Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode Finale Liveblog: “I’m Going for a Million Bucks”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

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1,475 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode Finale Liveblog: “I’m Going for a Million Bucks”

        1. Depends. Can he play the “I know I’m going early so use me now” role (even though that’s just a cover)?

        2. Yes? I feel like a Tony doubter lately because I see Cirie (and Sandra) as the big headline, but I like him! Really! I just feel more strongly about Cirie and never worried he wouldn’t come back. But he’s great!

    1. Ciriiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! A while back some of y’all were expressing skepticism about her wanting to come back but I kept hope alive. I’m so happy.

  1. Guys, maybe I’m just all emotional because of this year or something and because I have a trial tomorrow, but like, I’m glad to be here with y’all.

    1. I just settled one Monday while picking the jury.

      And I’m feeling so giddy right now during this intro.

  2. You can emphasize the fake in fake idol. But hiding it for another person? That’s something else.

          1. It gives false comfort to the person who finds the idol, that person would assume that they found the only idol. It means that person is less likely to look to find it.

      1. He did as far as I saw. And he had note leftover I assume

        EDIT: I think it was wrapped when David put it in the coconut

      2. Yes, David included the note from his old idol.

        Should that be legal? It’s one thing to assume this object is an idol, but if a note from the producers tell you it’s legit, you should be able to trust that. Otherwise, every idol falls in doubt, and there’s no way to verify before your neck is on the line.

        1. Production wants whatever will result in the best television, not the most comfort to players. Jay thinking he played a legitimate idol was excellent television. If you’re savvy enough to save your idol parchment you should be able to bluff with it.

      1. Arguably not much. But the same could be said for any fake idols. I like this more because showing off a fake idol for yourself don’t prevent votes from coming your way. If anything, people want to flush it and will force that with votes. Letting someone else have it may make their complacent or overconfident and throw off their game. But at the end of the day, fake idols are only aesthetically nice, not strategically.

        1. He even planned on doing this to someone from the get go (he mentioned in some pregame-content that he could do that to help with his anxiety, as it would give him a leg up on understanding what is happening in the lead up to a TC-vote) but I also agree with Diego that it didn’t do much here and could have even backfired.
          Still, it was very skillfully executed.

          1. He got the skills and the mischievous plan to put it to use, I can see why he would want to show that off.
            As for the backstory, that probably wasn’t in play here, but like I said these were pregame comments and it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to think that it could have helped him then.

      2. I was wondering that. Couldn’t Jay finding this potentially scare Hannah, ADAM, and Bret into not voting him? I guess he wanted Jay to relax and cause good TV, which are good, but the plan had a lot of potential blowback.

      3. Possibly, what it accomplished was stopping Jay finding the real idol, leaving it open for Adam. Which in turn kept Adam in the game, and ultimately led to David’s vote out and Adam’s win.

        Lots of other variables there as well obviously (if Jay had found the real idol, maybe Jay wins the entire thing instead), but it’s an interesting possibility. The real question, of course, is what was David thinking being so complacent that there were no more idols?

  3. I missed where David got that legit looking necklace? That blows that shaved stick from China (?) out of the water.

  4. I’m 12 minutes behind, but I had to punch in for my biannual reminder that DAYUM long-sleeve T Jeff is my favorite Jeff.

    Oh wait, he just said “curled up in front of the couch.” Well…I still would have sex with him.

    1. Haha! Sometimes during finales don’t you just get so excited you fall right off the couch and just curl up there?

    2. I mean you could be, right? Sometimes I sit on the floor and lean on the couch. I’m sure that’s what he meant!

  5. Are we watching a new tectonic shift in alliance building re: the road to Final Tribal v. who you sit with? I mean, we’ve all had the same discussion here for weeks, but this endgame might make it more widespread. There’s always been a tension between the two in the maneuvering at the end, but it seems more and more like the payers are taking unnecessary risks while they assume that they make it to the end.

    1. Heck, he’s arguably on it twice given how great he was at the Michaela boot.

      But yeah, Jay should be back, and he will be back.

    1. It would worked better if person who gave up didn’t get eliminated by random chance and lost because they were in the minority.

    2. The real legacy (cough) of the legacy advantage will be if players in future seasons will be thinking about it when making friends with other people pre-merge they wouldn’t normally make friends with.

  6. Jay could have had a real doofus exit when you combine the fake idol and the challenge failure. But he handled it like such a champ. I need him back ASAP.

    1. I was just smiling the whole time. Jay WILL play again and I can’t wait to see what he looks like on a second chance.

      1. I’m actually glad he isn’t coming back right away. Back-to-back is a death sentence. He just needs a bit of seasoning and he might be unstoppable.

    2. Jay is probably my favorite player of the season. Three months ago I would not have believed I would ever say that.

    3. He’d built up so much goodwill that I was fine with it at that point. And at least David had gone the extra mile of hiding it in a coconut, putting a mark on the coconut, and wrapping it in an actual note. It’s not like it was a fucking stick.

      1. I was just worried he was going to be upset at tribal. That thing was 100% authentic looking. And instead of getting upset his face just lit up, and was like “WOW YOU GOT ME GOOD! SURVIVOR!!!!”

          1. If I could find it I’d post the animated GIF of Jeff doing finger guns from the tribal a few episodes ago.

        1. Yeah, that was fantastic. I already liked Jay, but his departure made me a true Jay fan. If he returns, and I expect he will, I’m going to be actively rooting for him all season.

          Given that the fake idol was serving no strategic purpose, it really could have blown up in David’s face and made him look like a dick. Jay’s reaction made it look like David gave him the best goodbye gift that one Survivor fan can give another.

    1. Do we have enough for a top 10 list of fake idols? Cause that one gives the randy idol a run for its money.

        1. This was a fantastically made idol, but as an idol play, I don’t think it really did much. It made Jay go to his doom with less of a fight, but I don’t know that he would have had any moves left anyway.

      1. I think in terms of execution, David’s fake idol might be the best ever. He even hid it inside a coconut. I don’t know that any fake idol can match this when you factor in everything.

    1. The participation trophy thing drives me crazy, but I did a literal spit take when I saw that that was a puzzle answer. For Immunity at final five, no less.

  7. New game: every time Bret says ‘crazy’, take a drink. If you make it to the second episode still conscious, award yourself a participation trophy.

    1. Bret drinking game rules

      1. Every time he says crazy, drink
      2. Every time he drinks, drink

      We are so screwed.

    2. I really liked Bret, but the writing off of people with other opinions as “crazy” seems to point to a lot of the bigger problems we’re dealing with these days.

      1. “These people aren’t voting the way I want them to do! It’s as if they have their own goals that don’t include me winning the game! They’re crazy!” (takes drink)

        1. So much this. He really went out like an ass when he was voted off. “You guys just gave David a million bucks. Don’t you realize it was your duty to play the game in a manner that makes it easier for ME to get the million bucks?”

          1. When he started referring to everyone else as “crazies” I knew for sure he wasn’t winning (not that I thought he was winning before).

  8. puzzle alternate phrase thread:

    gen X: If you wanna fuck with the Eagles, you need to learn to fly.

  9. So Participation Trophy is a terrible word puzzle solution, but I don’t know what else I would’ve expected. Maybe I just want someone to say “Battle For The Ages” before this season ends.

    1. I’m all for idol madness, but calling shenanigans on new idol at final 5. Too late, survivor, too late.

        1. I’m thrilled because I think David just won… but (plot armor aside) I’m amazed that David wasn’t taken out there.

          1. Ken or David have to win immunity. If Adam wins, David goes home or there’s a firemaking challenge.

            And Ken did not break his promise so far to Adam.

