Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 3 Liveblog: “Your Job is Recon”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

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567 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 3 Liveblog: “Your Job is Recon”

    1. That was really bad by her. Really just every terrible ‘conflict’ that I’ve had with a well meaning, but clueless white person that thinks that it’s impossible for them to be the bad guy in anything.

    2. You can joke about it if you want. You can even downvote this comment. But let me just tell you why Hannah needed to tell Zeke just one thing before she left him alone…

    3. “Just let me breathe.”
      “OK, but before you breathe, let me just explain why I did that…”
      Hannah, you’re making David look calm.

      1. Zeke handled it better than I would have. I likely would have started screaming after the 3rd attempt to explain herself to me. People not understanding what I am saying is one of my berserk switches.

        1. I thought he was being annoying too. I understand needing time to be alone when you’re angry and need to process things, but given that they’ve known each other for all of a week and they’re playing a game, I felt like he was being a wee bit dramatic because she didn’t do what he wanted her to do.

          She should have left him alone, but perhaps he shouldn’t expect people’s games to revolve around him.

          The other guy who kept trying to mediate was also annoying. The whole conversation was like a headache personified.

          1. Nah, I think Matt had it right. Zeke was purposely separating himself from the camp to calm down and have some alone time with Adam (phrasing!), so I don’t think it’s fair to say that he expects everyone’s game to revolve around him.
            In the first 20-30 seconds of that scene I was right there with you and thought he should just let her say her piece so he’s not burning any bridges (and was also annoyed with Adam for adding another loud voice and possibly being the reason the whole situation wasn’t over with already), but after a while I wanted to scream at her myself: ‘will you please STFU already?!’
            Couldn’t believe she didn’t give in earlier to wait for a better opportunity.

          2. I would certainly agree that it could have been better for Zeke’s game if he could’ve sucked it up and talked to Hannah there. But he was still being completely reasonable there. He even reassured her that he definitely wanted to to talk to her, but he just couldn’t do it *at that exact moment*. Anyone with even the smallest amount of emotional intelligence would get the hint. Hannah is profoundly obtuse.

          3. I agree that Hannah should have only needed to be told once – she’s absolutely not getting a pass from me.

            But I also don’t get why Zeke needed space after his first reality TV show vote not going his way. That gets a big boo fucking hoo from me. This wasn’t a friend who betrayed him, this was another player doing what she thought was best for herself, not for Zeke.

            Hannah seemed obtuse. Zeke seemed dramatic. And the other guy seemed pathetically ineffective. I hated them all in that moment and, as much as I hate the show’s theme, it did strike me as profoundly “millennial”…. All narcissism and no progress.

          4. Zeke was trying to cool off before he said something he didn’t mean. He asked her quite nicely and politely about 3 times, and was very clear that he definitely was up to talking, just in a little while. I like Hannah, but I’m totally #TeamZeke in this situation.

          5. I understand that. My position is that he should not have needed to cool down because he had nothing to be steamed about.

          6. Being on Survivor is really hard. You are hungry, and sleep-deprived, and dehydrated, and bored out of your mind, and surrounded by a bunch of weirdos you have to be constantly performing for. We’ve spent 90 minutes with the millenials. Zeke’s spent the most grueling week of his life circling around and around this pack of jackals. Survivor becomes the player’s world, and so people need time to decompress after their world gets blown apart. It’s not helpful game play, but it’s deeply human- and also something you’ll see happen again and again on the show. The blindsided offer a half-hearted congratulations to the victors, and then they go brood.

            Which lets the victors go off and be insufferably smug in peace.

          7. I would say I’m being too hard on him, but then I think about how annoying that conversation was from all angles and get riled up again.

          8. I had to sleep Survivor style for two weeks because there were mosquitoes everywhere. I had on pants, socks, a shirt, and something to cover my face, you’re constantly waking up thinking the bugs are getting in, or because you’re sweating so much, and you end up getting really shitty sleep. I could only imagine if I had to compete and socialize with people I didn’t know well or like.

            After that experience I definitely would not want to go on the show. I would certainly go off on people in that state!

          9. He thought he had a majority going into tribal, then Michaela and Hannah flipped and he lost an alliance-mate. Even if it’s frustration and not necessarily anger, I can see wanting to calm down, cool off, and digest things before diving back into the mix. It’s not like he snapped at Hannah just for talking — he snapped after she refused to stop talking after being asked politely 3 times!

          10. And you can give him a pass for that and that’s fine. I don’t give him a pass for getting pissy the vote didn’t go his way.

      1. I dunno, she just voted out a member of their alliance, and was trying to elicit sympathy (in a self-deprecating manner) for being pressured to betray that alliance. She was kinda trying to play the victim card.

      2. I don’t think she was initially, but by the end there was a definite “HOW COULD YOU BE SO MEAN TO ME?” vibe to her reaction to Zeke. And I don’t think it was false- she really is hurt that Zeke and Adam don”t want to be her friends right now. She likes Zeke and Adam.

  1. This season hasn’t grabbed me yet, so I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the players, but holy shit did that night vision spat between the millennials cause me to momentarily hate an entire generation.

    1. I missed the first five minutes, and I knew it would an intense one. Can’t wait for it to show up streaming.

      1. Honestly, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high. On a scale of annoying to intense, it leans heavily on the annoying side….I would go as far as to say entirely on the annoying side.

        1. Thanks for the heads up. I’d like to say I am going to skip it, but I know I won’t be able to avoid it.

        2. Sometimes I feel like they don’t even know they are all the same team, my fantasy survivor team.

  2. Gen-X: The generation so boring that even their rocks-drawing twist is too dull to make the episode

    1. We used all our energy to have big hair in the eighties. We are too tired to be interesting now.

        1. I keep hoping the Gen X tribe will arrive at an immunity challenge singing “Eye of the Tiger.”

          1. Yeah, sounds like they are just gonna have Carrie post random thoughts, not sure why they don’t have her write a full review

          2. The biggest purple rock victory would be to score Carrie as part of the commentariat here

          3. That would require effort though and this site was founded on the desire to not put much work into anything.

          4. I just assume Carrie has a deep survivor love and would enjoy a survivor community, perhaps she just wants to ge paid

          5. I can’t tell whether this is sarcastic or not, but, as the person who’s dedicated the most time to defending the decision to decimate TV Club, let me reiterate – it was a fucking money pit. The cost of paying all of those freelancers way exceeded what they got from pageviews. Which they knew, but Todd was so in love with the idea of it being the place to talk about TV on the internet,and nobody at HQ was really paying attention.

            Then the Onion got taken over by people who were actually trying to make money, and they, very reasonably, asked why money was being thrown down a giant hole for no real purpose. It’s not about being cheap, it’s about the fact that TV Club got way too big.

          6. Really appreciate the info but does that mean all the shows still being reviewed are all being reviewed by a full time avc staff member? That would help to explain why shows that generate barely a tenth of the comments that survivor got are still being reviewed. Why not then assign someone on staff to review shows that people actually comment on? I’m just trying to understand how something like z nation still gets reviewed but survivor is cut

          7. I can’t speak about specifics but making money of ad revenue is largely about unique visitors and comments are a good indicator of that. Since A lot of comments could be made by a small number of people.

          8. Yeah this. Survivor reviews got hundreds of comments but it was the same ten of us talking about whether this season was more like Marquesas or Tocantins.

          9. No. When Univision bought the company they said “this loses money. Heres what loses the least money. Make choices.’

          10. I think they still have some freelancers on hand. It wasn’t about cutting checks to freelancers, it was that they were doing it 50 times a week.

          11. Yeah unlike the food ‘content’, which is totally a reasonable thing for a pop culture site to have.

          12. I’ll def chat over here with you folks, unless all the guys want to chat over there. If that’s the case, I would say, ladies you’re on your own.

