Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 4 Liveblog: “Who’s the Sucker at the Table?”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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534 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 4 Liveblog: “Who’s the Sucker at the Table?”

  1. Just FYI, this article isn’t showing on the front page yet.

    But the good news is that it’s not as bad as the “still no widgets in the sidebar” dilemma. Which is slowly driving me mad.

      1. … no?

        Is it just me? The IT person in me already scrambled around testing it and even remoted into my work computer to check there, but I can’t see it. Yet there are people here so… I’m crazy?

        1. Yeah, I have no idea what happened. We’re currently testing out a redesign- which hopefully isn’t responsible for this- that we can roll out soon and hopefully never have this issue again.

          (Because we’ll have other issues. Yay IT!)

      2. Same here. I had to follow the link from twitter. It doesn’t show up on the main page at all.

          1. I read a yelp review of a mechanic here in Massachusetts where the customer complained about the giant confederate flag displayed in the shop. Racist assholes are everywhere.

          2. At least in Texas we don’t have much of the confederate flag? It’s just the Texas flag being as large as the country flag.

            God I can’t wait to move.

          3. The West Virginia confederate flags are the strangest, because literally the reason West Virginia is a state is because they didn’t want to join the Confederacy.

          4. Seriously! Nothing frustrates me more than West Virginians with Confederate flag stuff. She says, as if she’s regularly in West Virginia or among West Virginians.

          5. There are approximately 712 things wrong with Texas. And that number is only so low if you course grain.

            And before you say I don’t know what I’m talking about: I was born here, all my relatives live here, and I currently live here due to a temporary job. Texas fucking sucks.

          6. “There’s nothing wrong with Texas unless you live near the two largest population centers which is actually most of the state”

            And I’ve lived in Austin as well. It’s hot and everyone is rude.

          7. Smaller cities are always much nicer than large cities. Yes, Austin is hot but for all its faults I’ve never found the people to be rude.

          8. as a Philadelphian I am offended. no one is friendlier than Philly people and anyone that says any differently I’ll chuck a battery at!

          9. Bit of trivia: when the show first came out, FX sent out emails with the subject line “It’s Always Sunny in PA.” Repeatedly. I finally emailed them and explained that “PA” wasn’t an abbreviation for “Philadelphia” β€”it was for the STATE, you idiots! β€” and they stopped doing it.

          10. Does it help that I only spent 3 days there for an university conference?

            However, I will admit that I totally did the Perks of Being A Wallflower and blare “Heroes” while going under that particular tunnel. #RIPDavidBowie

          11. Even the book reader in me, compulsively waiting for “Landslide” to start playing, was OK with the Bowie swap.

            And between your movie-only Perks reference and Viola’s obscure Dirty Dancing line, folks are making it easy to tell the millennials and Gen-Xers tonight.

          12. I’m sorry, are we calling “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” obscure?

            I mean, the Fall Out Boy song of the same name is obscure but…

          13. Lord no. Everyone knows Baby in a corner.

            No wonder nobody laughed at your “I carried a watermelon” joke, Violina. Darn millennials don’t know their classics.

          14. Disqus ordering may have confused me. I assure you though, I also know “I carried a watermelon.”

          15. Well very good then. I’ll expect your “Which Dirty Dancing character is most like a Survivor contestant” article any day now.

          16. It’s a lovely place. My friends know better than to say anything bad about Cleveland around me. It’s not that I get aggressive about it – I just don’t shut up about Cleveland.

          17. It’s the baseball team I’m rooting for now that the Sox are out. Now I’m pulling for Tito!

          18. Friendly in Philly? But hey, we beat up the hitchhiking robot! (I’m a born New Yorker but a Philly transplant, lived here for just slightly more than half of my life now.)

          19. I have seen confederate flags in Canada. I can’t confirm if the owners of said flags/decals were American.

            I’m guessing not all of them were.

          20. Yes, but before you congratulate yourself too much on knowing one Canadian stereotype, I’ll add that I live in a city with an incredibly popular Muslim mayor and a province with a socialist government lead by a woman. So… stereotypes aren’t always accurate? (But in this case, bang on).

          21. Unrelated: I just realized there’s only a few weeks left to buy a “Make America Great Again” T-shirt.
            It’s going to be an awesome ironic hipster item.

        1. FWIW, one of my oldest friends was born and raised in Oklahoma and is now an attorney in Tulsa, and he’s an enthusiastic Clinton supporter (well, an enthusiastic poster of anti-Trump posts on Facebook, anyway).

    1. I mean in his pregame interview with Gordon Holmes he said Democrat during the lightning round.

    1. You think you’re happy? turgid legume had David/CeCe/Jessica. That was a pretty great 3 minutes for him.

          1. About as well as Ken.

            So no, but everyone will still like you anyway.

            Edit: Oh, Drago, not Drogo. Yeah, you good. Go get that Russian.

      1. Really? I thought this was a great episode. I love a good downfall edit. As soon as Lucy started talking I was pretty positive she was going home, and I really enjoyed all the Lucy hubris.

        1. I found Lucy more annoying than anything, since she didn’t really seem to know what she was doing (and came out of literally nowhere). Had she been more overtly arrogant or stupid, a la Drew Christie, I probably would’ve enjoyed her downfall more.

          1. Unfortunately there was legitimate suspense as to who was going to go home, so they couldn’t pull off the glory of a Drewschbag. But that would have been awesome…. πŸ™‚

          2. I don’t understand how you can find (paraphrase) “My family sometimes doesn’t like me very much because I boss them around, but that’s how I am. And I’m going to do that as well here, because if it works at home why wouldn’t it work here?” anything other than comedic gold.

          3. I’m with you Scott- with the caveat that it kind of DID work here. She controlled a majority! Even KEN fell in line!

            I think Lucy had the makings of a spectacular villain, cut short by David burning an idol on a speculative relationship.

          4. Bravo Lucy: you managed to convince Bret and Chris to do the thing they wanted to do. Ken didn’t fall in line as much as he lashed out at someone who betrayed his trust.

            Sunday did what Bret and Chris were doing.

