Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Finale Predictions and Polls

Now that we notice it, there really ARE a lot of people left in this game, huh? They probably should’ve done something about that, tbh.


Next Boot Predictions

Andy: I think Jay has one more immunity win in him, and Hannah will yet again refuse to vote out David, sending Bret home instead. But Jay only has one more immunity in him. People won’t forget to vote him out then. Adam fails to win the final immunity, and is sent home in a 3-1 vote. Hannah gets pilloried by the final jury, finishing third with zero votes. Ken gets Jessica’s vote; maybe Taylor’s. The jury of superfans leans toward the superfan David as someone who made the requisite Big MovesTM to win the season.

John: 6th: Jay – But first in our hearts, though. (Not first in our pants, of course. That’s still Ken).
5th: Bret – Gonna drink all the booze at Ponderosa, though.
4th: David– Tremendous growth this season that still didn’t lead to a win. The lesson here? Never try.
3rd: Hannah – I would bet money that in any iteration, Hannah is third. Unless she ties for second because second and third get no votes at final tribal.
2nd: Ken – He’s pretty. He’ll land on his feet.
Winner: Adam – We all want to root for an underdog inspirational story, like the one where I beat Matt in predictions.

Matt: Bret goes first because Jay wins immunity and Hannah isn’t flipping on David. Then Jay goes at 5, maybe Ken’s advantage gives him a leg up in the challenge, but either way he regrets playing the idol at 7. Finally Adam goes at 4. Hannah gets killed by the jury and comes in at third. Ken gets killed by the jury but to a lesser extent than Hannah and gets one vote. And David gets the begrudging praise and wins going away.

Mark: I’m going to spend as much time on the finale boot order as the show will, because we have a lot of people to get through.
6. Bret — Jay wins immunity, David makes a fake idol, everyone panics and votes off the easy target.
5. Jay — Guess who didn’t win immunity? Bye, bud.
4. Adam — For being too much of a threat. Doubt Hannah takes a fire bullet for him, and at this point it’s too late to vote off Dave.
3. Hannah — What? Huh? Mind blown. Exaggerated hand gestures.
2. Ken — I’m going to guess he wins the final immunity.
1. David is the winner. Sorry, Sharculese.

Emma: Okay so I’ve been very conflicting trying to decide what might happen for the end game of this season. I’m probably wrong, but I’m just gonna take a big swing.
6th place – The only really simple one. It’ll be Bret, probably because Jay wins immunity and it’s really important to Hannah to lose to David for some reason, and Adam doesn’t want to go to rocks.
5th place – Jay loses immunity and is voted off and I am sad about it.
4th place – Adam wins immunity and is safe. Because Ken is loyal, he won’t vote for David, so Hannah and David hilariously go to a fire-making challenge. Hannah loses.
3rd place – Ken maybe gets Jessica’s vote, but she also may vote for…
2nd place – David, who will get a couple votes. But it turns out Jay will have a huge impact on the jury, which results in a win for…
Winner: Adam. And then we all cry through the entire reunion because it’s the most devastating yet triumphant story of our modern times.

  Andy John Matt
Mark Emma
20th Place Jessica CeCe CeCe Jessica Rachel
19th Place
Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy
18th Place Lucy Paul Paul Bret
17th Place Lucy Lucy
CeCe Lucy
16th Place Figgy CeCe
Taylor CeCe
15th Place Figgy Taylor
Figgy Taylor
14th Place Bret Bret
Bret Bret
13th Place Chris
12th Place Adam
will_wahl_tWill Taylor
11th Place Adam
Adam Jessica will_wahl_tWill
10th Place Chris
Adam Jessica
9th Place Zeke
8th Place will_wahl_tWill
7th Place Bret
6th Place Bret
5th Place Jay
4th Place Adam
3rd Place Hannah Hannah
2nd Place Ken Ken
Winner David
  Andy John Matt
Mark Emma
Taylor Adam
Zeke Mari
Winner Pick
Ken Adam
Zeke David

Make your picks below and don’t be afraid to give your explanation in the comments. Also, not that it should influence you or anything, but you readers need to make up a 2 point deficit to tie Matt.

Who will finish six on Survivor MvGX?

  • Bret (61% Votes)
  • Jay (28% Votes)
  • David (8% Votes)
  • Adam (3% Votes)
  • Ken (1% Votes)
  • Hannah (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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Who will finish fifth on Survivor MvGX?

