Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX week 5

It’s David’s world, we’re all just living in it.


Once again, this tribal council isn’t going to cause much damage to the fantasy teams. Other than Mari- the most popular player in our league- the four least-popular picks were the other players that have been voted out.

Reminder of player popularity, at the request of the HBO CEO.

To the eleven of you that stuck with CeCe after the season premiere, my condolences.

Individual scoring table

Hantzian idol-sniffer David scores another 3 points for finding an idol.

Bret, Hannah, Jay, Michaela, Sunday, and Will earn 3 points for winning the 3-team challenge.

Adam, Figgy, Jessica, Ken, and Taylor get 2 points for second place in the challenge.

Everyone from the losing tribe gets 1 point for voting out CeCe- except CeCe, of course.

Note: Last week’s scoring inexplicably gave Paul a point even though he had been voted out. That has been fixed in this week’s scoring.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Hector The Well Endowed gently but firmly grasps first place again, jumping out to a two-point lead over the field. Meanwhile, everyone without David on their team grumbles about how ridiculous the standings look right now.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1HectorTheWellEndowedDavid- 17Hannah- 10Jay- 10Michaela- 1047
2RippertAdam- 11David- 17Michaela- 10Zeke- 745
3Survivor CentralAdam- 11David- 17Figgy- 9Zeke- 744
3Barbara AndersonDavid- 17Hannah- 10Michaela- 10Zeke- 744
5ExtraLargePelicanAdam- 11David- 17Jessica- 7Michelle- 843
5Survivor StickAdam- 11Cece- 5David- 17Hannah- 1043
5Colbster2David- 17Figgy- 9Sunday- 8Taylor- 943
8the sky is fallingDavid- 17Michaela- 10Michelle- 8Zeke- 742
8Sneaky SneakyAdam- 11David- 17Ken- 7Zeke- 742
10turgid_legumeAdam- 11Cece- 5David- 17Jessica- 740
10Jake ArmesAdam- 11David- 17Mari- 2Michaela- 1040
10phileAdam- 11Jay- 10Michaela- 10Taylor- 940
10sabina1509Adam- 11Figgy- 9Hannah- 10Michaela- 1040
14Jared HollandChris- 5David- 17Michaela- 10Zeke- 739
14Kate WeaverDavid- 17Hannah- 10Mari- 2Will- 1039
16HBO CEO of TitsAdam- 11Hannah- 10Michaela- 10Zeke- 738
16IneAdam- 11David- 17Mari- 2Sunday- 838
16Malcolm is my CopilotAdam- 11Hannah- 10Jay- 10Ken- 738
19IspeakllamaAdam- 11Hannah- 10Jessica- 7Taylor- 937
19Scarlett3639Bret- 7David- 17Lucy- 5Sunday- 837
19No Eyes in BlindfoldAdam- 11Bret- 7Michaela- 10Taylor- 937
19macontosh2000Hannah- 10Ken- 7Michaela- 10Will- 1037
19BirdieHannah- 10Jay- 10Ken- 7Michaela- 1037
24AnonymooseDavid- 17Ken- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 1036
24Diego ArmandoAdam- 11Hannah- 10Sunday- 8Zeke- 736
26MainstoneMoneyAdam- 11Michelle- 8Taylor- 9Zeke- 735
26AlkanarraCece- 5David- 17Jay- 10Paul- 335
26Lira2012Adam- 11Ken- 7Will- 10Zeke- 735
26MsFjordstoneChris- 5Hannah- 10Jay- 10Michaela- 1035
26Disgruntled GoatAdam- 11Bret- 7Hannah- 10Jessica- 735
26Crom DeluiseBret- 7Jay- 10Michaela- 10Sunday- 835
32Max_JetsAdam- 11Chris- 5Michaela- 10Michelle- 834
32Other ScottAdam- 11Jay- 10Michaela- 10Paul- 334
