Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Four Predictions

Time for a swap and the grand tradition of us making our predictions blind while half of you do so after the new tribes are spoiled.

Staff Predictions


I’ve been predicting Joe for the first three weeks. This is the first week that the prediction could be wrong, but I hope it isn’t. Let’s hope that Joe‘s idol being common knowledge among the former Healers tribe is what dooms him.


Jessica will be the one who suffers from Cole’s loose lips last week. You see, Cole is not destined to suffer repercussions from his blabbing- his chiseled abs camouflage him from being targeted this early. But if Joe finds out his secret is out, he’ll likely want to target the person that he blames for spreading that information around in the first place: Jessica. (Remember, Cole can’t be targeted. He’s too strong and pretty. But Jessica, who dared to notice that he was strong and pretty, and thus began talking to him more often? Jessica is in danger).


Swap boots are nearly impossible to predict, especially when you either haven’t looked at the tribe arrangements or they haven’t leaked. But since most of the Healers know Joe has an idol, and they haven’t gotten a chance to go to tribal yet, I’m guessing someone sells him out and he gets blindsided.


I’m predicting Joe. He will get on a new tribe and think he has the numbers with his Cole-adjacent allies, but really they’ll team up with people from the other tribes and vote him out


Having no idea what the tribe swap is this time around, we can only go off the building conflicts we’ve seen so far. Of those, I think the Healers versus Joe has the biggest potential here. No matter how the swap pans out, four people have reason to distrust Joe. And Cole is known as a blabbermouth. One of these guys is probably on the outs, and for the sake of surprise, I’m gonna say Cole. Sorry, ladies.

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Out Katrina Chrissy Katrina Katrina Katrina Katrina
Second Out Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren Lauren
Third Out Lauren Lauren Patrick Patrick Lauren Lauren
Fourth Boot Joe Jessica Joe Joe Cole


Your Turn

Time for you all to consensus pick who will be the next boot.

Who will be the fourth boot of Survivor: HHH?

  • Joe (23% Votes)
  • Ashley (12% Votes)
  • Cole (12% Votes)
  • Desi (12% Votes)
  • Lauren (11% Votes)
  • Alan (9% Votes)
  • Roark (7% Votes)
  • Jessica (7% Votes)
  • JP (5% Votes)
  • Devon (1% Votes)
  • Ryan (1% Votes)
  • Chrissy (0% Votes)
  • Ben (0% Votes)
  • Mike (0% Votes)
  • Ali (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 75

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156 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Four Predictions

  1. Do we think they’re shuffling back into three tribes? Or are they going to two with one person headed to Exile Island? If they want to balance two tribes by gender, there’s an odd number of men. So there’s a chance that Joe goes to EI and we miss out on what could be a very fun boot.

    1. I’m going with Two Tribes with one person to Exile Island. Gotta get that Exile Island “watch the drama as one person survives alone!” in while they can because God knows they haven’t milked that enough over the years.

      (I’m particularly sensitive right now because I’m doing my first ever watch of Panama)

  2. I’m hoping they got to 2 tribes, with 1 person going to Exile Beach, and that person is Joe. He goes to a different beach and finds that idol (same location as the Healer Beach idol). Then whichever tribe is not at Healers Beach loses, Joe joins that tribe next week, and he finds that idol too. Blam! Three idols.

    I am not a Joe fan. I just want the fantasy points.

    1. I’m in 28th but only 5 points behind the leaders. The amount of people ahead of me who have Joe in their Pick 4 is ridiculous. I need that guy gone ASAP.

      1. Pro of being in too many fantasy leagues: I have Joe in a league, so yay Joe points
        Con of being in too many fantasy leagues: I don’t have Joe in most leagues, so boo Joe points.

          1. Lol, it’s fun, but yeah, it can be a lot. I’m a bit spread out this season, but I think i’ve got Roark on all my teams. It’s tricky, because while picking different people in each league increases the chances any move will get you points, it also increases the chances that you will lose a player. I try to stick with a few people I feel strongly about and then nab whoever else I can. Joe was my last pick in an offline league with friends, and thus far it’s been great, but I don’t have him anywhere else, so i’d rather lose him than Roark, lol.

