Survivor: Game Changers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 10

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“I Was Sarah For The First Time In 30 Days”

International Linque

Aubry, Andrea, Culpepper, Cirie, and Sarah got to spend time with their loved ones at the barbecue, and of those five, Sarah is probably the player I’m least interested in seeing more from. But here we are. Sarah says that being around Wyatt allows her to turn off her game mode and be herself, and that tracks. She mentions that Wyatt reminded her to not let her guard down and to not trust other people, which, like, yeah, it’s Survivor. So is this playing like a cop or like a criminal? How does this clip (and its exclusion from the final cut) impact Sarah’s Winner Edit? I do not have the answers to these questions, and as with the question, “What is a fidget spinner?” I am not particularly interested in learning more.

This Week In Confessionals

“He’s So Incredibly Selfless”

International Linque

Where did “Fuck You, Brad Culpepper” come from? How did those assumptions about Brad and about the Culpeppers’ marriage come about? Monica gives some great insight into Brad as a person (though I doubt she’d call him an asshole on national television, if at all). But all that aside, Monica’s a neat lady. Watch this clip of a neat lady.

“It Brought Our Family Even Closer”

International Linque

God, I really don’t know what to say about this. But I think it’s important to watch, so here it is.


International Linque

Let’s get this out of the way. Secret Snickers bars? God, fucking casuals, man. On the one hand, it’s surprising that Jared doesn’t truly understand what his mom goes through when she plays Survivor. But that may be somewhat due to Cirie, who could be downplaying her experience so she doesn’t worry her son and best friend. Cirie and Jared have a rare relationship, and I think it’d be super cool to see more of that. Probably not on a Blood v. Water season because Jared doesn’t seem cut out for Survivor, but maybe on The Amazing Race? That could get me interested in TAR again.

“Socially, I’ve Been Amazing”

International Linque

So I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t put a Troy confessional in these posts. Promise broken. Everything in this confessional tracks with what we know about Troy both as a person and as a Survivor player, and yet I still find this clip extremely funny. I mean, just *kisses fingers like cartoon Italian chef* perfection.

This Week In Ponderosa


International Linque

Results aside, I don’t think anyone can say that Sierra didn’t improve on her previous season. And based on how Sierra was talking, she knew that her Worlds Apart game was “mediocre” and could use improvement. Well, mission accomplished. I’m not sure how good her game this time actually was; her rating by the players and by the edit is somewhere between Good and Ambivalent. But Sierra displayed growth nonetheless. Figurative growth, that is. I don’t think she can physically grow any taller.

Other jurors provided some highlights as well. Debbie, who isn’t there to greet Sierra as the boat pulls up, screams as she enters later and promptly steals food from a literally starving Sierra. But Sierra was desecrating that grilled cheese by dipping it in ranch, so it was probably for the best. Hali, who probably packed all those 4th of July decorations in her bag, said, “[Sierra] led to my demise in both seasons by not ballsin’ up and flipping to help me,” which is both incredibly salty and poignantly accurate.

This Week In The Jury Box

Hali makes a convoluted analogy for Aubry’s game and seems to have lost interest in Sarah’s (YouTube Link and International Linque). Ozzy has his vote set for Andrea with Cirie in a close second (YouTube Link and International Linque). Debbie’s vote is for Andrea, but no word on how attention to hair and make up will impact her decision (YouTube Link and International Linque). Zeke sees Sarah as a frontrunner, is impressed by Michaela and Aubry, and goes out of his way to say he won’t vote for Troy (YouTube Link and International Linque).

This Week In Gifable Moments

When your husband is 40 yards away but trade is making you feel some type of way.

When you realize the camp is probably littered with rat turds

When Sarah votes out Sierra and still gets the Legacy Advantage

Taako From Teevhii

Taako From Teevhii

Taako first learned of Survivor when his buddy Merle said he’d vote their friend Ango off the island. After a google search and one episode, he became a fan and never looked back.

Favorite Seasons: China, Heroes vs Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite Players: Kelley Wentworth, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Yul Kwon
Taako From Teevhii

69 thoughts on “Survivor: Game Changers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 10

  1. So, I decided to watch Troy’s confessional and I have three takeaways
    1) Holy crap is he boring
    2) KR was an exception, not the actual rule
    3) I believe this is his justification for not voting for Kim and it’s not great.

