Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 7 Liveblog: “I Will Destroy You”

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I Will Destroy You


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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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785 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 7 Liveblog: “I Will Destroy You”

    1. “It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and then were silenced.”

          1. Beetlejuice rules. If you mention that site one more time we will be flooded with their riff raff.

          2. My apologies. I should have known you were better than that.

            I went once because I was wondering about something very specific and regretted it immediately. That place makes the site Barbara Anderson keeps referencing look reasonable.

          3. Thank god for that. I was worried that the fact she was a pre-merge boot meant she wouldn’t be returning, but she’s such a big character so it makes sense they’d bring her back. It’s pretty much the only thing that takes away the devastation of seeing her voted out – I’ll get to see her being awesome on Survivor again next year. I still don’t know who the male returnee is (and don’t want to know at this stage), but I kinda hope it’s Jay, just for the lols.

          4. you really should just look it up. I don’t understand being willing to know the s34 cast but not willing to know who from s33 is in it. I think this proves that production is willing to bring back people they know will pop with the audience even when the don’t do well, so it’s impossible for knowing who we’re going to see again to spoil the season for you.

          5. I can’t format it, but…I would assume that whoever from S33 is on the cast does not win, so that would be a bit of a spoiler.

          6. You convinced me! I looked it up. I’m definitely happy with a Zeke return. Of the remaining guys I suspected it would only really plausibly be him, David or Jay anyway, all of whom I’m enjoying watching

          7. I want to know who they are after they get voted out but I don’t know how to arrange this. Maybe I’ll point non-Survivor-viewers at the spoilers every week and ask them.

      1. If she is I’m disappointed they didn’t call her “Season 33 Female” during this season.

        “Season 33 Female does it again!”

        Would be tons of fun.

          1. I honestly don’t think he will. I think his bullshit won’t work on returnees. He’ll do well in the pre-merge because his physical power is useful, but I see him being marginalized in a post-merge game.

  1. We did everybody. We voted out six female players premerge and all of them were a minority. Pat yourselves on the back for pulling that off.

    PS Also fuck the 13 person merge

      1. I mean…no it’s not. It’s less than one third of the cast (of which five- a quarter of the cast all voted out- were women of color who couldn’t pass as white).

        Also, while I don’t think there is any evidence that the Generational Race War is malicious, that’s exactly what makes it insidious. It’s a tough easier to put together the pitch to vote out the player who starts out slightly excluded because of race and racial bias, and woman of color who have a few fewer social roles available to them. Nobody means to discriminate, nobody is building a white supremacy alliance, and it’s not impossible for a woman of color to succeed. But we have ample evidence that all things considered it’s meaningfully easier to slide by as a white male contestant than as a woman of color. Which of course it is, because America.

        And in this season, bad breaks and bad luck have made that insidious bias which can be perceived over the show’s entire run hilariously, awkwardly obvious.

        1. You are probably right, well put. I guess I’m just reacting to there being only 13 white male heterosexual winners in 31 seasons. Just seems that ultimately anyone has a decent chance. unless you are Franchesqua and have to deal with Phillip on both outings.

    1. Yeah, that pattern is so lame. I was hoping they’d mix it up this time and it really would be Bret. No such luck.

  2. I’m devastated right now. Michaela was so great and I’m feeling for my main girl Hannah. This is a bad result.

        1. What if she is nervous about jumping ship?

          I mean, she will be nervous. That seems like a given.

          1. With the way this season has gone I wouldn’t be surprised if all this was a red herring, either.

            I think she is more likely to flip against Jay, but it’s not a slam dunk. Even someone like Hannah has a breaking point, I’m interested to see if she has had too much of her dysfunctional friends.

        2. idk man. I think she’s HELLA nervous right now.

          (Awaits punishment for being almost 40 and using hella).

        3. I kind of hope Hannah gets to the end as a goat after somehow being blindsided at every single tribal counsel she attends.


    Well, that’s how you know for sure that it’s not scripted. One of the coolest players in the game (and yet another WOC) goes out way too early and immediately makes the whole season 50% less interesting. Glad to see “revenge!” come up in the previews for next week’s episode as a motive for just about the unlikeliest player imaginable, though!

    Electrifying how Jay said “I did it” and stared her right back down. He’s actually really good at this. Seems too early for this though. Gen-Xers can all get together with Zeke and Adam and pick them off now, yeah? And the previews suggest another person will defect, too….

      1. I was impressed by his post-vote statement. As we learned from Aubry and Tai, wishy-washy apologies get you nowhere.

      2. Agreed. Merge is coming and he’s got Michelle and Taylor as his core alliance, plus Ikabula. Michaela was a huge threat and really didn’t offer anything to help Jay’s chances. Sucks to lose her as a viewer but we haven’t seen the last of her. Good move by Jay.

          1. I like how Will is the Casual Survivor Historian since he has brought Survivor History, but only the most casual Survivor History (aka Parvati, Cochran, and Tony…will B. Rob be next?).

          2. Once upon a time, there was a troll named Russell and although a lot of fans liked him, he was dirty and lied and therefore he lost.

            An actual story that his mom told him before he went to bed.

          3. As someone who actually talks to teenaged Survivor fans, this is basically par for the course. It’s a show that’s been on their entire lives, that they saw intermittently because their parents watched it. Not everyone can be Kristie.

          4. Sorry, I forgot you didn’t watch Australian Survivor. She was the winner. Huge superfan, been watching the show show since she was eight. Partway through Borneo she told her dad she was gonna win the game one day.

          5. What’s funny is that now, of the 3 seasons my roommate has seen, 2 have had seriously UTR winners.

        1. Admittedly I wouldn’t know about this if it weren’t for the previews, but it looks like he pissed off Hannah and she might flip. So now instead of having the numbers with Will, Michaela, Michelle, Taylor, Hannah, and possibly Sunday, and maybe Zeke if he were to flip back, Jay now has to face an angry Hannah possibly flipping to Adam, Zeke, David, Ken, Chris, and Jessica, with Bret and Sunday maybe also turning against him if they sense the numbers aren’t going Jay’s way. OTOH only Will knows Jay has an idol. And someone there — either Jay or Michelle — has mad persuasive skills and got everybody to vote out Mari. The second episode is kind of a blur to me now. Did we really see much of Michelle working people besides Hannah, or did we just assume it was all Michelle because Jay seemed like such a goofbucket? Maybe it was just as much or more Jay?

          So, no, maybe not such a good move given the numbers. But we’ll see.

          1. we saw them both working people. Jay had the initial intel, brought it to Michelle, she started people, but then we also see Jay selling people. I think Jay did a lot of work there too

          2. Michaela would have been dominant in individual immunity challenges – there’s no doubt about that. The alternative of keeping Michaela would have sent Jay to the merge with 8 Millennials versus 5 Gen-X. 8 would have been enough for the Millennials to eliminate a threat in the first post-merge vote, and that’s a potentially dangerous spot for Jay who is a big threat and target in his own right.

            With this move Jay goes to the merge with 7 Millennials to 6 Gen-X, or with 7 counting the 5 Ikabula plus his close allies Michelle & Taylor, versus the 6 others.

            Hannah’s going to be a flake no matter what. But I don’t see her flipping against all the Millennials nor do I see her seceding with Adam/Zeke — she’s already passed on doing that twice.

            I really like the move for Jay. But yeah only time will tell!

          3. Shes gonna be a flake because Jay left her out of the loop before the only two tribals she went to. If she’s a flake its because he made her one.

          4. Yes, we now have to give Jay full credit for brokering the peace deal (such as it was) between Michaela and Figgy. At the time we all thought Michelle must have coached him on what to say.

        2. Doe he have Ikabula though? I can see Chris and Sunday flipping back over to Chris in a heartbeat. The fact that neither of them even tried to make inroads to save themselves shows that they do not feel the least bit a part of Ikabula.

          And he just lost Hannah as well.

          I honestly think this was a terrible move. Michaela would have been an easy target after the merge on the first challenge she failed to win. It was a big move to no real gain.

          He went with a solid four on his tribe to only having Will as a real ally. If they go to council again next week, it could go really bad for him.

          1. I very much agree. I’d add that Michaela is INCREDIBLY useful for Jay. Michaela’s transparent Plan A is to put together a majority (that includes Jay), maintain it as long as possible, win enough immunities at the end to avoid a backstab, and then receive all the votes at the end because everyone should recognize her awesomeness. It’s the Tom Westman in Palau strat.

            Now obviously you don’t take her to the end (or to the top 5)- but in the midgame she’s a vote in your favor, and until you turn on her she is a fantastic meatshield. Now Jay is clearly the most threatening player- physically AND strategically- in a plurality alliance. That’s a terrible place to be.

          2. Yeah, I think this was a post-merge play, because ADAM likely flipped on Figgy and you might need more numbers to keep him and Zeke loyal to the Millenials. I would have gone after Michaela at the second post-merge vote.

          3. Ignoring the previews, I wouldn’t say that Jay has automatically lost Hannah. In theory he should be able to talk it through with her and convince her to stick with him and Will. And with the Mari vote Hannah showed that she could be convinced to vote against her own interests, and to let herself be used by other players (“Use me!”).

