Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Eleven Predictions

After a pretty fun week, we’re back to the predicting grind. Is it a new status quo, or will things flip again?


Reader Predictions

Who do you think will go home?

Who will be the twelfth boot from Survivor: HHH?

  • Ryan (28% Votes)
  • Mike (21% Votes)
  • Ben (17% Votes)
  • Chrissy (17% Votes)
  • Devon (9% Votes)
  • Ashley (7% Votes)
  • Lauren (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 94

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Staff Predictions


Oh please oh please don’t let this promising new development fall on its face. Even though it would be in the best interest of several of the new majority to not go up against others in that majority in the finals, I don’t want them to slip up and re-open the window for Ryan and Chrissy. And the best way to do that would be… to get rid of Mike. I think Ryan, Chrissy, and Mike all pose the same short-term risk (in that they are players in the game capable of theoretically winning challenges or finding idols), but Mike has the best chance in front of the jury or of wedging his way into the group (since the group is largely united as a front against Chrissy/Ryan. Not Mike). Don’t let that happen. Take him out now. Don’t give the jury anything else to root for but your success.


Assuming General Devon and Lieutenant Lauren are going to keep their troops in line, Mike will be their target this week. The boldest of moves would be to blindside Ben this week, then re-establish a majority using Lauren’s double vote next week. I’m thinking that won’t happen, but if it does it will be impossible to contain my love for Devon.


I’m going full wishful thinking now. Ryan‘s going home. Why is he going home? Because I said so and want it to be true. With the game having just flipped and fake idols and real idols and advantages in play, there are too many variables going on for a proper educated guess. Sure, I could piggyback on John’s answer, since he’s been correct three times in a row, but where’s the fun in that? You know what would be fun? Seeing Ryan get voted out.


I say Ryan goes home. I don’t think taking out Mike right now makes sense honestly. He is isolated, alone and unlikely to go on an immunity tear. Moreover, he has a cap on how many votes he can get at final tribal because I don’t think anyone outside the 3 healers would vote for him (and I’m not even sure Joe would). Now Ryan and Chrissy are not threats to win the jury over, but they are a pair working together and that gets more and more dangerous the longer it is allowed to linger. Maybe a Ben or someone goes to them, makes a final three deal and swings the game. So taking one of Ryan and Chrissy out right now seems to me to be the right move and if it is one of those two, I think they push for Ryan out now. The main reason why is because Chrissy is a bigger goat and enough people will want her around to maybe drag her to the end and watch people yell at her. Ryan is probably a goat too, but I get the sense Chrissy is more disliked. Of course, smart players would want to get rid of the obvious goat so that she doesn’t take their spot in the end. But these people won’t see it that way. So yeah Ryan goes home.


I think Ryan’s time is up. He’s got no shot at winning a challenge, doesn’t have an idol anymore, and has now proven he can find the idol. So why not take him out when you have the chance? Chrissy is clearly a goat and has her fake idol to throw around. I know Ben is a concern, but they have bigger fish to fry right now. Chrissy by herself isn’t dangerous because she lacks connections with…anyone anymore.


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102 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Eleven Predictions

  1. I think Mike is the obvious choice BUT Devon’s edit took a weird turn last week which worries me. We’ve been told the end of this season is good, I can’t imagine they were just talking about last week. Some back and forth might be on the horizon here. Makes me think Ben could swerve back to the other side (out of paranoia) and Devon would be a likely target (especially if Lauren wins immunity again). I hope I’m wrong but a Devon boot wouldn’t completely surprise me.

    If this comes true then I submit this for approval:

  2. I think Mike is the obvious choice BUT Devon’s edit took a weird turn last week which worries me. We’ve been told the end of this season is good, I can’t imagine they were just talking about last week. Some back and forth might be on the horizon here. Makes me think Ben could swerve back to the other side (out of paranoia) and Devon would be a likely target (especially if Lauren wins immunity again). I hope I’m wrong but a Devon boot wouldn’t completely surprise me.

    If so then:

    1. I know some people were worried about Devon’s edit last week being too overconfident but to me it was one of those that could go either way. If he gets booted, he was overconfident. If he wins, he was the perfect level of confident. And we have seen some awfully cocky confessionals from winners before

  3. I’m going to pick Ryan as the boot. I don’t think any Ben flirtation as the swing vote will end up making a dent because of his relationship with Lauren and her advantage. Chrissy wins another immunity. Mike doesn’t seem all that threatening. Ryan doesn’t either but at least has a relationship with Chrissy that needs to be broken up.