          5. I think this is an impossible argument to have (without going extra-textual and listening to interviews, and I don’t care enough to go extra-textual).

            Let’s zero in on your last sentence. We need to know why Sunday did what she did. Is she really following Brett and Chris? I don’t think so, given she back stabbed them in the previous vote. Indeed Sunday’s closest relationships that we’ve seen have been with Paul and Jess, and she just betrayed both of them in quick succession to stay with Lucy. I think that’s a sign of very strong play from Lucy. But this is all conjecture, because Sunday wasn’t actually IN this episode. Roughly the same applies to Brett and Chris. How much were they zeroed in on Jess, how much were they angry at the three ladies equally and Lucy managed to repair their relationship by steering them to Jess? We don’t know (especially with regards to Brett).

          6. I have extra-textual help. Lucy says in her exit interviews that she never discussed the Jessica plan with Sunday, because she was worried Sunday would blab to Jessica. This is extra-textual information I choose to believe because it paints the speaker in a bad light, rather than the opposite.

            As for Bret and Chris, they were angry at ALL of them. Getting them to turn on one of them isn’t that big a get. I suppose it’s better than having them turn on you, but it’s still not that hard to do. Especially when an alternative could have been “not giving a fuck what Bret and Chris want to do since they were on the bottom until I decided to let them off the hook”.

          7. So Lucy’s plan after the Ken defection was threatening Ken’s Group with a 3 (Jess)-3 (Lucy)-2 (CeCe) tie, and hoping that would bully one of Ken, David, or CeCe to flip? And then Brett and/or Chris reached out to Sunday and modified the plan to pick up a fourth?

            If so, I’ll agree that’s INCREDIBLY stupid on the part of Lucy.

          8. I’m not ruling out that it’s incredibly stupid.

            But also, I think she was counting Ken and David as locks, without realizing that they were NECESSARY.

          9. I absolutely agree that that was her plan before Ken turned on her, but Lucy continuing to rely on Ken and David as locks AFTER KEN HAD BETRAYED HER doesn’t seem particularly plausible. She might have thought she could drag them along (and hey, again, not wrong there, idols aside), but Ken had clearly stated that he wasn’t a reliable fourth.

            Though maybe there was an independent deal with David and/or CeCe.

          10. I do think it’s not a bad strategy to win back people you flipped on by sacrificing one of your fellow flippers. I hope to see someone execute it better in the future!

          11. I thought the idol play was less about reeling in Jessica, and more about a pre-emotive strike against a player who was looking to dominate around camp.

          12. I don’t think this is the case because David has no aspirations to leadership. Having other people dominate around camp while he chugs along in the background is his explicit strategy in the early game. On top of that, if it’s a “SLAY THE WITCH!” play, then his intense apologia before playing the idol doesn’t make sense.

            Now if Ken had played the idol here…absolutely. But Ken was oblivious throughout.

          13. That was the moment I was sure it was her (not that I’d really been doubting it prior to that.)

          14. He got our attention because we didn’t understand what the hell he said at one point until we remembered he was the Boston guy…

          15. I think that’s a good thing! It’s not a major part of his character on the show so they don’t need to exploit it.

          16. The thing about his character on the show is that it’s almost non-existent. Meathead cop is all I’ve got. Gay, meathead cop is actually… no, it’s still boring as fuck. I don’t care about Bret.

          17. Bret’s not so sweet. He’s the kind of manly gay guy that’s trying so hard to prove he’s macho, that he calls David a woman in the first episode.

          18. And I think Survivor has actually had a solid track record when it comes to gay representation on the show (at least for men), so they really don’t need to bring it up if it isn’t relevant.

          19. They did not really mention it with Kelly the cop on Worlds Apart either on the show though I remember seeing it in an article or on her bio.

          20. Yeah I would like them to bring up the sexuality of their lesbian characters way more often than they do.

          21. Lucy did have a great one episode. Those might be my 3 remaining favorites from Gen X though, but they are light on screentime.

          22. I will admit that, between streaming issues and other responsibilities, I was kind of distracted and missed a few short scenes, so that may have affected my opinion on the episode. I’ve also decided I hate most of Gen X.

          23. If this means people are coming around to not liking Ken, I’m all for it. But yeah, other than David, I don’t care about any of them.

          24. I enjoyed Lucy’s total obliviousness to the fact that bossing people around is not a good strategy, but I definitely do not need to see more of her.

        2. I actually enjoyed the first challenge, which is rare. And I loved watching the wheels come off of everyone’s plans on Gen X, in kind of a dumpster fire, trainwreck kind of way. Then David’s play at the end was fun.

          1. I actually thought the chairlift part of the second challenge was a great idea. Too bad they stuck it with a puzzle so tough it could fix wishing.

          2. I found that puzzle phrase infuriating. Not only don’t they ever say it; technically, your flame gets SNUFFED. You don’t “lose” it. So how could anyone even guess that? Sheesh. Anyone happen to notice how long the puzzle part of the challenge lasted?

          3. The elapsed time said 45 minutes, making the entire first part of the challenge totally irrelevant.

      2. I enjoyed tonight’s episode more than the first few. I’m going to KIA’s in 2 weeks so I’m hoping the swap starts building up some good momentum πŸ™‚

          1. This is my first time. I will find everybody interesting!

            I also by chance scored tickets to Conan O’Brian filming in NY the week of Halloween. I am cashing in a lot of babysitting favors with my parents this month πŸ˜‰

          2. Right. But they aren’t. Which is why they don’t say “Hm Babs is missing on Wednesday. She must be at a live post-show podcast taping”

          3. First of all, Babs just isn’t me. Secondly, you also have to remember that I live in Missouri, which is really inconveient to get to New York. On top of that, I am a poor post-grad student who can’t afford airfare. I am basically screwed for a while.

          4. Since I’m Gen X, the first thing I did was grumble about how all this new-fangled technology never works. Then I started searching the site for a fax number so I could lodge a complaint. When that failed, I called up one of my Millennial friends (who is 3 years younger than me) on my touch tone phone to see if we couldn’t get to the bottom of things on something called “Twitter”. Now I’m pooped. It’s way past my bedtime.

