Survivor Game Changers Finale Predictions

Let us all sit back and enjoy what The Almighty Edgic foretold us lo those many weeks ago. It’s finale time!

Boot Predictions

Andy: 6. Let’s come up with a fun way for Aubry to go home: Sarah will be immune. I think Tai will play one of his idols for himself. And let’s say Brad wins immunity. That leaves Aubry, Cirie, and Troy (who holds on to his idol) immune. Tai was the target of the majority, while Tai votes for Sarah. No votes! Let’s say they don’t do a hidden revote as per the new rules and of course no one will agree unanimously to a target, since that will require someone to volunteer. Cirie, Aubry, and Troy go to rocks. Aubry draws the rock-that-should-be-purple-but-won’t-be.

5. With no more allies and close enough to the end to be dangerous, it’s Cirie‘s time to go. Sadly, I don’t think there will be an ovation for her on the way out from these players. Tai and Troy burn their remaining idols.

4. Brad‘s winner momentum will be building throughout the hour as the player’s take notice of his improbable ability to stay alive when he should’ve been dead at 8. He’ll lose the challenge and lose that momentum.

3. Troy will fulfill his purpose as FTC goat. Everyone has been counting on him since casting.

2. Tai will get Debbie’s vote to finish second.

1. Sarah will get the rest.

John: Unfortunately, I can’t adjust my predictions to improve my odds to win this thing since I already put my guesses out there. So I’ll just ride with what I already said.

6. It’s been real, Aubry. Note: I don’t think this is going to be some historic, advantage-laden tribal council. I’m sure Tai will play his idol (if he doesn’t win individual immunity) and Sarah will play her Legacy Advantage (if she doesn’t win immunity). But I’d bet against a scenario where we end up with 5 people immune.

5. Unfortunately, Cirie’s moves have left her without an alliance that would be willing to take her to the end. But even though she’ll be getting sent back to the couch from whence she came, Cirie still gave us a few shining moments this season.

4. After playing two straight idols, people will recognize Tai as a possible threat, regardless of his previous struggle at final tribal council.

3. This is the most appropriate of outcomes. In third place, receiving zero votes at final tribal council: Purple Troy, blocker of all those who mention him on Twitter, loser of the Cambodia fan vote, possessor of legendary dong,  and perhaps the most predictably useless player on this season.

2. What Would Monica Do? The same thing Brad is going to do: Finish in second place.

1. I always laugh at the fact that cops and lawyers consistently lie about their jobs in this game. But between Tony’s win and Sarah presumably winning this season, maybe there’s some justification after all?

Emma: I just don’t know what to do with myself now that Andrea is gone. Who do I predict? Does anything matter?
6. Aubry. There will probably be a lot of idols played or something idk. She will leave with little fanfare, just as she has been on the season with little fan fare.
5. Cirie no longer has anyone on her side, and despite recent mistakes maybe people are still concerned about her as a threat based on past reputation? I’m numb.
4. After making some splashy idol plays and no longer having any protection, Tai will be an easy vote. It would be sad if we could still feel anything.

3. My one glimmer of joy will be when Troy gets no votes.
2. Brad plays like Monica, winds up in the same spot as she did on her second round.
1. Sarah will have a perfectly cromulent final tribal performance, but I will be bored.

Mark: #6: I expect Aubry to go first. Her storyline for the season is essentially Charlie Brown and the football, with every single plan going up in smoke and confused reactions. She’ll probably get idoled out based on expiring advantages. Which is good, because if they have coleslaw at Ponderosa, her video might give Michaela’s a run for its money.
#5: Her blunder gets her a one vote pass, but no one will let Cirie near the end. This is probably the closest to a consensus vote there will be.
#4: Even if he flailed last time, Tai at FTC is dangerous—especially if he plays his idols correctly. Best to take Troy and whichever of Brad and Sarah doesn’t win immunity.
#3: It’s really too bad for Troy that his human-sized package doesn’t get to vote.
#2: The couple that runners-up together, stays together. Brad will tie his wife’s FTC record, but with a much closer vote. Despite the great game Sarah is playing, I expect to see a couple bitter jurors. Especially if their name rhymes with “Potter Melon”.

#1: Andy and John can put their kids to bed with a soothing, sleep-inducing final speech from Sarah Lacina as she regales the jury with her My Little Tony gameplay. Jokes aside, she’s playing a pretty good game, and will likely be rewarded as such. And then we can all move on to a better season.

Matt: So the easiest prediction is that Aubry is out at 6. Between Sarah being immune, Tai having two idols, and someone winning immunity here, there just aren’t many targets. I cannot see Cirie and Aubry winning over people to vote out Brad at this point, so the choice is Cirie or Aubry. Cirie has been defanged by the past two tribals and doesn’t wield the same power and isn’t an immunity threat. So Aubry goes home at 6.

Then at 5, some people are interested in voting out Sarah, and the guys realize they have all the power in the game now. But they also see this as the perfect time to oust Cirie and do so at 5.

At 4, Sarah needs to win immunity. Brad and Troy are obviously together, Tai is a wild card, but he isn’t going to make waves here. And despite the fact that I still think she is the most likely winner, I think I want to predict something else. So I say Sarah loses immunity and goes home at 4.

