Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Three Predictions

Let’s see if this is the week where the boots get past the “people who were deemed expendable before the contestants ever spoke to each other” phase.

Staff Predictions


I feel like everyone on the Heroes tribe is vulnerable other than Ben. (And, sigh, Chrissy is probably okay). I choose Ashley since Chrissy seemed to be a little threatened by her and Ben doesn’t seem the type to make an early move against “someone we need for challenges”. What I can’t predict is if you all will continue to celebrate Chrissy if she continues to target any woman she comes in contact with.

I’m worried that Cole will target Joe and Joe’s paranoia will lead him to play the idol. I do not want to see Joe succeed. So I will predict that he doesn’t. Note: this is where I always fall down with my predictions: predicting what I want to happen instead of what I think will happen.

For the Hustlers, Lauren will protest too much with her annoyance with Patrick, which will force everyone to realize that she isn’t just the quiet worker who will quietly do what they say. So they’ll get rid of her, lest anyone get any ideas who the decision-makers are on the tribe.


Healers- It would be far too easy to suggest that Joe goes home here, so instead I’ll roll the dice and predict that he plays his idol and sends Jessica home because she is too close to Cole. And Survivor logic states that when a woman and a man are getting a little too close, you vote out the woman.

Heroes- Now that Chrissy (the person that we all agreed did the right thing by not using that idol at the first tribal council) has established an alliance with Ben, voting out Alan would make less sense because it would leave the tribe as Chrissy and Ben vs. Captain Blandly Handsome and his sidekick Whatsherface. So instead, Ben and Chrissy follow that time-honored Survivor logic and vote out Ashley.

Hustlers- Last episode established that Lauren disliked redheads. That’s enough of a story arc to spawn dozens of “Survivor should bring back Lauren” threads on r/Survivor in the coming months. And the fact that she’s a third boot will make them feel like they’ve come up with a super deep pull as a potential returnee.


Healers won’t go to tribal council, but if they do, Cole will fail at blindsiding Joe and Mike will go home instead.

As a swap approaches, the Heroes aren’t as worried about challenge strength and decide to appease Alan by voting out JP. We will forget he existed by Saturday morning.

As much as Lauren may be an outsider, Patrick will wake everyone up in the middle of the night one too many times. Ali will suddenly remember he was pretty annoying in college too, and not wanting to be the only woman left on the Hustlers tribe, she convinces Ryan it’s time to cut Patrick loose.


I think Patrick will go if the Hustlers go to tribal. I think this vote will come down to Lauren v Patrick because he will keep getting on her nerves, and she will push for him to be ousted. Ali will argue against this because Patrick is in her pocket, but this will actually sway Ryan and Devon into ousting him because they are gonna get worried that perhaps Ali and Patrick are too close.

If its the Healers put me down for Joe. Joe will now get paranoid about Cole because Cole knows that Joe has the idol. So Joe will try and target Cole, and being arrogant, will assume he has the votes. However, it will be abundantly clear to Cole that he is being targeted so he will covertly work to blindside Joe and everybody will be on board because its Joe. The suspense will come down whether Mike can keep the secret when interrogated by Joe, but Mike will come through, keep his mouth shut, and Joe will go home with an idol in his pocket.

As for the Heroes… man I don’t know. I’m tempted to default to Ashley. I think Ashley and JP will target Alan, and Alan will target either Ashley or JP. I can’t tell whether Alan is more threatened by them being a couple or by JP being another buff dude. However, I’ll go along with what the text of the show is telling me and say its because they are a couple so he will want Ashley out. Despite her talk, Chrissy does not actually have power unless she and Ben ally with someone and it would be stupid to put herself in a 2-2 tie with JP and Ashley, so they will oust Ashley figuring that JP will get over it quick (he will).


Heroes: Sticking with Ashley until proven she’s not a liability otherwise. Alan is the swing vote between power couples and I don’t see him working with the guy who he forced to strip.

Healers: Joe’s idol complicates things now. I still think Mike comes out on top here, but maybe someone else is the casualty. Like the ever-quiet Desi.

Hustlers: Please God, let it be Patrick. The dude is a ginger puppy dog. Unfortunately, Ali seems keen to use him as a number, and so Lauren could still be on the outs.

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Out Katrina Chrissy Katrina Katrina Katrina Katrina
Second Out Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren Lauren
Heroes Third Out Ashley Ashley JP Ashley Ashley
Healers Third Out Joe Jessica Mike Joe Desi
Hustlers Third Out Lauren Lauren Patrick Patrick Lauren


Your Turn

Time for you all to consensus pick who will be the next boot, depending on which tribe goes to tribal council.

