Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 4

The nerds are winning, the strong pretty man is evacuated, and up is down in the Survivor universe.

Caleb and Alecia combined weren’t on even half as many teams as Liz was, so this week isn’t going to be that bad for most of you. Well, there will be one depressing thing, but I’ll save that for when we get to the Pick-4 results.

Individual scoring table

Brains won a three-tribe immunity (3 points) and a reward (1 point). Beauty got second place in a three-tribe immunity (2 points for everyone but Caleb). And three members of Brawn got 1 point each for doing something they should have done on day three. The week 4 scoreboard:

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Total

Pick-4 League

Here’s something fun: All but three of you are losing to a team that was generated by a computer. And not even a computer that was putting any sort of analysis into the selections- it was just randomly selecting names from the list of all 18 players. This is probably how Skynet started. Stay woke, everyone.

Anyway, three-way tie for first this week, with Barbara Anderson (fresh off of her participation in the International Women’s Day chat), Ethan Kyle, and macontosh2000 just a point ahead of the computer. Joseph Finn is tied with the computer.

But there’s another important story to follow here: Ryan Deschamp and the quest for the imperfect game. As you all know, you can change your teams after the first episode. Since that time, Ryan’s team has every player that has been voted out so far (Caleb wasn’t voted out). If Nick goes home next, Ryan might be our first-ever imperfect game (selecting the first four players voted out).