So with the surprising and lackluster final 3 of Brad, Tai, and Troy, Troy obviously comes in 3rd. He is offended when no one asks him anything. Brad claims credit for making big moves at opportune times (i.e. voting out Cirie and Sarah) but really the door was left open to him by the chaos of the last two tribals. Tai is Tai. I think Tai gets some votes to pull into second place, but Brad is the only one able to articulate well at final, he is the obvious leader among the three remaining and he was the earlier target among the three. Most everyone holds their nose and votes for him. Brad wins.

Andy John Emma
Mark Matt
20th or 19th Place
Aubry Ciera Ciera Ciera Ciera Ciera
18th Place JT Debbie Cirie JT Cirie JT
17th Place JT Sandra Sandra  Sandra Varner JT
16th Place JT Sandra JT JT JT JT
15th Place Debbie Debbie Sarah  Aubry Ozzy  Debbie
14th Place Varner   Tai
Varner Ozzy   
13th Place Michaela Cirie Cirie Ozzy    Michaela  Ozzy
12th Place Ozzy  Ozzy   Michaela  Hali    Cirie  Ozzy
11th Place Andrea
Cirie Andrea Zeke   Andrea Zeke
10th Place Andrea
Andrea Andrea Sierra
Andrea Andrea
9th Place Andrea
Andrea Andrea Sierra
Andrea Andrea
8th Place Andrea
Andrea Michaela
Andrea Andrea
7th Place Aubry
6th Place Aubry

5th Place Cirie

4th Place Brad

3rd Place Troy

2nd Place Tai

Winner Sarah

Preseason Winner Pick Malcolm Tony
Andrea Malcolm

*Reminder: Scores from the seventh episode do not count due to spoilers.

Time to make your picks. And feel free to track how your personal picks do throughout the year. I won’t make mention of it or anything, but you can still feel good about it.


Who will finish sixth in Survivor Game Changers?

  • Aubry (54% Votes)
  • Cirie (41% Votes)
  • Tai (3% Votes)
  • Sarah (1% Votes)
  • Troy (1% Votes)
  • Brad Culpepper (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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Who will finish fifth in Survivor Game Changers?

  • Aubry (37% Votes)
  • Cirie (27% Votes)
  • Tai (15% Votes)
  • Brad Culpepper (9% Votes)
  • Sarah (7% Votes)
  • Troy (5% Votes)

Total Voters: 81

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Who will finish fourth in Survivor Game Changers?

  • Tai (44% Votes)
  • Brad Culpepper (16% Votes)
  • Cirie (16% Votes)
  • Sarah (13% Votes)
  • Troy (6% Votes)
  • Aubry (4% Votes)

Total Voters: 79

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Who will finish third in Survivor Game Changers?

  • Troy (84% Votes)
  • Tai (9% Votes)
  • No one (tie for second place) (5% Votes)
  • Aubry (1% Votes)
  • Sarah (1% Votes)
  • Brad Culpepper (0% Votes)
  • Cirie (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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Who will finish second in Survivor Game Changers?

  • Brad Culpepper (58% Votes)
  • Tai (32% Votes)
  • Sarah (4% Votes)
  • Aubry (3% Votes)
  • Cirie (3% Votes)
  • Troy (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 78

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Who will win Survivor Game Changers?

  • Sarah (71% Votes)
  • Brad Culpepper (15% Votes)
  • Cirie (11% Votes)
  • Aubry (3% Votes)
  • Tai (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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172 thoughts on “Survivor Game Changers Finale Predictions

    1. Thank you! I was going through all the jury names and couldn’t figure out which matched that rhyme. Silly me, using their actual names.

  1. I think this whole season has been leading up to a Cirie immunity win. I can see her winning the first immunity in the episode and being safe at final 6 tribal. She’s played 4 times, never won individual immunity, and she came in wanting to prove to herself that she had improved at the physical aspect of the game. We’ve now seen her struggle in challenges twice and push herself to the end. I can see her pulling one out before she goes.

    1. I am getting that hunch too. Why else are we getting the whole “Cirie can’t do challenges” storyline when we know that she a) has won a reward challenge in the past and b) didn’t go to tribal before the merge because of immunity challenge wins?

      1. Exactly. It’s been a celebration of Cirie without being winner-level. I think it’s a very real possibility.

    2. My big hope is its the F4 immunity challenge, she overcomes her demons, makes FTC, Sarah goes home, and she beats Culpepper and Troy at FTC. I may be reaching way too high with my hopes here

      1. Oh Cirie’ll get immunity at F4 alright. Then lose to Sarah anyway. Because I hate this season.

          1. I think one of the messages on this weeks RHAP voicemails episode said something like “If Cirie makes it to the end and loses, should all the fans get together and burn this show to the ground?”

          2. I remember Emma’s column when she attended the finale for Kaoh-Rong and she said she was shocked when Michele won but the announcer had told the crowd to cheer the winner, whoever they were.

            In this hypothetical case, the crowd may not be so agreeable.

          3. The crowd openly booing the results would be entertaining though. Hasn’t happened before I don’t think

    3. I’ve had my fingers crossed that was what the balance beam scene was setting up but my level of hope for good things is low.

