Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 12 Liveblog: “About to Have a Rumble”

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About to Have a Rumble


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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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708 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 12 Liveblog: “About to Have a Rumble”

  1. I’m so excited for this episode. Also, Happy Birthday to Barbara Anderson. The rise of Barbara continues. We are all witnesses.

        1. Happy birthday, Barb! (Are you a Barbara who loves “Barb” or hates “Barb”? I know it definitely goes one way or the other.)
          (Also is that even your real name)
          (Also did you get Popeye’s)
          (Also Dan finally accepted me into the Flop House FB group)
          (The end)

          1. So many questions. First of all, I hate Barb. Barb reminds me of a old retiree playing shuffleboard in Boca. Secondly, yes that is my real name but I go by BJ. Third, no I didn’t get Popeye’s unfortunately. Finally, yay! I am around those parts some, so I will definitely see you there.

          2. Yep, that sounds about right, although I once worked with a Barbara who was in her mid 30’s who went by Barb and refused to answer to Barbara (“It’s Barb! CALL ME BARB, SUGAR”). Life is weird.

            You should have gotten Popeye’s. It’s your damn birthday!!!

        2. That’s okay, your team won’t get you to the Champions League due to your Champions League team already qualifying you.

          Happy belated Birthday! Eat cake for breakfast, it is tradition.

    1. I’ve said this before, but if I got to the loved ones stage and instead of a loved one they were just like “here’s a cool dog,” I would straight up be like “awesome, sucks for all of you who have to talk to a dumb human.”

      It doesn’t even have to be a dog I know, so long as the dog is cool.

      1. And if it was a challenge where the loved one had to compete, some dogs would totally be better at things like digging and catching balls.

        I wonder how a guide dog would do on the show (with its person!). It would have to be fed properly, though, and some asshole stealing some of its food would be a concern.

        1. Spencer the collie I dog sat could easily outrun Jay. He probably would not fetch anything though. He would also lick Hannah when she starts panicking.

  2. all praise to the editors, but they are painting a deceptive picture of Sunday. no idea why Jay picked her.

      1. Sunday is just getting a weird edit. I feel like I know nothing about her except that she hated Jessica for some undefined reason.

        1. Jessica was Sunday’s arch-nemesis! Even though on the show Jessica said Chris was her arch-nemesis, and in exit interviews she said the people she was worried about, in order, were Chris, Bret and Sunday.

  3. NOOB question: Is there a better way to follow the live blog other than refreshing this page?

    It’s really hit and miss for me.

      1. I think if you click on the top of the storify post that will update live, but since I only write in it, i’m not positive

    1. I don’t think so. I wish I could tell you I am certain he loses, but those odds are no longer zero.

  4. Select bras are 50% off at Victoria’s Secret!

    (I knew there was a reason I usually record then skip the commercials)

      1. Their unhealthy and harmful depiction of female beauty!

        (that should get me some points with the skirts)

    1. It would be a blindside if Zeke didn’t see it coming. I always considered blindsides to be when they player vote out is surprised not the audience.

      1. Yeah, just reacting to survivor playing fast and loose with blindside hashtag. Not every vote on s blindside.

  5. “That’s not a test. That’s a betrayal!”
    Ken, when Adam is calling you out for game-related blunders, you know you done goofed.

    1. If Ken was a savvier player, I’d almost think this was a clever move if you’re not certain the flipper is actually going to flip – he got the target off his own back. I’m pretty sure Ken is just THAT pompous that he genuinely believed in this ‘test’ though.

      (he’s still hot)

        1. The best part was that he just walked away! Once he told the opposing alliance what was up, he didn’t even stick around to see the fireworks. It was like, “My work is done here.”

          1. Ok, I want to amend my earlier comment. Ken is Savage crossed with Coach but without the…well…I guess without the kimonos? And obviously Ken is much more bearable because although he may actually be insufferable at times, he’s never not hot. So that makes it ok.

          2. Oops. I misread this and thought you wrote “acceptable.” I meant these are not acceptable winners. I need glasses for my glasses.

          3. And I am done. At least I still have 3 members of my pick 4 and ADAM has hopefully earned me a spot in next year’s Outcast League.

          4. Dude, I think you were going back to Outcast League anyway. I like to think of it as a minor league team. You were the star pitcher who just threw his out arm too hard, so now you get a chance to earn your position back while rehabbing your arm.

            And that will be the last time I say anything at least somewhat knowledgeable about sports in this discussion.

          5. That’s fine. You are the new hotshot rocketing towards stardom that people outside your team’s fan base feel animosity towards, since you keep kicking their butts.

          6. No, they regressed this year. I think the Cardinals would be better. Honestly, baseball hasn’t had the same lopsidedness lately as Football and Basketball.

          7. But are they the young upstart? I would think that the Cardinals would be a team traditionally does well, but they are not the absolute best at all times. In that case, John is the Cardinals. SNP would be the Yankees.

          8. Starts singing Beatles “They say it’s your birthday” and then switches to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday to ya”!
            And then a little “oooo Oooo Witchy Woman”

          9. He looks like he hasn’t had any carbs in weeks, and like he desperately wants something fried covered in Ranch. You just want to show up at his house with a bag full of garbage food and Farscape DVDs for a night in.

            (Your ideal Ken night will, of course, vary.)

          10. “Just casually lean against that wall, but in a way that flexes your abs. Great. Now make a sightly confused look. Excellent.”

          11. I am sure Ken has an entire speech on what a burden it is to be so handsome, and how no one ever takes you seriously intellectually, and he’s not just a piece of meat you know?

          12. “Oh, and I just found out I have a 4 year-old daughter. I didn’t have to have a paternity test done – I just looked into her soul and I knew she was my daughter.”

          13. We could upload a photo of him to Warby Parker or 39dollarglasses and see exactly what kind of frames make him look the hottest. I mean, if someone here hasn’t already done that.

          14. I don’t think he’s like Savage at all. Savage tore people down. Savage would never have befriended someone like David. And since he’s not wearing a feather, has no pigmies that are after his ass, and does not call people warriors or dragon slayers or do Coach Chi or bring his assistant coach out as a loved one, I don’t think he’s much like Coach. Coach at times tore people down as well (Erin, Sierra).

          15. It reminded me of Varner causing the Kimmi/Alicia argument in Australia and then quickly walking away.

          16. I would have loved to see something like “I will always wag my finger in your face” in that exchange/

        2. I’m actually surprised it worked. Maybe because they were afraid David had another idol.

          It did not look like people were looking for it.

          1. I think he might have realized something was going on even if it was not his goal when he took off – he left pretty quickly.

          2. I think he just got emotional. And later rationalized to himself and his alliance that his outburst was actually a test of Will’s honor.

          1. My personal top 10 hall of fame is Coach, Phillip, Russell, Tony, Shane, Randy, Cochrane, Hatch, Keith, and Greg Buis. so, perhaps I am unfit to decide.

          1. She seemed to imply that she could beat Ken and was going to get rid of David. Maybe she could have gotten rid of David but I don’t think she could have beaten Ken. Maybe Adam, maybe Hannah.

          2. i’m just gonna say this once, but people’s assessments of their own game in exit interviews is notoriously unreliable. so if someone says they could beat someone else, take it with a grain of salt. or a pile, or three

          3. I do. I don’t think she could have beaten Ken. I only think she could beat Hannah, Will or maybe Adam. I think it would be close if it were Sunday.

          4. My caveat is that people on the show did not seem to think he did much. David and Jessica were the people who got all of the “they are the mastermind” confessionals.

          5. Please please please let there be a third finalist so I don’t have to choose between Ken and Jessica (if I was jury). Neither of them seem to be good at the game. That’s why the rock elimination made great TV for me last week but I didn’t feel bad that Jessica was the unlucky one because I put her chance to win at zero plus she wasn’t an interesting TV character IMO

        1. I was kind of iffy on Ken into tonight (out of a cast that I generally very much like, he was probably my least favorite), but after tonight I really don’t like him. Trying to blow up the game of someone who appears to be flipping to your side is not “honor” and “integrity”. It’s stupid.

          1. Okay, obviously we know where I lie on the Ken situation, but I wonder if he is so woefully inexperienced with Survivor that he didn’t even recognize when someone was willing to tell him that he is the target, it could be a good sign?

