Survivor Game Changers Finale and Reunion Liveblog: “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

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We’ve made it to the finale, but first, it’s time to make some of you feel accomplished/horrified/something in between.

Sadly, the widget only shows the top 25 commenters in terms of posts. We were able to grab three more by excluding the mods. So there’s the stats. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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1,209 thoughts on “Survivor Game Changers Finale and Reunion Liveblog: “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

  1. I’ve been posting here way longer than Barbara or Kemper, so I’m not worried about being in 3rd.

          1. I was commenting with these peeps at the AVC reviews before this podcast/site even started. But I’ve gone by a few screen names, so it feels like I’m brand new to some.

          2. Well you know my last one was SpicyMayoJaySimpson, but before that, it was bder19

          3. I did not know either! I’m trying to fuse your personae in my mind but it turns out the avatar plays a large role in my ability to keep track of people.

          4. I left my avatar in transition for like, less than a week. I probably should’ve gone longer.

          5. I think I noticed the last name change, but the current one can’t be much older than two months, right?

            I didn’t think you racked up 1500 comments in less than five months (although some liveblogs make that seem possible, and now that I say think about it, that number seems low for all-time – I guess that’s because you only put the best words into the comments and that skews the perception of the total).

          6. So you’re saying that all of these comments were made under the Taako-name? Holy moly, if I got you right.

            (this may be hard to believe, but I never checked if you can just change the disqus screen name or would have to make a new account)

    1. Plus Barbara always wins fantasy, so has a lot to chat about.
      I bet you win on word count,

  2. Also, hey guys, can we preemptively agree to call S35 ‘Mamanuca Islands?’ Because I’m not calling it what it’s called and I’m not calling it HvHvH.

    I’m always will to give a season a chance and let it transcend it’s bad theme, but this is rill rill bad.

    1. No because it is Survivor: Heroes Healer Hustlers. The show should get something for that nice alliteration.

      1. The weird thing though is that I assumed the Hustlers tribe would be made up of salesmen and professional-gamblers etc. and yet it seems to be made up of people in customer-service oriented jobs

        1. Hustlers is the catch-all tribe. I’m guessing like most tribes, they had the cast before they had the theme.

          1. True. I look forward to seeing Jeff attempting to come up with ways to shoehorn random professions into the Hustler category.

    2. I’ve been meaning to ask sharc. Would Sierra have gotten crazy reality points for her strange anti-bullying video? Is that how your new league works?

      1. No. There’s no fair way to include stuff that isn’t on the show, because I’m not taking the time to make sure I’ve hunted down every piece of Survivor adjacent media, which means I’d be left at the mercy of people who told me about these things.

        I wish I could, because stuff like Sierra’s weird anti-bullying video or “Sticky Situation” deserve to be rewarded, there’s just not a good way to do it.

    3. I will be riding the Paladins v Clerics v Rogues train all the way through to the finale this December.

        1. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s latching onto something and running it into the ground.

          1. Ha! Yes, I can attest to that! Well, it does make you particularly memorable on a (semi-anonymous, internet-based) personal level.

  3. Good lord, the comments really hockey-stick from Alycia on up. Barbara Anderson is almost John and Andy combined! (Now I’m at 1,885, baby!)

    1. When you factor in the John was also the primary user of the Purple Rock Podcast disqus account he jumps into 2nd.

  4. Regardless of the result tonight, thanks to everyone here for making this season somewhat bearable.

    Some may say you’re wasting your lives…and they’d be right. But it’s that life-wasting that makes you who you are. And I love you for it. So thanks again for making this an awesome place to rant about a show for which we all care way too much.

    1. I don’t think I’m wasting my life here. Elsewhere like most of the past 3 days is another story.

    2. It gives us someplace to vent. I know I am not happy where I am in a professional place, but places like this and people like you give me bright spots in my day.

    1. I felt better when I found out it was for all time since I didn’t even find this group until they’d already done a few seasons.

    2. Yeah me either. i don’t know whether to be proud or sad. I HAVE been really busy this season, but still.

    1. Haha me neither. I’ve barely commented this season with work and everything. Oh well!

    1. Yeah, a lot of them are though. They try really hard to make it seem like it could be anyone’s game when it’s pretty obvious that some people are not winning.

  5. I feel good about my position on the list. I may be wasting my life, but I’m certainly no Barbara Anderson!

  6. I might have to eat the key lime pie before the chicken parm. I flove key lime pie.

  7. I made the list. I am somebody.

    Seriously I’m missing the first finale ever. I won’t get home till after 11. In city for depositions. Trying to get to pen station.

    And I only care because of posting snarky comments with you guys.

    edit: I meant Penn station

    1. I can’t find a working stream. Which means, Matt, I AM FOLLOWING THE LIVEBLOG. In the absence of actually being able to watch, you are all I have.

  8. Thank the powers above that they are releasing San Juan del Sur on DVD. I am sure everyone has been dying to be able to see that season again.

    1. I have rewatched the last 4–5 episodes. Maybe more than once. If you just show up for the Natalie Anderson Rise to Greatness, it’s pretty good.

    2. How dare you!!! John Rocker and Quits McGee are a love story for the ages!!! Her quitting was pretty much like Romeo and Juliet.

  9. Why in God’s name should Tai give him an idol? There is literally no benefit at this point

    1. Exactly! He keeps/uses his idols and he’s final four and he looks like he’s deciding his own fate. By giving Brad his idol he loses safety AND gives up his autonomy.

  10. We better get a “Fuck you, Brad Culpepper” out of this. He’s being an ass.

    1. Yeah, I’ve kinda been liking him this season, but whoa was he being a dick!
      Also, that was NOT a good play on his part because WHY would Tai want to go along with that? You need to finesse that kind of thing.

      1. Yeah, seriously! I get that he was hungry and exhausted, but the way he treated Tai, not
        to mention the way he sat there glowering during tribal councils shows a lack of awareness of the ‘image’ he was presenting. What jury is going to want to vote for a guy who looks like he hates being there? If he had gone in with a better attitude I feel like he could have potentially won at least another couple of jury votes

  11. This is so stressful I hate it omg please just be over soon (and maybe vote Troy out somehow? Kthx)

  12. Hmm, I call bullshit on this, they need a contingency plan for that. Absurd that someone goes home without getting votes or drawing a rock.

    1. But like what else were they supposed to do? Take away someone else’s idol/advantage?

    2. In a scenario like that, when they explicitly stated that they would go to rocks with no revote, they should have had Cirie draw a rock.

      1. What happens if she draws the white rock? Revote w no one immune? That’s what I feel should have happened

      2. Oooh! If they really wanted to throw in another stupid producer twist they could have had Cirie pick from two rocks. One which would send her home and one which would save her. And if she had picked the magical saving (let’s just hypothetically assume it’s, oh, I don’t know… purple) rock she gets to decide who out of the five immune castaways gets booted!

      3. The thing is, before that players who are not tied get an opportunity to come to an unanimous decision. Maybe Cirie has a case for why she should be part of that discussion (she has no more votes on her than anyone else) and she can’t vote herself, but if not and with only one valid option, people would have no choice but to come to a consensus.

    3. I was hoping against all odds for a scenario that has no one eligible for votes (4 immunities, a tie between the other two and no consens before the rock draw. In think they could have forced a final four at FTC. Then they could call themselves Game Changers.

    4. That would have been unfair to the people who played Immunity Idols. You can’t tell people this will protect them and reneg on it.

  13. This season is fucking stupid. This season has lost 2 massive favourites to utter bullshit. Totally ridiculous. I want to see these people strategize and win or lose on merit, not get fucking screwed out.

      1. It’s like Jeff said “You people hate All Stars? Well, I’ll give a returning player season you’ll really hate!”

        1. Eh this wasn’t All Stars bad. This season is probably around #24-#25 on my list. There are about 9-10 seasons I can name that are worse IMO. About 6-7 of which I would still deem a LOT worse.

          Also All Stars gave us the rise of Boston Rob and Amber… Ugh.

    1. She had it. She played that 6 perfectly. She 3-2-1’d it. Had her F3. Would have won. She just can’t account for Survivor being ridiculous

      1. With my sister yelling at me “YOU’RE BEING STUPID SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING” Just be quiet and let me have the moment!

          1. Brad/Troy/Sarah Obviously split their votes because they all knew they were safe. We just never saw this conversation. It’s pretty clear though when you think about it.

        1. 3 Sarah 2 Tai 1 Aubry (which nice for me because it means I won the pick 4 league with Tai’s idols plays)

  14. I did kind of hope for a minute Troy wouldn’t catch on there and not play his idol

  15. So much for “I’d bet against a scenario where we end up with 5 people immune.”

    Delightful from a let’s-see-an-edge-case perspective, devastating from every other perspective. Ugh.

    1. Well I think someone somewhere learned a lesson about this tribal council. I am just not sure it was Jeff Probst.

      1. This was just fuel for my I-hate-immunity-idols-and-other-gimmicky-advantages fire. Extremely dry, brittle, flammable fuel, containing copious amounts of coconut husk.

  16. I can’t believe I’m rooting for fucking Sarah. she has made some good moves. But big moves in the most boring way possible.

  17. So by gifting Sarah the legacy advantage, Sierra thwarted Cirie’s plans and cost her the game. Even from the jury she’s ruining this season!

  18. HOMEWORK: Rank this season’s twists & advantages, from ‘potentially added something to the game’ to ‘cast an irretrievable shadow over the season from which we may never recover’.

    WE HAVE: First tribe swap; second tribe swap; legacy advantage, combined tribal council, Exile-Not-Island, Debbie’s extra vote, Sarah’s vote steal, sitting out at the merge feast, Tai’s first idol, Tai’s second and third idols, Troy’s idol, JT’s idol, probably several other fucking things that I can’t remember right now.


