Survivor Kaoh Rong: Episode 3 Liveblog “Circle of Life”

Join us for another exciting (and snarky) episode liveblog.
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And that’s it for me guys. Another surprisingly great episode in a season we didn’t know what to think of. Comment below with your Tai love, Peter hate, and favorite robot quotes. (But please, no Obama jokes.)
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A Survivor fan since the end of season one, Mark hasn’t finished One World, but still thinks Kim is overhyped.

Top 5, Baby: Cambodia, Cagayan, Heroes vs. Villains, Pearl Islands, and Palau.
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383 thoughts on “Survivor Kaoh Rong: Episode 3 Liveblog “Circle of Life”

  1. I understand Peter’s narcissism. Getting called Obama all the time would give people a healthy ego. Back when I was serving tables I had a guest call me Denzel and I spent the rest of my shift telling my co-workers that “King Kong ain’t got shit on me.” I would’ve gotten rid of Peter though.

    1. I’m pretty sure the “doctor” part helped the narcissism. The Obama part just doused it in 1/3 bottle of kerosene.

      1. I actually forgot he was also a doctor. Maybe perhaps also lactose intolerant the way he was going after Neal.

        1. How could you forget? In TC, he even mentioned that as an ER doctor, he has professionally honed social skills.

          1. At one point the smugness was so overwhelming that my hearing must’ve gotten affected.

          2. In our cast preview, I said that Peter was very stereotypically ER doctor-y and that Caleb seemed more bland than awful. I’m clearly a master of Survivor player assessment. (Please do not go back and listen to any of my other predictions.)

  2. Was kind of hoping Brawn would continue to implode so I could see what new way Alecia would find to stay alive, but watching the pair of Peter/Liz get #blindsided was pretty fun (screw my pick four!).

    Next week starts the death and despair… I’m thinking it’s a Beauty going home.

  3. So far I’ve been dead wrong when I thought this would be a lackluster season. We’ve got silent players showing unexpected good sense (Cydney/Debbie/Aubry), narrative frameworks for almost everyone in the game (except the two not-Annas), crazy idol hunts, and super enjoyable schadenfreude, which is a word I totally didn’t need to look up in order to spell correctly.

    Kinda wish my pick-4 team didn’t canabalize itself though….

    1. Your Caleb winner prediction is still alive and well, though. (And seems far less absurd than it did when you made it.)

      1. Somehow “Beast Mode Cowboy” is making us all look like fools for doubting him. It’s quite a world we live in.

    2. I might be biased, but Michele seems to be getting a far better edit in terms of chances to win to me. She’s getting confessionals that are completely unnecessary, so there has to be a reason for them. All of Anna’s are strategy based, and she comes off as the head of the snake of that alliance, who will get chopped off.

      1. I picked Michele as the winner, but I wouldn’t say she’s getting a better edit. I think the fact that Anna is the one shown talking strategy would make Anna a more likely candidate than Michele’s near-invisible edit.

  4. The funniest thing is that Peter and Liz thought so low of Debbie and Joe, but so low, that they thought a “surprise alliance” (“Let’s team up with Debbie and Joe, but don’t tell them that yet!”) was safer for them than actually talking to them. I’m pretty sure it must have been a complete blindside, because it seems they couldn’t fathom the possibility that the older couple would do anything that they didn’t explicitly tell them to do (and simplifiedly, to not confuse them).

    1. No, they were both just THAT arrogant. Some Bledsoe 2.0 firmware would have helped Liz.

      1. I now have the ability to describe my closeness of feelings to my potential mate. I am a human.

      2. Peter is an ER doctor after all. If he wasn’t arrogant that would be the real shocker

        1. We’ve had ER doctors on the show before that were not arrogant. Mick in Samoa was one. I don’t recall him being arrogant to the extent Peter is. But that just may be because that was the Russell Hantz show that season and we did not get much of anyone else. And Jill in Nicaragua was one (Marty Piombo’s season) if I recall correctly and she was not arrogant.

  5. Maybe one of the chickens gets medevac’d next week, and that’s why Tai is so upset.

  6. Neal winner’s edit? The entire tribal they kept just cutting to him smirking as things went his way.

    Also was that Peter getting medivac’d next week. Would serve him right after taking shots at Tony. #teamTV

    1. I couldn’t tell – it looked like 4 different people had an IV or something at some point during that preview.

      1. There has to be some red herrings in there. I’m guessing several people get treated, but only one gets evacuated.

    2. Neal’s winner edit would involve him saying something (anything?!?) as the scrambling was going down. He was pretty invisible other than shots panning to him as they were planning on voting him out and tribal council

  7. Liz and Peter were like the “smart” versions of Drew Christy. Arrogant downfalls are my favorite downfalls.

    “I don’t like boys.” Feeling you right now, Aubry.

    Gosh Nick is such the worst. Glad the Beauty girls picked up on that right away.

    1. I feel Peter’s arrogance (and I guess Liz, but much more Peter) is rarely ever seen on Survivor, and watching him get the rug pulled out was fantastic. When they started talking to/about Nick I thought Beauty might be going to Tribal to vote him off (which would have been fun), but the way it unfolded was great.

    2. I liked that dialogue at the Beauty beach.

      Anna (?): It’s so sad.
      Nick: Yeah I know.
      Anna (?): He’s really hurting about this.
      Nick: Oh, Tai? Yeah.

      Nick! I thought you were supposed to be a good listener! I think you’re confusing “listening” with “hearing”!

