Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Eight Predictions

Time for us all to predict Joe or Cole again.

Or will we?


Reader Predictions

Who do you think will go home?

Who will be the eighth boot of Survivor: HHH?

  • Joe (38% Votes)
  • Desi (26% Votes)
  • Cole (24% Votes)
  • JP (4% Votes)
  • Devon (3% Votes)
  • Ben (2% Votes)
  • Lauren (1% Votes)
  • Ashley (1% Votes)
  • Ryan (1% Votes)
  • Chrissy (0% Votes)
  • Mike (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 100

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Staff Predictions


The danger of voting for Joe is the fear that he has an idol. That fear goes away if the NToS scene is indeed Cole or Chrissy very publicly finding an idol. So if you know he doesn’t have one now, get rid of Joe now.


I’ve been terrible at predictions this season because I’ve kept trying to predict less likely things happening. Instead, I need to embrace the lack of surprise this season has offered and use that to make my predictions. If nothing else, getting my predictions wrong will mean that the season has started to get more interesting. So if I’m wrong on this, you’re welcome. Joe goes home this week.


All the possible idol wrestling kerfuffle will cause the Hero-Hustler alliance to want to target someone they think is unlikely to play an idol or have one played for them. It worked last time! Spinning it as her being a big immunity thread with a record of 1-1, Desi will go home. Plus, Jessica didn’t make the jury, so Desi still has a chance of being the Queen of Ponderosa. She was a beauty queen. Get it? I’m sorry.


This coming week is Desi. I mean Chrissy only targets women anyway, and Desi just won immunity. Time to oust that “threat”. They are going to wait one more week to target Joe until they have the numbers for a vote-split, and so they’ll go after Desi. That will leave Mike and Cole as the last survivors of that alliance… just what Lauren and Ben wanted. They will then use Cole winning a timely immunity to oust Devon or JP, who will be followed by Ashley, and then whoever remains of Devon/JP. Finally, they’ll turn back and eliminate Cole in 6th, Mike in 5th and final four is Ryan, Ben, Chrissy and Lauren.

Bank it.


I’m going to have to go Joe here. The Healers will get picked off, but I see Mike as a defector/swing vote to the other alliance. Now that Joe has made a big show of his idols, no one will let him get near one, and Mike doesn’t like the guy. I just don’t see how he survives the next few weeks, so I’m gonna say this is his time.

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110 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Eight Predictions

  1. I ultimately went with Joe over Desi because I think those two are the most likely targets for the reason you all discussed. The Hero/Hustler contingent wanted one of Cole or Jessica or Joe gone and remember that Chrissy is dying to get out Joe. Yes, I am assuming Desi wins immunity in this scenario because it seems to be another endurance comp (shock)

    1. Desi=immunity queen. I do think she’ll win the most individual ones this season. If I can actually get one prediction right about Desi, let it be the one that gets me the most fantasy points.

  2. I went with Joe as my boot pick. I think he will fail in his mad search to find an idol. Also, I think people like Dr. Mike and Desi will cut bait with him and try to find spots in the majority. Ben and Lauren seem to like Mike and Ashley and Devon seems to like Desi. I think they will get rid of who they think is the most threatening healer left but I don’t think this going forward that there will be a healer pagonging. The big group is looking at each other sooner rather than later.

  3. I’m going with Joe as the safe bet. There’s also the chance they would take out Desi, because Chrissy. I can see an outside chance of the 7-person majority alliance deciding they have enough numbers to pick off one of their own (Ashley, because Chrissy), but that’s some wishful thinking. Then there’s the chance that Chrissy’s alliance will decide to take out Chrissy as a threat, but that’s being idealistic.

  4. I’m taking Joe. Its certainly one more Beauty before the big alliance implodes, and I tend to think its not Cole. I think Joe is the more obvious target then Desi and I’m not convinced a Desi boot could support an entire episode at this point, so I think we unfortunately lose Joe, who is starting to entertain me.

    Since we’re now at jury (I assume) I’m also curious as to what people’s zero percent clubs look like at this point? Mine is Desi, JP, and Joe with Ashley about one episode away from being in there

    1. My zero percent would also be Desi, JP and Joe. I’m curious where Cole would be for you. I struggle to see the path that leads him to victory.

