Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 6 Liveblog: “The Truth Works Well”

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The Truth Works Well


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A Survivor fan since the end of season one, Mark hasn’t finished One World, but still thinks Kim is overhyped.

Top 5, Baby: Cambodia, Cagayan, Heroes vs. Villains, Pearl Islands, and Palau.
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800 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 6 Liveblog: “The Truth Works Well”

        1. It wasn’t particularly informative, as I recall. I feel like we’ve been set up for a Faylor-centric break-up that didn’t happen last week via split.. so maybe it’ll happen this week via boot.

          1. I think it’s gonna happen this week. Survivor keeps hinting at it, and there is no way Adam is not sitting there just waiting for his chance to flip one of them out. He knows the right move. He just needs a chance to make it.

          2. I thought he screamed “too good to be true” preseason and avoided him like the plague. Now I think he is more “exactly good enough to be true”. I really hope he gets his moment, and think he will very soon.

          3. Fun fact, Adams Twitter profile says “Official Survivor Confessional Screamer of survivor MvGenX

  1. I’m sorry about the rough afternoon, Mark. I feel you on that. Ken will make it better. And hopefully, Figgy will go home or something and all will be right with the world. Basically, if much else happens, I’m gonna be upset.

    1. “Ken will make it better.”

      By being so boring that you’re at least guaranteed a good night’s sleep?

      1. Ken may be a man-unicorn of sexual confusion for me, but that is anything but boring. He’s a man-unicorn! I figuratively melt into his eyes every time I see him. I like looking at his abs. I BECOME A PERSON I DON’T RECOGNIZE, AND IT’S VERY STRANGE. And also, he’s not a bad person, it seems? He works with the homeless! Also, if he’s friends with David, Adam, and Jess on the island, he’d probably have gravitated towards me, too, personality-wise. He’s making friends with the “outcasts” (I use that term loosely- it’s mostly just people on the outside of the numbers).

        1. Since both he and Adam work with the homeless, they should also team up irl to make some sort of wonderful charity.

        1. That was me trolling before the episode. He was definitely reasonably entertaining today. I mean, they really gave him layups, but he put them in the basket.

          1. I actually do like Ken. And you are right, that was funny. I like how Ken brought it up at tribal too, he was basically saying: “can you believe these two idiots Jeff?”

          2. He was pretty hilarious at tribal explaining what Figgy wanted Taylor to respond regarding Jeff’s offer to marry them.

            Also, Jessica now looks like the deer that stare at me every night while I’m driving, trying to avoid them, on the dark back roads here in NJ on my way home. Its really uncanny.

      1. We have the best comment section of all time because people are not nasty to each other like on a certain other website (and I’m not talking about the AV Club).

        1. I’m trying to guess what website you are talking about. Going with your description of it as a website where people are nasty to one another, I have narrowed it down to 635,095,231 possibilities.

          Seriously, this is a really nice place to discuss Survivor.

          1. Well cutting out all of the non-survivor podcasts, that might make it 95,231. But I’m talking specifically about RHAP. I love the podcasts but sometimes reading the comments annoys me. I pretty much stopped posting there because I got my head bit off because my “opinion” was “wrong” about something or other. And the same people keep doing it despite being warned that they would be banned.

          2. Weirdly, we’ve never had to ban anyone. And only once did we ever have to issue a warning to someone to dial it back. I think the general civility here probably helps to scare away trolls.

          3. There is a reason I don’t post on RHAP even though I listen to Rob and Stephen (and all of RHAP’s Survivor coverage) religiously. As great as the hosts are I don’t like the vibe in the comment section. Which is a shame, because Rob and Stephen are, coincidentally, my two favorite Survivors of all time. I really like posting here.

  2. Live blog still not showing up on main page, I’m and old Gen X-r, but I outsmarted the millenial technology by using the menu

    1. David can tell his left from his right by holding his hands in front of him and looking for the L-shape made by his left thumb and fingers. But this time he was blindfolded, so he wasn’t able to do that.

        1. When I was a kid I had a book called The Easy Know How To Book that had all kinds of life-hacks for kids in it, like this way of telling your left from your right, or that when you button up your shirt you should start at the bottom because otherwise you’ll probably miss a button going top-to-bottom.

          1. I vaguely remember learning that trick but now I can’t remember the trick and have no problem with the 30 v. 31 days. I just use the poem.

          2. I didn’t learn about that knuckle trick until my 20s, but it seems so easy I wish I had learned it earlier. As a kid I was stuck with the poem/song:

            Thirty days hath September,
            April, June and November.
            All the rest have thirty-one,
            except February.

            By the end the author just gave up on rhyming.

          3. “All the rest have thirty-one,
            Except for February, which has just twenty-eight days clear
            And twenty-nine each lap year’

            Is how I learned it.

          4. Ah you did. Before I saw the posting.

            Mine ended “except February, it has 28. And every Leap Year one day more.”

      1. Okay, see, you’re probably joking, but I do that. I’m weirdly fine when I’m driving but if I’m giving directions in a mall, I sometimes have to check!

        (And my mother used to write left on my shoes)

          1. Yeah, she really just wanted to screw with me.

            (I meant all my lefts, since I owned several pairs of shoes)

        1. Ughhh I hate this trick. It just makes me question what “L”s look like. I’m also mildly dyslexic, so… fml

      2. I sucked my thumb when I was little, so I learned left and right by knowing that my right thumb was the one with the calluses from my teeth (sorry, guys, I know that’s gross).

        Then I stopped sucking my thumb, and the calluses faded, and it has been like over 20 years and I still haven’t worked out a new method for remembering which is which.

    2. True story: Last time I visited home, we played about 62 games of Left Right Center because it’s one of the few games my 5-year-old niece can play with the “grown-ups” and I messed up my right and left more than she did. I am 42.

  3. “I’m not disappointed in my game at all”

    Well Figs, just wait until you watch the first six episodes of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

      1. Hmm… Good question. I’m gonna wait until I hear Figgy’s exit interview. I want to see who takes more blame for their own downfall between Figgy and CeCe.

        1. I think Figgy has the greatest chance of giving away future game events in her exit interviews. Not intentionally, just by her talking about the game.

      2. I need to listen to Figgy’s exit interview before I can decide this one. I wasn’t blown away by CeCe in the exit interview she gave (to be fair I was in pretty crazy DC traffic when I heard hers so I leave room for the possibility that I missed some important commentary from her).

        I think the fact that Figgy wanted to hide her relationship with Taylor after the swap (regardless of how well it went) showed that there is at least some level of self awareness in Figgy. It’s a low bar, but I do think it’s possible she can recognize her errors after watching her episodes.

    1. I was honestly hoping it would be Taylor instead of Figgy. I think there is at least a chance Figgy could be interesting down the road. Taylor doesn’t seem to have much upside as a character or as a player.

      Plus, you know, my Outcast League team.

      1. Taylor is not long for this game, I am happy that Colton cubbies is a figtails supporter and David doubter, would hate to share an opinion with Colton

        1. Colton is literally the worst and the fact that I have an opinion that is exactly the opposite of that makes me so happy.

        2. Everything I’ve seen from off-island Colton seems like a reasonable human being though. Including the fact he was dating someone as awesome as Caleb.

          1. Oh, yeah I agree he is fairly reasonable, at least not as awful as on his season, and I certainly empathize with his loss of Caleb who was awesome. But… he is a doody head as a Survivor pundit.

      2. I honestly thought we were getting a “bye, bye Figgy” edit for a bit especially since all of his errors were done either in confessional or just to Figgy whereas Figgy had several public issues.

        1. I had resigned myself fairly early on that Figgy would be the target when it got around to voting time, for the exact reason you stated. Taylor’s only real crime this episode was being in your face about his thing with Figgy, which he was already doing anyway.

          1. I think the evidence is strong.

            I’d bet that this isn’t far from how she acts in real life, either.

          1. I listened to the Wiggle Room on my way to work this morning *well now yesterday morning). He said he was going to the eye doctor and might not be able to see to well.

            I am a font of useless information.

          2. You’re right… he seemed to actually be concerned. I mean I guess every pet owner would be worried about something like this, but the story makes sense.

      3. Yep. I hear ya! We still have David and we were pretty far ahead in points … anxiously awaiting the results (kidding).

  4. These will be some unpopular opinions around here, but I kind of like Figgy. She was a fun character on the show, and this season is kind of lacking on eye candy. I was kind of getting Parvati/Adam vibes off of Figgy/Taylor.

    In addition, I would have rather just seen Hannah evacuated. I don’t find her compelling at all. Most of us in this comment section probably have anxiety so I get that, but she just hasn’t given us much.

    1. I agree. I would have much rather lost Island Lochte over Figgy. She had some game (and was kinda cute).

    2. I agree on Hannah. She seems nice and all, but on Survivor she is basically a bland, boring, uninteresting version Aubry.

      1. There’s just no self-awareness with Hannah – she doesn’t seem remotely aware at how she comes across or how it turns other people off. Cochran or Aubry could still give a good confessional while being socially inept, but Hannah seems to lack even that.

      1. Michaela is gorgeous. Ditto for Michele. Much prettier than Figgy. And I agree, Ken is all the eye candy we need.

        1. It pissed me off mightily during the first 2 episodes that they kept referring to Figgy and Michelle as “the pretty people” when they were on the same tribe as Michaela and Mari.

