Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 5 Liveblog: “The Past Will Eat You Alive”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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948 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 5 Liveblog: “The Past Will Eat You Alive”

  1. There’s a cottage cheese commercial on with A-ha’s Take On Me playing. My childhood has been stolen.

    1. I thought Baby Boomers were ridiculous when they were upset over Microsoft using “Start Me Up.” Now I get it.

  2. Two weeks from today, on November 8th, the biggest PRP meet up (I assume) will be happening in NYC. We will be attending the live Know It All’s show. There are also tentative plans to have dinner/drinks before the event and drinks after the event. I’m not sure about the availability of tickets to the show but if you are in the area that day and want to attend any of the festivities, let me know and I’ll provide details to where we will be once it’s decided. I look forward to meeting as many PRP people as possible.

    1. I would go if only for the fact that I don’t like people or interacting with people. But I’ll nod encouragingly in your direction from Queens, if that helps.

    2. You guys are lucky. Rob announced on the KIAs last night that not only will Cirie be in the building, but she will be up on stage talking with Rob and Stephen.

        1. Rob has said on the podcast that he has tried many times to have her on the podcast as a guest, I think she only did it once (?) long ago, and every other time since then she has expressed interest when he reached out to her but she never firmly agreed or committed to a date. He said he got the impression that she wasn’t interested in talking Survivor. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she was going to be a guest at this KIA, discussing the episode. Maybe Game Changers got her back into the mood to discuss the show?

  3. If this isn’t a winners confessional from Ben I’ve never seen one. too obvious editors, Come on!

  4. Ben has sime PTSD. This is powerful to find out know … or it would have been if CBS and other podcasts hadn’t spoiled it for us.

      1. I listened to a podcast that has never discussed commercial spoilers before when making predictions before, and they did it for the first time ever this week. Thanks guys.

  5. To everyone who saw the spoiled preview (especially @SNPalsy:disqus), It looks like the second half was very bullshitty. Glad to see Ben isn’t leaving just yet.

    1. I had the exact same reaction when I saw it. Like literally, I commented in the live blog about it.

          1. Ahhhh yes ok. I mean disappointment I get but the way he plays not surprising it caught up to him eventually

          2. He was a huge fan of the show and practiced the hell out of the known death match etc. IMO he’s on of the most interesting players in season 4.

        1. It’s on Daily Motion. The first season is on YouTube, I think. At least it used to be.

          It’s really good, but it’s definitely not a background show. I couldn’t binge it easily because it requires undivided attention.

      1. At this point, if I was the red and yellow teams, I’d be “Yeahhhh…I’m not shoving my face into sand for one jug of iced coffee, y’all can give it to the PAs.”

  6. I don’t know if anyone else is watching the commercials (first time I’ve watched Survivor live this season), but a special called “Michael Jackson’s Halloween” sounds terrifying, although surely not in the way they’re intending.

    1. Well lets talk about its summary: “The special follows millennials Vincent (Till) and Victoria (Clemons), who meet “accidentally” on Halloween night and find themselves, along with Ichabod the dog, at a mysterious hotel located at 777 Jackson Street called This Place Hotel. Once inside, Vincent and Victoria are sent on an unexpected, magical adventure of personal discovery, culminating in a spectacular dance finale featuring an animated Michael Jackson.” Now doesn’t that sound like a modern holiday classic.

      1. CBS, stop making new Halloween specials and just re-air the Garfield Halloween special with the (legitimately) scary pirate ghosts!

    2. I’m sure after it’s over we’ll all be saying “That was no Captain EO.”

      (look it up, millennials!)

    1. Yeah that wasn’t a good look.
      I’ve already been doubting her skills at Survivor, and that just reinforced it to me.

    2. I was so, so disappointed in Ali. She’d shown such promise before this. I hope this was only a temporary lapse, and that she recovers.

    3. I don’t think that was a bad strategy. The way season was shaping up before this vote it could have easily turned into Healers having outright majority at merge. Being part of that side is not a bad call, in this age of survivor straight forward pagoning is not going to take place and Ali was backing herself to make closer connections with others on healer’s side at the merge. Now on yellow tribe, no one has any shot of getting a foot in with healers.

    1. I will say it again, they WANT the idols in play. if it were up to them they would just hand em out

      1. Shut your mouth! It is up to them and if they did it would almost certainly be a horrible clusterfuck.

      2. Sure, but this system trends towards the same people finding idols over and over again. I’d almost RATHER have them hand them out, or let them line up at one of those arcade claw games.

        1. Was Amanda the only survivor player who had an idol unknown to the audience. Did that happen? Or am I imagining it?

          1. You guys, I just opened the note… and that thing is definitely, by far, on the ground. I just… I can’t tell any more than that, for my own chances… but it is totally on the ground.

          2. Parvati apparently accidentally found one in Micronesia and threw it in the ocean or something and we never saw it.

          3. The Evolution of Strategy, an “audiobook” (very very long podcast you have to buy) Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler did where they spend ~10 hours on each season. If you’re in the market for more Survivor audio content in your life it’s a pretty fun way to go back through everything.

          4. I’ve been going through TEOS the past few months. I just finished Samoa, which is among my favorite chapters they’ve done.

    1. So I didn’t realize it was idol find (which I think shouldn’t be spoiled in preview) I really thought we were getting a boot telegraphed or spoiled medevac (which honestly made that Ben scene very concerning for me) the way it was being discussed. So again, thanks for keeping it all downlow and preserving suspense

        1. You did. Which is why this place is great. I was spoiled in somehow involved Mike on Reddit but managed to get away without learning anymore

  7. I keep having half thoughts about this episode. Nothing really spectacular, but there has been a significant amount of strategy confessionals for a pre-merge episode, apart from Ben before the credits.

    1. To clarify, I feel like I haven’t really learned more about any of these players as people through their confessionals, apart from Ben, in this episode.

  8. Dr. Mike and Jessica find the idol! This would have been great to find out as I watched it … instead of being spoiled by … whatever.

    Now I feel like i’m just an old man yelling at kids playing street hockey in front of my driveway.

        1. Well you absolutely communicated that clearly in your writing. I heard it that way even though it seemed like an implausible reaction to stabbing!

  9. Am I the only person who is bothered when Survivor uses rice as a prop in the challenges? These people are starving, and they’re basically being asked to throw food in the sand.

    1. Yeah, I was wincing. I tried my best to turn off my brain. I suppose it might be so they spill something biodegradable.

      1. The coconut thing doesn’t bother me as much, because I just assume they’re using old coconuts unless the challenge is to get the water out of them. (That probably isn’t the case, but it makes me feel better about it.)

    2. Since they now have separate reward challenges and it doesn’t matter if you come in first or second in immunity challenges, they should have given an incentive to come in first – give all the rice to that tribe

    1. He likely wears an earpiece with someone offscreen telling him what to say, like the actual tribe names, and “I guess you could say I’m Iraqi.”

  10. JP is the MVP for his tribe carrying all the rice … has he said a single word so far in this episode?

    1. It bothers me every time when a player is doing shitty and doesn’t let someone else takes over. It’s just not a smart game move.

    2. She did turn around and ask if anyone wanted to swap in more than once. One time Roark seemed to speak up, but it was more of a “I’ll do it, I guess, if you guys want me to, I mean, I don’t have to, whatever.” Grow a pair, Roark.

      At that point, have anyone go in and try. That type of maze seems like the kind of thing that you really have no idea which person might be good at it.

  11. Lol good luck with that. Chrissy is going nowhere. They did not invest all this time in her for her to be the 4th boot.