    4. Now you said it, I am starting to think that this makes a lot of sense. May be Cirie will win the F6 challenge and with everyone else immune, Aubry would be the only one eligible to be voted out.

    1. Don’t forget: Tony is still hiding out in that bunker. The jury will have a hard time NOT voting for him to win when he pops out just before the final vote. Don’t write him off just yet.

  2. Fuck your edgic, I want Cirie to win, so let’s make that happen.

    6. With knowledge from previews, here’s what I’m guessing: Sarah, Aubry, Troy, and Brad will all be safe at F6 tribal. But Cirie is our winner, so bye-bye Tai.

    5. In a comedy of errors, Culpepper and Troy, probably the two closest allies left, vote for each other. Culpepper goes home.

    4. Cirie doesn’t win if Sarah’s in the finals, so Sarah.

    3. Troy. Duh.

    2. Aubry, who got purpled so our hearts weren’t broken again.

    1. Cirie. Crown it.

    First or Second boot: Tony or Cirie (+1)
    Third boot: Cirie
    Fourth boot: Hali, Cirie, or JT
    Fifth boot: Hali, Ozzy, or JT (+1)
    Sixth boot: Sarah
    Seventh boot: Varner or Aubry
    Eighth boot: Michaela
    Ninth boot: Andrea
    Tenth boot: Andrea
    Eleventh boot: Andrea
    Twelfth boot: Andrea
    Thirteenth boot: Andrea (+1)
    Fourteenth boot: Culpepper
    Pre-season winner: SDT
    Score: 3

    1. “2. Aubry, who got purpled so our hearts weren’t broken again.”

      The Snakes Rats & Goats guys floated this very same idea.

  3. Blurry Denzel Power Rankings are meaningless at this point.

    Where I think everyone will finish
    1. Sarah
    2. Tai
    3. Troy
    4. Brad
    5. Cirie
    6. Aubry

    Where I want everyone to finish
    1. Cirie
    2. Tai
    3. Troy
    4. Sarah
    5. Brad
    6. Aubry

  4. My predicted finale boot order is:

    I don’t think Cirie will be able to recover from the last tribal council and I think the remaining castaways will consider it an easy vote.
    I put Aubry next because meh. Maybe a combo of advantages and idols will result in her demise at the final 5?
    Controversial pick – I think that Troy is the one they’ll take out at 4 to keep him out of the finals. I know everyone here hates him (and I feel the same way) but a few of his fellow players have actually called him likable on air this season. WTF, right? But seriously, he’s been involved in way less friction than Brad and according to what I’ve heard from exit interviews and the Jury Speaks videos, everyone sort of considers Brad a nonentity out there, plus he’s super rich.
    Final 3:
    I think Tai will wind up as the third place finalist again, and I think Brad might score a vote or two but ultimately Sarah will be the winner.

    This is shaping up to be the most ¯_(ツ)_/¯ finale in recent memory.

  5. Aubry Watch: She is finishing six. Whatever.

    I finally listened to the podcast and really this season has destroyed my will to get worked up about anything. But it would feel weird for such a vocal Aubry supporter to not say anything. So, here we go

    I still think it’s an injustice for Aubry to be this invisible. I think the story of her constantly losing her allies and never finding her footing in the game is an arc worth exploring. Aubry is good enough of a presence to make that story fascinating to viewers.It would probably be very sad for me but not nearly as frustrating as having to get her coverage outside the show. We did not need twice as many Debbie confessionals where she mostly says the same delusional shit. We don’t need to make this the Aubry show but a couple spots here and there make for a more well rounded season. This is a problem Survivor has had for awhile. As Barbara Anderson has pointed out in the past, invisibility was an issue in Cambodia and lead to disjointed storylines. This season doesn’t have Cambodia’s dynamic cast to compensate for that flaw. Having someone like Aubry (or other players that go deep) just as background leads to confusion and makes a season worse.

    As for the Tai argument. I’ll save that for after the season but for now I do agree that he does get underestimated too much.

    1. Putting the Tai debate aside, I think this season along with Koah Rong puts some of Aubry’s skills in perspective. Yes, as she herself noted, it seems like she’s the kiss of death, either by some terrible luck or just choosing the wrong allies. However, Aubry certainly seems to excel at having her closest ally booted. In Koah Rong, she makes it to the final despite losing Neil and Joe. This season, she makes it to at least final 6 having had every one of her closest allies booted (namely Tony, Malcolm, Andrea). Call it dumb luck, but I like to think that maybe this is Aubry’s best skill. The ability to worm her way out of things when her back is seemingly up against the wall.

      1. Solid point. I think it speaks to Aubry’s flexibility as a social player. We’ve seen players crash immediately when their allies are ousted many times before. What Aubry has done this season has involved luck but she also deserves credit for her resilience.

        1. For Koah Rong, I would say it was her skill as a player. This season, I have to admit that luck and lack of luck seemed to play a big part. But, given her invisibility and the inability of the edit to focus on anything outside Sarah, there is definitely a chance she did more to save herself than we will ever see.

        2. I would say she’s had a good amount of bad luck this season. She was on the first two losing tribes with Sandra Diaz Twine (the default answer for greatest Survivor player of all time) who was gunning for Aubry before they hit the beach. She lost her closest ally to one of the most ridiculous twists of all time. She also had one of the biggest targets going into the season, but still managed to get the final 6 without being dragged as a goat.