    1. They did this with Gotham. They covered its first two seasons, but this season they dropped it, but they posted a review of episode #3 with the same introductory paragraph that’s on this Survivor one. I think it’s a one time thing. I know their Survivor coverage got a lot of comments, but Gotham only got <300 per episode, so it's not like they're doing it for shows that gets lots of comments.

    2. Of course, they aren’t going to get a lot of comments because most of the regulars won’t even look tonight, and their decision to cut it will be vindicated.

    3. Thanks so much for letting us know. I go there all the time but I would not have had any idea since I often miss What’s On Tonight. Not that there’s anything wrong with y’all here at Purple Rock, but AV Club was the first place I discussed Survivor (well maybe it was TWOP first, if they even had Survivor coverage, but AVC is the first place I *clearly* remember discussing it) and so it holds a special place in my heart. Plus Carrie’s mini-coverage is quite good tonight.

        1. Not me. I didn’t know about it. Mine was Rhap but then certain posters just got too annoying. Too much fighting. I still read but don’t post as much. Here is fun.

        2. It’s like the AVClub Survivor coverage was the LOST island, and we were the Oceanic 815 passengers. Strangers brought together to help create a greater good.

      1. That became my home. I feel bad that I drifted away from it in place of this site, but you can’t stop progress.

        1. For a good decade, I didn’t actually watch Survivor, but I would occasionally go read a whole season of Linda Holmes recaps as a bizarre little novella.

          In case anyone is wondering, Cook Islands is the best season when consumed in this deeply stupid fashion.

          1. Do you know if those are archived anywhere? Linda Holmes’ Survivor writing is outstanding, and I just finished Cook Islands.

  3. In regards to the rocks. They did use purple rocks from Gen-X they just didn’t show it which is probably a bigger slap in the face.


      (I figured they used purple rocks since orange was the millennials tribe colour).

  4. I can FINALLY enjoy a boot. Paul did this to himself. They were firmly in his camp until he opened his mouth about going with the guys. And also, KEN!!!

        1. I can’t believe everyone was laughing at him for getting philosophical! Ken, just know that gouis understand you.

    1. I still don’t understand how Paul destroyed his game. He was telling the girls he wasn’t interested in a guy’s alliance, but by the end of that same sentence he told them if the guys came to him with a guy’s alliance he would go for it. Why would you tell this to 2 women in your alliance???

      1. What he said was, there’s no guy’s alliance right now – hasn’t been discussed, but if they come to me with one, I’ll let you know because you’re on your own at that point, I’ll be upfront with you.

        Super. Dumb.

        1. “Ladies, don’t worry, there’s no guys alliance, and I’m not interested in one, I’m totally with you two … but hypothetically, if the guys came to me in the future and said ‘We’re doing a guy’s alliance’ then the hell with you two women.”

      2. “When I stab you in the back, I will be sure to do you the courtesy of saying goodbye before I plunge the blade in.”

        Not there was any real chance he actually would have given her a heads up when they began to pick off the women, which makes it even dumber.

      3. Let that be a reminder that Alecia was wrong when she said that honesty was the most important quality in Survivor.

      4. I think Paul legitimately didn’t realize what he was implying with his comment. I’m firmly of the belief that he meant to simply reassure them and was trying to say that he would come to them if the alliance started to fracture; he just used an example that involved him siding against them because frankly he’s not that bright. Not everyone can be blessed with Ken’s eloquence and appreciation of language.

        1. Yep, that’s what I thought he MEANT, but oy….

          It’s like being the decoy for a split vote. Never a good sign.

        2. I agree, but where did the “boys alliance” come from in the first place? If Paul was making is relationship with Brett and Chris too obvious, that’s on him, but it seems to me like Paul had no reason to believe that Jessica suspected anything. I really want to know why Jessica was so concerned about that.

      5. Also, the whole menfolk going off to talk strategy and then letting the womenfolk know afterwards, not so good. Besides, Paul or Ken as leader? Srsly.

  5. Hmm, this episode didn’t do much for me, clearly a Paul downfall edit. Dave had a good episode. ken CC and Dave are in a good spot.

          1. I like them, and their “goodness” really works against Coach and Tyson, but I’m generally a villain fan at heart. Last season I chose Nick in Champs league because I thought he’d be the season’s big bad.

          2. We had a different format in Outcasts that season. See, that season we all picked just one person. All the rest went into a pool. You lose your person, you can choose someone from the pool. I thought “hey, look at this buffoon. He looks just good enough to win me some points in challenges before getting booted. Then I’ll pick from the remaining people with a little more info on how they’re gonna play.” Valid strategy. Only he won nothing and stuck around forever. When he finally left there was no one in the pool anymore.

            Rodney was my whole team that season.

            I still can’t go to museums or carnivals.

          3. this is exactly correct and it was glorious to see SNP unravel as the season of Rodney continued

          4. I predict David will eventually transform into a Tyson-esque character. Look for him to cavorting around camp naked by episode #6

        1. I have a good feeling about Dave, he is getting a big time, growth/redemption edit so far

          1. No. David’s gonna use Jessica’s Legacy Advantage to win final immunity and he’s gonna take Figgy instead of Ken.

        1. I want to see an actual perfect game as an active Survivor fan (I only watched the last two episodes of Tocantins. Also, I consider Jeremy’s a technical perfect game because of the idol play).

          On that note, I look forward to my Survivor fandom friend (she has now watched 21 seasons, so I think she has earned the right for an upgrade) finding out that her man-crush has a perfect game soon.

          1. What do you mean by perfect game? I have my own idea of what that means (Tom, JT, Kim, maybe Jeremy) but I’m wondering if you are using specific parameters.

          2. It often refers to playing a game where the winner gets no votes before FTC, and then all the votes at FTC.

          3. Got it. I so wish I could add one of my favorite players, Earl, to that list. But I think he received one or two votes somewhere.

          4. Is this the same friend that you’re watching South Pacific with? What’s the latest with the rewatch?

          5. Well, we are onto One World and she already doesn’t like it. She’s really offended by Alicia as a future teacher.

            She ended up not really liking SoPa partially because she felt really bad for Brandon (she doesn’t know that he returns).

          1. “he performed with Tom Petty after Kurt Cobain died on SNL”

            Aren’t you a composition teacher?

          2. It wasn’t right after. Kurt died in April of 1994 and Tom Petty was on SNL with Grohl in November of 1994. In fact, Dave Grohl was dangerously close to joining up with Tom Petty as his drummer until he said, “I want to be the main man”.
            Foo Fighters made their first SNL appearance in December of 1995.
            This has been your Foo Fighters Throwback Thursday on Friday.

      1. Most of the millennials are likable enough that I could see that happening. I think that’s the best-case scenario for this season, but then we’d still have to wait through a fairly boring pre-merge.

          1. I think so. There’s one storyline that’s pretty decentthat never really amounts to anything. I love the post-merge though, so overall I think of Tocantins as a very good season.

          1. Jennifer is the invisble friend Lucy had growing up that was slightly more visible than Lucy.

      1. I like to imagine that there not showing Lucy’s confessionals at all because she is having none of this twist and just keeps on saying YOLO, bae, and on fleek every time the producers try to talk to her.

    1. I’m sure it’s a misdirect, but I love the idea seeded in the previews that Lucy suddenly becomes a monomaniacal tyrant kingpin next week.

      1. I’m really hoping that she does become a tyrant, but she does it by being completely silent and letting her glares make everyone feel uncomfortable and submit to her will.

    1. You have to remember that Probst was looking for these stereotypes since he came up with the theme first. Reportedly, he wanted a female gamer, which is why they got Mari.

  6. I will absolutely not miss Paul describing Gen X in ways that were simply not true. Him telling Jessica he’d tell her when they were going to cut her out of the alliance was such a strange moment. It was a very Bad Idea Jeans moment.
    Take that reference, Millennials!

