper was robbed.78Alan-7Jessica-24Mike-36Roark-11
182BadPlayer91's Black Widows Brigade Redux77Ali-8Ashley-35Desi-23Roark-11
182pisau cukur77Ali-8Ben-64Patrick-3Simone-2
184Purple Rocks Keep Falling On My Head (Joseph Finn)76Alan-7Desi-23Joe-35Roark-11
189Black Dynamite (Blurry Denzel)73Alan-7Cole-32Desi-23Roark-11
189Team Pooks73Ali-8Devon-30JP-24Roark-11
194Diego's Armomdo72Alan-7Devon-30Jessica-24Roark-11
194Zach Attack72Alan-7Jessica-24Ryan-30Roark-11
196Roy and Pris Batty 71Ali-8Devon-30Patrick-3Ryan-30
197Threes (@gescovar)70Ali-8Devon-30Ryan-30Simone-2
198Prediction: 34th (i and 1)69Ali-8Desi-23Joe-35Patrick-3
198The Ginja Ninja Crew (Dutch)69Cole-32Desi-23Patrick-3Roark-11
202Have You Guys Seen My Bag? @TrueAlainer64Alan-7Cole-32Desi-23Simone-2
204Hot Stuff52Ali-8Patrick-3Ryan-30Roark-11
204Legendary Locks 252Mike-36Patrick-3Roark-11Simone-2
207Carrots' Garden49Ali-8Mike-36Patrick-3Simone-2
209Side Character44Ali-8Desi-23Roark-11Simone-2
211POC for Me40Alan-7Ali-8Desi-23Simone-2
212WelldressedEvil's Folly36Ali-8Desi-23Patrick-3Simone-2
215Zuvivor's 429Alan-7Ali-8Patrick-3Roark-11

Champions and Outcasts Leagues

You guys know me by now. And you know that if there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s spreadsheets. And every formula I can possibly come up with points to a resounding victory for XL Pelican. He’s seven points ahead of the field now. Seven! That’s a whole Alan’s worth of lead! I think we should all just be grateful that we’re able to witness such a dominant performance by XL Pelican. Hopefully that appreciation for XL Pelican’s greatness will soothe the heart of poor Mike Hirsch, who falls out of the Champions League after losing his second player. 

Over in the Outcasts League, the PRP staff is laying the smack down on you peons. I’m in first, Matt and Emma are in a very Blackjack-and-Hookers-style second place tie, and none of us are remotely worried about Blurry Denzel in 4th place. We’re definitely not concerned that Known Hopper Saturday Night Palsy has Ryan and Ben on his team and those guys both seem primed for a deep run into the post-merge. Nope, not at all. Everything’s coming up PRP staff. 

Champions League Rank
Total points
Player points Pick 1
Pick 2
1XL Pelican99Ben64Joe35
4Purple Tally60Jessica24Lauren36
5Purple Rock Mark43Alan7Mike36
7Barbara Anderson33Cole32Katrina1
9Mike Hirsch13Simone2Roark11

Other leagues

We allowed people to do their own draft-based leagues again this season, because drafts are fun. You can find the results of those leagues here (click the tabs at the bottom to switch to see the other leagues): PRP fantasy leagues.

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97 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- HHH week 5

  1. Damn I should have done a pick 4 team. I’m crushing it in both by 6 teamer and my 1-on-1 with Kemp (this one has stakes! for candy!)

  2. Um, in the Pick-4 league I am at the same rank and my players have the same point values, even though some of them scored points this week?

        1. Oh yeah, the squeeky wheel stuff. Well look who’s gone and made a tiny little name for himself!

  3. Things are looking good for my squad. No boring, mid-table performance for me! I’m shooting for the extremes!

    And by extremes, I mean with the loss of Roark I have one player left. If Ali goes next week (and that feels very likely, what with her being the clear bottom of a four person tribe with two challenge liabilities), and Desi can pick up three more points, I’ve got last place clinched.

    The dream is real!

  4. While I like my spot this week, I have a feeling the teams with Dr. Mike on them are gonna keep zooming up.

  5. As I whined in the liveblog thread: I replaced Dr. Mike with Roark on my Pick-4 team after he was so hapless and bullied in episode 1, AND Roark is on my 6-team league team. AND I never even got a good vibe from Roark preseason, I just capitulated to the so-called wisdom of the crowd.

  6. Shame on John! No mention of @stormofcuteness:disqus becoming the first boot from Outcasts League? She was a worthy competitor, but she eventually was vaquished by me, the Panda Slayer. You will be missed Storm of Cuteness.

    And as we say in the industry: I hope you enjoyed your stay!

        1. Thank you, John, for recognizing the difference between skilled and unskilled labor. However to be fair to Barbara, Missouri isn’t really known for it’s hospitality industry.

          1. Yep! I’d be like “you know, those actually might be two different professions, guys. Somebody should double-check if anyone has the time.”

          1. True story: I didn’t know the difference between quants and technical analysis until my third year at a brokerage.

    1. Thanks?
      Also, clearly @purplerockjohn:disqus doesn’t think I’m worthy of a mention. *sad pathetic panda face*

      1. He used to be cool back when he was just Judge Reinhold back in the AVClub days. But now that he’s an international podcaster, forget about it. We’re all beneath him now.