        1. I can’t remember. At one point they showed Julia and I had no clue who that person was. They stick together though.

      1. I thought he was supposed to be a charming psychopath, not a ridiculously obvious psychopath.

    1. This is the second time this has happened to her. She had Garrett and Bryce in Cagayon.

          1. Sarah. Not the best, but everyone made the jury! And having two Brawns that season scored me a lot of early points.

      1. I DID NOT. I had Sarah and Tony and won the fricken outcast league. How dare you besmirch my character.

        1. Sorry, I thought you picked first in the Champions League. I knew Andy had Sarah and Tony also.

        1. You definitely had Garrett, as the first pick no less. And I think they did two episodes for the season premiere that season. So he was already gone in the first week.

    2. I don’t know how to feel about having a champions league next year without Emma in it. She’s like the Manchester United of Purple Rock fantasy survivor.

      1. Chelsea would be the better comparison considering their struggles this season to stay above the relegation line

        1. *relegation zone. You stay out of the zone, not above the line. FYI. Your resident Brit and completely insane football fan is here to answer all your questions.

          1. haha fair, i was convinced by some coworkers to get into the prem this season and after a complicated choosing procedure at the beginning of the season I somehow ended up following Tottenham in their best season in forever

          2. Nope. Matt you’ve ended our friendship. I am a born and raised Gooner. I grew up a ten minutes walk from Highbury and as the song goes “what do you think of Tottenham? Shit What do you think of shit? Tottenham?!”

          3. It is and it isn’t. Arsenals fanbase is the same percentage Jewish as Spurs. I’m Jewish and my family are all Gooner.

          4. i would have chosen Arsenal but i have read fever pitch before and i cannot root for the team that hornsby describes (despite every team being like that in some way im sure)

          5. You mean a team of tradition, of class, of social values? a team where all the top dog hooligan was black. Victoria Conordia Crescit my friend, Victory Rises by Unity!

          6. First @purplerockemma:disqus and now Kemper Boyd. @purplerockmatt:disqus is losing friends left and right this week.

      2. The last time I was in Outcasts league (after Vytas and Rachel failed me in BvW) I won my way back in one season. Keep hope alive.

      3. So a perfectly apt time for her not to be in the Champion’s League! Oooooohhhh Premier League burn…

  8. I don’t know if it’s the editing or if Caleb saw how awful he was in Big Brother but it really seems like he is a completely different person. I’ve been very impressed with him so far and now I’m thinking he is a definite contender.

      1. Really awful behavior towards another Big Brother contestant who rejected his advances. It seems that now he is surprisingly well tuned to other people’s thoughts and feelings.

    1. Add me to the list. I have never seen Big Brother and was not excited about Caleb… but the Caleb we are getting is fun to have around.

    2. As our resident Caleb fan — a title that’s somehow getting less and less ridiculous by the weeks — I’m glad you’ve finally succumb to his inevitable march towards victory.

        1. Are you able to in any way distinguish the non-Anna girls though? It’s a pity after getting a nice edit turn from Cydney that they haven’t been able to do that with Michele/Julia. Unless we have and I’m just confusing them all as Anna.

          1. No it’s been all Anna these past couple of episodes. I liked their first impressions though. I agree on Cydney. She came off incredibly well.

          2. Well now I’m confused. I thought all the female confessionals lately has been from Anna.

          3. Morgan impressed me in her first episode where she made up the believable lie about the choice she made when she arrived at the camp by herself (immunity clue vs. extra rice).

            Unfortunately, we never saw her do anything equally impressive again.

          4. Michele and Julia got the “finger on the pulse” confessionals last week whereas Anna’s confessionals have only been strategy based-that should be something.
            Anna-light brown hair
            Michelle-dark brown/black hair.

          5. I’m just waiting for them to all turn and say the exact same thing at the exact same time.

          6. I think Michele and Anna are getting reasonably good edits considering that their tribe hasn’t had to do anything like Tribal Council yet. They were shown with Julia creating the women’s alliance and have been shown seeking a fourth, at the least. I think their edit will pick up when something changes (either real conflict on their tribe or just going to Tribal Council).

          7. To be fair Anna’s on mine and she was my winner pick, so I’m biased. But I think there’s definitely something there with all three of those women.

          8. It’s easy for me because other than Anna there’s only one woman on Beauty. I’m not sure who this ‘Michele’ people keep talking about is.

          9. Anna is on my Pick 4 team, and she’s getting a good edit, but I hate her with a burning passion. I don’t know what to do with these feelings.

          10. I’ve learned to separate people from characters on Survivor. Helen Glover is a terrible human being, but did I root for her when I watched Thailand? Hell yes I did.

          11. I know nothing about Helen in real life, and now I’m going to try to avoid learning. But anti-vax Trump supporter just makes me want to throw up a little.

          12. Now I’m curious why you say that HG is a terrible human being. I have not heard anything … I’m not on Twitter, don’t follow people etc. I just listen to podcasts and sometimes read comments and comment myself.

          13. For years after Survivor she had a radio show in Rhode Island that could be described as Limbaugh-esque.

          14. Anna is also on my mine, and so is Jason. I’m willing to sacrifice my personal honor to go far in the Pick 4! Although I tried to balance them out by picking Aubry and Neal, both of whom I actually like.

          15. I tried not to just pick people I liked, so now that Liz is gone I have Anna, Jason, and Nick…

          16. This episode I made a concerted effort to figure out what Michele looked like, being like 3/4s of the internet’s winner pick and all. This was the wrong episode to do that.

          17. There were a few scenes of the 3 Beauty women sitting together, so Michelle must have been in those.

  9. Some random thoughts:


    On a tribe with Debbie, the self-described “female Coach”, how is Aubrey the one putting leaves in her hair?

    Caleb consoling Tai during the chicken killing may be my favorite moment of the episode.

    That was some nice running while operating the camera.

    Poor production. They spent all that time designing and making that tool to get the key, and two tribes say “I don’t need it” and makes their own.

    Emotional items: Joseph has a letter, Alecia has a letter from her father, Jason has … a shamrock teddy bear???

    “It’s a very small hole!”

    “It’s not in yet!”

