Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 1 Liveblog: “May the best generation win”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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690 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 1 Liveblog: “May the best generation win”

    1. I grew up in a surf town and am getting terrible high school flashbacks. I legitimately knew people who said “gnar gnar.”

        1. Paul’s pretty tan though, those legs were white. And Paul does all kinds of beach stuff all the time. And he’s on my fantasy team.

          So, Chris!

          1. Funny. I did not even think like that. I should have said really pale. But for some reason I started to think of David as the fly from the original Fly movie (not the Jeff Goldblum version) when you said that.

            I have to go back to work. Today I’d rather just sit and read comments. I stayed up way too late on this site last night.

      1. I’m feeling better about swiping Paul from you. He appears to be not irritating and in with the majority.

    1. A belated smug grin.

      You all thought my Will plan was MAD! MAD I SAY!

      (But seriously I would have picked Rachel in your place. I actually liked Rachel pre-game, and only booted her from my Pick 4 because exactly this happening seemed reasonably likely)

  1. I can’t believe Gen X voted out a POC! Did the united colors of Benetton ad campaign teach them nothing!

        1. but it did sound like she and rachel had formed a bond and since she was the ally of the outsider, she becomes a secondary target

    1. They didn’t want to anger David? I have no idea. David would have been my target, since Rachel is a harmless liability, but David is an erratic liability.

          1. I’m reluctantly throwing away all of my Zeke burns, because he charmed me.

            Except “Zeke is the guy who thinks he’s the life of the party, but actually is only invited because he knows where to get the best cocaine,” because that one was too good.

          2. Love him. I don’t see Richard hatch as Probst described. Penner is more appropriate. I also see a bit of Cesternino 1.0

      1. But weren’t they only splitting the vote because they thought David had an idol? Then shouldn’t he be one of the people they vote for?

  2. Can we chill on the retweets in live Blog? Sry, new guy.
    Some random thoughts and questions:
    can we please love David this season?
    What generation are people born in 1983?
    quote of the night, “I need to squash that in the butt”
    Runner up, “let’s make a bowling”
    Since when is not afraid to work hard a hallmark of generation x, I thought that we were slackers.

    I will hang up and listen to reply

    1. Most of the retweets are either by the regular commenters as twitter is an easier medium to live comment or from Survivors or members of the larger community. I like them, otherwise this comment section would be 50 comments of my stream of consciousness!

    2. I am not new at the live blog, been doing it since it started. I always try and work in tweets, but this episode felt way heavier than usual I agree, and it felt like I didn’t have time to comment myself, so maybe I’ll try and find a balance where I am commenting more.

      Yeah as someone born in 1983 Survivor forgot us.

      I actually like David as a personality, but I have to critique his gameplay which is pretty awful thus far.

        1. also premieres probably bring out more people making time to liveblog, so there are more tweets i was seeing. because i was seeing a lot more tweets than usual

    3. “He’s right, we need more retweets in the live blog!”
      “That’s not what I said …
      “More retweets! More retweets!”

          1. I’m an authentic Generation X member; born in 1972, was a college DJ when Nevermind came out, read my Douglas Coupland first editions.

            And what that means is that my generation invented sarcasm, invented trolling, and you’re doing it wrong.

          2. This is an excerpt from the exchange I mentioned upthread, where a student of mine didn’t believe phones didn’t always have music on them.

            Me: I don’t suppose you’re Nirvana fan.

            Her: No. My brother has that one album with the naked baby on the cover…

            Me: Nevermind.

            Her. Well sorry I said anything.

            Me: No, that’s what that album is called.

          1. You think it’s weird now? Just wait until you’re at an age where your genetics and lifestyle catch up with you. Dan Foley is 3 1/2 years younger than Andrew Savage.

          2. We will all have to change our avatars to cake. Which is an improvement for me since I’m still rocking the default dead fish.

          3. You will always rock the default dead fish. But always talk about changing it.

            That’s so Alycia Swift.

          4. I have a friend who turned 25 a week after I turned 30. When she was complaining about it I was just like “what the fuck ever.”

          5. That’s like the Friends episode where Rachel turns 30 and she’d dating that young guy Tag who’s like, “I know what you’re going through. I’m totally freaked out about turning 25.”

          6. “You’re thirty! YOU’RE THIRTY!”

            And then Tag dumped Rachel and joined the police force and went to work with the CSIs. It all fits together!

          7. To me, it’s makes sense mathematically to be 20-23 as early, 24-26 as mid, and 27-29 as late. But a TV show the other day also claimed that 36 was late thirties, which seems unjust.

          8. I planned mine as a holiday with friends so I’d be hyped for it. Now we’re back I’m settling into 30 and yeah a little weird.

        1. We started doing the liveblog as a way to set ourselves apart from the Avclub and other sites, but it also creates a space for comments. so a standard recap would kinda compete with our own thing. I don’t think it is a thing we are going to do because of that.

          1. Fair enough, as long as we have a place to talk about it that’s not Reddit, that’s cool, I can’t identify with reddits survivor opinions, hehe

          2. do it now dude. Honestly, just pick 4 people you think will do well, comment on the thread and boom, your involvement can stop there.

          3. Nice thanks for the nice welcome, looking forward to joining the best survivor fans around, night all

          4. I can already tell you are awesome, probably because you watch Survivor drunk, which i would be doing if i didn’t have to have coordination to liveblog

          5. Tomorrow, John will post the standings and current teams. That is the time for swaps and new teams to occur. However, if you go to the fantasy league page now, you can see the current teams (which means that you cannot pick them).

          6. Tomorrow, John will post the standings and current teams.

            He can wait a week or two if he wants… I don’t imagine anyone’s too excited about the pools just yet…

          7. I’ll be posting tomorrow mostly so that people can see what their current teams are and let them change as necessary. And we usually get people just now joining the league as well.

          8. I COMMEND your work ethic, John, but I’m sure NO ONE is interested in what poor sap chose first-booted Rachel in the Champions League.

          9. Question: Are you treating this vote as a split, where players who voted for CeCe still get VTEP? Asking for a friend.

            Also, if one of said players found a weird, undescribed advantage that can’t be played until day 36, are there points for that? Again, asking for a friend.

          10. Yes, VTEP for all except CeCe and Rachel.

            And I think the advantage thing is a no, since we specifically discussed points for advantages this offseason. And this is a weird one, in that it’s useless until a certain point.

          11. Not completely useless. You can still use it to cement a final 2 alliance or flip a vote headed your way. In fact it might be more useful than a regular idol since you can’t betray a promise to share it (well you could promise it to more than one person, but you can’t play it for yourself and screw your ally).

          12. Well, it’s useful in that you could pretend it’s absolutely anything since exactly what it does hasn’t been revealed. But if you let someone see the note, it actually makes you a target since they’d know they could vote you out and potentially get it.

          13. Also, said friend believes the fair thing to do would be to award 1 point to Jessica, then in the event Jessica gets voted, off, award 1 point to whoever she hands it off to and so on and so forth, then give either 1 or 2 points to the player who actually has it on day 36.

            This is offered purely in the spirit of law nerding, with no self-interest considered.

          14. Neither can we. And yeah we really love all the comments you guys bring so whatever gets you talking quicker is what we want

    1. Ah, the classic AVClub experience. Deeply fall in love with something only to have it either completely ruined or taken away completely.