    1. My preference on people getting voted out is based entirely on targeting the people that spend the most narration time on buying into the season’s theme with lazy generational generalizations. Mari and her prattling on about how Millennials are different because they grew up with television made her a worthy target last week. Paul’s generational snobbery made me glad to see him go as well. Let’s keep this pattern going and let this theme fade away.

      1. I can get behind this, especially for this season. Now, fair warning: if the theme was ever something like, “Survivor: Try Really Hard To Win,” and the contestants talked a lot about trying really hard to win, I could see myself giving them a pass on addressing the theme.

        But yeah, no, Mari and Paul were the worst. Sunday and Adam keep hitting on it too, and are only marginally less grating.

        1. Sure. I meant specifically this theme. I don’t follow this system every season. Probst was pretty damned annoying during Blood vs. Water, but having to play with family was a real thing to the players, so I never really faulted them for talking about it.

        2. I don’t blame the players for it. They are being asked questions by the producers to goad them into making generalizations. I’m not sure why this theme doesn’t bother me nearly as much as BBB (probably because the tribe make-up made next to no sense).

          1. Me neither. The theme is bound to slide a little into the background after the first few episodes anyway, but I’m sure there will be no shortage of players giving pointless answers to these questions about the theme in confesssionals, as long as the showmakers care to harp on it.
            Mari and Paul were probably among the players who packaged these contrived ramblings in the most attractive way, so it’s entirely possible that the themed confessionals get even more cringe-worthy now.
            Or they just needed something from the booted players before they were gone in general, and not much else really fit the story, but hey, somebody needs to talk about this generational nonsense, so here you have Paul and Mari! (Rachel’s viewpoints didn’t fit the stereotypes as well iirc, but if they really needed something from her, I’m sure they could have goaded her into similiar statements as well)

      2. Ah, television. I remember growing up in the 80s when television was barely a thing. Me and my fellow Gen Xers would all visit that one family down the street who just got one and watch Howdy Doody. It was wild. We wondered how they trapped all those little people in the box.

    2. “I’ve got your back 100%. Unless something better comes along.” Sounds like something Trump would say to his wives.

  7. Okay a couple of thoughts on episode that was good:

    Hoping that the tribes meeting up has some kind of pay off.

    The Triforce alliance has a strong 5 with Will being the swing vote.

    The Gen X tribe is getting more interesting which is good because we will have to be spending more time with them

    The three Gen X woman just became the most powerful people on that tribe.

    Ken is the best and I regret not picking in the fantasy league.

    It was annoying watching Hanna being wishy-washy after tribal council

    It was the worst that Michaela was the one to complain about not getting fishing gear.

    It was actually funny watching Jeff Probst oldest person at tribal council calling the Gen X tribe “old fogies” and kind of wished that Paul called the remaining people still there after he left “a bunch of fogies”

    1. I feel like Michaela kind of shrugged it off, like, a “yeah they didn’t give it to us, but it’s a competition” sort of attitude. She seemed to understand.

      1. Yes but the other 3 women have not really have seen CeCe has a part of the three on the outside.

        1. 3 women and Dave Ken cc would be strong, but there will be a reshuffle soon, I need Dave and Ken to stay tight, dream team

    2. I don’t know what they were really thinking with the summit. Did a reward challenge get destroyed by the cyclone and they had to fill time?

      On the trade, they really should have asked for the chicken.

      Ken was a little too eager to be the guy telling them they couldn’t have fishing gear. Why give them a reason to resent you. Let Paul play leader and do that.

      1. Tonight I came to the realization that Ken has some tendencies that don’t play too well on Survivor, just after I changed my winner-pick to him. He really wants to take over that leader role and seemed very happy to deny those who called him Ken-doll what they asked for.

        But I was glad that they decided to shut the talk down and deny the deal, now that Probst is apparently up for anything.

        1. It was interesting how hurt he was by the Ken doll thing. As someone around the same age, I am way past caring what a bunch of kids call me.

          Interesting conclusion that he was motivated by that in denying them them the fishing gear. It was certainly the right move, but he came off as getting some real emotional satisfaction out of shutting them down. I suppose it could also be due to just losing to them.

          1. Yeah, that’s the thing with Ken. He always has this thousand-yard stare where I’m like “this dude has issues” but he’s so boring I don’t care what those issues are.

          2. I don’t find Ken boring, but he does seem to carry around more angst than is healthy for his age. It’s not a good thing for his social game.

          3. I think we’ve decided that that’s a millenial thing now?


          4. He seemed really laid back, but with a good head for the game, in the first two episodes and his exra scene from ep2, whereas he now gave the impression of someone that has a lot eating away at him. Maybe it was just being on the bottom with the prospect of losing and than actually losing the challenge and he’ll be more even-keeled now, but it was not a good look.

          5. It very well could be the stress of the game eating away at him. Maybe the reverse of fortune at the end of this episode will help him rebound.

          6. Ken is still insecure form the days he was a chubby/ugly/socialy awkward kid or whatever
            A Ken doll with the heart of a bitter nerd. Weird combo.

          7. I just think Ken is shy, and very serious. Of course Ken is the guy who thinks texting ‘u’ is destroying language, and vinyl is the only way to listen to music.

          8. PREFACE: I don’t know or claim to know Ken’s history.

            As someone who also suffers from having speech issues, it still haunts my every interaction as well as my psyche. I think often “Will people think that I’m an idiot because I can’t say that word properly?” I also still have to bear some of those emotional scars from being teased for those speech issues as a child. As a result, I can have “control freak” moments so I can control the situation. I can actually see some of those same things with Ken. Yes, he is hot, but he was also bullied as a kid which is probably more significant to him because he was still bullied despite being pretty. If you look at Gen X’s make-up, you had the three alpha men who were all big and burly. Those three men would immediately bond and look for the people who weren’t like them aka the four in the bottom (I think Lucy survived that cut because she is ripped). All of the sudden, Ken is a kid being ostracized for something he cannot control. Therefore, he needs to get control by any means necessary. Maybe this isn’t it at all, but I can sympathize if it is.

          9. I still sometimes carry a chip on my shoulder from crap people put me through in middle-school/high-school. I’m over it on an intellectual level (recognizing that most of it was ridiculous and had little to anything to do with me as a person) but the memories still sting. I still have some trust issues with people as an adult that I wish I could shake off better. I can see someone like Ken being like “This again? Come-on people….”

          10. Being the one to tell them off, and in that fashion, was not a good move
            Setting him appart as “the petty one”, could make him a target

        1. We’re already beating them, so they don’t want to make us stronger, so that makes sense.

      1. Taylor has that dumb “tribal” one on his shoulder, too. Neither compare to Paul’s “D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.” though. I got spoiled getting to see Jason’s anus tree car freshener for so long.

          1. Oh that’s very Gen X. Allison from Breakfast Club is a good example.

            That’s actually the biggest difference I see between the generations. Gen X were bigger on making sure they appeared to care about nothing, and Millennials are more about “causes”.

            None of this “work, participation trophies, creativity, etc” crap the show is trying to sell us that is just the difference between young people and working adults with families.

          1. I saw one tattoo that looked like a parrot on his left shoulder and wondered what he has on the other one. Then I immediately forgot to look for it for the rest of the episode.

  8. Random thoughts:

    What was worse – Hannah’s inability to decide who to vote for for 10 minutes, or her inability to recognize that Zeke really didn’t want to talk to her. Hey, maybe he said “No” the first 6 times but maybe he’ll say “Yes” the 7th time.

    The Triforce goes to the summit. Yay?

    David proves to Taylor that he’s trustworthy by saying that he trusts him and that he’ll pick off his own tribe if Taylor wants him to.

    Ken says he doesn’t want to be referred to as “a plastic doll with no penis”. Cece laughs. An unidentified woman next to her remains stonefaced.

    Not just chairs, but CUSTOM Survivor lounge chairs!

    OMG Lucy talked!

    Ken is a Reynolds when it comes to throwing things at other things. Is there nothing he can’t do?