          2. Ken’s edit is also confusing me. He suddenly becomes visible again, when we get two mentions of his daughter, along with a very angry confessional from Will calling him an arrogant jackass. I hope this is just Survivor trying to fuck with the edgic-ers.

          3. He hasn’t really said that I’ve seen. Unlike say 30 which he loved. Doesn’t seem to hate it but I haven’t seen the usual hyperbole of this is one of the best seasons ever!!!! #Blindside

          4. He should be? Have you seen it? It’s beautiful!! No wonder CeCe wanted Brian to win so they could take a vacation there.

          5. It’s something I always think of especially watching season in Fiji. It seems the closest Brian got to losing/being voted out was his video for CeCe and that is hilarious and memorable to me.

          6. That’s still muted compared to some of his hype in the past. And it does not scream Ken is out of the mixed. He’s the one saying not to underestimate the millenials way back at the beginning.

          7. Reading it back that is why I thought a Millennial would win but I don’t see it right now. Also Jeff you are a BABY BOOMER!

          8. Ken is exactly the kind of guy Jeff likes though. Lucy for sure, Bret and Paul seemed more like pains in the butt.

          9. He’s more of a Generation Joneser, like me. I’m a year younger than him, and like many people of around this age, we really don’t fit or identify as Boomers, despite some sources classifying anyone up to 1964 as a Baby Boomer. Nuh-uh, no way.

          10. There’s some hilarious pathos in him not recognizing that he’s older than Gen X. Oh, Probst. Although I’m not surprised because a lot of his commentary outside of the show sounds like it is coming out of the mouth of a teenager who just discovered Twitter.

          11. He does not always say that “this is the best season ever.” And sometimes the ones he does not, we, as the hardcore fans, like better.

            He actually liked Kao Rong and hyped up that something would happen on it that was a teaching moment that everyone should watch with their families (which I assume meant the bullying of Alecia) but that sort of petered out. While some of the season was good (I loved Aubrey, Tai and Cydney), overall it was a meh season. He loved Worlds Apart and other than the fact that I like the actual winner and like Shirin, that was a terrible season because most of the cast was terrible. I remember him hyping One World too and we all hated that one except the winner. (Later, I remember Probst denigrating the season claiming that there were two really low IQ people on the season that ruined it. Unless Colton had that low IQ, that’s not what ruined it.)

            This one, he really has not said much about. And the pre-game coverage was not as much as usual.

          12. I actually think he was a lot colder on Koah Rong, which was something we all noted. He seemed to really only talk in the pre-season hype about the harsh conditions, which is never a good sign.

            Probst Rule of Thumb: If he is in love with a season, he LOVES the winner. Examples include: Redemption Island, Caramoan, and Worlds Apart.

            IIRC, Probst was so super high about Cambodia and Cagayan at first blush. I am not saying he was all SJDS on it, but he wasn’t super gaga over it. I think if Spencer had won either of those two seasons, it would be an entirely different story because Probst likes alpha males or super fans.

          13. To be fair it’s’ the highest rated season of his show, the one that made him the most famous, of course he loves it!

          14. no Probst rule of thumb is that if he loves the season it is because of production reasons or because something happened that was exciting live. mike going on that immunity run was exciting as it was live and happening over 10 days, but over 7 weeks it was boring that was the disconnect. meanwhile kaoh rong had the worst production ever and that was why he was so muted on it because from a show standpoint it was hell

          15. I agree but some times Probst liking a season means it’s a winner he likes. IMO Probst opinions are terrible but I know he loves Alpha males and if he loves a season there is a huge chance the winner is one. Example season 30.

          16. There is a hundred and fifty percent chance that the winner is an Alpha male or a Cochran or now someone in a Cochran mold.

            I do wonder what he would have said about Kao Rong if Aubry had indeed won.

          17. He would have liked it. When you watch the Reunion, he gave a few cursory questions to Michele to halfheartedly explain the ending. Then he started talking about Aubry and his face lit up, his energy increased and played what was a much better Winner Montage than the actual winner got. (I watched the Reunion a couple days after the finale, since I decided I was too angry to watch it fairly the same day)

          18. It still would’ve been the season where he almost watched a kid die while two other people passed out and two other people were evacuated.

          19. I can’t cite sources or anything, but I seem to recall Probst being lukewarm on Kaoh Rong, or at least less excited than he was for seasons like Worlds Apart and One World. Which made perfect sense to me after the the winner was revealed. His talking about a teachable moment for families in various interviews felt like someone trying to make lemonade.

          20. Edgic is such a small percentage of the audience that to focus on them would be silly. Facebook mom’s etc are the main viewership. That’s who they care most about.

          21. If you think about it, all the stronger male players have been called some version of a jackass: Adam, Zeke, David, Ken, Jay – even Bret. All of them have been shown to have issues with how they play. Which is what makes the season interesting.

          22. I guess at least a lesson was hopefully learned that you shouldn’t tell people that they’re the target, because they’ll freak out.

    2. I am just shock that the dude who has rigid ideas of acceptable behavior was bad at going with the flow.

    3. He seemed genuinely hurt that the people on the other side targeted him. How could the target the brawny guy who is teamed up with the leader?

    4. I am pretty certain that Ken is clueless about the strategy part of the game. He has not had a single strategic confessional. It is all about loyalty, respect and integrity with him. Even Andy’s comparison with Savage was off, Savage did have some in-game savyness and did make or tried to make moves for strategic reasons. Ken is purely an emotional player and a throwback to some of the old school players.

  6. interesting choices for who to bring back for next season, I am confused. next season spoilers

    1. You got to realize they are filling slots for characters. Many comparisons could be put out there but Zeke is unique character who is like no one else.

          1. Yeah I’ve been feeling that way for the best few episodes. But especially after this no one else ‘feels’ like a winner though I’m not positive what the path is.

          2. That’s the real problem with this season. Yeah, David and Jay are still contending for that title, but my gosh, edgic is all over the place.

            Also, Bret and Sunday got put back on the back burner, despite the fact that Sunday got to go on the loved one reward. No confessionals at all.

          3. Sunday, Adam, and Hannah have all pretty much had their winner chances torched in exit interviews. Zeke had a shot but he’s gone now. Any thought I had of Ken winning died tonight. Will clearly doesn’t have the respect/resume to win plus he might be gone next episode. Bret just doesn’t feel like a winner and I think he’s been too quite. Jay I feel to much negativity around him early in the season and again something about him doesn’t feel like a winner. That leaves me with David. The first episode made me feel like it wasn’t possible but every episode since seems to increase the possibility and at this point he just feels like the clear front runner and at the point no one seems like a legit contender even if the path to the end seems unclear.

          4. I have been missing the exit interviews for this reason. I can see a lot of people being burned by Sunday because she’s the mom. This episode does feel like the end of Ken’s winner edit.

          5. Yeah exit interviews got flagged as a major point of winner potential since Cagayan. I was rooting for Trish and after like the 3rd or 4th exit interview saying they had no idea how well she was playing I kind of knew she didn’t win. I have paid close attention ever since.

          6. Don’t they have a press guy sitting next to them or at least talk about what they should or should not say?

            Also (since I am in a birthday mood), I will give mad props to Kass’s Cambodia exit interview because she was asked “Who did you want to see in the F3” and she handled it extremely well by saying that she went first got into the jury, she wanted to see three people like Wentworth, Ciera, and Kimmi.

          7. I don’t know how they do it. But things like multiple people saying “I didn’t know how well X was playing” or “My ideal final 3 was me and Hannah, Adam, or Sunday” is a big read flag.

          8. But we got enough to be like “Oh, they didn’t get a chance to plead their case in front of a jury”.

            We also got a massive spoiler from Peter last year that basically said that Aubry wouldn’t win because she would be seen as wishy-washy.

          9. The exit interviews I’ve seen are split on Ken. The people who like him, really like him (like Jess) and the people that don’t or are neutral, say he is weird.

            On that one or two word word description of him in Gordon Holmes’ interview, most of the time, the person responds with an adjective to describe someone. Chris responded “coconuts” when describing Ken. Taylor I think said “Hawaii”.

          10. Yes, but she did not realize that she was not well-liked either (although I like her) and the fact that she was saved would have hurt her. I think she would still give him her vote. I don’t think she still realizes she was not liked back then.