        1. I’m jealous too. I swore I was gonna try and get tickets this time but I missed the announcement …

  2. Ugh. It’s not that I really thought anyone on Gen X other than Ken or David had any idea what they were doing, but I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. And then Ken went and voted for Jessica, because he’s apparently not in communication with David any more? I hope that instead of a swap, next week is just the surprise elimination of everyone on Gen X except David (and maybe Cece since she voted with him).

    1. Well I mean it’s not like Bret or Sunday or Chris were wrong in voting out Jessica, it just turned out pretty badly.

    2. I think Ken was still emotional about the Jessica thing and David thought (probably rightly) that telling Ken would possibly clue in the other side and change the target

      1. I think it could also have been similar to his Rachel vote, where he sighs and goes along with the majority even when it’s not what he wants.

  3. Wait, I didn’t watch the voting. I assumed Cece voted for Jessica because, you know, Jessica voted for Cece.

    It was Ken????

    1. I really hope they show CeCe trying to figure out who the hell voted for her. The idea of her figuring out it’s the person they just saved is delightful.

      1. I mean that’s not hard to figure out because Jessica clearly did not believe Ken.

        Probably because Ken spoke to Jessica the same way Lucy spoke to him. Ken, I know you’re beautiful but that was horribly hypocritical of you.

        1. Yes! He wasn’t quite as tone-deaf about it, but he did just dictate to Jessica and expect her to fall in line. I’m not sure what he could have said to get her on board or at least get her to investigate more subtly, but he should have at least realized it could be a tough sell.

      2. CeCe did the head-in-hands thing right when Jeff announced that it was Lucy, which I guess is the natural reaction to knowing that you survived another vote, but at the time I thought it was because she had worked out in her head that it must have been Jess who voted for her and that now she has to work with her on account of her ally David saving her.

    2. yup. makes sense in retrospect, but damn I feel that plan came together pretty last second and caught a bunch of people off guard

      1. I wonder if David only decided to do it at tribal council, and Cece was just out of the loop and voting for Lucy because why not?

        1. Nah, he had to have told her cause he would know it would have been 1-1 on Lucy and Cece, and Cece would have gone home on the revote.

          1. We saw them tell CeCe to vote Lucy. I’m guessing they never looped back with her to tell her that plans had changed.

          1. Last week on Rob’s Australian Survivor podcast there was a hilarious few minutes where he and Stephen talked about next season without really talking about next season. They got a few shots in on fan favorite and alleged game-changer Sierra Dawn Thomas.

          2. Wait, what? I’ve even looked at future season casting spoilers, and if she’s in the mix, I’ve already forgotten it!

          3. Don’t you remember all the ways Sierra changed the game? Like that time with the barrel? And the…

    1. They really robbed us from Jessica being asked who she wanted to give the legacy advantage to, and her being “NONE OF THEM”

        1. Oh, I wonder if she could have just been like, “that slightly less bro bro on the other tribe.”

  4. What a roller coaster of emotions! This completely sank my Outcasts team, and I legitimately could not be happier about my inevitable last place finish!
    David slowly but surely building his alliance of the unwanted and becoming their king is easily the best part of Gen X right now.
    And if there’s a swap next week, does that mean everyone will shut up with the talking about their g-g-generation? Because that would be lovely.

    1. Oh no, we’ve got to hear all the comparisons and contrasts between the two generations for at least another week…

      1. Yeah, if anything they use the swap as one more opportunity to hammer home the theme as these two vastly different groups of people try to find even one thing in common.

        1. Because there’s no way a Millennial would ever relate to Ken’s “You can’t tell me what to do! Who do you think you are, my Mom???” rant.

          1. Next time on Survivor: A 33 year old talks to a 27 year old. Tune in to find out how this could possibly work!

    2. It’s been mildly amusing watching how badly the show has done at contriving any kind theme to either generation that isn’t just a function of some of them being older and others being younger.

      There was the quote tonight, “Millennials are all about following their dreams, while GenX is all about working 9 to 5. I don’t want to do that!” It’s the most generic generational divide possible.

      I was glad that was about the only mention this week.

      1. Truly, millennials are the first generation to still pursue what they want in life before the realities of life set in.

  5. Jessica, you’re on my fantasy team and everything, but the proper response to learning you’re a target and someone is offering to save you is NOT to immediately walk over to the opposing alliance and blab the entire plan.

    1. I mean, it comes down to her trusting her alliance more than Ken. Ken could have been trying to pull off a desperation play to save CeCe.

      Because really Jessica’s alliance trying to get her out made absolutely not sense.

          1. Like I said below, it works for Lucy if she wants to save the alliance by pleasing Chris and Bret. Using Jessica as a scapegoat does that brilliantly. Fargo probably just went with the flow.

      1. The thing is though, if you don’t trust Ken (which is reasonable) then you can’t go to Lucy and flat out ask if she was behind a plan to get you out. What in the world did she think would happen? Lucy is always going to say no to that! You’ve got to be more indirect about it.

        1. Yeah, but she may have been trying to read Lucy’s reaction when confronted about it. She didn’t do it successfully, but if Lucy denies it but Jessica picks up on some shadiness from her it looks like an OK move.

          1. I don’t think she had the political capital to change the target. Bret and Chris were in on voting Jessica since they felt betrayed, but I didn’t get the sense that they had any particular beefs with Ken other than maybe not being too close with him. Ken’s betrayal was against only Lucy, whereas Jessica’s actions were felt by a handful of people.

  6. That wasn’t the greatest game play I’ve ever seen, but it was a thoroughly entertaining episode. Good job of David using the idol to put himself into a 4-person majority alliance in his tribe. Lucy’s plan was actually quite clever, trying to heal the original alliance by picking Jessica as a scapegoat. But she failed to account for Hawaii Zoolander and baller Dave (not to be confused with Dave Ball).

    1. It’s going to really suck for David when he realizes the swap would have saved him next week anyway and he could really use that idol.