    Wasn’t it a bit unfair to let everyone look at the solved puzzle for so long before they had to break it apart and re-solve it? Shouldn’t the pattern have been hidden before it was knocked over?

    “I’m not sure how Cece doesn’t go home tonight.” Bye Paul!

    Wait, did Paul just tell Jessica that he doesn’t want to do a guy’s alliance by saying that if the guys suggested that to him he’d tell the ladies “You’re on your own”? Did I hear that right?

    Lucy is involved in strategy talk? And she speaks?!? Well, “Yeah.” is technically speaking.

    See, millennials spell “you” like *this, and GenXers spell “you” like *this*. It sums up this entire season.

    I could listen to Ken talk about the beauty of proper spelling for hours.

    Jessica is so upset for voting out Paul, look at how red her eyes … oh wait that’s still the pink-eye.

    Next week: Jeff gets caught in a riptide and is washed out to sea! Also, I won’t be here, leaving on vacation this Saturday, see you in 2 weeks!

    1. Dude, posted that exact thing on Twitter “Can Ken steal the throwing things at things crown from Reynolds? #Survivor”

      re: Hannah, I think that’s just how millennials communicate

      1. I would so favorite that tweet.

        Millennial #1: I want to talk to you.
        Millennial #2: I don’t want to talk to you right now. I’ll talk to you later but please go away.
        Millennial #1: I hear what you’re saying, and I’d like to talk to you about it.
        (repeat ad infinitum)

    2. Lucy is involved in strategy talk? And she speaks?!? Well, “Yeah.” is technically speaking.


    3. Production must have loved the promise of the most annoying faction of the annoying tribe meeting with the two most cranky old guys from the other tribe that the draw gave them, but not much came off it. Did they ask Faylor if anyone is hooking up on Millenial Beach, or did I just want to hear that?

      Didn’t lead anywhere though, so good thing that David was also there to apply his proven trust-building methods on Taylor and making sure the Millenials know he is on the bottom and willing to stab his entire tribe in the back.

      On Paul and Jessica: heard the same thing, but I still can’t believe it.

        1. Paul said in exit interviews they actually admitted hooking up just minutes after that initial exchange and everyone knew.

    4. David is like Chang in the second community paintball episode. Can I join you guys? I’m really loyal!

    5. Don’t worry Ken. Last week, commenters at Purple Rock made sure no one forgot about your glorious penis.

  9. Probst comparing texting habits to Survivor balance beam strategies was really stretching the theme of this season way past its limits, and I absolutely loved it. You could tell Probst really thought his generational theory was deep and profound and sociologically valid.

    1. As if “u” for “you” wasn’t a popular thing with Gen Xers instant messaging in the ’90s. Then there was that Prince guy too.

      Now I will sit back and wait for a Boomer to claim they invented “u” for “you” with their vanity plates.

      1. MC Hammer had the famous song, “U Can’t Touch This”. He’s on the Boomer-GenX border, and the song was definitely popular at the time of the younger GenXers.

        1. So with Prince and MC Hammer involved, I guess this is a trend of white Millennial texters co-opting African American musical culture? Typical.

          1. Andy and I were also just talking about the Usher classics of the early 2000s: “U Remind Me” and “U Got It Bad”

          2. Prince sang it first (and obviously he wrote it). Hers was a cover.

            A huge pop song he just wrote and didn’t perform was “Manic Monday” by The Bangles.

    2. I feel old. I was basically saying everything Ken said right before he said it. I even looked wistfully over at my albums and record player. I would never ever use “u”. If this is the dividing line, I crossed it long ago.

      1. There are upwards of 6 turntables on my house (okay, my roommate is a dj and only one of them is mine, but it’s a pretty sweet vintage Technix) and even I thought Ken was gilding the lily.

          1. I had a Mickey Mouse record player where his arm was the player arm with the needle coming out of his finger.

        1. I cannot abide your stance on Ken, but I truly respect your turntable. That’s freaking awesome, and I am so jealous.

          1. Thanks. The counterweight needs to be replaced, and possibly also the cartridge, but, when it’s in working order, it’s awesome.

    3. I looked at my husband and said “So shortening ‘you’ to ‘u’ is a sign of progress in our society?”

      Get off my lawn!

  10. *ahem*

    Ken, you dumb fucking dildo. You asked what Paul brought to the tribe. I know you’re the simpering child who scuttled off to hide in the woods for five years, so let me explain it to you.


      1. I was worried that would happen, but I didn’t care, because Paul is so fucking awesome. And now it happened, and I care so much.

          1. No when they were talking last episode about how it was critical to take out Paul, I was like, ‘welp that’s it for Paul.’ It’s just that now Takali have taken out the only interesting thing about them, forcing me to root for Vanua.

          2. But we’re going to get lovable dicatator Lucy, and with Chris on the outs, probably some violent firewood gathering and unloading scenes. That could be interesting.

          3. Cracks me up that Lucy would suddenly be a dictator when no one even knows who she is so far

          4. It’s a word with a specific, exact meaning. It describes a certain species of oleaginous servility that David has deigned to affect. To use less precise terminology would be foolhardy. (Yes, I’m doing this on purpose, now.

      1. We’ve all been watching Australian Survivor too long. Australian Survivor, please get to the point.

        1. The last one I watched was episode 17. Is there any point to continuing? Pretty much all the interesting players are gone.

          You can tell who’s been watching and taking lessons from American Survivor and who hasn’t. (Nick even referred openly to “33 seasons” as if the others would know what he’s talking about — there have only been 3 seasons of Aussie Survivor, and the American version *does* air there, but doesn’t get huge viewership from what I understand.) Craig needs to move to L.A. and get on an American season of the show!

          1. You can read my recaps to get a sense of whether or not you want to go on, but this week wasn’t particularly interesting. You could probably skip it and check wikipedia to see who went home. The most recent preview hinted that things are gonna get shaken up; I’m not sure if i believe them at this point.

            Also, yes, Craig is the best.

          2. Wait, where are your recaps? I clicked on your name and I’m still not finding them….

            Edited to add: Never mind, now I’ve found them on the Purple Rock site. Thanks!

          3. Warning, most of them are me complaining about how nothing is happening, and then in episode 21, which I just posted, things actually happened.

          4. Indeed, thanks for tipping me off that something happens in episode 21 without spoiling it in the first sentence. As soon as I read that, I stopped reading the recap, and went to watch the episode. And… wow, yeah, I don’t know why Flick did that, but that was a move all right.

          5. It used to get a bigger viewership, but then it moved channels and timeslots, and people got kind of bored with it, and then people like me who have Nielsen boxes but are huge Survivor fans download it instead of watching it on tv. There are still a lot of casual viewers though.

          6. What is up with the seemingly random start times for shows in Australia (at least according to the schedule on the Tenplay site)? And is there any rhyme or reason to the length of Australian Survivor episodes?


          1. Actually did not know I could have these feelings for a man. And then he brought up poetry and records, both of which I love. I’m convinced he is a greek gd in modern times.

          2. Hannah just wants you to know she’s not playing the—

            —she’s not pl—

            —She’s n—

            OK bye guys.

          3. “I will talk to you later”

            “Right, but before you talk to me later I think you should talk to me now”

            “I will talk to you later”

            “Yes, you can talk to me later, right after you talk to me now”

          4. At this point I’m assuming during Adam’s first confessional there was actual background noise from the ocean so Production asked him to talk louder, and when they reviewed the footage they found his yelling funny, so at each subsequent confessional, no matter where it’s set, they tell him he has to speak louder because of “background noise”.

          5. Am I stealing Caucasian Woo? I’m not, because Ken is already the most basic white dude name there is. But I’m relishing your pointing it out.

        1. Ken is a man unicorn of confusing feelings, but I LOVE HIM. And also, he is the only person I GAF about on that tribe. And his bromance with David is actually enjoyable. KEN!!! GREEK GD IN HUMAN FORM!!