  12. Yellow loses. Roark, who we’ve barely heard from before this episode, talks once again saying Chrissy is going. Case closed, right?

  13. I don’t know, you guys, Cork is playing hard today. Do you see how she wanted to grab that big log before the tide came in? Game Changers 2, here she comes.

  14. I feel that it’s really important that you all know that Billy Garcia liked my “I’m calling JP” tweet.

    1. I miss getting actual emails saying “This person liked your tweet”. I had so many of those saved.

  15. Chrissy just said too much to Ryan. Just tell him that JP’s good voting Roark. Don’t tell him how you duped him into the vote.

    1. Yeah, no need to make yourself seem to be a strategic threat. Especially to another strategic threat! Although, I’m not sure Chrissy sees him that way?

  16. JP: I like Roark I want to keep her.
    Chrissy: She mentioned that there’s a 1% chance she would be open to an all girl’s alliance.
    JP: She must leave immediately!

    1. Roark and Chrissy are on my pick-4 too, AND I replaced Dr. Mike with Roark after he was so hapless and bullied in episode 1, AND Roark is on my 6-team league team.

  17. I’m pretty sure I heard people saying “do you want me to try?” in a volunteer-ish fashion when Chrissy was asking. Was I hallucinating?

    1. Someone really could have just stepped up and said “I’ll do it” though. It was a shared failure to work as a team.

      1. Yeah, FOR SURE. But don’t ask if you’re not prepared to take offers! Just forge stubbornly ahead!

        1. It was my impression that when she asked there was an initial long pause with no reaction or volunteering. After which Roark half-halfheartedly said that IF CHRISSY WANTED HER TO, she’d do it. That kind of passive-aggression would make me think twice about being led into a trap to being seen as “giving up”. Like, why preface it with the requirement of Chrissy wanting to not do it?

          1. No, I saw Roark offer more than once and being turned down by Chrissy. It didn’t seem half-hearted to me in the least.

      1. The way I saw it, Roark offered, but in a very non-committal way. “I’ll do it, I guess, if people want me to, whatever”. Someone should have said “I’ll do it!”

        1. I think both parties did it half-heartedly. Chrissy should’ve given up her spot. And someone needed to step up and grab her spot. All indecision.

          1. It should have been like when she stopped to take off her shoes or whatever, when she insisted someone take over. “I can’t stay on the balance beam, someone else go!” instead of “Heyy does anyone want to take over?” while continuing to get back on and try.

          2. I think once you’re the one person doing a part of the challenge like this, you do it until (a) another player asks to swap in for you, or (b) you ask if someone else wants to go and someone else definitively says “yes”. Otherwise you stay in.

            If I was doing this part of the challenge and wasn’t doing that great and I said “Hey, I’m not great at this, does anyone else want to step in?” and no one said “Yes” I’m going to keep going.

          1. I didn’t see Roark saying “Yes, I’ll go in.” I saw her saying “I will, I guess, if I have to, whatever.” A lot of hemming and hawing. If Roark really wanted to take over she should have yelled “Yes!” and started walking towards Chrissy.

          2. We don’t agree and saw it completely differently. Chrissy was insufferably refusing to let Roark in.

          3. Agree to disagree. I saw Chrissy more than once ask her tribe “Does anyone else want to do this?” Everyone else (not just Roark) was too scared to step up because they knew that if their tribe lost, they would be blamed for the loss. That’s nice for self-preservation, but it does jack-shit for tribe-preservation.

          4. According to her RHAP exit interview, Roark said she was never going to swap in for Chrissy because her balance is not good. She wanted to sit that challenge out, but the rest of the tribe had already decided that Ryan would sit out.

          5. You are a dog with a bone. This doesn’t change how the edit made it appear to my fiance and me. Clearly, we saw it through our own biases.

          6. My very first PRP-related Survivor argument was with Hornacek, back at the AV Club, and I think I used the same exact phrase! Although it was probably less of an argument and more of me getting increasingly irritated while he calmly kept restating why I was wrong. Sigh!

          7. Sorry, didn’t mean to be like a dog with a bone, just replying to comments. If I see something, I say something. No biases.

  18. I am quickly disliking everyone on this tribe. Ali might end up being the only one I can root for

      1. She’s continuing her streak of picking up the person who’s about to be voted out. I don’t really know what that means.

        1. It means she keeps scooting by without picking up fantasy points for votes to evict.

          I’m not bitter.

        2. On KIA someone tweeted in saying that everyone that got voted out from Ali’s tribes is someone she talked to at the well and told them they would be safe. #AliWellCurse

        1. Literally, whenever someone references Mike without his job title I spend a good three minutes going who’s Mike?

          1. Stephen asked on the KIA if Dr. Mike is the first player ever to have a honorific/job title as part of his Survivor name on the show (i.e. “Dr. Mike” instead of “Mike”). I can’t think of anyone else.

          2. Yeah, the only other one I could think of is when Cirie would call Sarah Officer Sarah, but that wasn’t how she was referred to by everyone let alone by Jeff or herself.

          3. I think Stephen was talking about Jeff calling a player by their job title. Jeff is calling him “Dr. Mike”. This is the show officially telling us, the viewers, that his name is “Dr. Mike”, not “Mike”.

      2. Honestly, I’ve never been too keen on Ali.
        She’s an active player sure, but none of that activity is getting her anywhere. Her strategy talks always seem super awkward and at the end of the day she doesn’t seem to be able to convince people and direct a vote. She reminds me of Savage in Gamechangers.

        I also have to question her desire to glomm on to the healers. And do what be on the bottom of an alliance? Sure there might be cracks, but she doesn’t necessarily know that or that she would be able to work her way in with them.

          1. I am ALL IN for Andrew Savage as a strict object of lust. There are reasons we won’t get into here but I give you permission to contact my therapist for his notes.

          2. Ooof, I always mix Game Changers and Second Chances up by the names – I just hear both as “the people we brought back because they did things (except the ones who didn’t)”. I used to do the same thing with Cambodia and Cagayan for some reason. If someone said one of the names, I honeslty couldn’t have told you which one it was.

        1. I mean, I like Ali because she’s (a) a good narrator and (b) attractive. It doesn’t take much for me. Her game, while fine, is waaaaaay too obvious. She’ll get to the merge and everyone will know she’s shifty af. My guess is the show saw a clever young minority female who can play to the camera well and who also happens to have a social media background that allows her to pimp the show to her followers and they’re giving her a “make her memorable so we can bring her back” edit even though her game wasn’t that great. Which is fine because, again, attractive.

          1. I workshopped goofball, but that kind of implies there’s intent to be silly, which I don’t think is the case. His silliness is uncontrollable and likely not self-acknowledged.

      1. I get the controversy because it is an outright lie. But in my opinion an absolutely necessary one because otherwise she would have been going home. Also Sandra and Tony did the same thing, so maybe I’m biased because those are two of my favorite players.

    1. I don’t love it either (because of the reasons Em stated above), but I think she picked the right strategy given her situation.

        1. She seemed a little brittle. Possibly this is what Chrissy looks like when she’s genuinely at risk, assuming she was always safe in episode 1 and knew it.

    2. Chrissy was giving me major Katie Hopkins vibes this episode.

      If you’re not in the UK and therefore don’t know who Katie Hopkins is, count yourself lucky.

        1. She was on the UK apprentice, was kind of awful, made it to the final 4 and then announced that she’d decided she didn’t want the job anyway and was quitting the show.

          She now has a career being hateful in the media, but I’m thinking more of apprentice-era, ambitious and superior Katie Hopkins. There’s some visual similarities, and also apparently a ruthless streak.