            I mean, who else does Hannah have? Zeke and Adam? They didn’t seem that happy with her on the pre-swap tribe after the vote, and they’ve both made other alliances on their swap tribes. Even if they’ve forgiven her, I don’t see either of them discarding their current alliances to go back and build something with Hannah.

          4. I’ll admit I missed the previews. There wasn’t any compelling need to see the votes this week, so I wandered out to the room before they rolled.

            My feeling is that Hannah has to realize as of this week that she is not and never was part of the core Millennial alliance. She has no future there.

            If she can get a tentative alliance going with Bret and Sunday against Will and Jay, that can let her enter the merge affiliated with Chris’ alliance, if not really a full member. She could go a long way then, as in a post-merge game, she is not going to be high anyone’s radar.

            It’s iffy whether she can really pull Bret and Sunday over though. She hasn’t exactly had a masterful social game so far. Her antagonizing of Bret in the last episode might bite her. If Jay tries to sell Bret and Sunday on voting off Hannah, Bret might see it as a way to silence the person that is on to his big secret.

        3. Another thing: you do NOT want to be the person who put Michaela on the jury.

          Blood. Everywhere.

      3. I for one hope that whoever has Jay in their fantasy league doesn’t start gloating. Boo to that I say! Boo! To! That!

        1. I have Jay in one of my leagues. I can’t gloat though. I only picked him because I thought he was a massive douche.

        2. I’m torn, because I have Jay…but I also had Michaela. Sigh. You’d think Hannah would be happy about this after having a little think, though: Michaela was *brutal* to her during challenges.


          Okay I still think Taylor could be around longer maybe, but Jay turned out to be who I hoped he’d be, not who I feared he’d be.

      4. I was surprised by KIA where both Rob and Stephen immediately said how terrible a move this was. Personally I thought it was smart for Jay to acknowledge Michaela as a threat and take her out now while he could.

        1. They’ve disliked every move this season. Which is positive, since they felt the same way about Cagayan.

          1. Well, in the RHAP recap episode for the first episode, both Rob and Aras said that Tony’s chances of winning were 0%. So, great minds and all that.

        2. Disagree, mostly for reasons stated above. On the other hand, it does help my super alliance/fantasy picks on the other side.

    1. I’m even more frustrated because I feel like we were just starting to see Michaela’s strategic chops as well. Not only was she a challenge beast and hilarious, but also apparently was considered the most strategic by her tribe?

      1. I like how Will was completely dumfounded by her using rocks/shells as people. It was just completely over his head. Gives me hope for the future.

        Also, he can name drop Tony as much as he wants, but that’s not going to trick me into liking that milk drinking yokel.

      2. I’m really sorry to see her go, but the thing is, we really have been seeing her strategic chops this season, and they are flawed. I mean it’s cool that it was her plan for Figgy to go home, which was the real reason she intervened last episode. It’s not cool for her to stand up admit her sneaky play to everyone. Sometimes when you do something cool, you need to shut up about it.

        It’s kind of the same with the whole shell demonstration. They’d already decided who to vote out and Michaela was happy with it. Putting on that big mastermind show wasn’t going to achieve anything. It was just drawing attention to what a threat she was before an elimination.

        Michaela is smart. There is no doubt about that. She’s seems to be a very cool person too, but that coolness comes from being very open and direct, and that’s a terrible strategy in Survivor.

        I’d still like to see her come back. I could see an older, wiser Michaela killing at this game.

        1. Yeah having your whole plan rely on keeping your original tribe completely intact is kind of flawed and basic.

          1. True…she definitely seemed to be one of those players so hellbent on a long-term plan that she didn’t think enough about the next vote. Even after getting voted out, her anger basically boiled down to, “But I already planned our next five votes together!” which doesn’t really work in this game.

        2. And I’m not even sure how that could have been her plan last episode. How could she have known that Adam would flip and that Figgy would be the target? I felt like she was just happy to see Figgy go because she didn’t like her, and maybe she was a little too happy to take some credit for it.
          Either way, I think you’re right that she didn’t seem to be that much of a strategic mastermind. My early prediction for her was that she would get far by being likable and athletic but end up going out short of the finals because she’s a threat without a super tight alliance. Didn’t quite get that one right, but in a re-try without Jay I could still see it happening.

          1. It’s possible she knew Adam’s feelings on Tay and Figgy, so it’s not impossible.

            Of course, if she was taking credit for it and didn’t actually have a real plan, that would only make it worse.

          2. I certainly didn’t think it was her plan last week, but I know other people here did. I honestly don’t know what to think.

        3. I like that her big plan that blew Barely Legal Will’s mind was essentially “if we vote our a Gen Xer, then we’ll continue to have more Millennials at the merge. It doesn’t even matter which one we vote out”!

          WHOA! Slow down there Kasparov. I’m gonna need you to show me the math.

        4. Michaela’s entire strategy was stick with her original tribe’s alliance and go to the end, relying on physical strength to get there. Is it possible that a fair comparison to her would be … Andrew Savage?

        5. Love me some Michaela in so many ways but she sucked at reading the room; i.e., Jay. I hope he suffers a long slow and torturous elimination death.

          1. Because Jay’s going far in the game, or because Production will shuffle up the seats to make sure they’re not next to each other?

          2. I don’t do spoilers for this show and I don’t know how far he goes. I’m just being facetious about her still wanting to kill him months later (I bet she still wants to kill him, though).

          3. Right, in my question I meant did you think that Jay was going far in the game, not if you had any actual spoiler info.

            I’m sure there was one season where some players were not seated in the actual order they were voted out (not counting the first BvW where everyone was seated in pairs. Was it All Stars where Richard and Sue were seated so that they were not next to each other, even though Sue left the game right after Richard?

          4. I think so (plus there was the season where half the cast wasn’t even on-stage). Also, no, I don’t think Jay will go far. I think his move against Michaela was too soon and short-sighted.

      1. If I was in his shoes I wouldn’t have been able to stop from nervously laughing and then probably apologizing.

        1. Same here. I’d try to act cool and tough and own it, then almost immediately fall apart and say “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

        2. Since I’m obsessed with politics (unlike Millennials, apparently), I would’ve gone all Rick Perry and sheepishly said, “Oops”

          1. I’m obsessed with politics and I’m a millennial.

            I mean, I’m also disgusted by it. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed.

      2. I always wondered what would happen if someone who was voted out didn’t leave tribal immediately, and instead started to beat up one of the people who betrayed them. Would production intervene? Let it play out for a few seconds? Last night, I thought we might get to find out!

        1. I’m pretty sure the second you land a blow you’re sequestered immediately and don’t get your prize money.

          1. Yeah, I was kind of being tongue-in-cheek / weak attempt at humor about it. I figured as much, too.

    2. still can’t get over Jay owning it to her like that and just staring her back down. I have no idea why that impressed me so much, but god it was electrifying

      1. When she returned to the seating area after her torch got snuffed, I completely expected her to snap Jay’s neck.

      1. True, but there was a lot of talk about how well this six-person tribe was getting along. Even with Bret voted out, it’s not inconceivable that Sunday could have flipped to Jay’s side, and Hannah wouldn’t be pissed off, and Michaela would be a good meat shield.

    3. There’s been a lot of jumbling and crossing over since the swap. Jay could land on his feet. But it’s going to be interesting.

    4. Here’s hoping that we’ve all been mistaken and that Hannah turns out not to be Aubrey2.0 but instead Natalie Anderson, ready to get revenge for Jeremy/Michaela’s ouster. (note: this will not happen)

    1. At least we’ll get to see them sit next to each other at the reunion. Imagine if Taylor had been voted off this episode and he and Figgy had to sit next to each other.

  4. Can there be a separate reunion special that is just Michaela?
    Also, Jay is playing a very shrewd game, not just in his shepherding the Michaela boot, but even in little ways, like his validation of Hannah’s thoughts about Bret being a cop. I mean, yes, he’s obviously a cop, but I get the feeling Hannah needs to be validated a lot, and Jay did so very well.
    I love how 80% of Will saying things are when he’s off-camera.

        1. Look, I’m all about the ironic love for Will, but get that nonsense out of here.

          Woo is entertaining television.

          Will is not entertaining television.

          1. Will is enough of a fan that he knows that you always show enthusiasm for whatever the reward is.

            Jeff: Wanna know what you’re playing for?
            Players: Yeah!
            Jeff: (pulls tarp off table) Spices!
            Players: (cheer, go nuts)

          2. I totally agree with you that Woo is entertaining and Will is not (let me be clear I do not like Will the Survivor character). My comparison of the two is about their idolization of Tony and Jay respectively. Woo gave Tony a million dollars because he asked him to; Tony could get him to do whatever he wanted. Similarly, Will is going to do whatever Jay says; Jay has total control of Will just like Tony had total control of Woo.

          3. I think it’s too soon to say that Will is just a mindless puppet. Drafting in the wake of the power player is a great to get deep into the game (and probably ideal for Will), it’s just that Becky, Chelsea, Gervase and many others will tell you that you can’t wait to long to make your move.