    2. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who hasn’t been hypnotized by Ken’s dreamy blue eyes, but I’ll never understand what you saw in Paul.

  11. David got to have a 30 second conversation with Taylor. Which is good, because that’s Taylor’s attention span.

    1. After that he just starts seeing David as something he can do a backflip off of or something craaazy like that!

      1. I just realized that I really want Taylor to hang around long enough for him to jump back and forth between alliances, if you know what I mean.

        I’m sure you’ll know what to do with it, as soon as that happens. Can’t wait!

    2. I liked Jay’s legitimate worry that Taylor and Figgy (Faylor? Tiggy?) wouldn’t have the attention span to hold a conversation with the Gen Xers, and would just start making out in front of the other tribe.

        1. Based on the confessionals this season, I assume it’s a millennial thing. Millennials are good at throwing things at other things because a millennial on this show did that.

    3. He probably should have decided to talk to someone whose blood is not 40% cannabis, but beggars can’t be choosers.

        1. You’ve now reminded of a couple of stoners I went to high school with. There weed drought, so knowing that there was THC was in their hair, they decided to roll up a joint with their own hair. If you have the slightest knowledge of what burning hair smells like, you can guess how well that went.

          About a week later, one of these guys got curious about what his girlfriend’s mace smelled like, so he sprayed into the air in front of his face, leaned forward and took a deep breath.

          Did I mention that both of these guys are in prison now?

          1. Yeah… THC doesn’t work that way. Also, high school students dealing with a drought is the funniest thing.

            Although, I will say, as to the mace thing, a lot of high Scoville unit hot sauces use oleoresin capsicum, the active ingredient in pepper spray, as a base. I have a really good one that includes cloves and garlic to create what’s kind of a chocolatey flavor, while also burning the fuck out of your mouth.

          2. I really like spicy foods. I make my own hot sauces, but only have the time and equipment to stay within the “heat and sweet” range, so, if I want things that truly hurt, I have to buy them.

          3. It’s actually kind of amazing they are. Those anecdotes are just their wacky high schools years. Their stories get a lot darker after high school.

      1. To be fair, I bet a writer for Family Guy is very skilled at communicating with those who bleed weed.

      1. Crap. I guess we shouldn’t have started playing with a new design right before a hurricane would keep one of us off the computer.

    1. A wise man once said, we shall never stop making participation trophies a meme, so I applaud your effort!

  12. Millennial check-in:
    Taggy: Still an annoying ad for Burning Man.
    Jay: Just when I thought he was smart, he pulls a bit of a Drew Christy on the reward bartering…
    Michelle: Must have been off praying all episode. Obvious winner.
    Michaela: Hopefully she flips. (And if the preview is any indication, good thing she wasn’t around for the peanut butter at the summit.)
    Adam: HEY I HEARD WE WERE YELLING. He couldn’t hear the camera zooming in on the tree mail idol over his shoutfessionals.
    Will: Barely legal. Barely balanced.
    Hannah: Clearly not all colleges got around to the “no means no” discussion.

        1. As the person who spent the pre-season being the most down on Zeke’s ironic Paul F. Tompkins mustache, and one of the two people here who openly listens to emo, seriously, there’s nothing emo about it.

    1. Gen X check-in:
      David is cool. David is South Pacific Cochran
      Ken: It took until he waxed poetic on poetry and wax for me to get on the hype train.
      Bret: Jawsee stwang.
      Everyone else: Goats.

      1. Nah, Jessica and Chris are more than goats. She got the gals to flip, and he definitely has smarts/challenge ability.

    2. Also, I know a few people who go to Burning Man. None of them are Millennials, and none of them are Faylor levels of dumb. They’re all pretty cool people.

  13. Not as quite as much fun as last week but lots of illuminating stuff going on this episode.

    Hannah demonstrating why she belongs in the zero percent club with an excruciating display of social awareness failure, can anyone see Michelle refusing to leave Zeke alone in that spot? Speaking of Michelle, how do you go from mastermind to invisible in the space of one episode? Definitely does not bode well for her chances.

    Summit was an interesting idea, but how do you not have booze there Survivor!? Loose lips sink ships, and they also make for enjoyable television. Way to waste a perfect opportunity to get your contestants liquored up and saying sh*t they shouldn’t be.

    Adam seems destined to go far this season considering all his sound bites tonight. Attorney lady speaks and… nobody cares. Could you build a less charismatic human being in a lab with a 10 million dollar research grant?

    Paul demonstrates the importance of watching your wording. Clearly he had no idea what his words were inferring while talking to attorney lady, but this is a game about paranoia and a poorly chosen phrase can have big consequences. Although to be fair, there were probably other factors also influencing the women’s decision.

    1. I kept waiting for Zeke to stand up and walk away during the whole exchange with Hannah, which would have her turn to Adam and ask “What did I say?”

      1. I kept waiting for Zeke or Adam to loose their sh*t and just start yelling at her. I mean it’s much better for them that they kept their cool, its definitely what you need to do in that situation, but it would have been much more amusing if they had lost their composure.

    2. I credit Michelle’s invisibility to the plot obligations of this episode. She didn’t go to the summit and her tribe wasn’t in danger. To make the edit this week, she probably would have needed to make a major mistake.

      1. Excellent points and probably right on the money. But I’d still like to see her with at least one confessional. Maybe right after tribal council have her go over the result and talk about her situation in the game. Perhaps she did give that confessional and it just wasn’t very interesting!

        1. I’m sure they intended to show Michelle explaining things to Hannah in the post-tribal segment, but that Hannah/Zeke thing was too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

  14. So can we do a reboot of Indiana Jones with Ken cast as the title character? If anyone from a studio is reading this, call me I’m already working on the screenplay!

    1. “Ken” would be the name he doesn’t like, so what would the dog’s name be? Montana? Arkansas?

  15. Ken, David and CeCe forever!!!
    As a Hannah fan, I wish everything she did wouldn’t make me cringe.
    I thought it was interesting that Taylor called the top 4 of his alliance him, Figgy, Jay and Will. Michelle is valuable and you need to hang on to her.
    Also I would definitely watch a workout video with Ken and Lucy. Some mesmerizing physiques.

    1. Just out of curiosity, what about Hannah has made you a fan of hers? Not that you need a reason to root for whomever you like, but I’m just curious. I am also starting to enjoy Hannah, but not for any reasons she would approve of I’m sure. Watching her navigate a tribe of fellow human beings gives me the same sort of pleasure as watching a particularly uncoordinated person try and navigate an icy courtyard.

      1. Hannah is the type of personality I would gravitate towards. She reminds me of myself in some ways. I find her funny, I enjoy her enthusiasm and the awkwardness is cute. Hannah is someone I would see myself being good friends with.

        1. I like her self-awareness of her quirkiness. As a somewhat socially-awkward adult myself, she looks like she’d be a lot of fun in real life. But that doesn’t excuse the awfulness of her first scene this week, but I chalk it up to Survivor not always bringing out the best qualities in people.

  16. The smartest thing Figgy said this episode was that it wasn’t just her and Taylor; there were 7 votes against Mari. Man, I hope she recognizes how much Michelle worked to get the votes their way when watching that episode.

    Well, not the ‘twist’ I was expecting. It almost felt a bit superfluous (like, okay, maybe make some bonds with the other tribe for when a switch happens, but that’s the extent of its importance). That being said, I’d be interested to see if this results in storylines to work with in the future.

    Adam provides a very astute (read: obvious) observation about Vanua’s ‘cool kids’ alliance to Michaela. The real question is: How did Michaela not realize that before voting out Mari? Of course, as long as she still provides some quality sass to the show, I won’t stay mad at her for too long.

    Did Jessica, Sunday and the hypothetical third woman talk with David, Cece and Ken about voting out Paul? Because I don’t remember seeing any footage that showed them doing so. I guess it was implied, but I’d have loved to see any of David, Ken or Cece’s reaction when they realize that the women in the majority want Paul gone, and they didn’t have to do anything to convince them to do so.

