Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 8 Liveblog: “I’m the Kingpin”

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I'm the Kingpin


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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

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962 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 8 Liveblog: “I’m the Kingpin”

  1. Wow, I’ve never needed the escapism of Survivor as badly as I do tonight. I think this is a safe place to say that in my 29 years on this earth I’ve never been more enraged, sad, confused, and ashamed to be an American. As a white male, I’d just like to take a moment to apologize to all of you for what my demographic inflicted on the world yesterday.

    Welcome to Trump’s America everyone, and may god have mercy on your soul.

    I need a hug…

    1. Also a white male; also ashamed, horrified, and disgusted. Is it just me or does this represent a big win for trolls, con artists, and reality TV villains? Who’s running for president next, Russell Hantz? Naonka? Ugh.

    2. A lot of my family and friends live abroad and they’ve been telling foreigners all year that we’re messed up, but fundamentally decent people in the end. (As the saying goes, “You can always count on America to do the right thing… once all other options have been exhausted”). This has obliterated their defense.

    3. I’m also a white man and am ashamed at us, I thought we were better than this and believe we can be. I feel like I should have done more, despite having little power.

      1. I wouldn’t just blame white men. I know I didn’t vote for him. Looking at the numbers afterward. Old people are to blame for voting for Trump and a lot of young people are to blame for not voting. Regardless shameful for America.

        1. I know at least one person who refused to vote because he disliked both of them. I told him that was voting for Trump, but he wouldn’t listen. I am shocked that my state of Michigan went red, but I take a small bit of splice in the fact that my county voted blue.

          1. Same here: my state went red, but my county voted blue. I’m a white woman who didn’t vote for Trump. I really, really, really wanted to write in Bernie, but I voted for Hillary to keep Trump from winning (or so I thought). I’m an election worker so I spent the entire day and evening being SHOCKED by who was showing up with Trump pins, tshirts, hats. People you’d never suspect of being heartless bigots.

          2. Yup. (I mean, I am *from* NY originally, but as of last year I have officially lived in PA more years of my life than in NY, so…yeah.) I’m in Chester County. You?

        2. After reading an article about the electoral college, I had several students asked me, “If we don’t vote, will there be another presidential election for better candidates?” I had to say no, there isn’t a second election. I am convinced, though, that many did not vote based on that conversation.

      2. Keep in mind that only 55% of the country voted and Hillary won the popular vote. A Trump win doesn’t at all mean that most of the country supports or agrees with him.

        1. But it does mean that 45% of the country couldn’t be bothered to vote, even knowing what an awful choice Trump would be if he won and what he would do if he got in office.

          1. Holy shit. That’s a horrible statistic. On par with 66% of white women voting Trump.
            (Here voting is compulsory, though people still don’t do it, and in our last election some electorates had voting differences of only 200ish votes, and 500ish people didn’t vote, which makes me angry.)

          2. I have thought for a long time that it should be a rule that if you don’t vote in an election twice in a row you lose the chance to vote in future elections unless you go to City Hall (or the appropriate elections office) and request to have your name put back on the voters’ list.

          3. Most people think of voting as a right they’re happy to have but don’t think too much about it. Tell them that they’ve lost that right because they didn’t use it? They’ll raise holy hell to get it back, and maybe they’ll use it next time.

            Just my opinion. There’s probably a reason I don’t have any actual power.

          4. That’s good. Or even just one election without a good excuse. Though with some states’ stupid lack of early voting there probably are many good excuses.

          5. Considering only 55% of the voters actually voted, part of me wants the U.S. to go down in flames and those 45% can realize “Oh crap, maybe I should have voted to prevent this from happening.”

            Unfortunately, the U.S. is the biggest (and only?) superpower in the world, so what happens to it affects every other country, so all of us non-Americans should be pulling for the U.S. to succeed. And I worry about those that are going to be negatively affected in the next 4 years (and maybe next generation with Supreme Court pics).

    4. I am equally horrified as a white woman (though I am bisexual so also part of LBGTQA) at how a majority of white women voted for *shudder* “them”. I’m about to turn 50 and feel like I’ve been fighting these same fights my entire life. Apparently all those protests I’ve attended, all the political involvement, all of it, still isn’t enough….but but but I am so grateful to know how many of us feel the same way. That has to give us hope. We won’t become them.

      So, hugs, and YAY, Survivor’s edit didn’t give it away tonight!

      1. I actually had to explain it to my assistant today. She’s from China.

        I also had to explain – call your insurance company after a car accident.

        1. I had to have it explained to me during this electoral cycle that you can get the most votes and not win.
          (*reminder that I’m foreign)

    1. I was about to say the second vote was Survivor’s version of the Electoral College, but at least the second vote has never been a deciding factor in who goes home.

      1. Aubrey was good. Playing a smart, strategic game just isn’t all there is to winning. Not being great doesn’t mean you’re not good.

          1. She ran a lot of shit, but she apparently was really bad at making social connections and making it clear to the jury how she was running shit. And that matters.

          2. I still claim the main reasons she didn’t win weren’t anything to do with gameplay, but a) the jury always roots for the underdog, and b) the jocks and the cheerleaders aren’t gonna vote for the nerd girl.

            I don’t think there’s real gameplay to slam her for and Jason is just making stuff up after the fact.

          3. You can’t guess what the jury is going to vote for, but, as much as I hate the whole “big moves” philosophy, in this case, Aubrey probably needed a big move, something that was her move and nobody else’s, to push herself over the top and she didn’t deliver.

          4. Like flipping Tai and getting him to not save Scot with his idol half? How about shooting Debbie in the back? Aubry’s problem was not lack of big moves.

          5. Aubry was scene as indecisive by Julia and Scot after the cross out voted so they never connected with her personally and it made them view her game play as indecisive. She never recovered.

          6. And I tend to think of that as an excuse for not giving a win to a type of person they don’t really respect. I mean they were using stuff like “She had Joe in her pocket so that’s a strike against her” as if it was a bad thing.

          7. She was. But the others claimed they did not see it (and Cydney was pissed that she was voted out when she was actually voting Aubry out). It really was the jocks not wanting to reward a Brain that bested them.

      2. She was good. She just didn’t win. Lots of players played games that were good, but not good enough to win. Cirie comes to mind. Boston Rob 2 times comes to mind. I could go on.

        1. Agree completely with the premise that losing doesn’t make you a bad player. I won’t get into all the reasons why she sucked, honestly that horse has been beaten to death. Suffice to say that her losing to Michelle is not the only argument to be made against her Survivor acumen.

      1. Yeah… this is the problem with the live blog in multiple time zones. It becomes a place to snark about what you’e seeing, and I posted this like five minutes into the episode when Hannah was in full on panic mode and seemed to have no clue.

        1. I think it’s starting to get very popular though, Barbara. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore it. They think it’s a righteous hashtag.

    1. One thing I will say: when *Hannah* is telling Adam to relax, we are really through the looking glass.

    2. After watching the episode, she does seem to be closer to Shirin than Aubry. Hannah does have good reads on the situation and has developed into being a decent narrator.

      FYI: Did anyone kinda go “What?!” during Zeke’s confessional that he has the lowdown about Vanua, Adam has the lowdown about Takali, and Hannah has talked to Jay who has the lowdown about Ika Bula? Dude, she was there too. Just because she got blindsided once does not mean that her reliability goes out the window.

      1. Considering Hannah knew nothing about the Michaela vote-out until after it was over, maybe she needed to talk to Jay to get the lowdown of what was going on on that tribe. Because apparently she didn’t know it before the Michaela vote.

          1. Right, but it happened and Jay and Will decided to keep Hannah in the dark about it. We never saw her being included in anything on that tribe. She probably had knowledge about personal stuff, but alliances and strategic information? I don’t know about that.

          2. Since they were the last ones to go to tribal, we didn’t really see a lot of them until their tribal episode.

            A lot of people are saying that Hannah wants revenge for Michaela because they were so close. But were they? I don’t remember seeing any scenes where they bonded or talked, except for where Michaela told her to shut up and do what she said in that challenge (but she added that she loved Hannah).

            Based on how Hannah changed her vote, and the secret scene of the two of them praying together, I would say that Hannah was closer with Michelle than with Michaela. Of course, she wasn’t with Michelle since the swap, so it was just that she was Michaela more recently?

          3. There was a scene after Mari’s boot and before the swap where Adam was talking to Hannah and Michaela together, but other than that, I don’t remember any other scenes. I think she was closer to Michelle, which is why I theorized last week that her and Michelle could be the swing votes, and we saw that this week.

          4. In her exit interview ( Michelle said she was most upset about Hannah turning on her with this vote, because of how they hung out and prayed together in the early days.

            Maybe Hannah and Michaela were super-tight and besties post-swap. But the show didn’t show us that.

          5. Wait, are you saying that the show would make changes in order to protect one player? Where is the shocked-face emoji?

  2. Are we getting points for Adam’s advantage?

    Also, next season, can I just be ineligible from the fantasy league and play pretend judge on these weird calls? Because that would be more fun for me.

      1. If we can pull in one more person it could totally be a three judge panel. My vision is that we invite solutions from the crowd, snark on them, and then vote on how things go.


          2. I gotta say, I really don’t know how I’m going to manage my usual trollish ways for the time being. We’ll see how it goes. But I definitely don’t feel like doing my usual smug Canadian shtick right now. No one needs that.

          3. Thank you. I know I really don’t want this rubbed in our face, especially since a lot of people here did everything in their power to try and prevent this.

    1. I’m a neutral party, but I’d say that he’d get the reward points that go with the reward. And the person he stole from does not get the point. He steals the point.

        1. There is precedence: when you steal a vote, you’d get the VTEP associated with that vote (provided, you know, anyone could ever successfully steal a vote and use it to vote someone out).

    2. A part of me says if you’re stupid enough to use it, you should get the points, because chances are, you’re going to be leaving the game soon.

  3. I’m watching this live for the first time in ages.

    Bret please say something.

    Adam – no, no, no!

          1. I like how something that started as me teasing you has now turned into you legit arguing this. But also, yeah, etymology is complicated.

          2. I avert my eyes from inadvertently adventuring upon the advent of an adverse pun thread, as adventitious adverbs are my adversity.

    1. Well I do other stuff then like post here.. I just needed to smile so live is ok. And I’m taking a break from working on a brief.

          1. I didn’t realise there were places where it could be streamed live. I’m disappointed in myself for not researching further.

          2. My downloading isn’t legal, either, but it keeps telling me my VPN says I’m in Nedlands, and I’m in a suburb like 25 minutes from there so I figure it’ll take them a while to get to me =P

      1. Is it Skyrim? Because when i was catching up with old seasons, Skyrim was what I did to make challenges bearable.

        1. The commercials aren’t in it, but I’ll be googling that! My neighbour had some Great Danes and they were lovely, especially when they tried to climb up on the couch to sit with you.

          1. Yeah, in my experience, great Danes are terrible at realizing they’re not lap dogs.

            Suzy 90 lb Australian shepherd mix you’ve seen featured, is also fond of climbing up on the couch, but she doesn’t want to sit with people and if you try, she’s likely to growl at you. My parents also have this big circular ottoman she likes to sit on, and it looks like she’s on a pedestal.

  4. Can you strain your ribs? I feel like I sprained my ribs.
    Also I missed up to Taylor taking the jars the dumb dumb, miss anything important?

    1. Yes you can sprain/strain, bruise and fracture or break your ribs. You can also sprain/strain muscles around the ribs. I did not answer this before because for some reason you were talking about something on the show as I misread your question.

      If it still hurts, go get it checked.

