Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 7 Liveblog: “Get to Gettin'”

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“Get to Gettin'” – The newly merged tribe on the seventh episode of SURVIVOR 35, themed Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, airing Wednesday, November 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved


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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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992 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 7 Liveblog: “Get to Gettin'”

  1. Guys see how everyone else is formed in two curves with Cole framed prominently in the center, with the fire in front of him.

    If I understand edgic correctly, that means this is the episode where he finally reaches Super Saiyan.

          1. I mean, pigeons exist. They’re basically flying rats with knives for mouths. That’s reason enough to stay home.

          2. True story, one time when I was in law school I was walking to class and saw a pigeon shit directly onto a girl’s head while she was talking on her phone. I felt enough to not laugh out loud, but I am still telling the story.

        1. I didn’t. I was surprised at first by the result, but the trait we have in common: Steve really wants no part of any of this.

    1. I’ve got a decent job and I live in New York, but $45 to see those bozos live?! I was like, uh, no thanks.

        1. I’m just being a cheapskate smart-aleck, don’t mind me. I don’t begrudge anybody else their indulgence.

          1. She was! Some people were aggressive enough to meet her, even. (Not me, but i expect there will be pictures from others soon)

  2. “Chrissy and Ryan sent Ali home.”

    Even the Previously on Survivor doesn’t give JP CREDIT FOR anything.

  3. Somewhere, JT is watching Devon eat sugar by the spoonful and having serious war flashbacks.

    1. If, at any given moment, I can’t see JT in front of me, I assume he’s in a parking lot playing cornhole. Or maybe in a field, playing cornhole. Or in someone’s driveway, playing cornhole. The point is, he’s playing cornhole.

          1. The only true winner in cornhole is cornhole itself. All afternoon everybody plays cornhole. And everybody loves cornhole. And that moment–that very moment–it is the happiest cornhole alive. And then it gets dark and cornhole gets locked in the shed with the badminton net and the croquet set.

      1. I’m not originally from the South. “Playing cornhole” is a euphemism for butt stuff, right?

        1. Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s about throwing a beanbag through a hole.

          Which, I guess, still sounds like a euphemism for butt stuff.

    1. I mean, they don’t need to be eating three full meals a day, but if they’re running out of food this early, it’s a problem from a production angle.
      Unless someone’s using the Boston Rob playbook and making sure he/she’s always full.

      1. No Ryan orders his steak Pittsburgh Rare in order to look like a tough guy but then can’t really eat it.

    1. Sounds like it was Joe.

      I used to make fun of people for well done, because it is an abomination. But more often than not, having your meat cooked well done is a symbol of poverty: when the quality of meat you can afford is garbage, you probably want to make sure that shit is COOKED.

      That said, we should never stop looking down on Trump for having his steak well done. Put it around reason 1537 for him being humanity’s worst person.

      1. This is a good point, but also remember that Joe threw away perfectly fine potatoes after others said they’d eat them instead.

        EDIT: potatoes? Coconuts? Idk

        1. Ra’ potatas, ra’ potatas. Ra’ potatas, ra’ potatas.

          (That’s a Wiggle-Room Wand-Off reference. And yes, I went there.)

          Back to topic: Me, I’d rather eat raw potatoes than have everything on my plate soaked in blood, but I was never much of a steak eater to begin with.

          1. They are ridiculous, but the Wand-Off entries have me bursting out laughing on the bus ride to/from work, apologizing to the people next to me.

  4. Joe’s not even going to get a chance to play his idol. After three steaks, he’s going out Joe Del Campo-style.

  5. Ew, gross. I know they have to do product placements sometimes, but at the freaking merge? Ugh, grrr, that’s just wrong!

      1. I admit I have a pretty lousy memory, but I don’t recall the merge feast getting pimped out like this before. Did it happen in the first 15 seasons or so? I missed some of those.

        1. I don’t remember anything at the merge, but there was the Home Depot shelter “challenge” in All-Stars.

  6. We’re getting a high density of Ben confessionals. Idk if I should be excited or worried.

        1. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties I think. Maybe he’d overexerted his pectoral muscles or something. How wrong we all were.

        1. C’mon sharc. Really?

          He doesn’t have the patience and self-control to wait. If it’s not an instant effect, he spits it out.

  7. Chekov’s nail advantage. Will someone find it this episode, or is this something not found until episodes later?

    1. Australians who prepare to be on Survivor would, as variations of this challenges were featured in both ‘modern’ seasons. The balance-element was a nice touch here. I like the how it tests different types of skills and how it’s likely to result in a deserving winner of the necklace, but it’s not exactly riveting television.

      1. Wouldn’t be a bad move though. If you really think you’re safe, why try to win an early immunity and put that target on yourself.

        1. When instead, you could sit on the bench proving how smart you are to put a target on yourself.

      2. All these people distracted by Probst or other players during this challenge reminds me of the carnival game where you have the water pistol and have to shoot water at the target to make the balloon blow up. Just keep your eye on your own target and don’t look at other people.

  8. I assume Jeff hates this challenge. He has to say ‘ball’ so many times, but there’s no way to make it about testicles. Even with a penis doctor standing in front of him.

    1. I’m sure Jeff kept telling Kirhoffer (sp?) “Make it so that the players add a second ball later in the challenge so I can say ‘balls’ a lot.” with Kirhoffer saying “That won’t work, and stop asking.”

          1. Being super-focused in challenges brings out her beauty even more. I hope that swiss cheese-maze makes a return as an individual challenge only for that reason (before she’s gone). .

  9. I have trouble patting my head and rubbing my stomach at the same time – This challenge looks hard to concentrate during it.

    It’s so confusing I can’t even form grammatically correct sentences.

    1. When a man gets it its…

      it’s still called a tramp stamp.

      Also, it’s hard to hate on Ben’s tattoos when Joe has that… thing on his arm.

  10. This is the point where I mention that in a secret confessional, Cole admits to being that guy who steals food from his roommates. Which, like, yeah; we knew that just from watching him on the show. But still…

    1. They knew he stole his food. They retaliated by telling them by successfully tricking him into paying half of their share of the rent.

    1. That’s a sonogram of the baby his wife is pregnant with. He’s saving the story for final tribal council.

    1. She really did throw the numbers out too quick. If she was a decent actuary, she’d know the risks of that.

  11. If Chrissy goes for Jessica here then I think we can put away any “does Chrissy hate women” arguments.

    1. In all seriousness, the greater math world is great breeding ground for a Not Like Other Girls mentality.
      (Credentials: I medaled in competitive mental math as a young’un.)

      1. I think a lot of STEM stuff is like that. You start playing along with the misogyny and then you start buying into it.

        1. I can see that, but most of the women I know in science are very into solidarity. It’s to the point I’m almost jealous because the guys are all way too selfish.

  12. “I’ve been applying to this show for 16 years.” That used to be a good thing. Then we met Dan Foley and we learned why production would reject some people who applied every year.

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure it’s ever been a good thing. Trust your instincts, Survivor producers.

      1. During Worlds Apart, once we saw how bad a player/person Dan was, someone on here (maybe you or @purplerockjohn:disqus) said that the casting department was so sick of Dan applying every season and knew that he would be terrible on the show that they eventually just bit the bullet and said “Ok, let’s just put him on, he’ll be terrible, and then we’ll never have to hear from him again.”

  13. My gut says Cole, but my head says it’s probably going to be Jessica or Chrissy, because my witch-y powers are on the fritz.

  14. Do we think that Ashley and Devon told the rest of their alliance that Joe played the idol for himself that time? And do we think that influenced their plan to just switch targets?

    1. During the merge feast wasn’t there a scene where someone asked Joe about how he played his idol on the swap tribe? I don’t know if we saw the rest of that conversation but I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe proudly described that entire tribal to everyone.

  15. I might spend my Wednesday night Survivor hour writing Jessica’s Vengeance fanfic from here on out. My last remaining high hopes, dashed! (And immediately transferring to Desi, surely to be dashed again.)

      1. Honestly, it’s better for everyone that she got away from him ASAP. The guy’s no good for you girl.

  16. For someone who seems convinced he is playing well and dialed it, it did not look like Joe had any idea that Jessica or Christy were being targeted.

    1. I think Joe just didn’t wanna go out with idol in pocket. he played first one as soon as he could also

    2. Maybe, but it’s just as likely that Joe could not comprehend that Heroes/Hustlers alliance targeting someone besides him or Cole.

  17. Well, Joe played his idol wrong, but he never would have played it for Jessica. It was either on him or on Cole. So if he played it, it was going to be wasted.

  18. I think the moment that Joe pulled out the idol it meant that Jessica was doomed because there was an off chance he would play it on Cole. And yes the large alliance of Heroes and Hustlers made the right move by targeting the Edgardo in the situation. I just sad it happened to such a likable player like Jessica.

          1. Alright but I should start with the final three in these case would be Dr. Mike, Ben and Chrissy. It would start with us losing either Desi or Cole next week. The other would go the next week. Joe would somehow be immune for next week. With Dr. Mike bond with Ben and Lauren he manages to be safe and Chrissy decides this would be the perfect time to take out a threat such as Devon. Then chaos reigns for the final eight until we get final four of Mike, Ben, Chrissy, and Ryan The plan is take Dr Mike but they are got off guard by the final four elimination will be decided by fire duel. Ben wins immunity and takes Chrissy with him leading to duel which Dr Mike wins. Final tribal ends in tie with Ryan voting Chrissy, the three Healers voting Dr Mike, and everybody else voting Ben. This leaves Chrissy to decide the winner of these two likable guys.