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1Barbara AndersonAubry- 10Julia- 10Michele- 10Tai- 1343
1Ethan KyleJoe- 10Julia- 10Nick- 10Tai- 1343
1macontosh2000Anna- 10Aubry- 10Michele- 10Tai- 1343
4Random LuckJulia- 10Nick- 10Peter- 9Tai- 1342
4Joseph FinnAubry- 10Debbie- 10Peter- 9Tai- 1342
6EmAndScoutInBKAnna- 10Kyle- 8Michele- 10Tai- 1341
6Jacob SWAnna- 10Julia- 10Kyle- 8Tai- 1341
6Purple Rock MarkAubry- 10Julia- 10Kyle- 8Tai- 1341
6David GadeAnna- 10Kyle- 8Neal- 10Tai- 1341
6HeisenbergAnna- 10Debbie- 10Kyle- 8Tai- 1341
6Malcolm is my CopilotJoe- 10Kyle- 8Neal- 10Tai- 1341
12Poor Sheltered HomeschoolerAnna- 10Kyle- 8Peter- 9Tai- 1340
12Max_JetsAnna- 10Aubry- 10Joe- 10Michele- 1040
12WampusAnna- 10Aubry- 10Michele- 10Neal- 1040
12Crom DeluiseAubry- 10Debbie- 10Joe- 10Nick- 1040
16dig dougAnna- 10Caleb- 8Kyle- 8Tai- 1339
16Tamir MAnna- 10Neal- 10Nick- 10Peter- 939
16MalcolmJoe- 10Julia- 10Nick- 10Peter- 939
16John BelzAubry- 10Michele- 10Neal- 10Peter- 939
20LukaAnna- 10Caleb- 8Julia- 10Michele- 1038
20LillewieAnna- 10Julia- 10Kyle- 8Michele- 1038
20Audrey RatajackAubry- 10Julia- 10Liz- 5Tai- 1338
20HectorTheWellEndowedLiz- 5Michele- 10Neal- 10Tai- 1338
20Derek WilliamsonAnna- 10Joe- 10Liz- 5Tai- 1338
20tanjaAnna- 10Kyle- 8Michele- 10Neal- 1038
20prettyboyprobstAnna- 10Kyle- 8Neal- 10Nick- 1038
20ebolamonkey84Anna- 10Aubry- 10Kyle- 8Michele- 1038
20rygelAubry- 10Caleb- 8Neal- 10Nick- 1038
20Purple Rock JohnAubry- 10Kyle- 8Michele- 10Neal- 1038
20Prom KingAnna- 10Aubry- 10Kyle- 8Neal- 1038
20Skip, In Outer SpaceJoe- 10Kyle- 8Michele- 10Neal- 1038
32Everyone is someoneJulia- 10Nick- 10Scot- 4Tai- 1337
32DinoAnna- 10Liz- 5Peter- 9Tai- 1337
32LouieLeeLiz- 5Michele- 10Peter- 9Tai- 1337
32Purple Rock MattAnna- 10Kyle- 8Nick- 10Peter- 937
32m0nit0rmanCydney- 5Michele- 10Peter- 9Tai- 1337
32Joel GaastraAnna- 10Kyle- 8Michele- 10Peter- 937
38antikontiKyle- 8Liz- 5Michele- 10Tai- 1336
38Dr.HorribleAnna- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 5Tai- 1336
38Kent McKAnna- 10Caleb- 8Debbie- 10Kyle- 836
38PeachykeeneAlecia- 4Michele- 10Peter- 9Tai- 1336
42IneAnna- 10Julia- 10Liz- 5Michele- 1035
42ShitShowAnna- 10Julia- 10Liz- 5Nick- 1035
42Other ScottAnna- 10Kyle- 8Scot- 4Tai- 1335
42RickyBAnna- 10Caleb- 8Kyle- 8Peter- 935
42Mikdyer252Anna- 10Aubry- 10Julia- 10Liz- 535
42JimJulia- 10Liz- 5Michele- 10Neal- 1035
42Diego ArmandoAnna- 10Liz- 5Michele- 10Neal- 1035
42Sinan FaiadAnna- 10Aubry- 10Liz- 5Michele- 1035
42IcarusArtsAnna- 10Liz- 5Neal- 10Nick- 1035
42Ara MorinAubry- 10Liz- 5Michele- 10Neal- 1035
42Mike HirschAnna- 10Aubry- 10Cydney- 5Neal- 1035
53Marco LemaAlecia- 4Anna- 10Michele- 10Nick- 1034
53torchoflawAnna- 10Julia- 10Liz- 5Peter- 934
53RobothouseAnna- 10Liz- 5Nick- 10Peter- 934
53Scarlett3639Aubry- 10Jennifer- 1Julia- 10Tai- 1334
53Ms_WoozahAnna- 10Cydney- 5Michele- 10Peter- 934
53Friend ChooserCydney- 5Michele- 10Nick- 10Peter- 934
53SirLiveAlotCydney- 5Julia- 10Nick- 10Peter- 934
53Lauren MLiz- 5Neal- 10Nick- 10Peter- 934
53Kevin MAnna- 10Liz- 5Neal- 10Peter- 934
53Drums XDebbie- 10Jennifer- 1Joe- 10Tai- 1334
53Something QuirkyCydney- 5Michele- 10Neal- 10Peter- 934
53Doctor WuAubry- 10Julia- 10Neal- 10Scot- 434
53MrBurkesButtonsJoe- 10Julia- 10Neal- 10Scot- 434
53AlkanarraDebbie- 10Liz- 5Neal- 10Peter- 934
67Anna RAnna- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 5Michele- 1033
67indescribable hatAnna- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 5Nick- 1033
67KingoftongaJulia- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 5Nick- 1033
67Banana TeamAnna- 10Julia- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 533
67Arran MilneAnna- 10Caleb- 8Liz- 5Neal- 1033
67gouisAnna- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 5Neal- 1033
67Maulik ShahAnna- 10Joe- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 533
67Chase SAnna- 10Aubry- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 533
67BananaGrubCydney- 5Kyle- 8Michele- 10Neal- 1033
67WagnerAubry- 10Darnell- 0Debbie- 10Tai- 1333
77Purple Rock EmmaKyle- 8Liz- 5Michele- 10Peter- 932
77itsafuckingSTICKAnna- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 5Peter- 932
77True AlainerAlecia- 4Anna- 10Kyle- 8Neal- 1032
77hornacekAlecia- 4Cydney- 5Neal- 10Tai- 1332
77Josh PotterJoe- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 5Peter- 932
77Bieber FeverCaleb- 8Cydney- 5Neal- 10Peter- 932
83CountBulletsulaCaleb- 8Kyle- 8Liz- 5Michele- 1031
83Survivor squidAnna- 10Caleb- 8Kyle- 8Liz- 531
83kristanmarieCydney- 5Kyle- 8Liz- 5Tai- 1331