    Liz, you dated Fishbach, you talked to him about Survivor, how can you be saying losing a challenge is a blessing in disguise? No!!!!

    Brains first tribal and Debbie is not everyone’s target. A lot of people lost their “first boot prediction” contests.

    Peter and Liz, how can you be this bad at this???

    Peter said “voting units”! There must be something in the water at Kaoh-Rong.

    What was with that close-up of Neal’s pants after Jeff said he would tally the votes?

    Peter and Liz’s plan worked! Well, except that the other four used it on them.

    Next week: more medical staff onscreen than ever before!

      1. I didn’t know if it was an actual Care Bear or not so I hedged my bets.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason smuggled something into the game inside that bear.

    1. Some family members felt good tonight.

      “Who chooses a pillow over a letter from their own mother?!?

      1. *Raises hand enthusiastically*

        My mother would definitely chew me out for choosing a goddamned LETTER over something that might give me an extra fifteen minutes of sleep.

        1. According to Rob C, pillows and blankets are actually shitty rewards, because one solid rain renders them useless. On the other hand, the letter probably comes in one of those little pouches, so you can theoretically keep it safe and have something that will pick you up for the rest of the game.

          1. In a light rain, maybe, but I think anything heavy and it just soaks through.

            But, as you may recall, Rob had the exact opposite problem on Survivor.

        2. I went on my gap year (time off between school and university) and didn’t speak to my mum for 2 months due to the lack of a phone, I love her but for 39 days a pillow is more important to me than her words.

    2. We have to get Debbie and Phillip on a tribe together. I’m getting a Keymaster/Gatekeeper vibe there.

    3. My guess is the Teddy Bear belonged to one of his kids or was a gift to him from his kids.

      1. I haven’t watched it yet but the title of the deleted scene on Dalton Ross’s page indicates it is his daughter’s.

  10. 40 Cat Nun Caretaker Water Felon Debbie just outplayed the hell out of Liz and Peter.

    I’m actually kind of loving this, and I am dreading how the medevacs are going to screw up this season.

    1. Agreed. The sinister water felon seemed harmless and goofy in the first two episodes, but maybe that was just her cover identity. Ugh. Given the situation in Flint, water felons are especially disgusting right now. Hope she gets her own comeuppance soon. She’s certainly no less arrogant than the editors were making out Liz to appear to be, and as far as we know, Liz hasn’t committed any felonies. Very disappointed that Liz is gone, at least based on what we saw in the first two episodes, before she got too sure of herself.

      1. While I would have preferred Peter to go, for sure, I don’t think of 40 Cat Nun Caretaker Water Felon Debbie as sinister so much as I do incompetent. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying she didn’t do anything wrong, but she seems more likely the buffoon than the evil mastermind. Also, I’m somebody who tends not to put people who break the law into the automatically evil category (though again, I don’t know the circumstances of this or anything), but my point is – you can break the law just by being incompetent, which the fellows at Purple Rock pointed out on the last podcast. But I’m with you on Liz (Lis?) going too soon. Though, she probably shouldn’t have said that losing was a blessing in disguise. That’s just dooming yourself.

    2. I don’t think I like Debbie in real life. Not only is she annoying, but I’m offended by her water felony as a human and as a scientist. That said, I’m beginning to love her as a character. It took me much longer to come around to Kass, who is a great character that I would hate on the island, but I’m pretty sure I would want to be her best friend in real life.

      1. Anyone who will wear purple cheetah print in long sleeves is welcome on my TV screen anytime.

        1. I spent a longer time than necessary trying to decide if I liked her bathers of if I’d never wear anything like them.

      2. I think you’ve nailed it for me. I like her on screen (as opposed to Coach, who I did not like as a character). I think she has game. I wouldn’t want to hang out with her off island, though I still don’t find her sinister, necessarily. Kass, on the other hand, is somebody I’d love to hang out with in real life. She seems pretty awesome.

  11. I don’t want to brag, but I managed to pick the first three boots for my fantasy team. Wait…Am I playing right?

    1. I was a Peter boot away from doing the same. Be proud because that’s really hard to pull off.

    2. I suddenly have a shot at outscoring Emma, the other person to back Jennifer, so I’m not complaining.

        1. I was going to make a wiseass remark, but then I realized I was rooting for Liz to go home solely for pic 4 purposes and glass houses and all that jazz

        2. I have to do what I can to console myself about my garbage fire of a team. It brings me no pleasure that it’s at your expense, but it’s all I have.

          The irony is that last week I was looking at your team and thinking “why did I pick Jenny instead of Liz?”

        1. I now have Nick the enormous douchebag and Michelle my winner pick. What are the chances we finish with very similar scores?

          1. I did a pre-season boot order prediction for fun, and I had Nick at 4, Debbie at 3 and Michele at 1. Based on my amazing track record of predictions, I would say we could definitely end up with matching scores 🙂

  12. The show tried to paint this vote as comeuppance for Liz and Peter, but as far as I can tell, Liz’s fall was more tragic than foolish.

    There were three pairs, which means that one pair’s going to get blindsided. Debbie and Joe hate Liz (it doesn’t matter if they have good reasons or not), so they’re not going to tell her the truth. Liz and Peter target Neal, so they can’t talk about it with Aubry. There was no cue for Liz to misread. Her only hope would be to bail on her only friend and try to ingratiate herself with Neal (who she rightly sees as a threat).

    If there’s a logical play she rejected, I don’t see it. She was doomed.

    1. if Debbie and Joe hate Liz than the play was not to side with them but to target them. Her failure tonight was in failing to read how much they disliked her

      1. Fair enough. Do people actually know when others hate them? (Outside of explicit bullying.) That must be an utterly heartbreaking realization.

