Survivor Kaoh Rong: Episode 5 Liveblog “The Devils We Know”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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447 thoughts on “Survivor Kaoh Rong: Episode 5 Liveblog “The Devils We Know”

  1. Anna should have yelled that Tai had the idol while walking out…
    (i like Tai but he is alligning with the douch)

    1. But it’s a douche that has a man crush on him. Tai’s using his beauty to get ahead 😉

        1. I think there must be something magically irresistible about small, sweet, Asian men – at least when it comes to big macho types.

          That probably sounds like a racist generalization but I’ve seen this happen at work with multiple alpha types and two different small, cheerful, apparently magically irresistible Asian men. They are like the belles of the ball at the hospital where I work. And it’s really adorable to witness.

          1. I wonder if Tai’s partner is a really huge ripped dude, it seems to be who he attracts.

          2. I wonder if it’s just that they can let their alpha male guard down, since Tai isn’t trying to compete with them on that level.

          3. Your theory makes some sense. Also the two I was thinking of are, respectively, a nurse and a physical therapist. And I just remembered a third one, a doctor (although he’s slightly less adorable). Perhaps being in the position of someone providing care and support makes them all the more loveable. That sweetness is probably comforting to guys who are used to being on top of the world but find themselves hospitalized and/or vulnerable for one reason or another.

    2. Honestly keeping the idol was the correct decision. He can use it to take out Peter next week if they go to tribal.

    3. Here’s the problem with that: Anna probably thinks that Tai and/or Julia is next. If she yells that Tai has the idol, they will just split the votes and idol out Julia instead, which screws over one of her best friends.

          1. I think the mistrust of Tai from his idol-hunt dissipated after the first few days. It really seemed like that Beauty tribe was getting along great pre-swap. When she realized the rest of the tribe was going to vote out a Beauty it was either her or Tai, so she had to throw him under the bus. And since everyone loved him, the only thing she had to use on him was his searching for the idol.

          2. It didn’t seem like she was lazy or didn’t contribute around camp – no one said she didn’t. But compared to the awesomeness of Tai, even a productive tribe member will appear to be lacking.

          3. Yeah, I think this was clearly Tai’s awesome work ethic and social game at work. Anna was boxed by the swap into a likability-off with Tai. It’s not a black mark on Anna that she got crushed.

    4. Is she that interested in screwing him? It’s not like he’s been belittling her for days, he just made a move against her like everyone else in the room.

  2. Anna should have yelled that Tai had the idol while walking out…
    (i like taï but he is alligning with the douch)

  3. This episode really felt like a game changer. I went in liking the chances of the beauty tribe to now thinking they are going to get picked off. They really got the short end of the swap. Still early though and Peter is Peter so there’s hope.

      1. Yeah of course. In the moment it looks bad but many things can happen. Maybe Jason and Cydney will see that there are still 5 Brain members and align with Beauty. It’s wide open.

          1. I didn’t think that twist with the shared idols would play that much of a role but it has already made an impact.

          2. makes me so sad that I try not to think about it so i can enjoy literally everything else about him

          3. He was also one of the figureheads of the Gamergate fiasco, a concerted effort to create a flimsy pretense for a bunch of assholes to harass and threaten women online with rape/death threats for merely existing and having opinions. Absolute human garbage.

        1. I do wonder about that. It again makes sense to think would be better if it was 4-4-3 or 5-3-3?
          I wonder if Yellow throws the challenge and gets rid of Julia. That would allow Aubry and Joe to reunite with Debbie and Neil.

          1. Unless, production already knows that there is going to be a final 2 since Caleb’s medevac happened earlier than Lindsey’s quit in Cagayan. In order to prepare for that, they would have a final 11 with 9 jurors and the final 2…

          2. I’m pretty sure Cagayan coming 1 poor decision away from a Kass/Woo FTC cured production on final 2s for a while.

          3. I bet production had hours of confessional conversations with Woo before he made the decision on who to take to final two.

            “Woo, tell us about why you’re taking Tony to the final 2.”
            “I’m not taking Tony, though. I’m taking Kass.”
            “What is it about Tony that makes you think you can beat him?”
            “But I can’t beat him.”
            “Woo, it’s so honorable of you to go against the tougher opponent in the final 2. We really respect that…”

          4. I’m sure it was editing, but I was really thrown for a loop when all of a sudden when Woo had to make that decision, he started talking about honor. I mean it makes sense given his personality, but I don’t remember him ever talking about honor onscreen before that moment in any episode. If he was going to make such a huge decision based on his personal code of honor, Production should have had more clips in previous episodes where he talked about how important it was to him.

          5. You guys definitively shot down an all-first-boot returnee season, but an all-last-boot season would be stacked.

          6. I ran through the list and this is my pile of wants, do not wants, and not happenings, in order.

            Want: Lex, Kathy V-O, Jenna Lewis, Ian, Rafe, Sundra, Yau Man, Cirie, Matty, Erin, Jerri, Holly Hoffman, Malcolm, Tina, Kass, Keith, Rodney (in a few years), Wentworth

            Do not Want: Keith, Jan, Scout, Terry (but I accept that he would definitely be on it), Denise, Brett, the blond girl from Redemption Island who isn’t Andrea, Ozzy, Christina Cha,

            Not Happening; Rudy (too old), Rob C. (is pretty emphatic he won’t do it), Fairplay (for so many reasons)

            So I guess you could do it, but given it will inevitably feature both Terry and Ozzy, I’m out on it.

          7. We need a special podcast sometime during the summer where you and one of the male staffers draft your top 8 hottest Survivors and then have to make tribes.

    1. I think Julia is what made removing a Beauty such a priority. No tribe wanted to bring her in, handing the Beauty half the numbers. That threat is now gone, so I think a new game could easily begin.

      1. Splitting up that solid 3 is probably the best result production could have gotten out of that draw. I’m gonna bet high fives were exchanged.

        1. It makes no sense for the Brains to go from being the biggest group in the tribe to being 3-3. Or 3-2-1 if they’d got rid of Peter.

          1. No, I mean the fact that random chance completely separated the 3 people who were tightest.

      2. It makes perfect sense for the others to remove someone of the same tribe as the returning player. Had it say Julia been on Yellow (what are the names?) and Peter on Exile I think Joe would have done.

      3. Yeah, as soon as we heard that Julia was going to rejoin the tribe after someone had been voted out, it was obvious that a Beauty was being voted out this week, no matter which tribe lost.

        1. The only way that doesn’t happen is if the break down is 4 beauty on one tribe and they can throw the challenge to keep their number safe. Otherwise you are always taking out someone from the same tribe as the player who will replace them.

          1. If Scot hadn’t known about Tai’s idol, he might have chosen to break up the Brains majority and take his chances with a Beauty majority.