Week Three: If the Heroes tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Ashley (68% Votes)
  • Alan (15% Votes)
  • JP (15% Votes)
  • Chrissy (3% Votes)
  • Ben (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 62

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Week Three: If the Healers tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Joe (60% Votes)
  • Jessica (17% Votes)
  • Cole (10% Votes)
  • Roark (7% Votes)
  • Desi (5% Votes)
  • Mike (2% Votes)

Total Voters: 60

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Week Three: If the Hustlers tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Lauren (62% Votes)
  • Patrick (34% Votes)
  • Ali (2% Votes)
  • Devon (2% Votes)
  • Ryan (2% Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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102 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Three Predictions

  1. I went with JP, Jessica and Lauren as the boots this week.

    I want to know everyone’s opinion on the pre-existing relationship between Ali and Patrick. I understand why the show hasn’t mentioned it but i feel like there is a bit of story missing by ignoring this completely. Knowing someone beforehand has to make a difference and could definitely be an advantage. It leaves me a weird feeling.

    1. Part of me thinks that the show may be saving that information for a big reveal down the line.

      1. I feel like if they do, it will be really weird. Like, either it’s a reveal that we were specifically not shown conversations they had about going to college together, or it’s some sort of ‘they both just remembered’ but from pre-season we know Ali was aware prior to shipping out, and Patrick may not have been. So, I guess Patrick could realize this, but then it will be this awkward “Why didn’t you tell me” sort of deal? It would be interesting if Ali had a reason for not reminding him, but the main reason for that would be to avoid them being targeted for their pre-existing relationship, and yet, they are in an alliance.

        The only way I could see this coming up later and not feeling SUPER forced is that, once Patrick finds out, he decides to target Ali for it, either because he is worried it will mess up their game, or because he’s annoyed she didn’t remember him or chose not to tell him. Otherwise, It feels too much like they aligned because of it, and have probably talked about it, but it has been specifically ignored by the edit.

        1. She clearly remembered him. There’s a confessional in the first episode that seems forced and edited to omit that fact. Like the odd “check out the new Hero tribe” cut in Ep 2, this show is terrified of acknowledging the real world this season.

          1. Personally, I think that they definitely talked about it, given how quickly they aligned. My guess is that they decided to team up almost exclusively because of the pre-existing relationship, and thus the show cut it out for fear of acknowledging the real world and the idea that players pre-game and don’t make every single decision on the island. Showing that by knowing each other they could work together quickly (even as rocky as that has been) will ruin the idea that gameplay is entirely dictated by first impressions, social interactions, and early season teambuilding.

          2. It’s just so weird that they included it in Ali’s official bio video. I guess they assumed (correctly) that she would blab to all the non-CBS press about it so they might as well include it there. It’s just such a weird disconnect that they would put it in the pre-season press but leave it out of the season entirely. It makes you realize that the vast majority of viewers are probably just starting the season fresh at the premiere with absolutely no pre-season consumption. I wonder how many people will go through the entire season never knowing that trivia about Ali and Patrick? I’ll put the over/under at 90%

          3. That is the only reason that I still wonder if SNP might be right. It seems like such an odd disconnect to have known information being specifically avoided. But if they do intend to use this as a reveal, it just feels really awkward and forced. Why not drop it as a small mention that never comes up again? Or if it will cause friction between Patrick and Ali down the line, why not show that she is aware of their relationship and he isn’t, just to heighten the “will he remember?” narrative? It all seems so confusing…

          4. Remember during MvGX when we were all wondering why there wass no mention of Bret being gay?

          5. See below and also when the challenge started and Jeff goes “get your first look at the new Heroes tribe”, everyone turns and they’re already on the dock instead of being brought in like normal. Obviously they wanted to keep the impression that everyone like, swam or teleported to the challenge and wasn’t boated in en masse. It was kinda awkward to me.

          6. Sorry, I wasn’t clear, it was the challenge one I was asking about. I didn’t really notice that because I don’t really pay attention to that part, but yeah, that is kind of awkward and forced. Sometimes the show is too committed to its traditions. Obviously if they’re all standing there they’ve already seen the Heroes

          7. Agreed. He could have made it less forced simply by making it a past-tense. Like, saying “Everyone just got their first look…” We know they didn’t teleport their suddenly, so just adjust the wording…

          8. I would like them to show that they had a curtain covering each raft that they lifted up just as Jeff says “Getting your first look …”

            Of course, for that to work each tribe would have to be blindfolded as they were escorted to their raft.

          9. Or just chopper in each tribe separately, blindfold them, and have them repel down ropes onto their raft.

          10. Invent a non-permanent chemical agent that reduces vision to only a few feet for a set period of time. Each team is injected with the chemical, then guided to their raft. The agent will allow them to get to the raft on their own with minimal help, but reduce their vision enough to maintain the mystery reveal of who got kicked out.

