Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 8 Liveblog

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420 thoughts on “Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 8 Liveblog

  1. Tai trailing off in his “explanation” attempt was my favorite part of tribal. Woo, nerds! I mean Brains! And Cydney!

  2. So Julia and Michele are worried about Jason & Scott retaliating if they vote for Nick..shouldn’t they then target Scott & Jason?

    1. I didn’t get that from the standpoint that even if they do retaliate the girls have the numbers.

          1. If I was Michele or Julia I would rather stick with the girls than Scot and Jason.

          2. As much as I’m not a fan of these particular men I would love for the super idol to put things back at 4-4 by gender. Could make things really interesting, although I suspect Joe might be to these women like Tarzan was to the women of One World.

          3. I’m still skeptical of the super idol being used especially if Tai is up for elimination. Not completely sold on Jason giving up his safety to protect him.

          4. I didn’t think there was even a 10% chance of it being played before this week but if this women’s alliance thing gets in Kyle’s head as much as I think it will, a super idol appearance wouldn’t surprise me. He might be forced to play like that.

          5. I don’t think Jason would save Scot or tai and if he gets to the end it will hurt him.

          6. He seemed to stick with the women. He and Debbie seem to like each other. Ditto for he and Aubrey. The men have made no effort with him that we have seen.

            At first I thought he was the one voting for Jason until we saw that tai did it.

          7. I’ve always felt that the fantasy leagues are the least important part of this site. For me it’s all about the community.

          8. I agree. And I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that my whole team was eliminated in week 6.

        1. Lucky for Jason and Scot that no one else knows about the super-idol. Whoops.

          Who else but Tai???

      1. They only have numbers if the alliance stays solid and I am getting the feeling that this season there aren’t going to be any solid alliances.

    2. Cydney was willing to vote with them to get rid of Nick. It didn’t seem like she would do that to vote out Jason or Scot. It looked like last season where Kass said “Ok, Woo’s not my target but we’ll vote him out because otherwise Abi won’t vote with us.”

    1. Me too, which is why she probably won’t. I think Aubrey’s stock is rising though…

      1. I would be good with her too. Debbie as well, which I didn’t think would happen at the beginning of the season.

          1. I think I got hung up on the “female Coach” thing. I wouldn’t compare her to him. She may be a bit different but she has been consistently crafty.

          2. She has some aspects of coach, some Phillip and some Holly (from Nicaragua) and Kathy vavrick obrien mixed in, I think.

          3. I see the first three, but I’m skeptical on the Kathy V-O part. If anything, Kathy’s problem was always underconfidence.

          4. Jeff even baited her at the immunity challenge asking if that is what she expected when coming to Survivor, and she avoided the Coach-esque answer of saying she thought it would be harder.

    2. Can I go ahead and say that Cydney was the MVP of the episode? She correctly called out the hypocrisy of the men without putting a target on her back. She then assembles the women (and Joe) to vote out Nick. I will say though that Aubry and Debbie played the hell out of that tribal council.

          1. I wanted another player to point out Cydney’s hat and she’d reply “It’s funny because it’s ah, bigger than, ah … you know, a normal hat.”

          1. Scot does not hit me as a recruit since he seems to know so much weird stuff. … Like “previously on survivor …” But he might be. I did not read his bio.

          2. I forgot about that …he must have binged several seasons when he started going through the casting process because he knows more than the average recruit who watched one season.

      1. Yes I was so worried coming into the episode after that preview, but I’m so happy she came out unscathed and on top. And she was a BEAST during that challenge, damn.

        1. Me too! I am regretting not picking her, but she’s got skills. I want to see her play again, especially since younger black females seems to be a niche that Survivor doesn’t often have.

          1. I also hope she plays again. The next time Survivor does one of those returnee gets their own newbie tribe season, I want her and two other women from the past few seasons to get on.

          2. That could be intriguing. I would also be a game to see her on a men versus women season, especially since she is ironically enough leading the women’s alliance now and her pre-game stuff was all about hating women.

          3. She’s been such a pleasant surprise after all that off-putting stuff in the pre-game. I should really learn to trust the bios less, but usually people display a lack of self-knowledge that at least flatters them…

          4. I think they are setting at least 3 women up for returns, possibly 4, if they don’t win because these mostly are interesting women and they do have trouble casting females. Debbie and Cydney definitely but probably Aubrey and/or Michele (the latter if she does not win more for looks than being that interesting.

          5. I’d say Debbie is probably a lock to return, just because she’s an older woman (who is exceptionally fit/athletic for her age, by the way) who is a goofy character. They have enough trouble casting older women as it is, finding one that’s also a nutjob and competent at challenges is a total score for them.

          6. Cydney and Debbie must be locks as both their demos seem hard for Survivor to cast for returnee seasons.

          7. I would even love to see Julia back in a few years, maybe after she’s done with college and has been in the workforce for a year or two (if the show is still on at that time). She’s got some good Survivor instincts, but she so so young.

          8. She’s so young
            She’s got the answers
            She doesn’t need to question the herself
            Like I do, like I do …

            What, no other TPOH fans here from back in the day? Man, I’m old.

          9. I think she will be back because of her niche. I have loved what I have seen of her. I don’t think your decision to pick Julia was bad though (I probably would have picked Scot instead of Joe though, although I never thought Scot could win and Joe had a small chance of that).

          10. I think what I love most about Cydney is she knows when to keep her mouth shut (and just give FACE to the camera)

  3. LOVED that outcome, but can someone parse through Tai’s logic there? (Voting for Jason???)

      1. Tai is the greatest human being ever and possibly one of the worst survivor players to ever make it this far

        1. Sadly, I don’t see him lasting much longer. Sooner or later they are gonna want to eat his “son”.

          1. He will disappear into the woods, put chicken feathers in his hair, and then come back every night to take revenge on the tribe.

        2. Yeah, I think this is part of the “Tai Picks The Absolute Worst Time To Do Things” series, that was highlighted in episode one and then suppressed until tonight.

          1. It’s mostly
            Ep 1: Tai looks for an immunity idol when his absence would be super noticeable
            Ep 8: Tai starts talking about Hidden Immunity Idols and Super Idols at tribal
            It’s a work in progress.

      2. Tai wasn’t thinking clearly. He could only think about how much he missed his chicken,

          1. As I said on the AV Club, the chicken seems to no longer be tethered, and is still sticking around, so…

          2. I really hope someone has created a Twitter account for Tai’s Chicken and is live tweeting the episodes.

    1. I think Tai’s logic was “shit, shouldn’t have said that. Time to talk around it”.

        1. They are both easily the most likable person in their world, they both try so hard, but they definitely are both a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

    2. My theory (and it’s only a theory) is that the edit made that look more like a blindside than it was. Maybe *everybody* but Scott, Kylo Jason, and Nick knew something big was going down, but the new majority might not have trusted Tai with the truth because they were worried about idols. Plus they already had a majority and didn’t need his vote. So maybe they told him to vote Scott to test him and see if he could be trusted to vote with them. Maybe the editors didn’t want to show us this happening because it would give away the surprise. If so then I hope we get a secret scene later on the CBS site.

      “Tai lost his mind” is also possible, but seems like a less plausible explanation to me.

    3. I tried above in response to Hornacek. The more I think about it, there are two things I feel confident about:
      1. Tai didn’t switch his vote at TC. He must have gotten some sort of tip from someone.
      2. The editors deliberately hid that whole story from the episode because #blindside.

    4. Someone on Reddit, (gy64) floated out an interesting theory. Basically if Cydney’s plan did not happen to vote out Nick, then it would seem likely that the three Brains would vote Jason as I think that idea was floated out before. Due to how the votes were split with the Beautys voting for Debbie and Brawns for Aubry, Tai’s vote would in that scenario send Jason home in a 4-3-3 split as Jason was unlikely to play his idol in that case. The move would guarantee that Tai is the only one with an idol, get rid of a threat and if Tai did not make it obvious, no one would know it was him meaning that he could still be aligned with Scot, even become Scot’s no.2 if not playing the superidol for Jason did not become a dealbreaker and could throw someone else under the bus.