      1. I don’t watch the next on clips, but if it’s not a misdirect like the last one, you’re right. He’ll miss that idol.

      2. Is this the earliest that an idol has ever been correctly played? I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of these stats, pre-swap feels really early

          1. If you go by number of tribals the tribe had, Russell playing for Parvati is less, but in the episode order, yeah, it’s him and Tom.

      3. I know you’re probably right, but now Jessica feels indebted to him, he’s already got a good thing going with Ken… depending on how the swap falls, he might be in a more powerful position than flipping from the bottom of the GenX alliance to the bottom of a Millenial alliance that might “take him in” for numbers only.

          1. I’m betting against that one. Ken and David are bros. They’ll hug it out, and it will be adorable.

          2. When Jeff intoned whatever nonsense about two lovers possibly being torn asunder in the preview, obviously my first thought was “Who is he talking abo–oh, Ken and David.”

          3. I was discussing the possibility of a gay hookup happening on the show, and the casting makes it statistically unlikely- they only cast 1-3 gay players per season, they could be radically different ages or personalities or whatever.

            But then I realized that Ken is there. And no matter how you identify, everyone is into Ken. So yes, this is the best chance for gay action on the show.

          4. But Ken’s not gay. Unless you mean they look at him and everyone turns gay and all of a sudden Taylor is Chris’ bottom.

          5. I actually understand your point. He really doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor. It’s just fun to pile on with the “Ken is so handsome that nothing else matters” jokes. Because he’s handsome. Like really handsome.

          6. You just know there’s some bored editor working for the show who puts together a suggestive clip package in his spare time for the office Christmas party that begins with Zeke’s “their guys … are … HUUGE”.

          7. Somehow I managed to avoid knowledge of a Brangelina breakup for quite a long time. I was impressed with myself.

    2. I really liked the play by David. Even though there is a swap next week, which definitely weakens the impact of the move, David has created an instant bond with Jessica. It seems like David has had a difficult time connecting with people out there, so I think the trade off of an idol for an ally was worth it. Also, because of the theme of the season I think there was a realistic chance they were not swapping next week, and this moved would have pretty much guaranteed that David was not going home if Gen X had to go to a few more tribals.

  7. Y’all. David has made me so happy tonight! It was so entertaining! I didn’t want Jessica to leave, and that is my favorite way to play an idol! Further yourself in the game while you can instead of keeping the security blanket! Great challenges, great tribal, great episode!

    1. I’m not sure how great of a play it was long term- I’m still working through that- but it made for an entertaining episode.

      1. It’s terrible play but as Aras said on RHAP, terrible play is more fun to watch. Aras being a good example of this (also OWM).

      2. I thought it was an incredibly fun move, but the turmoil of Ken and Lucy’s battle would have still yielded a very entertaining episode. I like Ken a lot, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy seeing him fall flat on his face.

        This is a case where I really wish we could see an alternate universe edit. I’m convinced there’s a version of this episode where David doesn’t play an idol, and Lucy is an entirely different archetype for the entire season.

      3. With a swap on the horizon, not looking great.

        It’s sort of like getting what you thought was a great discount on something only to see it go for 50% off the following week! Damn sales!

      4. I think it was a risk. I probably would have kept the idol, since a swap usually happens at 16 and me and my two closest allies (Ken and CeCe) don’t seem to be in danger. He did gain an indebted ally though.

    2. As a Jessica fan, this reminded me a lot of watching Stephen get saved in Cambodia. Like I’m glad they’re still around, but oh boy am I still worried for them. On the other hand, more is up in the air at this point in the game, and Jessica still has time to build better alliances, so there may be hope.

  8. I hope that idol play solidifies Jessica with David and Cece (maybe Ken if everyone kisses and makes up…hell even if they just do the first part, I’d be cool with that). I was surprised even Ken voted for her–I didn’t take Cece into account, and Dave told her to vote Lucy. Guess Ken was mad about Jess ratting him out to Lucy. Well, I hope it was worth it, Dave. You might’ve gained an ally, but you’ve still a long way to go.

    As much as everyone will talk about how Michaela took her top off during the reward challenge, note that Takali won every time Dave was in there (yeah he was with Chris, but details, details). That was a very interesting matchup with Dave and Chris. You’d think it wouldn’t work, but it did.

    Everyone is hunting for a goat…wonder if that means anything?

    Switch next episode! Excited for the possibilities…possibly the pretty people alliance in Vanua getting broken up.

    1. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to be the first one to the ring. Wouldn’t it be better to hang back and play disruptive defense while your opponents tire themselves out fighting the waves? Not only did Chris have the better size matchup, but he and David went in with the better strategy.

    2. I was sad we didn’t get to see what was sure to be an absolute clusterfuck of a disaster of the Millennials trying (and presumably failing spectacularly) to catch that goat.

  9. And to think, half of my Champs League team was outdone by the other half. (I also swapped Adam for Zeke in Pick-4, so everyone should obviously listen to me.)

    That was a fun episode, and finally made a Gen-X loss fun to watch. Not that it made sense for anyone’s game on that tribe.

  10. I was very proud of my Dirty Dancing joke quip, and @purplerockjohn had to beat me to it.

    At least it won’t be like the time I cut up Watermelon for a BBQ and when someone asked me what I did to help, I said “I carried a watermelon” and NOBODY LAUGHED!

  11. Everyone is talking about David, but holy shit isn’t Lucy one of the worst contestants of all time?

    “At home I tell my son and husband what to do, they usually hate me for it but it’s good for them. I think that’s also how I should play Survivor”

    1. To be fair, Jessica would have been blindsided if David didn’t play his idol. She managed to control the vote and keep peace with her alliance.

      1. Lucy knew she was a target, and she didn’t take any precaution, like splitting the vote. That was all on her.

        1. Split the vote how? She can’t really trust Ken since he tried to get her out via Jessica.
          At best if they are 100% sure that Jessica is voting CC, then have one more person vote for CC and risk a 3-3-2 vote with Lucy and Jessica getting 3 votes each. But even in that case, Lucy goes home if David plays the idol.

    2. I’ve given David a lot of crap so far, but he is playing better than both Lucy and Paul, who basically both self-destructed.

