Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 12

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Halo vs. Half-Life vs. Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“I Can’t Hear Anything”

TLDNW: Ashley has an ear infection.

I’m including this only because it’s a Secret Scene. I wouldn’t include it otherwise. There is something to be said for the fact that this clip got the Secret Scene treatment, but it really boils down to this cast being boring af.

This Week In Confessionals

“The Most Fun I’ve Had In My Entire Life”

I like Ben solely because he’s having fun playing Survivor, and it shows in this clip. He’s coming across very much like Mike Holloway 2.0 in his enthusiasm for the game and a little of his gameplay, though Ben found idols when Mike won challenges. This bubbly side of Ben will probably get him invited back as a returnee in short order. And when the theme for confessionals this week seems to be hangry complaints about not going on the reward, Ben’s confessional makes for a nice palate cleanser.

“I’ve Just Survived”

Take your pick of Dr. Mike clips, either one will do. Essentially, Mike knows that he has not played a good game. He has no real allies, and he is continually failing to vote correctly. Has he worked his way back from the bottom? Or is he just being dragged along? Mike thinks he has a path to victory if he can dominate the endgame from here or if his Healer friends throw him some votes or if the jury respects his ability to survive (but apparently not to thrive?).

But really? Mike owns gameplay as “skidding along for one more day.” Even though he wouldn’t ever say it on camera, Mike knows that he’s not going to win. His body language, tone, and coded strategy talk say it for him. It’s really kinda sad to see someone who knows that they won’t win. I don’t even think Troyzan knew that he’d finish in third place until it happened.

“We Need To Keep All Of Our Options Open”

I’m reticent about going out of my way to focus on Chrissy, but here we are. In the first 40 seconds, Chrissy tells us that she was happy to be randomly paired with Devon because she hasn’t talked with him and this reward is apparently her best opportunity to do so. Which … I mean … I’ll put it this way so I don’t start off on a rant. Chrissy, you all live on a beach together. And there’s only six of you. Instead of waiting for random luck, just go talk to Devon.

The real thing that’s worth talking about in this clip is Chrissy’s plans from before talking to Devon at the reward. Chrissy wanted to vote out Ben and Devon first, saving Ashley for F4. With Devon on board with her and Ryan, Chrissy then decides that they should vote out Ben first and Ashley second. Which makes Chrissy’s pivot to “Fuck y’all, I’m voting Ashley. Deal with it,” a real sharp turn. If you want to give Chrissy the benefit of the doubt, you could say that she only voted for Ashley after Ben played his idol. If you don’t want to do that, you point to Chrissy’s declaration on the beach that she would vote for Ashley without knowing about Ben’s idol. Either way, I think this clip just underscores that Chrissy isn’t the strategic genius she pictures herself to be, simply because her strategy is so incoherent.

Also, Chrissy and Ryan seem super committed to taking each other to FTC, which doesn’t really make sense to me because they’re just going to split the two votes they get.

This Week In Ponderosa

“What’s My Thing?”

I said last week that Lauren’s Ponderosa was the most fun Ponderosa of the season, but Ashley’s quickly matched (and possibly surpassed) Lauren’s. We saw more of her personality in this video than we did across thirteen episodes (and same for JP in his 20-second cameo).

We also get Ashley and Lauren talking about what it means to be a strong and capable woman. As a dude, it’s really not my opinion that matters, but y’all should watch this part of the clip all the same.

And then we get to the back half of this Ponderosa, which is overly meta and still somehow entertaining. Ashley trying to find “her thing” for Ponderosa ends up being “her thing” for Ponderosa. This is self-aware and ironic at just the right levels, and it gave us the choice quotes, “Ew, you’re sweaty, Cole,” and “You want me to drown?”

This Week In Gifable Moments

When you’re extremely and sincerely grateful.

When you think this gif is about you, but it’s really all about Ben’s mugging for the camera.

Taako From Teevhii

Taako From Teevhii

Taako first learned of Survivor when his buddy Merle said he’d vote their friend Ango off the island. After a google search and one episode, he became a fan and never looked back.

Favorite Seasons: China, Heroes vs Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite Players: Kelley Wentworth, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Yul Kwon
Taako From Teevhii
  • Ben popping into frame in the Chrissy gif maybe the new Tony mocking spencer and Tasha trying to figure out who tipped background gif for me.

    • TheForRealDeal

      I love the way his teeth appear in just the last two or three frames.

  • Alkanarra

    Ashley’s Ponderosa might be the best Ponderosa video they’ve ever had, which says something after the earlier bevy of “muscular and handsome people repeatedly complaining about the weight they’ve lost”. I love watching Ponderosa to see a more unedited version of the cast and so far Ashley is the only one where I really felt like the show never quite got her personality.

    And the hammock scene with Lauren should be in the season’s Top Ten moments, Ponderosa or nah.

    • I love last week how Lauren was like I have never been below 180 pounds and seemed genuinely thrilled to lose weight.

  • Fijian Banded Iguana

    Is this the right place to ask a question about the preview? [spoiler]Whose hands are shown trying to start a fire?[/spoiler]

    • Diego Armando

      You need to use for spoilers.

      • Fijian Banded Iguana

        Thanks! I guessed wrong about this site. Fixed, and apologies.

        • Diego Armando

          I always forget.

    • Taako From Teevhii

      As long as you use spoiler tags, pretty much anything goes. That’s a real good catch, and there was only a split second to spot that in the preview. It’s definitely not Mike or Chrissy, and I’m guessing it’s probably Devon. But from the lighting and the shadows, it also looks like that clip was from camp, not tribal. Don’t disregard that context if you’re trying to decipher the previews.