      If Tai did not know about the girl’s plan, the move is a logical and clever one. However, he could have done it for other reasons.

      1. That would have been amazing. Just to see Tai refuse to give Jason his idol would be amazing. The powers that be would have to put in at least one idol. Now I wonder if the bullying that Jeff spoke about is Jason going after Tai or starving the women out.

      2. Basically what I thought the moment the split was brought up was that is gave a huge amount of power to the Beauties. To flip the script all it needed was a single beauty to vote with the Brains. So it makes sense that maybe Tai thought the votes were on Jason and decided to flip the script and was wrong.
        Or my other theory is that someone convinced him to vote Jason to make sure that if the Michele and Julia didn’t flip that it was still Nick on a 4-3-2-1 vote.

      3. There’s NO WAY anyone would have done let, let alone Tai. People analyze this show to death and create fanciful scenarios out of whole cloth so they continue to have something to talk about.

    5. Basically what I thought the moment the split was brought up was that is gave a huge amount of power to the Beauties. To flip the script all it needed was a single beauty to vote with the Brains. So it makes sense that maybe Tai thought the votes were on Jason and decided to flip the script and was wrong. Basically it could have been a bold move made without any consultation with anyone else.

      Or my other theory is that someone convinced him to vote Jason to make sure that if the Michele and Julia didn’t flip that it was still Nick on a 4-3-2-1 vote.

    6. I thought maybe he sensed the shift after he fucked up, was afraid he might get votes, and was trying to guess who else might get votes. Just a kind of blind desperation thing once he felt like this tribal council could be “live.”

  4. #Blindside

    This might be one of the greatest examples of “arrogant douche bag gets his” moments ever. Nick was especially interesting because he at least showed awareness that he was a douche, but if anything his self awareness made it more fun.

    1. I was just happy it was a legitimate #blindside since Nick had no idea he was being targeted

    2. I think Edgardo and Alex take the cake. Then Drew Christy. Nicks GIF (if made) is not quite up to the Edgardo level.

  5. As awesome as Tai was in the IC, seems like the strategic thing would have been to let Cydney take it. There was almost no chance of either of them being voted out, and he could be targeted later as a challenge threat because of it. Still it was awesome, especially when he seemed to be the first out of all of them to start struggling. He was also the first to blab about the Brain/Brawn alliance (during IC) and then ran his mouth about the super idol in TC. Oh, Tai.

    It was nice to see another side of Jason. Still a total douche though. I really can’t see him or Scot winning the whole thing, despite their position of power at the moment.

    The edit seemed to forecast Nick’s comeuppance (and it was great to see), but I still can’t believe Julia and Michelle went for it.

    Aubrey strikes me as the most cerebral of the group, Debbie possibly as the craftiest (I really can’t tell with her).

  6. Random thoughts:

    I don’t like Scot, but I have to admit I laughed at his “Previously on Survivor…”

    Yeah! People *do* age and get ripe! Take THAT everyone else from my high school years!

    Telling fellow Survivors about autism: good. Telling fellow Survivors that every cent you have goes toward hospital bills for your autistic child: bad.

    The first reward challenge after Neal is evacuated is for ice cream? I can’t tell if the show is paying tribute or rubbing it in.

    Julia – challenge-choosing mastermind.

    Scot sees Jason’s autistic child and raises one dead father and one mother in assisted living.

    Nick drops out of the immunity challenge as soon as all the Brains are out. I’m sure that won’t come back to bite him (SPOILER: it will).

    After the challenge I wish Tai and Cydney had fallen asleep when they were lying next to each other.

    Now I want Tai to win all the immunities so he can hug Jeff each episode.

    Nick *knows* he’s acting arrogant? Gasp!

    Julia tells Michele that if they write Nick’s name down that Jason will … wait a minute. Is the first time we’ve seen Julia and Michele talk since the swap? I had completely forgotten they were in an alliance on their original tribe.

    Tai forgot that only those that have an idol would know about the super-idol. Whoops.

    Next week: Jason makes good on his pre-season Russell Hantz worship.

    Tai votes for Jason? What the hell? It’s almost like Jason told Tai about the super-idol and Tai felt betrayed because he thought everyone knew about it. But he would have learned about the super-idol when he found *his* idol. I am confused.

    1. Telling fellow Survivors about autism: good. Telling fellow Survivors that every cent you have goes toward hospital bills for your autistic child: bad.

      Well, he also has to stay up on his payment plan or they’ll come and repossess his tattoos.

        1. That’s right he did have an especially stupid one that I was surprised that post-production didn’t blur out. Does he have one that just says “ANUS”?

          1. I realize I haven’t posted the fantasy results yet, but do you have a preference for the font that I use for your name on the championship trophy?

          2. It’s the word “anus” on one of those tree-shaped air fresheners, and it’s inked to make it look like it’s hanging from his armpit. It’s really such an absurd level of commitment to a really juvenile joke that I kinda admire it.

    2. He described autism as “popular” when I’m sure he meant “common” which threw me off.

      Hey, too bad Anna wasn’t around to ask him if his daughter got the MMR vaccine…

      1. Which is weird, because normally people who go into ‘creepy paramilitary dipshit’ as a profession are renowned for their eloquence.

      2. I’m guessing he meant that it was popular in the sense that people in America have a high awareness of it currently.

        1. Yeah, I know that he meant more common/visible. but it was an awkward word choice that sat funny with me. There are plenty of people out there living amazing lives with various degrees of Autism, so I’m not trying to add to the stigma, but it’s still not something many people would seek out if given a choice, so the word “popular” really threw me.

    3. I don’t know what was up with Tai. The girls might have been testing him by throwing out Jason’s name. He might have gotten a whiff of something at Tribal. Maybe he was in the loop, but had an alliance with Nick that he didn’t want to break, so he threw a random vote at Jason. Hopefully, we’ll learn more next week.

      1. I have no idea what was up with that vote. This was a weird week for Tai since we saw him be really awesome and screw up. I don’t think he is doomed though.

        1. I think he’s doomed, but no more than before. His problem is the same it’s always been. He’s too likable.

  7. Being a jew I would have no idea, but I assume all christians practice their crucifixion pose?

    You’ve never seen it? It’s typically done in the break room at work.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s what Christianity is all about. Jesus died on the cross to teach us the proper form, so that we too could do a great job of cross dying if/when it comes to that.

        1. In SJDS, when they’re setting up for that challenge Alec says “If Jesus did it than so can I.”

          1. I’m not gonna cast shade on anyone for making fun of the goyim and their weird holiday rituals, I’m just sayin…

          2. Nothing like stepping into a Catholic Church and seeing that crucifix with Jesus and his mouth hanging wide open.

          3. So far, the only awkward experience I had with bringing my Jewish kids into a church was them seeing the priest walk in and exclaiming loudly “LOOK MOMMY, IT’S THE RABBI!”. 😉

  8. The edit tells me she can’t win, but I’m still loving Cydney. As annoying as all the Michele talk is, the only reason I can think of that she’s gotten so much more attention is that she makes it much farther than her, which makes no sense. In spite of their heartwarming stories, it was a bad week for the brawn boys.

    Also, Tai is still the greatest. “You think this is hard? I’ve got two words for you: refugee camp”

    1. I don’t know that the edit says she can’t win just yet. But I’m completely on board with loving Cydney. She’s fantastic.

    2. Cydney’s edit is actually quite alright. Some more visibility the episodes before this one would have been nice, but it’s very very Natalie Anderson-ish.

      1. You guys might both be right. My memory is that Natalie got quite a bit more attention, but I could be wrong. I guess I’ll just enjoy the ride. She blindsided Nick and screwed over the douche bros, so I’m on board.

