Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 13 Liveblog: “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”

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"Slayed The Survivor Dragon" - Adam Klein and Justin Starrett on the thirteenth episode of SURVIVOR: Millennials vs. Gen. X, Wednesday, Dec. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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1,059 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 13 Liveblog: “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”

  1. This is for sure the second finale with 6 active players still on the merge beach (after Cambodia). All three Redemption Island seasons have had at least 6 (Redemption Island had 8, SoPa had 6, and BvW had 7).

  2. So if I’m reading the open right, Will goes first, then Jay plays his idol to eliminate Bret. Wouldn’t be a terrible episode, but I don’t know why David got by unscathed. Maybe he wins both immunities?

    lol. both immunities

    1. Not sure when he plays the idol, but that’s exactly what I see too.
      I am not sure how David survives either. Probably think they need to take their shot at Jay when he doesn’t have immunity

  3. So, Will’s plan to get to the end is to betray as many jury members as possible right before the end by flipping multiple times? Got it!
    I see he is from the Hantz school of piss everyone off equals guaranteed win.

    1. I think he thinks of it as the Sandra school of play. If done correctly, it gets you to the end, but yeah, the jury sure as shit won’t vote for you.

  4. Calling it, Jay’s go-to move for getting laid is winning the big teddy bear at the arcade with his skeeball skills.

    1. To be fair, I think his go to move, much like Ken is just “hey girl” and then he gets laid. He’s very handsome.

  5. What a turn around.
    Will: “People just tell me what to do like I’m a child and don’t value my input.”
    Also Will: “I’m the kingpin, and I’m calling the shots.”

    1. I’m going to hope its the ridiculous way they are packing in a double boot now means they can’t show it, or David isn’t nearly the player we thought he was

    2. There’s only three reasons an idol hunt is ever shown:
      A) an idol is found
      B) the obvious boot of the episode needs to find one but can’t
      C) you suck at finding idols in really funny ways.

      1. This is kind of a mix of A and C, but they would have shown the mad treasure hunt even if Spencer had failed.

    1. Glad I wasn’t the only person thinking this… she looks filthy, even for a Survivor contestant.

          1. From self-righteous vegetarian to person who doesn’t know what local ecosystems are: The Kimmi Kappenberg Story

      1. She’s seen previous seasons and knows there are sharks, stingrays, sea urchins, etc. Her anxiety won’t let her go in.

        1. You’d think she’d be anxious about all the filth on her bringing disease with it. I was hoping she’d win a reward challenge that included a shower. I swear I could smell her through the TV.

    1. What is up with Chris’ hair on the jury? He looks like Jerry in the episode where he got the terrible haircut.

    2. I was making Paul F Tompkins jokes pre-season, but now I think he’s actually trying to look like Thomas Lennon.

        1. Who has worn a suit on Survivor and not ended up being a total douche? Ostin doesn’t coun’t because he sold it.

          1. You don’t, because we both know you have enough perspective on Savage to know he comes off as a bit of douche.

          1. Those people are insane. Also, in this case we’re talking about the respect of podcasters and people on r/Survivor. So not exactly a crowd you generally need to concern yourself with.

          2. She’s not insane. She did something hard. Something only 29 other people had ever done. (because Jeremy and Kristie hadn’t won yet, and I refuse to do the math on all the non-English franchises). To do that and then have people say she just stumbled into it by default has to suck. I made a big show out of pretending Michele didn’t exist her whole season, and I’ll still stand up for the fact that she did subtle stuff to push herself to the end. Is it guilt? Yeah, probably, but fuck it, Micheled did what she needed to to win.

          3. And that is why I find Michele acceptable has an acceptable winner of Survivor. She proves that you do not need big moves to win, you just have to have people like you and have them not be angry at you. A skill that Adam still does not have.

          4. That’s kind of my point. She proved Probst wrong and won without big moves or any sort of strategic acumen. I don’t understand why she gets so angry about the Big Moves narrative- she’s already proven she’s correct. She can point to the scoreboard.

      1. fTR, Ken doesn’t count, cause he was hot to start with, island hot means hottest as game progresses in my understanding

  6. This season has done a really good job making the most predictable boots fairly exciting. Going in, I was pretty sure Will was going home in the first half hour, but I still got really nervous about David. At the same time, it didn’t felt like we were being misled, since a lot of people seem to still want David out.

    I had said this a little last week, but I’m really thinking that Adam’s idol play couldn’t have worked out better for him. He built/rebuilt alliances that he desperately needed, but Will’s flip put the target on him instead. I’m not sure if that was Adam’s intention, but it worked.

  7. They are on day 34 right? We won’t see what that damn Legacy Advantage is until the finale. Damn.

        1. Speaking of Plinko, has anyone seen the promo for the game show Chris Hardwick is hosting? A blatant ripoff of Plinko would be an understatement. I’m suprised there isn’t already a lawsuit.

    1. It was a really great challenge, though I’m surprised no one timed the ball as it trickled down.

      1. I bet some did, but the times probably changed each time due to the randomness of the maze and how many nails the ball hit on the way down.

        1. I took that into account. Just use the initial time as an eta, then subtract maybe like 5 seconds just to be safe. Keep turning around to confirm.

          1. I’d guess that it’s hard to count to 20 in your head while trying to put a block puzzle together. You’d probably lose track of what number you’re one many times.

          2. I’d gamble and just not work on the puzzle the first time. It’d probably save you time especially when you don’t catch the ball.

          3. I might try that, but I’d be afraid of Jeff yelling “Hornacek! Just standing there! While everyone else makes progress on their puzzle! Falling completely out of this challenge!”

  8. No way Jay misses how blatantly Adam just telegraphed he was the target. So do they do a vote split or let Jay just get to pick who goes?

    1. I love Hannah, but I’m not sure how impactful taking out Sunday instead of Bret is going to be.

      Edit: She’s probably right that it was important to take out Sunday, but I’m not sure if that helps her win jury votes.

      1. The thing is though that Sunday could have pulled a very convincing jury argument and brought up that she was a cancer survivor (which could have swayed people like Adam and Jay).

        1. Imagine getting on Survivor. You make it to day 35. Then you aren’t even a character on the season and the only mention of you in your boot episode is what a massive goat you are. I should feel kind of bad for Sunday, but I don’t.

      2. Begs the question — would Hannah have had a path to the victory? I think she’s adorkable, but the only people I could see her beating was Will and…. Will?

          1. I think Hannah just wants to get to F3 by any means necessary and figure it out from there. So in that sense Will and especially Sunday were big obstacles.

    2. I liked that she acknowledged that she wanted to get rid of Sunday not because she thought Sunday was a threat to win in the end, but that she was someone others would want to take to the end as a goat. There are only 3 spots at the finale, and if Sunday takes one of those spots it makes it harder for Hannah (and everyone else) to get one of the 2 remaining spots.

  9. Hannah Moment of the Week: Hannah channeled her inner Cirie and pushed the vote to Sunday and got to watch in glee as it worked. The rise of Hannah continues. Hannah Forever!! We are all witnesses.

    1. Was telling the friend I watch with that I think Sunday got very little screen time because the editors couldn’t stand her voice. Lord knows we couldn’t, either.

      1. I don’t think her voice was a surprise to them. I’m guessing it was part of the reason they chose her.

        1. Right, but with her crap gameplay and that annoying voice, I’m guessing they didn’t feel like finding more footage of her to air than necessary.