          1. I always thought that would be a reference passed down through generations of AVCers. It’s just something you instinctively know about when you reach a certain amount of comments.

          1. I’m confused by this because the only person who posts random off-topic digressions in the comments of my Australian Survivor recaps is me.

          2. It was a joke that sounded funny in my head but now seems cruel. i didn’t mean for it to be a mean joke.

          3. Lol, dude, don’t apologize. Nobody has more unearned self-regard than me, except maybe Drew Christie, it just wasn’t an accurate description of what our Aussie Survivor comment section looks like.

      1. I’ll tell you what I don’t miss from AV club: That Hornacek dude and his random thoughts! Like I’m ever gonna respond to those!

        I’m giddy that Survivor is back on!

    2. Say! Do guys like FOOD? What say we take a break from all this TV talk, and list some of our favourite fast food breakfast items.

      1. It was the only review site I read regularly for Survivor, before coming here. The other ones drive me up the wall. I usually really enjoyed Carrie’s analyses.

    3. Heyyyy, it’s Lindsay from The AV Club. Waiting for a Survivor recap on AVC isn’t the only reason I’m still awake right now, but it’s part of the reason. Do you mean to say they dropped coverage on Survivor too?!

          1. I remember the good old days when AV Club used to tell us which shows they were covering at the start of the TV season. (Hank_Dolworth on AVC.)

            It’s a shorter list now; you’d think it would be easier. Not Great job, Internet.

      1. Nice to see you! Such a bummer about the AVC coverage. You should stick around here though, we’re mostly AVC cast-offs. You may also know me as Little Emma Adderall. I would sell out the others’ user names, but I don’t know if that’s kosher.

    1. Well assuming they didn’t actually want to get rid of David, there’s no point putting votes on him.

      Putting votes on someone you don’t want to vote out to flush an idol is known as the Nicaragua fallacy.

  3. Random thoughts:

    And here we go …

    Taylor’s accomplishments including going to North Dakota??? Winner’s edit!

    Oh great, an entire season of saying “GenX” instead of “Generation X”.

    I wonder if Will will (heh) keep his age a secret and … nope.

    Paul: Get off my lawn!

    Jessica aka Figgy aka Figs.

    All Jessica has to do to use this advantage is … last another 35 days in the game.

    “You like to play more than you work, you.” Who says this to someone who’s actually working on day one?

    Should we finish our half-built (barely) shelter or have a party on the beach? This episode is verifying all of our fears of how these millennials would act.

    I wish Jeff signed his treemail XOXO.

    So no footage of the tribes after they were evacuation? Where were they taken? Were they forbidden from talking like before day one?

    “The Triforce! I freaking love you guys!” Sigh, an entire season of this …

    The four pretty people think they’re running the tribe when they’re in the minority … wow this is the Fans tribe in Caramoan all over again!

    Who decided to let Rachel chop through the advantage mask? And why did David volunteer for the puzzle? Ugh these people. Now I have to listen to a week of “Millennials are better than Gen-X.”

    I wonder … if you know that your tribe thinks you have an idol and you think they would vote you out because of it, would it help to dump all of your stuff out on the ground, empty your pockets, take off your clothes, and then don’t leave camp until tribal?

    Jessica got sand in both eyes. Another Caramoan similarly. And she doesn’t want to quit. Suck it, Shamar.

    “Oh crap.”

    The first 4 votes are for different people? Is this Borneo? Or San Juan del Sur?

    Next week: someone has a heart attack? Is it one of those young millennials? Or one of the 8 young GenXers?

    1. Taylor’s accomplishments including going to North Dakota??? Winner’s edit!

      I heard that too! It kind of makes me wish that North Dakota was a douche-bro trap.

      1. Taylor at the travel agency …

        Agent: Where would like to go for your vacation?
        Taylor: Dude, I don’t know …
        Agent: Hawaii, the Dominican, Thailand …
        Taylor: Eh, I’m not sure …
        Agent: North Dakota …
        Taylor: YES! Oh God, yes!

        1. “I don’t think of it as a state! I think of it as something I can do a backflip off of! Or something craaazy like that!”

          1. “Congressman, we want to drill for oil in Teddy Roosevelt’s head.”

            (I know Mr. Rushmore is in South Dakota, but I can’t think of a funny quote about North Dakota and oil)

        2. Seriously, I’d love to visit the Dakotas. That sounds like a fun time. I wouldn’t brag about it though. That’s the weird part.

          1. Especially since it’s another state in the country where you live. That would be like me stating my life accomplishments and including that I once went to New Brunswick.

    2. “Next week: someone has a heart attack? Is it one of those young millennials? Or one of the 8 young GenXers?”

      I bet it’s Paul. Or the cop.

      1. The obvious choice is Paul, since he’s older than all the other GenXers. Which means it’ll probably be someone else. It would be funny (as funny as watching someone have a heart attack on tv) if it was David, especially with the clip of him saying “This could be great for me”, with him thinking that no one would vote him out because they would feel bad about voting out someone who had a heart attack.

        1. I was thinking the same thing, couldn’t be David, unless…

          I’m surprised he didn’t get voted out. He was super paranoid and playing too hard, plus with all the airtime, figured he’d be the logical boot, with Rachel being second in votes. Maybe she was far more grating than the edit led on.

          1. I put Rachel’s boot down to a combination of her annoyingness at camp, and her performance at the challenge (saying she would be the one to chop the mask and do the puzzle, both of which she was terrible at).

          2. Chopping the mask – one of the big guys should have done both. Chris did it in one chop. Paul and/or Bret probably would have taken one or two.

          3. Everyone seemed to break the mask in one chop except for Rachel. Wasn’t there a One World/BvW challenge where Kat had to chop through a rope stretched across a log with an ax and it took her FOREVER to do it?

          4. Actually now that I think about it I think you’re right about Kat. But Courtney trying in vain to chop through a rope with a Chinese dao (suspended vertically rather than laid across something) is the more iconic example.

    3. “I wonder … if you know that your tribe thinks you have an idol and you
      think they would vote you out because of it, would it help to dump all
      of your stuff out on the ground, empty your pockets, take off your
      clothes, and then don’t leave camp until tribal?”

      Well on certain seasons, that might give them another reason to vote you out – for the taking off the clothes part.

      1. I didn’t originally have that part in there, but then I remembered Tyson saying that in BvW he hid the immunity idol down his shorts (the infamous bulge), so even if I was in that position and I dumped out all my stuff and turned out my pockets, someone would probably say “We still don’t believe you, you’re got it underneath your clothes!”

        1. I was just referring to how upset 2 guys on White Collar were when Shirin went bottomless while doing the dishes … and she was already bottomless before they even came onto the beach.

          Kim Spradlin also hid her idol in her shorts/underwear/bathing suit at times if I recall correctly.

          1. When the Millennials suggested getting naked for their beach party, and Adam (?) told everyone “No, that’s a bad idea” I felt like he was referencing Max and Shirin.

            And Kelley W. hid it in her bikini briefs when she got the idol at the first challenge, but that was more out of necessity because she didn’t have anywhere else to hide it.

          2. Kelley if I recall correctly had shorts on and a top over the bikini and hit it on her back/down her shorts ish around where sound is usually hooked up on the contestants.