    3. I’m sure I’ll cover this on the podcast, but I was fine with Figgy.

      And seconded to everyone else saying Ken is all the eye candy we need.

    4. It seems to be an unlikable character, but I like her too. Like you said, she reminds me a lot of Parvati. They were both 23 when they started and they have the same flirty cool girl vibe. Granted, Parvati did a lot better, but she still didn’t reach her full potential until she was in her mid 20s.

    1. I thought for a second when Adam said that he voted for someone he liked, because there is no way in hell that he likes Figgy. But then…I realized that he was already doing PR with Taylor.

          1. Yeah, she definitely has her flaws, but I think she was genuine when she said she didn’t care about it anymore. & hey, some people even liked Abi! Or Varner did at least

          2. I think Kelley tolerated her. I seem to remember hearing her on some podcast talking about how terrible it was trying to wrangle Abi and that she’d never go out there again on a season with her. But I could be wrong.

      1. This episode: “I’m voting for someone I like.”

        A few episodes ago: “Figgy sucks at Survivor!”

    2. Absolutely not. The Adam confessional about voting out Ken was clearly an answer to a question like: “Adam, we know that you are voting Figgy, but if you were to vote for Ken, why would you do it?”

    3. When Ken went to Adam and told him who to vote for instead of asking “Who do you want to go home, Figgy or Taylor?” I thought Ken and Jessica might be in trouble. When you need the swing vote, let them pick the votee, don’t tell them what to do. You need them more than they need you.

    1. I think her eyes look amazing, but that’s mostly by comparison (I think) because her freaky red eyes seem to have gotten better the last few episodes.

    2. I said she looks like the deer I drive by every night that stare at me on the dark roads I drive on to get home.

    3. I assume her current eyes have been affected by Fiji pinkeye.

      What I’m saying is, this is her superhero origin story.

  5. Ok, I kind of just want the remainder of the season to be Michaela’s thoughts on everyone in the general vicinity of her awesomeness.

      1. That was awesome, but it was also exactly what I was thinking of when I said I don’t think she’s exactly suited to winning this game. But I’d definitely love it if she did.

      2. What was really funny was what she actually said – its something parents or a coach would say (i.e. GenX or Baby Boomers).

    1. Ken’s explanation of Taylor completely missing what Figgy wanted to hear after the wedding conversation was pretty astute too.

      1. It was hilarious.

        Who knew Jeff was a minister. Wonder if it was an online thing.

        And remember Figgy in her pregame material did say she was looking for a husband.

        1. According to People, Jeff has officiated weddings for many of his friends, including (holy crap!) Jenna Fischer!

          1. All kidding aside, going to a wedding officiated by Jeff Probst would be kind of awesome. Especially if he threw in a bunch of catchphrases.

          2. “C’mon on in guys!”

            (to the bride) “You have to dig deep!”

            (after they’re married) “The reception will follow afterwards, with all the fixings.”

            (looks at the best man and maid of honor) “I’ve got nothing for you.”

        2. I recently discovered that the online thing is specifically American. I’d seen it so often that I assumed it could happen everywhere, but alas, Australia has much stronger celebrant regulations 🙁

  6. Michaela is so much fun, but sadly, I think her style is all too likely to cause a premature exit. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Adam’s attempts to convince Taylor that he had to vote out Figgy will not go well. And by being moderately entertaining today, Ken is making it much harder for me to troll his fans.

          1. Yes, when I burn I burn alone. Just like Woo did in BBB.

            …And like how Ken might this season.

          2. Ken’s one job is to get David to the finals. He also has a small, part-time job as well; but that’s between him and EmAndScoutInBK.

          3. This is so not because David is on my fantasy team, but David making the final would make me happier than the season where Tony won

          4. I do NOT know which two players from this season will be back next season. My GUESS would be David and Michaela. And I would love to see David and Tony team up

          5. Haha, funny thought, but I don’t see how that would work, the spy shack only has room for one

          6. Tony has a new song right now:
            David, David,
            Give me your answer do!
            I’m half crazy,
            Without my llama coo
            It won’t be helter skelter,
            I can’t afford a stylish shelter,
            But you’ll look sweet upon the floor
            Of a spy shack made for two.

          7. The spy shack was a 2 person operation. Tony would hide in it and listen while Trish probed people for information.

            Not that I think David works in the “talking to people” role.

          8. I really want Tony to win next season to finish what Russel started, and win twice playing a reckless game

          9. ““Certainly it constitutes bad news when the people who agree with you are buggier than batshit.”

            -Philip K. Dick.

          10. Strangely, this season has several characters that I would want to see on a return trip over some of the “game changers” that were actually named from other seasons for the next season.

            Ken, Zeke, David, Michaela, Adam, and even Jessica (bad or good, she’s actually doing something her first time) would be interesting. Even Michele, Hannah or Jay are more interesting than some that were “game changers.”

          11. I would say that that the male cast for next season is pretty solid. There are some people who we might dislike personally but at least there is some entertainment value to be at with the people they chose.

            The women’s side is less solid but this cast’s women shouldn’t really replace them because mostly they are boring(Sunday, Jessica, Hannah), went home early (Rachel, Mari, Figgy) or both (CeCe, Lucy) so they at few options.

          12. Well, I don’t think Jessica or Hannah are boring. The rest, I agree. But these two are not eye candy and the ones I’m thinking of on next season were boring on their seasons and are eye candy.

          13. I will give you Hannah but Jessica is a boring player. She has screen time because of the fact that she found an advantage that could help her (but probably not) and she was almost voted out. Can you tell based on the show is what is exciting about her.

          14. I would totally be down for a David vs. Tony season. I am totally down to see Tony on every season though.

        1. I missed that one, but I approve. I’m not sure he has a ton in common with Woo, but he is definitely the type of player who would take a sure winner to FTC to satisfy his sense of ‘honor’.

        2. Ken was fine tonight, but the way he was talking during tribal I was wondering how many sessions of therapy he’s billed. That was “I spend a lot of time with a psychologist” talk.

          1. Well I’d imagine suddenly finding out you have a four year old daughter would lead to needing a professional to help sort those feelings out.

          2. What’s that? Ken might have a healthy attitude toward mental health? HOW MORE PERFECT CAN HE GET?!?

          3. I don’t want to undermine our superficial beef about Ken, but I do actually think he’s a pretty good guy. I just don’t think he’s an interesting Survivor player, or even anyone I would like in real life. I also don’t share sharculese’s interpretation of his tribal council talk. I thought it sounded more like dime store, Dr. Phil armchair psychology, but that’s just me.

          4. You almost lost the beef, but then you brought it back with the Dr. Phil stuff. It was a tough needle to thread, but you managed.

    1. Yeah, I agree on Michaela. She is so amazing at challenges that she is going to go pretty soon after the merge, probably the first time she loses individual immunity. She is seriously so good at challenges that it is almost unfair the other tribes have to compete against her.

      1. Unless she gets in with someone like Adam and the rest of the Gen Xers that are seemingly forming. Remember we got that scene of him trying to get back with her and Hannah.

        1. I feel like orange and purple are going to team up against green after the merge. It seems like a dominating alliance of Adam, Chris, David, Jessica, Ken, and Zeke could form pretty easily.

          1. I’m just not sure about Chris in this equation.

            He’s working with David from necessity now, but I find it hard to imagine him embracing an alliance that includes David, Ken AND Jessica. Particularly Jessica.

          2. Chris is for sure the most likely of that group to go out soon after the merge. After all he is a giant, intimidating, challenge beast. Plus his edit is not great. But I do think, at least at first, that he will be included in that group because Zeke loves him and they do kind of need him to beat Michaela and Jay in the challenges. Maybe they do blindside him though after they take out some of the threats on the green tribe.

            Also, Brett and Sunday are not long for this game, so maybe Chris doesn’t even have the chance to team up with them at the merge. His only option may be working with David, Ken, and Jessica.

          1. I guess it depends on how her irrational commitment to tribal lines compares with her dislike of Figgy.

      2. Which totally sucks because her confessionals are so awesome and she’s such a badass. I guess I’ll just enjoy her as long as she can avoid going to tribal.

        1. Look, it wouldn’t exactly be the worst thing for a player who has stated often that a major motivator for her to go on the show was to win money to fall short of said goal.

          And thus come on again. And again. And… wait, we’re supposed to hate four-timers, so nevermind.

    2. I wouldn’t be too quick to say that. Michaela really reminds me of Sandra. She’s big-mouthed and confrontational, but at the same time she’s aligned and/or friendly with a lot of different groups. She may not have the tightest of bonds, but no one actively doesn’t want to work with her. In her case, I think being so confrontational could work in her favour by getting the target off her even though she is a dominant player.

        1. The editing and musical cues when she wandered into Will and Jay’s idol party was the highlight of the episode for me.

    3. Yeah, telling the GenX that she doesn’t care about them and potentially taunting a guy with an idol may not help her.

    4. Michaela looked all the more misguided for that fact that the previous boot went against original tribe lines. She is playing a stage of the game that is over.

      Then there is the question of why she wants it to stay Millennials vs. Gen X. She should be savvy enough to know that she isn’t in the final four of the Millies.