32DrVanNostrandJay- 10Ken- 7Michelle- 8Taylor- 934
32JimFiggy- 9Hannah- 10Ken- 7Michelle- 834
32ryell-00Figgy- 9Jay- 10Ken- 7Michelle- 834
32SirLiveAlotDavid- 17Hannah- 10Rachel- 0Zeke- 734
32jersey_luckChris- 5Figgy- 9Michaela- 10Will- 1034
32Alycia SwiftHannah- 10Jessica- 7Michaela- 10Zeke- 734
32Ryan DeschampFiggy- 9Jay- 10Ken- 7Sunday- 834
41Saturday Night PalsyDavid- 17Ken- 7Mari- 2Zeke- 733
41AubrysWinnersEditAdam- 11Chris- 5Hannah- 10Zeke- 733
41Duke Silver TrioAdam- 11Chris- 5Michaela- 10Zeke- 733
41kristanmarieAdam- 11Hannah- 10Mari- 2Michaela- 1033
41Adli HanifAdam- 11Jay- 10Mari- 2Michaela- 1033
41Only Here for the AnimalsHannah- 10Jessica- 7Michelle- 8Sunday- 833
41True AlainerBret- 7Figgy- 9Michaela- 10Zeke- 733
41CountBulletsulaAdam- 11Bret- 7Sunday- 8Zeke- 733
41Mike HirschBret- 7Figgy- 9Ken- 7Michaela- 1033
50steve2013Adam- 11Chris- 5Figgy- 9Zeke- 732
50DutchChris- 5Michaela- 10Michelle- 8Taylor- 932
50NearlyNinaAdam- 11Mari- 2Michaela- 10Taylor- 932
50doctor wuAdam- 11Jessica- 7Ken- 7Zeke- 732
50CrappyChris- 5Jay- 10Michaela- 10Zeke- 732
50Jeff Probst's HairpieceChris- 5Hannah- 10Michaela- 10Zeke- 732
50MegaPrimeChris- 5Jay- 10Ken- 7Will- 1032
50Side CharacterHannah- 10Mari- 2Michaela- 10Will- 1032
50PurpleTallyHannah- 10Ken- 7Sunday- 8Zeke- 732
50KateBret- 7Chris- 5Hannah- 10Jay- 1032
60RobothouseAdam- 11Cece- 5Lucy- 5Will- 1031
60imredjimmyAdam- 11Mari- 2Michaela- 10Michelle- 831
60sharculeseAdam- 11Hannah- 10Jessica- 7Paul- 331
60rygelChris- 5Michaela- 10Taylor- 9Zeke- 731
60Assistant Dragon SlayerChris- 5Figgy- 9Ken- 7Michaela- 1031
60HurleytennisChris- 5Ken- 7Michaela- 10Taylor- 931
60ZchongFiggy- 9Hannah- 10Mari- 2Will- 1031
60KingoftongaHannah- 10Jessica- 7Ken- 7Zeke- 731
60Prom KingJessica- 7Ken- 7Michaela- 10Zeke- 731
60David GadeBret- 7Chris- 5David- 17Mari- 231
60Puddinsnak1Bret- 7Jessica- 7Michaela- 10Zeke- 731
71fransesquaAdam- 11Mari- 2Michaela- 10Zeke- 730
71MaritimerAdam- 11Mari- 2Will- 10Zeke- 730
71Jenifer PullmanChris- 5Hannah- 10Jessica- 7Michelle- 830
71Purple Rock JohnAdam- 11Ken- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 1030
71FigaroAdam- 11Hannah- 10Jessica- 7Mari- 230
71Maulik ShahAdam- 11Bret- 7Chris- 5Zeke- 730
71Random LuckBret- 7Chris- 5Hannah- 10Michelle- 830
71StormofCutenessChris- 5Michaela- 10Sunday- 8Zeke- 730
71aj hillerAdam- 11Bret- 7Chris- 5Jessica- 730
71TJ SassAdam- 11Bret- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 1030
81Audrey RatajackAdam- 11Figgy- 9Mari- 2Zeke- 729
81Kent McKAdam- 11Mari- 2Taylor- 9Zeke- 729
81BananaGrubJessica- 7Ken- 7Michelle- 8Zeke- 729
81m0nit0rmanCece- 5Chris- 5Figgy- 9Hannah- 1029
81vaderdawsnJessica- 7Ken- 7Lucy- 5Will- 1029
81torchoflawChris- 5Sunday- 8Taylor- 9Zeke- 729
81Come On In HereChris- 5Jessica- 7Michaela- 10Zeke- 729
81CasualFanChris- 5Hannah- 10Ken- 7Zeke- 729
81davidthemailmanChris- 5Hannah- 10Jessica- 7Zeke- 729
81EmAndScoutInBKHannah- 10Mari- 2Michaela- 10Zeke- 729
81Jacob SWMari- 2Michaela- 10Will- 10Zeke- 729
81tocantinsHannah- 10Jessica- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 1029
81forever1267Bret- 7Chris- 5Will- 10Zeke- 729