          3. You’re right, she was wearing shorts at that challenge. I think it was all the talk at the time about how men had an advantage since they would likely be wearing shorts with pockets at challenges, and women would usually be wearing bikini bottoms with no pockets.

          4. Kelly told the rest of the tribe she was on her period so it wouldn’t be suspicious that she was wearing shorts to a water challenge.

          5. That is smart, no guy is gonna want to question that.

            It reminds me of a scene in Ally McBeal where Ally and one of the other women (Georgia? Nell?) are arguing in the bathroom and Richard tries to come in and asks “What’s going on here?” Ally says “Cramps!” and he says “Oh! Ok!” and quickly leaves.

            It basically shuts down all further inquiries from men.

  4. My reaction to the boot and 2nd highest vote getter, not the site, because I love you guys:

    Fuck this.

    1. The only positive is that actually half the women in this cast are women of colour. The issue is that Jay is the only man who is and he’s half Peruvian I believe.

      1. I’m too bad at math to know if you counted Figgy, but apparently she’s half Puerto-Rican as well.

        1. I counted Figgy (Jessica Figueroa was a give away). It’s actually not half WoC it’s 3/5. I wrote half realised it was 3/5 but couldn’t be bothered to go back.

      1. She was tight with Rachel. If you split the vote that’s who you do it with that way you alienate as few people as possible.

        1. It bothers me that it just so happens that two women of color just happen to be outside of the majority alliance. Poor challenge performance is rarely an actual reason to send someone home (for one guy, like Bret, yes – not not enough for a majority vote) – it’s an excuse people use to justify it, but people send home whomever they are not bonding with.

          1. But there’s one woman of color in that majority alliance. And how about personality being the main factor? Rachel’s personality was grating and all we saw from CeCe was that she’s Rachel’s only ally.

        2. Me 3. When she go votes, I said out loud where did those come from? And I’m by myself as the hubby does not watch.

      2. It’s very odd for CeCe to have gotten almost no air time and then to have been the split vote. I think production is really fucking with us now*.
        *Oh, you think airtime=eviction, well just you wait!
        IE: We were set up to believe the split vote would be David–who got no votes at all!

      1. My husband & friend said they think she’s trying to hard to fill the “nerd” role. I didn’t think any of her persona came off as an act 😉

    1. I like this theory. Hannah the undercover jock. She did seem pretty excited about jumping into the ocean with all the bros.

  5. Well, Survivor: Generation Walkman vs Generation iPod served up a somewhat disappointing first episode.

    What is with these Gen Xers though? When that one guy said he grew up working with his hands, did he mean using the Atari joystick to play Pitfall?

    1. these Gen Xers are just falling into the trap of all people as they get older, which is blaming the younger generation for being lazy

          1. My dad had that one! His rich friend gave it to him for his *counts* 50th birthday? My brother got the button one for his college graduation. I got money to buy myself the 2nd gen mini (bright blue!) for my 15th birthday and then I got the final version of the classic for my 18th.

            And that’s the tale of the Adderall’s iPod ownership history. My brother eventually had a Zune. What a dweeb.

          2. I had a Creative Nomad mp3 player in 2000, before the iPod was a thing. It had a whole 64 MB of flash memory and was “only” the size of a pack of cards. It was a real upgrade from having a portable CD player strapped to your belt, or shoving it in a large pocket and looking like you had a little frisbee in your pants.

      1. I have student who I got into a back and forth with about music because she had no concept of buying an album as a physical thing, and when I told her phones used to not have music on the her response was “I don’t believe you.”

        1. How old is she? and is she stupid? or at the very least has she not studied any history. Imagine what she’d say if you told her that when you were a kid cell phones were enormous and most people didn’t have them at all.

  6. So David was the only one to shed tears tonight, right? (I’m not counting Jessica’s bleeding eyeballs). I guess Aubrey sort of put an end to the “winner cries in the first episode” streak last season, but worth noting.

  7. Thoughts!
    I really hope they split into three tribes soon to stop this theme madness.

    David will fulfill his SoPa Cochran fate when he merges with Mari and Hannah and takes out one of the Alpha Bro frat.

    Lucy getting the purple workhorse edit.

    This new hot potato Advantage could be very, very interesting. Especially since it must be relinquished upon vote-out.

    Current faves: Mari, Zeke, David, Michaela (our new GIF and shade machine—more please!)

    1. I like the term hot potato advantage. I wonder if they have to will it in front of the tribe… And does the recipient have to accept.

      1. Jeff confirmed on EW that if you get voted out with the advantage, you will it to someone after you get voted out. And it shows up in the willee’s bag.

        1. Hah! That’s gonna be fun. Especially if they have no idea it exists and then it randomly shows up in their bag one day

    2. I’m not sure she had anything more than a single confessional, but her expressions when both tribes were talking themselves up after dividing up made her an early favorite. She seemed to have an equal amount of disdain for the corny comments coming from both tribes.

    3. Splitting into 3 tribes seems more likely than a tribe swap. I didn’t hear any tribe names given besides “Millennials” and “Gen X” so they would have to create new tribes and give them actual tribe-like names.

      1. They didn’t say the tribe names aloud at any point, but the flags have them. Milennials: Vanua X: Takali. Never remember the tribe names this early anyway.

        1. Jeff usually mentions the actual tribe names though, even if no one really uses them. I thought for sure on both Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn he mentioned what their actual tribe names were. Didn’t he?

  8. Disappointed that they didn’t show (or even explain) what happened to the cast during the evacuation. Did they go to Ponderosa? Somewhere else?

    Also a weak tribal … but besides that, I liked this episode. I’m rooting for Millennials plus Bret.

    The Ken love here has gone way too far. I think Ken won’t make the merge.

    So — if you were with Mari/Will/Hannah/Zeke in the Freaks & Geeks Alliance — in what order would you pick off Taylor, Jay, Figs & Michelle?

    I’d go Taylor-1, Figs-2. Good news for the popular kids is that Gen-X seems very capable of a long losing streak in challenges.

    1. Jeff said on Twitter that they spent the night silent in a hotel room. Good thing no one was on Ponderosa yet…

        1. There was an article about it a few days ago, which surprised me coz I thought they would want to keep it quiet til it aired. Not that there was much to it, but it is a SURVIVOR FIRST.

      1. Ken is also the GenXer that I respond to in that I have my first mancrush in years. You are not the only one who loves Ken.

        Also, everybody else’s personality on GenX sucks. Except maybe Sunday’s- I can’t tell yet.

        1. I actually like Ken’s personality I mean. I liked how David is freaking out about nature and he just brings david a disgusting bug and is like see no big deal, it wont hurt you

          1. I know. It made him even more attractive – it’s like, what are you, a perfectly chiseled statute come to life that ALSO has a great personality? Cut it out, it’s hurting my brain.

          2. I don’t remember it. I’ll probably go back and watch. I don’t remember having this reaction to him when watching the video!

          3. basically a few years ago he found out he had a daughter and he is now the sole caregiver (I think the mom died). So turn party 20s Ken into single dad serious Ken.

          4. I did not think about Edgic with this episode at all until this point. Maybe I’ve successfully wiped it from my brain.

      1. In their defense, they probably have storms forecast all the time. It sounds like they didn’t know this storm would turn into a cyclone until the day of. If they postponed every time there was a storm forecast, they would never start a season.

        1. Yeah, considering they gave them a tarp they never ended up using tells me that the forecast just kept unexpectedly getting worse as the day went on.