      1. Didn’t it somewhat seem that she may have wanted that team to win so that Figgy might get voted out? I don’t really feel she’s going to be too upset to see her go. She had to say something after all. But yeah, her bluntness is probably going to bite her in the ass.

        1. I suppose it is possible, but she doesn’t know the dynamics there, so it’s a long shot. And if her plan was to sabotage Figgy, it would make it even less of a good idea to set herself up as dedicated enemy of everyone on the Gen X side.

          I don’t know. Much like Michaela yelling at Hannah during the challenge, I am only being critical because I want to see her make it through.

      2. She just said that to disguise the fact that she was rooting for a Figtails boot
        And it went down like a charm

        I feel like Michaela can work with Gen Xers better than with Figtails

    5. Michaela is fun but some of the things she says will turn people off from voting for her if she makes it to the end.

  7. So at this point, we can pretty much determine the only compelling characters left. by my math, only people left worth caring about are : David, Ken, Zeke, Michelle, Micheala, Adam, and Jay, I guess throw Hannah in there too

          1. Yeah, they cast really boring genx , there are a plethora of interesting gen X ers in survivor history

          2. I think they fell victim to the weird angle that Probst has on Gen X of them all being stodgy, boring middle-aged folks. They seemed to have cast that support that vision. Turns out that stodgy, boring, middle-aged folks are not fascinating TV. Who knew?

          3. It’s a classically-constructed sitcom based on familiar plots and physical comedy, but it’s shot in a single cam format and features unconventional relationships to give it a veneer of freshness you know it’s never going to pay out on.

          4. Quick, someone write a survivor fanfic of ultimate nightmare cast survivor season. off season Purple rock post? worst survivor season ever?

          5. Survivor: All “Stars” – Thailand vs. Nicaragua vs. Gabon

            Would be amazing. In some form, at least.

          6. Ok can someone compile the list? This needs to be read together.

            The Paranoid v. Neurotic season.

          7. “The winners of this reward challenge will receive Xanax and a psychiatrist visit back at camp!”

          8. “Some men just want to watch ch the world burn” I’m putting in Naonka as the 8th member

          9. I think I’m going to sit up all night stressing about the idea of this tribe. Even in a hypothetical thread on a comment board it’s terrifying.

          10. To paraphrase Seinfeld, Brandon doesn’t just need a psychiatrist, he needs a team. He needs help at the University level.

          11. “Green Tribe, drop your Buffs. The entire Blue Tribe has been medevaced, and we are now merged.”

          12. David is shockingly boring Survivor contestant for how much time the show keeps on spending on him.

          13. So true, he has some of the manic energy of Tony, but only enjoyable to watch because of how badly he screws up at every turn

          14. I am more intrigued by David then I’ve been by this archetype lately. By a lot. I find him dynamic and almost charismatically(!?) mischievous

          15. To be fair, it might just be that David is being overplayed compare to the other players on the season

          16. I liked after the reward challenge David saying “You know, we wouldn’t have won that challenge with CeCe.”

          17. Oh, shit, that’s on the other tribe, for the next survivor season, Survivor:Dumpster Fires. throw Trump on a tribe

          18. I like that tribe. I also want to add Michaela, which raises a question: Would Cydney and Michaela love each other, or try to kill each other? Because nothing in between is possible.

          19. And who would be more of a challenge beast. Cydney would get along with others better. She does know when not to say things.

          20. I don’t agree. David and Ken are interesting. Jessica goes back and forth … she’s not dynamic but I find her interesting. Chris is becoming interesting.

      1. I was gonna say… that looks like a pretty good ratio to me. Especially when several of the players off of this list (Sunday, Taylor for starters) seem like strong candidates to be booted before the merge.

        I’m really starting to come around to this cast, and the season in general. The expansion to three tribes in particular has been a Godsend.

      2. Yeah, that’s better than Worlds Apart, and on par with Koah Rong, and Koah Rong had a great post-merge

        1. And while I don’t like Taylor and Figgy, there are no outright douchebags so far on this cast.

      1. She seemed to have potential in the first episode, but that dwindled quickly. I guess there is potential for her to do something at the merge, but we’ll see.

      1. We have just gotten no screen time from Sunday, can’t see her being a factor this season. perhaps Chris

        1. Chris has potential, he does have stuff set up and I 100% think he’ll make a run, be in good and get screwed by David (and Jess/Ken) again

      2. Yeah, Chris is a real character on the show. I know who Sunday is, but I am drawing a blank on what she looks like, and anything she has said this season. I am not sold on her potential.

        1. Early she seemed like she would be a prominant player, but she has been completely abandoned. She might come back at the merge.

    1. Bret seems to be getting the purple edit, unless there’s an even less prominent character I’m just blanking on. Will hasn’t given us much either, but I don’t know what they were expecting from an 18 year old.

      1. The last two episodes, the only thing Bret has done is say how great Michaela is. Not a good sign for his future.

    2. The Ginger Hulk probably won’t win, but he’s an interesting character too. Jessica’s shocked Tribal expressions give her Eliza Jury upside

    3. I am compelled by how Taylor’s revenge streak turns out. Also, personally I kind of find Jessica interesting at least by the standard’s of the GenX’s.

  8. One thought: We’ve lost half the females in this cast already. And are likely to lose Michelle soon. This will be a very dude-centric endgame.

    1. Michelle could be saved by an early merge or an unlikely winning streak by Orange, but yeah, you’re pretty much on the money.

      1. Hey it could happen! They did first and second today! And David had to carry really heavy bags! That’s a whole other challenge for him.

          1. No, I just thinking that we are starting at Day 19 next episode and there 14 Survivors left in the game. It would be smart to sent two tribes to tribal and have each of them vote out a person so they can merge at twelve.

          2. I think there has to be at least one, doesn’t there? I don’t think it’s possible to get down to at most three Survivors in a 20 member cast without having a double boot.

    2. One of my biggest concern with this season is that this it might be reverse One World with all men final 5. I can not think about a combination of 5 men who if they reached the finale that this would be a good season.

      1. Final 5: Chris, Zeke, Adam, Ken, David.
        Final 4: Chris, Zeke, Ken, David.
        Final 3: Zeke, Ken, David.
        Final 2: Woo, David.
        Winner: David.

      2. I think an all male final 5 this season would have much more potential to be volatile and interesting than One World was. Especially if any combination of David/Jay/Zeke/Adam/Ken were there. Even Chris would bother me as long as it wasn’t Chris/Will/Brett/Taylor/?.

        I like a lot of this cast, but I don’t think there is a single contender for “greatest player of all time” on it. Whereas with One World the greatest player of all time was going up against… whoever the hell else was there.

          1. This isn’t an all-time cast or anything, but it seems like we are going to get lucky in that a lot of the interesting people are going to make it far. I am bullish on this season being like the anti San Juan Del Sur.

          2. Yeah there’s no one outright objectionable this time around, which is a breath of fresh air in I don’t even know how many (newbie) seasons.

          3. I don’t get the SJDS hate. The final run of episodes, from Natalie voting Alec out onwards, is one of my favourite endgames of all time. Watching Nat outmanoeuvre everyone else, blindside Jon, blindside Baylor, then sit and inform the others that they SHOULD vote her out and then watch them boot Keith anyway is deeply satisfying.

          4. Yep. I guess its because it was a woman of color and because so many of the players were duds or unlikeable duds (Wes, Alec, John Rocker, Dale, Julie McGee, Drew, to some extent Baylor and Reed) or dumb (John Misch) or annoying (Jacklyn, Baylor again, Missy sometimes).

          5. It’s the boot order. Of the final 9, only Natalie is interesting (in hindsight, mostly because of his second season, I guess you can say Keith too, but when SJDS aired it was so frustrating watching him in a power position). Almost all the interesting people were booted pre-merge or were named Jeremy and barely made it onto the jury. It is the inmates running the asylum season of Survivor.

          6. I passed Reed in a subway station a few months after SJDS aired and I will never forgive myself for not thinking fast enough to yell “Stick to the plan” at him as he walked by. 🙁

          7. I am possibly more results-oriented than most in my survivor viewing sometimes. I love SJDS for Natalie’s badass march to the end, just as I actually quite enjoyed Redemption Island from a ‘this is a textbook demo of one of the ways of winning Survivor’ perspective.

          8. In retrospect we look back on a season and redefine it as the story of whoever won the season, but of course we can’t do that while the season is playing out. While the season is still going the journey is much more important than the destination. Thus a season that is incredibly frustrating but produces a fantastic winner (SJDS) is, while it’s happening, much less enjoyable than a highly entertaining season with a dud winner (Panama, say).

          9. We compared Redemption Island (and One World) to a baseball pitcher throwing a perfect game. It’s an impressive accomplishment, but it’s not necessarily exciting to watch.

          10. Natalie winning was certainly the ray of sunshine in the black hole that was SJDS. My big problem with that season was that she was the only one in like the final 10 that even knew that Survivor was a game. After Jeremy was voted out I just found everyone besides Natalie to be so thoroughly uninteresting, and so lacking in strategy, that I didn’t even really enjoy the episodes.

          11. I think part of it is that a lot of the season you are thinking “there’s no way this ends well”, but then it does end well and it’s hard to fix the negative perception you already had. I agree with you though, everything from the Josh boot on is good. Even the pre-swap isn’t too bad.

