Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 7

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Hashtags vs. Handles vs. Harassment by Nazis which Twitter refuses to address.

This Week In Secret Scenes

”We Need To Come Up With A Tribe Name”

This one’s your typical merge episode secret scene, where the merge(d) tribe has to come up with a new name for themselves and no one ever seems able to stop it from being a lazy portmanteau of the previous tribe names. In this particular instance, it sounds like Desi is the first to propose the name “Solewa.” It’s enough to move the needle on my “How I Feel About Desi”-meter from “I don’t dislike her” to “Maybe it’s better that she’s getting purpled.” While we’re nitpicking things, the new tribe flag has the “So” painted blue and the “Le” painted yellow, despite Levu being the blue tribe and Soko being yellow. And considering that Big, Sexy, Stupid Cole was not involved with the painting of the flag, I have no idea how that happened.

This Week In Confessionals

”This Became All of Our Home”

Look, it’s a little thin on confessionals this week (that’ll happen when half of them are about Outback Steakhouse). But there are two things I want to point out from this clip. First, Chrissy confirms that Production is doing a few things differently at the merge this season. The castaways are just getting their swimsuits now. I know some of us were wondering why they were swimming in their underwear in earlier challenges, and I noticed some new clothes this episode that we hadn’t yet seen. Additionally, the old Yawa shelter was taken down completely, and the players had to build a new one from scratch (though some tools and hardware were provided). If I had to speculate as to the intentions behind these decisions, I would guess that a clean (if partial) set of clothes and tools for expanding your shelter (which is usually done anyways at the merge beach) are small rewards that don’t hurt anybody. So why not give them to the castaways?

Second, we have Chrissy on the tribe name: “It is what it is.”

”I Can Do Anything”

This is one hell of a confessional from Dr. Mike. He knows he’s out of his element, and he knows that his friends and family didn’t expect him to go far. But here he is, past the merge and kicking ass. Dr. Mike thinks that his game has been good thus far and that it’ll only get better moving forward. It’s already hard to not like Dr. Mike, but watching this will make it near impossible.

And so we juxtapose that with the fact that this is a bonus clip. Edgic is all about what you’re shown in the final cut, but it’s what you aren’t shown that arguably says more. Like Matt and Saturday Night Palsy mentioned last week, CBS won’t post a confessional that they plan to splice into a later episode. So while this is the type of confessional that you would play over swelling music as the Final Three walk off to the Final Tribal, we know that it’s not going to be used in that way. Or in any other way for that matter because, well, here it is on the cutting room floor. It’s not a great sign for Dr. Mike’s outlook.

”It’s Just, Uh, Y’know, All Is One, And It’s Just Kinda, Everybody’s Out For Themselves Now, Y’know. You Think Someone’s Got The Best Interests, But They Really Don’t.”

This video is submitted without comment.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When you’re a good ole, red-meat loving’ American.

When you’re over everyone calling you Phony Vlachos.

Taako From Teevhii

Taako From Teevhii

Taako first learned of Survivor when his buddy Merle said he’d vote their friend Ango off the island. After a google search and one episode, he became a fan and never looked back.

Favorite Seasons: China, Heroes vs Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite Players: Kelley Wentworth, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Yul Kwon
Taako From Teevhii

106 thoughts on “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 7

  1. Production has torn down shelters before (I believe the most recent was Worlds Apart) for two reasons. 1) They like the idea of the tribe coming together and doing the last thing they will ever do as a tribe. 2) They can hide idols/advantages in the midst (see the new shelter in Cambodia for a prime example).

    1. In a bonus confessional from Cole that I didn’t include, he mentions that the tribe flag was moved. That makes sense if you considered that they have to name the tribe and paint the new flag, but that might also foreshadow the upcoming idol skirmish under the flag.

        1. It’s the same pattern as SJdS. First pre-merge idol was some number of feet from the well, second pre-merge idol (the one Natalie and Baylor didn’t find until after the merge) was under the tribe flag.

          1. That was the flint. The story of the Natalie idol was confusing and took Rob and Natalie on her RHAP walkthrough to suss it all out, but it sounds like it goes like this.

            1. Both of first idols were hidden by the well. Keith found Huanphu’s and John Rocker found Coyopa’s.

            2. When Rocker was voted out, they rehid the Coyopa idol and put a new clue at exile island, but didn’t hide on at Hunaphu because Keith still had it.

            3. Natalie and Baylor go to exile and get the clue.

            4. This is shown, but Natalie talked about it in the walkthrough: she and Jeremy spent a lot of time at new Hunaphu hunting for the idol, but couldn’t find it because it wasn’t there.

