Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 4

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

That’s right y’all, I’m back back back back again! There have been a few video problems up to this point, and that’s why these posts are starting back up again in Week 4. Some of these problems are still around, which you might notice if you click on any of the International Linques. I should warn you not to click those if you have motion sickness. Even if you don’t, it probably won’t be pleasant; maybe start the playback and look away.

Editor’s note: Can international readers of this post let us know if the embedded videos work for them or not? If so, we can abandon the separate, awful links. They play in Canada.

This Week In Secret Scenes

”People Wanna Work With Me”

International Linque

It’s a slow week in Secret Scenes when you’ve already seen half of it in the episode. There’s not a lot in this clip that we don’t already know, but it does serve as a reminder that Ashley is working with Chrissy (whether Chrissy is working with Ashley is a different story). Ashley and Devon are bonding at Levu beach, and Chrissy and Ryan are bonding at Soko. Could these serve as the seeds for a post-merge alliance? The Healers don’t seem to be pulling in any allies following this swap, and that doesn’t bode well for them long-term.

This Week In Confessionals

“It Is A Great Day”

International Linque

There are two quotes that stand out to me from this clip.

“Getting teamed up with Cole couldn’t have been a better pick for me.”


“Lauren’s a talker. She has an opinion about everybody.”

I don’t doubt that Lauren has an opinion about everybody, but she’s a talker? Really? I don’t think we’ve seen much of that at all. And it makes me want to see Lauren and Joe together on the same tribe.

“We’re Sittin’ Pretty”

International Linque

This clip is your reminder that Ben is a delight. I think the exact words that I told Barbara Anderson were “‘JT in Tocantins‘ is his ceiling, and ‘Keith Nale who can keep himself from screwing up a vote’ is his floor.” I think that this clip is in line with that projection, as Ben shows some pretty good reads of the other players. He is also correct that his tribe is the most balanced of the three, which was proved in both challenges with Yawa defeating JP & the Brainiacs Soko and Team Meathaeds Levu.

“Every Single Thing That I Do Is Calculated”

International Linque

Oh, Chrissy. Oh dear. I’m wondering if Chrissy is going to become everything we thought Ryan would be. I mean, Chrissy seems like she’s doing meta-analysis on her meta-cognition, and it’s just too much. The behavior is, well … deranged isn’t the word … no, not psychotic … we’ll say disturbing. Just take it down two notches. Or five. Nobody cares that you’re using a double-handed swing to open the coconuts. Also, half of your new tribe kept Lauren over Simone and Patrick. They probably don’t care that you’re a mom. Relax.

And if you wanna talk about something really disturbing: PŌ’tent’shel.

“Something Can Always Go Wrong In Survivor

International Linque

I think there’s more going on with Devon upstairs than his “Jason From The Good Place” vibe would have you think. And I’m not blaming him for not asking this question. But I have a question. Should the words “Don’t open until it’s time to vote” be a red flag?

Let’s assume that what you receive is, as it says on its face, an advantage. Why is it important that you not read it before tribal? That hasn’t happened with any other advantage, be it immunity or general voting shenanigans. Knowing what your advantage will be allows you to strategize and use your advantage in the most efficient way possible, which is to both your and the show’s benefit. So why is Production not letting you do that?

It might be a bit of a leap, but it’s not unreasonable to guess that it’s not really an advantage. And then, who cares if you open it and read it? What’s Production going to do? You’re already in the penalty box. Worst case scenario, it’s a real advantage that is taken away from you because you didn’t follow directions. But Devon had to know that he wasn’t going home this tribal, and based on the instructions and his knowledge of Ryan’s/Chrissy’s idol, he could probably guess that this (dis)advantage would only apply to the immediate tribal.

So is there a right or wrong move here? Probably not. The most likely outcome was the one we saw play out. Truly, I’m just including this clip to go on a tangent about why this type of play by Production probably won’t work again (not to mention them losing the element of surprise). But Devon is also exceeding my preseason expectations of him, and I think that’s commendable.

