Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 4 Liveblog: “I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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874 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 4 Liveblog: “I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around”

        1. I think someone on the Dream Team is just a big grunge fan and sneaks those references in. The giant tower they used for the final challenge of SJDS and Worlds Apart was called the Temple of the Dog.

      1. It’s just nervous. A German Shepherd has been spotted running loose with a rifle in Hornacek’s area.

  1. The Knicks aren’t playing tonight but if they were I would gladly give up an hour for Survivor to maintain my sanity.

    1. Have you heard of the podcast, The Decision? It’s a Knicks fan who invites a fan of every other team onto his podcast to pitch him on being a fan of someone else

  2. I worry about Desi. The Healers could be looked at as the power crew and could be split up to where they don’t have the numbers. Just let Desi be safe, Survivor Gods.

    1. I’ve come to accept that Chrissy is a strategic mastermind.

      A strategic mastermind who straight up believed Ryan’s line about having a good vibe from her on the boat.

      1. And whens he said – maybe I remind him of his mom or he wants to play with his mom, I yelled out (and I was by myself), “no, you threw up.” Plus, she was one of two older females and smaller than others.

        1. According to Wigler, who was there, Ryan and Devon had picked Chrissy before the challenge because they wanted to work with her and their tribe had left before she threw up and did not see it. It was a good vibe! Vive Chrissy!

  3. I’m having a hard time feeling strongly about this, but I’m not big on the three tribe to three tribe swap. I’m kind of ready to see how this cast plays in slightly larger groups, especially given how boring the early boots have been.

  4. Have we had *any* episodes start with post-tribal scenes that night?

    Maybe we have – for some reason I can’t remember these memorable players.

    1. You seriously don’t know who Cowboy Rick is? He’s been on every season since South Pacific.

    1. I think there is a good chance Roark is screwed. I imagine Chrissy will want to keep Ryan and believes she can manipulate JP. Ryan will want to keep Ali. No spot for Roark left.

        1. Her best shot is getting rid of Ali. I would suggest JP but he is the only person capable of lifting something on their tribe and she needs to survive 2 vote outs. The fact that the Healers are all still around is not good for her either.

  5. If we’re going to keep getting PBJ as a prize can we please just once have Jeff yank off the burlap and yell “IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME?”

  6. While Ben was tossing that ring, you know that Lauren was thinking “20 years of softball, we’d be done this challenge by now if i was throwing. “

    1. Calling it now, “I’m scared” confessional is total winner edit. Like able white guy with rural charm, it’s a lock

    2. I’ve been going to carnivals since I was 6 years old. I could’ve nailed that fork thingy in the forehead from 100 feet away!!

        1. Don’t they always say you don’t even get much meat from the chickens? That was a lot of bread and peanut butter and jelly. That’s a soured of protein and carbs that’ll last a while.

          1. I hope they don’t say that. It’s, like, a whole chicken. If you can’t get much meat from that, you’re pretty shitty at preparing a chicken.

            Also: the eggs were the better reward.

          2. If you keep them in a tiny cage all miserable and hungry for a long time before you eat them I imagine you get less meat. The Tai strategy is really the way to go as far as chicken care, you just have to be less sentimental about them.

          3. Now you’re truly in line with Actuary Chrissy’s thinking.

            (that was her whole point in another Ep.3 bonus confessional)

          4. That works too, but they keep better than fruit or a loaf of bread or whatever if you let them eat bugs and stuff. There could even be eggs if you are OK at taking care of chickens.

    1. That was just awful! I saw that immediately and I am nowhere near that smart. How in the hell was nobody watching the bags? I would have saved mine and just watched the others reactions as they opened theirs.

    1. So far neither of these advantages had any effect on their votes.

      (the first-tribal idol may have an effect later if used as a fake idol, we’ll have to wait and see)

      1. Umm, Joe or Desi might have gone home w/o Devon being blocked. Though yes, they probably still would vote for Joe, and Joe would play his idol for himself.

        1. Yeah, I’m assuming that Joe went into that tribal planning on playing the idol on himself, and nothing that happened (including Devon’s advantage reveal) changed his mind. And I don’t think Ashley and Alan changed their target based on Devon’s advantage reveal.

    1. Cole is looking more and more like Jon Hamm’s character from 30 Rock, where he’s too dumb to understand that people just let him do things because he’s so handsome.

  7. I don’t want to have to admit that Ryan made a good move. But, yeah, that was some solid social game play.

          1. He kept hopping when they were untying the rope, and I kept repeating “Look at the hopper. Get it, he’s a bellhop” at my fiance. 😂

    1. I mean, it’s not a bad move, but it would also be actively stupid not to connect with Chrissy. That’s like, the entire benefit of giving someone the idol.

      1. And he did it in such an awkward manner. She took it seemingly really well, but why not take a more happy approach like “So…, tell me everything about your first tribal council with the heroes…” *grin* “… must have been scary for everyone to go to tribal so early…” *grin*
        She’d know just as quickly what he is talking about and the whole conversation would have had a lighthearted touch, instead of this weirdly solemn tone.

      1. Chrissy kind of has a resting grin. She was smiling when she threw up! She was smiling when they lost the reward!

  8. random aside, Michael jacksons Haloween? Someone needs to be fired for green lighting that.

  9. I actually don’t hate these limited use advantages. I’m hoping we’re not going to be seeing them every other episode, but they do add some interesting cross-tribe gameplay pre-merge AND won’t lead to Advantagegeddon like GCs. It’s already clearly working as they intended with how Chrissy and Ryan were able to connect.

    1. I can see the producers point of helping to insert some randomness to the opening salvos where there’s little loyalty built up between participants, so it usually ends up the case of the social ‘odd one out’ goes first, or the ‘crazy one’. I think the saving someone else is more interesting than the stymieing of someone else’s vote, which seems generally mean spirited. I personally wouldn’t want to go out that way as its rob you of the greater part of your agency. I think ultimately IMHO, it’s rather unsporting (both ways), you can’t really promote the idea of high strategy being the order of the day later in the series and tinker this way with the format at the start, it feels contrived and desperate.

    2. Yeah I was thinking the same thing about advantages as well. If they are going to insist on littering the game with advantages then this is the way to do it. The one-time use thing prevents Advantagegeddon and the pass-it-on thing introduces a cool new social dynamic.

      I wonder if this is the ultimate end for how they envisioned the Legacy Advantage. I’m sure they had it in their head that the thing would get chained from person voted out to person voted out to eventual user as good TV, but it never worked out that way. Now you’ve got a built in pass-it-on feature that is way better than anything they could have gotten out of the the Legacy Advantage.

      Also the timing of these has been perfect. Week one and swap week are where somebody’s game play is most likely to get “unfairly” cut short before they’ve had a chance to get their footing so these were good times to deploy them. Under that logic I expect to see another one of these at the merge as well.

      If this is the future of Survivor advantages then I’m on board.

    1. Jessica was priceless there. Instinctively, you could tell that she believed Mike was sincere. She just kept on staring at Cole and saying, “It had to be someone”, until he admitted that he told Ben. But only Ben. Because Cole is a child that just got caught in a lie by his parents.

      1. I loved the pregnant pause after he told her repeatedly that he didn’t tell Lauren … and then he said that he told Ben. Classic Cole.

          1. I caught “Monkey Wrench,” “In These Times” and “Everlong,” but I’m not a huge Foo Fighters fan so I’m sure I missed some.

          2. I felt that went without saying since it was the challenge name, but yeah, he did say it out loud, too.

          3. Yes. I forgot that one.

            Edit: Did I miss it, or did he leave out the extremely obvious choice of “The Best of You?”

        1. I loved that show, but I hear it’s stuck in music-rights-clearing hell. I was just floored when they ended the finale with “My Little Corner of the World”, which I used at my own wedding several years earlier.