          2. I don’t think so. Scot was taking out a beauty because it kept him in the game. A 3-3 tie is worth nothing to him.

          3. It was in nobody’s interest to get rid of Scot because it would create a 3-3 tie. What I’m saying is that for Scot, it would have been a toss-up between (3 Brains, 2 Beauties, 1 Brawn) or (3 Beauties, 2 Brains, 1 Brawn), but his awareness of Tai’s idol tipped the scale.

          4. No I’m saying why would Scot vote with Anna and Tai on a 3-3 split? all it does is put him in danger on a rock draw. There is no sense to that.

          5. Sorry, I was making the same case elsewhere in the comments and forgot to mention here that I was assuming Peter was flippable.

          6. yeah, I think they had a better shot at Aubry to get at Peter but overall the best move for the brains was to stick together and once Scot knows they are tight he has to go with them.

  4. I kinda thought keeping Anna was Tai’s best move. Put three Beauty on the tribe, and pull in Scott with the idea that the Brains were next on the chopping block no matter what. That would have been a really strong position if he had made it work.

    Disappointed Anna went out, but I thought that episode was really exciting.

    1. Yeah, the only issue with that was the degree to which Anna (and Julia, I suppose) were loyal to Tai. I think Anna demonstrated that she was very willing to turn on him.

      1. I think Anna would have been loyal to Tai if they had had the numbers on the swapped tribe. In her situation, she knew that a Beauty was being voted out at that next vote, so she saw it as “either him or me”.

        1. I thought that too based on how she dropped her campaign against him, once he came to her with a plan to save both of them. It’s possible if Tai had played the idol the beauty girls would then trust and stay with him moving forward. Of course they could also betray him so at least this way he still has an idol for protection.

  5. I am never around to live-tweet, that was fun. I feel like a minor celebrity 😉

    That was an entertaining episode though. Interesting dynamics. And I really do think the editors are trolling us with the overconfident edits. Which is kinda awesome 🙂

    1. I also liked that. I felt like four different people could go home. A pretty confident bunch on this island.

  6. Alecia is not even there anymore and they still can’t call her by her name…unless Joe actually thinks Blondie is her name just from over hearing Jason during challenges.

      1. You don’t think that Jeff asked her on the mat “Alecia, why in the world are you on the Brawn tribe?”

          1. You’re right, he probably doesn’t want to call attention to the fact that she got screwed when they came up with this division and put her in Brawn. His “You’re in Brawn because you don’t take lip from anyone” statement last week seemed like the show trying to defend itself, but really she got the shaft when they put her on Brawn because they couldn’t put her anywhere else without moving another woman to Brawn.

            Although, since she is a mental giant, and after seeing Debbie do her pull-ups, Production could have switched those two around.

          2. The only problem was that is that the show would have stuck the two oldest women on the season on the same tribe without any traditional sex appeal (although I think Cydney is attractive). The closest situation to that would have been having Tasha and Kass (2nd and 3rd oldest women) on the same tribe in Cagayan.

          3. In what world is Cydney not one of the most attractive people on the show. She is carved out of marble.

          4. Well, there was no time for those conversations in the first episode. Oh wait, that episode was 90 minutes. Never mind.

          5. Last week I would have said you were crazy. But after seeing Debbie do those pull-ups, I could definitely see her on Brawn. I’m sure if she had anything to do with which tribe she originally was placed with, she would have demanded she go on Brains.

          6. Debbie’s build is basically a more muscular Trish.

            I think the idea is that they put Alecia on brawn because she’s into extreme activities, but she really would have made more sense on beauty. And Anna makes at least some sense on brains, given what she does. Although now I wonder if they deliberately avoided putting the poker player on brains agains and putting the stringy, opinionated older woman on brawn again.

    1. It was actually Neal who said that, which shocked me until I realised that he probably didn’t know her name.

        1. And it’s not like Joe is someone who we’d expect it from, we’d just be less suprised. But of course neither of them could possibly know the origins of that nickname. I’m sure in the FBI and in the Peace Corps there were small blonde women who kicked butt. (And probably in the south east Michigan bounty hunter collection as well.)

          I think what you said makes the most sense as to why they used that name, and in challenges it’s harder to tell if something’s intentionally derogatory, and if the recipient deserves it. (Though I guess for all we know they had been referring to everyone they didn’t know the name of by arbitrary features, and the editors decided to just highlight that.)

          1. Surprised is a better word and Neal couldn’t have meant it in the same context that Jason did. Though now that t think about it Jeff does mention Alecia by name when he tells the contestants to take a look at the new Brawn tribe. So I think the fact that Neal would still call her Blondie draws further attention to Jason’s treatment of her.

  7. Random thoughts:

    Gee I wonder if the Brains idol will be found before the … oh, that didn’t take long.

    Did the Brains tribe bring a gallon of water to the challenge?

    Neal calls Alecia “blondie”.

    The 3 Beauty women are split up! This is the worst possible outcome for them. Well, we could have 2 reuniting after this episode (NOTE: no we won’t).

    Wow, Beauty seemed in such control last week. Now they seem doomed on both tribes.

    We’re not at the merge yet and Tai already has been the target of 2 man-crushes.

    To Tang? What the hell? Oh right, the Stephenie Lagrossa tribe.

    No reward with this challenge? I guess last week’s salt and pepper used up this episode’s reward budget.

    Anna says she loves Survivor, that’s fine. Then she says she loves blindsides – no!!! Never say that!

    Tai: “Jeff look at the scars on my upper thigh.” Jeff: “Nah, I’m good.”

    Ah, the return of Dr. Arrogant.

    Scot barely fits in the voting booth.

    I didn’t think he would, but I was hoping a little bit that Tai would play his idol for Anna.

    Anna’s gone. I think a lot of people lost their winner pick.

    Next week: drinking unboiled water finally takes a toll on Debbie as she hallucinates that Nick is attractive.


    1. We’re not at the merge yet and Tai already has been the target of 2 man-crushes.

      I wonder if Caleb was watching from home.

      1. If he was he was crying, feeling like he never mattered to Tai if he was replaced this soon.

        1. “Look, Caleb. We’re sorry you almost died on our show. To make up for it, we’re gonna let you have aaaany vanity plate you want.”

      1. One of my friends who hates Survivor loves Tai based on the fact that he brought up her favorite author in his bio. He has that ability to convert non-Survivor lovers into believers.

  8. I wonder if Dr. Obama would still have thought Anna was smart if he knew she was a Trump-supporting anti-vaxxer.

    (Edit: Am I the only one who also thought the editors really focused on her boobs tonight? I mean, they always do, but it seemed even more exaggerated tonight.)

      1. it was part of my strategy! (which is to say that i, respectfully, find her to be attractive)

        1. I am here to help objectify Survivor men! You can count on me!

          Although maybe not this season, the designated hot guys skew a little old and muscly for me.