          2. Even if that happens I think David’s worst case scenario is a fire making challenge against Hannah.

  10. So I nailed the Jay -> Bret order, but no way Hannah comes in second after the jury sees that she kept David

  11. Hannah Moment of the Week: I can’t defend this move. Voting out Bret over Adam is ridiculously awful. I’m devastated by Hannah’s bad play.

    1. Great FIC. I love this challenge anyway, but the added wrinkle of the clock made it just that much more interesting.

      1. I kind of hope he gets zero votes. I’m not going to be gutted like I was in the Kaoh Rong finale but Ken wasn’t going to win anyway, so I wanted to see David fight for it.

          1. If he even tries to bring up honor after voting David out he will be laughed out of the room. Adam is going to destroy both Ken and Hannah. I would bet heavily on that.

      1. I do too. But Ken has a shot. Adam will use the mother story.

        This is one of the better finales. Thank God we are not having Jeff show us stuff like crying girls, how much food the Survivor eats, etc.

        1. I think this season is a great example in favor of a final six finale. No down time whatsoever, it’s been super exciting. I don’t think Ken stands a chance, but I don’t miss Jeff’s interruptions. Just two hours of Survivor.

        2. If Adam doesn’t win I hope the ghost of his dead mother fucking haunts the producers for putting us through that heartbreak in her name.

    1. I’ll have the winner on my Pick 4 and probably finish outside of the Top 100. That’ll be fun.

      1. I had the pre-season consensus winner pick and the actual winner in Outcasts and I’m not going to be anywhere close to qualifying for Champions League. Although I’m going to move up a bunch of spots.

    2. I wonder if we get opening speeches b/c we have about 15 minutes before it runs over to the reunion.

  12. Congrats John on the Predictions win. I think we the readers are locked into third, which might be better than we normally do

      1. You’ll have to let us know.

        I also think the edgicers thought David was a clear winner post merge. Glad they’re wrong on every count.

    1. Still really exciting, but shit. A final three with David nor Jay was the only way I could have been even slightly disappointed with the winner, and that’s what happened. I won’t be gutted like I was in Kaoh Rong, but this is not what I wanted to see.

      1. Very good finale so far. I have a big grin on my face. So different from last season and Worlds Apart and even Cambodia.

        1. Jay’s vote out may have been the most sincerely positive vote out this late in the history of Survivor. It’s just impossible to be in a bad mood with that guy around. This is an amazing finale.

    1. Wait, what??? I totally missed all the gossip this season (probably because I didn’t spend much time at Sucks because work). Also, for that matter, what is Zeke’s secret that people were hoping he talked about? I remember seeing a rumor that he was trans, but it was just a rumor.

    1. Jessica doesn’t really count, since it was a tie, but she voted correctly everywhere else except Taylor.

  13. Before this gets ugly I just want to mention how great the shot of Ken stabbing the stingray was.

    David: “I trust that you will do the right thing.”

    Ken sits in silence and stabs stingray.

    1. It’s interesting that no one is asking Ken questions anymore.

      EDIT: never mind, Bret opens with Ken

    2. I think some of the later questions saved it for Adam, but he did not look good in the first half. We’ll see though – I still thought Aubry was a favorite coming out of the Kaoh Rong FTC, so I’m preparing for the worst.

      1. I feel like Chris, Bret, and Jay are locked in for Adam. I don’t remember if those instincts were right in KR, but that’s a big lead for Ken or Hannah to overcome. I think all three will get at least one vote.

      1. Jay was the one who told him he didn’t have to talk about it if he didn’t want to, and Adam was quiet. I found it interesting that it was David who got him to finally open up.

    1. What, gross for him not to pretend he’s not going through something deeply upsetting? I get that you probably mean it seems like he’s using it to win, but when bad shit is happening to you I find it’s sometimes considered impolite to talk about it and I’m kind of touchy about that. He’s been carrying this around without telling most of the cast for 39 days, and he’s in a lot of genuine pain, and sure, not telling then and telling now is the best strategic choice, but it’s not dishonest, and I don’t think it’s out of bounds. If he’s going to play Survivor right now at all I don’t have any problem with him being honest about his life when he chooses to open up. Life is shitty and messy and hard, and I know we don’t usually have to look at pain like this in our Survivor finale, but I don’t think there’s any obligation to “play fair” or something by concealing your genuine suffering.

      1. It’s not about it being “impolite”, it’s about using it to win in the FTC.

        He didn’t tell his castmates because he knew it would hurt him before the FTC and he mentioned it at FTC because he knew it would help him. I’m sure his suffering is genuine, but I’m also sure keeping it a secret and revealing it were strategic and there will always be something about that that’s gross to me.

        I’m not always crazy about when players bring sympathy into FTC – not even Jeremy bringing up his unborn kid, but at least he wasn’t using someone else’s disease in that case.

        You can think whatever you want and I can think whatever I want.

        1. OK, I think I see it as using his own experience of grief and fear and whatnot, not as using something he doesn’t have a right to, if that makes sense. I also think it takes a lot of self control not to break down about it here at the end of the game, when it can’t get him voted out anymore and all emotions have gotta be turned up pretty high.

          I also tend to hold juries responsible for what arguments work. If they’re open to taking your life outside the game into account, why leave it on the table?

          Clearly this pushed buttons for you that it didn’t for me. I basically thought Adam had a really tough task keeping this a secret so he wouldn’t be voted out for it but still connecting genuinely with people, and I see talking about it at FTC not as telling a sob story so much as baring his soul a little. Baring your soul a little at FTC is good strategy, no question, but not one I think is unusual or that bothers me. For Adam, though, his situation meant that getting honest and opening up meant talking about his mom’s illness.

          I think what upset me, and I know I didn’t explain this at all, is the idea that Adam would be subject to more restrictions on how he plays because he’s going through something in real life. My inclination is to grant him more leeway.

          1. I wouldn’t. I would have likely changed my vote to someone else on principle.

            Oddly, I’m more OK with Johnny Fairplay style lying because there’s no one suffering on the other end.

            Part of what I dislike about Adam’s situation is that losing a parent is something literally almost everyone goes through and those that don’t have bigger issues (dying early, abandonment, etc). There was nothing unique about his situation except that he chose to go on a gameshow during it. And then he wants sympathy for playing a game while going through a tough time? No fucking dice for me. He chose Survivor over being with his mom in her final weeks and while I won’t fault him for his decision, I won’t give him props for it either.

      1. Agreed.

        Though, to be fair, if I were dying and I had a relative going on a game show, I’d tell them to milk my disease for all it’s worth.

      2. Feel the same. Would have liked Jay to bring it up. But it was good that he did not as well.

        Jay really grew on me.

          1. David was a great player who the others were entirely right to vote out, and the spectacularly bad play that would have had to occur to have delivered him the win would have lessened the season for me.

        1. I feel what makes it dishonest is to hide it for the whole game and then reveal it to the jury. He wasn’t just being honest. He was using it calculatedly.

          1. Literally nobody said this about Jeremy, who spent the whole game talking about how he wasn’t telling people Val was pregnant.

          2. Maybe I didn’t, but I certainly thought it. I just don’t like it when things from outside the game get brought in front of the jury. I realize I am probably a cold-hearted bastard for it.

          3. I kinda sorta feel you there. But I’m more like “I don’t give a damn about your [non game drama], but feel free to try to your sympathy play as it may work on others.”

          4. I didn’t like Jeremy’s ploy either (I’d rather vote on strategy), but using something joyful as a ploy is a bit different than using something traumatic.