      1. Fuck that season for having someone on it who could make me think “I hope Colton’s side wins”.

          1. Probst turns Colton around, reveals the switch on his back. “Here’s your problem – someone set this guy to ‘EVIL’.”

          2. There were warning signs. And when Alpha Douchebag spoke at the reunion, my thought was “You really are horrible”.

  10. Joe and alan was the one post-swap new combination, and they didn’t disappoint. Well, Alan could’ve been crazier. But still.

    1. Everyone knows that Brazil has had cloning technology since the 70s when they were turning the boys from Brazil into little Hitlers. I saw it in a movie whose name I can’t remember.

  11. Will Devon use the advantage on the player they’re planning to vote out? If he uses it on Lil’ Tony -er- Joe, will Joe play the idol on himself or Desi?

  12. Now it’s time to see how smart Devon is. If he’s smart, you use the steal on one, vote for the other person other than who you were planning, and you’ve got a split guaranteed to work.

          1. Jessica may be wary of her relationship with Cole now, but when he looks at her, he can still see the Heaven In (her) Eyes.

    1. He has defeated the Hero and claimed his Survivor wife! Long live Joe, son of Tony, Grandson of Russell!

      Now let’s just hope the good genes skip every other generation.

  13. “I tricked Alan into revealing he was close the person he already had a relationship.”

    Yeah, Joe is tony in the same way Vinn Diesel is Brando.

  14. This actually works well for Devon, as he can continue to play both sides, because no one knows who he would have voted for.

        1. I’ve learned there’s not necessarily a perfect correlation between sounding like you have a low IQ and actually being stupid. I’m waiting to see whether Devon actually does something indicating low intelligence before I pass judgement. I mean he correctly picked out Joe was lying to him and played that correctly. It’s not like brilliant play, but for a lot of players paranoia would get the better of them in that spot.

          1. Yeah, I feel like Devon has a lot of situational awareness and is not overplaying his hand. I think he’s been playing very shrewdly so far.

          2. agreed. Thus far i’ve gotten nothing from him to believe he’s unintelligent or not playing well. And while he hasn’t blown me away, he’s played well in these early stages.

          3. Yup. Devon may actually be my new favourite of the jock guys. He seems to have a decent handle on what’s going on, despite his surfer persona. Basically a less charismatic Jay is what I’m seeing right now

    1. He’s at least as sharper than Taylor. What has Devon done that’s even particularly dumb? He correctly decided that Ashley was honest and Joe was lying. He correctly noted that he did not, in fact, receive an advantage. I haven’t seen him be particularly clever, but I also haven’t seen him do anything particularly stupid.

      1. I really wish we had a player named Charlie this season so I could post a “Charlie don’t surf” GIF.

    2. Devon is a lot more than his surfer persona suggests. When the tribes were divided in the first episode and the Hustlers were given the red buffs, Devon said “Oh man, we got the red buffs, that’s what the Villains got.” (from HvV). He is definitely a superfan of the show.

  15. “You can’t penetrate the heroes when there are literally no cracks.”

    Hi, I’m Joe and I did absolutely no detective work on my new tribe.

  16. Desi is safe and the Yanks are one game away from the World Series. There is a God…and a devil.

      1. Oh I want the Yanks to win, I’m just aware of their status among baseball fans. Also, I’m happy Verlander isn’t starting both games.

        1. The Stro’s need this more. If it is Yankees Dodgers, I will probably root Dodgers since they have gotten close for a while.

          1. The Yankees are the only way to save the universe that was knocked into chaos after the Cubs won the World Series.

          2. I don’t want to live in the “Yankees win!” universe! I’d rather live in this hellhole of a “Cubs win!” universe!

            But boy-howdy, do Cubs fans ever suck!

        1. Eh, i was on that Sandra hype train in the beginning, but after her boot, it was just a long descent to sadness…

          1. Some would even say stranger things 2 is gonna happen next week.

            Out of all the terrible jokes I’ve told, that’s definitely one of them.

      1. Well, he found something labelled “Secret Advantage” in his bag. I would think that it was something beneficial to me if that happened to me.

    1. It reminds me of Parvati’s reaction when they opened up the bottle in Cook Islands: “That’s not fun.”

    1. Yeah, but I can get behind this showmance. She wears her heart on her sleeve and he’s dumb as bricks. It’s a pretty awesome combination.

      I just hope the arc of the season is that Cole keeps pissing Jessica off by being an idiot, they stumble backwards into the finals, and then ultimately end up fucking hate each other from the various miscues. Watching their faux relationship fall apart would be pretty amusing.

      1. i read this first as “end up fucking each other” and was like yup that is definitely the end of a series of betrayals

        1. I read it as “hate fucking each other” and thought, wow that’s a big shift in ideals for Jessica.

      2. I think we’re being set up for her cutting him as her BIG MOVEZZZ and she might win. No other idea why they’re investing so much time in it

      3. Its much more interesting than the traditional “hey we’re a couple now” showmance. I’m hoping for some fun fights like Jonclyn had

    2. It’s funny to say that, but I actually thought Amber in All Stars was much more useful than Cole. Jessica is going to have to start coaching Cole like he’s a small child… or Keith Nale.

        1. OK. I thought you were just implying the genders were flipped. If you’re saying it’s bizarro in a bunch of ways, I’m down with that.

          1. Keith at least knew not to say something if you specifically told him not to say it. And were very clear about what he WAS allowed to say. And gave him a script. And then read it to him.

    3. Cole wants so badly to be a power player, but he just doesn’t have a strategic brain. Watching him play Survivor makes me wince.

      He would have been a great fit for San Juan del Sur.

  17. I’ll say this much: I’m gonna miss those crazy eyes. Even a calm, rational statement seems so much more fun with huge, extreme irises!

  18. “I read your face.”

    What is more likely? Joe is able to read people, or he flipped a coin in his head and it came up “Joe”?

      1. During the break I ran through options for Desi in dealing with Joe, and none of them had him playing the idol for anyone but himself. Because from 3 episodes we could tell that Joe was not about to do that. I actually thought he did a good job of pretending he might earlier on.

      2. Which is fine. I mean, because of rock mechanics he should have protected Desi (for the brownie points), but I don’t fault him for not realizing that.

        But the grandstanding was just obnoxious.

        1. That’s why he won’t win, even if he somehow gets to the end. Openly bragging about how well you read people and rubbing your victory in people’s faces is taking a page out of Russell’s playbook, and we all know how that ends.

          1. I kind of want to go back and track when and to whom he did that, though, because the most prominent example I can think of is when he mocked Spencer for playing his idol incorrectly, and he had to know by that point that if he got to the end Spencer was absolutely voting for him.

            I really need to rewatch Cagayan now that I know what I’m watching, anyway, so I may do this in the off-season.

      3. On the KIAs they said that once Devon lost his vote, it didn’t matter who Joe played the idol for – he won either way. Either they got the results that actually happened, or Joe uses his idol on Desi, there’s a 2-2 tie for Joe/Alan and they have to go to rocks, and the only people that can draw rocks are Ashley and Devon. Is this right?

        1. I think probably, yes. I don’t think that was a consequence the producers intended, but it was one they probably should have considered before deciding to deploy this *on tribes of five people*.

          1. Yeah, when going through all the possible outcomes of this advantage in a tribe of 5 people, a 2-2 tie should be at the top of that list.

        2. I believe you’re almost correct, but they would have done a revote before rocks if I understand Jeff’s premiere night comment of “ties are back in play” correctly.

          1. On the revote if the original votes were for Joe and Alan, only Ashley and Ali would have voted. If either of them was going to change their vote at that point, I’d put my money on Ali, who seemed eager to vote out Joe last episode. Ashley and Alan seemed to have mended fences this episode to work together against the Healers.

