Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX final standings

It’s time for the dramatic conclusion to the dramatic conclusion! Read on to see how you fared.


The winner of this season was the fourth most popular choice among fantasy league teams. So you guys aren’t terrible at this, if you ignore the fact that Mari was the most popular pick.

Reminder of player popularity, at the request of the HBO CEO of Ken’s Abs.

Individual scoring table

A few interesting scoring decisions this week, so I did my best to spell out the scoring decisions below.

David wins the first immunity challenge and gets 4 points.

Jay steals David’s reward, and thus steals the reward points David would have won. Jay gets 2 points for the individual reward. David gets none. Because they were stolen.

Ken wins two immunity challenges, good for 8 points.

Adam finds an immunity idol, earning him 3 points.

Ken also “finds” an “immunity idol” in the form of the legacy advantage, which earns him 3 points. The legacy advantage note was roughly equivalent to an idol clue until it became an idol when he opened it on Day 36. And the immunity was played after the vote, so it functions roughly the same way as an idol. Since it didn’t actually protect him from the vote, he doesn’t receive 4 points for playing it correctly.

Adam, Bret, David, Hannah, and Ken get 2 points for voting out Jay.

David, Hannah, and Ken get 2 points for voting out Bret.

Adam, Hannah, and Ken get 2 points for voting out David.

And finally, Adam gets 20 points for a unanimous 10-0-0 victory at final tribal council (2 points for each FTC vote in his favor).

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Your Pick-4 League winner this season is Sneaky Sneaky, who receives an invitation to next season’s Champions League with an incredible 192 points. That total might actually be the highest we’ve ever had. I should probably look that up. I probably won’t, though.

Sneaky Sneaky, Malcolm is my Copilot, Lira2012, and long-time podcast listener and fantasy league player Doctor Wu finish in the top four and will be moving up to Champions League. If you are one of these four and would like to accept that invitation to Champions League, please give me some way to contact you by either:

  1. Leaving a comment below
  2. Emailing me with another way to contact you (purplerockpodcast at gmail)
  3. Tweeting at me (@purplerockjohn)
RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1Sneaky SneakyAdam- 62David- 53Ken- 52Zeke- 25192
2Malcolm is my CopilotAdam- 62Hannah- 37Jay- 36Ken- 52187
3Lira2012Adam- 62Ken- 52Will- 29Zeke- 25168
4doctor wuAdam- 62Jessica- 20Ken- 52Zeke- 25159
5Survivor StickAdam- 62Cece- 5David- 53Hannah- 37157
6RippertAdam- 62David- 53Michaela- 15Zeke- 25155
7ExtraLargePelicanAdam- 62David- 53Jessica- 20Michelle- 18153
8Diego ArmandoAdam- 62Hannah- 37Sunday- 26Zeke- 25150
9Survivor CentralAdam- 62David- 53Figgy- 9Zeke- 25149
10Disgruntled GoatAdam- 62Bret- 27Hannah- 37Jessica- 20146
11AubrysWinnersEditAdam- 62Chris- 20Hannah- 37Zeke- 25144
12IneAdam- 62David- 53Mari- 2Sunday- 26143
13Purple Rock MattAdam- 62Ken- 52Mari- 2Zeke- 25141
13HectorTheWellEndowedDavid- 53Hannah- 37Jay- 36Michaela- 15141
15CountBulletsulaAdam- 62Bret- 27Sunday- 26Zeke- 25140
15PurpleTallyHannah- 37Ken- 52Sunday- 26Zeke- 25140
15BirdieHannah- 37Jay- 36Ken- 52Michaela- 15140
15turgid_legumeAdam- 62Cece- 5David- 53Jessica- 20140
19HBO CEO of TitsAdam- 62Hannah- 37Michaela- 15Zeke- 25139
20MegaPrimeChris- 20Jay- 36Ken- 52Will- 29137
21Violina23Adam- 62Jessica- 20Ken- 52Mari- 2136
22IspeakllamaAdam- 62Hannah- 37Jessica- 20Taylor- 16135
23Maulik ShahAdam- 62Bret- 27Chris- 20Zeke- 25134
23CasualFanChris- 20Hannah- 37Ken- 52Zeke- 25134
23KingoftongaHannah- 37Jessica- 20Ken- 52Zeke- 25134
26macontosh2000Hannah- 37Ken- 52Michaela- 15Will- 29133
27Saturday Night PalsyDavid- 53Ken- 52Mari- 2Zeke- 25132
27Jake ArmesAdam- 62David- 53Mari- 2Michaela- 15132
29Purple Rock JohnAdam- 62Ken- 52Mari- 2Michaela- 15131
30Barbara AndersonDavid- 53Hannah- 37Michaela- 15Zeke- 25130
31aj hillerAdam- 62Bret- 27Chris- 20Jessica- 20129
31phileAdam- 62Jay- 36Michaela- 15Taylor- 16129
33sabina1509Adam- 62Figgy- 9Hannah- 37Michaela- 15123
33Ryan DeschampFiggy- 9Jay- 36Ken- 52Sunday- 26123
35Duke Silver TrioAdam- 62Chris- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 25122
35sharculeseAdam- 62Hannah- 37Jessica- 20Paul- 3122
35DrVanNostrandJay- 36Ken- 52Michelle- 18Taylor- 16122
35AnonymooseDavid- 53Ken- 52Mari- 2Michaela- 15122
39MainstoneMoneyAdam- 62Michelle- 18Taylor- 16Zeke- 25121
39FigaroAdam- 62Hannah- 37Jessica- 20Mari- 2121
39Wife of JohnAdam- 62Cece- 5Ken- 52Mari- 2121
39Kate WeaverDavid- 53Hannah- 37Mari- 2Will- 29121
43KateBret- 27Chris- 20Hannah- 37Jay- 36120
43No Eyes in BlindfoldAdam- 62Bret- 27Michaela- 15Taylor- 16120
45MaritimerAdam- 62Mari- 2Will- 29Zeke- 25118
46DinoAdam- 62Bret- 27Mari- 2Zeke- 25116
46JimFiggy- 9Hannah- 37Ken- 52Michelle- 18116
46steve2013Adam- 62Chris- 20Figgy- 9Zeke- 25116
46kristanmarieAdam- 62Hannah- 37Mari- 2Michaela- 15116
46Other ScottAdam- 62Jay- 36Michaela- 15Paul- 3116
51BananaGrubJessica- 20Ken- 52Michelle- 18Zeke- 25115
51Max_JetsAdam- 62Chris- 20Michaela- 15Michelle- 18115
51ryell-00Figgy- 9Jay- 36Ken- 52Michelle- 18115
51Adli HanifAdam- 62Jay- 36Mari- 2Michaela- 15115
51SirLiveAlotDavid- 53Hannah- 37Rachel- 0Zeke- 25115
56Jared HollandChris- 20David- 53Michaela- 15Zeke- 25113
57Prom KingJessica- 20Ken- 52Michaela- 15Zeke- 25112
58Survivor ClubbAdam- 62Bret- 27Jessica- 20Mari- 2111
58Scarlett3639Bret- 27David- 53Lucy- 5Sunday- 26111
58Joseph FinnHannah- 37Jessica- 20Ken- 52Mari- 2111
58the sky is fallingDavid- 53Michaela- 15Michelle- 18Zeke- 25111
62Kemper BoydAdam- 62Chris- 20Mari- 2Sunday- 26110
63DezbotBret- 27Ken- 52Lucy- 5Zeke- 25109
63ShitShowAdam- 62Chris- 20Mari- 2Zeke- 25109
65MsFjordstoneChris- 20Hannah- 37Jay- 36Michaela- 15108
65Dr. HorribleKen- 52Mari- 2Will- 29Zeke- 25108
67TJ SassAdam- 62Bret- 27Mari- 2Michaela- 15106
67vaderdawsnJessica- 20Ken- 52Lucy- 5Will- 29106
69OneDirection4LifeAdam- 62Chris- 20Jessica- 20Paul- 3105
69Kent McKAdam- 62Mari- 2Taylor- 16Zeke- 25105
71Bieber FeverBret- 27Chris- 20Hannah- 37Jessica- 20104
71Crom DeluiseBret- 27Jay- 36Michaela- 15Sunday- 26104
71SpicyMayoJaySimpsonAdam- 62Chris- 20Jessica- 20Mari- 2104
71fransesquaAdam- 62Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 25104
71Colbster2David- 53Figgy- 9Sunday- 26Taylor- 16104