          12. There were three episodes in the middle that had SIGNIFICANT storylines about the acquisition and digestion of food. And not in the “hunt a boar” way.

            That’s how thin the season was until Natalie made a late season push.

          13. I can see that. I’m not in love with this cast (except you Michaela) but I still think they’re fun enough. I almost wish we could have swapped into three tribes at 18 instead of 16, that would have made it a little harder for the show to constantly harp on the generation battle bullshit.

      3. I wouldn’t mind seeing Zeke, Ken, David, Adam, and sure why not Chris.

        But that would mean no Michaela, which is not something I want to imagine.

          1. He’s interesting and an increasingly well-rounded character. But his complete buy-in to the season’s theme and his constantly talking about it really annoy me.

          2. I think that’s more about him recognizing that embracing the theme and talking about it in confessionals and at tribal is a good way to get more screen time.

    3. It’s hard to say what was the dumber move by Figgy: inadvertently stabbing Michelle in the back by underlining where her real loyalty was to her current tribe or slitting her own throat by telling Adam that she had totes forgotten about that time he wrote her name down, so don’t worry about it.

      Neither of those things are likely to the deciding factor, but they both sure as hell work against her.

      1. Well Taylor threatening him could not have helped.

        Ken said he had his back and made him promises. Jessica let him make up his mind. Both let him pick Figgy v. Taylor. Adam also seems to like respect.

      2. The Michelle thing I think worked against Figgy as well, as it just serves to remind Adam (as well as Zeke) that there are people in the game she likes better than him.

        That was the worse move I think, because it might have partially served to put the target on her rather than Taylor. By tribal, the targets are already decided, so you can often get away (temporarily) with saying stupid stuff purely because the opposing alliance doesn’t get the chance to change their plans.

        1. That’s a good point about her comments at the challenge having an effect on Adam.

          In general, I agree with you comment about most votes being locked in by Tribal, but not in this case. Adam was a pure swing vote with both sides counting him as on their side. He didn’t need to coordinate with anyone if he changed his mind.

          But you are right that the earlier mistake was worse. If Figgy had been been lower key about her friendship with Michelle and done better at making Adam feel part of the team, then he would have been less receptive to flipping in the first place.

          1. I agree with you about Adam being the pure swing vote in this case, but I think my point is that if Figgy keeps her mouth shut at the challenge, there’s a tiny chance that the target is Taylor rather than her. And if the target is Taylor then even if she antagonises Adam into deciding to flip (if he’s still on the fence) at tribal council, Figgy is still in the game. She’s on the bottom, but she isn’t out.

            I am ranking anything that might make you the specific target of the vote as worse than anything that is bad for your alliance in general, because as long as you’re still in the game then you still have a shot at recovering from a bad move.

          2. Yeah, that makes sense. I guess I am just so sadly used to the woman always being the target in a power couple that I wasn’t even considering the possibility that they might have gone after Taylor.

          3. For once, I genuinely feel that it was (/should have) been a toss-up, as Figgy seemed competent in challenges and was also their main puzzle person. Taylor might still be here because he was, in this case, strategically less threatening, rather than just automatically keeping the guy for strength.

          4. Yeah, I completely agree. Figgy is solidly athletic and good at puzzles, so she was a real threat.

            It’s a bit of a complicated situation here as power couples tend to get targeted so early. This time we have it happening close to the merge. When you have an early elimination, the decision is always to keep on whoever is perceived as the most help in challenges.

            At this stage of the game, it’s hard to know what the reasoning was. They could have been playing the short game and thinking who was best to have on the tribe in challenges. They could have been thinking post merge and taking out Figgy because she would be a real threat later on.

            Thinking further, Figgy really was an important bridge in the Golden Millennials alliance. She was the strong link between the bro part of the alliance and Michelle. They might not all connect as well without her.

      3. Figgy’s comments about Michelle before the reward challenge were like Bubba saying “Think about the merge!” on Vanuatu.

        Also, it doesn’t help to keep Adam on your side by placing her hand on his head at tribal and … what exactly was she doing? Giving him a noogie? Pushing his head down? Whatever it was, Adam looked very uncomfortable.

    4. In fairness, we thought that about San Juan Del Sur (4 women, 7 men), and then all 4 women made the Final 5 and we got the only all-female Final Three. Let’s not close the book on this season yet. I could easily see Michaela and Michelle going on an endgame run.

      1. San Juan Del Sur didn’t have quite as many early game female boots. 5/6 of the boots have been women this season. Even though there was a gender imbalance at the start of the game in SJDS, by this point half of the boots had been men. It’s a somewhat similar situation, but the trend of kicking off the women is much stronger this season.

  9. Random thoughts:

    Who knew that they played the Survivor theme on the island when you found the idol? Future players: just listen for the music – you’ll know someone just found it.

    “Dude, keep a lookout.” Ten seconds later … “What’s that?” Will, worst lookout ever.

    Is David hard of hearing or does he not know his left from his right?

    Old men should not be spinning.

    When Hannah chose to sit out I thought it must be the immunity challenge she gets injured on. But no, she needs medical just from sitting on the bench.

    So Michelle basically won that challenge for her tribe singlehandedly?

    Figgy is upset about losing. Maybe this is why her and Taylor bring their relationship out in the open? Taylor thought it would make her feel better?

    How effective a fishing technique is it to just hit the water with a stick?

    Is Jessica talking? Oh wait, it’s actually Taylor doing his spot-on impression of her.

    David is … not bad at this challenge??? He was never gonna drag all 3 bags at once so I have no problem with him making 2 trips.

    Do no talk to Michaela when she’s working a ball-puzzle. She still loves you, but shut up.

    “There’s nothing you can’t do.” That sounds like a quote they show after the first commercial break in the reunion.

    Michaela gives puzzle advice to Zeke and Michelle. Take THAT, Figgy.

    Michaela just dropped the mic on the Figgy tribe. Boom!

    Adam, the entire audience is counting on you not to screw this vote up!

    Figgy and Adam agree to vote out Ken. Taylor comes up and asks if they’re all on the same page. Am I the only one who expected Taylor to say “It’s Jessica”?

    “Figaroo” (and that was Ken’s vote, not Adam’s)

    No goodbye kiss for FigTayls?

    So were Figgy’s tears because she got voted out or because (I can’t fathom this myself) she misses Taylor?

    Figgy says she won’t be reunited with Taylor anytime soon. Oh, I don’t know about that …

    1. First of all, I got that same vibe from that Bret quote about Michaela, especially since it was subtitled. Typically, if they want you to notice something, they will subtitle it.
      Secondly, didn’t you know that the cameramen just follow you around with an iPod that just plays the Survivor theme song once you found the idol?

          1. That was Boston Rob’s best move in All Stars. He thought he might not win so he proposed to the other finalist.

    2. “Dude, keep a lookout.” Ten seconds later … “What’s that?” Will, worst lookout ever.

      I cracked up.

      1. The editors were on fire during the pre-credits part of this episode! From Jay singing the theme music with it playing in the background, to Michaela’s sudden appearance:
        Jay: “Dude, this stays between me and you…”
        Michaela: “Secret, secret!”
        Cut to Michaela’s confessional: “Hey! What you got there!”

        Absolutely hilarious!

    3. Michaela looked like she refrained from telling Jeff to shut up but she definitely wanted to. Hell I wanted to on her behalf.

  10. So am I the only person who isn’t convinced Jay has actually heard the Survivor theme music before?

      1. Regardless of how good it was, I would be so happy if this happened. Like a (much) more tuneful version of ShutUpTim.

        1. Wasn’t it Shut Up Tim who did “Rob’s the best…know it all!” music! Because that was great.

          Because lately it has been so awful that it doesn’t even work as a joke anymore.

          1. The problem is that he’s not good enough to turn around good parody lyrics in the 24 hours between seeing the episode, so the entire joke becomes that he’s bad at singing. And that joke was played out two seasons ago. I like to believe Rob knows it’s a bad segment and is just too polite to tell him to stop.

          2. I just listened to the RHAP episode a few months ago where that song debuted (SJdS where Missy lasted longer in the game than Jon) and it was hilarious because Stephen asked “What if Missy had gotten voted out instead?” and Rob instantly played the “Stephen’s the best … know it all!” version that SUT had also submitted.

          3. That was one of my favorite running gags listening to the RHAP SJdS episodes recently. Completely unplanned but they just ran with it the rest of the season.

  11. I’m really enjoying David’s run this season so far. As a fan who hasn’t seen either of the Cochran seasons, how do the two compare?

    1. Cochrane was a far better narrator, he got screwed in his first season, but was a gem in his second go round

    2. I am oddly recently qualified since I have seen a season and a half. David is doing slightly better than Cochran in his first season at the game because he has a solid alliance and he hasn’t been the weakpoint in too many challenges. However, Cochran is a better character.

        1. I wouldn’t say it’s luck. Keep in mind Cochran got votes at every pre-merge he attended in South Pacific whereas David only has 1 vote on his record so far and he also correctly played his idol to save someone who was a potential ally and kick off a person who was blocking his gameplay.

          1. Also, Cochran was on a tribe full of bullies the first time, David was Goofy enough that they ignored him early on

        2. You are not giving David nearly enough credit. He has made tight bonds with Ken and Jessica. He has blindsided people at tribal, and they are not even mad at him, in fact they want to work with him. He has found two idols. He is one of the worst people ever at challenges, and his tribes keep going to tribal, yet he hasn’t even been a target. David is playing a great game.

