Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX week 2

Two weeks in, and the fantasy scoreboard is already a smoldering pile of despair. Come on in and see the carnage!


Episode two is in the books, so all the fantasy teams are now locked. But more importantly, almost half the league lost a player.

Before we get to the scores, let’s take a look at player popularity. Since our league allows you to change your picks after episode 1, I like to keep track of who was popular before and after that episode airs.

The players that gained the most popularity from that first episode were Jessica, Chris, and Zeke. Meanwhile, people fled en masse from Rachel (obviously), CeCe, and Figgy. Here’s the before and after breakdown:


But if you look at the top of that popularity ranking, you’ll note that the most popular player is now gone. And this isn’t a new phenomenon; in the past three seasons, at least two of the six most popular players have been among the first four boots. Popularity within the Purple Rock audience is the kiss of death.

Ok, let’s move on to the scores.

Individual scoring table

The scoring was straightforward again this week.

David gets 3 points for finding the idol.

The entire Gen X tribe receives 2 points. (Reminder: “In a combined reward/immunity challenge with only two tribes, only immunity points will be awarded.”)

Every Millennial except for Mari, Adam, and Zeke gets 1 point for voting out Mari.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Three of you are tied for first place: HectorTheWellEndowed, Colbster2, and Scarlett3639. Basically, if you have David and don’t have Mari, you’re doing well. For now.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1HectorTheWellEndowedDavid- 6Hannah- 3Jay- 3Michaela- 315
1Colbster2David- 6Figgy- 3Sunday- 3Taylor- 315
1Scarlett3639Bret- 3David- 6Lucy- 3Sunday- 315
4Barbara AndersonDavid- 6Hannah- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 214
4Kate WeaverDavid- 6Hannah- 3Mari- 2Will- 314
4the sky is fallingDavid- 6Michaela- 3Michelle- 3Zeke- 214
4ExtraLargePelicanAdam- 2David- 6Jessica- 3Michelle- 314
4Jared HollandChris- 3David- 6Michaela- 3Zeke- 214
4AnonymooseDavid- 6Ken- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 314
4David GadeBret- 3Chris- 3David- 6Mari- 214
4AlkanarraCece- 2David- 6Jay- 3Paul- 314
12Survivor CentralAdam- 2David- 6Figgy- 3Zeke- 213
12RippertAdam- 2David- 6Michaela- 3Zeke- 213
12Jake ArmesAdam- 2David- 6Mari- 2Michaela- 313
12Saturday Night PalsyDavid- 6Ken- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 213
12Sneaky SneakyAdam- 2David- 6Ken- 3Zeke- 213
12IneAdam- 2David- 6Mari- 2Sunday- 313
12Survivor StickAdam- 2Cece- 2David- 6Hannah- 313
12turgid_legumeAdam- 2Cece- 2David- 6Jessica- 313
20macontosh2000Hannah- 3Ken- 3Michaela- 3Will- 312
20BirdieHannah- 3Jay- 3Ken- 3Michaela- 312
20DrVanNostrandJay- 3Ken- 3Michelle- 3Taylor- 312
20JimFiggy- 3Hannah- 3Ken- 3Michelle- 312
20DutchChris- 3Michaela- 3Michelle- 3Taylor- 312
20ryell-00Figgy- 3Jay- 3Ken- 3Michelle- 312
20jersey_luckChris- 3Figgy- 3Michaela- 3Will- 312
20MsFjordstoneChris- 3Hannah- 3Jay- 3Michaela- 312
20MegaPrimeChris- 3Jay- 3Ken- 3Will- 312
20Random LuckBret- 3Chris- 3Hannah- 3Michelle- 312
20Crom DeluiseBret- 3Jay- 3Michaela- 3Sunday- 312
20Mike HirschBret- 3Figgy- 3Ken- 3Michaela- 312
20Assistant Dragon SlayerChris- 3Figgy- 3Ken- 3Michaela- 312
20Only Here for the AnimalsHannah- 3Jessica- 3Michelle- 3Sunday- 312