  • Jay (45% Votes)
  • Bret (27% Votes)
  • Adam (12% Votes)
  • David (9% Votes)
  • Ken (4% Votes)
  • Hannah (3% Votes)

Total Voters: 75

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Who will finish fourth on Survivor MvGX?

  • Adam (55% Votes)
  • David (14% Votes)
  • Jay (11% Votes)
  • Bret (7% Votes)
  • Hannah (7% Votes)
  • Ken (7% Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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Who will finish third on Survivor MvGX?

  • Hannah (78% Votes)
  • Ken (17% Votes)
  • Bret (4% Votes)
  • No one (1% Votes)
  • Adam (0% Votes)
  • David (0% Votes)
  • Jay (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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Who will finish second on Survivor MvGX?

  • Ken (63% Votes)
  • Adam (12% Votes)
  • David (12% Votes)
  • Hannah (8% Votes)
  • Jay (4% Votes)
  • Bret (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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Who will win Survivor Millennials vs Gen X? (Final poll)

  • David (52% Votes)
  • Adam (22% Votes)
  • Jay (15% Votes)
  • Ken (6% Votes)
  • Hannah (4% Votes)
  • Bret (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 82

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133 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Finale Predictions and Polls

  1. Ken is first in my heart.

    And I was down on him pre-season, but I’ve come around and am rooting for Adam to win. He seems like a good guy and his family deserves it. He won’t waste all the money on bottle service. Also I love erratic winners (TONEEEEE).

  2. 6. Bret – for reasons everyone outlined above.
    5. Jay – when Jay loses immunity, he’s gone. No one would choose to keep him over David.
    4. Ken – I think David wins final 4 immunity, and Ken’s role this season has been to serve as the Bodhisattva to David, showing him the way to enlightenment without achieving it for himself (or he’s the Patrick Swayze to David’s Johnny Utah in Point Break. Paul is Gary Busey as Pappas.) A fire challenge happens, and Ken loses.
    3. Hannah – see my Bret explanation.
    2. Adam – nabs Jay’s vote.
    1. David – gets everyone else’s.

    1. Ken losing a fire challenge is the craziest theory I’ve ever heard. Who the fuck is he losing to? Has any of those top three even started a fire?

      You crazy for this one.

          1. No. Ken has been an active and present member of his alliance/partnership since the second vote of the season. He’s the hardest worker at camp by a LARGE margin. He actively encouraged people to flip from the majority they were in to a minority with him (the Paul vote, the Figgy vote, Hannah in general).

            Just because he hasn’t been as dynamic, largely because he is playing a very different game than most everyone else out there, let’s not create a narrative to suggest he hasn’t been doing anything. He and David have been controlling the game. He’s just been more quiet about it.

          2. I guess I should clarified. I meant in regards of how some people just don’t find them attractive, despite the large claims that they are. I know that I fall into that camp with Morgan.

          3. I didnt think I could think she was any more awesome, and then she like, “ehn, whatever Ken.”

            And then she did it one better by coming around on her Alyssa Edward’s skepticism.

          4. Yes. Alyssa is this really ditzy, goofy queen from Texas who’s incredibly charming. Ali wasn’t a big fan of her in her first season but warmed up to her over the course of All-Stars 2.

          5. Well, she’s not a woman, but otherwise… I can’t believe I’m saying this, yes, that is a good analogy. She’s affable and clueless in ways that help her get close to the end without it ever being quite enough. She is the Keith Nale of Drag Race.

            The difference is that she actually made a difference on her returnee season.

          6. First of all, holy crap I am super problematic. For a hot second, I forgot we were talking about Drag Race, so good job me. Secondly, #ShotsFired about Keith making a difference. He won immunity instead Joe that one time when they both passed out but Production only showed Joe getting medical. Not that I am bitter or anything…

          7. No you really don’t understand the difference between what Alyssa meant to AS2 and what Keith meant to Cambodia.

            Normally in Drag Race the bottom two queens of the week do a face-off called Lip Sync for Your Life, where the winner gets to stay and the loser goes home. In AS2 they did a twist where the top two queens Lip Synced for Their Legacy – a $10,000 bonus and the power to eliminate one of the bottom queens.

            The first couple of episodes everyone agreed to just pick the queen who got the harshest critiques from the judges that week so that nobody would really have to think about things. Then, in ep 3, Alyssa won and decided to flip it all by saving the queen she thought had been better across the season so far, which opened the door for all of them to do other things, including eliminate strong competition who were having a bad week.