“Uh, Immunity Challenge Was, Uh, Was Good”

International Linque

This clip is submitted without comment.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When Lance McCullers spins 24 curveballs in a row to put the Yankees away

When your bike hits that buckle harder than you expected

Taako From Teevhii

Taako From Teevhii

Taako first learned of Survivor when his buddy Merle said he’d vote their friend Ango off the island. After a google search and one episode, he became a fan and never looked back.

Favorite Seasons: China, Heroes vs Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite Players: Kelley Wentworth, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Yul Kwon
Taako From Teevhii

130 thoughts on “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 4

  1. Just in case people skipped the intro and got straight into the videos, can someone outside of North America please confirm whether the embedded YouTube videos play back or not? Thanks!

    1. Due to the amazing response you got, let’s assume no international viewers bother with this post.

    2. They work very well!

      I like to sift through all of these to check for any useful information and interesting or funny character moments, but oftentimes I postpone that throughout the week until the next episode is around the corner and it becomes a now-or-never thing. This week was no different and I just finished watching them all over the (CloudUp-)reddit links, which became a little choppy in the last weeks for me, after usually working like a charm. It’s like they have a really low frame rate all of a sudden, but I thought it’s probably something on my end until I read your introduction here just now.
      Anyway, I didn’t even realize you were asking us about the embedded youtube linques, until I’ve read through all the comments and found this one. Again, they work even better than the links below the videos for me, but I only checked two of them.
      I for one am glad that you included the JP confessional this week, but I also thought Mike’s SPV(?) on Ben would have been deserving of some exposure here. It is clear that JP doesn’t know where his rambling will lead him to but he just goes on and powers through it, faster than he can think of fitting phrases to use, or the right words to construct them. Watching him talk is a thrilling ride and I approve of you encouraging people to take it.

      1. It’s good to know that the youtube links are working! We’ve got confirmation from the US, Canada, UK, continental Europe, and New Zealand. I think the cloud up links are going to be dropped in next week’s post.

        The thing about Mike’s confessional is that I’m limited by what the YouTube sources are uploading. I had two channels to work with last season, but now one is uploading half of all the BTS content, and the other is dormant. In an ideal world, there’s a reliable unblocked YouTube source with all of the videos, but we kinda just have to make do with what we’ve got.

  2. Hey TAZ people, we’re moving up TAZ Talk to Mondays so that we don’t clog up the prediction post’s comments. So on that note …

    In addition to the requisite “What were y’all’s highlights for this week?” I only have one question and one comment (because based on last week’s discussion, I feel that the conversation does not need much stimulating):

    Based on what we’ve heard thus far, do you visualize these characters in a certain way? Could you cast them with real life actors? Or maybe with former Survivor players?

    Taako goes through many phases (this is not a spoiler), but Idiot Taako is a real treat.

    1. I loved that Taako decided to retcon himself into an idiot.

      I actually don’t visualize them when I’m listening, partly because these guys have some nerdy ass voices (this isn’t intended as an insult) and it’s hard to picture those voices from a warrior, dwarf, etc.

      As for highlights, I think maybe the whole poison/constitution roll thing was in episode 4-6? If so, that’s the highlight.

      1. Even though I’ll probably ask this question at the end of each arc, I like this answer to the casting question. Though I’m sorry to say that the correct answer is “Beau Bridges with LOTR perspective magic is Merle, and idgaf who plays anyone else.”

        1. I think Merle is the guy in a bit part in Fargo who yells at William H Macy at the car dealership for sticking him with the undercoating.

          1. Deep cut. Interesting choice bc outside of Taako looting things, Merle rarely ever gets close to that tone.

      2. And the mushroom poison scene was episode 3. From episode 4 onwards, we met Killian, Magic Brian, Spider Bryan, Gundren, and Kurtz.

