Survivor Game Changers Episode 6 Liveblog: “Vote Early, Vote Often”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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1,042 thoughts on “Survivor Game Changers Episode 6 Liveblog: “Vote Early, Vote Often”

  1. Based on the episode title, I predict Debbie is voted out but is saved by winning the Electoral College vote.

    1. I predict it’s Debbie settling once and for all that she doesn’t actually understand the rules of Survivor.

      1. Debbie is a strategic mastermind remember I said this when she wins with a 10-0-0 jury vote

  2. Watch out Tai, hanging out by the Mana well at night isn’t good for anyone’s game.

  3. Nuku gon win all the immunities. Bittersweet for Sandra since she’s in the minority.

  4. So Kim might not show up for real, but the Specter of Spradlin is definitely out on that island.

    1. I’m guessing she cut them off so she could have shorts or wear the detached legs like a lunatic when it’s cold. I love it.

  5. Wow, Exile’s actually pretty boss. I’m now mad that Debbie is immune and also comfortable. Hopefully there’s no other advantage besides food.

      1. Absolutely no clue, but I know he’ll be sea sick after about ten minutes on that ship.

        1. I was so busy looking at twitter, watching the episode, making my own comments and wading through others comments that I missed a lot of comments, it was by no means just you. I think that jotcast is just too much at once for me. With storify I just have to monitor twitter and do my own commenting and that is a lot more manageable.

  6. This exile is overpowered and overdone, but I’m glad Debbie chose the advantage that hasn’t yet worked out for anyone.

  7. Ok that whole thing was weird. But I did like seeing Cochrane again. Much better than other expected options.

  8. With all this pre-IC screen time, I’m getting increasingly worried that Nuku is going to tribal.

    1. I hope all this foreshadowing means Zeke is wrong and Tai plays an idol on Sandra :$

          1. Yes, though I love coming here, overall I am not enjoying this season. I was smiling after every episode of last season.

  9. I want to ask this about the challenge: usually the puzzle pieces are hidden/obscured from the challenge players until they actually reach the puzzle. So does the tribe that gets across the monkey bars first have an advantage in that they have more time to see the puzzle pieces and strategize? Would this challenge be improved by having them collect trunks full of puzzle pieces?

    1. Maybe? But I fail to see the problem of giving the team that doing better at the challenge an advantage.

      1. Maybe I didn’t word that correctly. But production typically does it that way such that the challenge hinges on the puzzle, and I’m wondering why they deviated. Also, just looking at the results, Nuku lost and Sandra went home, so like, how good could the challenge be?

  10. Jeffrey better announce that there’s an idol at tribal. Give Sandra some sort of edge, please.

  11. You know every time we see a shark onscreen this season a fan favorite goes home. So I sorry that it sad Sandra will go home.

  12. Man I’m not sure about anyone else, but it got REAL dusty in here when Sandra’s torch went out.

  13. Ok – that’s a first, Zeke taking over Jeff’s job.

    Now was that planned by the tribe to fool Sandra?

    1. You can’t have honestly thought she had a chance. same with Tony, they were destined to fail

        1. Sorry to be snarky, I was just all in on Tony, still upset he went out like that

          1. No, I get it. I did a lot of gravedancing after Tony and Malcolm, so I deserve this. I knew it was coming. And she was on only one of my fantasy teams, so I’m not TOO devastated.

      1. I thought maybe Tai could go nuts and idol out himself, idol out Sandra, only his Ozzy vote would count, and then he’d collect a few more idols on the way back to camp.

        I mean, I didn’t think it was likely. But I didn’t think what he actually did was likely either.

    2. I feel down. I would have loved to see her get around that.
      When Tai did not play anything, I was like – oh crap.

      I wonder what was not put in – since they were all whispering to change, what happened to send it back to Sandra.

      But if they bring her back a fourth time, will her danger decrease?

      1. I think she stays at the same danger level next time she plays. No one’s ever gonna forget that she won twice and even despite being booted pre-merge here she displayed some incredible savvy gameplay. She’ll never not be a big threat, but I think it’s almost certain that she’ll play again, right? I hope so anyway.

    1. I now longer have a rooting interest. I’m in this now to satisfy my completionist tendencies and to get fantasy points. So, sadly, I have to root for Tai to find five more idols and for FFGC137SDT and Debbie to reach F5

      1. Stop I need him to go for my Pick 4 and I also would like FFGCLAHHRHSDT to go because I simply don’t like her. We find common ground in Debbie. Hopefully Tai gives her all his idols for her to play, then he gets voted out and she goes on an immunity run until days 34 and 35, uses her idols, and wins.

    2. I’m liking the season so far more than I expected, but man is that some BS. ONE Survivor contestant found 3 idols in the same number of days. That is just ridiculous, it is obscene; it honestly just bothers me beyond reason.

    3. Survivor fucked up by by hiding 2 idols in similar fashion. Imagine if in Philippines Abi had not found Tandang idol, then Malcolm would have swooped that up too.

          1. From a gameplay standpoint, it’s always the right move, Sandra is the most dangerous

          2. I disagree a bit TBH. Like I think she definitely needs to go (maybe merge boot?) before FTC, but she’s not going to win any individual immunities, nor is she going to make the target on her back any smaller. Although I would agree with her social game, you don’t want her to infiltrate the group too long…I think with that tribe she was screwed any way you slice, as much as I would’ve liked Ozzy to go home

          3. Ok, but, the longer you let her go, the more dangerous she becomes, Ozzy is fat now, I wouldn’t be scared of him if I was playing. Sandra has Surcicor Magic. frankly, it’s miraculous she made it as far as she did.
            Queen stays queen.

          4. Ozzy’s face when they lost that challenge was hilarious. It was like he actually couldn’t comprehend that this had happened to him.

          5. When I saw who was on that tribe I thought “Well, they don’t have anything to worry about, Ozzy’s on their tribe, they’re not going to lose a challenge.”

          6. Most of the other strong male challenge competitors have already been voted out though, which improves his chances of going on a run.

    1. That was a wild preview. The tribe that won this time and still doesn’t have Debbie is the one to fall apart?

  14. So Cochran on Exile is going to be a recurring thing all season, right? Every episode a different Survivor could hug it out with him.

  15. Jeff: “Losing tribe gets Debbie.”

    Pretty sure if Mana lost Brad and Hali would have been mounting some sort of legal challenge based off double jeopardy rules.

    1. (Also, has Sierra ever seemed so alive and present in the game as when there was a genuine risk that losing would mean a reunion with Debbie?)

  16. If anyone needs me, I’ll be curled up in a ball, eating ice cream, drinking heavily, and rewatching Cochran’s snarky comments about Debbie on repeat.

    1. Did I literally go from standing up, gasping, with my hands on my mouth to falling to my knees sobbing noooooo? Yes That happened.

      Which is a bit of an accomplishment when you have a broken foot.

  17. Over the course of the last three weeks, the podcast has been on a real pendulum swing. I can’t wait to see how this week’s podcast turns out.

  18. I liked Tai’s little Hali-esque thing where they should vote Ozzy out because he’s a comp threat pre-merge

  19. On the one hand Tai’s double idol find not only keeps me in second place but also means I one of the only beating Random Luck. On the other hand we lost Sandra, Troy seems to be in a good spot, And we are left with the filler like Sarah, Hali, and Sierra to spent time with.

  20. That was a majestic exit. Has a Survivor ever received a better edit in their boot episode? Normally we get at least some hint of a mistake make…this was an effing homage. Bow down.

    1. That because there was no mistake. She was targeted because was the player out there and no one wanted to risk leaving her in the game.

      1. That doesn’t stop the editors normally. I love it though – they (rightfully) couldn’t bring themselves to tarnish her legacy even slightly with even a manufactured misstep/ironic confessional.

    2. Typically, an obvious boot episode is a downfall edit. Sandra got the red carpet royal treatment that a Queen deserves. I can’t find a single flaw in her exit. She is still queen.

    3. I honestly thought it wasn’t enough of a send-off and it wasn’t her. I’m glad they didn’t edit as a blindside though

    4. Yes, despite the boot here, Survivor built Sandra’s character up again for the next outing. (Same with Malcolm). She is a lock for the next All-Stars season they do.

    5. I was worried the whole episode and was worried she would get the ‘lol look at this dumby being blindsided’ edit but they even gave the shot of her saying she felt like she would be voted out at the beginning of tribal. She tried but the target was just too big this time.

    1. I agree I was more shocked and upset that Malcolm left, especially in such shitty circumstances. This was far more expected, but still sad – both because the season has really lost something, and because I was loving seeing everything that Sandra could do, front and centre this time around.

      Malcolm we were probably going to get more Malcolm, and that was perfect anyway because I love him, but it doesn’t change that we largely knew what we were going to get. Sandra, on the other hand, was just escalating.

      In conclusion: both boots are a massive loss to the season, both are very sad, but for different reasons.

      1. I agree, this season has just been such a disappointment. We are losing all the interesting players, like, it’s gotta be Varner or Aubrey next

      2. Agree. I think I was more angry than sad with the Malcolm boot, because the twist was so unfair and ‘Most Game Changing Season Ever!’ irritating.

        It’s sort of like the difference between shock + suspense – the Malcolm boot had a huge impact because it came out of nowhere in many ways while the Sandra boot has a deeper sadness because her story was fleshed out, taking off, there was the dread that she might not be able to Final Girl this season.

      3. I really wanted Sandra and Cirie to play together, and now I’m scared they became buddies on the pre-jury trip. Other than that I’m pretty happy with the Sandra we got.