            So TL:DR, Keith one a critical immunity and let them get rid of Joe. Which might have still happened anyway. Alyssa changed the course of AS2 by being the first one to actually make a move.

          8. I think I might have to start watch g this show durin break from survivor. What season should I start with?

          9. If you wanna just drop in on us with season 9 you’ll be able to, no problem, but if you want some seasons to watch over the break, 4 and 5 are your best bets.

            Season by season breakdown:

            1 – Looks like it was made in a sub-basement. Every shot has Vaseline smeared all over the lens to hide how bad things are. Also, good luck finding it legally. They didn’t know the show would be a hit and didn’t bother to license the LSFYL songs for re-runs.

            2. Basically okay. They’re still figuring out the format, and the winner is arguably unlikable, but we get the introduction of the show’s signature challenge, Snatch Game, where everyone has to pick a celebrity impression and then be witty and salacious while playing a faked up version of Match Game.

            3. Has some interesting stuff, but not exactly the greatest cast, and gets bogged down by 4 runway queens who form a clique called the Heathers.

            4. Really good. Interesting winner, all-around solid cast, and a feud between two people who come at drag from completely different angles. But there’s a huge gap between the main players of the season and the rest of the cast. The stars are stars and the filler are filler.

            5. I think a lot of people would call 5 the best season. Good winner, lots of performers who are both varied and interesting. The one knock on it was that they cast two pageant queens who used to be BFFs but had a falling out over something related to a pageant. The problem is that incident is covered by an NDA, so they can only refer to it in the most vague terms.

            6. Solid, definitely top tier. Obvious winner, but a lot of strong players and not a lot of dumb drama. There’s also a really cute sub-plot where one of the older queens and one of the younger queens form this adorable mentor/mentee relationship.

            7. Fuck everything about s7 that isn’t Katya or Katya adjacent. A hometown queen for me won this season and I’ve still never seen the finale.

            8. A good return to form. The winner is kind of obvious, but it’s a strong cast and a lot of cool stuff happens over the course of the season.

            All-Stars 1 – AS1 is bogged down by this terrible twist where the queens compete as pairs. It’s got some good moments, including maybe the most affecting RPDR moment ever, but it’s not great.

            All-Stars 2 – I already talked about the AS2 twist. The big problem with this season is that it got to Redemption Island levels of setting up a series star to win. Still, it manages to be better than that and give us a ton of great performances from queens we love, so that’s good. There’s a contingent of people who are unhappy with the slant, but the majority of fans find it to be a fun season.

          10. MAWMA what chu talking’ about ditzy and goofy? Miss Alyssa is professional. She is poised. She may be over the top but that’s drag honey. And let me tell you this, you don’t get crowned queen of the pageant circuit by being goofy, okcur? *tongue pop*

          11. Not finding Ken attractive is the “HvV isn’t that great” of “oh look at me and my preciously unique opinions”.

          12. I don’t find Ken attractive, and I will say it.

            Ken is handsome as all goddamn fuck; there’s not arguing with that, but he’s one of the most boring people ever to appear on the show. I’m more interested in people’s inner lives than their outer bodies, so Ken just bores me.

          13. It’s Ken’s inner life that actually made me think he was attractive in the first place. His bonding with David, those goofy-poetic comments about the beauty of language, the angst about being named Ken, the odd and very deliberate way he talks, his irritation with useless Paul, that stare at Jessica during tribal… I found all of those things to be appealing or endearing and so he quickly became attractive to me. Because I liked the personality, I came around to seeing him as attractive in general, at least for your standard male model type.

            The same thing happened to me last season with Aubry. Neither Ken nor Aubry are people I’d ever automatically find attractive. Just not my types. But their personalities and that combination of being strong and vulnerable made them both really easy for me to crush on a bit.

          14. To each their own, man. I don’t fault anyone for seeing something in Ken I don’t see. I just reject the idea that I’m lying if I’m not attracted to him.

            I mean except the part where you call Paul useless. Paul is a national fucking treasure.

          15. My heart says that it has had a lot of Davids in its life and engaging with every one of them has been a mistake it wished my brain hadn’t made.

          16. Those are the kinds of comments that make David cry! Poor David! LOVE DAVID! I am confident that he loves you.

          17. Okay, so this is late night, real real sharculese, so, I’m just gonna be blunt about it.

            I have been done raw by the Davids of the world. Real, real raw. There is a reason I don’t like him and it’s because I’ve been through every bullshit play he’s running in real time. More than once.