        1. I feel like Sophie had had a bit more confessional time, but that could just be my Sophie bias talking.

  9. Can I just say the “pose like Jesus” challenge is now one of my favorite challenges? It is a great way to show if you are willing to work for immunity or who feels truly comfortable. It also always has some great character moments.

    Some quick fun trivia facts about the challenge.
    Both times it was played, it was down to a gay man and a WOC with the gay man winning. It also ended with the gay man being on the ground.
    Both times it was played, it was in an episode with a major tribal council boo boo that caused the plan to not be stuck to.

    1. Unfortunately, we didn’t get something like Natalie bargaining for what she would step down for, which is one of my favorite instances of Survivor saying “is this good for tv? let’s call an audible.” (yes, that’s also a list I have.)

      But I also threw my back out 2 weeks ago, so the whole time I was watching that I was thinking about the dull ache that still persists.

        1. In chronological order:

          -Kelly wining a trip to the “Survivor Bar” in Borneo
          -The first appearance of the mud scooping challenge, also Borneo
          -Letting Rob take all the merge feast beer back to camp and filming him getting wasted in Amazon
          -Letting a tribe get worn down to 1 member in Palau.
          -The Dreamz/Yau-Man deal in Fiji
          -The multiple attempts to make balanced tribes in Gabon
          -Letting the merge run late in Heroes vs. Villains
          -Natalie bargaining for stepping out of immunity
          -The chop challenge in SJDS where Probst called it off in disgust
          -Jenn and Shirin making out during the World’s Apart auctiion (sure it wasn’t show, but it still happened)
          -Shirin denying Will his letter from home
          -the ‘compete or shelter’ decision in Cambodia

          1. You seriously forgot Jenna and Heidi in the Amazon with the peanut butter. The most obvious one ever.

          2. I… did. I am ashamed. My defense is that with that episode I was focused on Rob and the beer, which is one of my favorite bits of Survivor trivia ever.

          3. But also, recency bias be damned, my number 1 really is the ‘compete or shelter’ challenge from Cambodia. It was such a perfectly set up moment.

          4. “Jenn and Shirin making out during the World’s Apart auction”

            Wait, what?

          5. In one of her podcasts post Worlds Apart, I think maybe even with John and Andy, Shirins said that Jenn couldn’t bid on anything because all of the items had meat on them, and she couldn’t share part of anyone else’s food, so Shirin started filling her mouth with syrup from her chicken and waffles, and then transferring it to Jenn via open-mouth kisses.

          6. Well, that’s much grosser than anyone was imagining.

            Maybe some people prefer that, though, each to their own.

          7. I like any time players find creative rules to bend the rules and production lets them do it.

          8. That’s the sort of clever thinking that should get people on Survivor.

            And, I must admit, one of my favourite Survivor moments was Erik licking the cake of Cirie’s fingers – “that boy ain’t right”.

          9. I’m sure it was a typo, but reading Shirins made me think of the Key and Peele sketch with the two valets that are movie fans. To think of them discussing Survivor characters puts a smile on my face.

      1. Natalie’s deal with the devil (read: Probst) is one of my favorite movements of Survivor.

    2. And the one time I remember seeing a woman spit on herself. She did not take enough lessons from Keith.

    3. Wasn’t it on Tocantins as well? Or was that a different challenge?

      But yeah, this challenge is San Juan Del Sur was the best challenge of the season, and this was the best challenge of this season. This wasn’t quite as good as the San Juan Del Sur one though.

      (Also, that was the Stick to the Plan episode. What a great episode. This is the part where I remember I’m on a site that hates SJDS and become sad.)

      1. Tocantins had the similar but different ‘stand inside a frame on these tiny pegs’ challenge, most famous for Coach’s over the top reaction when he gave out and for Sandra shilling for Outback Steakhouse in HvV.

        1. I probably thought it was this one because Coach’s reaction was similar to if he had been hung on a cross

        2. How dare you!!! If Coach had let medical examine him after that, he’d have been pulled from the game. Little known fact: he was 3 inches shorter after Tocantins. It took months of intense stretching sessions with Assistant Coach to sort his back out.

          1. That’s only because, while he was on exile, South American pygmys ate 3 inches of his spine.

      2. We don’t hate SJDS. We just refuse to accept that it’s anything but mediocre-bad. And we enjoy antagonizing the site that worships it.

  10. So, I have been thinking about the whiplash edits of Scot and Jason and I have to come to this weird theory. I think they get taken far, but not to the end. Now, why would I say this? Because of their spotlight tonight. They are not just goats, but goats with very sympathetic stories that can make them dangerous in an endgame with a jury who contains emotional voters like Tai and (possibly?) Julia. To quote Aubry’s dream man, “likability is a liability”, therefore they can’t make it to the FTC, no matter what Hantzian antics they get into next week.

    1. It blew my mind when Cydney basically said in her confessional that she was afraid Jason would get the sympathy vote. From what we’ve seen that seems so unlikely, but I guess when you’re out there you never know. On the bright side, if people simultaneously hate Jason and fear that he could win, that probably means he’ll get the boot sooner instead of being dragged to the end 😀

      1. Never underestimate the sympathy vote, despite what we the viewers see.

        I seem to be referencing this a lot recently, but according to the majority of the RHAP exit interviews for South Pacific, if Brandon had made it to the finals he would have won. Everyone thought he was a sweet kid.

          1. I’d say it was the only good thing about his entire Survivor experience, but at the very beginning of his second outing there was some hope he wasn’t going to be too bad.

        1. Very good point. I think this also says a lot about how much the editing affects our perception of each character. I can only begin to imagine how different a Brandon winner’s edit would have looked. It also would have saved us from his epic meltdown in Caramoan…

    2. I think we’re about to see the foundations of why neither of them win – when they’re not on top they take it very badly, and don’t understand that they have to curry favor with people.

      1. Was it Fishbach who said on Know It All that Scot isn’t a dick when he’s with Kyle, he’s a dick when he’s in power? That struck me, when he thinks he’s in charge he is insufferable, I can’t imagine what the two of them will be like when they’ve gotten got. We all know a huge skill in Survivor is to see a vote go against you and your alliance and then make nice with the ones who did it. Natalie Anderson is a great example of this, had she reacted to Jeremy’s boot by acting out what she was saying in confessionals then she’d have been next but she didn’t she reloaded and got her revenge at the right moment.

        1. Scot with Jason – acts like a dick.
          Scot without Jason after the swap before he votes out Pete – acts like a nice person
          Scot on the swap tribe after voting out Pete – acts like a dick to Joe and Aubry *
          Scot back with Jason – acts like dick but tries to appear nice by talking about his parents

          * There was no need for him to go off on Joe and Aubry like this. Leave that stuff to the confessionals. All he did was make them, potential/likely jurors, not like him.

          1. I think it’s the power,
            pre-swap he’s in charge of his tribe with Kyle: dick
            post swap after Peter vote, he got his result and is now in control: dick
            post merge: thinks he’s in control with Kyle: dick.

        2. You’re on it with Natalie. It was really masterful how she outwardly didn’t react to Jeremy being voted off, but continuously talked in confessionals about getting revenge and biding her time till she did.

    3. I agree to an extent but if Kyle gets sympathy one episode then has a huge backlash against Nick’s blindside he could still be a goat. Think about this, Tai probably the most emotional contestant voted for Jason the very next tribal after his speech about his daughter. If Kyle continues to be a dick he’s still a decent goat. I do think he’s at least top 5 though.

    1. As soon as they both fell off the structure I thought “he’s going to hug her, and it’s going to be the most touching thing ever.”

  11. Was Scot trying to tell us he’s not religious because he’s in the NBA? I was very confused by all that. You can be two things Scot!

    (Although I have a strong suspicion his family’s Mormon and if that’s the case…understandable)

    1. I think he was saying that his brothers chose to stick close to home and cement the family while he was traveling all over the country.