        1. You should have a pretty good idea when someone doesn’t like you. Maybe not hate you, but there are pretty obvious behaviors people exhibit when they want to spend time with you and when they don’t

        2. The answer to that question is really the key to Survivor. Everyone (almost) is going to lie to your face, but the really good players have a strong intuition about who they can trust. Not necessarily for the whole game, but at least on a vote-to-vote basis. In real life, I think people fall into every category imaginable, from paranoid, to overly trusting, from usually right, to always wrong. I think the best Survivor players are usually right, and a little paranoid, but not too much. There are lots of other facets, but that baseline is a pretty good start.

        3. Yep some people do. I do, but I work in politics and a lot of politics is realising who is reacting well and who is reacting badly to what you say. You should be able to say if someone finds your stories amusing or annoying from facial reactions and body language.

      2. Or failing to read the egotism/paternalism vibes that her ally was laying on thick to the others.

        1. No one has ever said “he was so paternalistic, I really like it” it’s always “god he is so paternalistic, it’s patronising”.

      3. This was a classic example of playing a post-merge game pre-merge. Pete and Liz targeted Neal because of a possible betrayal FAR down the line, rather than sticking with the day one(ish) alliance against the older weirdos. I would be very surprised if Neal and Aubrey were going to be the first to defect.

        1. That’s what I get for reading in reverse chronological order. You beat me by 25 minutes.

        2. I thought about this all night. While I agree that post-merge/pre-merge is a great rule, I don’t think it applies here.

          Voting out Debbie buys Liz one more vote. Next time Brains goes to tribal, it’s 2 vs 2 vs Joe, who still hates Liz. If Neal’s half the player the edit’s showing, he uses that leverage to boot Liz and stay in power. So unless we get a swap (or completely unpredictable medivac) before Brains’ next vote, taking out Neal/Aubry at vote 1 is her best chance to survive.

          Some characters have the social skills to live vote-to-vote. Liz doesn’t. Maybe someone like that can never win the game, but I’m not going to laugh at her for playing to her strengths (predictive analytics). You’ve gotta be yourself.

          1. I disagree on the hypothetical 2v2vJoe from Neal/Aubrey’s perspective. If you boot Liz at Brains 5, then Peter assuredly flips at the merge (and then Peter and Alecia become the odd couple that wins the game!). At best, Neal/Aubrey would control a group of three- and it’s not like Joe and Neal are besties, so it could easily be just the two.

            The best shot for the brains is to have a strong foursome when things go wonky, two pairs each of which sees the foursome as a medium-to-long-term option. So whoever you boot first, you want to knock off their partner second.

            I also think you are underestimating the likelihood of an early swap. On prior evidence we are probably one episode away from a shake-up. The likelihood of current Brains having to go to tribal at all with five is relatively low.

            But then I’m a fundamentally conservative hypothetical player. Tony Vlachos would eat me for lunch. And if you think Neal is Tony, Liz and Peter’s move is sensible.

          2. I fully agree with you here. I don’t think Debbie looks to flip on Neal and Aubry unless the writing is clearly on the wall and she plays for goat. I think a solid 4 could pick up stragglers to go up against what could be a power house Beauty alliance.

      4. Also, if you’re disliked by a third of your tribe, that’s not tragic. That’s your fault.

        1. Eh, depends on the tribe. For example, in Fiji a third of a tribe was Rocky and Lisi. Being disliked by Rocky and Lisi is not your fault.

          Now this is not actually a defense of Liz. The Waterfelon may be pond scum, but she’s affable pond scum.

          1. On Survivor? Yeah, it is. No matter how offputting someone is to you, you gotta make nice with them the best you can.

            You know who wasn’t disliked by Rocky despite being on his tribe in the worst circumstances possible? Earl.

          2. I strongly disagree. The bullied are not responsible for being the preferred targets of devoted bullies, especially when we throw in racism and misogyny. Sometimes you are just dealt an unwinnable hand with an someone cast to be disruptive and obnoxious.

      5. Liz also failed to realize that neither Debbie nor Joe is a follower and would just do her bidding and was just there to help her win. And Debbie seemed to like Aubrey and vice versa (we haven’t actually seen Aubrey say Debbie was crazy but we have seen Liz, Peter and Neal make comments) and said she liked Neal.

        1. Remember that Debbie was the person who was nicest to Aubry when she had her heat stroke/panic attack. I’m sure that counts for something.

          1. I imagine Debbie is wearing to be around but can be really genuinely nice. I don’t know about Liz but Peter is clearly a douche.

    2. The obvious choice was to target Debbie. Don’t play the post-merge game before the merge. She’s annoying, she’s an older woman, you’re not going to goatherd her all the way to the end. She’s the type of person you can make a coalition to go after. Sometimes, Survivors just over-think things.

    1. Pete’s was definitely worse, but I don’t think Liz was exactly top notch in that regard. She didn’t seem as aggressive as Peter about thinking everyone else on her tribe was brainless, but she did herself no favors.

    2. the best part of the episode is how everyone else is just trolling peter at that tribal, just poking and poking him. it is great

      1. I liked how the editors took a jab at Peter with the closeup of the ice cream pants. “Oh yeah, go ahead and make fun of his pants, see how that works out for you.” Of course they could also just be taking the opportunity to laugh at Neal. But I like to think that he picked those pants to cause a laugh and is in on the joke.

      2. I don’t know if it was just editing, but they actually managed to troll him into basically outing how arrogant he really was. As obnoxious as Debbie is, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I think she’s more socially aware than Peter.

        1. She did say in her pre-game interviews that she was the female Coach, so she seems to be self-aware enough that she knows she is ridiculous and accepts it.

        2. That might be a stretch. This is the woman who told people that she can tell the quality of water by looking at it. Tribal council quotes have contexts that we just don’t see. There’s no context where Debbie isn’t ridiculous.

