Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 11 Liveblog: “It’s a ‘Me’ Game, Not a ‘We’ Game”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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554 thoughts on “Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 11 Liveblog: “It’s a ‘Me’ Game, Not a ‘We’ Game”

    1. I think that was just meant to show that Julia was on the bottom and Michele need reassurance.

  1. O



    “How did you know how many zeroes are in a million dollars?”
    “I memorized all of them, Jeff.”
    [cheers and applause from excited finale audience]

    1. I was hoping for Michelle to reveal some sort of mnemonic trick to her success, but she couldn’t even make winning a memory challenge look like anything more than dumb luck.

      1. She might not have made it seem interesting but I’m not sure how memorizing all the number/animal combos seems like “dumb luck”.

        1. True. But that’s if you take her word that she memorized all of them. I don’t doubt that she memorized enough of them, though. I have a feeling the simple answer is “I’m a bartender, and I get lots of reps memorizing big chunks of information for a short time (in the form of drink orders).”

      2. I thought she would at least make a joke, or say that it is because she is a waiter or something.

      3. I was hoping for a confessional where she admitted “I was lying when I told Jeff I memorized them all. I couldn’t remember any of them. t was just a fluke that I got the right combination and got that key.”

        1. I was thinking that everyone should’ve at least tried a key. The only penalty is the time it takes to untie and try it, and who knows? You could luck into it. Plus, you remove one from contention for your next trip.

          1. I was thinking about the possibility of taking a perfunctory look at the board and then immediately bolting back to find out what you actually needed to know.

            The problem is that other people are certainly going to copy you, but if you think you can beat everyone else in a word scramble, maybe it’s worth the risk.

          2. That might have been my strategy. As soon as I saw 4 or 5 letter tiles (I don’t remember the exact number), I yelled out “Blindside!” Years of playing Scrabble/WWF have made me really good at that.

          3. Also you can see what symbols you need straight away and ignore the others when you go back.

    2. When nobody was looking, Michele won a million dollars. That’s as many as 100,000 tens. And that’s terrible.

    1. I still think you are winning the pick 4. You have 3 of the 4 most likely winners on your team.

          1. Third. My power rankings would be: 1. Aubry, 2. Tai, 3. Cydney, 4. Michele, 5. Jason, 6. Joe.

          2. I’ll say this: if Cydney was winning this vote would have been about her. Pretty sure she is getting the good player, but not the winner edit. Personally I think Jason has a better chance to win (he has more of a story)

          3. Oh yeah, but Michele needed the episode for her winner’s chances. Cydney had the Nick episode and Aubry had the Scot episode and part of the Debbie episode, so their cases were known. Michele however was still the wildcard.

          4. I feel like he has more of a story because he is more of a lightning rod. He’s the guy in the “villain” role.

          5. he has a three dimensional arc, he isn’t just getting the villainous moments, he is talking about his family, his kids, etc. (which by the way we have never had Michele talk about her life outside the game)

          6. I feel that today was meant for us to actually empathize with Jason. He talked about how he has to continuing fighting, and that he can’t give up because of his family. Those were all very good and positive confessionals. (And he got a ton of them.)

          7. I mentioned it in the liveblog but if he wasn’t going home tonight, then tonight was setting him up for the end run. Jason is in that final tribal, and I am not convinced Michele beats him (I think she does, but not convinced)

          8. I think most of us were pretty much in agreement since week 4/5 that Jason is probably going to be in the finals, but will not win.

          9. Kyle was actually kind of fun as an underdog. I almost forgot for a moment that he’s human garbage who violently stalks people who for a living.

          10. We need a confessional from Michele where she talks about all the bottles at the bar where she works.

          11. She actually talked about being a bartender in this episode, which is the first time we’ve really heard her talk about her life at all.

          12. Not true. Her first confessional in the premiere was about her being a bartender and using her social skills to bond with all of the women on her tribe.

          13. I agree. And we’ve actually seen Aubry in charge of the big moves so far if not from the guys.

  2. I really thought Tai would play the idol there. I believe he has vastly improved his odds though the road is still tough.

      1. I think more, I think either her or Jason would have had the most. It’s hard to tell though because any confessional from Michele is immediately forgotten.

          1. I think you count them as separate if they have any scene of the game with audio in between them.

        1. I was surprised after 10 episodes to discover that she has an accent. (I’m not American, so I can’t tell exactly what kind of accent it is, though.)

          1. Beat me to it. Not wild about that accent but I’ve also never lived farther north than Washington, D.C. so there is that.

          2. well since she doesn’t talk about anything outside of the game we will never hear her say car unless they bring back the car reward

          3. wait does Michele have a Philly accent and I don’t recognize it because I’m from Philly? AM I MICHELE? OH GOD KILL ME

          4. I also don’t have a great accent radar, which is odd since I have been told that I have a strong Midwestern accent.

          5. She’s from New Jersey. I live in the Philly suburbs so she sounds totally normal to me.

          6. Connecticut or Rhode Island. She doesn’t quite sound like Rodney or Boston Rob (aside from being female).

          7. Maryland, then? It’s the right blend of northeastern intonations plus valley girl nasal-ness.

          8. I’m from nj and although so is Michele now, she really does not sound it. She sounds more Pa or really northeast. That’s probably the valley girl detracting from the nj

        2. This thread has interested me as I am British and as far as I can tell Americans have 5 accent types. Southern, Neutral, Masshole, Texas and California Beach.
          I’m sure you guys wouldn’t be able to pinpoint any British accent more than Irish, Scottish and English though and we have like thousands of accents cos of how weird and old our country is.

          1. There are actually a few more American accents than that, but for a non-American you did a pretty good job of identifying them. And you’re right, I can’t distinguish between English accents- you all sound like Londoners to me.

          2. I was just using London as the go-to generic British accent. I recognize that there are differences, but to me Nadiya from GBBO has the same accent as Adele or the ladies from AbFab.

          3. Wow, those are very different accents. One being extremely posh and Adele being extremely not. Nadiya’s is quite generic though as she’s from middle England.

          4. Would Adele’s qualify as being cockney? Unlike John I know it’s not posh, but I admittedly don’t know many different accents and I don’t think she’s from Manchester… I do enjoy the dichotomy between her singing and speaking voice though.

          5. NO! Because to be Cockney is to be from a very specific area around Central and East London (with the riverside areas of Bermondsey and Southwark south of the River) and Adele was born in Tottenham which is too far north and raised in West Norwood which is too far south. To be Cockney is to be born within the sound of the Bow Bells (the bells at St-Mary-le-Bow church). I despite being middle class am a Cockney because I was born under 3
            miles from St Mary Le Bow Church and was raised in Hackney.

            Cockney is used as a catchall term for the London accent and that is incorrect. You may notice that this is an issue I am quite passionate about, I have waged many an argument with people calling Adele cockney. Although she does have a working class London accent, it’s just not specifically cockney.

          6. Good to know! I’m actually fascinated by regional dialects and accents, but haven’t really looked into other countries so much. I wouldn’t have even known people (incorrectly) consider Cockney as just London in general.

          7. youd have to add a seperate category for Ny/nj because they sound nothing like masshole which I presume is Boston and surrounding area.