      1. That makes more sense. People I was watching with were talking during that scene so I had a hard time following it other than as “story that is humanizing Scot.”

    2. I was wondering how he could not help his less fortunate brothers on what he’s earned already from the NBA? That was a weird statement since he has $$.

      1. Just to play out the numbers…

        Scot’s NBA contracts totaled $38 million. After taxes, that’s $22.8 million.

        He also has an ex-wife; if she got 25% of his gross earnings, he’s down to $13 million.

        Divide that by the 19 years since the start of his career (1997), and that works out to $700,000 per year.

        A nursing home for Scot’s mom probably costs $100,000 per year ($90,000 is the average for a private room).

        Scot has a second wife, three school-age children (with a fourth on the way) and five siblings with families of indeterminate size.

        Even if he was careful with his money during his playing days, he’s working with less margin than the original contract number would have you think.

        1. I’ll go into an even deeper dive on this:

          Even with the Bush tax cuts (in effect for most of his playing career), he still has to pay taxes in the various cities/states where he plays game, so your post-tax earnings are at least in the ballpark.

          But athletes are represented by agencies that take a cut of the contracts that they negotiate for their clients, so we’ll drop his NBA earnings down to $20 million.

          Along with taking a cut of those negotiated contracts, many agencies often assign financial managers to their clients to keep them from blowing all their money. If Pollard had even a mediocre financial manager, we can assume Scot’s saved income was earning a return of 5% per year.

          Let’s say he spent $10 million of the $20 million he took home. Without going into calculations on when the principal was added, etc., his $10 million of savings would have grown to about $25 million right now.

          So if he was careful with his money during his playing days, he should have a comfortable margin. But there are many examples to demonstrate that professional athletes can be quite careless with money.

          (I love personal finance discussions.)

          1. It’s almost as if 20 – 22 year old males who have been pumped up by everyone around them to believe they are exceptional and who have just been given a truckload of money don’t always make good decisions.

          2. Indeed. And it’s not just specific to young males; lottery winners of all ages often make terrible decisions with their money (which makes sense, given that they made the poor financial decision to play the lottery in the first place).

          3. Wait, wait, wait, you’re saying that Powerball is not a valid retirement investment strategy? But my psychic said I was destined for greatness! And she’d know, given that she’s my Reiki master. And also, my dog walker.

            What’s next, my Beanie Baby collection in the storage trailer out back is worthless?

          4. I understand why it happens, though. If you’ve lived paycheck to paycheck (or even had modest savings for a while), you just want to make your bills disappear. So you pay things off rather than invest (or seek legal tax shelters).

        2. I definitely see what you’re saying, but I made millions in the NBA but I spent it all :'( doesn’t really do it for me as a sob story.

        3. We are assuming he is paying for his mother’s assisted living. But okay, and I read John’s posting and note that he is right about investments and the rest but let’s say he did not invest a dime, Scott still can’t help his less fortunate brothers (and I did not say pay every single expense for) on $600,000 a year?

      2. You should watch the ESPN 30 for 30 Broke, about athletes and how so many of them end up bankrupt. Basically kids with no life experience often quite poor end up making huge amounts of money and they start spending it on stupid things and everyone they know thinks they are owed support. It can wipe guys out quickly.

        1. They still get no sympathy from me. Isn’t that what Kanye’s going through (yeah, not a sports figure)?

          1. No, i don’t think Kanye is wasting his money supporting people, i thinks he is investing in “beautiful things” (his atrocious and derivative fashion line)

            But yeah, he probably owns a bunch of ridiculously expensive furniture/cars/clothes

            Luckily, his wife is even richer than him and bailed him out of trouble

    3. If he did not say it out right, he did talk about how religion and the church made him so devoted to his family, which seems oddly pretty Mormon to me. Although, can we talk about how Nick jumped to the conclusion that Scot was Mormon because his mom was from Utah?

      1. I didn’t catch Nick saying that, but it’s typical. As someone who went to school in Utah, that’s the first question I usually get asked when I tell them.

          1. Not all people from South Florida are Jewish or Cuban either, but I’m not offended if someone assumes I’m one of those two things.

          2. I just googled the demographics. Utah is about 60% Mormon. It’s probably not accurate to assume all people from Utah are Mormon, but it seems like a reasonable question to ask.

    4. I Wikipedia’d Scot when the cast was announced. His family is in fact Mormon, but as he mentioned on the show, he left the church as a teenager.

    5. Don’t NBA players pray all the time and thank God when they win? Or is that football? Wait, maybe it’s the Grammys.

    1. You might be right. Maybe it just seems like Michele gets so much screen time because she’s so boring. Like when you’re watching a bad movie, and you check your watching thinking it has to be over soon, and see you’re only 35 minutes in.

      1. It’s really reaching the point where I’m wondering why they give Michele so many opportunities to say what is basically nothing…

        Is what I would be saying if there was someone on this season named Michele.

          1. I came to the same conclusion on Twitter last night. I think we’re on to something. Probst probably isn’t happy because the chicken isn’t muscular enough

    2. I think the point is that the better a person plays, the more CBS has to show them on the screen. So if a good players has n confessionals, while a bad player also has n, the bad player is getting a better edit than the good one. Today was Cydney’s episode (and it was great), but it had to be her episode whether she wins or she gets voted out next week. On the other hand, Aubrey appeared just as much today (my impression, I didn’t see the numbers yet), and she totally didn’t had to; she didn’t do anything noteworthy today.

    3. I don’t think that true at all. This is the first episode that centered on Cydney- and this was a story that could not be told as anything but Cydneys. She was the one who flipped, she was the one who chose the target.

      And still, Michele got a nice long speech about the implications of the episode for her with prime placement.

      This was a great episode for Cydney’s chance for a win (and a great few days for her as her player)- but her invisibility in the pre-swap episodes while her tribe went to tribal is still a giant red flag (and not remotely comparable to the edit given to Natalie in SJDS).

      Actually…this is exactly the situation when a system like Edgic is useful as a check on episode-by-episode reads..

      1. Cydney really only went missing from two episodes, the one directly pre-merge and the one right at the merge. The one directly pre-merge didn’t matter, last week’s was a bit more concerning. Of the ones where her tribe went to tribal council, we knew that she had a relationship with Darnell she needed to abandon, she was present in the Jennifer episode as the person Jennifer went to for contemplating a flip, she was the person Alecia trusted in with the idol clue (which she then went and told Jason about – that was an awesome episode for her), managed to stay out of the Alecia bullying while nearly getting medivaced, and made that bond with Debbie where Debbie originally brought up that woman’s alliance.

        That said, Michele has had zero episodes centred on her. The closest was the “don’t carry me bro” episode, and even that was mostly that one confessional and blowing a challenge before that. And most damning, compared to Debbie, Michele has had almost no material where she actually seems competent. Plus she had very, very little visibility pre-swap.

  12. So I posted this over at the AV Club but I’m interested in y’all’s thoughts – that reward challenge hasn’t been run since Micronesia, where the favorites realized you could break it by just putting a lightweight person on the platform and carrying it the distance.

    With Julia, Scot, and Nick, the yellow team seemed even better positioned to pull off that trick than the favorites were. Is it more likely that they didn’t know to do it or that they were explicitly told not to?

    1. Explicitly told not to. I’d bet anything on it.

      You can hack a challenge once. If production wants to keep it, they add in rules preventing the hack. Which is why if you have a hack, you don’t ask them about it during the walkthrough.

      1. Yet another reason why you should not ask any questions during the walkthrough.

        “Jeff, what if you hit the other team’s target?”
        “Fishbach, the odds of that happening are so remote, it won’t happen. Now let’s get started!”

        1. Remember in SJDS when somebody brought a coconut shell of rice for the person coming back from Exile Island? I wonder if that’s a social-game hack that’s been outlawed. In last night’s immunity I would think it would be a no-brainer to save some juice for Tai and Cydney.