          1. It’s like my cousin’s sons. They all have the same parents, but the oldest is white with blue eyes and brown hair, the middle looks very much like his Chinese mom and is a over 6’3″, while the youngest is short, with reddish-brown hair and freckles.

          2. I guess I am just so used to my family looking relatively the same. My brothers and I all basically have dark hair, but with slight facial variations (my oldest brother looks like my maternal grandfather, I look like my dad/one of my paternal aunts, my younger older brother looks like a combo of the family).

    2. We got our first instance of Merle taking a really inappropriate time to proselytize. That’s gotta be it for me. Although the whole naming of Brian/Bryan is wonderful too.

      Relisten stuff:

      I know Griff has said that he knew the red robe and the umbra-staff were important, but he didn’t know how then, so it’s really weird to listen to that again and wonder how things would have gone if Merle passed his check. We could have had a completely different show.

      More broadly, I’ve been wonder – to what degree is HTBG still canon? Not only does Merle no longer being a hill dwarf throw a wrench in things, the bonus prequel episode completely rewrites how they found the quest. And, well, obviously, what comes afterwards colors the idea of any of them having relatives.

      1. I had honestly forgotten that Merle tried to pick up the Umbrastaff first. I think “completely different show” would have been an understatement.

        I there are a lot of conflicting canons (I think the prequel episode was well-intentioned but kinda a mistake if Griffin was just going to rewrite it all anyway), but they do well to make stuff gel as best they can. Rockseeker clan stuff is important, Barry’s backstory I guess is necessary. Killian and her tangential intro to the BOB comes into play. And Klaarg! So there are bits and pieces; maybe half is canon?

    3. I need to start listening to these things later in the week. My brain, she does not retain.

      I did start plotting out a screenplay, though. I think we need more hilarious adventure films in our lives. This first quest could be “Holy Grail”-esque just by importing a good chunk of the dialogue from the podcast and paring it down to two hours.

      But I would love to flesh out the character development too. I think Killian would be an awesome role for, like, a Charlize Theron.

      1. Okay, I did love Magic Brian’s dying speech. Griffy, again, handled that character really well. I kind of got a little bored when Killian was unconscious and they were dealing with the bandits or whatever. I really do care deeply about strong female characters, apparently.

        I guess I have questions about game fundamentals. So…did they lose the game? Do you lose at D&D? Do you win? Or is the Dungeon Master always the winner because he can do whatever he damn pleases?

        1. You never “lose” at D&D. You might have your character die, but then you just roll up a new character and join the party at the next convenient time. It’s more about hanging out and being nerds with your friends.

          1. What, I thought you needed to have no friends in order to play D&D. Is this one of those weird real life paradoxes?

    4. Guess who didn’t listen to all the TAZ episodes we had to listen to so far?

      I’m the effing worst. I’ve only managed to listen to the first episode. But I do have one question, and who knows, maybe answering it makes a shift in the universe, and I pull myself together.

      Should I research the basics of D&D? I was very confused on what was going on through that episode, so maybe by doing this, it will get better for me?

      But besides that, I’m very interested in which direction this will go to. It’s definetely nothing like anything that I’ve listened to before, but after some time, I will definetely get used to all this. And I will be here next week? Maybe? Probably not.

      1. I think the main principle you need to know is that everything that requires any effort is checked by dice. Roll a D20, and your level of success is dependent on how high your roll is.

        In a fight, you roll initiative to determine the fighting order. Highest goes first, second goes next, …

        When you attack, roll your dice. If you roll higher than what your opponent rolls, your attack is successful. Roll the appropriate dice to determine damage (distinct to each type of attack and weapon).

        You can say pretty much whatever you want. Whatever you do requires a check (via dice).

        There are other stuff like AC (armor class) and modifiers (which raise and lower roll results), but that’s in addition to the main principle to roll to check.

    5. Plan for nextweek: A spoilered semi-regular post called “Who Won Fantasy Costco” which analyzes THB’s FC purchases in terms of what we know they will do, or not do, with them.