          8. America is way way larger than England and the population is way more spread out, so it didn’t take long for accent differentiation to develop. And then even within some of the categories you listed there are variations. A Georgia/Tennessee accent is pretty distinct from someone from the Carolinas. And that’s even before you get into distinctions between white southerners and black southerners. Cydney and I grew up in the same city, and we don’t have the same accent.

          9. There’s a lot between California too. Most of the time it’s pretty neutral (in my very biased opinion) except for some regional specific phrasing, but there’s the beach thing Kemper mentioned, which is really just surfer talk, there’s valley girl and the fry talk off shoot, and then of course there’s the ethnic differences that you alluded to.

          10. I’m HORRIBLE with deciphering different British accents, other than that I ADORE [most of] them and can listen to British people speak all day. I can tell that they are different, though… just couldn’t tell you for the life of me where they originate from.

          1. I just recently rewatched the Philippines and I think the Kalabaw women were really hurt by Dana’s medivac. Denise would’ve sided with the guys anyway but that medivac allowed Abi to sit out the next challenge which was huge.

          2. But it also let us see more of Probst’s palpable disgust of Abi sitting out every challenge. Win in my book.

          3. Abi turned sitting out into an art form. Especially in a game where it’s designed that you have to play at least half the challenges.

          4. Let’s be real here: I think Abi-Maria could have won the doghouse challenge had Jeff not screwed up the ruling. For those not aware, when Wiglesworth got out, Jeff accidentally said that Abi was out. So, Abi jumped down until Production corrected him. So, Abi was not only getting rained on towards the end but she was also freezing at the point from the ocean, which meant that Joe had a major advantage over her.

          5. I actually feel for the shit Abi-Maria gets for her challenge performance in Philippines, it’s well known she tore her ACL on day 1 or 2 and played to final 5 on it but it was never mentioned unlike Jeff Kent who got to mention his knee again and again.

          6. That’s sort of the point it doesn’t get any airtime on the show, I’m sure it was mentioned more than once on camera just not shown. Yet we know from interviews that she had surgery and a ligament transplant in her knee.

          7. The funny thing is that in Philippines there was no mention of Abi’s injury on the show. The editors went out of their way to make sure the viewers wouldn’t sympathize with her at all for sitting out so many challenges.

          8. Katie did seem more interesting than the typical pageant girls they cast in the role. I would have liked to have seen more of her. Philippines is a front runner for my favorite overall cast (Tocantins and Australia are the other contenders).

          9. Philippines also benefits since it seemed to lose almost all of the least interesting people early on which helps a lot

          10. It’s the one where Pete goes home. The reward challenge where Malcolm shuts down all strategy talk and Abi comes back talking about feeling like a princess.

          11. I just rewatched Pearl Islands last summer. A few of us are going to watch a different season this summer. It’s just not necessarily something that everyone would want to join in.

          12. Wait, Pearl Island isn’t a fan favourite? What season are you planning to do? I would be up for a rewatch of any season I was just sending out ideas.

          13. Sorry. To clarify: Pearl Islands is great. We’re going to watch a shitty season (or what those of us who have seen it call a shitty season).

            It’s Gabon. We’re going to watch Gabon.

          14. Oh… Well… Ok fine, I’m in. Let’s do it, website off season Gabon rewatch! That will save me from bingeing it.

          15. I liken it to those things where a bunch of idiots do something together as a group, like jumping into ice-cold water naked. It’s a terrible idea that somehow seems fun when you do it with a bunch of other people that are stupid enough to join you.

          16. I have only watched Gabon twice I think, maybe only once so it will be ok to rewatch it because I’d never choose to otherwise.

          17. I mean, I’m not going to dissuade you, I’ve said before I think you need to bite the bullet and watch it, but I don’t think I can join in on this adventure.

          18. Literally the next episode, then. It’s a ton of fun. A ridiculous spa reward, Abi going into full Abi mode, Pete doing an admirable job of scrambling, Penner using the word “cockamamie.”

            When I was watching it I spent the pre-merge texting my friend who got me into Survivor saying “I don’t get it, why did you tell me this one is good.” And then the Jeff Kent vote happens and from there on I was sold.

          19. I might watch finish tomorrow at school/work if I get downtime. If not, I can always watch it on Friday since I only have like 6 more episodes left. Then, I want to rewatch China.

          20. I am not as high on Katie as you are. The only thing I remember about her is the fact she still had eyeliner on Day 10 or 11 along with the fact that she is terrible at challenges.

          21. She seemed to have a personality. That was more than most of the people in her lack of screentime have. I might just be inflating her since I love the rest of the cast though.

          22. Jeff was a total dick to her about it too. Making her quit not be medivac’d, if someone is in severe pain, it’s a medivac whether they’d die or not, even Colton’s first isn’t a quit.

          23. I maintain that that was the right call. If it’s not literally life threatening, give people the opportunity to stay in if they want it. Think of Penner in Micronesia or Neal this season. They weren’t in as much pain as Dana, but some people want to dog it out no matter what, so give that person the chance, and no shame if you don’t want to.

            The important distinction is that,even if the choice is voluntary, Dana still got the medevac exit where everyone gathers around the person to talk about how great she is and how much they’ll miss her.

          24. Are you saying they should have let Penner or Neal play on? Cause there was a really potentially life threatening thing the chance of it happening might not be super high but they can’t really risk letting someone die on the show. That would pretty much end everything.

    1. It’s interesting. When the tribes switched this season, the new Chan Loh (blue) tribe was exactly like that, as well.

  3. Ok so Mark the Chicken continues to get more lines than Joe. There were a couple of dents (nothing fatal, but if they keep coming it could add up) in the Aubrious Winner’s Edit tonight, the editing squad has done a great job not smacking us over the head with whoever the winner is this season.

    Definitely the “least” interesting episode we’ve had in a while (maybe all season?) but if this is what passes for tepid Survivor in Kaoh Rong I’m fine with a one week break from the action.

    1. Such great editing on the Julia and Jason plot to eat Mark plotline. It makes it look like Mark overhears them and starts pecking at Tai to indicate that they’re out to get the both of them.

          1. I thought about calling them a “damn fine pair” but I didn’t want to be confused for Judd Sergeant!

    2. On the other hand, I got really surprised when Jeff said that Joe is more than 70 years old. I was even considering him not in good shape for an old FBI Agent, because I was sure he was on his 50s.

      1. His physique is ridiculous. It makes me wonder what he looked like when he was in his thirties, or even his fifties.

    3. Yeah really anything after last week was bound to be a letdown, honestly. Still a good bit of strategy happening – I really thought Tai should have played his idol but I was wrong!

      1. There was definitely no way to one up last week, but this was surprisingly tame. Editors had to pull some trickeration to make Tai appear more in danger than he really was. If every episode was a major #blindside episodes like last week’s would lose their shine, so episodes like this are good in my opinion. Just like real life, not everything that happens is the biggest thing ever!

      2. People I like… made the correct moves. It just wasn’t exciting, which is kind of what John and Andy were talking about on the podcast.

        1. It seems really boring because we’ve had such a long line of episodes where BIG THINGS happen and each move has been a swing away from the last so an alliance making a sensible move was a bit of a let down.