83Thethings Wedo4LoveAlecia- 4Caleb- 8Neal- 10Peter- 931
83Adli HanifAnna- 10Aubry- 10Jennifer- 1Michele- 1031
83Survivor CentralAnna- 10Kyle- 8Peter- 9Scot- 431
83DutchAnna- 10Debbie- 10Jennifer- 1Neal- 1031
90jackdw97Cydney- 5Liz- 5Michele- 10Neal- 1030
90Black DynamiteAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Nick- 10Peter- 930
90tigersmidnightAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Michele- 10Peter- 930
90tocantinsJennifer- 1Julia- 10Nick- 10Peter- 930
90turgid_legumeJennifer- 1Neal- 10Nick- 10Peter- 930
95bder19Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Julia- 10Nick- 1029
95Crystal LynneAnna- 10Liz- 5Nick- 10Scot- 429
95SueSurvivorAnna- 10Liz- 5Michele- 10Scot- 429
95Jeff Probst's HairpieceAnna- 10Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Neal- 1029
95DukeSilverTrioCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Michele- 10Neal- 1029
95Fishbach Was HereCaleb- 8Kyle- 8Peter- 9Scot- 429
95Anndré BressanCydney- 5Julia- 10Liz- 5Peter- 929
95aj hillerLiz- 5Michele- 10Neal- 10Scot- 429
95Saturday Evening PalsyJennifer- 1Kyle- 8Neal- 10Nick- 1029
95quinnAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Kyle- 8Neal- 1029
95DezbotCydney- 5Jennifer- 1Neal- 10Tai- 1329
95Jacob.CunninghamCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Joe- 10Neal- 1029
95Come On In HereDebbie- 10Jennifer- 1Joe- 10Kyle- 829
108Special Agent PhileCaleb- 8Cydney- 5Liz- 5Neal- 1028
108DrVanNostrandAnna- 10Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Peter- 928
108JacksDadCydney- 5Kyle- 8Liz- 5Neal- 1028
108heartbreakingowlCydney- 5Joe- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 528
108free7694Liz- 5Michele- 10Peter- 9Scot- 428
108KAL BJennifer- 1Kyle- 8Michele- 10Peter- 928
108KateDarnell- 0Joe- 10Kyle- 8Michele- 1028
108Violina23Jennifer- 1Kyle- 8Neal- 10Peter- 928
108Yangbang'dDarnell- 0Debbie- 10Kyle- 8Neal- 1028
108SybilAubry- 10Darnell- 0Debbie- 10Kyle- 828
118AshCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 8Michele- 1027
118EemelimansikkaAnna- 10Kyle- 8Liz- 5Scot- 427
118Jenifer PullmanCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 8Neal- 1027
121Kemper BoydJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 10Nick- 1026
121ZC7Anna- 10Jennifer- 1Julia- 10Liz- 526
121ryell-00Anna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 1026
121cazkayeAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 1026
121vaderdawsnCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 8Peter- 926
121sweaterfanDebbie- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 1026
121bassmanxviJennifer- 1Joe- 10Liz- 5Michele- 1026
121SG StandardAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 1026
121Untitled Clint Howard ProjectJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 10Neal- 1026
121TiminSoCalDebbie- 10Jennifer- 1Joe- 10Liz- 526
121PuddinSnack1Jennifer- 1Joe- 10Liz- 5Neal- 1026
132KeepCalmAndHodorOnAnna- 10Darnell- 0Liz- 5Michele- 1025
132NrocketAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Michele- 10Scot- 425
132corndogshuffleAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 925
132KevinJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 10Peter- 925
132RoswulfAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Michele- 10Neal- 1025
132No Eyes in BlindfoldAlecia- 4Aubry- 10Jennifer- 1Michele- 1025
132Disgruntled GoatJennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 10Peter- 925
139Assistant Dragon SlayerAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Kyle- 8Liz- 524
139IspeakllamaJennifer- 1Kyle- 8Liz- 5Michele- 1024
139NearlyNinaCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 1024
139BoooournsAubry- 10Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 524
139Survivor FanCaleb- 8Cydney- 5Jennifer- 1Neal- 1024
144Will HolstonAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Kyle- 8Michele- 1023
144fransesquaJennifer- 1Kyle- 8Liz- 5Peter- 923
144WelldressedEvilCaleb- 8Cydney- 5Jennifer- 1Peter- 923
144forever1267Aubry- 10Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Scot- 423
148Rob BrodeurDarnell- 0Jennifer- 1Michele- 10Neal- 1021
149Ryan DeschampAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 1020
149ExtraLargePelicanAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Scot- 420
149GeorgeCydney- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 920
149Lira2012Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 10Scot- 420
149this bear is tops bloobyCydney- 5Jennifer- 1Joe- 10Scot- 420