          1. That was one of the times Natalie volunteered to go to exile, and then they surprised her by telling her she was actually spending two nights there, which is I think why it was allowed.

          2. Wasn’t it also from the rice at camp as opposed to the reward for quitting a challenge?

        2. If they don’t ask, and something happens in the challenge that production doesn’t know what to do about, do they stop the whole thing? Because that can fuck up momentum for a team if they are leading and a technicality that production just decided on right then screws them over.

          1. The basic rule of thumb, as espoused by players who have been there, is if they don’t say you can’t do it, then it’s fair game. I imagine there are limits to this (like if it impedes on safety), but for the most part, it’s better to beg permission than ask forgiveness.

          2. There was a season (can’t remember which one) where the first challenge involved using tubes to get water from the top of a hill to the bottom. One of the tribes used the tubes differently than instructed (can’t remember how) but they effectively “broke” the challenge by finishing that part of it almost instantly (or at least much quicker than expected). I think Jeff even commented on that on the show.

    2. I’d agree with Andy because if you’ve got Scot who you imagine could lift it, all you need is the others to stabilise it. That being said all the tall people were on one team and that made it basically impossible for Aubry’s team to win.

      1. I agree completely, but I also felt like they ran this challenge with smaller teams than they usually do (maybe?) and the platforms at the tops of the poles looked particularly small, so maybe they were trying to make it harder to hack as well.

  13. Can’t wait for Obvious Winner MicheleTM to tell the jury about her big move in the game: doing what Cydney told me to do. Her edit was amazing tonight.

    Also, MVP performance by Aubry tonight. She sure did do what Cydney told her to do like a champ.

    1. Remember that time that Obvious Winner MicheleTM voted out someone who considered himself her ally to save someone she met six days previous with whom we have no proof she has ANY working relationship? LEGENDARY.

        1. Not angry. Just being a dick. It can be a tough distinction to pick up sometimes tho, so I understand the confusion.

          1. Are andythesaint comments when you’re being a dick, and PurpleRockAndy comments when you’re being rational and emotionless?

      1. For her to win is has to go down to her being against someone unlikeable or pulling a huge move she can actually take credit for later on. As the latter seems unlikely and Kyle will be ruining the sympathy he built by talking about his daughters by hiding shit and I imagine being a lazy arsehole from now on, it would need to be him.

        1. And I really do not think that he will take her. I think Julia, Debbie, Cydney, or Tai would be a more likely person for the third spot (I assume Scot is with him in the final three).

          1. I assume he’d want Scot but I’m working on the theory they won’t be allowed to go deep as a pair and that he will think the least of Michele of those around at final 5 (Russel Hantz stylee).

          2. I think this is where the titles of the tribes come into it and my low estimation of Kyle as a person. I don’t think he’ll be thinking about them as players but as people. Aubry is a brain, being smart has some value Kyle will understand, Michele is a Beauty, pretty girls are dumb and not good at things; thus Kyle will think the least of Michele as someone to sit next to.

          3. They *are* running low on players for the number of episodes left. No double-elimination episodes this season.

          4. It’s the Philippines/Cagayan situation where they’ll have 4 people going to the finale. In Philippines they did a final 3 with a final 4 reward challenge. In Cagayan they did a final 2.

            However, they also did away with the Rites of Passage since Philippines, so it probably has to go reward challenge, immunity, tribal, immunity, tribal, final 2 FTC anyways.

          5. Rites of Passage was only like 5 minutes. They were right to eliminate it, but it also doesn’t free up time for another elimination.

          6. I thought it was longer. But apparently it has, since the past few seasons they’ve stuck 3 challenges and 3 tribals into the finale each time, where before that it was always 2 and 3. (Cambodia had 3 challenges and 4 tribals, and one of those tribals was super long)

          7. Huh… I never noticed that. I still just think they’d be idiots not to do everything in their power to avoid a final 2.

    2. I’d be really hyped for Cydney if she hadn’t had such a minimal edit so far. I’m now on the Aubry winner train I think, because it would kill the edgic guys and actually she’s more likeable and visible than Michele.

      1. I legitimately think Aubry is one of the 3 most likely winner candidates from what we have seen (along with Tai and (somehow) Scot).

        1. Here is my ranking: Aubry, Tai, Michele, Debbie, Cydney, Scot, Kyle, Julia, Joe
          This is based on edit and my feelings towards their current games and Aubry to Scot isn’t a huge difference in my book. Julia and Joe are )% .

          1. I’m seeing major runner-up potential for Debbie. Assuming the women can keep it together long enough to get Scot and Jason out soon, I think Debbie slips into the #1 Goat spot for just about everyone (maybe not Tai, but I doubt he would take a goat to the end anyway)

          2. That is a very likely occurrence for Debbie. Her main issue will be keeping her more aggressive instincts in check, since those could get her voted out.

          3. There is no clear winner’s edit nor loser’s edit this season. I would give 0% chance only to Joe (and Nick before this episode). A couple of episodes ago I would be tempted to put Julia there, but she has been appearing way more the last few episodes, and remember that her first TC was today, so there was not that much to show so far. All others I consider almost the same chance to win.

            But I agree that Aubry is becoming a more central player than she had to, which speaks well of her chances, while Cydney is getting a much weaker edit than she could have, given the game she is playing, which doesn’t bode well for her chances.

          4. But how can you do that when Obvious Winner MicheleTM is the star of the season!

            (I guess I’ve become this guy now).

          5. “like Sharcules” and “GENUINELY doesn’t know Michele exists” doesn’t really go together. “Pretends Michele doesn’t exist” would fit

          6. She is articulate at tribal and probably would be able to out-argue him. She does not show arrogance to others even though the audience has seen a kind of arrogance, which is rare for a female on this show. And I’m talking about a different kind of arrogance – not the “I’m beautiful so I deserve it” arrogance we do see from both sexes (Nick for example for a guy. Numerous women.) And we know at least she’s got one guaranteed vote in Joe like Jason’s got one in Scot.)

          7. Joe, Aubry, maybe Michele, maybe Neil, then we need to see if he continues to be rude to people then Julia and Tai too. Debbie is mad but benign, Kyle isn’t.

          8. Debbie kind of screwed Aubry and Neal at the merge by being incompetent. I might give you Michele.

          9. My current ones would be: Tai, Aubry, Scot, Cydney, Michele, Debbie, Jasle, Julia, Joe. This is subject to change next week. I think Cydney is currently in a better position than Michele and Scot has been such a huge focus of the season (and mostly portrayed positively). I’m 0% Julia and Joe (I also had Nick in that group).

          10. I’m sticking with Cydney as my pick, then Aubry, Michele, Debbie, Joe, Scot, Tai, Julia, Jason. I think Tai just buried himself this last TC.

          11. I feel confident about this ranking from an Edgic perspective:
            Cydney, Aubry, Michele, Tai, Scot, Julia, Debbie, Kyle, Joe

            But since I don’t really believe in edgic, I also feel confident about throwing that out.

      1. Also last week on RHAP even Rob was starting to tire of constantly reading the “winner’s edit”.

        1. I think the issue is that if this is a winner’s edit, then it’s the worst winner’s edit of all-time.

          1. I was thinking about this on my walk to buy lunch and I came to the following conclusion: If Michele carries on playing this way and wins this is a bottom 3 winner. Still probably above Bob but maybe below Fabio.

          2. It’s pretty dire when your highlight to this point in the season is incorrectly assessing that you don’t need to be carried, bro.

          3. I think there should be an informal rule that you can’t even bring up the term “winner’s edit” until the final seven or thereabouts. It would save a lot of hassle.

            Getting screen time prior to that just means that you were indeed a contestant that was present during the filming of the season.

          4. I’d imagine you’d have to put Michele immediately above or immediately below Natalie White, depending on the rat population of Kaoh Rong.