      3. I think he should have used his advantage. That would have guaranteed a tie if Cydney and Michele flipped.

  4. Did I hear correctly Cydney telling Michelle basically, “I wanted to vote Jason out, but now that you said you want Julia to stay, I prefer to vote out Julia”?

    1. that was not what was said. Cydney threw out Jason, then the others started talking about how well Julia did and Cydney said “I didn’t know Julia was that close to you”

    2. I thought it was because Cydney hadn’t realized how close Julia came to beating Michelle in the immunity challenge.

  5. They tried to make some drama here, but it was a pretty straightforward episode. It was OWM’s strongest episode in a while. But it was also a really good episode for Cydney. It’s good to be the one that people want to talk to. I’m not too concerned about Aubry, but it’s not great to be the target at the top of the alliance, and that is what she’s become.

    Also, the shot of Julie licking her lips after talking longingly about eating Mark was hilarious, even if it was almost certainly edited completely out of context.

  6. “I need to dot my t’s and cross my i’s” effin adorb you guys

    Also, Julia saying Cyd and Michelle are on the bottom reeks of desperation. Maybe Michelle after last week’s vote, but Cydney and Aubry run that alliance together. There are ways to sway a vote your way without coming across as desperate

    1. Michele is probably at the bottom in a sense, but it’s not the worst type of bottom to be in. Aubry or Cydney could decide to burn each other at any point and try to go to the end with two goats: Michele and Jim… Jeff?… Jeb!… whoever the old guy is.

    2. Cydney is in a position of power but she has no one who is loyal just to her. Aubry has Tai and Joe and they both totally in the bag for Aubry

    3. I’m not bothered by that move. Flipping Cydney and Michelle was locked in as her plan, and the heart of that plan had to be persuading Cydney that Tai had taken Cydney’s spot in the core alliance. It’s not that Cydney IS on the bottom, it’s that Julia’s only path forward is for Cydney to think she’s on the bottom. Julia’s bag of tricks was empty unless she had Cyd.

      I suppose there was some risk of drawing Tai’s idol by being open with the pitch. But on a season when people have repeatedly seemed to change, or at least reconsider, votes at tribal, I don’t begrudge her the straightforward play for the majority.

  7. I don’t if this has come up because I had to immediately pause to post about it, but Probst kind of left out the best part of that reward – there was a dog involved, and he looked awesome. Just posting up under the table, wait for food scraps, being chill as fuck.

    A+, would definitely pet that dog.

    1. I was hoping big time for a dog scene but I guess they used up all their adorable animal screen time on Mark.

          1. Have you seen the corn crib part of Old Yeller?

            Aubrey: “I’ll do it, Jeff. He’s my dog.”

          2. I initially read this as “corn cob part” and my mind immediately went to William Faulkner’s Sanctuary. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t look it up.

    2. Side note, I’m testing dog names for the theoretical dog I can’t have. Top contenders:

      1. Barkulese
      2. Rooster (boy dog, like an Irish setter or a golden)
      3. Birthday (girl dog, maybe a greyhound)
      4. Option (this one is unisex)

          1. Nah, I need something more like a 60-80 pounder. I live with a 30 pound dog right now, and that’s… fine.

          2. My parents have a 60-80 pound dog. She is half black lab half pit bull. I’ve never met a sweeter dog in my life, but she has a ridiculous amount of energy even for a 2 year old lab mix.

          3. We’ve always had big dogs. Golden retriever, roughly 80; then two black lab/golden mixes who looked like smallish flatties, so about 60 lbs each. One of those dogs is still with them and then also they have a dog they were told was a Bernese mountain mix, although she grew up to be awfully skinny for a Bernese; she’s about 85 lbs.

      1. An NFL player was drafter a couple years ago named ‘Barkevious’. I always joked that he was named after the family dog like Indiana Jones.

    3. I was obsessed with the dog and didn’t understand why the contestants didn’t talk about it.

  8. Random thoughts:

    When Tai is talking to Jason he asks “Where’s everybody?” Are they looking for the new idol? (apparently not)

    How to get Aubry and Michele excited about a reward: mention that it includes wine.

    Michele and Cydney pick Aubry to join hem on the reward. Look at Julia; she’s dumbfounded.

    This is Jason’s chance to turn Joe! Never mind, Aubry told him to sit and stay.

    Look at all these Michele confessionals! It’s the return of the Michele Winner Edit! Or the Michele as Perd Hapley edit. I can’t tell.

    “As soon as Tai’s gone we’re eating Mark.” Cut to shocked look from Mark. Cut to Julia licking her lips. The editors are having fun with Mark’s edit.

    Joe is too tired to spin the combination.

    Julia got the right key on her first try. But Michele wins immunity so Julia gets no credit.

    With all these Michele confessionals you would think she was going home tonight.

    “I’m sorry I’m not crossing it out this time.” BOOM!

    Tai doesn’t get voted out and keeps his idol. Scot continues to glower at him. I’m getting a Mateo from Amazon vibe from him.

    Tai not getting voted out means 3 less potential days for him at Ponderosa with Scot. And he’s not sitting next to him at the reunion. Phew.

    1. Joe is too tired to spin the combination.

      I’m starting to wonder if Joe really knows why he is out there anymore. I half-expect a couple of orderlies to show up on the beach and take him back home. “We don’t know how he keeps getting out!”

        1. When they showed Michele getting up from the hammock and going back towards the table, I thought she was heading to look for an idol clue. The cushion she brought back was of no comfort to me.

  9. I’m sticking with #MarkTheChicken and his winner’s edit because I CALLED it before the rest of them!

    @PurpleRockEmma knows how I feel.


    1. As far as I know there have been no pictures of Mark and Tai hanging out after the season filmed, I don’t like Mark’s chances of winning. 🙁

      1. On last night’s KIA Rob theorized that since Second Chances was filmed after this season, maybe Mark survives this season and was re-used in SC and was one of the chickens on Jeremy’s tribe. He asked Stephen if it was possible that he ate Mark and that was what caused his #SevereGastrointestinalDistress

    2. If think instead of a clip show this season the editors should run an episode from Mark’s perspective starting right after the merge.

      You are stuck on an island tied to a crafty person who might just decide to eat you…

      Who will be the true Survivor?

  10. So what’s the new doomsday scenario? Tai gets blindsided with immunity and advantage, followed promptly by Cydney. Aubry wins final immunity but injures herself severely enough to be pulled from the game. Joe, Michele, Kyle final three and Michele naturally wins. (Just like the gypsy woman said.)

    1. Sadly… I can totally see this happening. And it would justify the bad buzz in exactly the way we’ve been imagining…

      1. I guess the real question is: does it make me a bad person that I want the 71-year-old man to get medivaced so my season stays entertaining?

        1. Eh, morally speaking we know (or at least think we know) that SOMEONE gets medevaced. Might as well be Joe.

    2. Tai blindsided, then Joe evac, then Aubry, then Cydney. Michele beats Jason in the final two.

      It hurts me how plausible this is.

  11. I know we’re used to not giving her credit, but Michele did very good tonight. She re-integrated herself into the majority using her social skills, even though they didn’t need her as a number. If she moves up further in the alliance and makes it to the end and gets the right amount of votes, she will have earned that W. Very Danni Boatwright. Not as impressive of course, but nothing really is.