          5. Is it calculated in a different or worse way from every other thing people do or say in this game? I think this is one more moment of genuine human connection that of course influences how people feel about you and therefore how they treat you in the game. I think it puts people off because it was so raw, but that’s Adam’s reality right now.

    1. They did include him saying “even if I don’t win,” so… And Ken was getting the triumphant music while talking about his daughter. Though I hope you’re right.

      1. It was kinda a back handed compliment. He said he respected the vote out of David more than the previous 38 days. Considering only an idiot would keep Dave, it doesn’t say much of Ken’s game.

        1. Agreed, but I still feel like Ken needed the affirmation in that moment (probably not what Will intended) and I honestly feel much better about David losing considering he didn’t vote for Ken despite the fact his vote-out should have been a no-brainer and not come as surprise to him.

          Zeke’s FTC argument doesn’t hold any water either imho, Ken (and Hannah) were not crazy to hold on to that loyal voting alliance among all the trust-clusters (yes, I’m of the opinion they are actually a thing, but also just a word and you probably should not base your jury vote solely on who did advance survivor-gameplay the most anyways) for as long as they could and needed to.

    1. I went into this finale thinking “anyone can win this except Hannah or Ken.” So … against them, maybe he does?

      1. Unfortunately I have to agree. Adam is insanely “meh” for me but Ken and Hannah are something beyond that. So, it’s hard to hate on Adam as much as I’d rather have seen two or three other people win ahead of Adam.

      2. Any of the other four finalists would’ve won against them. I think it’s possible anybody post-merge would’ve won against them (including Sunday and Will).

        1. My roommate was very bullish on Hannah during FTC and I started to wonder if I was missing something.

          Then they didnt show anyones vote and i knew it was Adam.

          1. I liked her a little more this episode. I have a sense that if she could explain herself a little more clearly and confidently she might look much better, but I also second-guess that sense.

      1. I’m sorry, I’m in a Cook Island mindset.

        No, these are the four winners who the jury unanimously voted for. Two had decent games but were helped immensely by sloppy tribals. Two had actually transcendent games.

    1. Yeah, it is for sure a top five season for me. Cagayan, Heroes vs. Villains, Pearl Islands, Millennials vs. Gen X, Amazon.

          1. I stand by my statement. I will say that we all have our season that everyone seems to love, but we don’t. Mine is China, Andy’s is Micronesia, Prom King’s is Amazon, etc.

    2. I was willing to put it in the top ten depending on winner, but as a player (not a human) Adam leaves me cold. Knee jerk reaction, it’s somewhere around #12-14 for me.

        1. Unfortunately I don’t tend to like that sort of winner. But Adam is tearing me up right now with his story.

          1. I guess I’m cynical, but the “She died an hour after I got home” kind of set off BS alarms for me. I don’t know. I might just be a dick.

          2. Adam doesn’t gain anything by lying about this. I don’t see the BS alert. Maybe it wasn’t a literal hour, but that’s not much BS to be honest.

          3. I’m fine with cynicism and people having opinions on players based on what little of them that we see on the show, but this is the guy’s real life. It isn’t a Jonny Fairplay situation- Adam’s mother actually did have cancer, and she actually did die shortly after he got home.

            Let’s not split hairs about how well the guy that just lost the woman that brought him into this world was measuring time during her final days. Feel free to criticize Adam’s play, but let’s not attack his grief as being anything less than genuine.

          4. This is pretty self righteous. I’m not attacking his grief. It’s obviously 100% genuine.

            I’m questioning the details that he’s volunteering and wondering if he’s perhaps exaggerating certain aspects, such as the timing, to make it a better story. We have already seen him use his mom’s illness as part of his narrative and it seems like that’s something that’s built into millennials in the era of reality tv.

            You can go ahead and think I’m an awful person for wondering, whatever.

          5. My point is that the details are fairly insignificant. Does it matter if his mom died 48 hours after he got back or two weeks after he got back? I’m just wondering what benefit you think he gets from that. Empathy from the audience?

            And what makes you question the details? Just random speculation?

          6. My point is that the details are fairly insignificant.

            And my questioning them is also fairly insignificant.

            Does it matter if his mom died 48 hours after he got back or two weeks after he got back?

            He said an hour. I thought it seemed unlikely. Why do you care?

            I’m just wondering what benefit you think he gets from that.

            He gets the benefit of self mythologizing and a better narrative? Same as everyone else who has stretched the truth or ever told a meaningless lie?

            And what makes you question the details? Just random speculation?

            Yes. It seemed unlikely. I don’t see anything wrong with hearing an unlikely story and thinking “I’m not sure I’m buying this 100%.” Of course, if that sets me at odds with you and the community, so be it.

          7. I’m not trying to make you feel attacked here. And the answer to “Why do you care?” is that I like to actively engage with the commenters here and make sure I understand them and their arguments. And I’m glad you clarified what you’d said previously.

            I strongly disagree that Adam had any interest in making a “better narrative” for himself, though.

          8. Sorry, I don’t always respond well when I feel like I’m being tsk tsked, especially when I’m doing something I feel like everyone should do, such as not take everyone at their word.

            I would argue that anyone going on a reality show, especially someone who grew up on reality tv, is heavily invested in making a better narrative for themselves.

            Adam had already turned me off using his mom’s illness to win a game show, so while I don’t doubt his grief is real, the false-sounding details soured me a bit further.

          1. I hated the theme, I didn’t care most of the players, the first 3/4ths of the season seemed like such a clusterfuck of non-strategy to me.

      1. Yeah, I am not upset that Adam won, but he played badly so many times it is hard to feel it was a great ending to the season.

        1. Agree 100%. It’s not like I’m unhappy that Adam won or that I think he didn’t earn it. It’s just very “blah” for me. Hard to hate on someone with his story winning the game, but that doesn’t make what he did in the game any less mediocre (far worse at times) on average.

          1. Fact. And he had something that OWM really didn’t have – two obvious goats as FTC opponents. It’s easy to come to peace with Adam beating Ken/Hannah. Michele over Aubry, not so much.

          2. I at least feel that Adam was erratic at times, but he was a dynamic player who was always trying things, even if those things were bad ideas. He ultimately was an asset to the season even if he wasn’t its best player.

          3. Agree. I’m pretty disappointed that David didn’t win and if David didn’t win I wanted Jay. And it looked really good for David about halfway through the finale. But I know it’s partly bitterness for me. This season was better for Adam being there.

          4. I think some of his erraticness was due to his grief. I wonder if ADAM without a dying mom would play better. I do respect that he actually was able to recover from mistakes and correct his behaviors.

    3. This is very middle tier Survivor for me. The back half was will put in the top half but the Gen X tribe as a whole were boring and dull, the fact that there was that the women did awful, the season lacked a villain and I don’t really feel the winner

      1. This is true, looking back its gonna fall in rankings, emotions are always heightened on finale night

        1. Agreed. The “villains” lately have actually just been straight-up despicable people, and it was super refreshing to have a more easy-going cast where everyone respected one another.

          1. Yeah. Villains are typically either straight-up awful people, as you say, or they are isolated people actually playing the game in a season where nobody else is.

            There were a number of people here who could have been handed that second kind of villain edit in a season where they were surrounded by goats and models. Instead, we had a lot of active players all going at once and largely respecting each others game.

        2. Definitely. Instead we got complex characters like Zeke and Jay who had villainous moments that were only small parts of who they were.