          5. At least Natalie White had a very specific strategy which worked. Michele is just kind of floating around.

          6. This morning I feel the need to make the point that even bad winners are good because they won. Even being the worst winner is better than being the “best player to never win” (although if you play enough your prize money can be high but not $1m or $600k after Obama get’s his hands on it high).

          7. No because Natalie White’s purely social game was one of the strongest we’ve seen. Jenna played the game a little. It’s an argument if she would end up above Fabio but Fabio went on an immunity run.

          8. OK, you and Other Scott are totally right. I guess I need that second cup of coffee. Weird because I’m usually a staunch advocate for Natalie White’s strategy and winner’s edit (against those who think neither exists).

          9. I too like to make the argument that Natalie White is better than people think. But the hill I will die on is about Sophie’s game. I will not hear bad words said.

          10. Gabon was screwy where no one knew what they were doing, Fabio went under the radar and won three straight immunities while being super likable. Jenna was probably slightly better than shown, but that season was just Rob’s goat show at the end because of how many circles he was running around everyone, so any winner other than Rob would have been pretty awful.

          11. by the argument that no one knew what they were doing in Gabon Bob will always be the worst winner.

          12. Sandra’s strategic game in Heroes vs. Villains was even worse. Her “strategy” post-merge was to get rid of a goat (Russell) who she could easily beat in the end. She even said on RHAP: “I didn’t care if I went after Russell as long as he went home I was happy”. There was no strategy it was all emotional gameplay. By pure luck the Heroes kept ignoring her so her horrific game plan kept failing. She even said on RHAP that when Rupert was still there she wanted to tell him she had an idol so they could use it to get rid of Russell. She only stopped when Russell won Final Immunity and wanted to take her to the end. The only votes she got because of her social game was Courtney and Rupert (and Rupert was mostly because they knew each other from PI). The other votes she got were purely out of the default because the jury hated the other two more. JT never talked to Sandra at the merge. Amanda said she “didn’t really know Sandra” on RHAP and said she considered Todd a better winner. Those are the facts of her game which SANDRA HERSELF has validated. There is no excuse for this horrible gameplay and even the worst winners (Fabio, Bob) didn’t spend so much energy Tribal after Tribal trying to get rid of a goat and failing at it. Natalie White is without question a better player than Sandra. Any winner (even some players who have not won) are better players than Sandra and were not dumb enough to run around getting rid of someone they could easily beat in the end for purely emotional reasons.

          13. Yeah I can’t agree that the only player to win twice is a worse player than Natalie White. Natalie White played a remarkable social game but was she as good as Sandra no, because Sandra works her way into every single majority. Sandra’s greatest skill was to know where to vote and make sure there was always a bigger target than herself. Do I think if she’d gone to the end with a Hero she’d have won? probably not, but I really think she’d have got herself there. When it became obvious she couldn’t take out Russell she went with him.
            Sandra has won twice whilst being basically physically incapable of playing the game. That’s a hero story!
            Also don’t use someone who was on a beach with her for 6 days as evidence. Eliza claims she asked Amanda and Parvati to name her boyfriend and dog at FTC and neither could, she says she asked them to name any of Alexis’ brothers and they couldn’t. That doesn’t make Parvati a bad player.

          14. Sandra is a better player than Natalie is an illogical statement because Natalie has not played twice. Sandra is a better player than JT because they both played twice and she won both times would makes sense but I severely question your intelligence if you think game placement is synonymous with game skill.

            Flipping to the heroes would have put her at the bottom of the totem pole severely decreasing her chances to make it to the end as opposed to sticking with the villains. You have no idea if she would have made it to the end you are confusing your own speculation with fact.

            “Sandra works her way into every single majority. Sandra’s greatest skill was to know where to vote and make sure there was always a bigger target than herself.”

            How and when did she do this? What was the context? Intentional vagueness is no better an argument than insistence. Name specific examples of evidence.

            Amanda not knowing Sandra means she voted out of default not based on gameplay, that was the point.

          15. A lot of this is nonsense to me.
            So when Coach went, that was luck? No Sandra got Russell to distrust a guy who would have been loyal to him. How about Burton? A lot of Sandra’s skill is getting through the pre-merge, now she’s been lucky and never went through a swap but she got passed early tribals where she objectively should have gone as the weakest player but she makes herself available as a number.
            Also she set up Russell perfectly at FTC, she answered every question perfectly to put herself in opposition to him despite voting with him to get every one of those Jurors except Danielle booted.
            I don’t see how seeing where the wind is blowing and setting your sail that way isn’t also valued in a winner. (which I’ll say is so far Michele’s positive, we can’t know more because this was tribal #1 for her).
            I’m not saying Sandra is the best winner for either of her games but she is not the worst.

          16. Coach was one vote and one Tribal Council. Good for her. You have still not acknowledged the fact that for five straight Tribal Councils she proactively decreased her chances of winning by desperately trying to get rid of someone that she could easily beat in the finals solely based on personal reasons. That is not nonsense. Those are facts validated by Sandra herself in exit interviews. By pure luck her nonsensical plans kept failing. No winner has ever risked destroying their entire game for five straight Tribal Councils just to get rid of a goat due to their personal disdain for that person. Again, Sandra has admitted all of this herself on RHAP, she didn’t care about ruining her game just to get rid of Russell, she was not stupid, she specifically has stated that she knew getting rid of him would decrease the chances of her winning the game. That was the point of my post.

            Of course she said she wanted Russell out the whole time at FTC that was her game. It was not some amazing masterstroke of an argument she was stating the facts of her game. Ironically, its the same reason her strategy post-merge was completely nonsensical and she was lucky her plans didn’t work.

            Burton is irrelevant I specifically stated in my original post that I was talking about her game in Heroes vs. Villains.

          17. Hey dude, you’re making some fine points here and are absolutely allowed to argue them, but maybe take the aggression down a tad. People are allowed to disagree civilly her.

          18. I do not see where I was being aggressive. Perhaps when I stated that I question the intelligence of someone who thinks game skill is synonymous with game placement. If so, I apologize.

            I feel my other posts have been well within line.

          19. Well A) post game interviews aren’t cannon
            B) I’m not going to convince you so why are we doing this?
            C) You can’t make her entire first game irrelevant when discussing if she’s a good player. That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works.

          20. A.) Sandra stated multiple times throughout the game and at FTC that she wanted Russell out. In exit interviews she once again reiterated that she wanted Russell out of the game. She validated exactly what she said during the game, she wanted Russell out and that’s a fact. Her words in exit interviews match what she said in the game, it is reasonable to deduce that what she saying is true. If you want to dismiss it, well you can always look at the multiple times she said in the game that she wanted Russell out.

            B.) I do not have to convince you of anything. Those are the facts as validated by Sandra herself. If you feel that avoidance of these facts is your best option feel free to do so.

            C.) As stated in my original post I specifically was talking about her game in Heroes vs. Villains. Heroes vs. Villains and Pearl Islands are two different seasons. With two different contexts. With different players and circumstances. One can be examined independently of the other.

            Pearl Islands can be discussed as well but I haven’t even seen an acknowledgment of the fact that she willingly destroyed her game for five straight Tribal Councils in order to fulfill an agenda driven by emotion.

          21. Your beliefs just can’t be supported based on what was put on screen and Sandra’s own words, which is why you haven’t tried to support them. You just stamp your feet and insist it isn’t so. 

If you can’t defend such views, as is clearly the case, then you need to develop tolerance for criticism and not get huffy with the messenger.

          22. No, you don’t believe in my interpretation of the events. You are not Objectively Correct just because you think you are right. We can disagree politely or at least at this point I seem to be able to.
            It’s rich you say I stamp my feet when you dismissed out of hand why I think what I think.

          23. For five straight Tribal Councils she proactively decreased her chances of winning by desperately trying to get rid of someone that she could easily beat in the finals solely based on personal reasons.

