Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Seven Predictions

Merge time predictions! With some takes so hot they needed one extra day to cool off.

Reader Predictions

Who do you think will go home?

Who will be the merge boot of Survivor: HHH?

  • Cole (54% Votes)
  • Desi (17% Votes)
  • JP (10% Votes)
  • Jessica (6% Votes)
  • Joe (4% Votes)
  • Lauren (3% Votes)
  • Ashley (1% Votes)
  • Devon (1% Votes)
  • Chrissy (1% Votes)
  • Ryan (1% Votes)
  • Ben (0% Votes)
  • Mike (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 69

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Staff Predictions


The edit has been telling us for weeks that Cole has been in danger. Young, buff guys are always in danger at the merge if they don’t win immunity. Standard-issue gameplay would suggest for the former Heroes and Hustlers to band together to get rid of the most obvious “threat”. Standard-issue gameplay is the modus operandi for this season. Cole will leave.

Note: if we want something interesting to happen this episode/season, we should root for Cole to win immunity and Joe to become the target.


Is there a reasonable, strategic reason for JP to go home at this point? Probably not. Sure, you could make a mild case that he’s some kind of challenge threat, but this is just an optimistic prediction from me. I’m rooting for the season to improve, and removing the charisma void that is JP would improve the season for me.


This prediction was an especially hard one because it seems like any of the Healers besides Mike or Joe would be a target. I was really leaning towards Cole being the boot (and now I’m probably jinxing it) but now I’m thinking the trend of this season will continue and Desi will win the crown of Queen of Ponderosa.


I think Cole makes too much sense here. The remaining Heroes and Hustlers all have bonds that the show has shown us. Ryan with Chrissy and JP, Ashley with Devon, Lauren with Ben (this one is a little weaker admittedly). And Cole presents not just a target as a strong young male, but also has pissed off Lauren and Ben, meaning there is a personal reason that some people, especially some of the people they need, would want him out.

The possible hurdle here that could upset this plan and make everything very interesting is that both Joe and Dr. Mike have idols. Would either of them play an idol for Cole? Dr. Mike has already looked at him as a nuisance to get rid of, while Joe when put to the test in the past played his idol on himself. Also Joe’s previous idol could pull attention to himself, but if anything the fact that he already played one idol would make me think that the majority would be reluctant to target him immediately. Of course the cruelest outcome would be Jessica going down because the majority didn’t want to take a direct shot at Cole. But let’s assume that doesn’t happen, and I’m sticking with my Cole prediction.


Thinking too hard has gotten me nothing so far, so I’m going to go with the obvious threat here: Cole. He probably tells everyone about the merge advantage, wins immunity, and then tells another player where he put the necklace. Then they wear it to tribal, he’s vulnerable, and gets voted out. No Black Widows needed!

Editor’s note: so much for not thinking too hard.

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Second Out Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren Lauren
Third Out Lauren Lauren Patrick Patrick Lauren Lauren
Fourth Out Joe Jessica Joe Joe Cole Joe
Fifth Out Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark
Sixth Out Ali JP JP Ali Chrissy Ali
Seventh Boot Cole JP Desi Cole Cole
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176 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Seven Predictions

  1. So basically this week is a guess as to whether or not the show is bluffing us on Cole and so far this season, they haven’t really bluffed that much (other than kind of JP last episode) so I’m sticking with Cole.

    Also, have fun all you PRP KIA people in New York!

  2. For the third straight season I will be at the live KIA. The last two times saw rowdy applause when Adam flipped on Figgy and everyone completely losing their shit in horror as Malcolm got booted. With that in mind, here are the players that would cause the biggest reaction if they got booted.

    1. Cole
    2. Ryan
    3. Chrissy
    4. Joe
    5. Jessica
    6. Mike
    7. Ben
    8. Lauren
    9. Desi*
    10. JP
    11. Ashley
    12. Devon

    *Me loudly sobbing

    1. Why do you think Cole will get such a big reaction? He seems to be the consensus most likely boot among the Survivor commetariat so I would think it wouldn’t draw any major reaction

      1. Mostly because I think he will have a spectacular boot episode. Not quite Drew Christy levels but some great stuff on his way out.

        1. Ah, that makes sense. The show going out of its way to bury him even more would make for a great episode and boot

          1. But not to the same degree as Drewchebag. Cole still seemingly helps out around camp and his tribe has not went to tribal. Drew did not contribute anything meaningful to his tribe.

          2. No, it certainly won’t be a Drewchebag episode. I’m trying to think of other examples of burying characters in their boot episode. Similar to Taylor maybe?