          1. You’d fit RIGHT in with our conversation — none of us were big fans of muscle men. (Except maybe greased-up Jeremy… because DAMN)

    1. I’m not sure if they were focusing more on her boobs or if its just that they were focusing more on her, and they come part and parcel with that. But her posture in that one confessional went a long way.

      1. People of a certain age, who watched late night basic cable when they were teenagers in the 90s, might refer to that as the 976 party line pose. Wait, you’re the Canadian, so ‘976’ might have no meaning to you.

    2. The degree to which Anna’s breasts seem to be the focus of AVC commentary tonight is making me ever more thankful that the Purp exists.

      1. There are actually almost twice as many comments on this article than on the AVC one at the moment.

        1. This place fills up faster because you can start commenting immediately after the episode, but I think over time AVC still ends up having more comments.

          1. The AVC review is usually up 1-1.5 hours after the episode’s over. I should know, I’m at my computer hitting F5 over and over to see when it’s there so I can post my comments.

            I really need to reevaluate my life.

    3. The producers realized that Anna was gone after this episode so they crammed in as many boob shots as they could. If the alternative is more confessionals with Debbie with her hair loose a la Samara, I’m all for it.

  9. I love what they did with Anna’s edit. The edit suggests that she was someone who was so obvious with her intentions that as soon as she lost immunity, she was gone. Why do you think I say this? Because she was the one the camera cut to any time there was an immunity challenge contest or win by the Beauty tribe. She is somebody who I strongly think misplayed the swap like an Alexis. Instead of presenting an united front with Tai and trying to get a Peter and a Scot on board, she was the one throwing Tai under the bus and it backfired on her.

      1. Also, something I’ve noticed before, she REALLY seems like she’s mugging so hard for the camera. She almost sounds like a child actor on a Disney show. I’m really enjoying her boot because I can’t stand anti-vaxxers.

    1. I would have been very surprised if a Beauty wasn’t voted out this episode. Everyone knew that Julia was joining their tribe after the vote, and none of the Brains or Brawn (on either tribe) wanted Beauty to increase their numbers. I don’t think there was anything Anna could have said or done to convince them to vote off a non-Beauty, besides playing an idol.

      1. Maybe if someone was really hated by their tribe but even Peter saw the sense in sticking with what he has now because it would keep him safe.

        1. Which is a shame because I really liked the alliance of those 3 Beauty women so far, but that seems to be dead and buried. Anna is gone, and Julia will join her tribe weaker and out of the loop as far as new alliances go.

          Michelle looks like she could be ok, if the 2 Brawns choose the 2 Beauties instead of the 2 Brains. Although I’m hoping that Brains and Beauty on that tribe realize they don’t need Brawn and team up to target them instead.

          1. It does feel like it’s going to be Beauty vs. Brains and both are going to ignore Brawn as a threat because of their low numbers, with each side hoping to partner up with Brawn. Which makes me afraid that Brawn will rise from the aftermath.

          2. I think the Brawns will be the deciders, since there are fewer of them than there are Brains and Beauties. I think they will side with Brains and then team up with Scot, Tai, & Julia in the merge and become the power players. yippee.

      2. I thought Michele was toast since she was actually given lines. That could bode well for her in the future and justify everyone’s highness for her. It could also mean she goes next week if the blue tribe loses immunity.

        1. I thought about this. I thought last week the fact the women’s alliance at on Beauty was shown in each preview boded well for them, I was obviously wrong but it doesn’t stop me wondering if it’s Michele who will continue into the game. Debbie wants a woman to win, although she was shown with Nick in the preview I imagine this means she’d be more inclined to get rid of Nick over Michele.

          1. I was wondering if that was the winner’s quote – for Cydney – a quote from someone else. How many of the other women feel the same and will vote for her if it is Cydney v. Jason in the final 3 or 2 (with whomever else is the 3rd). I was trying to think of whom she reminded me of – Vecepia.

  10. I think that was the best possible divisions the show could have done from a viewer’s standpoint.

    1. I have to agree. It is even as it could possibly be and they are both fairly even stacked. This may be one of the best swaps in the show’s history….could that be a future article on the website.

        1. I actually disagree on that. The Cagayan swap actually reminded me a lot of the Worlds Apart swap. In theory, the new Aparri should have went to tribal both times but they just got lucky with the return of the first challenge from China.

          1. What I meant be that was that we got the people who would make the best pairings together on the same tribes.

          2. Oh…in that case, yes, that is true. In that case, the second swap in Cambodia definitely delivered because we had Savage/Abi/Woo, Kass/Ciera, Kass/Spencer….oh and Wiglesworth all on one tribe. We also got the great reunion of Joe and Stephen to continue that storyline.

      1. I really like the best swaps article idea. I do wish that they would go back to a schoolyard pick swap every once in awhile.

          1. I’ve never seen that season but I remember it more fondly from Cook Islands which I thought ended up going well.

          2. The only real issue with Cook Islands/Panama is that all of the interesting people got put on one tribe and all of the dull people with one exception got put on the other tribe.

          3. They had a good run of schoolyard picks with Panama, Cook Islands, and Micronesia, and then Gabon went… very, very wrong.

          4. Still pre-merge, though. The fact that there were more d-bag at cave beach doesn’t change the fact that it’s the pre-merge of Fiji.

          5. That was better, if only because it put the interesting people together and gave them the beach.

          6. “Gabon went… very, very wrong.”
            You just wrote one of the kinder Gabon blurbs for the DVD cover.

          7. Well now I’m curious to how it went wrong in Gabon but not curious enough to watch it.

          8. Resist the temptation to watch. Resist the temptation to ask. Just say, “Whew!!! Dodged a bullet.”

          9. Don’t listen to the Assman. Knowing how bad Survivor can be is useful information. Just say “it’s only 13 hours of my life I’ve thrown away, I’ve blown more on worse things.”

          10. Also as to how it went wrong: They started the season with a schoolyard pick, and the older people kept picking each other, to the point where it was obvious which tribe was going to dominate.

            After like two episodes of this, they tried to call an audible and do a second schoolyard pick. This time they had the tribes rank all of their players in terms of usefulness, then literally made them stand on pedestals in order of rank while the pick went on. And they still fucked it up.

            So finally they said fuck it, set up a fake merge feast, and made them draw buffs out of a basket. It did not fix what was broken.

          11. I don’t care about Dr Marcus getting clipped early, but you just know that after that tribal council Jeff made them stay in their seats so he could have a good long yell.

          12. He actually legitimately thinks that. On the AV Club for Worlds Apart he did his own personal Survivor season rankings. Although I disagreed with many of them, it was a good and interesting read.

          13. I got it. Honestly I have a soft spot for that season. I know it isn’t very good and I dislike a lot of the cast, but I love how the merge episodes come together like clockwork to create the ending. It is my guilty pleasure season.

