Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Week 4 Predictions and Polls

As we all thought, last week was a straight up episode with no swap featuring a PB&J date. Typical. Let’s see how we Nostradamus this shit this week. The answers may not surprise you.


Andy: Rolling my predictions over from last week in what may be an attempt to ensure I get at least one boot right this season. Last week I picked Lucy to hammer the point about the unfortunate boot pattern that had formed. This week, I do it based on the preview that shows an invisible girl taking over. Luckily, it’ll just be a coincidence not worth discussing now that Paul broke the streak. 3 for 3 is a problem. 3 out of 4 is just because. As for the Millennials, I don’t think Figgy is as safe as she thinks she is, nor do I think that the battlelines are cemented. Keeping Figgy and Taylor was necessary for Jay and Michelle to build a proper power structure then. With the extra time they’ve been granted, I think they can now do it without them. Without her especially.

John: We saw Lucy in the preview, which is a reminder that Lucy exists. That can’t bode well. If Gen X is doing the voting, Lucy goes home. If The Youths are sent to tribal council, I think Adam’s appeal to Michaela ends up bringing her back to his side. And then the bizarre coalition of the nerds, the weirdos, and the strangely Puritanical takes out Figgy.

Matt: This can’t be long because I need to sleep and I’m traveling tomorrow, but if Gen X lets just say Lucy because hey she spoke! and if Millennials lets say Figgy because she continues to act in a way that demonstrates who is clearly the core 4.

Mark: Usually a preview is a bit of a misdirection, but I think the rise of Chairwoman Lucy after she finally spoke this week means she’s setting herself up for a conflict boot when Gen X loses immunity. The boot always gets to speak before they go, and production gracefully letting three words slip spells doom. Nice work on the girls alliance, Jessica.

If the Millennials shock again and lose, I’m sticking with Adam as the boot. He’s smart, on the bottom, and probably won’t find that hidden idol yet again. In a 9-person tribe, a strong four only needs one person to flip, after all.

Emma: Given that Taylor had the “I have my girl with me, nothing can possibli go wrong”, I think it’s time that Figgy gets sent packing. Even though the season is early, we’ve been seeing the editors set up little story arcs, instead of having a downfall confined to one episode.

That’s why I don’t think Lucy is actually going home (this time) and Gen X will actually just revert to the status quo and vote out CeCe.

Andy John Matt
Mark Emma
First Boot Jessica CeCe CeCe Jessica Rachel
Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy

Lucy Paul Paul Bret

Figgy Figgy
Figgy question-mark
Gen X

Lucy Lucy
CeCe question-mark
Score 0-red 0-red
Taylor Adam
Zeke Mari

Make your picks below and don’t be afraid to give your explanation in the comments. 

If someone goes home from the Millennials in episode 4, who will it be?

  • Figgy (50% Votes)
  • Adam (16% Votes)
  • Hannah (15% Votes)
  • Taylor (6% Votes)
  • Zeke (4% Votes)
  • Michelle (3% Votes)
  • Will (3% Votes)
  • Jay (1% Votes)
  • Michaela (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 68

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If someone goes home from Gen X in Week 4, who will it be?

  • Lucy (49% Votes)
  • CeCe (36% Votes)
  • Bret (4% Votes)
  • Chris (3% Votes)
  • Jessica (3% Votes)
  • Sunday (3% Votes)
  • Ken (1% Votes)
  • David (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 69

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116 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Week 4 Predictions and Polls

  1. I went with Taylor again for the Mills. I just have a feeling he will do or say something so stupid/awful that as a knee-jerk reaction, he’ll get booted.

    I went with Sunday for Gen X because I’m thinking the preview is a misdirect and I need to pick someone. So, fuck it, sorry Sunday.

    1. Taylor is probably the best outcome for the Millenials, because I want Michaela and Figgy around each other the whole season.

      1. Watching those two snipe at each other on day 39 as the final two would be worth twice the price of admission.

        Not that I’m betting on this happening, I just think it would be great.