          2. It’s been 3 episodes, so i’m not overly concerned. Sarah Lucina was pretty low-key at the start of GC.

          3. This is true. And Troyzan was a decent source of points. If Roark won’t be fun and exciting to watch, at least she can get me lots of points!

          4. Her confessionals have had a little narration at least? Last week she was all like “hell yeah, let’s make a big move against Joe” which strikes me as a positive edit. I have hope.

      2. I don’t want him to go but he’s one of the ones I have in the pick 4 and I’m doing better than ever. I was at 26. I don’t like him and don’t think he will win but I hope he’s there for a while for points reasons.

  3. It’s time for TAZ Talk!

    First, I want to hear about first impression from new listeners. What were your highlights from these first three episodes?

    Also, (this isn’t a spoiler) but remember Klaarg. He does return.

    For @sharculese:disqus and @disqus_uZu6brM5ff:disqus and other previous listeners, I just wanted to highlight this gem of an exchange at 15:21 from Episode 1(.5):

    J: Can I ask a question?
    G: Yeah, please.
    J: Is this entire adventure dictated through exposition?
    G: No, no, no, this is stage-setting.
    J: Is this a game—is Dungeons and Dragons listening to you do exposition?

    If only they knew.

    Also, would you recommend throwing out a lot of the character building to new listeners? Or do you let that just simmer in the uncertainty (like TAZ: (K)Nights). Like, Merle is canonically not a hill dwarf, even though Clint says that in CD. Taako’s last name probably isn’t Taco. I don’t know if tracking theses changes is possible or valuable on a first run through.

    1. Thanks for the spoiler on Klaarg, jerk!

      So I listened to the first 4 episodes, because I actually enjoyed it more than I expected I would. The first episode wasn’t great, but I can speak from experience and say that the first episode of almost any podcast sucks. The second episode was great, and I enjoyed the entire Klaarg experience.

      I’m also enjoying how the one brother is just clearly cheating on his rolls, and it quickly becomes apparent to everyone. Then they just start laughing it off, because whatever.

      1. You’re welcome! I just didn’t want anyone to be asking “Who?” when he appears again … um, asshole.

        Also, if “I actually enjoyed it more than I expected I would” isn’t enough of a ringing endorsement to get more people to try this pod with us, I don’t know what is.

        And stay on schedule! Don’t get ahead of us!

        1. Don’t tell me what to do!

          And yes, it is a ringing endorsement. I like D&D as a concept, but I haven’t played it since I was a kid. Also, I assumed it would be kind of like fantasy football in that it’s fun to play, but you don’t care to hear about other people’s teams.

          1. It’s more like regular football, where you get the feeling of investment from following along, but you only have to invest an hour or two compared to the time and energy put in by the people actually doing the dang thing.

      2. At one of the live shows a fan gifts Travis a bottle of Magnus beer, that claims to be 15% ABV on the label but is actually just an 8.

      3. Oh, and the Klaarg scene really is the fist example of what makes TAZ better than most actual play podcasts – Griffin is really great at rewarding the players for coming up with unconventional solutions, which is good, because the boys (especially Justin) hate doing things they way you’re supposed to.

        1. I enjoyed the way Griffin went all in once the charm spell kicked in. Klaarg doing the hard sell on a spot of tea was great. And I loved that when the battle started, Klaarg tore a motherfucker asunder and the whole group was like “Whoa. Glad we didn’t fuck with that guy.”

      4. I think the first episode was basically more like a ‘backdoor pilot’. I don’t know if you listened to the original, or the edited version, but the first time I listened to the original one, and it is rough at times. The edited one is still rough, but at least it’s a lot tighter.

    2. There was a lot of stuff that’s ironic when you know what’s going to happen. Travis speculates that Clint will end up being the best of them at D&D. There are multiple references to Merle losing a hand. And, after they rescue Barry, we get this exchange.