        1. I was hoping that the odd castaway out would be able to choose which tribe they wanted to join. No luck…

          1. Gabon aside, they did do something similar in Vanuatu when they allowed Scout to divide the tribes, Sarge to pick which tribe to join, and the leftover player, Lisa, to choose which tribe she joins. I don’t think it affected the game negatively in that situation – it actually set the game up for, probably, one of the most interesting conflicts of the season: Twila joins the men’s alliance and, then, defects when she rejoins the women’s tribe (with some helpful lies from Julie Berry).

      2. Eh, I prefer swaps when someone doesn’t get really screwed.

        I actually kind of prefer no swaps, but that ship has sailed.

        1. I still think Anna had a chance had she not decided to throw Tai under the bus. That sent the wrong image to potential swing votes Scot and Peter. Also, I think they went swap heavy around the same time that they went three tribes-heavy: to prevent Day 1 Alliances from happening.

          1. Peter wasn’t a potential swing vote though. He never gave off that impression at any point. We just thought it would make sense if he was. It just made so much sense to vote off Anna from a game perspective, and that really shouldn’t happen when a decision is so obvious and the person hadn’t done anything, really at all, good or bad.

          2. It was this very particular set of circumstances that cut off all of Anna’s options. If Julia’s wasn’t coming back, Anna could have flipped and allied with the Brains. If Scot didn’t know about Jason’s idol, Anna could have convinced him to vote out Tai as a threat/to reset the idol. If Scot didn’t know about Tai’s idol Anna could have convinced him to take his chances with a Beauty majority rather than a Brains majority (although this would also require 3-2-1-ing the Brains).

          3. Yeah, he seems to have forgotten he said that. As soon as he got on his new tribe he decided that he wanted to stick with Brains, and thought he was their leader.

          4. I think being in the majority made him feel extra confident (or normal Peter levels of confidence).

          5. I think her only shot apart from throwing Tai under the bus was to try and convince Aubry to turn on Peter but I don’t think it was obvious that Peter wasn’t tight with the Brains.

          6. I think Anna had no chance whatsoever, once it was made clear that Julia would be joining the tribe. At that point it was basically ‘vote off a Beauty, or you’ll be in the minority by tomorrow.’

            There was literally no other option, and every single player on that tribe was savvy enough to understand that. Which I kind of appreciate, even though it did suck to lose someone who seemed like they had real potential.

        2. As of season 3! Has every swap annoyed you? At this point it’s hard for me to recall many seasons without one.

          1. There’s a ‘no swaps’ era in the middle of the show. From Tocantins to South Pacific only Nicaragua had one, and that was kind of necessitated by the format of the season. So Scott is probably thinking of that.

          2. Ah, okay. Tocantins, Samoa, HvV, RI, South Pacific. And Thailand too, way back when.

            Wait – how did Shambo get switched? That wasn’t a swap? My memory of that season is failing me.

          3. She didn’t get switched. Samoa had a weird twist where both tribes had elected leaders (originally Russell Swan and Mick, then Shambo after Russell got medevaced) and sometimes, if your tribe won reward the leader got to send an ‘observer’ over to the other camp, which was why Shambo ended up spending time at Foa Foa.

          4. There are 10 seasons without a swap, plus Cook Islands and Exile Island where the swap was so early it was basically a reset, plus Philippines where it was more of a dissolve.

            Of the 19 seasons with a swap, I think someone’s been really screwed about 11 times. (Silas, Jerri, Amy and Brian, Rocky, Aaron, Jill, Monica C, Alexis, Anna, and I think Jacquie from Gabon though I haven’t seen that season. Everyone else somewhat contributed to their own demise.)

            Is that worth the higher percentage chance there will be a Pagonging post-merge?Most will say yes. I don’t know. Some Pagongings aren’t that bad (Heroes vs Villains). 4 of my top 6 seasons don’t have a swap.

          5. Wentworth was screwed by a swap, she was swapped with her Dad who people didn’t like much and got picked off because of it.

          6. Jon and Missy were in the power positions of that tribe though, and they were on Kelley’s Huhnapu tribe, they just weren’t her close allies. If she had done a better job tying them to her pre-swap her dad being around wouldn’t have mattered much.

          7. I don’t think that’s true, because everyone on that swapped tribe was with at least 2 people they had been with before. She got swapped onto a tribe with Missy and Jon who were not just tight but tightest with each other and both had loved ones that was an instant 4, what was Kellie supposed to do? convince them to vote of Jac or Baylor? as if. The only options for her were Keith who no one viewed as any kind of threat at that point or her own Dad, yeah you can say she should have tried to get her Dad out but then she’s next anyway.

          8. Not really. He survived to the merge and actually had what looked like a majority alliance at one point.

          9. Maybe I’m misremembering, but he was in charge on his tribe, had a confessional saying “Nothing can go wrong!”, then there was a swap. Yes he made it to the merge, but he was never in charge again.

            I wasn’t sure so I looked at his page on the Survivor Wiki and after the swap nothing went right for him. Sash forced him to give up his idol, he tried multiple times (unsuccessfully) to get Jane voted out. Nothing went his way. The phrase “Marty was left alone” is repeated again and again in the wiki.

          10. When someone who was on your original tribe turns on you in a swap and you get voted out because of that, that’s a little bit less screwage. Theoretically something could have been done there. I make an exception for Silas because there was no precedent for swaps.

          11. 10, wow. Didn’t realize there were so many!

            I’d say Silas and Rocky’s unbearable personalities also helped contribute to their own demise.

          12. The mess that was Gabon really turned them off the swap. Between Tocantins and South Pacific, there was only one swap in Nicaragua, and that was driven by the old people being completely mismatched with the young guns.

            The back to back Pagongings in RI and SP was basically the end of that.

          13. True on Rocky. Rocky and Mookie were theoretically in the same position. Mookie did fine, Rocky did not.

            Haven’t seen Africa so you might be right on Silas too.

          14. I am going to debate some of your “screwed” people a little bit. I think Amy in Guatemala was a mercy kill more than being screwed over by the swap because of her swollen ankle. I would also add Peih-Gee to the swap screw list because of the fact that out of everybody from Ta Keo, she got stuck with the one person who hated her and thus actively worked to get her out.

          15. Peih-Gee had an easy path to saving herself by just getting rid of Varner though. Judging by what Tasha said after the show, if they had done that the next vote probably would have been Abi, and you have a pretty solid Abi free alliance set going into the next swap. Obviously, take that with a grain of salt, but getting rid of Varner and having three more days is better than being eliminated.

            Also, they could have just ignored Varner’s breakdown and voted out Savage anyways.

            Fair on Amy in Guatamala though.

          1. Oh yeah, there are levels of screwage but I don’t think there has been a swap without someone getting screwed at least medium.