    1. I gave in and watched. I remain completely confused as to why they ever thought it was necessary for him to come back. It turns out, this was one vote America definitely did not fuck up.

        1. “This is my island” was Troy at his dumbest. It was a sad tantrum, from a little man, who couldn’t handle the fact that he got his ass handed to him by a bunch of women.

          1. I do not remember that. I just remember the part where he screamed it at the immunity challenge. And his name is dumb. If he were smart, he would have abandoned the ‘zan’ as soon as he saw some other asshat was doing it.

          2. The producers clearly casting two guys who both wanted to be named Tarzan on purpose, just because they thought it would be funny, is one of the only entertaining parts of One World.

    2. He is very boring, but I think there’s a lot truth to what he is saying that other players don’t always pick up on. That said, he also needs to position himself so that he’s sitting next to people with worse relationships than him if that’s the way he wants to win and I don’t know how self aware he is about how socially strong he is compared to other players. He also needs to remember that different jurors vote for different things – “I am socially amazing” isn’t going to impress Zeke, for example.

      As for his justification for not voting for Kim…eh, he doesn’t really need one. Sabrina is great and likeable, played a respectable game, and just lost her job. I agree that he likely voted for different reasons though, as he says so himself.

  2. I was totally on board with Sierra’s post-elimination cravings (grilled cheese, tomato soup, fries, and then cinnamon/sugar toast in the morning? Yes to all!) but I was really annoyed by how she kept acting like her cravings were so cute and “random.” Like, no sweetie those are pretty basic. If I go
    a couple hours without cheese I start craving it.
    10000000x better than a friggin salad and water, though 😛

  3. I said it before and I’ll say it again – and I’m so confident it’s the truth that I’ll even put in spoilers to what is 100% a guess – Andrea’s confessional not making it to air is a clear sign she doesn’t win.

      1. Also totally agree. In that confessional alone, she described the death of her sister, the importance of the loved-ones visit, how important Survivor has been to her entire life. Emotions aside, to have that much reality/survivor gold, and not use any of it, is a very deliberate choice. I can only imagine that they WANTED to use it so bad, but decided they couldn’t cause Andrea doesn’t win. Which is too bad.

        I mean, if Andrea does go home this week, why not at least include it as a summation to Andrea’s story? Why not use that confessional as the basis for her narrative? Again, rather than telling us ANY story about Andrea, the edit has seemingly avoided her entirely because it’s not the winner’s narrative.

        1. Andrea has been there – certainly moreso than Aubry or Troy – but it’s mostly just her scheming and her emotional reaction to Zeke, neither of which is necessarily endearing. They don’t want her to be endearing to the audience ’cause she’s going home, probably to an idol.

          This, of course, is ridiculous, because it’s goddamn Andrea. She’s endearing just by existing. It’ll suck regardless, so just let her have her damn character arc.

          1. And maybe that is more the problem than the winner’s arcs, is that in the absence of any other kind of character development, they just seem so glaring. If we had these same shining moments for Brad and Sarah peppered in with some narrative arcs for Cirie, Andrea, Tai, Michaela, things would seem far more balanced and we would be far less invested. Thus far, it has seemed that for fear of not telling the winner’s story, they have only told that story.

          2. Man, that background made me think we’d added Purple Rock Lana to the staff. She does meet the 4-letter name requirement, but I worry that her Truckasaurus hands may cause her blog posts to be littered with typos.

          3. I want to posit a theory: With the exception of her reaction to Zeke, is her arc somewhat similar to FFLAHIPSDT? Both were in positions of power in their alliances. Both felt somewhat comfortable.

          4. I can see it to a degree: the over-confident lieutenants, each with their ringleader (Cirie/Brad), their unstable ally (Zeke/Sarah), and their silent partner (Aubry/Troy).

            But even so, I hesitate to compare further as Andrea is delightful and ebullient whereas Sierra, well… she certainly is tall.

        2. Aside from this season, considering the story of how her whole family applied and her sister always wanted them to get on the show, I’m kind of amazed that was never once included as part of Andrea’s story in either Redemption Island or Caramoan. Especially since she won her way back into the game at RI, I feel like she must have just never even mentioned it in confessional.