          1. Ok, thanks for clearing it up, I think I was just hedging my bets cause David gets a lot of shit. fully agree

          2. I think David’s bad reputation is partly because he was so erratic at the beginning of the game. He’s really gotten it together though.

      1. I would only disagree by saying David is doing much better. Finding two idols is also quite impressive.

        1. Good call. Of course, part of the problem with idols in South Pacific is that he had someone who already found an idol once on his tribe with Ozzy, Ozzy then used that idol incorrectly, and then Production never put that idol back into circulation.

      2. As far as being a better character, Cochran certainly had a better sense of humor than David. I guess that isn’t surprising as David writes for Family Guy.

          1. It does not mean a thing. I just like to put out there that Leblanc is and always will be the weakest cast member from Friends.

          2. Really because my Friends rankings are Perry, Aniston, Kudrow, Cox, Schwimmer, and Leblanc, but I would like to hear your rankings.

          3. I’d go
            1. Perry (probably my favorite sitcom character ever)
            2. Cox
            3. Kudrow
            4. Schwimmer
            5. Aniston
            7. LeBlanc

          4. This is mine too, now that I think about it.

            Also, man this convo can really get off-topic in a wide spread way!

          5. Cox is dead last, and the other five are at least in the same galaxy, although Kudrow is doing the most creative work with the character the show noticeably cares about the least.

          6. 1. Perry
            2. Kudrow

            3. Cox

            4. Lablanc (Because he worked well setting up Perry)

            5. Aniston (Nothing would be gained or lost by losing her)
            6. Schwimmer (Ross was a whiny asshole)

          7. I was going to be outraged at your ranking of Cox, then I remembered that you wouldn’t be inclined to give her the bonus points that my hetero maleness assigned to her.

          8. She can’t do that character, and played it so wrong in two completely different ways during the run (wooden plank early; insane hummingbird later). Cox (like Aniston and Perry) is probably best playing herself, and I’m going to assume that she got that with “Cougar Town,” where she’s totally passable verging on good.

          9. (1) Perry
            (2) Cox
            (3) LeBlanc (I can’t believe everyone is hating on Joey, Joey and Chandler make the show, Joey getting locked in the cabinet is peak Friends)
            (4) Schwimmer
            (5) Kudrow
            (6) Aniston

          10. To be fair, at least for me, calling someone the 6th best Friend is sort of like saying “Kentucky’s 1998 National Championship team is only Kentucky’s 8th best National Championship winning team”. Looks bad by comparison, but in reality they’re still a National Champion.

          11. I feel like 6th best Friend is like saying “this is the Friend that hangs out with his girlfriend and blows off bowling night right during league finals”. Looks bad by comparison, but in reality they’re still getting a million dollars an episode.

          12. And still working at least even in bad TV. Other actors are not so lucky after their hit shows. (Leblanc also did Episodes and that British Top Gear show). He gets to do what he likes for a living.

          13. I think Aniston did a much better job of selling Rachel’s growth over time than LeBlanc did with Joey. I’d give her more credit for sure. Definitely in the early seasons those two were a pair of rusty wheels.

          14. To be honest my favorite arc in Friends is how in season 5 Ross’s life just completely falls in the shitter.

          15. The only interesting thing about Ross is that his ex was a lesbian. If Ross wasn’t Monica’s brother, they would have dumped him from the group and added the lesbian couple in that “first friends that got married and had a kid” slot.

          16. I thought he was fine as a straight man, but he definitely stuck out in that way on this cast. Everybody else was so zany and Ross usually just had weird stuff happen to him.

          17. Out of curiosity, and this might be a podcast question, but what did you think the best moment in Friends was?

          18. Probably that one. Although a lot of the early Chandler-Joey dynamic really worked for me at the time.

            I do kinda like this as a podcast question, though. Or at least something Friends related.

          19. There was a British poll recently that asked people their favourite friends character. Ross won.

            i reject the results of that poll entirely, just as I reject Brexit (I assume it’s the same people voting for both, and they suck).

          20. I can’t upvote this because you mentioned Kevin Can Wait. But I’m as impressed as ever by the fact that you know all of this.

          21. The live KIA was great for many reasons but the most underrated one was them muting the commercials so I wouldn’t have to hear Kevin Can Wait promos.

          22. I’ll admit that I am completely unfamiliar with Cochran’s TV writing, but you may have me there.

      1. If David follows through on his vow to “flip on his entire tribe” at the merge, then he’ll be right on the Cochran track.

      2. For some reason I thought you meant this season devoid of context. And I was thinking, that’s probably about right.

    3. David has a lot more fire in him that Cochran had his first season. He really fights back and I do think he has a better read on how to manipulate. And for as paranoid as he can be, he has a good enough read that he hasn’t panicked in two spots where someone like him could have, and played his idol.

      I think Cochran is a way calmer and more easy-going person. He also had damn good timing the second time he player.

      But David is playing considerably better his first time

        1. Absolutely. David is a bit odd, but he seems so much more comfortable in his own (paranoid, neurotic) skin than Cochran did on Jesus Island. It was something Cochran really turned around for Caramoan (AKA, Sort of Fans-ish vs. I’m pretty sure they played before)

        2. Impressed that you remember the name of his tribe on South Pacifc, that’s some legit survivor cred

        3. Oh for sure! I also think that we see both of them are self-critical (they talk about being awkward and outsiders but Cochran was pretty well liked a lot of the time and people like David) but experience can kind of help you push past your self doubts, whereas I think you find them more oppressive when you are younger

      1. David’s also 20 years older. Cochran also did try to impress the girls with his “stories.” We have not seen that from David.

        1. Oh yeah, age is for sure a factor in what is separating them. Now that David has a beard (with some grey) I am reminded he’s in his 40s. Something about his face, I think the giant smile/round head, makes him seem younger

    4. Well Cochran’s tribe was mostly unlikeable assholes except Dawn and Cochran. They treated him pretty badly (not as badly as Shirin got though). The other tribe treated him well and except the winner were pretty much assholes (or pawns or invisible) as well, The other tribe either were very religious or pretended they were very religious. Coach basically turned them into a cult.

      David has a much more proactive game than Cochrane did and makes more moves, bad or good. David has better connections and people do seem to like him. I do not see anybody on his tribe as an outright asshole. Taylor and Figgy come closest and they were on the other tribe.

      1. They also both had medical issues – Cochrane’s feet blew up if I recall correctly and David looks like he has the leftover Kao Rong staff infection on his face.

    5. On his first season Cochran got bullied by his tribe and was literally going to be voted out until Ozzy decided that, with Redemption Island in play, his tribe should vote him out purely so that he could then come back into the game and ensure they merged at even numbers rather than at a disadvantage. (SPOILER: this plan actually worked, making it possibly the only Ozzy plan ever to do so.)
      (SPOILER: this plan then didn’t work, because Cochran decided that he wasn’t willing to draw rocks for this bunch of assholes anyway, and would rather take Coach up on his offer to flip to the bottom of the opposing alliance instead.)

      Though they’re both bad in challenges, the difference this season seems to be that David gets treated as an actual human being regardless. And also, unlike Cochran, seems like he’s actually going to try to win the game rather than just accept his fate, so long as his fate involves all the assholes going home before he does.

      1. The craziest part of Ozzy’s plan was that Elyse (?) at Redemption Island took every opportunity before duels to say that she felt betrayed by Coach’s tribe and would defect to Ozzy’s tribe if she made it back into the game. So Ozzy had no reason to think that he had to be the one to make it back into the game in order to have equal numbers at the merge – just vote out Cochran, Elyse wins the duel, comes back in the game, and joins Ozzy’s tribe.

        Of course, if this happens we don’t have Cochran becoming even more of a fan favorite and probably doesn’t get invited back for Caramoan, so it all worked out for the best.

  12. How wonderful would it have been if Probst had married Figgy and Taylor right before she got booted out?

          1. I am fresh from watching my second favorite season of all time, so I can speak on this: Instead of the seating going Zeke, Roxy, Angie, Russell, it went Zeke Roxy Russell Angie. It just felt weird because that was a reunion that everybody got at least asked something, so it wasn’t like they wanted Russell in the direct middle or anything because he was going to get a question. My thought was their bad blood continued in Ponderosa and the pre-jury trip.

          2. *Sigh* I just want everyone to know that I’m as upset with you are for what’s about to happen…

            The band you’re referring to is Linkin Park, but the band who did the song “Nookie” is actually Limp Bizkit.

          3. Well the song is what is still going through my head. And I’m not upset. I cannot remember band names after a 14 hour work day, 4 hours in the car and no dinner. But I do have most of Linkin Park’s stuff and none of Limp Bizkit.

    1. I actually thought for a few seconds that it was going to happen. Jeff looked the happiest he has in ages when he asked them to get married. Jeff got that ministers license for the Jeff Probst show and you bet your ass that he is going to get some use out of it and try to marry Taylor and Figgy at tribal.

        1. The iconic screengrabs of that appearance is the only good thing that show has ever wrought (other than padding Holland Taylor and Conchata Ferrell’s bank accounts).