      1. I’m betting Chrissy fights dirty. Jessica is going to be weeping into her Thunder From Down Under when she sees this footage.

  19. I like to imagine that Ben has a military analogy for every possible situation in life. Ordering a pizza, why he didn’t take the trash out, doing the Christmas shopping…

    I was going to do a humorous quote to accompany this, but then I remembered I’m British so I don’t really care about the military (apart from I guess vague post-colonial guilt) at all so feel free to compose your own.

          1. It’s not cornhole if you’re not well-lubricated.

            That’s why you have the bag in the one hand and a beer in the other.

      1. Which is now why we have Brexit, because some of The Olds seem to think the only thing holding us back from recreating our Glorious Empire is the pesky EU, so even visions of handsome soldiers marching around in ridiculous headwear is sullied.

        1. Don’t worry, USA is way more fucked up than Britain right now. We are about to end human life on earth so you are all good.

          1. I was going to say that we have a bit of a reprieve, as the missiles won’t fire while President Fucking Moron is in Asia, but this administration is so incompetent that I can’t rule it out.

          2. I could see Kim John blowing up the U.S. while Trump is in Asia as a way to say “Ha! Have fun going home to that nuclear wasteland!”

    1. I mean… Britain still has a military. A military that has been involved in quite a few conflicts over the last 20 or so years and that is currently active atm.

      1. Yeah, but Britain isn’t really /proud/ of its military in the way that Americans are. Like, you’d never get a ‘thank you for your service’ in a bar, or anything like that. Maybe an ‘if you break that, you’re paying for it.’

        1. Oh ok. Yeah, it’s similar in Canada. Although we got far more militaristic in the last 10 years there’s still not really a culture surrounding it.

  20. I’m wondering if this post-merge is just going to be a peppery pagonging; that is, the outcome is the same as a normal pagoninging, but we get a more dynamic path to that outcome (like idol wras’lin’). I heard rumors of post-merge fireworks, and there better be some dammit.

      1. Maybe healers in short order, then Ben-Lauren-JP-Ashley take out Ryan or Devon (without Chrissy’s help or approval), and we end up with a FTC of JP, Ashley, and Lauren–JFC this got bleak fast.

          1. Let’s be honest though Do we expect him to remember that four days later?

            Also, I can tell that you don’t read my video posts. THANKS BARBARA.

          2. In last week’s video post, I gave the evidence for the (kinda) spoiler I posted above. But I was also joking in that comment, it’s not that serious.

          3. Oh, that’s right. And while we’re talking about it, I’ll remind you again: catch up before it’s too late!

          4. In Jessica’s RHAP exit interview, she says that she never told Cole about Dr. Mike’s idol. So unless he found out some other way, he doesn’t know about it.

          5. Even if you believe Cole, Jessica didn’t tell him. And if you do believe him, all it means is that Cole thought that either Jessica or Dr. Mike had the idol. At this point in the game he has no idea if Dr. Mike has an idol or if Jessica left the game with an idol.

            Besides, I put about as much stock in Cole being able to read people as Joe being able to read Ashley’s face at that swap tribe tribal. Remember, Cole is the person who couldn’t tell that everyone was upset with him for eating too much food or catching a fish and then not sharing it with anyone.

          6. That’s what I’m saying, that Jessica didn’t have to verbally tell him; he can still know about the idol. I think it’s fair that Cole wouldn’t necessarily know if Jessica or Mike had the idol, but he has to know that there’s a chance it’s still in the game with Mike.

            And I think Cole knows that people don’t like when he eats more than his share of food. He just doesn’t care.

          7. If we believe Cole’s words (and I’m leaning towards the “I don’t” side), then Cole suspects that Jessica or Dr. Mike found the idol. But this is like other players thinking Joe found another idol because he found one before. No one told Cole that Dr. Mike found an idol, and beyond his suspicions, he really doesn’t know.

            And as we saw in this week’s episode, I don’t think Cole has any clue that he’s annoying people when he eats too much food or doesn’t share food. He was legitimately surprised when Jessica told him people were mad at him because of the cinnamon sticks.

          8. I’m guessing not?

            Another point in Mike’s favour: there’s no suggestion he ever, for one moment, considered using that idol to save either Cole or Joe.

          9. I would add Joe. In fact, Joe is the only one right now that I would want to see back. I don’t even like him. But he is the only one so far that has done enough to make me want to see him a second time.

          10. There is plenty of time for people to do more stuff. This episode gave me so much hope for the rest of the game!

          11. Ooh, I forgot Joe, he is playing hard. I just assumed he’d be back, since I don’t think we get Tony back again

          12. I would add Lauren and put Jessica on the fringe with Alan and Chrissy, but otherwise I’m on board with this short list.
            Chrissy is an interesting player, but it seems like we’ll see enough of her on this season and she doesn’t appear to have the personality that would demand a returnee spot. That said, they could do worse with her archetype and not many spring to mind that would be much better (does Kass count?).

          13. Yeah, unless Chrissy wins, I just don’t see her returning. Also, I really don’t want Ryan to return. If you need a nerdy, fish out of water type, David is a far superior option. And now that I think about it, I’d rather see Jay back than Devon, not sure they would have them both back.

          14. Probably not on the same season, but not everyone is always available and there might be more than just one opportunity. Of course, Jay over Devon is a no-brainer.
            I think David competes more with Mike for a returnee spot. Ryan may not be unlikely to come back, but since you brought up “acceptable” options, I didn’t list him. Not acceptable to me.

          15. Mike has a lot more self confidence than David, but it’s probably too much of a similar type if they are both on. but I would watch the shit out of Survivor:Nerd Island

          16. Can it be “Nerds vs Hotties”? I need my quota of hot chicks on any season, so we need enough hotties of every kind.

          17. Let’s throw some strong people in there too. They can call it “Brains vs. Brawn vs Beauty”

        1. What did Ashley do? Or, conversely, not do? She hasn’t been a big player but she’s had strategy talks and seems like an active player.

          1. If JP wasn’t on that island, we’d all be talking about how bland she is. It’s hard to get excited about a player when they have no personality.

          2. It’s not so much the outcome that I don’t like (even though I don’t); but y’all are courting a Kaoh Rong redux.

    1. That’s my concern as well. If I’m the joint heroes/hustlers alliance, I see almost no reason not to just pick all the healers off. Normally you’d keep one or two around to pocket vote for you when you turn on your alliance, but who are those pairs? *None* of them have made any inroads that we’ve seen except with Ben, who clearly staked out his territory.

        1. Yep. And even moreso, now that you’re littering the jury with healers, there’s no way you can take the risk and let one sneak though. Real worried it’s gonna be a by-the-books pagonging.

          1. That’s not an *only* scenario. That’s 4 of 9 (?) jurors who are bitter because they were pagonged and will vote for the person who sided with them. You’re basically hoping you get all non-healer votes. Way too risky.

      1. Lauren can maybe pull in Dr. Mike to tie up with the Heroes at 4, but she seems just as likely (if not more) to bail on Ryan and Devon to team up with Ben.

          1. I would keep Dr. Mike and still play with Ben as a trio, but I don’t see Lauren doing that.

          2. If I could hear the way the editors were playing the rattlesnake sound effect every time Chrissy or Ryan appeared on-screen, I would.

          1. Well, we heard an utterance of “she had to go” after tribal, but really, JP could be speaking in un-subtitled Mandarin and have the same effect on the show.

          2. I’m all for the world where JP just stands there, shuts up, and looks pretty for the rest of the season

          3. I mentioned it above during the episode, but I laughed when even the “Previously on Survivor” trolled JP by saying that Ryan and Chrissy voted out Ali, completely ignoring JP’s vote.

  21. Was it just me or was Chrissy rocking that bathing suit in that wide shot on her walking on the beach when the other alliance was talking about voting her out?

    Pretty good for 39

  22. So since Jessica’s out, can we discuss this season’s treatment of “Jessica’s a virgin” versus “Ryan’s never been in a relationship”? Is Ryan ACTUALLY more obnoxious about it or am I just a misandrist?

    (I *think* the difference to me is that Jessica’s comments are about her–she’s a virgin, it sounds like it’s a choice/religious commitment–whereas Ryan’s comments are about how women have failed to appreciate his availability/existence–he’s never been in a relationship, nobody’s ever wanted to get in his pants.)

      1. YES, very accurate. Ryan seems to think it is a Big Deal when it’s only a deal at all because he’s making it one, whereas Jessica is awkward but chill about noting how it affects the relationships she’s building where it COULD be an actual issue.

        1. I hope she gets a chance to meet that Outback waiter in Ponderosa. Jessica, you can do better than Cole!

        2. (As someone who grew up in Christian Virginity Culture, I’m suppressing a few “Out back” jokes here.)

          ETA: but yes, that was the moment I started vaguely worrying about her chances of making it to next week.