    Well, now that they voted out Paul, maybe something will happen at Takali. It appears that a new person appears on their tribe and decides to take the role of dictator. I, for one, welcome this new Survivor overlord.

    1. Hey, there is mathematical proof for that woman’s existence, she’s not hypothetical at all!

      (Subtract number of people shown arriving at old-people-TC from them number of votes at the same TC, and there you have her.)

    2. Michaela did know that, probably. We didn’t see her being all “THIS IS NEW AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU’RE TELLING ME!!!” It was more like “Yeah, he’s trying.”

      Also, her confessionals are basically at Courtney Yates levels for me at this point. She is an amazing casting find.

    3. I assuming Sunday/Jessica/et. al. told David/Ken/Cece the plan to vote out Paul, otherwise David probably would have played his idol for Cece.

      Hmm, if David thought the alliance of 6 were all voting for Cece, would he have used his idol for her or kept it? He could have gotten rid of Paul, but they would be still be down in the numbers without an idol. If he keeps the idol then it’s just him and Ken, with David being the next obvious target.

      1. Keeping it is the right move. Either you’ve convinced people to flip and thus don’t need to play it, or you didn’t, and thus getting one of them out doesn’t help that much.

        1. Yup- if David is still on the bottom after this tribal, his best play is hoping he can survive until a swap . The idol is a damn fine tool for doing that.

    4. I’m pretty sure that the two women + the hypothetical one did *not* talk to Ken and David about flipping their votes to Paul, judging by the surprised expression on David’s face. Of course, his expression could simply have been, “wow, they really did that,” but I don’t think so. Therefore, we now have voting blocks of 3 (Ken, David, Cece), 3 (the aforementioned women) and 2 (the husky men leftovers). It will be interesting to see how they fall. It seems to me that the 3 women probably made a mistake by not taking Ken, David, Cece into their confidence because Ken, David, Cece can now ally with the 2 huskies and kill the 3 women, if that seems opportunistic in the moment.

  17. The other day, HectorTheWellEndowed and I watched the 1958 version of Dracula. Near the beginning, the researcher has a woman run up to him in Dracula’s castle, saying she was being held captive, and begging him to help her escape. His response? “Before I help you, I need a reason!”

    At the same time, we both said “Hannah!”

    (She ended up biting him, but he later killed her, so…)

    We didn’t see Michelle tell Hannah she had the numbers, but if I were Hannah, I’d still want the reason they put all the numbers on Mari. I’d want her to have to tell me it was to save Figgy.

  18. There have been a few standouts this season that I think could possibly go all the way to the million. So here are my top 5 winner prospects through week 3.

    1. Michelle
    2. Ken
    3. Adam
    4. Jessica
    5. Chris

    1. I’m not doing any winner predictions this year, just because the edit is a much better winner indicator than any sort of gameplay evaluation, and we all know to what madness that leads.

    2. I genuinely can’t remember for certain who Chris is. Red-head Gen-Xer?

      I don’t have any major objections to any of those other 4, though. Michelle did great work in episode 2.

    3. As much as I would love Michelle to win since I think she has been hands down the most impressive player so far this season, her lack of screen time in two of the first three episodes has me very concerned. I’d switch her and Adam on this list, although he hasn’t done much so far, something about his edit really seems to suggest potential winner to me.

      1. I wouldn’t rule her out. She still got a decent introduction in the premiere and Michele from last season wasn’t very visible until the tribe swap.

        1. Oh certainly not ruling her out, just mildly concerned. It’s still early but if she’s the winner you would like to see her get at least one confessional an episode no?

  19. It’s weird, maybe, that I was so annoyed that every person who voted for CeCe misspelled her name.

    1. Yes, yes it does. It just shows a simple lack of effort to know her and know that “CeCe” is short for Ciandre and not her first and middle name which would be implied by “CC”.

        1. Absolutely. Still, I feel like there must be some way to work “How do you spell your name?” into the opening getting to know you festivities with the whole group. Probably easier to initiate if your name is hard to spell.

        2. I feel you should start the game by saying “guys, please each spell your name” just in case you have a Michele or a Robb in your midst.

          1. You’re standing on a beach, giddy about the fact to play a difficult high-stakes game for the next 39 days. You will not have access to food, and you won’t be sleeping very much. Here is a list of 19 names to memorize the spelling of.

            That… doesn’t seem like it’s going to work.

          2. Nope, but I can judge each of them more when they get a simple name wrong! Australian Survivor has so many votes for Pheobe.

          3. You know half of those were Conner, and the other half were Craig making fun of Conner, right? Conner asked how you spell Phoebe, got the e before the o, and Craig started doing it that way for fun.

          4. They showed it. The first time it’s supposed to be Phoebe there’s a scene in the shelter where Conner is like “how do you spell ‘Phoebe?’ P-h-e-o-b-e?” and then they cut to Craig looking at him dumbfaced.

          5. I vaguely remember that scene, but the tought that Craig intentionally didn’t correct him to make fun of him never entered my mind, even though I was surprised that so many of the votes were spelled wrong, with people like Sue and Craig there. Must have missed the cut to Craig, if that gave it away.

            I guess I always thought you were joking when you brought that up before.

          6. Was it back at the Rohan vote-out, or could it have been in the Craig-boot episode? Because I still intend to watch that one again, if only for “Don’t step on me!”.

            On a different note, I just ran across what seems like a massive spoiler for the next two episodes, that channel 10 put out there in their promo-material.
            Do you think I could post the picture behind spoiler tags in the week 7 comments, or link to the facebook page, where I saw it? (with an appropriate amount of warning, of course)
            That page also has the jury villa vids (and much more!) readily available (although it takes them often some time to upload), but these are also available on reddit, without as much of a spoiler risk.

    2. Didn’t she introduce herself as “CeCe”? If someone said that to me I might assume she meant “C.C.”

      We’ve had GC and B.B. on this show before.

  20. I came up with the perfect Nickname for Lucy: TransLucyent. You notice her, but she does not completely block the scenery.

    1. Now I have “Mr. Cellophane” from “Chicago” in my head…

      ‘Cause you can walk right through me
      Walk right through me
      And never know I’m there!

  21. Guys, I have jury duty today, and Im really upset to find out that, unlike Survivor jury duty, there appears to be no booze here.

    1. If you have to issue a verdict, can you write your votes on parchment? Surrounded by torches of fire?

      1. It’d be pretty cool if you actually got to give crazy, self-aggrandizing speeches, or ask the parties to pick a number between one and ten.

        1. “Up until now, this trial has been about you, and whether your liberty will be taken away. But now, this trial is about me. So Mr. Defendant, tell me why I am awesome.”

    2. I had jury duty on the day of the Survivor premiere this season 😀 I got put on an actual jury and everything. I also did not get drunk, unfortunately. But hoo boy the defendant did.

    3. Are you the one I told yesterday on Twitter that if you make the jury to say “Hold up, bro” just before the verdict was read? (I know it was one of the commenters from this site)

    4. You should do what Rob calls the half-Murphy and after all the evidence is presented, you should address the jury (in open court) and try to convince them to vote for the prosecutor’s case.

      You could also go for the full-Murphy: after the verdict is read, propose to the defendant.

      1. I went with a strategy of giving my honest opinions during voir dire. It was a drunk driving case, and, when they asked if we knew anyone who had been arrested for dui I said, “too many to count. I associate primarily with scumbags.” That pretty much sealed it.

        1. I remember Sarah Silverman talking about trying to get out of jury in her stand-up. She thought when she was asked if she had any beliefs that might interfere with her being impartial, she could say “I hate Chinese people.” But she thought that might seem too obvious, like someone saying something not true to try and get out of jury duty, so a better choice would be to say “I love Chinese people!”

          Needless to say, she got in trouble over that joke with the Chinese community.