            I know the thing here is “ha ha, sharculese hates David,” which I totally understand, but there are personal reasons why I have a visceral reaction to people like him that I’m willing to hint at but not to totally share (no I was not molested). Suffice it to say, he makes every hair on my body stand up on end. He makes me deeply uncomfortable.

          18. I’m sorry that you had that experience. I certainly don’t mean to diminish any personal challenges with problematic relationships that you’ve had to deal with.

            Honestly I’m surprised at your reason. For some reason I thought your loathing of him was based on not liking things about him that you didn’t like about yourself, or were traits that you yourself once had and have moved past. Which is something a lot of people do, including myself for sure. But it seems my impression was wrong!

            Also, I’m a bit drunk now myself. Just had to put that out there.

          19. No, you’re not wrong. I said I was like that. But I learned it’s an awful burden to put on other people and moved past it, or I think mostly moved past it, but I also kept seeking out people who indulge in those behaviors. That’s part of why it frustrates me so much when people lean into that – I learned to not take advantage of people that way, why can’t you?

            Maybe I’m totally wrong about him, and next week at the reunion he’s gonna be like “yeah, I needed a crutch out there and I reverted to all my worst habits.” If he says that I’ll be like “welp, the island takes a hard toll on everyone.” But watching him week-to-week has been rough for me.

          20. Sorry to hear. I feel like I really get where you are coming from re. David when you put it in those terms.

            I also think I understand a bit better because I was just now reminded of how much I disliked Kelley Wentworth in her second season. My reasons are probably much more superficial than yours, but eventually I realized I disliked her so much because her whole style of interacting with people, the mannerisms and facial expressions and just everything reminded me of a person who I had been really close to and who really fucked me over. I saw a completely untrustworthy fake while it seemed everyone else saw a relatable and appealing underdog.

          21. Alright, drunk sharculese has things to get out, so everyone be ready for random shit to be scattered into the air.

            I’m as liberal as anyone else here. If the show wants to do some female gaze shit, fucking let them do it. Ken is pretty. Put that out there. That said, I feel like there’s a degree towards which “Ken is pretty” seeps into people’s views of Ken.

            I agree with you that Ken is playing a pretty good game. I upvoted you when you argued that in this thread because I think you’re right. He is playing exactly the game he needs to. I don’t think it wins him the game, but it’s good. Lots of good games don’t win because winning Survivor is really hard.

            But there’s two things that frustrate me about what you said about Ken:

            First, I get to choose how I’m attracted to people. I’m genuinely serious when I say that people’s inner lives are more important to me. What you said implies that I’m attracted to people in the wrong way, which hurts.*

            I feel like with Ken we’re hitting an overload on fighting back against male gaze. The ‘beautiful unicorn’ shit implies that nobody has to care about his possible flaws because he’s so hot. If someone talked about a woman that way we would all be rightfully outraged. Fixing misogyny is not about overreacting in the other direction, it’s about real, direct conversations about gender between all of us.

            *Drunk sharculese acknowledges that he is basing this on an edited clip of a person, but drunk sharculese also thinks that, if there was more there, they would show it. Ken is in the finale, and not just by luck.

          22. I agree. If he wasn’t “preaching” honor, etc., to a bunch of gamers and younger players, he likely still would be one of the top contenders. People have compared him to Coach 1.0 or 2.0 or whatever but I never saw it. Coach tore people down. We have not seen that. And he describes himself as socially awkward. Coach would never say that about himself.

          23. Finally some respect for Ken!

            (You forgot to mention his amazing abs though…)

            But seriously, I know Ken is derpy sometimes and had that misstep with Will. But has been dependable and consistent and while he doesn’t really create strategy, you can count on him to (usually) help carry it through.

          24. Is she the useless one from Cagayun?

            If so, no. Remember, she just sat around and did no work, did not fish, did not cook,had pretty much no allies, and was considered “humble” by anyone at all.

          25. Yeah, but 2 of those four didn’t make it far enough to make the list, and I had a better argument for Jefra than Jeremiah.

          26. Yeah because Jeremiah ends up being Spencer’s number two in that alliance. Jefra had a chance to flip after LJ’s vote , but she decided publicly not to. She knew she was at the bottom of the alliance, but she stayed with it.

      1. Yeah, probably. I’ll say he loses to Adam. Although maybe he’d intentionally lose to Hannah for reasons of nobility.

          1. Yes, although not as good as Taylor is at mason jars.
            But yeah, Adam’s whole game has been a big giant tire fire.