      1. I think it’s my office chair, because it’s getting progressively worse to the point I mainly feel it when I go to sleep.

  5. I want to take a minute to say that I love this community. I have had one of the worst 24 hours in my life. I’m a gay, Jewish, public defender woman, and I don’t feel safe with Trump or Pence in the White House. I feel abandoned by my country, and I’m scared for my clients. The VP is someone who has made a career of targeting gay people. I’ve been an optimist nearly my entire life because i believe in the good in people, but yesterday has shaken me to my core. I am grieving.

    But going on twitter, coming here, reading your comments, seeing you guys being so supportive – it has made me cry and made me feel so much less alone. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. It’s allowing me to be some form of me for an hour. Thank you.

    1. This is what the internet is for, people finding each other. I’m serious about this community because it’s amazingly intelligent and supportive and people here rule (you very much included).

      1. I don’t know if John and Andy intended this to become the progressive hangout for Survivor fans, but I’m glad it’s ended up that way. I don’t know if I could stomach discussing Survivor on some of the other sites tonight.

        1. It became this because you people made it that. We were happy to welcome it, but this was community built. We joke in staff chat how surprised we are that we are the progressive Survivor site, but we also don’t shy from the designation

        1. I’ve cried. The last 16 months have been hard politically and it’s just going to be on going. This is the 5th thing I’ve seen go badly since May 2015. the 5th thing that leads to to think “well we’re all fucked”. We aren’t, we’ll survive but it will be worse. I’m honestly so sorry EASIBK so sorry, I know you’ve got a proper wedding and a future planned that is now looking far less stable than it was on Monday but know that there is more love for you than there could be hate. Even if some of it comes from a chick sitting at her desk in London who has never set eyes on you in real life.

          1. Knowing that is the one of the only things that’s keeping me going in my day to day. This really is an oasis right now. Your comments have more meaning to me than I can articulate – I’m getting a little choked up (hence my first response). I’m sorry, too – I’m sorry it’s been so hard. I’m just glad we can be here for each other, even if it’s time zones away

      2. Livetweeting with you guys tonight was the first time I’ve smiled and laughed in 24 hours. It’s pretty amazing to have people posting how they’ve got your back. I’m just so grateful.

        1. I almost just went to the bar to do some professional level drinking and crying. Glad I stuck around.

    2. Those trashfuckers are not all there is to this country. I don’t know how we’ll weather their reign, but we will.

    3. Hang in there. While this is a big setback there are still many in this country who value and respect all people. Hopefully the DNC will learn a valuable lesson from this about not shoving hand picked candidates down the electorates throat and we will all come back stronger than ever in the next cycle!

          1. Bernie’s from Vermont (by way of Brooklyn), so maybe we could call it the Hard Cider Party. I could get behind that.

    4. I worry about my LGBT, Muslim, and Hispanic friends as well. Frankly, anyone who isn’t a white dude. He was an ugly candidate who harnessed the ugliest qualities of America. I only hope we can keep the damage he does to a minimum.

      1. We endured a civil war, we endured Nixon, we insured 9/11, we endured W, we can endure this clown. We will protect those who are vulnerable and show them what real Americans are.

        1. The thing is, it’s not just enduring 4 (please only 4) years of Trump. He will get to appoint 1-3 Supreme Court judges in his term. He could destroy women’s right, LGBTQ rights, minority rights for a generation.

          One of the judges on his list he provided a few months ago said “Roe v Wade was the worst legal decision in U.S. history.” Really???

          1. Yeah, I have friends saying the same kind of thing — “the sun will still come up tomorrow!” — and I have to keep reminding them of those finer points: some of your friends may have the legality of their marriages reversed, some of your friends may lose the right to control their own reproductive rights, someone you know may see their loved ones thrown out of the country, etc. etc.

          2. This is what scares me the most. My fiancee and I haven’t had the talk yet, but we do have to seriously consider expediting our marriage, given what he’s said about the Supreme Court. Stare Decisis should protect us, but there is absolutely no certainty right now. Not with a radical shift in the Court, which is now pretty likely.

          3. {{{{{{{ EmAndScoutinBK }}}}}}} I wish you and your fiancee the very best, lots of love, health, prosperity, and *safety* in this brave new Trumpworld. 🙁

          4. I would bump it up, but remember that the justices who struck down DOMA are still there. I wish you and your fiancé all the love in the world.

          5. This. I’m sure I’m still in the bargaining stage, but to me if (big if!) there’s a silver lining it’s that clearly the only thing Trump really cares about is attention and the adulation of his audience, and now that his audience is all of the country instead of the GOP primary voters, maybe he changes his tune.

            Not to mention that so much of what he promised is simply impossible (wall paid for by Mexico, ban Muslims, shake down NATO partners), even if he was willing to go to the mattresses to accomplish them (which he isn’t).

            Now that’s small comfort given Attorney General Guliani, Justice Palin, EPA head Inhofe, etc. etc.

            Fuck, 1:00pm Pacific and now I’m out of Maker’s Mark.

    5. Maybe I’m naive, but I still feel like the vast majority of this country contains good people. I wouldn’t presume to tell anybody how to process their feelings, but I will say — I think each generation is becoming more and more tolerant and accepting. My kids’ first wedding was a gay wedding (in Brooklyn ;-)).

      To quote Lin-Manuel Miranda “Love is love is love is love…”

      Sending love to all of you.

      The election rhetoric is over and the reality of actually governing will hopefully lead to calmer days. I’m going to try to be positive, but you can damn well be sure that if anyone tries to take rights away from ANY group of people, I will speak up. We’ve got your backs.

      1. The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. (But damn, there are some absolutely *devastating* setbacks along the way.)

    6. I have been in shell shock for most of the day. We are all in this together and we cannot let fear rule us. You can’t stop progress and we will create a future free from those monsters.

    7. I just read your comment out loud to my fiance. We just watched Survivor after he’d baked some amazing homemade cookies so that we could start to feel like maybe, just maybe we could get through today. Thank you for your honesty and for saying what I’m feeling and for being part of this PRP community that is an oasis in the insanity for me. I know I’m newish here, but I hope you know I support you and love reading your comments.

      1. SoC, between here and the Drag Race comments over at The AV Club I don’t think anyone counts you as new-ish. You’ve been here and you’re part of the family.

        1. Aww, thank you, Sharculese. I hope you’ll forgive me for thinking you were a woman until I got over here though. I think it’s kind of awesome that I seriously couldn’t tell and also sad that I am so literal with avatars.

          1. lol don’t worry about it; I don’t care. I started using Hayley Williams as my avatar because I think she’s hot, the gender confusion thing it causes in a certain type of dude is an added bonus. There’s a website that has a whole meme about GENDER FRAUD because of me.

      2. Thank you so much – this really is an oasis. Your and others comments are what’s helping me cope and getting me through this right now.

    8. This comment made my night, which is especially good because I’m finding it hard to sleep because of yesterday, and it’s like 2 am. I should drink myself to sleep! Anyway, I feel the same about having my optimism shaken, feeling abandoned, scared for my clients, etc. And I feel the same about this group of people.

      Although work stuff means I’m not watching episodes until hours after everyone else this season, sad sigh.

    9. I’m still in kind of a daze. I feel lost, along with frightened. The more I think about what happened and how Trump’s America will affect me, I just get more down. As a black man in this country, there was already anxiety that events in my life can turn tragic. That’s only become a more intense feeling in the aftermath of the Election. But no longer how lost and scared I am, I’m not alone. This community in particular have been a bright light. I feel the same way as you. The support has warmed my heart and helped me maintain a sense of hope. I love this place and the people who inhabit it.

      1. I am worried that members of the KKK (who endorsed Trump, and that didn’t stop voters from electing him) will feel emboldened and show up at his inauguration.

      2. My thoughts exactly – I love this oasis, this place, and the people here, including you. I know there’s no softening what’s happened – it’s truly scary. I’m sorry that you’re going through this. I can only do what those here have done – offer support and love in this space. And know that I will spend my life fighting.

        1. I greatly appreciate it and I also will do my part to fight for a better tomorrow. We will not be defeated.

      3. What I realized is that I so wanted the election over because 2016 had been so traumatizing that I wanted to get back to some sense of normal, and now, there’s no rest, no way to move forward without fear. I know action, love, and kindness must win, but I am already exhausted from 50 years of fighting the good fight.

        So, yeah, this oasis and these people and you make it all a bit less daunting. *hugs*

        1. I’m the same age as you, and while I still firmly believe that the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice and all that, it’s just so exhausting to slowly take two steps forward, suddenly take 1.9 steps back, rinse, repeat…

          1. To be honest this feels more like having to go back a hundred miles, doesn’t it?

            I’m with you on the exhaustion though.

    10. If you’re on the AV Club, feel free to drop by the comment section on the last Community review. There are many people (gay, straight, bi, white, brown, canadian) feeling the same way as you, and if you need to vent we’ll all support you.
      (Not to take anything away from this site and it’s amazing people!)

    11. Walking around my (admittedly pretty liberal) college campus yesterday, I could tell the mood was extremely somber, but there was somewhat of a comfort in knowing that so many people understood the gravity of what just happened, and are willing to help out in whatever ways they can. Trump has made me feel unnerved as a Jew in the US for the first time in my life, but thanks to real-life friends and communities like this, I’m feeling a lot better than I otherwise could have. There are a lot of things that hurt right now (not to mention well over a year of campaigning for Hillary, only to come up short), but I’m slowly being reassured of the goodness of the vast majority of people in this country.

      1. I was talking to my brother about this the other day, and what I sad was that being Jewish in America means you’re white 95% of the time, which makes that other 5% incredibly jarring. I kind of got used to/more aware of it because I’m half Jewish and my dad’s parents are rabidly anti-Semitic, so I can’t imagine how it feels facing that for the first time.

        1. In my case, I went from a high school that’s about 20% Jewish to a college that’s about 25% Jewish, both located in very blue counties (though in states that voted for Trump), so I don’t feel particularly concerned for my immediate safety. In general, it’s the idea that anti-Semites in this country feel empowered that really concerns me.

          1. You’re gonna find out in the next couple weeks who has your back and who doesn’t. Knowing who has your back is the most important part. And I’m gonna be honest, you might come out of it stronger, but you’re more likely to come out of it scarred.

            Just remember that this is like the thousandth time people have wanted to wipe us out. We’ll persist again.

          2. My experience is kind of in between the two of you. I’ve always lived places where there are very few Jews, but never perceived much anti-Semitism in my environs. Now I’m wondering how many people were holding their tongues and how much I missed by not being visibly Jewish. I’m visiting family in a very Jewish area this weekend and looking forward to not wondering if the white people who smile at me in public would smile if they knew. I feel like a crazy person.

      2. Today I’ve been stuck on how a year ago I didn’t know people still used the word kike, and now I’ve seen it over and over again. Then I go on Facebook and feel like a self-centered baby because so many of my friends have more reason to be afraid, and then I scroll further and see another fucking graffiti swastika. I am trying to pull myself together so I can be useful, but it’s touch and go here.

        1. That’s kind of how I’m feeling. I know many other groups are going to have it much worse, but I also know that things are going to be worse for Jews than they have been in the past. I feel a little strange worrying about my safety when, for the most part, I’m thought of as a white male, but all of a sudden everything feels really different.

          1. I’m also concerned for myself as a disabled woman, but it’s the anti-Semitic stuff that I’m having the most visceral reaction to. I’m just so unused to it, and I’m not sure what it means yet.