  22. One other random observation: Why didn’t Gen X ask for immunity in exchange for fishing gear?

    1. That’s what a MILLENNIAL would do. Gen X understands that immunity has to be earned, just like you has to be spelled with three letters.

  23. Recently spoke to my mom, who also watches the show, and she thinks this theme is one of the best they’ve ever done… So I guess she was part of the focus group that made Probst think this would be a great idea. Apologies, friends.

  24. I usually tend to be relentlessly positive when giving a new season a chance, but I’m finding this season pretty boring so far. I guess there are a few players I like, but I don’t find myself actively rooting for anyone and I’m finding neither the theme nor the strategy to be very interesting up to this point. I feel like every second spent on the stupid generational theme is wasted time, and the GenXers are just so boring! I’m sure it will pick up once there is a swap or, at the very least, the merge.
    I’m not altogether mad at the Ken/Dave buddy alliance, and I’m thrilled that CeCe joined up because she seems like a neat lady, but if that’s our final three then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. 1 of 3 good episodes so far is not a very good ratio. And this episode was worse than the premiere in that it really only had one good scene, the first one of the episode where Hannah wouldn’t leave Zeke alone.

      (Mind you, that scene is probably enough to make the next Funny 115, so I guess there’s that)

    2. I tend to be relentlessly negative about most players and seasons until they give me a reason to get excited, so I can completely appreciate your apathy toward this season so far. I agree that the theme is so bad it should possibly be investigated at the Hague court, but surprisingly I think there is actually some potential on this season. But second episode was shockingly good, and demonstrated that Michelle is a legit power player with a great head on her shoulders. This episode set the stage for Adam to be her primary opposition, and I doubt with his edit he’s going anywhere anytime soon. I also agree that half the Gen-X tribe are a waste of oxygen, but the Michelle/Adam pair is legitimately interesting to me. I think their are a lot of ways their struggle could play out, and a great many of them would make for interesting television.

      1. Very good points- I agree that episode 2 was the best ep so far, and also that Michelle has been a pleasant surprise strategically.

      2. Yeah, episode 2 was a very solidly entertaining episode for a pre-merge episode of any season. Last night was very meh, but at least Paul’s gone, which can really only help this season.

    3. I’m not that far from you on this, but holding out hope that maybe this is a season that clears out the dead weight early, rather than dragging it through to the end.

      Or it could just be thoroughly mediocre.

      1. But think of the plus side. Now you’ll somehow have to flounder around and stretch that boring-ass and super-predictable episode into a 60-minute podcast, which is enjoyable for *us* the viewers. Perhaps there are more foreign snacks out there to fill in the dead air?

        “Well absolutely nothing changed at the Millennials camp but I guess let’s rehash it all anyway,” he said, already weary and broken by episode three.

    4. I though the premiere was pretty boring, last week was pretty good, and last night was mediocre at best. I find the millennials significantly more exciting than gen x, so hopefully it will be tolerable post-swap when we don’t have to deal with gen x alone.

    5. The GenXers are boring, but they’ve gone to 2/3 tribals, so we’ve had to focus too much on them. It’s not great yet, but it could still get a lot better.

  25. I think Jessica was worried about the scenario that if they get rid of Cece and David and are down to 7 with Alliance of 6 + Ken- they men will not not want to get rid of Ken and instead will boot one of them out. I think that is a legitimate concern given Ken is both a provider and challenge beast for them but I still think don’t think this was the right move for the GenX women trio.

    1. Stephen Fishbach made the same point on RHAP. I’m not sure I agree completely, but his argument is that they would still have the numbers for another round or even two, and would be in a stable alliance until then. Now they have an unstable alliance, and Chris and Bret are pissed off at them.

      1. I am just giving a reason for why they pulled the plug so early on the 6. I myself said above that I don’t agree with their decision. There is no reason why the 3 women can’t pull in Ken at the 7 if that scenario occurs. It is evident from the show and Paul’s exit interview that he never liked him and would have probably always be in to vote him off.

  26. Two things:

    (1) Is this really the worst theme or even the one being shoved down our throats the most? Maybe it’s too early to tell, but I thought Worlds Apart had a really forced theme that Probst desperately wanted to make work. This season seems more natural wits theme/tribe divisions overall.

    (2) Voting out Paul is clearly the best move for Dave/CeCe/Ken now, but does this hurt them at the merge (assuming they make it that far)? Of course, they’re probably gone in short order if they hadn’t voted him out, and it seemed that Jessica/Sunday/Lucy roped them into Paul rather than the other way around. But at the summit, Dave and CeCe pitched Paul as the leader, and he voted out at the very next tribal. From the millennials’ POV, they’re either a bigger threat or incredibly deceptive. Does either make them more appealing to work with?

    1. I’d much rather have a theme consisting of groups that actually exist (like millennials and Gen Xers), rather than have the show make up a group that doesn’t exist.

      I still have no idea what a No Collar person is.

      1. A person who breaks the rules, silly. You know, like a clean-cut idealistic law student who thinks “Merica” is a good name in defiance of all human decency.

        1. Or a corporate drone turned disability advocate.

          Or a bartender who was on Jay Leo once.

          To be fair, they nailed it with the other three.

          1. Hey, Will flat out broke the rules of human decency directly and thoroughly!

            Er…I’ve got no justification for Nina that doesn’t make me sound like a Nazi.

          2. Non-traditonal job. I’d give even odds she was one of the people Probst jumped on when he was designing the theme, and ignored the fact that it didn’t fit.

    2. I think you are on to something- Dave and CeCe’s summit strategy was premised on lining up votes against Paul-and-Paul’s allies if there was a quick swap. That made sense, particularly for Dave who was quite likely to make it that far.

      It’s a strategy that does no good now that Paul is gone. Plan A working means that the initial maneuverings of Plan B are now slightly embarrassing.

      But I still think Dave can argue that he feels alienated from his tribe and pitch himself as someone ready to flip. He exudes jumpiness.

      1. Their whole spiel must really reek of deliberate misinformation now from the Millenial’s POV, but maybe David could still make it work, if he convinces them that he found an idol (he has the note) and had to play it to get Paul out.
        Not sure how good his chances are that they’ll believe him anything (provided that more than just Figgy and Taylor are privy to what was said there), but if they do and he decides he doesn’t want to backstab whoever is there with him from his current tribe after all, Dave could even use that cover story to appear defenseless and make an idol play.

    3. I think you worry about the vote in front of you more than you worry about what could potentially happen were you to meet up with Taylor down the road. Maybe now he won’t even need to flip.

    4. I think this is the worst theme because Jeff & the producers thinks it’s the best theme. Sure, Worlds Apart’s theme was stupid and Jeff was trying but we didn’t have to worry about it popping up every confessional. “As a Gen-Xer, I never give up.” Why? Why did you add “As a Gen-Xer”? It wouldn’t seem that out of place in the premiere, but in ep 3 it is unbearable, especially because it never rings true. Jeff probably somehow thinks the U/You conversation is as great as Rustle Feathers. Depending on how long this lasts, this will likely be the first theme that affects my ranking/enjoyment of a season.

    5. Cook Islands had by far the worst theme, and it’s hard to imagine they could ever top that. But at least they had the good sense to do a tribe swap in Episode 3 and never refer to the theme again.

      I think that post-swap, David and CeCe could tell Taylor the truth (we thought we couldn’t get rid of Paul, but we got a break and were able to after all) and they could still work together. That assumes that Taylor even remembers the summit.

      1. Counterargument: Cook Islands had the best theme, and it made the season great (and should never, ever be done again). Firstly, it was a theme that forced casting out of their comfort zone in a way that helped the show. Secondly, it was a theme that asked more of the contestants than just parroting back bland stereotypes- because parroting stereotypes would have been so transparently racist. This led to nuance and honesty. The scenes of the Asian American tribe talking about representation and stereotype are fascinating stuff, as the very real worldviews of Cao Boi and his younger tribemates come into conflict, as is the awkward way the white tribe tiptoes around race.

