Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Nine Predictions

The presumed Pagonging is preventing this from being a particularly sexy feature this week. Let’s get it over with.

(Let’s Get It Over With: the name of your sex tape).


Reader Predictions

Who do you think will go home?

Who will be the ninth boot of Survivor: HHH?

  • Joe (40% Votes)
  • Cole (34% Votes)
  • Ben (9% Votes)
  • Lauren (5% Votes)
  • Ashley (5% Votes)
  • JP (4% Votes)
  • Chrissy (1% Votes)
  • Ryan (1% Votes)
  • Devon (0% Votes)
  • Mike (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 77

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Staff Predictions


It’s possibly that I’ve been saying Joe since the season started. At this point, I’d feel stupid if I missed the week he actually goes home. Also, I really don’t think it’s Cole.


I’m not going to try to get cute with this prediction. Until the season starts doing unexpected things, I’m gonna predict the expected thing: Cole goes home.


Since this group tends to not know how to handle idols and split votes and the preview shows Devon finding out about Ryan’s idol… from Ben, I’m going to say they attempt something weird and complicated that blows up in the majority’s face. Who goes home because of it? *spins wheel* Uh sure, JP.


Remember last week? Well since I got ambitious, I decided I would keep rolling the rest of the prediction forward until I miss. So this week is Joe who I said would go after Desi, and who has been neutered now that they have actual vote split numbers rather than the fake numbers they had last week. Also, maybe Mike and Cole cut a deal that Joe would go first for their votes. And because of that deal, they will then use Cole winning a timely immunity to oust Devon or JP, who will be followed by Ashley, and then whomever remains of Devon/JP. Finally they’ll turn back and eliminate Cole in 6th, Mike in 5th and final four is Ryan, Ben, Chrissy and Lauren.

Bank it.


Prediction: Joe. Please? I mean, I have to be right one of these days.

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark Readers
First Out Katrina Chrissy Katrina Katrina Katrina Katrina
Second Out Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren Lauren
Third Out Lauren Lauren Patrick Patrick Lauren Lauren
Fourth Out Joe Jessica Joe Joe Cole Joe
Fifth Out Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark
Sixth Out Ali JP JP Ali Chrissy Ali
Seventh Out Cole JP Desi Cole Cole Cole
Eighth Out Joe Joe Desi Desi Joe
Ninth Boot Joe Cole JP Joe Joe
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82 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Nine Predictions

    1. Seems that way. And John’s prediction doesn’t match the visual.

      Looking out for their brand, no doubt.

  1. Matt is 5/8 and Andy and Emma are 4/4.
    I can’t recall, do you guys usually have such a successful prediction record or is this season just really predictable?

    1. The latter. We’re usually terrible at this.

      (Actually, Matt is usually solid, until he chokes at the end. Like the Philadelphia Eagles).

    2. I think we only had one season where the winner got more than half right and we usually are way more accurate at the end. (That season was MvGX when John got 5/6 right i think and finished at like 11, i had 8 or 9 before the finale and completely biffed it)

  2. I said Cole on instinct. Now that I’ve had time to consider things, I’m thinking it will probably be Joe.

  3. Still haven’t listened to podcast. Here are some Blurry Denzel power rankings. These are by who I think are most likely to win the game.

    1. Ben
    2. Ryan
    3. Chrissy
    4. Mike
    5. Lauren
    6. Devon
    7. Ashley
    8. Joe
    9. Cole
    10. JP

    I think Joe is going home and Ashley will get a generic confessional that will be enough for people to think she has a shot at winning.

      1. For fantasy purposes in both Outcast and my IRL Fireball fantasy league and because I’m starting to like her more and more, I am rooting for Lauren.

    1. Almost identical to mine. I had Ryan and Chrissy ahead of Ben and JP ahead of Joe and Cole due to current position.

      1. I think Joe, Cole and JP are all in the zero percent club, so they are basically tied for last. I just ordered it in terms of who I have been most interested in.

        1. Yeah that makes sense. Since mine is a Power Ranking, I technically have to put JP ahead of them since they are all 0%, but he is in the best current position.