      1. He’s had 2 idols so he probably knows more than any other player this season what a fake idol should look like.

          1. I’d like a Survivor season where everyone starts with an idol. And there are 6 idols on each beach.
            Survivor 35: IDOL MADNESS

          2. Possibly. It could also make the pre-merge game pretty psychotic and entertaining. When the game starts no one would know that everyone else had idols. Does everyone spill the beans that they have idols? Maybe no one tells?

            It’s crazy enough that it just might work. Random folks would be voted off and people would have difficulty forming alliances. Plus imagine how awesome it would be when James Clement was voted off with 5 idols in his pocket.

          3. Give everyone an idol except one person. Then tell the players that on day one, and that they’re not allowed to show their idol to another person.

  10. Was super nervous for David, even though it felt like he had way better plot armor than Sunday. Hopefully he can pull it off next week.

    That second challenge was *amazing* I thought. Added a whole new dimension to standard puzzles. Hopefully Survivor returns to that well.

    1. I wasn’t buying it. I thought there was a 0.0% of David getting voted off tonight. I would probably just be sitting in silence right now if it happened.

      1. The two-votes-in-one-episode thing was sort of a tip off that no one of importance was going home. Which is sort of a shame, because I think David actually could have been in a pretty precarious spot there for the second vote, and they could have gotten some more drama out of it.

      2. I was worried but only in spite of facts. My brain still knew the Sunday thing was most likely, but I couldn’t make myself get over the possibility of David leaving.

        I really like David, he’s probably the player on this season most like me, if I was a decent amount more neurotic.

          1. It’s not a perfect comp for me, but it’s close enough to make him my favorite this season.

          1. I was comparing him to Cochran earlier this season, but I like him much better because he made adjustments to his game and has made himself a real player after his start. Cochran didn’t do that until Caramoan. I think the fact that David has experienced both Cochran arcs in the same season makes him much more interesting, and a much better winner if he is able to pull that off.

          2. Paul was also my dad’s favorite character for a while. That’s only because my dad’s name is Paul, though.

          3. Nah, he liked Paul before Paul said anything. It was purely because of the fact that they’re both named Paul.

          4. Paul may have ruled but didn’t have the characteristics of a survivor winner. He was bossy and took a leadership position way too early.

          5. I’m not gonna die on the hill for being pro-David or anti-Paul. We will never see either of them play again

          6. I would be shocked if David played again, if not for his blind idol luck I don’t see him going far. I like him most in this cast, but wouldn’t put him in top 50 of fave survivor players ever

          7. I think there is a very god chance David plays again. What does top 50 have to do with it? Have you seen the returning player casts?

          8. I don’t think he would get a Cochran redemption return, I like him but he got lucky as fuck this time

          9. Naw Paul is like the drunk ‘knight’ at the tavern that gives our real hero his sword in the beginning.

          10. In my fanfiction he’s drunk the whole time. I asked John what kind of beer a dude from the Keys would drink, and then at a certain point he gets a magical cask of infinite rum.

            He still kicks fucking ass.

          11. I think David would be cast again. Actually, many players from this season could return:

            Zeke, David, Jay, Ken (if he’s voted in), Adam, Hannah, Michaela and Jessica are all possibilities (the latter partially b/c of how she was at challenges, partially b/c of how she left, partially because she improved strategically, partially b/c she was island hot and partially b/c they don’t have as big of a pool for returning females.) I’ve hear Mari or Michele but I don’t see either of them as coming back.

          12. Now that I’m not trying to get sharc worked up over Paul, I wouldn’t mind seeing just about anybody from this cast play again (including Paul). This won’t go down as a top ten season for me but I think this is a very likable cast.

          13. Jessica is becoming distractingly island hot. I wanted the camera to back to her, even at times when it was on Ken or Hannah.

          14. The Millers, where Greg Garcia abandoned all of the weird charm of his previous shows and made a bland as fuck family sitcom that completely wasted the talents of Margot Martindale.

          15. I always assumed Gabriel was written in to essentially take her place, and she would have continued to be the handler, but I don’t remember the first few seasons well enough

          16. I think Nina was proof that they’re willing to let a character stick around if they’re in love with the actor.

          17. They stretched it out as long as they could, but at least they finally literally pulled the trigger.

          18. He did, but that show got cancelled. He wrights for Kevin Can Wait now which might actually be worse.

          19. KCW is a terrible show, but it’s a hit. I wish Cochran was writing for a better show, but I’m glad he’s part of a hit show that seems to have a future.

          20. I will judge what shows Cochran and David write for on the site that I spend my time writing and speaking for about 60 people while making no money whatsoever!

            That is, when I’m not busy getting paid to write the most boring-ass marketing copy for the most boring-ass product in a boring-ass industry.

          1. I went all the way back in my history and found this

            Best Final Sixes
            1. Cagayan (Tony, Woo, Kass, Spencer, Trish and Tasha)
            2. China (Todd, Courtney, Amanda, Denise, Peih-Gee and Erik)
            3. Cambodia (Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer, Kelley, Keith and Kimmi)
            4. Tocantins (JT, Stephen, Erinn, Taj, Coach and Debbie)
            5. Palau (Tom, Katie, Ian, Jenn, Caryn and Gregg)
            6. Mirconesia (Parvati, Amanda, Cirie, Natalie, Erik and Alexis)

          2. I’ll rarely defend Rupert, but post-merge HvV Rupert isn’t too bad. He manages to make a “fake idol” out of string and votes for Sandra in the end, without being horrifically offensive.

          3. Oh I thought @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus answered me because he had already mentioned Palau in this thread. I didn’t realize he was keeping track for you! How noble and honorably. Ken would be proud.

          4. I’ll post five for good measure

            1. Tocantins
            2. Cagayan
            3. Palau
            4. China
            5. Philippines

            I’m not a huge fan of “all-star” type seasons (though I don’t hate it), some people worry that I don’t have HvV so high and that’s why. Middle era is also my favorite Survivor.

            Let me know how crazy you think I am!

          5. China was the season that really made me fall in love with Survivor. I started with Worlds Apart, thought it was interesting enough to keep watching other seasons. I went to Australia next, which was fine but I was expecting more. China was the third season I saw, and I loved it all.

            As for Palau, it might take my #1 spot when I rewatch it. I’ve recently rewatched Tocantins/Cagayan, but only seen Palau once. It is a fantastic season.

          6. Bad form? That’s the comment I get after I searched through all of my history to dig this up. Ain’t that some shit!!

          7. Another old goodie of mine. This has nothing to do with this season but it might be my favorite fantasy casting of all time.

            I had an idea to fantasy cast a Heroes vs Villains 2 season with the following criteria:
            1. No one from the original HvV season.
            2. No more than 4 previous winners.
            3. No more than 2 players from the same season.
            I had trouble putting 10 players on the Villains side as a lot of players I wanted back didn’t fit in as a villain for me. Aligning with other villains, voting out alliance members and throwing challenges even if it’s the smart play and just wanting to see certain players on the same tribe are things that can get you cast on my villains tribe. So here are the 20 players in my HvV 2. Thanks to everyone that gave suggestions.
            Heroes Tribe
            Kim (Winner, One World)
            Earl (Winner, Fiji)
            K. Wentworth (San Juan Del Sur/Cambodia)
            Malcolm (Philippines/Caramoan)
            Becky (Cook Islands)
            Jaison (Samoa)
            Taj (Tocantins)
            Hayden (Blood vs Water)
            Cydney (Kaoh Rong)
            Tai (Kaoh Rong)
            Villains Tribe
            Sophie (Winner, South Pacific)
            Natalie A. (Winner, San Juan Del Sur)
            Shane (Panama)
            Burton (Pearl Islands)
            Peih-Gee (China/Cambodia)
            Pete (Philippines)
            Nat Bolton (Micronesia)
            Reynold (Caramoan)
            Trish (Cagayan)
            Judd (Guatemala)

          8. I am super happy that your criteria placed Sophie and Natalie A. on the Villains Tribe! Two favorites, both with great, villainous gameplay.