          2. Yeah, I’m not so bad with someone having to work their way out of a tough situation, like Savage and Tasha succeeding in doing last season, or someone like Bubba doing a bad job of things in Vanuatu. It’s when they are just put into a game-ending hole that bothers me.

          3. Savage and Tasha last season prove that you can be screwed over by a swap and not only survive but thrive.

          4. That’s my point though. Savage and Tasha were in a better situation than Anna was here for a number of reasons.

          5. Just looking at the numbers, Tasha and Savage should have been doomed post-swap. They both should have been the next to be voted out. It was only due to Tasha’s work bonding with Abi that they were able to take control of the swap tribe. Also, the 4 other people did not work together well as an alliance.

        1. I was actually expecting him to betray the brains and go after Aubry (even if she is on my Pick-4) since we got that scene of her saying to Debbie that Peter was going to betray them all if he stayed.

          1. I think it’s interesting and smart of him to stick with the brains at this point. He knows he’s the bottom but the bottom of an alliance and in the game is better than at ponderosa.

          2. I don’t know, he thinks he’s in charge of the Brains alliance on this tribe. He seems to have forgotten that the 4 other Brains already blindsided him and left him at the bottom.

          3. Well she still might be right with regard to next week’s preview but it may not be her that goes. She seems to be on no one’s radar as dangerous.

          4. Yes. Which from what everyone was saying in all predictions pre-game is a big surprise. I did not watch the pregame stuff, only listened to others. And I wonder how her “nerdy” girl looks are helping avoid the radar where someone like Anna gets targeted partially because of that.

          5. I know that I was expecting more of a Shirin-type: quirky girl who is terrible in challenges. She has been the exact opposite. In fact, the only quirky thing we have seen of her is the tree leaf hat thing that she wore during Liz’s boot. She seems to be a superfan who is comfortable in steering the strategy without saying “I’m steering the strategy”, which is fairly rare.

          6. I should have had more faith when she compared herself to Sophie, but the astrology stuff threw me off.

          7. They need her in challenges right now, but post-merge she better find herself in the majority real fucking quick or she’s in trouble.

      1. I thought it was even funnier to watch him interact with other humans and realize that he has learned absolutely nothing. His dedication to staying true to his core self, no matter how self-defeating, reminds me of Dan Foley.

        1. I’ve only seen about half of the seasons (why I’m not participating in the March Madness) but Dan Foley is my most hated player of all time.

          1. Oh no! I thought he was a great villain – a super enjoyable character with a lot to him. I loved rooting against him. I don’t even want to root against players like Dan Foley because I don’t even want to look at them on my screen.

          2. Oh, comparatively Randy’s not even close to worst. But it’s about who’s first, not who’s worst

          3. I’m trying really hard to think of someone I liked as little as Dan (or Will) and am coming up short. Lisi and Rocky from Fiji perhaps? Even then I’m not sure though.

          4. Alicia is a good one, though her ridiculous FTC helps her a bit. Colton, Naonka and Phillip all provide some level of entertainment for me that I can’t quite put them at the bottom. Shannon from Nicaragua and Ben from Samoa are the worst though, I changed my mind.

          5. That Alicia sucked, currently you are higher on my all time Survivor Alicia list than Alicia Rosa.

          6. He’s way down there for me too, but I hate Phillip Shepard and Brandon Hantz just a little bit more. Possibly because we got an unnecessary second dose of both of them.

          7. You gave a solid justification for why you hate Phillip, but he never bothered me that much. He was far more eyeroll-inducing than anything else.

            We should do a most hated player bracket next time. Too mean?

          8. It would be a good article.

            I notice that there are few women on this list. I think I’m the only one that named one.

          9. That’s a good point. I’d probably put NaOnka and Alicia (from One World) near the top of my list of women that would qualify.

          10. Although I don’t hate him as much as I once did, Russell Hantz is still the player I hate the most. No one else has had a combination of nails-on-a-chalkboard hateability and tongue-bathing by the show that so consistently pushed me away from all their seasons. There are players I less want to spend time with, but the show doesn’t make me spend so much fucking time with them.

          11. I have a seething hatred towards Russell, specifically because of the dog story. I couple of years ago I was helping a friend, who was from Louisiana, move, and at one point he holds up a plastic container about the size of a shoe box and says “Well this is a blast from the past. It’s everything I have left from before Katrina.”

            So every time I think of Russell, I think of that and think “fuck you and your fake dog.”

          12. Samoa must have been unbearable to watch in real time, but it’s great fun if you know in advance that it’s all one giant comeuppance edit.

          13. I bailed very early when it first aired and only just recently went back and watched the whole thing. I think it’s only bearable in a post-HvV world where he has fewer defenders among the fans. I did enjoy it some, but he still has so much air time and gets cheered so much at the finale… Watching him cry was great, but what a slog to get there.

          14. Almost all the post-merge exit interviews on South Pacific said that if Brandon had made it to the finals he would have won, which still boggles my mind.

          15. It’s baffling in the abstract (and would make South Pacific a lock for worst season ever), but Brandon would have had to have defeated Ozzy at RI to get to end, so he would have had a huge achievement on his resume. Plus he would have gotten a fair number of the prayer circle’s votes.

          16. It just goes to show the difference between what the players see and what the viewer sees months later.

          17. I lost all sympathy for him after watching him display his vindictive hate-boner for Mikayla. Watching Brandon versus Phillip on their second season was like watching a battle of the garbage people.

          18. If you’ve never read any of Dan’s post-show defenses of his behavior, do yourself a favor and don’t. He still thinks he’s the hero of that story.

          19. Oh, I’ve read them. My personal ranking of awfulness puts ‘small-minded and delusional’ /slightly/ below ‘small-minded and thinks shitty behaviour mandated by a higher power’. Though I admit it’s a close-run thing.

          20. On last season’s live KIAs episode on RHAP (which took place at a bar), one of the former Survivors they brought up on stage to talk to was Dan. I could not understand how he was not booed off the stage and out of the bar.

            Max thinks Shirin stopped talking to him because he critiqued her Second Chance game? I think it’s more likely she’s mad at him for bringing Dan to this when he knew it was her boot episode.

          21. Possible, but say you’re Shirin, and Max knows that this is your boot episode. And Max goes to a live KIAs and as his guest he brings Dan? Dan???

            I know sometimes you can be friends with 2 people that don’t like each other and have to navigate social situations, but Max doing this just seems like he didn’t care how Shirin would feel about giving Dan a chance to gloat and comment at Shirin’s vote-out.

    2. This 2-2-2 is really fun. We’ve never seen one before. I’m excited for this post swap period now.

    3. Poor Beauty. In every previous episode they seemed to be in the best position and the least dysfunctional tribe. But once the swap happened, they were immediately doomed.

      Not that some Beauty players can’t go far and end up winning. But as an alliance, I’d put them in 3rd place right now.