          11. I would be surprised if Ken won would with this jury. Almost all of them played very hard, can’t seem them wanting to reward someone who seems clueless strategically. Only way he wins if he ends up with 2 goats like Hannah (it is pretty clear that people don’t respect her game) and Sunday

          12. I agree with most of this. I don’t think Ken is out of it. Everyone is making strategic blunders but since the target was Hannah, his worked. I think for Ken, it depends on whom he sits next too. I don’t think he can beat David or Jay but has a good shot against everyone else. But I do agree with the Jay negativity statements.

          13. The problem for Ken is he almost totally disappeared for 3 episodes (including the merge) and his first major content that wasn’t just about supporting David or getting the legacy advantage was him screwing up strategically. No a good sign.

          14. He could stand a solid shot against ADAM and Hannah, but he would not vote out David. They might though.

          15. I agree that exit interviews have flagged those 3 as possible goats in a F3 but Adam has also got a positive comment from most exited players in terms of him being smart and intelligent. That is more likely a post game thing but I don’t think 100% he is a goat at this point.

          16. If you think your problem with a season is that the edgic is all over the place, the problem might not be the season’s, but yours.

          17. Can we have dueling hosts next season? Survivor America plus survivor Australia. “365 days. 1 survivor!”

          18. They should have come up with something else then and kept the painful cuts because some of the replacements – argh!

          19. I thought it was something like “game changers” and to me that means that someone who actually did something, made a move, or something that changed the game. That’s why some of the cast was so baffling.

          1. No please no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But anyway the math on that didn’t carry through from ASS so we should be safe.

          2. But it did carry through on FvF2 and there are some solid people that have been left aside for awhile for some reason like Trish, Hayden, Josh, Cydney, LJ… could make up a solid Favorites tribe.

          3. It’s the half/half premise I hate. It basically means half the cast can’t win automatically which is not good or entertaining. Even if it ends in a person I like winning it probably will be a weak season.

        1. I think it is too soon for this person to come back .. physically or mentally.. it also may be due to the eventual placement.

  7. 1. Back aboard the Adam train! Choo choo!

    2. I can’t tell if Will is terrible, or just 18? And his mom saying “God is great” during the challenge really just turned me against him even more.

      1. He lives not too far from me. Same county, next town over. I cannot root for him. He really does seem entitled. Michele from last season was living relatively near me as well if I recall correctly.

    1. Mostly 18 I think. He’s not wrong about why he’s going to lose this game of Survivor, and he’s not hell to be around.

      He’s just incapable of, well, actually acting like an adult rather than reveling in the special insecurity of the 18.

    2. 2. A litlle from column a), a little from column b). All 18 year olds are knobs, this one loves Reagan so he’s doubly a knob.

          1. Oh, good point! I was wondering where you were going with that. Yeah, Julia’s move attempts made sense, while I was getting secondhand embarrassment from Will stomping his feet about big moves.

          2. It’ll be sad when Will makes the jury and Jeff keeps stopping by Ponderosa to make sure he isn’t drinking any booze.

          3. Yeah, and Julia managed to make connections with people like Scot or Jason who were somewhat older than her. Will has made a connection with Jay, and no one else.

          4. Basically, I think he looks 17/18 which is what he is. This is coming from a 50 year old who people tell me I look younger but right now who feels like an 80 year old today

          5. *fellow 27 year old (though 28 in 14 days) who looks like an 18 year old (I always get ID’d) high five*

            I always feel a little terrible when commenting on how young someone looks, because I know what it feels like, but also some people just look like big 13 year olds.

    1. I feel bad for Julia. She was told “You’re the youngest person to ever play the game!” And that was taken away from her the very next season.

      1. If you’ve ever read her cast assessment on Inside Survivor, when she gets to Will, the first thing she says is “Bitch stole my title.” Followed by, “Yeah, I’m salty.”

          1. If the final three end up being Adam, Hannah, and Will then Adam sure is getting some votes, I’d wager! And after Ken’s dopey blunder tonight, you could possibly swap Ken for Will in that final three and Adam might still get those same votes. Most modern players don’t like all that honor and integrity nonsense.

            Yeah, I know that would be a wretched final three, but that’s the way it goes sometimes with all the big targets going after each other early….

          2. I do think in that case, Adam wins. Will might get Jay and maybe Taylor but that’s it (Neither are voting for a female nerd). Plus if Adam reveals his mother’s situation and how hard it was not to steal the reward because of it …

          3. I think Jay would vote for a female nerd if he respected her gameplay. I could certainly see him voting Hannah over Ken, or possibly even David.

          4. I don’t know about that.

            I’m not saying he can win or even come close, but publicly refusing to use his advantage and playing an idol for someone else (even if it was unnecessary) could help repair his image. I could maybe see him getting one vote.

          5. The funny thing is you cannot say Adam was wrong to play it or played it on the wrong person. You really did not know what Will was going to do because of Ken’s move.

    1. It was a play that didn’t do any good, but for once it wasn’t actually a bad play. That was dicey enough to feel the need to do it. So, not a bad play. Not a good play. That’s actually impressive for Adam!

          1. The point of voting out Michaela was to get rid of Michaela. If Jay somehow wins, it won’t be because the jury remembers how he got Michaela out.

          2. If Jay wins, the rest of the cast has made a huge mistake, or Jay goes on a Mike imummunity run

          3. I’m considering it. I mean, the really tough position that Jay now finds himself in really has me wavering.

      1. I liked the play by Adam. Good read to figure out the votes were on Hannah. And I don’t know how anyone could trust Will in that situation. Will overplayed his hand so much that I was actually kind of surprised no one brought up the idea of just piling eight votes on Will and moving on.

        1. Will certainly wasn’t thinking past the TC. Making everyone beg for you like is just going to make everyone resent you. He stabbed his old alliance in the back, and he made the people he was voting for throw an idol away.

          After justifiably complaining about what a pain in the ass Ken is to work with, he decided to prove that he can be just as big a pain in the ass.

          1. At first I thought you meant when Rob got voted out of All Stars. Shouldn’t the term be about the person who got voted out? So it would be “Christy’d”?

        2. The Zeke crew needed him too much to not be understanding of him. But certainly in other contexts everyone would have just voted him out. It’s possible that his age did play a factor in them almost pitying his attempt at a move.

        3. You’d think that they would have had some idea that Will would ultimately vote for Zeke. You can’t sit there and say, “I wanted to blindside Zeke” like Will did and then expect to ever be able to work with Zeke again, especially since he was the leader of that alliance.

    2. At least this one was generally a good read. I had no clue where Will was going, and thought Will had good reason to say “piss off” to Ken. It says a lot about Adam’s game that his best move still ended with what ended up being a wasted Idol, though.

  8. I SWEAR that cheese was fine, but…Adam and Jay made up, Adam was the MVP, and Will actually appeared in an episode?

    That said, Adam swiping Will’s Big Move (TM) right out from underneath him might be one of my favourite things to happen all season.

      1. It was a good play. Even though it wasn’t ultimately needed, he put on a good show in front of the jury – straight from the Natalie Anderson school. Five people voted for Zeke, but Adam’s the one getting the credit for it now.

  9. Hannah Moment of the Week: Her face when Adam played the idol for her. Also, her awesome mom. Hannah forever!!

  10. Whoo man Ken did everything he could to get his ass bounced but the rest of the tribe wasn’t biting. I knew this vote out would be hectic but I wasn’t prepared for this level of craziness. Will voting for Hannah with Adam “saving” Hannah was just the icing on the crazy cake.

      1. Everyone else in the room was convinced Will stuck with Zeke, but I didn’t think it felt right when only four Hannah votes were read. Feels like Survivor likes to milk the tension for all it’s worth, and a fifth Hannah vote would have fit the bill for sure!

          1. I’m a fan of vote stacking for dramatic votes. It doesn’t change anything other than make for more dramatic TV. Would have to go back and do a lot of watching, but I wonder how many exciting votes would have been far less exciting without some vote stacking.

          2. Piling the votes of people that you know may get idols played for them on top to increase the tension. Best known example of this (that I can think of) is when Probst showed all 9 votes for Wentworth before showing the 2 Savage votes that counted.

        1. Even if Will had voted Hannah, I suspect Jeff/production would only show the tribe four Hannah votes. It’s in their best interests to keep Will’s loyalties ambiguous for now.

          1. But any of these players that has seen the show before should know that only seeing 4 Hannah votes means only 4 people voted for her. They should know that Will voted for Zeke too.