    3. I feel bad for her too… buuuut, she was 100% with Peter’s nonsense, which was nonsense before he even outed himself so badly at tribal. Sadly, in the pre-merge game, if a woman of modest stature teams up with a physically strong douche, she’s the one that pays the price.

    4. Eh, I’m glad she’s gone. She has one of those weirdly intense stares that makes her look like she’s going to cry any moment, and that was hard to watch.

      Plus more Peter means more of the editors continuing to mock his hilariously awful douchebaggery.

        1. I can see a redemption edit coming. I can also see him going next week (or I guess the week after if next week is only a medevac) in a glorious flame-out as well though.

  13. I have a quick question about the editing. Why did Aubry look mad that Liz was going home? She had to be in on the plan to split votes seeing as she was shown smirking at the result? Am I missing something here?

          1. It’s probably just pretty damn scary to see your name on the first two votes no matter how confident you are.

          2. Yeah. I can’t imagine it, especially since she is such a big fan of the show. However, I hate the fact that Peter and Liz see her as being so weak. Do they not remember either the first or second challenge?

  14. I really thought they were showing the Peter comeuppance edit. He looked so terrible this episode, although he did confirm my first impressions of him being a douchebag. I really should have stuck with my first Pick-4 team that had Julia instead of Liz.

    1. I am so happy to have gotten at least more points off everybody this season than I did with Varner last season. That was my main goal. It should be noted that I swapped Darnell for Michele so I am just rolling in the beauty points right now.

    2. Sadly, I’m terrible at Pick 4, and Peter is on my team. Obviously, if Brains goes back, he’s gone. I can only hope that he makes it to the merge, and jumps ship, greatly humbled by this experience. Who am I kidding, he can’t change this fast, he’ll be an arrogant douche wherever he goes.

      1. It’s becoming clearer why he picked Pete-bro as the Survivor he’s most like.

        Except Pete-bro actually showed a little grace when he realized he was on the bottom. I don’t expect that of Peter.

  15. I can see final tribal council now. It’s down to a final three and audiences are scratching their heads as the collected jury members must vote for either Alicia, Debbie, or Jason to win a million dollars. Probst reads the final ballot. “And the winner of ‘Survivor Kaoh Rong: Brawn and Two Other Things’ is…” *record scratches* “Me, Jeff.” Kyle Jason stands up. “I’m the winner of this $10 million dollar bounty on Debbie Wanner for water felony.” Jason slaps two pairs of handcuffs on the former professional escape artist’s wrists. “Yeah, and I would have gotten away with it if that Cheddar Bay Biscuit challenge hadn’t slowed me down,” says the former ice trucker-turned-reality show star. Kyle Jason smiles at Probst. His gauges gleam. “Jeff, go ahead and give the million to Blondie!”

    That’s why Probst doesn’t like this season.

    1. I think some people theorize that Jeff isn’t promoting this season so much because he learned his lesson from the fallout over the Worlds Apart hype. I am leaning towards a woman being the winner.

      1. He also didn’t hype up Cambodia all that much, and that was a perfect Jeff season. I think he’s just learned his lesson and we can’t predict the quality of a season from the stuff Jeff says ahead of time.

        1. Yes, but the difference between Worlds and Cagayun was that there was a lot of bullying, some sexism, and disrespect on Worlds Apart.

          Plus everyone that got near the end on Cagayun had a legitimate chance of winning and was fairly likable (why did four of the Cagayun players get voted in for a second shot? I would think Trish’s spot on the ballot for second chances went to Carolyn Rivera.) Jeff may not have hyped Caguyan all that much because he probably did not know how the audience would react to Tony, Spencer, Kass and Trish.

          And Jeff has said there is some bullying on this season. We’ve already seen it with Jason and to some extent Scot, who is encouraging Jason’s behavior.

        2. Good point. Of course, I think he knew that the fans would be hyped up enough for that season as they voted on the contestants. You would think that if someone like a Kyle Jason was the winner, he would be excited.

    2. I would love it if Jason only came on the show to catch a bounty. “Jason, we don’t know your bounty’s gender, age or ethnicity. All we know is that they’re going to be on this season of Survivor.”

  16. I have another note about editing. Remember in the premiere episode, Neal and Peter were having a conversation in the water and Neal said something about whispering because sound travels over water. In tonight’s episode, Liz and Peter are having a conversation in the water and it is edited to show us that Debbie is aware of what’s going on. I know that Debbie didn’t hear them, but that is a really nice and subtle touch.

  17. Are we allowed to discuss who we think gets med evaced,because I went over the previews around 30 times

    1. My wife was pausing and going slow-mo on the preview. So yes, give me your prediction. Because unless you’re actually spoiled, it’s only a guess.

        1. I guess Tai would cry for anyone right? I still say Joe is the most likely Brain medevac

          1. I genuinely don’t think he would, unless the injury was really bad / he could have somehow done something to help. So my guess is Caleb.

        2. It’s really hard to tell, because I think they threw some fake-outs in there (I’m guessing a bunch of people suffer from heat-related issues in that challenge, and only one gets removed). But there’s a scene of a blue buff with a hand next to it. The hand looks like Peter or Joe, but the buff and hair is definitely Debbie.

          Then later, there’s a shot where it looks like Nick and Michele are standing over someone as Probst comes to treat the person. I’m fairly certain that person isn’t Tai, so that leaves Anna, Julia, or Caleb.

          1. I have two medical injuries, Neil hence the blue buff and the hair and Caleb for the beauties being the med evac

          2. The thing I’m wondering about with Neal is if he was participating in the challenge at all. It looked to me like he was just standing around by the tribe flag (he was behind Scot Pollard at the beginning of the preview).

            Not that he has to participate in the challenge to have a medical issue, but I thought that was interesting.