            And also Burton, glad you included him. Pearl Islands was an embarrassment of riches with two hilariously arrogant douchebags, one per tribe, and each gets a great arc. Well Burton actually gets two thanks to outcast.

    1. It’s incredible. I can’t think of a recent season where I would be legitimately happy if a majority of the finalists win.

      1. Ken is the only person whom I really don’t want to see win. Bret hasn’t done much, but he’s likable enough that I could tolerate him winning. Hannah is really entertaining (and is definitely playing the game), and David, Jay, and Adam have all played pretty strong games. (I’m willing to defend Adam’s game, even if it hasn’t been as good as David’s or Jay’s.)

          1. I can only imagine Jeff’s dilemma if Ken won — he’s a handsome “guy’s guy” who doesn’t make “big moves” (TM)

          2. Ken is kind of a weirdo, Jeff doesn’t seem to gravitate towards him at all.

            Which is why I find the Savage comparisons baffling. Ken is like Bizarro Savage.

          3. He did gravitate to Cochran but Cochran may have pushed that to a point that Jeff could no longer resist.

            I do not see the Savage comparisons myself. Savage was always nasty to people he did not think were worthy.

          1. Jay pulled his buff over his head to hide his tears when Adam started talking about his mom, and I don’t think he was faking it. I think Jay’s empathy is as much a downfall as it is a strength.

          2. I think Jay thinks he has enough jury votes on lock (Michelle, Taylor, Will) that he can afford to Kim Spradlin and get even more credit from the jury for not goat-herding.

          3. This thing is, it cuts both ways. Strength/downfall. Because Adam really should be figuring out what to do about Jay instead of cuddling up to him and spilling all his anxieties.

          4. See that’s the thing. I don’t think it’s all blindspot on Adam’s side at all.

            There’s two basic reactions to what Adam is telling Jay, both start the same, which is “oh man, I can’t believe this dude is spilling to me about how his mom is dying.” The split becomes between “how can I use this?” and “how can I tell him everything is gonna be okay?”

            I know I’d be about 70/30 in favor of the former. I’d feel for the dude, but I’d rationalize that I could play the game now and hold his hand afterwards.

            Jay’s body language was not that. Jay looked genuinely pained at the idea of what Adam is going through, and I’d peg him at more of an 80/20 in the other direction. Playing against someone who is going through something like that looked genuinely hard for him.

            It’s so weird to believe based on what we guessed about him pre-season, but I think Jay is just an actually decent guy who really cares about people.

          5. I might be totally obnoxious but when that happened and Jay said his mother had aneurysms, I was wondering if anyone had a healthy parent on this show this season.

          6. I actually disagree about this vote, if David didn’t build those bonds with hannah he would have gone home. Adam didn’t save him here, David saved himself with a social game.

          7. Agreed. Hannah had a logical reason for wanting to take Sunday out, but David is objectively a bigger threat to her chance of winning. David did a great job of pulling Hannah in and is being rewarded for that.

          8. I feel like Hannah would rather lose against David than let Sunday lose against David. Which, fair enough!

          9. I’m curious as to how much the prize money factors into players’ decisions. For obvious reasons, we only hear about the million dollars, but there have to be some people who at least keep it in the backs of their minds that second is a lot better than fourth.

          10. Years ago (like during Australia), there was an article discussing the prize money. I don’t know if its changed but Runner up was $100,000. Third was $85,000. If it is a tie (since they have a final 3) for second place, the money is added and split. Then it goes down a bit. I remember reading fourth was $50,000 but that seems to be too big of a jump. The first person out got like $3,760 or something like that.

          11. disagree. We saw Hannah push back hard against adam’s reasoning. Adam kept talking about wanting to go at David and was saying stuff like we need to get a threat out, and Hannah was like no we should Sunday.

          12. And Ken seems to be willing to save David if he can as well so he was not going to argue with anything that would save David. I do wonder how Hannah did convince Adam.

          13. I don’t think anyone would have predicted that Davis would be considered the greatest threat to win after the first episode when he was scared by the sound of bamboo chopping

          14. I dropped him like a hot rock from my Pick-4 team after Episode 1 and I know I’m not the only one.

          15. Me 2. I regret it. But I have him in the Outcast league. (It was between him and Michaela to be dropped for Jessica).

          16. David’s BEEN saving himself with a social game. Hannah flipped from the majority to a rock draw to save his ass.

          17. Adam is also in a pretty good spot right now, despite having not managed to remove either Jay or David. It’s pretty much a guarantee that those two will continue to target each other until one of them is gone, meaning Adam is probably safe until that point.

          1. I forgot about his “Bangarang” Dave impression. It’s totally that combined with his Jonas.

            Rob is great at impressions! But his hatred of Ken has created a bad impression.

          2. Like I said, a guy who is jealous. Probably reminds him of his time on Amazon or someone in his past. And I normally like most of what Rob does.

          3. Rob definitely had some issues on Amazon he was working through. He had several bitter speeches regarding Dave and how girls like Heidi and Jenna would not give him the time of day.

          4. Yet, his wife is gorgeous. And would Rob give girls that were not like Jenna and Heidi but more like Hannah and Aubrey or Sophie (all of whom I personally think are gorgeous), the time of day?

          5. Rob C. was like 22 when Amazon happened. He was dumb in a lot ways, and has admitted it was pumped by starting on a tribe of all men.

            I’m not saying he’s a sterling feminist, he’s clearly not, but how he behaved on that season doesn’t have to define him. To his credit, there was a lot of stuff during Words Apart where he was like “I don’t understand the problems, but I wish I did,” and he convened a special panel to talk about those problems.

          6. I generally try not to judge people to harshly for the stuff they do before their mid-20s. As long as it’s not something actively evil or harmful to others, I tend to apply the “everyone is an idiot in their youth” rule.

          7. As I’ve been saying all season, if you can do a Johnny Drama impression you’re 90% of the way to a Ken impression.

          8. While he did not post this week, he has dropped his declaration that Ken 100% wins. The last I remember, it was about 60% and that was before Ken’s screwup last week.

          9. While I laughed at the podcast with Mike Bloom and Rob’s impression can be funny, it is overused … and it is definitely one from a guy who is jealous. (Probably reminds him of Dave Johnson).

        1. Ken is basically a really ridiculously good looking, less self aware version of Coach 1.0, but he is so attractive that he has everyone under a trance, so instead of people mocking him behind his back they are battling each other for his approval.

          1. Hey I like Ken. I just think we are seeing the power of the edit this season. I feel like the editors could make Ken look so crazy if they wanted to, I mean I think they are aggressively shielding him and he still comes off as a pretty ridiculous person. By the way I do think Ken wins and I am going to be happy about it. Unless he beats David in the finals, then I reserve the right to bitch about the jury.