        1. Haha, fair enough. I’m a weirdo tho, my fave players are
          1. Greg Buis
          2. Coach
          3 Phillip
          4 Russell
          5 gervase
          6 David wright
          7 Courtney Yates
          8 randy
          9 Shane
          10 Parvati

          1. As an editor, I’m very distressed by the inconsistency of the numbering within this list. Please see me after class.

            (Points for shade for demoting Gervase and Randy to lower case though)

          2. Upvoted for having the courage to post that list.
            (Randy is my #6, so solidarity there, but otherwise…)

  21. So, I usually don’t pay much attention to editing during the episode (I recollect when reflecting on it later), but even I felt that today they almost didn’t even have to bother with the immunity challenge. Is there anyone, even a new Survivor fan, that could possibly think that Nuku wasn’t losing that challenge? At the moment of the challenge, we had screen-time divided as 45% Debbie, 45% Nuku, and 10% rest.

    Anyway, with that complaint aside, what an awesome episode (again)! I’m actually not that sad that Sandra left. I mean, we all knew in our brains (if not in our hearts) that there was no way she was making it, and I feel this season for her was much better than we could possibly expect. Even her exit episode: she took a merciless swap and turned it in a way that she could feasibly not be going home. That was masterful, it was glorious. Truly the queen!

    And I actually feel weird saying the following, since I am one of the biggest Sandra fans ever, but I honestly think it is almost good that she left. While she was on the show, she was taking so much screen time (by being awesome, it is true), that it didn’t let other, newer, players shine. I hope that now we get to see more of Zeke (he was awesome this episode), Andrea, and Varner (now that he has the chance to be his own man). (Although he still is dangerously on the bottom.)

    1. Warning (which I’m sure you know): Everyone who has been shown as awesome thus far has gone home.

    2. Agreed, the only question during the challenge was if someone would suck bad enough to take the target off Sandra.

      You’re doing a good job of finding a silver lining, but I’m still super bummed that we won’t at least get Sandra on the jury and at Ponderosa (although I realize that was asking quite a lot). With her, there are now four of the people I want to hear from are gone already, and I expect, disheartened as I am now, the freed up air time to be filled with a whole lot of people I don’t need to hear from, sprinkled with just a little bit of my remaining favourites Cirie, Michaela, Hali and Varner, for as long as they are able to last (and with 3 of four being original Manas, I don’t feel too good about how long that will be).

  22. Random thoughts:

    Debbie doesn’t draw a buff. Could Production have planned this to give the other players 3 days without Debbie?

    Three gay men on a tribe. is this a Survivor first?

    Of course Debbie would have had a pony. Personally I hate anyone that ever owned a pony.

    Debbie joining the losing tribe should ensure that no one throws the immunity challenge.

    “I’ve never had a connection with Sir-een.”

    Troy(zan) on a tribe with mostly women. He’s gotta be having flashbacks.

    Finding 2 idols within 16 minutes? Another first?

    Exile Island is Exile Ship? Maybe after it looked like Julia was going to shiver to death and get carried away by ants they decided to make Exile Island much more survivable.

    Cochran! Dalton Ross and Boston Rob April fooled me!!!

    Cochran is such a trooper. He drew the short straw here but he’s giving it his all.

    “Don’t you have any problems with anybody?” “No.” (presents her with advantage, she starts crying) “I’ve been miserable this whole time!”

    Hasn’t providing players with a fake idol kit been a suggestion on an RHAP Think Tank?

    If the show has to bring back a former player for a visit or as a reward, this is probably a good way to do it. A one-to-one visit is ok.

    “This is it. It will come down to the puzzle.” Like almost every challenge this season.

    What could possibly ruin this plan to vote out Sandra? Oh right, Tai’s on this tribe.

    Another tribal with multiple whispered conversations. I was sure Tai was going to join James in the voted-out-with-two-idols club.

    I know I’m in the minority, but I’m glad Sandra’s gone. I don’t know what it is, I just never liked her as a player. Just keeping it 100. I await your taunts and insults.

    1. This is the first time that three gay men have been on the same tribe. I think the other times that multiple gay have been on the same tribe was on post-swap Raro (Brad and JP) and post-swap Hunahpu/ #Huyopa (Reed and Josh).

          1. That didn’t happen until the merge though, right? Or are we that low on seasons where two gay men both made it to the swap as well?

    2. She didn’t own the pony! She used to work at a carnival where she was in charge of the pony rides. It’s where she met a former boyfriend who just so happened to be a former contestant. And the best part is that she got payed in free pony handling training, which led to her next job…

  23. The major problem of this season is that is it losing all the exceptional people too quickly. Hell according to preview we may be losing Ozzy aka the best physical player. It troubling that even he is being targeted

    1. He is starting to realize that pre-merge trend is not looking for him. When Andrea said all threats are going first, I hope he was alarmed. Don’t see him as a good enough player to wriggle out of this season. he is probably just hoping to make the merge to start an immunity run.

  24. Due to a rather exhausting and frustrating day, I am not watching Survivor this evening, but I know thanks to my curiosity about the returning player. So, instead of giving thoughtful feedback, I would like to pose a couple of questions.
    1) Is Sandra’s legacy tarnished at all from this season? Sure, she did show that she can play a different style of gamplay, but she also showed a lot of her darker side and repeated the same catchphrase over and over again.
    2) Will this season’s legacy be the one with the production-caused drama? Between the already inordinate number of found idols and multiple twists, this season feels a bit more like Big Brother than Survivor to me.

    1. I think instead of realizing that the inordinate number of twists partially ruined the season, production blamed it on how returnee seasons change gameplay (see: All Stars). Thus, no returnees at all in the next filming cycle.

      1. Definitely reinforced by the fact that she was voted out because she was great.

    2. The Queen stays Queen. I mean, you know how much I love Sandra, but she really did play her heart out this season, and you can’t say she could have done anything more to save herself. She’s just that good. If anything, it just proves how bad at the game Tai is.

      There is WAY too much production involvement this season. But, devil’s advocate, if they were doing it to influence the game, none of the boots so far would be out of the game.

    3. 1. No
      2. Yes, hell it will probably get everyone to stop talking about everyone that season where everyone starts with an idol. If I had to guess a back to basics like Vanuatu, Tocantins, or Kaoh Rong is coming up.

    4. I’m not as big a Sandra fan as most but I don’t think she did anything that should tarnish her legacy. If anything she made it at least a vote or two farther than she should have. Unfortunately, I *am* a huge JT fan and while I don’t normally think returning player seasons can hurt a player’s legacy, I can’t think of a good argument against JT tarnishing his own.

    5. a. No it doesn’t tarnish at all. Sandra was magical this season.
      b. You are forgetting how stupid the challenges are on big brother.

        1. Ok, it’s just for me, the goofy challenges make big brother almost unwatchable to me

          1. Davonne would be amaaaaazing on Survivor I really like her! And Vanessa was really good on her season, and Elissa Slater on BB15…

          2. You went one bridge too far with Elissa….15 had decent female characters and Elissa is not 1 of them. The only problem is that no one from 15 will be seen on CBS again, besides Elissa.

          3. I really think she was a good character, although I understand why she could be grating. But she was above and beyond Amanda or Aaryn, and she was pretty decent at comps (although Survivor ones are a different story lol). I would like to see Candice again too. I mean BB15 was the reason CBS started putting disclaimers on Big Brother about not supporting the houseguests views because of how racist Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and Ginamarie were being

          4. I think Elissa is a prime example of how BB Production likes to protect favorites because some of those comps that she won are heavily shady. Also, she (like her sister) probably should not be on the island anyway for being potential quit risks.

          5. I loved Elissa!!! And Amanda absolutely should never be brought back under any circumstances she was the worsttttt (and honestly neither should have Caleb but)

          6. I thought Elissa was alright, but I almost feel like she was better in context than she would be on a different season. Amanda was fascinating to watch and was basically the reason I finished the season, but if they did bring her back they would need an extremely likable cast to balance out her negativity. I agree that it probably should not happen though. Helen and Andy are the two I would be most cool with seeing again.

          7. I can support that, and I would like seeing Helen, Elissa, and Candice back together again.

          8. I’m another one! But I liked Paulie til he turned out to be a massive misogynist then I liked Corey so I accept that my BB opinions are also trash

          9. Oh, would it be right if Davonne was on Survivor before Victor? The other way around? Should neither be anywhere near this show? (It’s the latter, right?)

          10. I won’t defend Da’Vonne as a player, but I will absolutely defend her as a character. She is the perfect counter to my biggest problem with Big Brother and its contestants: their confessionals. I will have no problem if she is on Survivor next year. Vanessa is great too (but of course not in confessionals)

          11. Ah yes, the classic BB confessional where you say something that isn’t witty with a cadence that implies that it is.

          12. I’m curious, how many seasons of BB have you seen? I’m just starting to watch them for the first time (along with TAR) and I’ve seen 2-5 plus 18, and now i’m watching canada ones, cause I don’t wanna be spoiled for this current season way down in line (i’m still in the first season.

      1. Yes the only time you can time you can not be looked at badly for saying: she better hold on to that wiener.

    6. Not at all for Sandra. It was my seven-year reminder (as if I needed one) of how awesome she is.

      I’m going to hedge and say “we’ll see” on the second question, but it certainly seems likely.

      I haven’t felt this empty inside since Buffy stabbed Angel and sent him to a hell dimension like, SEVEN SECONDS after he got his soul back (#continuedbuffyreferences). Or possibly since that time on Everwood when Bright and Hannah broke up (#deeppullbutchrisprattso).

    7. I don’t think her legacy was tarnished at all. If anything, she’s solidified by not being the first, nor the second, but the SIXTH boot. Still the only player to win twice (and will be even after this season). I also don’t think her core gameplay changed that much beyond being more loud (too wtf) with her strategy, and dictating more of the action.

      And yeah there’s a reason Big Brother’s motto is “Expect the Unexpected” although I think Big Brother’s obviousness stems in part from the Live Feeds. It’s harder to tell with Survivor because it’s pretty airtight, and much more difficult to see production interference (beyond the idols etc. I mean like confessionals and that sort of thing). But I also like Big Brother (Canada) so who’s to say.