81Bieber FeverBret- 7Chris- 5Hannah- 10Jessica- 729
81K.P. WatershedBret- 7Jay- 10Mari- 2Will- 1029
96Purple Rock MarkMari- 2Michaela- 10Taylor- 9Zeke- 728
96Ms_WoozahFiggy- 9Mari- 2Michaela- 10Zeke- 728
96Jacob BuckAdam- 11Chris- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 1028
96PeachykeeneKen- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 10Taylor- 928
100Purple Rock MattAdam- 11Ken- 7Mari- 2Zeke- 727
100Ms. SweaterfanChris- 5Jay- 10Jessica- 7Lucy- 527
100AlisaShortyKen- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 10Michelle- 827
100dig dougCece- 5Jay- 10Mari- 2Michaela- 1027
100Violina23Adam- 11Jessica- 7Ken- 7Mari- 227
100DinoAdam- 11Bret- 7Mari- 2Zeke- 727
100CahChris- 5Hannah- 10Mari- 2Michaela- 1027
100Survivor ClubbAdam- 11Bret- 7Jessica- 7Mari- 227
108Barrett VandiverChris- 5Figgy- 9Lucy- 5Zeke- 726
108TonelokeAdam- 11Chris- 5Mari- 2Michelle- 826
108OneDirection4LifeAdam- 11Chris- 5Jessica- 7Paul- 326
108PandaChris- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 10Taylor- 926
108DezbotBret- 7Ken- 7Lucy- 5Zeke- 726
108Something QuirkyKen- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 10Zeke- 726
108corndogshuffleJessica- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 10Zeke- 726
108Dr. HorribleKen- 7Mari- 2Will- 10Zeke- 726
108Anndré BressanMichaela- 10Rachel- 0Taylor- 9Zeke- 726
108Kemper BoydAdam- 11Chris- 5Mari- 2Sunday- 826
108Everyone is someoneChris- 5Hannah- 10Paul- 3Sunday- 826
108indescribable hatJessica- 7Mari- 2Sunday- 8Taylor- 926
108Joseph FinnHannah- 10Jessica- 7Ken- 7Mari- 226
108survivor is lifeBret- 7Mari- 2Will- 10Zeke- 726
108gouisBret- 7Jay- 10Jessica- 7Mari- 226
108Untitled Clint Howard ProjectBret- 7Hannah- 10Jessica- 7Mari- 226
124RoswulfAdam- 11Lucy- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 725
124ShitShowAdam- 11Chris- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 725
124Wife of JohnAdam- 11Cece- 5Ken- 7Mari- 225
124TimInSoCalAdam- 11Cece- 5Jessica- 7Mari- 225
124Sad LilCece- 5Jessica- 7Lucy- 5Sunday- 825
124SpicyMayoJaySimpsonAdam- 11Chris- 5Jessica- 7Mari- 225
124bassmanxviBret- 7Figgy- 9Jessica- 7Mari- 225
131Ethan KyleLucy- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 10Zeke- 724
131Purple Rock EmmaJay- 10Ken- 7Lucy- 5Mari- 224
131WelldressedEvilHannah- 10Ken- 7Lucy- 5Mari- 224
131nipi ipinChris- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 10Zeke- 724
131prettyboyprobstChris- 5Hannah- 10Mari- 2Zeke- 724
131HornacekCece- 5Figgy- 9Mari- 2Sunday- 824
131Black DynamiteChris- 5Jessica- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 1024
131this bear is tops bloobyChris- 5Ken- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 1024
139BoooournsChris- 5Mari- 2Taylor- 9Zeke- 723
140TheForRealDealBret- 7Cece- 5Mari- 2Michelle- 822
141Crystal LynneKen- 7Lucy- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 721
141Zach AttackChris- 5Ken- 7Mari- 2Zeke- 721
141Chris DiorioChris- 5Jessica- 7Mari- 2Zeke- 721
141annieBret- 7Chris- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 721
145ShamboChris- 5Mari- 2Paul- 3Taylor- 919