          2. I agree that Coach and Ken both have that ridiculous “honor and integrity” approach to the game, but Coach 1.0 was so over-the-top ridiculous that he really contributed to the season. Ken is kind of just… there (which, for many viewers, is sufficient to justify his inclusion on the show).

          3. The thing is, I think the fact taht Ken is going to look at the bullshit character Survivor paints him as and be turned off rather than turned on speaks to his favor.

          4. Did we ever see Coach of any version actually contributing to camp life (cooking, actually catching fish, stuff like that)? I always disliked all versions of Coach because he did tear people down — especially women — and used religion as a weapon in the last season and he was full of bullshit about his adventures.

          5. Ken doesn’t have either Coach’s self-aggrandizement or his desperate need for respect. I completely buy that Ken doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him (which is related to the Jon Hamm in 30 Rock syndrome) and was perfectly happy living off the grid.

        2. I came to this realization on Twitter earlier tonight, but Ken is totally Tai at this juncture…super super positive edit (despite rough premiere), but extremely rough, rough merge even with having an advantage.

      1. Well Bret would be a disappointment since he has not actually made a real move or done anything but make cracks and get drunk.

        1. He even acknowledged in this episode that there was yet another tribal where things didn’t go his way.

          1. Oh yeah. I always think of China having such a great cast, but I forgot/didn’t think about that James finished 7th. There was nothing wrong with Erik, but I agree he’s nothing special.

          2. Erik is blandly likable, which is the opposite of what makes China great. The fact that you din’t remember how far he went says everything.

      2. I am going to just quote the words of a genius at you:

        Cagayan has a stellar final six in Tasha, Trish, Spencer, Kass, Woo, and Tony. It might be the best final six of all time.

        1. It is hard to argue with any final 6 that has Tony in it, but I think Tasha, Trish, and Woo would all have been worse winners than any of the final six in this season.

          1. If you listen to Kass she will tell you a lot of bullshit that makes her sound good. I love Kass, but the woman gets high on her own supply.

          2. I find it hard to believe that someone who would give themselves a nickname and then repeatedly call themselves by that nickname until everyone else starts using it could be high on their own supply.

          3. Disagree. Trish would have been a great winner, better than most of this final 6. She had some of the best moves of the season. Tasha was a pretty good underdog in Cagayan. Woo would have been a better winner than Ken if not for the move that lost him the game.

    2. Pretty solid final 6. I mean, I could quibble, but even the lightest-sketched of the remaining (Bret) has had moments where he has immediately slithered out of being on the losing end of an alliance, which makes him an enjoyable presence heading into the finale. And David, Jay, and Adam all have a strong shot to win. And Ken is pretty!

    3. There have been better. Ken as character gets enjoyment based on how pretty he is, David is kind of boring, and while I like Bret he is only really okay.

      1. Bret is the weak link here, character-wise. I don’t know if he’s any good at strategy because we hardly ever seen him doing anything. David seems to have cooled on his schtick ever since Zeke and Bret called him on it, which is probably better for his game but it makes him a less dynamic character as a result.

        1. Too fair I think my problems with David are that he should be the villain of the season but he isn’t one. Which kind of tells he is going to win this season.

          1. I would actually love a season with a villainous nerd winner’s edit, although I think the Tony Vlachos the chaotic villain is probably the farthest they’ll ever go in making a winner look bad. And I like the thought of Ken as the Darth Vader to David’s Emperor Palpatine.

        2. Bret’s strategy is to immediately kiss up to the person who just made the move – who is in power. His strategy is also to act like the drunk uncle. And not be too much of a challenge threat. It has worked so far.

    4. I don’t know about historically, but I see 3 feasible winners from this 6, which is always fun going in.

          1. We’re looking at getting rid of Cable and Survivor is literally the only thing on CBS I watch. I kinda half-watch Big Bang Theory when I do laundry, but it stopped being funny after season 3 when they ran out of nerd jokes.

          2. I’m gonna dive deep for a minute. I’ve lived with enough people who are into Big Bang Theory to recognize that it’s a well made sitcom. The staff understands comedic timing and how to set up a shot, and the cast are all talented. It’s not something I’m going to seek out, but I can sit through it knowing I’ll chuckle a few times.

          3. I was a fan in the beginning, before it got crazy popular.

            I find it suffers from what I call “House” Syndrome — a show which hat a genuinely interesting “quirky” genius type, but as the seasons went on, they had to keep out-quirking the quirky guy to the point where the character is just plan unlikable and unrelatable.

            I still check in on the show from time to time, but it’s so relationship-y and entire episodes go by and I don’t laugh at all. The big exception was the Sheldon/Amy sex episode that they juxtaposed with everyone’s anticipation of the new Star Wars movie. That was the most the show had made me laugh in YEARS.

          4. BBT is a professionally made endeavour. I watched it a bit and no longer sneer at it. It’s not quite good enough to be worth my time (because there’s other shows demanding of it), but it’s solid setup and punchline craftsmanship. If you’re stuck in a hotel or waiting room and it’s on, it’ll pass the time.

          5. BBT isn’t good per say but there is a lot of stuff on TV that is actually worse just no one talks about it because it hasn’t been on 10(?) seasons.

          6. I’ve just always been bitter towards it for when it went against Community and crushed it in the ratings.

          7. Some people just want to have television be a thing that entertains them. Those people keep Survivor on the air. I don’t turn my nose up at them.

          8. BBT also got better once they developed three female characters and made them main cast members.

          9. This is also true. It’s a solidly middling show, but it gets points for bothering to have three female characters with depth and a sense of agency.

      1. I wouldn’t read too much into it. A lot of people said that Kaoh Rong was delayed because they weren’t excited about it, but that wound up being a very strong season. Plus, 34 is an all-star season, so even if it’s not great, they have to be somewhat excited.

      2. It’s about Hunted. They wouldn’t delay a season by a couple of weeks due to lack of enthusiasm. That doesn’t really accomplish anything.

        And if Hunted Pirate Masters all over the place, they can bump Survivor back up.

      3. Someone fill me in on what Hunted is, as a person in a location that does not get to see the hype for these shows?

        And also as a person who watched an entire season of Capture. And an entire season of The Quest. And an entire season of Whodunnit.

          1. This sounds a lot like The Running Man (the book more than the movie). Hopefully it doesn’t end like the book where the protagonist deliberately flies a jetplane into a skyscraper to blow up the evil TV company’s headquarters.

        1. As long as they don’t cut the episodes down, I’m not jumping to any conclusions about quality of the season.

          1. I think its just because that Hunted show is longer.

            Now the question is, is there going to be anything here during the break? A rewatch? Music discussions?

          2. There will be something. We’ve started to make plans.

            The big obstacle, as always, is that NOT doing work is always more appealing than doing work.

          1. I met a girl this week who is exactly the kind of trainwreck I’m into, and, in describing her to my brother’s girlfriend, I may have used the phrase “I’m waiting to find out she’s from Florida.”

          2. When was I ever David? I’m not disagreeing, but did you have a meeting that I wasn’t invited to?

            Edit: Never mind, I scrolled down.

          3. If it’s just because of the drinking thing, I also don’t drink. And I’m the youngest. WAIT DON’T MAKE ME THE WILL FORGET I SAID ANYTHING.

          4. Which of you is simultaneously the prettiest, and the most boring? Once you have that awkward debate, you’ll have the answer.

          5. I am the prettiest because I am a lady. Mark is the most boring because he’s always working instead of chatting on slack.