            5. Hunaphu was the merge beach. After Keith played his idol, production went back and hid the second idol where it should have been.

            6. Natalie and Baylor decide to make one last search for it, and bingo, it’s where it’s supposed to be.

          2. Yeah, that makes more sense. So it wasn’t that production rehid the idol it had just been sitting there since Rocker got voted out and nobody found it.

    2. This makes less sense in a season where you know going in that 20 minutes of the merge episode are going to be a commercial for Outback Steakhouse.

      1. I knew he was a journalist bc he tweeted Justin an apology that he got a tip about a dead body.

        1. Beats me, but I’ll continue to fight against The Littlest Hobo. You can thank @hornacek:disqus for that.

          1. One of the final episodes in the series was a reporter investigating Hobo and all the stories of him helping people. He said that the dog was not a normal dog and actually called him a “superdog”.

          2. I think it’s out of date to use the term “dumb”, but you’re technically right, the dog did not speak, he was “dumb”. But all the other characters spoke. Except for the episode where Hobo helped a person who was mute.

        1. I loved (and still do) 22 Minutes, but I never got into CODCO.

          Pretty sure Made In Canada aired on Mondays though, despite what the bracket says.

          1. 22 Minutes is great. Never saw CODCO and only vaguely remember Made In Canada

            Also, PSA: Round 2 has started here:

            Some of the match-ups are brutal: Corner Gas v Red Green (I picked Red Green); Fraggle Rock v Fred Penner (Fred Penner); Wayne and Shuster v Reach for the Top (which are so insanely different its like comparing apples to elephants, but I picked Reach, mostly out of nostalgia for my high school days when I played Reach), to name a few.

            I can keep alerting people when new rounds if they would like, since I have become weirdly invested in this bracket and think its fun to talk about. If you don’t want me to keep talking at you about it, just tell me (@purplerockandy:disqus @fingstick:disqus )

          2. I think half of CODCO was half of the original cast of 22 Minutes (Mary Walsh and … Greg Thomey?) I saw the commercials back then and it just felt like you had to be from Newfoundland to get it.

            Made in Canada was the show that Rick Mercer left 22 to make. It had Blow At High Dough as its theme, and each episode ended with a character saying “I think that went well” or “This is not good”. Beaver Creek was the show within the show. Fun fact: when it was airing, one of the bartenders at Your Father’s Moustache was the stand-in for the lead actress.

            Fraggle Rock forever. Love those postcards from outer space.

            Wayne and Shuster FTW. “I can see by the clock on the wall, that it’s time to bid you one and all …”

            Keep me in the loop.

          3. Ah right, I had forgotten Rick Mercer had a show between 22 Minutes and Monday Report. Of course a bartender from the Moustache was a stand in. It fits nicely with the fact that everyone in Halifax is tangentially connected to someone who has been on a Canadian TV show

            I watched Fred Penner so much as a kid I had to vote for it

          4. I went to high school with Benita Ha, original star of Street Cents. The other original host (the one not Jonathan Torrens) was at my table at the reception for my cousin’s wedding. No interactions with Jono though.

          5. That’s pretty impressive. Benefit to a Halifax school I guess. My “celebrity” meetings were all after I moved to Halifax

          6. I wasn’t friends with Benita, I don’t think anyone was. She was all wrapped up in the drama department; every play that the school put on, she always tried out for the lead and almost always got it. It was no surprise that she went on to acting.

    1. That’s some fast talkin’ there Tex.

      whenever I think I’d like to be on Survivor, I’m going to rewatch this video as a reminder that this is about as bad as I would be on camera. Except I’d be more rambly and incoherent.

  2. The whole thing about leaving the contestants only with their underwear and no bathing suits for the first few episodes is one of the skeeviest aspects of Survivor. It worked for the premise of Pearl Islands. I’m not sure when they made that their go-to thing, it feels like it was somewhere around China. It doesn’t seem like a huge talking point for the show or its viewers, so I just have to assume the producers really want to leer at these people.

      1. It’s absolutely China because the previous seasons before China were all tropical seasons where you need your swimsuit more than China. The only problem with that is a lot of the China contestants were not dressed for that in mind. I know in certain seasons (Samoa and South Pacific stands out to me), there is always a big to-do about getting the swimsuits. Monica Padilla’s only memorable confessional IMO is about how soft her bikini is.

        1. I don’t think it was intentional in China. The premier starts with that big conceit where, in the Buddhist tradition of leaving worldly possessions behind, they had to enter the game with just the clothes on their backs. And then everyone just started stripping down and they realized that was a thing they could get people to do.