      2. Yup, sticking by saying this is a weird, messy season. It’s not terrible or offensive, but it’s jittery.

        1. Do you think putting it mid tier (granted, I have it upper mid tier) speaks to what you’re saying? Or do you have it more lower mid tier or even third tier (I’m calling tiers as being 11 seasons since 11 is one third now).

          1. We feel pretty similarly about it then, I just have slightly different quibbles than you which make me put it 3-5 seasons higher. It’s a flawed season, but I’m glad I got to watch it.

          2. It would be in the 9-15 range for me. It will take some time to fairly evaluate it. I feel it had a more satisfactory ending than some seasons (Amazon cough cough) in that range, but the theme definitely got obnoxious at times.

          1. Good thing I have no problem with quoting myself:

            I feel like this finale really cobbled together why this season has felt baggy and shapeless to me: it’s the story of a guy who kept taking his shot and missing, but then did just enough to make sure it didn’t blow back on him. That’s a story, but it’s not the most compelling one in the world.

            I’m a lot less upset with the Adam win than other people seem to be, but I’m not revisiting this season any time soon.

    4. I definitely have Borneo, The Amazon, Pearl Islands, Palau, China, Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, and Cambodia above this season. I’d put this in the group with Blood vs. Water, Cook Islands, Panama, and Kaoh Rong. So somewhere between 11-15.

        1. Those are two of my top four. Especially depending on what you haven’t seen I think a ranking of 7/21 is very defensible.

          1. That’s #3, #6, and #10 in my rankings. Depending on what you like I could easily see MvX staying at #7 or falling to #10.

          2. Paula is fighting for a spot in my Top 5. Pearl Islands is really good. Amazon is good, but has some definite flaws.

    5. A Top 10 possibility. I have enough trouble figuring out which to put in my Top 5 anyway, so no to part 2 (The stupid theme and fitting, but flawed winner hold it out)

    6. I loved it. I still think Cambodia was more fun overall, but I loved this cast and their level of gameplay. Winner definitely better than last season.

      1. I highly enjoyed this season, and I was rooting for Adam for a long time, possibly more than David (but honestly, only rooting this hard after my faves, Michaela and Zeke, were out). I’m happy he won and I didn’t even mind the landslide vote for him, either.

    7. This season simply didn’t work for me that well. It’s hard to explain aside from the overall story kind of sucked.

    8. My gut says…
      *goes to the bathroom
      *washes hands
      *continues typing
      …to top ten and possibly even better.

  14. I guess the best move of the season was Adam not telling everyone about his mom until he made it to FTC. Kept David and Jay as the “jury threat” shields, where that news would have put him. Busted it out once he was at home plate.

  15. Possible cast spoilers I’m confused why Jay isn’t coming back, perhaps not interested in doing back to back

        1. He has a good job and maybe didn’t want to come back right away. If you ask any returnees they almost all wish they waited longer.

          1. He also was soooo skinny by the end. Might have turned it down for health, like Sandra for All Stars/Courtney for Micronesia.

          1. I was going to say that having Michaela and Zeke instead of Jay and David keeps the gender ratio balanced, but they could have easily put Michael in over Hali or Sierra. So I don’t know.

          2. Jay apparently was an alternate for Koah Rong, and headed to Cambodia and everything. So that’s a lot of time to give to Survivor in one year.

            Also, they might’ve had to lock down the two returnees earlier than Jay exiting the game.

        2. I feel like his story arc is completed, though. The only reason to bring him back would be to see how he starts off when he’s not terrified of things, but then whoever else from this season would have just said how much of a threat he was.

  16. Random thoughts (finale):

    Just start the show, Jeff!

    I forgot that David and Ken were sitting next to each other on the boat on day one. Foreshadowing!

    I thought from last week’s preview that David was making a fake idol for himself, but this is so much better! Please, someone find it!

    And so the legacy advantage gives Ken immunity when he didn’t actually need it. Yawn.

    You know they added this steak reward just so the reward-steal would be used. If Jay hadn’t used it production would have run in and said “Jay, this is the last reward challenge. Isn’t there something you want to do now?”

    David’s pre-season puzzle practicing FINALLY pays off! Well, with some help from Jay.

    I think Jay did David a favor by stealing that reward.

    Poor Ken – he’s sure no one has snuck off under his nose to find an idol, but not only did that happen, someone else snuck off to make that idol!

    Jay finding out the idol is fake is like watching Charlie Brown try to kick the football.

    Ken reveals what the legacy advantage is. Jessica nearly faints.

    Everyone is all smiles and friendly when Jay leaves. I love this final six!

    I don’t know whether to laugh or say “Shut up Jeff!” after seeing what the word scramble is.

    Ken decides to let Jeff know that the Survivors are indeed ready.

    Ken redeems last week’s bad spelling.

    Poor Adam – plays 2 idols and neither of them were effective.

    I love when player A says that player B made a bad decision but what they really mean is that they made a bad decision for player A.

    Adam is in the lead! Adam loses everything and must start over! This is Adam’s entire game condensed into one challenge.

    A tie at the final immunity. Survivor first?

    “Ken seconds left!”

    Ken says Adam and David would “fight like men” at a fire-making challenge – the least expected manly-men battle of the season..

    Well now I guess Adam wins?

    I miss the opening statements. Maybe if we didn’t have 10 jurors to get through? Just saying.

    Does Ken just have to sit back and let Hannah and Adam bicker amongst themselves?

    Hannah seemed to own Adam in their back-and-forths, but is the jury gonna vote against a guy with a dying mother?

    This episode is too long. Short reunion!

    What the hell happened to Will’s hair???

    Adam wins unanimously. I don’t know, I guess it’s ok? Who’s gonna vote against a guy when the last thing they hear before voting is “My mother has cancer”?

      1. Yeah, when I noticed they didn’t do them I thought “Oh yeah, that’s been a thing for a few seasons.” But I still wish they did them.

        1. Me too. When it happens in Worlds Apart, I said that it is an opportunity for the finalists to frame their narrative. Instead, they usually give the finalist who probably didn’t have a question to ask them what is their narrative.

  17. If you think Michelle’s dragon thing is cute/fun just remember that she likes dragons because she believes they’re the same as dinosaurs because she’s a creationist and thinks the earth is 6,000 years old.

    1. Maybe she went to the creationist museum like the Duggars did early on. Yes, I have watched more Duggar programming than Breaking Bad. When I was younger, I had weird cultural priorities.

    2. I don’t, but I think Michelle is cute, so I’m willing to act as if that thing on her dress and everything about why it was there didn’t happen.

    3. Not great, but there are so many more toxic things to believe in that a love of dragons is refreshingly quaint.

      1. I work in science research and education. Creationism is not “quaint”. It’s the type of thinking that caused this election.

    4. I prefer to think it’s because Michelle has listened to all the podcasts and heard everyone mocking her over that, and decided to troll us.

  18. Hannah Final Reflection: She is a flawed player but she was such a fun character to watch. The rise of Hannah is complete, Hannah Forever! We were all witnesses.

        1. Aubrey flirted hardcore with Nick.

          So yes.

          Though I’m not sure she would have since Ken seems kind of dim.

      1. No, they may fill the same archetype for Survivor but Hannah is different from Aubry and amazing in her own way.

          1. Other than her stealthy presence as a challenge beast, her
            confessionals and abilty to make sense with words were by far her
            strongest suit in my opinion. She would make an amazing public speaker
            (or could have made for a promising poitician in a pre-post-factual
            world), but I actually like Hannah better in most other ways, most
            importantly both as a player (maybe there is some recency bias, but at
            least as good. Both were playing really hard, harder than the respective juries could stomach) and a character.