  4. Blurry Denzel power rankings: This is by most likely to win Survivor.

    1. Devon
    2. Lauren
    3. Ben
    4. Ashley
    5. Mike
    6. Ryan
    7. Chrissy

    The last 4 boots were the 4 boots I had in the zero percent club. This is the latest in a Survivor season I have everyone in the game having a shot, though obviously some are way higher than others.

      1. I think likely, but I could see them voting Lauren over him. Those are the inarguable top 3 though.

      2. I think it would close even if they favor Ben. I like her odds of getting there a little more than Ben.

      3. Ben also has the narrative of “everyone told you guys he was gonna win if he gets to the end” so if he gets to the end, people are going to vote for him based off of that pre-existing narrative

      4. That’s one of two reasons Lauren needs to cut them. The other is that she probably won’t get enough credit for flipping the game unless they’re on the jury (the people she didn’t choose for reward probably assume that Devon is the ringleader).

    1. There’s a pretty big jump between 3 and 4 in terms of chances but nobody is written off anymore which may be the first for a F7 ever

      1. I think this is a bit under-appreciated, and a very welcome change from GC, when three invisible people made the finale (setting aside the crime of purpling Cirie and Aubry).

        1. This purple Cirie narrative needs to end. She had the second highest number of confessionals in the season and was tied first with Sarah going into the finale.

          1. But they barely showed her for the period where she was immune and thus had no bearing on the plot of the episode or season! They should have cut some of Sandra’s time to show her saying “Our tribe is doing well now” 3 times an episode.

          2. Maybe calling it a ‘purple’ edit is a bit much, compared to the beauty of Purple Kelly, but going into the finale the numbers didn’t matter. Sure, Cirie had as many confessionals as Sarah, but there was no illusion to the idea that Cirie or Aubry could win that season. The edit had made it very that certain players had chances to win in that finale, and Cirie and Aubry did not fall into that category.

          3. It’s way too much. I think Cirie had what would have been a really strong winner’s edit. The reason people didn’t think she would win (and I held out hope through most of the season) is because she should have gotten more content because of how entertaining she was, which I get, but it was still a great edit.

          4. She may have statistically had the second-most confessionals, but IIRC a lot of those were relatively late in the game, relating to getting rid of Zeke and Andrea. And others were related to life-coaching Michaela and conquering the balance beam. The point I was trying to make is that we went into the GC finale knowing that three of the six players had no shot just based on the edit, which is just incompetence as far as I’m concerned. HHH is doing a good job portraying everybody left as having a viable path to the finish. Even Ashley has a Sophie-like “did all she needed to” path.

          5. I guess I saw it as more or less an equal edit with Sarah even disregarding exact count – the tell of course is instead that Sarah was boring and Cirie was delightful – but better than Tai’s or even Brad’s. But even though I think you could definitely not write Cirie off going into the finale, I agree with your larger point. They’ve done a phenomenal job with it this season, possibly better at it than any other season of Survivor.

        2. I think this is really true – I’ve skipped most of the pre-merge/middle of this season and I feel like I have a better sense of where people are in the game based on the last couple of episodes then I did at a comparable stage in Game Changers.

          For me, it’s less about who has a winner’s edit and more that there seem to be well-rounded characters and we have a sense of why they are doing what they’re doing. Cirie had a decent edit after the merge in Game Changers but the dynamics of her alliance were so thinly sketched it made it hard to care much about that group’s success.

    2. Near identical to mine. I had Mike and Ryan swapped because I can’t shake the feeling they might be setting up a Ryan comeback. I hope that is wrong.

      1. I think if they are gonna have one of Chrissy ir Ryan making a comeback, it will be Chrissy. They gave her a pretty good edit in the second episode last week, while Ryan looked bad in both of them (although, they may’ve just set up a Chrissy immunity win, but it’s still more Ryan).