    1. So I tried to start but there have just been so many of them and they are so interconnected its too hard. Frankly I don’t think any of them are bad on their own, other than the combined tribal. There were just too damn many and that’s the problem

  19. It is a shame that we jumped straight to the challenge. I personally wanted a reaction about the last tribal council.

  20. Cirie Fields has never left the game because a majority of her tribe was unwilling to go further in the game with her.

    1. I’m pretty sure Parvati wanted Cirie to go in Micronesia. So that would be basically 66.7%

      1. I had trouble wording it clearly, but my thinking was that Parvati and Amanda were willing to go to FTC with her, so although they did eventually take her out, they were not planning to and in fact went through with not taking her out until the surprise final two. She’s always left in spite of far too many people being willing to keep her.

          1. Well her other alternative was Brad I suppose which would have gotten Sarah out at tribal at 6 so yeah that was huge. If this season proved anything, it’s that there can be too many twists.

          2. But if Sarah goes at 6 then Tai Cirie and Aubry take out Troy at 5. Then you get a Cirie or aubry win…

          3. That is if Troy plays his idol. Which he might not have if Sarah hadn’t been immune.

          4. Very possibly. Especially since Tai wiped away the votes Troy had a shot at knowing about (his own and Brad’s).

          5. It’s too big a risk at that point with Brad immune. It’s a 50/50 for him then.

  21. Weren’t they all for Monica? Isn’t everything for Monica? Isn’t that why she’s been mentioned more than Troy?

  22. So, if you want to see casual misogyny, an unhinged water felon, some ugliness of a transgender being outed on national television, and survivor legends booted due to production interference, while boring players rise to the top, Gamechangers may be your season!

  23. Brad wins so many challenges because everyone else is starving (more than usual) and he can easily rack up rewards. Is this like taking Survivor PEDs?

  24. I should also say that it say with Brad or Troy went home default I would still be angry because the core of game is people meet on island and then vote each other out. I would say that default would still be dumb.

    1. I agree. I think its bad that the situation was created where 5 people were immune at one tribal. I don’t see how they could have avoided it other than just less live advantages at once, which I fully support

  25. OMG, Tai! We need to get out Aubry! Even though I just used one of my idols to keep her in the game last Tribal…
    Wait, though, now we should keep Aubry because I don’t like Brad. He’s sooo squirrely!

  26. I’m only half-watching the rest of this episode now. I’m not even mad, I was honestly relieved Cirie got the respect she deserved on the way out, I just feel like the story I’m interested in has been wrapped up.

    1. She doesn’t have to hang out with Brad and Troy any more. I think that’s something we can all celebrate.

      1. She got to watch these psychopaths from the jury and we get to watch her at Ponderosa.

  27. wasn’t the lighthouse Tony’s final challenge? They so wanted him to win

  28. Interesting that for quite awhile it’s been majority women post-merge, but now it’s all guys except Sarah.

  29. So we are skipping the night after again. You could show a character moment to get us to care about these people. Not even going to tell us about Brad’s bag- shirt. But no straight to the challenge. Ughhhhhh!

    1. I would posit that spending one last night with these people is not that bad an outcome.

  30. Is Brad wearing a burlap sack as a shirt like he’s being a peasant for Halloween?

  31. Is this possibly the least interesting F4 ever? I can barely make myself care at all. I have no real rooting interest

    1. Brad’s decision at final 4 is baffling from every angle you can look at it.

      – taking Sarah to final 3
      – putting Tai on the jury
      – possibly sending Troy into a fire-making challenge vs. Tai

  32. Cirie really should have taken out Brad when he was not immune. That is how this final four happened. Also Brad is not on the top of world like he thinks he is.

  33. At the reunion show, Jeff should just say, “what the fuck guys? This season had so much potential.”

    1. Jeff is at least partially responsible for the avalanche of advantages weighing any attempts at strategy down.

  34. I can’t remember any final 4 contestant being a bigger asshole than Brad right now.

  35. Voting with Tai is low risk, high reward for Sarah. She’s not going to do it, but not doing it is stupid. She would shield herself from a blindside with no real fallout

    1. Oh hey, Probst just explained this to these people like they are idiots. Because they are.

      1. True. But I still think I would take the insurance policy on making FTC. That said, that jury wasn’t nearly as safe for her as I thought it was when I said that

      2. If she was uncertain of or position or did not care which of the 2 she was up against, voting Troy would be a good idea.

          1. I mean a theoretical argument. I came up with that theory before this episode and liked that it was discussed.

  36. I think taking out Aubry when she did was the smartest thing for Sarah.
    1. There was a good chance Brad would win the last challenge and if she had sided against him and Troy he likely would have taken Aubry to the end instead. He seems to be very full of himself and very emotional.
    2. Having Troy on the jury would be a vote for Brad automatically.
    3. There’s a good chance Aubry will vote for her.

  37. It’s weird that Aubry still seems to have a lot of the ‘Tai whisperer’ left in her, but also seems really annoyed with him this season. Is there some previous material I’m forgetting where this was brought up? Or is it just that they’ve been on opposite sides too many times?

    1. I think it’s just that she knows that Tai’s too wishy-washy as a player and she’s frustrated because somehow her game always seems to hinge on what decision he’s going to make. I like Tai as a person but I think I’d get annoyed as well if I felt like I had to hold his hand and guide him through the game so much of the time.

  38. Why don’t Brad, Troy, Tai, and Aubry just get rid of Sarah? Do they not see her massive edit!!???

      1. You’re probably right, and that’s even funnier because it already happened to Troy once.

  39. Brad is just making himself look bad AND not helping his case with Sarah in arguing with Tai.

      1. I blame all the awesome preseason hype posts. specifically johns epic Tony post

        1. You might be onto something there. Remember all the Worlds Apart hype posts,
          and particularly the Dan Foley one?

    1. Sierra will vote for Brad and who knows what Debbie will do, so probably not unanimous.

  40. As much as it’s unexciting for us, Sarah probably made the right call. Troyzan would have been an automatic Brad vote and I’d bet Tai would vote for her.

    1. Though Maritimer’s point about guarding against a blindside is pertinent as well

      1. Yeah, its the ensure you can get to F3 vs getting a jury vote argument, which comes down to how safe you feel at that vote and how sure you are of the jury. I would 100% take the insurance policy but that’s just me

  41. So it’s Brad, Troy and Sarah right? I’m following you guys while on the train.

  42. #SummerOfTroyzan

    (In case you can’t tell, I’m commenting as I watch it, but half an hour behind, because I still refuse to watch commercials)

    1. Every time I see that hashtag the Victoria Williams’ song Summer of Drugs runs through my head.

      1. Knowing SNP, I’d bet it’s a Costanza reference. Which is part of why I love the hashtag even though I hate Troy.

    2. This season had two important stories to tell. One was about Troyzan’s dong, the other was about Brad’s sack.It failed us on both counts.

  43. Ugh, Brad says “drug” for the past tense of “drag.” Now I hate him even more.

    1. He also said his “eyes IS on the prize” which made me roll mine in his general direction

  44. I mean, it’s nice that someone who considers herself a mini-Tony (she is not) can win … Yeah?

    1. On the other hand it gives us a better ratio of not-the-final-3 talking to the final 3 talking.

  45. Watching Brad’s edit tonight is making me wonder how hard a job the editors have had hiding this version of Brad up to now. There must have been a LOT of footage on the cutting room floor.

    1. I do feel like it probably only became prominent in the endgame as he became more tired/hungry etc. but man is it not a good look, especially after the way he was presented as ‘actually an okay guy’ in the beginning of the season.

  46. Jeff’s explanation of ‘outwit, outplay, outlast’ makes no sense to me. Since when is ‘outwit’ about social game rather than strategy?

    1. Well a lot of the time social game is the tool used to make moves strategically. Like, Sarah voting out Sierra and getting her advantage was a strategic play, but it was successful through social maneuvering. The majority of the time the MOST EFFECTIVE strategists are the players with a great social game.

    1. It’s like a regular tribal council where the jury gets to talk back and forth whenever they want, apparently. Structured around the ideas of ‘outwit, outplay, outlast’, at least as Jeff understands them, which I can tell you officially is Jeff understanding them wrong.

  47. Jeff that sounds stupid. What does that even mean. Just let jurors ask their stupid questions! You are prevent another Michele with idea. I was happy that we could an Ozzy rant. These are great final speeches that should be had.

  48. I feel like a new Survivor strategy has to be targeting people who are good at puzzles since they seem to want to end every fucking challenge with a fucking puzzle.

    1. I am pissed, don’t mess with a fundamental portion of the game, goddammit

  49. Brad deserves to lose. He could get Sarah out in 5 seconds, but chooses Tai, who seems to have pissed off half the potential jury, only slightly better than KR. Does this mean I have to root for Sarah? Can I root for a tsunami to kill everyone but Cirie?

    1. That decision was a little bit of a saving grace for this season. Not enough, but before I didn’t want anyone to win, and this at least made me really want to see Brad lose to Sarah.
      I guess Tai winning would have been a fitting conclusion to the season, too, but it would have sucked to see him get destroyed and Brad coming out triumphant.

  50. Where was Sarah’s role as entraining Survivor player if she so great as a person undercover?

    1. When her targets find out that she was on Survivor, they always say “that show’s still on?”

  51. What is this friendship monogamy thing they’re asking for? I get that she lied to them, but it’s really weird to act like you can’t have a bunch of genuine connections to people.

