Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX week 1

New season, new hopes- and crippling new defeats. It’s time to change your teams!


For those of you that are new to this, you have until the second episode airs (September 28) to find me in the comments section below and give me the four names you want on your team. The teams have to be unique, so if someone already beat you to that particular group of four people you’re going to have to pick again. I’ll reply to you and let you know if you got your team. Good luck everyone!

Individual scoring table

First episodes are always so easy to score.

Millennials: 2 points (as our scoring rules state: “In a combined reward/immunity challenge with only two tribes, only immunity points will be awarded.”)

Everyone on Gen X that isn’t CeCe or Rachel: 1 point (for splitting the vote and voting out Rachel)

CeCe and Rachel: 0 points

No points are awarded for the Legacy Advantage. (We discussed advantage scoring this offseason.)

Building the table to show you the individual scores is more effort than it’s worth. That’ll start next week.

Pick-4 League

A whole lot of you are going to change your teams, so it makes no sense for me to post your team scores here. I’ll do that next week, once teams are locked. For now, here’s a list of the current* teams.

*”Current” meaning as up to date as possible. The changes and new teams come in so quickly that I can’t update the table after every team change/addition.

NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
aj hillerAdamBretChrisJessica
Maulik ShahAdamBretChrisZeke
Disgruntled GoatAdamBretHannahJessica
Survivor ClubbAdamBretJessicaMari
TJ SassAdamBretMariMichaela
No Eyes in BlindfoldAdamBretMichaelaTaylor
Survivor StickAdamCeceDavidHannah
Wife of JohnAdamCeceKenMari
Jacob BuckAdamChrisMariMichaela
Kemper BoydAdamChrisMariSunday
Duke Silver TrioAdamChrisMichaelaZeke
Survivor CentralAdamDavidFiggyZeke
Sneaky SneakyAdamDavidKenZeke
Jake ArmesAdamDavidMariMichaela
Audrey RatajackAdamFiggyMariZeke
Malcolm is my CopilotAdamHannahJayKen
HBO CEO of TitsAdamHannahMichaelaZeke
Diego ArmandoAdamHannahSundayZeke
Adli HanifAdamJayMariMichaela
Other ScottAdamJayMichaelaPaul
doctor wuAdamJessicaKenZeke
Purple Rock JohnAdamKenMariMichaela
Purple Rock MattAdamKenMariZeke
Kent McKAdamMariTaylorZeke
David GadeBretChrisDavidMari
Bieber FeverBretChrisHannahJessica
Random LuckBretChrisHannahMichelle
Mike HirschBretFiggyKenMichaela
True AlainerBretFiggyMichaelaZeke
Untitled Clint Howard ProjectBretHannahJessicaMari
K.P. WatershedBretJayMariWill
Crom DeluiseBretJayMichaelaSunday
survivor is lifeBretMariWillZeke
dig dougCeceJayMariMichaela
Sad LilCeceJessicaLucySunday
Jared HollandChrisDavidMichaelaZeke
Assistant Dragon SlayerChrisFiggyKenMichaela
Barrett VandiverChrisFiggyLucyZeke
Jenifer PullmanChrisHannahJessicaMichelle
Everyone is someoneChrisHannahPaulSunday
Ms. SweaterfanChrisJayJessicaLucy
Black DynamiteChrisJessicaMariMichaela
Chris DiorioChrisJessicaMariZeke
Come On In HereChrisJessicaMichaelaZeke
this bear is tops bloobyChrisKenMariMichaela
Zach AttackChrisKenMariZeke
nipi ipinChrisMariMichaelaZeke
Jeff Probst's HairpieceChrisMichaelaRachelZeke
Kate WeaverDavidHannahMariWill
the sky is fallingDavidMichaelaMichelleZeke
Barbara AndersonDavidMichelleSundayZeke
Ryan DeschampFiggyJayKenSunday
Joseph FinnHannahJessicaKenMari
Alycia SwiftHannahJessicaMichaelaZeke
Only Here for the AnimalsHannahJessicaMichelleSunday
Side CharacterHannahMariMichaelaWill
Purple Rock EmmaJayKenLucyMari
Prom KingJessicaKenMichaelaZeke
indescribable hatJessicaMariSundayTaylor
Crystal LynneKenLucyMariZeke
Something QuirkyKenMariMichaelaZeke
Saturday Night PalsyKenMariPaulZeke
Dr. HorribleKenMariWillZeke
Ethan KyleLucyMariMichaelaZeke
Purple Rock MarkMariMichaelaTaylorZeke
Jacob SWMariMichaelaWillZeke
Anndré BressanMichaelaRachelTaylorZeke

Champions League

In case you’re unfamiliar, the best of the best fantasy players get to take place in our Champions League each season. And our first Champions League team to lose a player is m0nit0rman, who at the very least will manage to avoid the worst-ever Champions League score of zero.