            How can this be an interpretation of events? These are objective facts. These are Sandra’s words. I am merely repeating them.

            What points did I dismiss about her game in HvsV?

          24. Dude, this is a game show. It’s edited and the events are interpreted differently by different viewers.
            You think she’s a terrible player, I don’t. I don’t put the same value on events as you do. That’s cool, we’re allowed to disagree. I can have my opinion of her, which is high. You can have your opinion which is low. At the point it became clear we disagreed I tried to disengage and you continued to reiterate your opinion to me but you are presenting it as fact.
            It’s cool you don’t like her, but you won’t convince me not to. Leave it alone now bro.

          25. Neither liking nor disliking are rational functions. Like or dislike of a character has no place in gameplay analysis. Like and dislike is related to individual sensibilities; moderate impressions. You can like a character and acknowledge poor gameplay and vice versa. I do not dislike Sandra, I actually enjoyed her character on the show but really I do not know her to have a strong opinion on her as a person.

            She wanted Russell out for five Tribal Councils in a row is a fact. Like or dislike has nothing to do with it. It is not an opinion. Sandra said throughout the game, at FTC and in exit interviews that she wanted him out and she did indeed try to get him out. This is an objective fact of her gameplay. The existence of these facts are not contingent on my ability to convince you that they are true.

          26. I apologise dude, you don’t think she is a good player, I do. We disagree. I will reiterate, what we are talking about here, there is no “truth” we see 45 minutes of action of each three days chosen by an editing team to tell a story. We then make value judgements about who we think is good and who we think is bad. Those judgements are by definition biased, they are based on what we as human beings value. You and I value different things more highly than each other. What you value informs what you think is good or bad. I disagree with your judgement, again that’s cool, I’m allowed to. You just need to understand that you disagree with my judgement and opinion but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid. People are in general allowed to disagree with you amicably homes.
            Survivor isn’t a sport, there are myriad ways to be good, you are viewing this in black and white and the world is a rainbow, Bro.

          27. JT gave his idol to Russell in HvsV. That is an objective fact, not a “biased interpretation”. Sandra tried to flip to the Heroes and get Russell out. That is also an objective fact not a “biased interpretation”. You acknowledged it was a fact when you said:

            “Do I think if she’d gone to the end with a Hero she’d have won? probably not,…”

            For five Tribal Councils she was attempting to make a move that would decrease her chances of winning the game. It decreased her chances of getting to the end therefore it was bad gameplay. This specific point is not up to interpretation. Are you saying you think it was good gameplay?

            I am not talking about the myriad of ways in which you can win the game. I am talking about Sandra’s game in HvsV; specifically a time period of five Tribal Councils in which she tried to get Russell out. If you think she is a good player despite proactively decreasing her chances of winning the game five Tribal Councils in a row in HvsV because of the Coach lie or her gameplay in Pearl Islands that’s fine. And I do think she has had her moments. But I find her emotion driven desperation to get Russell out for five TC’s to be too disconcerting in the greater context to categorize her as a skillful player. If it was only for one TC I could have overlooked it as a fleeting emotion driven need for revenge but to do it for the majority of the post-merge is just goofy and nonsensical. Its not worth destroying your own game just to take out someone you hate. She knew she was ruining her own game and she didn’t care.

          28. Dude. I am literally saying we should agree to disagree and you are disagreeing and continuing to argue. I am not saying the facts are not facts, I am saying your interpretation of what they mean and the value you personally put on them is an interpretation
            I’ve said Survivor isn’t sport and argued with my assessment of that so let’s try another analogy. Survivor isn’t math(s). You can’t substitute 2+2=4 with event +event = conclusion because in all human history is based on interpretation of fact to come to a conclusion and those interpretations are biased by each person’s own experiences and beliefs. You read all the events of the game and come to your own conclusion, I read them but some aren’t that important to me and some you don’t count are more important. That is how my opinion end up being different to yours. Yours isn’t 2+2=4 it isn’t the truth, it’s your view and I’m not discounting it’s validity or your own worth as a person for coming to it. I am saying my view is different, it’s just add valid as yours and you need to stop arguing with me about it. This isn’t right vs wrong this is interpretation vs interpretation or opinion vs opinion.
            I don’t know if yoke noticed

          29. Admit it, you intentionally wanted that argument to get out of hand so you could get a chance to end it by calling him “bro”.

          30. When you say winner’s edit, do you mean “winner’s edit” or edit of a winner? Because there’s definitely been worse edited winners than Michele.

    3. If you believe Nick’s exit interview, it looks like Tai voted for Jason because the group was discussing voting for him instead of Nick. But then Debbie insisted on Nick because she said Joe wouldn’t remember that they switched from Nick to Jason.

      Which means that Obvious Winner MicheleTM did a pretty awesome job voting out her ally in order to preserve Cydney and Aubry’s allies. It’s a good thing she didn’t successfully manage to blindside Jason with his idol. q.ueen!

    4. Whilst I agreed with your take on winner’s edit in the recent podcast, I think here you are mistaking winner’s edit with actual ‘performance’ or moves in the game. Michele’s supposed winner’s edit is borne out of the fact that she is actually pretty bad at the confessional lark and yet we have been hearing from her regularly over the last 3 episodes. And a lot of sequences have been created by editors to afford her some importance or significance when none probably exists.

      Even in this episode, the move was all on Cydney but we did also see Michele’s perspective on it, if she would or would not cut Nick.

      1. I’m not confused. I’m just being a dick. I’m no longer arguing against the edit-based reasoning for her winner pick, since “there’s no good reason to show her at all, ergo she must be the winner” is pretty solid (if not depressingly boring). I’m just having fun underlining all the ways that she’s currently failing at Survivor.

        She could still win though. But if she does, I want to get in early against the narrative that she was an awesome winner.

  14. Julia picks a great reward challenge team and wins ice cream. Oh boy, diarrhea city.

    Aubry’s team can’t even make it past the first obstacle!

    Tai starts to yammer at the immunity challenge and then at tribal. Maybe he got way too much sun. Whoops!

    Man, that challenge looked rough. Strains galore.

    That’s rough for Julia not being able to hang on for another 10 seconds.

    Thought Cydney was cracking a little, calling out Nick didn’t seem smart, and she seemed like the paranoid one even if she was right, and even if she led the charge against Nick. Will it backfire?

    Nick gets booted for being super arrogant. Whoops!

    Hey, at least he knew he was being super smug and arrogant. But that’s not gonna stop him from continuing to be super smug and arrogant!

    Next week, Scot and Jason take revenge by taking all the tools away. Real mature guys.

    They’re both still idiots.

    1. “Tai starts to yammer at the immunity challenge and then at tribal. Maybe he got way too much sun. Whoops!”

      Tai needs to borrow Cydney’s sun-hat.

      1. That sun hat was fucking awesome. I want to see more of that hat (and it really can only be Cydney wearing it, too–not many people will be able to rock it like her).

  15. Julia got to speak! More than once! She’s getting unwanted attention! Crap, she’s doomed! And that spotlight for next week’s episode doesn’t seem to help either.
    As a side note, she chose very well with her team on that reward challenge, so I appreciate seeing that. Too bad about the immunity challenge, though.

    Cydney definitely got some major points for this episode. I liked her before, but now I like her a lot more. She has the social game, she has the strategy, and she has physical prowess. The only thing is that everyone probably knows it by now. I could see her winning this thing, but time will tell if that is the case. Anything could happen, and I look forward to watching that.

    With the preview for next week, who thinks the women’s alliance is done for? I hesitate, because I’d love to see it go all the way, but I will keep it in mind. Also, the men are getting rid of stuff for revenge, so they’re doing what Sandra did in Pearl Islands, but if Russell was doing it instead. So yeah, really currying favour there, fellas. Not like they care.

