Survivor: Game Changers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 11

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“I Ain’t Got No Energy”

International Linque

I know some people read these summaries before watching the clip, so let me say: watch this clip. I don’t know how this didn’t make it into the final cut. It’s a travesty. It’s an injustice. It’s a farce. And even worse, CBS is airing a rerun of NCIS: LA in Survivor’s time slot next Wednesday. Is that the reason CBS didn’t extend this season by an episode? This is one of the best moments of the season outside of The Sugarbowl, and it’s immediately relevant to the plot of the next tribal. And it gets cut because two boots had to be stuffed into one hour. To everyone who claims that you can’t stretch a single day into a full episode *leans into mic* wrong. Especially when Michaela B. is on the island.

This Week In Confessionals

“There’s Something About Her That Makes Me A Little Leery”

International Linque

This is a lesson to all you young Survivor players out there: Don’t wait to get before you get got. Zeke made this mistake in targeting Andrea. Andrea made this mistake in targeting Sarah. Survivor strategy is all about timing, but you can’t make a move if you’re not in the game. Andrea picks up on the “little things that Sarah does” and even compares her to Tony. Yet it still seems that targeting Sarah is something that can wait until next tribal. As Andrea says, “You can play like Tony, but you can really only get away with that one time with newbies. I don’t really think you can do that again with returning players.” *Ron Howard voice: You can.*

“I’m Playing Like Tony”

International Linque

I don’t necessarily agree with this player comp, but I think it’s worth mentioning that it’s been brought up by multiple people. Sure, one of those people is Sarah herself, but Tony is being mentioned more than Troy at this point, and there’s a reason for that. This may be the thing that pushes the jury’s mixed opinion on Sarah to an overall positive assessment.

This Week In Ponderosa

“She Would’ve Won The Million Dollars”

International Linque

Even though she would never win any of them, I could watch Andrea play in twenty more seasons. As Hali says, Andrea is “really strong socially; very strong strategically; smart; fun; funny.” And even more to the point, if Andrea had made it to FTC, “it would have been a little too obvious” who was winning. Andrea is always fun to watch (and this Ponderosa is no exception), but for those reasons, she can never be under the radar and can never get all the way to the end.

What’s also interesting is that it sounds like Andrea and Zeke had screaming fights, plural, out on the island. There’s one that stands out in particular, but there seems to be more to this storyline than what we were shown. We missed out on that and on a Survivor: Brooklyn reference *shakes fist at sky*.

“I’m Just A Lucky Girl”

International Linque

This Ponderosa is so fun and joyous and happy. A Ponderosa for the ages. And I could say something shady like, “It’s a wonder how anyone found Michaela annoying” or “Crazy how anyone could have a problem with someone this delightful.” But I’m not saying those things. Nope, definitely not saying that. Anyway, watch this video.

This Week In The Jury Box

Hali called the latest tribal unprecedented chaos and sees Cirie and Sarah as frontrunners (YouTube Link and International Linque).

Ozzy says Cirie should have known what “non-transferrable” meant (not considering that she might not have had time to read it) and says Sarah will win if she makes it to FTC (YouTube Link and International Linque).

Debbie condescends and claims that Cirie’s blunder has won her a million dollars (YouTube Link and International Linque).

Zeke believes that any outcome besides Sarah winning will be a waste of this season’s potential (HA!) and can’t see himself voting for any of the remaining men (YouTube Link and International Linque).

Sierra is loving Sarah’s game and rooting for Culpepper and Troy (YouTube Link and International Linque).

Andrea holds Sarah and Cirie responsible for her boot, but feels differently about each (International Linque).

This Week In Gifable Moments

When your fave snatches that Immunity Necklace in record time.

When you’re told Cirie wouldn’t last three votes past the merge but she makes the finale anyway.

When your mom keeps mentioning Sarah even though you like totally don’t even hang out any more.

When you’re in the middle of the Cha-Cha Slide.

Taako From Teevhii

Taako From Teevhii

Taako first learned of Survivor when his buddy Merle said he’d vote their friend Ango off the island. After a google search and one episode, he became a fan and never looked back.