      3. Yeah, I am feeling it, too, even though I live in one of the largest Jewish population centers in the world (Philadelphia; I think we’re currently #6 on the list of cities with most Jews). Of course, we are also the city that awoke on Wednesday — the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht — to a building newly graffitied with a swastika and that most famous Nazi slogan. One of the chief ironies in all of this is that the antisemites are feeling empowered by the election of a guy with an Orthodox Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.

        1. I’m also in Philadelphia, and I really can’t believe what happened here. I’m not going to pretend to have any idea what’s going to happen over the next few months and years, but I can say that my country seems to be moving in a direction I never thought it would.

          1. It’s pretty f-in’ concerning. But still, I’m more worried about friends in other minorities (recently married gay couples, people with inconvenient last names, etc. etc.). 🙁

  6. The only good way to use Adams special reward is to give it to someone else to curry favor.

    1. that or not tell anyone and use it at like final 5 or even final 4 if the reward is advantage. Can you do that?

          1. Yeah, not sure who in their right Mind
            would use it, good thing Adam will be gone soon, really bad week for him

      1. My first thought when I saw it was “maybe he can plant it in someone else’s bag and they’ll be dumb enough to play it.”

    2. If he uses it to take away Jay’s/Taylor’s/Will’s reward, that might be ok, especially if it’s a reward that could help them win immunity. I mean, none of them are probably gonna vote for Adam in the FTC anyway, so who cares if he takes their reward?

    3. They might not see it as a good thing, like now they have a horrible advantage, and someone else knows about it.

          1. Yes, the same misread that Mikayla had.

            Why do Survivor players always think that a huge group of people are completely solid and that people on the bottom, who know they are on the bottom, will always accept that?

      1. You fell into the mid-SAT period right?

        Was that a teacher or something you got from a company? Because, as terrible as sentence completions was (seriously, I’m so glad it’s gone), I still can’t fathom ‘coterie’ showing up as a test word.

        1. I didn’t take any prep courses, but our teacher had vocab words every day. I have no idea what you mean by the mid-SAT period. My test was out of 2400, if that helps.

          1. Yeah, the 2400 point test with the fill-in-the-blank sentences. Those were the hardest thing to teach and I’m so glad they’re gone.

          2. Analogies got axed in 2004, the version Emma took was the replacement, which had questions where there was a word missing and you had to pick which answer filled it in.

            The ACT really was confined to the middle of the country until about 10 years ago, but it’s slowly spread out and now is by far the more popular test. The only reason to take the SAT now is if you really hate reading graphs or like tricky math puzzles.

          3. But I hate reading graphs and hate tricky math puzzles. (Guess what my worst section on the SATs was?)

          4. ACT graph reading is actually not that bad once you learn the skills. And the math section is significantly easier.

            Plus the SAT has graphs now, too.

          5. I’m not. The SAT is based on old military IQ tests, and, while it’s moved away from that, it’s still in the tests DNA. The ACT is designed much more to be a test of your knowledge of high school subjects. That’s more appealing to a lot of students.

          6. In the SF Bay Area, at least, the default is still the SAT unless you have some special reason to take the ACT (my kid will be taking the SAT next year). I don’t know but would assume that it’s because the bulk of the kids are applying to UCs and/or CSUs, and that they favor the SAT.

            The other thing about the SAT’s origins (correct me if I’m wrong) is that the original thinking was that the only way to test students’ school-independent aptitude was to avoid testing the same kinds of things the kids are tested in school, and in the same way they are tested. Thus things like the analogy section. But in practice that led to more and more gotcha questions that only really measured how much SAT prep you took. The party line is that the 2016 redesign moves more toward straight-up knowledge of high school subjects, but it sounds like it’s more of a capitulation to the ACT.

          7. That’s interesting to know. My company doesn’t have a lot of penetration into California, we’re mostly an East Coast firm. I didn’t know there were still places the SAT was still holding firm. Here, in the southeast, it’s gone from being 95% of the market 10 years ago to maybe 20% now.

            The history of the SAT is a little more complicated, and a little darker. There are legit arguments towards what you’re talking about, but it happened to show up at a time when there was a surge in applications to elite schools from shall we say not the “right” kind of people, and they needed a quantifiable reason to exclude the “wrong” kind of people. The SAT provided that. The ACT never had that problem because the state schools in the Midwest it was servicing just didn’t have those issues.

            One of the big reasons analogies were scrapped was that they turned out to be really geared towards rich white people stuff, and years of pointing that out scared College Board into getting rid of them. The SSAT, an unaffiliated test for getting into private high schools, is the only one that still uses analogies, and they’re unapologetic about their test being elitist.

            The problem is, the test they replaced them with was worse and more confusing.

            The line from College Board on the re-redesign is definitely what you say it is, but… that’s basically saying let’s make a more ACT-like test. And the new SAT doesn’t even accomplish that, because they decided to make the math section all about clever tricks through algebra problems.

            My view is that basically, there’s not a right way to make a test that judges fitness for college. There’s a bunch of different ways, and we should make them all available.

            That said, I don’t know how strong the UC system’s pro-SAT bias is, or what school’s your kid is looking at, but if you have any questions about which test is better for him or her, feel free to hit me up. I’d be happy to answer.

          8. Also, seriously, hit me up on that last part. The SAT has changed a lot since you took it, and I’m the person who will tell you what that means for free.

          9. That’s so weird. When I was in high school everything was about the SAT, and the ACT was just this minor thing that you only had to worry about if you were applying to certain colleges. This was forever ago, early 90s. Definitely still on the 1600 scale. Is the current SAT still taken with paper and pencil or did they move it to a computer?

          10. I took the SAT in 2004, one of the last classes to take the old-school test.

            I misspoke earlier, it was 2006 when analogies went away, as part of a general redesign to make the SAT seem less like an aptitude test (the “a” in SAT used to stand for ‘aptitude,’ they cut that too and now, officially, SAT doesn’t actually mean anything). The problem was they went to a 2400 point scale (critical reading, writing, and math) that confused colleges used to evaluating a 1600 point test, which made it easier to just say yes to students who would rather take the ACT. So that created a snowball effect where more students started taking it and in 2014 the ACT officially overtook it as the more popular test.

            In response the SAT announced a re-redesign that involved them going back to a 1600 point scale and straight up ripping off the ACT English section as their new writing section. But they shot themselves in the foot, by going to a weird system where math is still scored out of 800, but you get a maximum of 40 points each in reading and writing, which are then added together and multiplied by 10 to get your 800 point score. So everyone is confused, colleges don’t know what to do, and almost nobody is taking the SAT now.

          11. Oh, also yes. I’m convinced the SAT, ACT, and LSAT will be the last tests to go to computer, if they ever do. (The ACT at least lets you write your essay in pen.)

          12. Far out. I took the GRE some time around 99/2000 and it was done on a computer so I figured that the ACT/SAT folks had gotten their shit together by then. But then again they are taken by a lot more people and I guess maybe having that many computers would be an issue? Or something.

          13. Yeah, GRE has been computerized for forever I think there probably are logistical issues with having enough computers for the college tests, I think LSAT just won’t do it.

          14. Sharc mentioned that, but when I (well, we, as we’re the same age) were in school, the coasts didn’t really do the ACT. People in my class generally only took it if they were applying to midwestern schools, and had to sign up for the test at a different high school.

          15. It was older and more established. The ACT was only created in the 40s in Iowa, and took a long time to spread out. The big name schools in the northeast weren’t interested in it, so that set the tone. And since people on the coasts were used to taking the SAT, it didn’t really occur to them to have their kids take a different test (my dad, who is from Illinois, never thought to suggest we try it).

            Probably the turning point was the shift to the 2400 point test, but over the last ten years people have been turning more and more to the ACT as a frustrations with the SAT.

          16. I feel like the times we just quote Teen Girl Squad back and forth for a while deserve consideration.

          17. I took both and I did significantly preferred the SAT. I really hated the ACT “science” section. In retrospect, perhaps that was the first indication that I should major in political science instead of biochemistry (which, thankfully, I realized before I went to college).

          18. The ACT seemed like a sort of bizarre alternative to me, but I remember a lot of my schools (in the Northeast) accepted either. I guess we were on the edge.

      1. Was true then, is true now. I’m not saying she can’t win but hell, she was a full blown mess there.

        1. I kind of have to root for Jessica, since she was one of the 3 random white people I picked.

          Oh. Nevermnd.

    1. I am starting to aggressively not like Adam, and he’s on my fantasy team. Does anyone in the cast speak using more cliche’s and sound less sincere in anything he says?

        1. See I don’t care if a player is really bad, that can be entertaining. I still get a lot of entertainment out of Taylor – What does being “good with mason jars” mean? “Hey, stuff leaks out, dude! It’s gonna leak” he says despite being the only person who had the ability to leak that info.

          But Adam is not entertainingly bad in my opinion. He’s just run of the mill playing too hard while giving very game centric cliched confessionals and there’s just nothing interesting about it.

          1. You bring up a good question; does he fit a lot of stuff in them, or is he able to easily open ones with stiff hinges, or what?

      1. Yeah he only sounds sincere during confessionals. But this is why I’m liking him more and more – I thought he was pleasant but boring prior to his freak-out this episode. Now he’s a fun, sneaky, yet still sympathetic weasel.

          1. see it doesn’t hurt right away because my ligaments are so stretchy. What it does is hurt later… I can also make stretch my hands a freakishly wide span and squeeze them through very small holes.

          2. “stretch my hands a freakishly wide span and squeeze them through very small holes.”

            Ok, now you’re just making it easy for us.

          3. Fair enough. It probably only hurts me to read that because of what I did to my own shoulders (which, if you missed it in an earlier reply is: I broke both shoulders and dislocated both arms in an accident some years ago), and just the thought of ‘popping out’ a shoulder is chilling to me!

      1. I broke and dislocated both of mine in an accident some years ago, so one of them doesn’t even have the range of motion to go completely over my head anymore. I always wonder what I would do in challenges like that…have to forfeit in advance, I guess. (Though it’s certain I’d just never physically qualify for the show anyway.)

      1. But about her being a MOM, when has “how proud would your kids be of you now?” not been answered with “proud of my second/third place”??

          1. But all the men we’ve are thinking could win have had the “I’m doing it for my family” type confessional.

          2. Yes. But the only other two women developed are Mikayla and Hannah. Michaela the Goddess and Hannah the nervous Nellie who grows.

  7. Will winning was probably the best result because it means a way better scramble. Also Will ain’t too bad a fella.

  8. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is probably gonna be a cool movie that I’ll see when it’s on Netflix, because the only movie I care about right now is Jackie.

    This post is probably not applicable to all media markets.

      1. Every time I see an ad for that I weep for Joel McHale, but mostly for Jeff Winger. He would never be caught dead in such a sitcom.

        1. Yeah, I watched the first two episodes (obviously I’m a masochist), and to me it feels like an Abed fantasy sitcom, because it’s *that* stupid and full of obvious tropes. It’s like a parody of a sitcom.

      2. It looks exactly like I envisioned this season of Survivor in my head. “Oh, those hilarious Millennials! Confused by things we old folk take for granted, like maps! What a wacky difference ten-to-fourteen years makes!”

      3. Because I have minimally functioning terrible-sitcom-dar, I knew to give that show a wide, wide berth, but the car commercial Joel McHale was in was inescapable during the baseball playoffs. I hope he’s not the Jason Alexander of the Community alums.

    1. Jackie? I am usually pretty good but I have not heard of that one.

      I want to see Fantastic Beasts b/c I love Eddie Reymaye … been following him since Pillars of the Earth. Plus I also want to see Loving.

