Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 7 Liveblog “It’s Merge Time”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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556 thoughts on “Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 7 Liveblog “It’s Merge Time”

    1. They can’t all be “I Can Forgive Her but I Don’t Have to Because She Screwed with My Chickens”.

      1. There was like 80 better episode titles in random quotes. Nick’s quote about not being the pretty girl, exercepts from Aubry’s last confessional, or Jason’s whole “Pushing Geeks into Lockers” all would have been much better.

          1. He, Peter, and Nick have all made them. If it weren’t for the fact that Peter is a doctor I would say that the explanation was that we got the perfect trifecta of dudes who peaked in high school.

          1. Ha, I glossed over that in your list, so I meant to add to your list, not correct you 🙂 Sorry!

          2. I am now hearing “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story running through my head.

            “I feel pretty, I feel pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!”

          1. But if you go to Wikipedia you might see more than just the next episode title. My way you can only look one ahead.

          2. That’s just what Wikipedia *wants* you to think. They lull you in and then BAM! You go there and the titles for every episode are listed there, spoiling you for the rest of the season. Episode title-wise, that is.

          3. If you’ve already seen the most recent episode there’s nothing Wikipedia can spoil you on.

      2. I feel like this could be the next Purple Rock Bracket. “Best Episode Titles” would be pretty sweet.

        1. Except it’s really definitely “I Can Forgive Her but I Don’t Have to Because She Screwed With My Chickens”

          1. If anybody voted against that episode title I don’t think I could respect their opinion. That title is like the 2012 Baylor Bears women’s basketball team that went 40-0. Just unbeatable.

          1. I may or may not be about to search sporcle for said quizzes. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken a Friends episode title quiz before at the very least.

        1. No such thing. Do you guys assume because of my Haley-tar that I like pop punk indiscriminately?

          1. I accidentally leave letters out all the time because my typing is really fast paced. (I had to go back and add the a to because.)

            It’s fixed now.

          2. Okay, what you’ll see is a trail of mangled grammar and spelling that gets fixed a day later when I re-read what I wrote and see all the mistakes I made. For someone whose job involves* teaching English, I am sadly bad at** typing it.

            *it took me three tries to spell ‘involves’

            **and immediately I realize I’m missing a preposition

          1. I was going to tell him the same thing, but halted out of camaraderie for a fellow ATLien.

    2. They didn’t try very hard with the hashtags this episode either. Just one giant shrug emoticon for Neal’s medivac.

  1. No rehearsal tonight, kids are in bed. I’m with ya to live-tweet until my 2.5 year old starts shrieking for a tissue. Or because her stuffed animal is facing the wrong way in her crib.

    1. For those following along at home, my 2 year old stayed asleep, but my 6 year old came out to tell me her knuckle hurt. Thankfully it was before the gross-out scene

      1. ok kid what is the size of the infection, is it black, do i need to lance it yet, that’s it i’m pulling you from the house!

  2. Son of a gun! They’re postponing Survivor here to show the Spurs game! I love the Spurs but dang! Someone’s getting evacuated and I’m afraid it’s going to be someone I don’t want to leave!

    1. He had a pretty good episode, apart from the thing where he still seems like a huge creep.

      1. Yeah, he managed to turn up the douche-factor by episode’s end. Although, he and Michelle are probably right in their thinking as far as their strategy goes (provided they can somehow whittle down Brawn at some point)…people probably won’t vote for Jason or Scot.

      2. I find I’m definitely rooting for Nick over Jason and Scot because whilst they may all be assholes, Nick doesn’t seem like an /aggressive/ asshole.

        Also, he’s kind of oblivious, whilst the Brawn guys are more actively unpleasant. It’s a degrees thing.

    2. It’s episodes like this where I truly realize just how easily I can be manipulated by the editors. They pulled the rug out from under Debbie and made Nick into a semi-rootable narrator. They even somehow lumped Cydney in with the other “Brawn Bullies” (though they never showed her doing anything particularly bullyish).

      1. Right? I like to think I’m all cynical and world-weary, but a positive confessional and inspirational music can totally still get me.

    3. I’m rooting for him in the sense that I want him to take out Jason and Scot … he is right about their arrogance … but he is also arrogant. And then I want Michelle and Aubry to take him out.

      1. I’d be ok with this. I’m mostly rooting now for Aubry to slither her way past getting voted out at every turn.

  3. Well, I guess that explains why the show was just like “hey btw Neal found an idol” a few episodes ago.

    Farewell Neal. I’ll have some rocky road in your honor.

  4. Is this the first evidence we’ve gotten that these people aren’t actually charmed by Debbie’s oddball behavior?

    1. I think she came off as weird very early on. I think some of her brains tribemates have said since that she’s an acquired taste. She’s off-putting at first, but eventually becomes kind of endearing, so it may be too early to tell how she’ll fit in on the merged tribe.

          1. Hmmm..probably someone who hasn’t gotten medical attention. At this point, I have to give it to Nick since he is the oldest one who has not been checked out for medical yet.

    1. We had multiple jurors talking about how much they don’t like him. That is not winner material.

      1. I really hope that is true. I am just afraid we could get to a situation where he may be the best option.

    2. I could see Scot getting to the finals much more than Jason… he’s getting a more positive edit and people on the tribe actually seem to like him.

  5. What do you guys think of Michele’s edit? I think she’s still getting a strong one, a lot of confessionals when little in the episode had to do with her, plus the continuation of the “Nick thinks he’s playing me, but I’m playing him” conversation.

    I don’t care if she wins, but I’d LOVE to see her mastermind Nick’s exit, even if she goes out right after him.

    (Can you tell I can’t stand Nick?)

    1. Especially after her confessionals tonight, I can’t imagine she doesn’t make the finals. They were mostly pointless, and yet they were still included. The one right before the merge was especially glaring, I thought.

      1. I can see her in the finals with Jason… not sure on the third though. Fishbach suggested Aubrey, but she’s been doing a lot of flailing…

        1. Aubry’s getting a looooot of on-screen chances to explain herself for someone who’s playing such a scattershot game, though.

        2. Awww crap, you guys, I just realized that with Neal’s exit, my fantasy
          team is now down to just Jason. Ewww.

      2. The one right before the merge was obviously photoshopped to Chan Lo blue, since there was no way they had time to get confessionals in, but I love how they used another segment of it later on but with her in merge colors to drive the point home.