        1. I have faith that Michaela could find a new favorite sniping target within twenty seconds of dumping Figgy.

          1. Oh I’m sure Michaela doesn’t need a lot of help to find a punching bag, but I think Figgy is the “best” option. There’s a reason Michaela went after Figgy first.

            Also, Figgy is on my Outcast League team. Not that I let that influence my opinion. I’m not biased at all…

        2. Dude, trust me, the final two sniping at each other forever gets dull after a while. we see that every day.

  2. “People who put Figgy’s name down get voted out! Figgy’s gonna get you PurpleRock! Figgy holds grudges!”

  3. I hope that I’m dead wrong in voting for Adam, but I think Will seems attached to the TriForce+Michelle. So even if Adam and Zeke bring Hannah and Michaela back in, they still won’t have the numbers.

    1. You all scoffed when Will unveiled his plan to be the kingpin of the game…NOW WHO IS CONTROLLING THE VOTE?

      OK, probably Michelle.

  4. Sorry to thread-jack, but I’m looking for suggestions for a #3 Survivor podcast, since Snakes, Rats, and Goats is sitting MvGx out and Dom and Colin are already banging the obvious-winner drum (not that I begrudge them that, but after Kaoh Rong that’s not the prism I want to watch Survivor through anymore). Note: I’m all but a hard pass on the Max and Corrine one, so let’s just say I’ll need a whole lot of persuading.

    1. Please don’t say who they’re picking as the obvious winner. I want nothing to do with that again

        1. Well, a calf with two heads was born under a blood moon while Venus was in Aquarius, so definitely Will.

    2. For the record, feel free to answer ADS’ question here. We are not insulted by it. I’m actually curious to see what else y’all listen to (if anything).

      1. Why be insulted? I thought it was clear from context that PRP is #1 and RHAP a distant #2.

        1. I think he was just pointing out that we are fine with people mentioning other podcasts here.

          I listened to Dom and Colin’s season preview after we recorded ours. My takeaway was that they tended not to say anything negative about the players, and that they attempted to inject the concept of winner’s equity into Survivor when there is no real objective way to do so. (Well, there kinda is if you’re being really cynical.)

          I generally don’t listen to any other podcasts, mostly just because I don’t want to steal someone else’s point.

          1. Last week Colin had a long bit of “Ken is obviously winning, oh crap, I promised not to do this again, but also Ken is obviously winning” I’m giving him 2 more episodes to calm the fuck down before I give up on them.

          2. I don’t even follow them on Twitter now to avoid that. Or maybe I just have them muted. We choose to watch Survivor differently than them.

          3. I sent them a long e-mail after last season that was basically “everyone watch Survivor the way they want, there’s no right way, but when you spend 15 minutes ranting about it’s definitely person x you turn off people who like to be surprised.”

            I’m sure I’m not the only one who gave them that feedback, and I think they got the message; I just don’t know if they know how to hold themselves back.

          4. I had a good Twitter chat with Colin about it. He seemed somewhat understanding of my position, but at the same time, I get why he can’t help it. Ultimately, we talk about the show the way we perceive it. Otherwise, there’s not a lot of point to talking about the show. It’s not like there’s any money in it.

          5. For the record, I think I’ve seen signs of a winner’s edit already. But I’m not going to say who it is publicly. I’ll tell it to the staff here since they would never lie and claim I was right when it’s more fun to tell everyone I was wrong.

          6. That person is a clear front runner. I think they are laying a potential seeds of Victory for a different player though. At least their pick is someone who we can easily get on board with though.

          7. I think once a certain element to that particular “Obvious Winner”‘s story is revealed on the show, then we will be hot on the trail.

            On the other hand, there is someone else on that particular tribe that is getting an odd edit that is giving me major OWM vibes.

          1. It’s the community. Rob has more access, more experience, and more insight, but, as he’s been pointing out more and more on the show, his comments section is riddled with trolls.

            I listen to the Purp first because John and Andy bring a sense of camaraderie to it that carries over into the comments here.