        3. I think that makes sense. But then in hindsight, the better move for Joe would have been to play the idol for Desi. Yes, they’d both be safe either way, but him playing the idol for Desi engenders that much more trust. Joe kinda revealed himself to be a selfish asshole.

        4. This way they got to take out their target though. Not that taking out Alan looks like the right choice to me, but they have more control if he makes the guess with the idol.

      4. I think no matter who it is, if it’s a coin flip you always pick the person who you don’t think has an idol. It’s just too risky for the idol holder to play it on someone else and end up getting voted out. It’s the Spencer-Jeremiah thing from Cagayan as well

    1. Flipped a coin in his head and both sides were Joe, and also he was picturing a note his mom put in his lunchbox one time telling him he was cool.

    2. He seemed to be trying to make Alan think that Ashley is the reason he went home because…..??? he thinks Alan’s on the jury?

  19. Guys, there’s an interesting post show chat on peopletv dot com. Andrea, Zeke, Parvati and others

  20. Exaggerating the Tony , I mean Joe, move cause I got a shit ton of fantasy points this week.

  21. I guess the idols are hidden in different locations at each beach because I bet Joe dug around the well at his new beach the first chance he got.

  22. Well my run on the first page of Pick 4 is coming to an end. It will never be mentioned by John but I’m proud of my accomplishment, because I have low expectations.

    1. My all minorities team ain’t doing so well and I can’t even blame racism. He might have only survived one tribal council, but Allen still hung around way longer than he should have.

      1. I feel sorry for Desi, she really got marooned with the wrong people, you would think Alan might be her best potential ally, it’s best to stick together when the majority white middle-class twenty-something self obsessed group start playing the less than gallant ‘spot the odd one out’ game, whether consciously or unconsciously, But, Alan is not the individual you would want to build a game around.

    2. Well… since the mothership is dead…

      The Purple Rock

      I’m proud of my accomplishment, because I have low expectations.

    3. I thought it was going to be Ashley, which would have crushed my Pick 4 team. The only thing I have going for me is that my team is intact.

        1. As much as I like both those movies, that would be such a lazy and uncreative way to go if they play that song. So yeah, they will play it.

        1. There’s a difference between riffing on the theme and being painfully on the nose for the specific episode.

          1. So either play Brand New or Something Corporate, she says to someone who won’t understand.

        1. Yes, I briefly tried to use “sounds like yellow but isn’t” as a mnemonic until I realized how dumb that was.

      1. One of the tribes is really close to Yahweh, which reminded me of last week’s Adventure Zone assignment.

          1. That was like episode 2! (Don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t even re-listen to #3 yet) By the way, did Taako ever come up with this week’s assignment? Is it 4-5 or 4-6?

          2. I’ll catch up. I’m just a procrastinator. I didn’t even start my re-listen until Monday night.

      2. I’m pretty sure they’re still called Heroes, Beauty, and No Collar. I just don’t know which ones is which anymore (other than whatever one has Cole is obviously Beauty)

    1. If I wasn’t already sure it would be a Tragically Hip song, it’d have to be Hero by Enrique Iglesias in memory of Alan.

      1. Like I said, this idea immediately goes out the window. I had heard that Gord Downie had died, but it immediately slipped my mind because a) I have never heard a TH song and b) my favorite band was referenced on Survivor a lot.

        1. If it was any other week I’d expect a Foo Fighters song to be used. I wasn’t sure how much Americans (or just non-Canadians) would know about the Tragically Hip. I remember in the 90s (?) when they were already successful in Canada and they tried to crack the American market, but they were never able to match their Canadian success. But it was on CNN’s main page yesterday so I felt safe in mentioning it.

  23. This episode was entertaining, sure, but I can’t help but feel it would have been more entertaining had Joe stumbled on his way up to Jeff and dropped his idol into the fire, and then on the revote Desi was like, “sure, Joe.” So, looking back on this one, I’ll file it under: missed opportunity.

  24. It’s funny that we’re comparing Joe to Tony where I think there’s a better comparison with Russell Hantz.

          1. (Prefacing this with an apology in case it’s a joke…)

            The way I always try to explain it is that the ‘female’ is an adjective, not a noun. The correct term for a female human is a woman. If you just call someone ‘a female’ (a female what? a female cat? a female magikarp?) it’s kind of dehumanising. I am female, but I am not *a* female.

            Then I say “Would you call someone ‘a black?’. It’s like that.”

            It’s a bit more complex than that, but generally that’s enough to get the point across.

          2. You changed this reply, but I read the other one. I had never heard that before, and it hadn’t occurred to me at all. Glad it’s on my radar, but I know I’m likely to continue to sometimes make that mistake.

          3. Sorry, I wasn’t sure if you were being sarcastic or not and didn’t want to patronise. I recently joined my local Pokemon Go discord group so am currently doing the ‘why you do not get to refer to me as a female’ speech about once a week.

          4. Oh shit! I almost forgot his army of ‘dumb blonds’ in his first season. He was really a piece of shit right out of the gate.

          5. Which is why I hate that season. I never got a second thought he would win, hated that we spent endless amounts of time listening to him tell you how great he was, and realize that the rest of his cast sucked at the game.

          6. I absolutely understand your criticism, but I had a different take in real time. At first, I was just waiting for his comeuppance. Then, I started to panic that the show was spending so much time with him, and that he could possibly win, even though he was a shitty douche. Then, in the last two episodes, I was re-convinced that he was getting his comeuppance, and I absolutely savored FTC and the finale.

          7. I was convinced Shambo was winning the season, since she was the only non-Russell player to get time. I had no idea how she would win. When she was voted out my thought was “Huh………. maybe it will go Natalie?”

          8. I hated it when I first watched it because watching him lose (and a lot of Shambo fun times) was not enough to save the season for me. But it was a lot more fun the second time I watched, knowing how he was ruining his chances at winning, one misdeed at a time.

      1. I never compared Tony to Russell. There is a mean-spiritedness about Russell that I never saw in Tony.

          1. It’s more fun if I take every comment personally so I can get indignant. My target is usually Andy though.

          2. If John makes a negative comment that you think may be about you, chances are it’s about @SNPalsy:disqus

      1. I mean…Tony was a lot more competent overall than Russell was, so I don’t think you can use it to say the Tony comparison is better.

          1. I’m saying Russell is a better comparison than Tony! I’m not saying “Joe is as good as Survivor as Russell Hantz” because no we haven’t seen that yet. Russell is slightly above average and so far Joe has not been that.

      2. Yup. The single most dysfunctional relationship in the season so far was Alan and Ashley.

        Joe made them a ride or die pair.

        He ain’t no Russel Hantz.

    1. He’s not that bad, but he’s getting there. I was just going to say this week that he did a really good job executing his plan, but it made me like him even less. So that’s definitely a little Russell-like.

      1. Yeah. I said twice that I thought he was doing smart and/or interesting things during the episode, but I don’t like him.

  25. Jessica wanted to help the Healers, right? So why the heck did she block Devon’s vote instead of Alan or Ashley’s vote? That just increases the chances of a tie, and there would’ve been one if not for Joe’s idol. WTF?

    1. This will definitely be a point of discussion in the podcast this week. Because that move was inexplicable, even though I wanted it for reasons of tribal chaos.

        1. This surprises me exactly zero. I haven’t even gone to look at what they’ve been talking about this season. I can just see the threads in my mind instead.

          1. It was low key my favorite part of the pod. It’s just exactly what they do about everything, just pick something minor and OD on it. RobC does this too with the puns and I just can’t anymore.