    3. Agreed, everyone left is either in a good position in the game, had some notable edit focus, or both. My rankings differ quite a bit, though:

      1. Ben (+1)
      2. Devon (-1)

      3. Chrissy ( – )
      4. Lauren (+1)

      5. Mike (-1)
      6. Ashley (+2)
      7. Ryan (-1)

      Winner chances for that last group are miniscule in my estimation, but for the reasons stated above it is hard to rule them out completely. I’m a little scared that putting Ryan last will ensure his victory, and I didn’t think his double-episode was all that horrible, but it all adds up so that I had to put him even below edit-goat Ashley.
      Ben and Devon are neck and neck, but Ben’s content this week was so strong that he deserved to take over the top spot for me. Devon had probably his strongest showing yet, though (I’m with @disqus_sjBnbSyo83:disqus in that I think Devon’s commments could have just shown him to be the right amount of confident, or overconfident) , so they’re really 1a and 1b for me right now.

    4. Based on the last couple of episodes, Ben had a very winnerish idol find montage, but I’ve missed most of this season, so don’t have a sense of what else he’s done. Lauren would be a great Natalie A style seize power at the right moment winner if it all works out for her.

      I’m more invested in the success of that new alliance than in any particular winner candidate (apart from Lauren or Ashley for fantasy reasons, which would be sweet as they were both part of the ‘least picked’ crew) and I feel decently hopeful that they might make it through another vote intact.

  5. I didn’t vote for anyone, but it says I voted for Ryan. So be it, Survivor Gods!

    I mean, I can think of several scenarios where it would be someone other than Ryan. But Ryan works. I’d be fine with him going home. He’s not a compelling narrator for me, because his “poor pitiful loser me” schtick overwhelms everything else that he tries to talk about. He may have an in back with Devon, but Devon is too amazing to need to bring Ryan back aboard. And maybe Chrissy and Ryan will be forced to vote for each other. I’d like that.

  6. Honestly, Ashley gunning for Ben when Ben has an idol has me very worried for her. Insofar as I can be worried about Ashley.

    1. Indeed. Of all the remaining players, I think Ashley has the least “Finale” edit, so I could see her being a penultimate episode boot…

      Though, the way they’ve edited those recently (David, Tai, Kelley) maybe she’s more of a F5 or F4 boot. In the finale, but not overly consequential.

      1. It all depends on when she actively goes after Ben. I could see her going next, or successfully blindsiding him. After this next vote though, if Ben is still around and still has his idol, it gets trickier.

        1. In my big ole guess I made above, I proposed that we’ll lose one of the Devon/Ashley/Lauren trio prior to the finale, and then it comes down to a 2-2 with Ben in the middle. Let’s say Ben goes with Chrissy/Ryan and boots Devon at F5, I could definitely see Ashley going as an F4. That would ring true with her edit thus far, IMO.

          To be clear though, I 100% don’t want this outcome. I’m team Lauren/Devon all the way, but i’m very concerned that Devon will acknowledge Lauren as an FTC threat soon, and if he cuts Lauren or Ashley without having broken up Ryan/Chrissy before, he runs the risk of providing Ben with a really juicy opportunity to get to an FTC he can absolutely win.

    2. That’s why I went with Ashley for the vote-off. Well, that and her lackluster edit, but I don’t have a strong hunch either way. Ryan seems likely too and I really want it to be him. Mike is another good candidate, as is Lauren, who could also suffer from some Ben blowback, has an additional target for her publicly known extra vote and has people (more precisely: Devon) picking upon her.
      Chrissy is the only one of the two people in opposition to the majority with some challenge skills and seems to be the default boot for that. Devon isn’t under the radar anymore, is ridiculously tall (OTTP!) and just looks like someone people should get rid off. Ben…everyone is gunning for Ben.

  7. I went with Mike, and it’s largely based off my feelings regarding the edit. I get the feeling that the finale will have Ryan and Chrissy in it, so I was left weighing if the majority would flip on one of their ranks, or taking out Mike. I think it’s least likely (and least what I want) that one of Devon/Ashley/Lauren goes home. So, Ben or Mike? But Ben has an idol, and given some of the interesting omissions from the edit in this season, I don’t think they would show it unless the idol gets played. It doesn’t seem likely that this episode will have a full realization from Ben about all those factors necessary for him to feel unsure enough to play it, thus he probably doesn’t which makes me feel he isn’t a target, so Mike….