            …they all probably guessed it was Katrina anyway…

          11. “…this show is terrified of acknowledging the real world this season.”

            So say we all.

          12. In her First One Out pre-season interview with Josh Wiggler, Ali describes in detail how she recognized Patrick and how she knows him.

            Patrick didn’t say anything, so I am choosing to go along with the recent hot take that … Patrick doesn’t remember Ali at all and she never tells him in the game that they met in college.

      2. I think its just them trying to avoid admitting that they screwed up. Did they acknowledge the Adam/Mari same high school connection?

        1. They clearly did not because this is the first i’ve heard of it…

          Though they probably weren’t in that high school at the same time, right? So it’s more of a “were from the same City” kinda thing…

          1. Yeah, I don’t think they were ever in high school together or actually knew each other, just Adam kind of knew Mari went to his high school

          2. If there is any Survivor gossip that hasn’t been confirmed first by @BarbaraAnderson, then I don’t believe it.

          3. @Hornacek:disqus and anyone else who scrolls down here:

            Disqus tagging is a function of @-names, not screen names. For example, my screen name is Taako From Teevhii, but my @ handle is @Taako_From_Teevhii. If you click the link in my name at the top of this comment, it’d show you my profile page and my @ name. You can share a screen name (e.g. anyone else in the world who wants “John” as a Disqus screen name), but @ handles are unique. So that’s how Disqus knows who to notify.

            If you want to tag someone on mobile or to tag someone who hasn’t yet commented on the post you’re in, you’d need to type @, their handle, then “:disqus.”

            The main problem is that you’re then required to know someone’s @ handle if you want to tag them. But Disqus never shows you that unless you look for it. So it’s kinda a non-starter.

            (and I believe Barbara’s @ handle is BarabaraTheWitch, fyi, though Palsy already tagged her)

          4. Ok, that worked. But as you say, I have to know someone’s @ handle. It’s hard enough to remember all of your Disqus handles – thank goodness for the help list that appears as you start typing.

          5. At the top of the comments there is a link to “community. If you click on the arrow next to “latest discussions you can then view the “top commenters. Most everyone is there, just click on their avatar to get their @ name. That way you don’t have to hunt for an old comment.

          6. Maybe some dumb dog will come do it for you and then run off into the Canadian wilderness.

    2. I’m with Mark in that I think the editors cut out Ali talking about how she knows Patrick if not Patrick doing the same.

      So if it never impacts the game, then why bother throwing in a factor that will just ruffle (rustle?) feathers?

      But if it does impact the game, suppose Ali knows and Patrick doesn’t. Every mention from the first three days is edited out bc how do you show Ali talking about it but Patrick not having a clue? And obvs, the producers can’t ask Patrick straight up how he knows Ali. So then Ali has to be the one to let it slip to Patrick later. But I don’t understand then why she would keep that information secret and then release it, even on accident. If she was purposeful enough to hide that fact, she’d be mindful enough to not talk about it later.

      If it does impact the game and both Ali and Patrick know about it, then the editors screwed it up by not including that earlier.

      1. I’m willing to leave him in the ranks of “Would get cast as prince charming in a local theater production, because his face is nice and smooth” but I would never put him in the ranks of “gawd damn, look at that man, let’s get a pitcher of margaritas and see where the night takes us”

        But Cole…mmmm, Cole….

          1. I’m dating a guy shorter than me, so not my hangup. But it would hurt his chances of getting the role of prince charming. Even a local theater would take a tall less-attractive man over a short prince…

          2. My fiance is 5 ft so I’m with you! My Prince Charming is short but so handsome (warm, kind, witty, thoughtful, and smart).

          3. My boyfriend is both shorter and thinner than me, but since I rarely envision my body the way that it is, I kinda forget that i’m bigger than him all the time.

          4. Ha! I wish I had your problem! I am wayyyyyy bigger than my guy. Our wedding photos are sure to be very silly looking (and adorable).

          5. Let’s go one deeper: I was working with a kid today and I looked over at the wall to see his parents had a framed promotional still from, I shit you not, Clifford.

          6. I wish I could say this was me, but I heard someone on a podcast once say they were watching a movie in a theater and they recognized one of the actors and they said out loud “Holy shit it’s Dr. Beard Face!” And someone else in the theater yelled “It’s Beard-fas-eh!”

        1. This. “Blandly handsome” is exactly what JP is. Local theater production or B-list Netflix series hot not holy shit hot (like Cole)

          1. JP would be on an episode of Scrubs as Elliott’s hot date, but you’re like “meh” when he shows up

            Cole would be on an episode of True Blood, always shirtless, and part of you wants to be like “this guy isn’t all that great at acting” but you mostly just stare at his chest and accept his faults.

