Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 3

Uh oh, this is going to be a brutal week for a lot of you. You may want to cover your eyes for this one.

Remember last week when I showed you which players were the most popular selections in our fantasy league?

Kaoh Rong before after episode 1
Ruh roh.

There were 66 of you with Liz on your team- nearly half the teams in the league. Much like last season, when Varner went home early and decimated half the league’s fantasy teams, this one is gonna hurt.

Individual scoring table

A nice easy week for fantasy scoring again: 3 points for Beauty, 2 points for Brawn, 1 point for the Brains that aren’t named Peter or Liz. And an additional 3 points to Kyle and Tai for acquiring idols. The week 3 scoreboard:

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Total

Pick-4 League

One of the people that was tied for first place last week is now in 97th place (sucks to be you, Alkanarra), so this week’s episode definitely shook up the standings. And we’ve gone from a 32-way tie for first to just three people tied for the top spot.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1EmAndScoutInBKAnna- 8Kyle- 7Michele- 8Tai- 1134
1Jacob SWAnna- 8Julia- 8Kyle- 7Tai- 1134
1dig dougAnna- 8Caleb- 8Kyle- 7Tai- 1134
4Barbara AndersonAubry- 6Julia- 8Michele- 8Tai- 1133
4Ethan KyleJoe- 6Julia- 8Nick- 8Tai- 1133
4macontosh2000Anna- 8Aubry- 6Michele- 8Tai- 1133
7Random LuckJulia- 8Nick- 8Peter- 5Tai- 1132
7LukaAnna- 8Caleb- 8Julia- 8Michele- 832
7Purple Rock MarkAubry- 6Julia- 8Kyle- 7Tai- 1132
7David GadeAnna- 8Kyle- 7Neal- 6Tai- 1132
7HeisenbergAnna- 8Debbie- 6Kyle- 7Tai- 1132
12antikontiKyle- 7Liz- 5Michele- 8Tai- 1131
12Dr.HorribleAnna- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 5Tai- 1131
12Poor Sheltered HomeschoolerAnna- 8Kyle- 7Peter- 5Tai- 1131
12LillewieAnna- 8Julia- 8Kyle- 7Michele- 831
16Audrey RatajackAubry- 6Julia- 8Liz- 5Tai- 1130
16HectorTheWellEndowedLiz- 5Michele- 8Neal- 6Tai- 1130
16Derek WilliamsonAnna- 8Joe- 6Liz- 5Tai- 1130
16Malcolm is my CopilotJoe- 6Kyle- 7Neal- 6Tai- 1130
16Everyone is someoneJulia- 8Nick- 8Scot- 3Tai- 1130
21DinoAnna- 8Liz- 5Peter- 5Tai- 1129
21LouieLeeLiz- 5Michele- 8Peter- 5Tai- 1129
21IneAnna- 8Julia- 8Liz- 5Michele- 829
21ShitShowAnna- 8Julia- 8Liz- 5Nick- 829
21Kent McKAnna- 8Caleb- 8Debbie- 6Kyle- 729
21tanjaAnna- 8Kyle- 7Michele- 8Neal- 629
21prettyboyprobstAnna- 8Kyle- 7Neal- 6Nick- 829
21ebolamonkey84Anna- 8Aubry- 6Kyle- 7Michele- 829
21Other ScottAnna- 8Kyle- 7Scot- 3Tai- 1129
30Joseph FinnAubry- 6Debbie- 6Peter- 5Tai- 1128
30Max_JetsAnna- 8Aubry- 6Joe- 6Michele- 828
30rygelAubry- 6Caleb- 8Neal- 6Nick- 828
30WampusAnna- 8Aubry- 6Michele- 8Neal- 628
30PeachykeeneAlecia- 4Michele- 8Peter- 5Tai- 1128
30Anna RAnna- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 5Michele- 828
30RickyBAnna- 8Caleb- 8Kyle- 7Peter- 528
30CountBulletsulaCaleb- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 5Michele- 828
30indescribable hatAnna- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 5Nick- 828
30Purple Rock MattAnna- 8Kyle- 7Nick- 8Peter- 528
30m0nit0rmanCydney- 4Michele- 8Peter- 5Tai- 1128
30KingoftongaJulia- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 5Nick- 828
30Joel GaastraAnna- 8Kyle- 7Michele- 8Peter- 528