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  4. So, per the jury discussion, 3/4 jurors (maybe 3/5 with Sierra) don’t really have Sarah on their radar at the moment, with Andrea as the consensus front runner. I think Andrea pretty clearly isn’t making F3 unless she wins at least F5 and F4 immunities but still that … interesting given the general consensus on the “winner’s edit”

    1. Yeah, that was a little strange. It’s also strange CBS even airs this stuff. They’re putting out their own spoilers, in a way.

      It was also odd hearing Hali talk about Aubry’s game when everyone knows she isn’t even playing this season.

      1. They have for years, subtly and not-so-subtly, hinted at the jury’s opinions on the remaining contestants, so I don’t think this is a step much farther. And for those interested, we get a better view at the jury’s thought process. I think this is another way to prevent another Michele reaction – we have some hints early on what the jury is thinking so its less shocking when the vote goes a certain way

        1. I think the difference may simply be that in this case, knowing the juror’s opinions more clearly defines the disconnect between what’s happening and what’s being shown. But it’s hard to reconcile the two, because it’s also the juror’s POV that skews things.

          1. Yeah, I just meant in terms of it’s not really the show spoiling itself by including them

          2. Oh, I totally forgot I had included that Michele bit in that comment, sorry. Yeah, I know not everyone watches the extra content – very few do – but I think that’s what at least part of what these videos are driving towards, any sort of laying of a base of how the jury may go to tamp down fan reaction to a surprise win

      1. I made mine like almost a year ago when I was doing Australian Survivor recaps. I don’t remember anything except how long I spent on the eyebrows. (I spent a ton of time on the eyebrows.)

        1. tbh I spend more time than I’d care to admit on hair and eye color. I wanted my eyes to be purple but not the same shade as the background, and I’m still second-guessing my choices.

        2. Also, quick RPDR talk: Shea is tracking towards a win, and if she’s robbed it’ll be a bigger upset than Katya, either time (maybe not, but it’s still rigga morris). I read Oliver’s review on the AVC and I disagree that this season is a race among third-place queens. Yes, Sasha and Valentina probably wouldn’t be as successful in other seasons; they’d probably finish like Ivy Winters and April Carrion respectively. But Shea’s got Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent in spades, and discounting her just comes off as bitter.

          Also, good god that roast was horrible. How are so many of these queens painfully unfunny? You’re roasting Michelle fucking Visage! These are layups!

          1. The one qualm I had with Shea was her makeup, and I was waiting for the sequence where she gets read for it, rebounds with help from another queen, and gets praised, but no apparently we’re just skipping past that to her makeup suddenly not looking all weird and jagged anymore.

            Sasha is growing on me. I rolled my eyes when she toyed with doing Judith Butler for Snatch Game, but overall her smartypants take on drag is winning me over. If she’s not in the finals I’m voting for her for Miss Congeniality.

            But yeah, this is the Shea show. This week really showed the limitations of Trinity as a competitor, and, while I still like her, I don’t think there’s a chance of her winning. And, unlike Katya, I don’t think there are any glaring gaps in Shea’s skillset that would lead to a surprise elimination (not that I think Katya should have had to LSFYL that round; it should have been Pearl.)

  5. I was trying to play devil’s advocate for this season, could something still happen in the last 2 episodes which would explain and/or justify the edit thus far? Like, could Andrea-Aubry-Cirie all be involved in some sort of traumatic, awful event that justifies why they wouldn’t be better accounted for by the edit? Or something else?

    1. I hate doing this, but look at the edit they gave Varner before The Incident. At one point, we thought that he was playing a better game than he did in Cambodia.

      1. Yeah, that was my first thought. And more, if there was actually some incident that could explain the edit, it might destroy the survivor community, because it could mean some more of our favorite players turn out to be terrible? So, i’m not really guessing this will happen, more just wondering, what on earth could happen that might make us look back and say ‘oh, okay.’ I’m not sure there is much…

      1. “THAT bad” as in ‘a bad edit’ -no, her edit is fine. “That bad” as in ‘she could win’ -yes. I cannot wrap my head around the idea that Survivor would bring back goddess Cirie, she wins the title, and this is the edit they give her. Moreover, i don’t want this to be the edit Cirie gets if she wins. Her edit should be as glorious or more than Sandra’s if she win’s, and we have not seen that.

        1. Oh okay, I thought the awful event speculation made it seem like Cirie’s edit wouldn’t even make sense for a finale boot, which I could see for Aubry’s edit but not for Cirie’s. I still think she’s getting what would be a good winner’s edit, but that makes more sense.