          3. That makes sense. In some of the behind the scenes stuff from Second Chances people mentioned that in the challenge where Joey Amazing collapsed, Keith actually collapsed at the end too, but they just didn’t show it because it wasn’t as bad. The heat is really bad out there and if they’re doing something really grueling right out in the sun, people could be dropping like flies but the actual medevac could be any one of them.

          4. I’m pretty sure I was able to spot at least one Beauty female standing around the scene. All the shots I’ve seen that look the most dire seem to have mostly the Beauty tribe hanging out. So far the only Beauty member I’m not 50% or more certain I’ve seen is Caleb. It’s a little hard to piece this together but I think this is bad news for the Beauty tribe, specifically Caleb if I had to bet.

      1. Caleb would be the obvious choice — a muscly dude likely to push through the pain and overexert himself, and someone Tai might cry over. In addition to Tai we also see Julia standing nearby so that seems to indicate it’s a Beauty tribe member. But who knows, the editors have been known to manufacture fakeouts.

        It’s definitely not Nick though because there’s a shot of him standing on the beach off to the side watching.

        1. I think I may have seen Kyle (Jason?) in one of the preseason trailers. I am not sure though.

          1. I’ve had a bad feeling since the pre-season that Jason is going to be one of the medevacs and I could never pinpoint why (it might be something subconscious from seeing the same trailer you’re talking about?)

        2. I feel like Tai might cry over anybody being evacuated. But yes, it would make sense if he were crying over Caleb. And Caleb has the same issue that Andy and I discussed with Cydney in the preview podcast- very little body fat. Much like her, he’s probably not used to running on so little protein.

          1. That would totally account for Caleb’s edit too. Maybe the Big Brother viewers aren’t wrong about him- but he gets struck down before any of his flaws become relevant and he gets a strong “Oh, what might have been” edit.

            What’s weird is that I’m kind of sad that we might be losing Caleb. I seem to…like…Caleb…

    2. I think actual spoilers are out there, so be careful. I don’t think the PRP crew is spoiled though.

      1. I think we’ve done a pretty fair job in revealing that we either are not, or that we’re not above making ourselves look like idiots to hide it.

      2. I wouldn’t look for actual spoilers. I was only analyzing the preview. I still think I figured it out, though. And now I feel like I shouldn’t have tried.

    3. I don’t have DVR so I was only able to watch the preview once, but my husband and I discussed ~the hand~ shown toward the end at great length. I believe the hand was male, so we can rule out the women off the bat. Based on general size, I think we can rule out Scot, Nick and Peter (unless one of them happens to have abnormally tiny hands) because they’re all fairly tall. Tai can probably be ruled out for various reasons (his body type is very distinctive so we would probably recognize him easily even if his face were obscured; plus he is shown standing over the scene looking disturbed). I don’t think the hand/arm looked elderly or leathery, so I’m actually ruling Joe out even though he’s the obvious choice. That leaves Jason, Neal or Caleb, and unfortunately I’m leaning toward Caleb which is a shame because I have been shocked to find that I actually like him a lot this season.

      1. My wife paused on the hand. There’s a blue buff in frame that looks like it has Debbie’s hair coming out of it. But the hand doesn’t appear to be Debbie’s.

        1. Well that changes everything! I’m going to need to watch that promo another 29 times or so…

      2. II spent a remarkably long time rewatching the season preview in the opening episode trying to work out which man had a mole in the could not work it out.
        I thought it couldn’t be Caleb because of the tattoos but the blood pressure cuff is over where his arm tattoo is. I think you might be right because you can see Nick when Jeff shouts for the evacuation and Tai when the guy is on the floor. Peter is not white so it’s not him and Scot is way too big.
        Basically yeah it’s Neal, Caleb or Joe.

          1. I think as you don’t see Caleb or Jason at all in the promo it’s one of them and Jason’s arms have way way too many tattoos for it to be him, plus Caleb has moles in the right place on his upper chest.

  18. I must compliment the Purple Rock twitter on retweeting Kim and comparing Debbie to the British Office.

  19. Brawn finally wins! But oh boy were Jason and Scot douchey, and stupid, in rushing off to grab that idol and bullying Alecia out of it. Plus is makes Cydney look suspicious. Way to go idiots!

    Jason is like a dog and Cydney threw a ball for him to chase.

    Besides Cydney, Brawn truly is showing no actual gameplay.

    I thought they were gonna lose again when Cydney went back for her second turn at the ball challenge, but she was able to pull through at the end.

    Beauty doesn’t have much this week, except Tai found an idol, cried at the death of a chicken, and Caleb continues to shine. Oh yeah, Nick is a psychopath who has no emotions, but knows it’s only important to mimic them. And rightly, the girls want him out.

    Wow, Peter, what a fucking douche bag. I didn’t think anyone would be a bigger douche than Jason.

    Aubry and Neal need to communicate to Peter better. Fuck you Peter.

    Liz, smug much? And apparently unable to accept the outcome and continues to push a false narrative about why she was voted out. You were dumb that’s why.

    Debbie is sort of bizarre. But boy, is she wily. Way to go Debbie!

    Joe at Tribal can barely hold it together.

    Neal enjoys poking fun at Peter.

    Aubry can’t believe what a douche Peter is, cause the depths keep reaching new highs. I totally just de-friended someone on FB who was just like this smug asshole, but stupider.

    Honestly, why did Peter and Liz assume a 2 person alliance was enough to control the game?

    Sort of glad Peter stuck around, so he can feel completely humiliated at knowing what just happened to him and having to suck it up.

    Was that clear enough for you Peter?

    1. I’m all in on Debbie (in-game, anyway). The spectacle of a female Coach/Philip type is really doing it for me, and they’re showing just enough of her being nurturing to Aubry and defiant about Peter that I actually found myself rooting for her last night. Then again, she’s on my fantasy team, so she’ll probably be hit by a piece of random airplane debris and be medevacced in the first 5 minutes of the next episode…

      1. While I think she’s playing a Philip type game more than Coach, she’s more self-aware than either. She’s also showing things neither Coach 1.0 or Philip 1.0 did – some strategy and some nurturing towards others. She tries to help others instead of being a jerk to them.