30Survivor squidAnna- 8Caleb- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 528
30Banana TeamAnna- 8Julia- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 528
30Marco LemaAlecia- 4Anna- 8Michele- 8Nick- 828
46Tamir MAnna- 8Neal- 6Nick- 8Peter- 527
46MalcolmJoe- 6Julia- 8Nick- 8Peter- 527
46Mikdyer252Anna- 8Aubry- 6Julia- 8Liz- 527
46JimJulia- 8Liz- 5Michele- 8Neal- 627
46Diego ArmandoAnna- 8Liz- 5Michele- 8Neal- 627
46Sinan FaiadAnna- 8Aubry- 6Liz- 5Michele- 827
46Arran MilneAnna- 8Caleb- 8Liz- 5Neal- 627
46IcarusArtsAnna- 8Liz- 5Neal- 6Nick- 827
46Purple Rock JohnAubry- 6Kyle- 7Michele- 8Neal- 627
46Prom KingAnna- 8Aubry- 6Kyle- 7Neal- 627
46Skip, In Outer SpaceJoe- 6Kyle- 7Michele- 8Neal- 627
46kristanmarieCydney- 4Kyle- 7Liz- 5Tai- 1127
58Crom DeluiseAubry- 6Debbie- 6Joe- 6Nick- 826
58torchoflawAnna- 8Julia- 8Liz- 5Peter- 526
58RobothouseAnna- 8Liz- 5Nick- 8Peter- 526
58gouisAnna- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 5Neal- 626
58Maulik ShahAnna- 8Joe- 6Kyle- 7Liz- 526
58Chase SAnna- 8Aubry- 6Kyle- 7Liz- 526
58Scarlett3639Aubry- 6Jennifer- 1Julia- 8Tai- 1126
65Ara MorinAubry- 6Liz- 5Michele- 8Neal- 625
65John BelzAubry- 6Michele- 8Neal- 6Peter- 525
65Purple Rock EmmaKyle- 7Liz- 5Michele- 8Peter- 525
65itsafuckingSTICKAnna- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 5Peter- 525
65Ms_WoozahAnna- 8Cydney- 4Michele- 8Peter- 525
65Friend ChooserCydney- 4Michele- 8Nick- 8Peter- 525
65SirLiveAlotCydney- 4Julia- 8Nick- 8Peter- 525
65bder19Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Julia- 8Nick- 825
65True AlainerAlecia- 4Anna- 8Kyle- 7Neal- 625
65hornacekAlecia- 4Cydney- 4Neal- 6Tai- 1125
65BananaGrubCydney- 4Kyle- 7Michele- 8Neal- 625
76Lauren MLiz- 5Neal- 6Nick- 8Peter- 524
76Kevin MAnna- 8Liz- 5Neal- 6Peter- 524
76Mike HirschAnna- 8Aubry- 6Cydney- 4Neal- 624
76Drums XDebbie- 6Jennifer- 1Joe- 6Tai- 1124
76Crystal LynneAnna- 8Liz- 5Nick- 8Scot- 324
76SueSurvivorAnna- 8Liz- 5Michele- 8Scot- 324
76AshCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 7Michele- 824
83Josh PotterJoe- 6Kyle- 7Liz- 5Peter- 523
83jackdw97Cydney- 4Liz- 5Michele- 8Neal- 623
83Something QuirkyCydney- 4Michele- 8Neal- 6Peter- 523
83Thethings Wedo4LoveAlecia- 4Caleb- 8Neal- 6Peter- 523
83Bieber FeverCaleb- 8Cydney- 4Neal- 6Peter- 523
83Doctor WuAubry- 6Julia- 8Neal- 6Scot- 323
83MrBurkesButtonsJoe- 6Julia- 8Neal- 6Scot- 323
83Adli HanifAnna- 8Aubry- 6Jennifer- 1Michele- 823
83Jeff Probst's HairpieceAnna- 8Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Neal- 623
83DukeSilverTrioCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Michele- 8Neal- 623
83WagnerAubry- 6Darnell- 0Debbie- 6Tai- 1123
83Survivor CentralAnna- 8Kyle- 7Peter- 5Scot- 323
83EemelimansikkaAnna- 8Kyle- 7Liz- 5Scot- 323
83Fishbach Was HereCaleb- 8Kyle- 7Peter- 5Scot- 323
97AlkanarraDebbie- 6Liz- 5Neal- 6Peter- 522
97Anndré BressanCydney- 4Julia- 8Liz- 5Peter- 522
97aj hillerLiz- 5Michele- 8Neal- 6Scot- 322
97Kemper BoydJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 8Nick- 822
97Black DynamiteAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Nick- 8Peter- 522
97tigersmidnightAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Michele- 8Peter- 522
97ZC7Anna- 8Jennifer- 1Julia- 8Liz- 522