        2. While I don’t disagree with this possibility, I’d expect a larger reaction from a Ryan or Chrissy boot, just given the shear strength of their edit.

          1. Maybe this is personal preference but for me an epic boot requires someone being undone by their own hubris – Drew, Jamie Dugan, Sarah 1.0. I can’t see Cole giving them the material they need to sustain that.

          2. Right, a lot of the material he has been giving them as not been on that level. Let’s be real: the only person from the season who could generate a legendary boot episode on this level is Joe.

          3. Sure sure. I just don’t think there’s any way to make it particularly exciting.

            The other problem is that the show has now spent two weeks telling us “this guy is doomed and here’s why.” Unless they’re running the longest con since the time they edited MvGX specifically to trick Colin Stone then there’s just way for it to be surprising.

          4. I feel like a lot of Cole’s edit has also been fairly damning for Jessica as well. Remember how Cole telling the other Healer women made Jessica out to be the villain in this case even if she was mostly right?

        3. Yeah, Cole’s boot episode will definitely clown the fuck out of him. It might not be a shocking boot, but it’ll be entertaining.

  3. My prediction is Desi winning immunity, Cole going home and Joe unnecessarily playing an idol for himself after he “reads” Ashley’s face.

    1. Yes please!

      Well, except, I don’t really want Cole to go home. And for the most unselfish reason I can think: One of my good friends who I convinced to join a fantasy league with me had Patrick, Ali, and Cole, and this would kill her team and maybe my chances of getting her to do another season, lol.

      But like, it really seems Cole…

          1. I both love the fun of “PRPeople” and also hate that is sounds like PR_People, aka. a bunch of Public Relations Specialists.

  4. I’m feeling like it will be Desi tonight. I’m sure this feeling has nothing to do with Cole being a part of my pick 4.

  5. I think it will be a Healer. The Hustlers and Heroes are linked together pretty well (with the possible exception of Lauren). They will be afraid of voting for Joe and will keep Mike around since he is most likely to flip to them, leaving Desi, Jessica and Cole.

    I like Jessica the most, so I will say she is safe (although I would not be shocked if it’s her). They vote Desi if they want to flush an idol and Cole if they want an easy to rally around target. Given all the Cole sucks scenes we have seen lately, I think it is Cole.

  6. I’ve got a question: Is the merge boot this season going to make the jury? Because I feel like there’s some evidence to suggest they won’t. I mean, I don’t really follow the preview stuff that closely, so I don’t know if people already know if the merge boot is a jury member, or if anyone has suggested this before, but bear with me.
    There’s 12 of them left, so if it’s a final 3, and everyone makes the jury, there are 9 jurors, which could create the possibility of a 3-way tie (I don’t know what their tiebreaker is in that case, though I’d like to find out). With an 8-person jury in a final 3, they can do the 3rd-place finalist breaking the tie if need be (Of course, they could have a challenge where they eliminate a juror and then my first point is rendered moot, but still).

    1. This has been a subject of debate. Last time the merge boot didn’t make the jury was (I think) Caramoan (not counting Julie the quitter, which we will never really know if the merge boot was supposed to be on jury or not). I don’t think the show is particularly concerned about a 9 person jury and a Final 3 because I think the 3-3-3 split is so unlikely its not on their radar. I think they would prefer an odd number to reduce the likelihood of a two way tie.

      That said, I have reason to think the merge boot won’t be a on the jury but its kind of spoiler-y (not about who it is) so I don’t want to get into it

      1. Kelly Remington sends her regards. Also, a lot of times in the modern age, the merge boot who is not a juror often gets quieter edits. Corinne is a weird exception, but her edit was not as much as it was in Gabon. That may mean someone else besides Cole is going home.

        1. Yup, there’s a forgettable person on a season I try to forget. So that’s two. Its not off the table at all. I’ll be curious. I have no objection to the merge boot not making jury, but the show seems to like them to so they can keep them on TV longer. Corinne’s exception I think is based on her leading the only real resistance to the majority alliance that season (Malcolm’s never had a real shot). If its a quieter edit going home its likely Desi or JP on a vote split or idol (similar to Kelly)

        2. Because I felt like looking it up, these are the players who made the merge but not the jury (tell me if I’m missing anyone): Gretchen, Varner, Clarence, Boston Rob, Roger Sexton, Savage, Rory, Brandon Bellinger, Nick Stanbury, Joe Dowdle, Corinne, Julie McGee, Kelly Remington (Should we count Neal?).
          Yeah, the more recent ones seem to be less memorable (Corinne an exception). I feel like more people may remember the first half of those players than the second half.