    1. All joking aside on the #OW edit, I’m failing to see what she really did this episode aside from vote with the majority. I got ZERO impression she was calling ANY of the shots.

      1. they made what was clearly Cydney’s decision all about Michele. that is more of an edit thing than gameplay thing

      2. She wasn’t calling the shots, but I think voting with the majority is impressive, since she was excluded from the last vote. They have a majority of 4 and an idol without her, they do not need to include her in their plans. Subtle social maneuvering isn’t flashy or exciting, but it still takes some skill.

        1. But how much is she really with the majority, or just sitting along? They decided very unilaterally to vote for her closest ally, and apparently never gave a single moment to consider whether she would like that or not. And the Tai thing looked more like Cydney was just humoring her than actually considering flipping.

          1. I think she correctly reasoned that she didn’t have the juice to protect Julia with the full group, and credibly positioned herself as Cydney’s number two (which comes with a Cydney-shaped shield to replace her broken Julia-shaped model).

            Yes, OWM’s final tribal case is “bland pleasantness”, but that has a shot against anyone other than Tai and Aubrey.

        2. She seems to be reading the room decently well (as best I can tell), and if she wins, she’ll deserve it as much as any other winner. But she still doesn’t strike me as a great strategic player as much as one who kinda goes with the flow and might wind up catching the right current to land at the finish line. (Sorry, we’ve been watching a lot of “Finding Nemo” in my household lately).

          Anyways, that’s perfectly fine and a legit way to win, but she’s still not setting me on fire in terms of commanding of the gameplay or making it remotely interesting to watch. And that’s fine — for her. Slightly boring for me 😉

      3. Calling shots isn’t the same as playing well or smart. How many times have we seen someone not vote with the majority because they promised someone they wouldn’t vote for them or they didn’t want to vote against their friend? I mean it already happened once this season when Scot wouldn’t vote against Jenny. Michele made the smart play and voted against her ally because it was in the best interest of her game. It’s not mind blowing but she still did something to help her own game.

    2. I agree that re-integrating with the majority was a nice play for her, in a Danni-way. And she finally got someone speaking highly of her (first time all season) in Aubry.

      That said, she talked about having to do something to earn the jury’s vote, then proceeded to be the fifth vote to eliminate her closest friend in the game. I’m not sure how well those two things correlate. Especially when we have her saying “I was happy to join when they were talking about voting out Jason, but now that it’s Julia”.

      In the end, it was fine. She may have been legitimately considering voting out Tai, but I’m guessing Cydney wasn’t, so there was no move to make. Potentially getting the next target off her and granting opportunities to move up from there is fine. Of course, at this point, I’m not sure she needs to impress people to win. She just needs to be sitting next to people even less impressive (Joe) or more divisive (Jason, and, dare I say it… Tai?).

      1. I’m wondering if Tai isn’t the final tribal council shoe-in that I thought he once was. I can see him not getting many votes at all from that jury.

        1. I’ve been thinking about it and who on the jury is pro-Cydney? So far I see no one.

  12. So I started the episode about 15 minutes late and fast-forwarded through the credits. Was Mark the Chicken in there? With his name on the screen and everything?

        1. Can someone confirm this for me? Maybe I’m mis-remembering.

          What’s the last season where they showed the names in the opening credits? Maybe the first episode of the season but after that, don’t they usually drop the names so the credits are only 10 seconds long?

          1. Yeah, they did a full opening for episode 1 of Cambodia but dropped it after that. I can’t remember if this season got one.

          2. Yeah, something tells me every (?) season shows all the names in the first episode (it also helps establish the tribes for the viewers) but every episode after that eliminates the names for the quick 10 second opening credits.

      1. I recently saw a suckerfish at a pet sore that looked very similar to that. It was only about 4 inches long though.

  13. I would be really, really happy with an Aubry/Michele/Cydney final three. I don’t even care who wins. A really likable FTC would be so refreshing.

    1. If you replace Michele with Tai, it would be fantastic. I think Aubry wins both combinations.

        1. And that’s great. I want to see a close FTC. The past three seasons have basically been blow outs, so let’s another close one with people who fought the hard time to get there.

          1. I could see Jason voting for Tai. I also don’t think that Joe would be a sure vote with no one telling him who to write down.

          2. If Michele is in that FTC, I think things get messy to the point that the Brawns would be the swing votes since Nick and Julia will go with Michele. If Tai is there, I don’t know who would vote for.

          3. I’d like to think Debbie would respect Aubry enough to vote for her, but at Ponderosa she did specifically say that Aubry had lost her vote by betraying her.

          4. True. And who knows, she did say that right after being voted out and perhaps her attitude softened afterwards.

          5. I figured it had been a while so I looked it up… there hasn’t been an FTC decided by one vote since Nicaragua. The closest votes between Nicaragua and now were 5-2-1 in SJDS and 6-3 in South Pacific. I’d love to see a close vote too, as long as it doesn’t come at Aubry’s expense.

          6. SJDS is a bit murky because of the fact that Jon and Baylor voted for their loved ones and Reed voted for Jaclyn so she wouldn’t share the 2nd/3rd place money with Missy. In essence, Natalie almost had the perfect game with the circumstances.

          7. For sure. And that was one of the closest votes we’ve seen in a long time. Even with those extenuating circumstances it was still a fairly comfortable win for Natalie. I watched the seasons out of order (very intentionally), so I never realized just how rare close votes have been in the last five, seven, ten years. Of the close FTC votes (I’ll call close as meaning one changed vote would change the outcome or force a tie as in Micronesia or China), five of the ten were All-Stars or earlier.

          8. Three seasons? The last time it wasn’t a blow out was Nicaragua. Jeremy was a clean sweep. Mike won 6-1-1. Natalie won 5-2-1. Tony got all the votes but 1. Tyson got all the votes but 1. Cochran was a clean sweep. Denise won 6-1-1. Kim got all but 2 votes. Sophie won 6-3-0. Rob got all but 1 vote.

        2. I think it would actually have a chance at being an Aubry shutout. Who this season isn’t voting Aubry?

        1. I think for people not named Aubry to win, Aubry can’t be there.

          I was critical of Aubry’s game at the start, but she’s done a fantastic job of controlling votes to build a resume without creating enemies.

  14. I don’t think Cydney was ever on board with the voting out Tai plan, which was why Michele voted Julia. I think Cydney though Julia was a bigger immediate threat.

  15. Good for Julia. She played a strong game for such a young player and has nothing to feel ashamed about.

    1. Julia definitely played a good game. She has shown that she has a good head for strategy and good comps skills. Her social game needs a little work, but nothing major. All in all, I would be happy to see her come back in a couple years in a FvF format in the Andrea/Brenda slot.

      1. In a year or two, she could be a force to be reckoned with. Time can only improve a player at her current age.

      2. Now I have a desire to cast the next FvF season. Julia would be a good addition. This season has a decent amount of people I would watch again. Did not think that was the case going into the season

          1. Season 34 does make it harder to cast one at the moment. Has there been anymore info about that season beyond the original list? I really want it to be a Winners vs Top Contenders season.