  7. Fun fact: this is the first time I have ever picked the most popular pick. The reason why? I thought she would be the type of person that Probst would be unhappy with winning the season.

    1. I picked Ben due to gut instinct, Mike on the off chance he was David, Ryan because I saw the first episode and Devon due to gut and ties to Ryan.

  8. Draft Time Bitches League Update

    @AssistantDragonSlayer:disqus remains in the lead with 46 but loses their first player.

    @Kemper Boyd stays in second with 42, closing the gap with first. Or maybe the gap is widening; I didn’t write down last week what their score was.

    @Alycia Swift leaps into 3rd place by themselves with 36, leaving me behind in 4th place with 32 – unfortunately Mike refused to find another idol, robbing me of more points.

    @EmAndScoutInBK is still in 5th with 24

    @Ms Woozah remains in last place, still with 15 – her only remaining player is Ali who both lost the reward and was on the wrong side of the vote.

    @Kemper Boyd and @Alycia Swift are the only ones who have not lost a player.

    And because everyone wants to know, the font-size issue with my name in the spreadsheet has been fixed. Squeaky wheel, people!

  9. While I appreciate Mike finding an idol, Devon can go ahead and start earning points any day now.

    1. Right though? He’s my hope for points since he’s a less popular pick. He’s gonna dominate post-merge immunities for us right?

          1. Me too. I picked them both in the hopes that at least one of them would win some post-merge immunities.

  10. Somehow I dropped to 45th place even though Roark just left. I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come. That said I still have Ben, Jessica, and Ryan…so, umm, I have something like hope for future points.

  11. Well my pick 4 team may be sinking, but I’m officially out of last place in the outcast league!

          1. @sweaterfan:disqus It will not be hard. All of my fantasy teams are terrible. Chrissy will beat Ali.

            And once I’m eliminated, Palsy can tell you “Looks like Taako’s bell has been rung!”

  12. I think (knock wood) that I have 4 pretty safe players in Ben, Jessica, Ryan and JP. I hope these can finally get me back in the good graces of the Purple Stratosphere!!!

  13. DAS Bus update

    Once again, no changes in the standings (Alycia Swift is 1st, I’m 2nd, Diego Armando is 3rd), but since Roark got voted out, half of my team is now gone (both here and in pick-4). Man, I am not good at picking teams. Mike finding an immunity idol helps push Alycia’s lead to 12 points. Diego is slowly catching up to me, only behind by 6 points.

  14. Literally everyone still in the game got at least a point from this episode except for Ali.
    Mike got more points in this episode alone than Ali has gotten so far this season.
    Roark got voted out this episode and has nearly twice as many points as Ali has right now.
    Alan’s got more points than Ali and he wasn’t even in this episode (POS doesn’t count).

    So, um…anytime you could get those points, Ali, that’d be great.

    1. This makes me wonder if it’d be worth adding a supremely improbable point-scoring opportunity for the player who makes it to the final three without getting any points along the way, like the queen in the card game Spades.

      1. While that’d be interesting, I don’t think it’s possible. Everyone gets points for making the merge, so that kinda throws a wrench in it. If we go with the Ulong possibility, with no merge, that might work (unless we count points for making the jury phase). The only problem is if they are on a tribe of one, that means they won a fire-making challenge at tribal, so they might get a point for winning that.
        Goddammit, logic! Stop ruining things!

        1. It doesn’t have to be 0. There’s a number (probably somewhere to between 5 and 10) where it’s still incredibly improbable that anyone in F3 has that score. Just through making the merge, rewards and immunities, and voting correctly with whoever brought them to the end, even the goatiest of goats clear that bar.

          1. If it’s not 0, then yeah, I’m totally down for that. Man, now I really want to see this happen.

          2. Over the seasons that we’ve used this fantasy scoring system, no one who’s ever made F5 has scored below 20 points. The closest to that mark are Rodney (who finished 4th with 23 points) and Alec Christy (who finished 7th with 19). So if this bonus were to happen (and you’d have to petition @purplerockjohn:disqus to make it happen), it’d have to be for scoring 20 points at most and placing at least fifth.

            And if this bonus happened and you wanted more information about what’s a “fair” value for that bonus, here’s some more data for your nerve:

            For those who place fifth or better, the average points total is 40, the median is 34, and the standard deviation is 15.

            For those who place fourth or better, the average is 43.4, the median is 38.5, and the std. dev. is also 15.

            For those who make F3, the average is 46, the median is 48, and the std. dev. is 15.4.

    1. Well the last time we had a Kaoh Rong’ing it left us with OWM, so I’m totally on board with this.

  15. The gap between me and 1st place has doubled in each of the last two weeks from 5 to 10 to 20. So long Roark, (and Cole soon?) looks like my first Fantasy League ever is crashing and burning Week 5.

    I suppose that’s what happens when you pick 4 of the most popular picks, unless those 4 people make it all the way to Final 4 you can’t really beat anybody in the League, can you?

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