      1. My vote would still be on the time he tried to convince Anthony that Rocky was trying to ‘help’ him become a real man. But I’d love to hear other people put up nominations for this award. It would be fascinating.

        1. Worlds Apart when he let Will make the argument that Shirin was just playing the victim (or something like that, it’s such a haze of rage in my memory I can’t even remember what happened clearly).

        2. I’d love to see Rocky trying to help David. (Note: I would not actually love to see that. I am all set with Rocky.)

        3. That’s true, but it’s probably worth separating “Douchey moves pandering to total assholes because men” and “douchey moves messing with assholes because Probst is the Trickster God of Douches.”

          What I’m saying is, the Anthony Rocky thing was awful, this was delightful.

        4. Another nomination would be when he reamed Courtney out during HVV for being terrible at challenges, outlasting Rob and getting him voted out even though she was in his alliance and one of the few people who didn’t vote for him to leave. He acted like it was a travesty that she had the nerve to stay on the tribe even though it was Rob and Russell’s chest thumping that got Rob voted out and had nothing whatsoever to do with Courtney.

    2. As someone whose own marriage is sanctified through the Universal Life Church, I don’t really have any ground to criticize Jeff’s credentials, but I would use the phrase “ordained minister” very loosely when describing them.

  13. I feel like there’s something weird about the editing this season where the overarching story lines of the season make each boot pretty predictable, but the individual episode editing has actually been sort of masking the boots by not overly focusing on that person in their farewell episode. Anyone else noticing this?

      1. Yeah I suppose she was on screen a lot tonight, so that pretty much blows my observation out of the water. I guess I was thinking more about the type of screen time where they give the loser a chance to talk about what they’re playing for, their journey, etc. They haven’t been doing that this season and it’s been throwing off my in-episode boot predictions (but I think it improves the viewing experience actually so I’m cool with it).

          1. I guess a decent fake out, I couldn’t determine which of them would leave, but obvious from editing that one of them was toast

          2. We did get her shout out/kiss of death that she delivered to Michelle, and her post reward challenge talk about how losing it was so hard for her. She also went alone to Adam to talk about booting Ken.

        1. She was on screen a lot tonight for legitimate narrative reasons though – ie taking a main role in the challenge. It’s not like we got a load of Figgy confessionals for no obvious reason.

    1. I was sensing a Taylor boot for a while this episode because he seemed to have more to say than usual. But it could just be difficult to coax complete sentences out of him on a regular basis.

      1. I expect that he got a lot of screen time because, while this wasn’t his boot episode, it was still the same kind of hubristic defeat for him. Clips like the one of him questioning Adam’s intelligence were every bit as delicious as if he had been booted.

      2. People over the last couple of weeks had come down so hard on the idea that Taylor was going to get booted rather than Figgy, I’d become convinced there was a spoiler out there that had Taylor going home first. I am glad to find this is not the case.

    2. I felt like this particular episode’s editing was more leaning towards Ken, but we know from the season’s editing to this point that it wasn’t going to happen at all.

    3. Between that and the fact that there are seemingly 3-5 winner edits going on simultaneously, this season has had very interesting editing.

  14. I know “Bad Millennial Stereotypes” would be an entire liveblog of its own, but getting married on a whim? If anything, I thought millennials got criticized for waiting too late to get married, and instead frivolously wasting away their precious twenties.

    I sort of hope Taylor’s foreshadowed hunt for vengeance ends with him being completely inept and eventually going home. Meanwhile, Jay is shedding tears and breaking down stereotypes by talking about the value of family and hard work! My heart tells me Jay has a part to play before the end, which is fine by me as he’s the most likable of the Triforce.

          1. I’m pretty sure getting married on a reality TV show is more ‘crying out for attention’ than ‘lifetime commitment’.

          2. Yeah, but we’re also a generation that knows how to fucking use birth control. We just have the misfortune of reality TV existing in our youth.

          3. Well, maybe the members of your generation from states that don’t teach abstinence only know how.

          1. I thought they were like 20 years older than me. Probably a third of my teachers in high school were Gen Xers. It’s weird.

    1. Considering his edit, and apparent level of intelligence, I believe we can count on plenty of ineptitude from Taylor.

      1. He could potentially de-throne Drew Christie for the title of Most Satisfying Douche Boot Ever.

          1. Nowhere, coach is awesome, did you even hear his story about being kidnapped by pygmies? Or is Tocantins his second tour?

          2. With friend and foe we march to the battle plain.
            Some to seek success. Others to seek fame.
            We play with honor. For the love of this game.
            And with armor or without, we will toil in vain
            So that someday, someone, somewhere, will remember our name.

          3. Don’t wear feathers in your hair at tribal. Don’t tell your stories; people don’t believe your stories, they mock you. There’s no reason to tell them. Do your tai chi in private, where nobody can see you.

          4. Tmi, after coaches first season, I participated in survivor auction and bought an immunity banner from his season. I will post a pic next week, it’s pretty awesome

          5. Huge coincidence: Between attempted pygmy ass-eatings, he did a brief stint as at the same carnival where Survivor found all it’s challenge games.

          6. Probst: “No one here has ever partnered up with someone to run over and yank a person off of a telephone pole and drag them fifty feet against their will before.”
            Coach: *raises hand* “I have, Jeff.”

    2. There are blogs about “Bad Millennial Stereotypes” and I would call them the reviews for CBS Great Indoors.

          1. Chandler: Ross, are you coming with us to the game or what?
            Ross: No, I’m just gonna sit at home and think of my lesbian ex-wife and her new girlfriend.
            Joey: The hell with hockey, let’s ALL do that!

          2. What??? It’s got fat Monica, Rachel with her original nose, and Ross as young Elliot Gould. The only thing missing is Chandler in his Miami Vice outfit (that’s another flashback episode).

  15. Oh no, I lost a member of my team. I am so bummed about this unforseeable development. I thought theirs was a love that could surpass time.

      1. Oh my god, there was a news article here that became a big thing because it was a middle aged (presumably upper-middle class or higher) man saying that us young people can’t afford houses because we eat too many avocado brunches.

    1. I wasn’t really sweating it too much. I knew he was safe the second Figgy, against all logic, thought it was a good idea to hang that fact that Adam tried to vote her out once his head. Let’s remind him that the Millennial tribe wasn’t a big happy family and that he was on the outs there. Remember, Adam, Figgy is just buddying up to you until she gets back to her real friends.

      1. Figgy is that girl who wants to be your partner in chemistry class so you can do all her work for her, you’re totally friends right, she loves you, how did that bit work again?

        Then outside of chem class she totally blanks you and pretends you don’t even exist.

      1. I did!

        What’s that? Yes, I did have Figgy in my fantasy league, but I don’t see what that has to do with anything.

  16. I’d like to highlight Jessica’s awesome response when Adam approached her. She didn’t jump on him to vote her way. She let him think things through on his own and express his own doubt which was a lot stronger than if she had tried to plant it herself. That was just some excellent and subtle Survivor gameplay.

    1. I thought she and Ken did a good version of good cop – bad cop. Only it was soft sell – hard sell. It played to both of their strengths. Ken might have done better by letting Adam choose the target, but overall it was a good strategy.

      1. And Ken used those same eyes that he gave Jessica at two tribals ago … the honest eyes. Figgy and Taylor promised him nothing.

        And Taylor calling Adam dumb … didn’t Adam graduate from Stanford?

        1. Taylor calling anyone dumb is ridiculous. This is the same guy who has been fired as a beer brewer, a bee keeper, a ski instructor, and has been asked never to return to the great state of North Dakota. If the millenials were still together Jay would fire him from the Tri-Force.

          1. Well the fact that they all named a four person alliance the Tri-Force also shows it.

            I did not know the rest – what happened with North Dakota?

  17. Is David the worst challenge competitor in Survivor history? I’m thinking of repeated track records of awfulness. My friend and I got into a heated debate about this during a commercial break.

    The only comparably bad competitors I can think of are Chet (Fans vs. Favorites) and J’Tia (Cagayan). Am I missing someone?

      1. Not being able to run or jump is quite a disadvantage. Hell, he could barely walk if the ground wasn’t completely firm and level.

    1. Sandra was pretty bad. Courtney in some competitions (she won one that depended on her weighing nothing). Cochran 1.0 was pretty bad, Scout had issues with her knee.

        1. Because it was around 1:30 in the morning and that is what I could remember. Age is a bitch. You are right. Chet was bad too.

      1. There’s a big difference. David’s terrible but tries. Chet if I recall gave up a lot. And David was fine the last challenge. You can’t blame someone for not being able to what Chris lifts easily. Even Ken struggled with 3 bags at once.

    2. It’s hard, because I think there were probably plenty of people who were worse challenge competitors, but were voted out almost immediately because of it.

      He is one of the worst competitors to have made it past episode 6.

    3. David was surprisingly ok in the immunity challenge. It helped that the water was all knee-deep and required no swimming. But he was average-speed getting to the coconuts bags. Yes, he needed 2 trips, but he was never going to be able to carry/drag all 3 bags at once.