    1. I survived in the Champions League for one week more than my MvGX Outcasts experience. Thanks, Roark!

      1. This is where I’d claim “I’ll have my revenge” if I didn’t know myself well enough to realize the amount of effort that would take is far beyond my abilities.

    1. Wait… are people supposed to have a BETTER opinion of Chrissy after tonight? Is that what’s happening here? I’m genuinely curious here.

      1. I sure don’t, but somehow everybody on yellow except JP managed to make themselves look bad.

      1. It was easy to understand! I just looked at what Chrissy did in that first episode, appreciated it, then imagined what someone who was the opposite of right would think – and suddenly understanding of Andy’s perspective was achieved.

      2. I just know that when/if Chrissy is voted out, Andy will likely spend 1/2 of the podcast discussing/speechifying about how he was always right about her.

        1. There’s basically no way now for her vote out to have anything to do with my argument, unless it’s because she’s granted ANOTHER advantage that she does nothing with. Which I suppose could happen.

          1. I’m sure that you can steer the argument so that, no matter how she is voted out, you can frame it so that your initial hypothesis will be proven right.

          2. Look, if she gets dragged by the jury for coasting and not doing anything, THEN I can bring up her non-decision again. Otherwise, it’s a thing that happened that had no material effect on the rest of the game because her tribe never lost again.

            Note: I don’t see things playing out that way for her at the jury.

  19. So assuming Roark understands what a swing vote is (and wasn’t bluffing in saying she thought she was one), who do we think she thought her other choice was?

      1. Had already forgotten they had an actual conversation about a women’s alliance; thanks! Though it would also make sense for Chrissy to try to pitch her on JP if the end goal is to convince JP to feel threatened enough to vote against Roark… but that at least defines two groups to swing between.

  20. Lets establish the basics for the Roark boot. Yes, she did get swap screwed. No, she is not some underrated Survivor goddess. Her pitch to Ali for why she should stay was you can join our tribe. She got lucky that Ali decided to go with that pitch.

    1. I don’t think she did though – I think she was in a very powerful position as swing vote… which she proceeded to fuck up.

        1. Because why would you assume someone in a good position on their original tribe would screw over a longstanding alliance member in favour of a player they’d spent six days with?

          1. Correct – but also, Chrissy and Ryan had a connection, but it didn’t have to be more powerful than Roark’s interactions with people – she didn’t put in the work with others.

          2. Agreed. I’m just surprised at Ryan not looping Ali in – surely you either tell Ali so she’s not left out, or you get everyone to compromise on JP?

          3. He seems like the kind of fella who wouldn’t be too good at letting a woman down to her face. So just vote against her at tribal and figure it out later!

          4. I agree that Ryan should have looped her in – it was unnecessary to exclude her. She’s smart with majority voting

          5. I think Ryan’s been playing things very close to the chest.
            Apparently his alliance with Devon wasn’t obvious to the rest of the tribe. And from this episode, not only is it clear that Ali was unaware of the connection to Chrissy, but Chrissy also seems unaware of how aligned Ali and Ryan are. She seems to be more under the impression that they have a similar relationship to the one she has with JP.

            I also think that strategic Ryan isn’t coming through to the other players on the island. He’s playing strategically, but with a HEAVY focus on social game and I feel like everyone is underestimating him because of it and only focusing on the social.

        2. I think when she came in, she could have been the swing vote – but she didn’t actually attempt to foster any relationships with each side. She didn’t put in the work. It didn’t have to be the way it was.

          1. I think she did though with Ali, she didn’t with Chrissy because it was obviously not wanted

          2. That’s what I meant – she didn’t put in the work with enough people to be the swing. 2 people isn’t a majority

          3. She assumed Ryan was close with Ali, because he was close with Ali and would follow Ali. She did not think he was also close to Chrissy

          4. Agreed – but if there’s one rule with Survivor, it’s that if you don’t forge relationships, you won’t have them down the line. It just backfired sooner.

          5. i mean you guys realized that both sides (except Ryan) basically tried to only secure the bare minimum for a majority. Ryan basically out right said that Chrissy never talked to Ali, and we know that Chrissy and Roark never talked. Ryan seems to be the only person talking to everyone and when it was time to make a choice he couldnt figure out how to do it and loop in both Ali and Chrissy

          6. Chrissy, the people’s champion, the one who will show mean ol’ Andy how wrong he was, sure doesn’t seem to like to play Survivor with women, huh?

          7. Chrissy is right when she said it’s a two way street and Roark could’ve made a connection with Chrissy.

          8. I think Chrissy’s dislike was…very visible this episode. It might be merited – Roark might have been a total pain. But it doesn’t look like there was ever much connection to make. JP seemed to like her at least, until Chrissy told him not to.

          9. This isn’t accurate, but I saw her secret scene from last week which directly contradicts this.

        3. But Ryan only became the swing vote because Roark screwed it up by not playing to both sides.

    2. I agree with you but I am sure when I check reddit tomorrow there will be a lot of r.obbed g.oddess going on

      1. When Roark said that she only knew what she personally witnessed. After she sees the episode and knows what the other players were saying/doing, she may have a different opinion.

    3. Roark: If you side with me I can promise you 7th place when the 6 Healers reunite at the merge.
      Ali: (shakes Roark’s hand) I’m in!

      Ali, master-strategist.

  21. Aww man! Hate to see Pork go. She was such a strategic genius! #survivorreddit #robbedgoddess #bellhopstrong #deathtoSNP

  22. Last week: Jessica feels betrayed by Cole and isn’t sure if she should trust him.

    Next episode (from the previews): Jessica sees Cole fall down and hit his head which rekindles her “like” for him.

          1. The only way i would be okay with Paul on Survivor is if he gets second place again. It will never get old.

          2. Yeah but if he gets a couple Survivor second places he’ll be at winning BB prize money and we can’t have that.

          3. As the oldest (?) Gen Xer on that season, I wish when Paul was having his “heart attack” he would have said “I’m coming Elizabeth!”

      1. I mean, maybe i’m a huge hypocrite discussing the NToS clips here, since I’ve been ranting tje last couple of days about spoilers from CBS commercials, and other podcasts discussing those commercials. But I’ve always treated those NToS clips as part-of-the-episode. Am I wrong? If so I’ll own up to it.

        1. Policy had always been that NTOS is canon when it airs. It was part of the broadcast, so treat it as such.

          1. I agree with this but I do find it unfortunate that last week’s NTOS spoiled what tribe lost the challenge as Crissy’s conversation regarding the women’s alliance in the preview did not occur yet. Usually the NTOS is not that bad in spoiling things but I think CBS was off their game last week.

          2. It’s not necessarily the case that Soko would have lost. Two weeks ago, Cole was spilling the beans about Joe’s idol to gather votes against him in the case that the Healers went to tribal (this was before the challenge).

          3. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant that when watching tonight’s episode, I knew that Soko was losing when the challenge started as the clip in the preview had not yet happened in the episode, which meant that it happened after the challenge and most likely in the pre-vote scramble. However, this might not be that big of a deal.

          4. I was kind of ticked off about this too. That’s amateur hour by the Survivor team there. Don’t spoil the IC

      2. I know people laughed, but it looked really scary to me. Probably because I passed out for the first time recently and that shit is terrifying!

      3. NToS is a part of the show and thus completely fair game. Mid-week commercials that seem extra-spoilery are discussed with caution.

  23. I do give her credit for swaying JP. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you can’t fuck it up – an idiot can get stuck on something you say if you say the wrong thing. I don’t like arrogance – but I think Roark was a little condescending as well. Regardless, I give credit where credit is due – she’s aware of how men treat women’s alliances, and she used it to her advantage. I hate what it represents, but she saved herself.