          1. I realized after I made the joke that Desperate Housewives would have worked better but what was I supposed to do?

    1. Agreed. I’m a virgin, and there’s no shame in my game. I don’t mind mentioning it, but I also don’t do it in a self-deprecating way that is really just being skeezy and saying that guys don’t know what they’re missing.

          1. A lot of people only bring it up to appear morally superior.
            I don’t feel morally superior to anyone. Just too busy to date.

          2. I knew someone in college who would drop that kind of comment to make herself feel superior.

            “I don’t drink/have sex because I have morals”.

            It was tough not to eye roll at here in literally every conversation. And she dated my roommate for a year… just insufferable.

          3. I have a really close friend who was a virgin until she got married and doesn’t drink at all. She was also the president of our dis-honor society (read: drinking club) at college and does slut walks. You can have your own personal morals without shitting on other people.

          4. We’re in lockstep! Even weirder is that I was starting to make basically the same follow up post that you did… freaky.

      1. I mean, to be fair, Ryan hasn’t actually said that either… Maybe it happened in everybody’s Ryan is a mysandrist nice guy redditor fanfic, but it hasn’t actually happened on the show.

    2. I don’t think Ryan is more obnoxious. To me the only difference is that it’s surprising/endearing when Jessica says it because she’s attractive and charming and could realistically get it whenever she wants based on a whole bevy of positive qualities she brings to the table, looks notwithstanding. When Ryan says it, you just nod your head and say “sounds about right.”

      1. This is why I asked! I have not made a secret of my opinion that Ryan is more obnoxious IN GENERAL (which dovetails with your point), but ideally it should be equally cool for people of any gender to have whatever sexual/romantic history, and equally weird for them to mention it multiple times every episode.

        I do wonder where the line is between “of course, it’s easy for attractive people to be confident about their sexual history” and “maybe you’d find it easier to attract people if you weren’t so self-deprecating about this.” (Maybe the difference is that it feels like Jessica is in control of her life/choices, and Ryan is routinely spinning out about his? Which could go back to the baseline-attractiveness thing again, or not. I don’t know; heterosexuals and their ways are confusing.)

        1. Yeah, I’m totally willing to admit I may be projecting. They’re both using this to tell us something about themselves. With Jessica is seems like the story is threefold: (1) this is my background, (2) I want it “to be perfect”, and (3) I’m a very flaky, non-confident person. Ryan always gives off the impression of “I’m lacking a skill that will get me a thing I want, but I make up for it in other ways.” It’s like he’s describing his DND character’s flaw right before boasting about his 16 in Charisma. Or, rather, Ryan isn’t that way out of his own choice whereas Jessica is.

          1. When you put it that way, it’s interesting that both storylines (if you can call them that) are reinforcing the purity-culture narrative that sex is a thing that men always want and women are responsible for withholding.

          2. Honestly, I don’t think it’s the show pushing that narrative, I think it’s the people playing that narrative out themselves. The show is just rolling with it.

    3. The difference is how guys who are virgins are losers. but disgusting men have this idea that banging a female virgin is a badge of honor.

      1. I don’t think this is untrue, but I do think it’s linked not only to gender, but to general attractiveness, whatever that means. I promise you the politics of sexuality are also complex and punitive for women.

        1. I was more saying that it’s disgusting that some men think it’s a turn on to ‘get’ a virgin

          1. Yeahhhh, I for sure think that’s one of the reasons we’ve had, e.g., “my virginity at the Outback Steakhouse (TM) merge feast” interview footage cut in.

    4. I think Jessica’s comments are so much more tolerable because it’s definitely a religious thing that she finds really important, so it influences the way she interacts with guys – she’s a bit more shy and reserved because it’s not a risk she wants to take for religious reasons.

      Ryan on the other hand is a nerd who women don’t find desirable and mentioned it a lot

      1. I just don’t get why you wanna announce it on national tv. I haven’t had any action in a while, but certainly not gonna announce it to millions of people

        1. Maybe it’s one of those things where you get so used to talking the cameras that you kind of forget that everything you say is fodder for reality TV

          I also kind of get the feeling Jessica is in on the joke. Like “haha I’m 29 and nevertheless been in a serious relationship”

        2. I think the question of why he’s talking about it is what makes it weird to me. Like it just doesn’t seem genuinely self-deprecating because Ryan seems to really like Ryan, so…he’s just following the script for nerd characters?

          1. Someone suggested last week that it is a strategic ploy for post-show pity sex from viewers, and I am willing to believe that is a thing Ryan might come up with.

          2. Ryan kind of reminds me of that plot arc on Seinfeld where George thinks he can get laid by telling women he’s a sitcom writer.

          3. George: “My name is George. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.”
            Woman in diner: (impressed) “I’m Victoria. Hi.”

    5. The difference to me is that Jessica is more genuine about it. Ryan is trying to play up a persona, Jessica is projecting what feels like her actual personality.

        1. Definitely. It’s why I didn’t roll my eyes at her crush on Cole. She seems incapable of putting on an act, so it feels like we’re seeing her actual feelings about Cole.

          1. Generally the show is really bad at portraying social game, but Jessica did have a likability about her so even though she never even went to tribal council I’m bummed she left

    6. In this one case I think Ryan was meant to be self deprecating and saying as if it was a failing on his part not that it was the fault of others. But maybe I just would rather look at it in a way that doesn’t annoy me.

    7. Jessica also seems perfectly fine with her virginity (which, power to her), whereas Ryan seems like he’s a bitter, twisted husk of a chronically single guy who, if he was being 100% honest with himself, loves being alone but can’t admit that to anyone ever.

      1. Dude have you been speaking to my therapist? I’m just kidding I don’t have a therapist. Have you been speaking to my tv, to which I tell all my problems?

      1. I mean, also that!
        (Sometimes I forget I’ve left my tiny corner of the queer feminist internet, where “misandrist” is read with an automatic eye roll and air quotes. Hello, outside world!)

  23. I’m assuming next week Cole finds Chekov’s nail scroll which tells him to dig for an idol under the tribe flag on the beach. Him digging in front of everyone is his way of preemptively telling everyone the secret of where this idol is.

      1. And since she’s not on the jury, he won’t see her for the rest of the season (assuming he doesn’t get voted out next week, and the vote-out next week is on the jury).

      1. I haven’t read the other comments yet, but this morning I thought that maybe Chrissy plants her fake idol in that spot on the beach to fool Cole, and somehow she convinces him into thinking there’s a real idol there.

        Although it seems like she is really struggling to get that idol before him, so it’s probably not that.

          1. That’s assuming the post-merge idols will continue to have clues on trees. Maybe this idol-hunt is related to the scroll hidden with the nails?

        1. That would be fun, but think its unlikely. Though the fake idol is another Chekhov’s gun that hasn’t gone off yet

    1. This really would be the worst drinking game ever. Especially if you amended it to be “drink every time JP says something *interesting*”.

  24. Anyone think AV club cancels survivor coverage? Less than 20 comments on every post this season

    1. It’s pretty amazing how they took what was once a fairly robust base of commenters and completely destroyed it in such a short time.

        1. It makes me unreasonably angry. It was on my list of daily sites to visit and they completely ruined it. It makes me very very sad

          1. For real. I used to spend so much time over there… I wonder how many other people just don’t go there any more.

          2. I still check it for TV reviews and pop culture “news,” but it’s not the same without the AVC commentariat. And now the Kinja commenters are bleeding in, and it’s just very stupid overall in the comment sections.

          3. The Kinjamprove Chrome extension helps the comments, but outside of that, it’s a hot mess.

          4. The problem is, it’s the same design as 8 other sites. I can’t tell if I’m on Jezebel, the onion, kotaku or lifehacker. design matters! Goddammit!

          5. Yeah, they are all identical, and cross post across sites, it’s a nightmare! It’s like, if I’m on the CNn site, I don’t want a Fox News article in my feed!

          6. I don’t have to tell because I pretty much won’t go to any site that’s kinja’ed it’s just so ugly and poorly laid out.

          7. It is *so much* more difficult to navigate than it used to be. I don’t understand why it has to be that way. The site used to be simple.

          8. To me, it’s not as bad as Twitter fucking with their core functionality. No one was asking for longer tweets, screw them

          9. I don’t even use Twitter, but that change triggered me. the whole point of 140 was to force you to condense the point of your note

          10. With people threading tweets, I can understand why 140 might be obsolete. But you could still skip over the threads with the 140-characters ledes. When I see a 280, my eyes glaze over.

          11. there it is! gah couldn’t remember the joke I saw, just the jist of people clowning on the avclub

          12. I no longer drop by to see what’s going on, now I google specific TV shows to read the reviews because the new site is annoying.

          13. I don’t watch tons of TV that isn’t live sports, but I used to hang out over there for every show I watched. So basically, Survivor and HIMYM. Now I hardly ever go there for anything.

          14. So you too survived the Great War that was late-era HIMYM? And are you likewise still unacceptably pissed about that finale?

          15. I am still furious at the HIMYM finale. I was a HUGE fan of that show. Even wrote a song about it. The last 10 minutes of the finale ruined the whole thing.

          16. The show gravely underestimated how well badly Cristin Milioti would knock that role out of the park.

          17. They filmed the ending of the show after season one (maybe season two), probably only expecting the show to go on for a couple more years. Instead, we had 9 seasons that demonstrated how poorly Ted and Robin worked as a couple, and we’re supposed to be happy? The only people I know who liked the finale are the people who stopped watching in season 3.