          1. They might have given them new buffs. Debbie’s merge time confessional buff looked really clean too. But then they had her in the same spot wearing the black and purple buff in the same way and thought “oh, Photoshop”

          2. No, I mean that they pulled Michele and Debbie aside for post-merge confessionals and then gave them new blue buffs to talk about what merging felt like.

    2. I think she has done better this week. I am not sure if she will win, but she is firmly in the conversation. I want Nick gone yesterday.

    3. Yeah… I really don’t agree. It seemed like she and Nick were in the middle and Nick got by far the most of the confessional time and insightful confessionals

      1. I’m with Matt. Her confessionals are fine, but when you’re the person lying in the water who says “I don’t know, no one has really talked to me yet”, that’s usually not a great sign.

          1. Nick. I don’t like any of them but Scot has money … If he were at least playing for charity maybe he’d have a shot. Jason is lazy and people saw the way both treated Alecia. We’ve only seen nick being condescending to Michele. Nick would also have to win immunities to get there. But with three alpha males, you’d think Jeff would have promoted the season.

          2. I agree that it’s probably Nick in that situation, but one point: People didn’t really see the way Jason and Scot treated Alecia. The only person still in the game that saw it was Cydney.

          3. There actually have been comments that people have seen the way that they acted towards her at the challenges. How else would Neal have known that she was “blondie?” I don’t get the impression he would have come up with that on his own as well.

          4. Right, but I think that was the extent of what they saw. They didn’t see how Jason and Scot treated her at camp, which was worse than how they treated her at challenges.

          5. I think it’s more that Nick was the boldest because he had the least to lose.

            The whole pre-merge he never managed to shore up anything solid, so there’s really nobody he risks offending by reaching across the aisle.

            That doesn’t excuse Kyle and Scot giving away the store, of course.

          6. I wondered if that was edited out of order, like it wasn’t right away but a couple of days in when they were sureing him up?
            I did think he did the wrong thing by winning the first immunity, if you feel safe post-merge don’t win the first immunity because now you’ve made people notice you as a threat.

          7. Except he had a confessional where he said he thought Kyle and Scot might still be drunk, so it had to be merge feast adjacent.

        1. I wouldn’t mind an Aubrey/Michele/Jason final 3, with Jason getting shut out, and Michele being shocked to only get Julia’s vote… I could see that happening, and I’d endorse it 😉

        2. Not sure what the editors intention was, but I didn’t hate that approach. Debbie offered her influence over the vote-out choice, but asked her to reveal herself at the same time. Michele had none of it and just turned it around without putting the brains-women off.

          She did look pretty indecisive to the viewers in the process, though, and if Scot’s opinion is any indication, that’s not a good thing.

      2. After his very “purple” pre-merge, I almost thought Nick was getting a GG edit. But it was too positive for that.

    4. She’s getting a decent edit. I don’t think it’s a winner edit, but it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes FTC.

      1. I really like Aubry, she’s also hit that point where her hair looks awesome with the buff.

        1. At least Nick’s immunity win put you in the lead in the Outcast League. I’m sure you are grateful to have such a great player on your team;)

          1. I’m glad I can at least feel good about rooting for my fantasy team members. That was the primary reason I picked Tai. It was a coin flip between Aubry and Debbie for me. Debbie comparing herself to Coach tilted the scales to Aubry.

          2. I picked Debbie because I believe I was a spot below you and my choices were Scot, Debbie or Alicia (and maybe someone else I didn’t like). She seemed boom or bust, so far boom.

          3. Yeah, my same reason for Aubry. They were the only two who seemed like they had any possibility of winning, although they both seemed like potential early boots. They have worked out well for both of us.

          4. Also am I the only person who got fantasy points tonight? Don’t answer that, I’ve just realised that you get points for making the merge. Apologies.

          5. I forgot about that. Poor Count Bulletsula; prior to tonight, he was the only player in our league with only 1 player left and his gone player was Darnell.

          6. Nope I looked it up and Ms Woozah has lost her first. A blow to the domination of the Praying Mantis Crew.

          7. He’s got kyle so there’s a chance of rising if some of us lose two in quick succession

          8. It would be interesting if Kyle won, since there is a good chance he may not have enough points to win the league.

          9. That would be kind of amazing because usually having the winner is the most important thing.

    5. I don’t like it. She’s never shown to be either right or in control of anything.

      But, I don’t like anyone’s edit so what do I know.

      1. Maybe she isn’t right or in control, but she is an independent woman, dammit!

        And the edit reminded us of that, so I think she’s still fine and everybody else is worse off, edit-wise.

    6. I can’t stand Nick but I thought her stuff tonight was bad, she was pretty wrong a lot. It may still be that she goes deep (whose coming after her) but fuck it wasn’t good.

      1. When was she wrong this week? Not saying she wasn’t, I probably just can’t remember right now.

        1. Her reads on where she was in her swap tribe seemed to be wrong, her read on what was best for her vacillated wildly so as to be impossible to judge. Basically I thought she looked indecisive and a bit out of the loop. Now this isn’t to say she won’t get on it now and be good but I thought this was an odd week for her. But she still got a lot of airtime when Cydney and Julia both got nothing so that still points towards her going deep.

          1. Ok, thanks for explaining! This could be a good example for how watching with preconceived notions warps one’s perception. I liked everything I saw from her on my more casual live-watch, that I didn’t even really have an eye out for her on my rewatch.
            I won’t watch a third time and you may well be right that there was something amiss with her this week, but here is how perceived it:
            I don’t think that viewers who had not seen Debbie’s secret confessional knew how bleak Michele’s situation in the swapped tribe really was, for all we knew she and Nick were the swing votes and could have sided with either Brawn or Brains. Sure, Nick casted some doubt on that, but I felt we were meant to think that the mansplainer just couldn’t imagine that Michele was forging strategic relationships independent of him (and at the start of this epidode we learn was more focussed on taking ut Neal in that tribe). I took her scene with Debb and Aubry this week as a continuation of that connection.
            And as I said a few dozen posts below in response to Alkanarra, I didn’t think there was necessarily anything wrong with that scene in the water, in fact I liked her communicative style from a gameplay POV.
            However, imo Michele’s best scene was when she made clear to us that Brawn can’t just expect her to vote with them and that she makes her own decisions. Sure, in the end she and Nick decide to go with Brawn, but she was hearing out the Brains first and then we were given satisfactory strategic reasoning for that decision from her, so I don’t see that as wavering either.