          2. Rob C is the only motherfucker on the planet who would stage a Match Game tribute and then try to hustle through the panelist banter because he thought the wordplay was the important part.

          3. Was it all just wordplay based on Survivor tribe names that only he and Josh remember and think are funny?

          4. Well, they did only have the room rented for a limited amount of time, and wanted to get through two rounds of players, and one final round. He had to keep things moving otherwise they would have been kicked out by management and still in the first round.

          5. No I get it. It’s just that’s a way of doing a match game tribute that’s guaranteed to not do any of the things that make match game fun.

          6. I don’t know, I felt that the 6 panelists each had ~30 seconds to explain their answers, which seems plenty. I don’t need them to talk for 2-3 minutes to explain why they came up with “Coming in my apartment!”

          7. I just hope you never tire of podcasts who continually pick at one strategic move made in the first episode of the season.

      1. Agreed. I wanted to see it, but in the end it actually had no affect. Even if Devon had voted, Joe would have still idoled himself, and Alan would have gone home. So, in terms of actual impact, both ‘willing’ advantages have done nothing. Can’t wait for Andy’s rant!

      2. Maybe Ben told them about the conflict between Alan attacking Ashley and whatshisface, and she guessed they would fracture? maybe playing it on a Hero would freak the Hero out enough to play an idol on the blocked Hero?

        My best guess is that Cole insisted on giving it to Devon.

      3. It’s possible that Ben gave her information about the Heroes tribe that made her think Ashley and Alan were not going to work closely together, but I agree that it wasn’t a good look.

    2. At first I thought the recipient would get to choose the vote to cancel out, and I thought WTF? Then Devon read the note and I thought… WTF?

    3. There is no way Jessica correctly deduced Devon as a swing vote landing on the side of Alan and Ashley, right? Unless Joe let her know that through a series of blinks at the challenge?

      1. My best guess is she figured everyone would be teaming up on Devon? In which case, what good is your vote steal?

        Though a hilarious scenario is everyone teams up on Devon, Devon gets the vote steal, then Devon plays an idol for a zero vote tribal with rocks coming after the next vote ties.

        1. Yeah, from the perspective of “maybe everyone will then just vote out Devon,” it makes a modicum of sense. Clearly, she didn’t bargain for the “full steam ahead” suicide tie run.

          1. It seems like she bought in to the Jeff Probst “If separated from your original tribe, you are doomed” thought process, not the better logic that 2 groups of 2 will try to swing the lone person to avoid a 2 vs 2 down the road.

          2. But she got it right, she knew Joe had an idol and that if they didn’t have Devon, it would help the healers for his vote to be blocked.

            And that, even if they did have Devon, the healers with the idol could beat the heros.

          3. But that’s only a good thing when they needed someone on Healers to vote out. Now they’re trying to stick together and need whatever advantages they can get.

      2. Absolutely she did. She saw he was the odd man out and made a calculated guess that was spot on. Why does no one see how obvious this is?!
        *frustrated on Jessica’s behalf*

        1. The only problem with that scenario is that Devon *could* have sided with the Healers as the swing and Jessica wouldn’t have any way to tell. She throws a Hail Mary at Devon when she could throw a checkdown at Alan or Ashley. That it worked out ok for her former tribe is fine, but the odds weren’t exactly in her favor.

          1. Except I suspect she was hoping to get Joe’s idol played, but maybe I’m giving her too much credit?

          2. It’s entirely possible that was her goal, and maybe we’ll get some insight into that next episode.

    4. I wonder if she misunderstood it in the way that I misunderstood it.

      When she read it, I thought the person she gave it to would be able to block a vote at tribal council. I figured it was transmission of advantage (a la Ryan–>Chrissy), rather than always her decision.

        1. Then maybe it’s because Devon kind of looks like if you put Cole in one of those cloning machines that doesn’t quiiiiite keep all the DNA strands tightly wound enough, but if you’re single and looking for love and Original Cole turns out to be a childlike gossip in need of validation from everyone he meets, Clone Cole will do.

          1. Survivor fans are all masters of projection. But that sir, is a masterpiece, even in a competitive group.

    5. If Jessica wanted to help the Healers, why not block Ashley’s or Alan’s vote? Does she really think the 2 Heroes are going to want to team up with the 2 Healers and vote out Devon? Isn’t it more obvious that in a tribe of 5, each pair is going to try and win over the only swing vote to their side?

      1. There are ‘Lauren people’? This makes me happy I don’t follow any Survivor sites other than this one.

          1. Wait, she actually kicked ass in both challenges tonight so, umm, I don’t see her as boring.

          2. I’m not sure I would describe her as doing nothing when she seems to be picking fights where ever she goes

          3. I did like how she correctly figured out that Cole telling her about Jessica’s advantage made no sense, and how she let it slip to Dr. Mike that Cole had told her and Ben, knowing it would create some chaos with the 3 Healers.

          4. I was confused about that too, I assumed Dr. Mike didn’t know anything about the advantage, but when he got out to the raft he said that Jessica had told him about it.

            But as far as we know, Lauren and Ben didn’t know that Dr. Mike knew about it. Either way, they figure it would cause chaos to let him know that his alliance-member Cole was telling everyone about their secret.

          5. You can see him in the scene where Jessica tells Cole, he’s kind of off in the side of the shot, but he was part of that conversation.

            I get the strategy of the move and I think it’s the right idea, it just didn’t work out so much here

          6. Was Dr. Mike really a part of that conversation? Did Jessica or Cole say anything to him, or he to them?

            I think he’d be better off with Ben and Lauren.

          7. He was present. He was told about the advantage. I think that implies a certain level of trust (or appearance of trust) that would keep him from flipping.

          8. I didn’t think he did. One thing she said was, “I know about it, and you don’t, you know what I’m saying…?” like underlining just out-of-the-loop he was on this key info. (Hope I am remembering that right.)

          9. Ah, wow, I thought it was just him and her–but that would explain my confusion later when she said “only two people knew about it…”. I really wish I was able to follow Mike’s game better, I got no idea with him, and apparently I just don’t see him if they aren’t focussed on him and his Joe thing or nerd-dad-troubles or whatever.

          10. What I get from Mike’s game is that he’s been cast to be the new Survivor Nerd, but the editors actually have no idea what to do with a Survivor Nerd if he’s not going to either become a strategic mastermind or go down in flames. Be a better stereotype, Mike!

          11. It got back to Jessica that Cole was telling people! It may not be chaos but it’s not good for those Healers.

          12. The show did a good job of showing us that. She seems like such a loner/”misfit” in this cast, but that was probably as solid and smart as any thing anyone has done so far this season, too easy to underestimate.

          13. I think Lauren is probably feeling more comfortable being with Ben. He seems like the person in the game she would have the best relationship with.

          14. Not gonna lie, I had to look up “artisanal”. It seemed like an unfortunate portmanteau, like “analrapist”.

      2. I think you are on the right track with that line of thought. Everyone (including myself) seems convinced that a woman is the winner of the season, but I don’t think it’s Lauren.

        1. I still think Ben has a very good shot. But yeah, much more likely it’s a woman than a man at this stage.

          1. I’d put Chrissy above Ali, so:

            1. Chrissy
            2. Ali
            3. Jessica
            4. Roark/Desi
            5. Rest

            We have “checked in” with Chrissy SO many times thus far, every episode, including episodes where there was no other narrative but “hey, look, Chrissy” Ali hasn’t quiet got that, from my impression.

          2. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

            Hopeful thinking cause she’s on all my teams. It’s my list, so I can do what I want.