      Taako: Barry, what happened?

      Barry: I don’t remember. But it was pretty bad, and if I had the choice, I wouldn’t do it again.

      I listened to the whole first episode like I said I would, and I was surprised how much stuff there was that either never comes up or is quickly abandoned.

      Merle: Just the change from him being a hill dwarf to a beach dwarf, although Merle barely exists as a character at this point.

      Taako: Was originally some-kind of priestly wizard who worshiped a magic god? Did that ever come up.

      Magnus: Is super lawful good and always makes sure the law is upheld. So… that didn’t last. Also, although he’s never named, I forgot that Magnus’s backstory included Governor Calen actively being on the hunt for him. That’ll be interesting if they ever do the promised revenge episode.

      All in all I don’t think the character stuff really matters. Once they actually start playing is when the characters really take off. Already in these episodes we’ve had a dickish looting and a classic paring of “Magnus rushes in/Taako is cool back here.”

      1. “Magnus rushes in”/”Taako’s good out here” is indeed a classic dichotomy that carries on throughout the arc. I think those, along with Merle’s Zone of Truth, are the main through lines we have for each character. So THB really lean into how they like to play the character and kinda disregard the character traits themselves. Like, Mangus’s arm collection comes and goes, and even Stev(ph)en disappears for the last few chapters. I think it might not be great roleplaying, but it is great for storytelling. Or maybe the other way around, I’m not quite sure tbh.

        1. I think it’s better for the roleplaying that they didn’t try to stick to the character sheets and instead let the characters grow organically. The amount of retconning you have to do to square the circle is limited, and their instinctive knowledge of their characters creates a lot of the best moments, like Magnus eating the philosopher’s stone or Taako’s big ‘fuck you’ to Lucretia.

          Tolkien kept redoing Galadriel’s backstory because he wasn’t satisfied. If he can do it, then so can four idiots making a podcast.

          1. Not going to throw this behind spoiler tags, because it’s not spoiling anything, but does it actually bother you guys that they aren’t concerned with playing their characters strictly to type? I like that they just kind of go with whatever feels the most interesting/funny at the time.

            Basically, hearing debates like “Actually, that’s not very lawful good of you and I don’t think your character would act that way” probably wouldn’t be as interesting for an audience (well, for a certain type of audience it definitely would be).

          2. So, two things. I doubt that they spend much time debating alignment choices, given that Magnus was the only one who ever technically had an alignment, but there are large stretches of debate about mechanics and rules that get cut from the final podcast. It’s what stops it from feeling like listening to people talk about their fantasy football league.

            But as to your larger point, personally I like it better this way. Part of that, I think, is that I have no background in D&D and I’m more accustomed to games like Fable and KOTOR where morality exists on a spectrum and you have in the moment choices whether to be good or bad. But also, I just think it makes for better storytelling. You’ll see as we go along, but all three characters develop deep personalities based on both character choices and the backstories they build as they go, and this informs things to the point where you can tell what seems like a Magnus action versus a Merle action versus a Taako action.

            I don’t think anything I’m saying after this counts as spoilers, as there are no specific details, but don’t read on if you don’t want to know what their coalesced personalities look like:

            Magnus is impulsive and a bit of a goof-off, but he wants to do good. He acts first to help people in need and thinks about the consequences afterwards.

            Taako is flamboyant, conniving, and a little bit lazy. He’s always willing to do his part, but he’d prefer if he doesn’t have to.

            But then, big picture, Magnus has more concerns about what’s going on, and is more likely to ask questions about the situation the boys have found themselves caught up on. Taako lives much more in the moment because his number one concern is looking out for Taako.

            And then there’s Merle, the lovable goofball. He’s a shitty cleric (which is really more about Clint never getting the hang of D&D) and he can be weird and awkward, but he has the biggest heart of the three of them. He’s not the person you want on your side when you’re fighting a three-headed dragon, but he’s the one you want there when you’re just having a bad day.