    2. Right now I think Aubry will win. In my head Survivor is pissed at the fan reaction from Koah Rong, so they’re taking Aubry and giving her Michele’s identical winner’s edit. This whole season will be one big “fuck you” from the CBS team.

    3. Someone else has pointed this out here in the past, but I think one big reason Aubry has been so invisible is because she hasn’t had her pulse on the game like she did in her first season. In Koah Rong, she was a fantastic narrator because she’s smart, good at talking, and knew what was going on. This time, though, we’ve seen her on the wrong side of the vote almost every tribal. Because of this, she can’t be as reliable a narrator. If she were more present, we’d see confessionals of her saying who’s going home, and then that person wouldn’t go home at tribal. I think that would make her look worse than the invisible edit she’s been given. That being said, I agree that she should have more of a presence in some way, even if it’s not narrating like her first season.

      1. I guess my thinking is if she’s wrong about things then she’s wrong. I still rather that than almost nothing at all.

    4. I am with you. Said it elsewhere that Aubry could have easily gotten Spencer like edit from Cagayan. I have watched all of her secret scenes and she has spun a lot of good stuff that was left unused. She is getting the purple treatment because she is gonna be leave like Kimmi in Cambodia.

  6. Now for the fun part – based on my predicted finishing order, I want to try and make some predictions about jury questions 😀
    Hali –
    I think Hali will ask a variation on the “what did you learn about yourself” question, somehow incorporating the game changers theme

    Ozzy –
    Ozzy will definitely talk about working hard and providing for the tribe. He will somehow find a way to turn this into a question for the finalists, probably in a way that is fishing for compliments (see what I did there?)

    Debbie –
    I think that Debbie will be this season’s bitter juror, with most of her bitterness directed at Sarah and her flip flopping. She will probably demand to know why Sarah voted her out, but I also think there’s a good chance she votes for Sarah anyway.

    Zeke –
    Zeke is a tough one because he’s so big on strategy, but he also had a life altering event happen during the course of the season. I’m going to hedge my bets here and say he will ask about Big Moves™ but also tie it back to the real world somehow. Something along the lines of “BMs are important. How has the game inspired you to make a BM in your real life?” etc.

    Sierra –
    Sierra will probably focus her question on Sarah, asking her to describe some specific aspect of her game. I think this will be a total softball question to help Sarah recover after a tough round (maybe after Debbie’s question)?

    Andrea –
    I think Andrea’s question will have something to do with feelings and/or emotional intelligence. Maybe something like “how have your experiences outside the game influenced how you played this season.” I also think she is likely to find a way to incorporate the Game Changers theme into her question.

    Michaela –
    Michaela is a toughie because unlike the other players this is her first time on the jury. I have a feeling she’ll ask something on the theme of “how will winning change your life” or “if you win, what will you do to benefit your community”

    Cirie –
    I think Cirie will get emotional in her question and possibly even apologize to Sarah (if they leave things unresolved when she is voted out). I think Cirie will get a lot of screen time for her speech and her actual question will be something about changing your own game to adapt to the specific circumstances of the season.

    Aubry –
    Aubry’s question will be edited out due to time constraints.
    JK, I think Aubry will ask about any mistakes the finalists felt they made during their game, probably focusing on Sarah and maybe Tai and skipping Brad.

    Troy –
    Troy is my top contender to lob a softball question at Brad. I could see him just asking Brad about his strategy and what he did to deserve the win.

    1. I don’t know who would ask this, but I want someone to ask Sarah how many votes she thinks she directed. Not just jumped on as a number or played the swing vote but actually tossed a name, whipped the votes, and implemented a boot. I think she can maybe claim Debbie, but outside of that it gets fuzzy. Sarah’s always voted correctly, but I’d like to see her defend what could be a solid critique of her game.

      1. I think this would be a really good question for Sarah. It would also potentially be a tricky one for her to answer, because owning Debbie’s vote (for example) could run the risk of losing her Debbie’s vote but potentially gain others whose votes might be up for grabs by whoever they deem to be the biggest power player.

      2. I don’t think its a critique of her game that she didn’t control every single vote…she would have been targeted had she been attempting to dictate/mastermind every vote.

        1. This seems to be the fundamental lesson of every all-returnees season.

        1. I’m not trying to pick a fight with this claim, but is there evidence for that? Did she tell Brad and Troy to vote Michaela, or did she join them after Cirie’s advantage coup failed?

          1. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

            But without her two votes, it wouldn’t have been “the Michaela vote”. It would’ve been someone else, plus Brad and Troy vote for whoever.

          2. There’s no way of knowing until we get the exit interviews, but if I had to guess I’d also say she jumped on board with the Michaela vote and didn’t initiate it. That’s not a knock on Sarah either, but everything we know points to that being how it went down.

    2. Hali is definite first juror in that fun trend of basically having the first juror ask the finalists to define their own narrative in lieu of their opening statements.

  7. I really don’t think Troy is making the Final Tribal – I think he’s most likely to go out 5th or 6th as he doesn’t even have enough presence to be a goat at this point.