          2. I think her scene about the Brawns thinking they can just tell her what to do is important because it has been a criticism of Kyle and Scot before. That they think they are in charge and everyone will just do what they say, it’s what got Jennifer to fuck up her game.
            I think it’s building to their eventual demise, either by being blind-sided for it or receiving no votes at FTC for their hubris.
            The ability to work collectively and listen to those who are and those you want to be your allies is important in the game but just as important is the ability to make it look like you are working collectively and listening when in fact you aren’t. Peter and Liz were victims of that inability and Scot, Kyle and Debbie are being called out on it in confessionals, that doesn’t bode well for them.

          3. That’s sounds like another absolutely valid way to read that scene. Heck, it could even be that we’re supposed to take both these lessons out of it, as these are non-competing views.

            Btw, what you describe in the 2nd paragraph reminds me a lot of the principles to Survivor that our common Pick-4-player Nick told us about in his pregame video. And there is truth to it.
            He did a good job reminding us why we picked him in the first place this episode and i could see him collecting many more points.

            I have to admit I’m slowly coming around on him, but I also read that you take these points more teeth-gnashingly, so I’m going to stop here.

          4. I picked literally just because I had 4 women, thought I should have a dude to win me an individual immunity points occasionally.

          5. Ok, then let’s just say I was speaking of the whole body of people that took him when I wrote “we”…

            Considering how bad the winning prospects for the male contestants are at this point, I’d say you had generally the right idea going in.

          6. Yeah, I looked for some immunity point upside and then took a punt on finding a winner in the 3 women. Obvs 2 of my choices were awful.

    7. I was making fun of Michele people last week, but I’m feeling a bit better about her now. It’s not like anyone is getting a particularly good edit combined with screen time at this point (AUBRY?!?!?!?!)

      1. Yeah, unfortunately Aubry(‘s edit) has been a hot mess. Reminds me a little bit of Spencer, actually, although I’m not sure if that comparison is fair or not.

    8. I think her edit is still really good and the best of everyone left, although Tai had a really nice episode from that standpoint, too.

      Nick won’t win, but from a fantasy-POV I’m happy that his edit picked up steam, so I hope Michele is into long-cons and won’t rush anything.

  6. Neal just joined the Colton Cumbie club by keeping his idol rather than giving it to his closest ally.

    Not, uh… not the person you ever want to be compared to, Neal.

      1. Let’s hope that’s it. Unless he thought it would be bad for it to be done in open sight, I really can’t see a good reason to hold it.

        1. I was thinking about that at the time — because it might hurt Aubrey if the whole tribe witnessed her receiving it.

      2. Yeah, from what we saw everyone was around. And nobody asked him for it. Didn’t someone ask Colton, then Colton said he was just going to keep it?

          1. I just recently re-watched One World (still not sure why) and he did indeed joke and say he’d keep it as a souvenir.

            The re-watch didn’t make him any more palatable, by the way.

          2. Everyone always talks about how bad it is and I remembered it being a pretty decent season, so I went back to see if I was wrong.

            I was wrong.

          3. The only thing positive I have to say about the season is that Kim is glorious. And she’s just as charming on Rob’s podcasts, damnit! I could never compete with her, it makes me so mad!

          4. It’s pretty much Redemption Island, with no Redemption Island, a less charismatic winner and more horrible people.

          5. She is very, very, very good at Survivor. I just don’t find her to be the most compelling of personalities. I have not listened to anything she has done outside of the game. I think some of this may also be due to the fact that I really hate this season and am kind of annoyed that it gets a bit of a pass just due to a great winner.

          6. She’s incredibly charismatic in interview and I imagine on the beach but she isn’t as charismatic in confessional as BR.

          7. Her RHAP episode recap appearances have been a joy to watch/listen to – insightful and so much fun. The one for this season (last week) was so enjoyable, after they went through all of the listener questions Rob said he didn’t want it to end so he pulled up her Survivor wiki page and started reading it to her.

          8. Hell yeah. I need to rewatch that season. The Bobby John vs. Stephanie fire making challenge is the only episode of the series that I have not seen.

          9. Last spring during the Second Chance voting I did a free trial on CBS and watched every season besides Africa, Thailand, Gabon and Nicaragua. Before that I’ve only watched 4 seasons total. I guess what I’m saying is be careful because Survivor is super addictive.

          10. That’s fair. I know it’s not a lot of people’s favorite but it’s not unredeemable…right? The first episode of Africa was the first time that I quit Survivor because of Lindsey getting her period. I wish I was kidding right now, but I’m not.

          11. Africa is a great example of how not to utilize a really good cast. I wouldn’t call it irredeemable, but there’s not a lot going on if you like “game play”.

          12. I will take interesting people over interesting game play every time, so while Africa is pretty low on my list I still enjoyed it. If you’re at all like me (and it looks like you are) you should find Africa worth your time!

          13. He is so much better in his non All-Stars season… I mean pretty much everyone was better in their non All-Stars season, but still.

          14. I thought Big Tom was hard to love for the first half of the season. But after Clarence left I began to really enjoy him. On All-Stars I thought he was just about as unpleasant as most of the cast.

          15. I actually like it more than the first two seasons. Overall a really enjoyable experience. Probably upper middle range for me, not top ten.

          16. There are rough spots, but there are some good characters. This is easily the weakest cast of the first 4 seasons though.

          17. I was spotty throughout the beginning, but I finally quit after All Stars. Not because I didn’t like it, but because it was too hard for me to do “appointment TV” at the time. Survivor is really well suited to DVRs, torrents, and the legitimate streaming options available today.

          18. For me, it didn’t help that I was extremely young when Survivor started. I was 10 when I watched Borneo. But, you are right: Survivor is the perfect binge show. You get a great story in 15 hours most of time with some drama, action, and comedy. If only Netflix made it available to stream…At least there is Amazon Prime and Hulu…and CBS All Access.

          19. I assumed I was the youngest person here after Emma, it’s weird to realize that’s not true.

          20. I don’t know how old you or Emma are, but I’m certainly close to being the youngest. I was also ten when Borneo aired so it really depends on what month Barbara Anderson was born in…

          21. I feel so old. I did not watch Borneo. Started with Austrailia. Still haven’t watched Borneo but some gave it to me on DVD. But was starting school for a second career at that time.

          22. I was a grad student doing laundry at a coin-op laundromat watching the Borneo finale on one of those shitty CRT TVs they have bolted to the wall that picks up scratchy analog reception over an antenna.