      1. Honestly, I think I actually meant to include Cole in my 0% and just forgot to type his name. He has been portrayed as too much of a buffoon to be our winner

          1. I think his edit would be less negative if he were going the Fabio route. He’d be a lovable buffoon, rather than a buffoon pissing off his tribe members

          2. That’s fair. Especially the bias part. He’s on both my fantasy teams so I hate writing him off. But I think we were only ever invested in him because they needed a pre-merge story from Beauty and it was the Cole-Jessica showmance. Also, he’s hot and an easy character to sell

          3. That’s true, and that story seems bound for no payoff (unless Mike idols out Joe which would be awesome). I think he’s gonna be around for a while, but I really don’t see him winning. Especially when I look at Redmond’s Edgic chart (which I know is not the be all and end all). If Cole was winning, I think he would be getting a glowing edit, given Survivor’s tendencies

          4. Yeah, I guess so. Though unless Joe knows about the idol, I’m not sure how they can build any drama out of it. Which I guess might be why they need it, to make a will-he or won’t-he story in Joe’s boot episode, with a throwaway confessional from Mike about maybe playing the idol to save Joe even if he has no intention of doing so

          5. He kind of did have to apologize to Ben, not because Ben was right but because they needed his vote to be with them, or at the very least not against them. That scene is just as plausibly part of the story that Ben is so soured on Cole that there is nothing he can do to fix things.

          6. That’s true, but I think I’ve decided that you and I didn’t take that scene the way we were supposed to and that it was part of being a bad look for Cole and/or as Sharculese mentioned just that there is no way Cole can win Ben back

          7. I think best case of Cole’s longevity in the game is that the majority no longer thinks he’s threatening with Jess gone. He floats around while other people takes care of their business. He then wins a late immunity or two to annoy whoever is running the show and sneaks in to the final three and even then I think he’s drawing dead because he’s nowhere near as likable to his tribe as Fabio was.

        1. Yeah, Joe is the kind of person that I can’t quite put in a 0% Club because I feel like if Joe were to win, we’d see all his flaws along with his successes.

  5. We are now in the post merge, which means the return of the Blurry Denzel power rankings. These are the players most likely to win Survivor.

    1. Ben
    2. Chrissy
    3. Ryan
    4. Mike
    5. Lauren
    6. Ashley
    7. Devon
    8. Cole
    9. Joe
    10. Desi
    11. JP

    Devon is someone I’m following after his increased camera presence last week. I think he’s quietly established a couple of solid bonds and want to see if he continue that with getting in with Ben through Lauren or Chrissy through Ryan.

    1. The problem I have with Ryan winning is I don’t see how he gets through F4, especially with the new setup. He either has to have the immunity winner bring him to the end – ….and that’s about the only way. He isn’t beating anyone in any sort of competition.

      1. Granted that I am unspoiled on the new set-up, but why is that particularly hard to imagine? I can see a lot of people, most notably Chrissy, thinking beating Ryan is the best path forward. Especially if there is still a Ben or Mike to bounce.

        1. I’d also put, in a handful of cases the later immunity challenges have come down to puzzles or mazes. While Ryan is very awful at challenges, i’m not convinced with the right combo he couldn’t win. And if the ‘look at Ryan struggle’ swell of music from a few episodes is a juxtaposition to him winning a challenge later, that would gel with editing.

          1. This episode is a critical turning point in terms of how the season goes. It will really cement what direction things go. Will the healers get picked off as season predictable continues or will new alliances emerge… is gonna be the big question for me.

          2. Agreed. I think this will be a big data point as to whether this season really as a ‘crazy’ and interesting post-merge, or if this season is pretty standard and CBS is just trying to overcome what they know to be a disappointing outing for Survivor.

          3. I think this is right. I think we do lose another Healer this time but we should also start to see what the breakdown will look like when the alliance splits in the next episode. The trend lately has been that the post merge majority makes it two votes before splitting in some fashion

        2. Especially if the other option to beat is Mike. As of right now, Mike would have, in theory, three votes already, and if it becomes obvious he has connections with Lauren and Ben, then yeah, Chrissy could easily go for Ryan over that.

          1. I’m still stuck on the Ben win theory. I’m wondering if, over the season, Ryan loses his agency and, while actually working collaboratively with Chrissy, is overshadowed by her game. By the time they get to FTC, Ryan is seen as Chrissy’s pawn, and Chrissy’s stone cold strategy gets the Boston Rob treatment. Ben wins for being generally likable, having a good story to tell, and being not-Chrissy.