  52. Michaela’s had the best questions. Except for her, this new format is a mess.

  53. Debbie: Is it worth lying if the ends don’t justify the means?

  54. Do I write a letter to CBS complaining about new format or send directly to Probst?

    1. Don’t mince words. Just take a shit in a box and mail it to whoever you think is most responsible.

  55. Okay, I changed my mind and am joining Matt on this one. Everybody ripping into the Final 3 is just awesome. I may not like it if I actually liked the finalists but right now, I find it hilarious

    1. In addition to the onslaught I also like how this got rid of long-winded memorized speeches and questions for the most part. On the downside it allows jurors who seek to do so to make FTC even more about themselves than with the prepared speeches. And that introduction by Jeff was pretty awkward.

      1. I also feel it didn’t change anything, nor would it have changed anything in Kaoh Rong (which, lets not kid ourselves, is why this happened). I can deal with jeff’s awkward intro. I don’t even mind the jury being more about themselves, but it sure helped that the jury here was more entertaining than the F3.

        1. The jury interviews are probably the more consequential change (as far as infuencing the actual vote goes).

          1. I think so too. It helps the jurors figure out their own thoughts, rather than just be influenced by the others

  56. Allow me to put on my shocked face that Ozzy is wetting himself over the guy who won challenges

    1. My boyfriend pointed out while Ozzie was voting, when he said “I hope you can do what I never could,” that Ozzy wasn’t voting for Brad Culpepper, he was voting for himself.

        1. Of course it is. Any reason is a valid reason for a vote, that’s the definition of Survivor.

        1. David explicitly said last season that he voted for Adam because it validated his own game.

          1. I don’t want to sound like Andy (shoot me now), but I’m sure most of us all love it when people play the game the way we identify with most. Except when it’s Sarah… because ugh.

        2. I think that’s true, but I also think that Ozzy definitely identified with/wanted validation from Brad’s game MORE than some of the other examples that have been brought up here. Perhaps it’s because it’s his fourth time and and he is known as a pretty one-note person, game-wise. Like it’s all he has. Zeke and David both have strategic and social games, Ozzy has a physical game and that’s it.

      1. Yeah he was arguing for himself from the jury too. Not as well as he did in Cook Islands though.

  57. so, I look forward to the battle about new format. The only correct answer is, it sucks

    1. Tony, Malcolm, and Sandra were all on this season at one point. Their stars shone briefly but lit the sky on fire.

    2. I can agree with that. Now maybe someone will give her a better job so she doesn’t have to sell timeshares to people who probably can’t afford them.

  58. Jeff knows this season sucks, he said thank you for great final tribal, not great season

  59. I went to Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge earlier this week, and I’m telling you, Andrea’s final tribal council outfit would have been PERFECT for my costume.

  60. My sister just now: “Troyzan looks like that chemistry professor who just blows everything up”

      1. Oh god and I just got a proper look at what Malcolm’s wearing and it looks like he’s going to bring me pamphlets and ask if I’ve thought about letting Jesus into my life.

        1. Are you sure he won’t be asking if you’ve accepted Dumbledore as your lord and savior?

          1. That’s actually something I could imagine him doing! Although, let’s be real, fuck Dumbledore!

          2. I’d be reluctant to accept Dumbledore as my lord and savior, given that every time I tried to warn him that Satan was back his response would probably be to tell me not to worry about it, btw he’s off on a spiritual retreat for a few days, don’t wait up (or smoke that shit in his desk drawer).

    1. It’s almost as if he spent the last few weeks thinking, “How could I be more of a douche?” and then decided to grow a moustache.

      1. That short-sleeved dress shirt didn’t help. He looked like a guy in Sears trying to talk you into the service plan when you buy your new refrigerator.

        1. I just kept telling roommate, “he can’t help it, it’s the Florida leaking out of him.”

  61. The new final tribal council ( if they chose to bring it back) needs some improving to be if brought back. I would say the open forum works but Jeff needs to be forceful about the topics.

      1. But at least it worth having debate about what should done at final tribal council. Which compared to every other twist this season makes it a decent twist.

        1. fTC is the last thing in the show that needs updating, question and answer format is part of DNA of show

      2. Yeah because “gamebot convinces bitter people not to be dicks” was working so well on TV.

  62. Sarah doesn’t even look excited about winning. She’s all business. Amazing. “Sir, the mission was successful, the money has been obtained, my report will be on your desk in the morning.”

      1. I thought it was both things. Dispassionate face and body language… plus tears! She’s stoic. I like that about her.

    1. Sarah comes from the Neutral Planet.

      “If I don’t make it, tell my husband I said ‘Hello.'”

  63. Dearest Friends, this season has been disappointing. I am going to bed now. I will be back in the morning to dispassionately say “yeah, that was about right for this season”.

    1. I just walked in an I’m thinking I can wait till tomorrow to watch. Handmaids tale it is.

  64. Ha ha, sure was fun when someone in the fantasy draft post replied to Purple Tally by saying “looks like someone has seen the spoilers.” That person sure didn’t give away the final four before the season started. No sir.

        1. Right? ’cause now everyone assumes you read the spoilers to win at fantasy. When in reality it was actually her friend’s witchcraft rubbing off on her.

        2. Sorry, I should have more clearly signposted that as sarcasm. I’m cynical enough to assume that if anyone was actually trying to cheat they would hide it better (say, by swapping Troy out for some random other player). Because that’s how I would do it.

        3. You mentioned earlier this season that someone spoiled you with the winner in the Facebook group. Was that spoiler accurate?

      1. Oh, not Tally. She was like “huh?” It was the other person just kinda blurting it out. My dear friend, Mr. Spoils-for-no-reason.

      1. Eh, Kemper chewed him out at the time and the guy apologized so I’d leave it alone, but it did kinda stink for obvious reasons.

        1. I mean, I’m not going to take the effort to look, so I’ll probably leave it alone. But we’ve been looking at voting patterns this season to look for spoiled voters.

  65. I love that Sarah’s whole catch phrase this entire season is that she’s been playing like a criminal, but at final tribal it was all about her being a cop.

    Also I’m glad Zeke finally cleared up where that jacket came from! I’ve been wondering for awhile, but hadn’t checked

    1. Just a friendly reminder that cops can also be criminals – been bothering me all season. I’ll go back to my public defender hole now.

      1. Also bothering me – her implication that everyone cops grill is a criminal. I know this is her little line she thought of and has been saying all season, but how about tonight they’re the cops and I’m the suspect?

      2. If it makes you feel better my city just elected a prominent criminal defender to be their next DA (well he won the dem primary but that is the same thing in Philly usually)

  66. I had accepted cirie was not going to win and get voted out. But not like that. Hope the producers learn from this.

      1. It’s surreal that she didn’t get ONE vote all season and still went out. I don’t blame anyone, but my goodness, it’s freaky.

      1. I think @disqus_pNtjG0rBEK:disqus means that the default boots created by all the immunities feel a bit nonsensical and that they should try to prevent these situations, which I think I agree with.

  67. Culpepper: “…So I’m not a bully” Yeah, you’re not the one that gets to decide to that Brad!

    1. We aren’t really either mind you. A couple bad days on a TV show doesn’t make us know the guy.

      1. Not my point…
        Tai, as the one affected by Brad’s behaviour, is the only one who can either forgive and absolve Brad or choose not to do so. Brad, literally jumping up, and declaring that he was hungry and stressed and now feels bad so obvi he IS NOT A BULLY ! is not how that works. As the party in the wrong he doesn’t get to decide and preemptively absolve himself basically coercing Tai into going along with it as well.

    1. But what happens in case of a 3-way tie?
      I kind of expected it to be the rule that was revealed here, but I hoped for more.

        1. Ok. But what if someone on the jury has a Terry Dietz-like family emergency? Or health issues? Or Brandon-Hantz-Syndrome? WAHT WILL THEY DO THEN???

    2. Nah, if there was a tie next season they’d want to reveal it in the moment. I think Probst has been just itching to share the rule and this is the closest opportunity they’ve had.

  68. Body language might be an underrated indicator at the end of FTC. It first struck me in KR, where I thought a fairly even FTC ended with an almost giddy Michele, and thoroughly dejected Aubry. Tonight, Sarah looks like Sarah always does, but Brad looks like someone just killed his dog.

    1. Yeah, he went in there thinking that he had this in the bag, and once the talk of “condescension” started all the life drained out of him and he realized he wasn’t winning this.

  69. I find it fascinating that Ozzy would’ve voted for Tai and not Brad. Brad was the essence of everything Ozzy tries to plays as.

    1. I thought that was weird, too. However, I don’t really buy those reunion ‘what-if’ votes, so I take it with a huge (or yoooooge) grain of salt.

      1. Yeah, Ozzy might’ve been trying to spare Brad the regret. And it was really easy for people to be nice to Tai in that moment.

        Most importantly, all of those people were deciding having NOT heard Tai speak at FTC.

        1. I liked how Tai spoke this episode. I thought he presented himself very well. He called people out for being hypocrites for being upset that he lied, he used very forceful language to defend himself from Brad’s attacks he raised the Fire Strategy so that the Jury would know that it was his idea. I think if he had Aubrey as his on the jury supporter he could have done well. For sure better than Troy and it probably would have helped him if Brad was his opponent and he could get him to talk over him or down to him.

  70. This reunion show went so well so far I even forgot that Probst already announced this was coming twice.

    1. I was so grateful they finally didn’t talk to anyone in the audience other than showing Cochran twice (which, YAY!).

    1. At least you still posted over 7000 comments! You cannot be deterred!

      (I say that with all due admiration)

    2. Also: congrats to all the geniuses who figured out Sarah was winning really early this season. I’m sure that this was a very spoiled result had nothing to do with that.

      1. You didn’t think she had strong winning potential from the premier? I thought the show clearly highlighted her as a contender, along with Brad & Cirie & Sierra. I wish I was less sentimental/leaned less towards snap favorites when putting my Pick 4 together.