    1. If you watched a handful of JP confessionals, and then a Sarah Lucina confessional, suddenly Sarah would be exciting as hell. Like when you drink lime juice and take a sip of water and it tastes so sweet!

        1. For a while I was very into vodka gimlets, which are just vodka and lime juice. They are pretty tasty if you like lime juice, but if you have that and then a glass of water, the water tastes sooo sweet.

          Also, you could say JP is the pinkberry to Sarah Lucina’s vinegar.

          1. Once, when young Palsy was speaking to his mother via telephone, he happened to mention that he was enjoying a vodka gimlet while they talked. “Vodka gimlet?” she said. “That’s what your grandma used to drink when she was an alcoholic.”

            And because it’s what I was listening to at the time of the conversation, I now remember this brief exchange every time I hear “Jenny Ondioline”.

          2. I read that last sentence backwards at first and was like “wait, Palsy’s mother is into Stereolab?”

        2. Great question. Lime juice is great on foods (or squeezed into certain drinks), but it’s not something I’d drink on its own.

          1. Lol, so the allegory continues? When it comes to JP on Survivor, he’s great on beaches (or in any state of undress), but he’s not someone I’d want to watch talk on his own (unless, as noted, mostly nude…)

  3. “You got Dr. Mike, and he’s a *doctor*, so… you gotta be smart to become a doctor. Especially, you know, the ‘ol downstairs doctor. You gotta know what yer doin’ if yer cutting into that thing.”
    – Obvious Winner Ben –

    1. I’m torn between the knowledge that Production would probably tell the cast not to say ‘penis’ and the idea that Ben probably would chose to avoid saying ‘penis’ of his own accord…

      1. I think they’re told to keep it PG. Remember how circumspect Jenn Brown was when she got stung on the crotch? And Jenn is not someone who plays coy.

        1. Yeah, my point was, i’m not sure Ben would chose to actually say it even if he wasn’t told to keep it PG, lol

          1. Well that didn’t work and apparently (a) I can’t edit in a gif and (b) it’s over the 5MB limit, so… I tried and failed. The lesson is: never try.

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  4. I flinch every single time I see that Devon clip. Poor guy. (I also always want to spell Devon with an “i”. Is one way more common than the other?)

      1. I’ve only ever seen boy Devin and Devin. Now, i’ve only know a few, but my boss spells it Devin. My first inclanation with Devon is to pronounce it “Deh-Von”

      2. I’ve generally seen it the opposite (boy Devin, girl Devon) although I do also know a woman named Devin.

        1. Maybe it’s a regional thing? If I meet a woman named Devin I assume it’s a last-name-as-first-name situation.

          1. I’ve never heard someone have the last name Devin. But also I’ve only known like 5 Devin/Devons in my life so the evidence is so anecdotal as to be meaningless. My female friend Devin does say that people often think she’s a man when she’s just communicating via email at work though.

    1. Elderly Person speaking here — gather ’round, my children:

      Two series regulars on “My So-Called Life” (1994-95) were named Devon. Devon Gummersall is a man who played Brian Krakow; Devon Odessa is a woman who played Sharon Cherski. This highly amused me at age 15.

      End of my Devon Tale.

      1. My god how I loved that show. Devon Gummersall was in an episode of Mad Men, and I had the audacity to be shocked he was now a man.

        1. I loved Mad Men. Why don’t I remember him?

          My favorite WTF I’m Old casting on Mad Men is grown-up Frederick Crane from Frasier recurring as one of Peggy’s underlings.

          1. Oh, wow, never realized that was Frederick! I don’t even remember the episode, just the shock.

  5. This cast is starting to “pop” more for me, with Jessica, Devon, and Ben all rising greatly this past week or so. Ali has been great all along, but it’s hard for me to pick a favorite of those 4.