          2. I wrote more than I thought I was going to, but here are the reasons I think Aubry is the better player (my personal bias excluded):

            They both have similar strengths and weaknesses in that they are perceptive of their surroundings but give off a weak image to their competition, but I think Aubry’s flaws are smaller and strengths are greater. Aubry really had her finger on the pulse of the game. We saw confessional after confessional of Aubry knowing exactly what the dynamics were and what she needed to do. Hannah was similar, perhaps less articulate, but we at least didn’t get AS much support for how perceptive she was. Part of this is likely editing, but we also see multiple examples where Hannah is completely thrown off by what is going on (Michelle telling her to vote for Mari, Michaela vote), while Aubry is rarely caught off guard. I’m curious what Hannah says in her exit interviews about how she thought her chances against Adam were before going into FTC, since we know that Aubry saw Michele as a threat in the finals. I could see it going either way.

            Another problem they both have is putting their enemies at ease. We see this for Aubry in the episode where Peter is voted off. I don’t remember exactly how it goes down, but some combination of Scot/Tai/Julia approach Aubry with their plan and Aubry does absolutely nothing to reassure them. She is difficult for her enemies to read which makes them not trust her. The Hannah equivalent would be her conversation with Zeke before the rock draw, which I would say is significantly worse.

            The main reason I would put Aubry over Hannah is because of her one really great move (flipping Tai and excluding Michele and Julia from the Scot vote), which I think is one of the greatest moves in modern Survivor.

            Hopefully that was articulate, but I’m not exactly Aubry.

          3. I like it, gives me a chance to answer with a shorter response for once.

            You certainly made a valid case for Aubry over Hannah and also pointed out some similiarities I didn’t notice before. I can’t say that I’m even close to remembering everything of how KR unfolded, so there could be some great Aubry stuff that I left out when making that judgement.

            But to play Hannah’s advocate a little longer: Her meltdown in the should-be conversation with Zeke was pretty much indefensible from the looks of it. On top of that, most (in Hannah’s case all) of their victims proved rather unforgiving when it came to casting the final votes, but I think they both kept a relationship with them that was good enough to have a somewhat reasonable hope that they could still gain some votes from these people in a FTC.
            I didn’t expect many Hannah-votes because of the exit interviews, but I can see how Hannah might have thought she could have a shot. Hannah seemed more well-liked where Aubry was more respected by her peers, but it’s possible that Hannah thought she deserves more respect too and I would concur. David’s early insecurities seemed to be a plus in many of the juror’s books, whereas Hannah didn’t seem to get any credit for transforming her game over time. And neither of them engaged in Russel-Hantz levels of burning the opposition is what I’m saying.

            Aubry’s vote change was much worse than Hannah’s indecision on the Mari vote (which was their first tribal and she was perceptive enough to trust her gut, that what Michelle was whispering would actually benefit her, which it did) and I don’t think we can fault her too much for being left out of the Michaela-vote. She rebounded very well from that and to me that was more of a result of more active (some might say overplaying) competition.

            The more stable game (oh, I just realized I’m going even longer – sorry!) is also what, I imagine, made it easier for Aubry to keep her finger on the pulse, although as part of the season she probably played a part in making it so.
            Hannah otoh played in a season where people had generally good working relationships with each other, but where there often was no telling who would vote with whom this week or the next. Except for a few exceptions, and Hannah got an in with the biggest trust cluster, that also proved to be most loyal, even though none of them knew her pre-merge. That gave her a base of four (pretty soon only three) votes to work with and act on their plans while still keeping a tight relationship with Adam to scrape together majorities each tribal. Not to mention the shield that being in an alliance with David and Ken provides.

            Finally I really want to adress the Tai-thing. I have said before that I was thoroughly impressed at what Aubry was able to do as Tai whisperer, and I give her more credit for managing him throughout the post-merge than for getting him on her side (both were crucial), but here’s the problem I have with Tai as the big point in Aubry’s favor: First of all, there is only one Tai and I was never under the impression what she did with Tai would work with anyone else and she was lucky to have had such a weird combination of principled but moldable player at her disposal. But more importantly second of all, and I was waiting for an opportunity to repeat myself here, I remain convinced that she was gifted Tai’s vote for her great move and the remainder of the game as a result of the language-barrier. Scot and Jason never understood (although they probably did by now) why Tai flipped on them because they didn’t realize Tai wanted them to actually entertain the idea of working with Aubry (which of course was not what AUbry suggested). That would have been a crazy and inplausible thing to do for the three of them, so they (in my mind) appropriately took it as Tai telling his alliance-buddies “hey, you won’t even believe what Aubry just said to me! She must think I’m stupid…”), to which they reply by having his back (“Let’s get her off instead!”), at which point Tai didn’t dare to speak out again because he probably didn’t know wtf just happened.

            One can debate whether it’s fair to deduct points for making the most of her circumstances, but I think it’s necessary here, as they were so unique and without Tai flipping, I don’t think we would even be talking about her. (But I’m aware I brought her up)

          4. I agree that Aubry’s vote for Peter was worse than Hannah taking her time on the Mari vote and that is a good point. But my point was more that Hannah still seemed completely oblivious that there was a counter alliance against Mari. Not too damning for Hannah, as her allies were also unaware, but comparing it to Aubry’s awareness – in on the Liz vote, in on the Peter vote, knows she’s in danger at the merge vote, in on the remainder of the votes, knows when Julia is flipping – there isn’t much contest. Perhaps that has to do with the difference in the seasons. It’s always hard to tell with these things.

            That’s a good point about Tai too, but Aubry still knew how to talk to him in a way that Scot and Jason did not which is to her credit. Language barrier or not, moldable (this keeps correcting to Mom table…) or not, Tai’s vote was up for grabs from anyone and he went with Aubry because he adored her. & you’re right, her getting Tai to stay loyal after not voting with him at final 6 might be her most impressive move. There was no Tai around for Hannah though, which I guess is your point. I still haven’t seen evidence that Hannah can do anything that impressive, but she did build some good alliances.

            Thinking back on it, I do think Hannah played a very strong game. The editors probably learned their lesson with the Aubry/Michele situation, but after her final tribal performance I’m sure there are some good Hannah confessionals we missed out on with her explaining her game. I think I might have voted for her at FTC. She probably lost when Will was voted out though. I understand why Hannah would think she had a chance against Adam, but if she couldn’t get one vote from that amazing performance she probably never did.

          5. 1.) What’s a mom table? Is that where babies get their diapers changed? Is it even a word?
            [in my mommy-tongue that’s (what would translate to) wrapping table]

            2.) At the rate I forget about about stuff I watched, I really shouldn’t engage in deep-dive cross season comparisons, even if it is the two latest ones we’re talking about.
            Having said that, Aubry always being aware of what’s going on is certainly impressive, Hannah’s game probably just “spoke to me” more because she had not nearly the fan-support despite doing really good, so my subconscious mind tells me to pick up the slack.
            But my final point about Tai was really that Aubry had one, not that Hannah didn’t. Nobody should be allowed a Tai! 😉

            3.) I don’t even know who would have gotten my vote out of those three. I like Adam and am a sucker for his sad story, I think Ken played a really strong game and that Hannah was severely underrated.
            There were some online confessionals that shed a light on her game in the lead-up to the finale (still haven’t seen any of the new material like “jury speaks” etc.), but like for everyone the strategic content is few and far between in these.
            I think you’re right that her winning chances were d.o.a. at final tribal and I loved that she stood up for herself and her game, but there has to be a better way to paint a convincing picture of her game for the jury. I get why she couldn’t let some of the remarks by Adam and jurors slide, she had to intervene there, but being that combative also didn’t seem to help. I know I would have trouble to stick to my talking points and keep a cool head during a sitaution like this FTC, and to no one’s surprise that seemed hard for Hannah, too. (I also still need to rewatch the finale, I hope I’m not too harsh here)

            I only wish the jurors weren’t as busy patting themselves on their backs for not being bitter at all and thought more about the games of the finalists from their respective perspectives. Some turns of Hannah’s path through the game made her gameplay appear
            even bolder and more masterful than Aubry’s to me (see memory-warning & underdog-disclaimer under 2nd) and I wish some jurors would have taken the time and brainpower to see what she (or Ken) was trying to accomplish.