          18. It’s a fine finale for season 3. And if they wanted it to be the finale for season 9, sure, OK, whatever; it could have been. Just don’t spend the entire season focusing on Robin’s love and marriage to another person while spelling out repeatedly how she and Ted aren’t meant for each other. How did no one think maybe that’s not the best direction to go in?

          19. While simultaneously showing the audience the great life that Tracy and Ted have and showing how great she is.

          20. I was originally against the ending, then I talked with my mom who liked it. She saw the death coming a mile away and made a really good argument for how the ending worked.

          21. The ending works…for Ted.

            But it is a complete trashing of the emotional arcs for Barney and Robin though. Which had been the emotional center of the show for like, five years (largely because the writers recognized that NPH and Smulders were MUUUUCH better at the acting than Ted Mosby). Seriously, the show goes J/K! on all of Barney’s character development and then “fixes” him magically by having a daughter. That’s just indescribably gross.

            What the ending does is reinforce the show as a wish fulfillment narrative for Ted, which was always the show’s worst, most self-indulgent mode.

          22. Ted was always the worst part of the show. The show was at its best when it wrote around him and made the storylines about all the other characters. Ted was the Ross of HIMYM.

          23. Just because they built in the death into the last couple of seasons doesn’t mean the reason they did it was correct or rewarding to the audience. They killed her off for ZERO other reason than to get Ted and Robin together, which they spent YEARS proving didn’t work.

          24. I never watched that show but it was hilarious to read the AVClub comments the day after the finale aired about how the finale was worse than Hitler.

          25. I don’t know if you guys watched them, but I’m still broken up over Videogum closing its doors

      1. We had a small role in that, but Kinja and the horrible redesign sucked most of the life out. Let’s put sales ads between everyother article instead of having an easy to peruse review section.

        1. I’m old enough to remember people being pissed about the switch to Disqus. ahh, we were so young and naive!

          1. In the old days you didn’t even have to register to comment. I posted as Bullshit Dude a couple of times back then. It was neat to have people call you Bullshit Dude.

          2. Mailbag question: Can you give us the oral history of that thread? I’d like to hear more. (or is it mostly cussing? I wouldn’t want to make you do this to you loyal listeners.

          3. Until I know any better, I will assume that you and Andy first encountered each other during those wild days, trolling that thread and other innocent, but ill-prepared corners of the internet.

            (AV Club days is when you began to grow more responsible and settled down, in my version of your origin story)

  25. This season is all about removing the interesting people in favor of their dull-witted alternative, or Chrissy, who is quick to remind us she is bursting at the seams with intelligence and knows this game better than you.
    Yeah, I’m beginning to feel the fatigue. I’m a bit of Devon on nothing but sugar right now.

  26. Hilarious how Joe has to give a disclaimer to play the idol for himself. Either he’s reading peoples faces or wiping the slate clean. It’s ok buddy. You can just not say anything. Everyone knows what’s up.

  27. So do we think Ben and Lauren made the right decision? If they had stayed with the Healers, it’s hard to see a situation where they didn’t end up on the bottom, even though Joe would probably have to be cut loose at some point.

    Also, while I’ve mostly agreed with the prevailing opinion that this season lacks compelling, vivid characters, but Cole chewing on raw cinnamon sticks and then having to apologize for it is some classic Survivor comic relief.

    1. Ben quite possibly…he’s Chrissy’s number one, allegedly (where does that leave Ryan, I wonder?), and also clearly can’t coexist with Cole for much longer. I was kind of worried he was going to get voted out tonight over that tbh.

      Lauren…also possibly, but it’s less clear cut as it doesn’t really seem like she has any firm allies right now except for possibly Ben.

    2. Joe would definitely have to have been cut before Ben and Lauren. Which leaves them against Cole-Jessica-Desi, and Mike as the big swing vote. If Mike is actually with them then maybe they have a path forward. I’m not sure what Lauren’s path forward is with her current alliance, but Ben for sure has a path to a win

      1. If Lauren and Ben are able to somehow both swap over to the remaining 4 Healers and vote with them to take out someone (Devon, Ashley or JP, because Ryan and Chrissy clearly aren’t going anywhere yet), they could play a combined free agency for a few votes at least, but obviously that’s more than a little risky. I just want that to happen.

          1. I’ve always wondered if two or three was the optimal number for the pendulum strategy. Or does it just depend on the context?

    3. If the Healers were serious about staying five strong then I can’t think of a better move than picking one off and dealing with the fall out later… and I wouldn’t want to take that risk. I don’t know what number Ben or Lauren are in the alliance they chose to vote with, but I know it’s a lot better than guaranteed 6th and 7th on the ladder.

      1. But I don’t think that works when Cole and Joe are still in the game. They can’t swing back to Cole/Joe/Mike/Desi. Ben hates Cole and they don’t even know Joe or Desi.

        There’s no going back.

    4. I think their odds are better here. I think even if the 5 held strong, they would likely be seen as Jessica and/or Mike’s lackeys.

    5. I think this was definitely the right move for Ben, and he’s not going to be swayed by Lauren.

      And for Lauren, forcing a tie is not a good idea (but this still leaves her at 7).

  28. What is that Cole does for a living, again? Isn’t it something about taking kids out into the woods and telling them that there’s no such thing as Santa Claus?

    1. Now kids if you miss this grip, you will fall to the earth, break 15 bones and possibly die. LET’S CLIMB!

      1. “Okay kids, remember: We’re all out here to have fun. Except for Joey. He’s out here because his parents are getting divorced.”

      2. I was hoping we’d get some kind of explanation for his almost 4 times the recommended amount of calories per day.

    2. He made a passing reference to rock climbing tonight. I think Cole believes he’s getting an Ozzy edit and is peppering his confessionals with survival and wilderness stories accordingly.

    1. With the twist we’re supposed to have at the end of this season, I’m hoping that Dr. Mike is in the final four and the other three expect to just vote him out because they fear he’ll be a jury threat, but he’s able to make fire and makes it to the final three.

    1. Cole is good looking so he is fine in life, (Jon Hamm, 30 Rock character) but definitely sucks at survivor.

    2. His response to Ben’s frustration over the food hoarding was “I just don’t think about things like that”. Yeah, exactly… That’s called privilege and that’s why he’s an asshole.

      1. “I just don’t think about the existence of other people. What do you expect me to do, change?”

  29. I was hoping it wouldn’t be Jessica, but am not shocked. I thought they might target Desi to flush an Idol and since Desi had Immunity…

  30. Chrissy reads people really freaking well and those on her side this episode trusted her information, or at least they believed she knew stuff that they didn’t. She’s the one who thought Joe might have an idol because he had one before and figured that Cole should be next to go but JUST IN CASE he has an idol or Joe plays his (not even known to exist) idol for Cole, let’s have a Plan C called Jessica because it’s highly unlikely that Jessica has an idol. I mean that whole plan was all Chrissy right there. When Joe revealed his idol at TC, everyone in her little beach circle knew exactly what to do. She covered all the bases and everyone did what she said. She has to have a pretty good social game for that to happen. She could be one of those players that’s kept in the game until the end despite constant objection and votes because the other survivors get dependent on her insights and mistakenly trust her promises.

    1. I agree it was a good episode for her, but my only concern is that if the braintrust of Cole and Joe realize that you’re a threat and running the show, so does your own alliance. I’m glad that she’s getting respect for being a player, but if she’s that obvious about it then it won’t surprise me at all that her own people will make her a prime target once they start picking themselves apart.

      1. I feel like the show is setting up Chrissy’s confidence drifting over into cockiness and her overplaying her hand and getting burned. Whether that happens at final tribal or a few votes prior, I’m not sure, but it sure seems like they are giving her the “hoist by one’s own petard” build up, and her own carefully cultivated alliance will eventually eat her.

        1. I agree with this sentiment, but then my brain says “who left is getting a winner edit, though, besides Chrissy?”
          I sort of hope that she is getting both a hubris edit AND a winner edit 😀

          1. I’m with Mike 100%, but I also thought Jessica would be a huge part of the postmerge right up to FTC, so I guess the fuck do I know?

          2. Mike would be a great winner, but Tony is the only winner I picked who won, so not feeling good about mikes chances…… This time….

          3. Oh… I actually meant I was 100% with Mike Hirsch, though I guess I should’ve seen that one coming. I don’t think Dr. Mike has a prayer, which means that he’s probably guaranteed to win this thing now.

          4. Yeah, sure. I like interesting winners and Dr. Mike is definitely interesting in a “why do I find this obviously boring guy so interesting?” sort of way.

          5. Yeah, I think the show did a good job of showing why Sarah won. She played a great game, but it’s just not fun to watch Sarah.

          6. Devon! Devon, Chrissy, Ryan, Ben and Mike is who I’m keeping an eye on, round about in this order.

      2. She’s being a little obvious for sure. I hope she reels that in. But she was the only person to suggest that Joe might have an idol, which she had no way of knowing for sure, it was just a hunch. After seeing that Joe did have an idol as she suspected, the people in her alliance must be seriously counting on her to tell them what to do next because she’s proven that she can see into souls like a nefarious witch.