    1. I agree. I think she did well with what she had to work with. She knew she wasn’t going to charm JP by being “relatable”

      1. Sure she could be relatable to JP. All one has to do is lift things up and put them down with him for a while

          1. Yeah, phrasing. It’s actually a reference to an old commercial my friends and I used to quotee a lot. It was for a gym.

          2. Yeah, phrasing. It’s actually a reference to an old commercial for a gym that me and my friends used to quote a lot

          3. They were using that phrase over on HamsterTime to describe Big Sweet Dumb Muscle Hunk Mark from Big Brother

    2. I also hates what it represents. I wish a dude would react to that info by wanting to work with a group of majority women. They might be surprised that it can actually work out well.

          1. Yeah, but it wasn’t a real women’s alliance because the other women weren’t really in on it. Jaclyn had Jon, and Keith was kind of in it-ish?

          2. Can’t count it – at the end, Kimmi wanted to do the all women’s alliance, and Tasha was like, NOPE.

          3. What are your criteria for all-women’s alliance? Is it an alliance of all the women remaining or an alliance comprised of only women?

          4. I think probably the latter (though 3 is a mighty small number), but I have trouble counting the witch’s coven because of what I mentioned, but also because of Keith

          5. 3 is a migggghhhhttttty small alliance… but I don’t know – it’s on the line for me because of the numbers and Keith. But possibly.

          6. Just so we’re clear: two successful women’s alliances is more than there have been successful men’s alliances.

            By two.

          7. Placeholder post: if you break down the math on merge tribes it’s clear why it rarely happens. I’m writing out the longer version right now.

          8. My kingdom for a season where all the women, on the boat or mat or whatever at the very beginning, all do the Secret Sisterhood Handshake and agree not to write down another woman’s name until all the men are out, and to try to get a man out every vote. (As long as the men don’t know that that’s the specific deal at the jump, it could work.)

          9. Women’s Alliance is doomed for the same way couples alliance is: we saw one humiliate everyone else and are not going to let that happen a second time.

          10. There has been more then one. The most recent was the Beauty Girls alliance which only got stopped by an unfortunate swap. The thing is sadly there needs to be majority of women by the time twelve people are left in the game to really work. And in most circumstances that does’t happen.

          11. Tapping out, gender politics bum me out. I just want crazy players like Coach and Phillip. watch the show for fun.

      1. Wouldn’t that have been an awesome wrench in the plans if JP was like, “Sweet, let’s get out Ryan!” and was all gung-ho about it? And then Chrissy had to scramble off in the other direction.

        1. Would’ve been amazing if he was just like Ali and Roark seem super smart and likable and are good in challenges and they would be great to work with.

        1. Chris didn’t choose to work with a bunch of women*. It was foisted on him because all the other men were voted out. At the swap he wanted to work with some women, but he was still with a few men.

          * What’s the technical name for a group of women? A murder of crows, a parliament of owls …

    3. Yeah, I thought Roark had more of a reason to be annoyed by Chrissy since she did offer twice to switch in during the challenge and she was turned down.

    1. He could of either voted out one of his close allies or someone he didn’t want to work with. Seems like a no brainer. He has at least three days to get Ali back on his side; she has nowhere to go.

        1. I like the irony of being betrayed by someone he betrayed Ali for. But spurned Ali knifing him would also be a lot of fun

  24. I feel like they were so disappointed last season that they’re at least editing this season so that all the ‘boring’ people go home first and we’re left with the actual players (whether or not they’re actually good).

  25. I’m not a big fan of Chrissy, but she did what was necessary to stay in the game. So, good for her. Her desire to be the alpha is flying directly in the face of Ali’s alpha status, though, and that dog ain’t gonna hunt.
    (“That dog ain’t gonna hunt” courtesy of Wade Garrett, Road House.)

  26. Seriously Ryan, why Chrissy? If you have to betray someone, make it the person you are voting out in the pre-Merge. Now you have pissed off Ali for a much weaker ally in Chrissy. Maybe he thinks (likely correctly) that he could beat Chrissy in front of a jury?

    1. I’ll give Chrissy credit for that scramble, but she seems…erratic? Tone deaf? Narrowly focused? I can’t put my finger on it but something seems off about her gameplay. I’m not sure why Ryan was willing to sacrifice so much to keep her around. I thought maybe he let Ali know beforehand, but the preview shows that’s not the case.

      1. I have a slight suspicion that when she was palling around with the handsome, heroic marine, we all liked Chrissy more than when her primary associate was…Ryan. I wonder why that could be.

        1. Agreed. I feel like her association with obvious nice guy winner Ben painted Chrissy in a good light. I mean Ben is humble and wise. Really rooting for him now

        2. Prejudice? A quick scroll through the comments shows a group of people who hate the service industry.

        3. I think I’m the only person on the site who is not in on this whole Chrissy Sucks thing. As far as I can see, she’s been a compelling player and character since jump. She reminds me of a more aggressive Lisa Whelchel.

          1. That might be a good comp. I thought keeping that idol to herself at the beginning was a perfectly acceptable move (not the right move, not the wrong move, just acceptable). The show has given her a lot of attention, so I’m still waiting for her to deliver in a way that justifies that attention.

          2. I was fine with her until this episode. Also, given the Andy taunts, I think we have more Chrissy fans than people who don’t like her.

          3. I’m with you, Emma – I liked her until the last 15 minutes of this episode. The “I’m outsmarting miss smarty pants” comment didn’t sit well with me. And again, while I respect that the move worked, it just doesn’t make me feel great. But it worked, and it was smart, so I can’t really criticize her for it.

      2. Even though everything Chrissy was saying at tribal was technically accurate, I thought she came off as pissy and full of excuses. And I say that as someone who is actually rooting for her.

        1. I thought the exact opposite: that she was technically inaccurate in replies to both Ali and Roark, and yet appeared to easily put them in their place. They didn’t sound like excuses to me, they sounded like she successfully defended herself against spurious attacks.

          Also I just find the idea of an older woman subtly and sometimes not so subtly asserting herself – successfully – to be so appealing. I’m surprised PRP people are not more on board with this.

        2. I agree, but I don’t think she seemed pissy or arrogant except for maybe “OK, I have no further comment.” I’m not saying she handled it great, but once you’re put on the defensive at tribal it’s tough to fight back without seeming hostile.

    2. I think there’s a trade off.

      If you vote off Chrissy, your hands are pretty clean moving forward; vote off Roark and you still have to deal with a pissed off Ali.

      But if you think you that Ali is only voting with you out of convenience whereas Chrissy wants to play and strategize with you, that blurs the line a bit more.

      1. But he theoretically has a better read on Ali, having spent more time with her and he now has to attempt to patch things over, which Chrissy might make difficult.

        1. Another thing to consider is whether Ryan thinks the Hustlers can help him post-merge. Both Devon and Lauren are on their own on the other tribes. Will they even be around to vote with him? Will he need to latch onto the Heroes or Healers? Does this vote affect his inroads in that regard?

      2. But I don’t think Ali was just voting with him out of convenience. She stuck with him over Patrick and gave a confessional where she asserted her desire to keep Ryan even if he sucked at challenges.

        1. Maybe “out of convenience” was poor wording. But if you’re Ryan, which person seems like they’re more likely to view you as a long term partner? That’s the key question I was getting at. And Ryan has to know that the Hustlers tribe was a mix of nut jobs and losers. So he knows Ali didn’t have a lot of options.