        1. I’ve been a (very) casual BBCAN fan since it started. I vaguely remembered most “fan favourite” returnees but only liked maybe 2 of them, so I’m not surprised

          1. Yeah one of them got immunity until jury and she’s been on a rampage…BBCan 2 was pretty excellent, and BBCan generally has higher production value than BBUS tbqh. BBUS has virtually no strategy anymore, and it’s turned into lots of like milquetoast men just kind of sitting around forming alpha alliances BUT I digress because I like Survivor more now anyhow :~)

          2. My issue with BBCAN has always been that they throw around so many twists and it fucks with the game. I’m still pissed about Gary coming back (and more pissed about Emmett trusting him). And the weird DE in BBCAN3.
            I end up paying more attention to BBUS mostly because I have less TV commitments in the summer, even though every season is the same it feels like

          3. Casting for BBUS is soooooooo stale because the network/production limit the casting director (or whatever the title is) more than BBCAN. I get about the twists thing though.

          4. Casting for BBUS is incredibly stale. Same people every season. Its a problem. The fact they can’t even find Jay types is bizarre. Hot mactors who also have game capability shouldn’t be beyond reach.

    8. I feel if/when Sandra comes back for a fourth time, people will be more scared of her because of *this* season than any of the others, and this is the only one she didn’t win. (Yet. Still holding out hope for that Outcast twist….)

    9. I thought Sandra was lucky and overrated before this season. Now I am annoyed when people add the qualifier “arguably” to best player ever. She’s the best.

      1. I love that she came back as the only two time winner and was still able to bolster her legacy before she got got.

        1. How about the looks on Ozzy and them’s faces when Sandra was telling them what a threat Tai is.

          You could SEE them thinking “shit, she’s right. Wait! Don’t fall under her spell. Don’t fall under her spell.”

    10. Def not tarnished in my opinion. In fact I appreciate all the love she got from the editors and the other players – they never missed an opportunity to talk about how good she is at Survivor! I think really she didn’t need to come back a third time, but I wish she had at least waited for the mythical All Winners season so that her threat level could have been camouflaged a bit. But regardless of how she finished, it was great to see her as a power player. She really drove the first few episodes and made the show entertaining. I’m just hoping the rest of the players can step into that void now so that the rest of the season is at least watchable.

    11. 1. No. She is still the only two-time winner. She has shown that she can run things. She lasted longer than expected and played from a team that were losing. People were afraid of her. She also got out the other winners.

      2. Absolutely.

  25. While I still am sad that Sandra is no longer in the game, I take some solace in knowing that a 41 year-old woman who, in spite of her two wins, has never won an individual challenge in her entire Survivor career was voted out because she was considered the biggest threat. Long live the Queen.

      1. She was actually surprisingly young in Pearl Islands. I think she was only like 29 when she won!

  26. So the list of amazing alliances cruelly ripped away from us now includes:

    – Tony/Malcolm/Sandra/Aubry/(Caleb)
    – Malcolm/JT
    – Sandra/Varner/Michaela

    Meanwhile, the Brad Culpepper/FFGCSDT train goes steaming right along.

    Basically, what I think happened is, every time someone on the Survivor facebook page said Adam Klein only won because of the sympathy vote, another fan favourite went home. The season is doomed.

      1. I am dead honest right now: I can totally see Sierra, Troy, and Brad being the power alliance in this season and going all the way to the end. (And then Brad wins or Survivor ends.)

        1. In that situation, it might be Sierra that wins. It will be like Koa Rong. Brad will have done something to piss off others (the Aubry role). Troy will be in the Tai role.

      2. It’s Brad, Sierra and Troy surely? I know we had that season with Sarah and Troy last episode but Sierra had a pre season alliance with Troy and she is defo Brad’s lackey so far. Very high chance that Brad and Troy had a pre game thing too.

    1. This season will definitely not make top 10 status, whatever happens going forward. Only question now is if it makes it to bottom 10

        1. True, entertaining on its own, but we are just losing all the go to players too early

      1. I think its premerge already keeps it out of bottom 10. The people left are boring but mostly not terrible

        1. I think there is still time… Worlds Apart arguably didn’t deserve to be bottom ten based on it’s pre merge. A strong pre merge matters, but not as much as a strong post merge.

          1. Absolutely agree here. Besides the Nina boot and some awkward moments in the Lindsay boot, there is some great stuff in the pre-merge. But that post-merge is ugly and un-fun. Basically when Jenn wants to quit is when I want to quit the season.

          2. Also, we’ll likely still have Cirie through the merge, and you know she’s good for some post-merge shenanigans.

          3. If, we’re sure, she’s still on the show. We haven’t seen Cirie since, what, Day 3?

          4. Cirie is my all time favourite player. But I just don’t see this group allowing her to last too long in merge. Premier episode now looks like a foreshadowing for her fate, where people listen to her but consider her a very big threat to work with. No wonder she wanted to some Nuku people gone pre-merge. Here is hoping for a Aubry-Michaela-Cirie alliance on nuMana. They can even pull in Troyzan for all I care!

          5. I recently did a re watch of the pre merge (I didn’t finish because I decided I wanted to watch chronologically) and it was really incredible how solid the pre merge was. Worlds Apart was never gonna be top shelf but it was generally a very solid season early on. It wasn’t even a “boot list” problem, there were good characters and players left after the merge. Hell, even Will was likable early on.

          6. Yes, WA is a bottom 7-5 season for me but its pre merge was very good. Jenn was a very entertaining narrator, Shirin’s and Max’s shenanigans very funny and Mike was not all over the edit yet. Combo of bad editing and certain group of players amplifying their bad behavior ruined that season. I mean you don’t need all 3 of Rodney, Will and Dan in that post merge. Max 2 if not one. All 3 lasted way too deep as well.

          7. No, but we saw the basis for the terribleness of what ended up being the dominant alliance. There are only two actively terrible people on this season and, god willing, they won’t run the show. Unfortunately, a not terrible winning alliance already keeps it out of the bottom, what, 6 or 7?

      1. I always thought your critique of Cambodia was that it was gamebottingly boring. GC is soul-crushingly depressing.

  27. Quick fun fact: we are getting closer to CIRIE MOTHEREFFING FIELDS joining the “no tribal councils attended until the merge” club…..oh and Andrea too.

    EDIT: I haven’t watch tonight’s episode yet, so I got my tribes mixed up. But, still Cirie, right?

    1. I’m still counting on “editor fake-out” with Cirie rising to the top in second half

    2. Andrea went to tribal council this episode. Not that you’d have noticed.

      (Apparently there was a joke going round that the returning player was obviously Andrea, because we’d all heard she was on this season but she hadn’t showed up yet. I’m sad I didn’t make that joke.)

  28. I think Cochran got more confessionals tonight than FFSDT, Sarah, Aubry, and Andrea have had all season.

      1. I mean, to be fair, I’d much rather hear confessionals from Cochran for the rest of the season than to hear from FFGCSDT and Sarah.

      1. We were just talking about Cochran. Though, to be fair, I’m pretty much always talking about Cochran.

          1. Since he was brought up again this week, I have to ask: have you guys *seen* Burton? I’m a straight man and even I’m like “Damn, that guy is hot.”

          2. Hairy guys are your thing, John. Burton, #CaucasianWoo… I’m sensing a pattern.

          3. We don’t know the extent of Taako’s sexual preferences. What is Kravitz, even, anyway?

          4. I’m not 100% on his backstory, if we ever got it, but I do know that Kravitz uses he/him/his pronouns, so that’s enough for me I guess. I also think that Justin has said that people can opt into Gay Taako Canon if they like, so I do.

          5. I feel like TTAZZ 2 was pretty explicit that, if they haven’t contradicted it on the show, you’re free to assume it.

            Also, goddammit, Griffin, last time a vote broke my heart like this I spent a day wandering around the neighborhood just listening to TAZ. Why did you allow yourself to have a baby that would cause you to rob me of that, in this, my hour of need.

          6. I know, one of my first thoughts after this vote was that I wouldn’t have TAZ to cheer me up this week. Drag Race better be kick ass.

          7. It won’t it will be another boring-ass group challenge that’s hard to stand out in and the bottom two will be Kimora and…. Trinity. Let’s say Trinity.

          8. That’s perfect.

            So, in my Rosebuddies binge I just got up to last December and I had to fully transcribe this quote from Griffin because it was amazing:

            You know what I was thinking about the other day, we just finished watching Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and for the most part that whole construct was so shitty and gross and it was just like “well, Millennials they just don’t work and they’re always on their MacBooks.” Ummm, but guess what, oh, spoiler alert, if you want to watch it then don’t listen to this next part, a fucking millennial won it, so guess what gen X, eat my butt. Eat my whole butt and my butthole.

            I rewound to catch all of that and also because immediately afterward Griffin had to react to one of the girls comparing herself to Guy Fieri and I laughed so hard I almost caused a traffic accident.

          9. Ugh, straight guys and the hypermasculine muscly dudes they go for. Here’s my obligatory mention of Panama Aras in the hot guys thread.

          10. See, I go for a guy like Cochran, because I know I have no shot with the Ozzys and Malcolms of the world. Cochran is obtainable hot. With that kind of endearing awkwardness.

          11. I’m pretty sure that is the only somewhat positive thing she’s ever said about Cochran.

          12. If y’all saw a picture of my ex, you’d realize my standards aren’t exactly high. I like ’em scrawny and nerdy. Glasses are a plus. Cochran checks off the basic requirements. Lol.

          13. My motto is “low expectations are easily met”. And I easily meet all expectations people have of me!

      2. Cochran is like the Candyman.

        (stands in front of mirror) Cochran … Cochran … Cochran
        (lights go out, screams)

  29. I thought Zeke was spot on this episode. He has great reads on the situation. Since so many great players are gone already, I hope he makes a good run for it.