          1. the EW interview confirms this. it went from the storm maybe forming, to forming but maybe not coming their way, to coming their way, to being really strong and coming their way.

          2. At least the Gen Xers were adding the tarp to their existing shelter. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Millennials all holding the tarp in the air while the guys built a shelter underneath it, like they were raising a circus tent.

    2. I am curious if they left the crew or just cameras. The weather shots were scary but lovely at the same time.

      1. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. If they were just stationary cameras there certainly were a lot of them.

          1. I love the morning after shots but my favorite was the bat who looked at the camera with a “what the f are you looking at” expression.

          2. Well at the rate the show is having medical issues (i.e. next week – which was not even mentioned in the limited pregame coverage I saw), Survivor 35: might indeed be Survivor 35: Alive.

      2. They left the same cameraman to film the camp during the cyclone that they left to start film the fire during Amazon.

        Actually, on EW Jeff said they set up a remote camera that only had a 4-hour battery, so there was no one there for the cyclone.

        1. At least the cameraman filming the fire could get out of there if it started getting real bad. This one could have basically had a tree land on him out of nowhere.

        2. it originally only had a 4 hour battery but someone had a cellphone extender on them so they used that to last through the night

          1. Ah, I read it quickly and thought they said they would only have 4 hours but would have to use someone’s cell phone battery. What you said makes more sense that they set something up that would record all night.

  9. Called it on Rachel going home first.

    As a massive Zelda fan, I must first state to Matt that Skyward Sword was among the 3 best games of the 2011 with Skyrim and Dark Souls. Secondly I must state to Jaylor that the Triforce of Wisdom was split into 8 pieces in the original NES game, the Triforce of Courage was split into 8 pieces in Windwaker and that it was revealed that the Dark World destroyed their Triforce in A Link Between Worlds, so the Triforce is not invincible.

    Bizarrely enough, King Hyrule used the Triforce to sink Hyrule under the ocean in Windwaker, so this cyclone may not be natural.

          1. You know, if he did come back… I’d have to pick him. If I didn’t, and he won…

            I’d have to do it.

    1. Also I’ll agree that Skyward Sword was better than Twilight Princess at least. I just used Skyward Sword because it fit the timeline of a 18 year old

          1. even the original was gorgeous. Fuck those people that made fun of the cel-shading and led to the drab Twilight Princess and fuck Twilight Princess!

          2. the only thing it did right was pure dungeon design. the dungeon design was really good which made the rest so much worse

          3. WiiU is great for like the 7 games on it that are stone cold classics.

            Also I think it can play every single Zelda game besides the gameboy ones.

          4. I will state that it had the best arsenal of any Zelda game. The dual clawshots and the ball and chain were fantastic weapons.

          1. I prefer Season’s to Ages. Link’s Awakening was the first Zelda game I ever played and would be my 2nd favorite of all time.

          2. I actually have a good Oracle of Ages story. I was in Middle School when it came out and was attending one of my brother’s grade school baseball games.

            I was playing through the 5th dungeon when I heard a crack and shouts of “OH MY GOD”. I looked up from the game and was informed that a foul ball came within an inch of my head. Being focused on the game prevented me from noticing it and may have saved me.

    2. All you guys (and I mean both sexes) that are talking about the games watch Halt and Catch Fire? Great show about the history/creation of computers, gaming, Internet.

  10. Matt and Cece have said it before, but good job on the decision to evacuate, so nobody got killed.

    Other than that, I already don’t like the GenX-6. To be fair, Rachel’s outgoing personality seemed to be a really bad fit on her tribe, so I can’t blame them too much. On the other tribe things are heading in the right direction with the misfit-alliance slowly forming, I hope we’ll see more of that, and that the rest remains oblivious to it.

  11. GenXers – racist, bad at challenges and at getting along

    Millennials. – lazy, friendly, and getting ahead anyway!

    Am I doing it right?

  12. Dammit Figgy, I had hopes for you. How dare you walk into the Caramoan Cool Kids Alliance that doesn’t understand that 6 is greater than 4.

      1. She didn’t seem quite as gaga about the Cool Kids Alliance as the two bros did. And she did very well on the puzzle. At worst I think Figgy will be the 2nd Jessica to get sent home.

        1. Surely Jessica (Lewis) will outlast Figgy. She’s in the majority alliance on GenX and seems to be part of a tighter core alliance with Bret and Chris. Whereas the “cool kids” alliance seem to be the minority and as a woman Figgy is probably more likely to be voted out before Jay or Taylor.

      2. I thought she would bring them to an alliance due to them finding her attractive. I just thought she might have an ally in Zeke and or Mari.

  13. Before they left for filming, how much pot do you think that Taylor smoked to still be that high on day four.

  14. You know I see a lot of negativity towards the Triforce alliance, however give them a moment of credit because they are actually people that give an emotion compared to the people on Gen X. I know they are bad at the game because they have not realized 4 is not a majority on a ten person tribe but there are not boring or horrible people like Jason and Will. They also keep a reason for Mari and Hannah to oppose them.
    However this part of the season might be unbearable if Gen X just keeps on losing players because the main character over there right now is David vs everyone. And that is player who is both bad at the social game, but he is also shockly boring for a TV writer. So I hope the Millennials lose for better entrainment..
    Also possible medical evacuation next on Gen X tribe next week is also boring.

          1. Boston Legal. One of the only law shows I can stand. And not because of the cases and procedure which were a joke but because of The actors.

        1. Right now I’m mostly remembering the audio as opposed to the video so I’ll probably need to re-watch the preview, but based on what I remember I’m sort of wondering if it could be David. I recall the doctor saying something like they were ‘thinking heart attack’ or it was ‘like a heart attack’ which could suggest anxiety attack, and to me that screams David all the way. Just a theory though 🙂

          1. The fact that we see David say “This could be great for me” makes me think it’s another player, as David would think that a person who had a heart attack during the game would be voted out before him. But if David was the one who had the heart attack would he say that? The quote could be about something else and not the attack, but would David think that because he had a heart attack his tribe would not want to vote him out?

        2. It’s very weird that the season which by definition doesn’t have anyone over 53 is the season where we get the (potential) heart attack.

        3. I think it’s a misdirect. The doctor says “may have had” a heart attack, and if it really was a heart attack, it makes David look much too evil showing him saying how it could be good for him.

    1. The Millennials in general are just a far more interesting group, personality-wise. And negativity around here is relative, because we all realize this is a TV show and we’re all forming reactions to what little of these people that we get to actually see.

    2. The Triforce alliance is ridiculous and it’s right for us to ridicule it. But it’s probably not as dumb as it’s being portrayed.

      Its obvious comparison is the Cool Kids alliance in Caramoan (Reynolds, Eddie, Allie, Hope) who thought that an alliance of 4 was in control of a tribe of 10. But in RHAP interviews they said that they had Michael and Matt in their alliance too, but that those 4 were the core 4 of their alliance of 6 (Michael and Matt confirmed this on RHAP too, it wasn’t just the CK being delusional, although they were about other things). But since M&M went with the other 4, the show edited out any scenes of M&M being seen with CK so that CK being voted out would be funnier (“Look at those idiots getting voted out, thinking that an alliance of 4 in a group of 10 had all the power.”