      I will say this for sure, David is a lot more entertaining than Lucy. If Lucy had succeeded at being a leader, her “nobody gets to talk or else” rule would have made for a crap viewing. While it’s questionable if David’s idol play was a good move strategically, it made for an enormously entertaining episode.

      1. “Nobody talks to anyone” is a rule that works much better with a bunch of followers (Redemption Island) than it does with a self-righteous hippie.

        1. It’s a rule that can work if you know your audience. Oh, and you’re on your fourth time playing (that helps). Anyone who thought a guy like Ken would be cool with such treatment deserves having such a plan fail.

    3. “Guys, what if I tried having absolutely no social game and just browbeating people into going with me? Has that been done before?”

      “Yeah. Dude lost twice. In a row.”

      “Fuck it, I’m gonna try anyway.”

        1. I’m sorry, I think you spelled “such a memorable character that websites should devote entire sections to her” wrong.

          1. Seriously though, try to describe Julia as a player without mentioning her age. “She was the … had a … decent social game? … was exiled that time … finished 7th.”

          2. Please tell me that sarcasm is completely out of left field, and no one has actually done that.

          3. Is that what you want me to tell you, or do you want me to tell you the truth? The Inside truth, as it were?

        1. I think we will just see two tribes and a lot of “how are you doing working together as Millennials and Gen Xers?”

        1. I hope that Figgy gets sent to exile and that Taylor sneaks off in the middle of the night to rescue her.

          …in a storm.

    1. Yeah it’s weird to have a ‘downfall edit’ where the person doesn’t go home because of their actions.

        1. I would also argue that Lucy went home due to her own actions. If she had just continued being inoffensive, there’s likely a 0% chance that she gets genuine vote consideration, let alone voted out (idoled out, whatever).

          1. She also could’ve, you know, NOT turned on her ally who she easily agreed to vote with the night before. That might’ve helped.

  12. Michaela continues to be amazing. “Either you can leave your top on and lose, or take your top off and win!” Completely overlooking the third scenario – taking your top off and still losing.

    Anybody else catch Will’s jaw drop when Michaela’s top came off? Occasionally I forget there’s a high school student in this game until a reaction like that reminds me.

  13. If they had stunt-cast J.J. Watt (age 27) on this season, how many hoops would Jeff jump through to justify putting a rich, hard-working man with legs like tree trunks on the Gen X tribe? (“C’mon, guys. He’s an old soul!”)

      1. I would actually like to see an athlete in his prime compete in challenges just to see the gap that I imagine existing

          1. Tebow is a horrible NFL player, and his obnoxious religiosity annoys me. But I totally want to see him go on Survivor.

          2. Me too! Agreed in all points. I can just imagine Probst openly salivating over Tebow, and the Facebook fans would lose their collective shit.

          3. Considering his level of pro talent, his name recognition is huge. He’s probably at least as high as Jeff Kent and Clifford Robinson.

          4. Way higher than any athlete they’ve had. You get the Gator fans, Jesus fans, morning talkshow fans, handsome man fans- Tebow would be a huge get. And I would love it- unironically!- if they got him.

          5. Tebow is so famous not being good at playing football hasn’t hurt his fame in any way, shape or form. He is getting people to make money off of him trying to play baseball.

            I love that the baseball scouting report on him is that his throwing his weak. Love it.

          6. In college we called him T-Rex because he’s good a crashing into things but has weak arms that are useful for nothing.

          7. If the producers somehow got Tebow to play Survivor the ratings would probably double, it is ridiculous how many people love him. In this scenario, whoever votes Tebow off would instantly become America’s most hated contestants of all time.

          8. I still remember when a Kentucky player just about killed him in a game seven years ago. He ended up being fine but the hits he took were vicious. Dude is tough. As a Kentucky fan he is one of those rare people where I think he’s a solid person so I wouldn’t mind if he did well, but I’d also laugh my ass off if he got #blindsided.

          9. The Georgia/Florida game in I think ’06 Georgia just kept having the d-line slam into him as soon as he got hit a little he got scared and stopped trying things. He started chucking long shots down the field, which did not work, because he can’t throw. It was the most damning evidence I had seen, up to that point, that the hwole Tebow thing was bullshit.

          10. And yet IIRC only one person on each of their seasons recognized them.

            And it really is too bad Kent hurt his knee right at the beginning of Episode 1, in terms of seeing just how much a pro athlete can dominate challenges. He had only been retired a couple of years, and he was still a credible major leaguer when he hung it up. He probably could have held on for another 2-3 years if he didn’t hate baseball.

          11. With Obama stealing half his paycheck, his take home was probably a paltry $5 million. Why even bother? #jeffkentgoesgalt

          12. If you were a baseball fan at the time, you’d probably know about Rocker. He was really great for several years, but was really controversial for his insane outbursts. I’m not even a huge baseball fan, but I follow sports in general, and I could pick him out immediately.

          13. I don’t remember seeing that … but that could just be me forgetting. I just remember Jeremy outright knew and planned to use it and told others (which is how Natalie knew).

          14. Major players mostly have risk clauses, but I don’t think minor ones do. If minor players want to knock themselves out of the league, I don’t think anyone cares. But they would still have to work around minicamps and stuff.

        1. I’ve hung out with both MLB players and makuuchi-level sumo wrestlers socially. At the risk of being Captain Obvious, it really is freaky how athletic pro athletes are.

  14. You know what I am kind of disappointed in the millennials that during the goat hunting scene that there was no one liner about ” the tribe are hunting goats right now but I have found in my own tribe” It is right there and yet nobody said it. Shame on your creative generation.

    1. I seem to remember the producers throwing in a new character in Survivor Samoa to challenge Russell In Samoa, so no it is not the first time they’ve done this.

  15. Quick OT Update from My Survivor Fandom Friend:
    1) She watched her first live idol play and was entertained!
    2) We got to the merge of One World. After picking Koutney as her winner pick (God, I wish she was kidding), she quickly picked Colton and Sabrina to which she quickly regretted and depicked. Right now, she is still high on Sabrina and also likes Chelsea and Tarzan (She also liked Jonas, which I did as well). She has not even mentioned Kim. I am a bit worried, but I now it is due to the fact that Kim has a quiet pre-merge (not Michele levels of quiet, but quiet).