    1. He guilt-tripped Tai super-effectively. As it happened I was like, “Noooo Zeke!” because I thought Sandra managed to get herself out of the hot seat and he was putting her right back in it, which, dammit! But he played that beautifully. My hat would be off to him if it wasn’t already chucked on the floor 75 minutes ago in disappointment.

    2. I could sense that all the time whilst being on the opposite tribe to Sandra, he was muttering to himself ..”How the fuck are these people blowing up chance after chance to boot her”.

          1. I don’t think i have ever wanted to see pre merge Ponderosa footage more than I do right now. Watching that mess of Sandra, Malcolm, JT, Tony could be more entertaining than several seasons of Survivor.

          2. I’m sure they at least had a drunken “bro…” conversation. The type you have when you’re too drunk to function but it’s 3:45 AM and you’re mad at your friend about… something. Not sure how much they spoke outside of that, though.

          3. I would pay money to watch it. Additional money on top of what I already pay for CBS All Access.

          4. I don’t know how much I’d pay just for that live feed, but it would be more than $1.

            There’s no way it wouldn’t be gold.

          5. Boy, Sandra, Malcolm, JT, Tony, and Ciera. That’s one fourth of the way to an amazing cast or something.

          6. This might be the best reverse boot list of all time. The only real competitor is All-Stars. Somehow I don’t think this bodes well.

          7. But the end game has Tony, Malcolm, JT, and Sandra in the final six with Tony at FTC. Being a little liberal with my interpretation, I’ll say that any of the FTC contestants can win. We’d be talking about Tony’s second win, baby!

        1. I’d rather watch Pre-Merge Ponderosa than regular Ponderosa with any combo of the remaining players.

          1. Tony, Malcolm, JT, Sandra, and Ciera (and Caleb) is the party I didn’t know I wanted to be at, but now I need to be at

  30. All I have to say about the fantasy leagues: Due to the loss of Sandra, tomorrow is gonna be a BIG day. The Assistant to the League Commissioner of the Palsy League better not call out sick.

  31. So I wonder how Ponderosa will be for Sandra. She’s never been! She’ll be in over her head! These other folks have experience, but Sandra? She’s going to be like Piper in OITNB. And Debbie isn’t there to be her Crazy Eyes!

  32. I’ll miss Sandra :'( I was really hoping that she would at least make the jury.
    But on the plus side, this will alleviate the stress I feel each episode over whether or not Sandra is going to get voted out. There is literally no one else I care about as much this season. Not that I’m complaining necessarily – I find everyone else (except Debbie and Troyzan) pleasantly enjoyable, so from here out I can just sit back and enjoy the ride without a strong rooting interest.

    1. That’s certainly a silver lining for the remainder of the season. And even now I feel like Aubry and Andrea have a good shot at making the merge and jury, which, you know, cool. I’m a little worried about Varner, but not in a super-stressed way. More in a “that would really suck for him if he doesn’t get to the jury” way. Empathy? Is that what I feel?

      1. There are a bunch of people I like and with a good season I can see myself loving, but there is only one person left who I love (and she has gotten very little airtime, poor Cirie)

        1. Half the people left are people I was intrigued in at the least or big fan at the most, so hope remains, but still crushing to see Tony, Malcolm and Sandra go pre-merge.

          Those 7 are in no particular order:

          Cirie, Zeke, Andrea, Aubry, Varner, Michaela and Ozzy (don’t @me)

          Brad has also been intriguing and if Sarah Lacina gives more confessionals like she did analyzing Sandra’s survivor technique, she could get interesting too.

          1. Those are the seven best remaining players. Say what you will about Ozzy, but he is an unarguable Survivor legend.

          2. Agreed, and he isn’t playing a bad game so far. Though if the preview to the next episode is to believed that might change. I could see him being pissed off at Tai. But Regardless an Andrea, Zeke, Cirie alliance is in play for post merge and imagine if they picked up Varner too. That would be fun as heck.

          3. Hell, an Andrea/Zeke/Cirie alliance but then they also pick up Aubry and Hali as well is damn entertaining. In fact, am I the only one who gets some Alexis vibes off Hali (obviously not the whole SWF thing)?

          4. It’s a win win if Zeke, Cirie and Andrea pick up Varner. Either get Aubry or Michaela. I think Hali sticks with FFSDT after all they’ve gone through. I could see Alexis and Hali comp. but that would also mean she’s voted out next week just before the merge

          1. Some avoid these pictures because they can be spoiler-y, but in this case I wouldn’t worry too much as they were all brought on stage for the finale last season.

      1. When Tai leads me to the promised land on the back of a million idols, I’ll hand the reins of Outcasts to you

  33. Here’s a discussion question before I go offline for the night: If they ever got an All-Winner season off the ground, would this help Sandra advance further, or would she still go pre-merge?

    1. I think she still goes pre-merge, but (in an underreported story) I think she has finally shown that she is not awful in challenges. She’s pretty good with puzzles, which could keep her around for a while in the pre-merge.

      1. Part of the problem is that it’s all relative. How many winners are there that would return for all-winners and are worse than Sandra?

          1. Let me clarify that the third condition is “someone Probst et al. are willing to cast.” Thought that was implied.

          2. They will need some female eye candy. They will HAVE to go to Michele. Production will cast her in the Ciera role this season to serve as protection for Sandra, thus making her the first boot.

          3. If they do a winner season I’m not sure they’ll have a choice.

            Not like I want to see her… I don’t think I like her more than anybody who comments on PRP. I would love to get five dominant female winners in a row just to avoid watching Michele again.

          4. Be careful what you wish for. If SDT wins this season, I’m bringing up this comment.

            Also, which female winners are a go for all-winners? Sandra, Parvati, Sophie, Kim, Nat A seem for sure, Tina, Danni, and Denise seem like maybes. S40 might be too early, in fact.

          5. By the time S40 rolls around, Tina will be 60. Not that that’s going to stop her from getting on the season, but I’d be worried nonetheless. All-Winners has to be soon enough that Tina and Hatch can still play but also so let enough that Hatch can go abroad.

          6. I think of Denise as a pretty involved former player. She has her Facebook page “Denise Stapley Survivor Philippines” (or something like that) where she usually posts her Survivor thoughts weekly and interacts with the fans in the comments. She also recaps for RHAP every now and then. She might be too busy though.

          7. Fair point… but for some reason the idea of FFGCLAHSDT is not nearly as horrible to me as the idea of Michele. Maybe that’s because I actually had to sit through a Michele win and a Sierra win is only a hypothetical?

          8. Tina will play. Parvati may have moved on.

            Jenna Morasca might be ready. Not that I want to see her.

          9. I would like to see a more mature Jenna play. It is very weird that we have not seen Jenna on Survivor since she was 23 at the absolute oldest. How does she play about getting her Master’s degree and taking care of Ethan for half a decade?

          10. My thoughts are:

            Natalie A.
            Amber (won All Stars and could do a BvW think with Boston Rob (who would be the first person they call)).
            Jenna (Has a story arc: her last game was cut short and wants to prove she can win again)
            Vecepia (Better than Michele and Natalie W., plus checks off a demographic)

          11. I’d bet against BRob and Amber appearing on the same season because of their kids.

          12. Probably, but the show would try to get them. Rob would be the first person they contact.

          13. I can see Vecepia doing really well in an all-winner season. Her only downside might be a lack of pre-merge alliances, but her game is underrated, and they would underestimate her.

          14. I read this list so many times because I was confident I missed Sophie’s name. EXPLAIN YOURSELF

          15. Someone has to be cut. I think if Denise is unwilling, she gets her spot. Michele and Natalie W. are not here. Jenna has a story and Vecepia has a demographic spot. Sophie would be in my top 3 picks to win All-Winner’s season.

          16. Amber over Sophie is the real shocker, though I think Sophie is more entertaining than most of them anyways. But now you have given her a high compliment, so I am satisfied.

          17. That list makes me really happy. Of the unlikely candidates, Vecepia and Rat-alie are two I wouldn’t mind tossing into the mix.

          18. But … eye candy … Kim Spradlin, Jenna Morasca, Danni Boatright, Ambuh, Natalie White, Natalie Anderson …

          19. That Kevin Can Wait is being canceled or that he’s being fired from it?

            Also, Jesus, Cochran, can you get hired by a non-terrible show?

          20. I mean, you take what you can get out in LA. Believe me, I tried. The closest I got was being offered a writer’s assistant job on Unforgettable–the day I decided to move back to Atlanta. But as long as he’s writing for CBS, there aren’t a ton of non-terrible options.

          21. It has been already renewed.

            Also to be fair CBS comedies Superior Donuts is decent. Not something you go out of your way to watch but if you watching not have anything to do at 9 on a Monday then that is something you can watch.

          22. Social media has had him back in LA for quite some time so I’m pretty sure he quit.

          23. Jenna Morasca and Natalie White are around if they need a bottom tier attractive winner.

          24. Just wait until after this season, then you’ll have Michele AND Troy as possible contestants on Survivor: All Winners.

          25. These are the “Imagine a President Trump” jokes we all made during the primaries, and somehow I still can’t stop making them. #TroyWhateverhislastnameis2017 #DownWithTheSurvivorEstablishment

          26. But what if Troyzan started treating women as equals and played well in a way the edit enjoys?

          27. Two very respected individuals indicated that they could be persuaded to root for Troyzan if he could just manage to meet those requirements. People. I. Respect.

          28. So, does downvoting do anything besides make the downvoter feel better? I’ve always wondered, because it doesn’t seem to function in any way beyond that.

          29. Site admins can enable downvotes to be visible, but nobody does, because it’s a real douchey concept.

          30. Nope. It doesn’t show up because if it did, people would use it to troll and be assholes.

            (Not here, of course. You’re all great.)

          31. In Chrome you can get the Disqus downvote extension so you can see downvotes (but not know who submitted them).

            I know, I know, “that would require effort.”