        1. I’m not saying that EVERYONE who picked her out early was spoiled. But… the spoilers were out there. Apparently fairly readily. It would be pretty fucking amazing if they didn’t influence opinion.

        2. I don’t think I really noticed her in the premier at all. She came on strong from about the Sandra boot episode onwards, though.

          1. Those “silent assassin” and “I’m going to play like a criminal” comments really stood out to me.

          2. I didn’t know what to make of her early on because I wasn’t sure if we were
            supposed to laugh at her suggestion that she has a “phenomenal social
            game” or take her seriously. And there were more moments like that, for
            example whe she told us she’s playing the middle, wouldn’t commit to a
            side and then it culminated in her saying “I’m going to decide at
            tribal” (Ozzy-vote?).
            And as much as these things felt like a
            set-up for a downfall to me, this was not 2nd chances and I knew it was
            unlikely that they would play jokes that only work in reference to the
            first time she played years ago.
            So yeah, she had a presence in the premier, but she came off a little bit delusional at the same time.

          3. I think that may be the case for you (and many, many other viewers) but it wasn’t supported by the editing. No funny music, no immediate cut to a scene that undercut her comments, no negative comments about her from other players, etc. The edit treated her as a contender.

            Note: although I think I may be using common edgic ideas above, I am NOT an edgic addict. But I do pay attention to those sorts of things when looking at how a player is being portrayed by the show on a character level.

      2. Ok. As someone who thought Sarah was winning from the Zeke incident onwards I will say this: I thought the edit was painfully obvious. I’ve never seen an edgic chart before (other than Kemper Boyd’s great charts on the Survivor NZ posts – come join us in our pain!), but watching this season was like seeing #sarahwins as a chyron below ever scene. I did not want this. It actively diminished my enjoyment. Maybe some people were spoiled, but I think most people just couldn’t help but see it.

        It was a similar experience in KR, but there I had the outside information that Probst was unhappy with the season. With that tiny spoiler the whole season took a different light. It became so obvious. I remember the War against Edgicers and I remember thinking “This shouldn’t be the hill you choose to die on.”

        This season I didn’t need to be spoiled. All I could do was wait for it to be over. I guess what I want to say is: I didn’t want to be a Sarah Truther and I sure as shoes didn’t want to be a Michelle Truther.

        I know you’re probably not talking about me, but I thought I would follow your lead and use you as a strawman to vent my frustration with being, in effect, spoiled by the show itself. I hope they fix the editing because it was bad and destroyed my enjoyment. Failing that, just let me be an Aubrey Truther next time.

        1. For the record, I don’t think someone needs to have seen spoilers to end up being spoiled. All it takes is a vocal group of spoiled people to start talking about the winner being obvious (because they’ve been spoiled) for other non-spoiled people to start noticing the clues. It’s like hearing that a show has a “twist” or “big moment”. You spend your time watching for it, even if you don’t know what it is.

          I have no problem in believing that that might not be you. But I’ll cop to it right now: it might be me. I was noticing Sarah looking good throughout. But she became the most likely winner after everyone started talking about it, forcing me to look at her more deeply.

          1. 100% this. This totally happened, the way it happened in Cambodia. I don’t blame anyone in particular (okay, besides Reddit), but I feel we all hang out here and at least read other sites and the whole “Sarah’s winner’s edit” talk became so prevalent that we all started to see it it the point where the season was basically spoiled for anyone who hangs out in any Survivor community

          2. I see that. That happened to me in Koah Rong. The evidence presented was just too strong. I do want to stick to my point about the editing being bad. Brad seemed like the only other option and he went missing at the merge. I know we’re in this situation because unpredictable winners make people unhappy, but that’s also what makes sporting events, the true reality shows, such a visceral experience.

          3. I’m thinking of cutting myself off from the Survivor community for one season and seeing if I have the same reactions to the edit. I think I will. I think 34 seasons and hundreds of hours of podcasts have trained me beyond the point were I can escape it. I’ll try my best to turn it off. I only watch each episode once and I’ve never believed in animal shots or merge episode confessional placements, but I’m worried that something in how I watch the show has been activated that I won’t be able to deactivate it.

          4. I understand what you’re saying and I’ve given light thought about whether or not I could do something similar. I already tried to limit a lot of my outside contact this season and restrict it to here, but it still found me.

            Ultimately, I just don’t know if we can unring that bell. Just have to hope that what has been lost is replaced with another, better experience brought by enjoying the show on a deeper level in a community.

            It might help that I don’t know if this season would have been dramatically improved even if the mystery of the winner lasted longer.

          5. But I would have had hope, Andy. Hope!

            I did still enjoy the season. More I thank than many people on the site. I always enjoy Survivor (aside from certain incidents). There is a lot to enjoy. The game itself is just really solid. Survivor sometimes tries to be a show a don’t want to watch, but it never manages it because the core of the game is just really good.

            This site was another really big reason I enjoyed the season, so thanks for that. But I think I will try to watch Triple H without any additional media. Maybe I’ll post my thoughts each episode here and people can speculate whether I’m secretly spoiled or not 🙂

        2. How did you feel watching Cambodia, another Obvious Winner Edit? It didn’t subtract from my own enjoyment, but then I was 100% on the winner’s team.

          1. I have been thinking about this. Jeremy was another very strong edit, but it took me a lot longer to move into “This is undeniable” territory than with Michelle or Sarah and I think the reason is that Jeremy is actually compelling to watch. When he was on my screen I was entertained enough to say to myself, “There is a chance they included that scene because it was emotional or funny or whatever. With Michelle and Sarah I felt the editors were obligated to include their scenes and that is a dead giveaway.

            I’m not into deep analysis of the edit. I think if something is entertaining they will include it no matter what (although seeing some of the Michaela deleted scenes I’m starting to doubt that), but when something isn’t entertaining then there must be a reason. When your winners are not charismatic then there obligatory scenes become far more obvious.

          2. I like your point about the difference between Jeremy and Michele/Sarah.

            Although at times I did find Sarah to be strangely compelling. Possibly because I’ve been watching both Fargo and Twin Peaks recently and she could fit right into both casts.

      1. Honestly, wtf. And when he got his time to talk he’s all I don’t want to make it about anyone other than Zeke, BUT let me talk all about me, me, me, me! Fuck him!

      2. Omfg. Plugging his book? He better be donating ANY $$$ he makes to GLAAD or NCTE.

  71. I’ll give credit where it’s due: this was a pretty great episode, due mainly to the final tribal. Overall, this season was frustrating, because there were fleeting glimpses here and there of how good it could have been, and then, *poof*, back into a lethargic dullness. Sarah played a great game, however it was dispiriting to watch so many of my favorites play subpar games. Sarah definitely deserved to win, I just wanted someone else to play the game she played.

    1. You liked the final tribal? Seemed unnecessary to me, like messing with something that didn’t need to be messed with. survivor trying too hard

        1. Hmm, I dunno, I prefer the confrontational aspect of state your case, 1 juror 1 question, defense

          1. I think my problem with it is that Probst is too involved in the discussion and its too much like a regular tribal.
            Your talk show failed Probst. Don’t make survivor a talk show.

          2. I feel like Jeff looked at the jury, then looked at the Final 3 and said: “Can we make sure more of the focus is on the interesting people?”

  72. #TAR: Brooke and Scott better not win, dammit! I can’t handle that disappointing a result for Amazing Race after this season.

    1. My friends and I have a drinking game where we drank every time Brooke complained about something. We need to stop for health reasons.

    2. Seriously, I can’t stand Brooke. Also TeamFun getting eliminated almost broke me.

      1. OH NO… I haven’t watched the Vietnam episodes yet (don’t worry, not your fault).

          1. hidden text

            (minus the spaces in the arrow brackets)

            But we really need to talk about why you’re WRONG on Brooke at some point.

          2. She was almost tolerable this episode, but her voice annoys the living hell out of me. Once I hate your voice, it’s over.

          3. Nails on a chalkboard, and she’s not afraid to use it.

            Of course I can see how she could be hard to stomach and in a different configuration I could totally see myself watching her more in a love-to-hate kind of way, but somehow (probably mostly rhap, but also her chemistry with Scott) I got off on the right foot with her and sincerly enjoy everytime she is on screen.
            And she’s been on her best behaviour for at least three episodes now.

            Last episode was really fun (to soon?) and a big surprise in who got eliminated. You could see it coming, but I didn’t quite believe it to the very end.

          4. Finally watched the second Vietnam episode. Poor Floyd. That leg was brutal, although I have to say I’ve been in Vietnam during the same time of year and it’s really no worse than, say, Georgia or Florida in August.

  73. And, at last, the Sarah “Zeke’s outing really meant a lot for ME” moment. Friendly reminder that Iowa is ahead of many states on things like laws prohibiting housing and employment discrimination against trans people. So this “what my state thinks” stuff is garbage; Sarah needs better friends.

    1. That’s fair. Although it is also the state that elects Steve King to Congress.

      I did find it interesting that she was worried what her dad and grandmother would think of her for *acknowledging that Zeke is a human and worthy of being treated as such*.

      1. I think that was more about previous generations who didn’t have any exposure to trans people (or even know they exist). My 97-year-old grandmother was very fair but she would sometimes say “colored” when talking about black people. She didn’t say it with any offense – it was just the way she was raised.

      2. It’s also possible that what she was getting at is she was worried about how those close to her would react to Zeke. Like many of us heading into a Thanksgiving dinner.

    2. It’s less about “better friends” and more about where in Iowa Sarah lives. Any rural area is going to be a little less familiar with transgender people and their rights.