      2. I was so excited by the idol play/flip that I didn’t realize it meant Zeke was going home until Jeff read the votes. For the change in my facial expression that followed, see Alex and Edgardo in the Four Horsemen gif.

      1. Said it backwards, not sure why I said “for” Hannah. The rest of my post works out though, thanks for the correction. Will edit.

  11. Random thoughts:

    Wow, that was a pretty short “Previously on Survivor”. Good sign?

    Jay and Bret are right to be mad at David! How DARE he try to save his alliance!

    Adam kinda redeems himself by bringing up the reward-steal and saying he won’t use it. Everyone’s already thinking that he might steal this reward, good to gets it out in the open and say he won’t (but he should steal it anyway).

    Will Hannah dump Ken for his brother?

    When they lined up after the challenge they should have just left Adam stuck under that log.

    Jay looked surprised when Jeff asks him to pick another player to share the reward. How can these people be fans and not know this is coming? Don’t win the loved ones challenge!

    Adam’s honesty and openness pay off … eventually. If Jeff hadn’t given Jay another pick, was Adam going to steal someone’s reward anyway?

    Halfway through Adam’s brother’s talk with him I thought “Oh shit, is he going to say that Mom is dead?!?”

    I don’t know why but I love when loved ones get a confessional.

    I wish that Jay had ripped up the advantage as soon as Adam gave it to him.

    “There’s a really good chance Zeke’s going home tonight.” Cut to the challenge. So … Zeke’s winning immunity, right?

    David’s bar drops, but it didn’t hit his tile … so is he technically still in the challenge?

    Zeke is out. David forgets that the plan is a secret and openly celebrates (and the editors managed to fool me again).

    Oh man, Ken, DON’T BLOW THIS!!!

    Ken outed Will to his alliance AND THEN WALKED AWAY!!! “WillToldMeWhoYou’reVotingForGottaGoBye!”

    Well this explains why we had 2 mentions of Ken’s daughter in this episode. Goodbye Ken’s abs?

    Wait are we getting 2 episodes in a row where someone plays an idol for someone else?

    Adam really does have an idol in his pocket!

    “And maybe one day I will.” Spoiler alert!

        1. How long to you think was before they offered Zeke a spot on next season? I would say it was immediately after they voted him out.

          1. I like Sandra, but I do not think she is as great as a lot of people do, so I am with you, not going to be too bummed if she flames out. Now Tony on the other hand, if he goes out early I will be despondent.

          2. I don’t really care if their games are good, but they’re both such great personalities that I just want to be able to watch them for a while.

          3. Get. More. Sandra. On. My TV.

            I could give a fuck about legacies or records. I want to watch that lady some more.

          4. Maybe we all get extremely lucky and she wins a third time and we all just have to admit she’s Michael Jordan, she’s Michael Phelps, she’s another sporting analogy named Michael.

          5. Other way around for me. The finesse Sandra has as a player is amazing to watch, and she’s one of the top five personalities ever to be on the show. Tony is a brute force, and that actually kind of detracts from the overall gameplay. I like him as an individual, but I won’t be sad if he goes out early.

          6. Her legacy is pretty secure already but I will miss being able to say 2 for 2. She’s my faaaavorite.

        1. That would have been hilarious … and the right thing to do. Put it up for auction for some charity. But I wonder what production would have done.

    1. As much as I’ve grown to like Jay, I still yelled at him when he looked surprised “Have you never seen Survivor?!?”

    2. Ken drops bomb, leaves others to clean up mess, does not get a single vote thanks to HII paranoia from Zeke. He’s doesn’t have great game play so much as an anti-vote Teflon coating.

  12. Big weeks for David, Jay and Adam. Jay played pretty much everything right and still has an idol. David went from really hurt to getting a win but no more Zeke shield. Adam made the show plays and correctly used that shitty advantage.

  13. Will went to rocks to save Zeke and then voted him out at the next tribal. Will is so right about himself, he really is playing a great game and getting no credit. I feel for him.

    1. His decision to tell Ken where the vote was going also worked out really well. The only thing Will was right about all episode was that Ken is a smug douche. (And I say that as someone who still thinks Ken is a great guy…. that I would never want to talk to in real life)

      1. How about when Ken was talking to Will and said something along the lines of “as a person of extremely high moral character, and the highest ethical standards, I can tell that you are also such a person, and I respect that.” I think Ken is in love with himself.

      2. Man, as soon as Will told Ken that, I knew it was a mistake. I didn’t realize how big a mistake it was, but he was trying to calm Ken down to work with him. The last thing he needed to be doing was rattling Ken like that.

      3. I think I’d enjoy talking to Ken for like a minute before he said “I don’t even own a TV”. Then I’d be checking my phone and saying “oh damn, guy, I gotta go”.

    2. Yes.. this is why so many big moves this season make no sense. Big moves just for the sake of big moves. This is like a meta version of survivor with people obsessing about resumes, being goats while overlooking ACTUAL game threats like Jay.

      1. But they can get out Jay anytime; they just need him for one more vote… and one more vote… and oh shit he’s at FTC 😉

    3. I do think he is in a bad spot in this season from the beginning. I can’t really see a timeline where he gets rewarded the win by this group of players in this sort of theme. In some way outing his real age at the start was bad for him IMO. You are better off hiding that and then pulling that out at FTC to surprise people about your actual age status

  14. I was ready to bag on Jay at the beginning of the episode for insisting they needed to vote for David because was he was angry at him. I was expecting yet another week of Jay playing too emotionally. It was good to see that he we was willing to shift the target twice.

    Not that it helped him. Still, there wasn’t much he could do.

  15. Jeff: “This is a hidden immunity idol…. a very warm…. and very sweaty hidden immunity idol”

  16. very disappointed that David has not yet made a fake immunity idol. It was one of his pre show interview goals. I guess there I s still time.

  17. This episode just further proves that being the head of an alliance is far more trouble than it’s worth. I’m sure that Zeke probably could have placated Will a little more, but since we’ve seen so little of Will to this point, it’s hard to say how much of this resentment was a long time brewing. On the one hand, Will’s rant was every bit the actual crybaby stuff Bret and Zeke were throwing at David last week. On the other hand, if you have an 18-year old who is starting to get petulant, like most 18-year olds are wont to do, nip that in the bud!

    And finally, I was secretly hoping Will flipping would get blown up by the editing cutting back to camp during Adam’s super loud confessional about Will wanting to vote out Zeke, and Zeke and everyone would be sitting around and have accidentally overheard it. Zeke would do the dog ears thing, like “Did anyone else just hear that?” In my perfect season of Survivor, this would happen.

    1. One thing Zeke could have done was not hold a beach meeting with everyone in the alliance but Will. Even apart from Will’s adolescent blustering, that’s not a great way to keep your alliance loyal.

      1. I don’t know if this counts as subtle foreshadowing but at the beginning of the episode, you see Zeke having his “this is the final 5” conversation with Jay, Bret, and Will while Sunday is comforting Adam and Hannah. So, in essence, Zeke was trying to have a big alliance meeting without his full alliance multiple times in this two/three day cycle.

          1. If I am ever on Survivor (will never happen) I know enough to never say I feel safe in confessional, noob move

          2. you have to steer into what they want, get that sweet sweet shine by making yourself look like a damn fool. I would say everything you aren’t supposed to say if i was on

        1. I noticed the woman was left out again.

          But the “this is the final 5” conversations rarely – well never – work,

      2. Absolutely, that was not a good look. Although credit to David for stirring the pot by pointing it out. His natural paranoia is a plus when he can pass it on to others.

        1. It reminded me of Spencer in Cagayan pointing out the possible women’s alliance to Tony. Obvious but effective. And Will is no Tony.

  18. Roommate update: There’s an 8-year-old girl at her church who now thinks she’s the coolest because she can talk about Survivor. And this girl apparently isn’t like, “I like challenges and nature shots,” she ran up to my roommate last Sunday and said “omigod, did you see that tribal council?”

    Zeke is her favorite, so I assume tonight is tough for her.

      1. I forgot the best part: She was explaining to this girl’s mom about the fantasy league and her response was “that’s a thing? How can I join?”

        My roommate’s church is super liberal. The day after the election they held a special sermon called “Dealing With What Just Happened.” So people from there are prime Purple Rock material.

      1. One of my college friends ruined a kid about that age by telling him Santa wasn’t real. Kid’s dad was talking shit about Kentucky (it was Indiana vs. Kentucky basketball) and when the kid started joining in, my friend turned around and said “Santa isn’t real”. That kid clearly hadn’t had the talk yet.