76Mike HirschBret- 27Figgy- 9Ken- 52Michaela- 15103
76HurleytennisChris- 20Ken- 52Michaela- 15Taylor- 16103
78Random LuckBret- 27Chris- 20Hannah- 37Michelle- 18102
78David GadeBret- 27Chris- 20David- 53Mari- 2102
78davidthemailmanChris- 20Hannah- 37Jessica- 20Zeke- 25102
78TonelokeAdam- 62Chris- 20Mari- 2Michelle- 18102
82forever1267Bret- 27Chris- 20Will- 29Zeke- 25101
82Only Here for the AnimalsHannah- 37Jessica- 20Michelle- 18Sunday- 26101
82RobothouseAdam- 62Cece- 5Lucy- 5Will- 29101
85Zach AttackChris- 20Ken- 52Mari- 2Zeke- 2599
85Jacob BuckAdam- 62Chris- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 1599
87Audrey RatajackAdam- 62Figgy- 9Mari- 2Zeke- 2598
88Jeff Probst's HairpieceChris- 20Hannah- 37Michaela- 15Zeke- 2597
88Alycia SwiftHannah- 37Jessica- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2597
88imredjimmyAdam- 62Mari- 2Michaela- 15Michelle- 1897
88AlkanarraCece- 5David- 53Jay- 36Paul- 397
92CrappyChris- 20Jay- 36Michaela- 15Zeke- 2596
92Assistant Dragon SlayerChris- 20Figgy- 9Ken- 52Michaela- 1596
92WelldressedEvilHannah- 37Ken- 52Lucy- 5Mari- 296
95Jenifer PullmanChris- 20Hannah- 37Jessica- 20Michelle- 1895
95NearlyNinaAdam- 62Mari- 2Michaela- 15Taylor- 1695
95Purple Rock EmmaJay- 36Ken- 52Lucy- 5Mari- 295
98K.P. WatershedBret- 27Jay- 36Mari- 2Will- 2994
98Something QuirkyKen- 52Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2594
98RoswulfAdam- 62Lucy- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 2594
101this bear is tops bloobyChris- 20Ken- 52Mari- 2Michaela- 1589
101TimInSoCalAdam- 62Cece- 5Jessica- 20Mari- 289
103Puddinsnak1Bret- 27Jessica- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2587
103torchoflawChris- 20Sunday- 26Taylor- 16Zeke- 2587
103AlisaShortyKen- 52Mari- 2Michaela- 15Michelle- 1887
106Untitled Clint Howard ProjectBret- 27Hannah- 37Jessica- 20Mari- 286
106StormofCutenessChris- 20Michaela- 15Sunday- 26Zeke- 2586
106Everyone is someoneChris- 20Hannah- 37Paul- 3Sunday- 2686
109gouisBret- 27Jay- 36Jessica- 20Mari- 285
109PeachykeeneKen- 52Mari- 2Michaela- 15Taylor- 1685
111prettyboyprobstChris- 20Hannah- 37Mari- 2Zeke- 2584
111Crystal LynneKen- 52Lucy- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 2584
113survivor is lifeBret- 27Mari- 2Will- 29Zeke- 2583
113Side CharacterHannah- 37Mari- 2Michaela- 15Will- 2983
115Ms. SweaterfanChris- 20Jay- 36Jessica- 20Lucy- 581
116Come On In HereChris- 20Jessica- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2580
117EmAndScoutInBKHannah- 37Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2579
118ZchongFiggy- 9Hannah- 37Mari- 2Will- 2977
119True AlainerBret- 27Figgy- 9Michaela- 15Zeke- 2576
119rygelChris- 20Michaela- 15Taylor- 16Zeke- 2576
121annieBret- 27Chris- 20Mari- 2Zeke- 2574
121CahChris- 20Hannah- 37Mari- 2Michaela- 1574
121tocantinsHannah- 37Jessica- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 1574
124jersey_luckChris- 20Figgy- 9Michaela- 15Will- 2973
125Jacob SWMari- 2Michaela- 15Will- 29Zeke- 2571
125m0nit0rmanCece- 5Chris- 20Figgy- 9Hannah- 3771
127DutchChris- 20Michaela- 15Michelle- 18Taylor- 1669
128Chris DiorioChris- 20Jessica- 20Mari- 2Zeke- 2567
129indescribable hatJessica- 20Mari- 2Sunday- 26Taylor- 1664
130BoooournsChris- 20Mari- 2Taylor- 16Zeke- 2563
131nipi ipinChris- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2562
131corndogshuffleJessica- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2562
133Barrett VandiverChris- 20Figgy- 9Lucy- 5Zeke- 2559
134bassmanxviBret- 27Figgy- 9Jessica- 20Mari- 258
134Purple Rock MarkMari- 2Michaela- 15Taylor- 16Zeke- 2558
134dig dougCece- 5Jay- 36Mari- 2Michaela- 1558
137Black DynamiteChris- 20Jessica- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 1557
138Anndré BressanMichaela- 15Rachel- 0Taylor- 16Zeke- 2556
138Sad LilCece- 5Jessica- 20Lucy- 5Sunday- 2656
140PandaChris- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 15Taylor- 1653
141TheForRealDealBret- 27Cece- 5Mari- 2Michelle- 1852
142Ms_WoozahFiggy- 9Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2551
143Ethan KyleLucy- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2547
144HornacekCece- 5Figgy- 9Mari- 2Sunday- 2642
145ShamboChris- 20Mari- 2Paul- 3Taylor- 1641