20KateBret- 3Chris- 3Hannah- 3Jay- 312
20HurleytennisChris- 3Ken- 3Michaela- 3Taylor- 312
20Ryan DeschampFiggy- 3Jay- 3Ken- 3Sunday- 312
20Jenifer PullmanChris- 3Hannah- 3Jessica- 3Michelle- 312
20vaderdawsnJessica- 3Ken- 3Lucy- 3Will- 312
20Ms. SweaterfanChris- 3Jay- 3Jessica- 3Lucy- 312
20Everyone is someoneChris- 3Hannah- 3Paul- 3Sunday- 312
20Bieber FeverBret- 3Chris- 3Hannah- 3Jessica- 312
42ZchongFiggy- 3Hannah- 3Mari- 2Will- 311
42Side CharacterHannah- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Will- 311
42phileAdam- 2Jay- 3Michaela- 3Taylor- 311
42sabina1509Adam- 2Figgy- 3Hannah- 3Michaela- 311
42Alycia SwiftHannah- 3Jessica- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 211
42Other ScottAdam- 2Jay- 3Michaela- 3Paul- 311
42True AlainerBret- 3Figgy- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 211
42PeachykeeneKen- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Taylor- 311
42Max_JetsAdam- 2Chris- 3Michaela- 3Michelle- 311
42CahChris- 3Hannah- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 311
42CrappyChris- 3Jay- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 211
42tocantinsHannah- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 311
42IspeakllamaAdam- 2Hannah- 3Jessica- 3Taylor- 311
42K.P. WatershedBret- 3Jay- 3Mari- 2Will- 311
42No Eyes in BlindfoldAdam- 2Bret- 3Michaela- 3Taylor- 311
42rygelChris- 3Michaela- 3Taylor- 3Zeke- 211
42Jeff Probst's HairpieceChris- 3Hannah- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 211
42AlisaShortyKen- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Michelle- 311
42Malcolm is my CopilotAdam- 2Hannah- 3Jay- 3Ken- 311
42PandaChris- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Taylor- 311
42Black DynamiteChris- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 311
42torchoflawChris- 3Sunday- 3Taylor- 3Zeke- 211
42gouisBret- 3Jay- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 211
42Purple Rock EmmaJay- 3Ken- 3Lucy- 3Mari- 211
42Disgruntled GoatAdam- 2Bret- 3Hannah- 3Jessica- 311
42Come On In HereChris- 3Jessica- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 211
42sharculeseAdam- 2Hannah- 3Jessica- 3Paul- 311
42CasualFanChris- 3Hannah- 3Ken- 3Zeke- 211
42indescribable hatJessica- 3Mari- 2Sunday- 3Taylor- 311
42forever1267Bret- 3Chris- 3Will- 3Zeke- 211
42bassmanxviBret- 3Figgy- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 211
42Joseph FinnHannah- 3Jessica- 3Ken- 3Mari- 211
42Barrett VandiverChris- 3Figgy- 3Lucy- 3Zeke- 211
42ShamboChris- 3Mari- 2Paul- 3Taylor- 311
42KingoftongaHannah- 3Jessica- 3Ken- 3Zeke- 211
42PurpleTallyHannah- 3Ken- 3Sunday- 3Zeke- 211
42Puddinsnak1Bret- 3Jessica- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 211
42WelldressedEvilHannah- 3Ken- 3Lucy- 3Mari- 211
42davidthemailmanChris- 3Hannah- 3Jessica- 3Zeke- 211
42StormofCutenessChris- 3Michaela- 3Sunday- 3Zeke- 211
42Prom KingJessica- 3Ken- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 211
42this bear is tops bloobyChris- 3Ken- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 311
42Untitled Clint Howard ProjectBret- 3Hannah- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 211
42BananaGrubJessica- 3Ken- 3Michelle- 3Zeke- 211
42m0nit0rmanCece- 2Chris- 3Figgy- 3Hannah- 311
42SirLiveAlotDavid- 6Hannah- 3Rachel- 0Zeke- 211
42aj hillerAdam- 2Bret- 3Chris- 3Jessica- 311
42OneDirection4LifeAdam- 2Chris- 3Jessica- 3Paul- 311
42DezbotBret- 3Ken- 3Lucy- 3Zeke- 211