97tocantinsJennifer- 1Julia- 8Nick- 8Peter- 522
97DrVanNostrandAnna- 8Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Peter- 522
97ryell-00Anna- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 822
97cazkayeAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 822
97JacksDadCydney- 4Kyle- 7Liz- 5Neal- 622
97heartbreakingowlCydney- 4Joe- 6Kyle- 7Liz- 522
97Saturday Evening PalsyJennifer- 1Kyle- 7Neal- 6Nick- 822
97quinnAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 7Neal- 622
97Jenifer PullmanCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 7Neal- 622
97DezbotCydney- 4Jennifer- 1Neal- 6Tai- 1122
114DutchAnna- 8Debbie- 6Jennifer- 1Neal- 621
114Jacob.CunninghamCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Joe- 6Neal- 621
114free7694Liz- 5Michele- 8Peter- 5Scot- 321
114KeepCalmAndHodorOnAnna- 8Darnell- 0Liz- 5Michele- 821
114Assistant Dragon SlayerAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 7Liz- 521
114KAL BJennifer- 1Kyle- 7Michele- 8Peter- 521
114vaderdawsnCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 7Peter- 521
114IspeakllamaJennifer- 1Kyle- 7Liz- 5Michele- 821
114KateDarnell- 0Joe- 6Kyle- 7Michele- 821
123NearlyNinaCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 620
123turgid_legumeJennifer- 1Neal- 6Nick- 8Peter- 520
123sweaterfanDebbie- 6Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 820
123bassmanxviJennifer- 1Joe- 6Liz- 5Michele- 820
123SG StandardAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 620
123BoooournsAubry- 6Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 520
123Untitled Clint Howard ProjectJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 8Neal- 620
123Come On In HereDebbie- 6Jennifer- 1Joe- 6Kyle- 720
123NrocketAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Michele- 8Scot- 320
123Special Agent PhileAlecia- 4Caleb- 8Darnell- 0Nick- 820
123Will HolstonAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Kyle- 7Michele- 820
134corndogshuffleAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 519
134KevinJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 8Peter- 519
134Violina23Jennifer- 1Kyle- 7Neal- 6Peter- 519
134RoswulfAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Michele- 8Neal- 619
134No Eyes in BlindfoldAlecia- 4Aubry- 6Jennifer- 1Michele- 819
134Survivor FanCaleb- 8Cydney- 4Jennifer- 1Neal- 619
134Yangbang'dDarnell- 0Debbie- 6Kyle- 7Neal- 619
134SybilAubry- 6Darnell- 0Debbie- 6Kyle- 719
142TiminSoCalDebbie- 6Jennifer- 1Joe- 6Liz- 518
142PuddinSnack1Jennifer- 1Joe- 6Liz- 5Neal- 618
142fransesquaJennifer- 1Kyle- 7Liz- 5Peter- 518
142Ryan DeschampAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 818
142WelldressedEvilCaleb- 8Cydney- 4Jennifer- 1Peter- 518
142forever1267Aubry- 6Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Scot- 318
148Disgruntled GoatJennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 6Peter- 517
148ExtraLargePelicanAnna- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Scot- 317
150GeorgeCydney- 4Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 515
150Lira2012Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 6Scot- 315
150Rob BrodeurDarnell- 0Jennifer- 1Michele- 8Neal- 615
153this bear is tops bloobyCydney- 4Jennifer- 1Joe- 6Scot- 314