Champions League

Congratulations to Barbara Anderson, who coasted to an easy victory in the Champions League.

For the second season in a row, the winner of the Champions League does not have the winner of the season. The system works! Sure, Barbara Anderson lucked out that m0nit0rman got a goose egg from Rachel, but her duo of Ken and Hannah gave her a 27-point win. That may be the largest margin of victory we’ve ever had. I guess I could verify that, but I’m lazy.

Barbara Anderson, m0nit0rman, Mark, and I all make it back to Champions League next season by finishing in the top four of this season’s league. Which means the league will be bidding a fond farewell to one of my favorite shit-talkers, Saturday Night Palsy. I’ll miss you, boo!

Just to give you all an opportunity to see our thoughts when we were drafting, I’ll be posting the reasoning everyone gave for their draft picks in the comments section.

Outcast League

There will be three Purple Rock staffers in the Champions League next season, because Emma crushed the Outcasts League. The only one of us that didn’t make it (since Andy doesn’t play anymore) is Matt. Let’s all point at Matt and laugh.

Fortunately for DrVanNostrand, this season we’re taking the top two finishers from Outcasts and promoting them for next season’s 20-player season. The good(ish) doctor(ish) finished 7 points behind Emma, but a solid 14 points above third place finisher Other Scott.

As for the rest of you? Participation trophies all around.

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121 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX final standings

      1. Worked for me last year and you this year.

        Now you just need to win the Outcast League for a Triple Crown.

    1. Not a bad David assessment before the season started. Shame then that my all-Gen-X equal opportunity strategy was a bust. Moral of the story: fairness is overrrated.

    2. Well I feel like an idiot, on my reason for picking Michaela for champions league I got the tribes confused and called her a Gen X!
      Thanks for Bret everyone, he kept me alive this season.
      I am sad that I got kicked out of the fantasy league by 4 points.

      As for the main league my biggest disappointment was not picking David, I for some reason took his ineptitude in ep1 as a sign of an early boot. 🙁

      And I try to avoid spoilers but I came across one accidentally this season and that was that Adam quit the game around day 10 due to his family! So that worked out really well for me.

      1. There were also spoilers that Michaela and Zeke had made next season, but I didn’t really think that would be a huge issue since that doesn’t necessarily tell you how far they make it in the game (since Caleb made it all of 3 or 4 episodes last season and he’s a Game Changer).

      2. I wouldn’t have taken David either. I thought he was going to be a disaster. I don’t regret picking Zeke over him and Ken though. I do regret picking Figgy over Bret.

    3. Looking back on my third-to-last pick, I could have gone with Michele or Bret who both made out reasonably well.
      If I’d chosen Bret (and the 27 points that come with him) I would have tied @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus ‘s 89 points.
      What’s the tiebreaker? Internet Flame War?
      Thanks for all the hard work John!

  1. So upset with myself for not taking Will when he was sitting. right. there. at number 18. I blame Roswulf for psyching me out.

    I mean, I didn’t take him because I predicted he’d overplay, but I should have been smart enough to realize he’d overplay well into the post-merge where the other two options may not have made it that far.