Champions League

Mark maintains his 5-point lead this week, even without Lucy the Invisible Tiger Mom. Meanwhile, I have the lowest-scoring team that hasn’t lost a player.


Drop your buffs


I hope you all didn’t get too comfortable in your Millennial or Gen X leagues, because the game is about to change. Say hello to your new groups.


Emma, Violina23, and AubrysWinnersEdit get a three-way share of first place thanks to no longer having a team with David in their league.

Corndogshuffle and Alycia Swift have taken their talents to new leagues, and they each have a 9-point lead in their respective league. Both teams with CeCe (Other Scott and XL Pelican) ended up in the same league, so that league was the only one to feel the pain of this week’s boot.

And where’s Mike Hirsch? As the only team that has lost both players, he’s been dropped.

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  • Other Scott

    I’m so confused at what is happening in the outcast league.

    Also, Barbara Anderson is top 3 and hasn’t lost a player…again.

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      Hannah will probably quit the game next week after her near death experience during the challenge. Luckily she will always have that tiny scar on her pinky to remember her time on Survivor.

      • Maybe…

        • Saturday Night Palsy

          Jokes aside, I was thinking to myself how seriously could she be hurt if she’s cognizant enough to ask the doctors not to let her die. I mean, she’s sitting up and everything. But then I wondered: has anyone ever been bitten by a snake on the show before?

          • I don’t think so. There was whatever bit Denise in the endgame of Philippines (she had two fang marks on her neck) and I think that’s it.

          • Saturday Night Palsy

            A snake bite wouldn’t be good, but I don’t think it’s going to be anything serious.

          • Let’s hope for my sake…I mean for her sake.

          • Saturday Night Palsy

            C’mon, our fantasy teams are far more important than the well-being of the actual players!

          • Diego Armando

            No, but Gary in Fiji got poisoned by ants and had to be evacuated.

    • Diego Armando

      I think there is a solid chance she does not have the winner.

      • I feel confident about Hannah.

        • corndogshuffle

          I feel better about Michaela every week.

        • Diego Armando

          So do I.

    • Shhh….I am trying to lull people into a false sense of security.

  • Alycia Swift

    Was it a random shuffle of the teams? Just curious. I don’t remember and am too lazy to look at last week’s chart.

    I thought Figgy would go this week and that would be the end of being in first on the Genx/new Millenial teams. If she weren’t on a team with Ken and Taylor, I’d expect it next week, since both guys are pretty good with the physical part of challenges (so is she) and she’s good with puzzles.

    I did move up on the pick 4. All my choices are still in. But I also did trade David for Jessica (not Figgy) the first week after Jessica’s impressive first episode and David’s not so impressive first episode. I’d be much higher if I had not second-guessed myself.

    • Purplerockmatt

      it was a random shuffle

      • corndogshuffle

        A corndog shuffle?

        • Hornacek

          A Harlem shuffle?

          • corndogshuffle

            A Truffle Shuffle?

          • HBO CEO of Tits

            A Super Bowl shuffle.

  • m0nit0rman

    Out Of The Basement! (Champions League)

    I’m coming for you, Purple Rock Mark!!!!

    Ok, maybe not Mark, but I’m coming for some of you.

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      Too bad Adam doesn’t get points for shouting.

      • Diego Armando

        ADAM SORRY

  • SpicyMayoJaySimpson

    David, Hannah, Taylor, Will would be in second place trailing by a point. Who’da thunk it?

    • Something Quirky

      Will is blending into the background more than I thought he would.

      • Figaro

        Are you kidding? He’s obviously the ‘kingpin’ of this season!

      • forever1267

        Feel the same way. I had an inkling “winner’s edit” feeling from his first episode, and so picked him (and Zeke) over Ce Ce and Paul. To be Determined…

  • jersey_luck

    Just a quick question, how many people are regretting picking Chris for the fantasy league at the moment?

    • Sigh. I thought he’d at least get some easy challenge points in the beginning because Gen X had such a strength advantage. I don’t imagine he’ll be good at post merge challenges, so he better get a few points in the next few episodes.