            Instead they seemed to reduce the game they were watching to “Vote out David” and judged fittingly to the season’s theme, rewarding trying rather than achieving.

          6. That’s alright, my memory is pretty bad too. I don’t even remember what I’ve said in this discussion! Some of the stuff Hannah was saying (needing to split up Bret and Sunday, making sure she still had Ken as an ally) made so much sense, but without that explanation it made her look kinda dumb for most of the game. It’s hard for the jury to change their minds about that in a few minutes. Probst said there would be some change to the jury next season (I’m wondering if there will be more of a round table discussion/deliberation that gives them more time to make a decision). I wonder if whatever it is will help change the jury’s perception of players like Hannah.

          7. Aubry was way better at talking about the game, which I think speaks to her status as a superior player. I probably undesold Aubry to make my point about Hannah.

    1. I think Hannah works best when in small doses. That way we can get the quirk and not have to suffer through her crappy gameplay,

    2. You’re probably the right person to ask: Were Hannah’s little twitches* ever discussed around here and I missed it in one of the mammoth-threads?

      (Or what would you call it? Stress reactions, panic hiccups, almost stress-voms, supressed gag reflexes or maybe gastro-oesophageal goofs?)

      Because I wondered where the board would come down on these, as the editors certainly feasted on them (I started to count them in the double episode before thanksgiving and lost count at around twenty with plenty of time to go in the second part). I say it’s cute, but maybe some people were more weirded out by them? Was there a poll at some point? If not, who dropped the ball here?

      1. I probably missed it too. I like the term “panic hiccups.” If I ventured a guess, I would say it was probably mixed with more people weirded out. I just took it as part of the total package of Hannah. So I’ll also say cute.

        1. But once you got hiccups, they’re usually reoccuring in pretty regular intervals, right? Which is not what’s happening with Hannah, so maybe “singular panic hiccups”?

          (not my first language, so please don’t hesitate if you can smoothen this )

  19. I don’t know why I just checked r/Survivor to see if Adam had a post or comment there. He’s on stage…

    1. I’m just glad I’m seeing Rogue One on Sunday instead of a late-night showing the day it comes out. I was so fucking exhausted last year.

      1. It’s playing here at 7 p.m., though I’m going to the 7:30 p.m. showing. Still hard on a day when I had to be up at 4:30 a.m., but better than a midnight showing!

  20. I feel like this was the best all-around finale in a while. All three of the votes were exciting, and even if it wasn’t a great FTC, there hasn’t been a really good one in the last few years.

      1. Trish in Cagayan and Erik in Samoa are the two that rival it. I’d probably put them both above Sue’s just because they make me tear up.

    1. I actually think the FTC was probably one of the better ones in a while. All three came in to fight. What I will be interested in seeing is how set in the stones those Adam votes were. I have a werid gut feeling that those hardcore with Jay voted for Adam. Based on her reunion answer, I think Jessica was going in voting for Adam (which is weird).

          1. Only a half-Murphy. But that was the moment I liked the least about the FTC, other than that and the Clean sweep it was fine.

          2. Proposing at the reunion iirc (but one could try if advocating for a Finalist while doing a kneefall is enough to count, especially for jurors that are already married that’s the only Way)

          1. I assume that some jurors can’t come up with a good question so the producers are ready with some options for those jurors.

      1. And you wonder why they seem to hate you and refuse to ever bring back the purple rock. What could the reason possibly be? The mystery may never be solved.

    1. Seeing all of that amazing hair in all of its glory was the first time I enjoyed Paul all season! He’s like the Lion King.

    1. Was about to post this about Jessica but I didn’t want to be the first person to make a comment like that.

  21. I was all over the place on this one. Every time something happened that I was hoping for (eg David getting the ax) I then got mad when it actually happened. Then I was hoping Adam wouldn’t bring up his mom but glad when he did. Then I wanted Adam to win but was mad at the unanimous vote. Didn’t want Ken to win but found myself disappointed he didn’t get the million for his daughter. Fuck. I need to quit watching this show. Lol

  22. I knew Taylor had a baby, but hearing Jeff call him a father made me realize that, holy shit, this man is responsible for a child. I imagine that’s similar to how I’ll feel on January 20.

    1. The guy I was sitting next to and I were like, “uhh, I don’t think I want to applaud this.”

  23. You guys, this has been one of the better reunion specials in that it hasn’t been ridiculously awful.

    Overall, while Adam wasn’t my favorite this season, he was a worthy enough winner, and the season gave us maximum Ken, so that was great too. I look forward to seeing a few of these people play again.

    1. Yes, it was. Most of the cast was talked to.

      Adam was a middle of the road winner. I am still smiling because I like the cast and like the finale but I am disappointed that it was a clean sweep.

    2. I think this might be the best reunion special ever, in that it wasn’t pointless.

      The story of the season was not complete without Adam talking about his homecoming.

    1. Oddly, Adam made me think of Malcolm at times. I realize they aren’t much alike as people. It was just had a tendency to make big plays that fell flat.

      1. That was part of my issue with Malcolm…I thought he was just an awful player but fans seemed to think he was some Survivor god. He never seemed capable of reading the room though.

        I also disliked the golden boy edit, though from what I understand, he has a more mean spirited sense of humor in real life, so I likely would have liked him more if they had portrayed him that way.

    2. I’m reasonably fond of him, but I worry that more of us will join you the more we see of him. (He’s a much, much better Ozzy, but I worry he has some Ozzy-like tendencies.)

          1. Whoops.

            I have no recollection of Sierra then.

            Though if gouis is this bothered by my opinions, perhaps I should keep my opinions of Colton and Naonka to myself.

          2. Yes. I thought he was a fun villain. I like colorful, flawed characters, even if they’re nasty people.

          3. I loathed him so much the first time around. The second time I watched the season, he was the only thing that was interesting besides Kim. Both were pretty masterful and he was her only viable strategic threat.

        1. Ciera voted out her mom.

          Sierra did nothing all season because she was in an alliance with Rodney, Dan, and Will, and knew all she had to do was get to the end.

          1. They are very different people, inside and out. Caleb is a reality TV whore who has waxed, tattooed, and chiseled himself into hotness. Ken is just Regular Dude Hot.

          1. I think the reason that Yau-Man is not coming back is that is from those middle seasons came back already and lost quickly in his second go around and doesn’t have any interest in coming back.

        1. The good news is with a season like this, everyone’s a threat, so it will be hard for them to pick obvious “we have to get rid of that person” early boots.

          ………aside from Tony, who they know they have to get rid of first.

    1. I think he changed the game by making Survivor realize that salt and pepper is a shitty reward, especially if you’re risking heat stroke.

  24. I wasn’t paying attention….are they having new players and veteran players or are they not revealing all the #gamechangers yet?