      1. I was honestly shocked he made it across the beam first try, is such a clumsy guy. But he did pretty well, especially considering that the other two tribes had two strong, athletic guys to run the challange. Orange had Chris and David?! No say he could carry all 3 bags, he can’t weigh more then 125

      2. I think Jeff said that two of those bags combined weigh more than David does, so yeah, I’d understand taking 2 trips.

  18. Just got home from Know-It-Alls (No after-party because my Gen-X adult responsibilities involved relieving my babysitter [parents]) I had a really great time. There’s something to be said for watching with a room full of people who are pumped and reacting to everything.

    The room was a HUGE fan of pretty much anything Michaela did, and was actively rooting against “Faylor”. When the vote went down, the room erupted. So much fun. (See blurry attached photo)

    Before the show I said hi to Stephen and Rob, who indulged me with a photo, but I couldn’t think of anything witty or interesting to say, so I was somewhat embarrassed by that entire encounter. After the show I said hi and took pictures with Adam (SUCH an unbelievably friendly guy), Zeke (also incredibly sweet and friendly), and Aubrey, who I told was my Survivor Spirit Animal. Totally sweet and was saying how she was feeling all this anxiety about asking her question during the podcast — because apparently everyone thinks she and Michelle hate each other.

    And, of course, I got to meet @Ms_Woozah and @BlackDynamite which is pretty cool. I guess we came to the podcast and made friends after all? 😉

    1. It was so awesome to see you!!

      This is a great picture. Love that Michaela is a fan favorite everywhere.

    2. Awesome to meet you as well. KIA was such a great experience. The current hangover I have was totally worth it.

    3. Whenever there is a live KIA I worry that it will be a bad episode, or a downer vote-off. Luckily this time they had a pretty good episode with a crowd-pleasing end-result.

    4. I AM SO JEALOUS! Onee day I’ll come to NY and whether it is KIA or not I wish to meet you people!

        1. I have a job (for now) and no holiday days for a while but is KIA always the same episode of Survivor? if so I might plan a trip for next October.

          1. I might just take a punt and book an October/November holiday and if it’s not KIA see if I can get NY area PRPers to watch an episode with me.

          2. The date varies according to Stephen’s schedule, when Caroline’s is available, Rob’s family obligations, etc. This year it was tough to find a date because so many dates in October had a conflict with one of the aforementioned issues, and by November it’s hard to get decent hotel room rates with the NYC marathon and the holiday. Generally April and October are good bets for the NYC KIAs.

      1. If I were to ever go to a live KIA I would wear a custom-made t-shirt with HORNACEK written on the front and back.

    5. The reaction when Michaela catches Jays idol find was huge in the room.

      I couldn’t believe they put that in before the credits.

  19. Season 36 Survivor: I’m a badass manipulator of the game Taylor vs Drouchbag.

    Thank you for the confessional of Taylor talking about Adam. I could watch that Sh@t for days!

    1. “Adam, I know we were deciding whether to vote you or Zeke out next before the swap, but… Millennials forever!!!!!!”

        1. I do, but much like Jeff can’t resist a surprise TV wedding, I can’t resist answering a rhetorical question.

          1. “You’re the only person I know on the entire island, but I’d still rather work with literally anyone else.”

    1. Well, here’s what’s on tap for season 34: Magic powers! Wedding after wedding after wedding. And did someone say, “long-lost triplets?”

  20. I just finished the episode. Its about 12:30 A.M. EST. I can never watch live. I cheered and sighed at the same time b/c Figgy went. I admit that I went to the end when they were walking to tribal just to check. Cheered b/c I wanted her to go. Sighed because of this fantasy league.

    1. I think this is why everybody was cheering so hard for Figgy to lose… they know that the only way they can beat teams with point machine David (aka, ours) is if he is the only player scoring points for us.

  21. Can we just talk about that rat-tail braid Michelle has? Is anyone else as grossed out by it as I am? I want it gone from my TV screen so badly, even if poor Michelle has to go too because she’s attached to it.

    1. I had a braid like that in my high school yearbook photo which was taken in 1992 because I am an elderly old GenX-er and even back then it looked dumb.

  22. This was a tough one for my majestic awkward butterfly, Hannah. My heart went out to her during her attack. I’m glad she’s good and still in the game though.

    As for the Hannah Moment of the Week, I’m going with her cautiously informing Michaela she was dropping the board to get another ball.

      1. Yeah, it hasn’t been the easiest task. On one hand I’m disappointed that we haven’t gotten a lot of Hannah but on the hand I can’t ever complain about more Michaela time.

    1. As someone who sometimes gets anxiety, and has a touch of social awkwardness, I felt for her. But hell, at least she had the awareness to know what the hell was happening and basically diagnose herself.

  23. I’m definitely starting to come around on this season and enjoying it now. But I have to wonder: what composition of Final Three players for this season would (to this point, at least) make you hate this season? For me it would be if the final three was Sunday, Taylor, and Will. I’m sure they’d get screentime between now and then, and I have no idea who’d win, but I also wouldn’t care at all.

    1. Dumbass young guy winning an age-based season again would be hilarious, especially with how negatively Taylor has been edited to far. My worst final three would be Sunday, Will and Bret. I don’t actively hate anyone this season, but those three are the ones I care the least about.

      1. Yeah, I don’t *hate* anyone, although I could easily go without Taylor. He may be a little more tolerable with Figgy gone. (But probably not.)

      2. Young dumbasses not only won the two other age-based seasons*, but accounted for all of those seasons’ finalists. So I guess everything’s coming up Taylor!

        *Slightly unfair to lump Aras in with Fabio, but still…

        1. The other season that wasn’t EXPLICITLY about young vs old, but featured a lot of young people and some olds was The Amazon. Which was also won by a young dumbass.

    2. The idea of Will in the final just gave me some awful Will Sims flashbacks that I really did not need to think about ever again, so thanks for that.

      1. When’s the last time we had a Will confessional? I have no idea what’s going on with him, except that he went with Jay on the idol hunt, and that scene was more about Jay* than Will.

        * and Michaela

        1. Was it Will who was excited about getting to go on the summit? I basically remember that, and Will’s induction into the triforce (pentaforce at that point?) and that’s pretty much it.

    3. I have no issues with Sunday. Sunday’s edit, on the other hand is tiny.

      Is getting to hear a Minnesota accent now and then too much to ask?

      1. Side-question (and I agree with you on that final three): is Jessica now a compelling Gen Xer, and is that solely due to her being around Ken’s magical aura?

        1. I feel like the aura of Ken doesn’t make his allies COMPELLING, but does make them likable.

          See Cece, who came across as a very sympathetic damp sponge.

        2. She is getting there. And Ken’s aura helps. But her competition among the women in general is weak. Michaela is much more interesting. But I’d say she’s getting close to Michele territory as Michele’s edit diminished and hers increased. Hannah is sort of comic relief. Then the rest.

    4. I think a Bret-Will-Taylor final three would be really bad for me. Equal parts annoying and WTF – also, how very very wrong would the rest of the season have to go for this to happen? I shudder to think.

    5. Since I don’t hate anyone on this season (even people like Taylor, I just think he’s annoying), the worst combination would be either boring or inept. Something like Brett, Sunday, Chris would not be interesting for me to watch based on what we’ve seen so far.

        1. Ken is boring and a bit of a moral arse hole. I don’t mind David but I will be sick of him by the final episode. Taylor is awful.

    6. I think my nightmare final three not yet precluded by edit is Taylor-Brett-Chris. I would replace Chris with Will, but I’m invested in Will’s terribly boring exploits for edit reasons.

      More generally, I want Michaela-Michelle-Zeke-Adam-Ken-David to stay on my television screen as long as possible. That’s six strategically active (which isn’t to say strategically adept) players with legitimate screen presence (and Jay could easily be added to the group).

      1. I have absolutely no desire to have to watch Taylor anymore, but I think Bret and Chris going far could be interesting if only because to this point, they don’t have numbers anywhere. They would have to really play hard to make it to the end post-merge

  24. I’m really late to the party this week, but I just have to say the interest gap between the millennials and GenX is so large that basically any time a millennial goes home it’s a bad thing.

    I thought by far the highlight of this episode was the Figgy/Taylor stuff where they thought they were being super sneaky, as well as the editing not making it clear that Ken and Jessica knew it was obvious until Figgy knew it. I think the show could have mined a lot more out of that couple and thus was really disappointed by the outcome. Especially since it wasn’t that interesting from a strategic perspective either.

  25. Technical question: on Thursdays at work I always leave this page open all day and then search for “new reply” during the day (productivity takes a big hit on Thursdays). Sometimes I click on the “new reply” links and the new comment appears, but most of the time when I click it the page shifts (like I hit Page Down) and if I search for the comment just above the “new reply” link (and any of the comments in that thread) they are no longer visible. I have to reload the entire page and click the “Load more comments” button a bunch of times.

    Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

    1. Yes, because I do the same. It doesn’t seem to be just our site, though. I’d imagine Disqus is the culprit. Even if Disqus is not wholly responsible, fuck Disqus.

        1. Most times on the AVClub it doesn’t happen, at least for me. Like previous seasons when I’d leave the Survivor AVClub review all-day Thursday – there the “new reply” links would usually work properly.

    1. Maybe- though the Taylor-Figgy couple was something of a potential meatshield for her going forward.

      I feel like Michelle still has no room to maneuver within her tribe with the Zeke-Chris bond in play. Her most viable target is David, and David has an idol. But she’s a good enough player that once the game flips, I can easily see her finding a good position.

