Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Two Predictions

Time to take everything we learned from the 42 minutes of meeting 18 people last week to apply it to the science of predicting what will happen this week.

Staff Predictions


I feel like we were getting the opening salvo of “aggro guy goes to hard early, causing his tribe to cut their losses with him” last week. I just can’t decide which aggro guy it is, so I’ll predict them both: Alan for Heroes, Joe for Healers. Bonus prediction: if Alan goes due to continued paranoia and aggressive play, many of you will claim that it was all part of Chrissy’s plan. Bonus, bonus prediction: you’ll convince of nothing. For the Hustlers, I’ll continue to predict Simone due to my belief that Diversity Advocate might be the most-mismatched career for a Survivor contestant ever.


Healers: It could be entertaining- and probably not a terrible idea, given the rest of their tribe — if Mike and Joe teamed up. But Joe doesn’t seem like the most rational of actors, so I assume he’ll try to convince the rest of the tribe to target Mike. And maybe Mike finds the idol, plays it successfully, and makes my whole theory moot. But maybe Mike doesn’t find the idol, and the lovable underdog just gets defeated by Target Clearance Section Tony Vlachos. That feels like a 2017 kind of story.

Heroes: I’m once again betting that the Heroes don’t lose. But if they do, Alan is the target. Chrissy’s “sit here and do nothing” plan pays off, just as 100% of us agreed that it would!

Hustlers: Ryan, Simone, and Lauren would all fit the typical mold of the first boot for a tribe. But when your tribe is composed in such a way that the misfit first boot types can make a majority — or at least force a tie — the misfits can get before they get got. And that’s why Patrick will be going home.


Hustlers: I’d like to stick with Ryan since it’s not like he still has an idol, but that bonding with Devon thing seemed to work. Man, this entire tribe seems like they could be voted out early. Let’s go with Lauren. The tribe is otherwise young, and we’ve barely seen her.

Healers: I don’t think they’ll go to tribal, but if they do, I think they vote out Joe. The other four seem unlikely to bond with him or Mike, but I think Joe’s Tony factor will scare them more than Mike being a possible David Wright type.
Heroes: Alan, I guess?


First the Heroes. I don’t think Chrissy will be a target but not because of anything she has really done, rather I think Alan and the JP-Ashley relationship will continue to fall apart. Ben will be the one choosing and in the end I think Ben will continue to favor manly strength over the women. But I also think he will have bonded with Chrissy and see that Ashley and JP are close and votes out Ashley.

Hustlers: I don’t know, let’s say Ali. Same general reason as last week (you know why), plus maybe the tribe thinks she is getting too close to Patrick.

Healers: I don’t really remember any of these people except Mike and I thought about him “wow Mike you have a bad poker face and are not bonding with everyone.” So Mike will go.


Heroes: I think Ben and Chrissy become a power duo here, and Alan’s suspicions lead him to take their side as a swing vote (sorry, little JP). And because you still need to win challenges, Ashley gets the axe.

Hustlers: They are in good shape, but if someone goes, that Mike/Joe fight might be prescient. There can only be one Tony, so Joe goes.

Heroes: I hate Ryan and I hate Simone, but Lauren seems like the odd one out in this group. (Not that we know much about dynamics yet.) Off you go!

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Out Katrina Chrissy Katrina Katrina Katrina Katrina
Heroes Second Out Alan Alan Alan Ashley Ashley
Healers Second Out Joe Mike Joe Mike Joe
Hustlers Second Out Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren


Your Turn

Time for you all to consensus pick who will be the first boot, depending on which tribe goes to tribal council.