          2. The people that I think are in the pool for FvF (Season 36) who are in the pool for 34 are:


            San Jan del Sur

            Worlds Apart

            Kaoh Rong

          3. I would like to see Hayden, Trish, Josh, Jenn, Rodney, Cydney and Julia all there. Maybe there are a couple of good people in 33 or 35 and there will be a solid cast.

          4. I feel sorry for the poor bastard that has Rodney on their fantasy team in your dream cast.

          5. Please note this is not my dream cast, but they are people that I can see Survivor going back to (although Baylor may be knocked out because of Julia’s abilities).

            But, yeah, Rodney is probably going to be shit in challenges again.

          6. The only reason that I would ever want to see Rodney back is so that they could potentially film him having another shitty birthday. I HOPE THEY ARE ALL THAT BAD, RODNEY!!!

          7. And he couldn’t win any challenges and he couldn’t build a fire. Also, the two most repugnant people on that season were two of his closest allies. Plus he had a flirt-tattoo about his dead sister. I never want to see him again for all of those reasons.

            …Plus one more personal reason.

          8. I can’t fault Rodney on the tattoo. When you have a visible tattoo in memory of a dead person, you end up telling that story a lot.

          9. Yeah but maybe not say in a confessional that you plan on using that tattoo in memory of your dead sister to manipulate people? I can fault him for that.

          10. I’m not gonna lie, I would never admit it in confessional, but if someone heard my story and thought “that’s so sad,” I would run with it.

          11. I wonder if Baylor had played without her mom she’d have been better? a lot of people revert to being little kids when they are with their parents.

          12. I wonder that as well, but her entire game was being number 2 to someone, whether that was Josh, Natalie, or her mom, so I don’t see a real strong independent streak in her.

          13. Some players naturally play that way and it can get them far. I fear as always she was also a bit young and immature. You are right though Julia was much better than her.

          14. Something tells me that Survivor is out on Jenn.

            Baylor would be pretty perfect for that format as well. Hayden might be a bit too unfair.

          15. I just remember how Probst would be okay with Jenn quitting because it would be the ultimate no collar move. That’s pretty shocking for someone who is so anti-quitter.

      3. Julia was really the person who was perhaps most screwed over by Tai’s flip. She had a really good chance with the guys plus Tai alliance if they had prevailed.

  16. I just had a realization as to how Michele wins the game with Aubry in tow. Michele is seen as a Jeremy-like figure who is willing to cut people when she needs to while Aubry is seen as inflexible (even though she did vote out Peter).
    Besides that, Michele is guarenteed to get Nick and Julia’s vote (yeah, I think Julia has to respect the move) plus I think she could sweep in and get Scot and Jason’s votes possibly against Aubry.

    1. Jason seems to respect Aubry though. I think the brains would vote for her, plus Tai and Cydney. Nick also seemed to like her and Michele did betray him.

        1. I also think Aubry will do a better job at selling herself to the Jury than Michele (phrasing).

          1. Hello jury. My name is Michele, and I am here for you to decide if I get a lot of dollars, of which there are a million.

          2. Michele will definitely be the person who says “Outplay, Outwit, Outlast” as some part of at least five answers.

    2. yeah i don’t see it. the show is telling us that there are multiple people who are bigger jury threats than michele is. she wins if she goes against jason and that is it (because i don’t think joe will be around)

    3. She could get Julia, but I don’t see Nick, Scot, or Kylon. Scot and Kylon respect strength and loyalty, and she never screwed them over. Nick is more on the fence to me, but I’m not that sure he’s a huge Michele fan, and as a strategic fan, I think he’ll respect Aubry’s game.

        1. I could always be wrong. But does he speak highly of her game, or are they just good friends now?

          (Edit: But I am pretty confident about the douchebros)

          1. Isn’t 67% the same as 3-1 odds?

            I learned percentages in school but they never taught us odds.

        2. That could have occurred after the game ended. I also suspect that Neal is going to stump hard for Aubry.

    4. Not sure why you think she’s guaranteed Nick’s vote. She backstabbed him and he’s spoken about how he overestimated her skill at the game.

  17. If Michele was winning, I highly doubt that the editors would show her giving the “You need to make big moves to sell yourself to the jury” speech and proceed to vote with the majority in a plan she did not come up with.

    1. She made the obvious winner move of kissing the majority’s ass and doing what she was told. Not only the obvious winner, but the clear MVP this week.

    2. That was actually her big move – betraying Julia. Which I can see her bringing up at final tribal, oblivious to the fact that that is the lamest “big move” ever. She better not win. If she does win, that would mean that Cydney and Aubry have really poor jury management skills, and from what I’ve seen so far, they don’t. As of this episode, there’s literally no scenario where I can understand how she wins except maybe against Jason and Joe, which haha as if that could ever be a final three.

      It almost feels like the editors are trolling people like Stephen or who use edgic without using the logic part.

      1. A big thing to remember: at least four people on the show know how little Michele had to do with the Julia vote. So to your point, I don’t know how well she can sell that as a big move.

        Michele: “My big move was sacrificing my biggest ally in the game to further my game”.
        Cydney: “Motherfucker we TOLD you to do that. And didn’t even need you to do it”.

        1. Ha! True.

          I’m reminded of Ciera’s incredibly overrated “big move” in her first season when she voted out mom.

        2. Sort of like all the credit and hype Ciera got after BvW about how she voted out her Mom. She really had nothing to do with it; Laura was getting voted out whether Ciera voted for her or not.

      2. I hope people are trolling Stephen and edgic users but I fear it is not so and somehow Michele wins.

      1. Stephen is 100% convinced. He made comments about how this whole story is being told from her point of view. Even in this episode, her strongest in weeks, she is a 2nd tier character in the story. I’m beginning to think Stephen has just started taking pain meds before every episode since it was so successful a few weeks ago.

        1. just remember that Stephen was convinced that Spencer was winning Cagayan. he doesn’t exactly have the greatest prediction track record

          1. Well, I think that people have raised this point in the past, but this episode corroborates the view that Michele is so boring on camera that this is quite possibly what a Michele winner’s edit would look like.

          2. I believe they can make her interesting through the magic of editing. It may be blind faith, but I believe.

          3. He was. I couldn’t believe it because it seem pretty obvious Natalie was going to win or at the very least get her revenge by voting out Jon (thus he could not win).

          4. At least he didn’t put Tony in the Zero Percent Club! (I kid because I agreed 100% at the time)

        2. I get the impression that Rob (understandably) doesn’t really like it when Stephen talks about the winner’s edit, but he never explicitly says it.

          1. Honestly, when is he not wrong? I think he was on #TeamTyler as well. The saddest fucking team ever.

          2. Yeah, he was all over the Mike thing after the challenge throw episode, which is pretty much as early as anyone was getting on the Mike train.

          3. I mean, people picked Mike pre-season. But no one was like “Hey, guess Mike’s winning” after the first episode.

          4. He was but he though it was Rodney that was going to win which just I don’t even know how anyone thought that was possible.

          5. i stopped listening to RHAP for a time because his Team Tyler stuff was pissing me off

          6. Y’know you would think having producers make fun of Stephen to his face for all the edit reading might make him question things, but no, apparently it did not.