      1. Maybe it’s @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus. They both have a connection with Hannah and seem to be stand up dudes.

          1. I second the claim of you being the Purple Rock Hannah. That’s a badge of honor. The rise of Barbara Anderson continues…

          2. Y’all don’t know me, but I may like David, cause I am totally a David. like a less confident , less athletic, David

          3. Also I was a screenwriting major in college. (I detest Family Guy though)

            That said, those two traits could also easily make me the Hannah.

          4. David also wrote for Malcolm in the Middle though. Let’s not forget Cochran’s writing credits. The weakest of any Survivor TV writers (yes all 3).

          5. Rafe is clearly the best. But while Cochran was able to use Survivor to vault past the assistant stage, he’s definitely still in the “take what you can get” in terms of shows stage.

          6. I’m just saying I understand doing the best job you can for a great paycheck even if it isn’t your ideal position. It’s not like he can completely change the tone of the show and characters. There are executive producers to appease and ratings to maintain.

          7. That’s not really how writers’ rooms work. The show runner steers the direction of the show.
            David has a few written by credits, but he’s listed as a story editor, which is only the second rung on the totem pole. He also hasn’t worked for Family Guy since 2014, as far as I can tell, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

          1. Realistically, I’m more of a Hannah. But either way I get to be the weirdo hottie. So I’ll take either one.

  11. So, how much should be read into the fact that three players were mentioned in the Next time on… segment and three were not?

          1. I’d have to watch again, but I thought those three got “scenes”, then the list of 6 at the end

          1. I think both. When he tried to woo Adam from voting with Taylor and Figgy, he told Adam he would not write his name down and would fight for him.

    1. I hate ‘next time on’ so much that I often skip the vote montage, even though I actually want to watch the vote montage.

  12. I think Matt’s assessment of the final 3 is right. I’d say David wins but Ken does get a vote or two (my guess Jessica and maybe Taylor b/c of the surfer bro thing).

    1. After listening to Rob’s voice mail podcast with Mike Bloom last week I am more convinced than ever that Ken is winning. If Ken didn’t win then we would have heard all about Sir Squidington on the show and Ken would be getting a ridiculous Coach-esque edit.

          1. In one of the secret scenes, Ken describes a meal with many different kinds of fish and the squid that gave its life for the tribe to eat, which Ken himself called Sir Squidington.

          2. I thought it was cute b/c its the type of thing someone that has kids does – I think. I’ve seen it a lot. I have none myself but have lots of nieces and nephews.

          3. Yes. Not strategy wise though. He’s more like an old-school player. But way more interesting than others of his type that have been on the show.

          4. I’ve been convinced this entire season that if Ken looked like David but was otherwise the same, nobody would take any notice of him at all. Which isn’t to say I don’t like him or that he shouldn’t use the tools at his disposal. He seems like a perfectly decent human. I just don’t think he’s interesting at all.

          5. As an ultra-liberal stoner, I’m way too familiar with the ‘Ken type’. I get involved in a conversation with one of them, and 2 minutes in, I’m like a fox in one of those metal traps trying to gnaw my own foot off to get away.

            (Edit: And just like those randos I’ve met, he’s a decent guy that I just can’t stand to be around.)

          6. As the ultra moderate who doesn’t care about reefer as long as I’m not the one using it, I completely understand and love this example.

        1. The star of the best Ken confessional ever. It is from a secret scene with Ken talking about preparing dinner, Sir Squidington was the main course. It is as ridiculously awesome as it sounds.

  13. Random thoughts:

    They used the full credits. I guess this double-boot episode won’t be so chock full of content that they have to use the short credits.

    An immunity challenge right away? Jay may not have a chance to use his new advantage for the rest of the season.

    David was surprisingly good at this challenge. Well, the first 2/3s of it.

    Jay on David: “He can’t win a challenge.” Well, except for the immunity challenge he already won.

    Will: “To be able to experience this is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me so far in my life.” I’m 100% sure that’s true.

    David seems to get a lot of the sound clips when they walk in and first see the challenge.


    It’s apt that someone who loves the English language so much would misspell “Millennials”.

    Adam and Jay is the relationship I didn’t know I needed in this game.

    Sunday speaks!

    Sunday is voted out. Will and Jessica celebrate.

    1. Note that Ken voted for “Sun.” as if he was so self-conscious about the MIALILLENNS that he was making extra sure to only write down words he couldn’t possibly misspell.

    2. I think there probably were reward challenges this episode, they just got cut to make room for the double boot. Either that, or production got very lucky with the way the votes went.

      1. The previous episode ended on day 33, and this episode took place on days 34-35, meaning the immunity challenges took place on days 34 and 35. I don’t think they would have reward challenges on the same day as an immunity challenge.

  14. Maybe the Legacy Advantage is that Ken wins a Subaru?

    So, yeah, total “separate the wheat from the chaff” episode. When the most interesting things about a stretch of the game where two boots happen are Zeke’s new hairstyle and a more entertaining than average immunity challenge, it’s easy to see why they decided to burn through these episodes. Did Sunday even speak prior to her answer to Jeff’s question at Tribal?

  15. David came into merge and was really a big figure in bringing together that huge majority and targeting the specific players. He’s seen as the leader, huge threat/target but he’s really pulled in right people. I think Adam wants him gone now because he knows it’s never going to happen.

  16. Sunday is voted out … but she voted for Will at the first vote! I don’t know the scoring rules but I know that means I am no longer dead last in the Pick 4 league. You had ONE JOB Sunday!

    On the other hand, somehow I got to the final episode with both of my players in the Championship League still in the game.

    1. You should embrace finishing last in Pick Four, it’s kind of like winning. You win the lowest score.

          1. It was a board game made by Mad Magazine. My friends and I played in the 80s – you start with a bunch of money and the winner is the one who gets rid of all their money and ends up with nothing.

      1. That’s what I was trying to do. I noticed I was in last place a few weeks ago when I only had Sunday left, so I was turning into the skid, hoping she wouldn’t get any more points. She did her job … until the Will vote.

        At worst I am now tied for last place. Does anyone know how many points you get for voting for the person who gets voted out? If it’s more than one then I’m not in last place anymore. #Sad

        1. At some point on my quest for last place in Kaoh Rong, I realized that finishing last was way more interesting than finishing eighth from last.

          By “some point” I mean after literally none of my players made the jury.

          1. I remember I was close to you. I was bottom 10 in both Second Chances and Kaoh Rong, but didn’t manage to win at losing either. It inspired my Costanza strategy, which is now my permanent strategy.

          2. When I first started the Pick-4 I thought about choosing players that I thought would win or go far or win challenges, but I’m usually terrible at that. So I just choose the players with differently-spelled names. Let random chance make or break me.

  17. Ummm, yeah, I’m with Matt and I can totally see the David/Ken/Hannah final 3 happening, which means David wins in a landslide. (Ken’s beauty alone cannot win him this game)

          1. I’m hoping to brown-nose for another position in the outcast league next season

            *cues up Simpsons references*

          2. I like this idea. Let me cover my bases here to make sure I’m selected.

            “God, Shirin is awesome!!”
            “Dodgers Suck”
            And finally from this very thread
            “Michele is the worst fucking winner.”

          3. just remember who is nominally in charge of Outcasts, and stick to that third thing if you know what i mean

          4. I had a lot of fun with this fantasy league. I hope I get invited to some sort of league again. Maybe I’ll actually watch the pregame stuff this time.