        1. “Did I burn a lot bridges? Yes. Would I like you too look past that for reasons that benefit me and not you? Also yes.”

    2. In a David and Ken vs. Adam and Hannah final 4, I was thinking that David could lose a fire making challenge to Adam.

  3. Final Power Rankings. This is who is most likely to win the game.

    1. David
    2. Adam
    3. Jay
    Only ones I think have a legit chance

    4. Hannah
    5. Ken
    6. Bret

    As for my predictions, Jay doesn’t win immunity and despite a late push to oust David, Jay is voted out.

    At final five, Hannah is caught in the middle of a push to vote out David or Bret. There is worry that David has an idol. Bret is the goner

    At four, Adam wins immunity and my awkward warrior Hannah beats David in a fire making challenge (you got it backwards, Emma) And for one last time: The rise of Hannah continues, Hannah Forever! We are all witnesses.

    Adam beats Ken and Hannah in the finals. Hannah gets third and Ken gets second.

      1. I have. I need to go back to it a few times but my initial reaction is I feel like something is missing. It’s a good album but it feels incomplete in places.

        1. Hard to top 2014 Forest Hills Drive. But yeah, I vary rarely can have a proper opinion on an album until I’ve heard it several times.

          1. I love 2014 Forest Hills Drive and am trying very hard (and failing) not to just compare this album to that one.

          2. The new album doesn’t have features either, so let’s see if it goes platinum so the memes can grow.

  4. 6: Jay – Ken wins immunity over Jay thanks solely to the Legacy Advantage, and the Pagonging of Zeke’s Final Five is almost complete.
    5. Ken – But wait! Hannah finally decides to try and improve on a guaranteed third-place finish. She flips to Adam and Bret, and they put the vote on Ken because they’re spooked by David’s fake idol (it’s OK, they’ll just take out David at 4).
    4. Adam – D’oh!! David wins final immunity. Everybody sobs as they cast their votes.

    At FTC, both Hannah and David go the full Amanda Kimmel. Bret’s entire opening statement, and his answer to several jurors’ questions, is “Are you really gonna vote for either of these two nut jobs!? Gimme a break!!”

    3. Hannah
    2. David
    1. Bret

      1. I just realized you have a dog as your avatar. I would like to know more about your dog. It appears to be some kind of hound, maybe a beagle or a GSP?

        1. I like your style of question 😉

          Yup, she’a a beagle, I got her when she was maybe five months old. She never got to the size most beagles seem, so I sometimes think she may be mixed with something else or maybe just the runt.

          1. You haven’t been here long enough to be aware that I’m the crazy dog person of the group.

            Runty beagle sounds line an inherently cute dog. I come from a big dog family, but my roommate has a a really cute pointer mix, and, at this point, I’ve accepted the idea of loving a dog who weighs less that 60 pounds.

            How old is she now?

          2. I’m a pet person. I’m always interested in any pet I pass. I always say I don’t like a “teacup style dog” but I secretly do.

            But I’m automatically drawn to a big, goofy lab!

            Beagles are a perfect size for me though.

            She’s three now and she howls like a proper hound, but it’s on the high pitched “annoying” side according to my friends

          3. My brother’s girlfriend has a peki-pom who gets plenty of cute aggression from me, but I could never own something that small. I need a dog with more heft, one that will roughhouse with me.

            Navia howls every time someone rings the doorbell, and sometimes just when one of us who is not her mommy walks through the door. I can see how non-dog people would find that annoying, but to us it’s just her protecting the house. We tease her for it because we all love her.

          4. I rarely read through the comments here but I saw “beagle” and got distracted. I love this conversation and actually miss the howling. My girl is 16 and deaf and doesn’t make noise anymore but still so sweet.

          5. Aaaaawww. My parents’ older dog has gone deaf, but she’s a lab/golden mix, so she was never a howler.

          6. I pet sat for a chocolate lab-pit bull mix and two rag doll cats last weekend. They were all lovely.

    1. I actually like David, but I wouldn’t mind this. I love the way Bret has been playing from the bottom for a while now.

      1. I actually think Bret’s way of playing from the bottom is more impressive (and likely to work) than Jay’s

    2. In this situation, heaven help David if he starts to cry or Hannah if she mentions “trust clusters”.

  5. I totally agree with Andy, Matt, and Mark, about what WILL happen, but I would pay good money to see Emma’s fire making scenario play out

      1. I think it could happen, if ADAM has immunity, Hannah is Daviken’s target and even Hannah is not oblivious enough to see that. I do think ADAM has a chance against David, especially since Jessica and Taylor will likely vote towards Ken.