  4. I think this week Joe or Cole goes home because everybody seems really tired of living with them. Hopefully once one of them is removed, cracks in the majority start to appear.
    In my head I’ve always assumed the cracks will be the Ryan/Devon pair vs the Chrissy/Ben pair, but do we actually know who Chrissy views as her number 1 ally? If Ryan is, then I think he’s in a really great spot.

    1. Depends on your definition of number 1 ally. I think JP is her pocket vote and in her intended Final 3 but I think Ryan is more her number 1 in terms of strategic decisions, but may not be in her Final 3 (I think Ben is neither)

      1. Ashley may have more control over JP than Chrissy, but I’m not sure if Ashley has any ideas of her own and may just follow Chrissy.

        1. I can see a SABA (Sneak Attack By Ashley) happening, but I feel like Ashley won’t think to strike while she can still put together a numbers advantage, and instead will wait until it’s her and JP vs Chrissy, Ben, Ryan, and Devon.

          1. Her complete lack of screen time is what gives me no faith in her. If she blindsided a power player, it seems like we would be seeing at least a confessional from her

  5. I voted Joe but I would not be shocked at a Cole boot. Hopefully we’ll start seeing evidence of cracks in the majority alliance this week and have it actually break-up next week after they’ve gotten rid of one of the thorns in their side (Joe or Cole).

  6. My prediction is that while major cracks WILL begin to happen, Cole will lose the next immunity, and the majority will stick one more time to get rid off the immunity threat.

    And my updated PRs are basically the same as @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus’s, but would just move Chrissy ahead of Ben.

    And regarding my own watching schedule, I’ve decided to finally watch the 2nd season of The Genius. I loved the 1st season, so I hope the next one will be at least half as good, plus it gives me more motivation to get to the other things I meant to watch or listen.

    1. I’m planning to watch Season 3 if I have any downtime over the holidays. I think I understand why Season 2 is generally the least-loved season, but it’s still fantastic, and it has the single greatest episode of reality competition I’ve ever seen.

      1. I’m really excited then to see that episode. And yeah, I did hear that it’s the last ranked season, but if it’s still great, then I dpn’t mind at all.

        1. I think S3 & S4 are both A- or above, and S1 is a B+. S2 is a B, so it is indeed the lowest season, but it’s still good.

        2. By the way, on the off chance that you’re going to watch Season 2 of Society Game, don’t. There’s a major spoiler for The Genius in literally the first five minutes of Episode 1.

          1. There’s a season 2 of Society Game? How is it? I honestly didn’t finish the first one because the episodes kept getting taken down and it felt like everything interesting already happened. Are the last couple episodes good? It would be nice to see MJ again.

          2. Society Game is pretty flawed, but the first season is definitely worth finishing if you’re almost done anyway. Bumdidlyumtious retired from subtitling after doing the first 1-2 episodes of the second season, so the whole thing is kind of in limbo. I’ve said it before but I think MJ would be absolutely amazing at Survivor.

          3. Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t plan to watch the Society Game until I finished The Genius anyway. And is it any good?

          4. It’s kind of a hybrid of The Genius, Survivor, and Big Brother if they cast that show differently. And that’s kind of the problem. It’s like a restaurant that serves three different ethnic cuisines and doesn’t get any of them quite right. I would definitely prioritize all seasons of The Genius and any mid to upper-tier seasons of Survivor you haven’t watched. But it’s still pretty good. I’d say watch the first episode of Season 1 and if you like it proceed.

          5. Fortunately I watched all Survivor seasons, so I don’t have to worry about that. But thanks for the advice!

      1. I found in retrospect that I didn’t enjoy Hongchul enough, so maybe on a rewatch it’d be more enjoyable.

        Also, I can’t remember if we’ve talked about this, but is it basically impossible to make a (good) American version of The Genius? Not just from a game breaking perspective, but because it’d be super hard to cast?

          1. So I’m thinking Marilu Henner, Mayim Bialek, Allison Williams, Andy Richter, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Yoohyun (whose English is exceptional, so it works; his inclusion would really just be a nod to the OG series) are a good starting three for each gender. But it’s possible that Yoohyun and Marilu would have unfair advantages over their opponents.

            I can’t think of many singers or musicians. Maybe someone like NDT or Steve Wozniak for career diversity, but that seems too on the nose. So far, there’s not a crazy amount of actual diversity, so Mindy Paling would be a great get; if this kind of show is beneath her, then Natalie Anderson for CBS synergy. This feels like a CBS production, right?