    1. I finally watched One World recently, and, already knowing the outcome, was like “Where is Kim?” for pretty much the whole pre-merge.

  16. Ah Lucy, we barely knew her. She was on my fantasy team too πŸ™ I had her pegged as a total final 3 goat, but how could I have known that she would go from 0 to 60 on the horribleness scale in one episode?!?!

    1. I try to block out Worlds Apart so I could be forgetting something, but didn’t Will kind of do that? He was completely irrelevant until he became the worst in the auction episode.

  17. I keep waiting for an Emma comment, but I guess she’s probably watching the Giants right now.

      1. I’m not sure what you mean. It’s an even numbered year, the Cubs are cursed, what could possibli go wrong?

    1. I keep forgetting. I left the west coast 2 years ago and they’re so far (3 hours) behind the times!

      (Edit: I just got the joke)

          1. It had to happen. The Cubs were just better and had more at stake. At least your team actually made the Wild Card.

          2. Yeah I mean a 103-win team vs. a 87-win team really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. At least we have the moments from the Wild Card and Game 3 to look back on.

          1. I shouldn’t be talking trash anyhow. My guys got swept by Cleveland. Maybe next year we’ll see a Giants/Red Sox World Series.

  18. What an interesting variant on the Drew Christie one-episode-hubris edit. Lucy’s gameplay was certainly flawed (Lucy does not know how to deal with Ken…oh god does she not understand Ken), but by any normal standard it would have been successful. She managed to maneuver around Ken stabbing her in the back quite ably, controlling Jess’ vote even as she rallied the troops.

    But then David does something truly wacky, so Lucy is portrayed as an overconfident fool.

    1. I agree. I thought her plan was quite clever. As Other Scott pointed out below, she could have saved herself a lot of trouble by keeping the alliance together last week, but that was water under the bridge.

    2. But Ken overreacted to it right? Like she’s got a plan that keeps you, David and Cece safe, you don’t like the way she did it but go along with it, there will be time to get Lucy if she acts like this more.

      1. Oh absolutely- Ken just wasn’t willing to play under the radar for a vote or two, even when it clearly made sense. The main case for Lucy being a non-terrible mastermind is that she had built a strong enough network of social relationships than Ken could entirely blow up her spot…and it didn’t matter.

        Lucy wasn’t going to win the game- her social game was too strong-arm focused to have a shot at final, especially coming from an older woman of color. But there’s no reason she couldn’t have been a plot-critical villain who gets voted out around the merge.

      2. But Ken no longer felt that he needed to “go along with” other people’s plans. His entire move on Paul was to try and gain control. So to be told to cede it with the very next vote, one that REQUIRES his or David’s cooperation in order to succeed, is a bit much.

        It’d be different if the remaining five stuck together and were targeting CeCe. But no, Lucy only had four of eight people. Ken thus had options: go with the four to join the bottom of a more simple majority, or try to be at the top of his own majority.

        1. Ken was still in a 3 person alliance not the majority. He had no control in reality. Yeah she was insulting but we always talk about how sometimes in Survivor you’ve got to swallow your feelings. Someone came to him with another vote he could have survived but he got annoyed about the way she did it and decided to flip everything, then got annoyed when the person he went to and basically said something similar to (“you talk to Sunday”) went a questioned someone she thought she had a strong relationship with about what he’d said, so he flipped back to vote with the original person who annoyed him. I just don’t think it’s good play from him, very emotionally led, ego led and that doesn’t bode well in the long term.

          1. there was no “majority” anymore though. There was Sunday, Lucy and Jessica, only Lucy wanted to break that up and go with Chris and Bret, and then there was Cece, Ken and David. Lucy admitted she thought Sunday might follow Jessica, so that leaves Lucy in a 3, Ken, David and Cece in a 3 and Sunday floating, with Jessica the target. Either way she needs a coalition to reach majority, and for that she needs Cece, Ken and David. It’s basic parliamentary politics

    3. How you go about trying to implement your plan is often more important in the game than the actual plan itself.

  19. So Adam jumps to the top of my potential winners list after this episode, but did anybody else think “wrong move” when he went idol hunting instead of on social bonding hunting expedition? Way to reinforce your outsider status dude, there’s still so much game to play!!

    To all future players

    Social Integrating > immunity idol!!!

    1. It’s premerge, he just needs to hit a swap and looks like her has. He’s my no.1 winner pick right now. Ken can’t win, the way he reacted to Lucy and his overall ability means he’ll piss someone off and be merge boot or even sacrificed after a swap.

  20. Okay, so I came all the way around on Zeke during the goat hunting scene, when the look on his face screamed “This is stupid as all fuck, but I’ll be damned if the majority is gonna go do a thing without me.”

    1. “There’s a goat on top of that mountain! Let’s climb straight up the cliff!” is the same strategy my dog has used to unsuccessfully catch squirrels his entire life.

      1. No joke! Goats on hilly terrain are damn near impossible to catch (I wasn’t always a city kid, y’know).

          1. As a Briton, I’m sure you’ve experienced David Attenborough informing you of just how agile goats are on remarkably treacherous terrain.

          2. Yes, I’ve watched hours of this sort of thing without idiots like Jay in the background stalking of course.

          3. Me too. And I think someone needs to fund a project where Attenborough is recorded saying every word in the English language so that BBC’s nature docs can still have his voice in perpetuity.

          4. So true. I love it when he throws in little ad libs like talking to the baby animal on the screen as he’s narrating. He’s the best.

          5. That video did nothing to convince me that Jay is smart. At least partly because I’m not convinced Hannah is smart.

          6. That’s such a great insightful confessional from Zeke! I can’t access the extra clips very often due to stupid country restrictions, but Zeke lays out the tribe dynamics and his place in the game really well. Interesting to see that he is well aware that Michelle holds the power currently, and how widely liked Jay seems to be.

          7. I can’t access them through CBS/YouTube either. But reddit posts ones for the rest of us. It’s the only reason I go there.