        1. Loving reminds me of The King’s Speech in that it’s a true story I had never heard about before the movie and was amazed that it actually happened. I mean, a mixed-race couple arrested for their marriage whose last name is “Loving”? If you made that up you’d be told “change the last name, that’s too on the nose”.

          1. How are you gonna vote against the side that is named “Loving”? That’s like voting for the people in “People vs. Puppy Dogs”.

    2. I have zero desire to see Fantastic Beasts. But then again, most of the movie versions of the original books disappointed me so..

    3. I’m pretty tired of Harry Potter and low key hate Eddie redmayne so it will be a likely pass for me. I’ll catch it on premium cable in six months and give it a b-, probably.


    1. Seriously, this shouldn’t have been hard, Taylor, Jay, Michelle and Will is less than half their numbers.

      1. Yeah, but I wouldn’t trust this grand coalition on the first vote at all if I was pretty much anybody. So that throws a split vote trust out the window. Will was the correct target but he got immunity so I guess the next safest happened to be the woman… Again. So many “case by case” reasons to jettison all the ladies. Although i do think this is the last lady gone for like four votes.

        1. I don’t think anyone will see a good reason for it to be Jess, Sunday or Hannah until 7/8 when maybe Jess’ legacy thingy comes into it. Hannah is annoying so maybe 5/6 for her and Sunday is in the FTC.

        2. Another complicating factor (and it might even make a vote split impossible going forward) is that it’s six GenXers and three Mills, and six men and three women. Who volunteers to be 4th of the 4, and why should the other three trust that person?

    2. Nine people at the first vote after the merge is too soon to trust that everyone will vote how they’re supposed to. They can split the votes after this, but for this vote, the GenXers weren’t sure that the millennials would vote with them.

      1. He be a dumb dumb. I can’t believe anyone who ended up with his baby is that bright either so poor poor kiddo.

    1. YES. My dad, who watched one season and hates Probst, always asks me if the contestants have eaten him yet. I texted him immediately.

  10. OK guys. Fuck this vote out. Seriously. Vote out the woman when you have enough votes to split between Taylor and Jay and possibly get rid of an idol.

    1. I didn’t want it to happen, but I think it might have been the best plan. It’s super risky to split votes at the merge when you haven’t solidified your alliance yet.

          1. The way it becomes Adam is that Zeke, Hannah and maybe David go Adam. To Jess and Ken is losing a millennial even Adam that bad a result?

          2. I would say yes at this point because he’s not a big challenge threat and because he said he would work with them which is more than some of the other millenials said.

            Its interesting watching the Gen-Xers come back together and seem to put aside their differences and keep Zeke, Adam and didn’t Hannah flip too. And the Millenials entirely fall apart. No one on the power part of the Millenials seemed to deal with Zeke.

        1. Turning on your own too early like that is the exact reason the Millennials are where they are. Adam’s also good as he is an easy vote when you alliance does need to start eating itself.

          1. I agree and I think had this vote been billed as being because Michelle is clearly the most dangerous player of the 3 then maybe I’d be cool but it was like “huh, they won’t save the chick” and it bothers me. They want Jay and Taylor gone but they take out Michelle despite having the votes and no personal jeopardy or even the jeopardy of losing the numbers if the idol is played.

          2. Well, it is the truth. Going back to the the first episode, Michelle had overtures to join Mari and Hannah as well as from Team Brosquad. She sided with Team Broquad and and surprise, surprise, this episode she found herself completely marginalized and ignored as just an extra vote the guys were keeping around.

            “They won’t save the chick” is just the truth, and part of why it was much more satisfying to see that alliance take a hit, and not the one where someone gave up an idol to protect Jessica.

            Michelle is someone that was given a real choice early in the game of which people she wanted to play with. She blew it.

      1. Yeah Adam was acting sketchy, Chris and David don’t really know Hannah but she’s been unreliable before

      1. Yes, or at the least, vote 5 on Taylor 4 on Michele and see if Jay plays an idol for Taylor (he won’t).

    2. They just took out the only person left with a strategic brain in that alliance, not that they listened to her. She was clearly the most dangerous player. Jay likes to think he is strategic, but he is more of a “big move” player with no real depth. It’s kind of ironic he and Adam are enemies when you think about it.

    3. I’m with you in spirit, but I think the alliances were too unsettled right after the merge. Vote splits are easier said then done. But if there isn’t a vote split next episode something is definitely up.

      1. “You’re building a new society here …”

        Actually, they’re building one that mirrors the society they came from.

    1. This makes me way sadder than it rationally should. Tonight, of all nights. Michelle over Taylor??? What is the reasoning. Oh wait…

  11. This week has been tough. But at least tonight the creationist who believes that dragons are just dinosaurs from 500 years ago and her cadre of bros was defeated.

        1. At first I was annoyed that he was talking too much. By the end of the episode, I thought he would have thoroughly earned it.

  12. A whole bunch of white dudes being a toxic combination of confused, obnoxious, and entitled just now.

    Anyway. I’ll watch tonight’s episode of “Survivor” later.

      1. Not all of the white dudes were obnoxious, confused and entitled on Survivor tonight. The Gen-X guys seemed sort of chill today.

          1. Good point. I just meant their demeanor. The millenials were all nuts. While the GenX men seemed to stay calm, even David. Or have we gotten used to his paranoia

          2. It’s often talked about that 30’s is the best time to play and that group is 33-45, they are in the right zone to be reasonably calm and methodical.

          3. Sry to election… But if an Ivy League educated lawyer who was First Lady for 8 years, Senator, and Secretary of State can’t become president, it’s gonna be a while before we have a female president. flaws aside, resume doesn’t get much stronger than that.

          4. Her flaws are that is an actual person with flaws. And we all know women ain’t allowed no flaws.

          5. This election shoulda been Paris Hilton vs Donald Trump, we deserve it. I will check out when it’s Kanye West in 2020

          6. We as a nation don’t value resumes for president. Compare obamas to McCain. Or w to anyone he ran against. Clinton to h w. A resume is a liability apparently.

          7. But most (all?) of those women were voted out for reasons completely unrelated to their gender. Either they were considered threats, they were worst in their tribe in the challenges, or they did not socialize and annoyed people.

            I’ve used this analogy more than once this week, but if you flip a coin a thousand times, you will get a stretch where it comes up heads 50 times in a row. Doesn’t mean the coin is rigged or unfair.

          8. I think the issue is that not all of those things are completely separated from gender. Women are more likely to be perceived as weak in challenges simply because they’re women. Figgy was voted out because she and Taylor were a thing, but if your motivation is breaking up a couple you could just as easily vote out Taylor.

            I’m not arguing gender was a primary reason for these votes, but I don’t think we can claim it had absolutely zero influence in determining the target.

          9. Rachel – bad in the challenge, bossy, only socialized with CeCe.

            Mari – video gamer, seen as a strategic threat. Plus Michelle wanted to save her friend Figgy.

            Lucy – bossy, told players who to vote for and not to talk to anyone else.

            CeCe – terrible in every challenge, even worse than David. Did not socialize.

            Figgy – got in a showmance and did not try to hide (or did not hide it very well). Did not realize that a showmance was a bad idea. Was seen as the better player in the showmance (low bar) so voted out instead of Taylor.

            Michaela – super-physical threat, seen as a strategic threat. Unable to keep her emotions hidden which meant she probably could not be trusted to keep alliance secrets later in the game. Also took it upon herself to tell Adam to vote out Figgy and then told her tribe all about it.

            Michelle – intended target Will had immunity, alliance thought Jay or Taylor had an idol and that Michelle was the least likely to get an idol played on her by one of them (that’s more about the bro-ness of Jay and Taylor and less about her being a woman).

            Yes, that’s 7 women (plus Paul) voted out, but I really don’t think that their gender had anything to do with them getting voted out. In each case they were voted out because they were a threat, they were terrible in the challenges, or they did not socialize with people.

          10. There will always be a reason for someone getting voted out, because the show needs to tell a story. So yes, every one of the women you mention had a reason for getting voted out- a reason that would be equally applicable (if not more applicable) to other people on their tribe.

            Mari was seen as a strategic threat. But why her over Hannah, Adam, or Zeke (Northwestern, Stanford, and Harvard grads, respectively- not that prestige colleges necessarily correlate to intelligence and strategic acumen)?

            Lucy was voted out via the use of an idol. The idol protected Jessica from being voted out. Why was Jessica targeted over a challenge liability like David or Cece, who were also in opposition to the larger alliance? For the other side, why target Lucy? She was a bodybuilder and not weak in challenges.

            Figgy I already discussed, but I don’t think it was explicitly stated by anyone on the show that she was the better player in that couple.

            I’m not trying to argue that these people are racist or sexist. But I also won’t argue that their race or gender was completely irrelevant.

          11. You said it so much better than I ever could, and I’m grateful for it. I’ve been really upset about this and clearly not able to express my frustration in a way that resonated. I shall send people to this comment forthwith.

          12. In the Mari and Lucy situations, the other target in those votes (Figgy, Jessica) were women. So I don’t see those situations as a woman being voted out instead of a man.

            In the Mari situation, I didn’t see anything that identified to the rest of the tribe that Zeke, Adam or Hannah were a bigger strategic threat than Mari.

            In the Jessica situation, she was targeted because Lucy wanted her gone. Lucy didn’t like her and wanted to realign with Chris and Bret, so she threw Jessica under the bus. David and CeCe targeted Lucy because they didn’t like her and she was telling them what to do and who to talk to.

            Figgy was seen telling Taylor to keep their showmance hidden (even though everyone already knew). So at least she seemed to display some knowledge in that moment. Like I said, it was a low bar. Who knows if anyone saw and recognized this? Adam probably did, since they were open with their relationship around him on the post-swap tribe.

          13. You said, “In the Mari and Lucy situations, the other target in those votes (Figgy, Jessica) were women. So I don’t see those situations as a woman being voted out instead of a man.”

            That is exactly my point here. Why were all the targets women? If your stated goal is to get rid of someone strategic, Adam is strategic. The reason they don’t consider Adam as a potential target is that Adam is a man, and thus presumed to be stronger and better at challenges. There wasn’t anything in particularly Mari did that made her stand out as a strategic threat over and above Adam.

            That’s where the gender bias comes in. They’re not saying “Let’s vote out a woman!” They’re saying “Let’s get rid of someone strategic that also isn’t great at challenges.” And “not great at challenges” is a label that is overwhelmingly applied to women over men.

          14. Apparently people believe that if you are a professional video gamer then you are a strategic person. If you just go only by professions, I would say that a professional video gamer is probably more strategic than someone who works at a homeless shelter.

            If the majority alliance when these women were voted out were a bunch of bro’s slapping each others’ asses and saying “Rock on!” all the time then I’d say the women were probably voted out because they were women. But each vote out can be explained by looking at how the voted out person performs in challenges, how they get along with their tribe, and how much of a threat they are to everyone.

          15. “If the majority alliance when these women were voted out were a bunch of
            bro’s slapping each others’ asses and saying “Rock on!” all the time
            then I’d say the women were probably voted out because they were women.”

            Ingrained sexism is rarely so obvious and insidious.

          16. Yes, I was using an extreme example. But just because these 7 women have been voted off doesn’t mean that they were voted off because they were women. I haven’t seen any actual proof that this was the reason. If you look at each vote-out individually, there are legitimate reasons for that person to be voted out.

            What do I know? I’m not a woman (SPOILER) and don’t have any first-hand experience about this type of sexism. I can only go by what I see on the show. And while it looks bad that the first 8 vote-outs include 7 women, there’s no proof that they were voted out because they were women. I guess I need to see actual proof for that.