      2. That’s a fair point; her edit has been OK. I just feel like they would be waaaaay less subtle if Cirie was winning. I’d want them to basically coronate her from episode 3 and have the words “it’s happening people” under her chyron. Unless they’re going for the surprise element in which case F them, it’s goddamn Cirie. I’d rather watch her win then be surprised by her winning.

        1. I’m good with the surprise. Depending on how the last two episodes shake out, she could end up with the most content overall. I’m not generally a fan of the coronation edit, no matter how enjoyable I find the person. But I get it, Cirie is the best.

          1. And like, didn’t we all complain when Rob M. was basically given that massive coronation edit, and he is the most comparable player in terms of “omg, he will win!”. That’s why RI su- I mean, was SO great, that I would watch it a billion times, #AshleyIsTheBestPlayerOfAllTiiime.

            P.S. But for real, I also am not a fan of a big coronation edit. Like I said in a comment under the podcast page, they gave Sandra mostly tame edit in HvV, while she wasn’t invincible. They show enough of a Cirie this season that I wouldn’t feel insulted at all

          2. Boston Rob might have been one of my favorite players, if not for Redemption Island.

          3. It’s actually kinda the same for me. Even though he WAS one of the only people entertaining that season, and I could definetely make the argument that he was the most likable self that season, he still somehow irked me. Maybe it was just the attidude he had, which were more shown cause he was the winner, and the only ‘personality’ there besides Phillip, or just that his win just didn’t feel satisfying at all, even though it PROBABLY should have, or just that I was begininng ti feel tired of seeing on the screen 4th time now. I still like him, but it faded out for me a bit.

      3. Cirie’s edit would be fine for anyone but Cirie. Cirie is so delightful that if she’s the winner, I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t be the absolute star of the season. However, I won’t rule out that her edit could explode in the last two episodes as she proves herself to be the ultimate social strategist. I don’t think it’s likely, but I won’t rule it out.

        1. It’s not just about Cirie’s edit. It’s about the concurrent Sarah and Brad edits. Those don’t happen in Cirie’s victory season.

  6. This is a belated response to the podcast and the edit/season as a whole discussion. While I agree with many of your points, I’m not quite as down on this season as most people here seem to be.

    I guess mostly it’s hard to fully call some of this until the finale – even though I know I’m probably wrong, I have to keep some hope that Cirie could win this to make the experience enjoyable for me. I really don’t understand how people can be 100% convinced that Sarah or Brad or whoever is definitely winning and even though many of these people are probably right, I’d rather be wrong and hopeful.

    This season is tough to judge because the Varner/Zeke episode is one of the most disturbing events on Survivor and casts a shadow over the whole season. How they handle that at the reunion could really change my perspective on this season, most likely in a negative way if they try to pull some bullshit ‘let’s make everybody feel okay about this in a 3 minute segment and absolve Varner.’

    Meanwhile. I agree with most here that the storyline has been mostly unsatisfying for reasons covered: 20 players, too many twists, the Malcolm boot where shock trumped strategy, too much fodder, way too much Debbie and FFSDT for no reason, where is Aubry etc. I’d add that the last few episodes have mostly been narrated by people in the swing position which makes for short-term unsatisfying stories as people flipping or considering flipping, however skillfully done, gets repetitive.

    Agh, this post was supposed to be positive and I’ve done a lot of complaining. What I will say about this season is that there was some fun stuff pre-merge – Sandra v. Tony, the goat hunt, the great sugar mystery – and I loved watching Cirie work her magic in the merge episode. If Cirie wins with this edit I won’t even mind that much because however she wins it will be glorious. This season isn’t dead to me. Yet.

  7. I can’t handle listening to more talk about the loved ones visit. After Monica was talking for about 45 seconds, I was done. I looked down and the videos was 7 fucking minutes long. Nope, not watching any clips this week. I fucking hate the loved ones visit.

    1. I truly can’t blame you. Last week was a plethora of quality bonus content, and this week was not that.

      1. Cirie’s son’s interview was good – I liked how surprised he was that Survivor wasn’t some giant fake conspiracy (or is he in on it!?). But yeah, what a zzzzzy secret scene with Sarah and her husband and I stopped watching the Monica interview at about the same point too.

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