      1. Doesn’t she live in Cedar Rapids? We have queer people here, I promise. She’s also an officer of the law. (I’m also not sure about this rural/urban dichotomy–you can’t ignore your trans neighbour in a small town the way you can self-select your community in a city.)

        1. There’s a whole lot less chance you have a trans neighbour in a small town. I maybe had one out gay person in my entire high school growing up about 10 years ago?

      2. Yeah, exactly. I don’t understand the pile-on for Sarah because she admitted her ignorance. I mean there are people in big cities like San Francisco where I live who don’t know a single trans person and are unaware of trans challenges outside of ridiculous bathroom laws and the basics of being a marginalized person. I also hate the idea of anyone forcing themselves on communities so that they can learn more about them.

    1. That haircut, though. Why couldn’t he have been rocking that look this season? I’d have found him a little more tolerable.

      1. It’s a great haircut (def more attractive than the pigtails) but probably would’ve looked super awk while growing out over several weeks.

      1. I want to be right about something, please let me have this.

        Also, last year’s Ace Attorney game was pretty good so far. I have finished the first 4 cases and liked it. I do think the fourth case seemed really out of place with the timeline and pacing of the game though (Why is Prosecutor Monk suddenly back in Jap… I mean LA after Maya was found not guilty for the 47th time in the series). I am looking forward to finishing it up. (Right now I am mostly training Pokémon).

        1. Yeah, the 4th case was definetely the weakest for the reasons you mentioned, while I still enjoyed it. Personally, the 5th case is my favourite, so I hope you’ll also like it (but you have to prepare, it’s PRETTY long one).

          1. I have no issues with long cases. I likely won’t be able to get to it until July though, due to other needs (gotta train up my mons).

          2. My main issue with that case was that it felt like DLC case, but someone realized “We need to give Athena something to do, shove that in there”. Why wasn’t Gavin the prosecutor?

          3. Yeah, and if I remember correctly, I don’t think it ties in any way with the 5th case, besides MAYBE some of the stuff with Sahdmadhi, but I’m not even sure. I also think that has been a problem with a lot of 4th cases in 5-cases Ace Attorney games, where they feel a need to shove that extra case in there, even tough it isn’t necessary, like T&T and DD, where their 4th cases could easily be just a part of their final case (but I do think that AAI 1 and 2 managed to feel necesary, and AA 1 doesn’t count cause it was originally a 4 case game). But here, it feels even more pointless, cause at least in the previous ones, they had important plot elements, while they don’t. There are still worse ones, but it definetely isn’t the best.

  74. She might not have won the season – she might not have even been on the season as far as they showed us – but once again Aubry won the “dayum does she look amazing the moment she’s voted out” award.

    Andrea was ineligible on account of perpetually looking amazing.

  75. Thank Christ the jury was sane.

    Congratulations Sarah, you were the best non-Sandra (and possibly Malcolm) player this season.

    Seriously, Brad sucked this episode. His talking to Tai was awful and his dumbest mistake was holding that stupid grudge.

  76. I actually really liked this new jury form. When Jeff announced it, it sounded like the stupidest thing ever, but it actually a really cool discussion that broke up the monotony Final Tribals had for the longest time.

  77. There might be a lot hate for the title of next season “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers” but I find the title of season just stupid enough were it kind of works. All they need to do is not cast cops that are as boring as Sarah and I think we might be fine.

  78. Actually, Sarah voting Troy (provided she had no problem with Tai being in the finals) had no downside. Either Brad and Troy voted for you and you gave yourself a chance to stay in the game, they vote for Tai and you are safe and if Tai loses you get his vote, or Tai betrays you and either gets voted out or you get 3 votes against you so it didn’t matter what you did.

    1. I think she had a problem with Tai being in the finals and Troy being on the jury. Troy is a vote for Brad plus Tai could be taking votes like Aubry and Michaela away from her.

      1. That is a solid rationale. My theory only applies if she was unsure of her position and did not care which of them went home.

  79. The sign of a truly great Survivor season is when Jeff does his sincere face right down the camera and thanks you fervently for not just switching off your TV, amirite?

          1. This may sound accusatory but it’s not meant to, it’s just something that I’m trying wrap my head around and would like you to address on the podcast if you have time – there’s another Survivor winner who quietly built relationships, had a powerful advantage they used for leverage at just the right time, and refused to give anything away in confessionals out of fear of incriminating themselves.

            That was Yul. And we love Yul. What’s the difference between Yul’s game and Sarah’s game that makes Sarah’s so less exciting?

          2. Three things I think:
            1) Yul is hot
            2) Yul is a better character
            3) But most importantly, the underdog narrative he had, leading the minority alliance we liked against the majority alliance we didn’t really and winning, whereas Sarah ended up going against the alliance we liked (that said, I find CI after the Penner boot kind of dull, other than the firemaking challenge)

          3. He is Yul and she is Sarah.

            There’s nothing wrong with Sarah’s game – I think it’s one of the best ever played. She just has no charisma. I feel like Yul did (and others disagree and thus rate his season low). Maybe it’s just because he projected a greater sense of intelligence with how he spoke. Maybe it’s because he was the leader of an alliance. Whatever it is, he interested me from the first episode on. She never did.

          4. I hate to break it to you, but Dalton Ross made this exact same comparison.

        1. All Zeke’s stressed faces during this reunion…

          I started weirdly over-identifying with Zeke partway through because I’m pretty sick and from time to time people in my life praise me for handling it well and he made the face I make, like that’s nice, you’re nice, but OMG I miss being praised for other things.

          1. I feel you on that! I had a really long convalescence after a weird accident that left me with two dislocated arms / broken shoulders at the same time, and I probably had a lot of odd looks on my face when people visited and didn’t know what to say. But I was on a LOT of painkillers, so probably that was at least partly at fault. I hope you’re not in too much pain, and that things are moving in a positive direction.

          2. Thanks. Things aren’t really moving at all, but it’s generally a pretty low-pain situation, so it sucks but it could definitely be way worse.

            (Wait I don’t mean to be all mysterious about this. It’s Lyme disease, which in my case has meant years of pretty much not being able to do anything but has not led to a) constant pain, b) life-threatening complications, or c) destitution, so it’s like a medium-horrible chronic illness situation.)

          3. Ack, that’s no joke; Lyme Disease can be quite debilitating! When I was bitten by a Lyme-carrying tick, I was lucky enough to see the bullseye while it was still visible (helps that I was bitten on my calf, not the back of my head!), so I got antibiotics right away and avoided getting Lyme.

          4. That’s almost as bad as stepping on a rusty nail while outside looking for a stray cat.

          5. Right, and doesn’t even come with the built-in heroic storyline of trying to save a stray cat. We can’t all be SNP!

        2. There was a group shot that was pretty telling (and a shot of the audience where at least one person near the front was shaking her head).

      1. That would be the worst day ever, but no, it was Varner’s book promoting that put me OVER THE FUCKING EDGE

        1. Varner’s whole, “This whole thing has actually worked out really well for me.” thing drove me nuts. I mean, I don’t want him to be destitute on the streets, but getting a better job and feeling better than ever makes me feel like he won’t learn a thing.



  80. I just want to say for those of you who like/love this season, I get being in the minority about seasons. Maybe this season will age better, but that post-merge though. Anyway, even though you are in the minority, don’t feel like you have to mute yourself. Please jump in on the conversation and speak your mind. That is what is great about this community: even when we disagree, we can still respectfully discuss and debate.

    1. I liked this strange season! I think there are a few of us here. I’d rank it near the top of the bottom third. Certainly above depressing Worlds Apart and infuriating How Wrong.

      1. I liked this season more that most here too, but that’s only in relative terms, because I have Game Changers somewhere in the low teens also (I have four tiers, not three, and it’s definitely somewhere in my third tier). We apparently disagree about KR, though.

        1. KR would be much higher for me without how it ended up. Michele winning was infuriating of course. But even worse was the accidental message that seemed to come out of that season: men who fancy themselves alpha males do get to call the shots and get to consider themselves right in every situation, even when they lose. Ugh.

          1. When you put it like that, it’s more than appropriate that the broadcast of the season was delayed until 2016.

      2. I have it 25th out of 34th, so we have it ranked similarly. (Though I have “How Wrong” as 4th and Worlds Apart is right above GC)

        1. If we had a different final episode and winner, How Wrong would be so right. Top 20 for sure.

      1. The first All Stars is historically important to the Survivor franchise and the Boston Rob story but it is an awful, awful season.

        1. That’s a good place. All three Arlene seasons that should have been much better than they were (I like All Stars).

      2. It is definitely below the original All-Stars season for me, which can be a hard and often boring season to watch, but also I think a bit underrated.

  81. Thanks for the live blogging, Matt! Always enjoyable to read, even when the show is less so.

  82. Brad just pointed out the flaw of Jeff’s arguement and Probst finally confirmed our worst fear about the tiebreaker.

    1. So now you have to make sure the third place goat is one that will vote for you in case of a tie.

      1. Which is a nice counterbalance to the fact that you’re fairly likely to lose the fourth place finisher’s vote for putting them on the jury.

    2. Ehn, I think that tiebreaker solution is pretty elegant and straight-forward myself.

      1. The question I have is whether that’s only the tiebreaker with a 0 vote third place finisher? Like if the third placer gets 2 votes and it’s 4-4-2, is there a revote first?

        1. It would be interesting to know. I would also think that would be a better solution.

  83. There are trans people in Iowa, Sarah! Stop blaming your state for your prior ignorance.

  84. He’s getting a book deal… A Fucking Book Deal!!?? Ughhh I hate the world!

    Side note: Michaela was soo gorgeous at the reunion! Not that she looks bad regularly, but she was so athletic and gung-ho, whereas she was so soft and happy at the reunion which was nice to see.