Week Two: If the Heroes tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Ashley (55% Votes)
  • Alan (34% Votes)
  • JP (8% Votes)
  • Chrissy (3% Votes)
  • Ben (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 71

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Week Two: If the Healers tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Joe (49% Votes)
  • Mike (21% Votes)
  • Jessica (12% Votes)
  • Roark (12% Votes)
  • Desi (4% Votes)
  • Cole (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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Week Two: If the Hustlers tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Lauren (34% Votes)
  • Simone (27% Votes)
  • Patrick (25% Votes)
  • Ali (9% Votes)
  • Ryan (3% Votes)
  • Devon (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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128 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Two Predictions

  1. Seeing our picks be all over the place has me kinda confident that the Hustlers aren’t going to tribal. We know the least about them and what we do is, I think, complimentary to the one player who got the focus

  2. Guys, can we talk real world for a sec? I feel like the “Craziness” knob has been cranked up so many times its dun broke off. On a personal level and on a global scale, I can’t feel anything but overwhelmed. Everyone’s saying to take a half hour to do some self-care, but I tried to meditate yesterday and five breaths in, I legit thought to myself “Goddammit, I don’t have time to meditate.” In the evergreen words of Laganja Estranja, “IT’S JUST TOO FUCKING MUCH.” I think I need to find someone’s dog I can borrow (bc I can barely take of myself, I won’t be able to take of a dog too). It’s going to feel weird tomorrow night to ignore what’s happening for a TV show, but Survivor is actually going to be a very welcome distraction.

    Anyway, I don’t want this to be a bummer comment, so can we make this into a thread of puppy pics? Please and thank you.

          1. These cute pugs are going to break me. Zelly is a great name for a dog. I used to always joke that I would name my kids after flowers, but instead of names like Rose or Lily, they’d be Hydrangea or Baby’s Breath. While that’s incredibly mean to do to a child (even as a middle name), I think it works great for dog names. Here is a French bulldog, cousin to the pug, and I think she looks like a Snapdragon.


        1. I know corgis are kind of a cliche on the internet, but I’m not really a dog person and love corgis so much. THEIR LEGS ARE SO STUBBY!

          1. Look, I’ve been trying to generate an OF COCK joke as a response to this, but it’s just not coming together. So let’s pretend I came up with one and it was super witty.

        1. Yes! His hair has mirrored that of me at that age, I’m hoping he doesn’t follow through on that, or else he won’t have it for too long.
          At least he has a nice shaped head.

          1. He does have a nice shaped head, but so do you. He looks a lot like you, so that must mean good things for you.

          2. He really looks a lot like Amy, though. When he was born, especially, it was like looking at baby her.

          3. I saw a family picture of you on twitter and thought “wow, Max looks so much like both of them, it’s crazy”.

      1. Zomg, the plaid with the chevron! JK, he is so freakin’ adorable. I think he needs a PRP onesie!

      1. Sooooo precious! Also, you have this photo on your phone? Oh wait, other people still use computers, right?

    1. I already used all my best dog photos. That’s why guests aren’t allowed to choose their header images anymore.

      1. Hey, o/t, but I asked you something around a week-ish ago, but I don’t know if you saw it at all, so I’m going to paste it here:

        I know we’ve bounced around the idea of a TAZ re listen. I’m in for a relisten from Gerblins to 11th Hour (I actually think that works real well bc the people who enjoy the format/structure can jump straight into Pilot Season and those invested in the arc can finish the last 20 eps). But also, if we wanted to recruit people, the audience is now here for it.

        So, do we still want to do this at all?

        1. I saw that, but it was late at night and I forgot to respond. Sorry. Yeah, I’m still down for it.

          1. Groovy. I’m going to plug the shit out of it over the next three days. We’ll see who else we reel in. I’m pretty sure Dr. VN and Diego mentioned they’d be on board in passing.

          2. The Adventure Zone! (the exclamation point is my own emphasis) It’s a podcast, and I’ll have more details tomorrow bc I plan to plug it in the live blog post. But if you can, try to resist the urge to google it and ask those questions in response to that post bc then other people who might also be curious can see your questions!

          3. Gotcha! No worries since I have the flu and can barely type this let alone look anything up.

  3. I went with Ashley, Joe and Lauren as my picks.

    I think the JP/Ashley partnership will continue to bother the other tribemates. While Alan went overboard, his concerns will ring true for Ben and Chrissy.