  8. It feels like more than normal, there is a simple, easy, going downhill boot order for the finale.

    I really hope I’m wrong. Not just because both Sarah as winner and the final titanic struggle between Sarah and Brad bore me to tears, but because the great problem with this season has been that vague sense ever since Sandra’s fall that we were sliding downhill to…this.

    Nothing will completely salvage what has been a dispiriting post-Sandra watch this season, but going forward watching Survivor will be more fun if the editors surprise us with new rhythms at the finale.

    So in that spirit, I’m rooting for barely plausible insanity.

    On a side note no one but me cares about, I won’t be able to WATCH the finale myself until Sunday. So now when at least us obsessives are actually reading the comments, I want to thank the community and especially the staff for a great season of Survivor coverage. This has been an odd season of the show- more than ever before it feels like individual moments have been swallowed by edits. But it was also a season when Sandra played from the front, and where Cirie made the finals, and where Michaela…did Michaela things. There is no group of people I would rather blather about all that with than y’alls.

  9. So here how I think this will go:

    Aubry will get taken out cause the advantages will be played, and quite possibly the rock draw.

    Cirie convinces Sarah to take her cause a) in Final 4, she is more likely to get to FTC with Sarah/Cirie/Tai/Brad situation, than Sarah/Tai/Troy/Brad situation, cause Brad and Troy will always take each other, and they will for sure think that Tai is more easy to beat than her, while in the latter, Cirie and Brad will target each other more than Sarah, and b) cause Cirie will not win immunity, so she could target her then if she wanted to. This will convince Sarah, and they both will convince Tai to go along to their side and vote out Troy, cause they can’t target Brad cause he won immunity, and his idol either a) was used in previous tribal, or b) isn’t used, cause he thinks he has the votes.

    At final 4, Brad tries to win immunity to save himself, but his plan us foiled by none other than Cirie, who wins her first and most important immunity in her whole Survivor career. Brad tries to convince Tai to vote out Sarah, but it fails, and he gets voted out.

    In FTC council it’s clearly a battle between Sarah and Cirie, while no one is really considering Tai. While Sarah gets some traction from Zeke, it is for not, when she gives an emotional speech about how it means to her, and how she wants to win for her kids. Cause of her social connections with the jury, she wins at least almost unanonimously, and super fans cry from happiness, while others complain how “she used her kids to win, and Tai would’ve won if she didn’t do that”.

    20/19. Ciera (CORRECT)
    18. Malcolm (WRONG)
    17. JT/Tai (WRONG)
    16. JT (CORRECT)
    15. Brad (WRONG)
    14. Varner (X)
    13. Troy (WRONG)
    9. Andrea (WRONG)
    8. Andrea (CORRECT)
    7. Troy (WRONG)
    6. Aubry (TBA)
    5. Troy (TBA)
    4. Brad (TBA)
    3. Tai (TBA)
    2. Sarah (TBA)
    1. Cirie (TBA)

    Pre-season winner pick: Hali (WRONG)
    Mid-season winner pick: Sarah (TBA)

  10. This past Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Big Brother Canada Finale (way better than the US Version) taping as part of the audience. The parts of the taping that are commercials are incredibly boring in person. The parts where competitions, jury questions, voting and final speeches are some of the most exciting moments I’ve ever got to be a part of. Overall, I had tons of fun and was happy to be a part of satisfying conclusion to a chaotic season.

    On Saturday night, my friends and I intended a club in Niagara to party with BB Can players where I got to meet contestants from past and present like Neda (my all time favorite), Ika, Sarah Hanlon, Kevin, Karen, Demetrius, Godfrey, Dre, William, Sindy, Dillon, Emily, and somewhat randomly Adam from season 33 of Survivor. All were wonderful to my friends and myself. A great time and a vacation I’ll always remember.

    This is probably a satisfying conclusion to getting to meet contestants I root for and have admired. I’m most likely done going to events like this and the past Survivor ones I’ve been to. The interactions have been interesting, weird, hilarious, informative, emotional, awkward and just plain fun. I got to dance with Michele Fitzgerald and geek out about West Wing with Courtney Yates. I still have another impactful story to share after the season.I have been so lucky and I’ll cherish the moments forever. But I’m at a place now where I’m not the most comfortable always going and following around these people anymore. The dynamic between super fan and player is a weird one and I fear diminishing returns the more I see the same faces. I have seen Andrea 5 different times this season and there are only so many times you can express your fandom and talk reality TV before you are just weirdly surrounding someone with nothing to say. I had a great run and maybe a few years from now when there are more new faces, I might show up to events again. For now I’ll return to the couch. Going to Canada is a good finale.

    Here’s a pic of Kevin and myself from Saturday

    1. If anyone is curious, here is the full list of Survivor players I’ve seen at least once in this wild past few months (in no particular order)

      Rob C.
      Dr. Badass Sophie
      Natalie Anderson
      Katie Collins
      Brian Corridan
      John Carroll
      Mike Galloway
      Billy Garcia
      John Fincher
      and my one time Yoga instructor Parvati

          1. You know, as much as I do not like Meg, I am just happy that she is not with James. The BB18 sequence of Production clowning Meg was one of my least favorite moments of a really crappy seaon.