    1. Actually asking: Did he actually get a book deal or is he just writing a book? Both are terrible, but the latter makes fewer people be terrible.

      Also Michaela was a total jaw-dropper and her hair looked so elegant and cute!

      1. I can’t remember if he explicitly said book deal or possibly he may have said I’ve got a book coming out… Either way it doesn’t sound good and gives the impression that other people are involved. Although I suppose it could be a self-published ebook type thing and he’s just overselling it. I don’t know.

  85. We didn’t get any closure on the most compelling story of the season- why was Brad wearing a sack all episode? What. About. The. Sack?

    1. He had ten times the usual amount of testosterone pumping through him, and I guess his regular shirt just dissolved or something.

    2. My fiancee was v. interested in the sack and v. upset that she didn’t get an explanation

  86. I hate this fucking theme. Booooooooo, Season 35!!!!!!!

    Also, if there’s a chiropractor or acupuncturist on the ‘healer’ tribe, I’m going to fucking murder someone.

    1. Eh, I’m at most nonplussed by it. Still think it’s total bullshit though that there’s no Batman.

          1. If the Man is Matthew Rhys playing his “Americans” character Phillip Jennings playing his cover identity, Clark Westerfeld, you would need three women named Martha.

      1. I’m just hung up on medical charlatans these days because some dumbfuck quack just asked my company to make a dangerous and stupid laser for him. I’ve been trying to convince us to refuse to quote.

        1. yeah if there is a chiropractor I am going to have a visceral reaction of just that person is full of shit

          1. I’m currently trying to get with a girl who believes chiropractic is medicine and biting my tongue is just so so hard.

          2. Hey, telling a first date that reiki is bullshit worked out well for Josh Thomas!

            (I realize this is a confusing reference even if anyone here watches Please Like Me. That scene where he ruins a date by refusing to indulge his date’s belief in reiki is drawn from his real life, except that in real life that guy is now his boyfriend of many years who no longer gets reiki and also played the character based on him on the show.)

          3. Yet another one of my pet peeves! I’m glad this worked out for this Josh Thomas character, because it gives me hope.

          4. I actually thought about saying that, but I was like, this story is too convoluted already and no one will care! But you cared!

          5. Whoa, she really must be something because I didn’t think it was possible for you to bite you tongue. *Winky face*

          6. It’s even worse than that, but I probably can’t say any more. This is actually a dangerous laser, and there is a 100% chance it will be used with no regard for safety, and with no clinical testing. I’m appalled that the main reason we probably won’t do it is because the margin won’t be high enough and there’s no volume opportunity.

          7. oh i see worse stuff than chiros probably. The worst is i think one law firm that encourages plaintiffs to get a spinal fusion to rack up bills. elective surgery to up the bills. fucking disgusting

        2. Wait, which one of them is a medical charlatan? Do we have to have a fake scientist on every season of Survivor now?

          1. No, I’m just assuming that because Survivor likes to push my buttons by casting delusional dumbasses that one of the ‘healers’ will be a ridiculous quack. If they do, at least I’ll have my #1 draft pick ready for Champion’s League.

          2. They explicitly said they’re extending it to spiritual healers, so at least one person is going to be into (S)CAM.

          3. But I think the example given of the spiritual healer was a yoga teacher, so… who knows?

    2. I like the idea of a hustler tribe, and would be rooting for them, except that in Probst!land hustling apparently means working really hard and hoping you don’t get fucked over by your bosses… Not, like, you know, taking the initiative to say fuck them and take what you can get.

      1. If he put chiropractors, astrologists, and loan sharks on the hustlers tribe, I might be able to accept it. (Though one of the three is almost a respectable trade)

        1. I just want some people who are working the system, not just naively playing by the rules. I’m imagining someone like Vince with his selling coconuts business, a stripper, a poker player, etc

          1. As long as the poker player isn’t Jean Robert, I’m all for that kind of hustler. I didn’t object to it at the time, because I was a bit less sophisticated about these things, but Jean Robert is really abusive to women. Forcing women to be sexually harassed by him every night just to continue playing the game is something that I now recognize as really gross.

      1. I hope the chiropractor has the same name as the chiropractor that was literally across the street from my last apartment: Dr. Woo.

  87. I don’t hate the premise for the next season, BUT, why are the hustlers people who work hard busting their butt for little to no benefit? I mean, what? That’s not what a hustler is!!!

    Can we get some ACTUAL hustlers please?

    1. Seriously, this could be Batman vs. The Flash vs. whoever in the DC Universe heals people.

    2. It’s a Martha and Snoop crossover. The hustlers get Snoop, the healers get Martha, and the heroes get… uh, Chris Pine?

    3. Exactly! I really hate their misuse of that world. Clearly this theme was thought up by a gen x-er. I’ve heard their tremendous work ethic really makes them “hustle”.

    4. Well people who hustle are by definition a hustler. Just like people who run are therefore runners.

      It’s just not the standard definition of the word.

      1. And the definition of hustling generally involves taking the initiative to pursue some potential benefit to the the one doing it (whether that works or not), not just running around labouring for other people and hoping middle management doesn’t screw you over. Hustling is not the same as working hard.

      1. That’s on the short list for my intro song if I ever become a professional wrestler.

      2. Did you know you can dance the Hustle to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”? I tested it out myself because science.

  88. Random thoughts:

    I wasn’t sure how the post-tribal discussion would go. Didn’t expect Cirie to get back in good with Sarah, so that was a nice surprise.

    Is Troy(zan) actually color-blind or was he just joking?

    Brad wins reward and picks … Troy(zan)???

    Of course Sarah is still upset with Cirie. That was a nice 20 mintues though.

    Remember in the pre-merge when Brad was a nice guy? He doesn’t.

    You’re godamn right, jury! Give Cirie that standing ovation!

    Brad voted for Aubrey? If Sarah didn’t have the legacy advantage she would’ve been voted out. And of course Troy(zan)’s idol play was meaningless.

    Do we have to go back to the game? Can’t we stay at the live footage and talk to Cirie some more?

    Brad wins another immunity. Is he gonna Mike Holloway it to the end?

    Brad is on an emotional roller coaster. He’s crying about Monica after the challenge, then bullying Tai at camp.

    If Troy(zan) isn’t getting voted out here then the editors are doing their best to make him look the fool.

    As much as I want Troy(zan) to make the finals and get no votes, it would have been sweet for him to get voted out instead of Aubry after wasting his idol at the previous tribal.

    Brad wins immunity again. I guess he’ll take out his biggest threat, Sarah … wait, he wants to vote out Tai???

    Brad tells Troy(zan) “It’s my island right now.” Oh I hope he meant to say that.

    New final tribal format is interesting. Will we hear from everyone?

    Oh well I guess they had to talk to Troy(zan) eventually.

    There we go – no questions to Troy(zan) during the outplay section.

    Troy(zan) knows he’s not winning. Was that applause after his final words actual or out of pity?

    Of course Ozzy votes for Brad. It’s a vote for himself.

    Reunion. Brad grew a porn-stache!

    Sarah wins. Yay?

    Brad is reminding me so much of Al Bundy here.

    We finally find out what happens if there’s a tie. Thank goodness the season didn’t come down to Troy(zan) making the final decision.

    I guess they had to talk about the Zeke/Varner thing. It went as well as could be expected. Now let’s never mention it again.

    Only Ozzy could take the new FTC format and make it about American politics.

    Next season’s theme … oh Lord! I was hoping those tweets earlier today were just a joke.

    Not talked to: Ciera, Tony, Caleb, JT, Hali, Debbie, Andrea and Troy(zan), who was only mentioned as part of the tie explanation but not talked to.

    Phew! Enough of this season! Hornacek out!

    1. How can you forget Troy basking in his hypothetical, game changing, tie breaking vote for Brad!!

      1. Oh right, I guess technically Jeff did ask him a question, although it was really part of his question to Brad, so it doesn’t really count (that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it).

        1. I just loved how Troy REALLY made the best of it. It was his one and only opportunity to be noticed all season, and actually get people to clap for him…… for giving Brad a million dollars.

    2. I was really confused about whether Brad was being deliberately ironic when he told Troy it was his island, but his jokes are said so straight-faced that it’s really hard to tell when he’s joking. Like when he came back from the challenge and said he ‘has one of those at home’. Um, Brad? Are you joking or are you serious?

      1. “This is my island” was for sure a joke. Brad has definitely watched One World multiple times.

        1. Oh wow. I actually completely blanked that obviously Brad has seen One World. He clearly didn’t mention Monica nearly enough times for me haha 😛

    3. My theory is that the winning it for Monica was staged to make him look good.

  89. Okay, shout out to Matt for running a stellar liveblog all season. This has been awesome. I’m going to do this now before I go back to hulking out about the last 2 minutes of the reunion.

    1. There’s a liveblog? I thought we all just came here to talk about the episode in the comments section.

  90. First of all, I just want to say that I’m so honored to be among the elite top 25 commenters on this site. I’d like to thank my family, my fellow commenters and above all, our lord and savior Jeff Probst.

    I have to go to bed because I’m a wimp, but I had to come on here first to say that I hated the new jury format, mostly because it effed up all of my jury question predictions (except Ozzy, who still found a way to value challenge wins and camp chores above all else).

    Even though it wasn’t necessarily a great season to watch, it’s been a great season to participate in PRP. Love you all! <3



    1. Honestly so revolting. At least Jeff very quickly cut him off and moved on, but ughh what a turd!

      1. The worst part is that, according to what we saw, Varner talked to Jeff about his book during the commercial, and when they came back, Jeff decided to let Varner talk about it on the air.

          1. Well, when they came back from commercial Jeff said something like “Varner, you were telling me something during the commercial, tell everyone about it”. Just more proof that during the commercials, Jeff should not talk to the players.