            Lastly, all of this stuff is a little bit fluid. As you’re starting to see as we move into episodes 4 and 5, this is a way bigger story than the hunt for some lost Dwarven treasure, and things will happen to the three of them that will affect who they are. Not worrying about alignment too much gives them the flexibility to change how they play as they’re changed by the story.

    3. I STILL haven’t found time to listen to it yet, so really sorry about that. I may find time to listen to it and discuss it by tomorrow, but if not I will most definetely join you next week, especially after John recommended it now, I will definetely participate.

      And 3 episodes is, I’m guessing, the best solution for all of us, so I would say to stick with it.

        1. Okay but what I REALLY need in my life is a Bojack discussion group here. Over the last four weeks, I just plowed through all four seasons for the first time. And I have LOTS OF THOUGHTS which shouldn’t be solely confined to therapy.

          1. Oh gurl. I’d need a directed plan. Maybe I’ll watch each season again and do thoughts every 4 episodes or so.

            It’s a gut-punch of a show but for some reason I’d be able to tolerate it again, unlike other brilliant works which I just CANNOT, like, say, “In the Bedroom” or the final season of “Mad Men.” Maybe because none of the main characters end up with terminal diseases or die violently.

          2. I did the same and finished like just two months ago! (Which would be only one month before you made that comment. RIP, Sarah Lynn.)
            I still have LOTS OF THOUGHTS about it, but nothing too organized…

    4. I’m liking it! At first I had some trouble getting into it. I already play D&D once or twice a week, so I initially was a bit hesitant to add three more hours of it to my routine. I also have a bit of a focus problem when it comes to podcasts. If the podcast doesn’t have a loud, exasperated Canadian keeping things on track my mind tends to wander. But I really did like it! I also listened to the fourth episode, but only because I haven’t figured out how Stitched works. The guys are all clearly having fun and Griffin is a pretty chill DM. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all evolves.

      1. It was half of a joke when we said that all the new listeners would have a harder time not rushing ahead than they would keeping up with our pace. But between you and John, I’m not sure that’s a joke at all anymore.

        1. I was trying to relisten to the second and third episodes but Stitcher skipped ahead. The whole time I listened I was thinking “man, I don’t remember any of this!”

    5. I am living vicariously through John dming me his experiences going through the pod. Which also leads to me constantly asking if he has gotten to the part with “this” thing yet and that thing always being in the next episode.

      Also the early scene I always point to as embodying the ethos and fun of the podcast is the Klaarg scene. it kinda departs from the intended and then turns into a weird off kilter riff. If you like that scene you will like what the show becomes

      1. I started with “Man, these guys keep getting really great rolls!” And it eventually became “Wait, is it just one guy getting all the 19s and 20s?” Then the other players started joking about it.

        I am also enjoying the continuing subthread of Taco/Taako discovering the secret of tacos.

          1. Jon, I wouldn’t purposefully misspell the name of the podcast persona I enjoy listening to. And I especially wouldn’t do it if I were using that as a screen name.

    6. I really like it and I’m going to keep going, and I think 3 episodes per week is a good listening rate.

      I just…I’m going to say something similar to what I said last week about Survivor: there are certain things that they wash over me and I’m highly entertained and I love them, but then after a while, the schematic specifics just disappear, and I’m just left with impressions rather than knowledge. And that’s what’s going to happen to me here, and I’m, again, not going to be able to discuss plot mechanics or future strategy.

      And I think a lot of it has to do with my brain’s very large struggle with linguistics other than that of English. Every time I would try to read a fantasy book, I’d hit some character names and I’d be all “JFC I can’t” and that would be the end of it. And I had similar issues with studying non-Anglocentric history. I used to think it was ethnocentrism, but I think it’s just maybe a learning disability.

      1. In one of the games I’m currently playing all of the NPC’s names start with “Z”. It kind of sucks.

      2. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. I really enjoyed the constitution saving throw run with the mushrooms, that was funny. I did love Klaarg, I really enjoyed the DM’s fun with that character. Also something about the DM seemed oddly familiar, his kind of dry way of speaking, and for a while I was like, “this reminds me of someone else I listen to, who is it? Who is it?” And then I realized it was John of this website.