          3. Yeah if the Michele truthers end up anywhere it’s with Chrissy I figure, because I’ve noticed that same thing

          4. The only reason Ali isn’t winning is because it’s obvious to me that Ali is winning and I’m always fucking wrong.

          5. Jesus, Desi stepped into the spotlight in the most unfortunate circumstance, it was looking potentially tragic, but yeah some game smarts shone through the whole way. Being Joe’s ally isn’t the greatest place I don’t think, but I feel she’s got room now to maybe do anything as new surprises inevitably approach.

          6. 1. Ali
            2. Chrissy (although she is thoroughly mediocre)
            3. Jessica

            4. Ashley
            5. Roark
            6. Lauren
            7. Desi

    1. Yeah, i was like, what? I mean, i don’t dislike Lauren, but i’m not taking her to a party anytime soon.

      Clearly I’m taking Alan crazy eyes so I can watch him interrogate people!

      1. That’s who Lauren reminds me of: that friend who you don’t want to bring to a party because she’ll tell you she wants to leave twenty minutes after you’ve gotten there.*

        *Which is fine by me at this point in my life. I didn’t want to go to the party in the first place. But 20-something me would have hated that.

          1. I wish I was here 4 hours ago to make this comparison. Lauren looks like her favourite drink is milk.

          2. What’s wrong with milk? It’s your good friend that’s there after you prove that you can so too put a whole habanero in your mouth.

        1. Parties aren’t that great unless there are strategic games involved. I don’t go to a lot of parties

          1. Jackbox Party Pack for the PS4. The Party Pack 4 just came out yesterday.
            Good times.
            That or karaoke. Basically the only way I’ll agree to parties these days.

          2. In Party Pack 1: You Don’t Know Jack, Drawful, Fibbage, Lie Swatter, Word Spud
            Party Pack 2: Quiplash, Fibbage 2, Bidiots, Earwax, Bomb Squad
            Party Pack 3: Quiplash 2, Murder Trivia Party, Guesspionage, Tee K.O., Fakin’ It
            Party Pack 4: Fibbage 3, Survive The Internet, Monster Seeking Monster, Civic Doodle, Bracketeering

            I haven’t played 4 yet.

          3. I wasn’t sure if you meant all or just the new, so erred with all.
            I’m not sure on YDKJ. Seems odd that they haven’t had an updated version of that.
            I can’t wait for Drawful 3.

          4. My friends (also mostly Survivor fans) play games like Dead Last, Resistance/Avalon,
            and Two Rooms and a Boom among others. Way more fun for me than parties I’ve went to in the past.

      2. I started liking Lauren this episode. Everyone else seems like great TV, even the older moms have been basically cougars. Mike is a well-known, familiar dorky nerd type, and Ryan is the younger version of that… But Lauren just seems like your regular type person (Working Class?), not easy to pigeonhole, making practical choices and keeping her head together, and she’s representing the everyman/everywoman pretty well.

        1. I want to like her and I want to see that everywoman thing, but that sourpuss just puts me off.

          But then I am a person who cracked up at pretty much every Patrick moment, so maybe she and I are just not a good fit.

  26. Post survivor adrenaline fueled comments: This season is trending upwards. there are still 3-4 storylines that can payoff, we have had a dramatic tribal, and there are a few players to root for. Mike, Ryan, Ben, Chrissy, I like where we are headed

          1. Right, but @jason8ate:disqus ‘s comment made it sound like even seasons were usually bad, which is the opposite of the rule for older ST movies.

          2. oh no, I meant that it would be a nice break from the awful portions of last season or the Will/Dan bullying or the Scot/Kyle nastiness. I’d love to make it a whole season without some reprehensible incident.

    1. I thought this ep was definitely a step in the right direction. The swap was fun, there was some good game play and some really bad game play, plus starting out with a challenge almost right away didn’t hurt either.

    2. There are, but the Cole/Joe idol one just kind of fizzled out so who knows. I kept expecting Desi to flip because of that story line. But maybe that story line was more about Cole the blabbermouth

      1. I think at this point, what we perceived as ‘Joe & the Idol vs. Cole & the Healers’ was actually a narrative about ‘Cole the revealer & Jessica the betrayed.’ I anticipate a lot of ‘will they or won’t they’ and a lot of ‘will she or won’t she’ for Jessica cutting Cole loose. Or maybe she keeps him as a delicious meat shield.

        1. I’m actually okay with it just having been about Cole revealing Jessica’s secrets, since it was so funny. I’m loving this ‘horny woman drags along handsome, stupid man’ plotline for now. It’s refreshingly different!

        2. Yeah, I think that’s possible. It doesn’t sound like she’s cutting him loose anytime soon though

  27. Episode thoughts:

    Cole is not good at this.

    I like Jessica and Ashley.

    Chrissy believes that Ryan giving her the idol had nothing to do with her puking after the Immunity Challenge. Winner!

      1. It was a bad look for her. Ryan was basically saying “I thought you sucked and would be an instant target so I wanted to cause chaos” and she took it as a compliment.

          1. Yeah, just another grudging respect point for Ryan. He’d probably be pretty good at this game if I didn’t arbitrarily hate him.

        1. I thought the same thing at first but realized that I was maybe projecting my thoughts onto Ryan. I don’t actually recall him specifying the reason why he chose Chrissy, in either this or the first episode. Also that scene wasn’t edited in a way that made her look foolish. Just supposition on the part of the viewer is what makes it a bad look for her.

      2. Maybe she remembered, and felt it would be better to stroke his ego by thanking him and making him feel like he did her an amazing and heartfelt thing, rather than boiling down that connection to “I puked” lol

        1. The fact that she went “Maybe he thinks of me like a mother figure” in her confessional clouds that argument a bit,

          1. Yeah, it was less “I think Chrissy is a brilliant mastermind” and more “I want to think Chrissy is a brilliant mastermind” Honestly, I just think Chrissy is a nice person who sees the best in a moment like that, and is looking to build alliances at this stage.

          2. The last fucking person I would want to play Survivor with is my Mom. She’s the type of person who would insist on taking Tina to the end because it’s the ‘honorable’ thing to do. Ugh.

    1. Didn’t somebody say that Ryan didn’t know that Chrissy had puked? I can’t remember if I heard that on a podcast from Josh Wigler or what, but I’m quite sure I heard that from a reasonably reliable source. Ryan apparently wasn’t there for that and didn’t know about it.

      1. Instead, he had to rely on “I chose one of the older ladies for the same reason the Heroes tribe did”.

      2. In an exit interview, Katrina said their tribe was the last to leave that first challenge, so the other tribes did not see Chrissy puke.

    2. There’s no advantage for Chrissy to call Ryan on his BS in that scene, and vice versa. Admittedly, I have a harder time rationalizing her subsequent confessional. Maybe she’s all too aware of the role the show will force her to play; maybe they omitted her being more cynical.

  28. Oh, Cole. I remember when Andy used to talk about how interesting it was that Ken wasn’t just a vapid pretty boy. He was an awkward, pretentious, obnoxious pretty boy, which was somehow(?) refreshing. Cole, you are no Ken 2.0.

      1. Ken did next to nothing! He just stood around and looked good! When he did do anything he was kind of a dick! Ken, I’m sorry to say, kinda sucked.

        1. Ken with David eliminated Paul and Lucy. He flipped Adam and was given the legacy advantage. He won immunity four times. He did plenty!

          Plus he was an often quirky and unpredictable player who was fun to watch. My second favorite character of the season, after Michaela.

          1. Nope, not at all. That’s revisionism! It was Ken who decided to connect deeply with a floundering David. It was Ken who felt threatened by both Paul and Lucy and led the charge against them. It was Ken who – at least initially – had enough personal magnetism to reap the Legacy from whatshername and flip Adam to his side. He laid low post-merge but that by no means equals him being David’s stooge. I liked David well enough, but Ken was underrated as a player, and as a fun character.