          2. Yeah, that season sucked. Not crazy about Meg on the show but seeing her in person was a highlight. Her giving us swag bags at the meet up while saying how shitty the swag bags were is one of the best moments. Also, I’m happy for anyone not with James. That reminds me, I saw Natalie this past Saturday but didn’t get a chance to meet her.

          3. Thank God for small miracles and for the fact that they will not do Amazing Race together. I guess we also have Nicole and Corey and Paulie and Zakiyah (who is my pick for most purple jury member in Big Brother history).

          4. I watched BB5 a few months ago, and Karen crushes, chews and spits Zakiyah in terms of being purple, and she was in Final 5! While to be fair, there were less people back then than now, but still)

          5. In modern Big Brother though, you normally know who everybody is. Last televised season had both Zakiyah and for a long time Michelle being purpled. It wasn’t until Michelle lead the charge against Paulie that her edit got better.

          6. Yeah, I didn’t watch seasons right before BB18, but Zakiyah was definetely pretty invincible most of the season. I was just saying that she isn’t the most purpled in BB history (plus generally even in the older seasons that I’ve watched, I got sense who everybody was, which was why I brought Karen, cause it was pretty jarring).

    2. Aww, he’s so cute. He may not have been my main rooting interest, but it was impossible not to get excited for him winning. Thanks for sharing all these experiences with us! It’s made all these players feel more real, and it’s nice to know that most of them are so friendly.

      & I must ask, was there anything worth noting about your interaction with Ika?

      1. First, my friends and I were pissed that the person taking the picture didn’t get it. Ika was in a great mood and loved that three people traveled from New York for this.

        1. Dang, I’d be pissed too. That’s good to hear though, she seemed really happy on the show.

          1. High spirits all around. I would imagine being out the house and back in the real world makes all the difference.

  11. 6. Advantage-palooza. Cirie wins immunity (!). Brad knows he’s going home, so he jawbones Tai into giving him his idol (Brad doesn’t realize that Troyzan is also packing an idol). When Tai objects that he’ll be vulnerable at 5 (not revealing his second idol), Brad pitches an all-male alliance. For once, it sticks. It makes sense for Brad because he thinks his Big Movez will beat Tai’s likability. It makes sense for Tai because it gets him to F3 (instead of just to F4 if he keeps his idols), and because he thinks not being resented and not already having a million dollars will enable him to beat Brad. Troyzan of course is just along for the ride. They target Sarah, but she plays the legacy advantage. Tai plays an idol for Brad. This spooks Troyzan into playing his idol because he’s a dumbass. This forces Tai to play his other idol on himself. Poor Aubry.

    5. The men’s alliance targets Sarah but she wins immunity. Bye Cirie.

    4. Sarah wins immunity again. One into three equals out for Brad.

    3. Troyzan, the inanimate carbon rod of Survivor.

    2. Tai picks up a bitter vote or two.

    1. Officer Sarah. A low-end good winner for a high-end bad season.

  12. I decided to get creative and put Aubry in FTC and Troy out in 6th after he doesn’t play his idol just because I wanted to.

    1. I chose Brad to win, just because I can’t stand the idea of Sarah winning, even though she played a pretty good game.

          1. I feel like Edgic was heavily spoiled. There’s nothing about Sarah’s edit that would indicate obvious winner rather than mover and shaker who finishes 4th.

          2. I’m sure it was. I just can’t stand edgicers, and they wouldn’t shut the fuck up about her all season, and that made me like Sarah less. It’s not fair, but there it is.

  13. At this point I just want Troy(zan) to make the FTC, look oh so proud of himself, and then see that look slowly disappear as every juror ignores him and doesn’t ask him any questions.

      1. Last two seasons, I think the staff were unanimous that David and Aubry would win.

        1. I did not pick David to win. Adam was the only thing I got right. I was actually tempted to pick Michele (on the basis Aubry wouldn’t make FTC… oops) but figured I’d be kicked out.

          1. I figured this was likely, but I didn’t want to go through the effort of checking.

          2. also none of us picked Michele because none of us wanted her to win. we didn’t call her OWM because we all thought she would lose

        2. I still you ADAM was winning before the finale. I wasn’t even in gimmick mode.

  14. So, in terms of the edit, this season has been dominated by two players. If i was forced to put a word to each, I would say Sarah’s is glaring, while Brad’s is glowing. Here’s what I mean:

    -Sarah’s edit has been very in our face about her strategy, her ability to balance players, read situations, play creatively, and utilize advantages to get the upper hand. However, while the show has sold ‘Sarah is playing so good’ they’ve sold no additional narrative. We haven’t learned about her husband, her kid, or much of her background except in very small and often swept away snippets. So the story with Sarah isn’t ‘what a compelling winner’ but rather ‘what a strategic winner.’ This is partially understandable, Sarah hasn’t proven herself to be a great narrator, and in particular has struggled to do much beyond describe the basics of what’s going on. This may have lead production to cut personal narrative in favor of just strategy. Whatever the reason, the edit has told the story of how Sarah could win, but not why we should care.