  6. I wonder why John thinks that Jay will go before Brett? Something to do with fifth place in Champs league?

      1. Is that the same couch that you reclined upon when Michelle earned you second place last season?

          1. Great! Thank you for contacting PRP technical support. It’s been our pleasure to assist you.

            (Seriously, I have no idea why that happens. I assume that since a refresh fixes it that it might be a caching issue, but I’m not advanced enough in my IT nerdery to know.)

  7. Not saying I want to see this happen, but I think the most suspenseful final three would be Bret, Hannah, and Ken. I wouldn’t know who to pick in that case. I mean, *I* would pick Ken, but I wouldn’t place any bets on him.

      1. In that situation, every time Hannah tried to explain her strategy and moves she had made, Bret would interject with “Come one! Gimme a break!”

    1. I think Bret wins. He has Chris and Sunday. I think Will, Zeke and Jay are closer to him than they were to Ken and Jay could probably swing Michelle.

  8. I am the guy that still thinks Ken is going to win, basically for the sole reason that I think he would be getting an all time laugher edit if he wasn’t the winner. And I think Hannah and Adam are definitely losing finalists.

    I think David is the only person besides Ken that could win.

    No matter who wins I think this is a top 5 season.

    1. I am also that guy. Although all logic is telling me David, David, David.

      Still, if Michele can win, then so can Ken!

  9. My theory for why Ken has gotten the edit he has: this season is the reverse Stephen/JT story – nerdy strategist and cool guy align, and jury rewards strategy. It would demonstrate a real evolution in game play, and show what happens when your jury is full of actual fans (minus Taylor). Pure pandering to the superfan-base, but they like to reward us sometimes 🙂

  10. Gosh, nobody knows how to play the game. Guys! We need to vote Jay, Bret, David, Ken, Hannah, Adam. It’s the only way to beat Matt! It’s not about being right; it’s about winning

      1. Technically, I’m advocating for Hannah to finish second. It’s possible that the jury saw Ken get the opposite of island hot and the charm wore off.

  11. I say Jay wins immunity at 6 and Bret, ADAM and Jay force Hannah to vote out David. Jay loses at 5, likely due to Legacy Advantage, and goes home. Bret goes at 4. Hannah is roasted and gets nothing. Ken gets David, Jessica and Taylor. ADAM gets everyone else.

  12. I legitimately think ADAM could beat David in a ADK final 3. I think Ken gets Jessica, they have been close, and Taylor (fought with ADAM and was closer to Ken than David). Zeke will go David. Hannah could go any direction (identifies with David, idolizes Ken, spent the most time with ADAM and he likely took he to a fire making Challenge in this situation).

    I think Chris, Bret and Sunday will vote for ADAM because he is a nice kid with a sick mom who was never really aligned with them, while David screwed them over multiple times and they don’t really care for Ken.

    I also think Jay will advocate hard for ADAM due to their connection and the mom story. I also think he can convert Will and Michelle to his cause.

    1. It didn’t occur to me before, but if Jay doesn’t make it to F3, there’s suddenly going to be a bunch of Jay votes up for grabs at Ponderosa, and he’ll obviously have a lot of sway over where they go. So if ADAM makes it to F3 he actually might be in as good a position as Jay would have been.

  13. My highly unlikely predictions. Although my gut tells me the Legacy Advantage ends up being a dud, in my scenario, it turns out to be equally frustrating due to being wildly overpowered.

    6. Jay—Biggest threat sent home in boring unanimous vote
    5. ADAM— Legacy advantage turns out to be totally OP Immunity at final 5, David brings out fake idol, David/Ken/Hannah take him out.
    4. Bret.
    3. Hannah—Zero votes
    2. Ken—Zero votes
    1. David—Unanimous winner

  14. I hope Ken wins! He’s a treat for the eyes.

    I’d go drunk sailing with him over Johnny Fairplay any day!

  15. For the second time in the last three years, my preseason winner pick (Adam) is still alive going into the finale. For the second time in the last three years, I don’t see how my preseason winner pick gets to FTC.

    As much as Adam’s arc seems to be building towards either a win or final immunity loss, I think Jay still has two more immunity wins in him, and goes out fourth with Adam in fifth. (Although maybe I’m just saying that because too many people seem to be saying Bret/Jay/Adam/Hannah/Ken/David and I wanted to mix it up a little.)

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