      1. Fair. She needs a flip or a merge but I do think she’s got more potential as a floater than with Faylor

      1. If the Michelle we saw week one is the real Michelle and she can get passed until another swap (which we all expect) then she should be able to make herself back into a free agent without Figgy.

  26. If any of you have questions for this week’s mailbag, get them here before 9 pm Eastern. (Survivor-related or otherwise. I kinda like the Friends question in the comments, so if anyone wants to ask a Friends question, fire away.)

    Please reply to this comment to ask the question, since I get a notification that way.

      1. I love that for all of Friends simple and direct naming schtick, the consensus best episode STILL has a title that has coveys no information about why people like it.

        1. I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve seen lists that ranked the other as #1 (it is great but not the best). I think the argument is that Phoebe’s story knocks it down but I don’t really feel that assessment.

          1. I love Phoebe’s storyline in that episode because it is a perfect balance to the silliness of the other plot. Here are 4 adults fighting over an apartment via a gameshow while the silliest one of them all usually is becoming a surrogate to her half-brother.

    1. So on your season ranking list, y’all select Cagayan as the best newbie season. But you write that Cagayan is not a great season for someone new to Survivor to watch. So what IS the best season to use to introduce someone to Survivor? What episode captures the appeal of the game best without any prior context?

      Oh, and as the most beautiful and symmetrical of the Survivors, why does Ken not simply mate with the others (and then eat them)?

        1. “We no can dunk, but good fundamentals.”
          “That more fun to watch.”
          “Oh, God, you’re killing me!”

      1. I did a list for my friend who said he wanted to watch Survivor during unemployment and then didn’t (I’m still annoyed) and I had Pearl Islands high because you don’t really need to get the game history to enjoy it, it’s fun as hell and no idols (just the outcast twist). Also Philippines and actually Cook Islands. CI is a fun season, a good guy wins and it has a decent number of good characters. Philippines is a tip top season, sure it’s got 3 returnees but honestly you don’t really need to know their stories as it’s told in episode 1.

        1. I hooked my sister through Cook Islands, so that’s one data point in favor.

          I think the main concern with Cook Islands is, well, RACE WARS. That’s a big hurdle for someone with any skepticism towards Survivor to get past.

    2. When the time comes that Probst can no longer host, do you think that Survivor will have run its course, or is there someone (e.g. a past contestant) who you think can and should take over?

    3. Music nerd’s question:
      Jay’s love of the theme music (which, in case people don’t know, is called “Ancient Voices”) has me wondering: which season’s iteration of the intro theme music is your favourite? I know a lot of people will either not remember what each season’s theme music sounds like, or they’ll probably think, “They all sound the same!” (likely both) but there are differences between each season.
      For me, a lot of the older seasons have some unique moments in their intros that you never hear nowadays, and the newer seasons feel very indistinct from each other (it doesn’t help that the intros are shortened all the time now).

      1. I remember Survivor Australia putting a didgeridoo into the opening theme and it being really effective. That faded away as they stopped stressing the location of the season.

      2. As someone who has listened to the YouTube compilations of all of the Survivor theme songs (I think it’s like 40+ minutes of content) my faves are:
        -Pearl Islands (so piratey)
        -All Stars (kind of a cop out because it’s like a megamix of the first 7 seasons)
        -Tocantins (love those drums)

      3. OK, I’m back from my trip down the Youtube/iTunes rabbit hole you guys sent me on.

        Apparently, Russ Landau used to go hog-wild with the location-based variations on Ancient Voices, and production would inevitably choose the most conservative version. Eventually he stopped trying, or at least he stopped putting the unapproved versions on the soundtracks.

        The original version of Nicaragua is particularly fantastic. To me it would have lifted the entire season past Gabon, if not higher.

    4. It is too late for this I think, but my question would have been: should the purple tribe (Takali?) be considering throwing a challenge to get rid of Taylor before he makes the merge/there’s another swap? Given that we’ve never merged with three tribes before, should everyone be expecting a further shakeup?

      1. I would have expected a merge to 2 tribes next week since I only expected the expansion to 3 tribes to only last for 2 episodes. But nothing in the previews, so it’s probably 3 tribes for the next 2 (?) episodes.

        I for one would love to see a merge with 3 tribes.

      2. I think it’s just not worth it for Adam to risk going to tribal council with three, where he would have to turn on his new alliance AND probably burn his idol. You can’t count on perfectly timing the next swap/merge.

        Also, It’s Taylor. Taylor’s not going to control the game.

        1. If I were Adam, having decide to turn on the Millennials, i would want Taylor gone for two reasons – so he can’t go poisoning the other Millennials (and possibly the jury) against me, and also because I want to lessen the numbers for the opposing alliance.

          I also agree that I wouldn’t want to risk two more tribal councils though. If I survived next week I might consider risking it at F13 however, and gambling on a merge.

          1. That makes sense- I certainly agree that Adam should want Taylor gone, I just think right now the risk is too high.

            Though on a related point…should the Millennial majority throw a challenge to boot Brett or Sunday? I think this might make more sense. For one thing, there’s two of them, so the whole majority has a cushion if you go back to tribal. And they have to be worried that if either of the other two tribes has to vote someone out, there is a very high chance that the core Millenial alliance loses a member (likely Taylor).

          2. That’s a really interesting idea – you might have hit the nail on the head. Ikabula have seemed set on winning challenges up until now, but when Jay and the others see Figgy gone they might have a rethink. They’ll have to assume Taylor goes next if Takali win again, and Michelle is certainly still in a danger spot on Vanua as well.

  27. Definitive proof that David Wright is the greatest located in his pre-show Josh Wigler profile:

    Bullet points:
    -Among his many pet peeves, David boils them all down to one essential ingredient: “people.”
    -“I relate most to the guys who don’t fit in such as John Cochran – he’s my intellectual equal with slightly larger muscles.”
    -3 Words to Describe You: OCD, nervous and paranoid.
    -If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why? Beads, string and polished stones to make fake immunity idols for other people to find.
    -one of the things I want to do is make a fake immunity idol and hide it in the rice for somebody else to find
    -Big fan of RHAP, and the Evolution of Strategy
    -“Again, at Tribal, I think it’s helpful. I’ve seen every episode, but I was
    trying recently to bone up on Boston Rob, because he’s very artful in
    how he handles Tribal.”
    -I don’t know how much you know about me, but I’ve modeled Survivor puzzles on my computer and printed them out on a 3-D printer, including the flame puzzle Cochran won to get the final immunity in Caramoan. That one, I can solve in two minutes or less.
    -I’ve worked on Cube Crisis and the tree puzzle. If you go on my Instagram, you’ll see a couple of them.

    Case closed.

  28. two things I kinda knew before the episode but got confirmed for me:
    Taylor’s an idiot
    I love Michaela

    1. I subbed Taylor out of my fantasy team based only on how much I disliked him in episode 1, good decision all round.

      1. I think I had him originally just because I needed one more person to round out the team and he had a decent amount of preseason buzz around him. Looking back, I have no clue in hell how he got that.

      2. I took David off my pick 4 because of his first episode and replaced him with Jessica who I was impressed with the first episode. I left him on the Genx League because I was unsure if I could change it. He’s done well. If I had not done that in the Pick 4, I’d be tied with Barbara Anderson in my first fantasy league. I should not second-guess myself.

  29. “I’m an old man! I should not be spinning!” I enjoy self-deprecating humour–although seriously, Ken, you’re 33. Yes, in relation to your fellow Takali tribe members, you’re 2nd-oldest, and 6th-oldest out of all the castaways as of this episode, but still…33 is not that old.

    While it’s up in the air as to who’s running this game, it’s very clear that Michaela is running this show.

  30. One more question if it’s not too late:

    Would you like to see a season with all minorities, or predominantly non-white contestants?

    1. I really would. I’d like it to be cast like Cook Islands and then be a normal tribe split, either 2 or 3 tribes so no ethnicity has majority in any tribe. That way it is really about the people. Will they end up bonding with their own race? possibly, but I wouldn’t mind, you wouldn’t get only 6 PoC cast and only have 1 left by episode 7.

    2. All minorities, no. I enjoy watching Survivor and thus would not like to see it plummet in ratings with the middle Americans that keep it running.

      But majority minority? Absolutely.

      1. Yeah, I had the same thought about all-minorities (e.g. middle american “outrage”), but it would still be cool to put POC in a situation where it doesn’t automatically give them the outsider status, and see what happens.

        1. I would actually kind of love for them to do this but completely ignore it in pre-season marketing and in-show narrative.

      2. What about one team of all minorities and one team of not?

        I would like a season where not all the people were from the U.S.

        What about a season of all one gender (not battle of the sexes, just one gender). One season all men. One season all women.

        1. I thought of that too, but Probst would probably not be able to handle it. Plus, that might cause a similar demographic issue with the ratings, unfortunately

    3. Yes to majority minority- honestly, I’d like that to be the casting standard, at least for newbie seasons. A non-Latino-white racial plurality is fine, but a racial majority leads to a less interesting game.

  31. Someone on The AV Club said it was like Jeff was recycling his Blue Collar bits for Gen X, and that does make a lot of sense. He could have said “No Collars” instead of “Millenials” in this tribal and it would have made no difference.

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