          5. Yeah, I have a long way to go (apparently as I have no one left now) before I, too, could ever hope to be a witch. *grin*

          6. Me too even though I was abysmal at it. I mean, Lucy could have gone either way, but Paul? What was I thinking?!?

          7. I did not see Lucy’s thing but saw her picture. I would not have picked her. I actually picked 4 that went pretty far (David, Zeke, Michaela and Hannah) and then switched David for Jessica (not Figgy) after the first episode just based on listening to podcast but not watching their own stuff. I should have stayed with my first impression b/c I’ve still got David in the GenX League.

    1. Not only do I want to see this because I want to see David win, but I want to see Bret, Will, and hopefully a bunch of other people tell Ken he’s a giant douche.

      1. I keep forgetting who I have in Pick 4 because I don’t think I’ve broken the top 100. I know I have Adam and Ken though, so that’s got to count for something.

        My outcast team died with Jessica’s rock.

  18. Other than pointing to Will as a big threat, I thought Bret was pretty smart at the beginning of the episode. As happy as I was to see them vote out Will, they really should’ve voted David. To me Jay and David are the top threats, in that order.

    1. Bret’s slithery style of cozying up to people who just voted out his most recent ally is… interesting.

        1. Bret is that one dodgy cop who turns informant on all his buddies once it looks like the shit is hitting the fan. Guy is a survivaah.

  19. Has anyone else noticed Jay’s terrible post-merge voting history? The only person he’s voted out is his best bro Taylor.

        1. I think we all know that the argument Sandra used to win Pearl Islands is “It’s either me or Lil, and I know you don’t want Lil to win.”

    1. I was going to bring it up. Gee, I can only think of one person who had a pretty rough voting record but got to the end recently…It seems like such an obvious answer, but now I just can’t remember it.

      1. Mike?

        I don’t remember his voting record. Everyone was out to get him but did he really not vote for those leaving every time?

          1. I’d put a few other people below her too. I think it’s the combo of her playing style and her confessionals that make her seem worse.

          2. I might argue that it was the community that made her seem worse. I am really excited for Purple Tally (aka the friend that I am watching Survivor with)’s take on that season.

          3. Well to me the difference between her being above or below the others is that I thought Aubry should have won but would have been ok with Tai.

            I did not care for Bob or Fabio’s season. Fabio was likable. I did not like Sash and Chase was Michele’s equivalent. Sugar, Susie or Bob – bad winner any way you look at it (although Sugar over Corinne would have been great but would not have happened).

          4. I still think Aubry/Michele is basically Parvati/Sandra, except that Sandra is one of the greatest characters in Survivor history.

          5. I like Michele but her being strong personality on Survivor… well she kicked a puzzle that one time.

          6. She was also great at the tribal when Tai was trying to vote her out. But yeah, she has lots of forgettable confessionals, though I don’t think they’re as bad people make them out to be. Her charm is much clearer on RHAP.

          7. I agree Michele is very charming but she is probably the most boring character on a season full of great ones. ( And this me actually really likely Michele as a person and a winner)

          8. Plus her poor performance at a challenge cost her tribe a reward, and Debbie joked that Michele was going off to kill herself, and her tribe laughed about it.

          9. For me, Chase is Aubry’s equivalent. Michele = Fabio of course. His moving back and forth between people and creating emotional connections dominated the strategy of that season. Also similar was their respective jury’s decisions to view that style as not worthy of respect and to instead vote for the likable person who didn’t offend anyone.

          10. Unless he hates himself or thinks it’s important to watch every season ever, he should probably leave it alone. I can’t believe Bob/Fabio ever won Survivor.

          11. Fabio won Survivor because he successfully worked his ‘charming idiot’ shtick to the end.

            I can’t believe Bob won Survivor.

          12. I at least give Fabio credit for that much, he definitely took advantage of the “charming idiot” perception. He at least knew what a strategy was, which is far more than Bob could say.

          13. I’m gonna quote a genius again:

            “But Bob won!” you say. Sure. He did. Ask him how. See if he can explain it.

          14. Bob and Mike Holloway are about equal to me. I still value people who win based on a combo of niceness and challenge runs over winners like Michele and Fabio. Or Amber.

          15. Making few/no mistakes is a valuable asset. Also, Amber was 50/50 Rob but Rob is a sound bite machine so it looks like he does everything. She was actually the one who told him he need to vote out Lex right after the merge. Worked out ok for her.

          16. Sure. I think each and every winner has done at least one really impressive thing to get them that win. Amber had at least two (allying with Rob and the Lex vote). But certain winners impress me much more than others. I’ve been most impressed by Sandra, Tom, Earl, Kim, Yul, Brian, Jeremy, Parvati, and JT (roughly in that order). Least impressed would Amber, Fabio, and last of all Michele.

          17. When people say that Amber didn’t do anything in All Stars, I tell them to look at Rob in HvV. Rob needed Amber there to whisper in his ear and tell him not to do stupid things and not to focus on the wrong things.

          18. And now that I reread this, I realize that “a combo of niceness and challenge runs” is exactly how Fabio won. Mea culpa!

          19. “I still value people who win based on a combo of niceness and challenge runs over winners like Michele and Fabio.”

            But that’s how Michele and Fabio won.

          20. I did have a mea culpa re. Fabio. But I don’t think Michele’s 2 wins really constitutes a run.

            Possibly I’m also bitter because I hate how the juries came to their decisions in Nicaragua and Koah Rong.

          21. I saw your mea culpa after I posted this but, I wanna add:

            ” I don’t think Michele’s 2 wins really constitutes a run.”

            If you’re gonna say this, you also have to account for the fact that Bob didn’t actually beast it to the end. In any other season, that final loss means he comes in fourth. And while I give him a little bit of credit for nurturing the relationship with Sugar, in the end, she basically had to talk him into not giving up.

          22. Sure, I can see that. I still don’t see Michele’s 2 challenge wins as being remotely parallel to Bob’s 6 challenge wins as well as the times he helped his team win.

          23. While I generally dislike some of the people on that season, I do like Mike. He actually played. He had strategy. For a while, he was the leader of the group. Did some stupid things (eating a scorpion, reneging on the deal at the auction and then changing again). But he also did some great things – challenge run, trying to throw a challenge to save Kelly, the whole Shirin debacle, giving Carolyn a chance at the end. Bob even said he did nothing.

          24. I love Mike, he’s awesome. I also love Bob. They both seem like such good guys and I was happy with their wins if only because seeing them on my tv made me happy in general and I like it when people I like win.

            I think their wins are pretty comparable despite Bob downplaying his. Bob’s lay-low strategy and his connection with Sugar were as impressive to me as Mike’s initial leadership and his kindness towards Shirin. And both were amazing at challenges.

          25. Michele’s voting record was solid. She voted out Nick, Debbie, Julia and Jason. Aubry/Cydney was a tie so she was just as right as everyone else. The Scot vote is the only one she voted incorrectly for.

          1. It should have for me as well. Last season in Champs League someone kept referring to me as “Obvious Winner Saturday Night Palsy”. I don’t remember who it was, but I did beat them (obviously).

          1. If you’re going to do that, I don’t know exactly how to tell you to brace yourself for it, but um, somehow.

          2. Some day you’ll have three months off of work, and therefore enough time to binge watch Australian Survivor.

    2. His voting history is terrible (and he’s fighting from the bottom now) because it was his allies that were getting sent to the jury. That puts him in a fantastic spot if he can get to F3.