Champions League

Emma breathed a sigh of relief after the season premiere because she’d changed her pick from Darnell to Liz. Last week she lost Jennifer. This week she lost Liz. And just like that, the all-time leader in Champions League points is out of the league next season.

Saturday Night Palsy takes a commanding (at least for this stage of the game) 6-point lead thanks to having two players from the indomitable Beauty tribe.

KR Champions week 3

Outcast League

Diego Armando moves into pole position with his team of lovable misfits. Meanwhile, XL Pelican’s strategy of picking young and attractive players seems to have failed him this season.

KR Outcasts week 3

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59 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 3

  1. Kyle? Don’t you mean Jason? Just kidding, good for you for sticking to your guns.

    Next week I hope you mention if anyone’s picks are the first 4 boots/evacuees. That person deserves some sort of honorable mention.

    1. I’d have to go back and check to see if people had Darnell before switching off of him after the first episode. But we’ve got people that have 2 players gone already.

      1. Having all someone with all 4 players gone after week 5 seems like a real possibility this year.

        1. Many of the people who had both Jenny and Liz tripled-down on “pretty brunette” and also picked either Anna or Michele, so they would seem to be safe for now (full disclosure: I’m one of them). I think the player to watch is Ryan Deschamp (Alecia, Jenny, Liz, Nick).

    2. So far I’ve had all 3 boots on my pick 4. (I had Darnell, was able to switch that spot to Jennifer, and I already had Liz.)

      1. I’m pulling for you Disgruntled Goat. I want the perfect imperfect game to happen so badly.

        1. The next 2 boots would have to be Peter and Neal. The hand of the evac they showed in the preview was white, so it’s not Peter. It would have to be Neal to continue my imperfection (and I seriously doubt that it is, my guess is that it’s Joe).

        2. I had Jenny and Joe initially, then replaced Joe with Liz, but at no point did I have Darrell, so both my regular bracket and my George Costanza bracket are completely broken.

  2. Just so you all know, my Outcasts League team is called “Beauty and the Beast”-not because Joe is an ugly beast, but because he is a strong beast. I am hoping that they do well in this season so I can justify having a nickname for my team.

  3. This will likely be the only time I will be the solo first place player in any league, so I will bask in my almost certainly short lived glory.

  4. I dropped 96 spots and all I got was a lousy shout out.

    I guess it’s time for Debbie to make up for destroying her own team. Never thought three episodes in that she’d be my only hope.

    1. I honestly wouldn’t even have noticed other than your team was still showing up first in my spreadsheet before I sorted by the new point totals.

      1. Oh, I’m just kidding; I’m actually flattered my failure has been so properly documented. As for being first last week, I just assumed it was a sign of my good fortunes to come. Which, you know, oops.

        1. Much like the Survivor producers/editors, I’m all about setting people up for a fall.

          Last season I spent multiple posts jinxing someone in one of our leagues by claiming he couldn’t possibly lose.

          1. So the opposite is clearly in play then, which means that by you pointing out my failure…. I’m now guaranteed to win?

    1. You won Pick 4 last year and your Champions League team is just fine. You lose rights to complain about pick 4 until at least next season, I think. Should be a rule.

  5. Well there are many teams in this league and mine is certainly one of them. At least my winner pick it’s still in!

  6. Ah the good old week 3 100 spot jump. I feel like I’m into this now.

    (Waiting for one of my players to get inevitably medevac’d next week).

  7. My pick 4 has been flushed down the crapper, but I’m feeling good about my Champs picks. I just hope that’s not Beast Mode Cowboy that’s getting the evac next week.

  8. I am horrifically bad at fantasy leagues, demonstrated by the fact that I originally had Darnell instead of Jason. I will relish this moment. BASKING IN SHORT-LIVED GLORY.

  9. This may be the first time I have ever been in first place. We’ll see how long it lasts.

    I was genuinely surprised at how many people picked Liz. She’s clearly ultra smart, but there was something about her affect that seemed a little off to me. She seems like a genuinely likable person who doesn’t trust her natural likability, and ends up trying a little too hard. I bet she would be great to hang around with in real life, but I’m not surprised she rubbed people the wrong way on Survivor.