      So I’ll give the Triforce (ugh) the benefit of the doubt and assume that they think they have, along with Michelle, 2 other people, but that the Triforce 3 are the core 3 of that group of 6. But the fact that they didn’t show us anyone else (besides Michelle) aligning with the Triforce makes me think they will suffer the same fate as CK.

      1. Plus Freaks and Geeks isn’t exactly set in stone either. Mari, Hannah, and Adam seem to have a solid connection, plus Zeke because pudgy nerd. But are Michaela or Will aligned with anybody yet?

        1. They did very briefly show Mari chatting with Michaela at the same time as Mari was voiceover-ing about ‘bringing the Triforce’s bond to everyone’s attention’, so possibly she’ll end up aligning with them. She definitely seems like a no-nonsense type so it’s hard to picture her siding with the ‘bros’

          1. After rewatching the episode, it’s more clear to me how hard Mari is working to round up a majority to take down Triforce. But still, if I were say, Adam, I would at least consider flipping to Triforce (against all my social instincts) in order to basically control five votes, assuming I could get say, Will, as a sixth.

  15. Apologies if somebody has already done this…
    Based on Survivor’s definitions*, Gen-X players have won by far the most Survivor seasons:

    20 past winners – GENERATION-X
    7 past winners – MILLENNIALS
    3 past winners – BOOMERS
    2 past winners – 1983

    But a Millennial won last season, and Millennials have won 2 of the last 4 seasons.

      1. Yes that’s true, if you only count the seasons since the first Millennial winner (Todd) then Millennials have won 7 seasons versus Gen X’s 7 — so dead even*!!!

        (*This of course excludes the 1983 winners.)

    1. But three of last five winners have been listed as being from New Jersey but I don’t think Will will win this season.

        1. It is the one connected thread between Tony, Natalie, and Michelle. The main comparison between Mike and Jeremy. Beside being strong personality filled men. They did not have to deal with anyone from New Jersey.
          Coincidence? Probably.

    2. Would this be because by their definition every season pre-HvV even the young people were borderline Gen X?

        1. Yeah but you are talking the very young in a season and as we know the very young don’t do as well. Let’s say Tochantins by this standard only Sierra and Spencer are Millennials, Sydney and JT don’t count as they are in the dead zone.

          1. Good call. Now, I am curious as to who would be considered a millennial from these mid teen seasons.
            China: Frosti, Jaime, Amanda, Todd
            Micronesia: Erik, Jason
            Gabon: Michelle, Paloma, Kelly, Kenny
            Tocantins: JT and Sydney would count because in Survivor terms, 83 is the dead year not 84.
            Samoa: Ashley, Brett, Monica

  16. Really glad Survivor gives me the excuse not to be a GenXer or Millennial. 1983 will forever be known correctly as GenY. JOIN THE REVOLUTION

      1. How would we describe ourselves on Survivor?

        “We’re good with technology but not reliant on it. We know what work is, but also really like to sit around playing 10 year old zelda games. 9/11 ruined everything”

  17. So, um something weird just happened. Figgy liked my tweet about how I didn’t expect her to be a puzzler. The weird thing is that I didn’t tweet at her, so she is digging through that #Survivor timeline.

          1. I’d definitely come to the comments here, though. And I’d find the first one of you that said something negative about me and perma-ban you.

            (I kid. Coming here to get made fun of would probably be one of my favorite parts of the whole experience.)

          2. LOL at the thought that I wouldn’t have already changed all the passwords while you were on the island.

          1. Oh, is Michele one of those people? I always just figured she should say “scoreboard, bitches” and that would win her any argument.

          2. I feel like the paycheck would be fairly comforting. Maybe that’s just me.

            Not that this means it’s unfair to analyze her “game” (God knows I have), but she does have a fairly definitive trump card.

          3. I don’t imagine Fabio is crying that I think he’s an idiot that stumbled into a Survivor victory. He’s won Survivor more times than I have.

          4. I mean, although yeah winning should be good enough, I can understand why she might be a bit annoyed. She won but the fanbases’ girlfriend got all the credit.
            For a woman the best way to become a fan favourite isn’t to win (unless you are Sandra or Kim) but to come somewhere between 2nd and 6th and get to come back.

          5. Not just the fanbase. I wouldn’t blame OWM if she felt like the editors threw her under the bus in favor of Aubry. But yeah, she does have a million reasons to let it all just slide.

          6. All this talk about OWM reminded me that she is scheduled to be the recap guest on RHAP for this episode. Sigh, an entire episode of “Bro, I know!” and “malarkey”.

      1. Let’s be honest, OWM built one puzzle that we saw.

        It was an important puzzle, but mostly she did balancing stuff and memory challenges.

        1. Don’t forget about the reward challenge she single-handedly lost for her tribe, leading them to think she was going to go kill herself.

          1. Aside from not liking Jason’s laziness on that swap tribe, Debbie seemed to be acting very social, making friends with everyone (Greek gods and ordinary mortals). So for her to joke that Michele might be going off to kill herself made me think that Michele must have been *very* noticeably depressed.

            Plus no one called out Debbie on that, they seemed to think it was funny. No one spoke up for Michele there.

          2. Cydney called her out. How dare you forget “Damn, Debbie.”

            Which was also probably what Barbara was referencing.

          3. Yes, I remember Debbie saying “I hope she doesn’t go off and drown herself.” which made Cydney laugh and say “Damn, Debbie.” Cydney laughing when she said that to Debbie didn’t seem to be her calling out Debbie – it looked more like Cydney saying “Oh man, that’s funny and probably true but I can’t believe you said that.”

          4. That’s the Randy Bailey specialty. Shit on the unpopular people behind their backs. No one cares how mean you are if you’re making fun of people they don’t like.

          5. Well, Michele had just lost the challenge for the whole tribe, then she went off to sulk in full sight of everyone. Debbie and Cydney did not pick Michele as a target out of the blue.

          6. That’s what I mean. If you choose the right person, being extra mean can make people like you more, not less. It’s 100% about choosing the right person.

          7. True, but I don’t think Debbie saying that and Cydney laughing at it was more about those two looking for someone to be mean to. It was much more about Michele’s challenge performance and then sulking about it – those actions were crying out for the other tribe members to comment on it.

    1. I was yelling at the TV, “How do you choose the bartender over the pro gamer for a puzzle?” but Figs came up clutch.

      1. Mari might be smart not to puzzle to not show skills assuming she has them. I don’t know her work but does she game jigsaw puzzles because this was close to one.

      2. Mari is also not a professional gamer. She plays video games as a career with the rest of the Smosh crew. Unlike Kenny she is not ranked as a gamer she just as more of a flow in personality with the rest of the Smosh crew.

      3. I’m not sure what types of games she plays. If she is into first person shooters, sports, racing, fighting games and MMO’s, then her puzzle skills would not be helped by her gaming.

        1. Does she? Does she really? Personally it did nothing for me. She looks pretty much like every other person cast as a bikini babe.

          1. Her what?

            (Just kidding. I haven’t watched SJDS recently enough to make that connection, but now I’m curious and I have to know)

          2. When Canada builds the wall, there will be a picture of Jaclyn put up as an example of what not to let in.

          3. Maybe a little bit when they both have their hair tied up in their buff. Otherwise, I wanna say…. blind?

    2. Rodney used to favorite all of my tweets about him. Including when I all-caps called him a misogynistic piece of shit.