Favorite Seasons: China, Heroes vs Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite Players: Kelley Wentworth, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Yul Kwon
Taako From Teevhii

75 thoughts on “Survivor: Game Changers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 11

  1. Michaela is a freaking gift from heaven! When I am on my deathbed, I want her Ponderosa video on a constant loop.

    On another note: I’m really, really annoyed by this season (I know, right??). All these unnecessary twists and advantages…it feels like the producers have lost sight of what makes Survivor interesting and are making the show outshine the cast. Granted, it is a pretty mixed bag of a cast, but that is totally the fault of production. Nobody was holding a gun to Mark Burnett’s head, forcing him to bring back Troy, Brad and Sierra. Unless Troy was the one holding the gun.

    I would love to see a season where the only twist is that there are no twists: no swaps, no advantages, not even any hidden immunity idols. They could have ONE twist in the beginning, like in Tocantins, where one person is allowed a head start: they get to camp and find a note that informs them that there are NO hidden immunity idols in the game. Then, they have to decide whether to share that information or keep that to themselves. THAT would be an actually interesting twist in the game. But what do I know? I’m just a girl, standing in front of a show, asking it to be better.

    1. I definitely feel like Production tried to grease the wheels a bit too much, having too many swaps, too many twists, in order to ensure these “game changers” never got too comfortable. And, that’s an issue that just goes to shine a spotlight on how poorly cast this season was overall. If the eight or nine fodder players were replaced by actual favorites who play the game well, Production could have let the game run itself.

      1. Seriously, the casting for this was mind boggling. It feels like the Survivor equivalent of Dug from Up, like they were thumbing through a catalog of former players and they saw someone and said “Squirrel!” and threw them in without thinking about it. Heroes vs. Villains proved that a good All Stars Season just kind of makes itself work. I think it was just too soon to go back to the All Stars well but I don’t blame the producers after how good Cambodia was. That season had a lot of twists, but it was just right for that cast (which I think was fairly level in terms of player strength compared to other All Stars seasons). This one I think they were just trying to hard on so many different levels…

        Though if through some miracle Cirie comes through and wins this thing I might change my tune and call this the greatest season ever hahahaha

        1. I like the catalog analogy a lot. To me, it felt like they had the catalog and $100 to spend, and decided to blow 90% of their budget on like 5 players.

          1. I think this season illustrates that a lot of “fan” casts where they try to impress everyone by including a bunch of non-stars to show off their fan cred would probably suck.

          2. I mean several of us here have done the fan casts before but we have also tried to be realistic as to who Production would be after. Some fans don’t think that is an option.

          3. I dunno about that. The lack of fans clamoring for e.g., Hali, FFSDT, and Troyzan proved to be a highly accurate negative indicator.

          4. I personally feel that if Hali got another six days on the island she would have proved she was an all star personality. She was probably the one with the spice out of the random picks and added shine towards the whole while she was playing the game.

          5. I think there was a vocal minority that wanted Hali to comeback because of the circumstances of her boot. She was picked by the Wet Blankets because Joe had immunity and Jenn just played an idol.

          6. If you go to certain fan communities, literally EVERY former Survivor has been fancast on to a future all-star season. POSSIBLY excluding B.B. Anderson or Jenn Lyons. Possibly.

          7. The Survivor/Weekend at Bernie’s crossover fanfic boards must be really interesting.

          8. I like the catalog analogous for casting. For the twists, it felt like they tried a dish with cayenne pepper (Cambodia), liked it, and decided to dump an entire jar of cayenne in the next time they were cooking.

    2. I’m very undecided about the twists. My initial thoughts were to agree, that there have seemed to be a ton of twists not resulting in a lot of excitement. But then I thought, well, Sarah’s game has been largely based around her ability to manage and creatively use her advantages (something that again reminds us of Tony), and some of the biggest drama moments of the season were related to twists, like the “Two tribes, one tribal” twist. I think, if you’re production, the hope was to throw a lot of things out there and see what happened, but it’s been a mixed bag. Despite the shear number of twists and advantages, we’ve had a fair share of normal, straight forward tribals where nothing crazy happened.