  21. Hannah continues to be amazing. Her calling out Adam’s idol hunting was great. I only need one good sound bite from her every episode for this season to be a success.

  22. Ok I am gonna try to break down the ‘big moves’ this episode. But first, this episode confirmed that the last tribal move by the women was a terrible play. They did not even have a follow up plan in mind which makes it a terrible terrible play. Now coming to this episode –

    Lucy’s play to target Jessica- I think it was the right move. Jessica pretty much blew any chance of reconciliation with Chris and Bret. She needed to go full hog, forget about strength, make a solid alliance with bottom 3 and target one of those 2. Trying to half arsed get back in with them and target CC was just poor play. Lucy had the right idea of re-solidifying the previous alliance, putting all the blame of Jessica and booting her out.

    Ken trying to flip the vote on Lucy- Probably the most iffy, a lot of folks this this was also a bad move but I don’t believe so. Yes, it did partly come from an emotional place rather than strategic one but that is the case with a lot of moves. At the end of the day, the thinking behind the move was right. If they can get Jessica and Sunday on board, they will be the new majority in that tribe. It is not a good idea for everyone to follow Sandra’s playbook. Also Ken said that he thought that he had a connection with Jessica and she would believe her.

    Jessica outing Ken to Lucy – This was by far the worst play in the episode. I don’t believe that jessica should have automatically believed Ken at all. Look at Sugar in Gabon who fell for such a move by Kenny when she voted out Ace. So it is a good idea to second guess some info being fed to you. BUT, she has to consider that if Ken is telling her the truth then she can’t trust Lucy as well. So really, your best bet is then to have conversation with someone like Sunday and discuss her boot plans. Observe her body language and if required, share Ken’s input with her. She basically chickened out after her move last tribal.

    David’s idol play – The tribe swap really makes it a bad move. But if you look at the move in vaccum, I am still not convinced by it. Once Jessica outed Ken, I think this should have been off the table for David. If Jessica had believed them and they were stuck in a 4-4 against the other side, I can see this as being the correct move to attain majority in the tribe. If we assume that there was no swap and the Gen X went to tribal again, I don’t see it as a clear cut case of David, Jessica, Ken and CC banding together to boot one of other 3. An idol play this early for another player is only justified if it cements your alliance going forward.

    1. Agree on everything but David’s idol play in a vacuum: It’s more risky than an idol play like that should be, but I expect Cece and Ken still prefer to be on David’s side and that Jessica, who indoubtedly feels indebted to David now, is able to apologize to Ken and Cece in a way that is good enough to keep these four together, if only for a lack of more compelling options. If it does backfire, it’s still unlikely to do so directly on David.

      Oh, but I commented to say you should totally make what Kemper suggested a regular thing!

    1. Before her eyes turned bloody, I couldn’t get over how much she looks like David’s sister would look (although she’s more of a nordic type). Then her appearance turned distracting enough that it didn’t even cross my mind anymore.

    1. I feel like this was the exact opposite of Wentworth’s idol play. Whereas Wentworth’s first idol play was so fun and exhilarating, this was kinda heartbreaking because Jessica watched her alliance turned against and yet survived.

    2. I really hope that Jessica makes the jury. She’s the closest thing we’ve had in a while to Eliza’s giant ‘deer-in-headlights’ eyes.

  23. I’m really torn about whether David’s move was a good one or a bad one. Here are my thoughts:

    Reasons it was a good plan –
    Jessica is most likely a better ally than Lucy in the long run
    Supports Ken by proving his honesty to Jessica
    Could gain Jessica as a strong ally
    Jessica now owes David (he can’t have known about the Legacy Advantage, but still)
    If Ken and David lock in Jess and CeCe, that’s enough for a majority next vote

    Reasons it was a bad plan –
    As a fan, David had to know a swap was imminent, so gaining Jessica as an ally won’t help him in the next vote if they are separated
    An idol in hand could be more valuable than the outcome of this play (especially in a swap)
    Jessica was clearly not loyal to Ken/David
    Alienates Chris/Bret further – they seemed happy to blame the entire Paul vote on Jessica, so Ken/David could have skated through and potentially worked with them post-swap
    Lucy was rustling feathers and could have been an easy next target after Jessica

    I guess we will have to wait and see if the outcome of this move will be positive or negative for Ken and Dave. Jessica seems fairly reasonable, so chances are she will be gracious, but there are so many unknown factors…

    1. I’ve come around to being in on David’s move, and here’s my rebuttals to your negatives:
      1. A swap is almost always at 14 in large two tribe seasons, so there could have been two more votes. David was likely to lose an ally at one of those between Ken and Cece.
      2. It seems like everyone knew David had the idol though, at which point it’s more of a detriment to forming new alliances
      3. No, which means you gain her loyalty and you pick up an ally you previously didn’t have, putting you at a 4 person block on your tribe.
      4. Maybe….but you still lose Cece if there’s another tribal and Bret and Chris are never going to be closer to you than they are Lucy and Sunday
      5. I think Cece was the easy next target, the Jessica move was all about putting back together an alliance that David, Cece and Ken weren’t in.

  24. ALSO, why in the frak did the GenXers decide to lift Chris up first in the immunity challenge?!?!?! He is both their heaviest and their strongest person by far, and it looked like they could barely lift him off the ground. I was thinking “surely they’re lifting the heaviest guy first so he can help out by lifting everyone else” but then I noticed that they only had to lift 3 people, and those people DIDN’T get to help lift after that (they were just standing on the mat watching for the rest of the challenge). What were they thinking?!?!?!

    1. My guess is because he was very good at the rest of the obstacle course as he played football – don’t players train on stuff like that. He flew over it (even faster than Ken). David would have been useless in the lifting part. Bret probably would not have been good in the obstacle part course but he is bulky so has solid strength and could anchor the lifting. The thing was – they were ahead so the strategy worked until the puzzle which is where they blew the lead.

    2. The thing about that challenge is that anyone who’s seen previous seasons knows when you get a word puzzle you are going to spend like 45 minutes on just that. So who cares who has the slight lead going into it, get your most creative puzzlers on it.