  20. If you’re David at this point in the game (or more specifically at 7) would there be any value in approaching Jay and Adam and trying to make an end game pact? If they brought in, say, Ken then they would have had a voting majority and they could lock down the final 4. I know this hits on a core debate among Survivor strategy fans (what’s more important: getting to the end at all costs or being in a position where you could win?) but to me it seems better than the mutually assured destruction they have now.

    1. No one wants to battle it out against an equal opponent anymore. Even in the early seasons, that did not always happen (Palau for example.)

        1. Not including Cambodia which was a different story, I think Mike came closest because Carolyn did play a good game. I remember reading he actually thought he could lose to her but gave her the change for the fire-making challenge instead of just taking Rodney.

    2. There’d be no value because they would just lie to you and then vote for you when you aren’t voting for them.

      1. I was going to say that her only chance to win was to keep Sunday around and pray for a final 2. But I’m not sure she could have beaten Sunday.

        1. I don’t think she could have either. Dave, Ken and maybe Michele would be hers. Bret, Chris and Jay would be Sunday’s.

          Will, Adam, Zeke and Taylor – who knows?

          We might have had the first tie at FTC.

      2. I get it from a “she’s a goat, I’m a goat, I need her gone to secure my goat spot” theory. I really don’t like it from an actual trying to win strategy. She could have won up against Sunday and Bret/Will, maybe even Ken but if Adam, David or Jay (50% of who is left) are sitting next to her she loses. Take out David, then hope Jay loses immunity, everyone will vote him out, then take out Adam and if Ken wins final immunity Hannah will be sitting there and can probably win.

        1. Yes, the best scenario for everyone who wasn’t Jay or David was to put enough votes on Jay that he’d either play the idol or get voted out, safe in the knowledge that Jay is voting for David no matter what. That Adam was unable to convince Hannah and Ken of this is testament to David’s great social game, and also to the fact that Ken and Hannah are both not great at Survivor.

          1. Yes it’s a testament to David but it’s easy to get around. Adam did a good enough job convincing Jay to play the idol that all that needed to happen was for Adam to vote for David. Then it’s a tie, then on the revote David and Sunday can’t vote and it’s 3-2 for David (Bret, Jay, Adam) vs (Hannah and Ken). Boom David is gone.

          2. I’m not sure if burning Ken and Hannah like that would have been worth it for Adam though. Not when you’ve JUST seen what happened to Will.

          3. Ken is in that same handsome bubble as Jon Hamm on 30 Rock, where he definitely doesn’t realize how differently the world treats him because of his hotness.

    1. I think she was channeling Michelle from Fiji and trying to get rid of the carbon copy of her.

        1. Yeah well, trying to sneak up on any animal with 7-8 of them would make them bad at it. You know they were not quiet.

  21. I haven’t been much of an Adam or Jay fan throughout this season, but after that hammock scene I’d definitely be okay with an Adam/Jay final. Actually I’m curious to see Adam in the finals either way because I’m genuinely not sure what kind of reception he’d get.

    1. Roommate and I are both pushing for a Jay win at this point. She’s not as anti-David as I am, but she does not like him either.

        1. It’s fact number 3 about me this season after being insanely pro-Paul and Jesus fuck I have to find something to say about 3 episodes a week of Aussie Survivor.

          1. I hope you got a piece of the Purple Rock IPO or something for that. It was an insane amount of work.

          1. On the plus side, nobody in my family on either side has gone gray at an early age, and there is no history of balding. So that’s good.

            On the other hand, I never get carded unless I have to, which makes me think I look 5-10 years older than I really am. And that’s a little distressing.

          2. My hair is very similar, so when I’m your age I’ll have similar issues with grays sticking out.

          3. Don’t worry – today I got asked by a 1st grade kid how old I was when the Titanic sank. I’ve more than taken my beating for the day!

          4. I told one of my employees that a German woman ran the day care on the air force base I lived on as a child.

            She said: “They let Germans on air force bases?”

          5. This reminds me that when I asked my 7th graders what was the famous ship the pilgrims arrived in America on, many hands went up, and when I called on one, she said, “The Titanic”, and trying not to laugh, I said, “Um, no.”
            And then all the other hands went down. !!!!

          6. I get gray hairs but I also get asked what high school I go to. I start feeling bad when the second thing stops happening

          7. I keep finding gray hairs too! Apparently my paternal grandmother went gray pretty early, and everyone says I take after her…

          8. I was doing ok on the gray hair (that’s what happens when you go bald at an early age), but over the past year or so, my beard went from reddish-brown with a stray gray hair or two to gray with a stray reddish-brown hair or two.

      1. I’m not sure if we are being told the Jay win story. He’s had really high points and I believe he’s got the chance to win if he can make it to the end but he has to win out now and I’m not sure he can.
        I hate to try the read the edit because I’m really not great at it contemporaneously, only after I see the end can I pick out the edit (Mike Holloway is an exception).

          1. There isn’t a player out there who doesn’t have a good winner quote on tape. Adam’s is about his mum, David’s is about his confidence.
            Hell Denise’s winner quote was from very early on talking about how God doesn’t help her do anything she does it on her own.

          2. I mean, I would believe that about some people, but if there’s one thing Jay has, it’s social awareness. I just think he had a funny line.

          3. Being in an alliance that’s crumbling is not always your fault and is not the same as having no social awareness. Jay’s in the position where people know they should do something about him, but you keep finding excuses not to because he’s a comforting presence. What makes him exciting is he seems to have more game sense than most people who end up in that position.

            There’s a reason Adam chose Jay to dump out all of his pent up emotions to Jay. It’s because Jay is the person who makes you feel good when you do that.

            I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record with my Todd praise, but I think that quote was akin to the cornerstone of what made Todd’s game so good: he would go to confessional and just get all the pent up venom out of himself, which made it easier to come back to camp and be everyone’s best friend. That’s what Jay is doing. I don’t think he’s doing it as smart as Todd, but he’s doing it.

          4. I know you’re joking, but this would be my favorite season of all time if Jay wins, for reasons like this.

        1. I’m not always a great edit-reader either, but I wonder if Jay’s story is going to be “the jury threat who snuck through to the final four and allowed David to get to the end by being a bigger threat” ?

          1. I absolutely get it. Here’s the great thing though: Jay is going to come back and be a much better player just based on the small seeds of greatness we have seen so far. Much like KR Julia, his one weakness is his open choice of alliance partners. But, I think he can see the mistakes that he has made and work to change them.

    2. The show’s been underlining the Adam-Jay *warriors who could have been friends in a different life* thing really hard the past couple of weeks. I don’t see a path to it, but I wonder if they both make F3.

      1. As they are far and away my two favourites left, I would like that, but also don’t see the path. It would make for an epic final tribal

      2. It’s almost like it’s there specifically to take the place of the Tai/Mark the Chicken stuff at the reunion.

    3. My guess for Adam’s reception, a combination of exasperation, pity (his mom), and disdain (his social skills). It’s my go to emotional state when I think about how our species generally chooses to behave. If any of you language nerds out there know of a word for that combination in english or any other language please let me know, i usually just refer to it as the “facepalm” feeling.

  22. I am probably inviting mountains of hate against myself, but I really don’t care about Hannah. To me she seems like the weakest of the recent nerd women they have castes, unable to Mach Shirin’s personally or Aubrey’s competence.