    3. Technically Tocantins had 2 twists with the ‘2 people at Exile Island’ thing, but that never amounted to anything.

        1. Not having a shitty cast like Gabon was also a good reaction to the failed swaps.

        2. Welp, this is gonna help me with a problem I have – remembering whether Tocantins or Gabon comes first.

    4. Yes please, I would not say no to a third season with Michaela. I wish they had not voted her out (still can’t figure out why) because a Final Tribal would with her would have been AMAZINGLY entertaining, win or lose.

    5. We need to keep Immunity Idols. They are one of the few ways for players on the minority side of the numbers to avoid being Pagonged.

      1. I agree, Immunity Idols are a critical element of strategy. Even if not used, they add to paranoia when it comes to the vote.
        I still advocate more idols, idols for everyone!

    6. I’m watching Survivor New Zealand, and trust me, back to basics with one twist is no panacea. Casting is pretty much everything.

    7. I think back to basics would be cool with one tribe swap and idols in a limited amount but no twists/advantages. Mostly I think it would be awesome if they went to a new location that was weaved into the challenges more a la China but budget wise I can see how it wouldn’t be possible.

  2. I’ve only been watching Ponderosa videos for a couple years now, but was Michaela’s Ponderosa the best ever?? She was so positive and funny the whole time, and it all seemed totally genuine. It almost seemed like the other players didn’t know how to respond to her. And Taako has more restraint than I do, because while I was watching the video I couldn’t help but say (out loud, to no one) “oh I wonder why everyone kept calling Michaela a rude brat during the game?”

    Andrea’s Ponderosa video gets overshadowed by the amazingness of Michaela’s, but it was a pretty good one too. You could tell her good sportsmanship clicked on as soon as she saw that the vote was aimed at her, and I was glad to see that she and Zeke could bury the hatchet (although I thought it was funny that both of them kept blurting out grievances in the middle of saying ‘but I’m over it, I’m over it’ lol). I’m still peeved that Andrea’s elimination got yadda yadda’ed when everyone at Ponderosa seemed like they were ready to give her a million dollars, but she’s not alone in getting boned by the edit this season.

    For as intense (and often personal) as the game has gotten this season, I’m pleasantly surprised by how positive everyone has been at Ponderosa. I’m hoping this means that there will be minimal bitterness at FTC (although people sometimes play it up for the TV moment – I could see Debbie going this direction)

    1. I think we have found this seasons tagline:

      Survivor: Game Changers “Boned by the Edit”

      I fully believe Debbie will be bitter at FTC, because Debbie… Also, if Ozzy manages to care about this season for just a few moments, he will probably be his usual brand of bitter at FTC. But more likely he doesn’t give two fucks, and continues to sit back and enjoy his vacation.

      1. I completely agree about Ozzy. He’s been so checked out this entire season I almost wonder why he agreed to play again at all (actually, I think you hit the nail on the head with the free vacation concept).
        I want to include my predictions for jury questions in the predictions post for the finale, so I’ve been thinking through all that this morning. I think Ozzy is a lock to ask something about providing for the tribe, since he had such a bug up his butt about fishing when he was voted out. If Brad makes it to the final 3, I could see him getting Ozzy’s vote.

    2. Last season had some good ones too. Jay was a blast but the standout was probably Bret’s, especially where he and Chris were drinking beers and joking around with each other for a good 5 minutes. Early Worlds Apart where it went Hali, Joe, Jenn in a row were pretty solid as well.

    1. I know, right? Sorry to go Captain Obvious here, but Andrea is just incredibly beautiful (in addition to being a delightful person). I’ve often noted that even bad Survivor is great TV because I got hooked on the show during what is considered one of its worst stretches–the Caramoan pre-merge. But between Brenda and Andrea, maybe it isn’t that complicated.

    2. I have a well known Andrea crush, but she has never looked better than in that video. HOLY SHIT

  3. Michaela is amazing. Get her on not just Survivor but all the shows. Michaela would make Game of Thrones even better.

    Also I am back from Toronto, which I loved and will share the story of being the audience for the Big Brother Canada finale and hanging out with BB Can players and Adam from Survivor in Niagara in the comments of tomorrow’s predictions post.