  3. Good news everyone! I finished Nicaragua. What a trash fire. My moment of realization, when I accepted that this was the worst it could be, was the final 6 tribal. The combined stupidity to an alliance revealing themselves and their boot order out loud, with the opposing 3 choosing not to vote together against that alliance, was the point where I knew.

    Now on to Redemption Island, because of self-hate and a desire to get the worst out of the way!

      1. It has it’s moments for sure.

        God bless you on Nicaragua though. I am starting to make my way through seasons I haven’t seen but I don’t know if I will ever put myself through watching it. It’s at the bottom of the list for sure. I’m willing to pay for some of the seasons I haven’t seen rather than watch Nicaragua which I could see for free.

        1. If you have not seen Thailand, I can testify that it is not worth it. Although this is as likely to stop you as it was to stop me at that point. At least I was able to rent the DVDs from my library a couple years ago. Marquesas was checked out and had an additional hold on it when I first tried to find it, so I guess I was not the only person catching up.

          1. Sadly I suffered through Thailand when it originally aired. The only things that kept me going back then were 1) it was still early in the show’s run and I was willing to look past a bad season and 2) I called Heidik to win fairly early on (not that it was difficult) and I was interested to see if he could actually pull off the kind of game he was trying to play. Of the seasons I HAVE seen (21 out of 34 complete seasons) Thailand is my pick for worst – and I’ve seen Gabon. Gabon was a strategic disaster but I at least found it to be more entertaining and less painful than Thailand with some better characters. The thought of suffering through a season WORSE than Thailand makes me shudder.

    1. Wouldn’t a tie result in a default Dan boot because of the idols? I don’t remember if the opposing 3 knew about the idols, but there was no real risk for Holly/Chase/Sash.

      1. Yeah, they definitely knew about them, because Chase’s mouth came open and released every secret he had. But overall, I don’t feel like Dan and Fabio did the math, I think they just accepted whatever would come. It seemed clear how alliance stood going into that tribal, then they were said out loud, but rather than having any impact, somehow stating everything in the open had not impact.

        1. I guess I can’t knock anyone by assuming they hadn’t thought things through when it was in everyone’s best interest to vote out Jane.

          1. @purplerockmatt laid out the case for tying the vote when we did the rewatch:

            “But then there is the last episode we watch this week where the tribal council might just have caused my head to explode in frustration. So let’s talk about how everyone just flat-out fucks the fuck up.

            First of all, everyone knows the vote is going to Jane. So why don’t Dan and Fabio get together with her before tribal to try and force a 3-3 tie? Maybe if they were smart they could even have caught Sash or Chase napping and not playing their idols which would actually mean that the tie would have value. (If both Sash and Chase play their idols, then a tie would lead to a rock draw where Fabio wouldn’t draw because of immunity, Sash and Chase wouldn’t draw because of their idols, and Jane and Holly wouldn’t draw because they were tied, so Dan would go home rendering a tie useless, but Dan should still tie the vote the first time to see if this is the case and then change his vote on revote).

            Still, if the players had thought this all through, we saw no evidence of it. Instead, we are left with no reason why Fabio and Dan are not voting with Jane. Even if they aren’t voting with Jane though, Chase’s sheer clueless bravado is incredible to witness.”

          2. Chase sucks, but I guess I find Dan and Fabio’s votes defensible because Nicaragua’s idols were only in use through final 6. By doing nothing, Dan gets to come out of tribal looking as useless as possible (it’s…very difficult for me to look at the game from Dan’s perspective) and Fabio gets to eliminate his biggest immunity threat.

    2. Congratulations! The “magic” of Nicaragua is that everybody thinks the double quits is rock bottom, but the actual rock bottom is a couple episodes later, with this tribal council.

      When the San Francisco Giants played in Candlestick Park, they gave out medals (actually pins with a picture of a medal) to anybody who stayed to the end of an extra-inning night game. I feel like there should be something equivalent for anybody who watches Nicaragua from beginning to end.

        1. I earned one once. Vs. the Dodgers. Kevin Mitchell got hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in the 13th. It was the weirdest combination of cheering and laughter.

          1. I know my parents earned some, but I don’t know if I ever got any myself, as I was probably the reason they left the game most the time.

    3. Redemption Island is better. This is one of the few times this sentence can ever be said in a non-ironic manner.

    4. Redemption Island is more dull than bad. The good news is that it is the only season in the Nicaragua-One World block without some of Survivor’s most heinous bullying.

          1. Not from the back, only from the front. They also don’t bleep spoken swear words, but they do censor swear words when they’re in subtitles. Go figure.

  4. Starting a TAZ Thread. To recap, in this week’s episodes, we heard:

    The boys visit a Pleasure Room.
    Angus wants to know what their real names are.
    The boys fight a crab.
    The gang solves a murder mystery.
    Magnus does physics.