            And for the record, Taylor does say “Rock on!” a lot this season.

          17. By the way, I’m assuming/hoping you realize this is nothing more than a friendly discussion. I’m just trying to clarify why I feel the way I do about this.

          18. As others have noted, it’s much more nuanced than “Let’s vote out these women and POC because we’re mustache-twirling sexists/racists.” Part of it is that many of these traits that get women and POC voted out are A-OK or at least neutral when a white man has them.

            I won’t go through all of them but this jumped out at me: “Bossy, told players who to vote for and not to talk to anyone else.”–That’s Boston Rob in the season he won, not to mention Coach in the season he very nearly won. Coach!

            And I feel like the assumption that Michelle couldn’t possibly have the idol needs to be examined.

          19. It will be, but basically, I think they felt secure that Michelle didn’t have the idol because if she had one, she probably would’ve played it the night CeCe went home.

          20. Boston Rob was already in an alliance with everyone and they were against another tribe after the merge. He told everyone not to talk to the other tribe, he didn’t say “don’t talk to anyone”. Bit of a difference.

  13. Show I know you couldn’t predict that this season was going to be on after everything that just happened with this election but it is unfortunate that this is the season that is airing right now

  14. I get the feeling a lot of idols will be played next week.
    Ken right now, pushing for Taylor, is filling the role of Billy Zane in Zoolander. Listen to your friend Ken! He’s a cool dude!

    1. Ken was hilarious in that moment. They made a cogent argument that everyone could agree on… except good ol’ Ken. He really doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get his way.

      1. This was a weird coda to that whole scene from last week where Taylor swore allegiance to Ken and Jessica. Guess it didn’t work?

        1. That was pre-merge. Once the merge happened Taylor forgot all about Ken & Jessica once he reformed the Triforce (with Michelle subbing for Figgy).

          1. Yeah, Taylor was always going to do that. Bu the episode teased the idea of Jess and Ken working with Taylor, which is why it amused me to have Ken immediately all “I have had enough Taylor and wish to vote him out now.”

  15. By the way, Will actually lives very near where I do. Next town over. Yet I cannot root for him.

      1. I’m a GenXer who feels like the silent generation. Not my style. I don’t know exactly where he is at anyway.

        1. It’s pretty clear who he voted for when in his pregame interviews he said Ronald Reagan was his hero.

        1. I already awarded the win the internet for the night award. But this cracked me up so you are getting second place.


    One: All the footage of people promising to vote alongside Team Cool Millennials was lost some time between here and Ponderosa. Possibly Taylor ate it.

    Two: Team Cool Millennials is worse at math than Brad Culpepper.

    1. Brad Culpepper was probably the founding member of Team Cool whatever generation when he was in high school.

    2. Here’s the thing. I really think that Brad Culpepper was bad a math. I think TCM are bad at people, they assumed everyone was with them because I mean, they are cool kids, everyone loves them right?

      1. TCM thinks that if they have the uncool people voting the way they do, it will taint their coolness. Better to not have many votes, but have them be cool ones.

        1. No I really think they think it’s like High School, they just think the nerds will vote for them for Prom King, with no actual evidence it’s coming.

      2. That thing where literally everyone else on the tribe is forming groups and whispering together and not including you…nothing to be worried about at all. They’re just talking about how cool you are, and how much they like your bracelet.

        SO fetch.

    3. Ken should start the “Ken McNickle School for Kids Who Don’t Math Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too.” Help out some poor meatheads like Taylor and Culpepper.

    4. I do really like Jay, but Taylor and Will need to get voted off ASAP. They are like Wes Nale level useless. This was the worst episode of the season by far, and I think it had a lot to do with Taylor and Will being so visible. Man those two suck.

    5. Brad Culpepper did his math right! He actually got 5 people!

      Matt Quinlan on the other hand…

      And yeah it’s definitely option one, Michelle’s final words more or less confirm it.

      1. The thing I found weird though is that, like, Will was actually genuinely worried he might go home. Worried enough to win immunity. But Jay, Taylor and Michelle didn’t seem worried at all, not even to the point of wondering if one of them might get targeted instead. Like all you had to do to foil Adam’s plan was win immunity and then…he just won’t be able to vote?

        They were so supremely confident that I want to know where all the footage of Bret and Sunday promising their commitment to being the seventh and sixth boots respectively from Jay’s alliance was.

        1. I think Will is smart enough to realize that even if you think you have the numbers, your name being written down is a bad thing because you never know.

      1. I just read Michelle’s interview with Josh Wigler, and apparently SHE didn’t know who was supposed to be voting with them either, apart from she thought it included Chris. That’s a serious lack of due diligence.

        1. Guess being able to convince Hannah to switch her vote at the first tribal wasn’t indicative of being a great player after all.

  17. Adam is really terrible at this game. Or should I say, ADAM IS REALLY TERRIBLE AT THIS GAME!!!!!

    1. I liked Zeke’s glib, offhand dismissal of Adam’s game. “Yes, Adam is a bad player and unreliable alliance member who we’ll vote out soon, but let’s use him for this vote.”

  18. I am angry that it was not Taylor or Jay but if it isn’t Jay Michelle is a more dangerous player than Taylor. Taylor is full blown goat material, like Fabio if he were an unlikable tool.

        1. Thanks that made me smile.

          You guys are all making me smile. I should be working but I can’t bring myself to do anything right now.

  19. 1. episode title definitely should have been, “We’re back together, man.”
    2. Adam is horrible at strategy.
    3. David lasted way long than I expected in that challenge.
    4. Taylor is a doofus, dam.
    5. no more secret rewards please.
    6. stop the “millenials survivor like this, gen X survivor like this”, Probst, please.

    1. That challenge is designed for people with less muscle mass for the most part. Both Bret and Chris went out quickly.

      Remember Shi-Ann won the one-armed version in one of her two seasons.

      1. Currently rewatching Africa, the final two in that challenge (which was also in the merge episode) was down to T-Bird and… Clarence. It went for the leaner person there as well.

          1. It’s already passing Australia. I’m really enjoying this, especially as far as early Survivor goes.

            Watching chronologically, even having already seen every season, has really given me a different perspective.

    2. Millennials eat too much, am I right?

      No, Jeff, that’s not a stereotype, Taylor is just a selfish, uncaring douche.

        1. Once again I am imagining the shit I would take from my friends if I texted them using just the letter.

          1. The hilarious part about all this and another example of why Probst is so out of touch is that it is actually non-Millennials who are more used to using ‘u’ because pre-smartphone cell phones didn’t have the full keyboards that everyone uses now. I don’t know anyone who uses “u” except for my parents and other older relatives.

      1. I’m pretty sure Zeke visibly winced once Jeff launched into his “let’s talk about how your generations make you different” shtick.

    3. Adam looks like he thinks he’s playing an ORG where he can just talk to anyone whenever and make deals with anyone without anyone else seeing or any consequences. It’s really not working for him.

    4. Jeff needs to just let the theme go. It’s no longer millennials and GenXers, it’s just a bunch of players. This vote proves that.

    5. I was confused about what Jeff was saying in tribal (as I have frequently been). Millennials tend to… admit to doing things and then laugh about them? Is that the new stereotype?

  20. Yah going to be honest this season probably going to be in my bottom quarter of the rankings. Honestly this might be the worst first half of a season for a long time. It might be because of when it was airing whatever this is and reflecting it so well. Maybe it is because I do not like David and Adam as much as others. I am willing to see where this season is going but there are problems that bug me and I figure I should just say it.

    1. This one hasn’t clicked for me either, though I’m kinda enjoying not giving a damn for a change. Literally anything can happen each week and I remain unphased and indifferent since I don’t really care if any of them win. It’s a very unfamiliar way to watch Survivor.

      1. To be fair there are a few good people (Jay and Michaela) who are great but there aren’t the people who just annoy me

        1. Exactly. Taylor is a dumb buffoon, but the edit is so heavy-handed with him that it’s hard to really care that much. I blame the Survivor media bias for making me so indifferent.

          1. Taylor should constantly have the “derp de derp” music playing whenever he’s onscreen. I’m not sure whether I admire the restraint of the editors, or am sad about the missed opportunity.

          2. I’m waiting for footage of him just standing on the beach staring directly at the sun.

          3. I’m 99% sure there is footage of him spinning in a circle because he can’t find the buff that is on his head.

          4. Taylor stole the food at night dum dum dum dum dum
            Mason jars were not sealed tight dum dum dum dum dum

            That’s all I got.

          5. yeah, but it’s really going to give away the winner when they get the “smart smart smart smart smart” song.

      2. Your enjoyment of this season primarily depends on you r feelings about David, I love David so it’s a top 10 season for me

        1. And as we discussed last week last week I don’t, but there is also the fact that seven of the eight people who were voted are women

          1. I have to slightly disagree here, I don’t believe that 7/8 were voted out because they were women or POC. They played poorly

          2. Some of them did play poorly while others were cut at the the bud (Lucy, Mari, Michaela, Michelle and depending on the mood I would argue Figgy).

          3. Lucy, out of nowhere became really bossy and forbade alliance members to speak to anyone.
            figgy was in a showmance.
            Micheala was a huge threat.
            Mari was voted out by Michelle.
            Michelle… Ok no reason to vote her out

          4. Lucy was idoled out on a night where her target was going to be blindsided. Michaela and Mari were doing something right if they had to targeted and voted out the way there were. And to be honest I am little sad that we didn’t get Figgy play without Taylor because she was the better player of the two of them.

          5. I agree with all of your poInto, just saying the hey had valid reasons for being voted out other than sexism. Plenty of blatant sexism in this world, I just don’t see that being the case here, but I’m a white male, maybe I am naive

          6. And that were we agree because I also believe intentional sexism in this case. If I had to guess I would say this is a season that even Jeff didn’t really love because of easily seen streak of boots.

          7. All of the women voted out were voted out for reason unrelated to their gender (or skin color). Either they were either seen as a threat, were the worst in challenges on their tribe, did not socialize, or annoyed people.

            Sometimes a trend is just a series of individual vote-outs unrelated to each other.

          8. I do have to agree that the women did play poorly in general.

            Mari was voted out because people believed she was a threat and Michele wanted to keep her alliance. She’s stated she did not talk to people.

            Michaela was a physical threat and tried to be in charge and wore what shew as feeling on her face. She also was bossy and said things to people that made many here cringe. We loved her because she was outspoken but that’s not necessarily the best thing to be on Survivor.

            Michele was voted to cut Jay’s power. There was concern Jay had an idol and would play it on Taylor (we know he would not though). The guys believed Michele did not have it.

        2. For me a lot of it depends on the post merge – I’ll give a game with a strong post merge all kinds of “bonus points” in my rankings. It’s a little to early for me to decide, based on just pre merge I’d rather watch Worlds Apart than Fiji but if I were gonna watch the full season you couldn’t pay me to watch WA instead of Fiji.

          1. I just want to watch Yau Man figure out how to open a box that the muscleheads could not open from Fiji. Well any Yau Man and Earl. And the four horsemen being taken down. The rest I can skip.

            WA – I hate the bullying and how Shirin was treated but I like the winner and some of the stuff he did. I liked watching Dan screw up challenges but not so much the rest. Joe was ok.

          2. I don’t hate WA as much as many do (or Fiji, for that matter). I’d definitely watch either one again, and will at some point.

      3. I’m enjoying parts of this season. I love David, Ken, Jess, Zeke (and Mikayla) and Hannah. Jay has his moments. But I don’t like voting out all the women and minorities and the idea that you should go for the woman to harm the man. But overall, hasn’t some of the female casting been pretty weak? Other than Mikayla, I did not really care about those voted out although I do like both Jess and Hannah.