      • Saturday Night Palsy

        At least you still have Sunday as a points earner.

        • To quote Philippians 11:14- “You’re a dick.”

          • Saturday Night Palsy

            Part of Numbers 21:17- “O well”.

          • Hornacek

            Is that Chapter 11 of The Costa Rica Job?

      • Assistant Dragon Slayer

        How many people bailed out on David after his terrible Episode 1? Besides me, I mean.

        • I don’t keep track of how many people dropped a certain player. But even as we added at least 30 new teams after episode 1, David ended up on two fewer teams than he had before the premiere.

        • I almost did, but ended up not doing so…as you can probably tell. I ended up dropping Sunday and Michelle which I feel pretty good about.

  • corndogshuffle

    Shouldn’t the green team get the extra player? We do have to build a new shelter you know.

    I really hope I don’t get swap screwed. Alycia and I have pretty big targets right now.

  • My new position in the Outcasts League almost makes up for the fact that I made two terrible, terrible picks.

  • Violina23

    Wait… whaaaaat?

    You guys are clever and sneaky! Was that your plan from day 1? I kinda love it 😉

    And I’m still sittin’ pretty in 100th place in the Pick 4. Take that!

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      It is fun, isn’t it? I almost wish that I hadn’t dominated in Champs League last season. I could have been a part of that.

    • andythesaint

      From Day One? No. But definitely from Day Two.

      • Violina23

        If you don’t merge us into one big group after the merge, I am going to throw a purple rock at you 😉

    • Purplerockmatt

      honestly we worked pretty hard to keep the two leagues in the dark from each other because we knew it would be fun to do a reveal, and we knew that doing something weird like a swap would be in keeping with the two groups and would also be fun. also we just like to experiment a bit with the outcast leagues

  • the sky is falling

    Hard to believe that, As incompetent as David seems, he is one idol away from tying the record held by Tony and Hantz at 3. with the abandon he plays them, good chance he sets a new record.
    I believe the record for most idols played in a season stands at 2.

    I think we will be seeing “hantzian idol sniffer” David again. Now, get to work on your spy shack, David.

    • corndogshuffle

      Hell from one of the camera angles early in the episode, David even looked a little bit like Russell. My dad and I were both a little surprised by that.

      • the sky is falling

        I am a Russel Hantz apologist and consider him a gameplay game changer, but I can just imagine how angry that little troll will be if someone beats his idol record.

        if David makes the merge or final he may be my new unlikely favorite player ever. I’m expecting a Cochrane-esque redemption in his second tour of duty.

    • Sadie

      Tony found 3 idols but unless I’m mistaken, he never actually played one “successfully” (in the technical sense where you counter the majority of votes)

      Kelley and Jeremey both played two idols successfully in one season. As did Russell.

      • the sky is falling

        Yes, quite a few have played 2 idols in one season. But Tony did certainly use the threat of his mystery idol to further his game. A case where the idol was effective without being used.

        Although, David technically played his successfully, it may not have been the best use of it. And right now, only Adam knows what he is looking for when searching for idols.

        Here’s a full list if you’re interested:

        • Sadie

          Oh I think Tony played his super idol well, that’s why I put “successfully” in air quotes.

          I also am a fan of how David used his (though I wasn’t shocked to see him second guess himself), but since Ken and Jess were able to mend fences, I’d feel pretty good about that group and happy not to have Lucy around.

          Also, it is interesting that only Adam found and used an actual clue.

  • Mike Hirsch

    Awww. I suck.

  • sharculese

    Oh, this is some bullshit.

    Wait, nevermind, I’d be losing anyway. I still have no regrets.

    • andythesaint

      On the one hand, it IS really unfair that you’re suddenly competing with people you didn’t know you would be when you drafted your teams.

      On the other hand, the league is literally named after the time when Survivors had to compete against people they didn’t know would be around when they put together their alliances.

  • Something Quirky

    Even though I’m doing terribly, I like that I’m tied with the only other person with “som” in their name. It’s the little things.

  • StormofCuteness

    Being in the very middle bodes well??? I’m a newbie.

  • Kemper Boyd

    I feel like Michaela, you got this wrong! I’m near the bottom of my new standings but if I’d been on new Gen X I’d be 4th. BULLSHIT.