          1. Of all the things my friends and I have been accused of being, being good people is not on the list.

      2. I guess for you weak ass Millennials that may be true. Back in my day we hit you with soul-crushing disappointment as soon as you learned how to walk. It built character!

        1. Just squeeze your rage into a bitter little ball and release it at an appropriate time. Like when daddy hit the referee with a whiskey bottle.

  19. calling it now, overall, fairly satisfying season, but despite earlier statements, this one is not in top half, despite last week

    1. Like I said last week, this season is satisfying week-to-week, but it’s frustrating that I can’t really find a through-line.

      1. I’ve been saying all along that I’m enjoying pretty much every episode, but for some reason it feels like something’s missing in the season as a whole. That might be the problem.

          1. I’m in desperate need of a Cambodia rewatch. It was the first season I ever watched live where I was truly a fan (Worlds Apart I was just mildly interested), and I’m pretty sure Cambodia was in the first half of seasons I watched. My perception of it is fairly skewed simply because of that.

          2. I rewatched the 3 all returnee seasons during the off season, and for what it’s worth, I thought Cambodia was actually pretty enjoyable the second time through (on the first watch I liked it but didn’t love it).

          3. I generally prefer new player seasons, but of the three “all-star” seasons Cambodia is my favorite.

          4. To be fair, this is part of why I want the rewatch. It doesn’t feel right to me.

            Basically the Russell show was too much for me to enjoy *that* much (I’m still a HvV fan). I’m hoping I don’t have to justify disliking All-Stars, because that season was brutal.

          5. Let me try. I prefer all new player season. I hate seasons that have a mix especially half-ass seasons. Of the ‘all-star’ seasons HvV is the best.

          6. I prefer Cambodia too but I was spoiled on almost every good part of HvV before I saw it, and not so with Second Chances, so my opinion is basically trash on this matter.

          7. The thing is, as hectic as Cambodia was, i already felt like I had a basic grasp on what was going on, even as I had the wrong read on who was winning. I don’t feel that here. When we were told tonight that it was “Zeke/Sunday/Jay/Bret” vs. “David/Hannah/Ken/Adam” I was like “It is? Since when?” That’s what I’m talking about.

          8. Wentworth was with the witches/Kass at the merge, but the writing was on the wall, so she voted for Kass. The majority saw through that, so Wentworth was still part of the witches. She was the biggest physical threat of that trio and considered unlikely to have an idol. Which, lol.

          9. I mean, I get that. It’s a thing that can happen. It’s not a thing I have to be satisfied with.

            I don’t know how many ways I have to say this, but whatever combination of things have gone into this season has resulted in something I don’t find entertaining. If other people are more into it, cool, but it’s not gonna stop me from voicing my disappointment.

            The good thing is I know next season will be something totally different and hopefully a thing I’m more into.

          10. To be clear: I left that reply before I saw that you’d already made your point. I’m willing to stop ganging up on you*.

            *For now. TONIGHT will be a different story.

        1. I was watching the post immunity scramble and I was thinking “I don’t get it. This is a great episode. Why don’t I like this season?” And I think that’s the reason.

      2. Whatever guys. Week to week IS the damn show. If I’m excited to tune back in and interested and surprised and entertained, thats a good season. Y’all are weird trying to find overarching stories and themes like this is the sopranos or something.

        1. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. I don’t believe in a right way to watch this show. There’s lots of different ways to like Survivor, that’s part of what makes it awesome. So if you watch it just wanting it to be a good show week to week, that’s a way to watch it, and I don’t have any problem with that.

          But that’s not what I watch it for. I watch it for the gameplay, to see who can work it week-to-week and still get votes at the end. And this season has been nebulous in that regard; so it’s frustrating to me. I don’t want to be spoonfed a winner, but I do want to be able to look back after the season and say, “oh yeah, this person won because of these things.” This season is super scattershot and looks like it’s maybe not gonna deliver that, and I’m frustrated.

          1. If it’s changing, it’s changing for the worse. I don’t want to have it shoved down my throat who the winner is, but I also want to be able to explain how someone won without doing a full rewatch of the season.

          2. I’m not disagreeing. I’m just thinking maybe they have a new head editor or a mandate from up high to change the editing a bit.

          3. Or, you know, maybe the game is a live thing where people change their minds on a whim. Like, Will, for instance.

          4. I realize that’s a thing that happens. It’s just that this is the first season I’ve seen live that’s this chaotic, and I’ve realized it’s not a thing I care for.

          5. Well, but sometimes the winner’s narrative really is “shit happens” (Jenna, Aras to an extent, Bob). Forcing a winner’s arc where there really isn’t one is what spawned edgic. I’d rather the show was just up front about it if the winner is rather random, or surges out of nowhere in the endgame.

    2. Losing Zeke tonight is a tough blow, but I am still loving this season. I think what I like so much about it is how hard people are playing. Not saying that everyone is playing great games, but I love everyones’ effort, I love the fact that everyone knows they are playing a game and no one is being stigmatized for playing too hard or strategizing too much. Everyone out there seems to be having so much fun and I think it is really translating into a very enjoyable season.

      1. I’m mean, they are getting docked for strategizing and playing too hard, its just the end result of that is that they are winning, and that cannot be tolerated.

        1. I don’t think that was the real issue, Zeke forgot the number one rule of having a winning alliance: You have to manage everyone and make them feel close to you. He completely forgot that Will existed. Will’s feelings got hurt, and he decided to adopt the “Zeke must be destroyed before he wins” narrative that David was selling.

          He didn’t even stick to that narrative for long. By they time we got to Tribal he was back to “I betrayed you guys because you hurt my feelings.”

          If Zeke had massaged Will’s ego early in the episode, he might have survived the episode (depending on how Adam’s idol was played). Zeke went home because he fucked up.

      2. And no one is being told they have no soul, or were worthless, or needed to shut up and listen. No one is taking out losing a vote on the camp by hiding things. The one time it started, the cast shut it down themselves (at least it was edited that way).

        1. I liked when Bret said at the loved ones challenge “I said i wouldn’t cry.” and David jokingly said “You’re a loser!” and everyone (including Bret) laughed.

    3. I still think it will depend on the finishing stretch and the winner. For some winners does not matter but it does change the season’s enjoyment for me- Woo winning would have lowered Cagayan’s ranking and Michele winning last season did lower KR for me as well.
      This season I think Ken winning would be pretty bad at this point. He is poor strategically and winning a F3 by default against wishy washy players would be very meh.
      On the other hand David or Adam winning would elevate this season for me. Mainly because David winning would be like Cochran’s 2 season survivor journey rolled into one, not to mention he won’t be winning a season with so many factors stacked in his favor. For Both him and Adam, we have gotten a full story with good and bad moments. Not some edit manipulation to force the winner down our throat.

  20. I love the lore that has developed around David and the Idols.

    Starting last with Bret’s “You know how I know he has an idol? Because he always has an idol.”

    And now this week with the fear that he already found another one.

      1. I know right?! I recognize this condition as nothing but serious, but a little ptsd perhaps?

        I want him to find just one more, idol Bret out and then he can wake up in a cold sweat at Ponderosa, “they just kept coming…”

      1. You mean Coach and his assistant Coach. Which is under reported as one of the more pathetic family visit people.

          1. That does not exist. The only Coach family visit was his Assistant Coach, and I refuse to believe otherwise.

          2. This is true. Much better if watched quickly and possibly high. Oh hello to my plans for the rest of my day off (now the repair man I was waiting for between 10-4 turned up at noon).

          3. They are illegal here but it’s stupid they are when I can get shit faced on whiskey I can buy from the bottom of the road.

          4. Yeah, I know there is a conspiracy here that the tobacco farmers basically demanded that the government make marijuana illegal so they couldn’t compete with them in the market.

          5. Legalise it, regulate it, tax it. The safest thing you can do with weed is legalise it so that what is available to people isn’t as dangerous and unpredictable as it is now.
            It’s the same as why methadone is better for addicts than heroin. You never know what’s in things you buy illegally.