    1. That was pretty similar to my take on her. Watching her video, I felt like personally I’d be fine with hanging out with her, but that she probably couldn’t “slum it” with non-intellectuals (which certainly isn’t a problem exclusive to just her). Like I imagine she has plenty of friends and is very charming with them, but they’re also all very well-educated.

      1. That’s not a fatal flaw, though (Yul, Sophie, Denise). Plus she was on a “Brains” tribe, she wasn’t dealing with the likes of Caleb or Alecia yet. Her mistake was to form a third pair with Fauxbama instead of sticking with Neal and Aubrey and pushing him overboard. I feel like the show short-changed showing us what she did to alienate people, but it’s obvious now that it’s because she was ultimately irrelevant to the game.

        1. I’m curious about that characterization of Yul. Certainly many of his key ties were with other intellectual types- Penner, Sundra, Becky- but he also managed to build important working relationships with very different people like Cao Boi and Ozzy. Having preferences for certain kinds of people is inevitable, but you need to be able to cross divides without reading as contemptuous or fake.

          This has been your occasional reminder that Yul was really good at Survivor.

          1. Oh, I will definitely co-sign all of that. I’m more thinking of winners who are both super-duper intelligent and seem to have little patience for dummies IRL. Yul and Denise were both empathetic enough and game-smart enough not to let that show (Sophie maybe not so much, but she only needed a better social game than Coach, Albert, and Ozzy). And it’s a testament to Cochran’s gregariousness that I didn’t even think to include him in this category until just now.

          2. Yeah, I see Liz as an Al Gore type — a sincere and kind person who is good at connecting with fellow intellectuals, but who somehow comes across to non-intellectuals as phony and/or smug. Whereas Yul and Denise are more like Bill Clinton, in that they’re able to turn down the Cerebration dial and turn up the Empathy dial in a more natural-seeming way.

            I want to complete my analogy but I’m having a hard time figuring out which politician Sophie is most like. Maybe Barnie Frank or Al Franken: she doesn’t try to hide that she’s smarter than you, but she’s funny enough that you don’t resent her for it.

    1. Well, at least the Giants look good this year. It helps that the Dodgers lost their second best player.

        1. Hopefully that will be enough to power through the Cubs. That is a tall order though.

          The Tigers look good on paper, but our division is now really dificult. I could see us placing just about anywhere this year.

  10. I dropped to 83 and I have all my players! Hector lost one, but he has Tai, with our other two picks being the same, and he’s 16.
    (At least we’re only 7 points apart.)

  11. I don’t think my placement has ever been above 67, so this is a shining moment. Watch it all go to hell.

  12. John, as league commissioner have you ever considered awarding points for the person whose quote becomes the episode title? I know this league scores based on game play, rather than production, but I would advocate that this would be one production item worth awarding. At least that’s what I thought last night as I heard Tai utter the phrase “circle of life”.

  13. As driver of the Debbie bandwagon, I say, “there’s still a lot of game to be played yet, kiddos!” I know all too well that 1st place means nothing in Fantasy Survivor. Only 113 spots to go!

    On a side note, I’m loving the search feature in the pick 4 rankings table!

  14. For fun, my medical predictions:

    Joseph will get evac-ed. He’ll push himself too hard during a pre-merge challenge.
    Caleb will get an IV. It’ll be in his right arm, but he’ll be okay.
    Aubry will get medical attention. It’ll be like her episode 1 meltdown, and she’ll choose to quit.
    Neal will get a gnarly infection on his leg despite his ice cream pants.

  15. You know, there is no possible way to have more points than I do in the Champions League. I’ve gotten really good at this.

      1. Okay, it took me eleven hours to get that joke. Maybe I am brawn material after all.

  16. Ughhhh I’m not even looking to see where I am. If only I’d been successful in swapping Liz and hadn’t stuck to my guns with Jenny (I had an inkling something wasn’t quite right, but I blamed it on the whole bug in ear fiasco cause I wanted to keep her). Also I’m pretty sure the medical evacuation is one of the two players I have left. So after next episode I’ll likely have Mr. Ice cream pants and that’s it…

  17. I’m OK with this so far. Aubry isn’t lighting the world on fire, but I have Tai and all four still so I’m good.

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