      1. I don’t think this particular tribe has any creative puzzlers. David has said he is good on puzzles but has not shown it. No one else has said they are good.

        1. This is a completely different type of puzzle though, it’s more about your vocabulary and your ability to think of a whole lot of different potential word combinations than kind of that creative visualization that most puzzles require.

          1. I think the lesson is that before going on to Survivor you need to spend a day brainstorming every dumb thing Jeff says repeatedly. Without that framework of “the word puzzle will be a dumb thing Jeff says” you are trying to brute force a really long puzzle.

          2. True, but this one wasn’t even Jeff’s catchphrase (“Someone will be the nth person voted out of Survivor”).

          3. A 30 character word jumble is no joke, especially if they are big tiles you have to lift around.

        1. But this kind of word puzzle isn’t about being creative with words. It’s about knowing any of the many catchphrases used by Probst or production. However in this case I put the fail on production, entirely. Has Probst EVER actually said “Somebody loses their flame tonight”? We’ve heard “Somebody is going home tonight.” We’ve heard “Someone is going to be the fourth person voted out of Survivor.” But I don’t think we’ve ever heard the puzzle phrase, certainly not with catchphrase frequency.

    3. It seemed like reach played a factor in how fast they could get the tiles, so I don’t think it was necessarily totally crazy. The smaller women seemed to require move moving around the seat and stretching to get the tiles. Between that and the obstacle course he definitely seemed to gain his team a little bit of time, but of course that part of the challenge was all totally irrelevant when the puzzle takes 45 minutes.

  25. ATTENTION: If you would like the glory of having your name read on the podcast, there is room for questions in the mailbag.

    Note: you probably don’t have to ask our opinion on David’s move. We might discuss that anyway.

    1. Of the four people driving the vote (David, Lucy, Ken, Jessica), is there any defense at all for any of their moves? (I may be putting my thumb on the scale here)

      1. As far as we know, Zeke and Adam are still the odd ones out among the Millennials. Ignoring the outcome, is the right move to go on the goat hunt or look for the idol?

    2. Which types of strategic moves are your favorite from an entertainment perspective?
      -excellent moves
      -terrible moves
      -controversial/debatable moves

    3. What gimmick would you like to see Survivor try in a future season or what one would you like them to try again? Please answer something other than All Winners season.

      1. They haven’t tried an all-winners gimmick before, so they couldn’t try it again.

        But we may get to this question next week. The mailbag ended up getting pretty full this week.

    4. Would you ever like to see a season like first season again, with no idols, no twists, and legitimately letting tribes starve (or be reduced to eating rats)? Is there anything about that old style of play that is more suspenseful or interesting to you than the current style of play?

        1. Oh, cool, thanks! I know it’s a terribly unpopular opinion, but there’s a deep sadistic core of me that really misses that style of Survivor game play. I enjoyed that first season, it shocked me out of my tv viewer stupor; it was unlike anything I’d ever seen on tv…and as the misery wore on, I couldn’t *believe* production wasn’t going to bail out the contestants in some way (food, comfort). I wonder how shocked their solicited model/actor/actress-types would be to find themselves on Survivor: Survivor 1 Throwback Deprivation Island. πŸ™‚ Oh, another thing I liked about it was that it was before alliances became a mandatory thing. I mean, of course Hatch made alliances β€” I pegged him as the winner on the first day, and all my friends thought I was crazy, but I was basing it on him being a corporate trainer and understanding the psychologies of many different types of people β€” but there were plenty of people on both tribes just voting for whomever they thought was the right person to vote for that night (or people simply alphabetizing, Sean!). It made things more volatile, and sometimes that was more compelling viewing for me.

          1. I’ve had a lot of thoughts on this one since reading it late last night. So I think we’ll get to it.

  26. You guys, after repeat viewings of the reward challenge, David is actually the secret hero of that challenge. After the big wave submerges everybody, Chris and Zeke get separated from the ring, and Jay gets within arm’s reach of the Millennials’ pole, but David rips the ring away just in time.

        1. Oh yeah. There is a discussion on the Survivor Subreddit about Chris’s pre-merge challenge abilities, but I think that he is pretty good but he is good because he is about three Zekes.

          1. I just love how Adam’s big reason for finding the idol was his failure in that reward challenge, when there was just no way he was going to win against people like Chris, Bret, and Ken.

  27. I’ve determined that I like the Gen X tribe despite them being awful at puzzles. Ken for obvious reasons, David for living out the whole “The meek shall inherit the earth” thing, Chris for being a bulldozer, CeCe for seeming to barely care that she’s competing for a million dollars or that she’s on tv, Jessica for having a “never think things through” attitude that has made the last two tribals interesting, Bret for being bewildered all the time like a Matt from the Joe Schmo Show that’s gone a bit more to seed, and Sunday for being…a mom to Millennials? I admit this list started out stronger than it finished. But you do you, Sunday!

  28. My DVR didn’t record the episode so I just finished watching it. I am glad I have ADAM on my pick 4.

    I first thought David using his idol was stupid, since they were likely swapping next episode, put this does put him in a majority alliance and win him an ally in case they did not swap. I am unsure if it was good or bad.

  29. Didn’t Lucy give away in TC that Ken was telling Jessica the truth? When she said “I’m sorry I said it in a blunt fashion”. (Or something to that effect – point is she did nothing to deny that she had told Ken to vote Jessica). How did Jessica not see it and how did Probst not point that out?

    1. I like the way you think, These Words. I may have said something similar in the recording tonight.

    2. Yes. I was wondering why Ken didn’t say “look, she’s proving me right” or something, and then thought perhaps there was something that was said but didn’t make the cut.

    1. This one was more intense and more varied due to the multiple rounds. That one was more of a marathon.

  30. Underrated moment of the night for me: Hannah busting Adam’s idol hunt like only a little sister can do. That may be the hardest I have laughed at Survivor since Keith and the to-to/tuk-tuk.

  31. Comment on the current website design:

    Not enough purple. I feel the orange headers should be purple.

    It does seem more streamlined.

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