            Lawns, off of them, etc.

          23. There are almost enough of us olds to make an alliance against these damned millenials! We can dub our alliance “I don’t understand Snapchat.”

          24. Be careful, setting up a young vs. old alliance brings back memories of the-season-that-shall-not-be-named.

          25. D’oh! Just had my “should have scrolled down another centimeter” moment!

          26. I believe I was 14 when Borneo aired. I’m not sure if that makes me an old or a young, but I ~definitely~ don’t understand Snapchat…

          27. Which would be accurate in my case. I’m having a devil of a time right now trying to get my work printer off “pause.” Snapchat is beyond me. 🙂

          28. I was also nine! I remember talking about this a few years ago and I’m kind of surprised we haven’t picked up some new young’uns since then. I guess we’re still the babies around here.

          29. Barbara is a little older than me, but I think it’s less than a year. I remember being devastated when I discovered Ms. Woozah was younger than me.

          30. Huh, I thought you were two years younger than me, but I was 13 when Borneo started, so I guess it’s 3.

          31. Might depend on the time of year, although my birthday is in May, so I was pretty recently 10 for Borneo.

          32. I watched some of Africa and Marquesas sporadically when I was in middle school. The first full season I watched was Amazon (which I really enjoyed). Then I watched Pearl Islands sporadically (I remember the Osten quit, the dead grandma, and the women flipping on Burton). I then watched the full season of All Stars and have been watching religiously ever since.

          33. Am I the only one here that is older than 40? I’m reading everyone’s ages and getting depressed. Sigh, I’ll be 50 this year..

          34. The first R movie I saw in a theater was The Dead Pool. I wasn’t 18 yet but I bluffed my way past the ever-vigilant ticket cashier.

          35. That’s fair. I would have said Kimmi before the season, but now maybe Monica? Eh, the season turned out great. I should let go of some of this anger.

          36. I rewatched Africa last summer. It does have some decent characters, but the gameplay is definitely constrained by the small spaces they had to live inside. If you like big, enjoyably obnoxious characters, you’ll probably like Tom.

          37. I hate Africa, there are some great personalities but they stop doing anything because they literally can’t go anywhere. it is my least favorite season

          38. That’s a tough thing to say. There are a lot of things wrong with Africa, but there are also some great characters and character moments. It’s in my bottom third, but there are quite a few seasons I found much less pleasant.

          39. I think my month was up before I got to it. I wasn’t going in order. I gave higher priority to more acclaimed seasons.

          40. NICE! I started watching at Cook Islands in university and because I didn’t work very hard I managed to get up to speed in about 3 weeks after that. I do a lot of rewatches in the off season.

          41. My original plan was to watch about five or six seasons in that month but I was so blown away by Pearl Islands, I ended up watching that season in one day.

          42. I rewatched Pearl Islands last summer too, and it holds up really well. Such a great cast, and the marooning/buying provisions in town portion is so fun to watch.

          43. One thing I noticed when I binged the older seasons is how much more creative/interesting the season opener scenes were were. The Pearl Islands one is my favorite. I also liked the Palau one. Guatamala went a bit too extreme with the 11 mile hike but it was entertaining television.

          44. I thought Cagayan had a pretty great one with the Brawns being trucked in, the Brains airlifted, and the Beauties coming by boat, all with different scores.

            And of course, not enough can be said about Cambodia’s first fifteen minutes.

          45. When was the last time the locale and/or the local culture had a major effect on the feel of the season? China?

          46. Yeah I would say China. These past few seasons I have trouble remembering where they’re located.

          47. I was able to watch Australia-All Stars DVD’s from my library system. The weird thing was that Marquesas was checked out, overdue and had a hold on it; so at least 2 other people were interested in it.

          48. That is good. My library system is pretty great (mostly since they can draw from around 10 different locations) but they unfortunately did not have Palau.

          49. I’d like to think they read our site and really wanted to know what this “purple rock” was all about.

          50. Yeah, One World is probably the best game ever. Palau is more physically dominant (not that it was all Tom was good at) where Kim was socially dominant.

          51. Yeah, and Tom was pretty socially dominant. My point was Kim is the best social player ever (give or take Rob on his 4th go of the game), and Palau Tom was the best physical player.

          52. Ah, okay. Yeah her social game was perfect. I’d put it on the display shelf with JT and Earl as the ultimate examples.

          53. Redemption Island is the Boston Rob pleasure cruise, there is little to no reason to watch it. No intrigue, no suspense.

          54. Y’know what, I’m going to the be the contrarian here and say that you should watch both seasons. Like it or not, they really were the two most dominant winners ever (I’m discounting Tom in Palau a bit because it was really a partnership with Ian until the endgame; Ian flamed out so badly that you forget that). I’m not saying they should be at the top of your list or anything, but you should watch both seasons back to back, Redemption Island first and One World second. That will really throw into sharp relief how they let Boston Rob bowl with the kiddie bumpers up and from halfway down the lane.

          55. In defense of Redemption Island, whilst it gets a lot of flack from long-term Survivor fans, it’s pretty much a perfect season to show to someone as a masterclass of ‘this is how to play Survivor’. It’s the season I’d show to a newbie.

          56. I would only recommend it if you have a desire to see one of the most dominant games of all time. That is all the season has in its favor.

          57. I agree with everything but less charismatic winner. I think Kim is one of the most charismatic players of all time, but I do agree that Rob is better TV, if that’s the kind of charisma you’re referring to.

          58. I stand by my statement. What I meant is that Boston Rob is much better at playing for the camera and giving confessionals (he has been doing this for much longer). I don’t think Kim had that skill or interest in showing that skill. She is one of the 6 best winners in my opinion, but Rob can do a much better job at carrying a season.

          59. For me, Kim was a robot. But I’m the kind of person who prefers watching a robot than watching a repulsively smug Boston Rob on his fourth time. I prefer Kim’s robo-confessionals to Rob’s corny tryhard confessionals.

            But in the end I’m talking about my two least favorite seasons, so Eh shrug who cares.

          60. A lot of the female winners don’t have that skill either or are not interested in showing it. Danni did that as well.

          61. Yeah, I know I said you should before, but, uh… I was very much mistaken.

            What DrVanNostrand said: watch it for Kim. She’s not showy about it, but it’s still unbelievable that she gets away with everything so effortlessly. In a very, very boring way.

          62. If I were you I’d watch it purely to watch the greatest display from a first time player and possibly the best winner full stop.