          2. The only explanation for such a response is a blanket hatred of all things Big Brother. Or perhaps a fear of a steamroll?

          3. NDT definitely gets cast. Like he’s one of the first calls. Bill Nye is another one of the first calls. And Marilu’s advantage really only comes in memory-based games, which is fine.

            Mayim is fine, but TV’s Winnie Cooper would also be acceptable. Though if this is a CBS joint, it’s Mayim just for the crossover appeal. Either her or the Young Sheldon kid, because Young Sheldon.

            And while educational pedigree doesn’t necessarily equate to intelligence, if this is going to be a CBS reality show they’ve proven that they think Ivy = smart. So if that’s the case, Mr. Weezer Rivers Cuomo is in as a musician. But if it’s me doing the casting, I bring in Nas, Ludacris, or Chance. I’m guessing all four of those musicians would pass, though. They’re too big name. They’d probably get someone that used to be a big name, and most likely a country music person. Maybe a Dixie Chick is available?

            From the sports world, I’d stick to the NBA: Shane Battier and Sam Hinkie.

          4. I think you get only one of NDT/Bill Nye. The other one is cast in S2.

            Re: NFL/NBA, I think basketball players are more interesting for this, but if we’re talking about CBS synergy, they broadcast football games but no NBA games. At the same time, ¿por qué no tenemos los dos?

            And another addition: like him or not, but this kind of show is right up Penn Jillette’s alley.

          5. What about former Survivors? Fishbach and Shirin, obviously, plus people like Sophie and Yul. But who’s a non-obvious choice, i.e, not a nerd or nerd-adjacent?

  7. My thoughts haven’t changed since the last episode and I still think the NToS is a misdirect and the majority stays together one more vote since they left two apparent threats in the game, and I’m saying Joe because I agree with Andy that Cole has plot armour

    1. If it had been me I wouldn’t have said that the theme song is great. I voted for Degrassi, and it’s winning.

      1. No matter what the poll’s author is telling people, they are voting for Degrassi based on the more recent serieses, not just The Kids of Degrassi Street, Desgrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, and the Schools Out TV-movie.

        1. Okay, sure. I’m not Canadian so I don’t know any of those. And while I did say that I voted for Degrassi, I really voted against The Littlest Hobo.

        2. A few things:
          1) As someone who has done polls like this before, you can give people all the guidance you want about the rules of a poll, but you can’t control what motivates them to click.
          2) The Littlest Hobo WAS a garbage show and it winning this bracket is an indictment on our abilities as a producer of dramatic television.
          3) Our abilities as a producer of dramatic television DESERVE to be indicted. We’re a nation that’s proven to be really good at producing off beat comedies, kid’s programming, and news and sports programming. Drama tends to require more money that we don’t have. Especially when the provider of those funds is the government.
          4) It’s theme song is the best. Certainly better than whatever show it is that one dude keeps bringing up. That matter has been settled.

  8. My prediction is that this will be a super boring episode. This is about the time in the season where we would normally have a double episode, but apparently they’re saving that for next week. Last year the Thanksgiving week episode had historic low ratings I believe, so my hunch is that they’re going to bury a snoozer of an episode this week and then give us something really fun next time. That’s obviously complete wishful thinking on my part.
    Right now the way I’m imagining it happening is a relatively straightforward vote of either Joe or Cole this week. Then, next week, whoever is remaining will either win individual immunity or play an idol in hour one and take out someone from the majority alliance who has been a big presence so far this season (probably Ben but I’m not ruling out Ryan or even fan favorite JP). Then we’ll probably go back to the pagonging for hour two.
    There you have it – 3 predictions for the price of one. To make it official, I’ll say: 1. Cole 2. Ben 3. Joe

    1. Weirdly, the last two years of Thanksgiving-week episodes have been pretty great, and they still had the typical Thanksgiving dip in ratings. So your prediction makes sense, at least if they’re gunning for ratings.

  9. Well I hope it is Cole only for fantasy league purposes. I have Joe. I don’t think I have Cole on any of the teams.

  10. I went with Joe because I feel like Cole has more people behind him even though Ben is out to get him. Also, Ben is probably more out to get Joe than he is out to get Cole.

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