  6. Random idea I had: What if they did a ‘rivalries’ season? 8-10 rivalries from past seasons, split onto two teams. I got this idea while thinking of Abi v. RC (though RC has already made it clear she won’t play with Abi again). There are a lot of other great rivalries that would be fun to see amped up, but also maybe that would result in a screamy shit-show of a season, lol. Also, looking through some of the bigger rivalries, many have been played our through returnee seasons or their original, just by nature of the show. It would be fun to see Adam vs. Jay again, though honestly I think we will see them both again down the line, perhaps not together.

    1. Kass, Crystal, Abi, Francesca, Corrine, Jean Robert, Savage, David, Shane, Fishbach

      Courtney Y., RC, Ciera, Courtney M., Susie, Spencer, Randy, Zeke, Phillip, Rob C.

      Not that they’d all agree to return. The biggest problem is that a quarter of this cast is from Gabon; but any good Rivals season probably needs that.

      1. “The biggest problem is that a quarter of this cast is from Gabon”

        Normally that would be the case, but you did include RC.

        1. Thanks! It would have been easier to just list the ten pairs of rivals, but I wanted to make them into balanced tribes. Tho I’m not sure I did that well.

      2. The amount of people I never ever want to see again preludes me endorsing this suggestion, but I admire the effort.

    2. I have heard similar ideas tossed around, and I think would be a really fun theme in concept, but my main struggle is logistics. Would the rival pairs be on opposite tribes? Would it hurt the entertainment factor if the pairs don’t get to interact until the merge (or worse yet, if too many pairs get separated pre-merge)? Or maybe the pairs would be placed on the same starting tribes? That seems like it would have more entertainment impact right away, but it also seems like it could turn into a logistical nightmare. If smarter people than me could workshop this, I think it could be really fun.

      1. I think you would have to pair it with some significant twists or change-ups that allow for more tribe-to-tribe interaction if you separated them. And yeah, if you had 20 people with, with say, a 13 people merge, between 3 and 7 of your rivalries aren’t going to make it to final tribal. Teams of 8 with 4 rivalries on each would be fun, and would really flip things on their head, because most of the time people chose to work with those from their previous season. It would result in a lot of will they/won’t they work together moments. Like, if you’re Spencer and Kass, do you chose to put rivalry aside to make it to the merge (they kinda did for a hot spot in round 2) or do you all-out war, and how will that impact the other 6, who may also be at all-out war? There are some rivalries I could easily see become buddy time, like Jay and Adam, who were as close to bromance as two people on opposite alliances could be.

      2. I think a key to this would have to be the One World concept. Put them all on the same beach, no matter how you do the tribes.

  7. If you’re like me and you try to avoid any commercials or spoilers that give away what happens on the next episode, you may want to avoid the latest “Why Blank Lost” podcast with David Bloomberg.* In the predictions section he talks about the Next Time On Survivor clips but he discusses Dr. Mike and Jessica finding an idol and Ben suffering from nightmares because of his marine days. I’m pretty sure neither of these were in last week’s NToS clips. So yeah, thanks for spoiling that for me.

    I don’t know if either of these will have anything to do with who goes home this week, but I never forgave CBS for their commercials spoiling the rock draw in BvW (“In this week’s episode, something happens that hasn’t happened in over 20 seasons!”) meaning during that episode I was thinking “Well, I know it’s a tie at tribal and they go to rocks, so none of what I’m seeing now matters.” So besides the NToS clips, I always avoid all commercials. But thanks to this podcast, now I know these 2 things apparently happen this week.

    * This is where you can tell me that you don’t listen to this podcast and why it sucks. Whatever. I like it, even in this season’s neutered-down version.

      1. “Other roommate is watching Big Bang Theory and…”

        Well THAT’S your problem right there!

        1. 2 Broke Girl$ was my guilty pleasure – I knew it was bad but I liked the two leads and I watched that show until the very end.

          1. Neither of them do it for me, but that, of course, is a perfectly justifiable reason to watch a show. It’s why I stuck with Community to the bitter end (“bitter” in this case meaning “it was fine, just well off the heights of seasons 1-3”).