          32. As someone who monitors almost every comment made her via the backend, I can tell you that the answer is either
            A) no one has ever gotten a downvote, or
            B) they do nothing.

          33. They were visible on the AV Club for a while, so it shows how many people hate what you said? Beyond that, no idea.

        1. My hope would be that many winners worse than Sandra don’t realize it and just feel like they’re all in the same club or place more value on their own skills.

    2. If it doesn’t happen for at least, like, six or seven seasons, it might not hurt her, otherwise I think she’s in trouble…that said, I thought she would definitely be going home earlier than she did this time around, so, yeah, I don’t know.

      1. S40 seems like a nice place to put All-Winners if it happens. I definitely agree that this season shows that she can outlast her sell-by date, though whether that makes her a bigger target or not, I don’t know. My hope in this hypothetical season is that she and Boston Rob (who I’m also fantasy casting for this) get swapped to the same tribe. I’m not terribly interested in BRob, but I think that’s a boon to Sandra’s game.

        1. Ok, so they bring back Courtney Yates and she wins season 37 and *then* do an all-winners season and have Rob, Sandra, and Courtney on the same tribe and that would then be perfect.

    3. I think a winner season would really just depend for her. Weak answer, but I could see her going first because “challenges” or “Queen”, but I could also see her going all the way because people get tunnel vision and focus on more obviously threatening winners like Tony.

    4. I don’t know. I feel like people would see Parv or Kim or Natalie as more of a threat.
      Wait. A Natalie and Sandra alliance is now what I need. Damn it FFSDT

      1. As someone who loves Kim and is relatively meh on Sandra, I think that Sandra would definitely be seen as more of a threat. Kim’s win could be put down to some luck/circumstances by people.

    5. Now that she has lost, I think that would remove some pressure and help keep her around longer. There would also likely be bigger immediate threats to go after (Parvati, Rob, Cochran, Tony).

  34. I haven’t watched any of Cochran’s seasons but I’ve heard so much about him. And I liked him tonight. Which season of his should I start with?

    1. I mean, SoPa is a hot mess, but you have to at least watch through his boot to appreciate his game in Caramoan.

    2. South Pacific, then Caramoan. General rule of thumb: don’t watch returnee seasons before original seasons.

      1. I did that with Parvati. I watched FvF, then Micronesia and then Cook Islands. Man was I disappointed in her on Cook Islands.

        1. That’s exactly why. The only player for whom I can see an argument for out of order viewing is Randy. Watch HvV, and then don’t watch Gabon.

        2. I kind of did that with Penner. I became a Survivor fan after Cook Islands, so I watched it after his other two seasons.

      2. This is why I tell someone new to Survivor that while HvV is (one of) the best season, I would never tell them to start with that season. You miss out on too much backstory.

    3. I’d watch South Pacific first. It’s really interesting to compare Cochran from South Pacific to Cochran from Caramoan. And I think South Pacific is a better season anyway.

  35. So I’m now thinking the Debbie blowup stuff was only in there because they needed to show how wise sage Cochran taught her the ways of “maybe don’t yell at your alliance mate.”

    Though man, was there anyone worse that could have gotten an advise session? How could Cochran teach one who is already the master?

    1. As far as I’m concerned the entire Exile/Cochran thing was a complete bust. I blame Debbie.

    2. Debbie blow-up was hugely entertaining. And although I’m weary of so much Debbie in such a short time, I can hardly think of anyone else that would have made this Cochran talk funnier than her. (Maybe Ozzy? Maybe Hali would be like, “Who is this guy and why should I care?” when he got there.)

      But both scenes were clearly edited in a way to make clear she is nothing but comic-relief at this point.

      1. Ozzy getting advice from Cochran would have been PURE GOLD. Now I hate that it was Debbie even more >:[

          1. Well, after the whole “You’ve just got to have a little confidence in yourself, Ozzy. Don’t be afraid to go for it once in a while” comment? Yeah, probably. You know Cochran was prepared for that possibility.

          2. Ozzy: so… how does winning feel?

            Cochran: Pretty rad.

            Ozzy: (to production) What are the rules on me giving him a noogie? No? Titty twister? How about just an indian burn?

          3. Yeah, but also Sandra.
            Cochran: I’m here to give you advice, but… uh. Can I get your autograph?
            Sandra: (to production) Screw John. ‘Cause he’s an ass.

          4. Maybe Sandra? We would have at least gotten a great confessional of Sandra being skeptical that Cochran had anything to teach her, and then just two likeable, smart, and funny people hanging out (AND ALSO MY WORLD WOULD NOT BE SHATTERED).

            The IDEA of Ozzy and Cochran is hilarious, but the reality of Ozzy is never quite as humorous.

      2. I did kind of laugh when he called himself an “impartial observer” despite having played with 2 people left (RIP Malcolm) on this season

  36. So I think JT might have mildly spoiled Sandra’s boot in one of his exit interviews. I recall him saying something about how Sandra was motivated by revenge when she voted him out but she’ll get her comeuppance (or some such). At the time I wondered briefly if that meant Sandra would be out next but dismissed the idea, pretty much just out of wishful thinking. Sigh.

    1. Too many players spoil stuff in exit interviews, especially to ones who don’t moderate such content. Hence why I only read Wigler’s or listen to Rob’s interviews. For example, I found out after the season that Peter had spoiled Aubry getting not enough votes at the end in an exit interview. (No wonder so many were adamant on a Michele win).

  37. Do you think more players will be sent to the exile boat? I was wondering if maybe they’d bring back a couple different former players and offer the remaining two advantages (with the one Debbie has crossed out, so they know she has it. Probably not but that’d be funny.)

    1. Oh, that’s actually an interesting prediction. But the next two players on that boat would definitely be Boston Rob and then Rupert, right?

      1. And then the biggest surprise of all… Zoe Zanidakis is the captain of the boat and gets to give advice after Rob and Rupert!

          1. I thought about taking my joke that direction, but I thought the Zoe joke made about 3% more sense.

          1. I stayed at her hotel as a child. Weirdly there’s more to this story. I was a very well-trained child and didn’t behave badly in hotels or restaurants, and we’d stayed there a lot before with no problems, but this time the owner, ZZ, is there and she keeps popping up to scream at me for things like moving a plastic lawn chair or trying to open a door in the wrong direction. My mom eventually blew up at her and we never stayed there again. It was a trip to see her on Survivor as an adult when she’s kind of a legendary villain in family lore.

          1. He’s from Florida. It’s a Schrodinger situation where he’s both in and out of jail until you go to the county clerk’s office to check.

    1. You know who else called Sandra fat?

      (It was Sandra. Sandra called Sandra fat. Because the queen don’t care.)

      1. I know what I would do with $2 million (EAT! And then pay someone to tell me I’m not fat)

    2. Don’t look too closely at the responses from other people. I think I glimpsed a boot list.

          1. There was someone on the Survivor Subreddit who out of the blue said “Sandra is the next one gone”, which makes me think that there is a bootlist.
            Also, remember that I may have been spoiled on the winner thanks to the Survivor Facebook.

          2. This seems to always happen with returning player seasons… I saw some (accurate) Cambodia spoilers before the season aired but I just flat out didn’t believe them. I might completely stop looking at r/survivor if that sort of stuff is happening. I’ve been less active recently, it wouldn’t be a problem to cut it out.

          3. If you don’t go digging, I find that r/Survivor is generally safe. I’m still subscribed and only interact with the sub through my feed. Haven’t been spoiled on anything thus far.

          4. Oh, well then I’m wrong. I guess I don’t know about that because I avoid post-broadcast shenanigans. I’m usually here during that time.


          5. Sorry for doing that, you’re a better person than most, or least better than me. I would blame your witchcraft for casting two Egg-On-Face spells on me tonight, but this one’s on me.

            Also, I’m not deleting that, proof of my assholeness gets to live in posterity.

          6. The mods have been really trying to curtail it, but some just fly through. IIRC the Cambodia bootlist got a lot of steam after the Peih-Gee vote. Also, apparently (in Ken Voice) the Cambodia Ponderosa intro spoiled the KR jury.

          7. I first found the AV Club Survivor community after I got spoiled on the Caramoan final three in the Entertainment Weekly comments. I suppose it was worth it in the long run 🙂

          8. I stumbled across it during the first BvW. My mom’s best friend (my “second mom”) and I started watching it then because we knew she had liked it. I found out about this site through an AVClub regular named mratfink. I almost didn’t come over here, but it turns out he never posts on this site. This place is so great! Thanks to all, staff and commenters alike!

          9. Like a different disqus account? Why would you need a different account for two different pop culture sites?

          10. People often confuse Mark and Matt (who use their non-professional accounts at AVClub) and I’m often an asshole.

          11. Ah. Okay. I mean, I changed my Twitter handle last week after my students decided to look me up on the internet, so I’m a little off kilter with usernames atm. Thanks.

          12. One of the benefits of being a contractor is that I get to tell students to just call me by my first name.

          13. They still would have found me on YouTube from the titles of my songs, but I wish I had a more generic last name, because I’m pretty Google unique. Ugh. The struggle. Wish I could just be Miss Tally without the headache of a name change.

          14. What school do you work at? If you’re uncertain about saying that out loud, just give cryptic hints about the area and I can figure it out.

            Most of my students can’t search things well enough to find me, and the ones who can don’t care, because they see me as their fun study hall supervisor they get to go to twice a week who helps them with their homework if they need it and lets them get what they need done otherwise.

          15. I’m student teaching at a newer school off of Ponce (APS).
            My 4th graders never would have thought to Google me, I don’t think, but I’ve known the chorus teacher there since I was in 4th grade, and she asked me to play my songs for the students. Since I wanted her to put in a good word with the principal, I agreed, after a lot of hesitation. And they all went home and looked me up to watch my videos on YouTube. Live and learn.