          1. I agree with what you’re trying to say (or at least what I think you’re saying!). Chrissy is in an emotional alliance with Ryan. She believes they have a bond. Whereas Ali is in a strategic only alliance with him and is constantly looking for better options and her own side numbers. That’s dangerous because at some point there’s going to be conflict.

        2. She actually convinced Ryan to go for Patrick rather than Lauren. Inexplicable to me. She could have had both.

      3. I think maybe the cool-shiny-fun-ness of the advantage got to him and he didn’t want to give up on the clever plans he’d made.

          1. Yeah, you feel like you have to seize the opportunity when they drop it in your lap like that!

    3. I mean at the end of the day you have to think long-term, you have to think about numbers, and you have to think about where you stand in regards to the numbers. One of the biggest issues to move forward in the game will be the healers.

      The healer tribe at this point was a huge threat. So, it makes sense to vote out Roark to whittle down the numbers. An issue with that would be then you’re in a 2-2 split except he has Chrissy on his side, so he doesn’t need to worry about that.

      Sure, on a simplistic level it makes sense to burn the person you’re voting out, but then Ryan is left in a tribe with JP who he presumably also just backstabbed, Roark who doesn’t appear to have made any connection to him, and Ali who’s just made a new best friend and created an in into the healers tribe with Ryan as a tag-a-long. He’s basically giving up power and hoping everyone else will keep him around and include him. Is it really in his best interest for him to give up his ally in exchange for Ali’s?

      This way he has to deal with a potential Ali blow-up, but:
      1. He weakens the healers
      2. He keeps his alliance partner in Chrissy
      3. He keeps JP on his side
      4. He weakens any chance of a healer/girls alliance
      5. He sets himself in a position in the merge to be in control of a group of numbers rather than be someone elses number
      6. He keeps Ali subordinate, as his number, rather than acquiescing to a situation where he becomes her number. At the end of the day, you don’t actually want your alliance partners to be too active and well-connected because then they can use that momentum and those connections against you.

      As long as he’s able to smooth over the situation with Ali, he’s in a much better situation than otherwise. And even if he can’t win her back over, what is she going to do about it? He has the other 2 on his side and once they get to a merge her only option to move against him in the short term would be to go with the healers which 1. she was already planning to do, and 2. she’ll now have to deal with the consequences of Roark being voted out whether she did it or not.

      1. He could have brought Ali in over the plan to vote out Roark. She may not have been happy about it but she is a smart player and would have gone with the majority. I agree it was in Ryan’s interest to keep Chrissy over Roark but he did not have to burn Ali like that over it.

        1. I agree. In fact, it’s strange that it wasn’t an easy, no-drama 4-1 vote the entire time.

          1. I think that is mainly down to Ali connecting better with Roark than Chrissy. If not for the the whole super idol thing, I believe chrissy indeed would have been the one getting boot this episode. Numbers dictate that the threat of 6 healers at the merge is a big factor but alliance based on actual connects almost always wins out over a mish mash one on numbers alone.

        2. Yup. You have to bring Ali in there. Though on the other hand, you need a clear next target and he just made it Ali. He should have tried to extract a promise from Chrissy that it’s JP next

        3. Ryan doesn’t know if Ali or Roark has an idol. Why take the chance and tell Ali what you’re doing before tribal?

          1. True, but as far as Ryan knew, Ali had already made up her mind to keep Roark and vote out Chrissy. Ali wasn’t saying “Well, it’s either Chrissy or Roark, which one do you think?” Ali said they had to align with Roark and vote out Chrissy. When you’re allied with someone, if you want player A to be voted out instead of player B, shouldn’t you talk to your ally like you haven’t made up your mind yet and try to get them to decided to vote out player A? In this episode it didn’t seem like Ali and Ryan were partners – Ali thought she was making all the decisions and she told Ryan “This is what we’re doing.”

          2. He can’t view Ali in such an adversarial position so early in the game. If Ali finds out via Ryan that he is adamant on voting our Roark, it is not in her best interest to still side with Roark. Best scenario for him was to keep Chrissy and also maintain a good relationship with Ali. IMO it is better to risk Ali going rouge + unexpected Roark idol play than ruin a potentially key relationship this early on.

          3. Ali was the one coming to him saying “We are voting out Chrissy. We are aligning with Roark.” She didn’t ask Ryan what he thought about it and make the decision together. Seems to me that Ali was the one being adamant. Ryan probably didn’t see Ali as an adversary, but the way she was acting he probably didn’t see her as an equal alliance partner – he likely felt like he was working for her instead of working with her.

        4. Yeah, no, definitely. The absolute right move imo was to vote out Roark, but Ryan should have convinced Ali to go with the vote instead of burning her.

    4. Thats what I’m thinking. While I like her – she might piss others off with the arrogance. Tony had Trish to do cleanup. Who would do that for Chrissy?

    5. Not voting out the person he betrayed is definitely a problem, but Ryan now has a ride-or-die ally and a pocket vote. If they go to tribal again Ali’s an easy boot. If he had gone the other way Ryan would have much less control, and would himself be in danger if they go to tribal again.

        1. This is admittedly very speculative, but I don’t think Ali and Ryan are really all that tight except out of necessity. In a Ryan/Ali/Roark/JP tribe, in another three days Ali and Roark could very well decide they’d rather work with each other, and if they go to tribal again with the merge coming up they could pull in JP to get rid of Ryan.

          1. I don’t think that Ali feels like she and Ryan are partners in this alliance. I think she thinks she’s the boss and she’s telling Ryan what they’re doing. Notice she told him that they were aligning with Roark and voting out Chrissy – she didn’t ask him “What do you think? Which one should we vote out?”

          2. I suppose. Not the impression I’ve been getting from the 5 episodes we’ve seen them together, nor is it reflected in anything Ryan himself has said, but it’s possible.

          3. We’ve gotten lots of scenes of Ryan and Ali strategizing together, but it feels like more often than not, Ali doesn’t ask him “What do you think we should do?”, she says “I think we should vote out this person” or “We’re voting out this person.”

            We know that the best thing for Ali to do is go to Ryan and ask him “Who do you want to vote out?” and if he says the person Ali wants, then she agrees, but if he says someone else then Ali should discuss it with him and try to convince him to change his mind in a way that Ryan feels like it was his decision. Either way, Ryan feels like they equally made the decision. It’s not always possible, but it keeps the other person from feeling like they have no say in the alliance.

          4. Maybe I missed all the scenes where Ali went to Ryan and they discussed something before they made a decision together.

  27. This whole Ali being pissed off at Ryan thing is gonna make things super awkward for my champions league team…

      1. jersey_luck vs. corndogshuffle. Two teams enter. One survives.

        Unless the most statistically likely thing happens and a different tribe goes to TC, that is.

          1. It’s early… we should form a secret alliance and raise hell until we literally have to take each other out.

  28. Desi appreciation hour: She was a beast in the challenge. She seems to be in a really good spot on her tribe. She has the one confessional so she is not completely invisible. Also, she somehow has gotten more gorgeous.

        1. Cole may be a doofus and JP may not have a personality, but I still want to send flowers to whoever made the no bathing suits decision this year

      1. There is about a zero percent chance of this happening but if she showed up to KIA, I may faint on the spot. You may need to catch me.

          1. Yes, I did. I was planning to but did not know the details yet. I’ve been out of the loop b/c I was moving and just did not have time to keep up.

            I’ve moved. I’m back.

          2. Ok, I’ll add you to our twitter chat. I’ve got a spare so if you know of someone who needs another let me know. that goes for evryone.

          1. I have heard. I thought meeting my favorite player would be a once in a lifetime opportunity but the idea that I could actually meet Cirie again has me extremely pumped.