    1. If you think that’s bad, think of poor Ms. Woozah, whose commitment to trolling Roswulf left her with Rachel.

        1. No, I suppose you’re right. But who could have predicted than a woman of color would be an early boot in Survivor?!

  2. Congratulations to @otherscott:disqus for jumping from 9th place last week to overtake me by 3 points and knock me down to 4th. (grumble grumble)

    Hey, I’m just glad I finished in the top 50% and that both of my picks made it to the final episode. I had given up on my Pick-4 standings weeks ago, and I even failed at ending up in last place (thanks Sunday!).

    This was my first time in the Outcast League, so I don’t know what happens to the OL members that don’t move up to the Championships League. Are they automatically in the OL next season? Or is the OL cleared and filled with 20 random people?

      1. If you pick by the show’s criteria for game changers, then I am *so* in for Outcasts. Due to my remarkable inability to change anything.


        1. You’re definitely the Ozzy of the Outcasts League. You had a great first season, but you stumbled a little bit in your second turn. You will probably doing fairly well this season.

  3. Highlights from the Millennial Outcast League:

    Adam, the winner and top points-earner, was drafted at a respectable third. However, David and Ken, who were only one point apart in the league, were also drafted back-to-back at 15 and 14, respectively. Corndogshuffle and myself both pulled off steals there.

    Roswulf may have briar-patched us all by bemoaning the fact that he would be stuck with Will, as Roswulf had the first and last draft pick. Will ended up with the 6th most points for the season, a respectable 29. Unfortunately for Roswulf, Mari was his first pick. Funny how these things turn out.

          1. They did, especially in terms of selecting the top two. But this was just noting some highlights of the millennial draft. Matt will likely do a similar comment, but he’s been stuck in a deposition.

    1. I like how the final table is clearly disgusted by my Outcasts team and strategy, and decided to rank me below Sharcules in defiance of arithmetic.

  4. I don’t think I broke 100 in the Pick 4 until this last episode. Ken & Adam took me all the way to 21st place. I think that’s pretty impressive.

    1. I also only broke into the top 100 on this last episode, on the strength of Adamn and…Adam.

      I’m inordinately proud of my 100th place finish.

  5. So, here’s an oddity- the top four in the Pick 4, the top two in the Outcast league AND the winner of the champion’s league all included Ken.

    This season, the key to victory wasn’t choosing the winner, it was choosing the guy shut out at final with the third most points.

    1. I’ll reply to your comment here so that you get a Disqus notification when we are ready to draft for that league. We may actually do it soon since we know the cast.

    2. Just a heads up: I’m setting up the Champions League draft page now- we’ll probably start drafting next week. I’ll provide you with a link to the drafting page when it’s time to draft.

      1. Considering I fully intend to choose Sandra and shes probably completely fucked … I take that as a challenge

  6. I got 8th place in both leagues I was in! That is slightly impressive.

    I won last outcast league by 14ish points, so Barbara crushed my total.

  7. Next season looks like fun, but I am worried that Sandra is going home early. She just has such a target.

    Also, if you were to tell me where Tony placed, I would respond “That seems about right” no matter what number you told me.

    1. It’s such a mess of a cast that I am pretty worried about how it will play out. Cast 20 of my favorites or cast 20 people I don’t care for, nothing in between! As long as Troyzan isn’t prominently featured I should be fine though.

      1. Looking at this cast I’m worried that it could play out like All-Stars and we end up with all the great players voted out pre-merge while Sierra, Troy, and Brad make Final Tribal Council.

          1. I will allow a 5% chance that Fan Favorite Sierra Dawn Thomas is secretly an amazingly entertaining person, who was only boring because she didn’t want to rock the boat in WA because she knew would wreck Will and Dan in FTC.

            In all likelihood she is simply a boring person who knew her odds of winning against Will and Dan in FTC were very good, though.

    2. Tony was looking pretty svelte at the live show, so I have already created a narrative in my head that he must go far. Really setting myself up for disappointment.

      I am usually all for a fair playing field, but I am totally down for production interference in the name of Tony, if we are deprived another full season of Tony I am going to be inconsolable.

