Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 1

It’s week 1, also known as the week 40% of you realized you’d made a huge mistake in selecting Darnell. Time to remedy that.

Welcome back, everyone! Did drafting Darnell drop a deuce on your Pick-4 team? Change your team in the comments below and get a fresh start. Once episode 2 airs, your teams are locked.

Individual scoring table

The big scoring question this week revolved around that first tribal council. How do we score a tie? Fortunately, the Founding Fathers of the Purple Rock Survivor Fantasy League wrote a very robust scoring system document. And when these sorts of gray areas arise, we do the most fair thing: the Purple Rock staff argues about it, and the loudest voice wins. So here, dear friends, is the ruling of the Purple Rock Fantasy League Supreme Court on this issue:

The official rules state that “VTEP points are awarded when your player casts a vote- or participates in a split vote plan- that successfully snuffs someone else’s torch.” Since everyone not named Darnell cast at least one vote in that tribal council for Darnell (whose torch was snuffed), everyone not named Darnell gets a VTEP. The court has spoken.

Otherwise, the scoring was easy- 3 points for Brains for winning the challenge, 2 points for Beauty for coming in second. Your week 1 scoreboard:

individual scores week 1

Pick-4 League

Since you can change your team up until the second episode airs (and a lot of you still have Darnell, so you should), it would be useless for me to post team scores here. Next week, when the teams are locked, you’ll see everyone’s team scores here.

Champions League

Unlike Pick-4, rosters here are locked. And your early leader is TiminSoCal, who had two Brains tribe members. Tough break for ebolamonkey84, who has an uphill battle from here on out. He can take solace in the fact that his team has already scored 2 points, and thus cannot tie the all-time lowest Champions League score- 0 points by bassmanxvi (truly a remarkable achievement).

Champions League Kaoh Rong week 1

Outcast League

It’s a little crowded at the top in the Outcast League. But Count Bulletsula is feeling the pain of drafting the first boot.

Outcast League Kaoh Rong week 1

That’s the scores for this week. Don’t forget to put in any requests for roster changes in the comments, and good luck to all of you (except those of you I’m competing against in Champions League).

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73 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 1

  1. I don’t like having two Brawn members, since they’re on the Angkor beach and may be hemorrhaging points in the early going, but give me Kyle, or Jason, or whatever his name is.

    Final team:
    Anna, Kyle, Scot, Tai

    1. Sorry if I overlooked it. It gets harder as that comments section gets more and more massive.

      Barbara Anderson- Aubry, Julia, Michele, Tai

  2. I’m rooting for Team Sock Hop… classic cars, college girls, ice cream and basketball.
    Can I get Joe, Julia, Neal and Scot?

  3. I feel very good about my pick-4. The complete lack of interest by CBS on this season points to a unimpressive winner. And something in my mind tells me we will get someone like Jenna winning this show. (And that is Julia, in case it is not clear). And if Jennifer can live with a worm eating her ear for almost a full day while hearing annoying tribe mates imply she is overreacting, she can certainly last long in this season.

      1. Yes, I have nothing against Jenna (and so far I have nothing against Julia). But the hype is based on the opinion CBS has of the season, not our opinion. (And indeed many times they hyped seasons the fans didn’t like.)

        1. Yep, Mike Holloway was a hugely hyped winner and was to me a below average winner (having to win immunities to win puts you reasonably low on my list) whereas Sophie Clarke is probably one of Probst’s least favourites and she is a mid level winner for me, her game was quiet but really strong.

  4. I am going to go ahead and switch Alecia out for Michele. So the new team should be Michele, Jen, Liz, Nick.

    1. Sorry, Kemper Boyd already has that combination. Try another. I posted an updated team listing about an hour ago (although it’s already changed since.)

  5. As much as it pains me to switch from Mr. Congeniality to Ms. Yay-Trump Boo-Science:

    Anna, Jennifer, Kyle, Liz

  6. well, I was already so frustrated thinking that Alecia would be voted out… the reason why I picked her on Champions League was because I thought brawns wouldn’t go to Tribal Council. but I’m glad they voted out Darnell – even though I don’t really get it. but I have to admit it… Alecia is way dumber than I was expecting. I thought she could play the underestimated card and be just fine but that won’t happen.

  7. I don’t think this group has been taken yet, but I’d like to swap out Debbie for Neal. So, Jennifer, Kyle, Neal, Nick. I almost went Scot. I can’t tell if that would have been a mistake or not.

  8. So who got stuck with first and last pick in the Outcasts League? I was third and sixteenth in the other league.

  9. Posted this on original Pick 4 board, but didn’t want to get missed. Could I swap out Darnell for Jennifer?

    Anna, Debbie, Jennifer, Neal

      1. You know, I have no idea why I posted that. I think that Peter will not last long. Aaaaand if I were on a deserted island with a Harry Potter superfan…

      1. Anna, Liz, Kyle/Jason , Caleb

        I’m not sure how to check if this has been taken or not, but Ill just give it a shot.

        1. That combo was already taken. The most recent list of teams is found here:

          I try to update that list as much as possible. But if you only want to replace Darnell from your team, you could just give me a ranking of people you’d want to replace him with, and I’ll give you the first one that works. (e.g. Just tell me “I want either 1) player X, 2) player Y, 3) player Z”.)

          1. Anna, Caleb, Kyle, Peter

            I think that is free, but just in case my rankings to replace Darnell are 1) Peter 2) Michelle 3) Neal, 4) Jennifer 5) Julie and after that I will just lose.

            Thanks for allowing this craziness.

  10. Whoops, posted on the main pick-4 article. Eh, I’m sure you’ll see it with your site omnipotencey.

    1. I did, although that’s not always a guarantee. If I ever miss anything, just reply to one of my comments so I get a notification.

  11. Ha! I am beating the Turgid Legume in the Champions League! Not sure how long this will last, but I will gloat while I can!

  12. Aubrey gives me pause and Debb might already be on the outs, but I’m not too unhappy with my picks so far.

      1. Oy, Nick. Something about him rubs me the wrong way, and he’s one of those superfans where it could go either way.

  13. Last minute pick-four switch-up. Can I swap Liz for Anna? Then my four would be – Anna, Caleb, Jennifer, Neal.

    1. Sorry, that combo was already selected by Jeff Probst’s Hairpiece (which is an amazing sentence to get to write). Anybody else you’d want in that spot?

  14. Which post has the current pick four teams? Would like to get one in before the episode tonight, since I’m unlikely to be t4 in the champions league.

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