    1. She also used “literally and figuratively” in a confessional. That, combined with Ali’s shockingly poor performance in this episode, are moving Desi up the rankings.

  29. I’m calling it: in addition to store brand David & Ken (Ryan & Devon), Tony (Joe) and Jon Misch (The other dude), we now have expired store brand Kass (Chrissy).

        1. I just meant in terms of being expired Kass. I think you’re right on placement, though I could see her going deep. She won’t be anywhere near as entertaining as Kass, though.

      1. Yeah, but his partnership with handsome dude made this an easier comparison. I think he is poor mans Rob. C.

    1. I don’t see Chrissy as a Kass at all. Kass was far more entertaining and fun to watch her mind work. Her confessionals were fantastic.

      1. I think she is all of Kass’s bizarre aggression towards other players without her sense of humor.

          1. And I don’t see any bizarre aggression from Chrissy. Just a person reacting to another person’s weirdly smug style.

  30. Just watched the show, read the live blog, and finished the first round of comments. Wow. Very little love for bellhops around here.

      1. Thank you, but that’s not necessary. A small bit of monetary compensation will suffice.

          1. Honestly that kind of offer is rarely extended. We’re bellhops, John. We aren’t multi-national podcasters!

          2. Ah, forgive me for living in my podcaster’s bubble, where seemingly every week I receive another Indecent Proposal-style offer. I’d gotten so accustomed to them I assumed such offers were common across other industries as well.

          3. Because the johns are already paying someone for that and the sex-workers charge. I mean no one else uses hotels right?

      1. For me as well.

        Cole has firmly crossed the line that makes me thing of him as a cartoon character, not a human.

        And cartoon pratfalls are the best.

        1. I mean, it looked like Cole fainted, he didn’t trip over his own feet. How was Cole fainting funny and any of the others players that have fainted on Survivor not funny?

          Don’t get me wrong, people falling down is almost always funny. But once you realize that they fell down because they fainted, it kinda stops being funny. These are extreme examples, but I don’t remember laughing at Russell S fainting in Samoa, or any of the 3 in Kaoh Rong’s challenge-of-death.

          1. It sounded like he hit his head pretty hard on that bamboo as well. I fainted once and got a concussion when the back of my head hit the concrete. It took almost a month for the swelling to go down.

          2. Oh you are entirely right. I’m not defending my laughter at Cole’s medical condition.

            But did I laugh dear reader? Oh I did.

  31. So much Chrissy hate. I don’t get it all. Nothing more entertaining than someone playing super arrogant and playing well.

    1. She’s doing fine. I don’t hate on her. I thought she did a decent job in this episode. I think certain people on the internet have been giving her too much credit so far. At least tonight she earned a bit of it.

      And I definitely have no problem with arrogance if it’s earned.

      1. Like if someone was arrogant after winning the Champions League without the winner on their team?

          1. Anybody that could pull that off would be pretty amazing. A “triple-threat” if you will.

      2. I’m probably bitter because I lost Roark, but Chrissy clearly lied about the challenge where I saw Roark offer to take over more than once and was shot down. I think also the scene that Taako showed of Chrissy also didn’t do her any favors. I had liked her prior to her being so mean spirited towards another smart woman though.

    2. I personally don’t find super arrogance in and of itself entertaining. What’s entertaining is arrogance coupled with wit, or arrogance that drives a player to do exciting things.

      For the perfect embodiment of such arrogance, see Sandra last season.

      Crissy is driven by her arrogance to say banal mean things and to make conservative choices. There are many things more entertaining than that! Cole being a buffoon, for instance!

  32. Is it just me or does this season continue to be bland as hell. The strategy is basic, the characters are basic. Cole and Ben are the most intriguing male players and Cole for all the wrong reasons. I can barely name half the women other than Chrissy, Ali, and occasionally Ashley. Its weird

      1. She seems interesting! I would like to see more than 5 seconds of her an episode, but when that’s all I say, my brain loses that info fast

    1. Joe, though horrible, is interesting enough television (as was Alan). Ryan and Chrissy are doing things. It’s not great, but… Okay? Maybe it is a bland season.

      1. Right Joe. I was kind of excluding Alan since he’s gone. It is okay. If it continues on this path, it may rival Panama as our “replacement level Survivor” baseline. Last couple of seasons, since I’ve been commenting here, I’ve come to the liveblog after the episode with lots to say. This season, I have very little to say. No burning opinions or anything to get off my chest

        1. The thing about Panama is that while it’s a relatively bland game it has the greatest tribe of all time. None of these fools could hack it on Casaya.

          Okay, Mike, but only because Shane needs someone to keep an eye on his dong.

          1. Yeah, this season right now would come behind Panama, but I think would replace it as our benchmark for replacement level

          2. That’s entirely possible. I do hope a couple of these players do break through as good characters as well as players though

          3. Let’s be fair – half of the Panama cast (minus Terry) were supremely boring. It was the dysfunctional tribe of Shane, Courtney, Cirie, BobDawg, etc that made that season so enjoyable.

    2. Hmm, I like way more players than usual and loved the last episode. Guess I’m not sure what you want. Also, I just rewatched One World so this is about a trillion times better than that.

      Also, Ryan and Mike are also interesting male players because they actually have minds and personalities.

    3. Yeah it’s pretty boring so far. There are threads of narrative that hopefully will coalesce into something eventually, but so far it’s been pretty bland and I don’t really care about any of them. I also have no idea what each team is called or kind of who’s on them? I usually know this kind of stuff, but I’m just meh atm.

      That being said I thought episode 3 was pretty hilarious, but it’s been boring since.

      1. Yeah, I still hold out hope that groundwork is being laid and great things are going to happen. Even watching challenges, when they focused in on specific players, I had to think hard about who their teammates were

        1. Yup, me too. The worst was when Jeff would refer to them by the tribe names and I’d just be sitting there going I don’t who that is Jeff!

        1. I have no idea who’s on what tribe and what they’re called.
          All through the challenge Jeff was doing his whole Tribe X is in the lead, or oh no Tribe Y is having trouble , and I’m like I don’t who that is!!!

          1. Yeah, its always a rough transition from being called Healer tribe to post-swap, being called tribe name we have never heard. Same

    4. I was really feeling the last couple episodes, but this one dampened my excitement. It’s probably partly the departure of my beloved Alan, but I also think these 4 and 5 person tribes are just kind of boring and don’t give us much to work with. I need the merge to come.

      1. Jessica is quickly becoming Adam-level rootable player for me. And I LOVED Adam, so that’s saying something.

        1. The big difference is Adam’s screwups or bad plays were his own primarily) Jessica’s are b/c of Cole.

      2. That might be it. There just aren’t enough different people interacting in these small tribes and that’s keeping it from being interesting.

        Jessica is interesting to watch, but I’m having a bit of trouble investing in her story since the show keeps insisting she’s just “the girl who likes Cole”

    5. This season is turning into what you’d get if the real Survivors went on strike and were replaced with almost identical players, but not quite tournament level. They are… fine…. mostly. Keep hope alive. Not the worst season ever I suppose.

      Not to say I’m not enjoying several of the players, just something odd is afoot.

        1. Coy and Vance!

          (I didn’t have to look that up; I keep waiting for that to be a question at trivia night – still waiting)

      1. Fine is exactly the word. Nobody is generating strong like. Nobody is generating strong hate (not even Joe or Ryan, oddly). I still have hope it could be good

      2. Instead of promoting a movie on the season, this time they are taking an existing movie and adapting it for the season.

        Survivor: The Replacements.