          2. I know it sounds like I’m just kissing ass when I bring it up on the podcast, but I legitimately think its our community that makes us unique. Everything else we do is done elsewhere (maybe not as well in some areas, better in others), but I’d say no one has a community like ours.

            There are other larger communities, but they can be impersonal or unwieldy. Ours is just right. We welcome new voices, but won’t let the wrong voices ruin what we have, because the only reason we do this is because it makes us happy.

          3. Yeah, I’ve said this before, but I’m unusually allergic to flame wars and other obnoxious comments-section behavior, even in its milder forms (in AVC, for example, the endless chains of unfunny nerds cracking jokes is enough to get me to tap out), to say nothing about the darker recesses of Reddit or Youtube. So I think the community that has built up around PRP is kind of a miracle.

          4. We have an insanely good group. No trolls, few outright ugly arguments and have not devolved into an echo chamber. People with different player, season and game preferences can freely explain themselves and not be shouted at. I am proud of us.

          5. And it’s happened with very little moderation. John and I are ready and willing to do it if necessary, but y’all have been very good at self-regulation.

          6. Never think of it as kissing ass. We know you’ve made a point of cultivating this community, and we appreciate it.

            I can listen to Rob and get so much insight into how the game is played by people who’ve played it, but that’s like school. This is after school. it’s all of us dishing with our friends about who’s talking to whom. It’s fun. RHAP is a thing I listen to because I learn from it. The Purp is a thing I listen to because you make Survivor fun.

          7. And honestly I just find Andy in particular to be an engaging speaker. It’s this combination of agreeing with what he says yet kind of hoping his opinions all fall apart on him because he’s saying it in so arrogant a manner that kind of makes it a really good listen.

            And I still don’t think anyone’s brought that same insight on Aubry vs Michele that I’ve heard, which basically boils down to “The underdog always wins. Don’t bring an underdog with you to Final Tribal if you can avoid it at all”. Or at least not in as clear of focus. Really, despite not liking the season as much as I did, the PRP staff really nailed the Kaoh Rong podcasts.

    3. I’ve been listening to The Tribe recently. It’s behind RHAP/PRP for me and I’m still learning how to listen to them but it’s at worst been a solid diversion.

        1. Oh God, they let a Giants fan on their show? Anybody who would voluntarily speak to such a heathen has terrible standards.

        2. That was the one time I listened to The Tribe, and I was put off by how they covered the episode beat by beat. Also, they talked way too much about their fantasy league.

          1. Yeah, we had the same issue really early on and realized that nobody wants to hear talk about the fantasy league unless they’re in it. And even then maybe not. So we try to avoid discussing it other than suggesting that people join it.

      1. The Tribe (along with PRP) were my pathways to Survivor podcasting. I know that it takes some people a while to get used to their style of rotating hosts and the guest hosts, but I like a lot of them (not to mention I am the namesake of a fantasy league strategy over there).

    4. My Survivor podcast listening schedule is thus:
      Thursday morning: You’ve Got Treemail. They focus a lot on the story and edit, but not edgic to the point that they were openly confused about OWM last season. It’s light and fun and a good appetizer.
      Friday morning/afternoon: PRP
      Weekend: The Tribe
      Monday: The Wiggle Room (The only RHAP podcast that I listen to on the regular).

      I did a lot of culling in Kaoh Rong and these were the four that made the cut.

      1. Sounds like I ought to give The Tribe a listen. But I really liked my previous ecosystem of KIA as the immediate hot take, PRP as the more thought-out take, and Snakes, Rats and Goats and Dom & Colin as the last word on the episode, taking into account and reacting to what other podcasters have said.

        1. The Tribe is a bit of an oddball because they have rotating hosts, so it can be hard to remember who’s who and what do they like at times. They also do blow by blow as Sharcy mentioned earlier, which many people do not like in recap podcasts. But, personally I find them enjoyable, so to each their own.