        And it’s also a season whose mai Story of Yul’s band of misfits versus Adam’s band of people who suck tied back to the theme in ways mostly unspoken and frequently uncomfortable. For instance, how did race tie into Penner’s split second decision to stick with Candace? American life IS haunted by race, and this was the season of Survivor that brought that reality to the forefront rather than pretending race doesn’t exist as contestants of color “just don’t fit in.”

        Cook Islands theme was a terribly risky idea that could have killed the show. But Survivor got lucky, and instead got a season that was both good Survivor and sociologically interesting.

        1. This comment is the eloquent version of the argument I always use for why I’m a fan of Cook Islands. Well said.

        2. Counter-counterargument (?): I agree completely, and I’m 155,000% in favor of greater diversity in casting, but it shouldn’t take a franchise-endangering stunt to achieve it. Just because you got a deuce doesn’t mean it was a good idea to hit on 19.

          Not to get side-tracked, but the damn Tyler Perry idol keeps Cook Islands out of the top tier of my ranking. It really sucked all life out of the endgame.

          1. Absolutely. Cook Islands was the worst idea for a theme, and the best theme in practice.

            And the Super Tyler Perry Idol was awful in both idea and execution, BUT I DON’T CARE BECAUSE YUL!

      2. To me the worst theme was Blood vs. Water. You could say it’s the rare theme that actually works as it is a theme with massive effects on the gameplay and a name that is fun to say but not in a ridiculous way, but that’s also the reason it never died off.
        And it’s such a huge influence on how the contestants play, that the BvW seasons felt like a different version of Survivor. A sobby, teary version that really wanted us to know, how Ciera and Baylor felt about their mums.

        It was also probably the biggest disappointment for me in my Survivor-watching career. Cagayan was the first season I watched live, right on the heels of a BvW seaon that seemed to be mostly well received and with another one coming up. I binged through the seasons and got really into it, and I always knew that at the end of my binge would be that awesome sounding BvW season. Somehow I didn’t realized until I arrived there (or until S29 arrived, which came probably first), that BvW first and foremost means that we get cracking voices, soggy eyes and an endless stream of confessionals about shit I don’t care about. There was still good stuff in both of these seasons, but the theme shaped the season, took a ton of time out of what a usual Survivor season is able to provide and made almost everything about it worse.
        Some people may like that version even better or find it a welcome change of pace, and that’s fine, but I really had to look around the BvW-theme to find any enjoyment in those seasons. They were probably the only two seasons where I skipped through confessionals on the regular, if I didn’t like where they were going.

        For the best theme I nominate Pearl Islands, if that even counts.

        1. Blood vs. Water should work in theory, but the problem is that it’s hard enough to find good players in the first place; the odds of finding two good players in the same family are minuscule. They didn’t realize this until SJDS because the first BvW season was also a Fans vs. Favorites season. This isn’t my insight, but I can’t remember where I heard it (it may even have been Rob C’s podcast with Lynne Spillman).

          1. Yeah, the bad gameplay of too many contestants in SJDS was another problem on top my main beef with that season, which is the story arcs revolving around that particular theme, and that seems unavoidable for any BvW-season.

        2. The Blood vs. Water theme seems like the producers trying to fix the Fans vs. Favorites theme, where the “Fans” were not always actual fans, and they usually got dominated by the Favorites. With BvW, the non-returning players would be familiar with the game due to their familial bonds with the returning players, and in theory most of them should be people that like the show if they watched their loved one on the show.

          Of course, this theory doesn’t hold water since the first BvW aired right after FvF2, so that theme would have been created soon after they decided to use the FvF theme again but before FvF2 finished and they saw the results. I’d assume that at this point the producers are probably against another FvF season since both times the “Favorites” have just steamrolled over the “Fans” and the viewers don’t like seeing such a one-sided season.

    6. I was thinking about how ridiculously annoying the theme is when Sunday was talking about how apparently millennials are willing to try more strategies than gen-x, and then Jeff went into that texting thing. Was that at all relevant to the actual conversation? For what it’s worth, I’m a millennial, but I never use “u”, and not many of my friends do either.

      1. The only time using “U” instead of “You” is permissible was in the harder puzzles on the game show Definition.

          1. It was a Canadian game show back in the 80s, similar to Wheel of Fortune.

            You would probably recognize the theme music, it was the Austin Power theme.

      2. I will use “u”, but only to add a tong-in-cheek tone to my message, but english isn’t my main language anyway so my use of vernacular is probably non-representative

    7. You may be giving way to much credit to Figgy and Taylor’s critical thinking skills. I think the biggest problem now is that the next two to go would be Bret and Chris, making them pretty short on brawn for immunity challenges.

      1. I feel like the Gen X women made the move to pull the alliance of six five closer together. I don’t think they intended to clip Chris and Bret, precisely because they’re so valuable in challenges and around camp while Paul wasn’t. If they let CeCe go this week, it becomes even easier to form a guy’s alliance. But getting rid of Paul makes the genders balanced at 4 and assumedly makes it more likely Chris and Bret don’t flip.

        But of course, being blindsided won’t make Chris and Bret comfortable, and there’s the clip of Chairman Huang from next week so maybe everything I said is out the window

  27. Not a lot of data points so far, but I think it’s worth noting that of the three episodes so far, the one where millennial a went to tribal council was by far the best. In short, pray that Gen-X gets it together and wins the next challenge if you want another good episode. After all, it doesn’t seem far fetched for Michelle Michaela and Hannah to pull in Zeke and Adam. Especially if Michelle learns she isn’t in the triforce’s final three plans…

    1. I don’t know about that. Michelle may not be in Figgy and Taylor’s plans, but Jay could clip them for Michelle if the opportunity presents itself. Right now, it looks like he’s going with F&T while taking Michelle along.

  28. On, Jeff says that next week’s episode has a very emotional idol find. Not sure how much of a spoiler that is since Jeff is telling us now. It wasn’t in the previews but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the commercials.

    1. Kind of wish I didn’t look at that, but who do you think would be the most emotional? I’m hoping for Zeke.

        1. My very-mild ADD would not let me enter an opening tag without adding a matching closing tag. It would nag at me the entire day.

      1. I forgot about this (someone on this week’s AVClub comment section reminded me) but in this week’s episode we saw Adam going for treemail and him walking by a shell with writing on it (the idol). Likely Zeke will find it when getting treemail next week and break down crying about how this was on his Survivor bucket list (along with going to tribal and getting blindsided). I can’t imagine any of the Triforce having an emotional reaction besides “Dude!”

  29. Guys Ken needs to get to the finale because EmandscoutinBK’s sexuality crisis over him is my single favourite thing about this season so far!

  30. Question – my memory sucks and my brain seems to flush entire seasons of Survivor moments after I finish watching. Is being a “power couple” really always the kiss of death? Seems to me it has actually worked well before. Ozzie and Amanda might be one example that I can actually remember.

    1. I feel like someone wrote a treatise on this topic recently, but I can’t remember who…

      Anyways, I do think in modern Survivor its vanishingly unlikely for a power couple- two people closely entwined from day one with control of the game to make it to the end together. Someone will have to betray someone, or at least be used as a human shield for a vote. But Taylor and Figgy aren’t a power couple. They are a pair within the majority alliance. Calling them a power couple is a strategic move to make Michelle’s pawns look more threatening and feel more powerful than they are.

      If there is a real power couple in this season so far, it’s Michelle and Jay.

      1. Interesting. By that definition, what was the most recent power couple? Gervase and Tyson, maybe? Jeremy and Natalie were clearly a power couple in the making but Jeremy got clipped early.

        1. I think you see a lot of wannabe power couples, but few that last. I’d say Scott and Kyle were a power couple last season, until everything fell apart. And they fell victim to the main curse of power couples- who wants to be number three to a power couple (and also they were complete assholes in a game that revolves around people liking you)?

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