    1. I have to think a little more about this move, but tonight is the first night that I thought the show showed us Jay as a serious game player. Other people have talked about him in confessionals and/or secret scenes, but this is the first time I really saw him play. If nothing else, he showed that he can make moves. And with all the cross-tribal things going on, he could still find a home after the merge.

      1. More than showing that he’s a player, I think he showed his high capacity for douchery. Wasn’t so much a strategic move (it came too early) as it was a “look at me, I’m a boss” move.

  5. And the PRP community sheds a single tear.
    But my favorite quote of the night had to be from Jay: “Bret is too funny and lively to be a funeral director.”…. Footage not found.

    1. I don’t know, I would expect that someone that works in a funeral parlor would have a dark sense of humor.

  6. I think this might be my worst fantasy league showing yet. I should know better than to choose my faves.

  7. Hannah Moment of the Week: Her figuring out that Bret is a cop. My quirky detective is always on the case.

    1. Why not pretend to be a security guard or a trash collector or something? Funeral director seemed like a weird backstory to concoct.

        1. I mean, when people ask me what I do at work (I’m a teacher) I always answer with “Oh you know, talk to kids and stuff”.

      1. His though process started with, “I’m going to pick something really weird and unlikely, because people will think nobody could make that up.”

        Then he never thought about the fact that something unusual would actually attract a lot more questions he couldn’t answer than “construction worker ” or “retail manager”.

          1. As a former bookseller, I would have handed him a copy of Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. I know he wouldn’t have read it, but it might have made him realize to pick a simpler lie.

        1. Apparently he actually volunteers(? or helps out or something) at a funeral home, which is why he picked that as his lie, because he would in theory be able to answer any questions relatively easily. Not that he managed to do that particularly well…

        2. He should have gone with Hannah’s job.

          “I’m a barista who’s trying to make it in improv.”

          “… I don’t want to hear anything else about your life ever.”

      2. Or how about “retail”?? The ultimate boring job. Would anyone ask questions if he had presented himself as assistant manager of a Pizza Hut? People get too highfalutin with their fake jobs.

      3. If I were on Survivor I would claim I make designer dog food for a living. Not because it’s a good lie, just because it would be a good gauge of how much I can fuck with these people.

      4. Or you could go the other direction. I’m a laser engineer, and it’s typically a short conversation. “What does a laser engineer do?” “I design lasers”. That’s about it.

      5. Bret has actually worked in a funeral parlor (mentioned in his pre-season bio), so it’s something he’s actually done and doesn’t have to make anything up or guess at facts.

        Since the narrative was that the rest of his tribe didn’t believe him and was sure that he was a cop, I’m guessing the editors only included his responses that were generic. But I’m betting there were actually answers where he went into detail about formaldehyde and rigor mortis.

    2. Hannah was a character that showed early promise then completely faded out for me. It was great to see her doing something entertaining again, even if it was kind of inconsequential.

        1. Yeah, it does, but not enough to vote him out this week, and its not like Jay and Bret are really close anyway. I think Jay was so quick to agree with Hannah because he didn’t really like Bret anyway.

          1. It is possible. It’s certainly not a bad move. I mean, it means that Bret probably likes her less, but he is such a non-entity in the game that I would be amazed if that came back to bite her.

  8. So WAS that a good move on Jay’s part? Michaela was clearly a threat, but the sort of threat who quickly gets voted out post-merge. Now the millennials are going into a merge with a 1 vote margin and a very upset, flaky Hannah (not to mention Jay should have realized that Adam was possibly a lost vote as well).

    1. It was a good move because Hannah is a goat, not a threat, she will not be a factor I think

    2. Hannah would find a way to be upset and flaky with or without this blindside.

      Jay already had Taylor, Michelle and WIll as close allies. Now he has potentially gained Bret and Sundae, and disposed of a huge threat in the process. It was a good move.

      1. I think it was purely opportunistic for Bret and Sunday (Sundae?). They will reunite with Chris. Bye, Jay.

    3. No but it was a move made on a lack of knowledge based on what was happening on other tribes. He probably thinks he has more numbers then what he has.

    4. It was a great move by Jay. Michaela was going to be so tough to beat in the individual challenges. You can’t vote her out if she has individual immunity at every tribal.

      1. I don’t think there was any chance Michaela was going to beat Jay and Chris and Taylor consistently enough for it to really matter.

        1. Eh, Taylor is athletic, but he is not winning any challenges that require thought. Chris is going to crush the brute strength challenges, but those are really few and far between nowadays (he is a lawyer, so I guess he must be at least kind of smart, but we haven’t seen him take charge in any puzzles). So besides Michaela, Jay is the most well rounded competitor, and I don’t think he really has a chance against her in most challenges.

          Michaela owned everyone in the swimming challenge, she crushed the ball balancing maze thing last week, she figured out the puzzle last week and then helped another tribe complete it too, she was draining shots like Steph Curry in the basketball challenge, and last night, the touch she had in that ball balancing thing was insane. She is really good at literally every thing you can encounter in an individual immunity challenge. Jay had every reason to think she was going to be unstoppable in the individual challenges, and you have to take the shot when you get an opportunity because you may not get another one.

    5. Hannah seems to be the type of player that vows revenge and then the next day she forgets all about it and rejoins the alliance.

  9. Everyone, we’re missing the part where Taylor says he doesn’t care at all about politics but literally only follows the NRA and Troyzan on twitter.

          1. They wouldn’t let him. He’s way too hot for all those 45 year old dudes. Would really put their physiques into sharp relief.

      1. I’m still dealing with the fact that he replaced the NRA with Leo. “Duh like what do normal bros like? Leo!! Everyone loves Leo! That’ll take the heat off”

      1. “I mean like someone is always going to be unhappy? Like why ever oppose Stalin, both sides are the same”

    1. I liked his wisdom drop on the Electoral College that he keeps in his pocket. It’s something that just about everybody knows, and is not really controversial in the least.

      1. True experts in complaining about the flaws in the Constitution know you talk about abolishing the Senate.

          1. I am a grown ass man and I still have no idea what the Canadian senate is for.

            Well, except for providing a source for Canadian scandals.

      2. I’m interested that he credits millennials with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact!

  10. Well. That sucked. And it sucks even more because it probably was the right move for Jay, so I can’t even be that indignant about it.

    1. Definitely the right move for Jay. He gains credence with Bret and Sundae while disposing of a huge threat in the process. With Will, Taylor, Michelle, plus either Bret/Sundae or Zeke/Adam, he is in fine shape without Michaela numbers-wise, and now can point to this big move in his Final Tribal speech.

      1. I KNOW. THAT’S WHY I HATE IT SO MUCH. (though probably Bret/Sundae – Zeke/Adam are going to link up with Ken/Jessica/Adam, most likely)

  11. Random thoughts:

    In the recap: “Adam and the GenXers voted out Taylor’s girlfriend.” Figgy doesn’t even get to be referred to by her name (well, it’s not really her name).

    Is Adam playing Taylor or does he really believe the ridiculous things he’s telling him?

    Lots of upset reactions when they see Figgy is gone. But not from Michaela. “Bye Felicia.” Classic Michaela.

    Who decided that Zeke should be the one to be lifted up to free the balls when human toothpick David is standing right there?

    “I don’t want people thinking I’m the one to beat.” Michaela, that ship has sailed.

    David, typical male, burping and farting up a storm.

    “I’m not so concerned who’s gonna be president.” If we didn’t hate Taylor before, we do now.

    Finally Bret’s pre-game idea to say he’s a funeral director comes out. Why now? Uh-oh.

    “David a little short.” Come on Jeff, he can’t help how small he is.

    Apparently slingshots are Michaela’s kryptonite.

    In this episode (and probably others) Ken and Chris are great at throwing things at other things.

    Is Michaela’s “shell diorama” gonna get her voted out???

    We need an animated GIF of Jeff drawing his revolvers when he’s talking about “a maverick kind of game”.

    Michaela is PISSED! Somebody call security to save Jay!

    Someone call medical for Hannah!

    (also, this is the second episode this season where the episode title only had to do with the first 5-10 minutes; come on Production, make better titles!)

      1. At least that episode title is about the majority of the episode. “Idol Search Party” was about one scene that was over before the credits. And this one was about Taylor vowing revenge, but besides one brief scene where he tries to get Ken and Jessica to turn on Adam, it had nothing to do with the majority of the episode.

    1. What the fuck was Adam thinking??!?!?!? How was that little speech supposed to help him with Taylor at all?

      (And the revolvers! I just about lost it.)

      1. Not good for Adam. That entire segment makes me think Taylor is going to outlast him. I don’t like that.

  12. Also, Hannah making it to the merge means Hannah probably going pretty deep. But I’m nervous for The Ken. The beautiful, beautiful Ken.

      1. Chris, yes, but after Chris, now that Michaela’s gone.. The Ken becomes the best challenge competitor, probably. He probably becomes the next target

      1. I got in a fight with my fiance for saying that.
        Put ’em up! I’m a pacifist, but I will fight you too.
        *might be afraid it’s true*

    1. How much more can Ken do? I think he’s either a goat or a boring final five(ish) boot who goes home for no obvious reason. Unless he does something really stupid, which is a real possibility, I’m not sure we’re going to see much of him.