    1. Did you get to hang out in Niagara, Canada, or did you have to hang out in Niagara, NY?

      1. Away from me, so that’s good for both of us. Adam from season 33 was really cool on Saturday.

          1. This is why I can never hate ADAM. He has given me so much joy. I have been jumping back to him more frequently than I thought I would.

    2. Glad you had fun! I STILL didn’t finish watching yet (I’m now in the last season), but hopefully I will finish it before the Survivor finale. And I’m still jealous that you’ve got meet Adam.

      1. It’s my second time meeting him. Very friendly both times. It’s awesome to nerd out with a fellow super fan of this stuff.

  4. Andrea trying to tickle Cirie on the way out is so funny and I loved hearing her wonder why she did it on the RHAP exit interview.

    Also, I think that Michaela secret scene would have been the best 3 non-sugar related minutes of the season and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see more like that in the actual show.

  5. Michaela’s secret scene indeed is a treat. It makes for the best moment of the episode (and one of the best of the season), which makes it so much the more baffling that it wasn’t even shown. Cirie’s confessional in the middle is also wonderful. Cirie and Michaela are both the best; I would easily sign up for a Cirie and Michaela season instead of this something we got instead. (And if this is the level of things they left out of the edit, I’m sure we would have more than enough content for it.)

    1. Late thought: maybe they cut it out of the episode because they noticed that Troy speaks a sentence in it? Surely they could not allow that during the broadcasted episode!

      1. He also referenced the wrong season’s theme.

        (“That’s such a Millennial behaviour”, or whaever he said exactly)

  6. OT, but is anyone still watching Amazing Race this season? The second episode in Vietnam was one of the most brutal episodes I’ve ever seen especially losing Team Fun 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Cause of my binging of all the seasons of BBCAN, I am really behind this season. Now that I will soon end the season that just ended, I will catch up to it ( the same goes to Sur: NZ, that’s why I wasn’t in the conversation in Kamper’s post). But I wonder what was so brutal about last episode.

      1. No spoilers: what I’m mostly referring to here is the fact that it was really hot and the challenges were super physical, and on top of everything they had them biking between locations for most of the episode. It makes me sweat just thinking about it! D:

    2. HERE, I DO! This is in fact the first season that I watch as it airs
      (starting with ep.4 or so), and as I did during Cagayan when I started
      watching Survivor again after only having seen AO on youtube a couple of
      years before, I’m also binging through old seasons at the same time.

      Vietnam was beautiful but also brutal once again. With the climate and cycling
      in between the roadmarkers this certainly seemed like the hardest leg of
      the season so far. Brutal challenges like the one with trap-bundles
      (which wasn’t as hard for those who managed to ride the
      bikes instead of just pushing them, but of course production knew that
      it’s nearly impossible for smallish women to set them fully loaded into
      motion) were a much more common occurence in the first
      years of TAR, but apparently there has also been a rule change at some
      point? Because then tasks like “Push this heavy object for a long time”
      often devolved into “Find enough locals (often kids) to do all the work
      for you”, and now teams are much more hesitant to seek and accept direct
      help in the tasks from non-racers.

      But earlier seasons also had these insane eating-challenges. Right now I’m watching Rob&Amber’s first season (S7) and there was this (probably infamous) 4 pound of meat
      (and things they subsequently shortened to “Meat”) roadblock in
      Argentina. The season before that had the big extra spicy Chili bowls
      and I forgot how much caviar people had to eat in season 5, but it was a lot.

      Anyway, I’m really digging this current season and the twist that got this started. As bad as it is to lose Team Fun (they were the only Team left that I liked and deemed contenders),
      my favorites, Team Mid-Low, are still racing (albeit without any airtime to speak of), and TeamTV aka Brooke&Scott are all right and still a darkhorse pick for the win (we were robbed of Team LongHairDontCare way too soon, though). And even the other two teams aren’t too bad, there are (and were, actually) no teams that I would hate to see win, and there were always several such cases in the other seasons I’ve watched.
      Speaking of, wtf was the deal with season 6, namely the editing of that season?! Freddy&Kendra won that, to refresh your memory. I was so sure that they would make the final episode but couldn’t win, as much as the show (rightfully) shit on them again
      and again. Before I thought TAR edit reading is quite easy, but this was a real Jon Snow moment for me. But I still can’t imagine LoLo finishing any better than third place. Too invisible, which is a shame.