          1. I think Neal counts as being on the jury. I think the interesting debate is Julie – was she ever supposed to be on the jury and got pulled by the “quitter clause” or was the SJDS merge boot never making the jury?

            Also, there’s a pretty drastic dividing line there at Panama/CI (when the F3 becomes a thing) about merge boot making jury, which is interesting. The only times before that when the merge boot made the jury were exceptional circumstances (fake merge, the weird second swap in All-Stars, and Ulonging). The only times they did not after that were a F2, a quitter, and two outliers (Caramoan and WA)

          2. Yeah, I’m saying Joe leaving makes that a F2. I actually think Stephen would’ve been better off with Erinn in FTC. Still horrible but not the only target.

          3. Sorry for misunderstanding. I think Stephen gets a vote from JT and that’s it. I believe Erinn would have convinced the others that she was the true mastermind because a D level FTC performance would have been beaten a F level FTC performance.

          4. No, I meant that if the three of them were in FTC that Stephen would’ve been better off. Still no votes but he wouldn’t be the only one getting killed.

          5. Stephen was dragged that entire episode. The way JT played up the good ole boy persona while simultaneously burying Stephen was amazing. I know JT’s reputation has rightfully taken a hit in his return appearances but I still believe his Tocantins game is something special.

          6. This is why I would be interested in rewatching Cambodia: the past 2 times I have watched Cambodia, I had not seen anything Tocantins-related besides definitely the reunion and maybe the F5 episode. I want to see if Tocantins adds to my appreciation of him as a character.

          7. I’m kinda confused by your comment. Do you mean rewatching JT in Tocantins or watching Stephen in Cambodia?

          8. I think I’ve told you this before but I find Stephen’s arc in Cambodia to be one of the best Survivor has had. Tocantins really affected Stephen in a way that he was never fully able to recover from.

          9. I can see that. I wonder if his role as Rob’s podcast partner played a part in that. Talking in depth about other seasons in Survivor and the flaws other players have made may have caused him to kind of lose focus on his own shortcomings. Not that he forgot that he had them but more of that they were and how deeply it hit him. I’m just speculating here though.

          10. Yeah, that’s an accurate comment. The funny thing is that there is a pretty high chance I’ll have a conversation with him tonight and won’t even think to bring this up.

          11. I would like to see Stephen the commenter here. I’ve never mentioned PRP the previous times I’ve talked to him, mostly because I felt weird doing it at a RHAP event, but it would be way harder not to bring up tonight.

          12. Ugh! I wish I could’ve seen that. All the gifs in that article were too much for my phone to handle.

          13. I’m nowhere near Emma’s level but I think I’m already in with Stephen after my last two KIA interactions with him.

          14. I think at a minimum, having watched Tocantins will shed new light on Stephen’s weepy confessionals about his second chance, and on his alliance with Jeremy (and Stephen’s ambivalence about it).

          15. True, that’s possible. I never really considered that but if Joe was unable to serve on jury because he needed surgery, it could have made that change. Either way, falls into the “special circumstances” category post-Panama dividing line

          16. I had actually forgotten it wasn’t 18. Though I don’t understand the lesson learned from China? Was it that the votes went 3 ways and that was bad?

          17. I don’t really see that being the issue in China. They can be ties now. I imagine they would’ve had the same tiebreaker in place that they do now.

          18. Probst was such an asshole to Courtney. The weight question and how he asked it was way out of bounds.

          19. Not sure, because they did dedicate a full episode to his medevac and did another immunity challenge for the next cycle.

          20. I think the SJDS merge boot was never supposed to be on jury. I think the producers either decided whatever they had for a possible 3-3-3 tie breaker was shitty or they realized they did not have a 3-3-3 tie breaker and needed to avoid the situation.

          21. I think that’s more likely but I’ve committed to my weird totally made up theory and I’m sticking to it

      2. There are apparently some funky shenanigans planned at final 5 this season so who knows. I agree that 3 person tie should be the last thing production worries about.

    2. The last time they had a 9-member jury was One World. Since then, there has only been one 18-person season that did not have a quit or medevac; that season was Worlds Apart, in which the merge-boot was not on the jury. With that being said, I’m assuming that the merge-boot won’t be on the jury.

      1. Yeah, I knew that, but they have a tiebreaker if it’s tied between two people (3rd place person chooses). We don’t know what would happen if it was a three way tie, though.