    Joe will continue to turn off his tribemates with his inability to appear calm in any interactions with them. Desi, Mike and Roark will see him as Tony and vote him out while Jess and Cole make out by some rocks off in the distance. So in my Fireball fantasy league I do with IRL Survivor friends, one friend has both Cole and Jessica on her team. I’ve never seen someone switch opinions so quick on their squad as she did watching the possible showmance preview. Season 35 already killing off optimism.

    I went with Lauren because she is not Simone. Patrick is also not Simone and can also go.

  4. I say Ashley, because I think the others will want to break the pair and no one be confident enough to Boston Rob it and take out JP.

    For healers, I will say Joe. I think the others may tire of his Tonyness and Mike will find the Idol.

    Hustlers, I think the tribe will keep Patrick, since they don’t have much in the way of physical strength. It will either be older, but strong, Lauren due to age or Simone due to invisibility. I say Lauren.

    1. I think it’d be extremely funny if after everything we saw last week, Joe found the idol before Mike. Because even though David Wright found his idol on Day 5, Tony found his on Day 7. If past is prologue, both guys are going to be hustling (whoops, wrong tribe) for that thing.

  5. I’m saying Alan, Joe, and Lauren for all the reasons said. I’m kinda seeing Simone getting a Lucy edit, which means a couple more episodes before she goes

  6. I’m going Alan/Joe/Lauren. I think Ryan and Mike will be around for a while, which leads to Joe falling on Healers, and anybody but Ryan on Hustlers. Going with Lauren because she’s slightly older than the rest of that tribe.
    On Heroes, just a wild guess, the only one I feel is reasonably safe there is Ben.

    1. My gut tells me that Alan survives one more vote and makes it to the swap. Typically, when a tribe loses two in a row, they stay with physical strength. Unless his antics continue as last week, they tough it out one more week with him.

      1. I agree that the scenario you lay out here is accurate. Although, In a 3 tribe season it would be so rare to not have an early swap that I actually think you could get away with voting out your muscle in the 2nd or 3rd vote – especially if you have a strong alliance (a la Malcolm and Denise).

        1. Yeah, I don’t have any hard facts on this, but it doesn’t seem like saving your muscle helps all that much in challenges anyway. We don’t have a lot to go on but so far Alan is a major liability in my eyes.

  7. I guessed Alan/Jessica/Simone. I was surprised that 2 of my choices differed from the group pretty significantly, but then again I always feel like my predictions are a total shot in the dark. And I definitely understand why Alan wasn’t the top pick for Heroes – he’s super strong and athletic, so his crazy would have to be pretty extreme to make him a viable 2nd boot. If the conflict gets out of control on that tribe, it seems like Ashley is probably the most likely casualty. I also don’t think they’ll lose two in a row, so it might be moot.
    I feel like Joe and Patrick stuck out in the premiere as odd people out, but I have each of them on a fantasy team so I couldn’t bear to pick them, haha. But…yeah, I’m worried.

  8. Did y’all know that PRP is listed under the Important Links section of the r/Survivor sidebar? I’m very curious as to how that happened, especially given the site’s official stance on Reddit.

    1. Boy, I really hope someone got fired for that blunder!

      (The actual answer is that there’s a mod there that is friendly with us.)

          1. Honestly? A small part of me misses Jim. His crazy bullshit was kind of fun. I realized that he had abandoned the AVClub when I was researching my Fan Friction article on the greatest Boston player of all time. All of his comments were deleted.

          2. If you REALLY miss him, he did return to rage against Malcolm on the liveblog for episode 4 of Game Changers.

  9. I went

    Heroes – Ashley. I think if Alan was gonna bother the tribe bad enough to vote him out, they would have voted him out already. I think Chrissy goes with the not “power couple/flirtmance” pair and they keep JP for challenges and things like that.

    Healers – Joe, I guess. I don’t want it to be Mike because of pick four and Joe is the only other person who feels like a candidate for eviction.