  13. Sigh…I suppose if there’s one vote that’s not going to go my way in the next 7 days, it might as well be this one.

  14. At first I thought Ken was upset about Taylor’s politics talk but I realize he just has Resting Ken Face…and it’s beautiful.

      1. I’m guessing Taylor hates the Electoral College as “the system,” but I think it would be hilarious if he had specific statistics-based objections to our method of counting the vote.

        1. Let’s be real – he doesn’t understand the electoral college. He just knows it’s “the system.” He said he’s not that interested in who becomes president. WTF.

          1. I missed the first 20 minutes because I was at a meeting. What’s all this about Taylor having a pregnant girlfriend (who I’m assuming is not Figgy)?

          2. Figgy was day-drinking all through her exit interviews, & confirmed she and Taylor dated for a couple of months after Survivor, but were not together any more because of something else going on in his life (paraphrasing).

            The day after, Taylor announced on Instagram that he was going to be a snowboard instructor, and also a dad, this winter. The baby is due next month, meaning it was conceived before he left for filming. Seems like he and the mother are back together now.

          3. I feel pretty bad for her having had to watch all the FigTails stuff this season knowing that this was still to come out. Though all the people asking Taylor if the baby was Figgy’s was pretty funny.

          4. I was just saying in another comment, it’s the one reform you are most likely get agreement on from people regardless of affiliation. He keeps it in his pocket as an ingratiation technique.

          5. How I picture Taylor at the bank asking for a loan …

            Banker: You are aware of our state’s strict usury laws?
            Taylor: Us-uh-ree?
            Banker: Oh, silly me! I must have just made up a word that doesn’t exist!

          6. They’re giving him way too much credit. I’m not even entirely sure he used the entire phrase “electoral college”. I think it was more like “electoral… something… blah blah blah”

          7. He’s a white dude who’s gonna get a fat check from this (even if he doesn’t win, he is already approaching the $20K+ mark). He’s right, he’ll be fine no matter who wins. He’s also an asshole for not caring about those of us who won’t be fine no matter who wins.

        2. Well, he is about my age, so he may have shared my experience of being sat down as an impressionable little kid in 2000 and told actually, we lied, the election does not work how we said in school last week! Thrilling introduction to US politics, that was.

      2. Agreed. I suspect there was a measure of annoyance at how enraptured Jessica was by it as well. He’s thinking, how many idols do we need to keep you alive?

  15. Ok, not sure if this is the best place to post this… but this is my most awesome piece of Survivor swag. It’s the immunity banner from Tocantis Ep. 11, where Coach won immunity. It’s too big to even hang on my wall, but its signed by “The Dragonslayer”

    I spent 500 bucks in a survivor auction…. for “charity” not at all because I am over-invested in a reality show. 🙂

    1. I really love that this is from Coach. I felt like it makes it 10 times better. At some point he might even try to buy it from you.

    2. How could this not be the best place to share this? I think that justifies a new home with taller walls.

    3. I’m gonna be the fly in the ointment and ask the obvious question: what the fuck do you do that you have $500 to blow on this?

      (No shame, our wealthy members and our poor members are all the same people, we are friends, just curious.)

  16. I wonder which demographic I fall into best represents the reason that I didn’t know “Bye, Felicia” was a thing until I kept seeing people talk about it tonight.

    1. I know it’s a thing from periodically reading comment sections on Facebook articles (it’s like a bad car accident.. sometimes I can’t help but to look, and then feel really gross about it)

  17. Ok I just started watching – not at 1130 or midnight for a change. What the heck is Adam saying?

        1. “I’d like to explain my vote, if I can.”

          Cut to:

          “I totally screwed you, and now you’re in a worse position.”

          When Adam said “if I can”, we all thought he meant “if you’ll let me”, but he actually meant “if I’m capable of it” (which: I guess he isn’t)

    1. Adam’s strategy in that conversation consisted of recapping what he did at tribal and explain how it ruined Taylor’s game without offering any new information.

  18. “8:38 Also I love the scene of Chris hitting David on the head and David cringing. That was amazing.”

  19. All I can say is… I am REALLY glad that wasn’t the episode I watched live with hundreds of fans in NYC last week.

    I can see why this was a decent move for Jay, but I am going to miss Michaela. She was probably doomed once the merge hit anyways, but farewell, you sassy Goddess you.

      1. And Dan Foley was invited up on stage to talk. Without having attended any of them, I can safely say that was the worst live KIA there ever was or ever will be.

  20. So the other thing I will say: Michaela may have been one of my favorites, but there are a lot of people on this case I still like, and even someone like Jay who I am now really interested in seeing what he does with this move

      1. There is a reason Michaela got a lot of airtime. I just hope these other people can carry the load now. Hopefully this gets us more Zeke, at least.

          1. Exactly. Cambodia was awesome and only a weirdo would fixate on the tiny few characters that weren’t featured rather than the abundance of awesome characters that were.

      2. I guess they just wanted us to get as much Michaela as we deserved given how long we were gonna have her. Will got more of an edit than usual tonight, which was… something that happened. Bret/Sunday too, for obvious reasons. Besides the fact that having fewer people left always will free up air time, Michaela being gone will free up even that much more.

      1. I would guess at this moment a lot of this season enjoyment will be based on a person’s opinion of David. I personally can not care about him so my enjoyment has been lessened because he is biggest player in this season.

      2. Disagree on top10 season, first season, Cagayan, hvv, Amazon, only 6 spots left in top ten after that

          1. When you say ‘Top 10’ you think that, but it’s really only top 1/3rd. There are a lot of stinker seasons.

        1. I think it could end up in the mix for top ten if it keeps picking up steam. I mean besides the obvious seasons that are on every list, there is a lot of disagreement about how to round the list out. I mean there are people who have seasons like Gabon/Nicaragua in their top ten (reddit is a strange place (sorry if you’re one of those people))

          1. I have Tocantins #3, pending rewatches (I’ve rewatched Tocantins but not the rest of my top five) I’m considering moving it higher than that.

            I could absolutely see having Samoa in the top ten. It’s exciting. I don’t have it that high for reasons that I’m sure you can guess, but I think it’s easily defensible to have it that high.

          2. The thing Samoa has going for it is that it’s arguably the delineation point between old school and new school,survivor.
            I don’t think day 1 alliances were w thing before Samoa

          3. Also the first time you see Russell is kind of fun. I saw HvV live and missed Samoa so I was transfixed. He grows tiresome but the first time you see him is a revelation.

          4. Yes, I watched most of the tribal councils that season standing up and clapping at my telecision

          5. Also agreed.

            Samoa has it’s upside. I would never call it a bad season. But there are some flaaaws in that game and I can’t put it top ten.

          6. Hope this isn’t too controversial (gulp) – but I think some of the backlash against Russell as a player is over the top. He isn’t Satan, and he isn’t one of the worst Survivor contestants ever like some corners of the internet want to call him.

            *No I don’t like Russell and I don’t think he was robbed I just want to make that very clear I only think he deserves more credit than he often gets online*

          7. Russell probably should have won Samoa, but when you are such an ass most people are just not going to vote for you. Oh Russell revolutionized the game by finding all of these idols? Well Natalie isn’t a total jerk, so she played the better game.

          8. He isn’t one of the *worst* players of all time. He just needlessly and gratuitously alienates people in a way that will guarantee he can never win. If you can make peace with, and even appreciate that flaw, it’s a fun ride.

          9. This is where I fall as far as Russell goes. Other places on the internet are so dedicated to proving how smart they are by realizing that Russell lost the game for himself that they refuse to acknowledge that there are things Russell is good at.

            Actually, my brother is like that. I don’t even like Russell and wouldn’t mind if we never saw him again but I still think he gets a raw deal from a lot of people.

          10. “He isn’t Satan, and he isn’t one of the worst Survivor contestants ever like some corners of the internet want to call him.”

            He is. Some of my best friends are Katrina refugees, and the lies he tells about that in Samoa basically disqualify him from being a good person, especially considering that he probably also knows actual Katrina refugees.

            I had a friend hold up a plastic box the size of a shoebox and tell me it held every record of his life from before the storm. Fuck the dude who thought to profit on that.

          11. I think he’s an overrated player, but my objection to him is 99% just that I find him personally hatable to the point where I baled on Samoa in the first few episodes when it aired. That man gets on my last nerve, and the only reason I can watch his seasons now is that I know he’s been humiliated and many fans have turned on him.

          12. As I said when I was a guest on the podcast when they were doing their rankings and I had to defend my placement of Samoa (I think I had it at #2?) it is still one of my favorite seasons. For me, the previous seasons had become predictable and routine (even though I did like Tocantins). And then Russell came along and BAM I was excited to watch Survivor again – he made it exciting and new. Before Samoa watching the show had eventually felt like a chore, but on Samoa I was excited every week to see what Russell would do.

          13. Those aren’t crazy. Tocantins would be in a lot of top 10s. Samoa is a bit more of a stretch, but I’d put it in my top half. It wouldn’t be a huge stretch to get it in the ballpark of #10

      3. Yeah, I am really loving this season too. There are so many good players and entertaining characters left that an unsatisfying conclusion seems almost impossible. This has definitely been my favorite pre-merge since Cagayan and I think once it is all said and done I will probably like the entire season more than Second Chances due to its lack of Abi-Maria.