        3. This was Michele’s episode.Everything centered around her.

          After the reward with Aubry and Cydney, she says that she needs to use
          her social skills to help her get ahead, which ties it back to her
          premiere confessional and has been her strategy all along. She achieves
          it and she receives postive SPV from the girls at the

          Then her story turns to the dilemma of what to do with Julia. We get
          to hear her struggle with voting out her ally and even tries an
          alternative to save her. However, even though it is hard to do, she goes
          with the best move for her and we don’t see any negative jury reactions
          afterwards. That’s also very good.

          Not to mention the whole theme of the season has been female empowerment and the two most obvious scenes of that has been “I don’t need to be carried bro” and her making fire after Scot’s sabotage

          1. Those were nothing scenes. The simplest explanation for Michele’s presence in this episode was that it was that this was an obvious Julia vote-out and the editors needed to throw out a second potential name to create episode tension. Michele was the only person to legitimately consider voting for Tai instead of Julia, so they used her to give the episode tension

          2. I don’t disagree with anything you wrote. *sigh*

            Well, except for the fabled making the fire post sabotage. She asked Joe to do that.

          3. oops I got that wrong,she wasn’t the one who made fire,she was the one who started roasting the coconuts after they hid the axe and machete.
            But my point still stands

          4. Are you kidding me? She had no dilemma of what to do with Julia. This was a nuclear submarine scenario. If either Cydney or Michele decide not to turn the key, there is no flip. Michele clearly wanted to save Julia (unless she’s an idiot), but Cydney chose not to, and Michele did what she was told. Michele also didn’t make a move to save Julia. Julia made a move to save Julia, and it didn’t work because Cydney decided against it.

          5. Yeah Michele didn’t really have a choice,but that was what was shown from a storytelling perspective.Michele was shown as being the swing vote,talking through her options,explaining her relationship with Julia,etc .

        4. Rob also suspects that Mark survives this season, is re-used in Second Chances, and that Stephen might have eaten him (causing his #SevereGastrointestinalDistress).

  18. Anyone have thoughts on how Tai’s advantage and idol have to be played in the next two tribals? Will this make everyone even more motivated to vote him out? Will one be rendered useless in the case of a med evac?

    1. i would play the idol next week. the thought to blindside him is out there, he avoided it one week, i think he has to play it next week to take that target off him, then tell his alliance what his advantage is immediately so they can use it together

        1. well if he wins immunity then it doesn’t matter, he is playing the idol at five anyway, so when he plays the extra vote only matters if it looks like a split

          1. But immediately sharing it with his alliance (after winning individual immunity) may tighten his alliance and win him some votes from the jury.

      1. It makes sense to play the idol next week and the advantage in F5 so the extra vote has more value and is more likely to save him.

          1. Right, but if he wins immunity next week then use both the idol and advantage the following week.

            Plus we could have another medevac so if it happens next week and they don’t have a tribal then it makes that decision easier for him.

          2. Yep yep yep. The only caveat to that is if he feels extremely loyal to Aubry and they get wind that Michele and Cydney are flipping to go for her at 6 and force a tie (because I don’t know if Joe or Tai would want to go to rock, screw that Joe would go to rocks). The extra vote makes it 4-3 and he can still use his immunity at F5 letting him go to 4 with his biggest ally. (I would like to say that I think him saving Aubry would be dumb but I think he might want to do it).

        1. Other way around. F5 advantage can only force a tie, and Tai’s probably not voting on the re-vote (and who knows if he would get two votes even if he was). Advantage at 6 can make 3-3 into 4-3

          1. The double vote is designed to make tribal councils with even numbers potentially more exciting. So final 6 or final 8 are really the times to play it. Unless you try to turn a 2-2-1 at final five into a 3-2-1, which is possible but also really weird.

    2. It wouldn’t be rendered useless in the case of a medevac if that medevac is next week. He then plays them both at final five (his last opportunity to do so).

    3. He only has two more tribals where he can use the idol and the advantage, so he might as well use one next week and the other one the following week.

    4. He’s not going to use either and will be voted out this week. He’s shown time and again he thinks about playing the idol but then decides to hold onto it just in case he needs it next time. He’s “not going home with an idol in his pocket” which means yeah he probably is and it’s probably this week.

  19. Julia’s not happy she was left out of the plan. That’s what you get for playing both sides!!

    Jason is pissed Tai flipped. Maybe you shouldn’t have talked over him!

    Cydney and Michelle win reward and bring Aubry with her.

    Did you say wine?!


    Aubry’s look when coleslaw is mentioned.

    God, I’m hungry for some fried chicken.

    Michelle picks a good time to get into the game.

    They all know Tai is a danger to win the game. People be wising up.

    Michelle wins the IC. Wow, she (and prob Julia) memorized all the numbers.

    Joe checked out of the IC, it was too taxing on him, but it turned out to be the right decision with Michelle winning so quickly.

    Tai doesn’t like hearing his name being used as bait. No kidding!

    Jason is the goat!

    Jason tries his best to convince the others Tai is a flip flopper.

    Tai at tribal ask Aubry if he should play his idol, lol

    Julia is voted out, which is for the best. She was just too dangerous.

    1. I was so disappointed that Michele didn’t pull a Sophie and order Joe to solve her puzzle for her, if he was just going to stand there.

  20. The dog underneath the table at the reward was great. It did nothing and I have no idea what it was doing there, but I’m not complaining about it.

    Also, when Tai grabbed Aubry to ask about using the idol, I loved Aubry’s initial reaction to being grabbed at the shoulders from behind. The look on her face was marvelous.

        1. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of feel like everyone who didn’t see that shot and immediately go “dog. dog. there is a dog under that table,” needs to reexamine their priorities.

          I paused and rewound just to check out the dog again. On rewatch, it was still chill as fuck.

          1. After they finish eating they cut to a wideshot of them in the hammocks, and you get an even better view of the dog, still chilling under the table.

          2. I’ve never been to a beach in Southeast Asia that wasn’t well populated with the chillest dogs on the planet. In fact watching Amazing Race last week I was disappointed they landed in Bali at night, because I distinctly remember seeing a whole bunch of extremely chill (but certainly deaf) mutts just sunning themselves on the runway like it wasn’t even a thing.

          3. Sadly, since his gimmick is acting like he can’t remember her, Michele is barking up the wrong tree.

            Heh. Barking.

  21. 7-Spider

    “There’s no rhyme or reason to the number or the symbol that’s with it”–Jeff

        1. Hornacek: Initial sounds (try saying them out loud). The board wasn’t full of these, it’s just that the camera showed these three (along with 4-Ox) at the same time Jeff was saying those words.

          Something Quirky: I thought that too, but IIRC, the crab was close to the spider, which would have messed me up.

          1. I guess that kinda works for these three, but there were 16 (?) symbols so it’s not a great system. Plus Fish could have been five or fifteen, and Snake/Spider could have been six, seven or sixteen.

          2. I’m not saying there’s a system, just that it was weird that Jeff’s words coincided with those three.

          3. I caught this too! But that system fell apart with the other symbols, so I chalked it up to coincidence.

          4. There are ways to memorize all or most of the code other than just brute force. Swapping the animals in for your own phone number, for example, or visualizing a keypad on the palm of your hand.

      1. snake – six (S)
        spider – seven (S)
        Fish – fifteen (F)

        But monkey was 10 so it falls down somewhat.