        1. Well, she was the only person to suggest so on camera. You’ve got to assume Devon and Ashley raised some suspicions though.

    2. Yeap, I know a lot of people hate here and she is a bit smug and arrogant about her own prowess but she is the best strategic player this season. If she was playing 5-10 years and had gotten similar luck to start with, I have no doubt, she would have romped to a dominating win. But as it is, in meta era of survivor, she is probably outed as too much of a threat too soon, so would be interesting to track her finish here.

    3. I agree about Chrissy’s read on the game, but I’m becoming less and less convinced that she’s winning this. She’s doing everything right, but she’s also got lucky with quite a lot – the idol falling into her lap, the tribe swap putting her with Ryan, the fact that Ryan was perfectly willing to give up an alliance he’d built in favour of one she’d constructed, Joe’s complete inability to form any bonds with Devon and Ashley, Cole alienating Ben. This episode was a whole lot of people coalescing into the completely obvious alliance, which isn’t usually what happens on a three-tribe season.

      What’s Chrissy going to do when something doesn’t go her way, given that the other side has already identified her as the biggest threat? She’s got the necessary ruthless streak, but I’m not convinced she has the soft skills to turn a bad situation in her favour. Every vote she’s been on top of so far has been one that she didn’t really have to try very hard to get people to go along with.

      1. Good post, just a minor correction: Joe (and Desi) did form some bonds with Ashley and Devon on the blue tribe. Devon spoke about this in an extra video and mentioned that they bacame pretty tight and how he can see them moving forward together.

        1. Is this the same tribe where Ashley and Devon were willing to go to rocks instead of flipping to Joe’s side?

          1. I’m pretty sure they would have been willing to flip to Joe’s side, just not at the expense of each other (at least that’s what they assured each other of, as they should have). That doesn’t mean there was no path for all of them to move forward together, especially as it never came to another vote.
            If a tribe goes to tribal, they have to vote someone out, you know?

          2. We didn’t see any scenes of either Devon or Ashley even considering flipping on the other and going with Joe and Desi. Every strategy scene of the two of them was them saying that they were not turning on the other, and that they would be willing to go to rocks.

            The only strategy scene we saw of Desi was of her being approached by Ashley and saying (to her and in a confessional) that she would be willing to turn on Joe and vote with them.

            Saying that Ashely and Devon would have been willing to flip to Joe and Desi, based on what we saw, is just fan fiction.

          3. Read my comments again. Or don’t. Whatever.

            It’s not fan fiction if it comes directly from the mouth of a player involved.

          4. The only thing we got from the mouths of the players involved was that Devon and Ashley were willing to stick together and go to rocks, and Ali was willing to turn on Joe.

            We go by what we see on the show – if the show doesn’t include it in what’s aired, then it’s not part of the narrative. And what the show showed us is that Devon and Ashley were against Joe and making progress getting Ali to flip over to them. Nothing we saw on the show indicated that one of those two would have flipped on the other and gone with Joe and Ali.

          5. Misunderstandings just bug me, so let me start again from the top, even though nobody else cares anymore (and never did in the first place): The original post, which you can see by clicking on “view in discussion”, spoke of “Joe’s complete inability to form any bonds with Devon and Ashley”. That’s the part I felt needed correction, because even if I don’t like Joe or his game, CBS put out evidence to the contrary out there, when they released Devon’s bonus video from I guess now 4 episodes ago, but it was not included in Taako’s round-up post here. There he talked about how the new blue tribe became, after a rocky start, a pretty tight unit. One that genuinely likes each other and that Devon could see working together as a group going forward, so it looks like Joe actually did really good with the whole bonding thing.

            That you choose to not take into account all of the extra content is fine and dandy (however, I would advise you to read the comments you’re responding to, at the very least), but I don’t know what makes you think that everyone else here has to ignore all background information, too. As I mentioned above, there’s a whole post about bonus content here every week (not even talking about twitter and exit press), so I really don’t know what “We” you think you’re able to speak for when you say “We go by the show only”.

            Edgic traditionally goes by what is seen on the show only, and in terms of edit reading, I agree that it is much more interesting that they decided to have Ashley and Devon tell us, that they are willing to go to rocks for each other (BIG MOVEZ), than whatever their actual sentiments were at the time (an element that was also highlighted on the D&C podcast listener feedback and edit zone, one or two eps. ago), even though they never had to follow through with it.

            And again, I wasn’t even talking about what would have happened had they gone to tribal again before the merge. It’s true, they sure made it seem like those two wouldn’t flip on each other at nuLevu.

            Finally: nbd, but Desi, not Ali.

          6. I go by what the that show shows us every week. Exit interviews are taken with a grain of salt because these are done months later after they’ve seen the show. And secret scene are like deleted scenes on a DVD – they were not included in the movie/show for a reason – they don’t add anything important, not necessary, etc.

            You can’t watch a movie and then talk about something that happened in a deleted scene as if it’s part of the movie proper. Same deal

            Personally, I don’t watch the secret scenes. They don’t interest me – I watch the show. If people want to watch the secret scenes, go for it. But they’re not part of the show.

            Did Devon talk in a secret scene about how his swap tribe of 4 people got really close? Maybe. But that’s not what the show showed us – it showed us Devon and Ashley talking more than once that if they went to tribal again, they would be willing to go to rocks to vote out Joe or Desi. And this was 1-2 episodes after Alan got voted out. I go by what’s in the actual show, and that was that Devon was not willing to work with Joe.

          7. Fair enough. I share your sentiments about the exit interviews, but I still like to listen to a couple of them, and I get to why.

            My counterpoint to the deleted scenes of a movie analogy: It’s not a movie, but Reality TV. Sure, you can choose to watch it like a movie and just enjoy the story that was crafted by production and editors, and blend out all the additional nuggets of information that range from hearsay to established facts. And I get the different benefits of that, not to mention that for many longtime fans this must be how they grew accustomed to the show, as most of that extra information wasn’t nearly as readily available when earlier seasons aired, as it is today.

            But still, the show is not just an artificially crafted story, but also our window into actual events that transpired and were filmed on the island. Therefore, it’s only natural for viewers, who don’t just tune in once a week and then forget about it as soon as Jeffy sends the contestants back to camp until it’s wednesday again, to want to know more about what just unfolded on their screens. Especially when, as is annoyingly often the case, it is abundantly clear that we’re missing crucial parts of the story, because actions and underlying motives of the characters don’t fit together or simply don’t appear to make any sense at all.

            It’s why people watch BB Live Feeds (or it’s part of it. It must be. I don’t watch BB and certainly wouldn’t advise anyone who does to up that commitment by also watching live feeds). The difference is, of course, that Survivor is already taped by the time they make a tv show out of it, while BB is “live”, so people who like to play the predictions game (which again, I think is just the most natural way of watching a multi-week game show that crowns the winner of a huge prize in the end) “only” have actual events and real behaviour to go by, whereas Survivor fans (and Edgic) rely for the most part on that crafted for consumption story with its story arcs, which inherently contains meaningful clues for how it further develops (unlike BB).
            In contrast, the RL occurences that aren’t shown on TV are either irrelevant fodder, or (in story-writing terms, I think) red herrings (here I mean potentially interesting stuff that doesn’t lead anywhere – there’s still real misdirection in the final edit of the show), or premature reveals (meaning tells and hints that give away too much information for the time being), when it comes to reasons for why they’re omitted from the streamlined version of the story, that is shown on tv (footage of that third category is, of course, unlikely to be found in abundance in the cbs-approved extra content, but there are little bits and pieces that go through the cracks when they edit these, which allows consumers of that extra content to get a fuller picture. But I’m also interested in the events and sentiments that didn’t lead anywhere, but could have become important as they represent an alternative path that wasn’t taken, like that relationship of the last 4 nuLevus, for example).

            Again, it’s cool to watch it either way, but to me personally, it would feel unsatisfying and frankly, intellectually dishonest, to not take as much available information as possible into account, when pondering for weeks on end what the preferable courses of action and the best strategies would be for the people involved, who we know nearly nothing about, if we just go by what we are fed by the show.

            It’s one thing if that interest in the show doesn’t exceed the 60 minutes it’s on tv every week, or even if there isn’t much more time than that available to exchange quick opinions on what was just seen on screen. And we’re living in the information age, so there will always be more (mostly redundant, thankfully) information on a given topic available than can be consumed. That said, it’s always a little weird to me to see people spend the time to go deep into the analysis of the show and be opinionated and rush to judgements even days after the airing, but not take a little time to inform their opinions on their own*.

            *Disclaimer: Even with something as trivial as Survivor I feel that way, but there are of course far more egregious examples with real-life-consequences to behaviour like that, and in now way do I want to equate people who are fast and loose with ther R-TV-takes to those who talk out of their asses when it comes to policies, politics and the like.

          8. ” to me personally, it would feel unsatisfying and frankly, intellectually dishonest, to not take as much available information as possible into account”

            By this logic, there is no possible way any viewer could get the entire story without watching the entire live feed showing 24 hours/day for each episode’s ~3 days. The show *is* the show. Anything beyond that is just “special features” and nor part of the show.