      4. Way too soon to tell. Great pre-merges can be followed by terrible individual phases. Just ask anyone who watched Australian Survivor.

  21. I humbly offer up my title of Fantasy League Khaleesi (although I still finished 12th in Cambodia with the Angkor of Varner on my team).

    However, in case you didn’t realize it, my 7 year old niece is playing the Survivor Fantasy League. Her team (Only Here for the Animals) has all four players intact. The unique thing about that: They are all four women.

    1. I was like one spot away from making the Champions league for this season despite having Anna Khait on my team, so there’s still hope for you!

  22. We should do superlatives at the end of the season. So far:

    Lived up to Pre-Season Judgments: Taylor

    Most Changed Since Preseason Judgments: Jay

    Gone from the Game Too Soon: Michaela

    Most Knowledgeable about Boston Cops: Hannah

        1. The best way to pretend you’re a gay funeral director is to talk about the time your mom walked in on your brother blowing his girlfriend in the service room.

        2. How hard can it be to pretend to be a funeral director? Nobody will ask you questions about it. If they do, you just tell them you help pick out caskets, meet the family to prepare them for the, you know, funeral, and uh, stuff like that. Funeral directing stuff.

      1. Brett needs to learn that if you are going to steal moves from Tony, you need to build yourself a spyshack, Then he would have had a place to retreat from Hannah’s intense interrogation.

          1. “Teach Me Corporations” is terrible, but from a pure law nerd perspective it’s actually impressive how much information she jams in.

          2. I’m torn bc it does give a lot of info but that voice is like nails Ina chalkboard. Was that Malcolm?

      1. Swearing during christian prayer
        Panic attack ruined high school graduation

        That’s all I’ve got

    1. I’m just gonna say I actually called this version of Jay preseason. It is why I picked him third in the Outcasts and would’ve picked only Ken before him

      1. This is who I saw in his bio/video, but I got scared off by what everyone else said and my previous bad reads, so no credit for me.

          1. Apparently the official demonym is “Massachusettsan”. I like your word better. Both are better than “Massachussite”.

          2. If that’s true then I stand corrected, but considering just about every other state has a similarly structured demonym it’s not a stretch to think that that was real.

          1. Saying “masshole” is kind of like doing an Austin Powers impression. There are definitely people who do it, and it’s something that makes you die just a little more inside every time you hear it.

        1. I’ve been to my fair share of beach bonfires. The part he didn’t mention was the massive amount of weed on site.

          1. It is the animating principle that holds together the bonds of the universe.

            Will cares naught for your “create entertaining TV” standards!

          2. Too soon to speculate. There’s just too much game between now and then (after all, it took seven episodes to find out the Jay’s got game). Any scenario where David gets to the end he’s probably made some kind of gangsta move to put on his resume.

          3. It would annoy Jeff so much if David were to win, which is why I want it. but I don’t see Dave making finale tbh

        1. That would be great! I like David, and I could live off the tears of Ken fans for months during the offseason.

        2. I’m not ruling out a David victory. I have him 4th on my potential winner list after ADAM, Ken and Zeke.

      1. Fun story: I admitted to one of my students tonight that I’m Survivor fan, she made a joke about “Jessica going home,” so I got to say “Jessica went home last week. Jessica is also still there. There are two Jessicas.”

      1. did anyone else feel like Will shouldn’t have mentioned Tony by name? Jay’s targeting Michaela in part because she’s so strategically minded, and Will’s just casually throwing out references that betray how much he knows

  23. I totally get why strategically Michaela was voted out. She would have been brutal on the jury. I hope she returns. I wonder why she didn’t call Jay out on his idol. Is it against the rules to call someone out after being voted out? It seems like something she would have done.

    1. I think you can still call people out. Didn’t Eliza do that in Micronesia? Didn’t she call out Ozzy after the ‘fucking stick’ got tossed into the fire?

      1. Irrelevant, but I consider, “the fucking stick” moment in the top 5 of survivor nonsense.

    2. I don’t remember who but I remember this question being asked in exit interviews and often players are so shocked and busy processing it that it doesn’t come to mind to call someone out for having an idol or something. Which might by you Eliza was able to do it she pretty much knew she was going home.

    3. Once you’re voted out you can do whatever the fuck you want. Not calling out Jay probably had to deal with her reeling from the shock.

    4. They discussed this on KIA last night and they said it is allowed to call someone out about having an idol after you’re voted out.

  24. So, Jessica: Most gullible player of the season or most gullible player ever?

    I loved the cuts to Ken’s quiet reactions, while Jessica was eating up Taylor’s BS by the handful. Such a nice young man.

    1. I think she was weighing her options. She did not promise not to vote for Adam. Ken did and said he would fight for Adam. My guess is Ken convinces her not to deal with Taylor, thus fighting for Adam.

      1. If it had just been her conversation with Tay, that would have been one thing. It was really her confessional about how honest and trustworthy Tay was that I am referring to.

        1. But I thought Jessica was saying that Tay is trustworthy not because he’s a nice young man or anything, but because he’s just too stupid to be duplicitous.

          1. If that is the case, it’s still poorly thought out. Survivor is full of stupid, duplicitous people. Just looking at this episode, Jay isn’t exactly brimming with intelligence. That didn’t stop him from backstabbing Michaela, all for the purpose of taking him from a comfortable alliance of four in a tribe of six to being in a precarious alliance of two in tribe of five.

            At least in dealing with smart people, they have probably have a sensible plan, so you have some chance of seeing their angle. Dumb players can do any stupid thing. Just look at the path of the dead Abi-Maria left in making one short-sighted, senseless betrayal after another.

        2. It’s weird logic that says ‘Taylor is trustworthy because he straight-up voted against me, whilst Adam flipped on his original tribe to save me, therefore he is untrustworthy.’

  25. so, this season is set for a decent post-merge game. I don’t see a clearly dominant alliance, looks good.

    1. Yeah, As sad as I was to see Michaela go tonight, that big Millennial alliance just gutted itself. Post merge could be very interesting.

    2. This season just keeps picking up steam every week. It’s not like I’m not happy that Michaela is gone, but that was just a really solid episode and I think it sets us up for a very unpredictable post merge.

    1. Mine too, my friend. Mine too. I should know not to play with my heart. The killer? I swapped Jay for Michaela.

      1. Don’t expect any sympathy from me. This is what you get for snatching that team from under my nose.

        Meanwhile, my replacement-replacement Chris is still going strong in the game.

  26. My favorite part of the episode was Chris trying to high five his tribe full of people who have never high fived before.

  27. Bizarre decision to try to hoist Zeke when the two tiniest people on the island are standing there… David is probably afraid of heights.

    1. That was the exact conversation in our living room. Then during the net portion. you had Michelle nimbly opening up the net ahead of the ball, just to highlight she would been easy to carry and done pretty well at looping that ball around in the first segment.

      1. When that part of the challenge has been done in the past (at part of the rolling barrel challenge), you typically use light weight but medium height aka people like Wentworth, Laura Morrett, and Woo.

        1. I remember Monica Padilla struggling in that challenge because she was light weight but not medium height.

          tl;dr: I remember Monica Padilla.

    2. I thought that too, but remembered that in an earlier episode it was referenced that Zeke is smaller than David.

  28. Wait, isn’t next season a returning player season? Could Michaela go straight into that? Was it filmed AFTER this one, or before? I’d love to see her again immediately a la Russell Hantz (except this time it’s somebody we’d actually want to see again).

    1. The next season was filmed after and if you were to go look on something like, I don’t know, you should be pleasantly surprised.

      1. You should probably rephrase that, so nobody gets spoiled, who doesn’t want to.
        (that is, if you’re saying what I think you’re saying)

    1. You and I both said it, but your scenario was a lot closer to the reality. Another thing we both said? “It will never happen.”

  29. I was all ready to induct Michaela in the jury Hall of Fame based on the potential her reactions alone. I should mention that I both think this was the right move for Jay and that I now dislike Jay, for petty reasons.

    1. If looks could kill, there would not be one single soul on this earth that could survive the look Michaela gave Jay.

  30. The Cubs just won the World Series!! Nothing to do with Survivor, but holy shit this is a huge fucking deal.

    1. I get the impression that I’m the only person in the world (outside of Cleveland fans) who isn’t happy about this. I mean I always root for the NL team in the World Series, but it’s hard for me to get behind the idea of Chicago sports fans being miserable when they have the second most titles in American sports history.

        1. They’re easy to handle now I think. Before they could whine about “108 years” even though they’re all Bulls fans who witnessed a dynasty in the 90’s and Blackhawks fans who have 3 titles in 5 years. Now they have no reason to complain about anything ever.

          Sorry, this whole Chicago misery BS just rubs me the wrong way as a fan of a city who hasn’t won anything in any sport since 1992. Only the Twin Cities can compete with DC when it comes to cities with four teams who can’t win anything.

          1. I thought that was funny too.

            I kind of get it, because I’m assuming there isn’t much overlap of Cubs fans pulling for the White Sox (and that 2005 World Series probably annoyed Cubs fans more than anything), but it’s still a Chicago championship.