          16. No. Unfortunately. That’s one of my cleaner songs, too. Instead, they asked me about United States of Tara.

          17. I mean, these kids are already corrupted. Watching me sing a song about The Big Bang Theory isn’t doing them any more harm.

          18. Plus, the bar for role models in APS is like, hella low since that whole “massive cheating scandal” thing. Puts me saying bad words on the internet when I was 20 into perspective.

          19. Oh man, I never factored in the possibility that you teach elementary. That makes it harder. Anyway, I have enough clues, and I’ll figure out what school this is.

          20. Haha. I guess all of my swearing about Survivor on the internet (plus my purple hair) doesn’t really scream out Elementary School Teacher. But, trust me, if you knew me IRL, it makes a lot more sense.

          21. Also it annoys me that people confuse me and Mark so SNP makes sure to do it all the time. What a pal!

          22. The most glorious moment was when I accidentally credited the wrong person as the author and then accidentally apologized to the wrong one for the mistake.

          23. Trolling seems harsh! Tell you what, if I’m ever in Atlanta I’ll buy you some beers!

          24. Nah. I’m not a docu-reality fan and anyway, as much as I love Alaska, I am a delicate southern flower and would never be there between like April and September and even thinking about it makes me shudder.

          25. yes. Like Russell is basically known to have spoiled all of his seasons and I think both seasons with Brandon

          26. Technically you may have been spoiled on a final 3. No one knows the winner. Silver lining!

        1. I have not seen one, but I heard that there was an accurate (so far) boot list for pre-merge and final three, but no one knows the post-merge order. So hopefully we might see less “I have a hunch ___ is going” style posts after the merge occurs.

  38. My thoughts outside of the horrible sadness of losing Sandra
    1) I liked the way Jeff kept saying losing tribe gets Debbie like it was a punishment (it is)
    2) I would have gotten good and blitzed on the Exile Boat and showed up to tribal Fairplay drunk

    1. Man, Julia really got the shit end of the stick. She had to stay by herself on the bad beach and couldn’t replace the other tribe until the following reward challenge.

      1. Yes. I have to assume they saw how horrid it was on her and the impact on her game and corrected for it. I was unclear on timelines, but did Debbie even spend a night on that boat?

      2. Wasn’t Julia shivering a lot on Exile? And there were a few shots of lots of ants there – I think we (probably mostly me) were joking that the show would come back from a commercial and there would just be a skeleton there where Julia had been sleeping.

    2. If you’re not an active part of the tribal council technically it’s called Gabon jury drunk.

      1. Having obliterated most of my Gabon memory, I take it Randy and Corinne were smashed on jury? or at the finale?

        1. According to Randy, the whole jury just kept showing up to tribal shitty drunk. To the point where production decided they had to lock the liquor cabinet a few hours before they left. So then they just started taking bottles and hiding them in their rooms the morning of.

          1. That is possibly the best story about Gabon. Not that its a high bar . Also, 100% something I would do

  39. Even as an Ozzy fan, I know what’s coming next. Go home after tribal and blow up on Tai for putting his name out there. Allies don’t like it. Rally votes to get him out. Fin.

    Or it’s a “Next Time on Survivor” fake out.

    1. She loves playing. She accepted this time without even knowing what they were calling about

    2. Sandra and Cirie will both come back and still never be on the same tribe because obviously their forces are too powerful and the fabric holding CBS together would break or something.

    3. One of the comforting lies I tell myself is that this season transitions Sandra from being kind of an aberration in the lore of the game…to just being a top tier star.

      Now that perfection is gone, it’s easier for other players and the producers to treat her as a fantastic player with fantastic screen presence.

      Look, I know it’s weak, COMFORTING LIES!

  40. I swear if one more person talks about anyone getting fucked by a swap after this i’m going to kill them, i’m legit infuriated about this

      1. Isn’t it the #SpringofTroyzan? Which, thinking of Troyzan springing, is truly the darkest timeline.

        1. Yes but #SummerOfTroyzan sounds like the title of a child novel where children learn the sad realities about death.

  41. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  42. Ok, question: how much of the Exile Island experience does Debbie reveal to her tribemates? And how much do they believe?
    (And, wouldn’t it be awesome if she told them about the boat and dinner and Cochran and all the conversations they had and then someone else has to go to Exile and production switches it up and now Exile Island is basically that island from Borneo with the snakes that Sue and Rudy had to convincingly shove oars at to get the idol, and whoever goes thinks Debbie is legitimately insane?)

    1. I wafer between thinking she won’t tell, and she won’t be able to resist telling at least the Cochran part.

      1. I mean, who could resist bragging about getting to hug Cochran? I would not be able to contain myself.

        1. Me either. I am completely with you on this. He is my #1 Survivor crush. I like my men smart, witty, and charming. Red-hair and blue eyes also does not hurt. Also, also, I am way too old for him and so this may be gross to even be saying, but thems the facts.

      2. I imagine that she’s going to start off by lying, and then the truth is gradually going to slip out bit by bit, but it’s Debbie so they’re all just going to think she’s crazy ‘oh SURE Exile was a luxurious yacht filled with food and Cochran came to hang out with you and give you advice and take you to prom and everything. Sure Debbie.’

    2. Well for what it’s worth, next week’s episode is actually called “What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile”

        1. It was either on the or AVClub review but one commenter there suggested that Debbie will tell everyone the truth about her Exile experience but no one will believe her, and then the show will have another flashback showing Debbie sitting on a deserted beach all alone having her conversation with Cochran.

  43. but in all seriousness this episode hurt, a lot please for the love of fuck don’t’ let Varner go next

  44. Love the conversations tonight. It’s a collective therapy session to get over losing Sandra

  45. Doomsday Senario is happening, which means Varner will go next before the Jury, and then Cirie and then Ozzy (who is meh but a game changer) and I’ll have to root for Brad to win in the final 3

  46. I’m not going to have time to comb through the comments for a day or two, but I want to join what I presume is the chorus of EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE AND I HATE IT!

    1. It’s funny because he literally spent a significant amount of time talking mad stuff about Sandra to another player but now wants to act like he doesn’t care. What a little troll

      1. Maybe he means “I ❤️ breaks,” as in when things have breaks in them, or work breaks. Or maybe “I ❤️ brakes,” like on a car or truck or some wheeled pieces of furniture like kitchen islands. Maybe he just really likes all that stuff.

        (Seriously though, how many wins does Russell have again? Shut up, little troll.)

    2. God I hope everyone is just tweeting her picture from the HvV finale at him (I’m scared to look, I hear there be spoilers in that thread)

    3. I’m just so happy that everyone hates him now. Samoa and then bringing him back multiple times nearly drove me away from Survivor.

  47. So, I’m rewatching the Cochran stuff, because I <3 Cochran and I was distracted by his face and missed a lot of it. Let's talk about how Cochran, a man called a "challenge beast" in the season in which he played a perfect game, called getting from one boat to another boat "perilous."
    Also, I'm going to need a gif of him awkwardly trying to decide if he needed to hold out Debbie's chair for her.
    Oh, Cochran, you beautiful tropical fish.

  48. What do people think of Tai finding two idols in this episode? I say kudos to him for finding them both, but I feel like someone should have definitely considered removing the one in the exact same spot from the other tribe’s camp before Tai arrived there. I mean, I guess that don’t typically do that, right? But still. That was literally the biggest freebie for him. Jeff’s pre-season talk about idols in cool new spots every time has definitely been a huge let down so far.

    1. I agree on the idol question. It became too easy after a swap for a guy to get two. This is how Brad wins because of Tai’s idols.

      1. Hmm yeah, having two is such a ridiculous advantage, a great player could control the game completely from here on out with them. Lets see what Tai decides to do. Could be interesting, I guess. Not taking away from Tai though, he’s really switched on when it comes to idol hunting. It’s the producers fault for making it too easy.

        Also, I am super critical of the idol location. So unchallenging – you can’t really get caught out there. There is no risk involved. Other players see you at the well and think nothing of it – it’s literally the main area people would visit outside of the camp but it’s also often completely deserted. You don’t need an excuse to go out there by yourself. If both idols were buried at the same spot right underneath the shelter of both camps similar to one of Kelly Wentworth’s idols in Cambodia, that could have been way more fun. Oh well!

          1. Hmm yeah, probably – he seems to be more focused on building alliances this time round. I’m still unsure if I want to see him go far – half the time I really love him and half the time I hate him.

          2. I always say Nobody should be allowed a Tai in the game of Survivor, but now that so many of my faves are gone already, I kind of want him to stay for a while, create havoc and have this darned season go up in flames.

          3. Ahaha that’d be fun. Classic Tai. He often makes me really angry, but at the end of the day I can tell that he’s good natured person, so I’d like to seem him do well and I don’t want to see him to get embarrassingly blindsided. I hope he doesn’t make FTC though.

        1. It is an immense advantage for a good player who knows whatto do with them, but I think we heard Tai say how having found another one makes him even more paranoid, and I can totally see why.
          Having just one idol probably gives you some peace of mind, like a safety net, if all else fails this can always bail you out at the last second, but you also want to sit on it for as long as possible in case you can use it to turn the game around in your (group’s) favor.
          But having two idols is so much power, that I could totally see myself freaking out and overthinking when and how to use them. And then there is the fear of becoming another gravedigger James …

          1. I am confident that Tai will confide in someone that he has “an idol” and in a later conversation he will get confused and say “my idols”.

          2. If it’s Brad he’ll help Tai understand that his game is much better served without those pesky idols and offer up himself to take on the huge burden of carrying them, so that Tai’s game can flourish.

            Choose your allies wisely, Tai. Clearly Debbie is the way to go.

          3. Ahah true, poor Tai already always seems to be under so much stress each week making certain decisions, and I think he was already pretty paranoid so this could make him self implode.