          2. It was Ken who couldn’t connect with anyone but a floundering David. It was Ken who when feeling threatened forced his alliance members to vote his way. It was Ken who blew up alliance members plans. It was Ken who, when following the “honorable” path, voted out his best friend and closest ally. If Ken won, he’d be a less likable Fabio.

          3. You are as wrong about Ken as Andy is as wrong about Chrissy! For shame, I say, for shame! I can only hope that one day you both will come to your senses.

          4. I’ve always seen myself as a modernist sort of Prom King. Postmodernism is for sheltered know-it-alls, ivory tower types. I’m School of Life, baby!

            I get a kick out of curmudgeons. And grouches, and sarcastic eye-rolling teenagers, and kids who take their toys to go off and play by themselves, sneering baristas and snooty waiters and mean bartenders, uptight librarians and pompous old men and purse-lipped spinsters, and Krampus.

            Although for some reason I’m not yet on-board the Lauren train.

        2. People write Ken’s phone number in bathrooms with the message “for a good time, call anyone except this guy.”

          1. I’ll admit that Ken probably isn’t very creative or adventurous in the bedroom, but his handsome face/fit body will make up for some of the difference.

          2. Yes, but in a dramatic twist, his whole record collection is third wave ska, and you are going to have to listen to him condescendingly explain how you need the warmth of analog to bring out the subtleties of The Pietasters’ horn section.

          3. I think the first prerequisite for a good time with Ken would be a ball gag. He’s better seen than heard.

        3. You are, of course, right. But it’s a futile argument because almost everyone here has been hypnotized by his abs and his dreamy blue eyes.

          1. His abs, although admirable, mean nothing to me. I’m all about his strangely soulful anti-personality. I also rooted for Cody on Big Brother.

          2. So you’re saying that I need to save everyone from this mind-controlling abomination. I can do this. But I’ll need a hashtag…

  29. Don’t beat yourself up Jessica, but you kind of did make a mistake trusting Cole. I believe the technical term is: “He’s not so smart”.

          1. That name is familiar. Is he Keith’s equally dim, but far less interesting loved one? Pretty good comparison.

          2. I mean, Big D could mean something other than ‘fat’ for dudes, but I’m struggling to think what else it could mean for women. I used to work with a dude that was 6’6″ who had a wife that was about 6’4″. Maybe it was that?

          3. It could be like Big Meech on Big Brother or gigantic men called Tiny. Or perhaps it differentiates her from a child or other much smaller person with the same name.

    1. Cole may be the worst liar this show has seen since Judd. In fact, he is such a bad liar that he actually seeks people out to blab secrets he should be trying to conceal.

      1. He doesn’t even try to lie. He just tells everyone immediately. He’s like a child who spoils his sibling’s Christmas presents as soon as they’re bought.

    2. It what happens when you have hypnotic abs. I trust Cole and I’ve only seen him on TV being a blabbermouth

  30. So was Chrissy’s confessional after the Ryan-Chrissy scene as good for Chrissy and as bad for Ryan as I think it was? And by that I mean I am now sold on the Chrissy winner edit and think that Ryan is no longer a lock for the finale.

    1. I thought Ryan came out of it looking better, but I think there is a solid chance Chrissy wins this.

    2. I thought they both came out of it looking good. Ryan cemented a relationship with Chrissy who seems to implicitly trust him, and Chrissy found out who gave her the superidol and made a relationship out of it. Win/win.

  31. Is it just me or did Joe actually play pretty well tonight? It’s hard for me to tell because I’m mostly just reveling in all the fantasy points he earned me this week XD

    Also, how dumb is Cole?!?!

      1. As much as I wanted Joe to be Tony, Joe is just not likable. It always seemed like Tony was having the time of his life out there. Joe is more of a bully.

    1. I don’t think he did. He was savvy enough to play the idol for himself, which okay good. That said, if you have to play an idol for yourself this early, it’s not a promising sign. And it the fact that he had to play an idol for himself was mostly his fault. Fucking up the lie to Devon and getting into a pissing match with Alan were unforced errors he managed to survive, but they say his ability to play the social game and build a coalition post merge are next to nil.

      Also, for all the comps to Russell we’re getting tonight well… Russell broke the code for how idols were hidden and had a production team eager to help him do it. Joe needed help to find one idol and doesn’t look like he’s gonna get it for his next one.

      1. Yeah I suppose all of this is accurate…but if Joe could just find and play one more idol before flaming out, my pick 4 team might get into the top ten 😀

      2. I wonder what the idol situation is right now. I would assume Joe looked in the same place where he found his idol. Maybe production decided to be a little more crafty than just putting all the idols in the same place on every beach.

        1. It wouldn’t be shocking if they watched Tai run to the same spot he found his first idol in Game Changers and thought, “let’s not do that again.”

    2. I agree to the extent that the show wants us to think he played well (“I read her face” x3), and that means that he’s going to be around a while, dammit.

      And I agree about poor, sweet, dumbass Cole.

      1. Yeah I rolled my eyes a little at the ‘I read her face’ stuff. My mom was a prison guard for many years before she retired and that’s the way she always talked about work. I think people who work with cons ~might~ get a little high on their own lie detecting abilities. Although, Joe was right in this case, so…..

      2. I think when Joe says “I READ YOUR FACE” 10x as Alan is leaving, the show is going to show it whether they want him to look good or bad.

        I still think the show is investing in him as a villain not someone to cheer for, and they made him look pretty stupid earlier in the episode.

        1. I’m really surprised we didn’t get a “This is my idol, I’m not playing it for anyone else” quote, particularly after Desi tried to talk him into using it for her. That makes me think that he did consider using it for her, and they cut it knowing he wouldn’t. But it’s generally odd that we didn’t get more insight from Joe heading into the tribal when his idol play would be essential. Though, i guess it was a bit overshadowed by Devon getting the anti-advantage.

        2. I agree. I used to think he was being set up as an early boot. I’m now with you that he’s a long term villain

        3. Now I’m wondering if Ashley is going to be instrumental in voting Joe out, and her vote out confessional will be her saying “Can you read my face now, Joe?”

          1. I really think Ashley is one of the next few boots, the show has invested almost nothing in her to this point despite opportunities to do so.

      3. Everyone seems to be really pooh-poohing the face-reading thing, but I thought the expressions they showed us from Ashley pretty much gave away the game. Now it didn’t do him any good to rub it in like that, and I suppose they could have franken-edited that, but I thought the story we saw on TV made it entirely plausible that he read her correctly.

        1. Ever since I found out that the show lied to us about the other tribes seeing Chrissy puking, I am suspicious of everything I see on the show (up until that point I believed 100% of what the episodes showed us).

        2. He said “I can play this for myself or someone else” looked at her reaction and could tell that they’d voted for him. It’s not that hard really. I buy it. And I agree with you, he didn’t need to rub it in but he seems like the type that can’t NOT do that. I enjoyed him this episode though.

    3. I was convinced we were getting a downfall episode for Cole. That’s how bad he looked tonight, especially combined with the episode he had last week… yeesh.

        1. Jessica will tell him one last juicy secret, and then sneak up behind him as he gleefully tells their opposition…….

          1. Even if they lose, there’s no way the 3 Healers don’t vote together. Jess won’t go against him

          2. Yeah probably. Lauren blew up their spot. The Heroes have just lost a member and Ben seems more fun.

  32. Remind me if I’m mistaken since they changed the tiebreaker rules: the people who are part of the tie become immune, correct? In which case even if Joe was wrong about being the target, Desi would have been immune on a rock draw and he would have been immune from the idol, so the play works out regardless. Not that I think he realized that for a second.