      1. I remember those eating challenges! The Hungarian chili soup is one of the most disgusting moments ever on TAR, and the giant caviar serving is a close runner up.

        I’m actually enjoying this season a lot more than I thought I would. The twist is working out a lot better than I anticipated. I’m super bummed about Team Fun, especially since at the beginning of the double episode I was starting to think maybe they had a shot at winning. I felt really bad for Floyd, and I did wonder whether or not they were allowed to get help from the locals (seems like they’re not anymore?) I agree that LoLo are probably at the bottom of the heap in terms of winner potential, but none of the remaining teams would disappoint me if they won. I think I would be most amused by a Brooke/Scott win just because of what a train wreck they’ve been all season XD

        Re: season 6, I am always terrible at remembering who wins a given season. I’m actually on my 3rd re-watch of the entire series (just finished snoozefest season 4) and I can usually remember the final 3 but I am always unsure of which team actually wins. I guess it’s kind of a testament to the evenness of the editing, in early seasons at least? We end up seeing a lot of each team that makes it far, for better or for worse, and they’re not really interested in covering up the negative qualities of the players… It sort of reminds me of the editing style of Top Chef, if you follow that show as well?

        1. No, I never watched Top Chef. But what you said makes me eager to find out if there are more cases like the season 6 winners. It was really fascinating in that I don’t think I was very sophisticated in hating them (e.g. it wasn’t just me picking up on some minor stuff about their relationship or their demeanour, as I will often do, or applying the 2017 prism on them), but just sheepishly following the orders of the show, which clearly told us to fall in love with this one team and to despise Freddy&Kendra. Of course they were the ones to say dumb stuff and act snobbish all the time, but it seemed that was always enforced through cheap editing tricks like juxtaposing it with scenes from that other pair that made it far (who I also didn’t care for in the beginning, but I let the show convince me they’re worth rooting for).
          Being left with such a bad taste in the mouth would probably bother me if I were watching week to week and had to wait months for a new season, but for after the fact binging it’s actually nice to know the show is willing to do that to their winners. I just skipped through the final mat scenes and went on to the next one. Sorry if I spoiled your 3rd re-watch of seaon 6 with my musings by the way!
          I fully expect to forget most of the winners and F3 placements in no time, too!

          Do you know when tonight’s episode starts? It’s not another double episode, is it?
          If this is the last episode before the finale and we’re both in agreement that Team Mid-Low won’t win it all (agreed on TeamTV being the best case winner-candidates at this point), that would make tonight’s episode their last chance to at least win a leg, and I might want to watch it live.

          Speaking of London, I also watch the video-recaps she does together with her sister and I think she mentioned in the ep10-cast that there were people along the way and she was hoping they would help her, but nobody did (until Floyd asked that one man directly to help London, but he still only helped a little bit – and of course we wouldn’t necessarily know if LoLo got a minor penalty for that). But there were also scenes like the ladle-making, where Brooke was absolutely desperate but still seemed to ask only other racers for help.
          Contrast that with season 7 B-Rob, who just grabs unsuspecting Indians from the side of the road without even asking and putting them to work. Clearly relying on the natural authority that still seems to come with being a white man in India, but also on the knowledge that this wouldn’t be considered an infraction.

          BTW, season four is where I started my binge-watch. I knew I watched one or two seasons years ago, probably beginning from the start, but just to be safe (I didn’t want to notice midway through a season that everything seems oddly familiar and lose interest over that) I started with S4, thinking that would be probably at the height of TAR’s success and thus a great season. Needless to say that I looked up a RHAP season ranking after that to be sure that a) this isn’t par for the course and b) that the next one would be better. At this point I would have gladly jumped around in the order, but as it turned out, I just picked the turd in between two juicy wheatbread-slices. So after catching up on Season 3 I got back to chronological order.