        1. I don’t think they voted for Michelle to “harm the man”. They wanted to vote for Will, but when they couldn’t, their next targets were either Jay or Taylor, but they thought that one of them might have an idol, and that if they did play the idol on one of their alliance, Michelle was the least likely to get it played on. That’s why she was targeted, not because she was a woman or “Jay’s girl”.

          Besides, I think most of the millennials remember the Mari vote and know that of the Jay/Michelle pair, she is the strategic one and more dangerous.

      1. Adam doesn’t have Peter upside. Peter was an amazing pre-merge comeuppance. He was exactly what you want in an early boot. Adam is just a dude who’s probably gonna fuck things up down the road.

    2. I’ve been enjoying it, mainly because I love(d) Michaela, Ken, David, and Zeke as characters. I find them all really entertaining and interesting and sympathetic and fun to root for. I also get occasional enjoyment from nearly everyone else left, except for Sunday and Will.

    3. On paper, this season has been really exciting, and I’m starting to like the cast a lot, but I do think there’s something missing. I’m definitely not as into this season as I was into Kaoh Rong, although that might have something to do with that big real-world thing that’s been going on for a while, that finally ended on Tuesday (except it didn’t).

      1. I’ve had just the opposite reaction (to this season I mean; I’m just as shattered by real-world events as everybody else). The pre-season videos and bios had me very “meh”, but this cast has been way more entertaining than I expected, and I can see this season reaching the low end of my top 10 (although that could change drastically depending on how it ends).

        If anything seems “off” about this season it’s that the cast is all in the middle of the bell curve. Nobody seems likely to join the pantheon of great first-time players, but on the other hand nobody is abjectly terrible at either Survivor or life. Not even Taylor, compared to, say, Will Sims.

        1. I actually agree with a lot of what you said. It’s not Survivor’s best cast, but it has some great characters, I like it significantly more than I thought I would. It’s less that I don’t like the direction of the season so far and more that, for whatever reason, I’m constantly nervous that it’s going to go off the rails or become really boring. If it keeps going the way it’s been going, I’d probably put it just below Kaoh Rong in my upper-middle tier.

  21. Random thoughts:

    Hey, Survivor. Maybe this will distract me from the crushing awfulness that is real life.

    Maybe it’s just editing but it’s not a good idea for Chris and Bret to wander off together while everyone else is still at the merge feast.

    “It’s exciting to be a part of Survivor history, to have a new power that nobody has ever had in his game before.” Just ask Dan, Stephen, and Tai how that excitement worked out for them.

    When Taylor stole the food I hoped that Adam would bond with Bret. But no, he decides to bond with Taylor, who comes out on top of that conversation. Oh Adam.

    Zeke is out of the challenge, but manages to keep his hair dry.

    Hannah is the only one keeping it 100 with Jeff.

    David makes it to #4 in the challenge. Impressed.

    Have we seen Will’s American flag trunks before?

    Hannah is soooo hungry …

    “This one’s for Figs.” Aw, that’s sweet. Oh wait, I forgot about what you did for a moment. You jerk!

    Michelle is voted out. Jay is stunned. Taylor is … thinking about Figgy? I have no idea what he’s thinking about. Probably food.

    Next week: I think Jay and Taylor overestimate the distrust Adam’s advantage could cause. But he should still use it right away.

    1. When Taylor stole the food I hoped that Adam would bond with Bret. But no, he decides to bond with Taylor, who comes out on top of that conversation. Oh Adam.

      Bret went to sleep though so I’m not sure Adam knew he saw it. But otherwise, I agree.

      And how noisy were those jars?

      1. When I saw Taylor with the jars I thought “Oh, he’s looking for an idol clue, maybe he has seen the show before.” Then I realized “Nope, he’s stealing food. He’s obviously never seen the show before.”

        1. but by moving things from one noisey jar too another. Just stick it all in your buff you fucking moron!

          1. Wasn’t part of his justification “I know about mason jars” or something like that? Like, a regular person wouldn’t know how to steal from a mason jar. It needs a special skill, and Taylor has those skills.

          2. He’s a full blown moron. I think we all “know about mason jars”. I know that jars can be picked up, I know how to open them, fill them, remove things from them and then put them down. I think that’s about all you need to “know about mason jars” right?
            I genuinely hate him on my tv. It’s a level of selfish douche I can’t deal with right now.

          3. You mean to say you can’t deal with a stupid, smirking man-child with no impulse control, who is breaking norms left and right and skating right on through while the women get voted off? Can’t imagine what that’s like.

        1. Very entertaining though. Just strategically bad – unless you switch it up and do something like Brenda did and give everyone the reward of their family except the person who won.

          1. We’ve seen someone take away someone else’s family visit before, and it certainly didn’t elevate Caramoan.

          2. Also, you did’t respond to that post, but I’m serious about the fantasy rules judge thing. You’ve seen that I way overthink these things and I would be happy to arbitrate disputes as to who does and does not get fantasy points.

            I have a format laid out. It’s funny.

          3. Where did you post it? I used to use the VIP entrance to see all the comments, but it got too difficult once the volume got so high (and it cuts off part of the comment, which is annoying).

          4. It’s the post where I ask if we’re getting points for Adam’s advantage.

            Which Andy answered I think correctly, but I still wanna play fantasy rules judge. Lawyering out all the rules is more fun for me than the actual league.

          5. So…basically what the PRP staff chat already does? Which PRP Supreme Fantasy Court Justice are you voting out?

            (Begrudgingly, Andy is the Chief Justice by virtue of his not participating in the league. We figure that gives him some impartiality.)

          6. I had no way of knowing you already did that, and, as I said to Andy, why are you not sharing it with us?

          7. I knew that you didn’t know we did that. I was just hoping to convince you to say which one of the staffers you’d eliminate.

            Honestly, it doesn’t come up often. And when there’s any sort of situation where the decision isn’t unanimous, I let you all vote on it.

      1. Terrible but his Mom has cancer, he’s probably the one who needs the visit most (if you discount Taylor who needs to be told his baby mama is well his baby mama).

      2. I mean, if he uses it on Jay, Taylor or Will, who are clearly at the bottom of the tribe now, are the rest of Adam’s alliance gonna care?

    2. When you get outwitted by Taylor, it’s time to re-evaluate your whole decision making process.

    3. Or Adam could not use it, or just give it to someone. Like, when they all confront him or whatever just go “y’all can have it” because it’ll do him zero good unless he can use it to get a reward that’s an advantage.

      1. That would be the best case scenario: The advantage itself sucks but Adam could use it as currency to buy off the swing vote if they come after him at 11 or 9.

      2. The thing is, Adam really thinks that this reward-steal advantage is a great thing and very powerful. As a superduper fan, he’s obviously missed the last 3 seasons.

          1. A super-duper-fan should know that you should not win the car reward. Or steal the car to be put into the same group as Dreamz.

        1. Sorry the joke was to myself because I typed Sunday or Hannah and then was like “that’s 2/3, it’s not an answer” my gut says Sunday is prime goat material and Hannah is too annoying not to get cut when she’s bottom of the ladder and the straggler from the other alliance wins immunity and Jess is too well rounded a person to survive.

          1. She is on my fantasy league team. I had traded David for her in pick 4. I still have David in the other league.

          2. Well me 2. She has grown on me. Yes, she screwed up early but she seems to be learning. Part of it is we have the same profession too although I am not a prosecutor.

    1. Hmmm, I picked Sunday on my league because I heard Probst talk about her getting along with the millenials before the show began. Since we really haven’t seen that yet, I suspect she’s going farther than we realize. But like you and Kemper, I’d like to see Jessica go far. She’s pretty awesome actually. I was amazed by her stamina tonight.

  22. Guys how had I missed until right now that Carrie is still doing Surivor recaps on the AV Club but without grades?

    1. Its a once in a while thing. There are other cut shows that once in a while show up without grades.

        1. Not for the first two episodes. It was the week of episode 3 where AVClub started up some of the TV Club reviews again they had stopped after last season (Survivor and Gotham are two that come to mind).

    2. She’s just doing posts with quick thoughts. I’m pretty sure she’s not getting paid for it and just wants to talk about the show.

      1. Is getting paid important? This is survivor, can’t imagine purple rock is making money from this

          1. Your Australia recaps were great and it gave a space for me and PrettyboyProbst to argue about El endlessly.
            And I am up for taking some of the workload for next season (conditional on life circumstances which I don’t see how they will have changed in 10 months).

          2. yeah we don’t have a real interest in doing that. I think the amazon link is the most we will ask.

          3. I didn’t upvote that because I don’t think you deserve compensation, but rather because you made me realize I need to double my yearly contribution to the ACLU. And that’s just a start.

          4. Yeah, that was literally the first thing my husband did on Wednesday morning; gave (more) money to the ACLU, over our usual contribution. Anybody who *can*, should do that.

          5. My Amazon dollars already go towards a charity (sorry for not funding you guys), but I’m devastated that now I need to figure out if I can do multiple charities or make a rotation of some kind, just because I know who’s going to need a lot of help in the upcoming years

          6. Was that because December is when most people purchase Christmas gifts on Amazon? Does the amount raised through the Amazon link plummet in January?

          7. I actually considered driving the Tesla I bought with that referral money to come personally thank you. But it only gets a few hundred miles per charge.

          8. I truly feel bad about how I don’t use the link when I feel the need to rent Cat On a Hot Tin Roof for the fiftieth time.

            God my life would make so much more sense if I were gay. Also, I just really need to buy Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. Ironies.

          9. If you can’t be moved by Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman’s performances in that movie, you have no soul.

          10. Here’s a hot take: Despite having to take a hatchet to one of the major themes of the play, I think Cat is a better movie than Streetcar. Don’t get me wrong, I love Streetcar, but Tennessee Williams has requires actors who make the roles sing, and Cat does that better.

            Vivien Leigh, Kim Hunter, and Karl Malden all do a fine job in Streetcar, but it’s really the Marlon Brando show and for good reason. I rewatched it a few months ago and, while those first fifteen minutes of just Leigh and Hunter are good, the second Brando walks onscreen I gasped. Because 60 years later it’s still obvious that what he was doing was new and different.

            Cat, on the other hand, features a trio of brilliant performances in Tayor, Newman, and Ives, all of who are doing different things but all of who bring just the right notes to their characters. And then you have Mae Sherwood, who maybe isn’t quite on their level but is right there under it. Just an absolutely stunning series of characters brought to life.

          11. I think I agree with that. I watched Streetcar first and although the performances by Brando and Leigh resonate with me, I think Cat is just a more interesting movie. You feel the heat and tension through your screen.

          12. Just sayin, probably not too much overhead involved in getting someone to write a weekly review of survivor. I don’t run a high profile website, but if I was a better writer I’d do that shit for free. survivor is life, survivor is all.

          13. Oh dear, how is this my hobbyhorse now:

            Todd expanded the scope of TV Club way beyond what was financially sane, and they were paying a shit ton of freelancers to recap a billion fucking shows, and most of those recaps were costing more to pay for than they made in ad revenue.

            And for forever, nobody noticed or cared, but then Univision bought the company, ran the numbers, and said “please stop throwing money into this bottomless pit.” So they had to pare coverage down to the shows it made financial sense to cover, which turned out to no be very many.

            This is a different project. It’s not a business, it’s a labor of love from two people who are deeply into Survivor. We’re a fan community. I wrote about what feels like fifty hours of Australian Survivor for free for this place because it’s a community I belong to. If The AV Club had asked me for that, I would have immediately said “are you going to pay me?” It’s a difference.