    Hustlers – Lauren. I think she seems like even more of an obvious first boot candidate than Katrina did and I’d be shocked if she survived a vote.

  10. For Heroes I picked Ashley. I think the power will shift to the Ben/Chrissy/Alan side.

    For Heroes I picked Cole. I don’t think they will go to tribal, but if they do, the tribe will target the “stronger” half of the showmance, and they can’t Jessica, because she’s on my team.

    For Hustlers I picked Ali, who is the main contender to becoming Mari’d this season, aka having a good edit 1st episode, getting voted out the 2nd one. And I removed her from my team, so she has to be voted out.

    18.Chrissy (WRONG)
    17.Ashley/Cole/Ali (?)

    Winner pick: Ali

    Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.

    1. They are not allowed to vote Cole out yet. We lost Malcolm 4th last season. I won’t accept losing Cole 2nd (though they simply are not going to tribal. They are the KR Beauty tribe in that aspect I think)

      1. Yeah I also don’t think they’ll go, but he’s not on any of my teams, so losing him would be a-ok for me. But don’t worry, since Roark is no.1 picked person, she’ll get voted out in the next 3 episodes.

          1. No, you suck.

            Hahaha, sorry, it was all feeling a bit juvenile (and I’m including myself in that statement). I will be sad if Roark goes soon, and I’d hate to be the first out. *sad face*

        1. This is true. There is a bit of a PRP curse on our most popular pick. Which is why I’ve avoided her.

    2. Since I didn’t find time to do it in the podcast comments, I decided to post my Power Rankings here for now. They work the same as the ones I do in the comments for Australian Survivor, aka based on how I perceive their possibility to actually winning are. And my 1st week PR are:

      1. Chrissy
      2. Ben
      3. Ryan
      4. Ali
      5. Mike
      6. Cole
      7. Alan
      8. Joe
      9. Devon
      10. Patrick
      11. Ashley
      12. Roark
      13. JP
      14. Jessica
      15. Lauren
      16. Desi
      17. Simone

        1. I actually was wavering who should place higher, but I ultimately chose Lauren, because a) for LOLs, and b) because she’s on my 6-team draft.

          But for real, I also take into a consideration airtime, and Desi was 2nd most invincible person in the premiere. If she finally gets meaningful airtime, she will for sure jump up after the next weeks. And it’s not like my predictions went well in the Australian Survivor, so what do I know?

      1. I think it’s too early for winners, but I think the people who are seemingly the most highlighted are: Ben, Alan, Chrissy, Mike, Joe, Ryan, and Ali

        1. Yeah, I know. It’s just something for me to do during the season, and it’s fun to see how wrong some of tchem could end up be.

  11. I keep forgetting to mention this, but what was with the insistence that ‘Healers are communicators’ in the premiere? Is this a thing IRL? I’ve never heard of this, but then again I’m not a doctor/nurse/probation officer…..

  12. I went with Ashley, Joe, and Patrick.
    Ashley: Usually the female is out when people suspect a power couple.
    Joe: He is not at all chill, and I can see it really rubbing the rest of the tribe in the wrong way. That said, I’ll be shocked if they go to tribal.
    Patrick: He was acting too over the top in the 1st ep and combined with whatever drama is coming with Ali, I think he wil annoy his way right out of the game. (When I voted, Patrick, Lauren, & Simone were all tied at 30%. I feel everyone is right.)

    1. I’m personally conflicted. On the one hand, Tom Petty is obviously great and deserves to be remembered fondly. On the other hand, you posted a Simpsons gif from the post-Golden Age. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m disappointed for multiple reasons.

      1. While yes, clearly this is Post-Golden age, the particular sequence with Petty Last DJ-ing his way through writing a song still managed to be hilarious. A highlight that was all too infrequent in that uneven era of the show.

  13. I am sick and pathetic, but I really was hoping for a predictions page for this new week. *puppy dog pleady eyes*

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