    As a person who has struggled with social issues, I sympathize with her, but she just terrible at the game of Survivor. I don’t dislike her, I just kind of dislike how a chunk of the community is going gaga over a mediocre at best player when we have better super fan alternatives this season.

    1. I understand that sentiment and I am fully aware to admit that I at least 50 percent invested in her for fantasy league purposes. However, I am still astounded that TV Guide named her as one of the best tv performances of the year over someone like Aubry or Tai or Zeke or Michaela.

          1. If they have subscriptions for their grandkids. But to shim up unbalanced table legs – Reader’s Digest. They can swipe them from any doctor’s office.

        1. Yeap. Apparently they did this list, which gets confusing because they will have actors, fake news journalists, and 1 or 2 reality show contestants. Last year, they had Johnny Mac from Big Brother, which I fully cosign.

      1. Ditto for fantasy league purposes. But I’m glad to see her over the vacuous Purple Kelly type players (Nat Ten, Monica Padilla, Jeffra, Alexis, Morgan, Alecia (though her I felt sorry for), Baylor etc.) that usually get cast.

    2. I think Hannah, Shirin, and Aubry are all standouts in their seasons and I don’t see why we have to see them as inferior versions of each other when they are all pretty different (that said I would probably do the same when complaining about Joe Anglim and Ozzy in comparison to Jay and Malcolm so carry on). Hannah has provided us with many great moments (her extended voting booth, wishing Adam well on his idol hunt, raving about Ken and his brother, etc) and has been a fun character this season in a way no one else has since Michaela was voted out. That’s not to say there aren’t other fun characters, but she adds a unique quality to the season which many find delightful so what’s wrong with that? I think she is doing some things well, but no one is calling her a mastermind.

      1. I’m mostly indifferent towards her, but the one thing that bothers me about her is that she seems less than genuine at times. In the moments when she’s being herself, I like her more.

    3. I empathize and relate to Hannah in a lot of ways, but there are also aspects of her personality that really grate on me, such as nonironic usage of “sportsball” and such.

      1. I don’t dislike her. I just think her overall Wishiwashiness and non-strategic thinking tend to grate on me.

      1. Oh, it’s there. Though in fairness, if you know where to look you can find any player being championed by some segment of Survivor fans online.

    4. I’m with you. I liked her strategy of getting out the goat with more appeal to everyone last night, but overall I have not been too high on Hannah this season. I’m not anti-Hannah. If my reaction to Hannah were and emoji, it would be this: 😶

    5. She’s basically just Lisa Whelchel all over again. Emotional mess, inconsistent strategic focus, playing on an entirely different wavelength than the rest of her tribe, and has detractors because they feel her “off in la la land” shtick is eating up other people’s screen time.

  23. Predictions. I think ADAM is winning. He has gotten an overall positive edit, he knows he can’t take David to the finals and has a few goats he can beat (Ken and Hannah).

    I think Jay beats everyone in the finals, but falls short of making it, likely due to the Legacy Advantage.

    David would be number 2 in my power rankings, He wins hi he makes it to the end without Jay. I suspect the finale will have Hannah deciding to make her big move and vote him out. Bret will go at some point.

    Final 3

    1. ADAM (7 votes)
    2. Beautiful Ken (3 votes)
    3. Hannah (0 votes)

    1. Okay, I have a weird read on the edit now. All three of Adam’s big storylines (idol/advantage/family visit) have been played to the logical conclusion, but isn’t it funny that at least two if not three of these directly impact Jay’s game? I think we are going to see an Adam vs. Jay tribal in our finale and the remaining three/four will have to pick who goes.

    2. So who are your predictions for the votes for Adam and for Ken?

      I actually think it will be David, Ken and Hannah but maybe with one less for Ken.

      1. If it’s this final 3:
        Adam: Michelle, Chris, Sunday, Bret, Jay, Will, Zeke.
        Ken: David, Taylor, Jessica.

        1. I agree but if its David instead of Adam, I’m not sure if Adam votes Ken or Hannah. I think he votes David.

          1. 100%, in fact I think Jessica might vote David too and that could lead to a clean sweep as Taylor gets the “jury consensus” disease.

    3. I’d have said for a long time that David had the edge, but it is interesting that for the past two votes David has been really at risk, but has not been shown as central to the strategising – it’s looked very much like Adam and Hannah are saving him, rather than him saving himself.

      Now granted, those social bonds he’s made were a massive factor. And if the edit had remained all about David it would certainly make things seem too obvious. But we’ve now had two episodes in a row where the edit has really focused on Adam’s decisions at the expense of everyone else’s, which makes me wonder if the tides just might be turning in his direction.

      1. That was my thought. Going into this week I thought David was the favorite, but these last 2 episodes have both been about ADAM. And he has looked good. David is still very much a threat, but it seems that everyone knows how dangerous he is.

  24. Guys, Legends of Chamberlain Heights might be the single worst show I’ve ever seen. It looks like a not particularly good Flash cartoon from 2002, and I feel like they thought that everyone would just be like “oh, they’re intentionally invoking this aesthetic” rather than thinking that nobody involved with this show can draw. Either way, it looks like garbage. And the writing and voice acting is fucking terrible. Seriously, everything about this is the worst and I’m about to go into the kitchen and make veggie bacon so I don’t have to deal with it

      1. It’s delicious. Bacon is just a nitrate delivery vehicle anyway, so why not go with the way that is better for the planet and makes less of mess?

        1. I’m willing to tolerate a lot of wacky opinions, but this is just objectively wrong. The nitrates are a small part of the wonderfulness of bacon. The curing and smoking just enhances the insanely delicious flavor of one of the most delicious parts of the pig, the belly. When cooked properly, regular pork belly is just as good. Bacon is simply a convenient delivery system for pork belly.

          1. I would agree with this for carefully-treated farm fresh bacon, but I’m not gonna sign on to it for Hormel or Smithfield. Veggie bacon gives me the flavors I want, without being an ecological disaster, so I’ll take that most of the time.

          2. I will say this in your defense: veggie burgers are surprisingly good, so I’d at least be willing to try veggie bacon.

            But pig bacon is so delicious, though.

          3. I’m actually not that big of a bacon fan, so substitute bacon is easy for me to eat. It’s crumblier than you would expect from real bacon, and cooks way way faster, so it’s easy to burn if you’re not careful, but I think it’s really tasty.

          4. I will also say in your defense that I am a harsh bacon critic. I’ll go through the whole bacon section to find the one brand that gets it right with respect to fat ratio, thickness, cooked texture, and balance of flavor. And I always get my uncured pork belly at Korean groceries because they know how it’s done. Pork belly is a difficult cut to get right. On an unrelated note, also go to Korean groceries for beef short ribs. They’re always perfect.

          5. The nearest Korean grocery store is far enough away from me to make it not worth it.

            What I really miss is when I lived near a grocery store that catered to Latin American tastes, so they always had an ample supply of things like star fruit and plantains. I made my dad fried plantains for the first time at 63 at his response was “where have these been all my life.”

          6. I’m with you on that. I moved from CA to MA, and I’m out in the burbs now so Latin American groceries are far away. It really sucks.

          7. Oh, tostones are wonderful. I hate plantains by themselves, but mash them, fry them, top them with salt and lime and they’re amazing.

          8. Eating a raw plantain sounds like eating a raw potato. Tyson talked about doing it on BvW once and I just shuddered. What I served my dad was fried plantain slices in a bowl with Spanish rice, wilted spinach, and salsa verde.