    2. Apparently “cool new spots” means “wherever Tai can conveniently get them” in Jeff-speak

      1. Jeff: COOL NEW SPOTS
        Everyone: Wow, I can’t wait to see idols at exciting new places, like at tribal council. This will be great!
        Jeff: lol they’re all at camp

        All of these idols were probably intended for Ozzy, not Tai though. I’m sure Jeff is fuming.

    3. That was literally the biggest freebie for him. Jeff’s pre-season talk about idols in cool new spots every time has definitely been a huge let down so far.

      Not to mention his pre-season talk about the new voting rules, which basically came down to: Everything in Survivor should come with a price. No more freebies!

  49. Grr.. this season. If Aubry and Cirie are the next 2 boots, I would 100% stop watching this. (Cirie looks a shoe in to go early merge if not next week itself, this group will never allow her to reach the end game) Andrea pretty much gave it away in the TC that this season all the threats – read actual players who belong on a GC season (minus Caleb) – are going out first. Well whoppie dooooo.. Survivor and Jeff probst can wank over a finale night with Troy, FFGCAHSDT, Brad, Hali, Sarah, Debbie.. I for one won’t be tuning in.

    This is all on Survivor casting. Andy raised the question in the pre-season podcast that other than AS, in which other returnee season, all the big names went out early-ish. Well it has happened now. And this is the 4th full AS season only. 2 out of 4 is a bad strike rate. So casting need to learn from HvV and Cambodia. If you going to bring legends back, then go the full blow route with HvV. If you want to give some second tier people another go then it is better to have season full of them rather intermingle the 2 groups.

    1. I caught one bit of possible foreshadowing about the end game during the challenge. Potential spoiler based on that read –
      When Brad and Sierra are rolling up the puzzle drum pieces then subtitled them saying One, Two… won’t be surprised that if they are the 1 and 2 this season. Brad’s is getting pretty much the best edit out of anyone so far. He will either be the shock merge boot or reach the FTC

    2. Going off of that is why the hell do they care if there ends up being 3 female winners in the season? Sophie should not have been a last minute phone call to replace Natalie Anderson – she should have been in the cast instead of Sarah, Debbie or Hali in the first place, similarities to Aubry be damned.

      1. Yeap. I a fine with 2-3 red shorts in a big all stars season like HvV but not so many. They did this season too soon anyway. Should have waited and gotten likes of Wentworth in. May be even Spardlin would have been open to do on 2 years down the line.

    3. Before this season the common opinion I kept hearing was that this season had “a lot of bro’s” and the bro’s were going to bro-down and have a bro-lliance all the way through the merge. So much for that.

      (I didn’t mean to say “bro” so many times, it just bro’d, I mean happened)

        1. It’s a perfect way to create content for a podcast when you can’t think of anything. Steal from the comments and before the podcast say “I was thinking of this before they posted it” but still give them credit.

        2. Probably because I do.

          It’s almost like it’s impossible to have a completely unique point about Survivor if you wait a day to make it.

  50. Worst episode of the season easily. Predictable boot, little to no air time from likes of Michaela, Cirie and Aubry, likes of Debbie and Tai getting advantages, loss of the best character of the season and I don’t even like Cochran enough to be that a silver lining.

    1. If any further proof was needed that this was an episode low on entertaining material…at the time of writing this there is still no featured comment. Insufficient snark found.

      1. It seriously was bad IMO. Extended scene of Debbie-Cochran did not help. Even the challenge lacked any drama whatsoever, one team led and finished their puzzle quickly.

    1. I also really like that she still won, sort of, in that she got to take out the other threats to Two Time Winner crown, as you pointed out last week.

  51. I’m now absolutely calling the Brad culpepper winner edit. He’s either winning or getting clipped at 4 as the danger.

    1. Well, when we look at people that have a realistic shot of winning – so cutting out people like Andrea and Aubry (apologies to those still holding out hope), I would be happy with Brad winning. He’s my winner pick so I am biased, but hey, I like the guy and I think he’s playing well.

      1. Agreed its how dull his win will be that bothers me in theory. FFATIPGCSDT, Tai and Debbie aren’t s crew I can get behind especially if you include Troy.

        1. Hmm true, the rest of his alliance is either pretty dull or pretty unlikeable and I don’t think he’d be able to carry the show by himself. Now I share your concerns.

        2. And that’s really the reason I’d root against Brad. It’s not that he’d be a terrible winner, it’s that his path to victory would probably be pretty awful to watch.

          1. There needs to be obstacles. Jeremy’s win could have been boring if it weren’t for Wentworth and Spencer really. We need a Wentworth to throw spanners in the works.

          2. What are you talking about? Troy, Sarah, FFGCIEDIDNVCIDLJIEJNGLIJFSDT, Debbie and Hali are fantastic TV.

        3. That’s why at this point I am hoping for a Zeke, Varner, Cirie or Ozzy dark horse win. I do think Brad is the favorite though.

    2. I’ve been saying it since episode one. Welcome aboard the Culpepper Train. He’s a neat dude.

      1. The focus on him when his tribe was safe made it clearer. If he gets Troy then he has every idol on his side.

        1. I am by no means an edgicer (cue edgicing), but if a man is winning this season, I feel like it has to be between Brad and Troy. If a woman is winning, it could still be anyone, because it always could be anyone, because the show doesn’t know how to deal with women.

          1. There are some nightmare scenarios here. I feel that anybody speculating about Troy winning or profiting from such a victory on their pick 4 team should have to spend the rest of next season with a ‘zan’ suffix. Watch out Mike Hirschzan.

          2. I really don’t have the energy to get worked up over Troy when DEBBIE is still in the game. With an advantage. That she will definitely fuck up in some way that had better not result in someone else I like going home.

          3. Controversial, but in a ‘This will Never Happen So Let’s Argue About It’ Scenario of a Debbie-Troy final 2, I *think* I would be rooting for Debbie at this point. At least Yoda Cochran is behind her.

          4. I would, with regret, have no choice but to join Team Troy. At least there’d be a tiny chance that he’d actually got there on purpose.

          5. Using the latest VR technology, 20 survivors live INSIDE Reyazan’s head as imaginary sharks jump through multicolored scenes and people remember the moment when Troy winning managed the impossible and further ruined 2016.

          6. You could fill out both of their entire teams with Troys, and I’d still watch this.

          7. Given the specific rules of this season’s contests, it will be really hard to profit from a Troy victory for anyone (except for people who don’t have him on their team, come to think of it). 😉

          8. He’s the linchpin of both of my fantasy teams. If I do well, you can call me DrVanNostzan.

          9. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he makes FTC. I just can’t fathom five or more of these people voting for him.

          10. But could 5 people vote for his glorious dong?

            Probably not, but it would be good for my fantasy teams.

          11. Out of curiosity, I looked up the last 5 female winners. They are, in reverse order: Michele, Natalie A., Denise, Kim, Sophie.

            I would characterize Michele and Nat’s edits as more under the radar, although Nat stepped up with some BMs right at the end.
            It’s been a while since I watched South Pacific, but I would maybe characterize Sophie’s edit as a bizarro sidekick edit? Almost like they turned the Boston Rob/Nat Ten archetype on its head.
            Kim and Denise had massive edits and dominated their seasons’ story lines (rightfully so).

            With Sandra gone (~Taps plays softly in the background~) I don’t think there are any female contenders for the dominant female winner edit, but I could see how someone along the lines of Sierra or Hali or maybe even Sarah, who have been present but relatively low key, could step into the winner role. I fear that Andrea, Aubry and even Cirie have just been too completely absent from the edit to have much of a chance at a win at this point. I would hope that if Cirie were winning this season, she would have Boston Rob in Redemption Island levels of edit prominence.

            And just for the sake of contrast with those female winners (and to further support Mike Hirsch’s original point) the male winners during that same time frame were: Boston Rob, Cochran, Tyson, Tony, Mike, Jeremy and Adam (who all completely dominated the screen time and narratives of their entire seasons). Super interesting.

          12. I think I would compare Sophie’s edit this season to Varner’s and Hali’s edit. While I wouldn’t call her the biggest character that season, she wasn’t really invincible either, in that the season kept reminding us that she’s there, and were giving her some strategic confessionals to try and explain her game, she had a really consistent. I don’t necessarily say that either of them got a winner’s edit, but I think what I said applies to both of them.

          13. I came back into Survivor for post-merge SJDS, and Natalie had a pretty good edit there, but she was definitely a bit under the radar when I went back to watch the pre-merge.
            Now that we’re down to 2 tribes and Sandra is gone, the show hopefully will start spreading the edit love around a bit more. The problem is that the show will need to work extra hard to get me to start caring about a lot of these people at this point.

          14. Agreed, although they do have the benefit of it being a returnee season with lots of beloved characters, so it probably won’t be too hard to get me invested in, say, Aubry, Andrea, Cirie, etc.
            Hali and FFSDT? Meh.
            Debbie and Troy? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

          15. Interesting that four of those seven male winners were returnees, while none of the female winners from that time period were. Has there ever been a female they cast repeatedly in a bid to let her win? I can’t think of one.

          16. I mean, I feel like the edit has been kind enough to Varner (although the last episode didn’t help), but it’s really hard to see a logical path for him to the end, unless we get the gay takeover hinted at during the latest swap. So all in all I guess your edgic statement is correct, but could we please get that?

            Also, what’s with Ozzy? He got at least some focus consistently, so can he really be ruled out?

          17. Ozzy has the most low-key Ozzy edit I’ve ever seen. I feel like if he won, we would be looking at like, a Super Ozzy edit, where he is constantly doing great things.

          18. They probably would like to offer that to the viewers, but there’s still time for that and this is his first all-returnee season, so maybe they were just giving all the big pre-merge personalities the space they need up until now.

            And don’t forget the sting ray, RIP.

          19. Yeah, there’s definitely time for him to emerge, and I guess I can’t rule him out. As I may have alluded to, I’m not really good at edgic.

