Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Week 2 Predictions and Polls

Now that we’ve seen these contestants in action, I’m sure our predictions will be based on something more than stereotypes and conjecture, right? Right?


Andy: Like the first few weeks of an NFL Eliminator pool, there’s no need to get fancy with early season predictions. It certainly looks like the idea of forming an obvious alliance of 2-3 people wasn’t gonna go well for the TriForce, nor will a potential showmance between Figgy and Taylor. Women are usually the ones punished for such behaviour on Survivor, so if the Millennials go to Tribal Council, look for Figgy to go home.

Meanwhile, the previews suggest a serious medical situation for a dude, possibly even heart attack-like. Stereotyping makes Paul the most likely candidate, and how could a stereotype ever be wrong?

John: If they lose this week, Gen X does the slacker thing and expends as little effort as possible in determining a target: CeCe was on an island last week, she gets voted off the island this week.

If the youths lose, the two most likely candidates to be sent home are the husband-seeking Figgy and dragon truther Michelle. On the podcast, I said it would be Michelle. But with more time to think about it, I’ll say that Figgy gets the boot for being the object of a man’s (or the men’s) affections. If Figgy does end up as the second boot, I encourage you (as I’m sure she will) not to just remember her as a pretty face.

Matt: If Gen X, I think CeCe goes home if there is a vote. David’s story feels like something that is bigger than two episodes, while Cece did get votes and they could just use that for another quick boot episode. If there is an evac though, I’ll say its Bret; only because Paul seems too obvious.

If Millennials, I’ll say Figgy. She seems to be the one in the worst position on that minority alliance and I do believe it is a minority alliance. I think Michelle will jump ship and the floaters will be against them and they’ll keep Taylor and Jay for their strength.
(Boring predictions I know).

Mark: Unless Jessica turns into a horror movie character or Paul dies on the beach (which, the show is still airing, so no), CeCe is the lowest person on the totem pole. She’ll be unceremoniously voted out if Gen-X loses again. But if the Millennials skip the challenge in order to go skinny dipping and vote someone out, the Misfit alliance shall rise from the basement of Fiji High to take out the popular girl, Figgy. It’s too early to lose your muscle, but that Triforce needs to be broken up, and who better to save Hyrule than gamer girl Mari.

Emma: Let’s not beat around the bush: CeCe is clearly on the outs with Gen-X, so it’ll probably be her. She’s the only one left who voted the wrong way, and are the old folks really going to miss an opportunity to exclude a minority woman?

On the other side, this Triforce thing is already risky, but the apparent showmance between Taylor and Figgy is going to keep everyone on their toes. As much as I’d like to keep predicting Michelle, I think it’s going to be one of the lovebirds. Taylor may be obnoxious, but he’s also pliable and dumb, while Figgy seems to have a better head on her shoulders. If she can’t make the other girls feel like she’ll work with him, she’ll be the one they cut loose.

Andy John Matt
Mark Emma
First Boot Jessica CeCe CeCe Jessica Rachel

Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy
Figgy question-mark
Gen X

Paul CeCe CeCe CeCe CeCe
Score 0-red 0-red 0-red 0-red 0-red
Taylor Adam
Zeke Mari

Make your picks below and don’t be afraid to give your explanation in the comments. 

If someone goes home from the Millennials, who will it be?

  • Figgy (63% Votes)
  • Michelle (14% Votes)
  • Taylor (10% Votes)
  • Jay (6% Votes)
  • Michaela (2% Votes)
  • Hannah (2% Votes)
  • Mari (2% Votes)
  • Will (2% Votes)
  • Adam (0% Votes)
  • Zeke (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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If someone goes home from Gen X, who will it be?

  • CeCe (55% Votes)
  • Paul (24% Votes)
  • David (10% Votes)
  • Bret (4% Votes)
  • Chris (2% Votes)
  • Jessica (2% Votes)
  • Sunday (2% Votes)
  • Ken (0% Votes)
  • Lucy (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 49

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60 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Week 2 Predictions and Polls

  1. Feel free to consider this a space to lavish me with praise for correctly picking Rachel to go home.

      1. I’m pretty sure on the preview podcast, John and I both called her as the first boot. So Emma was just copying us.

    1. I *did* notice that! Good job, Emma. But don’t expect a trophy unless everyone on the PRP staff gets one too. (It’s only fair…)

  2. If a millenial goes, I still think it’s Michelle, because I value Figgy’s performance on the puzzle. Not sure if the yougin’s think like that, but I do.