      1. Exactly. He couldn’t misplay this once the vote was stolen even if he picked the wrong target.

        What he *could* have done is explained this to Ashley and let her flip on Allen herself to not go to rocks, thus building a bond that will be necessary once it’s 2-2. Who cares if Ashley knew their target; there was nothing she could do at that point, ’cause even if Allen had an idol, it’s still rocks for her and Devon. I really can’t fault anyone for not thinking that all through with 0 notice though.

        1. It’s also weird because it was so unnecessary. If they had eliminated a hero vote like they should have, Devon would flip to avoid rocks, and no one would have to use an idol. Jessica fucked this up.

          (Edit: Unless the plan was to flush Joe’s idol all along. Then, well done, Jessica!)

      2. Yes. And, much like advantagegeddon, I’m not really keen on a scenario which leaves only 2 people vulnerable to rocks (especially where one can’t vote). I think it limits play, rather than promotes it

    1. I think that they went back to the old rules. Was that said at the beginning of ep. 1? I think it was.

  33. Twist thoughts: the vote cancel is interesting, but kind of useless here. This tribal was coming down to the idol whatever happened. I think it plays out better in a 2 tribe scenario. Also, I’m curious about the root of the lifespan on these twists – does this come from Advantagegeddon?

    1. But it wasn’t necessarily coming to that. If you cancel a hero vote, you have a good argument to make to Devon that he should go with Healers on the re-vote to avoid a rock draw.

        1. If a hero vote had been taken, definitely yes. If your question is whether the person who had the vote stolen would get to vote on a re-vote, I am assuming no.

          1. Definitely the better question. I don’t have a definitive answer, other than what seems most logical to me. But who knows with Survivor producers?

          2. I believe MvGX settled this by saying that the only people who are safe from a rock draw are those who were voted against in the initial tie and those with immunity (via necklace or idol), which would make Devon arguably the most advantage-screwed of all time if it had happened to him.

          3. I would say so. Can you imagine seeing it coming with no way to stop it? Especially on your first time playing at the 4th vote

      1. True, I’m just saying here that’s how it played out. Its one o wouldn’t mind seeing again to see if it could find actual use, though I think like the vote steal its options are limited

    2. I agree that five people tribes doesn’t do the best for this twist. I actually think that the twist might be the most interesting at the merge as it could hamper vote splitting, make people more anxious to play idols and potentially help a minority of 5 or 6 have a chance to change things.

      1. Exactly. Cancel a vote in a vote split scenario, especially a narrow one, and It could cause chaos at tribal

      1. I think so. Even if the second tie happens, only Ashley and Desi need to agree on someone to go and I imagine they settle on Joe

  34. Is there a Tragically Hip song that fits this season’s theme or anything from this episode? Have to hope that one of their songs will be the outro music to this week’s podcast episode.

    1. I do like that guess the outro is a new game around here.

      Don’t like that every second week the guessing gets less fun.

      1. I can’t wait for you to use “Do The Hustle” on the final episode this season when you discuss Ryan’s win (and spend half the podcast making fun of bellhops).

  35. By far the best episode of the season, but a terrible twist.

    If the Purple Rock folks can’t follow what the clue does from Survivor’s storytelling, then it doesn’t enable strategic thinking by the audience.

    Still, I shall miss Alan. He was the amusing asshole.

    1. Let’s just say that three healers–Cole, Jessica, and Joe–end up on the same tribe after the swap. And let’s say Joe doesn’t have an idol. If someone gives the “advantage” to Joe, there may be a tie. On the revote, JP and Ashley probably don’t want to go to rocks (because they don’t want to draw the black rock) so they flip. There are ways the “advantage” could have worked.

      1. Can you imagine if Alan had gotten the “advantage” but didn’t go home? How paranoid would he be then?

      2. It could have changed the result (though I think there are more scenarios where is removes drama than creates drama); but based on this episode there’s no way it could have worked,

        Because Survivor couldn’t even figure out how to explain what the advantage WAS.

        1. Jessica figured it out. She also knew that Joe had an idol. She wants to keep Healers strong. What if Lauren had found the “advantage” and played it on Joe? He wouldn’t have gone home, but Joe knows that there is a 60% chance that Cole, Jessica, or Mike found the “advantage”. How does he react to that?

          1. Joe would have no idea where the advantage came from though. For all he knows, it could have been someone on his tribe, or either of the other two, because he isn’t aware it was hidden in the challenge reward. And prior to this season, advantages have never been willed or used from afar between tribes, so the natural assumption for those in the game is that the advantage came from someone on your tribe.

            Which is interesting, because Devon is the only person in that tribal that knows advantages are being shared/used between tribes (per his alliance with Ryan). So while the others may assume the advantage came from within, Devon probably knows that someone outside the tribe did it. And if he talks to any members of Cole’s massive inner circle, he’ll know Jessica did it.

          2. This is an awesome point, and I hadn’t realized how cool it was that he’s one of only 3 that would have any clue about where it came from!

          3. Jessica figured it out because she got to read the entire advantage instructions multiple times. Us viewers only got to hear part of the instructions once.

    2. I was very surprised to see so many people think Devon got the advantage rather than got his vote blocked.

      1. I rewatched the scene where Jessica read the advantage twice, and it’s ambiguous. According to Jessica’s reading of the note, she gets to cancel somebody else’s vote at TC, but if her tribe didn’t go to TC, she had to give “this advantage” to someone on the losing tribe. There’s more on the note than what Jessica read to us, but based on what Jessica said, it’s not crazy to think (as I did) that it confers the same power on the recipient (to cancel somebody else’s vote) rather than canceling the vote of the recipient.

        Another thing that was ambiguous is that the advantage said “do not read until it’s time to vote”. I’m surprised Devon revealed it before the start of voting, rather than open it in the voting booth, which is what I would have done unless prompted by production.

        1. That’s odd. I was certain she said she could block the vote of someone else if they didn’t go. So certain, my fiance bet on it, and I won.

          1. No, that was in the case of her own tribe going to TC. All she said about the situation if her tribe didn’t go was that she had to send “this advantage” to someone on the losing tribe. As I said, ambiguous, although I’m sure the fine print was clear.

          2. Yeah, it seemed explained enough for me that the person who received it on the losing tribe would not be able to vote.

        2. Definitely ambiguous–but I will admit that I did not imagine that it would be sent to the victim. She’s just holding it and reading (12:05 in the ep) and it says that she can send it anonymously to someone else on her tribe to cancel their vote. But if her tribe doesn’t go to TC, she can send this (i.e. The advantage that she is reading) to someone on the losing tribe. Doesn’t say if they get to read/use this ‘advantage’ ahead of time and use it on on their rival tribe member like she can or not.

          Anyhow, kudos to the editors, I for one fucking loved it–I definitely jumped to a wrong conclusion and it didn’t work how I expected at all.

          1. Yes, I thought that Jessica would have to announce who she was blocking, rather than just give the paper to someone. I was definitely bamboozled by that.

          2. A lot going on with a new thing… She does mention while reading it that the victim would be notified anonymously, so for me the surprise was that, since she didn’t go to tribal, she was transferring the punishment rather than the power to someone on another tribe.

          3. oh, right. now that you mention it that is a bit odd. it’s nice that they are still able to switch it up. I think someone mentioned below that the game is already complicated enough. I like the change, but introducing too much randomness could hurt the game in the long run and turn it too much into Big Brother.

        3. Jeff said on today that if Cole hadn’t said anything about the advantage when he said “It’s time to vote” they would have prompted him.

          1. Oh man, “We almost never have a situation where a player attempts to “cheat” the game in any way” has to be one of the most laughable things Probst has ever said. Not only was the fact that someone “cheated” the game (at least in spirit) the only reason this show has lasted 35 seasons instead of five, it directly contradicts what Probst has said before about not interfering when the players take things in an unexpected direction, such as by getting up and conferring during tribal.