Champions League

Just as beauty can get you ahead in life, so it is with the Champions League. Saturday Night Palsy remains in first with his two Beauty tribe members. TiminSoCal, with the two Old Brains, is somehow in second place.

KR Champions week 4

Outcast League

Down go XL Pelican and sharculese! Two birds, one stone, as it were (or a bird and a shark). Better luck next time, gentlemen. Diego Armando remains in the lead, with the Praying Mantis Crew close behind.

KR Outcasts week 4

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57 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 4

  1. For then first time ever I have actually survived week 4 without losing a member, unfortunately I seem to have accidentally picked a robot instead of a human in my panic for a last member

  2. Things are looking great for me. If I hadn’t botched week 1, I’d be pretty much untouchable by this point. We are supposed to pick the first four players out of the game, right?

  3. I really thought Alecia could go deep in the game and be like Abi was on the last season for my team, but that didn’t happen. Now I’m screwed =/

    1. Not as screwed as me.

      For a minute there I thought I was going to lose BOTH of my picks to evacs in the same episode. That would have been a first.

      1. hahaha yeah, I feel for you. Caleb and Cydney were both doing great, I actually think this could be a winner team. and it must be tough to lose a player this way.

        1. It is frustrating, but it’s Caleb’s own damn fault. He was running around like a lunatic trying to get that last ball to fall in. And for one of the shittiest rewards ever.

          1. This is why competitions have medical teams to make independent assessments: because competitors will jeopardize their health to compete. That’s why we don’t leave it up to them if they want to play with a concussion.

  4. Well, if nothing else, Caleb’s exit proves that I don’t read pre-season spoilers.

    I still contend that Caleb was a great pick for the Champs league. If the big dummy hadn’t nearly killed himself trying to win fucking COFFEE, he was going deep into the game. He would have had strong numbers going into the merge and was capable of winning individual immunity challenges. He was never going to win, but he could have racked up a lot of fantasy points.

          1. I bet the clue was in the first place kitchen kit. Speaking of which, Brains still has not found their idol. I have a weird feeling that Jason finds it and uses it.

  5. I think this is the furthest I’ve gotten without a loss. Shame I’m stuck with Scot in Outcasts, though. All height, no points.

      1. Hey, he was a champion as he proclaimed loudly to Alecia. A champion of sitting on the bench.

  6. I’m conflicted. I have Scot on my Champions league team but I hate him so much after that last episode. At this point I think I would rather my team lose than to see him go far. (For that pick there were only two players left, him and Aubrey. Obviously I made the wrong choice, at least from a human decency standpoint if not from a points generating standpoint.)

  7. I still think Random Chance should be eligible for the Champions League. It would be great to have a random number generator possibly be the top fantasy player on the site.

    1. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!

      I think we were saying that Kemper couldn’t get into Champions for Random Chance winning. But letting a random generator draft a team? GOLD

      1. I did say if Random Luck got into the CL and was allowed to enter I would random generate a list, post it and when it was Random Luck’s go the highest available player on the “big board” would be selected.
        But it was decided Random Luck will be a Pick 4 only player. It is also destroying me, so in September my own team my be selected this way

    2. Unfortunately the ability to enter this team was down to an agreement with John I wouldn’t then be eligible for the draft as Random Luck.

  8. Was the Random team drafted with all available combinations? Or were some already taken? If the later, it’s even more of an indictment of our abilities.

    1. I think there were only 1-2 teams chosen before the random team selected. You should still take it as an indictment of your abilities, though.

    2. After getting burned by basing my team selections on the RHAP preseason analysis, I’ve been picking my teams at random too.

    3. I selected it about 3 minutes after the game was opened like the nerdy loser that I am. I even started a disqus account just to do it. For your info I put all their names into a random name generator and the first 4 names to come out of it were the team.

    1. I was that guy a few seasons back…..take it from personal experience, it will likely be short lived.

      1. My first season in Pick-4, I won and went to Champions League, which I fell out of at the end of the season and haven’t gotten back into since, as I don’t think I’ve gotten above #4 at any point during the seasons since.

          1. This is comforting because I think I do worse every time. Maybe I’m just doing the same against a better field!

  9. How do we change our teams? I can replace Jennifer on my team now? First time playing, so I don’t know all the ins and outs. Thanks!

  10. I have no idea how this will affect people’s standings, so I swear I’m coming from a place of objectivity: shouldn’t points for reward challenges be adjusted when there are more than two tribes competing, similar to adjustment for immunity challenges involving multiple tribes? In a three tribe reward challenge, I’m envisioning 2 points for first place, 1 point for second, and 0 for third. It seems wrong for Beauty to get no points for the reward challenge despite their having performed better than Brawn.

      1. I wasn’t playing along back then so I have no clue, but I apologize if it’s already been decided. Looking at the rules page, though, it seems like either an unaccounted for possibility or an oversight.

        1. Yeah, it seems like both Brains and Beauty should get 2 for immunity and 1 for reward unless there’s been another change to the rules.

  11. Also I really don’t give a shit about winning, I just want to beat that motherfucking RNG as revenge for all the 1% crits during Fates

  12. Ah, that moment in first place was glorious. I now look forward to my slow and steady decline into mediocrity.

  13. Wait, I’m actually CLIMBING in the rankings? No, this doesn’t make sense at all. I’m sure one of my four will get booted next week as a course-correction.

  14. I don’t understand how Caleb doesn’t get any points, despite being in the 2nd place team in the Reward challenge, and almost killing himself to get that 2nd place?

  15. I’m in the Champions League and in second place! How long do you all think I’m going to last with my picks of Debbie and Joe?! Haha! It’s only a matter of time before Joe goes – I’m hoping Debbie lasts a while longer…

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