42Sad LilCece- 2Jessica- 3Lucy- 3Sunday- 311
92Purple Rock MarkMari- 2Michaela- 3Taylor- 3Zeke- 210
92NearlyNinaAdam- 2Mari- 2Michaela- 3Taylor- 310
92EmAndScoutInBKHannah- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Zeke- 210
92kristanmarieAdam- 2Hannah- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 310
92imredjimmyAdam- 2Mari- 2Michaela- 3Michelle- 310
92HBO CEO of TitsAdam- 2Hannah- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 210
92Ms_WoozahFiggy- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Zeke- 210
92Adli HanifAdam- 2Jay- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 310
92MainstoneMoneyAdam- 2Michelle- 3Taylor- 3Zeke- 210
92Jacob SWMari- 2Michaela- 3Will- 3Zeke- 210
92Something QuirkyKen- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Zeke- 210
92Ethan KyleLucy- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Zeke- 210
92AubrysWinnersEditAdam- 2Chris- 3Hannah- 3Zeke- 210
92Purple Rock JohnAdam- 2Ken- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 310
92corndogshuffleJessica- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Zeke- 210
92Jacob BuckAdam- 2Chris- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 310
92survivor is lifeBret- 3Mari- 2Will- 3Zeke- 210
92Diego ArmandoAdam- 2Hannah- 3Sunday- 3Zeke- 210
92steve2013Adam- 2Chris- 3Figgy- 3Zeke- 210
92TJ SassAdam- 2Bret- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 310
92nipi ipinChris- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 3Zeke- 210
92prettyboyprobstChris- 3Hannah- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 210
92Dr. HorribleKen- 3Mari- 2Will- 3Zeke- 210
92Lira2012Adam- 2Ken- 3Will- 3Zeke- 210
92BoooournsChris- 3Mari- 2Taylor- 3Zeke- 210
92TonelokeAdam- 2Chris- 3Mari- 2Michelle- 310
92Duke Silver TrioAdam- 2Chris- 3Michaela- 3Zeke- 210
92FigaroAdam- 2Hannah- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 210
92Kemper BoydAdam- 2Chris- 3Mari- 2Sunday- 310
92Zach AttackChris- 3Ken- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 210
92Crystal LynneKen- 3Lucy- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 210
92Survivor ClubbAdam- 2Bret- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 210
92Violina23Adam- 2Jessica- 3Ken- 3Mari- 210
92SpicyMayoJaySimpsonAdam- 2Chris- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 210
92annieBret- 3Chris- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 210
92doctor wuAdam- 2Jessica- 3Ken- 3Zeke- 210
92dig dougCece- 2Jay- 3Mari- 2Michaela- 310
92Maulik ShahAdam- 2Bret- 3Chris- 3Zeke- 210
92Chris DiorioChris- 3Jessica- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 210
92CountBulletsulaAdam- 2Bret- 3Sunday- 3Zeke- 210
92HornacekCece- 2Figgy- 3Mari- 2Sunday- 310
92TheForRealDealBret- 3Cece- 2Mari- 2Michelle- 310
92RobothouseAdam- 2Cece- 2Lucy- 3Will- 310
135fransesquaAdam- 2Mari- 2Michaela- 3Zeke- 29
135Audrey RatajackAdam- 2Figgy- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 29
135Kent McKAdam- 2Mari- 2Taylor- 3Zeke- 29
135MaritimerAdam- 2Mari- 2Will- 3Zeke- 29
135RoswulfAdam- 2Lucy- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 29
135Purple Rock MattAdam- 2Ken- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 29
135DinoAdam- 2Bret- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 29
135ShitShowAdam- 2Chris- 3Mari- 2Zeke- 29
135Wife of JohnAdam- 2Cece- 2Ken- 3Mari- 29
135TimInSoCalAdam- 2Cece- 2Jessica- 3Mari- 29
145Anndré BressanMichaela- 3Rachel- 0Taylor- 3Zeke- 28