    1. To be fair, Neal was having an emotional moment and nobody mentioned it in the scene, so maybe it straight didn’t occur to him?

      1. Yeah, you could tell when they were like “in three hours you could lose the leg” that it changed his mind about things real quick.

        1. We didn’t see it on the show, mostly because we didn’t see him on the show, but I always assumed Neal was a guy who has too many emotions.

          1. Understandable. That’s gotta be tough. It’s not like getting on Survivor is easy, and to be denied a chance to play out what might be your only opportunity is pretty heartbreaking.

          2. And of course now Neal is watching this season play out and thinking, “yeah… I’m not getting asked back.”

    2. I was wondering if he was just preoccupied with what was going down. He doesn’t seem like the vindictive type to screw over Aubrey that way.

      1. I almost feel like there was no way he couldn’t do it that wasn’t in plain sight of everybody. I think not having an idol is better than having an idol and everyone knowing about it.

        1. On Jeff confirmed that Neal could have given his idol to anyone. He was out of the game at that point, but it was not a situation he was expecting (like getting voted out at tribal). He didn’t say whether they mentioned the idol to Neal as they got up to leave, so maybe Neal was so overcome he just forgot about the idol.

    3. Colton’s closest ally was probably Jonas, who wasn’t on his tribe at the time. I mean, would you give an idol to Alecia?

      1. In the swap tribe, Colton and Jonas were on the same tribe. But his closest ally appeared to be Alecia.

        1. This all the way. He was working with the guys because he had to and because they were too stupid to see what a flipper he would be, but he spent every single moment of his confessionals whining about wanting to play with the girls. He was 100% going with them.

          1. This, plus he recognized that Jonas seemed to be a decent person. In Alecia he recognized someone as awful as himself, someone that would laugh along with him when he said “Go throw yourself in a fire!” to another player.

    4. I heard on RHAP that he tweeted that he had yarn/string/pieces of cloth in his pocket when Cydney saw him. Maybe he did not have the idol with him at that time?

        1. No idea. It was something he tweeted and Stephen read it. Maybe collected from things around camp or from bags. Maybe the clue was tied with yarn. It might just have been string. I did not look the tweet up.

      1. The bacteria were like: “Ooooh!!! That’s a nasty cut. We could infect the shit out of that!” Then they saw him playing with the chicken and couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

        1. They were about to munch down on a feast when Tai’s cute little non-threatening white blood cells show up wearing glasses and offering to show them around, and they were like “we can’t eat this guy, let’s move on.”

      2. They’re the opposite of plants. If you say really nice things to them they just wither away into nothing.

    1. Oh god, nobody suggest to Rupert that he could be a doctor. That’s a global pandemic in the making.

      1. I can see him discussing a potential bone marrow transplant with a patient’s spouse, saying they have a high percentage of being a match since they’re a blood relative. Should be fine.

        1. I can see him discussing a potential bone marrow transplant with a patient’s spouse, saying they have a high percentage of being a match since they’re a blood relative.

          …in a cookie monster voice.

    2. Could anyone take him seriously if he told them that they’d have to leave the game or they might die, if he said it in Rupert voice?

        1. Rupert as a fake doctor would work great to lay some pathos on these medevac-scenes, so Probst doesn’t have to carry it all on his own.

          But I liked the real Dr. Rupert, too.

      1. Damn I just made that same joke. Why didn’t I scroll down just one centimeter first, argh.

      1. They did and it was incredible. Rupert was terrible at everything and the tribe couldn’t hide their disappointment.

    3. -Thanks for coming in to interview for the position of Survivor Doctor. What’s your name?
      -Dr. Rupert–

      1. “One more question. Can you grow a beard?”
        “Uh, I guess so, but why …”
        “And put on this shirt.”

  7. So was Aubry the big winner tonight? She was the target. There was at least one conversation that she was targeted because she was the least obvious target, and would be the least likely to be saved by an idol. Now, do they just go after Debbie because she’s annoying and playing a little too hard? I suppose any time you’re saved, you’re the big winner, but Aubry may have gotten quite a bit of time from this evac.

    1. she was also the target only because of the idol, next week it would be someone different from the brains

      1. I’m not great at sussing it out when it’s not Mike levels of obvious, so I have no idea what will happen. Which is both exciting and plays into the notion that this post-merge is a shit show.

      2. I really have no idea who is going to win. I have narrowed it down to everyone except Nick, Joe and Julia. I’m not even ready to throw Jasle down there, since I could see this season devolving to a point where he has a chance.

    2. And she had a potential winner’s quote – the one about making your own path (although some of the rest was weird).

  8. Random thoughts:

    I guess Jeff was too busy to come to the beach with the merge boat so he sent two … interns?

    Michelle’s childhood dream was to make the merge. She must not have been an imaginative child.

    So is Debbie “toilet paper” and Neal “toilets”? Or is it the other way around?

    Maybe it’s just editing but it looks like Scot waited until he was talking to both Jason and Nick to tell Jason about Tai’s idol.

    That Tai/Debbie alliance-conversation was *weird*. Reminded me of Rudy on All-Stars. “Hey, you’re within my line of sight. We should be in an alliance together.”

    When Jeff was asking about all the injuries I thought he was going to offer free medical if you sit out the challenge.

    Even the players out of the challenge are laughing at Jeff’s “balls” comments.

    I really hope Neal doesn’t reach into the family jewels.

    “So what do you want to do?” Wow, it’s like Nick read all our comments last week and decided not to manslplain when talking to Michele. “So this is my thinking. We’re going with Brawn.” Oh. Never mind.

    Jeff makes a house call and … did Cydney braid Jason’s hair???

    Doctor Rupert!

    So it’s Russian roulette with Dr. Rupert. Which patient will get a failing diagnosis?

    Neal equates his journey with the show with Jeff’s journey with the show. Jeff instantly becomes interested in what Neal is saying.

    Neal didn’t try to slip the idol in Aubry’s pocket while he hugged her goodbye? (Phrasing!)

    “Sometimes you get dysentery and die.” Wow, Aubry got dark there!

    It was just editing, but it looked like after Neal was looked at, Jeff and Dr. Rupert weren’t interested in looking at anyone else. “We got one evac, we’re done here!”

    Poor Nick. Won immunity for nothing.

    Well, I figured Brawn would have won the vote, or at least still be in control next week, because (SPOILER) according to my PVR, next week’s episode is titled “The Jocks vs. The Pretty People”. Ugh.