      1. Rodney’s commitment to rolling with the punches was fairly impressive and one of the reasons I wouldn’t complain if they brought him back.

          1. And schedule a reward challenge on his actual birthday and the reward includes a cake, and of course he won’t win because he never (?) won a single reward challenge.

          2. You are correct. He never even went on a single reward challenge. In fact, he even reportedly only got the steak at the auction because Jenn’s infamous margarita went with it and, as a vegetarian, she couldn’t eat the steak.

        1. Yeah, he seemed to completely understand that it was a TV show and he was a TV character, unlike some people on that season.

          (Though overall I think I like Rodney on the show better…STOP TELLING ME ABOUT YOUR BOWLING THING ALREADY)

          1. Agree with the bowling thing. I always found it funny (and not in a haha way) that it was a “no bullies” charity thing when he was one of the bullies.

  18. This was most definitely an episode of Survivor, so that’s good. (And apparently I’ve started copying my tweets to the comment section, so that’s less good.) I found Gen-X pretty dull, although if David (with whom I identify far too much) manages to pull something together, I suppose they could do more than vote off the weak. The Millennials were a little more exciting, but I will lose all hope in this season if the Axis of Jason Siska alliance somehow manages to actually do something in the game.

      1. Josh Wiggler’s impression of Siska as an enraged entitled prince is the best thing to come out of the ‘Evolution of Strategy’

    1. The alliance name of the Axis of Jason Siska alliance is a much more deserving name then the Triforce so good on you for coming up with the name.

    2. “This was most definitely an episode of Survivor, so that’s good.”

      Not trying to make fun, but when I read this I heard Perd Hapley’s voice in my head.

  19. I did a Cydney style “brrrrt?” noise when the genx alliance (I think it was Bret, specifically) said they had the numbers to split the vote with 6. Uhhhhhhh if the 4 he listed in the minority had just organized they would have defeated that vote split easily. I’m actually disappointed that they didn’t (although Rachel is no big loss).

        1. Brad Culpepper had it right! (It took him a while).

          Which is more than you can say for the Triforce. 4 into 10 = out.

          1. I wonder if they tried all that hard at this point, thinking it’s obvious none of them will be first boot and after Figgy’s puzzling I think the triforce will be safe for a few.

          2. Yeah, I think there has to be a reason why we got the Michelle and Hannah interaction. My guess? Michelle realizes that she is a better fit with the Freaks and Geeks (obviously) and goes against Triforce.

          3. That was the other thing that made me think that alliance is dumb. When you call yourselves the triforce, it makes it really obvious who is at the core of the alliance, and who you consider the outsiders.

    1. Failed vote splits due to flippers are great. Failed vote splits due to the blatant stupidity of the players would be fantastic… and probably indicate that the rest of the season is going to be strategy-less and terrible

    2. I about spit my drink when I heard that bit.

      I’m assuming the thought process was that the four were out to lunch on strategy (and was David one of the four? Because he was a likely vote for Rachel at the time) and couldn’t possible have organized long enough to put four votes together. Not that that was a good gamble, but I’m going to hope that was why they thought a vote split was a good idea. Because the alternative is they just wanted to try a vote split. And that wouldn’t bode well for this season.

      1. I agree and I actually think the editing may have been slightly to blame. It seemed like they thought the vote split was necessary because David was frantically looking for the idol, but the vote split was only really a viable possibility once they had his vote. I suppose it’s possible that there were other scenes of David’s paranoia focusing on the bottom 3 women that we just didn’t get to see.

        1. Honestly, I got the impression that no one there knows exactly how this game works. So, when David started yelling, “He has an idol,” and started himself looking for idols, the tribe tried hard to remember from the couple of episodes they had watched what these idol things were. And then someone pointed out that in those episodes usually the tribe splits the vote when someone has an idol, so they went with it.

    3. For some reason I was kind of nodding along because I got it in my head somehow there were 9 people on each tribe.

  20. Adam and Mari became my two favorites as they disapprovingly watched the rest of the tribe jump into the ocean. Maybe not the smartest idea being the two out of ten not participating, but I really respected it.

    1. I was expecting to see one of them sink under the waves and appear to drown, like Thailand’s Robb when he stepped on the stingray.

    2. Yes, but Mari should avoid referring to herself as “mom” or “mother” because we all know what happens to “moms” that act like moms.

  21. This is gonna be a tough one, I’m not really sure about this cast. The whole Gen X tribe are soooo boring. Chris might be a potentially interesting player there and Ken is fun too look at but the rest could put me too sleep. Oh and eye infection Jessica looked miserable, poor woman.

    If the F&G alliance take form and reign this could give me hope for the future because the…..ugh….triforce alliance is already driving me insane. And people please don’t vote out Cece she’s on my league team!

      1. I’m hoping they’ll emerge as complex and multi faceted individuals who can’t easily be boiled down into simple archetypes for the sake of a reality tv show.

        But who am I kidding?

    1. How many times did Jay or taylor (I wasn’t paying attention to which one it was) said “the triforce” when they were talking about their alliance? I wanted to pull my ears off.

        1. I want to thank the Producers of Stealth for premiering the movie after the Academy voting period had ended.

  22. So fyi, I figured out when the Millennial generation ends: it’s 17 May, 1998, the day the final episode of The Simpsons’ 9th season aired.

      1. Uh, no, we’re the generation that grew up on The Simpsons.

        But, let me put it this way: One of my students told me she didn’t understand Roman numerals, and, when I responded “but how will you know the years certain motion pictures were copyrighted?” she had no idea what I was talking about.

        After that, I started polling my kids, and a lot of them are completely unaware that The Simpsons used to be funny. They just think of it as a show that’s still on tv for some reason.

          1. You haven’t seen Rocky IV, where Rocky defeats communism?

            I think we have the film for your next live Twitter watch!

          1. Didn’t the Superbowl change from roman numerals to regular numbers this year? I thought I saw something about how they didn’t want “Superbowl L” so they changed it to “Superbowl 50”. They didn’t mind it when it was a bunch of Xs and Is, but a single letter that most viewers probably didn’t know meant “50” was too hoity-toity for people.

          2. Denoting sections on legal briefs. Calling things Article I, Article II…
            Trying to confuse people after Roman numeral XX (20) because you have to think about the number then.

          3. Every day I hope someone will ask me if I want to present my rebuttal so I turn around and say “With pleasure!”

        1. Unless your parents didn’t let you watch the Simpsons because Bart was rude and a bad example.

          The funny thing is other than that they were very reasonable and sometimes lax parents.

          1. I read an article years ago that did a poll of current tv shows and found that The Simpsons was the most religious show on tv, and the one that had the most moral values.

            Take that, Barbara Bush!

          2. That is so funny. The Simpsons are more religious than shows that actually espouse religion – like the 700 Club or the other evangelical shows you sometimes see.

          3. In one episode Bart sells his soul and then spends the rest of the episode trying to get it back? How is this not the most religious show on TV?