          9. Uh-uh. By “as much as possible”, obviously I mean “as much as is deemed reasonable”, because none of us get paid to watch or talk Survivor.
            Misunderstanding this part (and disregarding everything else) also seems intellectually dishonest to me, as what I meant shouldn’t have been hard to guess, and you wouldn’t have had to, if you had just read on: “(…) so there will always be more (mostly redundant, thankfully) information on a given topic available than can be consumed.”, or taken my stated opinion on BB live feeds into account.

            What I was talking about there is, that it can be tough to convince people, who choose to stay oblivious to established facts. There are no Live feeds, but there is material available to round out the picture and fill in the gaps. Nobody has to watch, read or listen to everything, but in the best case, all the insightful stuff finds its way into the discussions between interested parties (which brings us back to where this futile exchange started).

            I think most people who watch Survivor (and everyone here) are aware that it is a heavily edited TV show and that there will be, more often than not, a different side to the story. I can’t say for sure, but my impression is that most of the people, who take the time to write or read comments, are interested in what is left out and where the story shown on tv veered off from the reality on the island, even if they’re not willing to put a lot of effort into finding out on their own.

            That it is your stated position to disregard any information about a given Survivor season, other than what editors decide to put into that 13×42 minutes format, comes honestly as a surprise to me, as you certainly make no secret of your fondness for RHAP (that I share). Do you turn off the Tweets, baby, tweets – Survivor-tweets-segment? Why did you bother to listen to the Why ___ lost-pods, until Rob quit the job?

            And do you only half-read other people’s comments, but reply to them anyway, too?
            All of that is hard to imagine, so I can’t shake the feeling that you got carried away in taking that position after realizing that the snark directed at me in your initial reply was misplaced, if one extends the factual basis to sources beyond the show itself (as I was openly doing in my initial reply in this thread).

            Either way, looking back, this hasn’t felt like a genuine sharing of sentiments from the start, so I’m fine with leaving it right here (and who would want this to go into week 3).

          10. I like this site and its podcast, and RHAP and its various podcasts (except the Why Blank Lost, which I stopped listening to not after Rob was replaced by Jessica, but after it spoiled the following episode and then attacked me when I pointed out that I did not appreciate being spoiled). But these are all “extra features”. They are not “the show”. A person should be able to watch just the show and ignore everything else – secret scenes, online comments, tweets, podcasts, etc – and still get everything out of the show that the show-runners intend me as a viewer to get out of it.

            Any of that extra stuff – that’s just not part of the show. It’s extra stuff that adds to the show, but it’s not part of the actual show. And that’s why I think that if something isn’t in the show, it doesn’t count. Just my opinion.

          11. Again, all of that is fair enough and I even agree that the show should be able to stand alone in any case, even though I think what is not shown also matters to the discussion on the show, be it purely speculative or established by bonus content and the like.

            Sorry for coming at you so strong. Like I said, it irks me when there is misunderstanding and it felt like we were never quite talking abut the exact same thing. But I guess I underestimate the language barrier and how it can be hard to know what I’m getting at sometimes.

            And now that you mentioned it again, I remember that the promo spoilers and their fall out were the reasons you quit “Why blank lost”. Come to think of it, it was actually me who the (Co-)host change was the deal breaker for.

          12. I maybe came on a bit strong too. I just meant that the majority of viewers aren’t watching secret scenes, listening to podcasts and exit interviews, etc. So what the 1 hour show shows us is what the show is intended to be for the majority of viewers. CBS knows that the majority of viewers are not watching all of that extra content, so what’s in the actual show is the story they are trying to tell.

            As for Why Blank Lost, I was disappointed with Rob leaving and being replaced by Jessica, but I was willing to stick with it because I liked David’s analysis. I still don’t understand why Jessica was added other than the fact that she was a fan of this podcast during her season and communicated that to David. She doesn’t add anything to the podcast other than an everyman/woman’s perspective (let’s face it, she is not a strategic player, and is only known for 3 things: getting pinkeye, finding the legacy advantage, and getting rocked out). I saw her being added similar to a science show that is/was on the Discover Channel with 2 hosts: one a male that is a hard-core scientist, and the other a blonde female who was there to give a layman’s perspective to the scientific issues (and also to be eye-candy, not that I would call Jessica “eye-candy”). More than once I found David saying something strategic and insightful, and Jessica saying something not dumb, but either innocuous or not related to strategy at all, and there would be a pause and David would say “Ok, well …” as if he was thinking “God, I miss having Rob here.” She seems fun, but “fun” is not why I listened to that podcast, and let’s face it, David and Rob were plenty fun together.

    4. I put Chrissy’s ability to read people down to her actuary job. I have no idea what an actuary is, but I assume it’s like an insurance investigator, like Double Indemnity.

    1. I have an irrational expectation that I should recognize them, so that picture is confusing me.

      1. Over the course of about ten minutes, PRP staff (more specifically, me and Emma) identified all of them. Some are tougher than others, but I’ll leave it to them if they want to out themselves.

        1. John, do you have enough to do a JOE hype post when he returns? Or still too early to declare him officially Tony 2.0?

          1. I’m keeping hope alive, but you are probably right. I can’t think of anyone who had more fun out there than Tony

      2. I had the exact same reaction, before I realized wait I don’t know what any of these people look like.

        Or well, most anyway!

        1. Except @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus, the guy in all those pictures he posts with former contestants.

          1. Also, blurry Denzel has posted pics of himself on this site…
            Edit: just realized I said exact same thing you did

      1. Is that what that’s called? A coat? It’s like a tank top, but with so much sleeves. I’ve never seen such a garment in Florida.

  31. So….
    Am I the only one that didn’t like Jessica?
    I thought her whole falling for Cole even though she’s a virgin thing was kinda sweet initially, but that got old fast. Otherwise she just seems really entitled and kind of pissy. Her behavior towards Dr. Mike has been pretty poor. She doesn’t talk to people on her tribe unless she needs them. She just hides behind being a cute popular blond, but she gets really unlikable if things get even remotely hard or are not going her way.

    Am I really the only one that isn’t #TeamJessica?

    1. I was much more invested in The Potential Of Jessica than the actual Jessica we got to date. She was fine. I would’ve enjoyed seeing her either a) in increasily complex social webs, potentially unable to navigate and wrenching some plans; or b) burning everything down for kicks.

      1. I didn’t mind her in a strategic sense. She had some potential that wasn’t fully realized and torpedoed her own game by getting way too close to Cole and failing to nurture her relationship with others.

        I just found her really annoying on an interpersonal level. She just seemed really stuck-up and focused on this whole idea of herself as a perfect popular blonde girl that everyone wants to bend over backward for (“who doesn’t want to see a blonde cry, right?”) and when things didn’t go her way or people put their own game above hers she tended to get a bit of a self-righteous vibe and get huffy. I don’t know, I have a very hard time enjoying watching people who are self-righteous or hypocrites on television regardless of the genre, and she rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning.

        1. I honestly never got that read – she seemed more sheltered to me. I also never had many interactions with perfect popular blonde girls of that archetype though, so maybe there are nuances to that that you’re more conscious of than I am.

        2. I thought I would feel similiar about her from her pregame-stuff, but she won me over the course of her time on the seson, I think mostly by coming off as authentic and not playing too much of a character for the cameras.

    2. You are not the only one. All of that virgin and Cole talk got old fast. Get a grip! Her whole story was about liking or not liking Cole.

      I don’t mind entitled or pissy too much – my favorite Chrissy is entitled and pissy af. But when entitled is coupled with a mono-focus on some goofy dude… ugh, boring.

    3. I didn’t dislike her, or get the same perception of her that you did. I’m not sure of anything she did that would suggest she was unlikeable. But I was also frustrated that her hormones seemed to be getting in the way of her game to the extent that they did, and I wish she’d got her head in the game a bit more.

    4. There was a brief, ridiculous period early on, where I wondered if the virginity might be relinquished; but a couple of eye-blinks later I settled back into reality and was pretty much on-point about how boring she would be for the duration.

      Funny we got that tease tonight though, with her accounting of her carnal repartee with the handsome good-smelling waiter—actually a pretty good note to sound on her way out, story-telling-wise..

  32. Wow, it’s weird how they started a season of Survivor in November, but I’m glad it’s finally back.

    NB: The last person I can recall whose math skills were complimented by Probst were…OWM. Right?

      1. You don’t want to know for how long I thought that stood for “Note Book.” As in “here is something I’d like to particularly point out as if it was in a NoteBook.”

          1. For some reason, we had it as a vocabulary word (term?) in 8th grade? I have never used it in a self-serious way since; I am not a lawyer.

        1. I actually just realized I didn’t know what it meant. I’ve seen it used and understood it in context as something along the lines of P.S. but never actually thought about what it stood for before.

        1. The thing you’re wrong about here is that there was any sort of investment in Michele whatsoever. She was a non-entity; there was no reason to count her out or root for her.

          1. No, I’m meaning that the only investment I had in counting Michele out was that people were saying she was going to win. I wouldn’t have remembered she was on the season if it weren’t for that.