Outcasts League…s

For a while now, we’ve done an Outcasts League with players determined by an absurdly secretive and overly-complex process. This season, we ditched the complex process in favor of extending invitations to the people that had been the most active commenters here (in terms of both comments and upvotes).

Oh, and we also made two different Outcasts Leagues.

One Outcasts League is populated by The Youths. You may know them as Millennials. This league includes our own Purple Rock Emma. The other Outcasts League is filled with The Olds, sometimes referred to as Generation X. This league includes Purple Rock Matt (even though Survivor didn’t identify which generation he belongs in, Matt gets to be in this league by virtue of being older than Emma).

I should note that at least one person did notice that something seemed fishy about the drafting process, and that person was crafty Gen Xer Alycia Swift. Bravo to her for figuring out that something was up. Now, without further ado, let’s see your teams.


Tough luck, Ms_Woozah. When faced with the choice between Will or Rachel, she chose to stay true to a running joke and force Roswulf to take Will. I admire the commitment, but unfortunately it will get you zero points. And it also gave Roswulf sole possession of first place, which is weird.


Gen X

Terrible start for the man who live-blogged that premiere episode, as he gets the goose egg from Rachel. And Assistant Dragon Slayer, by virtue of having two youths on his team, takes sole possession of first place.


Selecting/Changing your teams

I’ll be checking the comments below to find changes to your teams, but if you want to guarantee that I see your changes, the easiest thing to do is to reply to my comment. (It’s the featured comment.)

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197 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX week 1

  1. If you’d like to draft a team or make changes to your existing team (and want to make absolutely sure I’ll see it), you can reply to this comment.

    1. Well, my strategy clearly worked horribly. Only Mari in my original pick is salvageable. I will stay with those I like though, going Hannah, Jessica, Mari and Michaela. (Still going for girl power.)

      1. That team is already taken by EmAndScoutInBK. (And you’re actually the 4th person to request it!)

        Also, it’s a lot easier for me to do the updates if you tell me the entire group of four you’d like.

    2. Due to disappointment with the lack of fun with Gen X I need to adjust my foursome to Figgy, Jay, Michaela, and Will.

      1. Unfortunately, that team is taken by francesqua.

        If Lucy is the one you definitely want to get rid of, you can give me a list of people you’d rather have instead of Lucy (in order of preference).

        1. Okay, I’m being wishy-washy. I just don’t want to lose Paul in both leagues. Can I have David, Ken, Mari, Zeke. Final decision.

    3. Kind of glad I Darnelled my team again. I will trade Rachel for Michelle, making my team Adam, Chris, Michaela, Michelle. Thanks!

    4. Can I swap Rachel from my pick-4 for Chris?
      CeCe, Chris, Figgy, Hannah.

      Also, can I drop Rachel from my Champions League? ….. no? ……ok.

    5. Jim-

      Old Team- Chris, Figgy, Hannah, Michelle

      New Team- Figgy, Hannah, Ken, Michelle.

      Just switched Ken for Chris. I was going to switch Figgy out, but I have no idea who to switch to, so sticking with her. Ken, Chris, Figgy, Hannah and Michelle were my top 5 preseason.

    6. After being so indecisive in the pre-season I didn’t want to change my pick-4 team, but I didn’t expect episode 1 David to make episode 1 Cirie look like episode 1 Rupert.

      Chris, Figgy, Ken, Michaela

    7. Jay, Ken, Michelle, Taylor

      I did end up disliking Rachel as planned. But now I have to choose someone else. After episode 1, I dislike the trifecta more than everyone else. Since I already have Jay, I’m adding Taylor because I hate him slightly more than Figgy. I still think Ken is a (handsome) douche.

        1. OK, thanks. I’ll go with this instead:

          Adam, Bret, Hannah, Jessica

          As far as I can see, nobody else has this team.

      1. YOU GOT IT. (Though he claims he was only yelling because the impending cyclone was very loud.)

        Diego Armando- Adam, Hannah, Sunday, Zeke

    8. A bit unfair to choose a team after the benefit of seeing an episode perhaps, but I’ll take:
      David, Micheala, Michelle, Zeke.