Champions League

Mark’s very on-brand team of a nerdy white man and an Asian woman is in the lead, and EmAndScoutInBK suffers a devastating setback in her first Champions League season.


Millennials League

Roswulf had the first pick in the Millennials draft. And now his team is relying on a player he got by default, since he also had the last pick. Corndogshuffle has the early lead here.


Gen X League

Super sleuth Alycia Swift is in first place, and Assistant Dragon Slayer’s team (which I’d thought was a virtual lock for a top-3 finish in this league), has a huge uphill battle ahead.


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102 thoughts on “Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX week 2

    1. As was foretold in days of yore by the Big Gipper and some carpenter who lived a long time ago, I am ALL IN ON WILL! YES WE WILL!

      I did not expect my team to be reduced entirely to comedy schtick QUITE this early.

      And a private note for Will, this would be a bit more fun if you could be less boring, m’kay?


          It’s worth noting that talking about Will too much is the only thing that kept me from being literally knocked out of the league by episode two. All praise be to him that is, was, and WILL be.

          1. From my perspective, mere abject failure is something that will happen to someone every season(heck it will likely happen to my Pick 4 this year).

            Complete dependence on Will? That will be something special.

          2. My hope is that Will will end up coming in third with zero votes at final tribal, but the scores will so arrange themselves that it will be mathematically possible for me to win the Millenial Outcast league going into the finale.

            Hopes will be dashed. Logic will be crushed. An 18 year old will have a surprisingly low voice, who you will imagine reading this paragraph as a cliche movie trailer.

            Will will WILL.

      1. Don’t worry you have the fact that 3 out of 5 last winner also came from New Jersey, so there is still hope.

  1. I am devastated. All of my hopes for champions league now ride on Michelle. MICHELLE. WHO VOTED OUT MY OTHER CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PICK. I am not comfortable with this at all.

    And my pick 4 league is doomed.


    1. I always choose my names at random too, but I had both Mari and Figgy, so with 15 minutes left in the episode I knew I was losing someone no matter what. Considering how many teams had Mari, it was probably the better choice.

  2. Since it’s my first time in the Outcasts League, I just want to go as long as possible until I lose a player. My biggest fear was that I’d be out of the league at this point.

  3. I was super confident after making it pass the first episode with all my players. I was already moving in my furniture into the season 34 Champions League. Well losing Mari hurts. At least I still got my Outcast League team, featuring Lucy. So I’m sitting pretty golden.

    1. I’m not the gloating type, but man I thought I picked everyone’s pocket after my Outcast League draft. No Champions League for me either, unless Adam is the second coming of Tony.

  4. Was deciding last week who would take the fall in my Pick 4: Adam or Mari. Over thought things and swapped out the wrong person. Whoops.

  5. I’m glad Paul didn’t have a heart attack. Not entirely because it kept my Outcasts team intact, there are certainly other reasons than that, but that is definitely among the reasons.
    And Lucy should cruise right through to the merge, because you can’t vote out what doesn’t exist.

  6. I’m on the second page of fantasy results. I can’t believe it 😮
    I picked the most boring team in the history of the world but at least they got me some points this week 😀
    Also, regarding Lucy: I’m just glad you don’t have to speak in an episode to earn points…

    1. Seriously, every time I see this I get sad because CC Cardigan, who was inarguably the better Something Awful cartoonist who is probably insane, wiped all his his shit from the internet.

          1. So, it means two players who are disengaged from the game, it happens every year. We are two episodes in, I expect to lose to Random Luck, it’s a new fun wrinkle in my inability to play fantasy Survivor well, I don’t expect someone to be a little rude to me in a comment when I’m being jokey.