          1. I was going to say she was a seat-filler during the reunion, but then I realized the no one from the audience left their seat to talk to Jeff.

        1. Conspiracy theory – they only mentioned people who made the merge because they wanted them to seem pumped!

      1. “Ladies and gentlemen, the pre-jury members of season 34! Here they are now because you won’t see much of them later!”

        1. Jeff: “Here’s Tony!”
          (Tony comes on stage, massive applause)
          Jeff: “And the rest!”
          (all the others come on stage)

    1. Andrea showed up to an NYC screening I was at tonight, and while she told us she couldn’t technically admit to anything yet, she did say “the choice of the people they decided to reveal tonight is confusing to me.” Take that as you will.

      1. The most confusing part is them not revealing that other S34 player who was SITTING THERE ON THE STAGE. “Michaela! Michaela is back! And also some other guy, but I can’t remember his name right now. But isn’t Michaela great?”

  25. Weirdly, I’m sort of realising that the winner Adam is most like is Sandra. He got an awful lot of credit from the jury for repeatedly failing to vote out David.

      1. Not hugely different from Adam’s argument that he would have saved both Bret and Sunday at their vote outs if Hannah hadn’t been such an idiot.

        I agree there are plenty of ways in which it’s not the same, but there are still some parallels.

    1. Showing that you were willing to help those who got booted is sometimes better than personally booting them.

      1. Yeah, it worked out great for him. The last four people onto the jury were two people he straight-up told he was voting out, who respected him for it, and two people he got to entirely absolve himself from and blame on Hannah.


          Hannah: It was my idea to screw you over to keep David around.

          I wonder why ADAM got their votes?

      1. I think the only one he was actually on the wrong side of was Bret, and that was because Hannah messed it up for him. A lot of the others he did actually vote with the majority, but only while loudly complaining that he didn’t want to and it was only due to other peoples’ stupidity that this was happening. It was very Sandra.

    2. Yeeeah I was trying to construct some kind of Hannah-Parvati comparison, but that probably works better. Parvati knows she can beat Russell, so she thinks she doesn’t need to clip him, and she’s right, but she’s wrong because juries are complicated. Hannah bets she can get David at the last minute, so she doesn’t need to take him out sooner, and she’s right, but she’s wrong because juries are complicated.

  26. Random thoughts (reunion):

    All of Adam’s personal story is touching, but we’re 20 minutes into this and we haven’t talked any strategy or gameplay, or to anyone but Adam.

    Hannah is adorable! When she was talking about how she was taking chances I really wanted her to pull an Adrien Brody and just kiss Ken.

    When Jeff asked Ken if he was single, was Ken leaning his head towards Hannah?

    That was the entire Figgy and Taylor discussion? Lame. And all Taylor said in the entire reunion was “Yeah.”

    Mamanuca Islands.

    The Worlds Apart cast felt upstaged at their own reunion? Well move over – the Millennials vs GenXers are getting upstaged by 7 alls-tars.

    Players talked to: Adam, David, Jay, Zeke, Bret, Hannah, Ken, Michaela, Jessica, Will, Sunday, Figgy, Taylor, Chris, Michelle

    I love this site and its people! See you all in March! (well, and in the off season)

      1. It’s gonna feel a little strange dissecting Adam’s game given how powerful his story is (I won’t pretend it didn’t get to me) but man. As far as “game play” goes this is not fantastic.

        1. Yep, it escalated quickly from 11 weeks of “Adam is not good at ‘Survivor'” to — seriously, this actually happened — 10-0-0.

          He rebounded enough to become a plausible winner, but…10-0-0, y’all. You would’ve been laughed outta town if you had predicted that until, like, 9:55 ET tonight.

          1. It was a surprisingly similar arc to Kaoh Rong, just with a more palatable winner (or at least a winner with better goats).

          2. Oh yeah. Unlike Kaoh Rong, it was pretty clear what was happening before FTC happened. With Kaoh Rong, you needed to be an edgic person to see that win. With MvX, it was obvious as soon as David left what was about to happen. I’d rather get blindsided by the vote at four than at FTC.

      2. At this point it feels like “What gameplay?” But after time has passed I’ll probably look back better at what he did. But man, he also did some real dumb things in the game.

        1. I think he did a lot of terribly stupid things, but also a lot of good things, and then also made it seem incredibly dramatic, and that was enough to finish on top.

          Adam is America. USA! USA! USA!

          1. Considering what America did this past year, Americans might want to lay off chanting “USA! USA! USA!” for about 4 years.

    1. That’s more players than he’s talked to in years. Missed: Lucy, Paul, Rachel, CC and I’m blanking.

      1. At the 20 minute mark with only Adam talked to I thought “Ok, Jeff is only gonna get to talk to half of the cast, if that.” Was pleasantly surprised he talked to 15 people, and didn’t miss any of the ones that got left out.

    2. I said this in a tweet but Probst loves this season because of the stories. This just caused an epiphany: As much as Probst loves #BigMovezzz, Probst really loves sappy stories that he can sink into a bit more especially when they feed into Big Moves.

      1. I believe Jeff when he says that scene of the season was the conversation between Zeke and Bret. As much as he loves Big Moves ™, those kind of emotional moments are one of the things that keep him on the show.

        1. I know this may sound odd, but I think Jeff is oddly fascinated by gay men. He was enamored with Josh and Reed during the SJDS finale and was intrigued by Caleb picking Colton as a soulmate.

          1. Is it that he likes them more or that we’re a bit surprised he includes them in Jeff’s Club for Important Cool Manly Men?

          2. It is not so much that he likes them but it is how he likes them. This is definitely more about Reed and Josh, who got the lion’s share of the SJDS reunion airtime for being b level characters for that season.

    3. I had no problem at all with centering the reunion on Adam’s personal story. We’ve got lots of better venues to discuss strategy, exit interviews and comment sections and podcasts galore.

      The reunion was the time for this story.

      1. But for a Survivor reunion show, I want Jeff to ask questions about things that happened on the show. Moves made, alliances formed, moments that changed the direction of the game. I really feel for Adam, but by the 20 minute mark I thought I had gone through a time warp and was watching an episode of The Jeff Probst Talk Show.

        1. 85 percent of Survivor watchers wont find out what happened to Adam’s mom if they dont talk about it there.

    4. Ken and Hannah were weirdly flirty during the reunion. I’m thinking they went to the afterparty, Hannah got a little drunk, they went back to the hotel and Ken walked her to her room and said goodnight because he is a man of honor…

      1. Normally I would say Ken was way out of Hannah’s league. But with Ken’s insecurity, social tics, etc I could easily see him and Hannah together.

      2. “Ken and Hannah were weirdly flirty during the reunion”

        Not as much as the true couple of the season (Chris and Bret).

          1. Obviously. But I like that it’s actual game changers and some bad/inert players. That way I have people that can get booted early and I won’t care that we lost them.

            (One in particular I desperately want to be the first boot.)

          2. I really want the big-name&big-target players to band together (ok, maybe not that particular one, and Ciera can go early as well), but how high are the odds of this actually happening?

            Also, I forgot about many who are in S34 since the cast was leaked, meaning what the ratio exactly is, but I feel like there were a lot of FFSDTs in there.

      1. Cirie almost biffed it when she came on stage. Am I a bad person for thinking that that would have been hilarious?

          1. Cirie’s not *that* old. Although she is Gen X, which means she is an old and I’m supposed to want her to lose.

    1. I really don’t understand why Ozzy is back. He already got an entire season that was 50% based around him. And it was TERRIBLE.