  22. There’s a very plausible theory that I read on reddit the other day where the season could go the way of Marquesas and the big jury threat/fan favorite gets taken out before FTC and the more boring UTR player wins due to her relationships on the jury.

  23. Well that was kinda OWM-heavy.

    I am going to cling to my theory that the editors are just doing their best to big her up so when she ends up in the final 2/3 with Cydney or Aubry there’s going to be some very slight suspense as to who wins.

    The obvious downside of that theory is is makes it impossible for both Cydney and Aubry to get to the end, or why bother? 🙁

    1. After her 1st confessional I thought “ahh fuck, she really is going to win” and that means this season as much fun as it’s been will be diminished by a bad winner.

  24. Question. If Michele somehow manages to win by turning Cydney and
    getting her to vote with her and Jason next week for Tai, (this is
    assuming there is no extra vote or idol used) to make a 3-3 tie, then
    Aubry flips rather than go to rocks. Is that a big enough move to start
    feeling she would deserve to win? If she turns on a Nat Anderson level
    of final 7 badassness and manages to then go after Aubry then Cydney then sit with Kyle and Joe at a final 3 or either at a final 2 could it change our opinions on her?

    1. I don’t think Michele is the next great strategist or anything, but I wouldn’t necessarily be mad if she won (especially if she got there by taking down Aubry and Tai somehow).

    2. You don’t need to make big moves to deserve the win.She’s a fine UTR player with solid relationships on the jury.

      1. But the fans don’t see it that way. If she stays on course now and wins against Joe in the Final 2 she will be considered a bad winner, I’m asking what is it she needs to do for people who discuss her on the internet to consider her worthy?

        1. I think she’d have to orchestrate the hit on Aubry rather than just getting her to flip. If she decisively takes down Aubry plus Tai/Cydney then I’d be willing to cut her some slack, maybe through some clever Cirie-style 3-2-1 mind games. A good final performance would help too, though eloquence hasn’t exactly been her strong suit so far. Really nothing I mentioned is her strong suit.

          Basically she’d have to become a totally different person.

          1. Remove UTR from your sentence and I agree wholeheartedly, even the none UTR female winners like Sophie or Denise get less credit than men who played similar games. As female winners go only Kim and Parvarti get lorded and great players.

        2. I’m a fan and I see it that way. If she gets to the end and gets the votes she’s worthy.

      2. Bad winner is not the same as undeserving winner. I’m of the school that says there’s no such thing as an undeserving winner; if you win, you did what you had to to do it. But, absent some move down the line, the incarnation of Obvious Wonderbread Michele, the blandest thing bland people ever produced, wins, it’s going to be unsatisfying a mark against this season.

        1. Depends on the person she’s sitting next to I guess. She wins against Joe and Jason,mayybe against Tai too

          1. You mentioned her solid relationships on the jury, I was just wondering if there were people I was forgetting besides Julia.

    3. My dislike of Michele has nothing to do with gameplay. She’s been fine. It’s not a matter of deserve.

      She’s just dull. Her personality is dull, her gameplay is dull, her confessions are dull, her moral quandaries are dull. I’d take a Joe win over her at this point because that’s a more interesting story than “person sat back and floated in the middle to vote out threatening players then won final 3 immunity and took goat.”

      The scenario you speak of just seems so unlikely because Michele hasn’t shown any initiative to do anything to this point. If she wanted Tai gone, she could have made a bigger push for it this week. Heck, she should have made a bigger push for Jason because that leaves Julia as an outsider with allegiances only to her. She doesn’t do anything. She just votes with what the majority is doing, provided the majority is kind enough to let her in on the vote.

  25. With the Immunity Challenge – if you tried a key and it didn’t work, did you have to go back, or could you just spin the wheel again? Theoretically you could try multiple keys while making it look like you were trying to remember the numbers.

        1. I completely agree – even if you didn’t remember all of the numbers it’s in your best interest to try a key every time. If you get it wrong, you have to swim back out anyway and it eliminates one wrong key the next time, and on the off chance you randomly pick the right key, you win 🙂

  26. A eugoogily for Julia:

    You played the strategic game like Dreamz
    But your own dreamz didn’t come true
    Good luck when you come back in four seasons

  27. With Aubry convincing Tai last week to come back to the light side by appealing to his sense of decency. telling him after that vote that “I’m happy for YOU!”, and then at this week’s tribal telling him that she thinks he’s safe (and he is) when he wants to play his idol (and she ends up preventing him from wasting his idol), do you think Tai would ever turn against Aubry? It feels like he is 100% loyal to her and never turning on her. Much more than I ever felt with him and Scot.

    1. Well, he chose to side with Aubry, whereas with Scot and Jason he just kind of ended up with them and went with it. I mean, yes he chose to go with it, but not in the same way he chose to stick with Aubry.
      I do feel like he would have been more loyal to Scot had Jason not been around.

      1. I agree with you. I think he chose Aubry and that means a lot plus the thing that lead him to flipping, the fact they weren’t listening to him, is what Aubry is doing the opposite of, she is letting him make choices.

    2. It was such good social game, even after he said “I’m happy for us” she reiterated “I’m so happy for YOU”. I think Aubry is a really good player.

      1. She definitely made Tai feel last week that this was all about what *he* wanted to do. “We’ve got 3 votes, what do you want to do?”

          1. I actually think Michele is playing a decent social game, it’s just not as on point as Aubry’s plus it isn’t paired with strategy like Aubry’s is.

  28. I recently talked on here about my opinion that sometimes the right choice is to just do everything you can to get yourself to the end, and I think Aubry has definitely reached that point in her game. I think that Aubry could most likely win the jury vote against anyone else left in the game at this point (even Tai – I think she could make a superior case at FTC and overcome his immense likability). At this point, Aubry should target the loose cannons who could blow up her game (like Jason, and possibly Cydney) rather than trying to target perceived jury threats (like Tai). From my outside perspective, Aubry should focus on forming a solid final 3 alliance that will not waver in the next few votes. If I were her, I’d be trying to lock down Joe and Tai, since they seem the least self-interested and thus are not as likely to betray her.

    1. Completely agree, but I’d add that Aubry almost certainly has to win the final immunity challenge, and she has to think about who she wants in the final 3 from that perspective as well.

    2. I completely agree too. I think she needs to go after Jason, then make sure she’s got a final 3 with everyone there so Her Cydney and Michele + Her Joe and Tai. I think she’ll beat Cydney as the Brawns are bitter against Cyd and Aubry has Neal, Debbie and Nick who seem keen on her already. I’m not sure Cydney will flip on Aubry, they seem pretty tight but obviously any sign of it should lead to Aubry cutting off her head.

  29. So I’ve heard tonight pretty much confirms OWM winner’s edit. Never mind that Aubry got a better episode last week in a more dynamic episode, never mind that everyone but Michele and Joe had a storyline at this point and the voting out of Julia is a good place to build Michele’s going into the final stretch.

    Nope, she’s obviously winning because she was a CPP this episode.

    Am I the only one who noticed Michele was virtually absent from the two most important episodes of the season?!? And now she gets one nice episode in an inconsequential boot, and she’s declared the winner?