        1. I’ve never really heard John speak enough to know. He definitely doesn’t sound like Andy.

        2. O/T: this week in “is sharculese sure he’s not gay?” My Charles Nelson Reilly Halloween costume is coming together perfectly. I’ll post a picture when all the parts are here.

        3. I loved the mushroom bit. That was one of the things I DM’d @purplerockmatt:disqus about. “I shriek in terror.” *rolls dice*

          I don’t generally think the DM reminds me of…me, but there is one point where Kenny Chesney is brought up, and the DM says, “THAT’S who you want to see?” And that is very me.

      3. It’s definitely not helpful to new listeners that Magnus and Merle have M names and that the three brothers often sound very similar if you don’t know their voices.

        1. Since CIPYD was the podcast the most exposure to prior to TAZ, Travis was the easiest for me to keep track of, which helped.

    7. I think they always took a convenient/fluid approach to character development and what was canonical and non-canonical. I really just went with the flow on that when I was listening.

      As far as that exchange goes, That’s a great nugget. While there were narrative reasons for doing so, it certainly became truer as the series went on. It will be interesting to see what all the newbies, and our grizzled D&D professional, SNP, think of it as the series progresses.

          1. Yes. I would hope that, now that you know where it’s going, you can listen it with fresh ears and discover how many of those character beats are actually really touching.

          2. I mean look, someone will have to be around to tell all the newbies that things get better in Commitment.

    8. What the fuck have you guys gotten me into? Gerblins? Gerbils? These are the guys John and Hank keep saying are better podcasters than they are? I can’t tell if I’m enjoying this experience or not. I guess we’ll see whether I keep listening.

      1. This is what we’re here for! Do you have questions? What confuses you?

        The term is “gerblins” which is an affectation of “goblin.” We’re in the early part of the goofgoofgoof phase. I hope you make it with us for a few more episodes at least.

  4. I’m hoping the swap episode will be a fun one, since the first three have been a little ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    I’m not feeling super attached to any particular players at this point, but I see lots of potentially positive and interesting paths this season could go down, so that’s good if I’m being optimistic. If I’m being pessimistic, then it’s Ryan and Devon all the way, in a dollar store rehash of the MvGx endgame 😐

    1. This season so far is like a nice salad after the rancid, festering spoiled deli meat display of last season. I may not ever get super excited about a salad, but it will go down easily enough, and every once in a while it will be like “ooh, goat cheese!”

      1. Coming directly into HHH from Australian Survivor I feel like I’m in the restaurant scene in The Meaning of Life.

        1. This episode inspired me to become a vegetarian at a young age.

          And they were right about salad.

      2. Salad rules. It’s light and tasty and crisp and full of delightful flavors.

        This season isn’t good enough to be salad yet.

      3. You had me until you used goat cheese as the pleasant surprise in this analogy.
        More like “Ugh, goat cheese!”, but I can see how that doesn’t work as well here.

  5. So I figure either the story from the Heroes – Alan v JP/Ashley or Beauty – Cole/Jessica/Joe will come to a head somehow, and I just picked Joe because I want him out.
    Based on the press photos the number of tribes will be: 3. pictures show three challenge courses, but that could be a fake out

    1. I had the same thought but just last season, the tribes walked in to a three-course set up. Then they swapped to two tribes, Debbie went to Exile, and they didn’t run the challenge. So it really could go a whole bunch of ways.

      However, this time in the preview, they zoom in on all the elements of the course like the knots and the horses and stuff. Last time they just did a general wide shot of the course (which was pretty bare-bones). Based on that change, I’m guessing we’re staying at three tribes.

      1. Yeah, I know its entirely possible there’s three courses to fake out the tribes themselves. I wouldn’t even discount the fact that they moved this swap up because the didn’t want the Hustlers to Matsing (intentionally or not) so just had the extra course built anyway

  6. I’m hoping for a 15 person MEGAmerge! Calamity and chaos! Every person for themselves! People running around hunting for idols while Ryan sits by the fire with his arms around his legs and his head on his knees, rocking back and forth and sobbing gently due to the game moving too quickly for him.