          1. “I just picked the turd in between two juicy wheatbread-slices.”
            Hahaha yes! The only thing that was helping me get through season 4 in a timely manner was knowing that it meant I would get to season 5 faster. IMO, that’s where the show really starts hitting its stride.

            As for tonight’s ep, I’m not sure what the time slot is – I usually wait and watch it Saturday mornings on CBS All Access. But since it replaced an hour long drama that got cancelled, I would guess 9 (central)?

          2. Yep, I looked up a CBS preview on youtube and it’s 9 central, meaning just a regular episode (the K-Pop theme really got me in the mood). Last week was the first time I wanted to tune in live and of course I was an hour late as the double episode started early.

            Season 5 was awesome and s7 has been great so far. Season 6 had really disappointing casting and I struggled to find a team to root for. I don’t have too many memories that would explain why s3 was so high in the rankings, but that could just be the binging. It had the clowns and one of my favorite teams so far, but they got eliminated early (Team TNT).

            Here are the rankings in case you’re interested. As you can see, they’re from a (RhaP-)podcast (Jan.2016):

            27. TAR 8 7:03
            26. TAR 24 10:50
            25. TAR 26 16:14
            24. TAR 16 20:44
            23. TAR 21 25:44
            22. TAR 4 30:18
            21. TAR 9 36:22
            20. TAR 22 39:32
            19. TAR 27 43:22
            18. TAR 15 47:14
            17. TAR 19 50:29
            16. TAR 13 54:10
            15. TAR 23 1:02:08
            14. TAR 10 58:33
            13. TAR 18 1:09:52
            12. TAR 14 1:06:32
            11. TAR 2 1:14:11
            10 TAR 20 1:18:50
            9. TAR 6 1:22:10
            8. TAR 11 1:28:45
            7. TAR 25 1:33:50
            6. TAR 12 1:37:55
            5. TAR 1 1:42:23
            4. TAR 7 1:48:01
            3. TAR 17 1:53:31
            2. TAR 3 1:57:40
            1. TAR 5 2:02:26

    1. Congrats. Not having to endure Troy’s thoughts are like all the holidays you celebrate rolled into one.

  7. In semi-related news, I’ve resumed my quest to complete all the seasons. Next up: Season 2 Australian Outback. Cause it will mean I have all the Jeff Varner behind me, and because I’ve determined Old to New is a better plan of attack then New to Old.

    Wish me luck!

      1. 2 episodes in, and i’m generally enjoying myself. Thus far I agree with everything noted in the season rankings for AO: enjoyable cast, still very heavy on the ‘survival’ kitsch, and nothing ground breaking. It’s interesting they put the ‘gross food’ challenge so early in this season. I wonder if that is an influence from Season 1…

        I should note that I’m spoiled on who wins, Jeff’s exit, and Skupin’s fire fiasco.

          1. After watching the first episode, I definitely thought Debb would be a good person to pick up for an ‘all first boots’ season or tribe, but then I read about her life post-survivor, and realized she’s never coming back, lol.

          2. Idk if that translates to wanting to play again, but at the very least it keeps my dreams alive for an all first-boot season that will never happen, lol

          3. Yeah. I think a season (or even tribe) with this concept would be SO interesting, partially because so many of them left the game very dejected or with a very “well, tried that, guess i’m not cut out for it” attitude, it would be so interesting to see just them return and all but 1 of them improve upon their first result.

            But, this season would probably be harder to orchestrate than an all winners season for a bunch of reasons: These individuals have a much more negative outlook on the game; many have put Survivor behind them and out of mind; first boots are often older and as you noted, will have aged out. Also, while there is a hidden compliment in being the first boot in an all winner season, no one is going to want to be the first boot in a first boot season, lol

            Also, despite my best wishes, this season could also just suck. For every ‘they are too dangerous’ first boot, there are as many or more ‘they are weak and old’ first boots. It could be the season of extended-time challenges and med evacs galore! lol

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