      I am assuming OWM is going to be the new survivor meta when there is a Michelle on the show now. But I can’t wait till David wins it all despite the massive paranoia and idiotic strategy play I’m expecting to see all season from him.

      1. Everyone gets to see the episode and draft or change their teams, so we’re all on equal footing. And good luck in your first season here!

        the sky is falling- David, Michaela, Michelle, Zeke

      1. Sorry, Something Quirky has that group already. In the meantime, since you obviously don’t want Rachel, I at least gave you Zeke.

        Ms_Woozah- Figgy, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

    9. I guess I’ll go 2 from each tribe again (which seems to have been a losing strategy so far…):
      Bret, Hannah, Jessica, Mari


    10. Hey… I did post once already, but somehow it got marked as spam (stupid Disqus). Anyway, if you haven’t already got it can I get Adam, Hannah, Jessica (Lewis), and Mari. Cheers!

      1. Sorry about that. I tried to limit Disqus’ spam filtering as much as I could, since we’re active enough to remove any stuff that actually gets through, but some stuff still ends up getting blocked for some reason.

        Figaro- Adam, Hannah, Jessica, Mari

    11. I throw myself on the mercy of the court! I swear I haven’t seen the second episode yet. If there can be no mercy, then I’ll go down on my sinking ship like a good captain. If I can catch a break, though, I sure would like to drop Rachel and pick up any of the following, in this order:


      1. Since you had Rachel, I’m fine with letting you get rid of her even though you missed the deadline.

        However, since you missed the deadline, I threw your list of Rachel alternatives into a randomizer and had it pick one for you. So you get to swap out Rachel, but the penalty is that the computer decides which of your replacements you get. And you got Sunday.

        However, that combination was taken. So back to the randomizer I went. And you got Adam.

        But that combination was also taken. So you got Jessica.

        That group? Also taken. So Hannah is yours.

        Jeff Probst’s Hairpiece- Chris, Hannah, Michaela, Zeke

  2. I didn’t pay attention to the middle picks in my league, but Assistant Dragon Slayer getting both Adam and Mari is a coup. You could have made arguments for either of them to be first off the board to be honest.

    1. Adam, Mari, and Michaela were my top three choices, and I ended up picking 4th in Champions. They were the first three picks. Womp womp.

        1. I picked Taylor second, for many of the reasons given in the staff prediction thread . I was scared off from Mari purely by not wanting a disaster and having a sexist tribe randomly vote her out early.

    2. I had picks 8 and 13, believe it or not. And full disclosure–my gut was telling me to pick David but I decided that I didn’t want any overlap with my pick-4 team. How Adam fell all the way to #13 I have no idea.

      1. Wow. Is terrible drafting a Gen X stereotype I was unaware of?

        (Much like terrible trashtalking is a Millenial stereotype based on this post)

    3. They couldn’t have been first off the board because i had the first pick, and I don’t hate either of them. They were both solid contenders for 2nd.

  3. “… it makes no sense for me to post your team scores here. I’ll do that next week, once teams are locked”

    Woohoo! Tied for first place!

    It’s all downhill from here.

      1. Since I lost Rachel last night (I hope that doesn’t mean the rest of my team are losers) I would like to choose Jessica Lewis as a replacement.

    1. If any of my players make it to the merge, that will be a first for me. Pretty much nowhere for us to go but up. I guess there’s still time for me to go sideways though.

  4. I didn’t have the first boot this year, even though *David* is on my Outcast League team! Huzzah!

    That said, it’s time to change my pick four team. I’d like to go with Jessica Lewis, Mari, Michaela, Zeke if possible.

        1. Given the gimmick of this season, I actually think that captioning their age/birthday would be perfect. I feel like as long as I know somebody’s birth month/year I know everything there is to know about them.

      1. Would you not be Paul? This also makes the funny I sometimes confuse you and Aubryswinneredit when looking at avatars because they are a tiny baby and you are a proper adult.

        1. MARI OF THE GENXERS!!!

          I mentioned this in the liveblog comments, but I’m completely bum-puzzed that I can be older than Dan Foley but younger than Andrew Savage. And now that I think to look it up, even South Pacific Coach is a full decade younger than me. Yikes.

          It is strange what you can assume based on a username and avatar. For some reason I thought Roswulf is around my age.