    -Brad’s edit, on the other hand, is all about the personal narrative and who Brad is. We’ve had him talking about what Survivor means to him, his wife and family, and clips of Aubry, Cirie, and even Monica talking about what a great guy he is. But the edit has basically ignored Brad’s gameplay post-merge. We’ve had a few moments of him talking about strategy, but mostly the edit check’s in to remind us he is a great guy, and is still around. Even when half his core alliance went home, we barely got a moment of him being worried about it. Almost fully the opposite of Sarah, Brad’s edit has told the story of what we should care about Brad, but not necessarily how he could win.

    I believe these edits are preparing us for the FTC by mirroring each player’s sole survivor argument across the season. Sarah is going to be very game play focused, talking about her strategy, her moves, and how she dominated the game. Brad is going to be very socially focused, talking about his relationships, his personal growth, how Survivor has given him a better appreciation of his wife, and his love of the game. I believe, in the end, the jury will be split between those who want to reward Sarah for a well-played season, and those who buy in to Brad’s narrative and personal growth, enough to ignore the weaknesses of his game (and also Debbie’s bitter soul).

    In the end, I think we land on a 6-4 split in favor of Sarah.

    1. You make a great point that the edit has made a strong case for both Brad and Sarah and really nobody else. The edit has also made Troyzan a complete cypher. But isn’t the implication of this something else?

      Brad and Sarah tie 5-5, and Troyzan decides the winner.

      1. Is that really how it works in the event of a tie? I think they should cancel out, giving TROY the win!!! TROOOOY!!! TROY!!!!!!!!! TTTTRRRRRROOOOOYyYYYYyyYYY!!!!

    2. I think this is spot-on & I like the glaring/glowing difference. I would say that Cirie has also been a major force in the edit this season though, perhaps a bit less noticeably as she would be regardless of her placement, something that’s not true of Sarah say.

      I’m still clinging to the Cirie can win this train and so, while honestly I think Sarah will probably take this, here is some food for thought/tension for the finale. I guess one question is how can the edits of Brad + Sarah be explained if they don’t win. For Sarah, it could easily be the Wentworth solid strategic player who just falls short (which might explain the not so much personal story) or she could lose at FTC because of her lack of connections. For Brad, it feels like either a losing FTC story (see Ken) or some sort of redemption edit after his last season.

      I think Cirie has had a lot of both personal + strategic moments. While she definitely made a blunder last week, even winners can make mistakes (hi Adam!) and I think she’s been central enough in this post-merge to still take it.

      A thing I’m learning this season from commenting on Survivor is that the show is a bit like sports for me: I can’t back down from rooting for somebody, even when all signs point to the impossible, there’s always Leicester City (insert American example.)

      1. I think Wentworth had some personal stuff but her problem was that her dad was her downfall last time so all of her “personal stuff” was tied into her second chance.

    3. I like this breakdown of the edits of Brad vs. Sarah. I think this favors Brad, because if we look back at the last handful of winners (excluding Michele, who is an outlier), many of them have gotten a major “I am competing for my loved one” story that Sarah should have but was missing (See ADAM, Jeremy, Natalie A., Tyson, Mike somewhat).

      1. You are right BUT. Tyson and Natalie won BvW seasons. For Jeremy and ADAM the loved one connection was “special circumstances” and their mic drop moment at the last minute of FTC to explain why it was a 10-0-0 landslide.

        Maybe Brad got so much “playing for my loved one” edit because his wife is such a bonafide Survivor legend that literally everyone knows who she is.

  15. I already made my prediction on what I think will happen (Cirie, Aubry, Sarah, Troy, Tai, Brad), so I will throw out the funniest potential outcome:

    Immunitypoluza sends Cirie home at 6. The men team up and realize that Sarah has controlled this game and vote her out at 5. Aubry wins final Immunity and Tai is voted out for being a threat. The jury then decides they like Aubry more than Brad and Troy so she wins. The editors were pissed since Aubry was a zombie for most of the season and decided to hammer home that the jury was wrong and Brad should have won.

    1. Well, if Aubry won this season without deserving it, that would at least cancel out her losing her first season despite deserving it the most. Justice? I think so.

      1. The problem with rough justice is that it creates a cycle of revenge. To stop it we would need to have Brad beat a more deserving Michele in the next returnees season.

          1. No, I mean that to reach an equilibrium of injustices, Aubry has to beat Brad this season, Brad and Michele have to be on the next returnees season, in which Michele has to clearly deserve to win, but Brad wins anyway.

            …there may be some flaws with this plan.

    1. Can I just say that your aggressive certainty and deeply rooted desire to shut down all conversation with your plaintive assertions have been a delightful contribution to discussion around here? SO MUCH FUN!

      1. I can’t say I disagree with that person if Sarah wins, but this is the reason I have been forced to defend the Brad is the Winner arguement, despite only half believing it and not actually caring about Brad or Sarah.

      2. I really wouldn’t mind if the edgicers could keep out of our corner of Survivor fandom. We aren’t morons, we read the edit but fucking hell it’s annoying to be told the answer is obvious. Why do these people bother watching? Part of me hopes the next winner has a Troy level edit just to shut them up.

          1. I don’t do Edgic! I have no idea what OTTP or any of that even means. I never make charts. Also I predicted Tony as the winner of Cagayan. I was one the few people who supported him and thought he could win at the time. I discussed the show on Twitter and Sucks before coming here.