          2. I don’t care about the Cubs winning, but I hate the logic people can’t complain about their shitty team because different sports in the region are good. I am only a baseball fan. The 49ers success in the 90s meant nothing to me. If there are Sharks fans who don’t give a shit about baseball (or you know, are A’s fans) then why in the world does the Giants’ three in five help the fact that the Sharks have never won the Stanley Cup?

          3. Co-sign completely. As an A’s fan, not only is there zero regional pride in the Giants winning three times in five years, it’s actively infuriating because the A’s made the postseason (AKA the crapshoot) just as many times in those years.

          4. I’m a Packer fan. I’d let the Brewers and Bucks leave the state entirely to win one more Super Bowl.

      1. I am so not used to supporting the team that everyone’s rooting against because we’ve won more recently. I’m also really disappointed that I can’t actually celebrate the Cubs finally winning the World Series, because this is really big.

  31. I’m so torn. I’m so impressed with Jay and so upset Michaela has been rudely torn from our lives.

    Also, rest in peace racial diversity.

  32. Damn, Jay. Just….damn. This fucks up my pick-4.

    Now that Michaela is gone, not only is a fan favourite gone, but all diversity as well.

    I was really hoping in the preview that Hannah would say, “I hope I get my revenge ’cause it’s gonna be gooood.”

  33. “Can’t wait until the immunity challenge when Michaela manages to work in “The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.””

    So are you guys going to retire this bit now that Cleveland’s blown a 3-1 lead?

    1. NBA Twitter wants what it wants. Who could have known Michael Jordan shedding a few tears would become such a thing? Or tea lizard?

    2. No.

      The Warriors were supposed to be the best team in league history. Steph was a unanimous MVP and the superstar of the future.

      The Indians shouldn’t have even made it to the ALCS and the Cubs were the best baseball team in years. And giant comebacks are very common in baseball because of its randomness. Not comparable really.

        1. Now that it’s obvious DC sports fans aren’t supposed to enjoy watching our teams play, my main joy is starting to become laughing at other cities getting their hearts ripped out. I’ve never been one to watch sports like this but my hand is sort of being forced.

  34. One thing I will say for Taylor is that he reacted surprisingly well to Figgy’s vote-out. He didn’t throw a hissy fit, he didn’t scream or yell at Adam, he was pissed off (and fair enough) but he didn’t let his emotions get the better of him, which is more mature than I credited him with being.

  35. I don’t think it was a good move by Jay at all.

    – If he keeps Michaela there is a small chance that Millennials could come together at the merge. I think even with Michaela, Adam/Zeke flip to Gen X side but even if they were down 6 to 7 at merge they could have used an idol to even it out. Now I think they will even lose Hannah to GenX + Adam/Zeke group. Not sure she would want to stay with those who don’t trust her enough to share strategy with.
    – Ignoring numbers, keeping in Michaela keeps a bigger target in the game.. Jeremy for example was obsessed was keeping meat shields around in Cambodia.

    Even Tony started to play the Tony game after merge. He had an opportunity to cut LJ before the merge too but decided to use him first to establish a tight alliance first. Jay really was better off bringing in Michaela inside his core group before cutting her off late in game.

    1. “Even Tony started to play the Tony game after merge.”

      Well besides that time where he made Cliff Robinson his main target right away and then sacrificed the Brawn majority after the swap to get rid of him and teamed with LJ who could’ve teamed up with the other Beauties to oust him at the merge”. Other than that, he TOTALLY waited for the merge.

      1. I don’t understand where the question of Brawn majority comes in here? It was clear from the start that he and Trish were on the outs on that tribe. That’s when he lied to Sarah and turned her against Cliff to begin with. In contrast, Jay actually worked with Michaela during that Mari vote out, so much so that he and Michelle got her to vote with Figgy when she hated her. So the comparison is off here – Tony and Cliff were never together to begin with unlike Michaela and Jay, Jay even mentions in the episode itself that Micahela’s only ally is he . Tony’s main reason for going with LJ was because he was trying to build some kind of alliance pre merge, that’s where you also got the ‘top 5 baby’ outburst.
        It is not an exact like for like comparison but I would compare duo of Jay-Michaela with Tony-LJ . Tony could have cut off the big threat in LJ in pre merge itself (not quite since LJ had the idol then) but then he ends up in a merge with no real alliance to speak of. As it is he did end up in minority alliance (just as Jay would have if he had stuck with Michaela) but the numbers disadvantage was not too big (though ultimately they did need that Kass flip).

  36. Having slept on it, I’m coming down on the side of bad move by Jay and Will here. I think it’s just too soon to make this move.

    1. Yes, Michaela is a massive individual immunity threat. But no one has ever managed to win every single individual immunity – not even Joe. Also, we don’t actually know how great she is at puzzles. There will, at some point, be a chance to take her out.

    2. Michaela being a big threat is actually a great shield.

    3. If Michaela IS winning individual immunities, she’s at least keeping people you might want to vote out (like, say, Chris and Ken) from winning them.

    4. As Jay and Will pointed out, Michaela is both super loyal and trustworthy, and had no allies but them. Bret and Sunday, on the other hand, DO have ties to other players, so their loyalty isn’t assured. When it really comes down to it, is Bret a better potential ally than Michaela? I’m saying no.

    5. Voting out Bret has no real ramifications from Sunday – it’s the expected move and she’s not going to hold a grudge. Voting out Michaela totally alienates Hannah however; it’s the second time it’s been made clear to her that she’s not really valued as an alliance partner.

    6. It totally goes against the tenet of building trust. Everyone now surely knows that Jay will turn on them in a heartbeat if he thinks there might be an advantage in it for him (obviously they should think this ANYWAY, but it’s surprising how many people don’t). People who don’t have total confidence in their alliance start looking for other options.

    Like, other than a power move you can make to the jury (lessened in this case in that the jury hasn’t even started yet, and there are only four other people who have even witnessed this thing going down) what are the big advantages to doing this right now? I don’t get it.

    1. Potential breakdown for next week:





      Obviously this is total guesswork (I’m assuming Ken, Jessica and Adam are able to leverage their bonds to David and Zeke successfully, and Hannah is serious about wanting revenge), but then the question becomes: can David and Zeke get Chris? If yes, that’s enough for a majority. If no, then that puts Team Suck in play. But Team Michaela’s Revenge definitely holds the bigger characters right now (excluding Jay).

      Thoughts? Other configurations?

      1. I can see Sunday and Bret happily sticking with Jay and Will, just out of gratitude for that last vote. I’m really not sure where Chris lands. I think he was probably closest with Bret, so it may just be that those two end up as a matched set.

        1. I can see that happening too (though the edit doesn’t really suggest that’s what’s going to happen).

          The downside of that configuration is that the Gen-Xers are the minority in that bloc of 7. If Chris goes the other way, it’s a majority Gen-X alliance, and he has historically talked about wanting the numbers. That makes me think Chris will side with Team Michaela’s Revenge, and possibly pull Bret and Sunday over as well.

        2. I feel like Sunday/Bret won’t be thrilled to work with Jessica (who they wanted gone) and David (who blindsided them). But I can also see them putting that aside for a few votes.

          1. Neither of them seems like they have all that much initiative to me. It’s just a toss-up as to whether they vote for who Jay tells them to vote for, or who Chris tells them to vote for.

      2. I kind of think of it as a 4-3-3-3 split. You’ve got Team People Who Suck, Team Millenials Who Didn’t Vote Out Michaela (Adam, Hannah, Zeke, Team Ken is Our Alpha (Jessica, David), and team Chris is our Alpha (Brett, Sunday).

        In a lot of ways, the key figure in this should be Zeke. His genuine ties to David and Chris could be enough to knit together the three trios into a 9-4 split of Jay’s doom.

        Well, except that Jay has an idol, and conceivably enough sense to play it.

        1. I like this theory. Though Jay’s idol can only save one person, and a 9-4 split is enough to split the vote (/see Chris or Ken voted out and survive to try again next week)

          1. Yup- Jay having an idol isn’t enough to flip the season, it’s just bad news for one of the opposing alphas.

          2. They can split the vote, but that requires at least one of the trios breaking down their collective voting power, which may be off-putting. An immediate post-merge split is hard to do because there’s so much doubt and distrust off the bat, and that’s especially true here when there are so many different alliances.

          3. I’m gonna disagree and say not enough information here. The last two series have both had a split vote planned at the merge – Neil got medevacced so it never actually happened in s32, but it did work out when Kass got voted off in s31. 29 and 30 merged with close enough numbers that a split vote wasn’t an option.

      3. I’m really excited for next week, since I honestly have no idea how this is going to work out. If Adam, Zeke, Hannah, and David (and Chris for the purposes of my pick 4 team) can manage to work together, I will be incredibly pleased. There are some fantastic characters this season, but I really hope the fodder doesn’t make it too far.

    2. I’m with you. In the moment, I was so stunned by the move that I almost reflexively decided it was a good move. Now after thinking about it, the move starts making less sense.