    2. Honestly, if I find her kind of annoying but she played this well. She sat there, played dumb and got to be the decision maker. Good on her. If she continues to be the mad woman who has game yeah it could be really fun.

  20. Oh, and my condolences to the 66 people who had Liz on their pick-4 team. 44 of you had Peter, so y’all can’t be feeling super thrilled about his performance either (and I include myself in that latter set.) The 13 people that have Debbie and the 10 that have Alecia are probably feeling pretty great about their dark horse long odds gamble.

    1. Fantasy scores will go up in a few hours. But yeah, it’s going to be a painful week for a lot of people. Liz was tied for the most popular pick. And we’ve already got a Champions League team that’s lost both players.

        1. Folks, if you stare into a mirror and say Emma’s name 3 times or she’ll magically appear … and tell you in great detail about the times she met Cochran and Stephen.

    2. I’ve never had as good a pick-4 night as last night. Two idols found, plus no one on the tribe going to tribal council.

      I needed it considering I was in the 100s though.

  21. Can we not have any kind of spoilers on the podcast next time? Predictions should be based on what we see on the show and not allude to social media activity or power ranking of players by possibly spoiled ex survivor players. Even during S30, people dug out plenty of spoilers from social media interaction between players. We don’t need rehashing of that kind of info on the podcast.

    1. As Andy pointed out, the reason reason he discussed power rankings and social media is because generally those things have resulted in predictions being very wrong. I’d come to the same conclusion that Liz was in danger if it wasn’t Joe or Debbie, and I’m definitely not spoiled.

      1. It may result in weekly predictions being wrong but most of the time people are able to gauge pre-merge or post merge people via social media. For example, Max’s closeness with Vince was a giveaway that he was pre-merger as well and Shirin’s with Jenn about her making the jury.

        In any ase I agree, it was more the edit last week that pointed towards Liz being in danger of either a vote out or evacuation. But I still think social media/power ranking hints add nothing good to speculation other than make people vary of unwanted spoilers.

        1. That’s a fair concern, even though there is a current example from this season that I could cite as a case where reading social media cues (and power rankings) would’ve steered you to the wrong conclusion.

          Still, we’ll try to be more cautious about mentioning social media speculation.

          1. I feel like if you are listening to podcasts, you can’t be too upset if they mention things outside the show alone.

          2. When it comes to preseason previews, at least, we usually give a heads up before discussing that stuff, though. I’m not saying we’ll stop talking about these things, just saying that we’ll try to give notice if/when we do.

          3. yeah fair enough, I just expect it in podcasts and no fan sites. Not spoilers but speculation gleaned from social media and the odd La Reveal Magnifico about character you could like being real life people you can’t like (Tasha being Sainted Up or Anna ad Trump).

    2. If it helps, I’m staying way clear of all power rankings by former Survivors now. I’m not saying they were spoiled, but I don’t want to even deal with the suspicion.

  22. So the whole Alicia/Jason idol hunt thing.. I won’t say that he was out of line but the whole sequence made me very uncomfortable. Can’t help but feel bad her.

    1. I think the only person that truly benefited from that sequence is Cydney. Although she didn’t get the idol, she proved that she is loyal to everybody left. She also showed a key eye for lying and strategizing as well.

      1. I was really worried that the guys had screwed Cydney over when they went running for the idol, but she covered for herself admirably. I’m starting to like Cydney – although, I still think her best case scenario is probably a mid-late merge boot if she goes UTR for a while (final 6 maybe?)

        1. I think Cydney knew that if she ran off with Scot and Jason, she would blow up her spot with Alecia. So, she played it beautifully. This is definitely the season where women have played some pretty subtle social game moves already (Debbie not showing her cards at tribal, Alecia underplaying Jenny’s accusations at the second tribal, and the Beauty girls already reading that Nick is not worthwhile for their alliance).

          1. Seems like Sierra Dawn Thomas redux. Playing a nice UTR game in an era where the UTR game just doesn’t work very well.

          1. That and the ‘multiple personalities’ thing suggested a lack of ability to play well with others.

          2. She didn’t say multiple personalities! She said she adopts a persona when talking to certain types of people, which is a very clever way of saying what I think she actually meant.

          3. I’m not sure what you think she actually meant, but to me it read as a mix of two things:

            a.) I want you to think I’m fun and wacky

            b.) when I blow the fuck up it’s not my fault

            Neither of those are things that inspire a ton of confidence in me.

          4. Huh. That never would have occurred to me, although I get it. Part of it is that I heard the Cydney/Rebecca/Storm stuff before I knew Cydney was black, and part of it was that she’s a black woman from Douglasville, of course she code switches.

            Shit I think like half of Georgia code switches in one direction or the other. I know I do. My job requires me to deal with lots of different classes of people, and when I’m dealing with families who can deal with my lack of accent I do that, but if it seems important, that honey slips into my voice without thinking about it.

      2. She proved she was loyal to Jason and Scot, while having a reasonable defense for beiing loyal to Alecia. Really well played for someone who in their pre-game bio was sending off “I don’t like people” alarm bells.

    2. I remember thinking at the time that it was such a dick move for Jason to be opening and reading the idol right in front of her, but A) if she was following him around, it’s not like there’s much he could do, and B) it’s probably not even in the top 10 dickish things he’s done to her.

    3. It did look a bit like when the key fell to the ground that Jason pushed Alecia out of the way to get it.

      1. It looked like a little bit of a shove, but it wasn’t exactly at Na-Onka-Kelly Bruno levels of force.

      2. I thought the preview for this week made it look like he shoved or tackled her or something, but I didn’t see any of that in the episode.