          1. Ditto. And sometimes, the enjoyment depends on the host. The two who started the Tribe, Adam and Jon, are barely on anymore. But the Tribe has more women (more than one at a time) than most podcasts.

          2. Wait, I was told having more than one woman on a single podcast/website would cause the apocalypse…

    5. The Tribe. Joanne and Stacey. David and Dwayne. Jay, Jack and Colleen.

      I have a very long drive to work.

    6. I’m actually pruning down my Survivor podcast list this season because between all of what I normally listen to, plus RHAP’s Drag Race coverage, plus Australian Survivor, I didn’t have time for non-reality podcasts. (Also temporarily suspended listening to News AF, as it was the most expendable on my list.) So it’s just Rob’s podcast minus the exit interview and David Bloomberg, plus the Purp.

      I normally listen to ATF, but it’s an acquired taste and I would never think to convince someone who wasn’t into it that it could be your thing.

        1. I pruned him during Kaoh Rong, after it became apparent that he really thought believing whatever a dude who had been on the outs since the merge told him on Twitter was a solid way of getting insight into the game.

          1. Sure, but before the merge there was no evidence Kyle wasn’t going to be a power player going forward. Once it was clear he was just waiting around to be clipped, and Bloomberg was still doing his “Twitter press conferences” it got very silly.

          2. David Bloomberg seems like an OK guy, but that RHAP segment is almost the Platonic ideal of the Texas Sharpshooter fallacy.

        2. I only listen to know-it-alls and the recaps, unless there’s a really good Voicemail guest.

          I like Josh Wigler, but I don’t need to listen to 4 podcasts on the same episode of Survivor. The recaps are a must because the guests bring relevant insight from their own seasons which I almost always enjoy, plus you get just different types of chemistry between Rob and the guests that you don’t hear every week.

          1. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I just get weirded out by hearing multiple Survivor contestants on a podcast. I can handle one, but I become boggled with two or more. I guess that is the dark side of being a fangirl.

      1. Do you listen to the RHAP recap episodes regularly? I usually delete them unless the guest is guaranteed to be great, like a Tyson or Denise, but only because 1.5-2.0 hours is just such a time-suck.

        1. Yeah. I have a job that involves a lot of driving, so I have time for it. If you don’t want to invest the whole time you can probably give up when he gets to talking about Twitter.

          In case you need more info on who else you should always make time to catch – Aras is shockingly insightful on how the game plays out on TV, Penner is extremely entertaining, Peih-Gee is delightful (and I say this as someone who thinks Peih-Gee is overrated), and Randy (who’s gonna be on this week) is… interesting.

          But also sometimes you get surprises. During Cambodia Rob started doing deep pulls like Jenna Louis, John Carroll, and Neleh, and they all had more interesting things to say than I would have expected. (Actually, I totally expected John Carroll to be interesting.)

          1. OK, I’ll go back and listen to the Aras one, and maybe cull Wiggle Room to free up the time.

            I might even give ATF a listen, just to give them a fair chance to win me over. The week they have Scot Pollard on isn’t the right week to do it, though.

          2. The other two I’d advise you to at least check out are Sophie and Kim. Sophie is clever and frequently funny, and Kim is, well, Kim.

          3. I did listen to those two. As I said, I do listen to the recap episode when the guest is obviously going to be great.

          4. I’ll always listen if he has Kim, Spencer, Tony, Shirin, or Cochran on. I’ll almost always listen if it’s Denise, Sophie, Tyson (Sophie and Tyson both have a good rapport with Rob), Malcolm, or someone that I think can be interesting.

          5. Yes. And he loses steam towards the end. Also, it’s less of a must-listen since if I really need a Tyson fix I could listen to News AF. (I don’t, but I could.)

          6. I think Sophie/Kim/Denise is the holy trinity of recap guests. Aras and Shirin are close behind, but I like almost everyone he gets.

          7. I think Aras is my favourite regular. He and Rob have the best rapport. Better than Tyson, who often turns Rob into the geeky little brother.