    Some questions to potentially discuss: Why is Angus so gosh darn cool? When did you realize who the Rockport Slayer was?

    1. I was as slow on picking up who the Slayer was as the guys were. I got there maybe 2 minutes before they did. Though I generally listen to the podcast while working, so I’m not devoting 100% of my brainpower to it.

      The crab fight made me laugh, because Magnus(?) was very committed to his strategy.

    2. While I was listening to this section it occurred to me how ironic it is that Travis and Justin are now really into Poirot and Griffin is… not.

      1. Speaking of irony, have I told you that My least favorite arcs are SG/tSC because Griffin puts the story on rails, and my favorite arc is the one on the train?

  5. Great scene from Dr. Mike, but you’re right, it doesn’t bode well that it got cut. Also, were there any Lauren secret scenes?

      1. Thanks so much for the link

        I was glad to watch them as Lauren is not at all a curmudgeon in them and does absolutely no complaining. Thus proving to me that she is being edited in a way that may not accurately reflect her.

      2. Mike’s other extra video was good viewing too, even though it steered off into Outback talk and they didn’t show him share some of his observations from the merge feast with us, unfortunately.

        Jessica talking about her upcoming blindside (“It would be my worst nightmare to go home tonight”) made me sad. Also, interesting that she put some time into reaching out to Devon, but I think she spoke about that in exit interviews, too.

    1. I choose to believe that Mike will say so much wonderful stuff on the way to his glorious victory that they can afford to dump this very good scene.

      Yeah, he’s doomed.

      1. “I choose to believe that Mike will say so much wonderful stuff on the way to his glorious victory that they can afford to dump this very good scene.”
        Mike has proven he can be entertaining, so this wouldn’t be very outlandish. I definitely wouldn’t write him off.

  6. The sneak peek for Wednesday also got posted. The immunity challenge looks like they have to stay on a balance beam while also balancing an evil butt plug. My question is, what’s the over/under for how long Ryan lasts in this one? 90 seconds?

    1. Is Ryan’s ability to avoid being a target in the pre-merge a testament to his strong social game or is it more of a reflection that men perceive each other to be assets even when they aren’t?

      1. While it can be two things, I’d lean more towards the former than the latter. Arguably, gender aside, Ryan was no worse of an asset than Simone; Patrick going next also goes against the hypothesis. And when Ryan joins Soko, JP is the only other dude on the tribe, and it wasn’t his opinion that really mattered.

  7. My current Power rankings:

    1. Chrissy: In a good position and is considered a threat.
    2. Ben: Played the middle well and can clean up at finals
    3. Ryan: Mostly invisible, but still a front runner.
    4. Mike: Came out as well as he could. Still has an Idol no one knows about and a bond with Ben and Lauren. Has more potential than the other Healers.
    5. Devon: Had a good episode and is the smartest of the muscle bros.
    6. Ashley: Has some screentime and more connections than Lauren.
    7. Lauren: In a solid place and isn’t going anywhere for a while. I’m not sure if her chances of victory though.
    8. Joe: More threatening and strategic than JP.
    9. JP: On the right side of the numbers and probably the best goat for Chrissy/Ryan.
    10. Cole: Swiping food will not get him a win. His idiocy could let people unwisely keep him around though.
    11. Desi: Who? Also gone in 1-4 episodes (they could vote out Joe and Cole, then she buys herself another week with an Immunity win).

  8. Interesting that Dr. Mike states he is the ‘only person over 40’ still in the game, validating that Chrissy did in fact, and successfully, lie about her age.

    It is interesting the different responses to Chrissy’s bravado versus Dr. Mike’s bravado. Both are saying “No one else out where can compete with me, i’ve got this wrapped up, everyone’s gonna be so proud of me” but are getting VERY different edits and responses to such confessionals.

    1. I think the thing about different edits of Chrissy and Mike, is simply what I like to call “the underdog effect”. Mike was, and still is, a player looking from the outside, while Chrissy was, and still is, a player basically controlling the game.

      And I’m not necessarily saying that it’s JUST that, or even that because someone is an underdog, that means they get a good edit (even though I think it’s a part of it). I think it’s just easier to ride the high of being in the control, and being like “I’m the best!”, while when you’re on the bottom, you just have other things to worry about. There are exceptions obviously (*ekhem*Russell*ekhem*), but I think it applies more often than not.

    2. In addition, Mike says he’s the oldest by four years, meaning that Chrissy told everyone she was 39. Which, if you’re going to pretend you’re not above 40, is a little on the nose…

  9. That entire JP video should have been aired in the show. I was laughing my ass off. Been a long day I guess.

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