      1. If I were Nick and Michelle, I think I’d go to Jason and Cydney and argue that if we didn’t team up to take out a brain or two, they were clearly going to have the numbers advantage at the merge.

        …if I were Michelle, anyway. Is there any scenario for Nick and Jason interacting which doesn’t end in Jason punching Nick in the face?

        1. I think the vote out of a Beauty taking it to 5-4-3 may give the Brawn some thoughts on going with voting out another Beauty but at 5-5-3 it’s about who you think is easier to play with then beat and Debbie and Neal give off that vibe, whether it is true or not.

    4. Anna and Tai were clearly the standouts on the Beauty tribe though, and I can’t imagine that the producers were thrilled at the idea of losing either of them. Anna and Tai competing with Debbie and Neal for the love of the brawns, vs Nick and Michelle fighting against each other for survival, would surely have been more fun?

      1. At this point of filming, Beauty has lost Anna and Caleb, and could have potentially lost Tai. Leaving them with the dynamic personalities of Julia, Michelle and Nick. Production must have been sweating.

  11. I am sorry to report that I think Jasle may actually win this season. I hope that I am wrong, but the show has seemed to sweep his mistreatment of Alecia under the rug now.

    1. I’m starting to fear that too; If the Scot-Tai duo holds to the merge, and some alliance-forging and idol play move a Brawn+Tai alliance to FF, Tai gets axed at FF. I have it in my head that there are three med evacs this season, and that, along with the fact that the final ep has two tribals before FTC, makes me think that there might be a F2 at FTC this season. Then Cydney gets cut, and no one votes for NBA champion Scot Pollard, giving Jason the title.

    2. Well it’s only been one episode and he has to be on his best behavior with a new tribe. And it’s not like they can have flashbacks of Alecia being bullied throughout the show, so I don’t think it’s a conscious decision to sweep her under the rug – they featured her mistreatment very heavily in all of the prior episodes.

      But don’t worry, I’m sure Jason’s inner douchebag will resurface eventually and we’ll get to hate him anew! I’m confident he doesn’t need Alecia around to be an asshole.

      1. I so hope you are right. This just feels like a season where a Jason could win and he has a few people around (Scot, Peter) he could actually beat in a final tribal.

        1. According to Alecia in her exit interviews she did some crappy things to the guys, but none of it was shown. My read is that they wanted to highlight Jason’s rough edges, which makes me doubt he is the winner. In my mind, Probst’s lack of hype this season points to a female winner.

  12. So Debbie’s been a chemist, a server, a captain, and now (up until two weeks ago) a professional body builder?

    1. Debbie calls herself many things, but I believe we at Purple Rock have settled on “Water Felon”.

      1. If that’s the case, I’m surprised in the first few episodes she didn’t perform surgery on someone to get Peter on her team.

        1. Haha well she seemed set against Peter and his ‘better than you attitude’ and was the reason he lost his perceived power. She’s probably told Neal she served Ice cream at the cheese cake factory.

  13. So I’m thinking that sending their youngest, arguably weakest player to exile had to be about the worst case scenario for the show in terms of not killing contestants (which I assume is their new strategy as of the last episode)

    1. I was fairly convinced for a few seconds that we were getting some kind of “Julia gets medevaced from Exile Island” bizarro edit.

      1. “Okay, guys. The good news is that we’re med-evaccing Julia right now. That Bird’s for her!”

  14. I had no idea who was going home and that was fun! I even voted Anna as the winner pick this week.

    In other news, Peter has gotten island hot.

    1. I keep hesitantly admitting Nick is getting island hot. I try to not say it aloud, because, like Voldemort, he has an alarm on his name.


    2. People are getting Island Hot, Aubry’s hair is starting to look good, Nick’s beard is a big plus (I bet Neal is looking at him like “I wish my face did that”) and Cydney looks exactly the same (which was damn good to being with).

    1. Nice work. Plus I love the fact that for your header pic you used a shot of an optimistic yet relatively invisible character this season.

  15. Good god. I radically misjudged Peter, thinking he was competent. He is not. The opposite is the case with Cydney, who appears to be ultra-competent but whom I pegged as a glorious flameout.

    Things are looking good for Brains if they can just hold it together a little while longer. Team Neal! Although it’s not really all sunshine. Peter I’m sure will find a way to blow it up. Not that he’s not totally unjustified, given the shitty treatment that Joe and Aubrey gave him. Seriously guys, you really dodged the bullet on that one. Next time maybe consider coddling your very essential alliance partner a little bit, not just telling them their opinions are irrelevant and don’t matter.

    Anna’s loss is going to make a lot of people unhappy, but I have to admit I never really saw what all the fuss was about. Yeah, it’s arguable that she just ran into some bad luck with the way things worked out. I was certainly hoping that Tai would not play his idol.

    1. I had the opposite impression of Cyndey. She seemed like *too* good of a competitor, the kind everyone pegs as a threat

    2. I was hoping he wouldn’t play the idol because I want it to be just for him. But if Anna hadn’t been so willing to throw him under the bus as a target, it might have made sense for him to play it there and take out one of the Brains.

    3. I’m team Neal too. I hated his bio, and I was further upset by the fact that he apparently loves my home town (Mr. “I love equality” loves a city that will vote for Trump in a landslide over any Democratic candidate). But, he’s been really good in the game. His biggest danger is being seen as too much of a threat, and he’s doing a decent job of hiding that, at least a little.

      “…I have to admit I never really saw what all the fuss was about.”
      In a word: boobs.

          1. Maybe I should change my name to Ms. Sweaterfan for the sake of clarity. It’s a sad day when a straight lady can’t comment on other lady’s boobs on the internet without other people thinking she’s a guy 😉

    4. Arguable she just ran into some bad luck? She got almost as swap screwed as anyone on Survivor ever has.

      Your in a minority, and if the majority doesn’t vote one of your tribe out they lose the majority. Oh, and the other option to vote out in your tribe both has an idol and is the most lovable person ever.

      No one is getting out of that.

      1. Almost as bad as getting screwed because your neighbor refused to vaccinate their kids. Bazinga!!

  16. If I were Peter, I’d covertly try to get Scot to help me split the votes. Aubry and Joe can vote for whomever they like, add Scot to get two votes on the other Beauty, pile on for the revote. Peter’s already on the outs with the rest of the Brains, but they need his vote when the margins are so thin; plus, it’d be a lot cleaner than the chaos that was happening before the actual vote tonight. All’s well that ends well (i.e. Tai stayed *with* his idol), but Peter, or even Aubry and Joe, could have saved himself some stress and anxiety at Tribal

    1. Peter had no stress or anxiety. He seemed to have forgotten what happened several days before or the confessional he gave about being on the outs with the brains, because after the swap he felt he was in a ‘power position’ with the brains.