    1. There’s nothing like a ball challenge to make me ask “Are we seriously not doing phrasing?”

      1. Jeff was being too obvious this time. It’s better when he doesn’t make it so obvious that he’s in on it.

        1. Agreed. There was so much ball-talk that my favorite Jeffrey-double-entendre quote of the week got totally overshadowed: “A little bit of movement is o.k., but you have to keep it under control!” – or something to that effect. It was glorious.

    2. Where was Debbie getting her ebony and ivory, and salt and pepper references? Aubry had already voted out the black guy.

          1. Are you forgetting …

            “I used to be a part-time model.” (2 second later) DEBBIE – PART-TIME MODEL

          2. I was waiting for the editors to put “toilet bowl” or “toilet paper” next to her name.

        1. As the only black person left, I thought of her, but it just didn’t make sense in the context of that conversation.

    3. I felt bad for Tyson and Keith when they did not get to keep their immunity. Nick I could care less about.

      1. It feels like Nick’s by far the biggest threat to win a bunch of immunities at this point anyways.

        1. Tocantins Tyson was absolutely a huge threat to go on an immunity run. Which is precisely why the first time he didn’t have immunity, Stephen was like ‘let’s vote off that guy.’

    4. I thought it was super weird that Scot spilled the beans about the idol with Nick around. Although maybe there just wasn’t a time when Nick wasn’t around? It felt like Nick was attempting what I think was Keith’s strategy from Second Chances: hang out in the background of every shot and then just casually stroll into a strategy huddle like you were always part of that alliance.

      1. I would think that after the merge feast, the first thing Scot and Jason would do is go off together to talk, and the first thing Scot would tell him about would be Tai’s idol. It felt like the conversation with Scot, Jason and Nick took place the next day, which means Scot didn’t tell Jason about Tai’s idol in all that time.

        1. Just me missing the whole live-blog. The show was pushed back to midnight in San Antonio due to the Spurs game.

          1. Ok, I thought you were referring to one of my comments in my Random Thoughts post and couldn’t figure out which one it was.

  9. “Fun” Fact: All 6 of the Brains have had some form of medical treatment now. They join 4/6 of Brawn members (excluding Darnell and Alecia) and 2/6 of Beauty members (excluding Michele, Anna, Nick, and Julia).

  10. I’m listening to Know it Alls, and Rob’s level of discomfort with the term ‘holding,’ while not as hilarious as when he couldn’t say ‘vagina,’ is still pretty adorable.

    1. I found some kind of copy of the original that someone had gotten to work on Windows a few years ago. It wasn’t great.

      1. There was a website that had really great versions of the old DOS games that run in browsers… I’m going to look it up and promptly relive 4th grade…

  11. Anyone else wondering when the spikes were going to sprout from the one in Neal’s back? It so looked like something from a sci fi movie.

    1. Would have been nice if he had transformed into the Abomination from The Incredible Hulk movie.

      1. Later, as I was trying to fall asleep, I imagined Jeff Goldblum’s The Fly – when he first started sprouting hair/spine.

    2. The suspense as he took off his shirt was definitely cinematic. We saw Jeff and the doc’s reactions first before they finally showed us the wound. I loved that even the doctor looked disgusted in that scene.

  12. Fuck everything about this episode. Fuck Cambodia. Fuck MRSA. There’s no way to even make lemonade out of this situation, it looks like a straight Pagonging of ex-brains and then a showdown between repulsive people. Usually my Wednesdays are full of happiness no matter what happens, but not this week.

    I was at least slightly amused by Jeff’s stupid face when he realized how fucked this season was going to be after getting a look at everybody’s wounds.

    1. You better not be right.

      My only hope is that I think since Probst would probably love what you just described and is usually apathetic to female winners, that his lack of enthusiasm for this season means that doesn’t happen. I am really crossing my fingers here.

      1. I’m thinking that Probst was down on this season regardless of the winner because it reminded him how close they came to killing or permanently maiming a player, which would probably spell the end for his beloved show (slash personal income slash personal identity slash life’s work.)

        1. Dammit. I was going to float this theory tonight and now must credit someone else. Because I think there’s a good chance that the lack of enthusiasm for this season is simply because this might’ve been their most difficult production ever. Hard to be excited for that.

          1. My working theory for Probst’s lack of enthusiasm has been either a) a woman wins or b) a horrible final 2 (or final 3). In a weird way it’s reassuring that it may simply be c) it would be unseemly to hype a season with this much suffering. Of course as we all know It Can Be Two Things (a and c or b and c).

    2. “Usually my Wednesdays are full of happiness no matter what happens…”

      Did you watch the Will/Shirin stuff? I had to move therapy to Thursday mornings.

      1. You’re right, those were an awful run of episodes to slog through. And come to think of it, large swaths of SJDS were rage inducing as well. So yeah, I guess Survivor disappoints a lot more than I care to admit.

    3. Yeah, Jeff’s face was so telling. He was processing in the moment how this whole season has gone to shit.

    4. I wouldn’t be so pessimistic. First of all it might not be a Pagonging after the first few votes. I imagine Debbie and Joe are goners, but Aubry still has a chance since she was last on their hit-list (they were only voting for her tonight because they thought she’d be the least likely to have the idol played for her).

      Second, there are still non-terrible people left. Really only Nick and Jason are terrible. Cydney, Tai, and non-Jason Scot are great. And Michele and Julia are not actively offensive.

      1. Scot was great for the 2 episodes when he didn’t think he was in a power position. The second Peter was gone and he felt secure in a majority, the douche was back. I don’t think Jason can be blamed for this one.

          1. Feel free! I wouldn’t want Scot to get off [bad pun alert] scott-free with the ‘Jason is a bad influence’ excuse. It’s almost worse knowing he can apparently turn it off at will when he wants – he just chooses not to most of the time.

      2. I’m not pessimistic either. Sure, there could be a Pagonging, but provided that Julia isn’t fully on board with the Brawn and Michele can win some influence over her in the next three days, I think it would be in Beauty’s best interest to get rid of one or two Brawn first, lest they + Tai gain too much power.
        I’m currently on the fence if it would be better in this scenario to target Scot first (gets rid of big immunity-threat, splits two “power-couples”, but risks alienating Tai) or Kyleson/Cydney.

  13. I really don’t like merge episodes nowadays. I don’t mind strategy, but the strategy seems to always be “We’re in the middle, who should we side with” for an hour, which is incredibly, incredibly dull.