          14. That’s a really important difference. It’s really tacky (sleazy?, unethical?) to use free labor to boost revenue at a for profit site. If you’re for profit, you should at least be paying the shitty wages people pay freelancers on the internet these days.

          15. One of my favorite TV critics is Alan Sepinwall. But the site he works for, Hitfix, is a steaming pit of hell — distracting/overpowering ads, auto-playing videos, clickbait titles, all the worst things of modern web media sites. But if that’s what it takes in 2016 to get the money that is required to pay a professional like Alan a living wage, then I can’t complain.

          1. Can nothing exist? I kind of want that right now. (Before anyone gets worried, this is an election thing, not a suicide thing.)

    3. I’ve checked in and it looks like she just puts up a list of stray observations most of the time, and then opens up a comment section. Which I think is cheating.

    4. Yeah, those came back this season beginning with episode… three, maybe? They’re mainly intended as a place to comment and discuss, not as recaps. I get the impression that it’s just supposed to be a few bullet points, but Carrie is nice enough to usually make it a pretty lengthy series of cool observations.

  23. Oh, so this is neither here nor there, but I just found out the other day that my wife works with Jeremy’s brother. I find that neat, in a six degrees of separation kind of way.

  24. Maybe I heard this wrong (my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be because I went to too many shows that Matt wasn’t old enough to go to), but when Taylor told Jay about Adam’s plan to vote out Will didn’t he (Taylor) specifically tell him not to tell Will? And then Taylor goes straight to Will to tell him?

    1. You must’ve heard wrong. Why would Taylor do something that was erratic and poorly thought out?

    2. To be honest I’ve tried to stop thinking about anything Taylor says or does. I don’t think it’s a good idea to assume anything he does has any logic or semblance of a plan.

          1. Between all of the things that we seem to agree on, we seem to be very similar minds. It’s amazing that two people of different generations could think alike, I never would have realized that was possible!

      1. So a huge jury. I wonder if that’s the norm now. And she’s not on the prejury trip with Figgy.

        1. It’s hard to tell if this is a trend. Cambodia and MvX will obviously have the largest juries to date, but Kaoh Rong only had seven once you factor in Neil being voted off.

          1. If you had gone back and edited that comment to put the word in, I’m sure that you would have used the correct verb tense.

          2. Exactly. 100%. Couldn’t agree with you more. Which is why I definitely didn’t go back and edit it a second time, since I never edited it a first time.

          3. I’ve thought all along that it must be that (or something equally game-altering) to justify it just having it dangle like a sword over the game for 30 or so days.

        2. If it’s a final three that means 10 people on the jury, which is a huge number. Any chance we could see another “kick a person off the jury” reward this season?

  25. So I wonder if Jay is rethinking his masterful “vote out my stick-to-the-numbers meatshield in favor of Brett” plan right about now….

    1. I thought the same thing. The nerds may have had enough votes either way, but voting out Michaela and alienating Hannah made it a blowout. As others mentioned, they were close to having a vote splittable majority.

      1. If Hannah sticks with Michaela, I think the nerds get nervous about their numbers and just play it safe with Adam’s name floating around (who they didn’t much like anyway), but either way, it definitely wouldn’t have *hurt* for her to be there. If anything, she probably would have been the target over Michelle since “they won’t suspect us to vote for that person” is always code for “the woman”.

        1. Let’s stop this fiction that Hannah is anything other than a goat, she is terrible at survivor

        2. Actually I think, judging from his eagerness to mend things with Taylor, that the might have been able to pull Adam in to vote with them as well. Not something I’d have said prior to this episode, but I think all our opinions of Adam’s gameplay have just taken a dip.

      2. It basically guaranteed the nerds went with Gen X. With Michaela around, making the jump would have been possible, but more iffy.

          1. I think that is possible, but remember that Michaela laid out her whole vision of Millennial unity in her last episode. She would have at least tried to bring the nerds back in.

            What happened tonight could have happened anyway. It’s just that without Michaela, what happened tonight was really the only thing that could have happened.

          2. Michaela would have tried, but Zeke and Adam knew that they were on the bottom of the millennial alliance pre-tribe expansion. I really can’t see them going back to that, no matter how persuasive Michaela could have been. Besides, what was she going to tell them? “Yes, I betrayed you in the Mari vote and chose to keep Figgy but if you come back to the millennials now I swear I won’t betray you again!”

            Besides, both Zeke and Adam made new bonds with the GenXers on their post-expansion tribes that probably mean more to them than anything they had on the millennial tribe.

            And even Hannah, I’m not sure she would have stuck with Michaela and not gone back to Adam and Zeke. She seemed very eager to regroup with her nerd alliance. Yes she was upset about Jay voting out Michaela, but I never got the feeling that she and Michaela were that close.

          3. I completely disagree here. We saw Adam sucking up to Taylor. He clearly wanted in. I totally saw Hannah become very close to Michaela. It was a bad move just like getting rid of Michelle wasn’t the smartest move when they had the numbers. Clearly, they could have taken out a bigger target because idol or not, then was a blindside.

            Which is why, I think you’re wrong about there not being a subconscious male privilege thing going on with all the women getting voted out. Neither of these two had to be voted out at all.

          4. I don’t know how much time was left between that meeting on the beach and tribal, but if Gen-X plus Zeke and Hannah realized that the DoucheForce was targeting Adam, maybe that free them up to move for a bigger target, i.e. Jay or Taylor. If they play the idol, then (1) it’s flushed, (2) Adam goes, which they were planning to do later anyway, and (3) they keep an 8 to 4 majority. So go to Adam and say some Gen-Xers are pushing back, they want the big threat gone, we can’t vote without them.

            Had that played out (assuming no one wanted to risk splitting the votes), and had Adam played his idol too, that would have been even more interesting

          5. We saw Adam sucking up to Taylor, but I think he was just keeping his options open, trying to work with him. Didn’t he say something like this?

            When did we see Hannah and Michaela getting close? I don’t remember anything before the tribe expansion, and after that the only time they interacted that I can remember is when Michaela yelled at her during the challenge (at least she added that she loves Hannah).

            When Hannah talked about getting revenge on Jay, she didn’t say “I’m gonna get revenge for Michaela, my friend and alliance partner.”, she said that she wanted revenge because Jay betrayed her and left her out of the vote because he thought so little of her. So unless I’m forgetting any scenes, I don’t think Michaela and Hannah were that close.

            Jay saw Michaela as a threat. Whether he was right or not, that’s why he voted her out. He saw her as someone that would be a danger to him later in the game, so he got rid of her when he had the chance. I didn’t see anything about him thinking “She’s a girl, I’ll get rid of her.” In fact, he seemed to think of her as his biggest competition on that tribe (and maybe in the game).

            Michelle was voted out because they couldn’t vote out their intended target (Will) and thought one of Jay/Taylor might have an idol, so of the three of them they chose the target that was the least likely to have an idol played on them. It didn’t seem to have anything with her being a woman, it was about picking the least likely person in a minority alliance to have an idol played for them.

            I have not seen any proof that these women are being voted out because they are women. But like you say, maybe it is subconscious, which means we wouldn’t see it. But there seems to be enough explanation for each one to say that they were voted out for reason other then them being women.

          6. I guess you missed John’s very well-reasoned post then. I refer you to it because you clearly refuse to see what is so obvious to many others who post here…many of whom are women.

          7. I did read John’s post (I think I know the one you’re talking about), and it was very well-reasoned and well-thought out, but like I said, I don’t think it’s obvious that these women were voted out because they were women. If it was then the show isn’t showing it to us. What we have seen is that in each case, each one was voted out for specific reasons – poor challenge performance, seen as a threat, not socializing with the tribe, etc.

            If I see 9 Volkswagon Beetles on the way home today that doesn’t mean that every car is a Volkswagon Beetle.

            If you can show me a secret scene from the previous episodes where the men say they want to vote off any of these women because they are female, then I will gladly say “Ok, these men voted them out because they’re sexist.” I just don’t see it, and am not ready to leap to the conclusion that because all of the people voted out except one are women, therefore the remaining male players MUST be sexist.

            Sorry, just my opinion. Not better or worse than yours or anyone else here (male or female).

          8. Perhaps I’m feeling a bit overly sensitive about the implicit sexism that men have towards women in this country because of the election, but maybe it might be worth it to wonder if that isn’t a factor here as well. I think it is, obviously, but you seem to want everything to be overt when most of the -isms often aren’t. Not to mention that many have given arguments for how voting out some of the men the last two tribals would have made even more sense than taking out Michaela and Michelle. Just because you agree with the producer’s edit/justification doesn’t mean they were the only ones or the right ones.

          9. The last two tribals wouldn’t be the first times where they voted out someone when there was a much better target available. Just because they did it these times doesn’t mean the cause was sexism.

            Seven women get voted out in the first eight episodes. Does that mean they were voted out by sexist men? Well, based on what I saw, I can’t say that conclusion is accurate because I don’t see the evidence. Like I have said before, if you look at each vote-off individually, there are ample reasons to vote out each person.

            And sometimes an alliance just decides to vote out someone for a simple reason and then fixates on it and won’t change their mind, like the millennials wanting to vote out Adam – they should have put aside his double-dealings and used him and gotten rid of him later, but Taylor and Will were fixated on having their revenge on him and wouldn’t change their mind. If they had targeted Chris instead maybe they could have done something with that. Was them targeting Adam proof that they were against him personally or anything he represented? No, Taylor wanted revenge for Figgy and for trying to get the target put on Will.

            I’ll admit this is probably the worst week to argue this point, and I don’t mean to make anyone feel worse than they do. I live in Canada but I felt sick Wed night and horrible all day Thursday. It’s a dark time for all Americans, but especially women and minorities.

          10. Will you also admit that there may be an underlying sexism at play that the men (and you) aren’t even aware of?

          11. Yes, but will you admit that there is an equal chance there may not be? That these women may have been voted out for reasons unrelated to their gender?

            Lack of proof is not proof.

          12. Actually, no I will not. There is not an equal chance IMHO. I’d say there may be a bit for some of them, but no way an equal chance for 7 out of 8. So, I guess we’ll never see eye to eye on this. Which is fine.

            Also true: I do not believe any of these men think they are sexist even when their decisions show otherwise. Many people with privilege have this same problem.

          13. Again, I haven’t seen anything to make me think the men (and women) voting out these women are doing it for sexist reasons. I can’t say “Well, there’s no proof, but it must be true so the proof must be there but not visible.”

            Don’t mean to cause a fight, just agree to disagree I guess.

          14. Thank you. For awhile I thought it was just me.

            I didn’t mean to offend anyone, which it seems like I have. Probably the wrong week for me to state my opinion about women and sexism.

          15. I should add: I’m not only female; I work in a male-dominated, traditionally sexist field, so you’d think I’d be easily triggered by such things if they were apparent, or even happening in a subtle way.

          16. No, it’s fine. The whole ethos of PRP is that we can disagree about stuff and still be chill.

          17. “It didn’t seem to have anything with her being a woman, it was about picking the least likely person in a minority alliance to have an idol played for them.”

            I don’t think those two things are unrelated.

          18. Ok, look at the alliance of Taylor, Jay, Michelle and Will. Will has immunity, so you have to put your votes on one of Taylor, Jay and Michelle. You suspect one of Taylor and Jay might have an idol. If that’s true, who are they more likely to play it on to save one of them – the other guy, or Michelle?

            Taylor and Jay are BROS. Jay likes Michelle, but the two guys are definitely more closely aligned and bonded then one of the those guys and Michelle. So if one of the guys has an idol and decides to play it, it’s very likely that it will be played for Jay or Taylor, not Michelle.