  17. I’m not sure Tai made the right decision. Saving the idol for later seems more like a short sighted goal, and Scot just had a self serving reason to get Tai to hold onto it, as now, the Brains are still in power, the Beauty who comes back might be resentful that they let Anna go/might just get picked off anyway, and then they’re back to square one with being on the bottom. If Tai played it, then Peter’s out, the Beauty has control and Scot can just piggyback on them (though it’d make literal sense for them to piggyback on Scot!). Though the big issue with that plan is, is that alliance even worth that play? Considering how the girls didn’t trust Tai and with Anna throwing him under the bus, maybe that makes more sense for Tai. He just has to make it to the merge for it to be worth it –t hough now that I mentally went through the rationale, his decision makes the most sense.

    Anyhow, Peter’s still a douche. Jason and Scot don’t seem as bad now they’re not acting like assholes, but they still are.

    Neal finds the clue to the idol and is the first person to use the idol tool correctly. He truly is a Brain!

    And Joe thinking there are no idols. What???!! Are you daft man?! Plus he was really dismissive to Peter, who deserved it, but easy there Joe, let’s not go down the path of Peter!

    Poor Julia is all alone on Brawn beach. If it were me, I’d look at the brightside and think it would be pretty cool to get to hang out on the beach by myself for a day and a night.

    1. Joe’s comment about the idol might have been wishful thinking. I can easily see an gruff older guy who compared himself to a first ten seasons player in his bio hoping they had dispensed with this idol gimmickry, just this once.

      1. Still seemed pretty daft of him to say that, I mean was he even looking for an idol to begin with? Sort of like Sean Penn saying since he didn’t see any WMDs, there must not be any! (Of course there weren’t any, but did Sean Penn really know that!)

    2. I tend to agree that Tai made the right decision. I’m genuinely not sure what his level of game sense is, but I just don’t think it was a good idea for him to put all of his eggs in the Anna/Scot basket. Now he’s at least still got the idol and has a shot at making it to the merge. Although, I’m guessing he’s going to be considered a threat for his social game at that point. Basically his path to the end is difficult no matter where he turns, but I’m not sure what else he could have done. Caleb was probably naive enough and in love with Tai enough to take him to the end if he somehow got there himself, but fate struck down that option last week.

      1. If he had used the idol to save Anna and vote out Peter, then Julia would have returned and the tribe would be 3 Beauties, Scot, and 2 Brains. The Beauties would stick together (Anna and Julia are already tight, and Tai saved Anna so she would know he was loyal and want to keep him), and unless Scot and the 2 Brains wanted to force a tie and draw rocks, one of them would join them (probably Scot, based on this episode).

        It’s smart that Tai kept his idol for himself, but I don’t think it would have been a huge mistake to play it for Anna. The whole tribe seems to love him, but he doesn’t seem to be in a strong alliance there.

        1. Very good point. My thought process was just that he would then no longer have his idol, and presumably the rest of the Beauties + Scot could then afford to take him out themselves without losing their majority if they wanted to (but why would they want to)

          1. I mean the whole point of that tribal was that the entire tribe wanted to keep Tai. Even Anna would have wanted to keep him, except it was an “either him or me” situation.

            I expect that when/if Tai is ever voted out, most of the tribe will be crying. Except for Robot Nick.

        2. But he would likely be back at the bottom of the Beauty Alliance if he did that, but with her gone he can move up a spot. I’m not sure if there was a right or wrong decision to be made here (other than using the idol on himself at this tribal council).

          1. It would be Anna, Julia and Tai, and also Scot. So although Tai would be a beauty that alliance would be 2 pairs, so Tai wouldn’t necessarily be at the bottom.

            After the merge, who knows? But in the situation I described he does have some power. Right now, even though everyone likes him, he doesn’t seem to have any power at all.

  18. Hornacek snaked one of my three favorite visual moments of the episode – Scot having to duck to enter the voting booth, but here are the other two:

    1.) When Probst mentioned Caleb medevac, the rest of the beauty tribe looked pained, while Nick nodded his head in his best simulacrum of showing empathy for his fellow hyoo-mahns.

    2.) After the swap, everyone else has their buffs on their heads and Julia is nervously twisting hers around her hands. Poor kid.

      1. I suspect that the other half of that was that Scot could straight haul that thing by himself and saw no reason to care that he was supposed to have a partner.

        1. And Aubry has proven to be a fast swimmer so can get to the mats around the same time as him.

        2. also having a partner haul it slowed the other tribe down because it spread it out creating more drag

          1. Who was it that yelled out “Get closer together” to the two people carrying the net? That was a good idea.

      2. I was yelling “Run Aubry, what is wrong with you, why can’t you keep up?” Then I remembered the giantness of Scot.

          1. I really thought she was going half-speed and ready to collapse, especially when she didn’t dive down at all. Then I realized that Scot was better to dive down because he just had to go under enough so that the water surface was at his eye level and he would be standing on the bottom.

          2. And she seems to be a really good swimmer also. Scot does have experience snorkeling though.

          3. I am not 100% sure, but didn’t Scot mostly walk out except the last portion and swim only briefly back and then was able to stand up? He could stand a lot sooner than all 3 of the other participants.

          4. Yeah, Aubry may be one of the most well-rounded female challenge competitors they have ever had. She’s good at swimming, puzzles, and shockingly strong for someone so small. I don’t know how good she is with balancing things, but I predict she’s at least decent.

          5. She is reminding me a lot of Sophie in terms of demeanor and physical competence. I hope she can live up to that.

          6. Good call with that comparison. The only real difference is that we were expecting to see a whimsical elf instead of this challenge beast, whereas with Sophie, I think a lot of people were just expecting the average young girl edit. I bet Andy is slightly happy about that change with Aubry.

          7. “…good at swimming, puzzles, and shockingly strong for someone so small” describes Denise to a T. Was Stephenie LaGrossa so terrible at puzzles that she’s not even in this conversation?

          8. Stephenie also never really played in the ‘everything ends in a puzzle’ era of Survivor. (I’m not counting her brief stint on HvV.)

          9. Yeah, I felt bad for her on HvV. James was so vocal about her being bad luck because “every tribe she’s been on ends up losing!” That’s true, if you only saw her in Palau and didn’t watch Guatemala. James must have missed that season where she made it to the finals.

            James was lovable in his first season, but he was no rocket scientist. This is the guy that got voted out with 2 immunities when there were only 3 tribals left he could use them at.

          10. I was thinking that on the way to work this morning (while listening to another podcast). She also reminds me a bit … of Denise … knowing when to let others take the lead. And her edit reminds me a bit of Natalie Anderson as we are not getting that much before the merge.

          11. I don’t know about ever, but she’s an unexpected challenge competitor that’s for sure, when she was on the swimming section I thought “oh, why not the puzzle” but she’s in fact one of the strongest swimmers in the group.