          2. That is/was of course an understandable position to hold on Michele, but the way the season and discussion about it unfolded here (and elsewhere), she was always front and center (you guys even made a point of not talking about her on the podcast), which is why this reads as some sort of strange, retroactive wishful thinking, or just really bad memory.
            It’s true that she doesn’t have the type of personality that would justify such widespread, strong opinions on her one way or the other (and initially those may have been directed more at the edgic crowd than her), but that doesn’t change the fact that quickly there were tons of negative knee-jerk reactions to her personally, everytime she appeared on screen or got to talk.
            (Which, in my eyes, was not a good look for a crowd that usually strives to voice how people and events on the show relate to social progressivism and generally supports decent human beings)

          3. I guess I’m not communicating my point clearly. What I’m trying to say is that were it not for all the “Michele is gonna win!” discussion that caused her to become front and center, I would not have formed an opinion on Michele.

            And I believe we said repeatedly during that season that Michele was simply fine, and that our opposition to her was based on the edgic crowd championing her as their queen and began playing up talk of her “great social game” despite evidence to the contrary. She was not a great Survivor player, nor was she a particularly compelling character on the show.

            We do generally support decent human beings. But when those same decent human beings are boring TV, we aren’t interested in them. See JP this season.

          4. No, you did communicate that point well enough, but apparently I struggled to communicate what my response is to this viewpoint, and how it relates to the way I perceived the discussion on the Michele-topic had actually unfolded.
            Anyway, I didn’t mean to re-open the Michele-files again, I guess I was just taken aback by the initial comment and tried (unsuccesfully) to clear up, why that was the case.

            I do wanna add that I think it’s amazing that you almost always take the time reply to comments, even from jerks like me, and do so in such a polite manner. Now I feel bad that I effectively exploited that quality of yours and pressed you to explain yourself in many words on such a dead-horse topic.

            It almost makes me want to trade you some of my better players, but then I would feel even worse. (Not sure who came out ahead of your latest trade, even if conventional wisdom seems to say Bledsoe should be better, but I do know that, as a Mavs fan, I’m a bit jealous that DSJ became available and still isn’t on my roster. I wasn’t going to pay big bucks for him in the draft (because: see team name), but despite being a rookie PG under RC, he seems to get every opportunity and now I’m only worried about potential injuries after his wild dunk attempts and the Rookie Wall)

          5. Of course I responded. I like people respectfully challenging what I say, even if I still disagree.

            My fantasy basketball team is garbage, though. And I can’t even blame it on my wife drafting my team, because she got me most of the players I asked for.

          6. See, it only took (what could be perceived as, but wasn’t intended to be) some gentle mocking from me and you pronouncing your team garbage, to achieve a crazy high single-night score from Embiid and your whole team immediately after.

            FWIW, if you click on League>Record Book>H2H and scroll all the way down, you will see this:
            Strongest Schedule
            Trust the Popovich
            Weakest Schedule
            Rick’s Doghouse

            I have no idea what kind of data they use to determine this (Players, teams, fantasy teams, projections or results-based), but don’t give up hope yet. And this being my first (non-Survivor) fantasy draft, I definitely wasn’t ready for this and feel lucky, that it didn’t turn out even worse for me. Right now I’m trying hard to get a few wins under the belt, because I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time for the shoes to drop and then I might be able to challenge you for that longest losing streak-record.

            Now go and snap your unlucky streak by starting tonight’s active players and take it to that evil canadian abuser of strawmen and -women alike!
            *checks schedule, changes tune: It’s saturday already. Another week starts soon, and with that, another chance for glory! But don’t make it easy for Andy and start your active players 😉

  33. Wel, well, well…. A Phillip Shephard would be pretty enjoyable this season. You guys sure must feel dumb hating him now, haha

    1. I can’t really get on board with Phillip but I think this season would be better with a bit of Debbie.

  34. I haven’t seen the episode yet. How many Billy Preston references were there during the challenge?

      1. It was a little weird when Probst said “slip slip, slip of the lip. I like the way you move your hips”

          1. Survivor: Bellhops vs Concierges vs Doormen

            (it’s not alliterative but at least you get 3 letters in a row)

  35. After this episode, I’m back on board the Chrissy train! My dream for her is that she will be the female Brian Heidek (without the criminal activity) and be an obvious villain who plays such a precise, calculated game that the jury has no choice but to give her the win in the end.

    1. Have you recently watched Stranger Things? Something tells me you’ve recently watched Stranger Things.

  36. IN the offseason, I need to write another Phillip defense post, I think I only didn’t convert anyone cause it was poorly written. plus it would be an awesome gimmick to be perpetual Phillip defender.

  37. I kind of feel like this season crossed the sucks line tonight. I just don’t find most of these people to be interesting characters. Chrissy, Ryan, Joe, and Dr. Mike are the only ones doing anything for me. I’ve had enough of Ben, yet I feel like we are in for so, so much more of Ben.

    1. I’m becoming afraid that you’re right. Their were a few that showed early promise for me, but the only one living up to it in Survivor-playing terms is Mike. Mike’s pretty great. Beyond that, I’m just enjoying Desi being a beautifully poised challenge monster and Cole being a sex idiot.

      I don’t think “suck” is guaranteed, but this episode closed off a lot of avenues for it being good. Although that may be because I don’t see Ben as a swing vote going forward- if that’s where we are heading, things could easily get good fast.

      1. Basically, I’m hoping for Mike to somehow take out all those people I don’t like. I am cautiously optimistic but, you know, also not.

  38. Is this the first Double Blindside, as in neither name was brought up at Council, so neither Chrissy nor Jessica would have had an inkling that was coming?

    1. I always wonder in these situations who the winning side thought was getting voted for. Obviously everyone assumed that either Joe or Cole was getting votes, but the Herslers/Husloes alliance must have been aware that ONE of them was going to get votes?

  39. I have not read all the comments, but….uh…what exactly did Joe gain from his idol theatrics?

    If you are going to play the idol on yourself- which come on, he always was- keep it a secret and try to draw votes. Generally speaking, the point of revealing the idol is to send votes away from you so that you can either protect someone else or save it for later.

    Here his idol reveal just guaranteed that one of his allies would be chopped.

    1. Yes, he basically copied Tony’s move from the merge but did not have the balls to follow though on it.

  40. *Sob* Not my Jessica! I don’t care if it would have been predictable; I wanted it to be Cole. And yes, I’m bitter that it was Chrissy who suggested it. I know it was a smart move, but I am a bitter bitch about it.

    The only good news is I still have Ben on my team, and I will be shocked if he doesn’t make it far. Also, I like how Lauren and Dr. Mike have really proved my knee-jerk pre-season reaction to them wrong.

  41. The problem this season is that nothing is really happening. Usually even if no one is playing great, someone is playing poor. On the rewatch, that’ll probably make this season more enjoyable than cluster**** seasons; but right now it is just so meh.

    The only really dumb thing there is to talk about is Joe. What was even his plan? If he was going to show off his idol, he may as well have not played it and saved it for another 3 days.

    1. Joe was so unbelievably fucking dumb all around tonight. When he was all upset that Cole wanted to bring in Ben – WHO THE FUCK DO YOU WANT TO BRING IN JOE? YOU ONLY HAVE FIVE PEOPLE

      1. I really hope something interesting goes done next week though, with Probst teasing a new twist they’ve been wanting to do for years

          1. And watch both teams desperately try to throw the challenge so they can vote out someone from the opposite alliance, now that the post-merge lines have been drawn?

          2. I mean, that would be the logical thing to do but they may not actually do it. I think its worth trying to see if its something that they would catch on to (also, watching both teams desparately try to lose would be fun once)

          3. Trying to work out if I could come up with an unthrowable challenge now. Maybe it would have to be run blind in some way so you couldn’t see what the other team was doing? Or losing team goes to tribal council BUT best performer on the losing team wins individual immunity, so there’s incentive to be competitive.

          4. I’m imagining something where you’re looking at a cumulative score between a team (weight? number of items? time?), so everyone’s contribution counts, but you’re doing it blindfolded. You can’t compare your progress either against members of your own team or against the opposing team.

          5. Combined family visit reward and immunity maybe? If it’s a group thing, the cost of throwing it would be extra high.

          6. Oooh, that would work. My other thought was setting a target in terms of points/time, and EVERYONE who succeeded in making that target gets immunity. That disincentivises throwing the challenge in case you end up being one of the only people on your team not to be immune.

          7. Yeah, I thought about Fiji, but I think this would be different because a) they’d actually be tribes not just a random group thrown together for a challenge and TC and b) the game is a lot more fluid these days

      2. But this is exactly the sort of aggressively bad Survivor play I’d hoped we’d see after Tony’s victory. Joe being bad at Survivor is fun. It’s just more fun when there are people that are good at Survivor to exploit it.

        I guess in this case that would be Chrissy, since she directed the vote away from Joe and Cole.

        1. Unless you picked Joe in the draft. I am simply left wondering where the show has gone off the rails.

        2. Just keep doing stuff Joe. The more you do, the more you will create cool/dumb things to talk about.

        3. It made sense to target Jessica too. Desi was Immune, Joe and Cole knew their names had been brought up and I don’t think Lauren and Ben would agree to targeting Dr. Mike.

        4. Yeah, I think if I had more people to root for I would enjoy it more. Joe plummeted from someone who I thought could maybe be kinda good at Survivor in his own strange way to someone who is just bad at Survivor, which isn’t what I’m looking for right now. I actually think the entire cast would look better if you swapped out like 2 people for more interesting, likable players. I’ll blame JP’s presence for this.