        1. This is going to be depressing and I apologize in advance, but every family visit bums me out because I don’t know who I would want to come for me. My parents are old and I love them, I but don’t really want them around (they would never get the “he/she is my hero” speech out of me, especially after this election). I have no siblings. I’m single (and desperate, so hmu, Ken). I really like some of my aunts and cousins, but I see them all max 2x/year so there would be no tears if they showed up. I have a few great friends in town who I would miss a ton, but then I would feel like “the weird guy whose friend showed up.” I don’t want to be the Coach.

          So yeah, I guess it would be my dad, but I would throw that reward so fast your head would spin.

          1. I’d be so sleep-deprived and hungry that my mortal enemy* could show up and I would blubber.

            *I don’t really have one. Well, maybe Julia Roberts. I cannot stand her stupid face.

          2. Fishbach brought his best friend one of the times he was on … that is fine. Best friend is fine. Assistant Coach or Assistant to the Coach is weird.

            My parents don’t watch and are disabled (and in their 70s). My husband does not watch. We are in sync on most things but there are a few things we do not do together. I’d probably bring a close friend who watches.

          3. Okay, if Fishbach does it, I’m cool with it. Everybody loves Fishbach. (Except for the people who hate Fishbach.)

            But I’d rather bring my lover, Ken (pending).

          4. “Ok, who should we bring it you make the loved ones visit?”
            “Ken from Millennials vs Gen X.”
            “Oh, you know Ken?”
            “No. But I love him, so…”

          5. Max not getting on Second Chance deprived us of a possibly even more depressing loved one than Assistant Coach… another member of the Dirty fucking 30.

          6. Well he said he was bringing Vince Sly but the powers that be probably would not have approved that. JT was not approved and he was a popular guy.

          7. My husband doesn’t watch, either. We ought to make a pool of married “Survivor widows/ers” and all promise to be each others’ loved ones visit. I mean, I love my husband, but let’s be reasonable: he wouldn’t be able to help me AT ALL with strategy.

          8. Ditto. Thinking about it more, I’d probably have to go with my step-brother b/c he’s exactly one month younger and would get a kick out of it more than the hubby (if his wife was ok) even though I do not know if he watches. Everyone else is too young or too old or too annoying or I’m not close with.

            And your suggestion would be hilarious. Alycia bringing Ms. Fjordstone, whom she met on the Purple Rock website.

          9. Yeah, I used to think about this a lot when I was single. I’ve lived away from family for 25 years so I can’t imagine any of that “I’ve missed you so much” stuff. Not that I’d ever go on or make it on the show, but I just wanted to support your bummed out feeling. Even tonight I was thinking, wow, I can’t imagine anyone from my family even participating! (Luckily, I’ve got my fiance now so *sticks tongue out at family*)

    1. He was older than Ken, and I kind of thought of him as what Ken would look like if he’d spent his time in an average workplace.

  21. I did not get home on time to live watch this. I actually missed doing that and posting here while watching (since the hubby does not watch). But what an episode. I will admit that I could not take it and pushed the DVR recording to the end when I was only 25 minutes in and saw who went and then went back.

    I am very much enjoying this season.

    But Ken may have made his big blunder tonight. It was pretty funny seeing him walk away though. Other than Jessica, who really is a guaranteed vote for him if he’s next to David?

    And how many lives does Hannah have? There is no way she can win with being saved twice but she is perceptive or just paranoid.

    I lost Zeke in the pick 4. I’m down to Hannah. But I still have David in the Outcast league. Weird.

    1. If you are going to skip through the first half of an episode, the Love Ones episode it a great one to pick. I like some things about the idea, but it always tends to go on to too long.

      As for Ken, I can’t see many people voting for him. He may have goated himself this week. He doesn’t have any great moves to make, and he made one of the worst movies in Survivor history tonight.

      1. But his (admittedly bad) move was against Will, whom no one respects. I bet they’ll just chalk it up to Ken being Ken. That said, if Will’s perception of Ken as pretentious is shared by most, yeah, his prospects aren’t amazing.

        Who knows though. Maybe everyone also has a perception of David as being a self-absorbed drama queen, and if they have to choose between David, Hannah, and Ken, then Ken could have an edge. I think there’s a good number of people in this season’s cast that would vote based more on how much they like a person rather than game play.

        1. It is certainly possible that people have a negative opinion of David. It just seems to me that the move Ken made sets him up as a much bigger “self-absorbed drama queen”. Ken almost destroyed his entire alliance there. Given that we have a season with a lot of people that are active players, I can’t see anyone respecting his game now.

        2. People might view Ken as pretentious, it wouldn’t shock me. But it’s important to note that Will’s confessional about how hard it was to talk to Ken almost definitely came AFTER Ken had sold him out. So that may have coloured his perception a bit.

      1. i am pretty sure i made this exact joke like 7 weeks ago but i dont care because it is funny and adam talking in all caps is always funny

          1. no i doubt it, its an obvious joke to all of us who love Film Crit Hulk. i didn’t mean to steal back credit only to acknowledge a shared joke

          2. Film Crit Hulk is a joke internet film critic who reviews movies as if it was the Hulk speaking. So all caps, mangled syntax. The joke though is that his analysis is actually pretty good and can be pretty deep

  22. Just watched, that was excellent! Really digging this season.

    Looks like Will voted Zeke, so the idol play was technically unnecessary, but i can’t blame Adam for not being sure what Will was going to do.

    Such a satisfying episode, even though I really really like Zeke. (he was so nice when I talked to him at KIA’s). Hope he’s the returnee..

  23. Poor Zeke you deserved better.

    At this point David and Jay are the front runners with, I can’t believe I am saying this, ADAM as a potential spoiler. Ken is really falling out of this.

    1. With that confessional tonight, I’m surprised Ken was ranked this highly thus far. Now I feel like he’s seen as a got by everyone on the island.

        1. I think I confused the whole sequence with Will for parts of a voiceover confessional. The actual execution aside, the fact that Ken felt he needed to test Will is absurd. It showed me that Ken looked like he was playing with honor and integrity, when in fact, he just doesn’t know how to play the game.

          1. Oh I agree that what Ken did was absurd! And yet it strangely worked out for him by removing him as a target completely.

  24. Look Will, we have to talk.

    I’m your biggest fan. I mean, yes, it’s mostly schtick, but I really did think you were a legit contender to go far. People bad mouth young players, but Spencer and Julia were legit contenders recently, and they lacked your awesomely deep voice. And you have done a damn fine job at slotting into alliances that let you survive week after week.

    But you know how you don’t get adults to respect you? By going up to them and saying “RESPECT ME! DON’T TREAT ME AS A CHILD JUST BECAUSE I’M EIGHTEEN I AM SO MATURE!” You were correct that you needed to make a move (and specifically, a move without Jay), but instead of just DOING it, you sold it in terms that emphasized exactly how immature and young you are.

    Also, you voted out Zeke and now I hate you because Zeke was the best.

    A Will acolyte undergoing a crisis of faith

    1. To be fair, he didn’t expect that he would have to defend his flipping right there and then, before it even happened. Ken put him in an awkward position.

      It’s possible that he would have come up with better reasons if pressed after the vote or at FTC. Having said that, I could easily see him playing this “Respect-Me!”-card in front of a jury, if he makes it there.

    2. Julia was not a legit contender, she just wasn’t. She reacted to things not going her way by throwing a wobbly and being rude to everyone who wasn’t on her side.
      Spencer yes but Julia no, I think it’s the difference between 18 and 21, it’s a big jump maturity wise.

      1. I scoffed at Julia being a contender too, but Michele won that season so what the fuck do I know.

        1. Yeah but Michele won the season and she was very different to Julia. Michele reacted very differently to people coming at her, she had much more calm and friendly approach (which won her the whole thing). I’m not saying Michele was great but she didn’t do any of the things that made Julia bad.

        1. yes, her openness and then pettiness is exactly what I meant about why she was too young to be a contender.

  25. I’ve cried twice over the past ten years. And I fight back tears thrice during that family visit. Too bad that tone was contrasted with the rest of the episode.

    … Is what I said until they got back from the immunity challenge. Holy shitsnacks. That said, now I much more greatly appreciate Will’s lack of airtime prior to this episode.

  26. Thinking further on Ken, it’s hilarious that he gave Will that whole lecture about how he only associates with the most noble, honest and pure of people. At the same time, his closest ally is David, who is totally into the scheming side of Survivor play.

    It’s an additional irony that David comes off a lot more likable.

  27. Mailbag is open. This week, Emma will be filling in for John, and we will be discussing albums of the millennium.

    Be prepared.