          20. Ozzy ain’t winning.
            First he doesn’t have a win in him
            Second, this would have been an epic one-man-season of Ozzy fishing the sharks to extinction if he had won.

      2. But we don’t want to see him win. And take, i don’t now, Troyzan and his dumb speedos to the end.
        We want actual fun people on screen.

    3. He’s definitely a central character this season and there’s for sure a terrifyingly dull path to the end that sees him beating FFPLSDT, Tai, or Troy in some combo.

      But I don’t know about that…I think it’s still possible he’s due a fall in the early merge as a kingpin figure. I think the ‘Troy and I are both men’ alliance wasn’t a great look so I’m still hopeful that Cirie or Aubry might take them down.

      I’m still finding it hard to warm to him as a character, despite the editing. I concede that he’s playing a decent game and might have been treated a little unfairly in Blood vs. Water but he still gives me bad vibes, from letting Debbie do the balance beam (er, why does she need his permission?) to his ‘Monica and I decorate our own house’ (er, who else would decorate your house? your servants?) This is all to say that I’m happily misreading the story to sense his immanent fall…

    4. I buy this, as right now he seems like just about the only viable option edit-wise. Though, for the sake of entertainment I sort of hope that he gets blindsided pre-merge and they have to start all over again building a narrative for someone else. It would make for a really sloppy season, but it would probably be fun. Like imagine if all of a sudden the Andrea/Sarah alliance just started dominating. It would be totally WTF but I’m not sure I would mind 🙂

      1. According to half the internet (read: all the people who are and always were wrong) that dubious honor goes to Sandra.

        For me, it’s probably Varner at this point. Brad isn’t bad, but I can’t say he is that much better compared to his first season to claim “most improved” honors.

        1. *Tentatively raises hand*

          Thus far, I’d give the title to Sandra. Bear in mind that before this season, Sandra was *probably* my favorite Survivor of all time.



          1. If you want to say “Most improved screen presence per episode ratio”, I won’t fight you on it. Among many other things, I’m happy to crown Sandra as MISPPER. (Can we make this MISSPIPER somehow?) It was mostly a dig at the Dom an Colins of the world, who saw the light (meaning the appeal of her remarkable gameplay) for the first time.
            I’ll also give you that, out of necessity, there was even more force and direction in this still early stage of the game displayed by Sandra this time around, than what we’re accustomed to. While I liked watching all of that and her big two time winner target made it neccesary to deviate somewhat, I just don’t see this as an improved version of Sandra.

        2. Sandra won twice. She played hard this time. It’s not like no one expected her to do anything this season.

          Did anyone expect Brad to play a good social and strategical game this time?

          I would only say that Varner’s game is better than Cambodia in that he is more relaxed this time. But it’s not as big as Brad’s improvement.

    5. I don’t see any reason he couldn’t be the merge boot. His edit hasn’t said more than “he’s important and competent and Debbie hate him.” Still lots of open stories.

      Of course, many of the ones that don’t have Brad making it to the finale have DEBBIE making it there…

  52. I’m pretty satisfied with all of the Sandra I got this season. Nice send-off!

    Sorry but that whole scene with Cochran and Debbie was pure cringe. Literally the worst thing I’ve seen on Survivor in years. Or at least since post-merge Scot & Jason.

    Still, despite that and Sandra going and another fave, Varner, being out of the loop and tricked by Zeke… enjoyable episode. I’ve been loving this season so far, especially the various scenes and confessionals of different characters being scared of Sandra. They should be!

    Now I’m pinning all my hopes on Cirie and to a lesser extent Aubry & Michaela. Perfect final three for me, at this point.

    But really it’s going to be a Brad/Sierra/someone else final 3, right? It just seems so logical based on the edit (also I am not an edgicer so what do I know, hopefully I’m totally off-base).

    1. The Cochran thing is just such a bizarre idea for a returning players season. With Debbie it wasn’t as noticeably weird, but it would be ridiculous to see Cochran giving pointers to a lot of these people.

    2. Cochran + Debbie = so cringey. They could only have topped that if they combined it with some awkward CBS cross-promotion, like forcing them to binge watch the first season of The Millers together (or whatever Cochran is working on now)

    3. I was seriously into Debbie Home Alone on the boat, living the good life, but as soon as it became clear that the returning player is Cochran, I picked up the phone and caught up on the live blog. About thirty seconds in I became aware that I’m missing out on some great unintentional cringe comedy, and was really torn what to do. So for most of the scene I had one eye on the screen and everytime I got too mad that they brought him out for this, or his sight and their talk became too repulsive for me to bear, I turned my attention back to the live blog.

      In retrospect however, I do agree with everyone who pointed out that it would have been fucking gold if Ozzy had been the one to go to Exile instead.

      1. That would have been amazing! I’d pay (a small amount of) money to see that.

        As soon as Cochran started counseling Debbie, I immediately knew it was time for a drink. So much awkwardness demands alcohol to make it easier going down.

      1. Worst in years with the exception of post-merge Scot & Jason. If I could remove the memory of their parts in Worlds Apart (if only) then the last time I cringed as much was probably Probst drooling over DAUGHTER VOTES OUT MOM BIG MOVE in BvW.

  53. So while in many ways this might be the episode where the darkest timeline was activated (Sandra goes, the sentence ‘the tribe of Debbie’ is uttered, Troy + Brad man-bond, with FFSDT probably only too happy to go with another Awful Alliance to the end, who knows what she thinks when Brad can narrate her position for her)…breathe…as I said earlier, I’m committed to silver linings this season (and in general, tbh) so here are some things I loved about this episode:

    1. Sandra’s classy exit. If she had to go, at least it was with applause, a lingering gaze with Probst, and the ‘Tai is a fool’ line.

    2. Zeke as the architect of Sandra’s downfall. If she had to go and it wasn’t via Cirie, at least Zeke got to narrate this move as he a) adequately respects her game and b) referred to her as ‘Sandra Diaz-Twine.’

    3. Tai feeling nervous of Ozzy and Sandra as masterminds…erm, Ozzy!?!?

    4. Tai shouting ‘Chicken’ like an unfeeling monster. Her name is Monica!

    5. Aubry Watch: Aubry has a story with substance! Best timeline is her ‘I should learn from Sandra’s game’ confessional on the episode where Sandra is voted out means that Aubry will take on Sandra’s game-play and slay some of the fools on her tribe (well, two of them.)

    6. Cochran confessionals! While I didn’t love this segment or idea (give us more Cirie time!) at least we got to hear Cochran be entertaining + plan to burn his shirt immediately. And his brief addition to this cast might make this the most stacked seasons of amazing narrators ever.

    7. ‘Three Gay Guys’ on the same tribe and it’s no big deal.

      1. Yeah, really not Tai’s strategic finest hour – Mark the Chicken could probably have played that TC better.

    1. If Sandra had to go, at least it was from a position of deep respect. No one claimed that she didn’t know how to play Survivor.

      I was touched that Ozzy et al, while planning to vote her out, immediately decided that she was right about the Tai-Debbie-Aubry threat.

    2. Not a Cochran fan, but I do endorse 1-5, 7, parts of 6 and the preface of this comment.

      1. ha, thanks – yeah the Cochran segment was not really the show’s finest hour, even if you do like him.

    1. Maybe it’s a hint from the editors. AO -> Australian Outback -> Jeff Varner = Winner.

    2. I’m surprised they didn’t just title him as ‘Cochran: Game Changer’ as he certainly dropped their branding enough in his 5 minutes (I can only hope that each time he said ‘game changing’ a layer of invisible irony was sheathed around it.)

  54. These threads have become too unwieldy to keep up, so I have no idea if anyone has made this point.

    But we’re well on to our way to a Brad/FFSDT/Troyzan final three.

    1. I might throw Sarah in there, too. I don’t know who she’d be in place of, and this isn’t just because of my fantasy team, but she’s been getting airtime when she’s not necessarily doing anything particularly spectacular, and that worries me we’re setting up for a long game for her.

      1. I agree – even though Sarah has been super boring so far, she’s strong, fairly capable, and we have seen her make some good strategic connections. Plus why would anyone go after her when there are still major threats (Ozzy, Cirie, Brad) AND major strategic trainwrecks (Tai, Debbie) around. I could see Sarah sticking around for quite a while.

    2. That’s basically my pick 4 team, so fuck yeah! Just add Debbie into F4 so I can slay the witch Barbara in Champions League.

      1. Mine are all things my dad has bought on our shared Prime account and Micronesia on DVD, which I have been watching on Prime. Not nearly as exciting.

      1. it is about the 2008 election, it was a hbo thing I think. Also a book first (but I know i’m the only one on staff that reads)

        1. The main thing I remember about that movie was how many different hockey jerseys she wears.

        2. I never bothered to read either of those books because 1.) fuck Mark Halperin and 2.) all of the best gossip from it got filtered to the blogs anyway.

          1. Oh i didn’t read it either, but I am at least aware of things that are books because I read

        3. Jeez, I know I forgot to include Savage on the list but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore me entirely.

          1. You can’t even be bothered to read your own post to make sure you don’t forget Savage!

          2. I had a draft of notes that got accidentally deleted that I had to recreate and he was left behind and I’M SORRY but now I have to sue you for libel for writing that I don’t read.

      2. I have the exact same one, as both of you, plus some random things about some thing called Survivor. I never heard of it, but maybe you should discuss it, maybe it’s actually good (not likely).

      1. It might be all the romance novels they’re recommending for me are going to my head, but that’s sounds like a sign right there. Don’t let the fact that you don’t even remotely bear a resemblance to Aubry deter you.

  55. Today in “Sharculese are you sure you’re not gay?” I’m listening to my official youtube playlist for sadness times, which is just “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Rujubee LSFYLing to Dancing on my own repeated one after the other, endlessly.