      We already have new (and actually likable) physical threats for that spot. Just bring back Joe Anglim again for christsakes. Or Jay (in an ideal world). What the fuck does Ozzy have for us?

          1. This is why I don’t read about anything these people do outside of Survivor.

            (Note, I tend not to care about where people fall politically on this show, we have had great and terrible players from all ends of the spectrum. I care more about being good at the game).

          2. Oh wow. I knew about the Wiglesworth-rumors, but I didn’t take him to be that dense in that way.

          3. Sounds out there enough for it to be an innocent joke, but you can never tell with these people…

          4. Ooooh. That’s sad.

            One of the good things about Survivor is that it brings people from all walks of life together on the island. This allows the castaways to interact with people they might not have in real life and grow in understanding. Something I’ve learned in life is that integration is the best way to stop prejudice. It becomes harder to dislike groups of people once you actually meet them and realize that they are just normal humans.

      1. Haven’t you heard? When Jeff is walking on the streets, everyone he talks to says that Ozzy is one of their top five favorite players.

        Which means Jeff is walking down the wrong streets.

        1. Nah. Every other comment on the Survivor FB boards during the Second Chance voting was “where are Ozzie and Roopert?”

          Yes. For SECOND chance. Ozzy is incredibly popular. Because Americans are stupid.

    2. I don’t really think anyone listening to Survivor podcasts and habitually talking about Survivor online views the cast list as a spoiler. Didn’t everyone see who the 18 not on this season were like 6 months ago?

        1. I do think at this point talking about the cast shouldn’t count as a spoiler. But I’m going to wait for John or Andy to give an official verdict before I openly talk about people.

    3. Have you seen the tribe divisions? Basically, I am all in for one tribe, and the other can burn in hell.

        1. Yep. And Varner and Malcolm and Michaela. The other tribe has Cirie and Zeke but those are the only ones I care about over there.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tribes were mixed up by episode three. Or even sooner – THAT would be a game changer!

  27. From the recently posted interview with EW for next season: Fascinating in what way?
    I anticipated a bloodbath out of the gate, and instead, it’s more like the movie Jaws. It felt very much like all 20 people were looking at each other saying: We know the shark is in the water. When’s it going to hit the boat? When’s it going to attack the boat? And so it has a very uneasy feeling in the beginning as people aren’t sure what to do, which is really interesting because, on the surface, you would think these are game players.
    1) I’m not sure Jeff has seen Jaws. I think he’s thinking of Jaws 2.
    2) No, seriously, 20 people looking at each other (including at least two people who appear to be vying for a Ringo Starr lookalike award) saying they know the shark is in the water is LITERALLY the plot of Jaws 2.
    3) Have you guys seen Jaws 2? I am willing to pontificate about it at length if not.
    4) Lea Thompson is not in Jaws 2. But she is in Jaws 3-D (which to my mind is not completely awful. I’d argue it’s the third best Jaws movie). This may be dating me a little, but Lea Thompson was one of my earliest crushes (Diane Lane was the other. A Little Romance and Six-Pack). So her presence elevates not only Jaws 3-D, but the whole Jaws franchise.
    5) I’ve completely lost my train of thought, but I definitely had a point about Survivor when I started typing this. But now all I can think about is how I want to watch SpaceCamp.

        1. I’m actually surprised. I thought you would have said either a 1 or a 10 based on the tone of your comment.

      1. Back to the Future is like, a given. But the crush was further bolstered by her appearances in things like Red Dawn, All The Right Moves, Howard the Duck (which was a little unsettling but hey, whatever), and the aforementioned Jaws 3-D and SpaceCamp.

        1. She was on the Muppets reboot. She’s Kermit’s crush (like the celebrity he could do within a relationship).

          1. 1. Bert
            2. Grover (SuperGrover and WaiterGrover forms challenge for #1)
            3. Ernie
            4. Kermit
            5. Count von Count

            Honorable mentions: Gonzo, Cookie Monster, Janice, those yip-yip-yip-yip-UHHUH-UHHUH aliens, Stadler & Waldorf, Miss Piggy when angry/karate (not kissy-kissy), Beaker

            Last place: Elmo

      1. Possibly two dozen. It used to be on tv a lot when I was in high school. Like, on TBS several
        times in one week.

          1. It was one of those movies where you wear these funny glasses to make it look like stuff is coming out of the screen at you.

          2. Meow hold on a second… every movie is in 3D meowadays.

            The meow thing works much better in speech than in text. Damn.

          3. As a Gen Xer, I was raised with a Viewmaster in my hand. Those 3-D Peanuts stories instilled me with more character than you will ever get from those Youtubes where people open Kinder eggs.

          4. It features a fantastic performance from Simon “Manimal” MacCorkindale as the world’s most obnoxious douchebag.

          5. And yet I can basically name none of the characters who spend most of the movie harassed by the shark. One was probably a Terry or Terri. And one guy has a unibrow. One guy sort of resembles Robert Sean Leonard.

          6. I also have seen Jaws 3-D probably a dozen times and know exactly zero of the characters names, but I remember the water-skiing pyramid!

    1. I’ve never seen Jaws 2, but I have heard it. When I was in elementary school, I was working on some school project in the living room, but my parents wanted to watch it. As I was too young, they told me just to sit with my back to it. So I listened to the entire thing, and I am betting what I pictured in my head was a lot more terrifying than the actual movie.

      1. This was a big thing with me as well when I was a kid. I had an older brother, and I heard a lot of movies that proved far more terrifying in my head than they actually were once I watched them.
        But damn, some movies *sound* scary!

      1. The Jawses were on Netflix recently. I may throw them on while at work today. (Working from home is the tops.)
        But yes, Jaws 4 should remain a myth, a rumor. A whisper on the wind.

    2. Jeff’s answers in that interview makes me think that the season is not as a strategy heavy as some may anticipate an All-Stars season to be,, it may not even be that good IMO.. this comment ” And then the game finds a rhythm and becomes really interesting on a whole different level.” seems like a code word for it being a so-so season.. otherwise Jeff would already be hailing it as the next best thing

    3. I just want to tell you that this is my favorite comment, possibly ever, and that Jeff is definitely thinking of Jaws 2

      1. She just post a drunk Twitter video of them from their hangout this past weekend. Note: I don’t know this for sure, but if Adam knew that he won, then he is probably telling a lot of people. It is a small miracle that this season wasn’t spoiled knowing what website he frequents.

        1. Just because they’re hanging out doesn’t mean that she knew he won. But she did predict him in that online thing she had with Shireen.

          1. Holy shit, good point. Let me go look at that real quick.
            I am back. She had the final four exact. Now,that doesn’t mean anything but I have a weird hunch that she knew.

          2. Well it’s either that or she’s a Survivor god that not only wins seasons but predicts them perfectly (without actually watching the show)

          3. says the guy who got all six picks in the right order!

            But I admit that it seems like the most plausible scenario when you start with Adam as the winner and go from there, so nothing to see here imo (apart from amazing fantasy chops of course)

          4. The funny thing is that I originally had Adam at 4th and David winning. Then Andy told me that my only shot of beating Matt in predictions was to have Adam win. So I put Adam as the winner even though I was pretty convinced it was going to be David.

          5. Always vote tactical on the last day of fantasy survivor, no shame in that! I switched Bret’s and Jay’s boot, which would have been enough to tie him if all the readers took my (unvoiced) example

            (oh, but you’re not supposed to know what he picked, right? CHEAT!)

          6. She knew. I’m going to assume that because I don’t like her anyway. But that’s a pretty big series of coincidences if she didn’t know, and I don’t believe in coincidences for the most part.