    Oh Nick, you and your self-aware arrogance. I had a feeling that this was coming, but it was still satisfying. I’ve been thinking about if Michele and Julia didn’t flip (assuming no one else changes their vote). Then it’s 4 for Nick, 3 for Debbie, 2 for Aubry, and 1 for Jason (Hope we get a reason for that, Tai–I’ve seen the comments, so they’ve given a bit of a better insight towards what might’ve happened, but some first-hand explaining would help). If Tai went with the guys’ plan and voted Debbie, then it’s a 4-4 tie between Nick and Debbie. Aubry and Joe vote Nick, while Scot, Jason (and possibly Tai) vote Debbie. Now it’s the other 3 votes that make me think. Does Cydney change her vote to Debbie, or double down and vote Nick? Do Michele and Julia vote together to take Debbie out or change it to Nick? If this had happened, there would be some more shit going down at camp, and it would be very fascinating to see how it would turn out. As it is, it’s still fascinating though, and there will be some damage control after that tribal.

    1. Yeah Julia speaking lead to me thinking “oh so Julia next week” then the preview came.
      The issue with the split here 4-3 from the Bra-eauties is that it gives all the power to the Beauties. All it takes is one Beauty to flip to the Brains and it’s actually 4 votes for whoever they target, 3- Debbie 3- Aubry even if Tai doesn’t through a vote at Jason. However Tai was convinced to vote for Jason was a great move (again watching on the bus makes me miss bits and pieces) because it leaves the Brains and Cydney in control of the vote even if Michele and Julia decide not to flip and don’t say anything (why would they if they think it’ll be 4-Debbie 2 Aubry 4 – Nick and Debbie goes on the revote).

    1. Steve Wright was at least involved in a memorable exchange, even if that exchange is memorable for all wrong reasons.

  16. I really enjoyed seeing Cydney, Michele and Julia begin to deal with one of the classic Survivor strategy dilemmas in this episode: do I stick with my large alliance full of people I’m pretty sure I can beat if I manage to get to FTC with them, or do I jump to a smaller, riskier alliance where my shot of getting to FTC might be better, but my odds of winning once I’m there might be lower.

    My impression here is that Michele, Julia and Cydney have a great opportunity to form a tight final three sub-alliance within the girls alliance and basically go all the way to the end (barring any sort of idol or twist related disaster). They won’t, of course, but if they decided to go that route and could hold it together, it could be a really solid way to make it to the end. Then again, it would also be kind of boring. And Survivors never seem to be happy to go to the end with anyone but the goatiest goats they can find (nothing wrong with that strategy-wise) so at some point I would expect Scot and Debbie to be brought back into the fold somehow.

    I think if I were to ever be on Survivor (note: I would never be on Survivor) I would probably lean toward the strategy of getting to FTC at all costs, rather than risking blowing up my spot altogether in order to arrange a more favorable final three. Obviously getting to the end with a tight alliance of people you can beat is the best of both worlds (see: Jeremy Collins, Second Chances). I think if I were out there I would rather place and get some good prize money than go out at, say, 7th place taking a big swing, but then again I’m generally a risk averse person. I know others strongly feel the opposite about this, and I would love to hear other takes on this scenario.

    1. That would mostly be my strategy. I know I am terrible at physical challenges so I would need protection and would likely be arrogant enough to think that I could out-argue anyone. If you will take me to the end, I am with you. I would not be above taking a huge risk if I thought that I was not in the final three though.

    2. That’s a good strategy for getting past this stage of the game, but the problem is that no matter how tight the alliance, someone is going to be on the bottom, and at some point the numbers are going to make it rational for that person to flip. In the case of a tight alliance of three, final five. You would need some kind of special situation for that not to happen. For example, in One World Sabrina was in that position, but couldn’t do it because Alecia was completely delusional about her place in the pecking order and wasn’t going to cooperate with Christina in a million years.

      1. Didn’t you hear Alicia at the final tribal council? If she had been sitting in the finals next to Kim, she would have beaten Kim!

      2. Very good points. And I think the potential flaw with the strategy I laid out above is that it’s not necessarily easy to get into a tight final 3 alliance that will reliably get you to the end, or even to recognize it if you have found it.

  17. I just thought of an insane theory that could explain both of Tai’s faux pas this week. First I think Cydney told everyone about Jasle’s idol, that would make sense because she threatened doing that earlier in the episode. After that I think either she told Tai that everyone was voting Jasle to either blindside him or force out his idol or the Superidol (Cydney also knew about that). I think they told him this to see if they could trust him, just like Mike telling Will to vote Hailey. I think Tai may have been attempting to hint Jasle or that he just had a really bad pokerface. That would explain his vote.

    1. Did Cydney know about the superidol? She was there when Jason got it, but was she there when he read the note? I thought only Jason and Scot knew about the note’s contents.

      1. You might be right, but I think there is a good chance she did. If she didn’t, just remove the part about flushing the Superidol from my theory. I do think someone told him to vote for Jasle that way, though.

        1. When Scot and Jason talked to Nick last week and told him about Tai’s idol, Jason said that he wasn’t even going to tell Cydney about this, they were going to keep this between the three of them. Cydney was not as close an ally to Jason as he let on.

  18. The preview says “The men strike back” (or whatever) and show Jason and Scot stealing the machete, etc. Do we really think that Tai and Joe are going along with this? Tai is loyal to Scot, not Jason, and he voted for Jason. And Joe voted with the women and is loyal to Debbie and Aubry. This doesn’t feel like a men vs. women thing, it feels like a Brawn Men vs. everyone else thing.

    1. I suspect so, although Tai might be upset about being out of the loop. I don’t think he would be a dick about it though.

    2. I also wondered how the “starving them out” when fruit is around would work. Maybe not coconuts but other fruit might not need to be cut with a machete or axe.

      1. Not to mention that the sea is full of shellfish (because Kimmi hasn’t depleted them yet).

        1. Jason and Scot wouldn’t be that shellfish.

          BOOM! My second “shellfish” pun this season!

          I’ll show myself out.

          1. You said that last time and yet, here you are. Making puns.

            *Moves Hornacek above Mark on my list*

  19. If the women’s alliance holds (and that’s a big “if”), is Joe in the Tarzan position from One World? He seems to be more in with them than Tai.

    1. Joe doesn’t seem to be in with anyone. They probably told him right before tribal, and he thought that meant 9 more days in his vacation, so why not.

      1. Joe is clearly in with Debbie and Aubry, if by in with you mean will vote for who they say but will be little help in actual gameplay.

          1. He’s this really fit attractive (if you like long hair) young guy who’s really good at all the challen… wait, that was last year.

  20. I’m genuinely not sure if you spelt ‘Michele’ wrong* in the blurb to prove a point or not.

    *well, you spelt it the correct way, just not for this context.

  21. OK, I have a Grand Unified Theory of Tai’s vote and behavior at Tribal Council: With immunity around his neck, he decided it was time for a Big Move™. He was completely out of the loop on the women’s alliance, so as far as he knew the vote was the Beauties voting Debbie, Brawn voting Aubrey, and Brains voting ???, and he guessed Jason, since they would want to strike back at the person shoving them into lockers. He further realized that he could decide who went home, since without his vote it’s 3-3-3. As for blabbing about the super-idol, I think he was trying to ensure that neither Jason nor Aubry played an idol prior to the vote.

    Now, there are several things wrong with this plan, most notably why he would just guess the Brains were targeting Jason instead of checking in with his “ally” Debbie. But I think he wanted to put “blindsiding the biggest threat in the game without any help from anybody” on his resume. Or perhaps Tai’s just not a strategic mastermind and/or he was kind of out of it after the challenge.

    1. This is not a terrible idea (not the super idol but, that was just inexplicable). the split vote basically allowed any beauty to flip to Brains secretly and choose who was voted out. I don’t actually think this is what Tai did, I think he thought the beauty girls and brains were voting Jason and wasn’t told it was Nick.

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