          12. There’s not many women I would compare to her. Obviously, Laura M., Sophie, Kim, and Jenna Morasca go into that pile, but who else? Maybe Kelly Wiglesworth, but her challenges were a lot different.

          13. The problem is Amanda and Parvati played in the fewer puzzles era of Survivor. I don’t think either stank at them. No comment on Double D.

          14. I don’t remember Cirie or Penner as puzzle beasts either. I think people we know are smart get an undeserved puzzle reputation the same way big guys get an undeserved challenge reputation.

          15. Meanwhile, two of the best puzzlers of all-time are Boston Rob and Joe. Construction worker and jewelry maker.

          16. Honestly those are both jobs that involve spatial thinking. There’s a tendency to simplify all skills/jobs/players into brainy stuff, athletic stuff, or social stuff, but I bet there’s some skill overlap between jobs where you put physical objects together and challenges where you put physical objects together.

          17. I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m all for us not assigning intelligence to people because of their job titles or the name on their diploma. Or whether or not they wear glasses.

          18. I’m not disagreeing with you either! I’m just a cranky person with a cranky avatar.

          19. Amanda beasted that Great Wall puzzle at the end of China, so she can at least do them. Parvati’s skillset is more geared towards standing in one place for an inhuman amount of time.

    1. Ha ha! Actually I didn’t realize at the time that I should have noticed the visual of Scot in the booth from the 3 previous Brawn-at-tribal episodes. Either I didn’t notice it those times or they never showed clips in those episodes of Scot in the booth.

      I wouldn’t have been surprised if Julia had burned her buff when she got to her new beach.* She really went from a great position to an “I hope I don’t die” position. I’m surprised she didn’t get a “Hey, I’m doing great! I’m in a 3-girl alliance on Beauty! I’m very confident” confessional before they went to the swap.

      * That is, if she was able to make a fire.

      1. I was sure that they would cut back to Julia later in the episode and she would miraculously have fire (*coughcough* started by the crew)

        1. “Lightning struck a tree and started a fire! I swear that’s what happened!”

          (Tai cries for the tree killed by God’s wrath)

          1. After that scene with the ants I really thought we’d get another scene of Julia’s beach where we wouldn’t see her. The camera would move around, looking for her, and then we’d see her completely covered in ants with them carrying her away.

  19. I think we got our first clear shot of this season’s idol design when Neal found it, and it appears to be half of a yin yang symbol. So now we know how fitting two idols together works.

    1. Nah, Jason and Scot talked about its yin/yang shape and held it up for the camera when they found it.

      1. I totally missed that. Thanks.

        I think I was led astray by all of Rob’s speculation about there being special rules to ‘two idols fitting together.’

        1. Rob and Steve have been wondering if only certain idols fit together i.e. the Beauty idol fits with the Brawn idol but not the Brains idol. I think each idol will fit with any other idol. They each seem to be half of the yin/yang symbol with a knob at the fat end and (presumably) a hole at the thin end.

  20. So Scot’s hoping that Tai and Kyle can bring their two idols together to form a SUPER-IDOL(!!!), but there’s no way that that’s in Tai’s best interests. In order for the Super-Idol to work you have to really really trust the other person and/or be in a situation where playing it would lead to you gaining a numbers advantage for your alliance. Otherwise they can just tell each other that they’ll save each other after the votes are read, but if say everyone votes for Tai surely Kyle won’t actually waste his idol to save Tai by forming a Super-Idol, right? He could just renege on the deal and Tai goes home idol in pocket (/shoe!) and Kyle gets to keep his regular idol to use on himself at a later date. I just can’t really picture a scenario where the Super-Idol gets played this season.

    1. That was basically the conclusion we came to when we discussed the super idol in the season preview podcast- the way it’s most likely to be used is if one person gets two idols for himself (and I intentionally use “him” there, since all three idol holders are male).

    2. When Scot was discussing the idea of getting a super-idol, I never got the impression that he was thinking of how it would benefit Tai. He was only thinking of himself and Jason. He’s probably thinking of a way to convince Tai to give him his idol.

    1. This is probably ageist of me, but I laughed/cringed at that as well. Somebody (Spencer maybe?) said something very similar in Second Chances and it seemed like a totally plausible (though incorrect) deduction for him to make, but when Joe said it I was like “hahaha nice try old man” 😛

    2. It was. I suppose it’s possible that he could have been intentionally throwing that out there as a bluff, but I get the impression that he legitimately thinks there might not be idols.

      1. Keep in mind that prior to this, he had heard Jeff say the line “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.” I think they may have put Joe on the wrong starting tribe.

        1. If no one had played an idol all season, the last tribal where you could use them Jeff would say “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, this is the last time you can do so … if there were any idols this season! Psyche! I said that every tribal but there were never any idols!” At which point some Benny Hill music would play and Jeff would dance around laughing at everyone.

      2. They were throwing that around last season too, because usually production gives some indication or has clues available or something. The last two seasons you’ve actually had to find the idol clue.

    3. Joe: “I haven’t been able to find an idol, so the only logical conclusion is that there are no idols this season.”
      Jeff: “Joe, that doesn’t make sense. Just because you can’t find …”
      Joe: “No idols!” (glares at Jeff)

  21. Given that I’m apparently not a great predictor (I voted for Anna as the winner on the predictions poll this week, and don’t get me started on my fantasy team), I’m really stumped at who could be the winner this season. I’m starting to think it might be someone unpleasant, like Jason or Peter, because otherwise I’m really just not seeing it.

      1. I personally love Debbie’s on-screen quirks, so I don’t trust my ability to determine how well she’s doing in the actual game, but I wouldn’t be mad at a Debbie win.

  22. So how long ago do we actually think Neal found that idol? It was such a random segment in the intro.

    1. Did Nick leave that beach after the swap? If he did then Production knew that they had to edit it in before the swap. Once he started looking it did seem very quick for him to find the first clue, find the key-tree, and get the key.

    2. I’d say post-Liz, because it otherwise would’ve added a fun dimension to the comeuppance that the person Liz and Peter were targeting had the idol. But not necessarily post-Caleb-or-Alecia.

      1. I would guess last week before the first challenge, just because the medevacs took up so much of the episode they barely showed anything at any camp.

  23. So…. this is the season of Debbie right?

    Also, this is totally a Gabon-ing. I hope y’all are ready.

  24. From what we saw, both Debbie and Nick approached Sunburn because they wanted to work with Cydney. I wonder if he picked up on that.

  25. A million downvotes to Neal for bringing out the ‘X is a cancer on our tribe’ line.

    There’s always one asshole per season to do it and congratulations, Neal, you are that asshole.

  26. Quick Fun Fact: If the merge is two episodes (as many are predicting), either Julia or Michele/Nick will join the echelon of Tandang and Joe/Keith to have reach the merge without attending a Tribal Council.

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