  7. I’m expecting a relatively uneventful episode where either Desi or Cole gets the boot, but am hoping for Dr. Mike to surmise his position in the game is at the bottom of one alliance, and needs to create a new alliance of relatively keen people, and then shakes things up by booting like, I don’t know, Ryan.
    But it probably won’t go that way.

      1. Yeah. If this episode was them showing us how none of the alliances pre-merge last in the post-merge, and everything gets shaken up big time, that would be a lot of fun. But, i’m thinking it isn’t.

  8. I hope all the PRPers at the live KIA have a great time tonight. I crazily thought last week that I could make some last-minute plans and attend, but it didn’t work out. (shakes fist) Next time, Gadget!

  9. I think my fantasy league is screwed with Cole on it, or maybe I’m just being really paranoid and the show is falsely setting up for it. It will be interesting to see if Jessica protects Cole or not.

  10. I’m fairly certain that a healer will go home.With that in mind, I hope it will be either Cole or Joe, but am dreading the possibility of it being Jessica. And with the last two seasons’ merge boot being Michelle and Hali, her chances are getting worse and worse by the minute. I’ll pick her to reverse-jinx her.

    And since I haven’t done it yet, here’s my updated PR:
    1. Ben (0)
    2. Chrissy (+2)
    3. Ryan (0)
    4. Jessica (-2)
    5. Lauren (+2)
    6. Mike (+2)
    7. Ashley (-2)
    8. Joe (+2)
    9. Devon (-3)
    10. Desi (0)
    11. JP (+1)
    12. Cole (-1)

    And I wish a great time to all the people going to Live KIA today. Have fun!

    Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.

    1. So I’ve been binging TEOS and I’m currently on the Redemption Island chapter. I had forgotten how paranoid Rob was about Ashley. She really was the uncrowned queen.

      1. Ashley claims that she would have brought Rob to the end because they hated Phillip that much, although I’m not sure I believe her.

        How awkward is it to listen to Rob C.’s Frank Underwood shtick right now, tho? I mean, it wasn’t even funny at the time, but now I’m assuming it’s extra cringeworthy.

        1. The Frank Underwood shtick is so cringeworthy to listen to. I briefly removed my headphones the last time I heard it.

          I fully believe that Rob and Natalie votes Phillip. Where Ashley stands, I’m not sure.

          1. There’s not a lot, but they talk about [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] off and on in TEOS post-Australia.

    2. As for your power rankings, I don’t see anything egregious about where you have players though I’m not sure I would have Lauren as high as you do.

      1. Basically everything between 4-9 is interchangable for me, because I genuinely think they each have a case for them winning, they’re just don’t have as strong of a one as the top 3. But my personal reason of having Lauren being as high as she is, is because she was always consistetely shown in most of the apisodes, with both a personal and strategic content, and does have a clear path of getting there. And I think a lot of people are sleeping on her, because she’s not a player that ever wins, so we don’t know how this particular type of player would be shown if they win (and can I bring up the craziness of the fact that Lauren somehow made it to the merge, when basically NONE of us believed it. It’s unbelievable!)

        1. Lauren has exceeded my expectations. She seems to have a better grasp of the game than I thought she would. She does have a role and path of note heading to the merge but I think it’s a supporting one.

          1. I think a difference is that Lauren doesn’t have this need to be liked or included with the cool kids to the detriment of her own game. I trust Lauren more to try to make the best move for her, even if she fails. I’ve been one to point out the Denise vibes since preseason but now I see it less and less every episode.

          2. Probably middle ground. You have to be aware and care how others are viewing you in the game. They’re going to be the ones voting for you. At the same time, you can’t let it cloud your judgment so much that you are making moves that kill your chances of winning.

  11. If Mike is in fact building bonds with Ben and Lauren, he may want to strengthen that bond by telling them (or maybe just telling Ben) that he is an idol. He could also tell them that the reason he has an idol is because it was buried in (relatively) the same place that Joe’s idol was, and that more than likely, Joe has a second idol. Maybe that causes folks to flush that idol with a split vote and Cole goes home. Or maybe they target Joe and he sends home whoever he wants. This could be a fun episode for an idol play.

    1. I think my biggest problem with Mike telling Ben that he is an idol is that Ben might play him and then Mike will be thrown in the fire.

      1. I feel like they have a two-way street of trust between them. If Chrissy is on board I could see it working. Of course, as i typed those words, I can now see it not working.

    2. Joe used his idol at this first opportunity if I remember correctly. I’d say its pretty likely he plays it again tonight.