    Personally, I think (though I don’t want it to be) that in the next episode we are losing Mike and one of the Devon/Lauren/Ashley group (maybe Devon turns on Lauren and stabs all our hearts?). This would provide a 2-2 split between Ryan/Chrissy and say, Devon/Ashley, with Ben in the middle. Then the finale can have a ‘who will he chose’ theme, and the tantalizing Ben opportunity to take 2 people no one likes to FTC.

    But between Lauren’s extra vote, and Ben’s idol, right now i’m overall a joyous ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  8. At least one of the purple rock staff is usually right, so I think my fantasy league is screwed. I actually had high hopes for getting into the champions league the first time I ever did this. Sigh….

  9. I took Ryan, mostly for the reasons Matt said. I think you break up the last pair instead of targeting Mike right now, though he may be a bigger jury threat. Its also too early to go for Ben, since taking him out gets rid of you majority. And this alliance showed last week that they are somewhat capable of math, unlike Chrissy and Ryan (and Ben, but his math skills don’t matter in the decision to boot Ben)

      1. Me too honestly. I want this alliance to actually do smart things. I may be wrong about the minority member but I feel its a minority member this week then Ben next week, leaving us with a 3-2 difference for the Finale. I think the rest of the trio is happy to go to FTC as a group, though that may not be how it shakes out

        1. I’m just so nervous that, given the feigned hype Production has given to the end of the season, we are likely to see something get shaken up.

          1. There is apparently a never before seen twist coming which is going to throw some randomness in. I’m assuming that’s what’s behind the endgame hype.

          2. There’s a very good chance it affects the composition of the Final Three.

            I believe it has been openly discussed around here, but just to be sure…
            There’s not going to be F4 vote-off, but a fire challenge. I could see that twist paving the way for Ben (or Devon, Lauren, Mike) to make F3.

          3. To add to what you said, the only way it affects gameplay outside of the composition of the F3 is if they’re told about it early (like at Final 5). It will also be interesting to see the politicking that happens with the winner of the FIC after they find out about it.

          4. Of course I have no inside knowledge, but I can’t imagine that they will inform them until the F4 challenge, so it could affect the outcome more than the actual gameplay.

          5. True. If the new twist had existed in S33, for example, Adam certainly would have employed a different strategy during FIC than he did without the twist.

          6. This is what I expect too, which is disappointing, because it robs it of the chance to affect gameplay, though the show’s intent is clearly to affect the outcome. Which is hilarious, because the outcome they want to avoid is Kaoh Rong where this twist would have changed absolutely nothing

          7. I for some reason had ignored the spoilers but decided to read this, and now am very angry.

            I hate this twist so very much.


          8. But isn’t it always so exciting when we get a fire challenge?? Why not ensure that we get one no matter what? That’s just good TV making! /s

            Maybe it wasn’t ever discussed here without spoiler tags, in which case I kind of goaded you into looking. In which case… oops.

          9. I heard about this twist long before this season, so I thought it was general knowledge. But from what I heard, at the final four, whoever wins immunity picks one person to join them at the final three, and the other two do a fire-making challenge. So the immunity holder does not vote someone out.

            Basically, it’s Production’s way of preventing the “best” player from being eliminated by the other three at the final four – I believe when I first heard about this, David Wright was specifically mentioned as an example..

          10. Yeah, so did I. I’m aware of the exact twist mechanics, just didn’t want to reveal more than necesary in case anyone is looking behind the tags without really wanting to know.

            As for production’s reasoning: Great, from season 36 on people will scramble to eliminate the best players even earlier. It’s the Tall Poppy Syndrome on steroids – when it should milk its own milk.

          11. Normally, I’d theorize it would have a huge effect on the endgame. However, based on the how most of this season has gone, my guess is that the new twist plays out in the most bland way possible.

    1. The main reason I could see Ben tonight is, like Ryan and Chrissy before them, I think these three are going to suffer from the same overconfidence. They just seized the game for themselves and with Ben out of the picture none of the remaining three need to worry about whether or not they’re actually part of the real alliance. They’ll consider Chrissy and Ryan neutered (and frankly FTC goats anyway) and won’t accept that Mike will have the balls to go to a 3-3 tie the next week (which they might be wrong about).

      This is *especially* true if one of them, say Devon, finds the replacement idol and/or learns about Ben’s idol. (Despite his assurances, I guarantee he’ll be dumb enough to tell someone.) I’m not saying it’s the correct decision, but I could see the fear of Ben being so great as to compel them to accelerate him as the target, possibly blowing up in their faces.