  8. Highlights from the Gen X Outcast League Draft:

    Dr. Van Nostrand almost blew the first initial big reveal by asking “When is the big reveal of which of us are millennials and which are gen x-ers?” Rather than reveal that this was a Gen X draft I merely told him “wait for it, stay on target!” He also said “What is it with Gen X-ers whining about fucking participation trophies? I wish I had one so I could bludgeon them all to death with it.” So say we all. So say we all.

    Alycia Swift though stumbled on the Millennials draft and posted about it in the comment thread. So I deleted that comment and let her know that we were trying to keep this secret. Sorry for deleting your comment Alycia!

    Adam was taken with the 13th pick by Assistant Dragon Slayer who came into the draft planning to execute the Costanza strategy and instead took two people he actually liked. Unfortunately for him, one of those people was Mari… who didn’t do so well. I also took the time to explain why I hate Adam based on his pre-game tapes and I can’t say I was wrong, despite the fact I was totally wrong. Of course I wasn’t alone in my Adam hate, Gouis also had a bone to pick “I might hate Adam more than Will”

    But of course Assistant Dragon Slayer wasn’t the only Costanza strategy partisan as Dr. Van Nostrand also used it to pick Ken with the first pick and ride him and Will to victory (well 2nd place) and a spot in the Champions League. When he was told he also got Will he said “I thoroughly despise my team, so the Costanza strategy is officially on.” Just remember folks, if everything you think is right is wrong, than what you think is wrong must be right! Also I love that we had a successful Costanza implemented by someone with a name based on Seinfeld. That is using your Gen X ability!

    Alycia Swift gave the best reasoning for her pick of David: “No idea why. Just the first name on my list.” Damn can’t argue with that logic (and result). Of course she also wound up with Figgy depriving Hornacek of making his “getting Figgy with it” joke. I kid Hornacek totally still made that joke.

    Violina23 picked Jessica because she made a Labyrinth reference and yet somehow despite us all making Gen X references when picking nobody figured out we were all Gen X (according to Survivor).

    Adam B the Gen X lawyer (honestly this applied to a lot of us) took Chris… the Gen X lawyer. He also took Obvious Winner Michelle who did not win, obviously

    Mike Hirsch got us arguing over what songs Paul would sing. He said the Doors, while I saw him as more of an ACDC type.

    And those are the Gen X draft highlights! Hope you enjoyed our weird and terrible thinking

    1. If you’re available, you’re next in line for Champions League. We have someone that hasn’t yet checked in, and the draft is about to start. Let me know if you’re available by responding to this comment.

  9. Damn, I had the pre-season consensus winner pick and the actual-season actual winner, and I still missed the podium.

  10. Darn, this season I’m not even good at picking people who’ll make Champions League.

    I think this was also my worst Pick-4 showing, but I still made the top 100!

  11. I think I mentioned last season that MalcolmIsMyCopilot is my 13yo son. Needless to say, he’s been insufferable all season, especially when I gave him hell for picking all young, athletic guys. Terrible strategy, I said. They won’t survive after the merge, I said. He originally wanted Taylor too, but I made him pick at least one woman, so he swapped Taylor for Hannah. SMH.

    When Ken kicked off the season going on about living off the grid on Maui, and Jay joined the Taylor/Figs brain trust, I was feeling pretty good. Rough season for me….

    John, let me know your thoughts re champions league. I’m sure he’d like to participate, but if anyone objects to a prepubescent teenage boy in the league, I totally get it.

    1. I remembered that he was your son. I was shouting out “young MalcolmIsMyCopilot” recently when he moved into the top 5!

      If you’re ok with him being in Champions League, he can be in. I have no objections. Keep in mind that I can’t guarantee that some of the other adults drafting can avoid being potty mouths.

    2. Just a heads up for you to pass along to your son: I’m setting up the Champions League draft page now- we’ll probably start drafting next week.

  12. the key for me was swapping out Cece and Jay for Adam and Ken. stoked to be back in Champions League. i think i was in one of the first ones (under my AV Club name Guy Caballero) . Stoked for next season!

  13. Hooray! I assumed I had the #2 spot, but I didn’t realize I’d get to do Champions League! I look forward to bringing the Costanza Doctrine with me. It was so successful, I may even start applying it to other aspects of my life. (Ken is still a douche.)

    1. I’m going to assume from this comment that you’re accepting the invite to Champions League? I’m setting up the draft page now- we’ll probably start drafting next week.

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