        2. they also wouldn’t learn roman numerals how the Simpsons taught them: Rocky V plus Rocky II equals Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge! (later renamed Creed)

  23. Sooooooo, there’s still plenty of time for the season to turn around; but when my favorite players so far are the male model and the (ick) christian missionary recruiter, you know something is terribly wrong…

      1. Yeah, that’s what I’m telling everyone too. How quickly we forget Aubry in last season’s premiere, for example.

        1. What are you talking about? In last year’s premiere Aubry at a mini arc in which is was sick on day 2, was considered weak, and came back to beast the first immunity challenge. She was one of the more memorable parts of the first episode

  24. I’m cautiously optimistic about the season, though it is upsetting to see another POC as the first boot. I’m looking forward to inevitable downfall of the Triforce featuring Michelle, Michaela’s amazing facial expressions and continuing to experience the beauty that is Ken. A few people jumped out as possible big time players. I would buy stock in Adam, Chris, Mari and Zeke.

    1. As much as a shame as the PoC being first boot was odds were always in that favour anyway as all the men except David seem to have challenge worth and 6 out of 10 of the women are PoC. But of course first boot couldn’t be nice older white lady Sunday.

      I now want John to run a stock based fantasy game.

      1. Pre-season I was actually thinking this could be a rare season where we’re safe from a person of color being the first boot. I thought the millennials would be likely to lose first immunity and just as a generation I think they (aka we as I am technically one of them) would consciously avoid targeting someone for ‘otherness’ in that way.

        1. Nah I just felt that the otherness they would have targeted would have been Hannah or Michelle (nerd and weirdo, that braid is gross).

          1. Yeah, what is going on with Michelle? She is a christian converter/missionary, yet she is dressed like some new age zen cult leader? Great casting find I guess.

  25. Is no one gonna complain about Avclub dropping coverage of the show ?
    We could at leats rant in the comments of last season’s finale.
    (Maybe it’s good for purplerockpodcast : an opportunity to gather the lost commenters, but still…)

    1. Everyone here discussed it and/or ranted about it over the summer when they first heard about it. I think everyone has gotten used to it by now.

        1. When someone here posted that it was tweeted by someone at AV (I forget the name.) I personally never was at AV Club.

          1. Ranting about the cutback to TV happened several months ago. If you tried it now there’s a good chance you’d just get banned.

          2. The thing you have to remember is that this is really a problem they made for themselves. Todd wasn’t a numbers guy, he was a guy who was passionate about tv, and his vision of the most comprehensive place to talk about tv on the internet was admirable but not sustainable. Writing 75 checks a week to freelancers is expensive, and the ad revenue wasn’t justifying it.

            The thing is, they kind of knew this because they shut down TV Club Classic when it was obvious it wasn’t make a process. But nobody at the Onion really noticed how bad the situation was. Then Univision bought the sites, took a look at the books, and realized TV Club was a money pit.

            And this is where the “they did it to themselves” part comes in, because letting the number of shows that got covered balloon so massively is what did things in. My guess is that things actually weren’t as bad under his tenure since he was writing a quarter of those posts himself and probably not getting paid over his full-time salary. But when they shifted to Teti, who had no interest in writing TV reviews, that cushion went away, with no plan for what came next.

            If they had had just a few shows on the roster that didn’t make money, they maybe could have pointed to them as loss leaders. But there were just sooooo many that a root-and-branch cleanup became the only course of action.

          3. Oh, i knew there was very sensible reasons for the dropping, even if i didn’t kept track of the internal changes at AVC.
            Nevertheless, i am bummed, and i won’t be bummed in silence. I dont’ watch that much tv, but Survivor and Adventure Time are some of
            my favorite shows, and they attract a really cool community. I have
            zero interest in switching them for Rupaul’s Drag Race.

            I don’t know maybe that knew buzzfeed-inspired food column will make so much money they can afford to have more tv coverage. I dont’ mind if they, like, ask PewdiePie and the Kardashian what’s their take on cream in carbonaras. Just don’t disturb my corner of the internet.

    2. avclub cut down its tvclub coverage dramatically. apparently it is a losing proposition for most shows even survivor which had a lot of comments but not a lot of views. Carrie I think tweeted about it

  26. Interesting info on the advantage from Probst on
    “Yes, it will be in the game in the final episode. If the holder of the advantage is voted out, they will the advantage to another player in private AFTER Tribal Council. You would then see in their confessional who they willed it to, but nobody else would have any idea. Then it would show up in that person’s personal bag.”

    1. So we’re guaranteed that this advantage will be used on day 36. What’s the guess on how many times it will change hands until then? More or less than five?

      Also, if we don’t find out what it is until day 36, how likely is that it will be something very underwhelming, like “you have an hour to practice the next immunity challenge”?

      1. Should inheriting the advantage count in the fantasy game? On the one hand you didn’t actively do anything to receive it, on the other being chosen over everyone else to get it is not nothing. So one point maybe?

        I think it’s much more likely to be too powerful, like a choice between immunity at final four or the ability to vote someone off the jury.

        1. I feel like Jessica deserves props for getting it but I don’t like the idea that each time it gets passed on the person who gets it gets points.

    2. When Jessica read the advantage, I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. Is it the most useless advantage ever in the history of Survivor? “Hey, you get an advantage, but only if you get to F5! It won’t help you get there at all, and it has 75% chance of not even being yours when it finally does something, but hey, congrats!”

      1. It could help along the way. You could use the promise to bequeath it if you get voted out to lock down a final 2 ally, or to get a vote against you in a vote split to flip.

          1. Certainly, but I’m thinking more along the lines of a ride-or-die alliance, the kind where it’s in neither person’s interest to burn the other. I think that’s an element fans underestimate, although maybe I’m overestimating it since I just finished Cook Islands.

  27. I don’t think we should assume Triforce (ugh!) are innumerate morons. Forming an onion alliance on day 1 is quite an accomplishment by itself, and as the pretty people they probably think they’ll have no problem pulling in two more as numbers. Assuming that Freaks and Geeks consists of Mari, Hannah, Adam, and Zeke, I think Michaela and Will are still very much up for grabs.

    Once the GenX majority (who’s so boring they don’t have a nickname yet) decided to trust David, what was the point of continuing to split the vote??? Ugh!

    1. I get the feeling that the Freaks and Geeks have a better shot at Michaela and Will than the Onion of Idiots.

    2. I think the point is that if there are 4 people really really close, and 4 other people that are just normally allied (mostly for convenience), it would be really stupid of Michaela and Will to join the pretty kids and be forever on the bottom. Besides, Mari has talked to them already and she seems willing to bring them in, while the pretty kids apparently didn’t bother at all to do so, and will only realize both exist when they need their votes.

      1. Would they be on the bottom, though? Will or Michaela would by default be the brains of the operation, and might see an opportunity to effectively control five votes. In fact, if any of them turn out to know about Mari from her YouTube channel, she’d be crazy not to try and leverage that.

        1. I don’t think Michaela is going to be tempted so much by that opportunity as Zeke. I still think it’s likely that, when it comes down to it, even as the brains of the operation he would be the bottom of their alliance, but that’s not such a bad problem to have in the first week of the game.
          With Figgy there it would also be a dangerous position to be in. If she doesn’t like one of your plans,who knows what happens to you at TC.
          Will I could see going with the (young and) popular kids, but more as their lap dog.

      2. I don’t think we saw her talking to Will and Zeke, so that’s who I’m worried could spoil the plans of the freaks and geeks. We also didn’t see how Adam and Michaela felt about Mari’s proposal, but I guess knowing that they were approached has to suffice for the moment.