          2. Even if you’re not an edgicer you need to realise that the people here genuinely enjoy discussing Survivor, and making blunt statements like “Sarah wins in a landslide” doesn’t encourage discussion. In fact it does the opposite.

          3. Why don’t they just leave us all alone in a cacoon of people who only minorly disagree with us or disagree in a pleasant a productive way.

        1. It doesn’t matter how many times they’ve been wrong before. They’ll still babble on about how brilliant and objective their dumb system is.

          1. I set up an edgic for Survivor NZ on my recap which I think perfectly mirrors the scientific nature of their creations.

  16. I’m going with Cirie out at 6 due to multiple immunities flying around. Aubry gets a desultory boot at 5 as the last member standing of the “We” alliance that continually imploded. Brad out at 4, Troy and Tai lose to Sarah.

  17. Will there be an obnoxious twist in the final episode? They have messed with the formula enough so far, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  18. Tai, Aubry and Cirie make it to FTC.

    Cirie reveals that…….



    1. Surely this makes more sense with Aubry? The reason she hasn’t been heavily featured is because she’s secretly Tony in in a wig, and the editors figured the only way to keep it a secret was to omit all “Aubry”s delightful confessionals.

      1. So, half of the show will be flashbacks to Tony/Aubry confessionals. Or a ‘Usual Suspects’ style montage. And Micheala will drop her coconut-coffee cup Chaz Palimenteri style.

        1. See? The season IS salvageable!

          Especially if that all goes down…and Cirie wins anyway.

  19. I did not notice Troy wasn’t on the winner poll until someone in the comments mentioned it. That is Troy in a nutshell.

  20. I, for one, am excited to wrap up this season so we can start complaining about the horrowshow of a theme for season 35.

    1. I don’t know it yet and will find out with everyone else tomorrow, but we all considered Millenials vs GenX as a dumpster fire when it was announced.

      1. After this season, my bar for what constitutes a dumpster fire season has dropped, or raised? i’m confused about my own term

          1. My defense for Gabon:
            Exhibit A— Randy Bailey. Exhibit B—Second best fake idol ever. (after ‘It’s a Fucking Stick.)

            My defense for Nicaragua:
            Meh, I got nothing for that one. That’s a low bar.

    2. I look forward to being able to mock Probst for awkwardly forcing the stupid theme into an otherwise great season again

  21. Honestly, I kind of hope Sarah and Brad tie just so we can receive official confirmation of the tie breaking procedure. It is likely third place votes, but maybe it’s something cooler and less arbitrary and less affected by outside the game interactions and hindsight.

    1. I mean, if it was like 4-4-2, I’m sure the first step would be a re-vote where the third place player is no longer an option. But if it was 5-5, I have no idea. Maybe they re-do the FTC and see if anyone changes their votes? Or i guess we could have the boring “they both win” thing…

      Also, in a more skeptical note, I’m pretty confident that someone must check the votes sometime between the FTC and reunion show, so they can be sure if there is a tie they are prepared.

        1. Yeah, I realized I derped on that. Though if it were 4-4-2, I’d prefer that the 2 have to vote between the tied winners, then if that doesn’t work the third place votes to break the tie. I guess cause I’d prefer the decision rest solely with the jury unless absolutely necessary.

      1. I am certain that someone knows what the final vote is and they plan the season around this.

  22. I’m sure I’ve missed some joke here but did Troy make all the pictures in John’s column tiny?

    1. I honestly don’t know why it started happening (I figure it’s a responsiveness issue, but that doesn’t explain why it only happens to John). But since it’s only happening to John, I wasn’t motivated to fix it.

      1. On my screen, John is tiny, but several others are just slightly small as well, including you. Emma and Matt are the only ones that are clearly full size.

  23. One last time, will those of you with a twitter account that is A) not blocked by Troy and B) not obviously associated with the Purple Rock Podcast please text @troy_zan a positive, uplifting message using the #SummerOfTroyzan hashtag. I am trying to get him to use it (or better yet say it during the finale). Also, thanks to those who already have!

    1. I just checked his twitter page, and he still hasn’t used the new hashtag. He’s so worthless. Well, except for the part where he’s keeping my fantasy teams afloat by his continued existence.

        1. You’ll be a legend if he manages to say “Summer of Troyzan” at the reunion. However, that would require him getting a chance to speak at the reunion, so I’m actively rooting against this scenario.

  24. I mentioned a while ago what I ~thought~ was a spoiler about a jury twist, because Jeff said pre-season that they were going to put something in place to help combat bitter juries, but now I’m pretty sure it was just the lame “Jury Speaks” thing all along. Meh.

    1. I think it is a cool concept because it is a big way for Production to try to stop group think especially since it is done right after Tribal Council, which means that the jurors have not had enough time to discuss their thoughts with each other.

      1. Full disclosure: I haven’t actually watched any of the jury videos, but that actually sounds like a good idea 🙂

    2. If that actually is the change he was referring to, I like that a lot more than any sort of meddling or reworking of the jury.

  25. Calling it now CIRIE FIELDS WINS SURVIVOR 34 talk to you guys in 6 hours when I’m proven RIGHT!

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