      • Fijian Banded Iguana

        I thought it was either Ben or Devon. The fingers and nails suggest Devon. Hadn’t occurred to me that it might be a camp shot, so thanks for that!

        • Taako From Teevhii

          The fingers and nails are what led me to eliminate Mike or Chrissy, but the red shorts and the white shirt pointed to Devon for me.

      • purplerockandy

        Actual spoilers that you’ve hunted down from boards or contestants or what not are banned from the site no matter what kind of tags you use.

        EDITED TO ADD: Taako did not post any of those and I didn’t mean to imply such.

  • Diego Armando

    I don’t think Chrissy is very good at Survivor.

  • OK that last gif makes me like Ben a little bit more.

    • Fijian Banded Iguana

      That gif is the greatest thing ever.

      • The more I look at it the funnier it gets. This truly is the trolliest of Survivor seasons.

    • We can at least say that Ben is having fun out there, regardless of our own personal opinions on him.

      • Yeah I was just about to chime in about that, it’s a good point. In fact it makes me a bit of a hypocrite because I’ve been looking for more players who are having fun with it and yet I’ve been annoyed at him about it.

        That’s not really his fault though, it’s just this season.

        • Yeah, everyone besides him and Devon seemed to be just miserable out there. It is giving me some Game Changers vibes and I don’t want that.

          • Diego Armando

            And Joe. Joe was having a blast.

          • That’s a good call. I guess I was thinking endgamers in my mind.

          • purplerockandy

            I think Mike is trying to have fun. It’s just not going well for him.

          • I think Mike is having fun at tribal. He’s not having fun anywhere else.

          • Max_Jets

            And Mike having fun isn’t fun for us.

  • Maritimer

    Chrissy and Ryan may split each others votes at FTC but they have to go together because there are at least two people left in the game they both lose to so its not like they have options.

    • Max_Jets

      I think Chrissy can argue some sort of case against a different combination to win (maybe with a plurality), but I think Ryan has to go with Chrissy since his biggest draw is being well liked.

      • Maritimer

        Ryan can maybe win a Chrissy-Mike-Ryan FTC. I really don’t see one Chrissy wins. I think they just really don’t like her.

        • Max_Jets

          JP and Ryan are the assumed Chrissy votes (with Ryan on the jury), but I can see Devon and Ashley as possible Chrissy votes if it ends up being Chrissy/Ben/Mike. Ashley probably goes Ben, but I can at least imagine it.

          • Maritimer

            That’s a surprisingly more plausible scenario than I care to admit, though I also think that may be the least likely Final 3

          • I could see it happening but it would require Dr Mike to win the final 4 immunity.

          • Maritimer

            Yeah, It happens if, and only if, they get rid of Ben/Devon at 5 then Dr. Mike either wins immunity or beats the other at the challenge. Its not implausible, but I think the least likely

          • Ms. Sweaterfan

            Ashley seemed to be starting to develop some pro-Chrissy justification as early as that Ponderosa hammock scene with Lauren. If the two of them spent enough time talking that way, I could see them at least considering Chrissy in a final three against the remaining guys who are not named Devon. Then again, I don’t want to get caught speculating on Chrissy’s chances of winning since I made such a big point last week in the comments that I’m not trying to argue that she’s a good player XP

  • SurvivorWerewolf(JTHelland)

    In the hypothetical season mentioned above halo would whip half life and Hannah Montana

    • Alkanarra

      At least Gordon Freeman wouldn’t be blabbing to everyone about having an idol.

      • sharculese

        On the other hand, Half-Life would do well for about 26 days and then stop trying before it finished.

        • Alkanarra

          I hate how true this is.

    • I don’t know. Hannah Montana could play a long con extremely well.

  • SurvivorWerewolf(JTHelland)

    Prp had better beat rhap at jury jeopardy. They are way over valuing Chrissy

    • The thing is I agree with the two jurors they said might vote Chrissy.

      • Purplerockmatt

        you if you say she is gonna get JP and Ryan… well i can’t really argue that one too hard

    • Insert this is brand new information gif.

  • Ms. Sweaterfan

    I thought Ashley’s Ponderosa video was a great one! I loved the “do you want me to drown” exchange with Joe XD
    Spaghetti and meatballs is a top tier Ponderosa food choice, though I think it would be my night two choice – I would need to start with the pizza and burger combo that most people this season have done the first night.
    I sort of wish they’d spent more time on the kava drinking. After watching the kava ceremony in Vanuatu, my husband ordered some online and was really excited to try it. IT WAS SO GROSS! I don’t think I managed to swallow a single mouth full. It was like drinking mud, but at the same time it makes your mouth tingly and numb – so maybe mud with cigarettes in it? No thank you! I never got to experience the effects, but I think it’s just supposed to chill you out and make you feel good. I prefer wine for that, since I actually enjoy the taste 🙂

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      My night one would be a big batch of macaroni and cheese. I would eat it with a knife and fork. The fork is for eating, the knife is for keeping potential mac and cheese thieves at bay.

      • Ms. Sweaterfan

        I <3 mac n cheese! I requested it for my last meal before my induction last summer. My husband made a huge batch and we ended up eating leftovers for several meals after we got back home from the hospital too. Good times 🙂

  • indescribable hat

    Of course Ben didn’t think Ashley could swim faster than him. He’s dismissive of and condescending toward women in a way that hardly feels worth mentioning it’s so commonplace.