            I will note, i don’t want and will be happy if this doesn’t happen. I’d rather Chrissy wins then Ben, but thus far, this is my main feeling on how things are shaping up.

          2. I’ve done a completely 180 from a couple of weeks ago and I’m rooting for Chrissy to win Survivor. The way she is playing is interesting and she is bringing a lot of excitement to the game. I’m on Team Chrissy FTW. That bring said, I fear we get more of the same with that “mom” archetype with Chrissy in FTC where people feel super betrayed.

          3. I think she may have lost the Mom image with the rest of the cast at this point though. Remember, she just got 5 votes against her at the merge which is still pretty early. They see her as a threat already so they won’t be looking at her as the Mom anymore. That might actually help her in the long run.

          4. I see what you’re saying and I hope your right that she doesn’t get burned because of that image.

          5. Honestly, I agree. I’ve kinda been all over the place, I liked her early on, but the more time i’ve gotten with Chrissy, the less interested I am in her and less sold I am on her as a character. At the same time, she’s played a solid game thus far, and it’s hard for me to dislike a strong, confident woman. If i’m picking between Chrissy/Ryan/Ben, I’m definitely rooting Chrissy, and it’s the kind of game that would be refreshing to see at this stage in Survivor, I think. That being said, toward the end of the pre-merge there were a handful of women I was hoping would prove interesting and strategic, but the other 2 were the last 2 boots, so….

          6. I realized that earlier in the season I was wanting Chrissy to make moves I wanted or align with certain people (the women) instead of just appreciating what she had to offer. It was unfair on my part.

          7. I think i’m able to both appreciate her moves and strategy, and understand the intelligence of taking out women and playing a specific role with the men of her alliance; while at the same time not enjoy the sentiment of removing other women from the game, and targeting women as her biggest threat to winning survivor. I appreciate it as a strategy, but that doesn’t mean I like the truth of it.

          8. Same place. I understand the people she’s taken out and can embrace it as a player move but I still don’t like it. That’s my preference and not Chrissy’s preference.

          9. Agree completely. She is playing aggressively, but she lacks Goddess Kim Spradlin’s ability to make EVERYONE feel like they’re her ally.

    2. This is pretty close to mine. I have Chrissy ahead of Ben. Lauren swapped with Devon and the final four in a shuffled order.

      It was mostly 5 sections:
      Frontrunners: Chrissy, Ben, Ryan.
      Dark Horse: Mike
      Possible, but unlikely: Devon, Ashley, Lauren
      0%: JP, Cole, Desi

    3. Chrissy has losing finalist written all over her… so I don’t put her odds high on WINNING, but I think there’s a good chance we’ll be, at least, in the final 4.

      1. A lot of the reason she is where at is because the people below her hasn’t really emerged as someone I would put better odds on. There is time for things to become clearer for an Ashley or Devon and their path to victory but for now I kinda have to put Chrissy that high based on what the show is telling us.

  6. I’m still pulling for the idol-wrestling scene to be for Chrissy’s fake idol, which she planted there to fool Cole. So Cole will find the fake idol, play it, and the majority alliance votes him out.

    1. I get why Chrissy would be in there wrestling (to throw people off the track), but there has to be a healthy medium between getting in and fighting for the idol or pulling a Carolyn and just hanging out in the shelter while everyone else was looking.

      1. Is that going to be Ryan, standing three feet away, mouth agape, just watching three people tussle for the idol?

      2. Oh, I’m sure this is 100% complete fan fiction on my part, which is probably why I’m pulling for it so much.

        1. I’m 150-200% convinced you’re right. When Cole first runs over to the flag it looks like it’s Ryan who’s digging. In the shot of Chrissy wrestling with Cole, Ryan is wandering in the background, which is hard to explain, but there’s another shot of all three of them wrestling. Then there’s a shot of Ben getting involved, who would likely be in in on the plan.

          1. If that’s the case, I feel like they are doing too much. Maybe compete a little but you want Cole to find the idol, you don’t need to wrestle. On the other hand, it’s get boring out there so whatever brings out fun.