    1. I support this. One twist I’ve always wanted to see is MegaMerge for like 2 votes, then put them back into tribes. I think it could work in this era of Survivor where alliances are so fluid

      1. That would certainly keep the players off-balance as far as being able to anticipate and plan too far in advance.

      2. That is a really fun idea. Drop them all on a beach together, they have 6, maybe 9 days of chaotic, all people play, during which new alliances and merge-gameplay form, then pull them back to 2 tribes and test the strength of those alliances. It would really throw a wrench into things, which in the era of the advantage avalanche, could be great.

        1. Exactly. It kind of causes cards to be put on the table, but ideally you would end up with a tribe without an obvious target – possible in a season like Cambodia where the merge starts with a massive majority alliance, which could cause fractures in said alliance. The risk of course is somebody getting seriously screwed in Michelle Yi type proportions if numbers really break against them

          1. So, about the same as the first 6, maybe 9 days of multi-tribe play in just about every season? If targeting minorities and women is the name of the game, maybe a temporary merge would at least swap things up enough to give them a chance.

  7. Off the cuff predictions
    -Two tribes with one person to Exile Island.
    -Based off of the conversation last week I say Ashley and JP end up on a different tribe than Alan and the two get to finally work together unencumbered.
    -Chrissy and Ben stay together, but Ryan and Devin get split up (Ryan will have Ali on his tribe though).
    -Knowledge of Joe’s idol is going to spread like wildfire, fun times ensue.

  8. I hope they reshuffle to three tribes, but in proving how arbitrary the distinctions were, keep referring to them as the heroes tribe, healers tribe, and hustlers tribe.

    Chrissy heals with math! Joe is a hero! Ryan is still a hustler, because what else could a bellhop be?

      1. Sorry, I was busy performing CPR on a guest that had gone into cardiac arrest. Luckily I was nearby and saved them! Fun fact: all of us hoppers are extensively trained in first aid.

          1. I know the words you used, but your comment makes no sense. How can a person watch *too* much Arrested Development?

    1. When you’ve been travelling for eight hours with three kids that are full of energy and seven bulky prices of luggage a bellhop can seem like quite the hero indeed.

      1. Also, you could say that the weed the bellhop helped you score was for medicinal purposes. Healer.

          1. This was an exact plot from season 6 of Weeds. Nancy became a maid at a hotel and sold weed/hash to the customers. I’m now convinced you are the source material for that plotline.

    2. Now I’m hoping this happens, but none of the new tribes have any original members on them. i.e. the new Healers tribe is made up of Heroes and Hustlers.

    3. Jessica’s bonus confessional from this week kinda makes me wish John’s prediction comes true before they can go to her for her theme-related insights more often.

      I get playing nice with the producers, but she took it to a whole new level.

      I still have to agree with Cole, though – she IS super cute, so as long as they keep that stuff to the online videos, there’s less attractive fish to fry.

  9. I didn’t want to be part of the crowd, but I went with Joe cause it just made sense. Given we have explored the “Joe has an idol” narrative so thoroughly despite Healers not having gone to tribal yet, it really feels like that will become a factor soon, and why not the swap. Of course, it could be the story of how every Healer aims at Joe and misses, but with the way the story has unfolded and Joe’s edit, I think he is the best bet without any further information. It also helps that I don’t care for Joe…

  10. I pick Cole to see all the teams crash and burn, CRASH AND BURN I SAY. And Devon is a better Cole than he is, so yeah.

    18.Chrissy (WRONG)
    17.Ali (WRONG)
    15.Cole (?)

    Winner pick: Ali (?)

    1. If either Cole or Joe go home most of the first two pages of the leaderboard are dead in the water.

      1. *cackles* perfect…

        ..but also, this makes normal sense, Joe has been a big point scorer, so naturally people with him would be at the top.