      1. I think I’m the same way. When he first suggested it, I thought well there are reasons for it, but now I’m like but not enough good reasons vs why it’s not the right move.

        1. Now that I thought about it, I only like it in terms of creating an awesome tribal council moment, from Micheala and Hannah both.

    3. I would tend to agree with this assessment over all. I think one of the only downsides of keeping Michaela is that voting her out too far down the road could be end up being really tricky for Jay. He would have to get the timing just right, convince the right people without tipping her off, and then the odds are Michaela would figure out that he was involved and then he’s stuck with her on the jury, probably really angry and campaigning against him. There’s definitely a way to do it with minimal damage, but who knows if Jay could have pulled it off.

      1. True, but you could make that argument about almost anyone. I haven’t really seen anything that suggests Michaela is significantly more likely to be a bitter juror than anyone else (as someone who clearly plays team sports you’d hope that she’d actually be more likely to reward the best player but…there’s Scot).

        1. Well seeing how she exited, she might have been an exceptionally bitter juror. Maybe Jay saw glimpses of that they we weren’t shown

          1. Yeah, this was kind of my take too – she seemed ~really~ angry at Jay that he blindsided her, so I could see her holding that against him in the final vote if he had waited to vote her out at the jury phase.

        2. “I haven’t really seen anything that suggests Michaela is significantly more likely to be a bitter juror than anyone else”

          Did… you… stop watching before Tribal Council ended last night?

          1. There’s a difference between being voted out in the endgame as a legitimate threat, and being voted out pre-merge for no good reason. The former I’d expect her to accept as a good game move…the latter only makes sense if you accept Jay’s shaky logic, which…I wouldn’t.

        3. I think, based on Michaela’s reaction to that third vote, there is a reason to wonder if she may have been the most bitter juror of all time.

          1. I would have loved to have found out. She’s someone who could finally top Sue’s “rats and snakes” speech!

          2. Jury Michaela could have been amazing.

            Don’t get me wrong, she was my favorite. I wanted her to win. But the idea of her as a juror is just so appealing.

      2. Why would Jay need to convince people down the road? Michaela is a giant neon threat, and she will only glow brighter once you get past the merge. Everyone will see it.

        Even if you did need to nudge people, you can just get the ball rolling with kindness. “Wow! Micheala sure it awesome, huh?”

        1. I’m not necessarily saying it would be hard to convince people, just that he would have to do the work of gathering votes without her finding out and making a counter move. In this episode, he was working within a relatively small tribe, with two guaranteed votes (the GenXers) and an eager ally in Will so he was able to garner the votes quietly and efficiently.
          On the flip side, I was thinking about the Joe situation in Cambodia, where he knew he was on the block and ended up being useful to the minority alliance for a few votes. Then again, he did ultimately get taken out maybe the 2nd time he was vulnerable, so maybe it’s not something Jay needed to worry about.

    4. All great points. It’s even a terrible move if you really think just one week ahead. They’ve cut one of their best challenge players, which makes it more likely they will be back at Tribal next week if we don’t have a merge.

      Jay’s only really ally that is left is Will. He’s in a two person alliance in a five person tribe. If he hadn’t made his “big move”, he would be in a four person alliance in a five person tribe. As comfortable a lead as you can have and still have an expendable person to sacrifice at tribal.

    5. I thought all of this from the get go but the reaction to the decision was so overwhelmingly positive that I was worried my read was wrong (I did post about it on reddit last night, though). This is a great post. I especially agree with point #5 – voting off one of the Gen X’ers had no potential to alienate anybody. They were literally planning on voting each other out. With one of them cut loose, Jay could easily argue to the other that their best option for survival is to align with the Millennials. Now, Brett and Sunday have options AND given them a chance to win Hannah over.

  37. I’m mentally reliving Adam going over what he did with Taylor. “Did I screw your ? Yes. Will it be a harder road going forward? Yes. I did that”

    It’s just a hilarious little monologue of weirdness

      1. But he asked Taylor if he wanted to talk about it and Taylor said yes. So not like the Hannah situation at all.

    1. I’d forgotten that part of the episode as so much else happened afterwards. That was ridiculously awkward. Just own your big move, Adam. It’s not like Taylor ever really liked you in the first place. He sure as hell isn’t going to now.

      1. This has been a season of weirdly handled postmortems on blindsides. Figgy and Hannah handled Mari’s so weirdly. Jess and Chris were super tense, and this last one was the most awkward! I feel like David coming back after his idol play has probably handled it the best. Acknowledging they may be upset and let them know it’s their call on when to talk. Seems pretty easy!

        1. Agreed on David. After episode one, who would have thought that David would come out as one of the better social gamers?

          1. The way he told Zeke “I’m a paranoid person, make sure there’s no one behind us” and not even looking like he didn’t care is proof that David is not the frightened little man he was on day one.

          2. He has been compared to Cochran a lot, but he has somehow managed to evolve from SoPa Cochran to Caramoan Cochran before we even got to the merge. David is starting to impress me, whereas before he only impressed me by comparison to himself.

            Either that or Survivor was playing up just how paranoid he was for max effect early. But what we have been shown makes me think this isn’t the case.

          3. At first that seemed silly to me. If David though it would look suspicious to look behind him, wouldn’t it look just as suspicious to have Zeke do it?

            Then I realized David was just trying to build a mood of conspiracy and danger, so Zeke knew David was letting him into his inner secret circle. He was just playing theatrics.

      2. I’m sure he eventually pivoted to, say, “but one of you had to go, and it wasn’t you for a reason” or “once you’re done being mad, I hope you see its in your best interest to work with me” or “now you have no target on your back”. But he was going on and on with the acknowledgement phase and saying such funny stuff I’m not surprised the show clowned him a little.

  38. Kinda fed up that the season is now 13 white people, NINE of them men. I blame casting for this. They couldn’t find a single man of color?

    1. 1. Jay is Latino.

      2. While I share your frustration in the frankly horrifying result, I kind of appreciate that Survivor experimented with less tokenism in their non-white casting, and more “let’s cast a semi-reasonable number of people of color, and if that means there are three Asian American Women, GREAT!”

      3. But man, this result is pretty goddamned horrifying.

        1. Survivor is waiting until they can give us a big reveal. I’m sure it will be an emotional moment when Jay admits that he’s part Peruvian.

          1. I’d keep my Peruvian heritage a secret too.

            Hell if I was on Survivor I’d wear my Irish heritage like a badge of honor. The only thing people assume about the Irish/Irish descendants is that we are drunkards. Besides being true, that could make people more likely to misunderestimate me.

          2. I waited this long for Bret’s pre-season decision to pretend to be a funeral director instead of a cop. I’m still waiting for him being gay to be mentioned on the show.

          3. I’m wondering what is Survivor’s motivation for being silent on this. Is it some big emotional moment that they don’t want to waste? Does it lead to an uncomfortable moment later on? Is it possible he doesn’t want it mentioned on TV? Have they just been so busy with other stuff that they just haven’t gotten around to it yet? I’m trying to think of reasons because it’s just so unusual for Survivor to gloss over something like this.

            I guess door #5 is that he literally never talks about it at all, but I have a hard time believing that over (potentially) 39 days of island life it never became a topic at any point in time.

          4. Simplest answer is usually the right one, so I’m inclined to agree that this is the most likely answer.

          5. They almost never let a woman talk about not being straight, usually because they’re not giving her any screen time at all or because they want her to play another role they think it would complicate (man eater Natalie Bolton). I’m guessing there’s a combination of similar reasons here. Bret is getting sidelined in favor of giving other people screen time, and the two-dimensional character he’s playing is “old fuddy duddy establishment cop man.”

    2. The Inside Survivor rumor was that they were desperately looking for women this season to fit their mold and were looking for women of color. I believe Sarah Freeman discussed this in her blog that CeCe was seemingly doomed because she was cast 4 weeks before the production start date, which meant that she didn’t have enough time to learn how to swim. They also were looking for a woman Youtube gamer, which meant that Mari was the biggest get they could get.

      1. Michaela said in her exit interview that she applied for Amazing Race, and binge-watched a bunch of recent Survivor seasons before going to Fiji because she hadn’t watched in a long time.

        And by the way, can we please get Michaela on Amazing Race???

        1. That might actually get me to watch the Amazing Race again…. (kinda lost interest for a while there)

        2. Michaela said she had seen the show before, specifically the earlier Survivor seasons, and had to binge the recent seasons when she got accepted. She said she wished she could have played on a season more like those older seasons, which sounds like she thought the way to win was to form an alliance early and ride it right to the end, performing well in challenges along the way.

          Which gives more credence to my crazy theory that Michaela is an Andrew Savage type of player.

          1. Maybe, but I think Savage only has that one gear, while Michaela could have adapted to a different kind of season. That “form an alliance early and stick to it” approach is not unreasonable when you’re on a season that starts with two tribes and Probst hammering away at how different the two tribes are.

          2. I could be wrong, but based on what I saw this season, I don’t think Michaela can play any other way than how she did. If we saw her on a future season (cough cough) I think she may try to keep her feelings to herself and not appear as such a threat, but I don’t think she could keep that up very long. Her real personality would come out.

            I’d love to be wrong, just my 2 cents based on what I’ve seen of her so far.