    (Also, there will probably be video).

    1. Long-time listener, first time caller. My question is: Could anyone possibly have predicted that Will would not get respect from adults?

    2. Do you think Adam would have stolen the loved ones reward if Jay hadn’t picked him?

      Also, which is the worst millennium-themed song – Will Smith’s “Will2K” or Robbie Williams’ “Millennium”?

    3. Is Actual Child Will now the Villain of the season? Or is he just dumb like Adam? Or am I just mad my precious Zeke is now gone?

      Also, Has anyone failed upward as much as Adam has in Survivor history? Like, every single move and decision this guy has made has been wrong in one way or another. And yet he’s in a not altogether terrible place here now, and probably not even drawing dead.

      1. I had your second question queued up for the show, but we went REALLY long and couldn’t think of a better answer. So the answer is probably no. Although that might be because we haven’t seen the end yet. Maybe at this point in One World, Christina Cha looked to be failing upward?

    4. Andy has argued that no Survivor jury would award $1 million to a teenager (Julia in Kaoh Rong). With Probst so excited about younger players, can you think of a winning strategy for the baby of a season?

      (Not Will; pretty sure he’s already blown up his spot.)

    5. (2000-2009 only, and off the top of my head–I’m sure there are completely obvious ones that don’t come to mind right this second)

      Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
      Kid A
      In Rainbows
      Late Registration
      Dear Science
      The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
      American Idiot
      Back to Black

        1. I thought for sure it would be Late Registration. And I had the same experience with Transatlanticism that you did–it made me nostalgic for the time in my life when that music would have made me even more nostalgic for an even earlier time in my life.

        1. The album lives. This wasn’t intentional, but my list is almost all album albums, if you know what I mean. There’s at least one full-out, we’re-not-kidding concept album on this list (American Idiot) and most of the rest are clearly meant to be listened to from beginning to end, in order. I’d say In Rainbows, Kala, and Back to Black are the only “bunch of songs” albums.

      1. Your choice of Dear Science over the other 2 TV on the Radio Albums baffles me.

        Explain Yourself.

        1. Yes, sir!

          1) It’s my favorite TVOTR album, by just a little over Nine Types of Light (which isn’t eligible for this list).
          2) I tend to like a band’s first album after their breakthrough, when they enter the studio with lots of confidence (and money to spend on production).
          3) I’m old, and don’t really have a social network that alerts me to brand new bands the way you do when you’re in school. I head Dear Science first and went back and listened to Cookie Mountain.

          For the same reasons, my 11th album would have been Neon Bible and not Funeral. So there.

        2. I prefer Dear Science as well. I discovered them with Cookie Mountain, but it didn’t quite land with me. DS did from the opening chords of Halfway Home. Plus, DLZ is amaze (that was true even before Breaking Bad used it). It helped me go back and enjoy Cookie Mountain more.

          1. Andy and @disqus_CdEstUanjb:disqus: I don’t read a ton of album reviews and band interviews the way I used to (again, I’m an old), but my sense is that they really embraced Prince as an influence when making Dear Science, which puts it more in my sweet spot. Also I’m a big Antibalas fan, and I loved how they were allowed to run wild on the Dear Science tracks they were on.

          2. That’s fine then, to each his own I suppose. I’ll just be over here trying vainly to decide between DYBB and RtCM.

            I guess that’s why I don’t like Dear Science all that much. I’m not the world’s biggest Prince fan. By which I mean he’s just fine, instead of a god.

            I’m gonna listen to a lot of TV on the Radio tonight though, it’s been a little while.

            I got old early though. I haven’t really listened to music since 2009. At least not at my 10 album a month pace I did back then. I liked the new Weezer album that came out this year. End of new albums I’ve heard in 2016.

    6. Emma’s filling in on albums of the 00s week? It’s like Christmas in… oh right this is December now.

      1. Andy and I were discussing this privately yesterday and I noted “this will be the segment in which nobody besides Sharc will ever take me seriously again.”

    7. I have a question regarding a part of Survivor not seen as much these days: what are your favourite voting confessionals?

  28. Carrie linked to an article about Adam’s mum:
    She died two days after the finale. He’s been raising money under her name, and has reached $36,000 of his $50,000 target.

    (In the article, Adam mentioned how little funding lung cancer gets comparative to other cancers, and part of that being because of the perception that it’s the person’s fault. As someone who lost her mum to lung cancer and got fucking sick of having to specifically say she didn’t smoke, I really appreciate someone saying that. And it does make me more angry about people who choose to smoke, knowing the risks, and screw over people who weren’t stupid enough to make that choice. So Adam’s really redeemed himself today.)

    1. Aw, that’s really sad that she didn’t get to watch him play on TV. I’m assuming that he got back to the States in time to spend some time with her before her death, otherwise doubly sad 🙁

    2. I am also someone who lost my father when I was four to lung cancer and he never smoked a day in his life and in fact, was a health nut, a trait which he did not pass on. He was 30 and treatment was not what it is today. That was 46 years ago.

      1. I’m so sorry for your loss. This is the first family visit that has ever made me cry. I think having lost a parent watching someone else struggle with it when you know the outcome for them is bad is just heartbreaking.

        1. Thank you. I have a great stepdad though. My mom got remarried. They’ve been together like 43 or 44 years now (I honestly can’t remember).

          Its weird but I never cry at the family visit and generally get annoyed at them. This one was a bit more annoying in that it was so long because Probst still really wants to be a Dr. Phil like talk show host. Its like – you volunteered to come. Buck it up. You’ll see them soon.

          1. I never cry either for that reason. I get it’s an emotionally draining experience and you are always paranoid and having your family member helps you feel normal for a moment but buck up. I went to South Africa and didn’t see my mum for 3 months, I didn’t talk to her for 2 month because I was in the bush. I didn’t cry when I first saw her again.

      2. I am sorry to hear that. Hopefully when there are enough people who are super passionate and smart and rich, there will be some breakthroughs made sooner rather than later.

  29. Jay went from being at the absolute bottom at F11 with no one even strategising with him to being in F8 still with an idol, a reward advantage and some allies in Will, Sunday, Bret. Not to mention he is always a contender to win an immunity challenge.
    If we forget the edit, game position wise he should be the fav to win with friends in jury and adversaries also respecting his game. David and Zeke, as great as they may think they are, dropped the ball big time not taking him out first.

    1. I agree with this completely, and I think it Zeke had survived this episode, Jay would have pretty much been a lock for finals because Zeke and David would have wasted at least two more eps going after each other. As it stands, I would really hope that everyone else wakes up and realizes they need to work together to target Jay. Sunday and Bret have been awfully eager to work with him though…

      1. See, I think Sunday wants to work with Bret. Jay and Bret don’t really have much of a relationship though (the whole ‘I think Bret is really a cop’ thing seems to have been totally dropped, but it could still come into play) – Zeke was the common ground there. I think Bret will absolutely target Jay if he senses the wind changing.

          1. they were on that tribe together, so i think bret and jay are closer than bret and anybody else other than sunday

    2. I have to agree. Even though there has been negativity for Jay, a lot of it has been hidden from the others. Not all, but a lot.

  30. I wonder how hard production were pushing “Have you considered taking Adam on the family reward? Gee, it seems like it means so much to him. How great is anyone taking Adam on the family reward going to look?” in the run-up to the loved ones visit?

    1. I thought maybe Jeff would just keep letting Jay pick more people until he finally picked Adam. “All right Jay…….Pick a 7th person to go with you!” 😛

  31. With all due respect to the @sharculese:disqus Principle (“there is no correct way to watch Survivor”), some of you are sounding like wine snobs who refuse to drink Merlot, or the guy who turns on his favorite bands as soon as they get a bit popular. It’s true that nobody is playing an elite game, but that’s precisely why it’s so damn entertaining–nobody is shutting down the competition. It reminds me of a college football game between two so-so teams, where the lead changes constantly, the coaches are calling gadget plays, going for it on fourth and long, and meanwhile the band is milling around in the end zone. It’s not a great game in some kind of Platonic sense, but what more could you ask for from an entertainment standpoint?

    IMO this is easily going to be an upper-half season in the rankings, and possibly in the top 10. What’s holding me back a little is that we’re destined to have a pretty flawed winner one way or the other, unless someone beast-modes the endgame like Natalie Anderson.