          2. Maybe they considered that they would try to sell it as much as possible either way. As in, if everyone sees the fight for the idol, and Ryan or Chrissy end up with it, it has the power of a real idol to everyone, and there will be no suspicion that it isn’t real. That way, whoever has it benefits them. But, to do so would put a target on their back that it seems like Chrissy would want to avoid.

            Either way, i’m not sold. I think this will be a real idol, partially because I thought production moved the idol to this location right?

          3. If this happens, and it’s a BIG if, I assume they would plan it out so that they would want to sell it to Cole, to make him think that he is grabbing an idol out from under their noses just as they are about to lay their hands on it.

  7. I voted for Joe because I forgot Desi is still around. If she can’t win another immunity, I think Desi is in trouble.
    I also think it’s entirely possible that the alliances could shake up dramatically again. For example, without Jessica I don’t see what’s holding the Healers together, so I could see that group splintering and trying to find inroads in the majority. I can definitely see Mike trying to get back in with Ben and Lauren. Once you have a unit of three that seems like it’s almost critical mass to start pulling in others and forming a brand new power group. I don’t think anything is going to break up the Chrissy/Ryan/JP thing any time soon, but the two groups of three that I just identified could potentially work together to target the remaining stragglers, most of whom would be easy to paint as challenge threats (plus Joe who they can easily point out as annoying and a wildcard).
    Anyway, I’m not 100% sure this is what will happen, but the pattern lately has been for things to reshuffle frequently post merge, so I’m kind of just playing the odds here. It might also be wishful thinking because just pagonging the Healers would be boring.

    1. I think you’re right about a dramatic alliance shake-up, I just think it will be next week not this week, once the minority alliance has been sufficiently weakened

      1. Yeah I can definitely see that. Plus it fits with the trajectory of this season so far in that it would squeeze in one more boring/predictable vote 😛

  8. I picked Cole. I think this will be an episode where the boot is kind of obvious. If he will have more moments like the idol fight, people will just vote him out as as someone who isn’t benefitting anyone besides the people on the bottom (and even that is arguable), not unlike Taylor in MvGX.

    And my updated PR are:
    1. Ben (0)
    2. Ryan (+1)
    3. Chrissy (-1)
    4. Devon (+4)
    5. Lauren (-1)
    6. Mike (-1)
    7. Ashley (-1)
    8. Joe (-1)
    9. Cole (+2)
    10. Desi (-1)
    11. JP (-1)

    And like I did in Australian Survivor, I will put the remaining players in tiers, in terms of who I want to see win from most to least (within the tiers players are in chronogical order):

    Tier 1

    Tier 2
    Tier 3

    Tier 4

  9. new idea for a fire breathing statue on ghost island:

    I want there to be a carter statue saying ” There was this sauce…”
    Tony making lamaa noises
    And Tyson saying whatever he feels like

  10. I think is a 40-40-20 scenario with Joe, Cole and Desi, respectively. If Joe, Cole or Desi finds the idol, Desi goes home (I think she would be blindsided). If anyone else finds it, it will be Joe or Cole. I will say Cole because of food theft.

    1. I think that Joe or Desi are more likely than Cole. They got rid of Cole’s +1 last week in Jessica (although it could certainly be argued that Cole was Jessica’s +1), so they’ll probably go after Desi this week. As to Joe vs Cole, Joe is much more obnoxious and dangerous than Cole.

  11. I shared this on Twitter this morning, but I wanted to share it here as well: Some time in the past two weeks (probably in the first few days of this month), our site crossed the one million mark for all-time traffic. So thanks to all of you, and if I’d been paying more attention to our traffic numbers maybe I would have had something special planned in recognition of this. Oops.

    And it almost goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Thank you for making this an awesome community of people who just came here to make friends (and sometimes also talk about Survivor).

    1. Wooo! Congrats PRP! So glad I can be part of the community and contribute to traffic by obsessively consulting the season rankings, lol.

  12. I think this week is a predictable boot – Joe. (If it’s not Joe, he’ll be gone next week, extending the bore another 7 days).

    Next week though, things should get interesting. Chrissy, Ryan, Ben, and Devon are all huge threats (Chrissy/Ryan strategically, and Devon/Ben for jury votes). If they’re smart, one of those pairs should utilize JP/Ashley and the people on the bottom to split up the other.