          3. Oh most definitely she’d have to work on keeping her thoughts to herself (if she were to ever be on Survivor again, I mean). I’m saying specifically that I think she’d be capable of figuring out a different path to the end other than “five strong ride or die” if the situation called for it.

          4. I would hope so. But something about the way she played this season makes me think that if she returned she would play exactly the same way. Prove me wrong, Michaela!

      2. When you are CeCe’s age, there is no amount of time that would be enough to learn how to swim. For someone who reportedly had been applying for the show since the second season, it’s maybe something she should’ve tried in the meantime.

        1. This was mentioned on one of the RHAP episodes when CeCe got voted out (maybe the “Why BLANK Lost The Game” one). If you’re applying for Survivor every year, as CeCe admitted she did, why would you wait until you got accepted to learn how to swim? It’s not like once you learn it you forget it in 6 months.

  39. Men acting all atavistic and gross, burping and farting around ladies, always a crowd pleaser. I know it’s puerile and I’m vaguely ashamed of it, but I’ll admit I lol’d during that scene.

    Michelle doesn’t get booted before the merge. I’m truly surprised, maybe she is seriously just that boring in confessionals?

    RIP Michaela, this world wasn’t good enough for you. Also, Andy was right, you were much better than Cydney.

    Next week is the merge and it has got to be an exciting one right? So many different ways this thing could break. I came into this season with low expectation because of the theme and so far I’ve been very pleasantly surprised, keep it up Survivor.

  40. I see so much optimism here on the board right if how much Michaela is great and hopes for the merge. Well now it is time for some realistic thoughts.

    This episode (and three tribes in general) are going to wind up as the highlight of the season. I think we are probably going downhill surprisely fast if how many people we have and how fast we are going to lose many players that are decent. It is a bad sign that we lost what is easily the best character in the premerge.

    Also did David always have the coat that he was wearing he talked to Zeke in this episode.

  41. In all 3 post-swap votes, the majority in the tribe voted out one of their own, that’s pretty remarkable. I’d hope that the entire theme is out the window now and that despite Michaela/Jay/Hannah/Will talking about having millennial numbers after the merge and getting the band back together, next episode the mixed alliances will remain after the merge and be the norm for the rest of the game.

    In fact, a few weeks ago I would say that Gen X had the better shot to being eliminated first, or having the fewest members left at the end of the game. But now I’m not so sure.

    Also, did Jeff make any of his usual “this is how millennials do things” or “Generation X has these beliefs” this episode?

    1. Jeff didn’t, but there was that whole obnoxious scene with Taylor and Ken talking politics which I think was supposed to highlight a difference between GenX and Millennials. However, I think it just highlighted the difference between normal people and complete idiots.

      1. I dunno, Ken sure sounded like he was starting in on his barroom conspiracy theory speech before Taylor cut him off. More like “GenXers are idiots like this,, but Millennials are idiots like this.

        1. I thought he was just making the banal point that politics matter because government policy has an effect on all of our lives… However, your interpretation makes Ken seem like a douche, so I’m on board!!

          1. Yeah, on second viewing he said something like “government policy is controlled by officials whom we elect, or don’t elect.” If you’re being charitable he’s just saying “elections matter”, but if you chose to do so you could interpret it as “yeah, there may be a thin veneer of elections, but really it’s the Trilateral Commission that controls everything.”

          2. I feel like I win either way. One is boring Ken being boring Ken. The other is Ken being a giant douche. Either way, I get to continue breaking his balls.

          3. I read it as “government matters, elections matter, I am a pedant who remembers that there are many unelected positions in government,” but I am prepared to believe he was gearing up for something crazier.

          4. Are we speculating that the guy who went off the grid for five years has weird crazy person ideas about politics? Because I have trouble believing that.

          1. I can’t believe you knew how much that would tweak me but I guess it worked since I literally paused the podcast to tell you I hated you.

          2. For the record, I had no idea he would do that (John never tells me what his intro will be). But I was happy to go along with it in the hopes that it would bother somebody.

          1. When I think of players that have lived their lives like a candle in the wind, Michaela is not the name that comes to mind.

          2. Why do sad songs have to be about dead people?

            Also, I wasn’t thinking of CitW as a 90s sad song because it had been released as a single in the 70s. And n the 80s. Geez, Reg, get some new songs.

          3. Those were the first two sad songs that I thought would relate to losing Michaela…The third was “Tha Crossroads” and the fourth was “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye”.

          4. It’s hard to come up with a sad song. But it’s worth it, because they say so much. So turn on those sad songs.

          5. Y’all don’t listen to enough Elliott Smith. Although I guess songs about heroin aren’t really gonna work better here.

          6. Another great suggestion. But I feel like I’d be doing the joke a disservice if I played Oasis and it wasn’t Wonderwall.

          7. I’m British and I grew up in the 90s. All Oasis is the best Oasis. As long as it’s off What’s The Story (Morning Glory).

          8. I have no idea what it’s about, but Champagne Supernova seems like Oasis’ “sad song”. It sounds like it should be played in a movie set in the apocalypse.

          9. What about the song they freely admitted they ripped off from the “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” commercial?

          1. I think it was Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind”.

            “You’re my boy, Blue! (whispers) You’re my boy!”

    1. Do you guys watch any competition reality TV other than Survivor? And if so, are there any contestants from those shows you would like to see compete on Survivor? Or vice versa?

      1. Since I know you share my other competitive reality love, can I just say: Katya for Survivor. She will either go out first or destroy everyone.


        2. Are you also kind of disappointed that this season didn’t turn overtly strategic? The twist seemed designed to give me my dream of a reality competition that mixes Survivor-y strategy with competitions in a genuinely entertaining thing.

    2. If either of you went on the show (forget about the no-Canadian rule) and you didn’t want to reveal your job, what job would you use instead? Do you have another job you’ve done in the past that you know enough about so you could pass Hannah’s test, or would you pick a job you’ve never done and just BS your way through it?

    3. With all 3 post-swap votes being a member of the majority, can we safely say that the season’s theme is over? After the merge, do you think any of the original tribes will still want to get the band back together, or have enough mixed alliances formed that it’s no longer good guys vs. bad guys, it’s just a bunch of guys?

        1. I need to clarify a new change to my rule: if they made the merge once, they are unable to be considered. No Varner, no B. Rob…

          However, Franny and Russell Swan are still in play.

    4. What do we think about telling allies about the idol? I think it is a case by case situation. Someone who is a big threat like Jeremy probably shouldn’t, but I think someone like David does have a handle on how to use it to bring people closer (telling Ken, saving Jess, now telling Zeke has opened up a future there).

      Any thoughts on who should share an idol, when, and how?

    5. What do you think are the best pre-merge tribal councils? (Tyson’s boot in HvV not included, because everyone picks that)

          1. The Billy Garcia TC and the One World one where the men give up immunity have maybe my favorite WTF reactions from Jeff

          2. Yeah, that part is awkward, but it also has this hilarious exchange:

            Colton: Jeff, I’m not racist, I love black people.
            Jeff: Colton, do you have any black friends?
            Colton: … My maid?

            But I just love the look on Jeff’s face when the wrong tribe walks in. Unless Jeff one day reveals that he knew the men were going to show up, I will always believe that he had no idea they were coming that night.

          3. I don’t think Jeff is that good of an actor. I’m more likely to believe that after the men came in, they stopped the cameras so that Jeff could go offscreen and rearrange his notes and questions for the men, that everything he had prepared was to talk to the women

      1. We didn’t get to this one, but Barbara already took the first answer that came to mind for me: Caleb openly turning on Brad in the middle of tribal.

  42. Just finished Michaela’s exit interview with Rob. I’m sure a lot of people expect her to be super-salty, but I’m happy to report that she was sunny, mature enough to separate the game from real life, give Jay credit for blindsiding her, and owned the fact that Jay’s paranoia was her fault.

    tl;dr: Michaela is the best.

  43. Could Michaela have burned Jay on the way out by letting the tribe know that he has an idol? Is that against the rules?

    1. She could have. It is not.

      Or even if it is, it’s not a rule they’d ever enforce. Especially since there’s not a lot they could do to enforce it.

    2. She said in the Rhap interview that she briefly thought about it but it’s not who she is and not in the spirit of friendly competition. She wanted him to know when he lost it was bc of his dumb move, not her outing the idol.

      1. I noted downthread that I was really impressed with her exit interview, but that was the one part where I felt she was rewriting history.

  44. NO. NO NO NO. NO. The Indians blow the World Series on the same night Michaela goes home with an idol? This is not fair.

    I normally watch Survivor to get away from politics, but I guess Taylor talking about how his generation will get rid of the “electoral votes” doesn’t really count as politics.

    I know I’m far from the first person to praise the editors here, but the scene of Ikabula sitting on the log was absolutely fantastic. The lack of music was incredible.

    Now that midterms have died down, the World Series is over, and the election is almost done, I think I should be able to watch live next week for the first time in a while. Reading through 600 comments on Thursday night is hard.

      1. Now I know it’s because all the men are white and only 5 of the women were but can it be a coincidence that 5 women have gone and they were all the WoC?

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