          8. I don’t like the Tyson casts very much, Tyson’s style of humour just isn’t for me. But he is pretty insightful about the game, so I listen.

          9. Jenna Lewis was interesting enough that I found myself wanting her to return, after having spent years never thinking of her.

          10. Same here. I went into that episode thinking, “Seriously Jenna Lewis? (which I have now been conditioned to spell wrong thanks to Australian Survivor” and left it thinking “Yeah, Jenna Lewis.”

          11. As far as deep pulls go, it often helps because the podcast becomes a hybrid recap of the recent episode and a stroll down memory lane of their past season(s). With regulars, that ground has been tread.

          12. Rob’s normal recap guests are often pretty good. I think he had a dry stretch in the middle of Cambodia where he was pulling people like Kenny out who clearly didn’t pay close attention, but yeah Aras is surprisingly good.

  5. I think Figgy is being set up for a “mean/smirky girl gets her comeuppance” edit, it’s just a matter of when. I think Adam is still getting too much of a hero edit to go out this soon, and I’m finding it hard to believe the Lucy thing is a red herring, or else she would have gotten SOME attention in the prior episodes.

    If Lucy’s exit is a 2-episode story then I’m thinking CeCe this time, Lucy next. Either way, Lucy’s not lasting.

  6. I went for Adam, as I get a Mari-like vibe off of his edit. Also last week seemed to set up an Adam/Figgy showdown, which may never come to fruition, but here’s how I think it’ll play out: Taylor wanders the beach and comes across a big seashell. He picks it up, and takes it back to Figgy, and offers it to her because it represents his heart (or some such crap). Figgy is like, “Weird. And I don’t want to have to cart around a seashell.” So Taylor takes the shell to Jay, and offers it to him because it represents his heart (or some such crap). Jay, being somewhat shrewd, notices there are markings on the shell. He accepts Taylor’s heart shell and both solidifies his alliance and realizes he now has an immunity idol. And while Adam is successful in recruiting Hannah and Michaela and Will in voting for Figgy, Jay buys her another three days when he plays Taylor’s heart shell idol for her. Taylor is PISSED, because he thinks Jay is macking on his girl. Bromances die. Chaos ensues.

    Over at Gen X, eh. Probably CeCe.

        1. It was easy to look at him and say “He’ll never last, he’s playing a post-merge game pre-merge.” And woe, but we were wrong on all counts.

          1. Whoa, I can’t believe I never thought of the comparison before. The parallels are right there, particularly in the GOP primary, although if I think about it too much I get sick to my stomach.

            If they bring him back next season I’m out.

          2. I legit said to some people yesterday “I’m not convinced Trump doesn’t run AGAIN in 2020, even after he loses”.

          3. He can claim he never lost because of all the voter fraud.

            A funny thing happened to me over the weekend. I was at NY Comic Con and spun a wheel for prizes at one of the audio book dealers. I won an audio book and reached into the bag to pick one of the two in there out. The one i pulled out – “Donald Trump – The Art of the Deal”. I cracked up and the saleswoman said “I love your reaction.” What the heck am I going to do with that?

            Also, there were giant signs with Jeff Probst’s and Julie Chen’s pictures all over the place for CBS All Access as well as a giant “Triforce” sign (so immediately I thought of Survivor).

          4. Counter: Trump likes attention. He’s been the biggest story in America (if not the world) for over a year now. And he gets fetted at every rally.

      1. I played a great game. Tremendous game. My game was yuuuge. But the game is flawed. I hear it all the time from the best people. America needs to decide who wins, not these elitist, mainstream jurors.

        Oh god I can’t go any further with this sickening mashup of two horrendous humans.

    1. Well, they COULD, but it would require some unusually transparent producer interference from Mark Burnett.

    1. Sorry, you’re all a monolith voting block. I assume you all voted Mari.

      Blame the electoral college.

          1. I feel like lately I’ve been telling you to watch good shows immediately…but watch Stranger Things immediately, after Palau of course.

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