  13. Today at work I tried to explain Survivor to some colleagues who were confused about why I had travelled transatlanically to meet people from the internet and how I could possibly have met them talking about Survivor. I don’t know how many times I said strategy, game theory, personal dynamics before I said “all on a beach in swimsuits”. One said she was interested, but I sold her on how dynamis mirror society and sexism, racism and power dynamics work.

      1. Was it Philippines? Because Philippines is gold for first time viewers. Beyond its natural wonders, i’ve found that the returning players are helpful in peaking interest in other seasons, because if you like Survivor, you get curious about their first outings (though it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Penner’s previous seasons are great, but his role in Micronesia is minimal, and while Redacted’s previous season is good, the more you learn about him the worse it gets…)

  14. Out of the staff predictions, I think Desi is the best bet to go home. I’m gonna stop predicting Joe for a moment (and then naturally this is the week he goes home) and look at the next most likely candidate because why not.

  15. PRP, I need your hugs! We found out our cat, Merlin, had acute renal failure, and we had to let him go today. This is awful, and our wedding is in 4 days. We are allowed to mourn for about a day before we have to be joyful. *shakes fist at timing*

    *Also shakes fist at how horrible it is to lose a loved one*

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry.

      My family had to say goodbye to our golden/black lab mix, Clover, earlier this year. We knew the time was coming and finally it was just too much and my dad made a snap decision to put her out of her pain (he’s a veterinarian by training, so this wasn’t just some random thing.) Roommate was dogsitting when it happened, and she invited me to come hang out with her for the evening so I could have dogs around. We watched iZombie together, which is a thing we did anyway, and Drag Race, which I had already seen but was okay to rewatch.

      My little sister is halfway through getting a sleeve commemorating her, her sister Waffles, and our old golden Ellie. It’s kind of funny because when we adopted my sister she was terrified of dogs because there were a ton of wild dogs running around outside her orphanage (it was post-soviet Russia). The first time we put her in the car with Ellie; the sweetest, most gentle dog on the planet; to take her to the park, she lost her mind screaming. She does not remember this, because she was three at the time.

      Sorry for rambling about my family’s pet history, but i don’t know what to do except share pet stories. Please respond by telling me about how awesome Merlin was.

      1. I loved hearing your pet stories. Merlin loved my fiance fiercely for 17 years. So much so that he would run to the door when he returned home or always sit where he could see him or constantly want to be in his lap. The only time I got affection was when my guy was away, but if he came home, Merlin would jump off me guiltily…as if he’d been caught cheating.

        Here they are together, my family:

        1. Oh, it’s a Big King Tum-Tum who just wants to be loved! That’s a beautiful cat and I hope your next furry companion will be every bit much the friend he was.

          1. My guy can’t even think of having another pet yet. I wonder how lonely I will be once all the wedding/honeymoon stuff is over. I guess it’ll all just happen as it does.

            Merlin was the handsomest cat ever! Thanks.

    2. So sorry to hear! My best friend’s cat had renal failure earlier this year, so I know how terrible that can be. I’m so sorry you have to go through this! *hugs*

      1. Thanks for your kind words and hugs. I need them! I am wearing my PRP shirt today and hoping tonight’s episode is good so I can feel a little better.

    3. That is so sad to hear. My sister recently got news that one of her three cats (a cute little, black thing called Leila, that I came to feed, pet and protect from her meanie tomcat roommates many times) also has serious renal issues and only a few months left. One of the tomcats also has weak kidneys and had to be put on a special diet for years. All three of them are pretty old by now and I haven’t seen them in a long time.

      Hopefully there proved to be silver lining in the unfortunate timing, in that you guys were busy and had plenty of happy stuff to think and feel about, too. Maybe that even allows you to prolong your honeymoon or find time for a second trip more easily.

      Anyway, my best wishes for your wedding to you and your wildly handsome groom! (that’s today, right?) Go and rock that dance floor!

      1. Your words are pretty much exactly how I feel so thanks for expressing them so eloquently. Especially the wildly handsome groom part. 😉

        1. Good, that sounds like you manged to roughly keep to the schedule you laid out above. Just keep rolling with that joyfulness!

          And thanks, that was about as eloquent as it gets with me. Glad to hear that I didn’t screw up too badly. 😀

  16. I went with Desi this time. I think Joe may still have one more trick up his sleeve or the opposition might feel like they need to take the Healers by surprise one more time for some reason. Plus Desi won immunity and Chrissy doesn’t like other women.

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