    2. I’m not gonna like this because everything about that exchange was bad, but holy shit why did they think that was a good idea.

      1. HE thought it was a good idea. HE interrupted. Because for Varner, it’s all about him. I’m glad Jeff said something to him after he trashed his former employer.

        1. Like I said below, I’m not sure they should have let Varner be at the reunion, and it’s partially because something like this was totally predictable.

          1. I felt the same way. If they hadn’t, the Varner fans would’ve raged in their fragility but like, let them.

          2. Yeah at the beginning when it was just Zeke talking I thought they were going to just ignore him (Not sure if there was a moment that he spoke before Zeke started talking since my live feed froze). Really disappointing that they gave him that platform. Not surprising though.

          3. I actually kinda hoped that Probst might just one-word it with Varner, like “And Jeff, you had gotten fired over this but you got a new job, right?” “Yes I-” “- Ok, and when we come back, Michaela! She was a shining star!”

        2. When Probst ended the segment about Zeke (and Varner), you could hear him say that he would “circle it back” to Varner and I think I can remember Jeff P. adressing him, so I don’t think it was an interruption.
          Not sure if Probst knew what was coming, though.

    3. That’s like fucking Rachel Dolezal writing a book. No one asked for your story, dude. Just stop.

      1. I can’t wait for Donald Trump’s book about how he was the most persecuted president ever. It will be written one tweet at a time.





        1. Nope, because apparently he blocked me!
          So that’s Anna, Troy, and Varner. Troy’s actually the most likable one!

          1. Varner blocked you? How’d that happen??

            Also, how the fuck am I not blocked yet?

            I’m blocked by Anna and Troy so far. And you’re right about the likability.

          2. Idk, it’s not like I @ replied him. Also I’m kind of amused that none of the people who blocked me are people I have ever followed.

          3. That is what is so confusing to me – I didn’t think you had @’d him. I also have never @’d the people who have blocked me though.

          4. I think technically Anna was part of the reply that got me blocked, but all I said was “I think the jury is still out on science” lmao.

          5. Troy is def the most likeable one out of that group. Varner seems to be on a banning binge, he blocked me too but I at least tweeted @ him! Did he just see less than favorable coverage of the incident (aka anything less than the fucking FAWNING that r/survivor was doing over him) here and decide to block anyone with “purple rock” in their handle?

        1. And he wrote that in an article? I don’t care for a link, but writing dumb shit is way worse than just saying it in the moment, imho.

          1. He wrote a ton of dumb shit in response to the episode when it aired, so that’s nothing new. Well, maybe a little new because this article sounds even worse than all that other dumb shit.

        1. UGH. Fuck that whole situation. CBS has the clip of it in their collection of Emmy consideration moments, too. No.

    4. I was really hoping after the reaction from his half-assed apology the night it aired, that he’d gain some clarity on the whole thing. That he’d say something to the effect of “I’m deeply, deeply sorry for taking away something from you that you can never get back, and I hope someday you can forgive me”, but alas…

    1. I don’t know what this is from but I got confused when it didn’t continue with “The words are coming out so weird. Where are you now, when I need you?”

        1. Alone on an aeroplane, falling asleep against the window pane, the blood will thicken.

          *sick blast of guitar noise*

      1. I’m going to undermine my credibility as a recommender of musicals by strongly, strongly encouraging you to watch the musical episode of Buffy.

        1. The musical episode of Buffy holds up really well. The music is solid, and you can tell Whedon genuinely likes musicals, because you can see the influences of various composers on the songs. Plus, not only is there an in-world reason for them to all be singing, the episodes prior to the musical episode are building up to the reveals from the episode and the rest of the season basically deals with the fallout from the secrets that are revealed. I don’t know how well it stands on its own, because I’ve seen the whole series, but it is almost definitely the best musical episode of all time. (The Scrubs musical probably close behind in 2nd place.)

          1. I just love it so much. When I have a really bad day that’s an episode of TV that I go back to for comfort, which is a little weird given the tone of the episode but gah it’s just so good.

          2. I rewatch it all the time. And, since it’s on the same disc, I usually end up watching Tabula Rasa, too.

          3. As a musical theater lover, some of the actual music isn’t inherently sophisticated on its own, but it works SOOOO damn well because of all the reasons you mention above. Season 6 was so much about characters being their own worst enemies, and the reveals were kind of cathartic, especially Buffy’s.

      1. It will take you years to crack our ranks!!!!! Though I am shocked by how much the top five or so have blown the rest of us regulars out of the water.

        1. I am fine not being at the top of the commenter stats. I’ll just be happy seeing how far up I am in the pick 4 stats.

        2. Actually I just looked, and I’ve posted nearly 700 comments via Disqus and all but a couple of them were here, so next season, I’ll be on the list.

          1. If Barbara died today, you’d catch her in 10 years. I just felt the need to post that because now I must always reply to you to prevent you from beating me.

    1. That explains why I’m not a little higher. I missed commenting on most of Cambodia.

      1. I started following the site towards the end of Worlds Apart and didn’t start commenting until some point in Cambodia.

    2. I am…. higher than I thought. I think I post a lot of little comments. Like this one.

  92. *sigh* you know what, fuck this season, Sarah is easily at the bottom of the winner rankings and boring as all sin. I honestly can’t explain why but Sarah INFURIATES me and the fact that she wins just kills me inside, this is the single lowest i’ve ever felt on this Survivor as a while, what a waste of my life

  93. West Coast watcher. It should not be possible for only one person to be eligible for votes in a tribal council. It abrogates the central conceit of the entire show, which is CHOOSING who goes home. Choice is by definition impossible with only one option. Removing people’s agency sucks ass, just ask Zeke.

    Survivor needs to fix this situation immediately.

    Full Stop.

    1. I propose that in that scenario they revote and no one is immune. The idols/immunity are null and void. If Cirie had received a vote in the multiple idols played scenario, sure, she should go home. But I agree, very opposed to someone going home with no votes.

      1. “Congratulations! You saved this idol all season long to be played at the moment you need it most! PSYCH! It no longer has the power to do what we promised you it would do!”

      2. It did suck for Cirie, but it’s just the clear outcome of the rules of the game. Sure they could have gone through a charade revote with only Cirie eligible or a one-person rock draw, but we already knew the only possible outcome.

        They could of course decide they never want this to happen and avoid ever having n-1 sources of immunity potentially available, just as I’m pretty sure they’ve avoided ever having the possibility of every single person being immune, but this doesn’t break the game, it just sucks when it’s Cirie.

        1. Yeah, it’s such an unlikely thing to happen that I suppose no need to rework the game.

      1. My impression from tribal was that Hali was moving towards Sarah and away from Brad (no one gave a second thought to Troy). I’d like to get confirmation of that, though.

          1. I mean, in fairness to Brad, that’s probably the level of answer I would give if you asked me about half my coworkers as well, and I’ve worked with some of them for years.

            In fairness to Michaela: they’ve been on an island together with nothing to do but talk, and he STILL can’t come up with anything better than that?

          2. But for real: how confident are we that Michaela knew that his wife once played Survivor?

          3. I suppose I could’ve come up with the same answer for all of my co-workers, in that I’m PRETTY sure I know what city they live in and where they work.

      1. In fairness, after the nerd warrior goddess (or whatever) comment by Debbie in KR, I assumed she was an Aubry vote. I was wrong. It was Nick.

        1. Andrea was pissed. And I have a dumb little joke about Survivor jurors.

          What do you call a really bitter juror?

          A juror.

        2. That’d be interesting if it was Hali, because the first 3 jurors would be Brad votes and the last 7 would be Sarah votes.

        3. When Probst read the 3rd Brad vote, I was legitimately worried for a second there. This makes me wonder if they purposely didn’t show much of Sierra during that final TC. IT was probably a flatter, less interesting version of what Debbie & Ozzy said.

  94. I just had a thought about a different comparison between Sarah and a Cagayan player. Sarah’s make friends with everyone and then fuck them over plan was a lot like Spencer in Cambodia. The main differences were that she did a better job at FTC, and people actually liked Jeremy. No one but Ozzy and Debbie really gave a shit about Brad.

    1. Right. It also helped that Sarah’s optics are a lot better than Spencer’s. Spencer was the youngest member of the cast and trying to argue his case to a jury made up of older people, most of whom had spouses and children. That jury is always going to value emotional connection over gameplay. Sarah gets helped by the fact that she is on a mixed-age jury of largely fans of the show not to mention that she is a cop, wife (?), and mother from Iowa. Is it a big shock that the people we assume voted for Brad are the people that aren’t fans of the show before getting on?

      1. Also, look at her two most obvious jury champions: Zeke and Michaela. Two Millennials, from the Millennial tribe that voted for the human clusterfuck known as Adam. Ken would’ve had a shot in Cambodia, just as Brad would have, but not with this jury. Spencer and Brad probably wish they could change places (though Brad probably could’ve won here with a single small change in his game).

          1. I think he could, against anyone but Jeremy. That is a vinyl-friendly jury. They also would’ve appreciated his rants about ‘kids these days’ and ‘trust’.

          2. Ken’s problem is that he had a good amount of arrogance to go with his “loyal gameplay”. He was more Coach-y than people think I believe.

          3. He’s magnificent and I love him. We were discussing this the other day, and I think he’s one of my top 5 Survivors to follow on Twitter.