      But I say this because despite everyone’s love for last week, I still don’t have a lot of confidence in these contestants.

      1. Yeah, a Chrissy/Ryan pick presupposes that there people will do the logical thing. But Devon and Lauren have seemed to be the most logical people of the cast (I don’t blame them for the vote split issues because they had no real reason to speak up and stick their neck out). I think they will do the right play here

        1. I’m not convinced they would do it, but if they wanted to get Ben out of the way, now would be a great time to do it, because he’d probably think he was still necessary, when in reality, he wouldn’t be, because next vote, they use Lauren’s advantage, and then have a person up on whoever remains of Chrissy/Ryan/Mike at 5.

          1. That’s true. And if they knew about the idol it may make them more likely to try. I’m actually kind of coming around on this as a good idea, so long as they can find someone to vote with them this time (presumably Mike)

          2. Unless they can manage to get Chrissy/Ryan, Mike, and Ben to all throw their votes in three separate ways so their 3 is a plurality but that seems too risky

          3. Okay, I thought about it more and its actually not that hard to pull off with 3. You make Mike andBen think you’re splitting the vote between Ryan and Chrissy. You assume Ryan and Chrissy vote for each other but you also don’t much care what they do. This gives you on of a 3-2-2, a 3-2-1-1 or, if Ryan and Chrissy happen to throw their votes at Ben, a 5-1-1

          4. I knew there’d be a way to do it. A “vote split” would be perfect, provided that neither Ryan nor Chrissy wins immunity. Well, ok, given that Chrissy doesn’t win immunity, as Ryan is already eliminated from all immunity challenges.

          5. But from the perspective of Mike/Chrissy/Ryan, a vote split would only give 2 votes to Ryan and 2 to Chrissy. What would prevent Mike/Chrissy/Ryan teaming up to vote for one of the 4 (for this example, let’s say Devon)? If they did, it would be a 3-3-1 split. Ben would have 3 (Lauren, Devon, Ashley), Devon would have 3 (Mike, Chrissy, Ryan), and Ryan or Chrissy would have 1 (Ben). I don’t think it’s a sound choice unless you use the extra vote here.

          6. I’m not saying its a great plan, but if you can be sure you have Mike in line then you can do it. Mike and Ryan/Chrissy don’t seem likely to work together either but any port in a storm I guess

  10. I think it is Chrissy for the reasons the players were discussing last week: They need to break up Ryan and Chrissy and Chrissy is the bigger Immunity threat. Also, I think Devon and Lauren might want Ryan around for later, since they are closer to him than Chrissy.

  11. Even though it would be one of my least desirable scenarios I picked Devon. I think Ben will idol him out.

    Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.

  12. I’m really surprised that I seem to be the only person who thinks it’s Chrissy. It seems like they would want to break up Ryan and Chrissy and she might get targeted before him.

    1. I don’t know that I think it’s either, but both have done a thing to which this group was like “oh, wow, what a big thing they did” that being, found an idol (Ryan) and won an immunity (Chrissy). I could see them leaning Chrissy, cause she WILL get more chances at immunity given to her, and Ryan may not find another idol, and you could work to ensure he doesn’t more actively. But I think it’ll be Mike, so….

    2. I agree that from a logical point of view, Chrissy going home makes perfect sense. It’s just that I don’t think it’s a story which the show is trying to tell. But I don’t think it’s that unprobable, and she IS the second-most picked person to go here, so you are definetely not alone.

    3. before last week i would have said that Ryan and Chrissy were locks for the final 4. Now I think that either of their stories could end now with the final blow to their ego. I still think Chrissy is the gets yelled at during FTC person. But I could see her going home after getting one last positive moment last week in winning immunity

    4. I don’t think that’s in any way implausible, but I think most logics lead to her being slightly less likely to go than Ryan.

    5. I voted Chrissy, but I will admit that I omitted the factor of the IC. I think Chrissy has a much higher chance of winning immunity, not just over Ryan but over everyone else too possibly. (then again, ryan has toothpicks for arms, and it probably doesn’t take much to hold those up for extended periods of time)

  13. Also I’ve been coming here since late in the Game Changers season and I just now realized the question marks in the opening graphic make a “PRP”

  14. I saw a clip of tomorrow’s episode, and it shows something that I want to theorize about but can’t because I can’t do spoiler tags from my phone. But I will say slightly cryptically, what if it’s not real?