      3. Joe seems like he is really easy to fool. Just play up to his ego. People who have Joe as their probation officer, take note!

        1. But Joe is impossible to fool! He sees through any lie you tell him! Just ask him – he will tell you this.

    2. Right. If he hadn’t flashed it, they wouldn’t have voted for Jess and it may have actually helped them

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    1. I don’t really follow edgic because EVIL but I’d like to think Chrissy, Mike (maybe?) and Devon all have a shot. Felt like Devon was sort of just there for a lot of pre-merge without being completely invisible and this first merge ep it felt like they were featuring him quite a lot in comparison despite the fact that he didn’t really contribute too much to the episode/vote out. Will be interesting if he continues to steadily get the same amount of focus in the coming episodes.

      1. I don’t follow edgic either because waste of time. Just in terms of story. I would say Chrissy but I I think she’s getting slightly too much of the too cocky ‘I have the best social game’ edit and her alliance will turn on her as a huge strategic threat. Devon’ s an interesting one, he did seem to be all over this episode for no apparent reason so maybe a sort of Michelle edit. But who knows I’m probably completely wrong and Desi is the winner.

        1. Yeah, Chrissy is definitely a bit of a mixed bag in terms of positives and negatives, but I definitely wouldn’t count her out especially considering there aren’t really any super obvious picks at this stage (except for Ben, I guess). They could just be giving her a complex edit to give her more depth etc. Sarah got some negative stuff last season, right? I think? I don’t remember. Haha Desi winning with an invisible edit for 90% of the game would be quite amusing.

          1. Yeah Chrissy would be my number two pick as a winner but in my opinion no one has anywhere near the level of positive edit that Ben has. Although that could just mean he’s a super charismatic guy who has some good strategic chops.
            Haha not to mention a massive F you to all edgicers out there

      2. I don’t hate edgic like many on PRP and do believe it can be interesting to analyze edits. Someone common theme can be found across survivor season with respect to how they edit certain archetypes and this helps in predicting winners/outcomes/story conclusions. But edgic drum beaters who swear by its ability to predict winners are definitely wrong. A lot of edgic people end up overanalysing edits – one example edgic had Fishbach winning instead of JT in Tocantins.

        This season, Chrissy defo has a shit at winning if she is going to be a dominant winner of the season. Very few women winner have gotten a coronation edit so a lot of people seem to be disregarding Chrissy for that reason. But she is definitely being edited as the person, production views as the best player out there and I won’t be surprised if she is a losing FTC instead of winner.
        Ben is an interesting one, another top contender but I get more of a fan fav edit vibe than winner one from him. Disregarding edit, it is hard to see anyone taking him to final 3.
        Outside of those 2 I think Lauren and Devon are the only people with a shot. Devon surprisingly got a lot of strategy focussed confessionals this episode whilst Ryan, the main narrator of the season, got fluffy superficial ones. Lauren has little air time but that tracks with her archtype. I have her in contention since unlike Sunday she is getting some air time and is being shown actively playing the game.
        Overall, I don’t believe the winner of this season is a slam dunk yet.

        1. I love Chrissy but I’m seeing a villainous edit there rather than a winner’s edit. Like preparation for a blindside or exit at 4 or 5. Each episode features her saying something cocky and condescending. Which I personally love, but I think editors, not so much. We haven’t heard a lot about her personal story either, unlike Ben or Mike.

          1. We know that she’s a mom who left her job to raise her kids and then come back. We know that she has been applying for 16 years. We know what her job is. That’s more personal content than Ashley or JP. Just throwing that out there.

          2. Yes but I think Ashley and JP are far from being contenders. I’m comparing her to Ben and Mike, one who received a very big chunk of personal content and the other who has been receiving bits throughout the whole season. Chrissy’s personal content has been in the first episode (left job to raise kids and then came back) and the last episode (applying for 16 years). That’s so little, compared to the other two.

            EDIT: I would really like to be wrong on this and see a dominant personality like hers win.

          3. Is that because you’re committed to the winner being a woman and the show is quickly running out of that player type?

            Maybe her edit isn’t that bad and Australian Survivor should have taught me by now that anyone can win, but I just don’t think she has it in her. She would have to sit next to two out of JP, Joe and Cole for that to have any chance of happening.

          4. I did remember you pointing to Probst related clues as a reason to believe in a female winner, but that made a lot more sense to me back then, with the likes of Ali, Roark and Jessica still around. With Ashley it’s like being a woman and not being likely to leave an impression on Probst is the only thing she has going for her.
            I’m a bit hyperbolic here, probably because, to me, she’s the epitome of the blandness that people relate to this season as a whole. But I am secretly worried that she sticks around for a while, mainly because, together with Ryan and Ben, she’s the only one I remember from the Game Changers Finale preview, for whatever that is worth.

          5. I’ve heard that before, but are there any numbers to back that up? Wasn’t Adam in his season’s promo?

          6. Well, Sarah and Michele were not featured in their season’s previews. For MvGX, it was Zeke, Mari, and Taylor representing Millenials and David, Sunday, and Chris (?) representing Gen X.

          7. Or she’d just have to play a good post-merge game, or be facing a bitter jury, or simply be better liked than her opponents…it’s a bit early to say someone has no chance of winning when they’ve only been to two tribal councils, have made no major missteps, have every opportunity for other players around them to mess up, and Michele won the game.

          8. No, it’s actually not. But did you miss the follow-up comment where I admitted to hyperbole and how her particular brand of blandness may cloud my judgement?
            Anyway, I feel like I watched enough of her vapid interview videos to say with confidence that Michele had a lot more going for her than Ashley does (she’s even a more compelling character to me and it’s not close).

          9. I love that Production has made changes to the show since Kaoh Rong that they have subtlety said are because they don’t want a Michele-type player to win again.

          10. Ashley has mentioned her job when she became friendly with Devon since they were both ocean related.

          11. Bar Roark episode, I don’t think she was edited in an obvious negative way in any other episode. If I had to bet, I would say that she is getting losing FTC edit rather than a winner one but nothing is set in stone.

          12. Much like the Ben-Cole scene lead to different interpretations this week, I wasn’t sure which side the audience was supposed to take in that episode, but on second thought I settled on Chrissy and don’t think there was much blemish on her edit (apart from her challenge performance) in there.

            I do think Chrissy has some negative elements to her edit, but not in a disqualifying way and I think for the most part Roark was “the bad” that got defeated in that episode, which gave Chrissy some leeway to act cocky herself.

          13. From an edit standpoint, the thing that worries me most about Chrissy’s chances are the moments at challenges when Probst took time to point out how she’s hurting her team. That’s not good, right?
            The other stuff makes me pause, but I can rationalize it as editors making an effort to portray her more in a way they would a cocky, male winner, depsite being a Mum and all. Lack of personal info is definitely concerning though, they paint her as pretty game-botty so far.

            From a game standpoint this episode was a perfect example for how she appears to be not even trying to hide her smarts and strategic thinking in front of everyone, which is usually not a good approach to take and could spell trouble for her. It’s hard to imagine that the other players will let her get away with it and take her all the way to the end.

        2. I mean, I don’t hate it but I don’t like to consider it too much when I’m watching a season because I think I enjoy the season less If I analyse everything in order to try and predict the winner. I don’t mind casual chatter like this.

          Yeah, true, I think losing finalist is highly possible and you’re right, she’s being edited as the most cutthroat/strategic but as a result everyone could hate her by the end of the game and won’t vote for her. I could see it going the other way too though!

          Yeah, I don’t really see Ben as the winner either.

          Lauren. Interesting… I don’t see it because I feel like they keep painting her as the grumpy middle aged woman fed up with all these damn millennial and I don’t think that’d really work for a winner but we’ll see how it all pans out.

          1. Ohh, oops. My bad. Did not realise she was that young. Unfortunately a lot of people probably automatically assume she’s quite a bit older because she is old in comparison to all the fit/beautiful millennials. Reality TV is the worst for anyone over 30!

        3. I think you’re exactly right. That scene of the majority alliance sitting in a circle with Chrissy explaining long term strategy to them like a Kindergarten teacher was hard to interpret any other way than Chrissy being the strategic mastermind of the season.

        4. I followed some of the edgic thread on Sucks and it’s a complete mess with 8 of the 11 players in contention right now.

          1. Don’t go on suck at all. I read stuff on reddit edgic once in 2 weeks or so during non spoiled seasons, just to gauge what folks are thinking. Shirin and Redmond did a good job of analyzing the edit during MvGx as well, when most of the others completely failed

      3. I am not gung-ho either way on edgic, but I do notice how the edit is pulling us. For example, while everyone thought Jessica was a potential winner, all I could see was her linked to Cole. All of her content was Cole. Compare that to Natalie Anderson, who had a lot of her pre-merge story devoted to her connection with Jeremy, but still got personal content with Nadiya and she helped to get out Drewchebag.

        1. You’re right that all her content was about Cole, and I can see why you’d write her off due to that, but I think a lot of people thought she was getting all the content with Cole because they thought she’d eventually blindside him and move on, which would obviously make her look pretty great considering Cole’s pretty horrible strategy/personality. And yeah, it would make sense to include their relationship so heavily to give it more meaning/highlight that she’s a huge player etc. Alas, that didn’t happen and you had the correct read.