  11. I just remembered that I can’t watch live this week and will probably have to wait until Friday. BOOOOOOOO!!! I don’t know how the people who do that regularly keep at it. At least this gives me a good way to keep myself off of Twitter for two days.

    1. I used to watch on Thursday, and now I don’t because it became excruciating. Luckily, I don’t tweet, so the only thing I had to avoid was PRP for a day, but it was still the worst. I guess I know check PRP like others check twitter…

      1. I once watched Survivor when I got home from some Wednesday drinking at 1 a.m. so I wouldn’t miss the conversation here all the next day while at work

        1. I saw U2 the night of the penultimate episode of Game Changers and stayed up until 2:00 watching it. My reward for being such a loyal fan was to see Andrea and Michaela go to the jury.

  12. I want everyone to know that initially I said to Andy “I have no idea who to pick” and while he was typing up all this advice I just picked Jessica to which he responded “or you could just listen to John because he has such a good track record this season.” I honestly didn’t remember John’s prediction, but knowing that I felt the need to change my pick… to Andy’s prediction which I also didn’t remember. Welp.

  13. Just know that when Roark does go home tomorrow, you will all be a part of a small group of very special people who aren’t saying “Roark? Who is she?”

  14. Ashley is pretty much screwed if JP isn’t on the same tribe as her. I think she is kind of incapable of being in an alliance with anyone who is actually smart, and If everyone else is smart they won’t let her into their alliance unless as a goat. Or who knows she might actually make good moves in the future if she actually makes it that far, but I predict otherwise.

  15. I picked Cole because Jessica is in my pick 4, and I like her more anyway. Also, Joe feels like we’re being set up to believe that is the story arc, and I want it to be less obvious. Also, I am hoping we finally get more of Roark tomorrow.

  16. I went with JP as the boot so I don’t have to remember he’s on the season anymore.

    I do wonder if there is a swap with an exile island, how much will people target the exile player based on what happened to Debbie last season. I do believe that was the last episode they saw before going on the island.

    1. If someone gets exiled and then ends up on a tribe with Lauren she’ll lobby to vote them out just to be completely sure they didn’t bring Ginger Plague back with them.

        1. The last episode they saw (I heard this here in the comments) before they left was the Malcolm boot. If that’s true then they wouldn’t know about it. Like I said, that’s just what I heard. Not sure if it’s true.

          1. It would be smart, if production wanted/intended to reuse the exile boat idea, to keep the next cast from seeing it. That would ensure they could at least use it twice without detrimental affect, because as noted, if you knew what was on the boat, you would probably target that person when they came back. That being said, I don’t know if i’d credit production with that kind of perfect scheduling, lol.

            Also, if the Malcolm boot is the next episode, they probably would have at least seen a preview for the twist, which if I remember correctly, was generally pretty revealing.

  17. I don’t have much of an idea for how this will go. It will probably be a Healer likely Joe, Jessica or Cole. Part of me thinks Desi, just from lack of presence.

  18. I’m voting Lauren because she just seems like an easy target unless she gets really lucky and ends up on a swap tribe with all the No Collars.

  19. Y’all, your friendly neighborhood PRP VJ is back on his bullshit with another clip. This Challenge Preview was recently uploaded to Survivor’s YouTube Account:

    And it has important implications for the upcoming episode. So mild spoilers.

    @disqus_sjBnbSyo83:disqus, it looks like the three courses was not a fake out. This challenge was run with three teams of five.

        1. Spoiler for French movies from more than 20 years ago Well, there is a marooning of sorts…

    1. Interesting. I’m taking the early position that I don’t like a 3 to 3 swap. I’m not sure it shakes dynamics enough and could easily get people swap screwed, but it’s probably also something worth trying to see if that’s in fact what happens

  20. I’m saying Jessica. Because she seems bright, strategic, and self-aware. So Jessica. Because we can’t have nice things.

    (Yes, I might still be burned from GC…)

    This is my last week of Wednesday rehearsals for a bit… hopefully I’ll be back live tweet / snark with you all next week. Have some fun for me!

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