    1. Are you talking about that thing that was flashed in the dirt before the immunity challenge? Because if you are, I had a commented on it in the comments of the video post. But also, if it truly is what is looks like, I really don’t like it.

        1. The truth is that I really don’t think about Dalton Ross at all, so it’s kinda impossible for me to be hatin’ on him. I actually ignore Dalton, Wigler, and both Holmeses, except for when Wigler has preseason coverage and Martin scoops the cast or the themes.

          1. Cue the Mad Men Gif

            I never even realized that there are two prominent Survivor writers with the same family name. Are they related? And why am I asking you, you just told me you ignore their existence?

          2. As far as I know they are not related. Redmond/Martin is from England and Gordon spent some time in Missouri as a kid. That doesn’t mean anything, but it would be significant if the preeminent legitimate Survivor spoiler had a relative who worked in the Survivor press corps.

          3. Haha, you’re right, Redmond would be under a lot of pressure to prove that Gordon is not his secret sauce.

          4. Aw man, don’t lump Wigler in with those other people. He’s a talented writer and journalist. I mean, I don’t generally read his pre-season either, but he’s better than the rest of them.

          5. I enjoy Wigler as a TV journalist who gives major coverage to Survivor. But I at least I didn’t lump him in with Mario Lanza (in reality, I’d lump everyone together bc 99% of the Survivor stuff I consume is from PRP).

          6. I would lump Dalton Ross in with Mario Lanza, given that they’re both self-involved manchildren, albeit in slightly different ways. And I’m being unfair to the Holmses, who are… fine, even if I think the Survivor Hall of Fame is a stupid project.

          7. I kinda agree. I think the premise of the SHoF is flawed because unlike sports and music, the Best Players Ever and The Players Who Are Crucial To Telling The Game’s Story are not bijective here. If you wanted a legit HoF, each and every entry would be a part of both groups.

        2. Dalton Ross is a terrible writer, his jokes aren’t funny, he’s irrationally into BMs, and he’s kind of a misogynist.

          1. Not arguing any of that, but counterpoint:

            Back when he was doing exit interviews he sometimes had Courtney Yates on. I support anybody who commits to bringing Courtney in front of a camera.
            Unfortunately, he stopped doing these a long time ago, so…

    2. What, do we get unblurred boobies? Would that make it discriminating against real or against fake boobs to show fake tatas but blur the real deal? Or does Ben make Ryan drop his pants to check for another idol?
      Opinions differ on if we have precedent for un- malblurred package sightings this season, but to put in in the promo material would certainly be a Survivor First.

      Just kidding, I saw the sneak peek. But what would be the case for it being not real? Who would have put it there, production or Chrissy/Ben? Because I don’t see any way for a contestant to hide it there unseen, and I can’t see production hiding fake idols (or rather refuse to see it coming, until it happens). Or do you mean they just put a rock into the sand that kind of looks like a wrapped idol, just to see what happens?
      That would be almost ok with me, but it also doesn’t seem very likely.

      Also, I take it you didn’t read the video description?

  15. I just got around to reaching the episodes last night but have not listened yet (I will today). Wow is everyone cocky for no reason. This is the first season that seems like a chore to watch. This is also the first season where I’m watching the episode almost a week late (and a week late for the Cole boot).

    I dislike Ben’s cheering when Joe was voted out but I loved that Joe was finally voted out. I also dislike the “I won’t tell you what happened” after tribal.

    It seems like no one is doing good jury management.

    Ashley talking about how she is making big moves and does not want to be told what to do – while I do like her, what big moves? She is still being told what to do. None of the major ideas came from her?

    1. This was the first episode I didn’t watch live since Redemption Island. I just had no enthusiasm for this cast and had to let it sit until Sunday, so I feel you.

      The cockiness is definitely offputting. While there’s always a level of cockiness, it seems to be oozing over into actual relationships in a way that most players should really have better control over. And I 100% agree with you that the jury management by practically everyone hasn’t been this bad since World’s Apart. I just can’t find a way to care about a bunch of lazy players who finally showed up to play an average-to-mediocre game 10+ episodes in.

    2. I think there was a reason they wouldn’t tell them what happpened: because they were still blindsiding them with Ben. Could too easily blow that if you start talking.

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