  7. As a complete newbie here, I am thrilled to be one of the 42s. That said, much could depend on this swap twist (since I have Zeke and Michaela). Still if Sunday does go far, there aren’t that many who have her.

  8. Totally switched up my pick 4 team after the premiere, including dropping David and adding Mari. I am bad at this.

  9. Also, if Paul is the winner only 6 people even have him. I don’t think it’ll happen, but I like the crazy of it.

      1. It’s like Survivor knew you could change your votes…although he was pretty unpopular prior to even the 1st ep.

        1. I can’t believe the oldest person on a season where the tribes are divided by age would be that unpopular.

          1. I can’t either, because I would down a 30 rack of High Life with Paul, and it would be fucking aaaaaaaawesome.

    1. Survivor seems like it often puts people in situations where their fate is outside of their control. I wonder how well Paul deals with not being in control. Oh well, I guess we’ll never know.

      1. I’m guessing that’s sarcasm because I’m pretty sure he’s in for a world of out of control. What I don’t understand is why, during the challenge, he alerted the other team to his health issue. That seemed foolish to me.

        1. Yeah, that’s the sort of thing you usually want to keep secret (“Hey, it’s only day 7 but I had to have the doctor come look at me already!”), although at a swap/tribe mitosis/merge the other Gen Xers would probably tell the millennials about it.

          I guess Paul just got caught up in the moment. It sort of reminded me of Tony saying “Top five, baby!”

  10. All this time, Barbara has been teaching me all of the behind the scenes Survivor gossip when I should have been asking her for fantasy tips.

          1. I don’t want to die of wounds/potential poisoning. I would like to think of myself as the Varys of Fantasy Survivor.

          2. I think it means that I make pleasantries with everyone, know all of the information, and flop alliances constantly. I may also get gelded, but all power comes at a cost.

  11. The only consolation for Michelle getting Mari voted out is that her braid may actually give her Jedi mind trick powers.

  12. Everyone who has David occupies the first 19 spots.

    The 20th person, SirLivealot, did not switch away from Rachel and is thus back in the pack.

  13. Once David, Ken and Zeke start their superpower-alliance, Saturday Night Palsy will be unstoppable.

    I hope theres a merge/shuffle next week, David needs to get as far away from the Gen-X Alpha males as possible.

  14. I stuck with CeCe even though things didn’t look good for her after the first episode. I’d like to say it’s because I see something in her (and that’s true to an extent since I picked her to begin with) but in reality I’m just extremely lazy and didn’t feel like dicking around with coming up with new picks before the second episode. I’m finding that expending too much energy on worrying about fantasy teams takes away from enjoying the television show for the purity of gameplay (e.g. not appreciating good gameplay just because it happens to not coincide with my team), so I’m really trying to not become overly invested in my team. If they do well, fine, if they crash and burn, also fine.

  15. I have quite the team. I have Mari and literally everyone who flipped on her. At this point, I can’t tell if everything is going great or just straight to hell. The game could prove the former, but my heart is thinking the latter.

  16. I’m in 42nd Place?!?!? I can win this!!! I’ll be back in the good graces of this group again!!! I can be… a STAH!!!!!

  17. Bummed to see Mari go so soon from a gameplay perspective – I think she could’ve been great to watch! From a fantasy perspective, I couldn’t be happier. Although I didn’t pick her, I’m thinking Hannah could be a Dark Horse that rides this thing to the end.

  18. I was dismayed by my initial 92nd place, but I am comforted by all the Mari’s ahead of me. Hannah choosing to flip at least got me an extra point, if also breaking my heart.

    Go Hannah, Adam, Michaela, and Zeke! I have faith in all of you!

  19. I totally forgot who I picked for the Genx league. I am having a little confidence in David but still see Figgy going soon. I am less confident in the pick 4 with Hannah.

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