  33. Also, @disqus_FeYRrg1QKY:disqus to answer your question in the liveblog (I didn’t see an answer below, but I apologize if that’s because Disqus sucks), yes JP is island hot. Island is improving both his and Devon’s looks while actually hurting Coles. I think my new ranking is JP>Devon>Cole

          1. I just can’t get over the personality thing with both of them. I put Alan after Ben, personally.

      1. I feel like JP is such a non-entity I can barely even remember what he looks like ever. Devon’s a cutie though, I’m feeling it.

      2. That’s legit. They’re pretty close for me. If I was including personality, Devon would be far and away ahead given that he has one

    1. Ben might be at the top of the list after recent eliminations, and not even allowing him a spot at the bottom of your list is very inflammatory! JP is looking great though.

    2. Devon’s vacant look really does him in for me…JP is def island hot, I think I’d switch Cole and Devon.

  34. Jeremy “liked” my comment about him performing the reward challenge in shiny oil. My (crummy) day has been made.

    I was feeling very down and tweeting with you guys was a good pick me up.
    *cue Golden Girls Theme *

    1. I wanted to thank you for the Hamilton tweet. In a moment of synchronicity, I am wearing my Hamilton shirt from when I saw it on Broadway in January for my 50th. So, you made me giddy clap.

      In other news, it has been 104, 105, 101 degrees the last three days, and I am very irritable.

      1. It’s supposed to be in the high 60s next week and I’m very excited. We might even get rain next Friday! Remember rain?

        1. Oh my god, rain? Sweet November rain? *oh my god we are just putting the stain on the patio furniture for the wedding*

          I don’t know how to feel!

      2. I STILL HAVE NOT seen Hamilton. Which annoys me because i’m a huge broadway fan and loved it before it was “cool”. I enter the digital lottery daily, but the odds are not in my favor.

        I think my kids would be kinda pissed if I stopped paying for their dance classes so I can see Hamilton.

        And for the record, my 7 year old knows more lyrics than I do. You should hear her do “Guns and Ships”

        1. It was, hands down, the most expensive tickets I have ever bought. Definitely worth it for me, but I totally understand.

          That said, you can be on email when new regular priced tickets go on sale and get pre-warnings. Still, you never know with the lottery!

        2. PS It’s adorable that your daughter can do that song! There’s a part in the show where the audience is encouraged to sing along, and it’s awesome. (I was doing it silently the whole time already.)

  35. Every time I see Devon in a blue buff it takes me a minute for me to remember that he wasn’t always on the heroes because these tribes are such a slurry.

    And now there are some cool looking bugs.

      1. It’s real and it’s spectacular.

        No but seriously, it’s a mid-priced bar and grill chain. Nothing special but they’re everywhere and it’s a convenient place to go if you have a good-sized group of people trying to get a sit-down meal but not necessarily the same kind of food.

          1. If you’re reading the Purp and you think it’s a Seinfeld reference (especially if it involves Hornacek or I) it’s probably a Seinfeld reference.

    1. After having no real opinion of her whatsoever, tonight’s tribal council made me realize I didn’t much like her anyhow.

  36. Before I read anything, I just want to say, you were all right, and I was wrong. Thank you for inviting me to the Outcast’s League which I am now the first one out of and oh yeah, I had Roark on every league so I am bad at this. Also, this sucks.

    1. It sucks that you’re out first. I had fun playing against you. Your *glares* will honestly be missed. Feel free to stick around and root against @purperockjohn:disqus though.


      I will have to go back to being mean tomorrow, however. Just a forewarning.

      1. I understand, and I am still pro-Ryan, Jessica, and Ben so we can at least unite for bellhops!


    2. I only played in one of the pick-2 leagues for Second Chances and I had Stephen and Peih-gee, so I feel your pain. It was a shit-show. At times literally…

          1. Hard to be hot when you’re suffering from #SevereGastrointenstinalDistress

            Actually, an increased temperature may be one of the symptoms.

          1. I stole your strategy of picking people who I think will score points, not who I like. Oddly enough, Mike, Lauren and Ashley have worked out well for us.

      1. This is true, and I admit to still having hope for my pick-4 team. Thanks for cheering me up!

    3. We can still have a last place party in the Outcast League, at least until Chrissy goes on an epic individual immunity run and I rocket to first place (jk…sigh).

      1. You’re right! I will always have 1st time=last place and that makes me a winner! *shifty eyes*

  37. Can’t decide yet if we have enough material to discuss to get through an hour on the podcast, so I will tentatively open the mailbag. Fire us any questions here, on Twitter, or via email about the episode, the season, the series, the podcast itself, or… anything. If we like the questions or need them, we will use them.

    1. What is your favorite idol play?

      In honor of Ben’s big moment that was totally spoiled by the previews, what is your favorite Survivor personal moment (excluding family visits)?

      1. this might be obvious based on my username but Parvati using her two idols on Jerri and Sandra. it’s literally iconic in every sense of the word

    2. Worst Survivor sequel: Fan vs. Favorites II, Blood vs. Water II, or Will Sims II?

      Serious question: Now that it looks like random gimmick advantages are going to be with us for the foreseeable future, what’s an advantage you’d like to see used, or is this all so context specific that it doesn’t matter so long as one out of 3 of them causes drama?

    3. Maybe a discussion of the synergistic war/soldier advertising happening during the commercials with Seal with the guy from Angel, that war movie they advertised, even SWAT with Shemar Moore. Might be a little too political, though?

        1. Yeah the commercials often depend on your location. Also on if you’re actually watching the commercials or not.

    4. You’re in charge of a survivor season. You are required to have a theme and at least one non-idol advantage. What does your season look like? How many tribes start out? How many swaps? When do they merge? What twists do you have? Basically, create a season you think would be fun/unique / dramatic

    5. What would make this season actually good as opposed to average? (What, possibly impossible, thing do you want to see happen)

    6. Of the 35 individuals to be evicted 5th in their season, who would you actually be interested in seeing again?

      Similarly, if you were going to do a sequel to Cambodia: Second Chances, which players would be your optimal picks? (This may be harder, as so many of the most exciting players to see a second time have already played a second time…)

          1. I’m not really feeling this list but I will say we already saw the best 5th boot return with Wentworth.

    7. I noticed that last night’s KIAs was only 35 minutes. Even Rob and Stephen couldn’t make it to an hour.

      1. I was encouraged to learn that it’s not just me. Last week’s was short too.

        There just isn’t much here to work with from a discussion standpoint.

    8. Not a question but here is a talking point. In the interview with Roark she said the Healers plan was to go six strong and pagong everyone. So if that Cole’s only plan why did throw the challenge. (Like all interviews if early boots that wound not being important this interview was good. It had moments of Roark blaming herself for not looking for the idol, reveals that Desi has no idea how to play Survivor and a plan to throw the fourth challenge so the Healers could get rid of Cole.)

      1. Cole would have had to come over and do the challenge for the yellow tribe in order to throw that challenge.

        1. It would been a bad challenge throw but the Healer had enough players in that last part where they could of thrown it. (Because of rules of these immunity challenge the same person could not just kept putting balls in holes.)

  38. I would love to have more elaborate strategy segments from contestants like what we got from Chrissy tonight, but it felt like a strange time to have one. I don’t really believe Chrissy was in any danger of going home tonight, because Ryan and JP were never voting for her. She read Roark well and did a good job of changing JP’s mind (though I don’t know that the latter is that hard to do), but did she really accomplish much that she didn’t already have set up for her?

    1. You’re suffering the same Australian Survivor hangover I am. Everything after the immunity challenge seemed like it was happening at warp speed. I think Ryan was genuinely thinking about siding with Ali.