    3. I am high on Taylor. I think he has enough going on upstairs that he is not going to be caught off guard by the Freaks and Geeks, and even if the Triforce (a name I like by the way) is targeted, I think Taylor will be safe in the interest of tribe strength. I also think that there is a good shot Taylor ends up working with Adam and Mari, because those two are going to need a meat shield. I think that Adam and Mari will be able to reason with Taylor; I think he is more of a rational Malcolm type bro than an irrational Christy type bro.

      1. I’m going to pass on the obvious “high on Taylor” joke. I think Michaela and Will are still completely up for grabs, and I think Mari and Adam are capable of playing both sides and are more committed to not being caught in the minority than to anything else. Michelle also to some extent. “Look pretty, be an asset in challenges, and don’t talk religion” could take her pretty far.

      2. I was pretty high on Taylor to and haven’t totally given up on him yet. He should be safe for at least a few rounds and possibly even longer, provided the Jay-plan (he doesn’t “plan on losing to a bunch of old people”) keeps working.

      3. I agree he’s safe for the time being, and that he could be a meat shield, but I saw absolutely no evidence in the episode that he has anything going on upstairs.

      4. Taylor’s better than Jay (because Jay is the worst), but I’m yet to be convinced that he really knows what he’s doing. I hope he proves me wrong, since he’s on my Outcast League team.

    4. It’s an accompilshment, but you can’t be so obvious about it (which they were) and you have to keep healthy relations with the rest of the tribe (which we didn’t see, fwiw).

      Buuut, after a rewatch I have to admit, I’m kind of on board with the Triforce. I like the misfits a little better, but I hope they don’t lose for a while, so we can keep them a little longer.

    5. I’m not even sure they can count on Michelle. I think she’d flip on them in an instant if the wind started blowing the other way. I’m not so much put off by the ‘triforce’ as I am by how oblivious they seem to be about it. They’re about as subtle as a freight train.

  28. Well, so far this season appears to be quite underwhelming. Mari seems great, as expected, and Zeke pleasantly surprised me, as well as Hannah, that seems funnier and better player than I expected. Basically everyone else was a bit of a disappointment. The GenX tribe seems to gather all the negative stereotypes about older people (and it is definitely not surprising that they focused on the two non-white members); Dave seriously is not mentally fit to be in Survivor; and no one else there seemed to have a clue what they were doing or to be funny and interesting.

    Most of the Millennials also encapsulate the negative stereotypes about the young people; although in this case, it seems likely that the worst offenders (Michelle and Jay, which we knew would be bad, but also Taylor and Figgy, from whom I expected a bit more) are going to be voted out early.

    Overall, I’m quite unexcited about this season. I didn’t even bother to watch until the end of the tribal. Luckily, there is also Australian Survivor going on, which so far has been a blast.

    1. Rec’d for the Australian Survivor plug and the general sentiment, but I saw few more people that didn’t disappoint me: Adam and Michaela, in addition to the three you mentioned, were fine, and I think even the pretty people can still turn it around. They acted stupid as a whole, but each of them shows at least some promise.
      On Gen-X, Chris, Ken and Lucy were better than I expected, the rest matched my low expectations or was worse.

  29. So thinking about this episode over night, and I personally have to say this was probably the worst premiere episode since South Pacific. I think it might be because of how the story was being told. Last night we never got a clear sense of where people stood until I think Bret told us. I also didn’t get a clear sense of who people like Michaela, CeCe, Lucy, and the first boot Rachel. So this episode was told poorly and it makes me worried for the rest season.

    1. Lucy was totally invisible. Cece had some airtime right after hitting the beach and in bashing the millennials. Rachel I thought got enough airtime to tell her story. Michaela was just their for the facial expressions

      1. Eh, they never get to everyone in the premiere, especially in a 20 player season. Plus I think we may be spoiled by Australian Survivor, where for better or worse we know all there is to know about everybody.

        1. No I was thinking about last season where we saw everybody. We got to see dynamics from all the people. We saw interactions of how the players acted with each other which is something I thought was missing from this premiere.

    2. This is the first 20-person all-newbie season since Nicaragua, so I’m not surprised by the failure to tell a coherent story. I didn’t like the premiere either and I’m harboring serious doubts about where this season is going, but I wouldn’t write it off immediately.

      1. I did like the premiere, although I understand the criticisms. And you’re right that the 20-person cast makes the introduction of everyone (and establishing their relationships) really difficult, especially when you have to also tell the story of their evacuation.

  30. I found the premier good enough, I think Survivor has pretty much gotten the knack of throwing out a good premier despite the cast/circumstances. I don’t remember a bad premier episode since One World. .. But.. man that Gen X tribe.. don’t like a single character on there. A possible contender for one of the worst group of people cast on the show IMO. Hopefully they prove me wrong. Millennials seems like an all-star tribe compared to them. Zeke being the obvious star, 3 villains you love to hate in the ‘tri-force’, Adam a likable narrator, Hannah and Mary seem interesting while Micaela has potential too.
    I seriously have no interest in seeing Gen X tribe’s dynamics going forward. Here is hoping they do some kind of swap at 18 itself

    1. Am I the only one who thinks Ken is basically rocking the porn star look? It’s the boxer briefs + dress socks + abs.

  31. I’m way late to this party. Somehow I forgot about the premiere, but my DVR did not! Gen Xers are boring and the triceratops sucks. My hopes for this season rest with the F&G Millennials.

  32. This was a weird episode. I have no idea who anybody is yet. I gather Zeke is the name of the non-Millennial that hates Twitter but has an account anyway who is stuck with the idiot Millennials who are not at all stereotypes. Yeah, I like him. I didn’t realize that there was a super hot guy until I read all the comments here. Had to look up this Ken you all keep mentioning. I guess I can see it.

    Anyway, that Freaks and Geeks photo kind of amazed me. Seth Rogen and Franco blew up, Jason Segal has had a great career and Linda Cardellini has had a great career with some really interesting roles. I feel bad for that blonde kind of.

    Hope nobody dies next week. First episodes are always underwhelming to me, looking forward to watching the rest of Season 33: Self Absorbed Flakes vs the former Self Absorbed Flakes who made goddamn movies about being Self Absorbed Flakes before these upstarts were born. well, some of them.

    Also I really don’t understand what’s going on with the AV Club. Fortunately I started coming here last season anyway.

    1. This is the first 20 player newbie season since Nicaragua, so it’s not unexpected to struggle to know every player this soon.
      You don’t need to be sad for Busy Phillips, she works and married a screenwriter who writers big romcoms (Never Been Kissed, He’s Not that Into You) so she’s fine.

  33. HORRIBLE premiere.

    Cheesy ass theme shoved down our throats every two seconds…all the contestants pandering and disingenuously feeding into the corny ass theme. I’m a millennial but I’m sick of them generalizing all millennials or gen x’rs as one person.

    Boring as hell…I turn it off after 30 minutes I couldn’t do it anymore. Won’t be tuning in until the merge hopefully they will have stopped pandering to the corny ass theme by then.

  34. Fellow AV Club Survivor refugee here. Not much to add since I’m so late to the party (because I floundered around like a Millennial trying to figure out where the AV Club recap went), but man, do I hate the Milliennial tribe already. Also, according the metric they used, I’m a Gen-Xer, so I guess I’m bound by law or something to root for them.

    Did Carrie say why they were dropping Survivor coverage? 🙁

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