      1. Do you think it will be a flush, or do you think that Joe will dictate who the boot will be?

        1. There has been a lot of talk about Joe being strategic threat. No one knows he has an idol, but I’m sure there is paranoia about him having one. Don’t know what to expect, but my guess is Joe will be a target

  12. I voted for Desi, but I’m not happy about it. I have seen some breakdowns of how people think the alliances will shake out but honestly I haven’t followed all that super closely. I mostly just think that Joe and Desi could be in some trouble because they have been isolated together on the swap tribe without the ability to make many inroads into the other starting tribe alliances. I think Devon will easily get back in with Ryan, and Ashley might be able to bank on her prior connection with JP (though she may actually be in some trouble if Chrissy gets territorial). It’s possible Joe will play his idol and Desi will be the victim of a vote split, or she may just not be able to get back in with whichever alliance ends up with the numbers.
    Based on the pre-merge edit, I assume the major factions will be the Chrissy/Ryan/JP group and the Jessica/Cole/Mike group. I’m not sure where Ben or Lauren will go. It would be fun if we ended up with 3 large factions vying for a plurality with narrow margins, but in these large merges it seems like it’s more common for the merge vote to be a fairly easy target and a large majority vote.
    I’m optimistic about this merge episode, and I’m hoping it sets up a clearer story line for the remainder of the season. Also, based on how many episodes we’ve had and how many people are left, I have to assume that we are going to get some double elimination episodes (or medevacs/quits) sometime before the finale. Which brings me to a harebrained idea that just popped into my head: could Cole’s super weird edit be because he’s a quitter???

    1. He is training for the Olympics right now (rock climbing) so that doesn’t strike me as something you do if you’re the type to quit. Medical seems more likely. However, just him getting voted out seems the most likely.

      1. Do we have a list ranking all the quitters, ranked by reasons for quitting (best to worst)?

        Paging you know who …

          1. Is Quits McGee #1 or is it a NaOnka/Purple Kelly tie?

            The last one on the list has to be Jenna M in All Stars.

          2. Jenna M tops the medical quits absolutely. The Nicaragua women is an interesting dilemma. I think NaOnka may be the worst because she was in power but just couldn’t hack it anymore.
            For me it would go: NaOnka
            Purple Kelly.

        1. I didn’t realize I actually push “post” on that. I am just getting sick of the whole “Cole faked passing out” thing as someone who used to pass out from the dumbest things a lot.

          1. It’s okay. Hornacek needs to be put in his place every once in a while. And speaking as someone else who has passed out a lot (and I’m not talking about booze here), there is no way that Cole faked that. It was legit scary to me.

          2. I didn’t really realize people actually thought he faked it. Like, I get the ‘what if he had’ idea, but I never considered it could be a real thing.

            This season has been yielding a ton of “what if” theories, far more than I remember for GC. I wonder if that is because things have been so straight forward and/or lackluster, we want to hope there is more to it. But thus far, there isn’t.

          3. I joked about it last week but didn’t mean it. I had no idea my words were so powerful and I held such sway over the masses. I will think carefully before I click Post from now on.

          4. “No Ali, I do want to work with you! I just got scared of Roark, that’s all! From now on I’ll tell you everything!”

          5. I still have a standing “what if” theory that Tony hid in the spy bunker for 6 months, and he could return at any moment.

          6. Yep. What made the Cole one so bad for me was the thunk of his head hitting the bamboo. You could hear it in the NTOS clip. I went straight backwards once after coughing so much that i ran out of air. My head hit the concrete so hard that I had to have gotten a concussion. The swelling didn’t go down for a month. There would be no way a medical team would have let me continue to play a game like Survivor after a head injury like that. I’m just glad Cole didn’t have to go out like that.

          7. I had a similar issue where I hit the concrete hard from standing in one place on a field trip to the botanical garden on a slightly humid day. They had one of my classmates hold my neck in place until the paramedics showed up and I was on concussion watch for the rest of the day.

          8. With Joe’s I think they teased it in the preview, so it was a lot more nerve wracking and scary. Cole is generally a doofus, and if it was anything serious there would have been a promo featuring it. So, for me thats why I took the Cole fainting less seriously.

          9. I understand that waking up every morning and realizing that one was a bellhop would cause multiple fainting spells.

          10. Weren’t you just asked nicely by Barbara Anderson to “stop the fainting jokes please?” And didn’t you just say “ok?”

          11. Oh, I don’t think he faked it, and if there’s a traditional merge feast he’ll probably be well fed this episode. So I don’t really expect any fainting.

  13. Something’s up with the graphic where there are still rows for “Yellow Sixth Boot” and “Blue Sixth Boot.”

    This is all I’m good for lately. Pointing and criticizing.

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