    Plus infection medivacs, while I understand they need to happen, are by far the least interesting type. Like the Joe Dowdle Tocantins merge episode was equally anti-climactic.

    1. Very anticlimactic. In fact I thought this was one of the more boring merge eps in recent memory. It reminded me a bit of SJDS where there was a whole bunch of strategy talk that bounced around so much that it was hard to really follow, capped off with someone fairly irrelevant leaving out of left field. Not a fan. Plus it looks like all the strategic connections could be reconfigured again next week anyway.

      1. SJSD was the worst merge episode since it just wasted everyone’s time. At least Neal and Joe (Tocantins) did not leave the game willingly.

  14. I totally forgot about Scot carrying Kyle (Jason, whatever) onto the beach. That’s the best that either of them have looked so far on the season. More fun, less douche.
    I feel bad for Julia. Seems like she is not gonna get very far now. No confessionals, a third-place finish in an immuinty challenge with nary a comment about it? She’s doomed. Maybe we should call her Jefra now, or ‘the other one’.
    Nick wasn’t as terrible this episode as in the last one. Still kinda want to punch him, but less so now than before.
    Tough luck for Neal–I feel bad for him having to go out like that. I would not mind if the show actually put some effort into making sure that evacs can be avoided in the first place. If they don’t call attention to this stuff, then it’s gonna get worse, and it’s gonna cost money. A bandage would save you much more money and time than letting a contestant’s infection get worse without doing anything until it’s become life-threatening and you have to take him to a hospital. Get to it before it gets your players, show. If someone dies on this show, it’s over. And we’ll have nothing worthwhile to complain about on Wednesdays anymore (unless you watch other shows, but really, who here does that?).

    1. Even more than bandages. Didn’t Aubry get antibiotics for a less advanced wound? They needed to catch Neal’s earlier and get him the same. Neal’s not a doctor, and he probably has very little experience with nasty infected wounds. But Survivor should have a lot of experience, and they’ve got people following him around practically 24/7.

      1. Neal’s was also on his joint, if an infection gets into your joint you can lose the limb pretty quickly. It’s very similar to Penner’s evac.

        1. And it was opened. Aubry’s was not very deep and was contained. But that does not mean that she won’t be #3. I hope not.

      2. On Jeff says that medical checks out the players before and after each challenge. Which is strange because sometimes Jeff will say “We’re gonna have medical take a look at that” after a challenge, but if medical examines every player anyway then why would he say that? I guess just for the viewers’ benefit.

      3. In one of Neal’s exit interviews he said he was on antibiotics from when the knee thing first happened; they just don’t show it usually I guess. And the antibiotics didn’t work anyway.

    2. I know they put some form of bandages on Jasle’s sunburned shoulders in the first couple of episodes.

  15. “8:31 Ah the challenge that Emma did at the Survivor exhibit. She crushed it to [sic] (or so I choose to remember)”

    I did indeed crush it! The guy behind the front desk said I did better than anyone he’d seen besides the cast members who had visited.

    1. You could be the Survivor contestant that was a former Survivor blogger that doesn’t suck!

      1. I’d pick her for my fantasy team!

        (I realize that, based on my current record, that might not sound like the endorsement I mean it to be…)

        1. It would probably be much worse if your husband and Survivor-watching friend said they’d pick her for their fantasy teams. Their track record is even worse.

          Also, I wouldn’t expect a ton of immunity points from her. Particularly if there were a gross food-eating challenge.

          1. Awww.

            We actually had this discussion in the staff chat. I didn’t go to enough of a smart person school and I don’t have a smart person job. That just might not be the season theme for me.

          2. I think you could fit in Brains, I just thought Beauty could lead to a more advantageous situation for you.

        1. Not going there, unless you’re talking about Survivor 41: Bloggers vs. Bartenders vs. Bookkeepers.

          1. Or: Baggage handlers vs. Broadcasters vs. Bankers: One of them lugs shit around, one of them is full of shit, and one of them is made of shit.

          2. I’m reminded of the definitions of actor and actress I remember Roger Ebert citing one of his reviews (he did not come up with theses):

            Actor: A waiter.
            Actress: Any woman in or around Hollywood not actively engaging in prostitution with many exceptions.

  16. Whoo boy, Jason sure is a dick ain’t he?

    During the merge feast, Jason is seen spitting food out of his mouth while talking, picking his nose, and being obnoxious jerk all-around. That and his stuffing nerds in lockers comment, I just want him gone.

    Scot, not much better. That should be his description. Not much better.

    Scot and Jason have absolutely no sense in terms of strategy, but their idol “hunt” pretty much told us that.

    Oh, Debbie, playing way too hard. You just scared off two potential allies. Her game is screwed.

    She looked like a lizard when pressuring Tai to join up with her lizard army. Just say no Tai, say no!!!!

    Nick’s stock is rising. Very keen observer. And he wins immunity balancing his balls.

    Everyone had a riot with that challenge. Debbie couldn’t contain herself.

    Tai’s balls!

    Aubry, also very good at feeling out the situation…unless it concerns her!

    Wow, all those infections were pretty damn nasty. I wonder if a lot of them were staph infections, cause egadz, get them to a hospital stat.

    On that note so long Neal, that def blows.

    Aubry, “that sob left me hanging!” Way to bring it back to you Aubry, but yeah, you could def use that idol right about now.

    1. The Debbie/Tai scene was awful on so many levels. How could she not read the body language that he was putting off? It just goes to show that getting a lot of airtime is not the same as getting a winner’s edit.

      1. She seemed like maybe she didn’t get enough sleep or sth, because it was so bizarrely forced for her to conduct that the way she did. Though throw in her growing arrogance, and maybe it makes a lot of sense. But yeeesh, pretty stupid on her part, plus it totally tanked her tribe.

  17. I was about as close as you can get to nailing a prediction without actually getting it right: Aubry was dead to rights. Neal wasted an idol.

    Le sigh.

  18. This episode set up that this post-merge will be the shit show we were all worried about.
    I feel like Kyle/Scot are now definitely being set up for the comeuppance edit and Debbie now too.
    Is this spike in Nick’s visibility because he goes next week or could we see a small challenge run and him being slain when he doesn’t have immunity? I felt like winning wasn’t the best plan for him, he was the swing vote that no one was talking about getting out. He had safety and winning individual challenges early puts a target on you.