      1. So am I! Still can’t get into this season. Finally warming up to a few characters but overall it isn’t really doing much for me so far and I never really have any strong feelings after watching.

        1. I was specifically referring to how rushed the post-immunity scramble feels to me now. And Australian Survivor was an all-time great season for Survivor characters, so I’m not surprised this group seems a little bland. The other thing is that tribes of 5/6 seem like child’s play after tribes of 12.

          1. My bad, but yeah that’s true, that does feel rushed. But even if it was three episodes a week like Aus Survivor I don’t think I’d be enjoying it much.

            Yeah, definitely, the cast of Australian Survivor was honestly 10/10 and so it was almost non-stop entertainment occurring naturally. Everything about HvHvH just feels so manufactured and bland.

      2. I felt that too. We had like 5 mins of “here’s one side, here’s the other, Ryan’s the swing vote, here’s the weird women’s alliance pitch that barely has anything to do with anything” and we were off to tribal. I miss the 15 min segments where everybody laid out their thoughts and strategies. We would have had a 2 minute Ryan confessional laying out exactly the pros and cons of each side as he saw them, so have a coherent explanation of his vote rather than hypothesizing

    2. I was impressed by how much content they were able to squeeze into this week’s episode! I think maybe it’s party due to where we are in the season (we’ve gotten enough of an introduction to each player that we can peek in on them quickly if something interesting is going on, and there are few enough players that it’s getting easier to keep alliances and strategies straight without a lot of exposition). The challenges and the reward sequence were quick and what they showed us was mostly relevant to the over all plot of the episode. It may not have been the most exciting episode ever, but to me it seemed well put together (although admittedly I have absolutely no technical knowledge of TV pacing, editing, etc. so I could be way off).

    3. I thought it was funny that JP did not even question her since he liked Roark – he automatically assumed she was telling the truth (and she was not).

      1. I think JP will agree with anything you say to him.

        Alan: I think you have an idol hidden under your pants.
        JP: (drops pants)

        JP: I like Roark.
        Chrissy: I think Roark wants to do an all-girl alliance.
        JP: I hate Roark. She must go.

  39. Is there a rule that they can’t horizontally roll with the ball? Do they have to go forward like an inchworm?

      1. I do obstacle course races and I log-roll through barbed wire crawls whenever possible. The problem is that it’s difficult if not impossible to log-roll uphill. Although I guess you could kick the ball over the ridge and switch to get yourself over. I’m guessing they prohibit log-rolling since seeing them inchworm is such great TV.

          1. Yeah that’s right, although Spartan (and Tough Mudder) are at the hard-core end of the spectrum.

    1. I feel like that wouldn’t be allowed. Jeff specifically mentions them moving the ball with their head.

      1. I was wondering why no one used their head as a bat or golf club when they first got the ball during the exchange. Joe came closest.

  40. This season is turning into what you’d get if the real Survivors went on strike and were replaced with almost identical players, but not quite tournament level. They are… fine…. mostly. Keep hope alive I guess. Not the worst season ever I suppose.

    Not to say I’m not enjoying several of the players, just something odd is afoot.

  41. Initial thoughts before reading the live blog and the comments, so forgive me if I’m repeating what other folks have said:

    Chrissy yet again proves her mastery of this game by eliminating Roark, using a move from Sandra and Tony’s playbook. She looked great during tribal council defending herself while casually making Ali and Roark look foolish and petty. I expect to find many, many contrite comments from Andy talking about how wrong he’s been about her, thank you in advance Andy for being able to admit it! The only thing that makes me unhappy about Chrissy is that I nonsensically decided to put Roark on my pick-4 team over her. What a fool decision!

    I also put Ali on my team and I don’t think that was the greatest idea either. She didn’t have a good look this episode: her confessionals were either about Ryan or about a plan that didn’t come to fruition, and then the blindside. And previously she had a hand in voting out Patrick, who would have been a rock solid supporter as well as a meat shield. Maybe not as great a player as I assumed she would be. (Although Patrick was a favorite, and was also on my team, so maybe I’m just bitter at her spoiling it all.)

    The Ben scene almost made me tear up. I watched it twice. I just want to hug him. He and Chrissy are my other favorites.

    I like Devon too. And Dr. Mike. And Jessica too, which surprises me.

    I’m still trying to enjoy Lauren. Trying and failing.

    Cole looking disgusting was hilarious.

    Poor little Ryan on that reward challenge was not hilarious like I thought it would be. But he kept trying!

    The editors really screwed Roark in the few episodes she’s been in. So invisible. I wonder if they are holding her friendship with Corinne against her. I’m probably projecting.

    I did like the sportsmanship from her in her goodbye message. Same with Alan last week. I’m being reminded of the last season of Australian Survivor.

    1. The thing that stands out to me most about this season so far is that it seems like they were just trying to cast likable people, even at the expense of strategy in some cases, and I actually kind of like that they did that. Even the people I’m not really a fan of, I see how others could be.

      1. I agree. I’m not amazed by this season (and the Patrick boot still hurts when I think of how this season could be a lot more fun), but it has been pleasant and low-key interesting, and the same goes for the players.

    2. I admire your dedication to hyperbole, but to claim someone has “mastery of this game” after 5 episodes, yet to make the merge, and having gone to only 2 of 5 tribals, is a bit of a stretch by my book. Maybe she will prove herself the mastermind of this season, but i’m not giving her that title until she does more than convince bland JP to vote with her and hope the alliance Ryan gifted her pays off.

      1. That was definitely hyperbole. I think she’s great, probably the strongest player on this season so far (at least from what we’ve seen – Ryan’s in there too)… but it’s really too early to tell if she’s a master. However, because Chrissy and Andy are now forever linked in my mind, and the idea of Andy being oh so wrong makes me smile, I err on the side of exaggeration when talking about my feelings about Chrissy’s game play.

  42. So…. what should have been an easy-peasy unanimous vote to get rid of Roark (if only to reduce the Healers’ numbers advantage) turned into a shitshow that left everybody (except JP and things like that) bleeding from self-inflicted wounds, and as a result… Roark got voted out anyway. Well done, everybody.

    I can’t say it’s her fault, exactly, but Ali did trigger the avalanche because she couldn’t just leave well enough alone. I also think the show bent over backwards not to portray it that way.

  43. Most memorable moment of the episode for me was seeing a promo for Criminal Minds featuring Shemar Moore which reminded me of Shamar and Caramoan and better times.

        1. Bland and even pleasant at times! As long as nothing catastrophic happens I think this is shaping up to be at least a mid tier season. I value watchability, so a season with nice, likable people playing an unexciting game could even place this ahead of a more exciting season full of more objectionable people.

          1. Yeah, neither season had a lot of standout characters or outright duds. We could end up with an exciting post merge from this too.

          2. I don’t think we have enough information to tell.

            The big area for concern is less that anything bad has happened, more that we’re lacking people with mega screen presence (Note: This may be different if Ben speaks to you, I guess. I don’t get Ben’s appeal), and any very strong narrators.

            But the cast isn’t a disaster by any means. These people playing an interesting and dramatic game would be interesting and dramatic. We’ll see.

          3. That’s totally fair and I agree that this season is short on players who really pop. Then again, for me last season had tons of players who popped and my memories over all are still more negative than positive :/ So I guess I’m just saying I’m willing to give this season the benefit of the doubt just for being pleasant. I’ve clearly been burned by GC.

          4. I don’t think there are any interesting narrators this season. And no one who is funny on purpose.

          5. What bothers me about Ryan is that everybody out there seems particularly smitten with him, which means he IS funny and nice to be around. But he’s obsessed with th