            You can say that there’s sexism in this situation on Jay and Taylor’s part, because they’re bro-ing down and the idea of using an idol to save her instead of using it to save their bro probably hasn’t occurred to them. But I don’t see anything indicating there was sexism on the part of the majority alliance in choosing who to put their votes on. They looked at the Triforce alliance, assessed their situation, and decided who would be the one to be least likely to get an idol played on them.

            And remember – Will was their first choice. They wanted to vote out him.

          19. Sorry for being vague–this is exactly what I’m saying:

            “You can say that there’s sexism in this situation on Jay and Taylor’s part, because they’re bro-ing down and the idea of using an idol to save her instead of using it to save their bro probably hasn’t occurred to them.”

          20. Ok, that is an area on the show where I can agree that there is probably some sexism. But even there I think it’s more that Jay and Taylor want to help out the bro’s in their alliance more than them not wanting to help out the woman in the alliance.

            But I don’t think the choice of the majority alliance to vote out Michelle was sexist. They chose the member of that alliance who was least likely to get an idol played for them – don’t we see this all the time in previous seasons?

          21. So does that make it sexist when the women buddy up, too? Was Figgy being sexist when she publicly called out Michelle as her closest ally that time? I’m being serious: if there’s a standard being set,I believe that it has to work both ways.

          22. But the situation of men and women, white people and minorities, etc. in society isn’t symmetrical–on Survivor no one tries to make (or worry about) men’s alliances, because “men’s alliances” are just “alliances”. It’s why an Association of Female CEOs (for example) would be useful in a way that an Association Male CEOs wouldn’t, or why there isn’t White History Month.

            I’m about to write more in reply to another comment, but I think people are talking past each other because we’re conflating things like prejudice, overt sexism, implicit bias, structural sexism.

          23. I’ll concede that you have a fair point. Nonetheless, I still think too much is being read into this.

          24. I think Michelle was picked because they suspected Jay had the idol and Taylors name had come up already, so she was the safest vote.

          25. They easily could have split the vote between Jay and Taylor. They had the numbers. “Safest vote”, I believe, subconsciously means because she was female. Clearly, others disagree, but to me, as I said, it’s worth considering that there just might be some male privilege at work on that island just like there still is in this nation.

          26. I agree there may have been some underlying gender bias, but this group was too large and new to take the risk of splitting votes. With 5-4-4 numbers, a Tyson could screw up everything.
            I think the overall outrage over this move is only partially about Survivor.

      3. I think it’s an even bigger blown opportunity than that. With Michaela, he also has Hannah and loses an enemy vote in Bret or Sunday. All he’d have to do is somehow bring back Zeke or Adam into the fold, and he’d have the numbers to just pick off all of Gen-X. Such an unnecessarily backstabby move.

        1. Yeah, I think this is total vindication for all of us who were opposed to the move last week. With Michaela and Hannah there are six strong Millennials in a tribe of 13, and we just SAW that Adam, for whatever reason, still wanted to work with them as well. Sure, there’s still a risk of ending up on the wrong side of a 6-7 split, but that’s still better odds than 4-9.

          Jay is still in the game, so we can’t completely write him off, but it’s certainly not good for him that Hannah arrived at the merge all ‘Jay is orchestrating things, he is a massive threat, plus he totally backstabs his allies’.

          1. That move upset me so much that I didn’t come to Purple Rock to check out people’s reactions – didn’t even want to think about it after it happened. So I’m definitely looking for vindication that it was the wrong move. Didn’t take long!

            Great point about Adam, I forgot about that.

          2. Yep. the risk is maybe just maybe Michaela flips but it’s like a 1% shot at this vote and only like a 10% chance later in the merge or 100% Bret goes back to the Gen-Xers. I couldn’t have disagreed with Andy more about it being a good move. Jay wouldn’thave had to be the one to put her on the jury if he was smart, he could have got others to do it and kept her vote on the jury. She was too strong a challenge player to be left too long but they could have had her here.

          3. This is going to shock you, but I’m not willing to concede that anything that happened tonight proved that last week was a bad move.

      4. they definitely have a vote splitting majority now and have voted together so will be able to trust it more.

    2. Rethinking his plan would involve a great amount of reflection than he has displayed so far, but possibly.

  26. So I am newbie here to Purple Rock. I was a long time lurker back at the AVC and I have posted in Carrie’s stray observation only threads. Seeing as those threads are hit in and miss on activity and are currently harboring anti reality tv sentiment I finally read through all the comments and figured out were everybody had gone to. Thank you guys for having a place to smartly discuss Survivor and I’m gonna give the podcast a try! Below is my copy and pasted thoughts from the AVC for this week.

    Well that went as expected. Jay has to regret taking out such a strong ally like Mikayla but he should regret tying himself of Taylor at the hip. Taylor is so awful at Survivor. I can’t wait to see how this big Nerd + GenX alliance will split in the next few weeks because it appears that it is made up of three solid and evenly dispersed voting blocks which means that this could get interesting in a few votes with whoever the last of the Young Bro trio is left as the swing vote holding an insane amount of power.

    1. Hi. We’re the super chill place that discusses Survivor and stays friends even when we disagree. Also we’re super liberal. If that’s a thing you’re down for, then welcome aboard.

    2. Dude, welcome. If the Douchebro trio (sorry Will) get to stay long enough to be swing votes I will not enjoy this season at all.

    3. Welcome! This place is much more diverse and positive than what currently exists in the AVC. Everyone here has different favorites and reasons why they like Survivor. Much better than other places online.

    4. I think the target will remain on the bros until Jay is gone. The other players have recognized his threat level.

  27. Oh hey, they sort of went with the plan I speculated about on the predictions page. This was a pretty good merge episode (and a nice momentary distraction from current events in the U.S.). I was really thinking Adam was in trouble at the end there, since he was such a strategic trainwreck this episode but looking back it was pretty obvious that the Gen-Xers plus the nerds would stick with their numbers to weaken the bros.

      1. Some day, they’ll be working on a vote split, and they’ll realize that none of them really trust Adam. At which point, he’ll have outlasted his usefulness.

        1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Now that the alliances are a bit more solidified, I think they’ll split the votes between Jay and Taylor next week, with the intention of voting both of them out over the next two votes, but they’ll vote out Adam with the second vote instead.



  29. This reward steal advantage is so stupid. Why would you ever use it? Hey Adam, you’ve won a reward! Use it and half the tribe will immediately hate your guts. Congratulations!

    1. That’s exactly why I love it 😀 It’s such perfect sabotage for anyone stupid enough to use it. It’s like the Trojan horse of advantages!

      1. Production must have been praying that Taylor was going to find it and make a total ass of himself. Maybe that’s why they made it so easy to find.

    2. In an alternate universe, Adam reads the clue, instantly realizes it’s total cancer, and immediately gives it to Taylor to attempt to shore up their bond. Taylor of course creates fireworks by using it in the dumbest way possible.

      1. Yes! I was thinking something similar. He should have put it back, asked Taylor for help getting water and then been like: “is there a bug up there or something Taylor? What is that?”

        1. Oh wow, that would be some masterful trolling. If a player pulled that one off they’d be a legend.

    3. If he uses it to steal a reward from Jay, Taylor or Will, who in Adam’s alliance is going to be mad at him?

      1. Does he really have an alliance after last night? Seems like his supposed closest ally Zeke is ready to throw him under the bus.

        But to answer your question, I think that no matter who he steals it from, yes even Jay, Taylor, or Will, it is going to make people really mad. I am of the mind that winning a reward challenge is already a dumb move because everyone you don’t take is going to hate you and talk trash about you the entire time you are gone. This advantage makes winning a reward that much worse. Not only are the people that you don’t pick going to be pissed, but some of them are going to be doubly pissed off because they had a reward won, they were thinking about how great it was going to be, and then it was taken away from them. Plus, in addition, people are going to be like “what a sneak. he had this advantage and didn’t tell us, what else is he hiding from us?” I really can’t see anyway that this will benefit Adam at all.

        1. As far as Adam knows, he has an alliance with Zeke and the GenXers. He didn’t use his idol, which means he trusted them when they told him that they were all voting for Michelle.

          If he uses the reward-steal when Jay/Taylor/Will win a reward that gives them a real advantage in the game, like an advantage in the next immunity challenge, or a giant meal before the last challenge, or an hour of practice before a challenge, I think Adam’s alliance wouldn’t mind him using it. As long as it’s a situation where the alliance really doesn’t want one of those three to have that reward.

          And if Adam is going to piss off everyone by keeping this advantage a secret, then he should never use his idol because when he does everyone will be mad that he didn’t tell everyone about it. By this logic, no one should ever use an idol unless they tell everyone they have an idol immediately after they find it.

          1. Yeah, those scenarios would probably help out Adam (except the actual advantage; if people know you have it, it seems like a death sentence). Thinking a bit more about it, maybe save it for final 5, steal the reward and try to lock down a final 3 deal (assuming you can bring 2 people with you, otherwise it would be a disaster obviously).

            And I do think there is a huge difference between using this advantage and playing an idol. Both present risk, but this advantage provides little reward, whereas playing an idol correctly can win you the game.

  30. So after tonight, who do you still think has a shot at winning? And who is going home soon? And who do you actually want to win? Mine: :

    1. Zeke;
    2. Ken (he’s gone under the radar and may be in a holding pattern);
    3. Jess (if she gets rid of the above);
    4. David;
    5. Chris (who also seems to be under the radar);
    6. Jay

    No chance:Sunday, Bret, Will, Hannah, after tonight Adam and Taylor

    I think going home soon: Bret, Adam and Taylor but not necessarily in that order, followed by Will and Jay. Sunday and Hannah – one of them will go deep but be the goat. Maybe both.

    I’d be ok with 1-4.

          1. I really like Zeke but he is primed for a fall. He is a fun, favourite but he has a bit of a sinister tone in his confessionals, I see him getting too confident

    1. 1. Zeke
      2. Ken
      3. David
      4. Adam (the story is still portraying him as a hero)
      5. Jessica
      6. Jay
      7. Chris
      8. Hannah
      9. Taylor
      10. Bret
      11. Sunday
      12. Will

      1. This past episode I though showed him in to much in a negative light in terms of game play. It’s possible that it’s to set him up for a big rebound but I’m leaning towards not.

      2. He gets a good edit, but he’s so bad at this game, I can’t see him winning. And not just boring bad like (OW)Michele. I mean, he’s actively bad.

    2. I feel like Chris and Jess have been too invisible to win. I wouldn’t write off Hannah yet – the amount of time spent on her panic attack that one episode make me think it’s possible they have some big “overcoming the odds” narrative that ends with her as a Fabio/Bob style winner (and this season is giving me that vibe)

      I agree that Zeke/David/Ken seem to be the top 3 most likely winners based on the edit.

      1. I agree on the Chris & Jess thing. I had them picked as my winning alliance from the pre-season (hence why they make up most of my fantasy team right now) but we’re just not getting much of them in the edit.

    3. I really want David to win, he is the best character on the season and a David win would be so very entertaining.

      Second, I guess Zeke. He is a smart guy and he seems to have a great grasp on strategy, so if he pulled it off it would make for some good TV.

      Third, Jay. I just like Jay.

      After that, Will and Taylor are the only winners that would offend me. Oh and Sunday, I forgot there was a Sunday on the show for a minute, and yeah, if she wins, the rest of the season is probably going to suck.

      In terms of who I think will win, I think it is Ken. David has a decent shot too. I’ll be surprised if it is not one of those two.