      1. And I really appreciate you bringing that up. I’ve managed not to see nor see anything about it yet. Staying off reddit, not reading any prediction posts (other than the one here), treading carefully in comments here, and I don’t have cable so I should be TV safe. I’m going to watch the commercial afterwards just to see how bad it was. It sounds like BvW rock draw bad

        1. I looked it up because Taako said to and I was kinda pissed at myself. FWIW, I think that the second part of the commercial is just them blowing smoke, but the first part? Shame on you CBS!

          1. I said not to watch it, and Martimer hasn’t seen anything yet. You’re giving away too many details!

          2. I’m pretty sure you said to watch it. And all I’m giving away is that CBS was half shitty and half bullshitty. I most certainly didn’t bring up the fact that a Canadian PRP splinter cell is trying to shut down the Diff’rent Strokes theme because of their dumb dog show! The people should speak out!

          3. Look, I’m just saying that we only have 45 hours until we officially find out the spoiled events from the preview, so don’t ruin it for everyone else!

          4. I’m not spoiling …but seriously, It’s Diff’rent Strokes by a landslide right? Why won’t they allow a revote?

          5. God damn it, Palsy, I’m like 99% sure this is a joke but I can’t take the risk to find out. You’re in my damn head, man.

      2. And now David is telling me on Twitter that he decided a couple of years ago that anything CBS puts out about the upcoming episode (commercials, online videos, etc) is fair game to discuss on the podcast when making predictions, with no spoiler warning.

        It was bad enough when this podcast went from Rob and David to David and Jessica Lewis (no offense to JL, but she’s no Rob). Now suddenly this season they’re including spoilers from commercials with no warnings. Seriously considering dropping this particular podcast.

        1. His podcast is called “Why X Lost Survivor”. Given that officially the purpose of the podcast is to discuss *last* episode it would be nice if he would give at least a brief heads up. It’s not like that would take a ton of effort. I also got spoiled this way and I was annoyed by it.

    1. I’m not going to tell you to abandon a podcast just because it sucks. We like having you around here.

      I haven’t seen the spoilery ad in question, but we generally operate under “if it shows it in the ad, it’s fine” rule. For something like the BvW ad, we did see that as spoilery enough that we didn’t discuss it until the end of the episode so that we could allow people to avoid that info if they wanted to be surprised. I think that’s probably the easiest/safest solution.

      1. Don’t worry – I’m here until the bitter end.

        I can’t be the only one who deliberately avoids Survivor commercials because they tend to give away too much key information in the episode. I even avoid looking at the episode description in my TV’s guide listings because they give away too much (i.e. “A tribe swap breaks up a couple”, “An advantage played at tribal council causes chaos.”).

        If any Survivor podcast (not just you guys) wants to discuss something from commercials, online videos, or leaked information, at the very least they should give a spoiler warning in the podcast. In this particular episode David said “Ok, predictions on who gets voted out next … we know that Dr. Mike finds an idol, and Ben has nightmares from his marine days, so I think Dr. Mike is safe, and Ben is just a red herring …” and I’m thinking “Wait, ‘we know this’? *I* didn’t know this!” Really annoyed me, and his online response has been very dismissive (i.e. it’s been shown in the commercial, so everyone should have seen the commercial by now therefore it’s fair game).

  8. I’m not sure what show the “I think I’m needed” clip is from, but I’ve never seen that person before in my life.

    1. There was one, and I thought, “Hey, it’d be nice to shine some light on this purple player.” But there wasn’t really anything to show…

        1. I mean, technically no. Because the whole point of the post is sifting through all the bonus content and only bringing y’all the good stuff. But here’s the link to the Roark vid anyway.

          1. Well, that was actually fascinating to me and told me a lot we were not made aware of in the episode. So I’m glad I spoke up, and I’m sorry it didn’t interest you more.

          2. I mean, it was on the bubble. It just got edged out by the ones that made the post.

            If you’re interested, all the bonus videos for the week can be found by the source of these videos.

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