    Cece’s gone unless she’s saved by an evac.

  3. It’s kind of horrifying that the only thing stopping a Figgy/CeCe sweep is the possibility of Paul having a pseudo-heart attack.

  4. I picked Taylor over Figgy. I have a feeling that Figgy is more capable of integrating herself into the majority than Taylor and that will be the deciding factor.

    I picked Paul, well because I just want it to be Paul. No actual explanation.

  5. I’m not going to keep following this (because frankly I think it ruins the show), but apparently the edgicers are now claiming Ken as the obvious winner from the first episode! OWK!

          1. Gen Y is just what they called millennials before they came up with the term. Generation Z won’t be called that for long either.

          2. Yes, I am the median age of what’s popularity considered the millennial age bracket. How nice of you to notice!

          3. It’s a shame we can’t call ourselves borderline Gen X, but it’s also nice we could never call ourselves Gen Z. I guess we’re the most standard Millennials imaginable based on age?

      1. Agree about Adam. I think it’s just that Ken got screen time where we wasn’t really doing anything. Similar to OWM!

        1. Wasn’t he the only one shown having respect for the opposing generation? That one scene did stand out to me.

          Also, I can think of at least one very good reason why Ken is monopolizing screen time.

        1. Yeah, I thought Mari came off really well in that first episode. I wouldn’t put Hannah on the level of Mari or Adam, though. (But I also don’t make note of confessionals and musical cues.)

          1. I did see that scene and Hannah was very cute. Normally that stuff annoys me but that is because they try and bang it over your head.

  6. Triforce is super dumb, BUT I have to admit I wouldn’t be mad if Figgy brought the two guys to the end as her dumb bimbos and beat them handily in the final vote. Unlikely I know, but it would be a nice reversal of the norm 🙂

  7. I think the whole TriForce thing is a misdirect in terms of boots. The show tends to not like you to be able to predict the next week’s boot based on the previous week’s setup. (Remember Cambodia?)

    1. Yeah, I didn’t get the feeling that they were portraying Figgy in particular as an early boot. I don’t think the Triforce will make it to the merge intact, but I wonder if some of them will end up like Reynold and Eddie in Caramoan, who made it surprisingly far in the game despite the Cool Kids alliance being broken apart by like episode 2.

    1. You know, we got a glimpse of this in the episode, and I thought it was important on both sides. It was important that Hannah wasn’t intimidated about reaching out to Michelle, and it was important that Michelle was seemingly open to forming a bond with Hannah, despite obviously huge differences. This scene solidifies that 100x, and the ability to work with people who are NOTHING like you will serve you really well in this game (whether that be with each other or with GenXers or whatever). Also, it means Michelle may not be so solidly in that pretty people alliance as the episode indicated – which indicates the freaks and geeks alliance might have more solid control, 7-4, than originally thought.

      TL;DR They’re better players than given credit for and also, that scene is cute.

      1. I never thought Michelle was solidly with them. The edit showed, what, one vague conversation about it? And a scene where she says she’s only faking being trustworthy. And a scene where she’s bonding with Hannah. She’s keeping her options open, and latching on to a tight threesome just isn’t all that appealing.

        1. I agree, but a lot of the response to the episode has included Michelle in that alliance, which I don’t really understand. But yes, I think based on the evidence itself, you are correct.

    2. It’s a real pity that this scene didn’t make the episode, especially because it gives a lot of context to the decision that Hannah makes in Episode 2

  8. Between CeCe and Figgy, these next boots almost feel too obvious to be true. I’m expecting something to change the status quo, I just hope it isn’t a heart attack.

    I was higher on Hannah than most pre-season, and lower on Zeke. After that first episode I’m much higher on Zeke and even higher on Hannah than I was before. This isn’t the best cast Survivor has ever had but I definitely think there is potential here.

    My winner pick is still Mari, loved her after just one episode. She was everything I was hoping she would be.

    1. Switch Hannah and Zeke and that’s almost exactly how I felt before the episode, except I dropped Mari as my winner pick late in the preseason. Still have her on my pick-4 though, and it sucks to lose her.

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