    Yes, she gets random confessionals. But the editors are almost always better at building up the winner and making us care about their story, at least since the first few seasons. They can make mountains out of almost nothing. They still have not given us much reason to care about Michele.

    People have been saying that “Oh, this is like Marquesas”. Marquesas was season 4. There’s since been 28 seasons for the editors to learn how to build a winner. And there hasn’t been a Vecepia since. Not Natalie White. Not Sophie. Even Danni had more character than Michele has. I refuse to believe this is a winner’s edit.

    (This has been this season’s edition of Scott yells at the internet.)

    1. We’ve had so many staff chats devolve into this same basic discussion. So you’re certainly not alone in your yelling.

    2. I hope you are right Scott. Although you say that about Sophie, there is a video on youtube of Sophie’s whole game and over 15 episodes of Survivor her complete game is 15 minutes long.

      1. It’s not screentime so much as “let’s make this person interesting or likable or…give them something to work with.” Natalie White was adorable on her season. Sophie had things happening despite having less screentime than Michele. Michele has just been this blank slate.

          1. *Cracks knuckles* Are you talking shit with those quote marks, Hornacek? Because I’ll fight you.

          2. Not at all. As a self-proclaimed nerd with a completely ironic username (NBA, that’s the one with the basketball ring, right?), I was all on board the Cochran train during South Pacific.

    3. Colin Stone literally argued that last week was another nail in the Michele winner coffin because they cut to her face during tribal council. Shit is getting insane.

    4. I think there’s still some merit to edgic in it’s most basic, rudimentary form. After all, rudimentary edgic is the reason we’re dismissing Joe’s chances of even a Jenna-style last-minute win.

      On that basis, I completely agree that the idea that last night means OWM is a lock to win is ridiculous. However, if Cydney wins, this episode would surely been centered on her, no?

      1. Okay, so look at the post merge this way:
        Nick vote – Cydney’s story – turning on her allies
        Debbie vote – Aubry’s story – turning on her ally
        Scot vote – Tai’s story – turning on his ally
        Julia vote – Michele’s story – turning on her ally

        Now there’s a very real scenario where those are the four people in the finale if Joe gets medevac’d. You’ve built up a post merge story and journey for each of them leading into the finale. Now the finale can serve as the completion of the winner’s story that will work for each of the players, who kind of act as a mirror of each other.

      2. In it’s most basic, rudimentary form, it is just paying attention to editing, which is fine. It’s the way they’ve deluded themselves into thinking they’re analyzing objective data and that they’re the next coming of Nate Silver that makes them obnoxious.

    5. i have yelled at the internet so much about this that the internet has a restraining order on me

    6. I think you are confusing what people want to happen with what people think would happen. I doubt there are many if any fans who actively want Michele’s winner prophecy to come through. As far as Michele’s lack of strategic edit goes two things –
      – editors can not just invent stuff that is not there. Just look how they shaped this episode around her. It was actually Cydney who held the key to the vote going either way so ideally you give her the spotlight.. yet the episode as a whole served to highlight Michele’s decision to cut Julia, even though it seemed she had no other choice. Even the title were Cydney’s word but were used to encapsulate Michele’s ‘move’ this episode.
      – She is just too boring and lacks any charisma to hold someone’s attention. More than the story, the survivor editors want to create something that will entertain viewers at large. Hence, trying to minimize her screen time as much as they can for a winner.

      1. I want Michele to win largely because it will make other people unhappy and I love the unhappiness of others.

  30. This might sound condescending, but it’s really not: That immunity challenge was right in OWM’s wheelhouse. Very similar to associating a bunch of drink orders with faces. Using the sand as a scratch pad was truly a stroke of genius.

  31. It just occurred to me that what we (the strategically minded superfans) are calling the doomsday scenario for Kaoh Rong is kind of what the post-merge of Caramoan must have been like for the casuals: the three studs and two hotties (i.e., the people we like and who deserve a million dollars) all get eliminated, then the one chill guy left gets medevaced, resulting in an extremely disappointing final 3, and to top it all off, the nerd wins! Sad!

    1. Upvoted for the Trump-ian “Sad!” at the end. I’m a sucker for that.

      I don’t know that casuals hated Cochran, though. R/Survivor certainly seems to, but I don’t know about the broader audience.

          1. And it’s really not an indictment of Cochran that he’d lose that to Malcolm. There are very few people that would beat Malcolm out for that. People loved Malcolm so much that CBS created a clone of him just to get back that Malcolm feeling.

          2. Clone, hologram, and replicant Francesca all manage to get voted out in the first episode

      1. Yeah, for some reason it cracks me up that a presidential candidate (even an, ummm… outlier like Trump) habitually uses “Sad!” in a way that was strictly NoCal slang when I was a kid.

        1. How old are you, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m a NorCal native myself and don’t recall the use of “sad!” as slang. But your use of “NoCal” instead of NorCal also makes you suspect…

          1. Old enough to be your dad (just barely), so no surprise if that faded out.

            I know, I almost went back and edited it. I better throw out some hellas to re-establish my bona fides.

          2. I am of the small subset of NorCal that looks down on hella, but I suppose that would identify you.

  32. Both Scot and Julia have said they didn’t know Aubrey was playing a good game until they saw it on TV. She is not winning this game. Michele is winning. I’m not amazed by her either but people need to stop living in denial.

    1. It’s not that anyone denies the possibility that Michele wins. It’s just that some of the arguments for why she’s the winner are just bugfuck insane.

    2. That’s two votes, though. We’ve also seen Nick and Debbie dismiss Michele and her game. I don’t think any of us deny that Michele could win. We’d just find it deeply unsatisfying given what we’ve seen of her.

      1. Weird, it’s like edgic is combination of cherry-picking and projection, or something. If only we had a definitive takedown of that phenomenon.

        1. It’s not an edgic argument for Michele over Aubry, at least not a quantitative one. Aubry looks just as good as Michele does in that respect, and I would say considerably better.

          People are just getting really hung up on how much more we’ve seen of Michele than the story would dictate.

          1. The Michele Truthers are just dug into their position now, but remember that the edgic case for OWM started being made before Aubry emerged as a kingpin, and was usually prefaced with something like “In the absence of a clear winner’s edit….”

    3. Scot and Julia were not in Aubrey’s alliance so they probably didn’t know how well she was playing. I would guess that those in her alliance know it.

    4. Didn’t we just see people talk about Aubry playing a good game and how she’s made Joe her lapdog? Isn’t that something that was on our TV?

      1. Tai literally went to her to ask whether he should play his idol or not, he’s pretty under her control as well. If they aren’t seeing her game they must have been pretty blind.

        1. Scot and Jason lost Tai as an ally because they insisted she was the bigger target than Cydney. But, sure, I guess they aren’t seeing her as a player.

    5. That seems weird to me. Scot and Jason spent the entire episode last week saying how much they respected Aubry and how badass she was. It could just be a misdirect for the exit interviews.

      1. I think that was mostly Kyle, who in general has seemed more keyed in to what’s happening than Scot was.

    6. Do you think Scot and Julia looked at Michele’s game and was like, “Oh man, that’s amazing!” I don’t see how this is an argument for Michele winning.

        1. I do think everyone there likes Michele. Not sure any of them respect her though. That might not matter against some people. It will against others.

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