      2. I thought Jessica had misunderstood and it was going to be a wild disaster, since what she said about it and the bit of the note we heard didn’t seem to match up. But I guess she was just paraphrasing the rest of the note for us.

    3. I guess they were hoping it would create a surprise tie vote, for some dramaz? Because the only way the advantage could have any effect in a 5 person tribe would be to turn a 3-2 vote into a 2-2 vote. If it’s just turning a 4-1 or 3-2 vote into a 3-1 vote then what was even the point?

      It would have worked better if brought out at an occasion when the tribes were even-numbered.

      ETA: in fairness if Joe hadn’t had an idol we WOULD have got a dramatic tied vote. I wish I knew what would happen after that. Revote, then rocks or fire? (In that situation I would love to see who abandoned their tribemate faster – Desi or Ashley?)

      1. Rocks. Totally rocks. We may have gotten the scenario that’s been promoted here before where BOTH people switch their vote and we get a second tie that way

    4. I can’t imagine the casuals understood that twist if it confused the die-hards. Although, are there still casuals anymore?

      1. There still were as recently as the Second Chances vote. Shane and T-bird don’t get voted in, but Woo, Joe and Monica do???

  36. So many inexplicable decisions tonight: Cole’s big mouth, Joe going aggro, Jessica choosing Devon to get the vote blocked…it all led to an interesting tribal, but I can’t say that it was an entirely satisfying vote-out. I figured Alan would go early, but never would have guessed he’d be idoled out. Huh.

    1. Cole is not too bright.
      Joe made a calculated risk that miraculously paid off.
      Jessica helped out the other healers realizing Devon would be the swing vote.
      Poor Alan.

  37. I haven’t read the blog or messages or twitter, but we just got done watching and hot damn, did we love this episode! We are currently also watching One World, and I have to say, I like every single thing about this season better than that one. I don’t even really dislike anyone. The challenges were great, the finally getting to know Roark and Desi more, the all out game playing, and a tribal council that was truly fun/surprising! I do feel badly for Alan because it was clear he really does love this game.

    PRP peeps, I have pneumonia, and this made my week! I’ll probably find out that I’m alone in loving it so much, but ah well, I likes what I like.

      1. Right?! I mean it really sucks for Alan, but at least he wasn’t actually crazy or even bitter. I’ll miss him.

    1. I watched tonight on the Worst Stream Ever so only caught a tiny percentage of that, but I hope to love it when I catch up properly tonight!

    2. There’s one key part of One World that nobody on this season seems able to match yet (but I agree this season is better so far)

      1. I am only watching it because of how people around here talk about the winner. I hated it the 1st time, and I hate it even more now. Almost every word spoken makes me seethe.

          1. Oh, man, I can’t really make a solid case against anyone who wants to argue that she’s a top notch winner, and I certainly wouldn’t be so stupid as to say she was undeserving or that her game had flaws–but for me, my perception of what happened that season is that we had one person who harbored the justifiable gall to exploit a bunch of idiots every day for more than a month in order to get a million dollars, combined with a bunch of idiots.

          2. The “bunch of idiots” rings very very true to me, and you can add “not humans I want to be around” to all but maybe 4 of the cast.

          3. As of yet, I have already seen better game play by Ali, Chrissy, and Jessica than on OW, but yeah. We shall see.

          4. I despised Colton like every rational human being, but on the re-watch, I have to say that his ability to control his tribe was pretty impressive, until his sick out. Not exactly fun to watch, but interesting at least. He’s the only person on that mainly sad cast who could have given Kim a run for her money, post-merge.

          5. I wish I felt the same. I did watching it when it aired, but now, everything about him and the season is making me gross out. Thankfully, the sick out is the next episode.

          6. I had the biggest laugh of any Survivor season when he brings the male tribe to tribal even tough then won the challenge.
            So thanks for that, Colton.

          7. That was amazing. And then he had to go and ruin it all with his garbage talk about Bill at tribal council. Fucking Colton!

          8. He was a despicable bully, and said dumb things about that guy even before.
            I mean, he wanted him out and that was the reason he had them at tribal.

          9. I still say that Jeff had no idea that the male tribe was coming to tribal when they walked in. His reaction is priceless.

      2. I thought we established last week that this cast matches up well with One World’s in hotness.

          1. Counterpoint: Alan, Patrick, JP, Devon, Cole, Ben
            Counterpoint: Malcolm, Caleb, JT (ugh, Game Changers)
            Counterpoint: Adam, Ken, Jay, Chris, Bret
            Counterpoint: Nick, Darnell, Caleb
            Counterpoint: Terry, Jeremy, Savage, Spencer, Stephen, Joe (supposedly), Woo (supposedly), Vytas

          2. I’m never sure what to think about Nick. He’s clearly very sarcastic in his arrogance, but part of me thinks that below that layer of sarcasm is some level of legitimately sincere arrogance.

          3. I’m never sure what to think about Nick. He’s clearly very sarcastic in his arrogance, but part of me thinks that below that layer of sarcasm is some level of legitimately sincere arrogance

          4. I’m never sure what to think about Nick. He’s clearly very sarcastic in his arrogance, but part of me thinks that below that layer of sarcasm is some level of legitimately sincere arrogance.

          5. Survivor Goddess Kim Spradlin is a goddess, and Chelsea, Christina, Sabrina, Alicia and even Monica are all various levels of hot. Kat is definitely not my taste, but you can argue she makes the list as well.

          6. Alicia is a gross human. This season we have Ali, Desi, Jessica, Simone, and arguably Ashley and Chrissy. I find this cast far more attractive as humans as well.

            Sorry, I hate One World, and greatly prefer the aesthetics of many other casts.

          7. Did you forget to mention Kourtney Moon, or just tired of bringing her up?
            I also like her the best from the OW women and it’s fair to rate Christina and Kim (more so off-island, imho) as hot, but the rest of that cast didn’t stand out for me.

          8. Having just finished Caramoan, I concur, but to be honest, I still find this cast more attractive overall thus far.

          9. Well obviously I agree with that (plus the Cool Kids who got eliminated early, Hope and somebody I can’t remember at all), but don’t John and Andy consider OW the season to beat in terms of hotness?

      3. I think it’s too early, even if it’s very unlikely that anyone in any given season would be a Kim. Ali has shown enough potential that she COULD be, for example.

      1. I guess after watching the tribe switch on One World earlier the same day, I am just so grateful for not hating anyone and that everyone seems to be actually playing the game, I feel like it’s wonderful!

  38. Is anyone else getting a china vibe? We’ve got a tod, Ryan a Amanda, Jessica, a Denise, christy/ mike, a james, cole/ ben a peigh gee, desi, a eric, jp a Jamie, Ashley and a jean-Robert , Joe. Oh for a good courtney.

    1. I don’t think any of those track, but even if they did, none of these people are as entertaining as the cast of China.

        1. Yeah, like… Lauren not only defended herself from a nefarious ginger, but she then sniffed out Cole’s bullshit and turned it on him. She’s playing a massively better game than Denise did her entire season.

          1. Wait until the loved ones visits. Production will have forced some of the players to invite a redhead.

  39. Some things I’d like to tell Cole ‘in strictest confidence’:

    – Hollywood has a major sexual harrassment/assault problem
    – So does the world in general
    – If America had tougher gun control laws, fewer of you might get massacred
    – Most women actually find giving blowjobs really boring
    – Reya has been rewatching Philippines as suggested and is hoping Malcolm is going to ask her to prom

    Now remember Cole, *don’t tell anyone*

      1. I’ll have to go check that out. I don’t go on twitter when I’m watching live in case my colleagues have questions about what I’m doing up at 2am and why am I so visibly tired this morning?

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