  2. As to the purlpling of Desi, on the Corrine-cast she talked about going to dinner with Roark and Desi and said Desi said three sentences the whole time, so it’s possible she’s just flat giving them nothing.

    1. True. And think of all the purple castaways who have made it deep into the merge. I’d say at this rate she has a pretty good shot at making it far, assuming she doesn’t quit or get screwed by a swap.

    2. Not ruling out that Corinne said something horribly offensive to start the dinner, and Desi decided she wasn’t talking to her after that.

      1. I suspect in normal conversation it’s less horribly offensive things and more obsessively steering the conversation back to being about her.

  3. I feel like the Heroes lose both Ashley and Alan pre-swap, in that order. But that (likely) means neither of the other tribes goes to tribal again so maybe Alan gets cut lose by the Hero crew post-swap. I think that the edit set up Chrissy taking them both down.
    If its the Healers, I think we get a Cole-led blindside of Joe. If anyone can convince Joe not to play his idol, its Cole. He will just get distracted by his abs and go with Mike, while the other 2…I mean, 5 (can invisible people vote?), vote for Joe who doesn’t play his idol.
    Hustlers – I can’t decide if Lauren is too obvious or if its a major redirect. If its a redirect, it could be anyone, but I think its only a redirect because they aren’t going to tribal, so I will pick Lauren with a hope it can somehow be Ryan

    1. The problem with ‘Cole-led’ anything is that he is a bit dim. I know he was smart enough to figure out the idol clue, but he was dumb enough to share the info. Cole doesn’t strike me as a Mastermind yet.

      1. I don’t think you have to be a mastermind to blindside Joe. Just a decent social player, which I think Cole is. Cole-initiated may have been a better word. Someone like Roark may do the heavy lifting

  4. I went with Ashley, Joe and Lauren and apparently was in agreement with the vast majority of people voting in these polls. I would have said Patrick for the Hustlers because of his terrible edit last week, but 1) the preview for next week made it seem like they are able to move on and 2) complete wishful thinking (he’s on my outcast league team and I’m already in last place, so losing him this early would completely screw me)

    1. Too bad you’re not Ms. Turtleneckfan. Ms. Turtleneckfan would have made better Outcasts picks. #BellhopStrong

  5. I’ll stick with chalk this week. My picks are identical to my picks last week and so are the reasons.

    Heroes – Ashley. Same reason too. I think it’s her or JP and no way do Ben/Alan choose to vote out JP for challenges and things like that.

    Healers – Joe. Because I’m not willing to pick Mike and Joe is the only person who seems to have annoyed anybody on that tribe.

    Hustlers – Lauren. I thought she was funny last week but I feel like she will not come across the right way to her tribe. If it becomes a race to the bottom between Lauren and Patrick I think they keep Patrick for challenges.

      1. I have him in an offline league, so my hope is that he plays the idol. I’m not attached to him as a player, and really only picked him as my last round ‘eh, whatever’ choice, but I at least want them points, lol

        1. I have him on my 6 person league. He and Lauren were the only people left for my final pick. I think he already earned his keep and given that my other players are Ryan and Ben, I am okay if he leaves now.

  6. For the first time ever, one of the PRP members has correctly picked the first two boots, which means Andy should be able to breeze through the next 14-15 guesses no problem. Sometimes you just gotta predict a perfect game will be thrown even if you’re only in the second inning. It in no way will affect the pitcher at all.

    Anyway, John, how much again was I getting to jinx him?

  7. For Heroes, Ashley. It makes no sense for Ben and Chrissy to side with JPAshley and risk a tie at 4. Chrissy established Ashley as the Smarter of the two and the more threatening, so her.

    Healers: I’ll roll the dice and say Cole so I can brag about seeing it coming if it happens. I don’t think they lose though.

    Hustlers: Lauren. We see her starting a feud with Patrick. She is also the only person to really proclaim that Patrick is annoying. In a fight between a young, strong providing man and a stubborn older woman on a young tribe, there is really only one outcome on this show.

    1. If the Heroes go to tribal this week, then I agree.

      If they don’t go this week but go next week, they have to know a swap is happening the next day and they might as well vote out Alan.

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  9. I’m going with Ashley, Joe, Lauren. I just don’t think Joe has the necessary ability to realize he’s being targeted this early, and the others for reasons stated previously.

  10. Is it just me, or do both JP and Ashley look like their heads are supposed to be bigger but they got smooshed down and look like toes with faces?

    1. Hit refresh and you should be able to vote. Not really sure why that happens.

      And I am shocked, though grateful and honored and all that, that any of you purchased our swag.

  11. I went with Desi for the Healers because I think people are going to split the votes between Joe and Desi, then Joe will get paranoid, play the idol, and Desi will go home. It’s a stretch but whatever.

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