    1. I don’t know what to tell you man. The reason I don’t like this season is that I don’t like this season. I can’t explain it more explicitly than that I’m just not enjoying it. Like I said, individual episodes are great, but I’m really struggling to care about the season as a whole.

      Part of it is that I don’t understand what’s happening. Part of it is that I don’t like most of this cast and actively dislike several people who are left. It doesn’t matter whether I can articulate or not, the bottom line is I don’t like it.

      The cool thing is that, in a couple of months, Survivor will reset itself and be something completely different, and I get to see whether or not I like that thing.

      1. No I get it. My football analogy was meant as a hypothesis about why you don’t like it. Some people want to see the game played by highly skilled players operating at an elite level, and this is not that. And the high level of entertainment on a week-to-week basis is an indicator that everybody is playing a sloppy game, and there is no Boston Rob or Kim Spradlin to impose order (or hell, not even a Mike Holloway-size target for everybody to focus on).

      2. It’s gotten a little better for me in that at least they’re trying, but overall I’m meh on it as well. Mostly ’cause I’m not invested in anyone, which probably has to do with what seems like even-more-over-the-top-than-normal editing. Only so many unnecessary shots of David pleasantly smiling for no reason or Zeke gloating like a comic book villain for me to say “Jesus, we get it – settle down.”

        Of course I blame myself 100% for this. After OWM came out of nowhere I faulted the show for not making her victory more transparent, so this is what I get. Spoonfed.

    2. I agree. Its a higher season for me – except the fact that women were pretty much voted out quickly and Jeff pounding the theme instead of letting it happen naturally. When it happened naturally, it was much better (Bret and Zeke).

    3. People are just trying to find reason in their lack of enthusiasm of the season. What could I personally ask for from an entertainment standpoint? The entirety of Kaoh Rong is a good place to look, though I wouldn’t ask any season to clear a bar that high. But I know a lot of people disagree with that and think that’s a pretty low bar to clear. We all look for different things in a season.

    4. You see I think I know why me and other people do not like this season: It has no real villain. The best Survivor seasons should have someone who really dislike and is a bit of jerk. The struggle with a villain holds the story through multiple episodes. And I personally do not think that this season has one and there should be one. You might say Taylor was the villain but I argue and say what conflict did he generate in this season? I personally feel that the villain really should be either Jay, Adam, or David but they aren’t for various reason. (Adam because his story his mostly about that dying mother who died two days after the season finished filming , David because he probably wins this season, and Jay because he is David only real opposition) I think this personally agree that this season is suffering because there is no connected story.

      1. I noticed that too: there’s no villain this season, and I can’t figure out if anybody was even cast to fill the villain “slot” (Taylor, maybe?). But I don’t think a great season requires a villain, and villains can knock a season off course (Worlds Apart, One World until Kim completely took over in the post-merge).

        1. A great season needs you feel to passionately about someone in the game. This season has a pleasant people but most of feel very similar to each other. Which is why it is hard to exciting about who can win.

        2. Donald Trump was cast as the villain and we have him for 8 seasons. At this particular time, I’m totally fine with a bunch of chill people where nobody tells anybody else they don’t have a soul.

  32. Just an amazing episode! The Adam-Jay family visit stuff was sensational, and the 18 year old on Survivor trying to prove himself that he is playing the game and it continually not working is also awesome.

    This is the stellar “one-of-the-best-episodes-in-memory” episode for me that everyone was saying last week was.

    1. Julia was also the 19 yer old who was trying to prove herself and it continually not working but she was a little more subtle about it. The only way that works is if they are all teenagers (and if it comes to that – that’s the season I skip.)

  33. I started a new job on Tuesday was too exhausted to stay up all night and watch live with you. I also can’t be bothered to dig through all these comments but how do we all feel about Adam wasting that idol? They did a good enough job in placating Will he decided to vote out Zeke.
    Also from the next time on Will reacts the exact way I expect an 18 year old to react to getting a sniff of power, by becoming a megalomaniac everyone hates, maybe also how I expect a young republican to react too.

    1. Eh, it wasn’t a bad move. Will was iffy enough that it was probably worth the risk to save Hannah and keep your numbers. It probably helped with the jury (i.e. Jessica and Chris).

      1. What it definitely did was help with his resume, because 4 votes were for Hannah and 3 for Zeke he can argue we don’t know what the other 2 were so he did save her.

        1. Anyone there who has seen the show before should know that if only 4 Hannah votes were shown then there wasn’t a 5th vote for her.

          1. Unless the other two were throw away votes and as unlikely as that is (like less than .01%) you can still argue it.

          2. You could argue that to people who aren’t familiar with the show, but for any fans (and a lot of the remaining people are fans) would know that throwaway votes like that would be shown, especially when an idol burns off most of the votes so the remaining votes are so critical. If there were only 4 valid votes and one was for Jay then it would have been shown to build the tension.

    2. I don’t think it can be considered a wasted idol – there was no guarantee that Will was actually going to flip, and if he hadn’t Adam would have been the hero. And in terms of jury perception, Adam is probably still the hero of that vote. He made a flashy play and basically hijacked Will’s Big Move – plus Will’s vote was never actually shown, so the jury don’t know for sure that he flipped.

    3. Good for you, KB. Is the new job still in politics? I hope Labour isn’t experiencing a brain drain.

      It’s a little results-oriented to say that Adam “wasted” the idol. The forecast was 90% for rain, but it stayed dry. He still would have been a fool to leave home without an umbrella.

      I’m just stunned that he played so well this episode. I literally think his only mistake was to go under the barrier on his back instead of his stomach.

      1. nope. I left working for them a good while ago. I’m doing something at my local council for now.
        Wasted is to use in anyway that does not 100% save someone. This one didn’t thus wasted. I suppose I should say used incorrectly. I don’t think it was too bad though. The only time using an idol on someone who doesn’t get the plurality of the votes is at final 5.

        1. I’m not certain that’s the correct way of looking at it. Adam can’t predict the future so all he can do is make his best possible play. He can’t be sure of what Will is doing so his best play is to take the decision out of Will’s hands. May because Will voted for Zeke doesn’t change that it was his best play.

          In (hold em) poker, if you have a pair of Aces and the other guy has a pair of Kings, your best play is to get all of the money in, even though you’ll lose 20% of the time. No one will say you made a bad play on those times your opponent flops a king and beats you.

          1. I believe it was the right thing to do but the fact is still the idol did not do anything in this situation.

  34. So, at this point, does David beat pretty much anyone in the finals besides Jay? Previously I would have said Ken, but he…didn’t fare so well in the edit last night.

      1. Well admittedly I’m not as high on Ken as many around here, but I was more thinking about his decision to blow up Will’s move. I thought that was particularly bad strategy. I guess he’s still got some fans on the island, but edit-wise he’s just not feeling like a strong contender for the win to me anymore. Then again, there’s still a fair amount of game left.

        1. I’m just not willing to assume that everyone hates Ken because Will gave an angry confessional after Ken blew up his spot. Agreed that it was a comically bad move on Ken’s part, though.

      2. Since his assessment basically agrees with 36 year old DrVanNostrand’s assessment, yes.

        (Edit: You know who I’m also 100% sure agrees with Will and me? Bret)

    1. Adam could beat David with a couple more decent moves, and good use of his story.

      I think for people on-the-island so could Sunday, but her edit is such that we know she won’t

      But largely…yeah. David’s priority number 1-10 should be to get rid of Jay.

  35. I’d said on the podcast that if Adam suddenly started playing well, he’d get us praising him. Well, he played well last night. Even setting aside his idol play (which I think was a good move regardless of Will’s vote), he correctly called out that Sunday at tribal council was engaging in exactly the sort of patronizing behavior that Will resented.

    And telling everyone that he wasn’t going to play the advantage on the family visit because family was important to everyone (and not just him) was the right way to do it. Yes, it was a very “Look at me, being nice” move, but that was like real-life résumé building- making the things you’re supposed to do anyway sound really impressive.

    1. For all the crap we’ve (deservedly) been giving Adam, this was an incredible episode for him. I think it was the best episode any player has had all season. The *worst* thing he did was burn an Idol on the player being targeted by the opposite alliance.

  36. I just discovered that the finale is in two weeks. How in the world are they going to get from 8 contestants down to the final 3 in that time?? That seems crazy to me.

    1. I saw them advertising the “final weeks” on tv the other day and just assumed they were being hyperbolic =S

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