        1. the camera angle when he did whatever he did was so removed (purposefully?) as to make it hard to tell if there was any forceful contact

        2. They were both going for the key when it hit the ground and it looked (to me) like he used his shoulder to push her to the side when they were both reaching for it.

        3. Yeah, the preview definitely seemed to show more physical contact that what we saw in the episode.

      1. Someone else posted “THANKS OBAMA” on this page and the whole Jeff Kent Experience all came back to me.

        Well, having Penner talk about him at last week’s live KIA helped.

  23. I don’t really find the brains tribe very interesting, so I wasn’t big on this episode. Also, the group teaming up on the arrogant people on the top has been done so much to this point it was hard for it not to feel like a rehash.

    I think the Brawn idol hunt saved this episode from being a complete non-entity, but it was close.

    1. yeah i don’t really like anyone on the brains tribe, so while the douchey blowup of peter was fun, it is not like i was rooting for someone on that tribe to take him down because i liked them

      1. My feelings exactly. Peter and Liz got what was coming to them, but the end result was the validation of Debbie. Yay?

        1. Neal might be the most likable there and even he is barely lukewarm. Meanwhile, aside from Nick, I like everyone on Beauty. Go Beauty!

          1. I think the edits for the Beauty 5 are also consistent with one or more being clipped uneventfully during an imminent swap, or with being medevaced. The Beauty edit is likable, but the three girls in particular all have the same, mostly story-less edit. If they were ALL going deep, I think we would get a bit more of an attempt to mark their differences.

            And Tai’s even more of a special case. Tai is getting an adorable edit because he is innately adorable on a cast otherwise severely lacking in charm. Tai lovingly cradling a chicken in his arms as he tries to comfort it in its final moments makes the show no matter what.

          2. I can see that but it’s episode 3 and they’ve not gone to a tribal, there hasn’t been much reason bar Tai’s idol hunt to give us their camp as they seem to all be friends.

          3. I have to admit I kind of like Joe’s crotchety old-man-ness, and Peter’s complete failure to realize how he was coming off almost made me feel sorry for him, but yeah, dull tribe. Debbie does nothing for me.

  24. My first thought when Alecia found the clue – why did she call Cydney over? Hide the clue, mark the tree, come back later. No one thinks you have the ability to find the idol so they are not going to follow you but Jason will watch you and Cydney together. You could have found it on your own. Getting the key down might have been an issue but at that point you could have decided what to do

    Second thought – Cydney, why did you not move the darn box when Scot and Jason were trying to get the key down? Or at least try and smash the box. You found the idol and gave it to Jason. Make a deal with Jason or something.

    1. Jeff Probst confirmed on that the idol box is a non-movable item. You couldn’t take it and hide it somewhere else.

          1. Thanks for narrowing that down.

            I also suggested last week that Tai should just chop that tree down to get the key.

    2. Cydney doesn’t seem like the type of person who wants an idol. Hence telling Jason and Scot rather than finding it for herself

  25. Guys I watched the show now and although I was spoiled it was still super fun to watch. Peter being a full blown douche was excellent. I know he’s a little young for her but if Spencer and the woman he loves and can tell he loves ever break up Stephen needs to hook him and Liz up, their lack of social awareness could work well together.

  26. Guys I’m listening to KIA, and they’re both agreeing that Jason is coming off great so far this season. I’m just curious what the consensus is around here? I know in my house we pepper each episode with a frequent chorus of “God I hate Jason so much”

    1. I really don’t like him at all. He might be playing the game ok but he’s a dick and I think he’ll get his comeuppance. *fingers crossed*

      1. I don’t think he’s playing the game well at all. He’s kept around Alecia, who is an absolute certainty to flip on him and tell everyone else he has an idol. The only reasonable thing for them to do now would be to throw the next challenge so they can get rid of her, which obviously won’t happen.

        1. I said ok, I think he’s playing ok. It’s ok because he’s survived two eliminations and found an idol. But I do not think he will integrate well after a swap or merge.

        2. I keep hearing people talking about Jason saying he wants to play like Russell and that he’s keeping Alecia around to be in his own Dumb Girls Alliance.

      2. Colin Stone had a theory last week that he’s going to follow in his hero’s footsteps and get zero votes at final tribal.

      1. I liked how he started the KIA by staying this was a terrible episode, but then agreed it was a great episode.

    2. I wouldn’t say he’s coming off great, and he’s not on my list of seven players with a potential winner’s edit, but he’s coming off better than Russell should have the first few episodes of Samoa and look how that turned out.

    3. I would definitely not say that he’s coming off great. He’s been playing from a position of power, which is not the same thing. His social game is atrocious, and I don’t see many paths to success for him after a merge.

      I don’t do Facebook or any other social media stuff so I don’t know how the wider fanbase has been reacting to him, but I suspect it’s been a somewhat warm embrace. On the one hand he’s got that “I’ll do anything and never quit when it’s hard” attitude thing that casual fans seem to adore, but on the other hand he’s also got “I’m going to sit around and be lazy and do nothing at camp and let everyone else around me do work, because I can” which would be instant poison for a casual fan. Perhaps that’s why they left that little nugget for a secret scene and not the show proper.

    4. Every time he says “Blondie” (like in the deleted scene on this week’s it just makes me dislike him more and more. He doesn’t think Alecia is a good player? Fine, I can accept that. But spending 9 days with someone and not even caring to call her by her actual name? Referring to her like she’s beneath you, like she’s not even worthy of calling her by her actual name? I hope his plan was to be disliked by the viewers.

      1. I feel like he thinks he’s being edgy, when he’s actually just being a gross jerk. He really must believe that becoming the next Russell is a path to fan favorite-ness. I hope that’s not the case.

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