    2. Yeah, it worked for Sarah because she was against Brad, who is kind of a dick, and Troy, who people barely cared about or knew existed. You can’t have a palatable alternative with you at FTC if you are going to play like that, which is part of what made Sarah’s game good. And why in hindsight, Spencer was done after the Abi boot

  95. So, I was watching away from my computer, so I haven’t had a chance to read the other comments on this, so apologies if this has already been said. I think if we had this level of gameplay from first time players, even with all of the twists, this would be considered a really solid season. If you’re able to look past the fact that all of the faves went home early, the episodes themselves were overall really good. Sarah is a really solid winner, who just happens to have a not-so-appealing personality, but she played a really solid game.
    Obviously, we can’t and shouldn’t overlook how shitty the Varner thing was, but I don’t think the rest of it was as bad as everyone seems to think.

    1. Sarah played a very good game. I can’t deny that. (Brad still fucked it up by not taking her out at 3, but the same could be said of Woo-Tony)

      1. I find it hard to believe Brad really would have gotten 5 votes against Tai considering he is a multimillionare. It’s a lot easier for them be begrudgingly claim Brad played better then Tai a year removed from Brads assholeisshness

        1. We don’t really have any data to suggest that juries give a shit about someone’s personal level of wealth when picking the winner to their season.

          1. Earl had a successful career in advertising and beat Dreamz, a former homeless person.

            Yul, an Ivy-educated lawyer, beat Ozzy, a guy who worked at a restaurant.

            The one argument you could maybe lean on here is that perhaps the Samoa jury cared that Russell and Mick had more money than Natalie.

          2. Right, but of the three she likely made the least. At least if you believe Russell’s claims of his own wealth.

          3. Boston Rob’s wife won a million dollars on television. He and she had much of their life financed by various reality TV shows in the time since. No one cared that Natalie had no money or… anything about Phillip.

            Richard Hatch was obviously more successful and well off than Kelly Wiglesworth.

          4. I don’t know; none of those examples seem the same. Brad is AFAIK a multimillionaire. Winning a million dollars at Survivor would likely not change his life in any direct way. (Just change numbers in some investment account.)

            Yul, Earl, Heidk, Boston Rob, they all didn’t need the money, but they all could use it for something.

            But in the end, the fact is like Andy said, we just don’t know.

          5. I could see it being a tiebreaker if people are having a tough time deciding. I also don’t think many jurors have a tough time deciding.

          6. Brad could use the money for something too. I bet he doesn’t have a helicopter yet, for instance.

            My general point was that even in cases where there is a fairly obvious disparity in terms of the finances of the potential winners, it hasn’t often been that the jury rewards the most impoverished person.

      2. I don’t think that Brad’s mistake was nowhere near as bad as Woo’s. First, no one still in the island knew that Sarah was so hyped at the jury. (Nor that she got the LA from Sierra after voting her out, or that she got Michaela’s advantage from underneath her.) Of the three other players in the island, none of them even suggested that they should take Sarah out. (Even Tai, who was the other possible boot!)

        And it is not obvious at all that Tai was going to lose at FTC. (I never trust those reunion voting.) He had found 3 idols, and he is a likeable person.

        1. It wasn’t as bad as Woo, and I don’t believe reunion hypothetical votes either. For example, I don’t think Ozzy would’ve voted for Tai over Brad the challenge god. But Brad vs. Tai probably would’ve been closer than Brad vs. Sarah. They may not have known how strong she’d be at FTC, but there were plenty of people who realized that Sarah was a legit threat.

          1. I’ve said before that they should do those hypothetical votes immediately after the FTC and then Jeff can decide whether to air them during the finale.

    2. I agree that it wouldn’t sting like it does now if it had been new players. We wouldn’t have known what we were really losing when all our favorites went out.

      To me this season feels kind of like a lesser version of how I feel about Cagayan. There’s reasonably exciting gameplay, but the stories and characters don’t grab me the way they do in my favorite seasons (I realize this is an unpopular way to feel about Cagayan, which, rest assured, I do far prefer to Game Changers).

      1. I think the editing is the number one downfall of this season…yes, even more than the twists. We got storylines that didn’t go anywhere, 2 final 6 members who we knew were doomed, and edits that just random shift so suddenly it is not even fun. While the gameplay may be good, the storytelling around it was godawful.

        1. Seriously, what the fuck was with spotlighting the fact that Cirie can’t win a challenge, and then having it build to…Cirie getting voted out with no votes? Was it entirely to service Sarah’s story talking about Cirie at FTC? Because that could’ve easily been edited out.

          1. “Was it entirely to service Sarah’s story…?”

            That phrase caused the light bulb to go off over my head. Sarah was able to grab the advantage that was under the sit-out bench because everybody was in the hold of the boat. Also, the boat was visible in the shot of her swimming over and grabbing it. The scene with Cirie after the challenge was necessary to explain the presence of the boat. I’ll bet they tried editing the challenge without the Cirie stuff and it just felt off. That Sarah was the first to go help Cirie was just gravy.

          2. On the gravy: Brad was actually the one who was asking for someone from Cirie’s team to “go and help her” (captioned and all). Then Sarah decided to jump in, so it also helped to further set up Sarah’s biggest competition, the tender-hearted alpha male Brad Culpepper.

          3. And why did we get so much “Look how awesome and great Brad is” if they were going to lean into his brutishness in the final episode? Why not let him be a villain who gets humiliated?

          4. Because they had to at least maintain the idea that someone else might win? Given what we’d seen through 13 episodes, it certainly wasn’t going to be Aubry or Troy. And it was unlikely it would be Cirie or Tai.

          5. Not everything is cooked up in the edit. I have no problem believing that Brad did and said all the right things in the beginning, then was out of in in the middle and turned into an asshole at the end as hunger and fatigue set in.

          6. It could also highlight why people were so turned off by him at the end – he was nice in the beginning then started treating people like shit, while Sarah was able to maintain herself throughout.

          7. Brad’s edit really wasn’t that great. His main ally called him an idiot. Hali made him look bad at the joint tribal. His alliance building with Troy was silly and a poor excuse for a pregame alliance.

            I didn’t really see people that hyped up on Brad after the first few episodes. He looked strong thru Caleb’s boot, but after that he just had a mediocre alpha male edit. It is actually a weak alpha male edit seeing he made the FTC.

          8. That was wayyyy too early to be that certain of his failure. And stop claiming that Sierra (a villain) calling him an idiot had any bearing whatsoever on the story.

            Congrats on being right, but please don’t be so “This was so obvious due to negligible factor x about it”. I do hope you enjoyed the season and had fun on our site . We just have a long bitter history with EDGIC.

        2. I don’t know if the editing was to blame as much as there just wasn’t much of a story to tell. Like what are they gonna give Aubry screentime about? I think it would be almost even more depressing to have her get screentime and watch everything she tried crumble into dust.

    3. Sure, the gameplay has been good, but this is also possibly the dullest final 3 of all time regardless of the players being new or returning. I also agree with @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus that the editing has been pretty bad season – there’s no gameplay to admire if we don’t know why anything is happening, there’s few interesting interactions, there’s little compelling storytelling. Throw some All Stars type gameplay based on reputation in the early going in and a Fiji bad twist of a tribal council (classic Fiji) and you have quite the mess of a season.

    4. I think All Star Seasons are a different animal, people judge based a lot on how previous season favourites do rather than coming in judging everyone based on a blank slate. I think Sarah would be much more popular if she wasn’t on a season where people already had rooting interests, even despite how bad of a confessionalist she is. Also I think the season would be looked on better if the Tony, Malcolm, Sandra and Cirie stuff didn’t happen to players we were already heavily invested in.

  96. Have officially gained confirmation that Matt and Mark are not the same person.
    If Mark was really Matt running this liveblog, that would have been some wizardry far beyond the skills of even our own favorite witch, Barbara Anderson.

          1. “Dad, it’s a rhetorical question. It doesn’t have an answer.”
            “Rhetorical, eh … Seven!”

  97. Are Cirie and Sandra cool now? I’ve seen them stand or sit near each other several times and I need to know!

  98. I don’t know if this has been said, but it should be pointed out that @hornacek:disqus would have been number one on the list if he live blogged instead of posting a collection of Random Thoughts.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t like live-blogging and am too used to writing up an email and then posting it after the episode. Plus I like DVRing the episode, starting it 15 minutes in so I can fast forward the commercials and still end when the show normally ends.

      Maybe one of these seasons I should join the 21st century and give it a try.

  99. After seeing the first tribal of the finale, I have no desire to watch the rest of this travesty. Thank you for confirming that I made the right decision every single comment on this site.

  100. Well, for what it’s worth, I actually kinda liked the idea of “FTC as an open forum”. Sarah feels like a really solid and satisfying winner, especially compared to how I felt about the last few winners. I know a lot of people didn’t think she was interesting, but I’ve heard Sunkist comments made about Kim who I consider the GOAT so there you go (no, I’m not even close to putting Sarah in Kim’s tier).

    I don’t want to focus on the negative, so that’s my bit for the moment. Glad Sarah won and hoping that HHH is like Millennials vs. Gen X – shitty theme for a fun season.

      1. She is more Beta Tony, since she flopped around a bunch, while Kim stayed loyal to a core group.

    1. I hated the way Jeff broke up the phases of the game. Note that Sarah just brought up her social strategy during the physical part anyway. And all the jurors are going to weigh all the facets however they want, so the distinctions are meaningless.

      However, the more open forum, where the jurors interact with each other, and the finalists more openly, I thought worked extremely well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold on to that.

      1. I liked how Aubry was able to kind of mediate the forum and explain certain people’s questions.

    2. Sarah may be monotonous as hell in confessionals, but I think she played at least a top 10 winning game if not better.

      1. For me it is top half, but we have had a lot of more dynamic players who played similarly dominant games for a guaranteed top 10.

    3. I share that hope. The cast that has been spoiled so far looks like they could be good and entertaining. But that’s mostly based on just pictures

  101. I need a break, I … don’t want to deal with this … like at all god this season is just such a drain