    1. The worst-case-scenarios are getting worse and worse at this point. We could legitimately get a Jason-Scot-Nick final three :'(

    2. Nick and Kyleson are all what’s left from my team, so an immunity-run would be very much appreciated. If he could find an idol and play it when his luck runs out, that would be swell as well.

      But even if he does none of that, I think he is relatively safe for the next few votes.

  19. Question: If Neal had buried the idol and told Aubry where it was would she have been allowed possession of it when he was evac’d? If so, it’s proof again (along with people noticing it in his fucking pocket) that you always hide your idol.

      1. Yeah it’s like what Stephen says about targeting someone. Once the idea is placed everyone is going to believe it, even if it’s true or not.

          1. I’m hoping that Survivor season 78 will be broadcast in full, immersive stimsim-VR and it’ll be called “Survivor: Perception = Truth”.

      2. He made a comment about “reaching into the family jewels” and whipping out the idol on the show. So… Guess that was where he kept it.

        1. When you go to such lengths to hide your idol (good job, Neal), you probably should make sure there isn’t an idol-sized bulge in your pocket first.

  20. So at this point of the game, have both Liz and Peter been sent back home for surgery because of their wounds/infections? Maybe this is why Jeff brought Dr. Rupert to camp to give everyone a check-up?

    1. That was my thought after hearing that Pete was evac’ed post-game as well. Maybe the docs figured there was staph in the camp and they wanted to check everyone out. Interesting that the worst infections were all Brains…

      1. From his exit interview:

        “I had to get surgery on my hand and back. I was out of it. From the game. I couldn’t even hold the machete to open a coconut. Right when I got off I was super-sick and I had an infection in my hand and my back and I had to get surgery on it.”

    2. I wondered if most of the players getting staph infections were from the same beach (3/6 of original brains so far with the fourth injured (Aubry) and Scott, Tai’s were self-inflicted in a way), why did they go back to that beach for Second Chances. Or can they do something to the beach to clean it up the bacteria?

  21. Each time Tai said over his scars were from a mango tree, I was like ‘Mhm ;)’. I distinctly remember him scraping his thighs reaching for an idol instead of using the stick. Honestly before anyone else got the idol the way it was meant to, i thought i’d be impossible to get the hidden immunity idol without possibly falling to your death. Still love you Tai.

    1. The nice thing is that’s a great lie for Tai, since he’s clearly been getting mangoes as well. The only people that might realize why he would have been climbing a tree for other purposes are Jason and Scot (who know he has an idol), Cydney, and Neal (who obviously can’t say/do anything about it now).

    2. Same here on all accounts. I thought that even if people had the right idea, it would be so hard to find something to be used as poles, that they’d lose patience and rather risk their lifes trying to climb the tree.

      1. I was saying the first couple of episodes that they should just cut down the tree but someone’s exit interview has said Production had stopped players from cutting down trees.

  22. Was anyone getting major flavors of Penner’s evac from Micronesia last night? Similar knee wound, similar speech from the doc about the infection possibly getting into the joint, similar tears and not wanting to go. I loved it. It actually kind of made Neal interesting for once.

  23. Welp, my ‘season of Debbie’ is all blown to shit now.

    Also, does anyone think that they gave them better treatment in Cambodia? There wasn’t really a change in the conditions where people last season shouldn’t have gotten just as bad infections.

    1. I believe it might have even been stated publicly by Probst or Burnett that they definitely changed how they treated them for Cambodia after witnessing all the things that went wrong in Kaoh Rong. Particularly when you’ve got people coming back for a season you’ve dubbed Second Chance, you don’t want that chance ended for medical reasons.

      1. On KIA Stephen says they may have paid more attention to giving the Survivors instructions on how to keep it clean, but that they didn’t really treat the wounds actively.

    2. Some of these infections are contagious though right? The brains tribe basically got hammered with everyone but Debbie having significant infection, whereas Tai’s much worse scrape seemed to clear up.

      I think it’s less a matter of place and more a matter of time and exposure.

      1. I wonder if there was some sort of bacteria that was specific to the Brains beach – Tai never left Beauty and his were healing fine; Liz, Peter, Aubry, Joe (we saw his finger last week) and Neal were all on Brain beach originally, and of those left at the swap Neal and Debbie (apparently unaffected) were the only ones to stay there.

        It could simply be that the Beauty beach had the much better living environment, and your chances of recovering form the infection were much better there than on Brains.

        1. Debbie – maybe her not drinking filtered water was the thing to do. Or maybe her looking at the water scared the bacteria.

          1. It’s possible there is a delicate balance of dangerous bacteria at work that keeps Debbie relatively healthy for now.

            (disclaimer: I do not know how human bodies work)

  24. So, would any of the males aside from Tai have a chance at winning if they reach final tribal? I’m thinking that Tai is the only one who would have a shot, and everyone else, probably not, unless maybe they were going up against Debbie, and only Debbie?

    1. A lot of people seemed to want to team up with Nick. So he might not be THAT disliked to the point where people wouldn’t vote for him.

  25. What a difference an episode makes: I think it’s safe to say that both Debbie and Scot were the biggest surprises up until now in terms of exceeding the preseason expectations of their gameplay – and both came crushing down last night. Although Steven and Rob made good points that spilling the beans about Neal’s and Tai’s idols to Nick could be a decent move for Scot himself, still, there are so many unnecessary risks coming with that approach, that I think he should have gone differently about it. And that’s not even talking about him being all worked up about the last vote despite coming out on top of it and putting off Nick and Michele immediately.
    Debbie’s misjudgements were even more obvious and cringeworthy, but I say this in her defense: Maybe it’s not so easy to find a moment to talk to Tai without other Brawn or Beauties around, so she felt a need to act swiftly when the opportunity presented itself on that morning. I think she had the right idea, but like Aubrey mentioned at that point, lacked the finesse in wording her message, and putting him on the spot in front of her entire alliance almost has to backfire – I was surprised Tai wasn’t more pretending there, maybe he was still sleepy, too.

    Speaking of the most adorable Tai, did everybody notice the Chicken was atually tied to Tai? I only saw that on a rewatch.

    As for the waterfelon, she might no longer be in control, masterminding behind the scenes, but I hope she sticks around for a good while. because her confessionals are still gold. The one right before the intro had me thinking of Frank Underwood’s fourth wall breaking scenes in HoC, so elaborate and oozing with confidence.
    And Nick, although clearly disturbed by her horny R-rolling and general loudness, seemed more concerned with her having to much control in the merged tribe.

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