          1. Most people think I’m in my mid-30s. I’ll take it. Protip: Sunscreen and moisturizer and yes I’m a dude and no I’m not even remotely kidding.

      1. Oh, I didn’t know you were a tiny baby. I joke. But at least I know I can discount all your opinions as a folly of youth.

      2. Holy shit!

        We joke on the podcast about how any of our listeners that are teenagers are obviously exceptions to the “all teenagers suck” rule, but I legitimately never would have guessed you were that young.

    1. August 70 here. So my closest age equivalent is … Sunday. Well that’s just special (and as a GenXer I get that reference).

      1. There’s an off-color joke in there somewhere, but I am neither clever enough to think of it nor crass enough to post it

  5. May I swap CeCe and Will for Chris and Jay please?
    That would make my team: Chris, Jay, Jessica and Lucy

  6. I don’t know why you guys are bothering changing I’ve already built up an insurmountable 8 point lead.

  7. I’m feeling terrible smug that Operation Willenium is paying early dividends.

    But slightly disappointed that he wasn’t notably terrible this episode, as it gives me less material going forward.

    1. Honestly, I could see people wanting to take him to the end knowing he wouldn’t get any votes. I think you’re in a pretty good spot, considering.

      1. Yeah, for as much as we treat teenagers as utterly doomed in Survivor when it comes to WINNING, they actually have a pretty strong record of going deep. “The Natalie Tenerelli with the Voice of Barry White and a Scheme to Fund the Contras” dream is alive.

        I’m actually more worried about my Mari pick. She seems very good, but not as good as her foreshadowed alliance partners Adam and Zeke. A minor warning bell for edit reasons, alleviated by the fact that Mari is a girl and Survivor edits have taught us that girls are gross (see Natalie Anderson, totally overshadowed by Jeremy).

  8. I’m going to switch CeCe with Zeke please. And replace Paul with Will.

    So I will then have: Bret, Chris, Will, and Zeke.

    I feel bad for doing this. I did have an all Gen X team (December 67 here!) but I got bad feelings about CeCe or Paul being the outed one / Heart Attack one. Darn this Catholic Guilt!

    1. That team was initially taken by David Gade, but since I was travelling and not updating the teams fast enough he managed to change his team as well. So that team is all yours. And I’ll forgive you for betraying Gen X.

      forever1267- Bret, Chris, Will, Zeke

  9. Changed team request: Chris, Hannah, Paul, Sunday

    I’m committing to my strategy of 3 Gen X, 1 Millennial! I can’t commit to Rachel anymore, though, so I’m replacing her with Sunday.

  10. I’m glad I locked down the Freaks and Geeks alliance when I did – I had to dump Jay. I hate everything he said. I need him to get voted off so that I don’t have to listen to him talk anymore.

  11. I always like picking a hard-body older woman for my team, but Lucy was giving me troublemaker vibes pre-season and now with her being absolutely invisible during the episode I’m just going to give up on the gen-x tribe altogether and swap her out for Michaela.

    So that would make my team Adam, Mari, Michaela, Taylor.

  12. Surprisingly, I’m going to stick with my original picks for the first time ever – I’ll likely be immediately regretting this decision in a few weeks. I could only get better from last season.

  13. I couldn’t find the right thing to click to reply to the featured comment (the internet is not being a friend) so here’s my new hope for a team since Cece and David had pretty terrible first episodes.

    I’ll go all millenials here: Michaela, Michelle (she may be insane but she has chances), Mari and Adam!!

    1. I’m actually surprised only Alycia caught on, particularly in the Millennials League. Matt has always run the Outcasts League (I guess it’s a good thing he hasn’t won it), so I assumed someone would question why he wasn’t in it.

      And Sharculese could theoretically have seen that we had two different Outcasts League pages, since he logs in to write the Australia posts.

      1. I stumbled upon both Outcast leagues and the champion one as well but didn’t say anything. I just assumed people knew.

      2. I thought it was weird that Kemper wasn’t involved, considering the fact that Kemper was in it as well, but I just thought you all were being picky this year. I also thought it was strange that Emma wasn’t involved considering she was knocked out of Champions. I just hope that there is room for me next season in the Outcasts.

        1. You’re just already assuming you’re not going to get top four? Or is this you trying to downplay your fantasy abilities before going full khaleesi post-merge?

      3. I knew what was up when you asked me my age in your invitation, but I assumed it would be one league of five Gen-Xers and five Millennials.

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